Advantages of Remote Management for a school network

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					   Advantages of Remote Management for a
               school network

     Standardise the desktop computing environment for staff
      and students
     Enforce practical desktop security e.g. Students cannot
      install games or screensavers downloaded from the
     Computer settings e.g. Internet access, are automatically
      installed by the server
     Anti-virus and Windows Security patches are updated and
      managed by the network servers
     Projects such as EduWeb, school intranets, internal e-mail
      and Webservices and easily implemented and accessed
     Network file storage capacity for all staff and students is
     All data is backed-up on a daily basis
     In a standardised networking environment, troubleshooting
      time, break/fix rates and costs are reduced

When a users logs on to NSR network…
   1. You are now an authenticated user
   2. You have access to a private U: drive;
      This is where you would keep information that you don’t
      wish to she with others
   3. You have access to shared drives and public folders;
      Files and documents that are available to everyone for
      information and collaboration can be stored on these types
      of drives
   4. Teachers can view and access student folders and their files
   5. Networked printers will be available
   6. Work saved to a share (your User drive or a Shared drive) is
      backed up so your data will not be inadvertently lost
   7. You can log on to any computer connected to the network
      and work on your files

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