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                                    Volume 20, Number 1                                                 Winter/Spring, 2009

Welcome the Foundation’s First Executive Director                                            Featured Fauna
          Jay Wilson is a native San                                                             Lizards
Diegan, a 1966 graduate of the
University of San Diego with a degree                                                             My first contact with lizards
in political science, and he has been a                                                was seeing them portray dinosaurs in
resident of the Navajo community                                                       old movies. To make them look more
since 1968. He has a strong                                                            interesting, they were often outfitted
background in marketing and a keen                                                     with prosthetics, such as horns, gills,
interest in conservation and ecology                                                   spines, etc. Later, I would see these
from spending a total of 15 years as the                                               fascinating reptiles in nature programs
Assistant Director of Marketing for Sea                                                doing little jigs on the hot sand in order
World and Director of Marketing for                                                    to keep their feet cool. It wasn't until I
the San Diego Zoo and the Wild                                                         moved to San Diego that I met the little
Animal Park. Most recently Jay                                                         critters in their natural environment;
served for nearly 14 years as a City                                                   devoid of any entertainment value, I
Council Representative for                                                             still find them fascinating.
Councilmembers Judy McCarty and                                                                   Lizards are reptiles whose
Jim Madaffer respectively. Jay has                                                     ancestors began populating the planet
been an active member of the                                                           over 200 million years ago. There are
community from the early 1970’s and                                                    nearly 5,000 species of lizard living all
has been a member of the Lake Murray                                                   over the Earth, with the exception of
Kiwanis Club since 1995. He enjoys                                                     severely cold regions. There is great
computers and technology, reading,          Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation
and his grandchildren. Jay and his wife                Executive Director
                                                           Jay Wilson
Carole reside in Del Cerro.

            Leaves of three . . . ? Let it be!
                        by Ranger Heidi Gutknecht
          Here on the west coast we        brown, and then to a beautiful crimson
have poison oak (Toxicodendron             red in the fall. Being a deciduous plant,
diversilobum), not ivy. However, both      its leaves are then dropped and the         variation among the species, but
plants look very similar, with leaves      plant remains “naked” throughout the        generally lizards are cold blooded,
containing leaflets of three – the two     winter. Come spring, shiny new green        have external ears, four legs with
bottom leaflets appear to be “kissing,”    leaves return.                              clawed feet, a long body and a weak
while the top leaflet is “running away.”             So, why do we need to “let it     tail that will break off easily when
Poison oak prefers to grow in shady        be?” All parts of poison oak (including     grabbed by a predator. The tail helps
areas and in riparian habitats (along a    the stems!) contain urushiol oil, which     with balance and also stores fat and can
river or stream). It often sends out       can cause an allergic dermatitis            be a problem once lost. Fortunately,
vines, which attach to and climb up        reaction when contact is made. A rash       many lizard species' tails grow back.
other plants and trees, making it          of itchy blisters can result, which can     Most lizards also have cold, dry, scaly
sometimes difficult to notice. Poison      be spread if broken open by scratching.     skin, which can come with intricate
oak can also be challenging to             This urushiol oil is active in both live    patterns and vivid colors. This skin will
recognize, as its appearance changes       and dead plants and can remain intact       molt as the lizard grows.
throughout the year. During the
summer its leaves turn yellow and                   Poison Oak, continued on P. 2                     Lizard, continued on p. 3
      Nature Explorers                                                                      Mission Trails
                                                                                       Regional Park Foundation
           Mission Trails Regional Park offers a NEW program for ages 5-10                Board of Directors
  and parents (younger siblings who can manage are also welcome).
  We will begin with a 10-minute wildlife introduction, then hit the trails.                     Joseph C. Morse
  The many changes taking place in the park at dusk will be explored, using our                      President
  four senses and flashlights to aid us.                                                          Nancy Acevedo
           The Nature Explorer’s program Takes place at the Kumeyaay Lake                          Vice President
                                                                                                Dorothy Leonard
  Campground. Pass through the Entry Station and park in the Day Use                            Secretary Treasurer
  Parking Lot. Meet at the Shade Structure, across from the restrooms.                         Patrick Abbott, Ph.D
           The Nature Explorers is from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on the                               Sue Braun
  following Fridays: Jan. 9th, Feb. 13th, Mar. 13th, Apr. 10th, May 15th, &                        Gene Hatton
  Jun. 12th                                                                                    Gary Krueger, O.D.
           For your comfort and safety, please remember to wear sturdy,                     J. Carlton Morse II, CFP
  closed-toed shoes; dress in layers and pack water bottles and snacks.                      Walter Odening, Ph.D.
           To register, please e-mail the information listed below to Linda                        Betty Ogilvie
  Hawley, Volunteer Trail Guide and Nature-Teacher, at:                                     William L. Sperling, M.D.                                                                        Donald E. Steele
                                                                                                    Tom Story
                                                                                                   Connie Wood
  1. Parent's name
  2. Child(ren)'s Name(s) and age(s)
  3. Phone Number                                                                                     Staff
  4. E-mail Address
                                                                                                    Jay Wilson
                                                                                                Executive Director
                                                                                                 Roland Roberge
                                                                                              Administrative Assistant
                                                                                                  Patty O’Reilly
                                                                                                Gift Shop Manager

                                                                                                   Hon. Jim Ellis
                                                                                          California State Senator, retired
                                                                                                 Hon. Barry Jantz
                                                                                         Council Member, City of La Mesa
                                                                                                 Hon. Lucy Killea
                                                                                                 President and CEO
                                                                                       International Community Foundation,
                                                                                          California State Senator, retired
                                                                                                Hon. Jim Madaffer
                                                                                        Council Member, City of San Diego,
Poison Oak, continued from p. 1             from the burning plant can cause                           retired
                                            severe eye and respiratory problems.               Hon. Judy McCarty
on objects it has come into contact with    Despite the negative effects it can have    Council Member, City of San Diego,
for years! For this reason items, such as   on humans, poison oak does have its                 Hon. Dick Murphy
boots, clothing and camping                 redeeming qualities, too. For example,        Mayor, City of San Diego, retired
equipment, should be carefully washed       in addition to being an attractive plant        Superior Court Judge, retired
with a strong detergent that can break      to look at, poison oak provides both                  Michael R. Pent
up the urushiol oil; using just a regular   food and shelter for local wildlife.         Past Chair Mission Trails Citizens'
soap will merely spread the oil around      Some Native Americans even used it to               Advisory Committee
on the object.                              help get rid of their warts! So, we need   Past President Mission Trails Regional
          Poison oak can also               not dislike or fear poison oak, as long               Park Foundation
contaminate the fur of animals, which       as we respect and are aware of it. The              Hon. Larry Stirling
is yet another good reason for dogs to      best way to avoid coming into contact           Superior Court Judge, retired
be kept on leash at all times while         with it, of course, is to simply stay on    California State Senator, retired
hiking here in the park. Even smoke         the trails!

Lizard, continued from p.1                   Komodo dragon is really a whopping          Nest Box Volunteers Needed
                                             big lizard, which will even eat a person    The MTRP Bird Nest Box Project needs
                                             if given the chance.                        volunteers to help out for this coming
          Like snakes, lizards smell by
                                                       Sometimes Lizards fool you        spring.
sticking out their tongues. The scent
                                             by looking like something else. One
organ is actually located on the roof of
                                             looks like a toad, but is actually the      Each volunteer, or group of volunteers (i.e.,
their mouth; the tongue darts out
                                             horned lizard. Another looks like a         a family, scout troop, etc.), will be assigned
collecting odor molecules, then it                                                       six different nest boxes, which they will be
                                             snake, but is really a lizard without
retracts depositing those molecules on                                                   responsible for monitoring on a weekly
                                             legs. How can you tell a legless lizard
their "nose". This helps them to find                                                    basis from March through July. Those
                                             from a snake? See if it blinks!
food, a mate, or spot predators. Unlike                                                  interested should contact Project Manager
                                                       The predominate lizard
snakes, which have no moveable                                                           Daniece Moden at (619) 447-9766 or

                                                                                          Mark Your Calendar For
                                                                                          The Seventeenth Annual
                                                                                           Photography Contest
                                                                                         Contest Deadline April 24, 2009
                                                                                         All entries will be on display at the Visitor
                                                                                         Center from May 10 to June 13, 2009.
                                                                                         Reception and awards ceremony will be
                                                                                         held Sunday, May 31, 2009

                                                                                               Art Exhibit
                                                                                              January 31- February 27, 2009
                                                                                             Dana Levine, Photography and Jan
                                                                                                 Thompson, Photography
                                                                                             Show title: Sunshine and Shadow
                                                                                            Reception: Saturday, Feb. 7th 1-3 pm

                                                                                                February 28-March 27, 2009
                                                                                                  Jerome Lipetzky, Oil and
                                                                                                      Jane Fletcher, Oil

                                                                                                  March 28-April 24, 2009
                                                                                                  Jim Respess, Photography

                                                                                                 April 25 - May 8, 2009
eyelids, lizards have eyelids they can       species in San Diego are: Great Basin                   (two week show)
blink. One exception is the gecko,           fence lizard, San Diego alligator lizard,     Melva Riley, Oil, Mike Kemp, Oil and
                                                                                                    Creela Villani, Oil
which has a clear membrane to protect        granite spiny lizard, San Diego banded
their eyes from dirt and bright sunlight.    gecko, side-blotched lizard, San Diego
Don't look for the standard mammalian        horned lizard, Henshaw night lizard,
ears on a lizard; they have visible ear      Colorado skink, orange-throated
openings flush with their bodies. Also,      whiptail, and silvery legless lizard.         Cell Phone Patrol
don't bother trying to listen for lizards;             Unless it is cold and overcast,
few species actually vocalize.               it is almost impossible not to see a        Report any suspicious
          Different lizards eat different    lizard while hiking in the park. The        behavior in or around
stuff, generally depending on the size       fence and alligator lizards are those       our parking lots and
of the lizard. Smaller species will eat      you are most likely to see while in the     facilities.
bugs, spiders and even plants and their      park. Being cold blooded, they love
fruit, while larger species will eat small   sunning themselves out in the open, on             Rangers
animals and birds. And, like most            a warm rock and sometimes atop a             (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)
creatures in nature, lizards are a food      fence post. Move very slowly and you          call 619-668-3281
source for birds, animals, snakes and        can almost touch them before they              San Diego Police
even other lizards!                          scurry off to hide.                                Dept. call
          To give you an idea of just                                                         619-531-200
how different lizards can be, the                                    Roland Roberge
  Thank you to our many Mission Trails contributors of 2008
          BENEFACTOR                                       Laura Clark                          Sunbelt Publications
City of San Diego Special Promotional                      Douglas Coe                           Torrey Pines Bank
              Programs                                    Pete Cuthbert                    Leonard and Janet Trentacosta
            STEWARD                                          Ted Daub                              Rose Van Hook
   County of San Diego Community                   Wendy and Terry Esterly                    George and Nancy Varga
        Enhancement Funds                         Dr. & Mrs. Myron Fessler                           Mark Wade
           Pardee Homes                               Sally and Einar Gall                          Cecile Walters
     San Diego Landfill Systems                    Terry Gaughen Gaughen                             Tom Walters
           Sempra Energy                        Gloria Giolzetti - In Memory of                    Joseph Weening
             PATRON                                       Louis Giolzetti              West Hills High School - In Memory of
     Pat Abbott - In Memory of                    Robert and Linda Gordon                         Brittany Williams
        Lance Patrick Abbott                             Mary Jo Grubbs                      Elisa and Howard Wiggins
    Beckman Coulter Foundation                    Michael and Lois Gubitosi                  Nancy and Dennis Wilson
          Kaiser Permanents                         Julie and Steve Guroff                     Art and Connie Wood
Metropolitan Water District of Southern            Diane and Jim Hamilton                     David A. Wynn, D.D.S.
              California                     Bruce Harley and Patricia Knobloch                     Douglas Wong
      Joe and Rosemarie Morse                   Stephen and Mary Jane Harris                YMCA of San Diego County
  Linda and Walter Odening, Ph.D.                       Salah Hassanein                      Fred and Pauline Zacharias
      Olive Garden Restaurants                        Tom and Joan Hayes                          Fred Zuckerman
         Superior Ready Mix                         Dorothy and Art Hester                          FAMILY
          Viejas Enterprises                      Fred and Bobby Hammack                    William and Mary Abernathy
    Westfield Development Corp.                Cheryl Rode and Mike Hurlburt               Raymond and Barbara Anderson
            FOUNDER                                       John Hancock                          Jack and Pennie Avery
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            Kiwanis Club of                               Thomas Leech                               Harry Tranter
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  David McLaren and Diane Nelson                  Perry and Christine Lieber                    Larry and Patricia Fox
        Rady Children's Hospital            Marianne Alhadeff and Helen Malone                      Richard Gilbert
        Larry and Linda Stirling                   Henry and Shirley Mann                             Gail Hanna
            Jean Tomcavage                     Michael and Genevieve Matherly                 Maren and David Hargis
              Marie Tuthill                       Chuck and Martha Moffett                     Jack and Grace Hawkes
         Wachovia Foundation                       Carlton and Cathy Morse                       Linda and James Hill
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   Jerry Schweinfest - In Honor of                        Ron Orton
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      Dr. and Mrs. Roger Scott                           Harry Pebley                 October to December 2008
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          Fred and Joan Liddle                                                                   Joseph Weening
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                                               Gloria Giolzetti - In Memory of            Elisa and Howard Wiggins
        Marsha Jean MacDonald                                                           Rev. and Mrs. Fred Zacharias
 Kay Martin - In Memory of Kay O'Day                  Louis F. Giolzetti
                Betty Marx                       Cecilia Hair - In Memory of
             Jocelyn McGrath                             Dwight Hair
        Kathy and Jim McNairnie            Cub Scout Pack 51 - Bear Den 2008-2009
       Sheldon and Marcia Merel              Debi Laird, Diane Leonard and Joan
Teresa Minniti - In Honor of Sandy Kuntz           McCollom - In Honor of
              Karen Muldrew                   Dorothy Leonard's contributions to
               Aaron Muller                             Mission Trails
           Fran and Chris Nizic

                               Working in cooperation with the
                     City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department
                              July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008
The Foundation funded, and working           A water line from the Visitor Center         The Foundation maintains the
with park staff, provided oversight for      side of Father Junipero Serra Trail to       Kumeyaay Lake Campground internet
the following exhibits in the Visitor        the Oak Grove Trail trailhead was            and intranet web sites which were
and Interpretive Center: the new             installed in order to provide water to       developed by the City of San Diego
“Animals in Mission Trails” exhibit;         the existing oak trees and for the 2008      Park and Recreation Department. This
continued work on the “Predators of          Arbor Day tree plantings. Four picnic        system is used for making campground
Mission Trails” exhibit, which includes      table pads and one donated picnic table      reservations and accepting payments,
a new wall mural (still in progress,         were installed.                              some on-line and some at the
approximately 80% of the mural was                                                        campground entry station. The
completed.); a faux mountain lion was        The Foundation contracted with Joseph        Foundation pays for all upgrades to the
created and installed; existing              Wong Design Associates (JWDA) to             system as well as Cox
taxidermied coyote was moved to this         conduct a feasibility study for the          Communications monthly Internet
exhibit.                                     Equestrian Staging Area comfort              access fees. The Foundation
                                             station.                                     contracted with Art Street Interactive
The Foundation maintains computers at                                                     (ASI) in 2007 to upgrade the on-line
the Visitor Center for use by City staff,    The Foundation owns and continues to         campground reservation system. It is
Foundation staff, volunteers, and            support and improve the Park web site        anticipated that the new system will be
visitors as well as a server, and a          MTRP.ORG. The City of San Diego              completed during the FY2009 fiscal
computer dedicated to the Visitor            Special Promotional Programs is given        year.
Center weather station. It provided          credit on the site. Art Street Interactive
funding for and, working with park           (ASI) continues to donate a significant      Other accomplishments include
staff, oversaw the repair and                amount of staff time to maintain and         purchase and maintenance of all
replacement of all exhibits as well as       improve the MTRP web site.                   computer equipment at the
the theater shows and equipment. It                                                       campground for use by staff and
continues to sponsor art shows in the        The Foundation continues to promote          volunteers, as well as co-sponsoring,
gallery and an annual amateur                the park by placing an advertisement         with the City of San Diego Park and
photographic contest.                        for the park, including the                  Recreation Department, programs for
                                             campground, in the San Diego East            children and adults at the Campground
The Foundation co-sponsors with the          Visitors Bureau map. It contracted with      and Visitor Center.
City of San Diego Park and Recreation        a public relations/marketing consultant
Department programs for children and         to get publicity for the park and the        The Foundation provides on-going
adults. It also continues to maintain a      annual Explore Mission Trails Day.           support for the volunteer program
Gift Shop at the Visitor Center. Work        Quarterly newsletters were published,        sponsored by the Park and Recreation
also began on a new and updated Trail        sent to donors and interested                Department. Support in FY2008
Map to be sold in the Gift Shop. Cox         individuals and organizations, and           included: subsidizing the cost of polo
Communications continues to donate           made available at the Visitor Center         shirts worn by park volunteers;
high speed Internet service at the           and other public facilities. An e-           providing badges for volunteers;
Visitor Center.                              newsletter is sent to subscribers for        paying for snacks for work crews, trail
                                             more timely communication with               guide trainings and other volunteer
Five new wayside information panels          Mission Trails supporters and users.         events, as well as lunch and snacks for
were installed along Father Junipero                                                      volunteer patrol training; funding the
Serra Trail replacing old and faded          The Sixth Annual Explore Mission             monthly Trail Guide newsletter;
panels. The Cowles Mountain summit           Trails Day was held on May 17, 2008.         supporting the annual volunteer awards
boulder was refurbished and the bronze       Activities were held at the Visitor          event by providing plaques, gift
plaque replaced. Donor contributions         Center, equestrian staging area and          certificates and door prizes in addition
for special projects such as the Trail       campground. Corporate sponsorships           to food, beverages and paper products
Maintenance and the Tree and Habitat         included one Media sponsor, four Title       for the potluck held in conjunction with
Maintenance Funds were used for the          sponsors, four Community sponsors,           the awards program.
following projects: fencing material for     one Pony Ride sponsor, one Ms.
use on the Cowles Mountain trail and         Frizzle sponsor, one Photo Contest           This is only a partial, edited list of
in other areas of the park; plants for the   sponsor, and four Neighborhood               Foundation Accomplishments. For the
Visitor Center plant identification          sponsors. Donations included $36,500         complete document, call 619-688-3280
walk; trees planted at Kumeyaay Lake         in cash and $19,000 in product and in-       or e-mail
Campground as part of the annual             kind services.
Arbor Day event.

                                                                  

                                                               
                                                         
                                                                                              
                                                                                             
                                                               
                                                      
                                                            
                                                              
                                                  
                                                
                                                  
                                                  
                                                     
                                                      
                                                            
                                                   
                                
                                                      
                                                       
                                                 
                                                                       
                                                        
                                                            
                                                              
                                                                                     
                         
                           
                                     
                                                                
                             


              
            
                                                                                              
                                                                           
                                                                                             
                                                                                                       
            
                                                                                             
             
                                                                                         
                              
                                    

                       
                           
                                                                                    
                                               
                                              
              
                                                                                                  
                                                                                      
                                                     
                                                                 


Volume 20, Number 1 - Winter/Spring, 2009



                                        Another Successful Arbor Day
This year's Mission Trails Regional Park
Arbor Day was celebrated on Saturday,
December 6th at the new Oak Grove trail
picnic area. Fifteen cottonwood trees and
California Wild Rose, Lemonadeberry,
Bladderpod, Toyon and Monkeyflower
shrubs were planted. Members of Boy
Scout Troop 950 assisted with planting the
trees and shrubs.

Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation
thanks the donors for their support of our
2008 Arbor Day, many who came with
family and friends to plant trees in honor or
memory of a special person in their life.
(See the list of donors on page 5)

Our 2008 Arbor Day in Mission Trails was
sponsored by City of San Diego
Councilmember Jim Madaffer, City of San
Diego Park & Recreation Department,
                                                             Over thirty people attended Arbor Day 2008 to plant fifteen
Mission Trails Regional Park Citizens'
                                                             cottonwood tress and various shrubs at the new Oak Grove
Advisory Committee and Mission Trails
                                                             Trail picnic area.
Regional Park Foundation.

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