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                     ThoughtWorks Studios believes that before you begin the process of Agile tool adoption, you
                     should provide your team with the awareness and education they need to be successful. Along
                     these lines, we present Agile Workshops, a series of training programs to assist software
                     development organizations with every aspect of their Agile transition.

                     Agile Workshops are focused on providing a solid foundation in Agile philosophy and principles,
                     bolstered by a curriculum of best practices in business leadership, software engineering and
                     project management. A core part of our Adaptive ALM solution, our Agile Workshops also
                     include offerings designed to maximize the use of Mingle, Twist and Cruise in implementing
                     these best practices. We offer no magic solutions or certifications, only the comfort that your
                     team will be well equipped to make smart decisions on their Agile journey.


01   Agile Assessments
     To connect the dots between practice and performance, ThoughtWorks Studios                     Inquire for details about session
     offers an Agile Readiness Assessment. At the core of this assessment program                   length and number of participants
     is the Agile Maturity Model (AMM). Developed by dozens of IT professionals
     who have worked with hundreds of IT organizations, the AMM allows us to chart
     how increasing discipline and proficiency in best practices can improve the
     degree of responsiveness without flirting with chaos. It also allows us to frame
     sustainable practice within your organization, so that change is achievable and
     responsiveness lasts.

     We start this assessment by understanding how solutions are delivered across
     roles, functions and suppliers. We review everything from how people interact
     with each other, to the coding practices developers follow, to how quality is
     assured. We also look at your organizational demands, ranging from corporate
     and IT governance, to regulatory and business controls, to understanding the
     business environment. With all of these inputs, we can frame an Agile road map
     using the AMM, including practices within your teams.

02   Agile Fundamentals
     Agile Fundamentals is a two-day workshop designed both as a primer for                         Length: 2 Days
     organizations that have yet to embark on the path to adopt Agile practices, as well as
                                                                                                    Participants: Up to 10 people
     a refresher course for those with varied levels of Agile maturity. This workshop
     presents core philosophies behind winning Agile approaches based on
     ThoughtWorks’ 15 years of experience in delivering thousands of projects throughout
     the world. The material is offered in a highly interactive combination of discussions
     and team-based learning labs to illustrate concepts in practice.

03   Agile Business Leadership
     Leadership in an Agile organization is more than saying “let's do Agile” or “I'm behind        Length: 1 Day
     you.” Agile leadership requires a new type of engagement and commitment that helps
                                                                                                    Participants: Up to 10 people
     define and create an environment for success. Leadership is not just at the top. In an
     Agile world, new skills and approaches are required at all levels. Whether you are a
     CxO, line manager or project manager, come learn what it takes to build a successful
     Agile organization.

04   Agile Analysis in Practice
     This session is an interactive learning workshop that offers specific practices about          Length: 3 Days
     how business management and software development teams can work more
                                                                                                    Participants: Up to 10 people
     effectively throughout the lifecycle of an Agile project. This course will help participants
     gather, express and manage diverse business and technical requirements. Topics
     include user, role and persona identification; business process modeling; user stories;
     functional and non-functional requirements; analysis smells; and workshop facilitation.



05   Essential Agile Engineering Practices
     ThoughtWorks Studios believes that successful Agile delivery is built upon disciplined     Length: 3 Days
     engineering practices. During this two-day workshop, your team will learn effective
                                                                                                Participants: Up to 10 people
     engineering practices such as test-driven design, continuous integration and
     ubiquitous language.

06   Agile Database
     This workshop is for teams that want to start doing Agile development and need to          Length: 1 Day
     know how the database evolves over time with the application. The session also is for
                                                                                                Participants: Up to 10 people
     teams that are doing Agile development, but are facing challenges in the database
     area. Participants will learn about practices that help teams manage databases,
     various data sets, database artifacts, and all the data assets. Developed by thought
     leader Pramod Sadalage, author of the best-selling book Refactoring Databases, this
     workshop gives participants a day of solid hands-on learning that can be directly
     applied to their own projects.

07   Practices of an Agile QA
     The quality analyst (QA) on any Agile project is a crucial role. This session serves as    Length: 3 Days
     the bridge between intent and implementation, and helps the QA become an advocate
                                                                                                Participants: Up to 10 people
     for a quality product for the end user. This course focuses on the practices of an Agile
     QA from inception through delivery and support.

08   Becoming an Agile Project Manager
     This workshop helps project managers set achievable expectations when creating and         Length: 3 Days
     deploying quality software solutions. The session provides a planning framework to
                                                                                                Participants: Up to 10 people
     manage the risks associated with the content and timing of software delivery. Unlike
     other release planning methods that focus on creating a single end-date, we will teach
     you how to produce a range of potential delivery dates, with a set of assumptions
     about the content of these releases, which will allow your stakeholders to decide
     project commitments.

09   Distributed Agile Workshop
     Based on ThoughtWorks pioneering work in distributed Agile delivery, this one-day          Length: 1 Day
     workshop will teach you the secrets to our success in building and managing
                                                                                                Participants: Up to 10 people
     distributed teams, including but not limited to, best practices for communication and
     packaging your work.

 AGILE                                                                                                       mingle

                                                                                                             Agile Project Management


01   Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) With Mingle
     This session is on-site training for organizations that want to know how to use        Length: 2 Days
     Mingle more effectively. Your team will learn not only the fundamentals of the
     Mingle platform, but also best practices for managing projects tailored to meet
                                                                                            Participants: Up to 10 people
     your specific needs. This two-day schedule begins with a primer about basic
     Mingle vocabulary and tools, followed by a series of labs where participants are
     coached through various stages of project tracking, from ideation through delivery
     and support. Participants also can choose from more advanced modules based
     on their needs or role within their organization.

02   Mingle Template Development
     Leveraging Mingle's flexibility can help teams gradually embrace Agile practices       Inquire for details about session
     by introducing incremental changes over time, while retaining practices that add       length and number of participants
     value to your organization. ThoughtWorks Studios will work with your team, either
     virtually or on-site, to understand your current development process and to create
     a road map to introducing Agile practices. This work will be supported by a
     custom Mingle template complete with reinforcing workflows and reports. We will
     revisit this template with you periodically to make sure your organization is taking
     full advantage of Mingle's features to support your process evolution.

03   Working with the Mingle API
     The Mingle user community has rapidly grown in part because of the rich set of         Length: 1 Day
     programming interfaces Mingle provides that can integrate with an existing
                                                                                            Participants: Up to 10 people
     infrastructure. In this one-day workshop, your team will learn the ins and outs of
     the Mingle API, including the development of interactive applications using
     RESTful interfaces, the development of custom connectors for software
     development tools such as Source Control Management (SCM) systems, and the
     development of reporting "mash ups" using a number of different data sources
     and technologies like Ruby and JavaScript. At the end of the day, your team will
     emerge with hands-on experience and examples they can take use within their
     organization. Recommended prerequisites include a working knowledge of Ruby
     and JavaScript programming languages, experience developing applications using
     XML over HTTP, and a familiarity with basic functionality of Mingle.

 AGILE                                                                                                      cruise

                                                                                                            Release Management


01   Build and Deploy Using Cruise
     This session provides teams with an immersion into Cruise, so that they can         Length: 2 Days
     learn how Cruise can give them real-time visibility into and control over their
     build, deploy, test and release process. The class also provides a basic
                                                                                         Participants: Up to 10 people
     overview about how Cruise enables build, automated testing and deployment
     practices. All team members involved with configuring, troubleshooting,
     testing and releasing software will benefit from this offering.

02   Release Management Capability Assessment
     Many organizations are unaware of the full breadth and scope of their release       Inquire for details about session
     and deployment management capabilities, especially in how they compare to           length and number of participants
     best practices. In this session, ThoughtWorks Studios will conduct an on-site
     assessment of the people, processes and tools your organization is using to
     manage these functions, and we will provide an analysis of how your organization
     compares to industry best practices.

03   Continuous Integration (CI) Environment Set-Up
     This session will create a continuous integration (CI) environment designed         Length: 3 Days
     to scale to the needs of your small to medium organization. The environment
                                                                                         Participants: Up to 10 people
     will incorporate existing automated builds, tests and deployments, but will not
     establish new ones. This offering can be customized for large organizations.
     Please contact us for more details.

04   Cruise Quick Start
     This session is a three-day, hands-on workshop designed to train participants       Length: 3 Days
     about build and deployment fundamentals. The workshop assumes participants
     have no previous experience with build tools such as Ant, Maven, Emma or
                                                                                         Participants: Up to 10 people
     Cruise. Upon workshop completion, Quickstart participants will be able to lead in
     creating builds for enterprise project teams, manage project-level continuous
     integration (CI) environments, and troubleshoot deployment issues.

05   Build, Release and Deployment Advisory
     Based on the results of your "Release Management Capability Assessment"             Inquire for details about session
     session, ThoughtWorks Studios can work with you to build a project plan to          length and number of participants
     transform your organization over time. Our experts will use Agile and Lean
     practices to put your team on the path toward implementing the recommendations
     outlined in your transformation plan.

AGILE                                                                                                                       twist

                                                                                                                             Test Automation


01   Automated Functional Testing With Twist
     To create lasting and well-maintained automated test suites requires a broad set          Length: 2 Days
     of skills. This session will give you an overview of the main topics in functional test
     automation, take you through best practices in Agile testing, and show you how            Participants: Up to 10 people
     to build an example test suite in Twist.

02   Functional Testing Organizational Assessment
     Making your automated functional testing efforts successful requires a                    Length: 2 Days
     commitment to the right people and processes, in addition to tools. In this session
                                                                                               Participants: Up to 10 people
     ThoughtWorks Studios will identify current strengths and weaknesses of your
     organization, determine the areas where you could run into adoption road blocks,
     and provide a high-level roadmap for future improvements.

03   Twist Immersion
     ThoughtWorks Studios will help you start your test automation effort on solid             Length: 10 Days
     footing. In this workshop, we will configure Twist in your environment, help your         (5 days instruction + 5 days hands-on coaching)
     team with the installation, set up the appropriate test driver, run example tests,
                                                                                               Participants: Up to 10 people
     and, if appropriate, getting your Twist tests running in continuous integration.
     Also, together with your team we will build an initial set of tests for one of your
     applications. This session is a more advanced version of “Automated Functional
     Testing with Twist,” and is structured as a series of hands-on practice sessions
     mixed with conceptual material.

04   Twist Evolution
     Maintaining an automated test suite over time can be challenging. This program            Length: 5 Days
     is for organizations that have completed the “Twist Immersion” workshop and
                                                                                               Participants: Up to 10 people
     want to further improve their automated testing process. In this session, we will
     schedule a series of meetings over five days to ensure your team is still on track
     with its automated testing program. We also will help with your overall test
     strategy, develop the architecture of your test suites, and automate individual

05   Test Drivers: Using Selenium or Frankenstein with Twist
     In this two-day, intensive training session, we will show your team how to use            Length: 2 Days
     Twist with the popular web testing framework, Selenium, or its counterpart,
                                                                                               Participants: Up to 10 people

Agile Workshops Overview

                                                                              Cruise Quick Start

                                                                              CI Environment

                                                                                                       Twist Immersion

                                                                              Build and Deploy
                                                                              Using Cruise             Functional Testing
                                                                              Working with the
                                                                              Mingle API
                                                                                                       Functional Testing
                                                                              Agile Database           with Twist

                                 Mingle Template Development

                               Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with Mingle

                                                                              Software Development
                                                                              & Deployment

                  General Agile courses                                           Based on Cruise - Release Management
                  Based on Mingle - Agile Project Management                      Based on Twist - Test Automation

About ThoughtWorks Studios:

ThoughtWorks Studios is a global leader in Agile ALM and software development tools. Its products are used by organizations as a
foundation for sustainable Agile adoption, where project management, test automation and engineering best practices are required.
The company’s Adaptive ALM solution provides a platform for managing all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from
requirements definition and project management to test automation, quality assurance and release management. The three products
that make up Adaptive ALM, Mingle for project management, Cruise for release management, and Twist for test automation, are
available as an integrated solution or as stand-alone products. Studios is an independent division of ThoughtWorks, the pioneering
leader in Agile development and best practices. The company has co-headquarters in San Francisco and Bangalore, with offices in
London and select cities in Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, visit

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