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              Focus Educare
         Online Training Platform
About Us:
Focus Edu Care, a part of the Focus Group of Companies is a pioneer in blended or hybrid learning in India
and our model is to impart education via technology. This division was launched, keeping in mind the
growing need for education across the Globe. Our Goal is to offer world class education at affordable
prices and to enable an individual to be at par with the best.

We aim to promote facilities for continuing education to students and executives for knowledge and skill
enhancement and provide lifelong learning through regular, virtual, distance and distributive education
processes using technology.

Online tutoring has been gaining popularity over the past couple of years due to its characteristic
convenience of facilitating tutor student interaction as and when required. We at Focus Edu Care offer
'On Demand' tutoring service, a new and upcoming way for a student to receive help on-demand.

Focus Edu care with its vast network of skilled content developers and designers, has extensive
experience in creating customized e-learning content and assessments. It has highly motivated
professionals who have the proven ability to deliver quality products that meet our clients' needs. Focus
Edu Care's recent initiatives include creating online courses for high school students that feature a wide
range of test preparation materials and professional online tutoring services. These courses are designed
to provide students with the information and skills they need to excel in state and national level
Education in changing environment
Education and the methodologies adapted to impart it have witnessed a marked change in recent years
due to the commendable improvement in technology and its availability to common people. A few of them
are as follows

Internet revolution
Internet has changed our lives. The World Wide Web offers a wealth of information which can be useful
for every kind of requirement. People do not need to visit the library anymore for research because
putting the right keywords in the search engines gives them a good start to find the necessary

The world wide connectivity plays a very crucial role in the field of education as it facilitates
communication amongst different agents in education. Students can access online courses; they can
communicate to the educators, they can hold forums online at almost light speed. This reduces time and
cost of communication and accelerates the process of learning.

Broadband connectivity in Rural India
India has not been far behind in terms of satellite enabled connectivity.

The state-owned BSNL is planning to tie up with partners to build a network of around 30,000 broadband
kiosks and provide services to people at a small fee, and is specifically targeting areas which have no
alternative facilities for accessing the internet. Indian government is planning to lay vast optical fiber
network connecting every Gram Panchayat to make broadband services accessible in rural India.

The term is no longer unheard of. E learning has revolutionized the perception of education by making it
available at your fingertips at your will. It has made the concept of education a global one by creating a
virtual forum of quality content , instructors and students. People now have the luxury of choosing the
best course they want to pursue from a gamut of the wide variety available online. Be it school level
education, graduation or post graduation, e-learning is making it possible for the students to access the
best option.
'On-Line Tutoring' (OLT)
Ideal for the institutes:
Online tutoring is a phenomenon which has created classrooms without the walls. Using online Virtual Classes
participants (trainee, trainers) can hold a class or lecture, exchange questions and answers and generally do
everything they could do if they were all in the same room together via audio and video transmission through
the Satellite based internet transmissions.

       This facility has been designed to optimize the reach of an institute’s service to students irrespective
       of location, time and volume.
       It reduces the infrastructure cost of an organization by eliminating the necessity of physical
       classrooms at many locations.
       Gives teaching a new concept by making the courseware interesting as well as interactive.
       Online assessment tool is the ultimate answer to all the logistic and operational issues faced by an
       institution while conducting a conventional examination.
       Enables organizations to maintain desirable and uniform quality standards in delivery.

Learning is convenient for the students:
       With our OLT service, students have access to a tutor from anywhere at the click of a button.

       The students can learn at their own pace and get all their doubts cleared.

       The recording of every session enables replaying the session as many times as the student wants to
       revise a difficult concept.

       Rescheduling of a session at student's convenience. This facility gives them the freedom to pursue
       extra curricular activities as well.

       Online Mentor – From Anywhere to guide and motivate.

       Online studying is IN!!
Focus advantage
 Focus Virtual Learning Environment – FVLE
 The FVLE is developed keeping in mind the growing need of ensuring quality delivery of education by the
 best of faculty via technology to the remotest corner of India or the globe using a Digital whiteboard and a
 high definition camera thus giving students a FVLE classroom environment while they are at their home
 with simple broadband and a PC. Due to immense broadband penetration in the furthest corners of the
 country this delivery methodology will command tremendous interest and reach.

      Online Tutoring Platform: Indigenously designed software to enable both students and
      professors/faculty to engage in a classroom without walls.

      Digital White Board: Professors can write/draw any concepts using the digital white board just like
      they would in a normal classroom environment.

      Audio and Video Functionality: All students are able to view and hear the professors/faculty with this
      unique functionality.

      Chat options: The FVLE is also equipped with a chat option thus students can also share problems.

      User Friendly: The FVLE was created to ensure maximum utility with minimum requests.

      Reporting: Reports can be generated through FVLE thus enabling students/faculty to view the
      number of students who are attending sessions and much more.

      Tool: The FVLE allows the faculty to upload any classroom aids such PPTs, Videos, Word Docs, Links
      etc to further engage students.

      Payment Gateway – Ability to collect payments electronically while registering via Paypal, HDFC
      bank or other bank payment gateways.
Focus Studio
While the FVLE technology is available for teaching from any location, Focus Edu Care recommends use of
its specially designed studios and equipments for the optimum teaching and learning experience. Focus
Edu Care has designed its studios to generate a real life classroom experience as far as possible in the
virtual environment keeping in mind the comfort level of the instructor.

     All FVLE studios are equipped with state of the art high definition cameras, Unidirectional
     Microphones, Dual Screens, Digital tablet pad all enabling both professors and students to get a 360
     learning environment.

     The digital tablet pad allows the instructor to write on the student whiteboard just like a real brick
     and mortar physical class.

     There is an easy switch option available for showing presentations or using the whiteboard to keep
     the student's attention focused on one or the other.

     Focus Edu Care currently has studios at nine locations all over the country.

Focus Assessment Engine Technology (FAET)
     Designed to analyze a student's subject knowledge

     Comprehensive tool that analyzes a student's performance and act as a remediation tool

     Self-assess and track an individual's progress

     Measure key strengths & problem areas that a student can improve upon
Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research (PGCCR)
PGCCR is an unique and in-depth programme in India which is comprehensively structured to match the
academic standards with industry requirements for clinical research. The mix of extensive theory and live
projects in the curriculum, along with personality development and management training, ensures a head
start, enabling you to move up the corporate ladder fast, whether your interest is in research, or
management. It provides participants with a broad understanding of the basic principles employed within
clinical research both domestically and internationally.

 Modules Covered                                  Eligibility                Duration
 Fundamentals in clinical research                MBBS ,BDS, BPT, MPT, BAMS, 6 Months
 Ethics/regulatory affairs in clinical research   BHMS, BUMS, B. PHARM,      (Weekends)
 Roles and responsibilities                       M.PHARM, BIOTECH, Bsc ,
 Essential documents                              Msc, Ph.D, Nursing, MD,
 Study start-up                                   DNB, DM, MS, MCH, MDS.
 Clinical monitoring & close-out
 Compliance and audits
 Statistics in clinical research
 Clinical data management

Online Executive MBA (E-MBA)
Focus School of Business & Finance (FSBF) offers an Executive MBA program which sets you apart and
gives you a genuine edge. E-MBA at FSBF provides an excellent opportunity to the learners to gain a wide
range of skills and sharpen their abilities.

 Modules Covered                                  Eligibility                     Duration
 Human Resource Management                        Working individuals who are     1 years (Weekends)
 Marketing Management                             able to make time over
 Financial Management                             weekends
 Operations Management
 Decision Support System
 International Business Management
 Strategic Management
 Project Work / Research Methodology
Online Certificate Prograrm on Capital Markets (CPCM)
This programme will impart a comprehensive knowledge about the functioning of financial markets with a
deep focus on the quantitative and analytical skills required for planning and executing strategies in the
ever growing complex financial markets of today.

This Certification Program on Capital Market is typically designed to provide a value addition on
theoretical and practical aspects of capital markets. It would help students and professionals who are
looking at a career in Capital Markets to acquire market relevant knowledge.

We train candidates to trade in unpredictable markets with Live Demo Trading on trading terminals by
providing an in-depth look at stock market trading, which will equip you with objective rule based
strategies presented in stock trading.

    Modules Covered                               Eligibility                      Duration
    Equity                         Working individuals who are able to make time    3 Months
    Derivatives                    over weekends                                    (Weekends)
    Mutual Fund
    Debt & Bond Market Analysis
    Technical Analysis
    Fundamental Analysis
    Financial Statement Analysis

Corporate Training
Focus Edu Care offers the most customized training solutions through its online training programs. The
employee will have flexibility to attend the classes from any location across globe. These training
sessions enhance the performance of employees and equip them to take on the future with the latest in
knowledge and Global Learning.
There are 3 types of Tests that the candidate can avail of
Diagnostic Tests
     Assists a student in measuring his/her content knowledge

     Provides a descriptive feedback that is a value-addition

     This is aimed at assisting the student to not only take up the Practice and Mock Test but also allows
     him/her to identify problem areas (suggest for improvement)

Practice Test
     Designed to help you prepare for a specific content and topic

     The Tests can be customized

     Students will receive an analytical report at the end of the test which will help them assess on a
     specific topic/ difficulty level

Mock Test
     Designed to provide a FVLE experience of the examinations

     The questions are designed with appropriate difficulty levels, right mix of content areas, Blooms
     Taxonomy as in the final examination

     The logic of the calculation of result is also based on the final examination

Focus Online Library
The Institute has an excellent online library with latest books & study materials on all the subjects. A
student can access the online library for further reference in any of the subjects he/she requires.
This helps the students to practice and master a particular subject or topic well at his/her own time
and comfort.
   Toll Free : 1800 425 1221

                          Focus Edu Care Pvt.Ltd

                          # 119/1, Srinidhi Complex
                       11th Cross, off Sampige Road
                   Malleswaram Bangalore – 560003
                                Ph: 91 80 23345566

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