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					                                                                                                                             Summer 2009

                       People Planning with Pride
                                                          Vernon Hills Village Voice
                                                                        The Official Newsletter of the Village of Vernon Hills

 Inside…                                            Summer Celebration
                                                    Summer Celebration

 • IDOT Projects

 • VH Road Rehabilitation                             July 16-19 at Century Park
 • No Sparklers Allowed                                    • Midway rides and games...
 • New Businesses                                                                                               THURSDAY, JULY 16
                                                           • Free Children’s Time activities...
                                                                                                                Midway Opens . . . . . . . . .6 p.m.
 • Senior Shuttle Changes                                  • Lots of food and refreshments...
                                                                                                                Hi Infidelity . . . . . . . . . .7 p.m.
 • Phosphorous Fertilizer Ban                              • Thursday night fireworks show...                   Named “Best Classic Rock Band”
                                                                                                                by NiteLife Magazine for 6 years.
 • Green Tips                                              • And fabulous FREE concerts!                        Fireworks . . . . . . . . .9:30 p.m.
 • 4th of July Schedule
                                                    Vernon Hills’ Summer Celebration, July 16-19, is one        Grounds Close . . . . . . . . .10 p.m.
 • Arbortheater Line Up                             of the counties largest summertime events and one of
                                                                                                                FRIDAY, JULY 17
 • National Night Out                               the best places for family friendly fun. As always, the
                                                                                                                Midway Opens . . . . . . . . .6 p.m.
                                                    Celebration grounds north of Route 60 on Lakeview
 • New VH Queens
                                                    Parkway will feature food, rides, children’s activities     That Eighties Band . . . .7 p.m.
                                                                                                                Billy Idol, The Romantics, Joan Jett
                                                    and free concerts.
                                                                                                                Mike & Joe . . . . . . . . . . .9 p.m.
                                                    “In light of the economy, we have scaled back from the      Midwest favorite. Maroon 5, U2,
                                                                                                                Dave Matthews and originals.
                                                    big names that cost a ton,” notes Chairperson Ina
      Vernon Hills                                                                                              Grounds Close . . . . . . . . .12 a.m.
                                                    Marquardt. “The
   Fireworks Shows
                                                    bands will be great.
                                                                                                                SATURDAY, JULY 18
         Saturday, July 4                           In fact, Saturday’s
                                                                                                                Midway Opens . . . . . . . . .1 p.m.
                                                    band is really
        Thursday, July 16                                                                                       Children’s Time . . . . . .1 to 3 p.m.
                                                    three bands in one,
    Closest view: Century Park                      offering costumed                          Rock & Roll      American Rock & Roll . .8 p.m.
                                                                                                 as ZZ Top      Three different tribute shows cover
         at Big Bear Lake                           tributes to The
                                                                                                                The Eagles, ZZ Top and CCR.
                                                    Eagles, ZZ Top and
                         Run                                                                                    Grounds Close . . . . . . . . .12 a.m.
                    from the Cops                   Clearwater                                                  SUNDAY, JULY 19
                    5K Run/Walk                     Revival. There’s
                                                                                                                Run from the Cops 5K . .8:30 a.m.
                         8:30 a.m.                  something for
                       Sunday, July 19                                                                          Petting Zoo . . . . . .noon to 3 p.m.
                                                                                                                Midway Opens . . . . . . . . .1 p.m.
                Proceeds benefit Sentinels of
                                                    Parking/Shuttle:        That
                Freedom, an injured veterans                                                                    Children’s Time . . . . . .1 to 3 p.m.
                      support group.                Free parking is         Band                                South of Disorder . . . . .7 p.m.
                              available in                                                Calling all Parrotheads – chill to
                                                    Westfield Hawthorn’s upper lot near Macy’s. Free            island tunes and classic Buffet.
   Special Events Hotline
                                                    shuttle service will be provided between this lot and the   Grounds Close . . . . . . . . . .9 p.m.
                                                    Celebration grounds.
                                                                                                                Entertainment and schedule subject to
Concerts feature lawn seating – first come,                                                                      change without notice. Recording of
first served. Please leave all pets, outside food
and beverage, and coolers at home. Violators
                                                           For updated information                                   performances is prohibited.

will be asked to leave the celebration.      
              From the Mayor…                            From the Boardroom…

              Thank You!                                 Rt. 45, Library Progress and More
              Thank you to all of the volunteers,        Here are some topics covered during recent       impacted by tollway improvements. Visit
              business partners and other sup-           Village Board meetings. Meetings are the first for updates.
              porters for making our summer              and third Tuesday each month, and rebroadcast
                                                                                                          • ZF Industries’ 128,000 square foot addition
              events possible. Even during tough         on Comcast Channel 4 and AT&T Channel 99.
                                                                                                          to their Corporate Woods facility is being fast-
              economic times, people continue to         The schedule is posted at
                                                                                                          tracked for October occupancy.
              step up with expertise and contribu-       Channel4/ProgramSchedule.asp.
              tions toward everything from the                                                            • The first Jesse W. Goldsmith Memorial
                                                         • The widening of Route 45 from Route 60
              ACS Relay for Life Luncheon to the                                                          Scholarships were awarded to Kaitlyn Van
                                                         to Route 22 has been the topic of numerous
              Vernon Hills Pageant to the 4th of                                                          Ostran of Hillsboro High School and Neil
                                                         Illinois Department of Transportation and
              July Parade. We thank you!                                                                  Desai of Vernon Hills High School. The $1000
                                                         Village meetings, including IDOT’s June 16
                                                                                                          awards honor the memory of Officer
              I encourage all of our residents to        presentation held after the Village board
                                                                                                          Goldsmith, who passed away last year.
                                                         meeting. IDOT is completing Phase I of a
              get involved and make connections
                                                         long process to add driving, turning and bike    • VHPD Officer Ken Maier was awarded a
              here in our great Village. Take
                                                         lanes to Route 45. Although funding for the      Life Saving medal from the Libertyville Police
              advantage of all we have to offer!
                                                         Phase 2 study has been secured, no construc-     department for his response during a January
              I look forward to seeing you around        tion funds have been allocated. Actual con-      structure fire in Libertyville.
              the Village…                               struction is not anticipated to begin for two
                                                         and half or more years.                          • Village leaders are discussing options for
                                                                                                          ensuring the preservation of quality trees.
                                                         • More immediately, road resurfacing is
                                                         underway on Route 60 between Route 21            • Cook Library is ready to install structural
                                                                                                          steel on the Aspen Drive site and has shifted
              IN BUSINESS…                               and the Tri-State Tollway. Expect delays
                                                         from now until the end of September.             Cook Park operations to a temporary site on
                                                                                                          Milwaukee Avenue in Libertyville. In an effort
              Please support our local businesses by     • The area around the intersection of            to serve the community, Cook requested the
              shopping in town. It keeps our economy     Milwaukee and Routes 45 and 22 as well           opportunity to expand Evergreen Library
              strong and supports our community – a      as the Route 22 ramp to the tollway will be      hours (see page 5 for the schedule).
              percent of all sales tax collected from
              local businesses funds Village services.
              Here are a few business openings, as       Road Rehab: Lakeview & Stone Fence
              taken from recent permit requests.
                                                         This year’s Village Road Rehabilitation          The Stone Fence Farm portion is expected
              • Dr. Joel Okner, 565 Lakeview, #108       project, funded through approximately            to run from July 6 through mid-August. The
              • Fiamma Pizzeria & Pasta                  $1 million in Motor Fuel Tax Funds, targets      improvement strategy is similar to the
                (formerly Portofino), 102 Hawthorn       Lakeview Parkway and Stone Fence Farms.          Lakeview Parkway repairs. One lane of
                Parkway                                                                                   traffic will be left open at all times.
                                                         The Lakeview Parkway portion of the proj-
              • Hawthorn Fashion Square:                 ect is underway and will be complete before      Note that the contractor will not be per-
                • O’Reilly’s Furniture                   July 3. The section of that roadway from         forming private contract work (driveway
              • Westfield Hawthorn Center:               Center Drive north to the railroad tracks is     pours). For more information, contact
                • Clark Street Sports (relocated)        being milled and resurfaced with fresh           Village Engineer David Brown at
                • Gold Rush (cart)                       asphalt. Work also includes improvements to or 847-918-3562.
                • Sam’s Club Membership (cart)           curb and gutter, drainage, and markings.

                                                         Celebrate Without Sparklers!
                                                         The Vernon Hills Police remind residents that novelty “fireworks” items are not safe –
                                                         and are, in fact, illegal to use or even possess in Vernon Hills and most other Illinois
                                                         communities. Be smart and stay away from M-80s, cherry bombs, firecrackers and
                                                         sparklers, which cause countless injuries each summer, including blindness. If staying
                                                         safe isn’t enough reason, please note that VHPD will enforce the no fireworks rules –
                                                         and that includes sparklers!

       2 Summer 2009 Vernon Hills Village Voice
Senior Shuttle Schedule Adjustments
“In an effort to be able to effectively         Also, the Village has worked with
serve the most people while working with        senior bus riders to more clearly define
finite resources, we’ve worked out a more       the boundaries of service.
set schedule for the free Vernon Hills
                                                When it comes to shopping, the bus
Senior Shuttle Bus,” notes Village
                                                will stay within the Village limits
Manager Mike Allison.
                                                (where you can find just about                  Drivers Cecil Blevins and Jeff Peterson
Vernon Hills residents age 55 and older         anything you’d ever want to buy!).              deliver a smooth ride and door-to-door
                                                                                                      service on the free Senior Shuttle.
will still be able to take advantage of free    For medical appointments and other
door-to-door service on the shuttle, how-       trips, the bus will travel as far north as    explains Village Manager Mike Allison.
ever in order to ensure that everyone can       Route 176, west to Route 45/83, south         “We are grateful for the time, thought
be served, residents are asked to schedule      to Route 22, and east to the Des              and effort that went into analyzing
their trips according to a simple schedule:     Plaines River. This accommodates              options and making this adjustment.”
                                                most medical offices associated with
• Mondays and Fridays – medical visits                                                        Getting scheduled on the shuttle is still
                                                Condell as well as the Cook and
• Tuesdays and Thursdays – shopping             Vernon Area Libraries.                        as simple as calling the Village Hall at
                                                                                              847-367-3700 at least 24 hours in
• Wednesdays – combination of medical           “Our senior representatives worked            advance. If you have questions, please
  visits and shopping, as time permits.         closely with us on these adjustments,”        call Village Hall.

                                                                                             “Green” Tips for Your
                        No Phosphorus Fertilizer                                                Green Spaces
                                                                                    • Limit your outside watering. In fact, Lake
                        The Village has joined other forward-thinking                 County guidelines state that between May 15 and
                 rus    communities in banning lawn fertilizers that contain          September 15, outside watering is restricted to the
          Phos e!       phosphorus (Ord 2008-065). As residents who have              odd or even day corresponding to your house
                        already voluntarily eliminated phosphorus fertilizers         number. Outside watering is prohibited between
                        have found, this should have no impact on your                10 a.m. and 6 p.m. This includes grass/landscape
                                                                                      watering, car washing and filling swimming pools.
                       lawn – but a positive impact on our environment.
                                                                                      Residents with newly seeded or sodded yards are
For information, please call the Public Works Department at 847-367-3726              exempt for two weeks.
or check the Lake County Health Department’s Lakes Management Unit
website –                       • Try corn gluten meal on your lawn. This
                                                                                      natural by-product of corn processing is not only
                                                                                      nitrogen-rich (making it a great fertilizer), it also
                                                                                      prevents sprouting seeds from developing normal
                                                                                      roots (making it a great pre-emergent natural
                                                                                      herbicide). The meal is sold under different brand
                                                                                      names. While it’s becoming more popular, it is
                                                                                      easiest to find in specialty garden stores and

                                                                                    • Milky spore is a naturally occurring bacterium
                                                                                      that makes grubs sick. Use this eco-friendly product
                                                                                      a few times and your yard should be grub-free
                                                                                      for many years to come. While this, too, is
                                                                                      becoming more mainstream, your best bet is
                                                                                      to try a specialty garden center or search online.

                                                                                    • Plan ahead to recycle your household gadgets at
The Heritage Building is taking shape in the Vernon Hills Town Center                 the next SWALCO Electronics Collection
near the northwest corner of Route 45 and Milwaukee. The six-story                    planned for September 26 from 8 to 11 a.m.
building will include retail shops and 84 luxury apartments.                          at Public Works, 490 Greenleaf Drive.

Summer 2009                                                       3                                       Vernon Hills Village Voice
                                                                                       National Night Out
4th of July Festivities

                                                                                                                                     SUMMER EVENTS
                                                                                              Tuesday, August 4

The north half of Deerpath Dr. and the entire parade route will be                               4 to 9 p.m.
closed from 8:30 a.m. to about 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 4.                                    Hartmann Park
                                                                                              on Oakwood Road
BIKE DECORATING CONTEST — 8 A.M. Girls and boys age 4 to 12
— show your creativity by decorating your bike, trike, scooter or wagon! First       The Vernon Hills Police Department invites
place winners receive a one-day pass to the Park District Aquatic Center and          the entire community to take part in this
everyone earns a ribbon. Kids may ride in the parade, if accompanied by an              evening of FREE fun, food and info.
                                                                                          Visit for details.
adult. Thanks to the Lions Club for their support. Contest location: Corner of
Deerpath and Atrium Drives near Countryside Fire.
                                                                                           Summer Splash
PARADE — 9 A.M. The parade winds through the Deerpath subdivision,                            Friday, August 7
                                                                                              5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
stepping off at Deerpath and Atrium Drives, then moving south to Sullivan,

west to Aspen, and north to the Sullivan Center. Veterans ask that we stand,             Park District Aquatic Center
remove hats, and acknowledge the opening color guard. A Note on Squirt                      635 N. Aspen Drive
Guns & Garden Hoses: Please respect the wishes of participants who do not             Vernon Hills residents can buy tickets at
want to get sprayed with water during the parade. (Contact Lisa Fischbach at         the Sullivan Center ($1 each if purchased
847-918-3562 if you would like to take part in the parade.)                            by August 6; $5 on August 7; proof of
                                                                                                 residency required).
SUPPORT THE FOOD DRIVE! Please bring a non-perishable food item or                     Visit for details.
two with you to the parade. Cub Scouts from Pack 73 will move along the route
collecting your donations, which will help stock our local food pantries.
                                                                                         Arbortheater Concerts
EVENING ENTERTAINMENT — 6:30 TO 9:30 P.M. Free concert
                                                                                   June 18........Ac Rock (A cappella rock,
by JP and the Cats at Century Park, two blocks north of Route 60 at Lakeview                      from doo-wop to Queen)
Parkway. Remember that no alcohol is permitted in the park.
                                                                                   June 25 .......Jammin’ Daddies
FIREWORKS — 9:30 P.M. The closest view is from Century Park.                                      (Our local supergroup.
                                                                                                  Get up and dance!)
                                                                                   July 2...........Highland Park Pops
                                                                                                    Big Band (Count Basie,
Arbortheater 2009                                                                                   Stan Kenton and more from
                                                                                                    this “tight” ensemble)
All events held on Thursdays
                                                                                   July 9...........Switch Play (Three different
Concerts begin at 7 p.m.                                                                            looks and sounds – British
The movie begins at dusk (8:15 p.m.)                                                                Invasion, Funk & Classic Rock)

Rain or shine, make Thursday nights your music                                     July 23.........Jose Valdes & the Mambo
                                                                                                   All-Stars (Dance to authentic
nights, thanks to our free, family-friendly Arbortheater
                                                                                                   Latin swing, salsa, meringue &
outdoor concerts. Events are held at the Veterans                                                  cumbia. The best!)
Memorial Arbortheater, 50 N. Fairway Drive, just
                                                                                   July 30.........Bopology (Old and new
past the intersection of Lakeview and Fairway Drive.
                                                                                                   swing, from Sinatra to Cherry
In case of inclement weather, concerts will move to the                                            Poppin’ Daddies)
Park District Sullivan Center, 635 N. Aspen Drive.
                                                                                   August 6......Tin Horse (Country rock with
Picnic baskets and blankets are encouraged!
                                                                                                 a sassy-girl attitude. They’ve
                                                                                                 been wowing crowds as the
                                                                                                 opening act for Toby Keith,
                                                                                                 Gretchen Wilson and more.)
                                                                                   August 13....215 West (Classic rock hits
                                                                                                from the ‘50s to today)
                                                                                   August 20....Movie: Madagascar,
                                                                                                Escape 2 Africa
                                                                                                (Shown on a giant screen; PG)

        Jose Valdes & the Mambo All-Stars                                   Summer 2009 Vernon Hills Village Voice 4
                Thank You, Partners
                                                            At Cuneo Museum…                             2010 Census Opportunities
                 Thanks to the support of our               The Cuneo Museum hosts Concerts on           The US Census Bureau is seeking self-
                 Cultural Partners, Vernon Hills is able    the Lawn, including The Renditions (July     motivated, enthusiastic people for the
                 to continue providing a variety of         8), and John Truncali (August 5). Cost is    Chicago office. For information, visit
                 family-friendly events to our residents.   $12 per car. Gates open at 5:30; concerts
                 Thank you to all of the organizations      run from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The Cuneo
                 and individuals who make our summer        Classic Car Show is set for September        County Property Taxes Due
                 events possible:                           13 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is       Lake County reminds us that the second
                                                            $10 per car. This fall, Kirk Players will    installment on county property taxes is due
                       American Hotel Register
                                                            present “Sherlock’s Last Case” in the        September 3. (The first was due June 3.)
                                    CDW                     Great Hall. Call 847-362-3042 or visit       For information about payments, call the
                            HSBC Bank USA
                                                                           Lake County Treasurer at 847-377-2323. If
                                                                                                         you have questions about your assessment,
                    Bradford Real Estate Services
                                                            Mosquito Control Underway                    contact the County Assessor at 847-377-
                               Hollister Inc                Clarke Mosquito Control continues to         2050 or visit
                           Bridegview Bank                  monitor infestation levels, check for West
                                                            Nile virus, and treat catch basins in an     Extended Hours at Evergreen
                                                            effort to manage the mosquito population.    The Evergreen Library in the lower level
                                                            If needed, Clarke will mist with a low
       Garage Sale Central                                                                               of Village Hall has extended its hours:
                                                            dose of quick-dispersing adulticide.         Monday - Thursday: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
       Having a garage sale? Take advantage of              Spraying schedules will be announced on      Friday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
       Garage Sale Central’s free advertising. To get       the Village website and in emails. For       Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
       listed, call Lisa at 847-918-3562 or visit           information, contact Clarke’s Mosquito       After Labor Day, the library will also and check “Community             Hotline at 800-942-2555 or visit             be open on Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m.
       Information.”                               Don’t forget to      For information, call the library at
                                                            rid your property of standing water. Even
       Be Good with Your Garbage                                                                         847-362-2330.
                                                            a stagnant bird bath can spell trouble.
       Please be a good neighbor – don’t place any
       refuse at the curb until 5 p.m. the night before
       your collection. If you have questions or
       requests regarding refuse collection, please         Village Voice
       call Veolia Environmental Services at 847-
       623-3870 or visit
                                                            Newsletter Going
       Free CareCoach Visits
       The Lake Forest Hospital CareCoach will              In an effort to reduce expenses and “go
       visit the Village Hall parking lot from 2 to 4       green” with this newsletter, the Village plans to shift to an all-
       p.m. on these Tuesdays: July 14, August              electronic delivery for two of each year’s four newsletter issues,
       11, September 15 and October 13. No                  beginning with the Fall edition. We anticipate relying more heavily on email or the
       appointments are needed for this free well-          Village website ( to provide you with information. If you have
       ness service. For details, call Village Hall         questions or comments, please email to or call 847-918-3572.
       (847-367-3700) or visit and              As we begin this transition, we anticipate producing a limited number of paper copies.
       search on “CareCoach.”                               If you would like to continue to receive a paper copy of the newsletter,
                                                            please let us know by returning this form to Village Hall, 290 Evergreen Drive,
       Dial 811 Before You Dig                              Vernon Hills, IL 60061, or by calling the Village Hall at 847-918-3572 and leaving
       As you work in your yard, remember to have           your name, address and phone number.
       your utilities located before you dig. Call
                                                            ❑ Yes, I would like to continue to receive a paper newsletter.
       JULIE at 8-1-1 to handle line locates for all
       of your underground services. It’s required,                    Name:____________________________________________________
       it’s free, and it’s surprisingly fast!
                                                                       Address: __________________________________________________

             5 Summer 2009 Vernon Hills Village Voice                  Phone: ____________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                 PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                            Vernon Hills, IL 60061
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Vernon Hills Village Voice
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 Vernon Hills, IL 60061

   • Summer Celebration!
   • IDOT Projects
   • VH Road Rehabilitation
   • No Sparklers Allowed
                                                                                                    Resident or Business Customer
   • New Businesses                                                                                 Vernon Hills, IL 60061
   • Senior Shuttle Changes
   • Phosphorous Fertilizer Ban
                                                                                                                                Mark Your Calendar for
   • 4th of July Schedule                                                                                                            Oktoberfest
   • Arbortheater Line Up                                                                                                         Saturday, October 3
                                                                                                                            at the Vernon Hills Metra Station
   • National Night Out
   • Newsletter Goes Paperless

Vernon Hills Village Voice                                                                                                                           Summer 2009
Please send comments to the Editor:
                Mike Allison, 290 Evergreen Drive, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
                Phone: 847-367-3700 • Fax: 847-367-0880
                                                                                                         Congratulations to Our Queens
                Email:                                                                   Congratulations to our
Elected Officials
                                                                                                          new Vernon Hills
President       Roger Byrne
Trustees        Cindy Hebda, Thom Koch, Michael Marquardt,                                                Queens – Miss Vernon
                James Schultz, Jeanne Schwartz and Barbara Williams                                       Hills Danielle Rizzo,
Contact Information                                                                                       Little Miss Brianna
Fire          911 (Non-emergency – 367-5511)
Police        911 (Non-emergency – 362-4449)
                                                                                                          Bolotin and Jr. Miss Bri
                 Mark Fleischhauer, Police Chief: 847-247-4880                                            Amidei (photo at upper
Village Hall          847-367-3700                                                                        right). Thank you to all
                         Michael Allison, Village Manager: 847-918-3540
                                                                                                          of the participants
                         Linda Pelletier, Village Clerk: 847-918-3572
                         Karen Brooks, Human Resources: 847-918-3542                                      (lower right) and volun-
Public Works          847-367-3726                                                                        teers for making this
                         Edward Laudenslager, Director: 847-680-2260
                                                                                                          such a fun and success-
Community Dev. 847-367-3700
                  John Kalmar, Assist. Village Manager: 847-918-3550                                      ful pageant. Special
Building Div.         847-367-3704                                                                        thanks to
                         Michael Atkinson, Building                                                       coordinators
                         Commissioner: 847-918-3548
Engineering Div. 847-918-3562
                    David Brown, Village Engineer:                                                        Horvath and
                    847-918-3544                                                                          Hannah
Cable Studio: 847-918-3560 TDD: 847-918-3597
Main Fax: 847-367-0880        Web:
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 prohibits discrimination on
the basis of disability in access to governmental services and programs. For
assistance, call the Village’s ADA Coordinator at 367-3700. Printed on          Cert no. SW-COC-001613

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