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  WHAT’S NEW                                       Make Cloth Dolls                                                             From Print to Stitch
                                                   A Foolproof Way to                                                           Tips and Techniques for
                                                   Sew Fabric Friends                                                           Hand Printing and Stitching
                                                   Terese Cato                                                                  on Fabric
                                          A step-by-step visual guide to making
                                                                                                                                Janet Edmonds
                                          a light-hearted and charming doll, with                                      This hands-on guide focuses on print as
                                          patterns you can personalize. Create                                         a means of getting colour and pattern
                                                                                                                       on fabric and embellishing the design
                                          four types of cloth dolls- three sculpted
                                                                                                                       with stitch. It will take you from the initial
                                          and one rag doll. It is beginner friendly
                                                                                                                       idea and the development of a theme
                                          with project instructions including                                          to designing and making a block and how to use colour. Featuring
                                          templates for the body and clothing, as                                      techniques for block, soft-cut lino,                            102016
                                          well as suggestions for hair and accessories.                                mono and collagraph printing and a stitch gallery showing you
                                          Learn face-painting techniques that make each doll unique.                   how your printed design can be enhanced.
                                          Paperback 275 x 215 mm 112 pp                                                Hardback 280 x 210 mm 128 pp
                                          RRP $49.95               Our Price $32.95                                    RRP $42.99              Our Price $39.95
 More William Morris
 in Applique Michele Hill
 Showcasing a further 10                           Elly Sienkiewiczs's Beloved                                                  Sock Yarn One Skein
 spectacular applique projects,                    Baltimore Album Quilts                                                       Wonders
 Michele has successfully captured
 the essence of Morris' love for                   12 Blocks, 12 Quilts,                                                        Judith Durant Ed.
 the home by dedicating each                       Embellishment Techniques                                            More than 5 dozen inspired patterns for
 project to a room from his era.                   Elly Sienkiewiczs                                                   other items that can be created from a
 The result is breathtaking, with
                                          Featuring quilts from the 2010 Quilt's Inc. exhibit,                         single skein of sock yarn. One-of-a-kind
 inspirational projects including a
                                          Baltimore Album Review II: Baltimore's Daughters-                            patterns for baby clothes, mittens, scarves,
 wall hanging, cushion and quilts for                                                                         101058
 both adults and children. Features       Friends Stitch Past to Future. Celebrate the return of classic               hats, jewellery, cosies, bags... even a dog
 clear, concise instructions and full     Baltimore patterns! These smaller blocks make for easier,                    sweater and a lamp shade! Knitters of every skill level will find 101925
 size patterns. With sumptuous            more portable quilt projects that you and yours will cherish for years       tantalizing challenges; some knit up in fewer than three hours,
 photography and graphic design,          to come. With 25 classic 8” blocks and 12 quilts to make using appliqué      others make creative use of sock yarn leftovers, and several make
 the book reflects Michele's passion                                                                                   heirloom-worthy gifts. An easy-to-browse layout, colour photos
                                          basics plus special techniques for appliqué and embellishments.
 for everything Morris.                                                                                                throughout, step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations and charts,
                                          Complete with an inspirational gallery of over 200 contributions.
 Paperback 275 x 210 mm 144 pp                                                                                         and stylish patterns. Paperback 215 x 205 mm 288 pp
                                          Paperback 280 x 215 mm 128 pp
 RRP $49.95       Our Price $44.95                                                                                     RRP $24.99              Our Price $22.95
                                          Our Price $32.95

NEEDLE AND CRAFT Fine books by Mail
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 Beadwork & Jewelry                                                                                              Dress-up Fashions For 18 Dolls Frances Hughes & Sue Childress
                                                                                                                 With themed designs for making a new doll wardrobe, this pattern collection includes six outfits and various
                                                                                                                 matching accessories perfectly suited for 18” dolls. Using light, medium, bulky, or sport-weight
           Weave, Wrap, Coil                                                                                     yarns, these easy-to-crochet projects include the themes Dress-Up, School Days, Party Time,
           Creating Artisan Wire Jewelry Jodi Bombardier                                                         Winter Fun, Daisy Girl, and Sweet Dreams. Beginning and intermediate crocheters alike can
 First learn the basics of cold metalwork, including wire properties and gauges. Next,                           make these whimsical, simple designs that include accessories such as hats, hair bows,
 Jodi will teach you her signature wire-weaving technique, in addition to coiling, wrapping,            101567   book bags, and more. Paperback 275 x 215 mm 24 pp
 texturing and forging. Incorporate a variety of materials, including beads, wire and stone in                   Our Price $12.95                                                                                       101848
 25 bracelets, necklaces, pendants, cuffs and rings. With projects grouped by skill level, this book is
 great for wireworkers looking to bring new elements to their wire jewellery.                                               Closet Monsters
 Paperback 230 x 215 mm 128 pp. Extra images on website                                                                     Stitch Creatures You'll Love from Clothing You Don't John Murphy
 RRP $29.99                 Our Price $26.95                                                                     13 Critters from clothes you can’t bear to wear! This book will teach you how to chop, sculpt
                                                                                                                 and sew those wardrobe off-casts into adorable monsters each with its own quirky personality.
           Robert Baines: Metal                                                                                  Learn how to stitch a variety of fabric types and follow basic instructions for arm and leg styles
           Sophia Errey, Rudiger Joppien & Judith O'Callaghan                                                    that can be used for customization. You’ll love your new monster pals and the extra wardrobe
 Generously illustrated, this monograph consists of an outstanding new body of                                   space! Paperback 230 x 230 mm 144 pp. Extra images on website
 work developed specifically by Robert Baines and published to accompany the                                     RRP $19.99                   Our Price $17.95                                                          101906
 sixth exhibition in Object's, Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft series.
 It pays tribute to one of Australia's most prominent and influential jewellers
 and goldsmiths. For those who know little about the demands and subtleties
 of manipulating metal, you will find this powerful and compelling, for those with                   101519      Emboidery & Cross Stitch
 some understanding, it is also an astonishing revelation of his skill.
 Paperback 240 x 240 mm 120 pp                                                                                              Blackwork - Essential Stitch Guides Becky Hogg
 RRP $49.95                 Our Price $44.95                                                                     This needlework resource demonstrates how to develop many different patterns from
                                                                                                                 the basic blackwork stitches, using detailed instructions and beautiful examples of
           Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Jewelry                                                           traditional and contemporary embroideries. Step-by-step photographic instructions on
           The Complete Guide to Turning You Passion into Profit                                                 framing and transferring designs are included, as are introductory histories to each
           Viki Lareau                                                                                           technique. The extensive stitch library features over 35 patterns including methods for shading,
 This is specifically focusing on marketing and selling beading and handmade                                     breaking up patterns and combining techniques. Spiral Bound Hardback 215 x 150 mm 96 pp
 jewellery in the craft market. The author provides practical advice and                                         RRP $25.99                   Our Price $23.95
 encouragement to do it right. Read uplifting stories and gain knowledge with
 interviews from people who have made it work, discover essential business guides                                           Crewelwork - Essential Stitch Guides Jacqui McDonald
 such as matching your style and time commitment with your target market, the                                    This needlework resource demonstrates how to work basic and more complex
 setting up steps of a home based business including licenses and tax numbers,                                   stitches using detailed instructions and showcases beautiful examples of both
 developing your distinctive look for marketing material and the fine art of pricing for                         traditional and contemporary embroideries. Step-by-step photographic instructions
 profit. Paperback 230 x 155 mm 96 pp                                                                            on framing and transferring designs are included, as are introductory histories to each
 RRP $29.99                 Our Price $26.95                                                                     technique. The extensive stitch library includes over 35 essential stitches, filling
                                                                                                                 stitches, outline and surface stitches. Spiral Bound Hardback 210 x 150 mm 96 pp
 Wirework                                                                                                        RRP $25.99                   Our Price $23.95                                                          102023
 An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Wire Wrapping Dale Armstrong
 This book with DVD is a step-by-step guide for the intermediate artist seeking new                              Made in France: Sweet Treats in Cross-Stitch Tinou Le Joly Senoville
 design possibilities combined with solid technique instruction. You will learn how
 to wire-wrap using faceted stones, how to create pendants with any size or shape                                Strawberry shortcakes, plump macarons, toffee apples and ice-cream sundaes -
 of faceted stone, how to use several methods for working with and setting faceted                               these mouth-watering motifs in delicious colours will inspire you to create beautiful
 stones, plus mixing wire gauges and tempers to create stable yet creative pieces.                               gifts and accessories for the home. The 53 projects include placemats, napkins, bibs,
 The 18 projects include beautiful custom bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings                               bags, aprons, cushions and tea towels but once you've mastered this simple stitch the
 and rings. Paperback 230 x 215 mm 128 pp                                                                        possibilities are endless. Paperback 250x205 mm 144 pp
                                                                                                     102020      RRP $34.95                   Our Price $31.95
 RRP $35.99                 Our Price $32.95                                                                                                                                                                            101771

 Dolls & Bears                                                                                                   Fibre Arts
           Build Your Own Inexpensive Dollhouse                                                                             Iranian Textiles Jennifer Wearden & Patricia Baker
           EJ Tangerman                                                                                          The Victoria and Albert Museum has an unrivalled collection of Iranian textiles from
 Build this spacious dollhouse with six basic tools. You will need a folding rule, square,                       the first half of the nineteenth century. This book presents, for the first time, over 200
 saber saw, rasp, sander, and a hammer and a single sheet of 4' x8' plywood. The finished                        of the most beautiful Qajar textiles and describes the political and economic context in              101883
 two-story model measures 36 1/2" x 26" (scale1" to1') and has six rooms, plus a staircase,             101357   which they were produced. There are over 900 examples of woven, printed and embroidered
 windows, shutters, and a front door. The easy-to-follow instructions offer advice on purchasing the             fabrics, which were used as garments and accessories, as well as for furnishings and religious
 plywood and trimmings and explain exactly how to cut and assemble the pieces. Helpful tips on sanding,          textiles. This collection will interest interior designers, textile students and anyone involved in fashion.
 which pieces to nail first, constructing the roof, and finishing the project. Paperback 275x215 mm 44 pp        Hardback 300 x 250 mm 174 pp. Extra images on website
 Our Price $16.95                                                                                                RRP $69.99                   Our Price $64.95
2 | January 2011                                                                                                                                                                           Needle and Craft – Can Do Books
 Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Cover Button Jewelry                                                                            Design It Knit It: Babies Debbie Bliss
 Create Jewelry, Gifts & Glamour in an Afternoon Laura West Kong
 Create 6 quick-&-easy fabric button accessories, each with 5 variations. Learn to work                        Fifteen all-new designs for sporty sweaters, knits for preemies, special
 with various kinds of buttons, beads, hot-fix crystals, charms & embroidery. Small button                     occasion outfits and accessories showcase Debbie's signature style.
 jewelry is ideal for charm packs or using up scraps. Use these easy methods to adorn                          In addition, she leads you through the entire process: size and shaping,
 quilts, clothes, paper crafts. Includes: Batik button bling bracelets • Kurumi earrings                       yarn selection, colour and pattern, and embellishments. A designer's
 • Silk cord necklaces • Bow-tied button brooch. Paperback 275 x 215 mm 48 pp                       091480     workbook, which includes knitters' graph paper, templates for garment
 RRP $29.95                  Our Price $22.95                                                                  shapes and a stitch gauge, round out this guide to designing and knitting
                                                                                                               for babies. Spiral Bound Hardback 230 x 190 mm 160 pp                                            100817
            Nomadic Felts                                                                                      RRP $34.99                 Our Price $31.95
            Artistic Traditions in World Cultures Stephanie Bunn
 Illustrated with spectacular textiles from museums around the world, as well as field                         Charted Knitting Designs Barbara Walker
 photographs, archival material and details of motifs, this book gives a unique insight into                   Relevant to knitters of all skill levels and interest, this third book is a departure
 nomadic life and will be an inspirational source of designs for textile specialists. It explores              from the first two since nearly all of the patterns were designed by Barbara.
 the history and technology of feltmaking and explores patterns and their meaning and                          It contains 350 different charted designs, including: • How to read charts
 symbolism. It looks in particular detail at the Turkic and Mongol traditions, as well as closely
                                                                                                               • Textured fabrics • Twist stitch patterns • Cables • Closed-ring cables • Lace
 associated styles from Afghanistan and the Caucasus. Paperback 300 x 210 mm 160 pp
 RRP $65.00                  Our Price $59.95
                                                                                                               • Lace panels • Mosaic patterns • Colour patterns and uncharted miscellany.
                                                                                                    101100                                                                                                      100881
                                                                                                               Paperback 235 x 205 mm 268 pp
                                                                                                               Our Price $59.95

 General Craft                                                                                                           Baby Blueprint Crochet Robyn Chacula
                                                                                                               The garment and accessory patterns in this book are modern and
            Masters: Blown Glass                                                                               contemporary with no extra frills or fuss. Designed to launder easily, the
 Presenting the finest work being done today, and showcasing astounding pieces,                                19 projects include jumpers and tunics, jackets and vests with accessories
 from Dante Marioni's Greek-and Italian-inspired vessels to Sunny Wang's complex               101921          from hats to slippers, nappy covers and home items including blankets and
 calligraphic shapes. Susan Rossi-Wilcox writes brief introductions on every artist. Including                 toys. Robyn’s clear instructions are suitable for beginner and intermediate
 contributors from across North America and Australia, the leading centers for blown-glass work, as            crocheters. Features include: Planned schematics, technique details, step-by-
 well as from China, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands,the artists include: Kathy Elliot, Benjamin            step construction and finishing, guides to basic crochet symbols, stitch pattern diagrams,
 Edols, Dan Dailey, Richard Royal, Laura Donefer, Brian Hirst, Gabriella Bisetto, Hiroshi Yamano and           granny square diagrams and more. Paperback 230 x 215 mm 152 pp.
 Paul Marioni. Paperback 205 x 230 mm 330 pp. Extra images on website                                          RRP $29.99                 Our Price $26.95
 RRP $34.99                  Our Price $31.95
                                                                                                               Domino Knitting Vivian Hoxbro
 Marbled Paper Design He Zhihong & Guillaume Olive                                                             Deceptively simple and simply dynamic, this clever technique has been the rage
 This book contains stunning images for use as a graphic resource, or for                                      among European knitters for several years. You knit small sections using just knit
 inspiration. All of the illustrations are stored in high-resolution format on the                             and purl; get great colour effects using a colour at a time; make big projects with
 enclosed CD-ROM and are ready for professional quality printed media and web                                  short needles; and join and weave as you go - no finishing! Called 'domino knitting'
 page design. The pictures can be imported into most design, image-manipulation,                               because of its modular nature, this inventive method provides colour and pattern
 illustration, word-processing and email programs; no installation is required.            101408              intrigue for afghans, sweaters and items of all kinds. Clear, well-illustrated basics
 For most applications, images are royalty free. For commercial applications the permissions                   and step-by-step directions and patterns for striking fashion designs and home
 policy is reasonable and fees tend to be minimal. Paperback 220 x 220 mm 144 pp                               accessories. A key to help select yarns for any project, plus stitch variations, care tips.    1301-3939
 RRP $29.95                  Our Price $24.95                                                                  Paperback 185x155 mm 88 pp
                                                                                                               RRP $22.99                 Our Price $20.95

 Knitting & Crochet                                                                                                      Cowl Girls
                                                                                                                         The Neck's Big Thing to Knit Cathy Carron
            Knit Kimono Too Vicki Square                                                                       Following up her hit book Hattitude, this author and designer weaves
 Focusing on lighter weight knits for layering, plus unique stitch patterns, colourwork a                      a fashion statement that puts in-the-know women head and shoulders
 nd openwork designs, Vicki offers innovative shaping, interesting closures and edgings and 101564             above the rest. Featuring 40 patterns for knitters of every skill level and
  clever knitting techniques. Each project-from vests, coats, lightweight shells, and short-sleeve tops to a   there’s sure to be at least a few that are just for you. Options include a
 wide assortment of kimono jackets features various weights of yarn and is shown in clear photography          cosy neck wrap featuring a built-in iPod holder, a lacy drawstring hood
 and step-by-step instructions. The DVD demonstrates the techniques and stitches, including two-colour         and a woven necklace sparkling with Swarovski crystals. There are
 slip stitch, surface embroidery, two-hand stranded colourwork, garter-stitch shortrows, attaching knitted     designs for cowls, snoods, gaiters, bandannas, collars, necklaces and more.
 cord, making origami folds, double knitting and more. Paperback 230 x 215 mm 144 pp                           Paperback 255 x 215 mm 136 pp. Extra images on website
                                                                                                               RRP $24.99                 Our Price $22.95
 RRP $35.99                  Our Price $32.95
 Greetings from Knit Cafe Suzan Mischer                                                                        Knitted Teddy Bear Sandra Polley
 Colourful and chic, the book offers 30 of Knit Cafes most dazzling patterns for                               Teddies make great gifts & knitting is so relaxing. These 12 adorable bears
 “California-style” projects ranging from hiking socks to a bikini to a red carpet gown. It                    (4-21/10-53cm) & their many colourful outfits knit up fast on the go, they're
 also features stories about how the celebrated store came to be and how its eclectic                          small enough to carry with you & only need basic knitting skills. Making classic
 clientele came to shape it. Even a few favorite recipes from regular customers                                humpbacked, long-armed collector's bears or kids' mini-teds? All you need
 are included. Knitters nationwide will enjoy Knit Cafes California spirit and join its     NOW                is here. Plus lots of patterns for sweaters, dresses, vests, overalls,          IN
 eclectic circle of devotees. Paperback 240 x 215 mm 144 pp. Extra images on web PAP         IN                scarves, hats. Paperback 220 x 220 mm 96 pp                                   PAPER              101977
                                                                                              ER                                                                                                       BACK
 RRP $29.95                  Our Price $26.95                                              BACK     090010     Our Price $19.95

Needle and Craft – Can Do Books                                                                                                                                                                         January 2011 | 3
           How to Knit                                                                                             Creating Kirigami
 The five books cover techniques, stitches and everything you need to know to                             Elegant paper cutting is made easy with this kit that includes an illustrated
 knit 25 projects. The essential techniques are explained in step-by-step detail with                     instruction book filled with patterns and templates for thirty simple
 easy-to-follow illustrations, helpful hints and troubleshooting guides. Begin with                       designs-including several three-dimensional models-to transfer to the
 the basics in book one. Move onto simple projects including a first pair of knitted                      enclosed sheets of paper. From Baroque swirls to a five-pointed star, from
 socks and a cozy bed warmer in the second. Discover decorative accents in the                            Polynesian masks to a honeycomb, you can create beautiful forms using
 third and explore textural knitting in the fourth. Finally 38 stitches are covered to                    basic paper cutting techniques. 50 sheets of craft paper in a variety of
 help you explore your new knitting skills. Boxed Set                                                     colours and 25 sheets of colourful cardstock for 3D Kirigami. Boxed Set.
 RRP $19.99                Our Price $17.95                                                               Extra images on website
 Knit & Wrap Nathalie Mornu                                                                               RRP $16.99               Our Price $15.95                                                 101908
 This collection of 25 knitted projects focuses on beautifying the neck and shoulders.
 There are romantic capelets that float and flutter about, bold collars, and high-drama
 cowls that frame the face when worn slipped over the head or that drape elegantly
                                                                                                          Making Paper Boats
 when pushed down. With these projects-done up in a variety of yarns with simple                          Set sail with a fleet of water-resistant paper boats. From a graceful
 stitches and techniques such as cabling-knitters of all skill levels will soon see how a little 101916   catamaran to a stealthy submarine, these nine nautical projects are
 bit of yarn can express so much. Paperback 220 x 215 mm 120 pp. Extra images on website                  easy to construct using creative origami techniques. Simply rub the
 RRP $21.99                Our Price $19.95                                                               waterproofing stick onto the designated areas of each pre-printed origami
                                                                                                          sheet before making any folds. The boats will become amazingly water
           Luxe Knits: Accessories Laura Zukaite                                                          resistant-and ready for an outing in the tub, a pond, or a lake. Gift set
 This is the follow up to Luxe Knits with the author’s own sketches and styling                           includes: An 80-page instruction and project book, 50 sheets of                           101919
 suggestions. Featuring luxurious yarns, her accessories are designed to be worn at                       pre-printed origami paper and a waterproofing stick. Boxed Set
 different times. Merge creativity with functionality in relaxed morning, trendy daytime,
 transitional evening and glamorous nighttime pieces, including: • Earflap hat • Long tonal               RRP $14.99               Our Price $13.95
 leg warmers • Herringbone bracelet • Cable wristlets • Loose linen cowl • Cable belt • Airy 101918
 smocking scarf • Long silk gloves and more! Hardback 255 x 215 mm 136 pp. Extra images on website
 RRP $34.99                Our Price $31.95
                                                                                                          Quilting, Patchwork & Applique
 Knitter's Companion Deluxe Edition Vicki Square                                                                    Ricky Tims' Kool Kaleidoscope Quilts Ricky Tims
 Inside you’ll find an overview of stitches, gauges, joins, seams, borders and buttonholes, as
 well as detailed descriptions of each technique and photographs that show the finished look.             Create a spectacular kaleidoscope quilt with Ricky's unique strip-piecing
 Innovative methods are also explored including additional ways to cast on, bind                          method. You'll see impressive and intricate results from simple sets
 off and increase stitches. Vicki shares an abundance of detail on colour knitting                        of strips; it's foolproof with little need for pre-planning. The beauty
 techniques, plus favourite embellishments such as tassels, fringe, knitting with                         lies in the unpredictability of how the fabric unfolds - just like a real
 beads and more. Including two DVD’s, with over 4 hours of instruction.                                   kaleidoscope! Features: • Innovative step-by-step techniques to create
 Spiral Bound Hardback 180 x 130 mm 140 pp                                                                the project quilt • An inspirational gallery of 26 student quilts • Includes easy steps
 RRP $32.99                Our Price $29.95                                                    102024     to enlarge or reduce the size of your quilt. Paperback 275 x 215 mm 64 pp
                                                                                                          RRP $34.95               Our Price $24.95

 Papercraft                                                                                               Quilting Designs from the Past Jenny Carr Kinney
           Silhouette Style                                                                               300+ historically accurate hand / machine quilting designs 1840-1940,
           Techniques and Template Sets for Papercut Projects                                             arranged in four time periods it's easy to find the right design for your quilt.
           Nanetta Bananto                                                                                Quilting designs for all skill levels shown alone & over blocks / motifs.
 Including 21 step-by-step projects and more than 20 variations easily created                            Illustrated with vintage quilts, fabrics & journal pages. "Thanks to Jenny
 using the same techniques and designs. With tips and techniques for how to cut designs 101924            for helping us make our reproduction quilts more accurate & beautiful."
 either by hand or using electronic die-cutting machines and a CD-ROM containing all of the               Harriet Hargrave. Paperback 275 x 215 mm 128 pp
 cutting design files needed to create the projects, plus bonus designs to expand your creative           RRP $54.95               Our Price $39.95                                                 080769
 possibilities. Create dimensional and colourful tea-light lanterns, gift boxes, cards, paper dolls
 and more using paper cut designs in themes such as sea life, animals, flowers and fashion.
                                                                                                                   Hari Walner's Continuous-Line Quilting Designs
 Paperback 255 x 205 mm 128 pp. Extra images on website
 RRP $29.99                Our Price $26.95                                                                        80 Patterns for Blocks, Borders, Corners & Backgrounds
                                                                                                                   Hari Walner
  Fast, Fun & Easy Book Cover Art Jake Finch
                                                                                                          With 80 original continuous-line designs for hand or machine quilting,
  6 quick, easy projects (with 22 variations) for making original book covers using
                                                                                                          featuring brand new quilting patterns, as well as some variations on old
  innovative techniques (rotary cut & machine pieced quilt styles, fusible applique).
                                                                                                          favourites. Each pattern includes a photo, a line drawing to trace and a
  With a few basic sewing skills & embellishments (buttons, beads, charms), make
                                                                                                          directional diagram to show you how to stitch from sophisticated motifs to
  simple to elaborate covers for brag books, scrapbooks, photo albums, even
                                                                                                          sweet animal faces. Smoothly stitch your design from start to finish in one
  a sketchbook cover that holds 12 pencils. Visual step directions & quick tips
                                                                                                          continuous line. Paperback 275 x 215 mm 112 pp
  Paperback 275 x 215 mm 48 pp
                                                                                                          RRP $44.95               Our Price $29.95                                                 101056
  RRP $34.95               Our Price $29.95                                                    091792

4 | January 2011                                                                                                                                                            Needle and Craft – Can Do Books
 Sylvia's Bridal Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts Jennifer Chiaverini                              Practical Guide to Patchwork
 Create your own authentic version of the 'secret' 140 traditional block, bridal                New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker Elizabeth Hartman
 sampler from The Master Quilter, the bestselling Elm Creek Quilts book                         Quilting basics with a modern flair. 12 quilt projects for beginners, confident
 series by Chiaverini - & discover the true story behind the quilt. Complete                    beginners, and intermediates. Learn how to cut, piece, appliqué, machine quilt, bind,
 step directions, diagrams & full size patterns for every block. Layout plan                    and finish. Pick up helpful tips and tricks to stay organised and master the methods.
 & instructions for assembling & completing the quilt. Gallery of Elm Creek                     Alternate colourways included with each project show you how swapping out fabrics         101043
 readers' samplers. Paperback 275 x 215 mm 128 pp                                               can change the look of the same block. “Elizabeth takes you through to the finish line,
 RRP $49.95               Our Price $32.95                                             090377   with invaluable advice for the less experienced quilter.” Paperback 255 x 205 mm 128 pp
                                                                                                Our Price $26.95
           Picture This!
           Applique Pictorial Quilts - form Photo to Fabric Marcia Stein                                 All-Star Quilts
 Use your own artistic vision to turn a snapshot into a quilted wall hanging-no                          10 Strip-Pieced Lone star Sparklers
 drawing skills required! Learn inspirational techniques for composing a great                           Helen Frost & Blanche Young
 shot, creating a master pattern from your photo, selecting the right fabrics,                  10 Quilt projects include Lone Star, Touching Stars, Rolling Star, Broken Star,
 and designing a quilt that keeps your memory alive. Detailed exercises with                    Star of Bethlehem, Double Star, and a blazing Star. Use this popular
 3 machine appliqué techniques: turn-under, fused, or raw edge.                                 strip-piecing method to make your stars without having to cut diamonds.
 Paperback 275 x 215 mm 96 pp                                                                   Reach for even more stars in the gallery of 25 additional quilts.
 RRP $44.95               Our Price $29.95                                                      Includes lots of author tips for accurate results. Paperback 280 x 215 mm 80 pp           101057
                                                                                                Our Price $26.95
 Quilter's Ultimate Visual Guide Ellen Pahl Ed.
 Over 700 'how-to' colour illustrations. 60 expert quilters, including Carol                             Quilt Remix Emily Cier
 Doak, Debra Wagner and Judy Murrah, explain all aspects of quiltmaking
                                                                                                Here's music for your ears! New settings and fresh fabric combinations for all
 in this fun 'look and learn' reference book. • Colour and fabric selection •
 Applique • Hand piecing and machine piecing • Specialised techniques, such                     your favourites - Log Cabin, Nine-Patch, Irish Chain, Flying Geese, Pinwheel,
 as Sashiko and Biscuit Quilting • Tools and supplies • Borders, bindings and                   and more. You'll love these quilt designs made with fresh, fun fabrics for any
 other edge finishes • Embellishments - bobbin drawing to stitch-and-slash to                   home. Features: • 10 projects feature using traditional quilt patterns with a
 rose petal trim • Definitions of terms every quilter should know                               surprising contemporary twist • Organized into beginner, intermediate, and                101060
 • And so much more! Hardback 275 x 210 mm 286 pp                                               advanced sections. Paperback 275 x 215 mm 64 pp
 RRP $39.95               Our Price $24.95                                                      RRP $29.95               Our Price $22.95

           Ultimate Applique Guidebook Annie Smith                                                       Quilts Made Modern Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr
 This complete source book guides you every step of the way in how to design                    Achieve dramatic results with this modern approach to quilt making. The authors
 your own appliqué patterns. Learn where to find new inspiration, read more                     present their design and construction methods with 10 projects, then show you
 about the history of appliqué, and build your skills in both hand and machine                  how to transform their ideas into quilts that truly express who you are. Features:
 techniques. You'll revel in your newfound freedom to make your appliqué                        • Multiple sizes, alternative colourways and design tips • Patterns range from
 projects uniquely your own! Includes 150 design elements-flowers, leaves,                      "quick and easy" to "involved but inspiring" • Learn about colour theory, fabric
 stems, vases, birds, bugs, and flourishes. Lay flat binding makes it easy to
                                                                                                selection, and elements of design • Build your skills with step-by-step instruction    101061
 trace your patterns. 3 projects to get you started. Paperback 280 x 215 mm 160 pp     101059
                                                                                                and tips on piecing, hand or machine applique / finishing. Paperback 255 x 205 mm 160 pp
 Our Price $32.95
                                                                                                RRP $44.95               Our Price $32.95
 Creative Pattern Book
                                                                                                         Timeless Quilts
 Complete Patterns, Intriguing Ideas and Musings on the Creative Process                                 Techniques & Projects
 Judy Martin                                                                                    This is a new look at a traditional craft and features 13 designs with clear
 You'll get 27 complete and guaranteed accurate patterns, from the first idea to                instructions as well as ideas on different colourways to use. It is an inspiring
 the last quilting stitch. Each pattern gives you a big colour photo, yardage and               guide to stitching your own masterpiece with its mixture of traditional and
                                                                                                contemporary designs and features a thorough introduction to the parts of a quilt. 101980
 fat quarters, colour-coded rotary instructions, at-a-glance quilt requirements,
 whole quilt diagrams, quilting diagrams, exploded block diagrams, full-size                    Most of the quilts in this book can be made by anyone with average skills and many
 quilting motifs, cutting icons, cross references, pattern ratings, style and colour            are suitable for beginners. Hardback 235 x 235 mm 132 pp
 discussion, and clearly written directions. Paperback 280 x 215 mm 176 pp                      RRP $34.95               Our Price $31.95
 Our Price $24.95
                                                                                                         Art of Quilts Postcard Collection: Animals Juddith Wibberley
           Simplify Camille Roskelly                                                            30 stunning high quality images of beautiful animal themed art quilts. You can
  Simple designs, simple projects, and simple fabric selection- all comes                       frame them for your own enjoyment or post them to friends! An attractively presented
  together in this book to make the simple life more beautiful. Eight quilt                     collection of animals, with contributions from artists including Susan Carlson,
  projects plus four pillow patterns to make from leftover fabrics allowing you                 Joan Colvin, Dale Fleming, Katie Pasquini Masopust, Ricky Tims, David Taylor
  to build your quilt making skills with bright, fun projects using convenient                  and Ruth B. McDowell plus more! Birds and butterflies to pigs and rhino’s-
  pre-cuts. Paperback 255 x 205 mm 112 pp                                                       dramatically expressed in fabric, the perfect gift for any animal lover. Stationery
  RRP $39.95               Our Price $24.95                                            101042   Our Price $14.95                                                                           101368

Needle and Craft – Can Do Books                                                                                                                                                    January 2011 | 5
 Sewing & Fashion                                                                                  Pattern-Free Fashion & Accessories Kate Perri
                                                                                                   This title encourages the beginner to express creativity by making
                                                                                                   simple clothes, accessories and room accents. The early chapters teach
           Fanciful Felties from Mummysam Samantha Cotterill                                       the basics needed and the instructions for each project help to apply
 Make your own story with uptown sophisticates or down country folks.                              and master each skill, building confidence. The 15 projects range from
 Add a brownstone, a cottage, or even a double-decker bus and a London                             cosmetic bags and throw pillows to belts, embroidered jeans and a
 phone booth to give your little people plenty of places to go and things to                       two-tiered skirt. It also touches on repurposing old clothes.
 do! 14 beginner friendly projects to stitch by hand or machine, includes                          Spiral Bound Paperback 255 x 210 mm 112 pp                                           101646
 patterns and illustrations using basic split stitch, blanket and back stitches.                   RRP $37.99              Our Price $29.95             LIMITED
 Paperback 250 x 195 mm 96 pp
 Our Price $24.95                                                                                           Little Green Dresses Tina Sparkles
                                                                                                   Here are 50 sweet and chic patterns to sew-plus a new way to
 Sew Eco
                                                                                                   make dresses, tops, skirts, pants and more. Follow basic cutting and
 Sewing Sustainable and Re-Used Materials Ruth Singer                                              sewing instructions; learn how to get the most from your old clothes
 Become a more sustainable stitcher, look at sourcing eco fabrics, re-using old clothes and        and op-shop finds; and be enlightened by the authors’ earth-friendly
 vintage textiles, restyling your clothes and thinking outside the box on how to                   approach to sewing. Pick and choose the patterns that suit you best,
 make your life greener and more stylish. 20 projects including making cushions                    from A-line, tiered and bubble skirts to “body tube” dresses and
 from shrunken jumpers, suede and favourite shirts you can’t bear to part with to                  “cap-sleeve cutie” blouses. Included are sewing and fitting guides.
 restyling a plain curtain or tablecloth. Learn how to revamp skirts, plain coats,                 Paperback 230 x 205 mm 250 pp
 and transform old hats into something new. Make bags from peace silk, scarves                                                                                                          101917
 from organic cotton, shawls from vintage ribbon and eco silk, plus many more.                     RRP $29.95              Our Price $26.95
 Paperback 245 x 190 mm 144 pp. Extra images on website
 RRP $39.99               Our Price $35.95                                                101699   Scarves, Ties, Collars & Belts
                                                                                                   Methods & Techniques Christina Brodie
           Scandinavian Stitches                                                                   Contains a range of elegant and striking designs, which can be easily
           21 Playful Projects with Seasonal Flair                                                 made from cheap and accessible components, ranging from a beautiful
                                                                                                   feather collar to the Bollywood belt, made from leather and rhinestones.
           Kajsa Wikman
                                                                                                   The projects are set out in a simple and straightforward way so even
 Every season brings a new reason to quilt and sew! The 21 whimsical projects                      absolute beginners can confidently and successfully tackle all the projects.
 including quilts, softies, pillows and ornaments give you a fresh, modern take                    Packed with design ideas to take your new skills further.
 on folk art for decorating and gifting ideas. Plenty of inspirational Scandinavian                Paperback 245 x 190 mm 144 pp
 motifs, with templates for tracing and tips for becoming inspired to design your        101044
                                                                                                   RRP $45.00              Our Price $40.95                                             101700
 own motifs and where to look for ideas. With basic tool requirements, quilting and appliqué
 techniques, and guidance for fabric selection so you can fill your home with playful projects
 each time the season changes. Paperback 240 x 190 mm 128 pp                                                Stylish Sewing Laura Wilhelm
 Our Price $24.95                                                                                  Create stylish home accessories, toys, totes and clothes that are
                                                                                                   feminine and contemporary. All the patterns include a complete list
           Little Girls Big Style                                                                  of materials, a clear set of instructions and diagrams where needed.
           Sew a Boutique Wardrobe from 4 Easy Patterns                                            Ideas for how to mix and match colours and fabrics for different styles
           Mary Abreu                                                                              provide endless possibilities for adding homemade touches to any
 Little Girls, Big Style is all about building a wardrobe on just four straightforward             decor. A section of handy sewing tips and patterns are supplied on a
 basics: a bodice, a top, a pair of trousers and a skirt. The rest is all variations               fold-out sheet at the back of the book.                                               102021
 and embellishments that encourage you to make endless variations.                                 Paperback 230 x 215 mm 112 pp
 Beginner friendly with full-size patterns and 23 projects, sizes 2-6.                    101045
                                                                                                   RRP $23.99              Our Price $21.95
 Paperback 255 x 205 mm 128 pp
 RRP $35.95               Our Price $26.95
                                                                                                            Atlas of Fashion Designers Laura Eceiza
           Sew Scandinavian                                                                        The “Atlas” draws a map of the complex world of fashion at present time
           Nadja Knab-Leers, Stephanie Thomas & Keike Roland                                       and looks forward to what it may be tomorrow. It includes designers who
                                                                                                   have been singled out for their different perspectives in their approach
 Even beginning sewers will find inspiration in this collection of northern European inspired
                                                                                                   to fashion, from classical haute couture to those who experiment with
 sewing projects. The whimsical designs of the featured projects are inspired by
 every room in the house and include napkins, bags, slippers, soft toys and                        developing fields such as anthropology, new textiles, high technology,
 lampshades. By changing fabrics and colours, crafters can alter the more than                     architecture, art, or recycling. From Ricardo Tiscci and Nicholas
 55 patterns to fit their own styles while creating a comfortable, one-of-a-kind                   Ghesquiere, to artists who focus on pure fashion such as Lucy Orta, or               101480
 décor at home. A fold-out sheet in the back of the book contains the                              innovation such as Issey Miyake or Hussein Chalayan.
 full-sized patterns. Paperback 240 x 230 mm 80 pp                                                 Paperback 290 x 230 mm 600 pp
 RRP $23.99               Our Price $21.95                                                101572   Our Price $44.95

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