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					Castilla la

      20th – 25th March 2011
                    L Whitford
      Sunday 20th March
 Flew to Madrid
 Travelled by
  coach to Toledo
  for our first
Monday 21st March

    Walking tour of Toldeo
 Toledo is an amazing city. It was originally built as a defensive city.
  The castle and the important buildings were surrounded by a
  defensive wall, thereby making it a walled city!
 Our hotel was inside the city walls.
 The town is beautiful and very picturesque - as these slides show!
 A view from the top Square of Toledo
 Narrow streets are typical of Toledo!
El Greco was a famous painter -
one of his paintings is kept in this
 Spanish Government operates on three levels -
  one for all of Spain…one for the region of
  Castilla la Mancha…one purely for the city of
In the same area as the
government buildings stands the
We went to a popular viewpoint on
the hillside and we got fantastic
views across to the old town…
From here we travelled to the
Education Offices for a formal
welcome and introduction to
Castilla la Mancha
 Presentations by two
  Spanish teachers
 Workshop session for
  the group
 Meet host teachers
  and have lunch
 Leave Toledo to travel
  to the host town or
 I was staying in
       My School Experience -
        Tuesday - Thursday
 My host school was called Martinez Parras.
 It was located in a small mountain village called
 The school is about the same size as
 The children are taught some of their subjects
  through English… this makes them a bilingual
 I did speak English to the children but I also had
  to use a lot more Spanish than I had
         Pictures from school

8 & 9 year
6 & 7 year olds - I loved this
Their classroom had a
lot more on the walls
than the other

               Spanish schools do not
                display children’s work
                as a rule…the walls can
                often be very bare!
At the beginning of
each English
taught lesson, the
children completed
the class
allowed them to
practise their
spoken English.
Some of the English teachers!
9 year old class
7 & 8 year old class
A typical class timetable
The teachers from Clare and
Suzanne’s schools took us one
afternoon to a small village
called Chinchilla – it is very old
but the views are beautiful.
The Infant 2/3 class

       I joined this class for
       their English lesson and
       it was great fun!
       Especially the singing
              10/11 year olds

 This class was beginning the new topic of
  Materials. They were being taught it entirely in
        Clare, Suzanne and I celebrated
        getting to the end of our school
        based days by having a very
        traditional lunch!

Paella & Arroz Negro (black rice)! It does not look very nice
but it is delicious. It is rice that has been dyed using squid ink
and it has pieces of Calamari through it!
On Thursday night we took
a night walk around
Albacete before meeting
teachers from the three
schools for tapas and then
Inside Albacete Cathedral
The new Town Hall
Dinner with the host teachers!
On Friday we returned to Toledo
to meet up with the group again -
time for more sightseeing and
some shopping!
Before I went to Spain I was very nervous about what
I was letting myself in for - I should not have worried -
it was an amazing experience and great opportunity!
It might have been a busy week but I would do it all
over again!