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					                                 St. Croix County 4-H
                                                  March, 2011                              


Occasionally 4-H families have the opportunity to learn about the features, benefits, and history of 4-H. One part we
don‘t always emphasize is the many messages to be shared. One of those messages is ―4-H is part of the University
of Wisconsin.‖ Let me show you how. (Check out the links provided to learn more.)

                The University of Wisconsin System is a public university system.
                There are three ―institutions‖ that make up the UW System: Four-Year Campuses; UW-Colleges;
                and UW-Extension.

Four-Year Campuses
There are 13 four-year campuses. They are: Eau Claire, Green Bay, LaCrosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh,
Parkside, Platteville, River Falls, Stevens Point, Stout, Superior and Whitewater.

UW-Colleges (Two-Year Campuses);
There are 13 freshman/sophomore campuses. They are: Baraboo/Sauk County; Barron County; Fond du Lac; Fox
Valley; Manitowoc; Marathon County; Marinette; Marshfield/Wood County; Richland; Rock County; Sheboygan;
Washington County; and Waukesha.

UW-Extension (Statewide);
UW-Extension has a presence on all 26 UW System campuses, as well as in all 72 counties, providing a wide variety
of educational opportunities throughout the state. There are four programs: Broadcasting and Media Innovations
(includes Wisconsin Public Television and Radio); Entrepreneurship & Economic Development; Continuing
Education Outreach and E-Learning and COOPERATIVE EXTENSION.

       There are six programs in COOPERATIVE EXTENSION.
       Agriculture and Natural Resources; Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development;
       Family Living; 4-H YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (the home of 4-H!); Geological and Natural
       History Survey and Leadership Wisconsin.
                                                                                     March 2011
** Adapted from Annette Bjorklund, Washburn County                      Leaders’ News                    Page 2
                                                                        Club Opportunities               Page 4
             Project Changes Due                                        Communication & Arts             Page 4
                      March 1                                           Clothing Project                 Page 6
       Now is a great time to review the 4-H                            Softball News                    Page 6
       projects you signed up for last fall. If                         Natural Resources                Page 6
       you need to change any of the projects                           Animal Sciences                  Pages 7
       you sign up for, please call or e-mail                           Wisconsin State Fair Info        Page 11
       the UWEX Office by March 1                                       St. Croix County FairPlex        Page 12

                                        2011 St. Croix County Fair Dates
                                                 July 20 – 24, 2011
The St. Croix County Fair Association, Inc. will be printing a two-year fair premium list (fair book). Please do not
throw your premium list away after the 2011 fair. In 2012, Fair books will only be provided to new 4-H families.
              Thank You                                           St. Croix County Fair Checks
                                                           If you forgot to cash your Fair Premium Check, you
                                                           have one more opportunity.
Thank you to the following Ambassadors for making
the Family Orientation Night a success: Logan              The St. Croix County Fair Board Association will be
Hammer, Jessie Thomas, Anna Hueg and Erin                  meeting on March 10 at 7:30 pm at the Ag Services
Ploeger. A thank you to Anne Wilbur as well for all        Education Center. Bring your check to the meeting
your help that evening.                                    and the Fair Association will issue a new check. If
                                                           you don‘t want the check re-issued, the funds will go
                                                           to building development.
             “Yes, We Are Open!”

The phrase, ―Yes, we are open‖ might greet the                2011 Plat Book Volunteers Needed
phone caller who is asking ―Are you open?‖. And it                     March 21 at 7:00 pm
is also true about 4-H and UW-Extension. Yes, we             Ag Services and Education Center, Baldwin
are open … to ALL people
                                                           We need willing volunteers to approach businesses
The University of Wisconsin-Extension non-                 and/or organizations in your area to sell 4-H ads in
discrimination policy is: UW-Extension does not            the new plat book. The sales of these ads, is part of
discriminate in the treatment of individuals in the        the funds that we use to run the 4-H programs during
admission or access to its programs and activities, in     the year.
the provision of services, or in employment.
                                                           A meeting will be held to give you materials and to
Further, UW-Extension will not participate with            explain how to fill out the contract, who to contact
organizations or in activities which discriminate on       and some things that you should tell them.
the basis of any of the legally prohibited categories or
discriminations, which are: race, color, gender/sex,       We need the ads back into the extension office about
creed, disability, religion, national origin, ancestry,    a month later so the time commitment isn‘t long. The
age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital or parental    more volunteers we get the less work it is for
status, arrest or conviction record, or membership in      everyone.
the national guard, state defense force, or any other
reserve component of the military service.

Consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act,                  Leader News
persons who need materials in alternative format or
other accommodations should write or call the UW-                    Leader‟s Council Meeting
Extension Office. Individuals who need TTY access                         March 15, 7 pm
should call 1-800-947-3529.
                                                                   Ag Services & Education Center
The St. Croix County UW-Extension staff                                     Classroom A
appreciates your support and working relationship as
we provide educational programs designed to                All of the Leader‘s Council meetings are open
empower the diverse citizens, indeed all citizens, of      meeting. Anyone is invited to attend at any time.
St. Croix County.                                          Agenda items are due 10 days before the meeting
                                                           date. If you have any items to discuss with the
If you have any questions about special requests for       council, please get your agenda items to Anne Wilbur
accommodations at your club meeting or activities,         or myself. The agendas and minutes are posted on
please call the UWEX Office.                               the St. Croix County UW-Extension Youth
                                                           Development site under Leaders‘ Council.
             Expansion and Review                             Thank you in advance from the committee:
                                                              Dean & Jodi Lingenfelter, Anna Kusilek, Connie
             March 22, 7:00 pm
                                                              Mueller, Gary & Deb Stevens, Mari Omann.
        Ag Services & Education Center
                                                               Host Families Sought for one-Month
We will be holding our annual Expansion & Review
Meeting. We use the Expansion and Review Process              4-H Japan & Korea Exchange Programs
to evaluate our current programming and plan for               Host Families Sought for One-Month
future youth development programming. If you are                 4-H Japan and Korea Exchange
interested in helping us with the Expansion &
Review Process, mark your calendar now and plan on                           Programs
joining us March 22.
                                                              Even though it‘s cold and the ground is covered in
                                                              snow, it‘s time to begin thinking about next summer
           Living Memorial Award
                                                              and the possibility of your family hosting a foreign
           Nominations due April 1                            exchange student for one month. Families are needed
We all know people who put a lot of time and effort           to host Japanese and Korean exchange students, ages
in the County Fair to make it a success each year.            12 to 18, for four weeks this summer as part of the
                                                              international exchange program sponsored by 4-H.
Sometimes they are out front and very visible to all          The Japanese and Korean teenagers will stay with
of us and sometimes they are people who work                  their American host families from approximately July
quietly behind the scenes. The Living Memorial                24 to August 2, 2011.
Award is a way to honor those individuals.
                                                              You only need a willingness to share your home and
The actual award is a bronze plaque that is                   your world. There is no need to know the Japanese
permanently displayed on the monument near the                or Korean language. The students have all studied
flags at the fairgrounds. It is a ―surprise‖ award that       English and are anxious to use and improve it. They
is presented during the County Fair.                          need to be provided with a bed, not their own room,
                                                              and share your family life. ―The program gives host
Please encourage your club to nominate someone for            families a chance to share their culture, friendship
the Living Memorial Awards. Often the Living                  and family life with an exchange student and at the
Memorial Award is presented to a 4-H Leader, but it           same time learn about Japanese or Korean everyday
could also be presented to an individual who is not a         life,‖ said Kay Hobler, Wisconsin 4-H Outreach
4-H leader.                                                   Specialist. ―The home-stays only last a month during
                                                              summer vacation, but the effects last a lifetime.‖
Recipients of the Living Memorial Awards for the
past 5 years have been:                                       There are approximately 40-50 students hosted in
   Bob & Rosemary Donahoe, Chris Libbey 2010                  Wisconsin alone each summer. Host applications
   Darrell & Nancy Burman, 2009                               and brochures about the program are available on the
   Connie Mueller and Kathy Guski, 2008                       internet site:
   John Steele, 2007                                
   Char Croes, Kim Reaman, 2006                               Application deadline is February 15. You may
                                                              contact Marie at 715-684-3301, extension 5, or
 St. Croix County Fair 4-H Food Stand                         Nancy Burman, County Coordinator, at 715-549-
                                                              6712 for further information. Both families have
Just think, only about 4 ½ months and the FAIR will           hosted numerous foreign exchange students and we
be here.                                                      would be very happy to visit your club with a
                                                              presentation about hosting.
Remember this is your 4-H Stand and many hands
make light work.

If you are interested in joining the 4-H Food Stand
Committee, please let anyone on the committee know
or call the 4-H Extension office.
             Ambassador Meeting
              March 14, 7:00 pm
                                                                     Communication &
        Ag Services & Education Center                                   Arts
April will be our bowling event and Junior
Ambassadors are invited as well. Notice will be sent                   District Talent Explosion
out via email. Watch your e-mails for important                            March 19, all day
information needing your attention.                                  Meyer Middle School, River Falls

 Club Opportunities                                          Here is a great opportunity to see a full day of music,
                                                             drama, speaking, interpretive reading,
                                                             demonstrations, arts/crafts, and photography right
          Twelve Months of Giving                            next door. Just like the St. Croix County Mini Talent
The Food Resource Collaborative of St. Croix                 Explosion except its bigger! It involves 8 counties in
County is inviting area community organizations to           the Western part of the state.
participate in various monthly collections in 2010 to        The 4-H District Talent Explosion also features art,
benefit local food pantries and charities. Choose to         craft and photography experts in a variety of areas.
participate in one month, four months, or all twelve
months. All contributions can be collected at your           Tim Talen, State Arts Specialist will conduct some
site all month and then dropped off at your local food       educational sessions this day as well commencing at
pantry. If you have any questions about your local           10:00 and ending at 2:00 pm. 10:00 session will
pantry, please call Martha Mabis at (715) 684-3301           discuss the Wisconsin 4-H art opportunities; Art
ext. 5.                                                      Camp, Art Lab, 4-H ArtBeat, State Groups, Photo
                                                             Team, and others. The 11:00 session is all about the
March and April: Please collect Protein items                ―hands-on‖ workshop about music. Learning new
which would include: peanut butter, kidney beans,            songs, playing a few instruments (you are welcome to
pork & beans, tuna, canned ham and canned chicken.           bring some too), and write a couple of songs together.
Financial contributions are also accepted. Make              The third session at 12:00 is an introduction to the
checks payable to: Food Resource                             theatre. We‘ll do some creative drama, play theatre
Collaborative/Protein Project.                               games and maybe act out a story or two. The final
                                                             session at 1:00 is Juggling 101 – learn how to juggle
                                                             3 balls, scarves and rings. We will also make our
                                                             own juggling balls out of birdseed and balloons. No
                                                             experience necessary and both adults and kids are

                                                             As always, there will be St. Croix County Clubs and
                                                             individual 4-H‘ers in all of the events.
Ambassadors will be pleased to visit any
       club that requests them                                    St. Croix County 4-H Showchoir
The 4-H Ambassadors are available to help all clubs
with games, project talks, speech suggestions, or            4-H members in grades 6-13th are welcome to apply
whatever you may need them for. Please contact               to the 4-H Showchoir. There is no audition, only a
Nancy Burman (715) 549-6712 or                               willingness to learn music to sing and have fun Please allow 2 weeks                moving while singing. Applications can be gotten
for your request.                                            either from Melissa at the UWEX office, or e mailing
                                                             the director, Nancy Burman at:
                                                    Application deadline
                                                             is April 1, 2011. There is a $100 fee to be in the
                                                             choir, plus members will need to purchase dance
                                                             shoes, and some clothing items.

Most rehearsals are held at the UWEX office in               places, three second places and four honorable
Baldwin. Day camp for learning and polishing the             mentions with recognition in the local papers to
entire show will be July 11-15, 2011; this is the week       announce the winners. Exhibits are asked to be there
before the fair. There will be other dates for               on Friday, July 15, between noon and 4:00 pm. More
rehearsals earlier in May & June to learn the music.         details can be found at:
We are in the process of setting up the performance
schedule. Please contact Nancy if you have any
questions regarding rehearsal and performance dates.                   Photography Project News
The Choir is open to boys AND girls from all 4-H             Our first meeting was very successful! There were
clubs. We have a great time singing together,                36-42 project members, parents, leaders, and guests
learning to be coordinated with the dance steps, and         at the meeting. Standing and sitting on the floor
performing at the county and state fairs. This year‘s        room only!!!
theme music will be from the Disney movies and
shows.                                                       Our speaker, Pam, a photography project judge, did
                                                             an awesome job of explaining to all what the judges
Come join the St. Croix County 4H Showchoir for a            are looking for. Some of her highlights are:
great summer experience as part of your 4-H                  - Be able to tell the story behind your picture(s)
program!!                                                    - Practice, practice, practice
                                                             - Try different lighting ~ front/back/side
               Cultural Arts Day                             - Bring your camera to the fair (judging)
                 April 2, 2011                               - Be careful with the photo paper you are using
                10 am to Noon                                - Glossy paper is better than matte
        Ag Services & Education Center                       After Pam talked I went over a few other things that I
            Register by March 15                             heard from the judges:
                                                             - Introduce yourself to the judge
A variety of arts and crafts projects will be offered        - Offer to shake their hand
including: Windspinners, bird feeder/house, and two          - Listen to the judge/pay attention
other things to be determined.                               - Questions the judges ask
To register call the UW-Extension office at (715)                "What would you do different?"
684-3301 ext. 5                                                  "What was your incentive ~ why this picture?"
                                                                  "Tell me about your picture."
The cost is $5.00 to cover materials. Contact Debby          - Hold your camera steady
Walters with questions at 698-2981.
                                                             We will go over more of this at the next meeting
        2011 Sustainable Dunn Fair                           also!
        July 16, 2011; 8:30 am – 2:00 pm
                                                             There are a few changes to the fair book this year to
            Dunn County Fairgrounds                          the Photography Project.
                                                             - No captions!! (This is new and something the
Members are invited to enter photographic work in            judges have been asking for.)
an art exhibit. The theme for the fair is The Year of        - A total of 8 entries can be submitted in the
Water 2011. We are seeking photographs that                  Photography (Dept 20) Project
interpret water: What does water mean to you; to             - Only 3 categories now
your community; to you health; to your happiness; to               1) Colored Photography (Film and/or Digital)
your artistic vision; what can you do to tell us about             2) Black and White or Sepia
water; how can you show its importance? The only                   3) Videography
limitation is that we seek photos from the West
Central Wisconsin watersheds. Each artist is limited         There are 5 ―Exhibit by member‖ spots in each age
to no more than two entries. They should be 4 x 5            group still for each of these categories. A total of 8
with the title of the piece, name and address of the         entries per member can be taken.
photographer and the sale price or ‗NFS‘ on the back
of the exhibit. There will be awards for two first
Many of the other criteria remained the same; such             your new garment. Details and further instruction
as, ONLY WHITE TAG BOARD, NO                                   will be sent via email from DeAnn Hammer. If you
EMBELLISHMENTS, no bigger than 14 x 14.                        don‘t have email communication access, you will
We will be going over all of this in the meetings to           receive the information via the postal service. If you
follow too!!!!                                                 are interested in learning about this event or seeing
                                                               the results, please join us! All are welcome!!
        Photography Project Meeting
       April 16, 2011; 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
                                                                          Softball News
The plan for this meeting is for all photography
members that attend to bring five pictures that they                           Coaches Meeting
have already taken and we will break up into small                           May 12, 8:00 pm
groups to discuss the composition guidelines that
                                                                  Ag Services & Education Center, Baldwin
judges look for. The photos do not need to be on tag
board; just 4 X 6 photos are fine and will work the
best.                                                          Softball team registration forms will be mailed to
                                                               General Organizational Leaders.
Leaders and photography members please remember
to e-mail me at and I will           The dates of the All-Star Games and Tournaments
be happy to help you with a photography meeting or             have been set.
just answering questions. With our busy schedules it                   4-H Softball All Star Game
is not always easy to make a County meeting so I am                        July 28 – Erin Corners
more than happy to help you and/or your club out!!
                                                                  7 pm – Junior Game, 8 pm – Senior Game

                                                                        4-H Softball Tournaments
      Clothing Project                                                  July 30, 7 pm and July 31, 9 am
                                                                        Hatfield Park in New Richmond
                  Clothing Revue
           June 23, 2011, 6:30 pm
   Ag Services & Education Center, Baldwin                          Natural Resources
Please note that the change to a week night rather
than a Saturday. Based upon some feedback from                        Shooting Sports Orientation &
clothing members, it was suggested we move the date                       Training/Info Classes
to avoid weekends in the summer. While we                        March 17th - Shooting Sports Orientation
understand that no scheduling date is perfect, we                March 28th – Shooting Sports Orientation
hope you will join us for this fun filled event. Details
will be forthcoming via email to all Cloverbuds,                        All meetings begin at 7:00 pm
Explorers, Knitting, Crocheting, and Clothing project
member from DeAnn Hammer. If you don‘t have                            Ag Services & Education Center
email communication selected, you will receive the
information via the postal service.                            ALL members and parents that are planning on
                                                               taking part in the training days are required to attend
                Project Promway!                               one of the Orientation meetings in order to achieve.
      Saturday, April 9, 2011; 10:00 am
                                                               In addition this year, we are offering Safety training
   Ag Services & Education Center, Baldwin                     and informational classes in April. If you are
                                                               planning on taking part in the training days &
For those individuals that signed up and are working           competitive shoot one of these sessions will also be
feverously to complete your transformation                     required. If you are enrolled in shooting sports, but
garment…the judging and competition is here!                   do not plan on taking part in the actual shoots, please
Please make sure you have a poster to accompany                feel free to join us for this class to gain some

additional knowledge that might assist you with your            a participation trophy for the first picture plus a
fair projects.                                                  ribbon for each additional entry.

Shooting Sports Training Days are still being                   All entries are due by April 1, 2011. The fees are as
finalized with the Range. Schedules will be available           follows: rabbit, small pet show and Poultry; pre-
at the orientation nights.                                      entry $2.00 and day of show $3.00 with no limit.
                                                                Rabbit and Poultry showmanship is $1.00 per entry.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact            Cat entry is $3.50 pre-entry and $5.00 day of
Dan or Megan Frye at                 show/per cat with no limit. Cloverbud and Explorer
or Dave Smith at                              entries $1.00 per picture entered and limit one

        Animal Sciences                                         For more information or for a copy of the entry
                                                                blank, contact the Extension Office.

     Pullorum Tester Training Seminar
                      April 2011                                    Dog Project Informational Meeting
                                                                                April 7, 7 pm
The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and                 Ag Services & Education Center, Baldwin
Consumer Protection, Division of Animal Health,
                                                                All beginner dog project members are required to
will be offering ten Pullorum tester training seminars
                                                                attend and bring a parent or responsible adult. We
during the month of April 2011. Attendance at one
                                                                will go over the required and recommended shots at
of these seminars is mandatory for those who would
                                                                that time and collect the $6.00 fee.
like to renew their Pullorum certification or those that
would like to become a certified Pullorum tester for
                                                                Watch your email or regular mail for more
the first time. All current certifications for Pullorum
                                                                information. If you have any questions, call Anne
testers will expire on June 30, 2011. The cost to
                                                                Wilbur at 715-246-2659.
become a certified Pullorum tester is $25.00 and is
valid for two years. This fee will not be collected at
the training seminar but must be mailed to the                                   Rabbit Meetings
Division of Animal Health within two weeks after                                  May 22, 12-1 pm
attending the seminar, along with the signed                                      June 19, 12-1pm
certification form that you will receive at the training
seminar. Pre-registration is not required to attend
these seminars. You must be at least 18 years of age            The above dates and times are the normal rabbit
to become a certified tester. For a list of dates, times,       meetings but then you don‘t want to miss the Fun
and locations contact the Extension Office.                     Show on July 10 starting at noon and going to a time
                                                                unknown at this time.
                                                                ** Small Animal and Guinea Pig Meeting to also
           Fur, Fin & Feather Show                              take place on June 19 from 1-2 pm. **
        April 16, 2011; 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
             Barney Center, Sparta

Live animal exhibition is open to 4-H members 3rd
through 13th grades. Enrollment in a rabbit, poultry,
cat or small pet project is not required. Live animal
must be present to show. Ribbons will be awarded to
all participants with champions receiving a trophy.

Special mounted picture class for Kindergarten
through 2nd graders. Those entered in this class will
speak to the judges about the pet shown in the picture
and how they care for it. All participants will receive

         Horse and Horseless Horse                             Kickoff Meeting. Please watch for details in the
                                                               communicator. You will have to attend a minimum
             Project Members                                   of two later clinics with your show horse.
        April 8 and 15, 7:00-9:00 pm
 Tracy McCutcheon’s – 243 Cty Rd Y, Baldwin
                                                                          Open Model Horse Show
 (Call to confirm/directions; 715-684-5481)
                                                                  April 2; doors open 7:30 show starts 9am
     April 29 and May 6, 6:30-8:30 pm
                                                                       Hillcrest School, Kewaunee WI
St. Croix Training Ctr – 422 Cty Rd F, Hudson
       (Email Monica Allard to confirm:                        There are three classes: Performance, Halter and
                                Collector Classes. There is a silent auction/swap
                May 13 and 20                                  meet 9am-1pm with any/all donations being greatly
          Pine Lake Pastures, Baldwin                          appreciated. 4-H classes will be run by State 4-H
  (More info. to follow from Cheri Morton)                     Model Horse Show rules. There are placings for 1st
                                                               through 5th. All models to have tag attached to L
                                                               hind leg (owner name-side 1, horse name & breed-
It is that time of year to start Horseless Horse Clinics       side 2). Fees: $.50 per class ---$5.00 per half table.
again! These clinics ARE NOT required for you to               A Food stand is available at the school.
complete the project but are a great way to become
active in this project. As a reminder, Horseless Horse         For questions/reservations, please contact Nancy
is for anyone who does not own a horse but would               LaCrosse @ 920-776-1239 or
like to learn more about horses.                     
These clinics are designed to teach you how to use
your resource books to start learning about horses                Kewaunee County 4-H Horse Spring
(horse management and horse riding) and to give you                             Clinic
opportunity to work with horses. At each clinic we                 Saturday, April 9; 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
will have a 45 minute class based on the material and            Circle E Equestrian Stables/Indoor arena
then will go outside to practice what we have learned
so please dress accordingly.                                                  (Seymour, WI)

These classes CAN be used towards your clinic                  We will work with riders to improve on transitions.
requirements for showing a horse at the fair. If you           Focus will be on increasing the responsiveness of the
have a horse to show at the fair OR would like to find         horse to the rider. Students will be able to apply this
a horse to show at the fair, please call Tracy                 information to pleasure classes as well as patter work
McCutcheon (715-684-5481) who will keep track of               for English Equitation or Western Horsemanship
requirements.                                                  classes. No stallions permitted, original Coggins will
                                                               be required before unloading horse(s) and box
Make sure you have picked up your books through                lunches available.
your club leader. At a minimum you should have:
the two resource books (Horse Science, and Horses              Limited to 25 riders with priority given to current
and Horsemanship), and at least two of the five horse          4-H Youth Horse Project Members then to certified
workbooks (start with Book 1 and Book 4).                      leaders. Registration deadline is April 2, 2011. Fees
                                                               are as follows: Rider - $10, Auditor – 5.00, stall
You can complete the Horseless Horse Project in one            rental - $20/daily.
of four ways (but are welcome to do more than one):
1. Attend at least 5 of the Horseless Horse Clinics            For more information or for a registration form,
2. Complete at least 5 sections of your workbooks as           please contact the Extension Office.
checked off by leaders.
3. Enter a Poster about horses in the fair.
4. Show a horse at the fair in the Horseless Horse
category (following all St. Croix Horse Project
Requirements). If you are planning on showing a
horse at the fair, YOU MUST attend the Horse

    St. Croix Co Youth Horse Project                              Breeding Livestock Committee
           Kick Off Meetings                                            March 7; 7:00 pm
        Thursday, March 24, 7-9 pm                            Ag Services & Education Center, Baldwin
         Saturday, April 2, 2-4 pm                                  ** Note location change **
   Ag Services & Education Center, Baldwin
                                                           All meetings are open to anyone who is interested in
Attendance at one of the Kick Off meetings is              the program. Please feel welcome to attend at any
mandatory for participation and/or completion in           time. If you have any questions about the breeding
the project. A parent or guardian will need to             livestock program, please feel welcome to contact
accompany members.                                         Sue Mason, 265-4006 or

Please be prepared to complete registration                        Breeding Stock 3 & 1 Clinic
paperwork, pay fees and turn in Coggins, if you have               Beef * Sheep * Swine * Goats
it. There are some exciting changes planned for the               Sunday, March 20, 2011; 1 – 4 pm
2011 year.
                                                                   St. Croix Central High School
Contact Jody LaRock at 651-214-4691 or if you have any questions.              Topics will include:
                                                               Weights & Measure, Why they are important
          Meat Animal Committee                                   and how scales work by David Sander.
                                                               Hog waterers for the Fair – Tim Wellsvarious
        Livestock Information Clinic                           Sheep Mineral Feeders and Halters
        Saturday, March 12; 9:00 am                            Goat Mineral Feeders and Beef Halters
      Mann Valley Farms – UW River Falls                       Livestock Jeopardy
                                                              Additional information on the clinics can be
What is ultrasounding and what role does it play in           found on the websites:
the livestock industry? Find out more at the         and
ultrasounding clinic at the UW-River Falls Mann      . Find us on Facebook by
Valley Farms. This clinic will not only explain how           searching St. Croix County Breeding Stock
ultrasound has changed the livestock industry but             Program and click ―Like‖.
also why the change. We will see firsthand how
ultrasound technology works. We will meet at Mann          Also: Call to pre-register to make a project for your
Valley Farm at 9:00. Plan to spend about three hours       animal specie. Call Sue Mason at 715-265-4006 or
at the farm. The farm is located 2.5 miles northwest       email at
of River Falls on County Road MM. Mann Valley
Farm includes approximately 475 acres. The farm                         Breeding Stock
houses beef, dairy, sheep, and swine operations.
                                                               Dust „Em Off Jr. Livestock Show
Facilities include beef finishing lots, swine
farrowing, hoop and finishing barns, a sheep barn                             June 3 & 4
with heated lambing rooms.                                           St. Croix County Fairgrounds

     Meat Animal Committee Meeting                         Classes will include showmanship, prospects, and
              March 8, 7:30 pm                             breeding stock. There will also be judging contests
                                                           and skill-a-thons with points going towards the
        Ag Services & Education Center
                                                           Master Stockman Award. Hubbard Feeds will be
                                                           sponsoring a fitting and showmanship clinic on June
All of the Meat Animal Committee meetings are              3rd at 6:00 pm for all levels of showing abilities.
open meetings. You are welcome to attend anytime.          More information will be posted at
Please call Tom Grandt (246-6114) to get items on
the agenda

                     Thank You                                           Nasco Showing & Grooming
On behalf of the St. Croix County Breeding Stock                                  May 7, 2011
Program we would like to thank everyone that took                      8:30 am – 3:00 pm (part or all day)
time to sell tickets, bake items for the bake sale, and
do dishes and those that came to eat breakfast with
us. Thank you for talking with the youth and                    Nasco will be presenting our 25th annual Showing &
supporting their program.                                       Grooming Demonstrations on sheep, beef and dairy.
                                                                Topics for discussion will include: animal selection,
                                                                proper clipping techniques, choice of grooming
                                                                equipment and showmanship. During each
                                                                demonstration, door prizes will be given away and
                                                                each person attending will receive a valuable
                                                                discount coupon which may be used at the Nasco
      Badger Livestock Judging Camp
                                                                There is no fee for attending these informational
               March 10, 2011
                                                                demonstrations and lunch will be provided.
                10 am to 2 pm                                   Registration due by: May 2 to insure seating
  Arlington Research Station, Arlington, WI                     availability. To register your group, please call 920-
                                                                568-5600 and indicate whether you plan to attend all
Do you want to improve your livestock selection                 or part of the day.
skills? Do you want to learn how to effectively give
reasons? Have you completed third grade through                           State Livestock Quiz and
one year post high school? If yes, this camp is for
you.                                                                         Skillathon Contest
                                                                                March 19, 2011
Registration fee is $15 per person and is due                         12:30 pm Registration, 1 pm Contest
March 4. This fee includes lunch and materials. This                      Arlington Research Station
is limited to the first 100 people.
                                                                           Registration due March 11
For more information and a registration form contact
Bernie O‘Rourke at or                  A team must consist of 3–4 members. There are two
                                                                divisions: Senior members (14–19) and Junior
(608) 262-5157.
                                                                members (8-13). Ages are as of January 1, 2010.
  Meat Animal Quality Assurance Clinic                          Awards will be presented at the 5 pm dinner.
         Sunday, April 10, 2011; 1:00 pm                        For more information and registration information,
          St. Croix Central High School                         contact Bernie O-Rourke at (608) 263-4304 or
Each member will be required to attend the Meat        Or check out the website
Animal Quality Assurance Clinic on April 10 in        
order to participate at the 2011 St. Croix County Fair.         ex.cfm.

*** This is NOT just for youth with market animals.             WI Pork Association Offers Connections
Youth sowing breeding stock are required to attend                      for Swine Exhibitors
an MAQA clinic *** Please refer to the rules posted
at:                               The Wisconsin Pork Association is offering two
                                                                opportunities for youth involved in a 4-H or FFA
If you have questions regarding this clinic, please call        swine project.
any Breeding Stock Committee Member or contact
Sue Mason directly at 715-265-4006 or email at                  ―Buy Wisconsin First‖ Swine Directory features                                              Wisconsin seed stock and show pig producers.
                                                                Copies of the directory can be received by calling
                                                                800-822-7675 or e-mailing or view
the directory on the WPA webpage at                          The closest identification sites to St. Croix County                                                are on April 16 from 9:00 am to noon at the Polk Co.
                                                             Fairgrounds in St. Croix Falls or at the Dunn County
The Wisconsin Show Pig Association is offering a             Fairgrounds in Menomonie. The contact person in
show pig sale on Saturday April 10 at the Jefferson          Polk County is Dale Rosen at 715-263-4410 and the
County Fairgrounds. The sale will feature 75 head of         contact person for Dunn County is Jeff Styer at 715-
crossbred and purebred barrows and gilts. Sale starts        440-0032. For additional information go to
at 3:30 pm. For more details call 800-822-7675.    
    WI Ayrshire Breeders Association
       Shayr-A-Heifer Program                                Youth interested in participating in the 2011 WI State
                                                             Fair must contact their local UW-Extension office for
            Applications Due April 7                         more information and entry deadlines.

This program is designed to help young people who               2011 Wisconsin State Fair Market
are interested in having a Registered Ayrshire dairy
project. Ownership will be on a 50/50 basis between            Lamb Identification Sites Announced
the junior member and the Wisconsin Ayrshire
Breeders Association. After two years the junior             Youth interested in participating in the 2011 WI State
member has the option to either buyout (purchase             Fair Market Lamb and Performance Classes must
price plus 25%) or sell the Shayr-A-Heifer at WABA           identify their market lambs at an official
Spring Sale for 50% of the proceeds.                         identification site. Lambs will be individually
                                                             identified, receive an official Wisconsin State Fair
For more information and an application call the             ear tag, and be required to have a DNA sample
UW-Extension Office.                                         collected. A $10 fee per animal will be collected at
                                                             the check-in sites.

                                                             There are a few sites you can go to that are close to
                                                             St. Croix County. The first being at Polk County
                                                             Fairgrounds in St. Croix Falls on Wednesday, April
                                                             27 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. Contact person is Jay
            State Fair                                       Yunker at 715-495-3308. The next site is at the
                                                             Dunn County Fairgrounds in Menomonie on
           Information                                       Saturday, April 30 at 1-3 pm. The contact person on
                                                             this site is Kevin Schmoll at 715-370-2064. The last
                                                             opportunity is at the Pierce County Fairgrounds in
                                                             Ellsworth on Saturday, May 7 from 10am to noon.
    2011 Wisconsin State Fair Dairy                          The contact person for this site is Justin Luther at
The State Fair Dairy Interest Form was included in           715-425-3704. For additional information go to:
the Jan/Feb 4-H Communicator and is due to UW-     
Extension Office by March 1.                                 ck/index.cfm

                                                             Youth interested in participating in the 2011 WI State
       2011 Wisconsin State Fair
                                                             Fair must contact their local UW-Extension office for
    Market Swine Identification Sites                        more information and entry deadlines.

All junior market barrow and open jackpot show
barrow exhibitors wishing to exhibit during the 2011
Wisconsin State Fair, August 4 – 14, are required to
attend one of the regionally located identification
sites. DNA identification will be conducted at these
sites and will cost $10 per animal.

                                                                be invited to perform. The performances
     St. Croix County                                           will be judged and prizes of $100, $75 &
                                                                $50 awarded. Suggestions of how we can
         FairPlex                                               ―make the best better‖ are always welcome.
                                                                Co-chairs Terry Mitchell, (715) 246-5502 or
      Friends of the Fairplex – News                            Chris Libbey (715) 246-5626

                                                             4. Renovations for the Generations Raffle:
Our dream is rapidly becoming a reality!! The site is
                                                                The Raffles to date have been very successful
prepped and ready for erection of the 1st Dairy Barn
                                                                creating a lot of publicity, clearly
by the 2011 St. Croix County Fair!! Working
                                                                demonstrating the willingness of 4-Her‘s to
together we can not only get the Barn up but also
                                                                support the project and raising $24,000 above
pave the way for moving forward with the rest of the
                                                                expenses. The 2011 Raffle is in the works
dream – 2nd Dairy Barn, Horse Barn and the 4-
                                                                with a target of having tickets available by
season Event Center.
                                                                late March. New for this year: In addition
                                                                to the meat animal prizes, we will offer a
How do we get there?                                            cash option. This means two things: 1.
   1. Successful conclusion to the Fall                         Tickets should be much easier to sell and 2.
      Commodity Roundup. Our thanks to all                      We will likely have some meat to sell.
      who have worked on this. Reception has                    Congratulations to the 2010 $25 Target Gift
      been very positive! Your support to help                  Card winners:
      drive the Round Up to a successful                                 Abbie Weller - Rolling Hills
      conclusion is important. Currently the drive                       Emma Johnson - Trailblazers
      has generated $13,000 in donations &                               Dave & Cheryl Smith – Double
      pledges. We are in the process of launching                        Good
      the drive for cull cow donations – stay                            Catherine Schurtz – Bell Ringers
      tuned!! Want to help - contact Terry                               Jacob Schrurtz – Bell Ringers
      Mitchell, (715) 246-5502 or Chris Libbey                           Heidi Sandquist - Trailblazers
      (715) 246-5626.                                                    Sam Howell - Golden Fireballs
                                                                         Theresa Silcox - Double Good
    2. Pepsi Refresh Everything: A big thank you                         Rebecca Thon - Springbrook
       to all the members of our extended                                Megan Spott - Springbrook
       community of 4-H Leaders, Members, &                              Tyler Larson - Springbook
       Friends who pitched in to help promote the                        Susan Thon – Springbrook
       Dairy Barn project. While we didn‘t get into
       the top 10 and qualify for a grant, we had a          5. Club support: Many of the Clubs have
       great showing placing 71st out of 350 entries            been consistent supporters of the Raffle.
       in our category! The contest is being                    Additionally several clubs have held their
       extended for 2011. We will certainly take a              own fund raisers. In the past year the
       good look at applying again.                             Roberts Ribbon Reapers 4-H Club, Bell
                                                                Ringers 4-H Club, Sunnyside Shamrocks &
    3. May Fair Event & Sale: Last year‘s event                 Forest Timberwolves clubs have made
       netted $30,000 above expenses, thanks to the             significant donations outside of our
       generosity and hard work of many. The                    fundraisers totaling $6,000. These donations
       Dairy Committee and the Friends of the                   are greatly appreciated – we welcome club
       Fairplex have set Saturday evening, May 7th              donations of any size.
       as the date for this year‘s event. Again this
       year we are asking for donations for both the
       live and silent auctions. Last year‘s Club            6. Grants, business, & foundation grants:
       Theme baskets were a big hit generating                  Friends of the Fairplex is continuing to work
       almost $1,000 in sales. We are repeating the             on raising funds. Collectively with the
       theme baskets again this year and will post              Dairy Committee we have had a great year to
       details on the web site. New for this year:              date raising over $80,000. Suggestions of
       Three acts from the Talent Explosion will                potential donors are always welcome.

Mark your calendars:                                                       Rolling Hills Fundraiser
       April 2nd: Roberts Ribbon Reapers giant
                                                                       April 2, 2011; 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
       garage sale – all proceeds for the Dairy Barn
                                                                             St. Joseph Town Hall
        May 7th: 2nd Annual May Fair Event & Sale                      (Corner of County Road E and V)
        – fun for the entire family – all proceeds go
        for the Dairy Barn                                     Rolling Hills is sponsoring a fundraiser that will
                                                               include arts/crafts, silent auction, bake sale and even
        June 17 & 18: St. Croix Valley PRCA Rodeo              a petting zoo!!
        – fun for the entire family, special events for
        young buckaroos                                        There are tables still available for any of you
                                                               crafters!! Contact Crystal Anderson at 715-781-1001

                                                               for more information.

              Indoor Garage Sale
                                                                                Club Trophy Survey
            Roberts Ribbon Reapers
           April 1, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm                            We have been approached about different
            April 2, 8:00 am – noon                              options for club trophy options. The youth
             Roberts Park Building                               individual awards would remain the same. We
                                                                 ask that members and leaders please fill out the
Everything on the sale is donated and is sold at very            following survey what you would like to see
reasonable prices. Leftover items are then donated to            clubs get as awards. Once you have it
local organizations. This is true recycling. All                 completed please return it to the Extension
proceeds from the sale will help to build the new
                                                                 Office by April 15.
dairy barn at the St. Croix County Fairgrounds.

Donations of clean, gently used items will be                    ______ Have only certificates as club awards
accepted from 3:00 – 8:00 pm on Thursday, March
31st at the Roberts Park Building. Sorry but we can              ______ Have a traveling trophy
NOT accept furniture, appliances or computer
equipment.                                                       ______ Keep awards the same with plaques

For more information, contact 4-H leader Cindy                   ______ Other Ideas
Schultz at: 715-796-5265.




                                                                      Thank you for completing this survey!!

                                                                March 2011

     Sunday                 Monday                   Tuesday             Wednesday        Thursday                 Friday        Saturday
                                                1                        2           3                        4             5
                                                Due—Project Changes

6                      7                        8                        9           10                       11            12
                       7:00 pm—Breeding         7:30 pm—Meat Animal                  10:00 am – Badger                      9:00 am—Livestock
                       Livestock Committee      Committee Meeting (Ag                Livestock Judging Camp                 Information Clinic
                       Meeting (Ag Services &   Services & Ed Center)                (Arlington)                            (Mann Valley Farms;
                       Ed Center)                                                    7:30 pm—Fair Board                     RF)
                                                                                     Association (Ag
                                                                                     Services & Ed Center)

13                     14                       15                       16          17                       18            19
                       7:00 pm—Ambassador       7:00 pm—Leader‘s                                                            10:00 am—District
                       Meeting (Ag Services &   Council (Ag Services &                                                      Talent Explosion (Meyer
                       Ed Center)               Ed Center)                                                                  MS; RF)
                                                                                                                            1:00 pm—State
                                                                                                                            Livestock Skillathon

20                     21                       22                       23          24                       25            26
1:00 pm—Breeding       7:00 pm—Plat Book        7:00 pm—Expansion &                  7:00 pm—Horse Kick
Stock 3 & 1 (SCC HS)   Volunteer Meeting (Ag    Review (Ag Services                  Off Meeting (Ag
                       Services & Ed Center)    and Ed Center)                       Services & Ed Center)

27                     28                       29                       30          31

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