Session Plan-SouthernSongs by ashrafp


                                                   Music Therapy Session Plan: Bethany Village

SMT: ________James Hiller__________________                 Co-leader: ________________________________________________
Group/Unit: _______________Arbor South_____                 Date: __________________________________
(Specific Client(s) focus: ___________________________________________________________________________________________)

Goal Areas:                     1. Cognitive Stimulation (ex. orientation x 3, attention, perception, LT/ST/IM memory, simple processing, problem
Broad “areas of need” to be     solving, response time, creativity)
addressed                       2. UE & LE Gross Motor Movement (ex. sensorimotor function, coordination, strength, endurance, fluidity, ROM, )
                                3. Social Skills (ex. interaction, eye contact, self control, )
                                4. Communication (ex. expressive & receptive language, singing/speech rate and articulation,
                                5. Psychological/Affective (self-expression, alter mood/energy level, motivation, self-actualization tendencies, anxiety,

Objectives:                     1.a. Residents will demonstrate perception and recall of specific subjects, objects, events within song material through at
Smaller, discrete aims          least one verbalization in response to txst questions.
within the broad goal areas;    1.b. Residents will share at least one recollection of earlier life experiences stimulated by song material
these are directly observable   2.a. Residents will imitate simple rhythms up to 5 beats long on percussion instruments from txst model
and recordable responses to     2.b Residents will follow txst model (UE synchrony) of structured rhythmic movements to a 3 minute piece
music experiences
Methods:                        Re-creative: Vocal recreation, Instrumental recreation, Rhythmic imitation exercises, Synchronized rhythmic
Each has inherent demands.
Responses relate specifically   Receptive: Structured movement to prerecorded music,
to tx objectives
                                Improvisation: Conducted Improvisation (with tone chimes)


Song/ Music Materials:          Song material: Greeting and closing songs, Carolina in the Morning, Carolina Moon, Saints, Dixie,
(tunes, pieces,                 (extras: Oh Susanna, Tennessee Waltz, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, When You Wore a Tulip, Fly Me to the Moon,
instrumentarium)                Walkin’ My Baby Back Home)

                                Instrumentarium: handheld percussion, keyboard, guitar,

                                Manipulatives: ribbon rings
Procedures:                  1.  Introduce myself and student participants.- reestablish resident’s names in my memory
A description of the         2.  Play greeting song, “I’m Glad to Be” - Use residents’ names throughout- Use at least 2 key changes
specific operational steps   3.  Introduce theme: “Songs of the South” - probe re: southern states, birth place, travel to the southern USA
carried out to facilitate    4.  Sing Carolina in the Morning (with intro, 2 times through)
                             5.  Use verbal techniques to elicit associations and memories
the music therapy session.
                             6.  Sing Carolina Moon (“a favorite waltz” with intro, 2 times through)
These should be laid out     7.  Use verbal techniques to elicit associations and memories
numerically and              8.  Distribute instruments for “Saints”-(drum section, bells section, shakers section)
sequentially in order to     9.  Instruct residents to listen for the cue in the song for their instrument type-
help conceptualize the                9.a. demonstrate-
work to be done.                      9.b. rehearse
                             10. Start song and adapt and verbally instruct as necessary
                             11. Sing through v. 1 and 2 then introduce instrument sections- end with everyone playing and singing.
                             12. Redistribute instruments for “Dixie” (same sections)
                             13. Instruct re: when each section plays (shakers on pulse of verses, drum on beats following “look away,” cymbal and
                             triangle on “I wish”- all play at the end phrases following “look away.”
                                      13.a. rehearse sections
                                      13.b. play/sing tune and encourage participation
                             14. Collect instruments-
                             15. Distribute tone chimes for “Swing Low”- groupings for D, G, A7
                             16. Conduct and sing
                             17. Collect instruments
                             17. Briefly Recap session
                             18. Transition to closing song (It’s Time to Say Good-Bye)
                             19. Close session (“Thanks for the music”)

                             TIME PERMITTING: Blues Songwriting and improvisation with black tone chimes

Session Evaluation:

Results and

Results = a factual
description of client
responses observed
within the various
music experiences in
reference to the stated

Interpretation = a
determination (or
educated guess) as to
why the clients
responded as they did

Ideas for improving
the session:
Re: planning,
facilitation, choice of
music, key of music,
relationship, set up of
the environment,
instruments used, etc.

_______________________________________________________________   ___________________________________
SMT (Student Music Therapist)                                     Date

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