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                                       OF THE

                           McMINNVILLE, OREGON
The Board of Directors of McMinnville School District met in Executive Session in the
School District Office, 1500 NE Baker Street, McMinnville, Oregon, on September 8,
2008, at 7:15 p.m. to discuss real property transaction(s) under ORS 192.660(2)(e).
The Executive Session was closed at 7:27 p.m., and the Board then met in Regular

Chairperson Janis Braich called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.    Roll call
indicated the following:

Janis Braich, Board Chairperson
Kathy Cabe
Francis Charbonnier
Nicole Obrist
Stan Primozich
Tim Roberts
Larry Vollmer

Casey Winkler
Sam Paterson

Maryalice Russell, Superintendent
Patricia Dudek, Board Secretary

AUDIENCE: David Horner, Pattie Waltz, Susan Escure, Mike Loretz, Dan Sheppard,
Tony Vicknair, Deborah Weiner, Kathi Fowler, Bruce Waltz, Kyra Donovan, Cathy
Carnahan, Kris Olsen, Laurie Cooper, Judi Dickey, Dave Carlson, Alex Leaver, Lori
Thurman, Brent Fodge, Katy Turpen, Duniway Middle School students Emily Smith,
Christian Radke, Haley Pattishall, Jose Pelayo, and Eliza Hallett, and members of the

The Board heard Student Reports. Duniway Middle School students Emily Smith,
Christian Radke, Haley Pattishall, Jose Pelayo, and Eliza Hallett, along with Counselor
Katy Turpen and Computer Instructor Brent Fodge presented a video created by
students that was used to introduce 5th graders to middle school last spring. The
students are among a select group of 8th grade students known as Ambassadors, who
act as mentors to the incoming 6th graders throughout their first year in the middle
school. They described and demonstrated some of the activities utilized to ease the
transition for the younger students. Board members thanked these ambassadors for
their work in making the younger students feel welcome and valued in the middle
school setting.

The Board invited public comment; there was none at this time.

Superintendent Russell introduced Casey Winkler and Sam Paterson as the 2008-
2009 Student Envoys to the Board.

The agenda and the accompanying addendum were approved with no modifications.
On motion of Stan Primozich, seconded by Kathy Cabe, the Consent Agenda was
approved by unanimous vote.

The Board accepted, with gratitude, gifts to the District. The District received activity
books and supplies for elementary and after-school programs valued at $350 from
Leon Feingold. The High School Knitting Club received a gift of yarn and knitting
needles valued at $100 from Julie Friedrich.

Minutes of the August 11, 2008 Business Meeting and Work Session held on August
25, 2008 were approved.

Personnel actions were approved. Contracts were awarded to Steve Norman, Amy
Gerber, Christy Upshaw, Debra Wisniewski, Sarah Luna, Beth Eddings, Milton Pettit,
Kim McCoy, Gerardo Ibarra, Cheryl Reidel, Megan Beith, Tamara Quandt, Emma
Velazquez, Jessica Bowlen, Steven Franssen, Andrea VanCleve, Peggy Noble, Sofia
Barajas, Diane Estrada, Lindsey Blosser, Brenda Bradley, Kelly McMillan, Jennifer
Siering, Gary Henrickson, Thomas Ford, Ben Blosser, and Isabelle Etchebarren.
Resignations were accepted from Aubrey Painter, Beverly Merino, and Candy Farthing.

The Board heard monthly reports. Student Envoys Casey Winkler and Sam Paterson
reported on current activities at the high school, highlighted by the news that seniors
Anna Bertrand, Thomas Carey and Jordan Eagan have advanced to National Merit
Scholarship semi-finals, and the varsity football team has won the first two season
games. Homecoming week is scheduled for September 28 through October 4.

Superintendent Russell updated the Board on upcoming beginning of school activities.
The district has had a great start to the year, the new Buel School opened on time,
with Sue Buel cutting the ribbon; teachers and students have moved into the new
additions at Memorial, Newby and Wascher Elementary Schools; the elementary open
houses and the football field dedication were highly successful. Superintendent
Russell thanked Sean Burke, Bruce Waltz, Kyra Donovan and Mark Hinthorn for their
work to ensure the success of these events. Formal dedication of Buel Elementary
School will take place on Sunday, September 28 at 2:00 p.m.

Susan Escure reviewed the written monthly financial report, as well as an updated
end of year report for 2007-08. The 2007-08 end of year report continues to be
updated as remaining end-of-year expenses are recorded. Approximately $4.8 million
will be brought forward into 2008-09. The audit is scheduled for end of September.

David Horner provided the facilities and operations report. The high school parking
lot is open with about 275 spaces. Approximately 50 spaces are currently being
utilized for construction staging. It is expected that the high school addition walls will
tip up in mid-October. Stan Primozich commended John Friedrich and the entire
maintenance/custodial staff for their work over Labor Day weekend in preparation for
opening of school.

Under Unfinished Business, the Board held second reading of a Curriculum Adoption
for Handwriting. Mike Loretz presented the rationale for remaining with the currently
utilized Zaner-Bloser curriculum materials.
Motion – Stan Primozich Second – Larry Vollmer Motion Passed Unanimously
To approve the Curriculum Adoption for Handwriting, as presented.

The Board held second reading of materials regarding the need for adding
supplemental bus routes. The new boundaries have made these additional routes
necessary for student safety.
Motion – Kathy Cabe        Second – Francis Charbonnier
Motion Passed Unanimously
To adopt Resolution No. 05-0809, the text of which follows:

                       RESOLUTION NO. 05-0809
          A Resolution of the McMinnville School Board of Directors
                     Regarding a Supplemental Plan for
    Approved Transportation Costs for Payments from the State School Fund

WHEREAS, on August 13, 2007, the District Board approved revised attendance
boundaries for the District; and

WHEREAS, the revised attendance boundaries became effective with the 2008-2009
school year; and

WHEREAS, the revised attendance boundaries have resulted in new or additional
needs to require transportation based on health or safety reasons, including special
education for certain students who live within the 1 and 1.5 mile limitations
prescribed by statute;

       NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the District Board shall adopt the
attached Supplemental Plan for transportation of students so affected, as submitted,
in accordance with OAR 581-023-0040.

Under New Business, the Board held first reading of a proposed resolution to amend
Resolution No. 10-0708, imposing a Construction Excise Tax. The Board had received
requests from local contractors and non-profit organizations to amend the resolution
to exclude from the tax collected the square footage dedicated to garages and/or
certain non-profit projects constructed on a residential parcel. Craig Allen of Allen
Brothers Construction read a statement, and provided a list of area districts which
exclude garages from their calculations. Maryalice Russell pointed out that differences
exist between local entities in the methodology for calculating square footage for
permit fees. Harold Washington asked to address the board, and asked the Board’s
reconsideration of a phase-in of the construction excise tax. Maryalice Russell
assured the audience that the board would continue the discussion at another
meeting of the Board in the near future. Janis Braich reiterated that the Board wants
to be good stewards for the community. Many in the community might consider the
Board to be in error if we did not pursue collecting the tax after being given authority
to do so by the legislature and when most if not all neighboring districts are doing so.
The Board could be called to task by the greater community when it seeks the next
bond for construction if it does not take advantage of the current opportunity to set
aside this source of funds for construction and maintenance related expenses. The
Board agreed to meet again regarding this topic, and to notify the contractor group of
the date and time, prior to the Board taking additional action on this topic.

The Board cast its ballot for the OSBA Board of Directors as follows:

Motion – Larry Vollmer      Second – Kathy Cabe       Motion Approved Unanimously
To cast the Board’s ballot to elect Francis Charbonnier to represent Region 11, in Seat
13 for a two-year term on the Oregon School Boards Association Board of Directors.

Under Directors Comments, the Board reiterated its gratitude to the maintenance,
custodial, and all staff involved in accomplishing the tremendous amount of work
necessary to ready all the buildings for opening of school, with construction of the
building additions and Buel Elementary School barely completed in time for the
September 2nd opening day.

The Board took note of future dates. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.


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