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                   Will Rogers District Newsletter
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                   T HE W ILL R OGERS G ALLOP

                                FA L L RO UN D U P’ S S TI LL G O IN G
BSA Mission                 2

Adult Awards                3
                                With schools open, everything is
                                getting back to normal after an
Training                    4   active summer. NOW is the time to
                                get serious about getting your unit
Special Needs Scouts        5   back on a regular schedule. First,
                                let’s make the great Scouting ad-
Fact or Fiction             6   venture available to all youth and
                                families in your chartering organi-
                                zation and neighborhood.
District Award Form         7
                                Plan the best Join night meeting
Generation X                8   possible. Promote it through flyers,
                                posters, yard signs, your school or
                                church’s newsletters and, most of
                                all, by having your boys invite a
                                friend. Your unit commissioner
                                should be invited to help, plus the
Special points of inter-        district membership team is avail-
                                able to help. Make it a big event
est:                            aimed at showing how great your
                                unit is. After the event (which
• Recruiting Unit Leaders       should be held by the end of Octo-
                                ber) turn in all youth and adult                Help give every boy the chance to discover Scouting!
• IRS Form 990-N                applications and fees immediately
                                so your annual Rechartering will
                                list all new members on its roster.      Make sure that your flyers get to all   31st. Unit leaders will be needed to
• Water Safety Guide            Then get all new adults to attend        prospects and that you publicize        attend school nights and help with
                                training.                                your sign up date well in advance       registration and recruiting.
• Day Camp Coordinators                                                  so all interested boys and parents
                                The council has many new materi-         can attend. Recruitment of adults is    Units should set a goal of recruiting
• Webelos Bridging              als to help your unit recruit as         just as important as signing up the     at least one new boy for every five
                                many boys as possible. These ma-         youth so pay particular attention to    boys already in the unit to earn the
• MyScouting                    terials include; flyers, posters, yard   that aspect. Follow up all loose        council’s new recruiting award.
                                signs, invitations, stickers, and        ends and be prepared to turn in all     The race is on to make this year’s
                                parent pamphlets. Brian Spall can        applications and fees as soon as        fall roundup a huge success.
• Recharter Coming              help you schedule boy talks for          possible. Applications and fees         Let’s make the great Scouting
                                each pack.                               must be received before October         adventure available to all youth.
• Membership Inventories

• Troop Recruiting

• Brian’s Corner
                                Be a Recruiter– Earn a Prize– Here’s How

                                There is something special               meeting or your school night            ing application for a new scout
                                about business cards and                 open house. Every Scout who             he could be entered into a
                                Scouts love to pass them out to          gets one card returned with a           drawing for a Unit Grand Prize,
                                friends. Scout leaders can make          joining application for a new           perhaps a Nintendo Wii or a
                                the cards on their home com-             scout should receive a Re-              sleeping bag? It’s up to the
                                puter by just buying some busi-          cruiter patch, three cards could        unit leadership to motivate
                                ness card stock. Your Scout              earn him a cool prize that the          their Scouts to recruit and giv-
                                can use it to invite a friend            unit might provide, and for             ing the boys an award is a great
                                who is not a Scout to your next          every card returned with a join-        motivator.
Page 2                                                                                                                             V o lu m e 1 , I s s u e 6

                                                    What’s the Mission Statement of the
                                              Today most businesses or or-         and moral choices over their         ent.” We don’t just say the
                                              ganizations have a mission           lifetimes by instilling in them      words, we walk the walk.
                                              statement of the objectives they     the values of the Scout Oath
                                              try to accomplish.                   and Scout Law.”                       If your son grows up with
                                               “The mission of the Boy              So when our Scouts recite the       these values along with the
                                              Scouts of America is to prepare      Scout Promise: “On my                adults of strong character who
                                              young people to make ethical         honor, I will do my best, to do      oversee the activities of his
                                                                                          my duty, to God and my        Troop or Pack, it’s very diffi-
                                                                                          country and to obey the       cult to ever experience disap-
                                                                                          Scout Law; to help other      pointment in his behavior.
  Your FOS Dollars “At Work”                                                              people at all times; to       Everyone makes mistakes but
                                                                                          keep myself physically        Scouts make decisions predi-
  Just To Name A Few…                                                                     strong, mentally awake,       cated on these values. It’s not
  • Medical and Liability                                                                 and morally straight.”        a conscious decision, it’s one
  Insurance                                                                                                             that has been ingrained thru
                                                                                          And the Scout Law:
  • Learning For Life and                                                                                               their youth experience in
                                                                                         “A Scout is trustworthy,
  Scoutreach Programs                                                                                                   Scouting.
                                                                                         loyal helpful, friendly,
  • Camp and Uniform
                                                                                         courteous, kind, obedi-
  Scholarships                                                                                                          Every boy deserves a chance to
                                                                                         ent, cheerful, thrifty,
  • Youth and Adult Training                        Honor, Integrity, Commitment                                        be a Scout, recruit one today!
                                                                                         brave, clean, and rever-
  • Advancement Records
  • Scouting for Food
  • Special Activities
  • Cub and Family Camps
  • Flyers and Manuals                         Recruiting & Retaining Unit Leaders… An Essential and On-Going
  • Service Center and                                                      Process
  Trading Post
  • Unit Fall Packets
                                              Experienced unit leaders are         move on in the Scouting pro-         volved with your unit. Our
  • Scouter Newsletter
                                              always thinking about their          gram.                                youth need willing leaders.
  • Webelos Woods
                                              “leadership pipeline” in the
  • Awards and Recognition
                                              Scouting program. As adult           Consider asking prospective
  • Camporee
                                              leaders move from positions          adult volunteers to help lead,
  • Program and Camp
                                              in Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Boy       perhaps with a very short-term
                                              Scouts and Venturing these           task that is enjoyable, and offer
  • Office and Camp Staffs
                                              leaders can help themselves          support. This will help new,
                                              and their unit by recruiting         prospective leaders take on
                                              their replacement early on and       leadership positions gradually
                                              before they (and their son)          and will likely keep them in-
Scout Camp-In at the Science Museum
       Oklahoma (Omniplex)

 Always one of the most fun Scout             2008 University of Scouting
events is the camp-in at the former
Omniplex Center. The first date this
year is Friday, November 7th, with the
registration deadline on October 31st         What’s the best way to get           School located on NW 50th at
for Cubs and December 5th for Boy             training quickly and be in-          Ann Arbor. This is between           Hopefully you will be able to
Scouts. Costs are $30 per youth and           volved as a contributing parent      Meridian and                                      registering for this
$15 per adult parent. This covers             to your Pack or Troop?               Macarthur.                                        event and pay
workshop materials, planetarium, and                                                                                                 online. If not,
                                               It’s the 2008 University of          A copy of the
breakfast. If you want to attend the                                                                                                 come by the Scout
dome show, add $5 more. Registra-             Scouting. This event is a            classes that are
                                              Council wide training day that       currently set for                                 Program office
tions are limited to the first 500 partici-
pants. Webelos have the choice of             will offer many diverse classes      your conven-                                      and sign up.
earning 4 badges toward their ranks,          to train new and current parents     ience will soon
while Boy Scouts will have 5 merit            and leaders.                         be on the coun-                                       Have fun at this
badges available to work toward. The                                               cils website,                                        years University
Boy Scout camp-in is set for Friday,
                                               The date for this is November
                                              1st and the location will be held                                                         of Scouting!
December 6th. You can register the                                                                    Back to School for One More Day
same way.                                     at Putnam City (Original) High
T h e W i l l R o ge r s G a l l op                                                                                                            Page 3

                                                                                                                               Training Note
  LOCAL BSA UNIT FEDERAL REPORTING                                                                                  Outdoor Skills Training will be
                                                                                                                    offered on October 25th & 26th and
  REQUIREMENT REGARDING IRS FORM 990-N                                                                              again on November 15th & 16th at
                                                                                                                    Camp Kickapoo.
  As you may know, the IRS has        remain unchanged from last             separate federal 501(c)(3) tax-         This is open to the FIRST 36 reg-
  introduced a new, abbreviated       year. For most units, no filing        exempt status with the IRS.            istered adult leaders (18 or older)
  filing for small tax-exempt         is required.                                                                  who are, or will be, involved in
  organizations with annual gross                                            These units receive little or no       Troop Operations (Cub Leaders
  receipts of less than $25,000:      The only exception is for the          benefits in return for the in-         included).
  Form 990-N.                         very small number of units             creased cost, compliance, and           Learn to perform the outdoor skills
                                      that have filed for separate,          complexities of receiving and          of hiking and camping programs.
  The Boy Scouts of America           federal tax-exempt status              maintaining their status as            Skills include Orienteering (map &
  National Office has received        under Section 501(c)(3) of the         stand-alone, incorporated enti-        compass), Pioneering, Woods
  questions about whether this        Internal Revenue Code.                 ties.                                  Tools, Fire Building, Back Pack-
  new filing applies to Cub Scout                                                                                   ing, Cooking with Dutch Ovens
  Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Ven-       Those units most file either           For questions, please contact          and much more
  turing Crews, and other Units,      Form 990-N (if their annual            your local Council or the               The course begins at 8:00 AM on
  and has consulted the IRS and       gross receipts were less than          BSA’s Finance Support Divi-            Saturday and ends about 5:30 PM
  outside counsel about it.           $25,000) or the more detailed          sion at                                on Sunday.
                                      Form 990 or 990 EZ (if annual
  In their opinion, most Scout        gross receipts were $25,000 or                                                 You may register at the Gaylord
  units do not have to file the       more). These forms may be                                                     Scout Service Center or by calling
  new Form 990-N. Your unit           found at We                                                      Jim Mustoe at 329-4340, jmus-
  filing requirements will likely     continue to strongly discourage                                     
                                      units from filing for their own,                                               Cost for the entire weekend is


  Don’t let your Scouts take the      aquatics committees, provides          teaching prevention, recogni-
  plunge without reading and          support to unit leaders so they        tion, and response to water-
  referencing New Leaders’            have the training and resources        related emergencies; and
  Guide to BSA Aquatics.              necessary to supervise swim-           “Paddle Craft Safety,” offering
                                      ming and boating activities,           assessment tools for individu-
  In Aquatics Supervision: A          and gives direction for dispens-       als supervising canoe or kayak
  Leader’s Guide to Youth Swim-       ing special aquatics awards            float trips. The guide, BSA No.
  ming and Boating Activities,        such as Snorkeling BSA and             34346, also instructs volun-               Water Safety Training is
  serves as an invaluable re-         Boardsailing BSA. The eight-           teers who are trained by other
  source for learning the roles       hour courses include Swim-             agencies, including the Ameri-
                                                                                                                      Required before your Scouts go
  and responsibilities of council     ming and Water Rescue”;                can Red Cross.                                 into the water!~

  A WA R D N O M I N A T I O N S A R E B E I N G A C C E P T E D

  Our District Banquet is sched-      Please fill it out                                      exceptional char-
  uled for Saturday, March 7th,       and turn it in by                                       acter to young
  2009. This is a very special        the December                                            people. Nomina-
  event to celebrate our 2008         Roundtable.                                             tions for Silver
  Scouting year. Presentations of     SILVER BEA-                                             Beaver award
  the Quality Unit Award, Sum-        VER AWARD                                               must be received
  mertime Unit Awards, Camp-          The Council                                             in writing no later
  ing Awards, Veterans Awards,        may award the                                           than December
  Training Awards and District        Silver Beaver to           Silver Beaver Award
                                                                                              31, 2008. If you
  Award of Merit will be pre-         registered adult                                       have someone you
  sented. Make sure that you          Scouters, within                                       wish to recom-
  make plans to attend. On Page       the territory under the jurisdic-       mend, please obtain an applica-
  7, you will find the District       tion of the local Council for           tion from your District Executive
  award nominations form.             their noteworthy service of             or the Council Service Center.
Page 4                                                                                                                         V o lu m e 1 , I s s u e 6

                                          Every Boy Deserves A Trained Leader
                                          Scouting is an educational          ship and citizenship, camping
                                          program specifically designed       programs and activities. Not          Next you would attend the New
                                          to develop men and women of         only that, but boys, parents and      Leader Essentials Training,
                                          good character. It is subtle, yet   leaders have more fun when            which lasts approximately 1-
                                          simple. Trained leaders learn       packs, dens, troops and crews         1/2 hours and the Den Leader
                                          how to lead youth in a variety      are lead by trained people. So        Specific Training, which lasts
            Who Benefits                  of character building, leader-      how does this work? If, for           about 3 hours. At completion
                                                                                     example, you have been         of these sessions, you would be
  When parents help their Scouts sell
 popcorn, they are eliminating their
                                                                                     recruited as a new den         a trained leader. If you were a
 out -of-pocket expenses otherwise                                                   leader, you might wish to      new troop committee person or
 needed to help pay for their child’s                                                go to the council website      chairperson, you would start
 Scouting activities.                                                                at          with Fast Start and then attend
                                                                                     and click on the Cub           the New Leader Essentials
 ♦ Since 70% of the money stays                                                      Scout Fast Start Pro-          Training and the Troop Com-
 local, more of the money earned is                                                  gram. This gets you            mittee Challenge. Scoutmasters
 going to help YOUR Scout’s Coun-                                                    started and ready to start     and assistant Scoutmasters
 cil and Unit.
                                                                                     meeting with the boys          would start with Fast Start,
 ♦ The popcorn sales event teaches
 Scouts to set and work toward goals,                                                and takes only about an        attend New Leader Essentials
 commit to a specific task, manage                                                   hour. Fast Start tapes are     Training, one 2-1/2 hour
 money, take responsibility, and earn                                                also available at the          Leader Specific session and
 their own way.                                  The Mark of a Trained Leader        Council Office.                one Outdoor Skills training.

 Take Order Selling - Scouts go           Recruit Your Cub Scout Summer Camp Coordinators Now!
 door to door with their parents and
 ask their neighbors if they are inter-
 ested in purchasing, and they fill out
 the order sheet. Then they deliver       With summer camping plans            camping program experiences.
 the products and collect the money.      under way, Cub Scout packs           Our first camp coordinator
 Please ensure orders are filled out
 correctly so popcorn can be deliv-
                                          are asked to recruit a camping       meeting will be February 5th,
 ered as ordered.                         coordinator with whom the            2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the district
 Sell popcorn outside storefronts -       district staff can contact regard-   committee meeting (located at
 Once the retailer or business gives      ing camping dates, locations,        4th & Elm in Yukon), where
 permission, sell the popcorn to          anticipated youth attendance         details for Day Camp and Fam-
 customers. This is a good way to         and any special unit needs. The      ily Camp will be presented.
 sell remaining products after the        district uses this information to
 take order sales.                        make sure that all units are
 Have mom and dad sell at
                                          participating in major summer
 work - Mom and dad can
 help out too by taking an order
 form to work. Coworkers like help-
 ing with fundraisers.
                                          Webelos Bridging to Scout Troops: Tradition Continues

                                          Webelos are preparing to make        need to be on hand to greet          event is called the Will Roger’s
                                          the traditional bridge crossing      these new Boy Scouts into their      Gallop and Steve Greggs has
                                          into Boy Scout Troops. The           troops.                                              volunteered to
                                          bridging ceremony concludes                                                               lead this years
                                          the Cub Scouting program for         A bridging cere-                                     camp. We had
                                          second year Webelos and              mony will also                                       500 Scouts and
                                          opens up endless opportunities       occur at our                                         parents at our last
                                          as a member of a Boy Scout           annual district                                      years camp, and
                                          Troop.                               camporee/ cubo-                                      we hope to see
                                                                               ree which is                                         more this year.
                                          Scoutmasters are reminded that       scheduled for
                                          many Cub Scout Packs hold            March 13-15,                                        See you at the
                                          their bridging ceremonies dur-       2009 at Camp         Bridge Crossing into a Troop   bridge...
                                          ing February and March and           Kickapoo. This
T h e W i l l R o ge r s G a l l op                                                                                                                       Page 5

  Disabled/Special Needs Scouts                                                                                               Order of the Ar-
                                                                                                                              row Fall Fellow-
  BSA policy has always been to             able through the council and
  treat members with disabilities           on the Application for Alter-
  and special needs as much like            nate Eagle Scout Rank Merit                                                       The date is October 24-26th at
                                                                                                                              Slippery Falls Scout Ranch.
  other members as possible, but            Badges, No. 58-730.
  councils may make accommo-
  dations in advancement re-                A Scout may also request                                                           This is the time you can progress
                                                                                                                              toward your Brotherhood sash if
  quirements, if necessary.                 changes in the Tenderfoot,                                                        you’ve been an Ordeal member for
                                            Second Class, and First                                                           18 months.
  A Scout with a permanent                  Class ranks. The council
  physical or mental disability             advancement committee                                                              The Brotherhood ceremony is a
  may select an alternate merit             must approve the applica-                                                         very meaningful experience—not
  badge in lieu of a required               tion.                                                                             difficult or scary. So please con-
  merit badge if his disabling                                                       Every Scout is Special                   tact Paul Henderson if your would
  condition prohibits the Scout             NEW EAGLE APPLICA-                                                                like to participate in the Brother-
  from completing the necessary             TION                                   as well as the grand total of              hood ceremony. Paul’s phone
  requirements of a particular              The new printing of the Eagle          hours devoted to it (from page             number is 405.265.1129 or email
  required merit badge. This                Scout Rank Application,                                                 
                                                                                   10 of the Eagle Scout Leader-
  substitute should provide a               No. 58-728, has a notable              ship Project Workbook). The
  “similar learning experience.”            change. Now, under Require-            new application was required                The fellowship fee is $20.00 and
  Complete guidelines are avail-            ment 5, the name of the candi-         beginning May 1, 2008.                     you must register by October 21st
                                                                                                                              or there is a $3.00 late fee.
                                            date’s Eagle project is required,

                                                                                                                               Go to Slippery Falls for FREE!

                                                                                                                             Beginning October 1st, the Last Fron-
                                                                                                                            tier Council has revived their post-Fall
  Have you activated your MyScout-          for unit renewal.                      to help keep your                        Boy Scout recruitment drive by offer-
  ing Account yet? My Scouting is               Internet Advancement - Units       BSA records accurate. Other fea-         ing an incentive for peer to peer re-
  an exciting NEW resource that will        may submit their youth                 tures, such as applying for tour         cruitment.
  be a portal for BSA members to            member ranks and awards here in        permits for your unit will be avail-     This means that if a Troop recruits 3
  access the following Scouting             the future.                            able in the future. The portal is        new (not Webelos) scouts, they receive
  resources:                                    Event Registrations - Registra-    reached by going to                      an all expenses paid free campership
      E-Learning Training - You             tion for National events      home page               from the LFC. If you recruit 5, you
  may take a selection of online            such as the 2010 National Jambo-       and clicking on the MyScouting           receive 2 free camperships. This offer
  training courses for credit and view      ree will be available here.            link.                                    will continue until November 30, 2008
  your online training history.             You will also be able to be able to                                             and is only for Boy Scout Troops.
      Rechartering - Internet Rechar-       manage your account, and update        Scouting is on the web, we hope
  tering will be available                  or correct your records at any time,   you enjoy it.                             Remember, transferring Webelos are
                                                                                                                            not considered new Scouts and will not
                                                                                                                            count toward this offer. They must be
                                                                                                                            new to Scouting or not on the current
  GET READY                           FOR     R E C H A RT E R N OW !                                                       roster.

  Just an FYI. Recharter packets            obtain the                                              scheduled to re-
  will come out soon and we                 proper signa-                                           charter. Most
  need to communicate with our              tures, and for-                                         Troops recharter
  Unit Commissioners during                 ward the paper-                                         in January, as do
  this process. This year we need           work, any new                                           most Packs.
  to make sure that all of the              applications, and
  charters are done effectively             the money to the                                        Last year, rechar-
  and that we do not lose youth             Council Service                                         tering was not
  on them because we have not               Center.                 Please Recharter ON TIME!       well done in our
  called them. We are once again                                                                    district, let’s do it
  using Internet Rechartering.              All recharter                                           right and get it
  Remember, after you finish the            paperwork and                                           done on TIME!
  online process you must print             monies are due on the last day
  out the recharter-application,            of the month that you are
Page 6                                                                                                                                           V o lu m e 1 , I s s u e 6

 The BSA Centennial Celebration                             and limiting membership to American                      1923
 The Boy Scouts of America will celebrate its               citizens.                                                • The international left handclasp was adopted.
 Centennial in 2010. As we move toward the time             • An act of Congress, June 3, authorized a Scout         • Patrol leader conferences and training courses for
 of celebration, please enjoy a history of our or-          uniform similar to the Army, Navy,                       Scout leaders were developed. The Laura Spelman
 ganization. Each Digest will feature 20 years of           or Marine uniform.                                       Rockefeller Memorial Fund advanced $100,000 for
 Scouting. In addition, watch for upcoming infor-           • The Constitution and Bylaws were adopted. .            the promotion of Boys’ Life.
 mation on the many activities which will be held           • Scouting in rural areas emphasized                     • The Bureau of Church Relations was established at
 to celebrate our centennial.                               Pioneer Scouts (later Lone Scouts).                      the national office.
 1910                                                       • A Department of Camping was established at the         1924
 • The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated on            national office to help local councils maintain camp-    • The Every Scout a Swimmer program was inaugu-
 February 8 under the laws of the District of Colum-        ing standards and promote camping.                       rated.
 bia by W. D. Boyce. On June 21, a group of 34              1917                                                     • The first achievement badges were earned by
 national representatives of boys' work agencies met,       • Scouting's full resources were placed at the service   physically disabled Scouts. The Third International
 developed organization plans, and opened a tempo-          of the government.                                       Conference of Scout Leaders was attended by 6,000
 rary national headquarters in a YMCA office in             • Significant demonstration of boy power trained         boys from 33 Scout associations.
 New York.                                                  and organized for service, followed                      • The Lone Scouts of America merged with the Boy
 • In September, Robert S. S. Baden-Powell, the             for the duration of the war and drew thousands of        Scouts of America.
 founder of Scouting, visited America and inter-            boys into the movement.                                  1925
 preted the program.                                        • The first winter camp was held by Chicago Scouts.      • Outstanding service was rendered by Scouts in the
 • President William Howard Taft accepted the office        1918                                                     Illinois tornado, California earthquake,
 of honorary president; and. James E. West was              • Scouts rendered nationwide service during the          and Louisiana fire.
 appointed executive officer.                               influenza epidemic.                                      • A delegation from Boy Scouts of America visited
 1911                                                       • The first service club sponsorship of troops was       South America to advance Scouting there.
 • The National Council office was established at 200       inaugurated by Rotary International.                     1926
 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y., on January 2, 1911,          • National standards were established for Boy Scout      • Sir Robert S. S. Baden-Powell, founder of Scout-
 with seven employees.                                      camps.                                                   ing, attended the annual meeting and traveled
 • The first annual meeting was held at the White           • As part of the war effort, 1917-18, Scouts sold        throughout the country inspecting Scouting centers.
 House, Washington, D.C., and was addressed by              2,350,977 Liberty Loan bonds, totaling                   • The first Silver Buffalo Awards for distinguished
 President Taft.                                            $147,876,902; war savings stamps, to a value of          service to boyhood were presented. Twentytwo
 • The Scout Oath, Law, badges, and fundamental             $53,043,698.                                             awards were given: the first to Baden-Powell and
 policies were adopted.                                     • More than 300 million pieces of government lit-        the second to the Unknown Scout whose Good Turn
 • The first awards for heroism were presented by the       erature were distributed, and services rendered          brought Scouting to America..
 National Court of Honor. Membership to date,               included food and fuel conservation and Boy Scout        • Exceptional Scout service was rendered in the
 Scouts and Scouters, 61,495.                               war gardens.                                             Florida hurricane and Arkansas flood.
 1912                                                       1919                                                     1927
 • Scouts mobilized for the first of a series of na-        • A systematic method of developing cooperation          • Eagle Palms were added to the list of awards.
 tional civic Good Turns.                                   with churches of all faiths was adopted. Boy Scouts      • Twelve new rural merit badges were added, bring-
 • Sea Scouting for older Scouts was started.               were invited to aid the Department of Labor in its       ing the total to 89 at 2 Park Avenue, New York,
 • Boys' Life was purchased to become an official           Americanization program.                                 N.Y.
 BSA magazine.                                              • Following the death of Chief Scout Citizen Theo-       1928
 1913                                                       dore Roosevelt on January 6, Scouts began the            • The 18th annual meeting was held in San Fran-
 • The first local council charters were issued to first-   practice of planting Roosevelt memorial trees and        cisco. Four Scouts participated in the Lincoln
 class and second-class councils.                           making pilgrimages to his                                Highway covered-wagon tour from coast to coast
 • Local supervision was facilitated by dividing the        grave at Oyster Bay.                                     • Paul A. Siple, a Sea Scout, accompanied Com-
 United States into eight districts—the forerunner of       • The first gold Honor Medals were awarded by the        mander Richard E. Byrd to the Antarctic.
 12 regions.                                                National Court of Honor for saving life                  1929
 • Scouting, the official magazine for Scouters, was        at risk of the rescuer's own, replacing the silver and   • The Third World Jamboree, held at Birkenhead,
 started. Boy Scout Week was observed.                      bronze awards. Membership, December 31, was              England, where 1,300 Scouts and Scouters repre-
 A registration plan for Scouts was adopted. Scouts         462,060. Total members to date, 1,325,878.               sented the Boy Scouts of America, was attended by
 demonstrated the motto "Be Prepared" in first aid          1920                                                     50,000 Scouts representing 73 lands.
 during spring floods in Ohio and Indiana. Scouts           • The First World Jamboree was held in England;          • The Cub Scout program was put into operation on
 rendered service at the 50th anniversary of the Bat-       Boy Scouts from 32 of 52 countries were                  an experimental basis.
 tle of Gettysburg reunion of veterans.                     present; the Boy Scouts of America sent 301 mem-
 1914                                                       bers.
 • The troop committee plan was created.                    • The First International Conference of Scout Lead-
 • The first Scout Sunday observance took place.            ers was held in connection with the jamboree, with
 Training for Scout leaders was developed.                  International Scout Commissioner Mortimer L.
 • The first William T. Hornaday gold medal for the         Schiff and others representing the Boy Scouts of
 conservation of wildlife was presented.                    America.
 • The first tree-planting project was held in New          • The Scout International Bureau was established in
 York.                                                      London.
 1915                                                       1921
 • The Department of Education established a na-            • Scouts of Washington, D.C., served as aides and
 tional office to train all Scouters.                       guides at the limitation of arms conference.
 • Expansion of merit badge work prompted issuance          • Outstanding civic Good Turns were rendered in
 of 57 merit badge pamphlets.                               forest conservation and in connection with
 • The Handbook for Scoutmasters was issued.                the floods at Pueblo, Colo., and San Antonio, Texas.
 • Scouting was extended on the Pacific coast.              1922
 • The Order of the Arrow was founded.                      • The Order of the Arrow became an official pro-
 1916                                                       gram experiment.                                                 Scouting’s History is
 • Congress granted a Federal Charter on June 15,           • The membership roundup was stimulated by
 giving special protection to the name and insignia         streamer awards by President Warren G. Harding.                     Our History!
T h e W i l l R o ge r s G a l l op                                                                                                    Page 7

                                                        WILL ROGERS DISTRICT BSA
                                                              SCOUT LEADER
                                                      Nomination Form for District Awards

  This form should be used to nominate anyone for District level awards by completing this form and emailing it to or
  by handing it in by December Roundtable.

  Awards presented at the Will Rogers District Banquet (most years) are: District Award of Merit (requires Council form); Scout Master of the
  year; Boy Scouter of the Year; Cub Master of the Year; Tiger Cub Den Leader of the Year; Wolf Den Leader of the Year; Bear Den Leader of the
  Year; Webelos Den Leader of the Year; Cub Scouter of the Year; Venture Scouter of the Year; Unit Commissioner of the Year; and other special

  AWARD: _______________________________________________________                        DATE: ________________________

  I nominate ____________________________________________________________________________________________
                   First Name              Middle Initial          Last Name

   ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________
  Present Position (s):_______________________________________________
  Unit: __________________________________________________________
  Length of service in present position: ________________________________
  Total years in Scouting: ___________________________________________

   State in your own words the reasons you have nominated this person for recognition by the District. Include any additional information
  that you think may be helpful to the Award Committee in making a selection.

  Name of Nominator: ______________________________________________
  Nominator’s Address:______________________________________________

  Day/night telephones: D- ___________________                                 H- ____________________________
Page 8                                                                                                                V o lu m e 1 , I s s u e 6

                        Building Relationships/Reaching
                        Generation X and Millennial Parents
                        Generation X and Millennial par-         However, life experiences of Gen-        have grown up in a more diverse
                        ents are the mothers and fathers of      eration X and Millennial parents         society, they are more welcoming
                        today’s Cub Scouts and younger           are different from previous genera-      of diversity and individual differ-
                        Boy Scouts. Like previous genera-        tions, leading them to take a some-      ences.
                        tions, they want their children to       what different approach to parent-
                        participate in activities that will      ing and time use.                        Generation X and Millennial par-
                        enrich their lives and contribute to                                              ents generally want their children
                        their current and future success.        Generation X, born between 1965          to participate in after-school activi-
                                                                       and 1976, includes slightly        ties and organizations. More than
                                                                       more than 49 million               three-quarters of parents (78%)
                                                                       Americans, making up 17%           have already enrolled or very likely
                                                                       of the United States popula-       to enroll their son in an after-school
                                                                       tion. The Millennial genera-       activity or organization.
                                                                       tion, born between 1977 and
                                                                       1994, includes 75 million          One third of parents who are
                                                                       Americans, making up 25%           unlikely to get their son involved in
                                                                       of the population.                 any after-school program cite a
                                                                                                          lack of time as the primary reason
                                                                        Both generations are very         they are unlikely to enroll their son.
                                                                        diverse, with 37 and 39
                                                                        percent of the generation’s       On average, parent s expect to first
                                                                        members being non-white           enroll their son in an after-school
                               The New Generation                       or Hispanic. Because they         activity or organization at 7 years

                                                                                                                  Continued on next page

                        Membership Inventory
                        During the month of Novem-               This is especially important             405-203-1447 and he can get
                        ber, your unit commissioner              following the fall recruitment           you one.
                        will be asking your unit mem-            blitz. Remember, Scouts who
                        bership chairman to cross                are not registered are not cov-          When you complete your in-
                        check your roster with the Ser-          ered by the council’s insurance          ventory, if you notice that a
                        vice Center’s roster.                    nor can they receive advance-            boy has stopped coming to
                                                                 ments.                                   meetings, please call him and
                        This is a simple process that                                                     find out why. He might be
                        allows you to make sure that all         If you wish to have a current            embarrassed about missing
                        of your youth are currently              roster from the Service Center           meetings and is just waiting for
                        registered.                              please contact Brian Spall at            you to ask him back.

                        TROOP                  RECRUITING

                        The primary period for Boy Scout         from Sim-
                        recruiting is September thru No-         ply click “Tell a Friend” and follow                Registration Fees
                        vember. Checkout the recruiting          the simple instruc-
                        best methods at                          tions that
                                   follow.                                                    Oct. Registration is
                                                                                                                           $3.40 and if you
                        One of the main ways of Boy Scout        These patches will                                        would like Boys’
                        recruiting is through current Scouts     be available at no                                        Life, it is $4.00.
                        recruiting their peers.                  charge to Boy
                                                                 Scout troops.                                             Every Scout and
                        Recognize your Scouts with the                                                                     Adult can be a Re-
                        new Centennial Recruiter patch.          Scout Leaders can                                         cruiter, earn the
                        Boy Scouts can earn this patch by        pick them up at the                                       patch, recruit some-
                        recruiting a boy into their troop this   council service       Earn this patch, be a Recruiter!    one into Scouting
                        fall. Scouts can invite a boy to join    center (Registrars                                        today!
                        electronically by sending an e-card      and Reservations).
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    Square Knots - Meaning and Placement
  The square knot device is dis-           knot should be placed with its
  played on the uniform to de-             bottom edge touching the top
  note that the wearer has re-             seam of the pocket flap. The
  ceived the corresponding                 next two knots are placed on
  award. The award is usually in           both sides of the first knot in a                                              Popcorn Reminder Time!
  the form of a certificate and            straight row of three knots.                                               Is your Popcorn sale going well?
  many awards also include a               Additional knots are placed
                                                                                                                    We sure hope so, but it is not too late
  medallion or other memento.              directly above the first row                                             to make this a great fundraising event
                                           with bottom edge touching top                                              for your unit. There is still time to
  A knot emblem does have left             edge of the existing knots.                                                    make it happen for you and
  and right sides. The rope loop                                                                                      your unit, but you must act now!
  over the rope ends always is to          From the diagram, you can see                                             The Popcorn Sale ends on Oct. 17th!
  the wearer's right. The diagram          that as additional knots are                                                 Important dates to remember:
  here shows how the knots                 earned, single and double knots
                                                                                                                    October 20: Take Orders Due Online
  would look to someone looking            on a row need to be resewn.
  at the shirt.                            For this reason, some people                                             November 7: Sorting and Distribut-
                                                                                                                     ing at OKC Regional Food Bank
                                           prefer to place knots right-
                                           justified with the pocket edge.                                            November 8: Popcorn Pickup for
  The square knots are to be                                                                                        those who didn’t help out on Nov. 7
  worn centered directly above                                                                                       (Hopefully, this will not be anyone
  the left shirt pocket. The first                                                                                     from the Will Rogers District!)
                                                                                                                    December 4: Popcorn Money, Prize
                                                                                                                     Orders and all Paperwork Due @
                                                                                                                              Council Office
  SCOUTMASTER MINUTE                                                                                                     Duty to God, Country and Self

  You new Scouts probably                  you may not think of - and           every time you put on your
  learned tonight that our troop           that's to remind you of the          neckerchief, it should remind
  neckerchief has other uses               Scout Oath. The neckerchief is       you of the things you pledge
  besides looking good                     a triangle, and its' three corners   each time you repeat the Scout
  and showing our troop's colors.          should remind you of some-           Oath.
  You found that it can be used            thing you recently learned - our
  in first aid, too. Over the next         Scout Oath.
  few months, you'll find that the         The Oath, you remember, has
  neckerchief has other uses, too.         three corners, too - duty to God
                                           and country, duty to others and                                             Duty to God & Country, to
  There's one use, though, that                                                                                           others and to self.
                                           duty to self. From now on,

  G E N E R AT I O N X A N D M I L L E N N I A L
  of age. However, 37% expect to           Strategies and tactics have been     research section. Another great
  first enroll their son in after-school   developed based upon this research   resource is
  programs during his kindergarten         to increase recruitment of Genera-
  years.                                   tion X and Millennial households.

  Half of parents (50%) prefer to          As good Scouters we must continue
  learn about after-school activities      to build relationships so every
  or organizations through fliers sent     youth has an opportunity to join
  home from school. One-fourth of          Scouting.
  parents prefer to receive informa-
  tion through friends and family.         For more information on Reaching
                                           the Next Multicultural Generation
  Generation X and Millennial par-         visit
  ents and their children are generally
  partners in decisions about joining      You will find the Strategic Plan
  afterschool activities.                  Research 2006-2010 under the
 W ill Ro g e r s D i s tr ict N e w s l e t t e r

Brian Spall, District Executive                                                                       Important Dates
Last Frontier Council
3031 NW 64th
Oklahoma City, OK 73116                                                    October
                                                                           17-19 – George Thomas Fall Family Adventures 3rd Session
                                                                           16-19 – Fall Break
Phone: 405-203-1447
Email:                                                  20 – Take order popcorn orders due
Allen Bentley, Editor, may be called at 405-627-5578 or email at                                                       23 – Commissioner’s Staff Meeting
                                                                           24-26 – George Thomas Fall Family Adventures 4th Session
                                                                           24-26—OA Fall Fellowship at SFSR (See page 5)

                                                                           1 – University of Scouting (formerly called Pow-Wow)
 WR District                                                               6 – District Committee Meeting (6:00 PM)
                                                                           7– Popcorn sort at OKC Food Bank
                                                                           7 – Cub Scouts at Oklahoma Science Museum (Omniplex)
   Every Boy a Scout, Every Leader a Trained Leader!                       13 – District Roundtable Meeting (7:00 PM)
                                                                           20 – Council Coordinated Meeting
                                                                           27 - 28 – Thanksgiving, Scout Offices Closed

        We’re on the Web at

BRIAN’S CORNER “BEING                                                                   A       PROFFESSIONAL”
The professional Scouter in an entry-level                     Service. Major emphasis is placed on               the assigned district or service area.
position assigned to a district or service                     service. The professional staff ensures            Public Relations. Professional Scouters
area within a local council. The job re-                       that all Scouting units are served through         must recognize the importance of good
sponsibilities are broad                                                      volunteer commissioners,            working relationships with other profes-
and varied. Duties include                                                    regular roundtable meet-            sionals and with volunteers. Scouting
promoting, supervising,                                                       ings, training events, and          depends on community support and ac-
and working in the district                                                   activities.                         ceptance. Professional leaders must have
or service area through                                                       Finance. The professional           good communication skills and be able to
volunteers. Different as-                                                     Scouter has responsibility          tell Scouting's story to the public.
pects of the professional                                                     for securing adequate fi-
Scouter's job include:                                                        nancial support for Scouting
                                                                              in the assigned area. Work-         If you are an adult and a college gradu-
Sales. The professional                                                       ing with volunteers, profes-        ate, you may qualify to become a BSA
Scouter is responsible,                                                       sionals recruit leadership          professional. For more information call or
through volunteers, for                                                       for the Friends of Scouting         visit our Scout Service Center.
extending Scouting to reli-                                                   and finance campaign ef-
gious, civic, fraternal,                                                      forts to meet the financial
educational, or other com-                                                    needs of the council.
munity-based organiza-                                                        Administration. The pro-
tions.                                                                       fessional Scouter adminis-
                                               Brian Spall, DE WR District ters the Scouting program in

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