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                A Letter from the

         he turn of each new season in southwest Virginia is
         breathtaking in its own way, from the summer landscape of
         hazy greens, to the crimson brilliance of fall leaves, to the
pristine whiteness of winter snow. And then there’s spring. No other
time of year has so inspired poets, artists, musicians and writers of
prose. Springtime on the Ferrum College campus is a feast for the
senses. The pastel hues of flowering shrubs and trees form a glorious
backdrop for the sounds of birds singing and insects buzzing. The
crisp breeze carries with it the fresh scent of lilacs and roses. But this
season of renewal and rebirth has taken on even more meaning as
heavy construction equipment, piles of steel and mounds of red earth
also herald new beginnings on our campus. FerrumPLUS!, our long-
awaited building and renovation project, is in full swing. Even as we
are unavoidably inconvenienced by the construction, we are energized
by the promise of new and refurbished facilities that will greatly                                       Photo by Paul Calhoun

enhance the educational experience of our students.

This is a great time to be part of the Ferrum family. In addition to our regularly-featured alumni profiles in this issue,
we highlight two of our senior faculty, Ken McCreedy, professor of criminal justice, whose gorgeous photo of the
Ferrum campus in springtime graces the cover of this magazine, and Tony Giesen, professor of mathematics, the
longest-tenured faculty member in Ferrum’s history. To say that both of these gentlemen are “multi-faceted” takes on
even more significance when you learn that Tony is one of the foremost collectors of antique American cut glass in
the country. We also showcase the campus in pictures in this issue, including our first centerfold.

So many wonderful things continue to happen at Ferrum. In the space of two short years, two members of our
Ferrum Community have received prestigious national awards from the United Methodist Higher Education
Foundation, one of our major accrediting bodies. Pete Crow, Professor of Humanities, was named Outstanding
Educator of the Year in 2003, and most recently, Wes Astin, our Dean of the Chapel and Religious Life, was named
Outstanding Chaplain of the Year for 2005. Among our peers in the nearly 124 member schools of the United
Methodist Higher Education Foundation, this dual honor for an institution of Ferrum’s size is nearly unprecedented.

We are truly blessed in a multitude of ways at Ferrum College. Our extraordinary students, faculty and staff, the
stately beauty of our historic campus buildings, the soon-to-be new facilities, and the grandeur of our incredible
natural setting are all treasured gifts. But among the greatest of Ferrum’s gifts are the generous members of our
extended family of alumni and friends of the College. You unfailingly support and encourage our students in
immeasurable ways. You help to sustain and grow programs and extra-curricular service activities that not only
benefit the students but will ultimately benefit the world at large as these young men and women graduate and put
into practice the lessons they have learned at Ferrum. We thank you once again as you continue to make Ferrum
College a place of eternal spring.

M      A        G         A        Z       I      N         E
                                                                Sports Hall of Fame 2004                      12
                                                                                                                       VOLUME 38
                                                                                                                       NUMBER 1

Ferrum Magazine is a publication of the Ferrum College
Alumni and Family Services Office. Please send news and
address changes to:                                             A Man as Unique as His Interests

          Ferrum College                                        Celebrating the many sides of Tony Giesen
            Alumni Office
           P.O. Box 1000                                        In the Classroom:
    Ferrum, Virginia 24088-9000                                 Ken McCreedy
           (540) 365-4216                                       Investigating the man behind the lens
Ferrum College does not discriminate on the basis of race,
religion, color, national origin, age, veteran status, sex or
handicap in admission to, access to, treatment in or
employment in its programs and activities. The following
person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding
the nondiscrimination policies: Director of Human
Resources, 205 John Wesley Hall, Ferrum College,
Ferrum, Virginia 24088-9000, (540) 365-4235. Inquiries
concerning the application of nondiscrimination policies
may also be referred to: Office of Civil Rights, District of
Columbia Office, U.S. Department of Education, 1100
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Room 316, P.O. Box 14620,
Washington, DC 20044-4620

     Alumni Association Officers
                      Dana Hunt ‘49

                  First Vice President
                 Suzanne Robertson ‘98

                Second Vice President
                Edwin “Ben” Barbour ‘68

                     Past President

                    Mike Ferguson ‘81

                50 Year Club President
                  Eunice Williams ‘46

         Magazine Contributors

                      Lisa Bowling
                      Dean Browell
                   Joanna B. Coleman                            What’s New & What’s News
                      Gary Holden
                    Tracy Holley ‘96
                                                                FerrumPLUS! Construction Update
                                                                Doug Clark Named Enrollment VP

                                                                Ferrum Featured in New Book
                      Dean Browell
                   Joanna B. Coleman
                      Gary Holden                               On Campus
                    Tracy Holley ‘96
                       Suzie Kelly
                                                                Homecoming 2004
                     Ken McCreedy                               Car Crazy Drives off to Richmond

                                                                Leffler, Payne, and Rose Retire
                 Research and Support
                    Tracy Holley ‘96
                     Melissa Smith                              Sports on Campus
                     Sheila Nichols
                                                                Heisman Trophy Winner George Rogers
                                                                Venable Earns 3rd USA South Award

                                                                                                                  16                   12
                 Magazine Staff                                 Men’s Soccer players compete in Charity Mud Run


                      Dean Browell                              FerrumPLUS! Centerfold
                   Joanna B. Coleman

                                                                In Development

                Design and Production
                      Suzie Kelly

              Imagesetting and Printing
                                                                Alumni News                                              on the cover

                  Seckman Printing                                                                                          A beautiful photo
                                                                                                                        of Britt Hall taken by
                                                                Class Notes                                                Dr. Ken McCreedy
                                                                                                                         (Profile on page 18)

                                                                                                            FERRUM MAGAZINE                 1
                  &          What’s

                 he most exciting amount of activity in the      campus edifice, is also undergoing renovation. The
                 past 50 years of Ferrum College’s history has   elegant and timeless Georgian-inspired exteriors of
                 begun with work well under way in several       both buildings will be preserved.
                 areas of campus. The massive construction
     and renovation initiative, named “FerrumPLUS” for its             FerrumPLUS is funded primarily by one of the
     obvious value to campus and the student experience,         largest USDA loans of its kind ever awarded to an
     has filled campus with an invigorating sense of change      institution of higher education. The project will result
     and progress, marked by new construction fencing and        in innovative and improved campus facilities and is
     the sounds of the efficient work of Branch &                designed to further the Ferrum College goal of
     Associates.                                                 providing each and every student with a successful and
                                                                 unique educational experience.
            The first phase of FerrumPLUS is scheduled for
     completion in the fall of 2005. By the expected end of      For current photos of construction and more, see the
     construction in late 2006, the campus will boast a new      FerrumPLUS website at:
     classically-styled residence hall with apartment-style      http://www.ferrum.edu/ferrumplus/
     living spaces and community areas. Franklin Hall,
     located in the heart of the Ferrum College campus, is
     currently being transformed into a multi-level student
     and alumni center. When finished, the expanded
     facility will include the Earl G. “Bud” Skeens Alumni
     Conference Center, sports and internet cafés, new
     offices and dramatic exterior enhancements.

          The interiors of Beckham Hall, one of the original
     buildings on campus are being renovated to provide
     classrooms with state of the art technology and faculty                                         Construction is well under-way at the
     offices. Common areas are being reconfigured to                                                 Student Center (above) and in Beckham
                                                                                                     Hall (left). See page 16 for more photos.
     make more efficient and aesthetically pleasing use of
     the overall space. Roberts Hall, another original

                                                                              Roanoke Coffee
                                                                              Table Book
                                                                                       errum College was featured in a high-
                                                                                       quality coffee table book commissioned by
                                                                                       the Roanoke Regional Chamber of
                                                                                       Commerce. The book is meant to
                                                                             showcase the Roanoke regional area through
                                                                             gorgeous photography. Ferrum has two full page
                                                                             spreads including a beautiful photo of our outdoor
                                                                             commencement ceremony taken last year. Two
                                                                             Ferrum graduates also appear on the cover. To
                                                                             order the book, contact the Roanoke Regional
                                                                             Chamber of Commerce at (540) 983-0700.

Doug Clark Named Ferrum College Vice
                                                      WHAT’S NEW & WHAT’S NEWS
President for Enrollment Management
                                                Ferrum College announced in February that Mr. Douglas E. Clark has
                                             accepted the position of Vice President for Enrollment Management, effective
                                             May 31, 2005. Clark will leave his current role as Vice President for Student
                                             Enrollment and Adjunct Professor of Business at Peace College in Raleigh, NC.

                                                “I am very honored to have been selected for this position and I look
                                             forward to joining the Ferrum community,” Clark said.

                                                 Dr. Jennifer L. Braaten, President of Ferrum College remarked, "We are
                                             thrilled that Doug Clark will be joining us at Ferrum College as Vice President
                                             for Enrollment Management. Doug’s qualifications and proven track record
                                             make him uniquely suited to our needs at Ferrum in the increasingly complex
                                             enrollment/financial aid arena, and we welcome him wholeheartedly."

                                                 Before his time at Peace College, Clark served as Vice President for
                                             Enrollment Management and Student Life/Adjunct Instructor of Business
                                             Administration at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA, and as Vice President
                                             for Admissions and Financial Aid for North Carolina Wesleyan College in Rocky
                                             Mount, NC. Clark also worked as Dean of Admissions at Roanoke College in
                                             Salem, VA, and in their Office of Development. From 1995-1996, Clark was
                                             Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s Assistant for Media Relations and
                                             District Projects.

                                                 Clark has a MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University, a MA in
                                             Legislative Affairs from George Washington University, and a BA in Political
                                             Science from Roanoke College. Clark graduated from the Institute for
                                             Educational Management (IEM) at Harvard in 2003 and has attended the College
                                             Business Management Institute (CBMI) at the University of Kentucky.

    Tour the Healthy New Majors!
               wo new majors have already made quite a splash at Ferrum. Last fall, the Parks,
               Recreation, and Tourism Management major was revitalized into a more
               comprehensive program. The purpose of the professional preparation program in
               Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at Ferrum College is to prepare
supervisory and management level professionals to plan and implement programs, areas and
facilities, activities, and services for leisure service delivery agencies and businesses in the
public, private non-profit, and commercial sectors in a safe, enjoyable, and environmentally
sound manner.

    Ferrum College is also now offering a Health Sciences major, bolstered by agreements for
further education at graduate institutions, to address the high demand for skilled medical
professionals. Students will be able to take advantage of a three-year program at Ferrum
before specializing (in their field) at a targeted institution. Articulation agreements have been
formed with Shenandoah University’s Doctor of Pharmacy program in Shenandoah, VA and the
Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Simmons College in Boston, MA. Announcements on
additional articulation agreements are forthcoming.

For more information on these and other majors, see the new website at:

                                                                                             FERRUM MAGAZINE                   3

       HOMECOMING 2004
                errum College welcomed back alumni, family, and friends to its annual Homecoming
                celebration with the “Spirit of ’74” in the air. Festivities included the Corron Classic-Panther
                Open Golf Tournament, numerous athletic games, reunions, and a football game versus
                Guilford that we won 21-16 in front of a great crowd. Homecoming also featured the
       induction of the Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2004 (see page 12 for more on our inductees).

                                                                  ON CAMPUS
                                                   The 31st Annual
                                                   Blue Ridge

                                                   Folklife Festival
                                                                ew to this year’s festival, in
                                                                addition to three stages of
                                                                music from blues to bluegrass,
                                                                was a Storytelling Workshop
                                                   presented in conjunction with the Blue
                                                   Ridge Institute exhibit “Car Crazy: Racing
                                                   and Rodding in Southwest Virginia.” The
                                                   workshop featured recollections and
                                                   stories by regional racers, mechanics, and
                                                   more, exploring Virginia’s hundred-year-
                                                   old fascination with auto racing. For the
                                                   first time in several years, old-time farm
                                                   demonstrations of thrashing and bailing
                                                   and mule pulling appeared at the always

                                                   growing festival honoring southwest
                                                   Virginia’s traditions and heritage.

                             ue to the remnants of Hurricane Ivan moving through our area,
  Rescheduled                Ferrum College’s Family Weekend was postponed until
                             September 24 and 25th. The rescheduled event included the

Family Weekend               same features and activities (including a home football game
                 against Shenandoah, a bevy of other athletic games, art exhibits, and more)
                 with adjusted schedules. Family Weekend also included additional features
 Draws a Crowd   like the racer’s reunion at the Blue Ridge Institute and Museum held in
                 conjunction with the Car Crazy exhibit.

                  Ferrum Bell Tower

                  Ornament Hung on the
                  National Christmas Tree
                             ne of the brilliant Lion’s Club ornaments of Vaughn Chapel's iconic
                             Bell Tower hung on the National Christmas Tree on the Capitol lawn
                             at Christmastime this year. The 67 foot tall National Tree, provided
                             from nearby Highland County, was chosen from the Commonwealth
                  of Virginia for the first time. The Ferrum Lions Club ornaments, many of which
                  feature beautiful laser-cut renditions of Ferrum College's historic buildings, have
                  been very popular with alumni and friends of the college. Three ornaments
                  from the Ferrum Lions Club are on the National Christmas Tree: our Bell
                  Tower, St. James United Methodist Church and Phoebe Needles. This summer,
                  the latest Lions Club ornament, of Ferrum's beloved Roberts Hall, will debut in
                  time to commemorate its renovations. Special thanks to Dorothy Cundiff,
                  Director of the Rocky Mount Retail Merchants Association, who made sure
                  our regional ornaments were exhibited on the National Tree. Ferrum Lions
                  Club ornaments are sold at the Ferrum College Bookstore.

                                                            FERRUM MAGAZINE                             5
OC                     Shinedown & Silvertide Rock Campus
                                                             On November 30th, rising rock band Shinedown
                                                             performed on campus with opening acts Silvertide and
                                                             Future Leaders of the World.

                            Making                         Pohlad & Thomas Keep

                            Ferrum                         in Touch From Ireland

                            Beautiful                                rofessors Dr. Bob Pohlad and Dr. Carolyn Thomas
                                                                     arrived in Ireland for their sabbatical and have sent
                                                                     many images of their stay. Pohlad relayed that they
                  he unsung hero of the Ferrum
                                                                     were doing well and that "the folks here are like those
                  College campus is Dana Newton,
                                                          back home in Franklin County. They are very friendly and
                  Director of Physical Plant and
                                                          helpful." The two have been working from the University of Ulster
                  currently also serving as the liaison
                                                          in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, and will return in May.
     with Branch & Associates, among others on
     campus, for the FerrumPLUS projects.
     Newton often operates before many of the
     faculty and staff arrive on campus and even his
     daytime interactions take place between the
     blur of his rushing from place to place. What
     many people don’t know is that Dana also
     provides the majority of the photos on the
     FerrumPLUS website, allowing us a behind-the-
     scenes look that those of us on the outside
     would not otherwise have. Newton was

     selected by students as one of the
                                                                                                        Giant's Causeway, Ireland.
     “Outstanding Staff Members of the Year.”

        Ferrum’s Tsunami                                                     errum embarked on an institution-wide
                                                                             campaign for tsunami relief effort funds

     Relief Campaign Tied                                                    following the devastating impact that the
                                                                             natural disaster had on southeast Asia. The
                                                                 initiative was integrated into the Religion course
         to Class & United                                       Understanding Mission: A Biblical Perspective with campus-
                                                                 wide donations sent through a special fund established by
     Methodist Relief Fund                                       the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

  Arboretum Approved
                                                                                               ON CAMPUS
  for Department of                                                      Blue Ridge Dinner
  Forestry Funds                                                         Theatre Moved

             he Ferrum College
             Community Arboretum                                         for 2005
             was recently approved
                                                                                    he Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre at Ferrum
             for a $15,000.00 grant
                                                                                    College will move operations in 2005
 from the Urban and Community
                                                                                    owing to major construction activity on
 Forestry Grant Assistance
                                                                                    campus. BRDT Executive Director, Jody
 Program of the Virginia
                                                                         D. Brown, noted, “While we hate to disappoint
 Department of Forestry (VDOF).
                                                                         loyal patrons, theatre on campus will not be feasible
 The proposal approved for funding
                                                                         for this coming summer.” Artistic Director, R. Rex
 is “Experiential Education +
                                                                                            Stephenson, added, “The BRDT
 Demonstration Gardens” written
                                                                                               will continue to serve its
 by Trenda Carter Leavitt, Adjunct
                                                                                               patrons in 2006 in improved
 Professor at Ferrum and Associate
                                                                                               facilities because of this new
 Landscape Architect at Harvey
                                                                                               construction. Furthermore, we
 Delaney Landscape Architects in
                                                                                               are exploring ways to have an
 Lynchburg. The idea of a Ferrum
                                                                                               abbreviated season off campus
 College Community Arboretum
                                                                                               this summer.”
 was conceived by Dr. Bob Pohlad and approved by the Board
 of Trustees in 2000. The Ferrum College Community
                                                                            President Braaten stated, “The Blue Ridge Dinner
 Arboretum is growing at a rapid pace through the enthusiastic
                                                                         Theatre is an integral part of Ferrum’s commitment
 efforts of staff, students, and faculty, led by: Dr. Bob Pohlad,
                                                                         to the community. Our hope is that people will
 Professor and Coordinator of the Horticulture Program in
                                                                         recognize these extenuating circumstances and will
 the Life Sciences Division; Dana Newton, Director of
                                                                         anxiously await the 2006 season as much as I do.”
 Maintenance at Ferrum College, and Trenda Leavitt. In
 Summer 2004 alone, several new spaces were created in the
                                                                            While the BRDT will be moved in 2005, the core
 arboretum, including: new planting areas around an existing
                                                                         staff of Brown, Stephenson, and music director,
 gazebo near Vaughn Chapel, a new Wedding Gazebo with
                                                                         Emily Tucker, will continue fund raising, searching
 adjacent plantings and berms, and a Sculpture & Sitting
                                                                         for excellent plays, scouting talented actors, as they
 Garden created under existing Chaste trees. These efforts
                                                                         plan for an expanded 2006 season. As always, the
 are the result of generous donations of time and materials
                                                                         BRDT will continue its commitment to affordable,
 from local citizens, businesses, churches, staff, students, and
                                                                         family entertainment with excellent meals and
 faculty. In Fall 2004, 18 Japanese Maple trees were donated
                                                                         quality productions.
 to the arboretum by Ferrum Alumnus Luther J. Derby, Jr. '45
 and family. (See page 24 for more on this development.)

Ferrum Students Return from Prague
                                                                      hirteen Ferrum College students, along with Chaplain
                                                                      Wes Astin ’74 and Religion professor David Howell,
                                                                      spent their spring break (February 25 – March 4) in
                                                                      Prague, Czech Republic working with Jecna United
                                                          Methodist Church and the Majak Youth Center at the church.
                                                          Arrangements for the trip were made through Volunteers in Mission,
                                                          and the project was part of a class at the college, Understanding
                                                          Mission. During the week, Ferrum students helped the center with a
                                                          school outreach program by providing Czech students an
                                                          opportunity to practice their conversational English. In addition,
                                                          students interacted with Czech students at the Majak Center and on
                                                          an evening party and sightseeing boat trip down the Vltava River.
                                                          Ferrum students also had free time to explore the beautiful Czech
                                                          capital and experience Czech culture.

                                                                                         FERRUM MAGAZINE                          7
OC             Ferrum Joins                                     VDAY the College Campaign with two benefit productions of
                                                                          Sunday, February 20th, Ferrum College participated in

                                                                           Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” in Sale Theater.
     International Voice for                                               Proceeds of ticket sales were donated to the Franklin
                                                               County Family Resources Center, the Citizens Against Family
        Vagina Monologues                                      Violence in Henry and Patrick Counties and the women of Iraq. V-
                                                               Day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls.

     Renowned Authority                                                           Ferrum College
                                                                                   Students Help

     on Diversity & Learning
     Visits                                                                      Prepare Taxes for
                  r. Edgar Beckham
                  was a guest
                                                                                   STEP Clients
                  presenter at
                  Ferrum College on
     Monday, February 21, and
     Tuesday, February 22. In
     addition to group conversations
     and class lectures, he spoke on
     Diversity and Learning in a

     presentation open to the public
     in Vaughn Chapel. Dr.
     Beckham’s visit to campus was in honor of the achievements
     of African Americans, a key component of Black History
     Month. Beckham is a Senior Fellow at the Association of                                errum students, advised by faculty
     American Colleges and Universities, where he consults with                             member Dr. Dave Sulzen, participated
     staff of the Association and with individual colleges and                              for the fifth year in the Volunteer
     universities on campus diversity and its relationship to liberal                       Income Tax Assistance program (VITA)
     education, civic engagement, and the pursuit of educational                  by preparing taxes on campus for campus
     excellence. He is also Scholar in Residence at Miami                         employees and students. They also provided
     University’s Center for American and World Cultures. From                    service in Rocky Mount in cooperation with
     1990 to 1998, Beckham coordinated the Ford Foundation’s                      Support To Eliminate Poverty (STEP), Inc. Jon
     Campus Diversity Initiative, which provided more than $20                    Morris ’94, Executive Director for STEP, Inc.
     million in support of campus diversity activities at colleges and            explained, “The partnership between STEP, Inc.
     universities across the country. He also coordinated the                     and Ferrum College is a win/win for everyone.
     planning of three international seminars on campus diversity                 Dr. Sulzen does an amazing job preparing his
     in India, South Africa, and the United States, and wrote and                 students for life after college and our clients
     edited materials for the three volumes of essays based on the                benefit from the professionalism and knowledge

     seminars. He has lectured extensively in the United States                   the students display.”
     and India on campus diversity and democracy.

                                                                      errum College’s annual Owens Lecture Series
       Owens Lecture                                                  featured beloved educator Dr. Doug Foard on March
                                                                      15th in Grousbeck Music Hall. The lecture on public

       Series Featured                                                policy issues is given each year in honor of Arthur S.
                                                            Owens, former city manager of Roanoke. Dr. Doug Foard
                                                            served Ferrum College initially in Public Relations before
       Dr. Doug Foard                                       beginning a long tenure as a Professor of History spanning
                                                            1963 to 1984.

                                                                                                       ON CAMPUS
Leffler, Payne, and Rose Retire
This year the college bid farewell to a trio of beloved faculty slated for retirement:

Dr. John W. Leffler began as an Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies in 1978. In 1987, he served as
an Associate Dean and Professor of Biology and in recent years served as Division Chair of the Life Sciences Division.
Dave Johnson, longtime colleague and Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science, remarked, “Dr. John Leffler was
one of the best thinkers on campus for a quarter of a century. Many of the positive changes now unfolding on campus are
a result of his abilities to analyze information objectively, think logically, plan strategically, and solve problems creatively. He
could also do as much as anyone I've ever known to lead aspiring minds to independent thinking. John has great talents and
he used them effectively at Ferrum, habitually putting results before recognition.”

Dr. Samuel B. Payne came to Ferrum in 1973 as an Assistant Professor of Political Science. He served as the Program
Coordinator for Political Science and as the advisor to the Young Republicans. Wayne Bowman, Chair of the History,
Political Science & the Arts Division recalled, “Dr. Payne has spent the last 32 years shaping the lives of many successful
Ferrum College graduates. He is held in the highest esteem by those students who have gone on to practice the theories
that Dr. Payne illustrated in his classes. He may be one of the most well remembered professors of the faculty.”

Dr. Erma L. Rose joined Ferrum College in 1969 as an Assistant Professor of Music. She has served as the Program
Coordinator of Music for many years as well as her tireless work with the Handbells, Concert Choir, and Collegiates.
Bowman noted, “Dr. Rose has had a positive impact on many students over her 36 years of service to Ferrum College. She
has served as mentor and friend to countless students who have been inspired by her ability to make the music department
a place for creative endeavor. Music has always been her life and I suspect that it will continue to be an important effort in
her retirement.”

                                                                                Car Crazy Drives
                                                                                Off to Richmond &

                                                                                            After a successful run that brought
                                                                                            record crowds, special events, and more
                                                                                            to the Blue Ridge Institute, the “Car
                                                                                            Crazy: Racing and Rodding in Southwest
                                                                                Virginia exhibit,” celebrating 100 years of Virginia
                                                                                racing history, leaves Ferrum to tour the state this
                                                                                summer. The first stop is the Virginia Historical
                                                                                Society in Richmond from July to October, 2005.
                                                                                In 2006, it will travel closer to home to the Art
                                                                                Museum of Western Virginia in Roanoke’s Center
                                                                                in the Square from mid-May to September.
                                       Retiring Professor Dr. Samual B. Payne

                                                                                                FERRUM MAGAZINE                        9
SC                    SPORTS
                         On Campus                                                                                                   By G.A. Holden

                                         Venable Earns Third USA South

                                         Defensive Player of the Year Honor
                                                    enior Darren Venable earned his third consecutive USA South Athletic
                                                    Conference Defensive Player of the Year award last fall. A defensive back,
                                                    Venable was the league’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2002 and 2003 as well.
                                                    He is the USA South’s first-ever football player to be honored as such three
                                         times. Venable closed out a sterling four-year career with the Panther football team, earning
                                         All-Conference four times and All-America twice. Joining Venable on the All-Conference first
                                         team were senior offensive lineman George Masten, tight end Chris Silk, and senior defensive
     Darren Venable earned his third
     consecutive USA South Defensive
                                         lineman Phillip Monk. Junior running back Terrell Mulford was a second-team selection.
     Player of the Year award in 2004.   Eleventh-year Head Coach Dave Davis’ team finished 4-6 overall this season.

     Heisman Trophy Winner

     George Rogers Visits Ferrum
                 errum College held its annual football post-season awards
                 banquet on February 4th, and former Heisman Trophy winner
                 George Rogers was on hand. Rogers spoke to Ferrum's
                 football players, friends and family members, a crowd of almost
     150. After the dinner and awards ceremony, guests were able to meet
     George and have their photo taken with his Heisman Trophy. Rogers won
     the 1980 Heisman Trophy after rushing for 1,781 yards and 14 touchdowns
     for the University of South Carolina. The New Orleans Saints made
     Rogers the NFL's #1 draft choice in 1981. He played four seasons with the
     Saints, then three with the Washington Redskins, and was a member of the
     Redskins 1988 Super Bowl Championship team. Rogers' connection with
     the Panther football program is through Ferrum Assistant Football Coach
     Bob Brown, who was backfield coach at South Carolina when Rogers won
     the Heisman Trophy.                                                                      1980 Heisman Trophy Winner George Rogers spoke
                                                                                              at Ferrum’s football banquet February 4th.

     Women’s Soccer Upsets N.C. Wesleyan at

     USA South Tournament
                  he Ferrum women’s soccer team defeated North Carolina Wesleyan College, 2-1, in the first round of the
                  2004 USA South Tournament. It was Ferrum’s first-ever win over the Bishops since the inception of the
                  sport at Ferrum in 1990. The Panthers lost 4-0 during the regular season to N.C. Wesleyan, Ferrum’s 15th
                  consecutive loss dating back to 1990. In the tournament quarterfinals, the Bishops led 1-0 at halftime, only
     to see third year Head Coach Celia Mosier’s team notch a pair of goals in the second half and hold on for the win.
     Freshman Cara Kolina earned a spot on the All-Conference first team, while sophomore Leah Austin was a second team
     selection. Senior Jenn Phillips and freshman Corinne Musanti were named to the honorable mention team, with Musanti
     earning All-Tournament team honors.

                                                                                            SPORTS ON CAMPUS
     Men’s Cross-Country
     Team USA South                                                              Men’s Soccer Players

     T                                                                            F
     Runner-Up                                                                   Compete in Charity
                he Ferrum men’s cross country team finished
                tied for second in the USA South this season
                                                                                 Mud Run
                under first-year Head Coach Bill Tharp. The                                   ive members of the Ferrum men's soccer
                Panthers have been conference runner-up four                                  team participated in the 2004 Annual Marine
    times in the past five seasons (2000, 2001, 2003, 2004).                                  5K Mud Run September 25th in Salem,
    Senior Jimmy Pride, and freshmen Steven Helton and                                        Virginia. Ferrum's "Dirty-5", led by first-year
    Martel Price each earned All-Conference second team                           Head Coach John Faircloth (Ferrum ’93), included
    honors. Freshman Desiree Dayton earned a spot on the                          senior Matt Rhodes, juniors Ryan Schilling and Ryan
    USA South Women’s Cross Country All-Conference first                          Mullen, sophomore Wes Gelpi, and freshman Jacob
    team as well.                                                                 Clark. The Panthers placed 8th out of 127 teams
                                                                                  entered, and 3rd of 19 teams in the "Men's Over 18"
                                                                                  age division. The Marine Mud Run is a charity event
                                                                                  aimed at raising funds for Camp Roanoke and the
   Men’s Tennis Team                                                              Marine Toys-For-Tots Foundation.

   Wins Fall

                he Ferrum men's tennis team won the 2004
                Ferrum Fall Invitational October 2nd, scoring
                19 team points and winning three titles.
                Eastern Mennonite University placed second
   with 14 points and two titles, followed by NCAA Div. II
   University of D.C. with 13 points and three titles, and
   Emory & Henry College with six points. Juniors Erich
   Trier and David Gartrell won the #3 and #4 singles titles,
   respectively, then paired up to the win the #2 doubles
   title. Juniors Matt Brantley, Paul Matthews and Thomas
   James earned runner-up finishes at #1, #2 and #5 singles,
   respectively. Seventh-year Head Coach Gary Holden’s
   team is 1-0 thus far, posting a 5-1 win over Emory &
   Henry College October 1st at home. The Panthers are a
                                                                                Five men’s soccer players competed in the 2004 Annual Marine 5K Mud Run September
   combined 30-6 the past two seasons.                                          25th, helping raise funds for Camp Roanoke and the Marine Toys-For-Tots Foundation.

                                              Women’s Basketball Team in
                                              Hunt for USA South Title
                                                           ed by Head Coach Donna Doonan, now in her 29th season at Ferrum, the
                                                           women’s basketball team is still in the hunt for the USA South title. The
                                                           Panthers have defeated each team in the league at least once, including an 83-47
                                                           shellacking of league-leader Greensboro College on January 18 at home. Senior
                                              Tara Toland has been ranked #1 in the nation in assists per game. Through Ferrum’s first
                                              23 games, Toland is averaging 7.7 assists per game. Her closest competitor is averaging 7.3
Tara Toland is leading the nation in NCAA
Division III assists with an impressive 7.7
                                              assists per game. Ferrum is 12-11 overall thus far, 10-3 in the USA South.
assist per game average.

                                                                                                            FERRUM MAGAZINE                                           11
                                                                       JOSEPH H. PHILPOTT, Jr. '64
                                                                       MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA
                                                                       He exemplified the highest ideals of small college athletics,
                                                                       sportsmanship, and the spirit of Ferrum College’s motto “Not Self,
                                                                       But Others.”

                                                                       Member of Ferrum College track & field team from 1962-64
                                                                       as distance runner * Set school records in the mile run and
                                                                       two-mile run * Twice named Ferrum’s team Most Valuable
  SARAH QUESENBERRY-WAGNER                                             Player * Served as President of Ferrum’s Varsity Club *
  '94                                                                  Received his associate’s degree from Ferrum in Education *
  CROZET, VIRGINIA                                                     Participated in Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) sponsored
                                                                       events during summer months * Twice won Virginia AAU
                                                                       state championships in the six-mile run * After leaving
  She exemplified the highest ideals of small college athletics,
                                                                       Ferrum, went on to attend the College of William & Mary,
  sportsmanship, and the spirit of Ferrum College’s motto “Not Self,
                                                                       where he received his bachelor’s degree in Business
  But Others.”
                                                                       Administration * While at William & Mary, competed in
                                                                       track and cross country teams * Named to All-Southern
  Member of Ferrum College women’s basketball team from
                                                                       Conference cross country team * Qualified twice for
  1991-94 as guard * Served as team captain during senior year
                                                                       NCAA Division I Cross Country Championship * Indoor
  in 1993-94 * Named to Dixie Intercollegiate Athletic
                                                                       State Champion in two-mile run * Member of William &
  Conference All-Conference Team 1991 and 1992 * Named
                                                                       Mary’s school record four-mile relay team * Served as cross
  to Dixie Conference Academic All-Conference Team in 1993
                                                                       country team captain during senior year at William & Mary *
  and 1994 * Scored 1,237 career points from 1991-94 *
                                                                       Keynote speaker at various banquets and meetings *
  Currently #4 on Ferrum women’s basketball all-time scoring
                                                                       Radford University College of Business and Economics
  list * Currently #2 on Ferrum women’s basketball all-time
                                                                       Outstanding Service Award * Thesis accepted to the library
  assists list * Actively involved with husband Billy Wagner ’93
                                                                       at the Graduate School of Retail Bank Management *
  with Major League Baseball Youth Development *
                                                                       Organized and coached “little league” track & field program
  Involvements included community activities with Houston
                                                                       in Hampton, Virginia * Participates in local and regional
  Astros and support for Ferrum College women’s basketball
                                                                       road races, winning a number of 5K and 10K age group
                                                                       competitions * Professional career spans over 32 years in
                                                                       the banking profession for SunTrust Bank and its predecessor
                                                                       * Retired President of SunTrust Bank in Martinsville, Virginia
                                                                       * Active throughout career with numerous civic and
                                                                       community organizations * Chairman of the Board, Patrick
                                                                       County C.C. Foundation * Vice President, Memorial
                                                                       Hospital * Trustee, Safety Net * President, United Way-
                                                                       Henry County-Martinsville * President, Uptown
                                                                       Revitalization Association * Board, Blue Ridge Small
                                                                       Business Development Center * President, Radford
                                                                       Chamber of Commerce * Chairman, Radford University
                                                                       Business and Economics Advisory Board * Board Radford
                                                                       Community Hospital Foundation * Board Radford
                                                                       University Foundation * Chairman, American Heart
                                                                        Association, Radford Fund Drive

He exemplified the highest ideals of small college athletics, sportsmanship, and the spirit
of Ferrum College’s motto “Not Self, But Others.”

Member of Ferrum College football team from 1976-77 * Two-year starter for
Panthers under Coach Hank Norton * All-American Defensive Back * Member
of Ferrum track & field team, sprint events * After leaving Ferrum, went on to
play Atlantic Coast Conference football at Clemson University * Played
professional football for the National Football League’s Detroit Lions, Philadelphia
Eagles, San Francisco 49ers and the CFA’s Winnipeg Bombers * Employed as Vice
President for External Affairs for Enterprise, FL, the economic development
organization for the state of Florida.

He exemplified the highest ideals of small college athletics, sportsmanship, and the spirit
of Ferrum College’s motto “Not Self, But Others.”

Member of Ferrum College football team from 1969-70 as quarterback * After
leaving Ferrum, went on to play football at the College of William & Mary *
Began college coaching career at age of 23 * Coached at William & Mary,
Ferrum, East Carolina, Richmond, Minnesota, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Syracuse,
Washington, Boston College, Wisconsin, Purdue and Nebraska * Has coached in
the ACC, Big 12, Big 10, Big East, PAC-10 and SEC for over 25 years * Over 15
of his players have gone on to professional football careers, many of which were
1st- or 2nd-round selections in the National Football League * Helped college
teams reach 10 Bowls, including 2 Gator Bowls, 2 Hall of Fame Bowls, Fiesta
Bowl, Independence Bowl, Peach Bowl, Sugar Bowl, All-American Bowl * While
at Virginia, helped Cavaliers win ACC championship * While at Washington,
helped Huskies win PAC-10 championship *

He exemplified the highest ideals of small college athletics, sportsmanship, and the spirit
of Ferrum College’s motto “Not Self, But Others.”

Member of Ferrum College baseball team from 1985-88 * Four-year starter at
3rd base, 1st base, and designated hitter under Coach Abe Naff * Team’s Most
Valuable Player in 1987 and 1988 * Named to All-America 1st team and All-State
1st team in 1988 * Led team in batting average (.448), hits, runs, home runs, and
RBI in 1988 * Led team in home runs and RBI in 1987 * Member of Ferrum’s
football team as punter and placekicker in 1984 * All-Region placekicker 1984 *
Owner, Capon Building Services, Inc. 1989-93 * Owner, Bowie-Belair Mobil, Inc.
Service Station 1993-present * Mobil’s Pegasus Circle of Excellence, one of Top
100 service stations in the United States * Actively involved with St. Andrews
United Methodist Church * Involved as t-ball and little league coach at St.
Andrews * Provides financial and administrative support with numerous
fundraisers for local charities and sports programs *

                                             FERRUM MAGAZINE                                  13
 Tony Giesen                     A MAN AS UNIQUE AS HIS INTERESTS

              tudents in today’s classroom might be surprised to hear that Professor of Math Tony Giesen has led a search and
              rescue dog to find a little girl. They might also be surprised to know he owns an amazing collection of cut glass
              that includes pieces written about in The Book of Rarities. But maybe even on a Ferrum level they would be
              surprised by his teaching of German or initial work with the riding program. It is safe to say that nearly every
   conversation with Tony Giesen yields a new and interesting fact, anecdote, or interest about the man so many students have
   called their favorite teacher over the years.

   President Braaten explains him perfectly, “Tony Giesen is a true Renaissance Man.”

   Certainly it is gratifying for Tony Giesen to hear that he has been a student’s favorite instructor, or at least the only one to
   get through to them on the subject of math. But it is clear in any conversation with Tony that the reward he claims has far
   more to do with the friendships and achievements he shares with his students.

   In 1969, one of Giesen’s students approached him and offered, “My algebra and math is awful…but I want to be an
   engineer.” The student was a first generation college student whom Giesen would befriend and help achieve his goal. Years
   later, as an engineer, the former student would remark to Giesen, “If it wasn’t for Ferrum, I wouldn’t have made it.”

   “I love imparting knowledge…and having students teach me things I didn’t know.”

   It is a love Giesen has had ever since his first class; “They called me to substitute teach a math class at Radford High
   School…” Giesen recalls, surprisingly noting the exact topic taught that day- quadratic equations. The students remarked
   after this first class he had ever taught, “We have learned more in one day than the whole semester.” Giesen remarked to his
   father that he might want to try teaching for a while. That was nearly 40 years ago.

   Most students at Ferrum might be surprised at the various teaching roles Tony has held, including course development in
   not only the Math department but also in German. At one point he ran the stable and riding center, from a barn near what
   is now the Burrows Tennis Courts and Skeens Tennis Complex. Giesen recalls, “The kids got together and asked if we could
   have money to paint the barn.” With money tight at Ferrum at that time, he was denied the funds, but that did not stop

 Giesen or his students. Following a tip from a friend, he and the students mixed motor oil and red dye and painted the barn

 “If you want something, you work for it,” Giesen imparts, combining it with a sense of self-improvement he wants to foster in
 his students. “I ask my students if they have ever gotten up and looked at themselves in the mirror and asked, ‘What can I do
 today to make myself a better person?’ You need to ask yourself that.”

 Tony’s connection with students includes sharing much of his world outside of the classroom with them.
 Recently, when his German Shepherd was ill, one of his students stopped him on campus and asked how
 the canine was doing. “They know and they ask” about his hobbies. One could say his life out of the
 classroom is as enriching as the one he shares inside.

 A Shepherd’s Love
 His dogs have been constant and beloved companions that have often accompanied him to
 campus in the summers. They have caused laughable trouble for administrators on more
 than one occasion, from tearing up the grounds running around, to the time when one, “ate all
 the goldfish in the fountain [where the sundial is now]…boy did Dr. Hart get mad,” Giesen

 While there was a hiatus of dog ownership at one point, the interest in them rekindled with contact with
 a former student, Augusta Canine trainer Andrew Rein ‘93, who trains dogs for search and rescue functions
 as well as personal protection. Rein, who has appeared on the Discovery Channel, trained Giesen’s dogs and
 rekindled a love for the companionship he had found in the animals. During his recovery from heart surgery his
 former student and German Shepherd were his closest comfort.

 Giesen has another interest that looks to benefit Ferrum College even more directly than stewarding the
 beloved professor back to health: his crystal.

“Tony Giesen is a true Renaissance Man…”
                                                                       -Dr. Braaten

 Crystal Clear Passions
 “My mother gave me my first two pieces…” Giesen recalls of the early days of the hobby. “When I was
 working on my master’s at Radford, I took what little spending money I had and bought a piece when I could.
 My Dad said I was crazy and that I should have been buying Xerox stock.”

 But had he done that, Giesen would not have amassed the impressive collection that he intends to only
 make greater and eventually give in total to Ferrum College. He works with master cutter Shea O’Brien
 to repair some pieces, fixing a point or tooth here and there to further enrich the pieces and bring
 them back to their full beauty. In a field of artisans that had a heyday in the 1920’s, brilliant cut
 glass has become only more special and rare in recent years.

 Giesen loves the geometry of the pieces. He is a member of the American Cut Glass
 Association and attends the national and regional conventions and chapter activities.

 The nearly 300-piece collection, some one-of-a-kind, will easily stand as one of the most impressive
 collections in the south, and Giesen aims to keep it that way with continued additions. He envisions
 visitors from all over coming to see the collection, which will be one of the only college-owned ones of its
 kind. Only Texas A&M has a similar assortment on display. Giesen’s goal is to continue to purchase pieces
 so that when even the collectors of cut glass visit they say, “I don’t have anything like that!”

 The Entertainer
 If you ever get invited to Tony Giesen’s home, make sure you accept the invitation, and plan to have a good time. In addition
 to a grand home dotted with care in interesting, story-filled objects, Tony fills the air with his cooking specialties and
 conversation. He makes it very clear that he enjoys the art of German cooking, the art of conversation, and the art of
 entertaining guests. He cautions that he “loves to cook” but he only really enjoys cooking “for people who like good food” and
 can hopefully talk about it. Tony’s love for the art of conversation influences his room layout; “You will not find a TV in my
 living room!”

 Giesen brings that same entertaining personality from home to his classrooms, and his students notice. The interaction in his
 classroom is as bright and lively as it has been for decades.

 It is an energy he readily brings with him, “I love what I do because it keeps me young…I will never be an old fuddy-duddy.”

                                                                                         FERRUM MAGAZINE                          15
            This page: Site of the new residence hall.

                                                     Beckham Hall under construction

FE                       e FerrumPLUS
                                          is scheduled fo
                   of th                    pected end of
The first phase            005. By the ex
                 fall of 2                  s will boast a n
completion in               06, the campu
                    late 20                    rtment-style
construction in               e hall with apa
                  d residenc                     groundwork is
 classically-style              ity areas. The
                   d commun
 living spaces an                  residence hall.
 well underw    ay for the new

            Groundbreaking in May of 2004

                                                        FERRUM MAGAZINE                17
                                   Ken McCreedy
           The Instructor
           Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Ken McCreedy has spent the last 40 years involved with Criminal

           Justice, from his years as a police officer in California to his 10 years at Ferrum College, the majority of
           which he spent directing our program.

           Prior to coming to Ferrum, Dr. McCreedy created entire training programs for law enforcement entities,
           chaired Criminal Justice departments at major universities, and taught at a number of institutions. No
           stranger to the classroom, McCreedy spent most of the last four decades instructing in some fashion. But it
           was the life in Roanoke Rapids, NC, teaching at East Carolina University where Ken’s life changed much
           more dramatically. With he and his wife commuting more than two hours in different directions to
           Richmond and Greensboro, it was a stressful time. In 1995, his point of view shifted due to a heart attack
           he suffered while at East Carolina. Soon after, in a serendipitous twist of fate, McCreedy was asked to
           direct the Criminal Justice program at Ferrum College and his wife nearly simultaneously offered a job
           nearby as well. Gone would be the commutes and time away from one another and here was an idyllic
           location and inviting Ferrum family. Very clearly and meaningfully McCreedy recalls, “I have a firm belief
           that some things are meant to be.”
                                                                           With the personal reflection that
                                                                           accompanies a traumatic personal event,
                                                                           Ken began a rewarding life at Ferrum
                                                                           College that would also bring about a hobby
                                                                           he would become known for across the
  In the

                                                                               “Prior to coming to
                                                                              Ferrum, I never had a
                                                                             camera and didn’t know
                                                                             how to load a camera…”

                                                                            The Shutterbug
                                                                            If you see Ken McCreedy on the sidelines of
                                                                            a football game, at an outdoor event for
                                                                            students, or even on an alumni cruise, you
                                                                            will most likely find a camera slung around
                                                                            his neck. In fact, it would be easy to mistake
                                                                            the omnipresent McCreedy for a
                                                                            photography instructor or a photojournalist
                                                                            of the local paper. His attention to Ferrum
                                                                            activities and his beloved prints (often given
                                                                            away as prizes at faculty/staff Christmas
                                                                            functions) has led many to believe that
                                                                            photography has been a lifelong hobby. And
                                                                            yet somehow, as hard as it may be to believe,

McCreedy reveals, “prior to coming to Ferrum, I never
had a camera and didn’t know how to load a camera.”

Soon after he joined the Ferrum faculty, a friend gave to
him an old Konica with various lenses. With time he was
“bitten by the bug” and took the black and white
photography course offered by Ferrum’s Bev Thorton.
After creating a dark room in his own basement, he took
the color course, and the passion was truly cemented. In
the last several years he has helmed a photography
contest on campus, born out of a faculty and staff campus
photography club where he has endured as the only
member still active.

His favorite shots are portraits or landscapes. “Especially
landscapes,” Ken adds, noting that he recently spent
spring break in Lancaster, PA, snapping incredible shots
of the snow-covered fields and Amish buggies. “To me,
that’s a vacation.” A recent expedition involved finding an
old 1930s steam engine hidden in the woods. When he
was unable to pass through neighboring properties, he
followed the railroad tracks down to the engine’s final
location, nestled within fallen leaves and trees for a
fortuitous photo of the now brown and charcoal train

“It’s the tenacity I enjoy. I will go back to a place that
I like. I’ll go back to the [Vaughn Chapel] bell
tower, even today, and it’s a little
different than it was yesterday or
three weeks ago.”

                                                              FERRUM MAGAZINE   19
                                                                                Criminal Justice students utilize equipment and
                                                                                techniques for evidence recovery.

    The Program & The Future
    Dr. Ken McCreedy’s patience has also
    paid off with his stewardship of
    Ferrum’s Criminal Justice program. In
    2004, he stepped back from directing
    Ferrum’s program. In his own words,
    he expressed that his “biggest concern is
    that it would flounder” and as the
    college brought in Dr. James Hodgson,
    McCreedy stayed instrumental in the
    program’s development into an entity
    that will continue to flourish for years to

    Ken is “pleased with the size and direction” of the program, noting that the pieces of the newly re-
    envisioned Virginia Center for Criminal Justice Studies at Ferrum College, “fit together well, giving
    students what they expected and more.”

    And that expectation will only grow in the coming years as the use of technology in criminal justice fields
    escalates. In ten years Ken believes, “the Criminal Justice [studies] of the future will be a liberal arts
    core that focuses on problem solving and specialization like forensics and computer systems linking with
    a variety of information sources…look to what the military uses now.”

    “For example, the L.A.P.D. is testing hand-held facial recognition systems… the London Police are
    experimenting with a GPS chip in the boot of any police officer as a locating and supervising tool,”
    McCreedy said.

    The combination of the constant improvement in tracking techniques and technological advancement in
    information systems “raises an issue that concerns me on privacy and rights.” Ken noted that having the
    capacity to gather information is very different from the need and right to do so.

    The Reward
    Ken McCreedy’s career as an instructor spans decades of interaction with those that have pursued
    careers themselves in Criminal Justice fields. As a program creator, coordinator, or teacher, the reward
    is very much in the results he sees in the students themselves. Much like his portrait photography, Ken
    enjoys the outcome of the special combination of subject, environment, and focus.

    McCreedy offered that his reward as an instructor is “seeing people after they graduate, actually involved
    in the field… It’s satisfying to see that not only they graduate, but putting what they learned into practice
    and making a difference…and that’s what it’s all about.”

                                                                                                     Bonner Scholar

                        Cathy Bain Layne '96
                                                                                        Alumni             PROFILES
                          A visit to campus on a sunny autumn day would inspire Cathy Bain Layne to leave the bustling,
                           metropolitan atmosphere of her native Tidewater to embrace the calmer and more relaxed pace of
                             Ferrum. This would be the first of many moments at Ferrum that would move Layne to embark
                              upon a new beginning through challenge. As a student in the Bonner Scholars Program, her time
                              spent working with the Ferrum Rescue Squad opened her mind and heart to what would drive
                              the next chapter in her life—the call to practice medicine.

                             Since graduating from Ferrum in 1996 and Wake Forest in 1999, Layne has successfully undertaken
                            opportunities to serve others through a varied range of medical practice including time in family
                          medicine, university medicine, and orthopedic surgery. Most recently as a practicing Emergency
                     Medicine Physician’s Assistant, Layne provides clinical care to patients in eights major hospitals in the
Tidewater area. With responsibilities often mirroring those of an ER physician, her days are a hectic mix of treating patients,
ordering tests and x-rays, writing prescriptions and discharge plans, and performing procedures such as stitching a patient’s
wounds. Continually inspired by this calling, Layne confides, “I love working in the ER for the fast pace, challenging cases, the
ability to help someone in need, and the knowledge I gain daily. I also love the diverse populations I see and working with
patients ranging in age from just a few days to 104+ years old.”

On her time as a Bonner Scholar student, Layne shares, “The Bonner Scholar program is a gift to any student that participates
in it. Being a Bonner Scholar allowed me to focus not just on studies, but on truly helping others in many ways. There are so
many good memories. My main volunteer experience was the Ferrum Rescue Squad. Sure, I remember the long nights up, the
dark back roads, the sad stories and the scary sites at times. However, more importantly, I remember truly helping others,
learning from some of the greatest and most caring people I have ever met, and realizing my dream of being in the medical field.
I don’t know if I would have pursued this if the Bonner program had not required it, so I am grateful for the program. I also
know that other activities, such as the Henry Fork-Big Brother/Big Sister Program touched many lives. A few years ago I was
reminded of just how much when, at the Folklife Festival, one of my “littles” came up to me, wearing a rescue squad shirt, and
told me she was pursing a career in nursing. She said she wanted to help others like the Bonners and the Henry Fork Center
had helped her. Wow, what a great moment. I know so many students were touched in some way through Bonner

Beyond her work as a PA, her passions include sign language, music, and family. She is the proud aunt of two nieces, two
nephews, and soon there will be another! For the members of her Ferrum family who remember her beloved “Ferrum dog,”
she shares that sadly, Precious passed away last year after a joyous life. She recently welcomed a new addition into her
home—a puppy named Lexi.

Of her many fond memories of Ferrum, Layne sentimentally recalls the days leading up to graduation as some of the most
special, “Those days of celebration surrounding graduation and the actual ceremony were incredible and continue to remind me
of how much I learned both in the classroom and out. Those days also represented the future, which Ferrum certainly helped
me to determine.”

Selflessly devoted to others, Layne remains committed to her alma mater, “Every day I still try to focus on Ferrum’s motto:
‘Not Self, But Others.’” I know that while at Ferrum, so many other individuals focused on this motto and shared so much
with me, which truly touched my life.”

                          Rev. Joe Torrence '97
                            Faith in action is a daily practice personified by the tireless service of Rev. Joe Torrence. His
                             dedication to mentoring youth through his leadership and counseling is an attribute that shaped
                              his path while still a student volunteering with children at the Henry Fork Service Center in
                              Franklin County.

                              After graduating in 1997, Torrence earned a Masters in Church Leadership from Eastern
                             Mennonite Seminary. He is now seeking to be an ordained United Methodist minister. Joe is
                           currently the Director of Youth Ministries, where he works to bring direction and spiritual guidance
                         to the lives of 150 students, at Saint Marks United Methodist Church in Richmond.

As a Bonner Scholar, Torrence helped charter the Ferrum chapter of Habitat for Humanity. On his time with the
program he warmly remembers, “I really enjoyed being a Bonner Scholar and being a part of the larger community.

                                                                                       FERRUM MAGAZINE                              21
 BONNER SCHOLAR                              Alumni                 PROFILES

   I still have a relationship with the Henry Fork Center, which is where I completed most of my hours. The HFC continues to
   influence both the Ferrum community and my own life. During our Spring Break, I am taking students back to the center to
   help build their new addition.”

   Always concerned about the welfare of young men and women, he offers current Ferrum students some brotherly advice on
   working toward finding life balance during their college years, “Don’t limit your college experience to just the social aspects.
   The people around you are your family. Ferrum is more than the place you go to school. It is your community and it is your
   family—at least for the next four years. Finding out who you are is about reaching past yourself and searching for the thing you
   most wish to be. Ferrum is a place for that journey to begin. At the end of your time at Ferrum, will you be able to say this
   place is a better place because you were here? This means being a person of integrity who, in every aspect of life, reaches out
   to those in need by living Ferrum’s motto. I began to discover this while at Ferrum, and I am still learning more today.”

   “I do a lot of speaking to youth in and around Virginia. One of the things that I often speak of is that all things are redeemable,
   meaning that if God can take a person like me and begin a good work, God will see it through. All of us have value and every
   person has a point and every life is sacred. If we honored the sacredness of every person, our world would be a better place.
   I know that this is true in my life, that as I see young people struggle with the same things I struggled with, I know there is a
   plan and I know that there is a purpose. I know that there is something more to life than just the right now. I hope that you
   find the sacredness in those around you and value who and what they are.”

   Joe and his wife Casey happily reside with their two dogs, Shadow and Motts. This fall they will welcome a new blessing into
   their home—their first child!

   Torrence expresses sincere appreciation for the lessons that “Not Self, But Others” taught him as a student, “My life revolves
   around being in service to others and acting with a humble and servant’s heart. I think the world has plenty of takers and
   really what we need are more givers. Ferrum taught me to give of myself, to find those things that draw us together, and
   work through those things that would divide.”

                              Christine Thomas Pappas '97
                                When Christine Thomas Pappas came to campus as a high school senior, she was seeking a
                                college experience that would offer both individualized attention and the chance to work closely
                                 with her peers. She also hoped for the opportunity to follow her true passions—Russian and
                                 music. After listening to a rehearsal performance of The Ferrum Edition, her choice was clear
                                 and the first verse of Pappas’ Ferrum song was written.

                                A Bonner Scholar as well as a Russian and Music major, her time at Ferrum was a balancing act of
                              studying, rehearsals, performances, and community service.

                      Enthusiastic about her time as a Bonner Scholar, Pappas shares her memories, “The Bonner Scholar
   Program provided me with many opportunities that I would have never had, if I were not part of it. Without the scholarship
   from Bonner, I would have had a much harder time getting to any college. Through the program, I met many individuals who
   wanted to make the world around them better, and all had different ways to do so. I learned from a lot of them. Also
   through Bonner, I was able to work at elementary schools teaching children my love of music. I was able to travel to North
   Carolina and Arizona for conferences, including the AIDs for A.I.D.S. Conference, which is focused on the importance of
   advocating AIDS awareness. I also worked with a program for abused and neglected children, and got to see their slice of life.
   There were so many different opportunities and activities that I was exposed to through Bonner that showed me many various
   ways to help in the community. During my first year as a Bonner, there were so many activities to choose from that I could
   not do them all!”

   She expresses sincere gratitude for the many lessons learned from mentors Sasha Saari, Regina Evans, and Dr. Erma Rose and
   recalls her college career as a powerful experience, “As a student, I feel that I received a great education. I had professors
   that were passionate about their subjects, and wanted you to become just as immersed in what they were teaching. Many
   succeeded in that goal. The professors at Ferrum care about you as a student and as a person, and will get to know you—
   compared to a larger university, where most will never recognize you.”

   Pappas has been employed by Thomson Prometric, a global leader in integrated testing and assessment services, in Baltimore
   for six years. Her dedication and hard work have led her to several promotions within the company as is the case with her
   most recent position in Network Security as the Client Results Delivery Administrator.

In September, Christine and her husband, Michael, welcomed a beautiful daughter named Victoria into the family. Motherhood
has inspired her to give back to her community through membership in the La Leche League, an international organization
dedicated to helping mothers breastfeed through mother-to-mother support and encouragement. In the coming year, she hopes
to become a leader in her local chapter with the long term plan of helping mothers through a peer counseling or lactation
consultant role.

In recent years, she has been a member of the Baltimore Symphony Choir, has performed at retirement communities with the
group WomanSong, and has taken part in walks for various charities. Pappas is grateful for the many lasting friendships that have
grown from her time at Ferrum and she loves the chance to visit with her Ferrum family. Faithfully dedicated to Ferrum’s motto
of “Not Self, But Others”, Pappas has continued to share her voice and her time in an effort to bring happiness to the world
around her.

                            Tracy Sigmon Holley '96
                              For Tracy Sigmon Holley '96, there is no place like home. A lifelong resident of the Ferrum area,
                               Tracy has been making memories with Ferrum alumni since the age of 6 when she began helping
                               her grandfather, Frank Peters, in his store—the former Ferrum landmark “Franks”. Growing up in
                               Ferrum’s ideal setting, and having the opportunity to see the college experience through the
                               students she met at Franks, she anxiously awaited the day when she too would become a Ferrum
                              College student. From the moment she entered her first class, she wanted to continue to give back
                             to the school and the community that she felt had already given so much to her.

                      A Liberal Arts major, her student life was a balancing act of classes, internships, full time employment,
              married life, and community service projects through the Bonner Scholars Program.

Immensely grateful for her Bonner Scholar opportunity, Holley shares, “The Bonner Scholars Program created a core group of
responsible people who wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. This program is a blessing because it gives you
opportunities to reach out and share the talents God has blessed you with. Bonner Scholars have a bond—we learned to work
as a team on physical challenges at the ropes course and through the community service projects where we could use our time
and energy to help others. The Bonners program creates and nurtures the inner desires of individuals to help others be the best
they can be.”

Deeply devoted to children, Holley was thrilled to have the chance to work in elementary schools during her time as a Bonner
Scholar, “I loved helping the children with their school work, tutoring them, and taking part in their lives. It was a wonderful
time.” After graduation, she taught elementary school until the birth of her second son, Tyler. It was time to come home.

This summer Holley will begin her fifth year in the Alumni and Family Services Office, a place tailor made for her. As Assistant
Director of Alumni and Family Services, Holley puts her champion multitasking skills to work each day as the coordinator of our
Class Agent program, as a liaison between alumni and their friends, and as the voice of the office where she diligently responds to
emails, updates, and calls from our alumni.

Always excited about each day of making friends in the alumni family, she gushes, “I hope to spend my career here at Ferrum
College! I love building new friendships, meeting new people, and learning about the milestones they have accomplished. Most of
all, I love sharing our stories about Ferrum.”

A devoted wife and mother, Tracy and her husband Brad will celebrate their tenth anniversary during a trip to Mexico this
month. They are the proud parents of sons Kolton, age 7, and Tyler, age 4. She is a past member of the Ferrum Elementary
School PTA, a former Boy Scout Den Leader, and currently serves as a church clerk and Sunday school teacher at Henry Baptist

During your next visit to campus, come see Holley in John Wesley Hall and make a stop by the Ferrum College Bookstore,
where her mother, Patty Peters Sigmon '73, is the Bookstore Manager. You will have the opportunity to experience their strong
bond and dedication to Ferrum firsthand. You may also have the chance to see Holley’s sons carry on the tradition they learned
from their mother. They can be spotted during Homecoming helping their grandmother find the perfect gift for someone in their
“Ferrum family.”

Faithfully committed to “Not Self, But Others,” Tracy Holley sees each moment with an alum as an opportunity to build upon
the foundation of love and admiration she first felt as a little girl while spending time with students and alums in her grandfather’s
store. Their story is her story, and she will continue to share it each day.

                                                                                         FERRUM MAGAZINE                                 23
DN                 Development
         Join a Society of


         Ferrum Friends
                 pecial societies exist to distinguish those
                 individuals who have made a decisive, steadfast                     ith 46 members as of late April, The
                 commitment to support Ferrum College.                               Arthur Society is on track to meet its goal
                 Three societies currently exist to recognize                        of 50 members by June 30, 2005.
       these generous friends of Ferrum:                                             Members of the Arthur Society give at
                                                                      least $1,000 annually to the Ferrum Fund. Their
       Arthur Society: A Society of Visionary Leaders                 contributions may be given in one gift or made in
       The Arthur Society is composed of individuals who give at      multiple payments. Gifts may be made via cash, check,
       least $1,000 annually to the Ferrum Fund, which helps          or credit card. To become a member, contact the
       support scholarship, research, and operating needs.            Development Office at (540) 365-4221.

       Beckham Society: A Society of Legacy Builders                  The Arthur Society was named after Dr. Ralph Arthur,
       To join the Beckham Society, an individual must include        the visionary 7th president of Ferrum. Dr. Arthur was a
       Ferrum in his or her estate planning, through instruments      legendary and prolific fundraiser for the College. He
       such as wills, trusts, annuities, insurance, real estate, or   understood the critical nature of development to
       retirement funds.                                              Ferrum’s long-term vitality and ability to serve students.

       Ruth Society: A Society of Loyal Friends
       Members of the Ruth Society have supported the College
       for at least 10 consecutive years. In fact, many members
       of this society have given to Ferrum for 20 years or more.
                                                                       FOUNDERS ROOM conference table and chairs
       Ferrum’s staff can assist you as you consider the ways you      are still available for purchase. Please contact the
       wish to support the College’s mission. We will work with             Development Office for more information.
       you to craft the plan that best reflects your goals.

      A Living
      Spring is always beautiful at Ferrum,
      but this season is particularly lovely
      due to the number of trees
      contributed to the College by
      individuals who wish to honor or
      memorialize someone special. With a
      gift of only $250, you may sponsor a
      tree that will be planted on campus                               The College gratefully accepted 18 Japanese Maple
      and marked with a plague naming the                               trees given by Mr. & Mrs. Luther J. Derby, Jr. ‘45.
      honoree.                                                          They will be a wonderful addition to the arboretum.

  For information on any of these or other development programs, please contact the Development Office at (540) 365-4221.

An Enduring Legacy
Mrs. Annie Webster Williams '26
By Lisa Jamison Bowling
                                                                       DEVELOPMENT NEWS
At 98 years of age, Mrs. Annie Webster Williams '26, or Miss Annie as she was affectionately called, still raised a garden, sang
in her church choir, and sought ways to help children and young people. This fine, spirited lady, whose determination to
make an impact on her world was equaled by her ability to see the humor in everyday life and to laugh easily and heartily,
made sure she did not waste a moment that she had on earth. While we lost Miss Annie on April 2, 2005, the gift of her life

In every conversation about her, the words are complimentary and the tone tinged with admiration. In an October 18, 2002,
profile of Miss Annie, The Roanoke Times columnist Joe Kennedy said, “A visit with Annie Williams is like a visit with
someone younger than you are and more energetic.” Kennedy lavished her praises and went on to say, “Annie Williams
exemplifies the virtues of hard work, thrift and generosity.”

She carried everyday virtues with uncommon grace and a zest for life.
She has left a living legacy of education and of giving life to dreams.
She has left an indelible imprint on our world.

Miss Annie and her husband, M.A., who she met while they were at
Ferrum Training School students, loved children. As teachers and
philanthropists, these soulmates, as their minister called them,
dedicated their lives to improving the lives of young people, often
seeking out opportunities to bring joy or knowledge to children. The
couple made their living working with children and youth. They made
their lives full by working for children and youth.

Upon her graduation of Ferrum Training School, Miss Annie left to
teach at Pine Bluff mission school in Willis, Virginia, at the behest of
Ferrum’s first president, Dr. Benjamin Beckham. After three years she
returned to Franklin County to teach first grade, winning hearts, minds,
and accolades over a career that spanned 44 years. In 1971-72, she was
named one of the Outstanding Elementary Teachers of America.

Miss Annie told me not long ago that an education is important, but it
is equally imperative that young people be ingrained with solid values
and ethics. She loved that Ferrum emphasizes character education and
value formation. She appreciated that Ferrum touches not only the
mind, but the body and spirit as well.                                           Mrs. Annie Webster Williams '26 in her home and with one of her
                                                                                 most prized possessions, her Bible. Miss Annie and her husband,
                                                                                 M.A., joined the Beckham Society in 1983, when they remembered
It was important to the Williamses to ensure that future generations would       Ferrum in their estate planning, with the intention of establishing a
be afforded the opportunity to obtain an education. Through their lives of       new scholarship for Ferrum students.

hard work and frugality, they built their assets through resourcefulness and
determination. They then just as determinedly and privately gifted those assets to children and young people who needed a
champion. More than 20 years ago, they decided to remember Ferrum and Virginia Tech in their estate planning,
designating that a portion of their estate should be used to create a scholarship fund for area students.

Even in very recent years, Miss Annie quietly supported the people and the purposes in which she believed, including
financially assisting individual Ferrum students. One Ferrum alumnus, Charlie Crabtree '03, recalled that Miss Annie would
quietly give him “pocket change,” one time slipping it in the hymnal he used as Boones Mill Christian Church’s choir
director. “She would say, ‘Don’t tell anyone. It is between you and me.’” Later Crabtree discovered that she also secretly
funded his salary while he served the church. He recalls that Miss Annie, “believed in the power of music, believed in
Ferrum, and she believed in me.”

Miss Annie and M.A. were the kind of people who understood the power of positive cascading consequences. Although she
was too modest to say this, I believe that she wanted to make sure that long after she walked with God, her footprints would
remain on earth. This generosity of spirit was a heartfelt call, offered not for her glory, but because she so deeply cared and
wanted to make an impact upon others.

To recognize her achievements, in 1996, Ferrum awarded her with its Distinguished Alumni Award. Few have more richly
deserved that honor.

On behalf of Ferrum College—thank you for your loyalty and love for the school and its students. Thank you for providing a
brighter future for those Ferrum students yet to come. And thank you for representing Ferrum so well. You embodied the
motto and spirit of Ferrum, “Not Self, But Others,” so superbly. We were proud to call you one of our own.

                                                                                        FERRUM MAGAZINE                                                  25
   Alumni Chapter Spotlight
   Washington, DC, Area Alumni Chapter
   Jeb Bradbury '89
            The winter gathering of the Washington, DC area alumni
            chapter was held at the Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon in
            Springfield, where our own Jeb Bradbury takes the stage
            nightly as the restaurant’s General Manager.

            A Theatre and Dramatic Arts major, Bradbury has enjoyed a
            fast paced career that included a stint traveling the country
            coordinating promotional gigs for NASCAR--an experience he credits
            with giving him a firsthand look at the complexities of big business. He
            also spent a year working on the set of Legacy, rode with the wranglers and
            principal actors in Sally Herring’s: An American Scandal, and also found work in the motion picture The
            Contender. As of late, Bradbury has embraced his own cast of “students” and finds great joy in molding and
            training these young employees at Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon.

            Bradbury praises Dr. Rex Stephenson with teaching his students professionalism and a personal drive and
            responsibility that extended far beyond the doors of Sale Theatre. He fondly reminisces, “We performed
            when it was show time no matter what was happening. Ashlee Simpson would not have made it with us!
            No one would have walked off stage during a show. Rex taught us so many life lessons…like being part of
            a team, and working together with all sorts of people to achieve a common goal.”

            On the demanding role of General Manager, he offers, “Working with guests and the staff at Lone Star
            exercises lessons learned at Ferrum everyday. My Theatre and Dramatic Arts major taught the
            improvisational skills of thinking on my feet, and I enjoy teaching the servers, hostesses, and bartenders to
            mix efficiency with keeping their guests entertained and looking forward to coming back to see them.”

            When asked about Ferrum’s motto of “Not Self, But Others,” Bradbury readily replies, “I took the school’s
            motto very seriously. Following this is a basic part of who I am. It works at home, at work, anywhere. I
            teach the motto to my employees on a daily basis.”

            The next time you are in Springfield, stop by and share some memories with Jeb Bradbury. He may just
            unearth a “forgotten” photo of you in a toga!

   Parents' Council UPDATE
      Both the academic and campus life aspects of a college were important to us as our son, Andrew, was making his
      college choice. Looking back, Ferrum College has met those expectations. The campus is safe and orderly,
      academics are top priority, and the faculty and staff take a genuine interest in each student as an individual.

      The August term and PAWS are both integral parts of transitioning a student from high school to the
      college experience. We highly recommend both to new students!

      The Parents’ Council offers parents a voice in Ferrum matters and provides updates on
      campus initiatives. Great things are happening at Ferrum College!!

                                         Dr. and Mrs. Chester Mummau
                                         Spotsylvania, Virginia
                                         (Parents of Andrew Mummau, Class of ‘08)

                                               CORRON CLASSIC 2004

Jerry Hall, Darren Hodges '02, Russel Walton '90, Steve Harbour '88

 Matt Garten '04, Dizzy Garten '04, Doug Heagen '03,                    Kevin Howe '90, Roland Gallup '91, Robbie King '86, Butch
 Jason Vipperman '03                                                    Jenkins '80

               Kathy Bocock '86, Donna Doonan, Kelly Caputo '87, Celia Mosier

                                                                                          FERRUM MAGAZINE                           27
       Out        About

                          John Payne '92
                          Joanna Coleman
                          Jim Williamson '69

                          Ellen Holland
                          Sherry Thurman Lynch '68
                          Dr. Jennifer L. Braaten
                          Rev. C. Wesley Astin, Jr. '74
                          Carla Wright Royall '98
                          Phyllis Cundiff Lavinder '73
                          Dove Hylton McCall '47
                          Edith McGhee Sigmon '46

                          Mary Phelps Bell '53
                          John Bell '52
                          Rev. Carl Stewart '55
                          Violet Stewart

                                                                                           ALUMNI NEWS

                 Jay Lewis '04, Jose Orazco '04,
                            Heather Hutson '00     WASHINGTON D.C.                                      Heather MacDonald '93, Kelly Edmonds
                                                                                                        Vietzke '94, Amy Poole Williams '93

            Mary Menefee & Charles Menefee '42
                                                          RICHMOND                Dickie Turner '80, '89, Marion Price '87, Elisabeth
                                                                                  Parker Ellington '93, Meredith McNamara-Walls '93

                                                             RICHMOND-GREATER HAMPTON ROADS
Monte Looney, Annie Reynolds Looney '53, Melissa
                                                                1st Row: Mae Cosby Smith '45, Charles '48 & Marian Skinner, Betty Forrest Vance
                                                                '46, Ann and Mac '45 Abernathy, Guy Martin '38 2nd Row: Emma Johnston Clapp
Cornett Looney '88, Viola Turner '55, Jim Bell, Amy             '43, Elizabeth Greene Kirby '46, and Rawleigh and Alva Hayden Clary, both '47, Tom
Mabry Cundiff '99, Mark Cundiff, Jonah Starr '04, Kevin         Vance, Ila Stanfield Williams '38 3rd Row: Don Rogers '81, Jane Cumby
Dill '79, Ken Journell '57, Ann Journell '57                    McAlexander '55, Dr. Jennifer L. Braaten, Linwood F. Price, Jr. '48, Luther '45 and
                                                                Jean Derby, K. Preston Young, Jr. '69

                                                                                            FERRUM MAGAZINE                                           29
CN                             Class
                                                                               Paul R. Polk '78, of Berryville, is
                                                                               employed by National Geospatial- Shelley Phillips Balderson '85,
                                             Marsha K. Wright '71, of          Intelligence Agency as a public     of Chesterfield, recently
     Hugh C. Garst '57, of Salem, is         Gastonia, NC, has been awarded    release officer.                    celebrated her 18th year with the
     retired from Hayes, Seay, Mattern       the 2004 Gaston County School                                         U.S. Army. She is married to
     & Mattern Inc., after 39 years of       Volunteer of the Year award and   Teresa Venable Powers '78, of Russell Balderson '86. He is
     service. He is continuing to serve      the 2004 North Carolina           Matthews, NC, is employed by US employed by Secor International
     the public as a consultant to the       Outstanding Volunteer award.      Airways as a flight attendant.      as a senior scientist.
     company focusing on the applied
     earth sciences.                         Charles J. Kerns, Jr., '73, of    John M. Seaborn '78, of                Frank S. Burdick '85, of

                                             Gloucester, is employed by        Midlothian, is employed by             Staunton, received his master's
                                             Landsource, Inc. as president.    Whitlow Chevrolet as a sales           degree in business administration
                                                                               consultant.                            from Eastern Mennonite
     John S. "Buddy" Shively '64, of     Eugune W. Beach '74, of Mc                                                   University.
                                         Lean, is employed by Fairfax
     Big Island, is retired after 34 years                                     Gregory M. Hancock '79, of
     in projects and business            County Fire Department as             Roanoke, is employed by Capital        Kelly Shipe Dettra '85, and her
     management for AREVA.               logistics supervisor. He was also     First Financial Services, LLC, as a    husband, Chip, of Reston,
                                         assigned supervisor 1st squad         loan officer. He specializes in real   announce the birth of their
     Linda Cooper Ackiss '66, of         (EQ) port safety and                  estate loans and business loans.       daughter, Emma, on June 4, 2004.
     Virginia Beach, is retired after 32 security/waterways management
     years in civil service. She has two for the U.S. Coast Guard              Mimi Lingenfelser Matthews       Elizabeth Dowgiello '85, wed
     grandsons and plans on traveling, activities, Baltimore, MD, in           '79, of Williamsburg, is employedDon Light on September 18, 2004.
     playing golf, and bowling.          November 2004.                        by Service Metal Fab., Inc., as aThey reside in Chesapeake. She is
                                                                               controller/HR.                   employed by Chesapeake Public
     William P. Brann '66, of Callao, Carl E. Garrison III, '75, of                                             Schools as a government and U.S.
     is employed by Richmond County Charlottesville, is employed by the Bob Runion '79, of Bridgewater, history teacher.
     Public Schools in Warsaw. He        Virginia Department of Forestry     is employed by Eddie Edwards
     was principal at Richmond County as state forester.                     Signs, Inc., as vice president of  Mark R. Mattox '85, of
     Intermediate School for 15 years                                        operations.                        Alexandria, IN, is employed by

     and is now assistant                Jim Dishman '76, of Forest, is                                         Indiana State Department of
     superintendent of Richmond          employed by AREVA, as a                                                Health as a public health
     County Public Schools.              supervisor in component repair                                         administrator focusing on
                                         design engineering.                 John H. McChesney '80 and his bioterrorism preparedness and
     Sam L. Camden '66, of                                                   wife, Arianne, announce the birth food security.
     Roanoke, is employed by Virginia Roger E. Wilborn '76, of               of their son, Ean, on August 1,
     Tech as associate director of       Vernon Hill, is employed by Mary 2004.                                 Guy L. Townsend '85, of
     human resources for student         Baldwin College as an assistant                                        Manquin, is currently in the US
     programs, was named president of professor of education and             Christopher L. Morgan '80, of Coast Guard Reserves as a port
     the Virginia Society of Certified   director for the adult degree       Toano, is employed by              security specialist. He is also
     Public Managers in October 2004. program.                               Brantley/Ripley Construction as a working at Infineon Technologies.
     Danny R. McCready '67, of           James "Keith" Rowe '77, of                                             Paul A. Aronhime '86, of
     Tangier, retired from federal       Chesapeake, was elected to the      Allen B. Crowder '82, of           Marblehead, MA, is employed by
     government and is an ordained       board of directors for the Virginia Sterling, is employed by Weichert Accelare as a vice president of the
     elder in the New Testament          Mortgage Lenders Association as a Realtors as a Realtor.               federal sector.
     Congregation. He has two            Tidewater representative and he
     grandchildren and is an active      will also serve on the Tidewater    David A. Nelson '84, of            Polycarp J. Bunsu '86, of
     volunteer in veteran organizations. Mortgage Lenders Association        Springfield, is employed by Versar Sarawak, Malaysia, is a self-
                                         board.                              Inc., as a department              employed CEO. He is married to
     Ed G. George '68, of Scottsville,                                       manager/senior industrial          Lorena and has two children,
     has been elected into the           Gary W. Boughton '78, of            hygienist. He just completed his   Kerry and Elton.
     Canadian Football Hall of Fame.     Aurora, CO, is employed by          20th consecutive year.
                                         Lockheed Martin as a system                                            Rebecca Cooper Ketron '86,
     John G. Kines Jr., '68, of          engineer.                           Morgan Gammon Savage '84, of Fort Myers, FL, completed her
     Disputanta, completed 15 years as                                       of Danville, received her master’s master's degree in education at
     a charter member of Prince          O. Allen Davis '78, of Big Island, degree in reading in December       Milligan College in 1993. She is
     George's Waste Management           is employed by Georgia Pacific      2004 from Averett University.      employed by Lee County Schools
     Authority board of directors.       Corporation as a service crew       She is employed by the Child       as a teacher.
                                         technician.                         Development Clinic as an
                                                                             educational consultant.

                                                                                                      CLASS NOTES
Glenn W. Ward '86, of                    Gianpiero Repole '90, of Hong
Mechanicsville, is employed by           Kong, China, is employed by
DynTek as a senior systems               Noble Resources as the executive
consultant.                              vice president.                      David "Mike" Dunavant '93, of
                                                                              Richmond, is employed by Henrico
Mark L. Berrier '87, of                  William "Bob" R.                     High School as a history teacher
Hampton, is employed by                  Scarborough '90, of Roanoke,         and department chair.He married
Northrop Grumman Information             earned his master’s degree in art    Leigh on August 10, 2002.
Technology as a software engineer        and liberal studies from Hollins
I. He is married to Carla.               University. He is currently
                                         employed by Wachovia as a vice
Lawrence E. Reynolds '87, of             president.
Midlothian, is employed by                                                                                           Mary Pharr '93, wed Brian R.
Drivetime Finance as a sales             Andra R. Thomas '90, of State                                             Gagne on October 23, 2004.
manager. He is married to Jill           College, PA, is currently employed                                        They reside in Niceville, FL. Jill
Andrews Reynolds '90 and they            by Penn State University as an                                            Hunziker Maddy '93, Sarah
have three daughters.                    assistant athletic trainer.                                               Hunziker Guy '94, and Michelle
                                                                                                                   Amos Fluker '93 were
Tammie Stewart Saunders                  Gary D. Garrett '92, of                Michelle Amos Fluker '93,          bridesmaids.
'87, of South Boston, is employed        Chandler, AZ, is employed by         and her husband, Bill, announce
by Carlbrook School as a teacher.        Petsmart as a manager.               the birth of their daughter, Masey
                                                                              Leigh, on November 27, 2004.
Susan Utt Waller '88, of Port            Anne G. Goodman '92, of              Michelle is employed by Franklin
St. Lucie, FL, is employed by            Richmond, is employed by Sears       County Public Schools as a school
Liberty Healthcare Group, Inc. as a      Product Repair Services as a         counselor at Boones Mill
corporate training manager. She          district human resource director.    Elementary.
recently received her Langevin
certification as a trainer generalist.   Ray R. Hoskie '92, of        Renee A. Lord '93, and her
                                         Washington, DC, is employed by
                                                                      husband, Paul Repik, of Myrtle
Yvette Brugh Beheler '89, and            Fairfax County Public Schools as a
                                                                      Beach, SC, announce the birth of
her husband, Steve, of Roanoke,          first grade teacher.         their son, Ryan Repik, on October    Jan Kelley '94 wed Michael
announce the birth of their                                           22, 2004. She is employed by       Fleming on November 6, 2004.
daughter, Meagan Nicole, on        Karin J. Siems '92, of Fort        Ralph Wilson, Attorney at Law, as They reside in Lewes, DE. Caran
October 22, 2004.                  Myers, FL, is employed by Sundial a paralegal.                        Bonfili Lamb '94 was the matron
                                   Beach Resort in human resources.                                      of honor and Kristen Hilton
David A. Himmerich '89, of                                            Erick A. Moore '93, of Ferrum, Saunders '94 was a special guest.
Salt Lake City, UT, has been       Sean H. Wainwright '92, of         is the planning and zoning
diagnosed with pulmonary veno-     Williamsburg, is president and     inspector for the department of    Heather Fonda Moore '94, of
occlusive disease and is currently CEO of Dynadirect.com Inc.         planning and community             Lawrenceville, is employed by the
awaiting a lung transplant.                                           development in Franklin County.    Lawrenceville School as an

                                   Crystal C. Canterbury '93, of      He recently achieved certification assistant to the Lawrenceville
                                   Roanoke, is currently employed by from the Virginia Association of    Fund.
                                   Honeytree Early Learning Center Zoning Officials (VAZO) as a
Dr. William G. Albrecht '90, of as the director.                      certified zoning official. He has  Jon D. Morris Jr., '94, of
Lumberton, NC, has recently                                           also been appointed to serve on    Roanoke, is employed by STEP,
returned from Xuzhou, China,       Anne E. Dickens '93, of            VAZO's education and legislative   Inc., as executive director.
where he taught microeconomics. Asheville, NC, is employed by         committees.
He is currently employed by the    FPMI Solutions as a senior                                            Mary Catherine Bishop '95,
University of North Carolina at    corporate manager. She is          Elisabeth "Parker" Ellington       and her husband, Michael, of
Pembrook as an assistant           devoted to oil painting and        '93 wed Brian Dixon on October Mechanicsville, announce the birth
professor.                         currently has work online and at   16, 2004. They reside in           of their son, Nathan Michael, on
                                   the Woolworth Walk Gallery in      Richmond. She is employed by       January 24, 2004. She is employed
Floyd G. Boone, Jr., '90, of       Asheville. She was selected to     Capital One as a campus recruiter. by Hanover County as a seventh
Roanoke, is employed by the        participate in the Signature Piece Ferrum Alumni that participated in grade teacher.
Primary Care Associates, PC as a Competition held each year by the the wedding were Meredith
collections manager.               WNCAP.                             McNamara-Walls '93 of              Ralph V. Carlone '95, of
                                                                      Richmond, Mary Hudert Hennig Mableton, GA, is employed by
T.D. Holsclaw '90 and his wife, Rob W. Douglas '93, of                '93 of Richmond, and Jenny         PRG Schultz, International as a
Tan, of Dumfries, announce the     Winchester, is employed by         Foster Baugh '92 of Roanoke.       systems architect.
birth of their daughter, Madeline  Pulmonary Physicians of Loudon as
Jindha, on December 22, 2004.      a respiratory therapist.
She joins big sister, Dhamisaa.

                                                                                                       FERRUM MAGAZINE                                  31
CN                                       Jennifer Allen Perkins '96 and
                                         her husband, Franco, of Rome, GA,       Allison Thomas-Northrup '97,         Sarah Grimstead Cotten '99,
     Tiffany Patton '95, of Lanexa, is   announce the birth of their             and her husband, Lawrence, of        and her husband, Jeffrey, of West,
     employed by Wyeth Pharma-           daughter, Jordan Blair, on              Hayes, announce the birth of their   MS, announce the birth of their
     ceuticals as a QA specialist II.    December 10, 2004. She is               daughter, Kendall Ra, on             daughter, Emma Jordan, on
                                         employed by Rome City Schools as        September 15, 2004. She joins big    November 2, 2004. They reside in
     Jason A. Page '95, and his wife,    a teacher.                              sister, Cameron Alyssa.              West, MS. She is employed by
     Anginet, of Brighton, CO,                                                                                        Riverdale Ranch as a horse
     announce the birth of their         Angela Tejeda Rose '96, of                                                   manager.
     daughter, Ellyanna Arwen, on        Stuart, is employed by Patrick
     August 9, 2004. He is employed      County Public Schools as an English                                          Jennifer King Crouch '99, and
     by Roche Colorado Corporation       as a second language teacher.                                                her husband, Walter Crouch IV,
     as a plant supervisor.                                                                                           '00, of Palmyra, announce the
                                         Heather Christine Smith '96, of                                              birth of their son, Evan Zachary,
     Sharon Ann Maxie Pond '95,          Midlothian, is employed by Atlantic                                          on September 4, 2004. She is
     and her husband, Johnny, of         Capital Management.                                                          employed by the Cedars Nursing
     Midlothian, announce the birth of                                                                                Home as director of social
     their son, Evan Charles, on         Robert N. Baker IV '97, and his           Christine Thomas Pappas            services. He is employed by the
     October 24, 2004.                   wife, Kelly, of Suffolk, announce the   '97 and her husband, Michael, of     University of Virginia as a budget
                                         birth of their daughter, Madalyn        Edgewood, MD, announce the           analyst.
     D. Stuart Smith '95, and his        Lynell, on October 14, 2004. He is      birth of their daughter, Victoria
     wife, Sheri, of Roanoke, announce   employed R.W. Baker & Co.               Lynn, on September 19, 2004.   Suzanne Eicher '99, of
     the birth of their son, Wyatt       Funeral Home and Crematory as a                                        Richmond, is employed by
     Porter, on September 22, 2004.      funeral director and embalmer.    D. Scott Brookshire '98, and his MotoPhoto as a lab technician.
                                                                           wife, Jessica, of Winchester,        She also breeds bearded dragons
     Steve L. Dalton Jr., '96, and his Alison Healy Davis '97, of High     announce the birth of their son,     and Columbian rainbow boas.
     wife, Tara, of Hurt, announce the Point, NC, is the owner of          Nathaniel Scott, on September 16,
     birth of their daughter, Brynlee   Memories from the Heart. She       2004. He is employed by              Tiffany R. Gillend '99, of
     Burgess, on January 12, 2004. He makes personalized photo             Wavecrest Laboratories as a          Orlando, FL, is employed by Walt
     is employed by Abbott Labs as an necklaces. She is married to Bryan director of finance.                   Disney World.
     analytical lab supervisor and is a Davis '97. He is employed by
     co-owner of Dalton's Hair Salon.   Southwest Gilford High School as a                                      Toni Lynn Harris '99, of
                                        teacher and coach. They have two                                        Bedford, is employed by Oakwood
                                        sons, Parker and Tate.                                                  Country Club as a business
                                        Allison Stewart Garrett '97, and
                                        her husband, Robert, of Vienna,                                         Samantha G. Harrison '99,
                                        announce the birth of their son,                                        wed George Fetko, Jr., on July 10,
                                        Nathan Robert, on November 23,                                          2004. They reside in Floyd. She is
                                        2004. She is employed by Cintas as                                      employed by Tekoa Inc. as a
                                        a sales consultant.                  Christy Anglin Deatherage          mental health therapist.
                                                                           '98, and her husband, Chris, of
       Daryl L. Holley '96 and his      Patricia G. Hall '97, of Evington, Bassett, announce the birth of       Natalie Reed Joyner '99 and
     wife, Stephanie, of Rocky Mount,   is employed by Campbell County as their son, Lane Garrett, on           her husband, Linwood, of
     announce the birth of their son,   a CSA case manager. She is         December 28, 2004.                   Chesapeake, announce the birth of
     Gabriel Ernest, on December 8,     married to Kevin and they have a                                        their twins, Maya and Jaelin, on
     2004. He joins big brother, Jesse. daughter, Anastasia.               Michael Lee Fields '98, of Kill      January 18, 2004. She is employed
                                                                           Devil Hills, NC, will have his first by FPMI Solutions as a recruiting
     Cynthia D. Jancso '96, of                                             novel entitled Venator published     specialist.
     Redford, MI, is employed by the                                       this summer, available on
     Department of Homeland Security                                       amazon.com.                          Misty Stinnette LaPrade '99 of
     in customs and border protection                                                                           Forest, is employed by Heritage
     as a canine enforcement officer.                                      Kim H. Perley '98, of Virginia       High School as an English teacher.
                                                                           Beach, is employed by Taste          She is married to Dennis and they
     Aaron H. Moseman '96, of                                              Unlimited, a local gourmet food      have two children, Morgan and
     Purcellville, is employed by                                          and wine company, as manager.        Brady.
     America Online as a technical
     manager. He and his wife,            Sherry Correll Honeycutt '97, Michael A. Souma '98, of                Jamie Lee Moore '99, of
     Rebecca, have one son, Benjamin. and her husband, Mark, of            Stuart, is employed by Patrick       Midlothian, is employed by
                                        Taylorsville, MD, announce the     County High School as a teacher      Chesterfield County Public
                                        birth of their son, Ian Mark, on   and head football and wrestling      Schools as a teacher at Matoaca
                                        August 23, 2004. She is employed coach.                                 High School.
                                        by Sport Systems, Inc., as a
                                        marketing director.

Damien A. Morris '99 wed
                                     David T. Walsh '00, of Grafton,
                                     is employed by Stor Moore
                                                                                                CLASS NOTES

                                                                          Wesley E. Starkey '01 wed
                                                                          Kristine Purawic on November 20,   Tanya Lynn Wright '02 wed Jay
Laurice Corr on September 11,        Storage Facility as a resident       2004. They reside in Chesapeake.   Wadkins on June 26, 2004. They
2004. They reside in Deer Park,      manager.                             Ferrum College Chaplain, Wes       reside in Glade Hill. Teri Wright
NY.                                                                       Astin '74 presided over the        '02 served as a maid of honor in
                                                                          ceremony that took place at St.    the wedding. She is employed by
                                                                          Andrews Methodist Church in        Franklin County Schools as a
                                                                          Portsmouth. He is employed by      teacher.
                                                                          the Department of Defense as a
                                                                          contractor.                        Erin M. Wolfe '02, of Halifax, is
                                                                                                             employed by Halifax County as a
                                                                                                             sixth grade teacher.

                                                                                                             Charles H. Crabtree, Jr., '03,
                                       Elfonza "Rey" Williams '00,                                           of Roanoke, is employed by
  Yvonne Scott Walker '99            of San Diego, CA, graduated from                                        Roanoke City Public Schools as a
and her husband, Billy, of Ferrum,   the University of San Diego with a                                      teacher.
announce the birth of their          master's degree in international
daughter, Kyndall Renae, on          relations on May 22, 2004.                                         Lorie A. Holland '03, and her
December 14, 2004. She is                                                                               husband, Ken, of Ferrum,
employed by Ferrum College as     Jessica Wearing Crutchfield          Melissa Gail Stone '01 wed       announce the birth of their
assistant registrar.              '01, of Covington, GA, is          Joseph Theodore Bower on           daughter, Madison Olivia, on

                                  employed by Newton County          November 6, 2004. They reside in November 26, 2004. She is
                                  School System as an occupational Glen Allen.                          employed by Piedmont Health
                                  therapist.                                                            Services as a social worker.
                                                                     Brock Anthony Anderson '02
                                  Nicole Bobrukiewicz Davis          wed Megan Jones on August 21,      Theresa Light '03, of Richmond,
                                  '01, of Roanoke, is employed by    2004. They reside in Rocky Mount. is employed by Farmer's Insurance.
                                  Novozymes Biologicals Inc. as a    He is employed by T. Anderson
                                  microbiological laboratory         and Son Logging Inc.               Jonathan C. Vermillion '03, of
                                  technician. She also owns Blue                                        Bristol, is employed by United
                                  Ridge Mercantile, an all natural   Andy F. Grigas '02 wed Leigh       Central Industrial Supply as an
                                  soy-wax candle manufacturer.       Anne Handy '03 on May 22,          executive member.
                                                                     2004. They reside in Rocky
                                  Joey G. Gause '01, of West Palm Mount. He is employed by              Khrysta Anderson '04 of
  Meghan Dunmire Chapman Beach, FL, is employed by Beyer             Ferrum College as an academic PC Martinsville, is employed by DMI
'00 and her husband, Hunter       Paint as a sales representative.   support specialist. She is         as an account coordinator.
Chapman '00, of Stephens City,                                       employed by Century 21 as a real
announce the birth of their son,  Glen T. Hofstrom '01 wed           estate agent.                      Lindsay Cox '04, of Waldorf,
Tanner Logan, on October 12,      Shante, on November 14, 2004.                                         MD, is employed by Charles
2004. She is employed by          They reside in Fort Bragg, NC.     Holly F. Mills '02, of Bedford, is County Health Department as an
Veridian Systems as a software                                       employed by the National Park      environmental sanitarian.
developer. He is employed by      Emily Nicole Jamison '01 wed Service as an interpretation park
Culpepper Farmer’s Cooperative    Steven Grantham on November        ranger.                            Mark A. Hatcher '04, of
as a field sales representative.  13, 2004. They reside in Callaway.                                    Ferrum, is employed by Magna
                                  She is employed by Piedmont        Effie R. Shockley '02, of          Vista High School as a teacher.
David E. Coleman '00 and his      Community Services as a crisis     Baltimore, MD, obtained a
wife, Elizabeth, of Waynesboro,   counselor.                         master's degree in public policy   Crystal Hutchens '04, of
announce the birth of their                                          from University of Maryland in     Charleston, SC, is employed by
daughter, Riley Breisch, on       Donna Susan Lynch '01 wed          May 2004. She is currently in the CVS/Pharmacy as a pharmacy
December 16, 2004.                Jamie White on August 7, 2004.     public policy doctorate program    technician.
                                  They reside in Martinsville.       also at the University of Maryland
Todd J. Pachey '00, of Nashville,                                    with an expected graduation date Christopher B. Kearnes '04, of
TN, is employed by PBIZ as a      Cynthia Leigh Robertson '01        of May 2006. She is employed by Harrisonburg, is employed by the
national accounts manager.        wed Michael Allman on July 31,     Maryland State Department of       Frazier Quarry, Inc. as a health and
                                  2004. They reside in Ashburn.      Health and Mental Hygeine.         safety coordinator.
Ollea "Rita" Sigmon '00, of
Henry, is employed by             Jackson N. Self '01, of            Trevor O. Tufty '02, of            Jessica Denise Keatts '04, wed
Commonwealth of Virginia          Clewiston, FL, earned a master's   Alexandria, is employed by Fairfax Travis Broughman on October 16,
Department of Corrections as a    degree from Florida Gulf Coast     County as a probation counselor. 2004. They reside in Rocky
probation and parole officer.     University in educational                                             Mount. She is employed by Henry
                                  leadership. He is employed by                                         Fork Service Center.
                                  Hendry County School Board as a

                                                                                                FERRUM MAGAZINE                                  33
CN   Cliff "Kool-Aid" Rigney '04, of
     Ferrum, is employed by Franklin         The Legacy Scholarship
     County Public Schools as an
     elementary physical education           Many alumni feel so positively about their Ferrum experience that they
     teacher.                                strongly encourage their children to attend the school. To recognize the
                                             importance of our alumni and to help families continue in the Ferrum
     Kristin Schoester '04, of
                                             tradition, the College is awarding an annual $2,000 scholarship to children of
     Roanoke, is employed by ECS, Ltd.
     as a staff environmental
                                             alumni. Prospective students should note their alumni status on their
     scientist/technician.                   application to the college. To learn more about the Legacy Scholarship and its
                                             requirements, contact the Office of Admissions at (540) 365-4290 or 1-800-
     Sandra Southard '04, of                 868-9797.
     Mechanicsville, is employed by
     LTC Pharmacy Solutions as a
     communications manager.

                                                                      In Memoriam
                     A Note from the 50                               July 1, 2004 thru December 31, 2004
                                                                      Col. William L. Finney '34, of Tempe, AZ, died December 6, 2004.
                     Club President:
                     We have received word that the                   Genevra Simmons Crotts '37, of Roanoke, died August 8, 2004.
                     following alumni are now in nursing
                     home facilities:                                 Winfred J. Clingenpeel '40, of Gibsonville, NC, died August 14, 2004.

       Janie Helvey Richardson '42 - Greensboro, NC                   Violet Richardson Shepherd '40, of Bassett, died November 8, 2004.
       Katherine Easter '46 - Axton, VA
                                                                      Frances Still Robson '45, of Coral Gables, FL, died October 6, 2004.
     Kate Rogers Edwards '47 has undergone back surgery               Robert "Bob" L. Burnett '49, of Ferrum, died July 19, 2004.
     and is at home now in Ridgeway. Lucille Hardy Kelley
     '42 broke her leg and injured her knee but is now back           Bert Thomas Copley '57, of Virginia Beach, died August 2004.
     at home and is doing well. I received a note from
     Margaret Pribble Lynch '43 that they no longer travel            Lalla Crawley Garcia '57, of Corpus Christi, TX, died December 2004.
     so Alumni Weekend is out for them. I just learned
     that Betty Copeland Tilley '46 passed away on March              Sarah "Sally" Koch May '59, of Martinsville, died July 17, 2004.
     12th after undergoing an open heart surgery a month
                                                                      Richard Michael Cooley '63, of Boones Mill, died September 15, 2004.
     earlier. I received a note from Julia Southard Campbell
     '28 stating that she is “holding her own” at 96, and             Roy F. Demory '64, of Floyd, died August 18, 2004.
     regrets that she did not retire to a place closer to
     Ferrum. Julia is living in Orlando, FL.                          Eric J. Layer '73, of Leesburg, died August 31, 2004.

     I received a note from Charles Skinner '48. He and               Charles "Chuck" P. Williams '76, of Onancock, died December 28, 2004.
     Marian are enjoying their home at Covenant Woods in
     Mechanicsville, VA. Donald Parrish '46 called to say             Ronald W. Barker '83, of Rockingham, NC, died November 18, 2004.
     that he is now retired and he sends “warm wishes” to
                                                                      Teresa D. Tucker '84, of Roanoke, died September 2004.
     all of his Ferrum friends. A card from Frances Shaffer
     Fowler '53 indicated that all was well with her.                 Diane Marie Brownlee '87, of Fairfax, died November 14, 2004.

     Walter Boyd '49 and his new wife, Elizabeth, are doing           Steven L. Hash '93, of Centreville, died October 19, 2004.
     well. Wade Dune '51 and his family have moved from
     Falls Church to Stephens City, VA.                               William "Billy" Herrmann '04, of Manakin Sabot, died October 8, 2004.

     Keep those cards and letters coming!!
             Eunice Spencer Williams '46

         New President of the Alumni Board of Directors
                           Suzanne Robertson '98
                                   Suzanne Robertson is not afraid to embrace the unknown and take a chance on a new
                                     opportunity. Not even a little bit. Meet Suzanne Robertson '98 -- Artist. Teacher.
                                       Volunteer. Consultant. Realtor. These are just a few of the many responsibilities she
                                        juggles with a relaxed confidence daily. In May, Robertson will accept yet another role
                                         when she begins her term as President of the Ferrum College Alumni Board of
                                          Directors, and she is ready for the challenge.

                                           A native of the Smith Mountain Lake area, Ferrum College is in her blood. Her
                                           mother, Margaret Moore Robertson, is also a Ferrum College alumna, Class of 1993.
                                          After graduating from Franklin County High School in 1994, Robertson wanted to test
                                         the unknown waters of a larger university. She packed her bags, moved to
                                        Harrisonburg, and began her freshman year at James Madison University. Feeling the pull
                                     for something smaller and more personal, Robertson considered her options and quickly
                                  realized that Ferrum College would be the right choice for her.

Robertson transferred to Ferrum, jumped into student life, and immediately found her niche. She moved to Bassett Hall, joined
the cheerleading squad, and began forging the many relationships that would remain with her beyond graduation. An active
presence on campus, Robertson completed a double major in business and marketing, and was a member of Students in Free
Enterprise. Already displaying her penchant for embracing new challenges, Robertson fondly remembers her time with “Clara
Bell,” the cow she cared for while enrolled in a ‘Fit and Show’ class.

Upon graduation in 1998, Robertson and classmates Samantha Jessee, Melissa Bowling, and Emily Edwards moved to Raleigh,
NC, where she took a position with an international exporting company. The favor of drawing a picture for Emily’s kindergarten
class would open the door for exploring Robertson’s true passion—art.

After a great deal of soul searching, Robertson returned home and enrolled in the Masters of Liberal Studies Program at Hollins
University where she became immersed in the program and in particular, the arts. When her Hollins mentor established the
Market Gallery and Studios in Downtown Roanoke, she accepted the role of gallery co-treasurer and opened her own studio
space. In the three years since joining the gallery, she continues to find inspiration from her involvement with the gallery artists
and patrons.

Robertson is currently Chair of the Smith Mountain Lake Arts Council Art Show for 2005. Finding another perfect fit, she is
now a Realtor for Bridges and Company based in Moneta, and is thrilled about the chance to share her love of the Smith
Mountain Lake area with her clients. Robertson is also starting another chapter in her life—her marriage to fiancé Brian

As President of the Alumni Board of Directors, Robertson will be instrumental in seeking out and sharing the wants and needs
of her alumni family, “As president, I want to help the alumni family understand the purpose of our Alumni Board. I would like
to create events that will both encourage our alumni to attend and motivate them to be involved with the College. I would like
to see our alumni of all ages make suggestions for events they would like to see take place. As a Board, I would like for us to
work toward a stronger bond with the individual educational departments, current students, and all alums. Also, I hope to find
opportunities for more alumni to help current students find jobs.”

Robertson’s college friend, Emily Edwards Murray '98, shares, “I feel that Suzanne Robertson will be an outstanding Alumni
Board President. Her dedication, creativity, and progressive ideas will be a true asset to Ferrum College and the Alumni Board.”

Always thinking about future Ferrum alums, Robertson advises current students to, “Make contacts and network with alumni
during events such as Homecoming and Career Fairs. Take advantage of your opportunities by choosing activities such as
internships and volunteering that will build on your experience base.”

On Robertson’s role as Alumni Board of Directors President, Joanna Coleman, Director of Alumni and Family Services, conveys,
“Suzanne has already provided us with such insightful feedback on how to strengthen our alumni programs, and we are very
excited about the great things she will achieve in her new role as Alumni Board President. Her creativity coupled with her love
for her alma mater will make a huge impact with our alumni family.”

Please join us in welcoming Suzanne to her new role!

                                                                                         FERRUM MAGAZINE                               35
                                                     Meet Public Relations
                                               ou are as likely to see Ferrum’s Public Relations team on TV speaking about Ferrum
                                               as you are behind the lens taking photos and assisting with events on and off
                                               campus. But what you may not know is the tremendous work behind the scenes
                                  that greets visitors to John Wesley Hall, designs ads, creates brochures, runs the printing
                                  services for the college, develops websites, and even laid out this magazine.

                                  Here is the team you will meet when you visit John Wesley Hall: Sheila Nichols, the heart of the
                                  operation, is the Public Relations Assistant and the first smiling face you meet when entering
                                  into John Wesley Hall’s main entrance; Joan Rogers is the Print Services Coordinator who helps
                                  connect the dots of our print needs; Dean Browell, the Director of Public Relations, is a writer
                                  and designer that oversaw the PR department’s transition into a full-service ad agency and
                                  magazine production office.

                                  Artist Suzie Kelly is much more than Ferrum’s Webmaster-- she also designs the entire look and
                                  feel of FM, the Ferrum Magazine, and her visual art talents have aided numerous programs and
                                  departments across campus. Catch Suzie’s work in the Greer Gallery this summer starting May

                                  While their job is to promote all of the great things the faculty, staff, alumni and students do on
                                  a regular basis, occasionally the media mentions the group behind the scenes. Members of the
                                  PR staff have been featured in the Roanoke Times and the Franklin News Post for their devotion to
 Suzie Kelly, Sheila Nichols &    Apple computers in the office, novel-writing, artistic endeavors and more!
 Dean Browell

      JackTales Plan Anniversary

      Performance for December
                      n December 11, 1975, at Callaway Elementary School,
                      a group of Ferrum College students and Dr. R. Rex
                      Stephenson performed the very first, full-length Jack
                      Tale show. At the time, it did not seem an auspicious
          occasion. Stephenson was primarily concerned with remembering
          his words and thinks the rest of the cast was saying to
          themselves, “We really hope this is a good idea.” That was 30
          years ago, almost 3,000 performances ago. Over the years, the
          Jack Tales have become the longest continuously running
                                                                                       Astin Named
          children’s theatre production in the United States. Now after
          playing to more than 750,000 people and having driven more than
                                                                                       Chaplain of the Year!
                                              250,000 miles, the Jack Tale
                                              Players are ready to celebrate           As FM went to press it was announced that
                                              what is clearly an auspicious            the United Methodist Higher Education
                                              occasion—the 30th                        Foundation, which comprises 124 United
                                              anniversary. To mark this                Methodist preparatory schools, colleges,
                                              occasion, the company will               and universities across the country including
                                              return to Callaway Elementary            Duke, Vanderbilt, Emory, Syracuse, and
                                              School on December 9, 2005,              Boston University, has named Rev. C.
                                              to celebrate this anniversary.           Wesley Astin, Jr. '74, our Dean of the
                                              Stephenson invites all Jack Tale         Chapel and Religious Life, Chaplain of the
                                              alumni (and there are more               Year. More to come in our next issue!
                                              than 250 of you) to join the
                                              2005 company for this show.

        ALUMNI CALENDAR OF                                                 Mark your calendars for Homecoming 2005! Friday,
                                                                           Sept. 30th-Saturday, Oct. 1st
             EVENTS                                                        The Corron Classic Panther Open will kick off the
                                                                           celebrations on Friday, September 30th. Reunions are being
The Alumni and Family Services Office invites all alumni to participate    planned for after the big game on Saturday, October 1st.
in Alumni Chapter gatherings and all athletic functions on campus.         Nancy Miles Grand Pre and Jim Orr are working to bring the
Chapter meetings are an informal way of getting reacquainted with          Class of 1985 back together for the weekend. For more
old friends and networking with alumni in your area. If you would          information on Homecoming, please contact the Alumni and
like information on forming a chapter in your area, please contact the     Family Services Office at (540) 365-4216/ alumni@ferrum.edu.
Alumni Office at (540) 365-4216 or email alumni@ferrum.edu.
                                                                           Saturday, October 22nd
May                                                                        Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, Ferrum College
Friday-Sunday, May 13th-15th
50-Year Club Alumni Weekend - A Celebration of Golden Reunions,            Friday-Sunday, October 28th-30th
Ferrum College                                                             Family Weekend, Ferrum College
Friday-Sunday, May 20th-22nd
                                                                           Parents’ Council Meeting-Saturday, Location and Time TBA
Celebration of 50 Years of Ferrum Football Reunion
For more information, please contact the Alumni Office at
alumni@ferrum.edu                                                          *Monthly meetings for the Roanoke Chapter take place on the
                                                                           third Tuesday of every month. We will add dates to the
Tuesday, May 24th                                                          calendar weekly. Please refer to the Alumni Calendar at
Washington, DC, event- Kilroy's, Springfield, 6:00 pm                      www.ferrum.edu/alumni/alumnical.htm for more information.
Rev. Wes Astin '74 will be our guest speaker

Saturday, May 28th
Roanoke, VA Chapter Roadside Cleanup                                       Ferrum College Invites You to Tour
                                                                           Sacred Britain
                                                                           June 23- July 3, 2006
June                                                                       $2725 per person based on double occupancy
Shenandoah Valley Chapter Event-Location and Time TBA                      In order to secure your space a deposit of $500 is due NO LATER
                                                                           THAN August 19, 2005. Price includes flights, hotel accommodations,
Monday, June 13th                                                          breakfast daily and several dinners, transportation, site entrance fees,
Hampton Area Alumni and Friends of Ferrum College Event                    tips and gratuities.
12:00-2:00 pm, more details to follow
Hampton Area Chapter Event, 6:00 pm, Location TBA                          For more information and complete itinerary including payment
                                                                           schedule ($300 of deposit is non-refundable) please contact Wes
Wednesday, June 29th                                                       Astin, Dean of the Chapel and Religious Life at Ferrum College at
Baltimore, MD Chapter Event                                                wastin@ferrum.ed or at 540-365-4286
Rusty Scupper, 402 Key Highway, 6:00 pm

Franklin County, VA Chapter Event-Location and Time TBA
Patrick County, VA Chapter Event-Location and Time TBA

Saturday, July 9th – Sunday, July 17th
Ferrum College Cruise to Nova Scotia. Join President Dr. Braaten
and Dean of the Chapel Rev. Wes Astin on an action packed cruise
that takes you from New York City to Nova Scotia and back. For
more details, please contact Wes Astin at wastin@ferrum.edu.

Lynchburg, VA Chapter Event-Location and Time TBA
Washington, DC Chapter Event-Location and Time TBA

September                                                                   October 9, 2004
Southside, VA Chapter Event-Location and Time TBA                           Members of the 1974 National Jr. College
Friday, September 30th
                                                                            Championship Team
Corron Classic/Panther Open, Westlake Golf and Country Club,
Time TBA

October                                                                                       NEXT Reunion, Alumni
                                                                          COMINGAnniversary Football ISSUE:
                                                                           Commencement, 50th
Richmond, VA Chapter Event- Location and Time TBA                           Weekend, FerrumPLUS! Update, and Spring Sports Wrap-up.

                  Opening Spring 2005
       Blue Ridge Institute
       & Farm Museum                                                     at Ferrum College
                                                                         in Ferrum, VA

            Contact the Institute by phone at (540) 365-4416. Museum schedule varies seasonally.

                                                                                              Non-Profit Org
                                                                                               U.S. Postage
                Ferrum College                                                                 Roanoke, VA
                P.O. Box 1000                                                                 Permit No. 78
                Ferrum, Virginia 24088-9000

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