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					 T H E            B U S I N E S S                     M A G A Z I N E   F O R   L I V E R P O O L     A N D     M E R S E Y S I D E

                                                                                    ISSUE 23 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

ISSN: 1757-7705
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                  TH E GR EE N ED
                                    GE FOR BUSIN
                                                   ESS 2009

M&S boss reveals
his green plan

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 T H E         B U S I N E S S   M A G A Z I N E   F O R   L I V E R P O O L     A N D     M E R S E Y S I D E

                                                                                                                 We can be ethical
                                                               ISSUE 23 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

£3 when sold

                                                                                                                 and profitable
                                                                                                                 I can’t wait to hear from Sir Stuart Rose, Executive Chairman of
M&S boss reveals
his green plan                                                                                                   Marks and Spencer and our guest of honour at the Chamber’s Annual                 When you’re up to
                                                                                                                 Dinner in November.                                                             your neck in alligators,
                                                                                                                   Marks and Spencer epitomises most people’s idea of a great British            it is difficult to
 Exclusive China tour offer Page 15
 How green is your business? Page 6
                                                                                                                 business. Sir Stuart Rose believes that ethical business can be profitable
                                                                                                                                                                                                 remember that the
 5k Team Challenge countdown Page 12

                                                                                                                 businesses and he will tell us about his so-called “Plan A”, through
                                                                                                                 which Marks and Spencer not only addresses environmental issues but             original plan was to
News                                                                                                             sees them as central to its commercial future.                                  drain the swamp
                                                                                                                   The evidence is compelling: Plan A has saved Marks and Spencer £8m
                                                                                                                 from reducing packaging and recycling. It has established a “clothes
Chamber Annual                                                                                                   exchange” with Oxfam that has prevented 1,400 tonnes of clothing from
Dinner                                                                                                           going to landfill and raised £1.8m for charity.
                                                                                                                   When business is tough, it is easy to dismiss issues of environmental
Policy                                                                                                           management as a distraction. As a wise man once said, “When you’re
                                                                                                                 up to your neck in alligators, it is difficult to remember that the original
                                                                                                                 plan was to drain the swamp.”
Training                                                                                                           Liverpool Chamber of Commerce is a business, like yours. We have to
                                                                                                                 supplement the income we get from members’ subscriptions and events
                                                                                                                 with a raft of commercial business ventures. We know from experience
5K Team Challenge                                                                                                that new business is increasingly hard to come by and pressure on
                                                                                                                 margins is causing us to look hard at our costs. But like M & S, we are
                                                                                                                 finding that environmentally sound policies are not just ethically sound,
                                                                                                                 but also make good business sense.
                                                                                                                   The Chamber is currently working towards BS 8555 – Environmental
International                                                                                                    Management Systems and we are encouraging some of the biggest
                                                                                                                 businesses in the city to do the same. Companies who prepare and adapt
                                                                                                                 now will be the market leaders of the future.
Legal                                                                                                              We can advise businesses on energy usage and the significant cost
                                                                                                                 savings that can be made. We believe there will be a growing number of
                                                                                                                 green business opportunities as the low carbon agenda unfolds.
Arts and culture                                                                                                   This year, our “green ambassadors” programme is continuing to
                                                                                                                 highlight the importance of sustainability to Merseyside’s business
Marketing and PR                                                                                                   Please join us in November to hear one of the UK’s most important
                                                                                                                 business leaders. Contact the Chamber’s Membership Team for
                                                                                                                 information about early booking discounts.

                                                                                                                 If you have any news or views you                                              For details on advertising
Charity                                                                                                          would like to share with other                                                 opportunities in Liverpool Chamber,
                                                                                                                 Chamber members, contact                                                       contact:
                                                                                                                 Pamela Holstein on 0151 227 1234
                                                                                                                                                                                                Jo Cantwell
Hospitality                                                                                                      or e-mail at pamela.holstein@
                                                                                                                                                                                                on 0161 661 4115 or e-mail

Member news
                                                                                                                 For more information about
                                                                                                                 membership of Liverpool Chamber,
                                                                                                                 visit or
                                                                                                                 ring Nick Preston on 0151 227 1234.
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                                                                                                                    THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS NETWORK visit
4                                                                                                                                                     News

Will Liverpool get a high speed rail link?
Sir Richard Branson writes ...                                                                                            run additional services. Given
                                                                                                                          a franchise of say 15 – 20 years
The Government stabilised the                                                                                             an operator could finance this
banking system last autumn                                                                                                from the passenger growth this
with a large bailout. It has                                                                                              would deliver. That step up
followed this with a series of                                                                                            could happen three to five years
announcements to help the                                                                                                 from a decision being taken to
car industry and address the                                                                                              go ahead.
challenges for small businesses                                                                                             What we are asking is that
and the lack of available credit.                                                                                         the Government re-thinks
The Government deserves                                                                                                   the franchise situation to
credit for all this, as action was                                                                                        give train operators the
needed.                                                                                                                   opportunity to invest, grow
  On the railways, the                                                                                                    the rail business and lessen
Government has taken a                                                                                                    the burden on taxpayers.
growing and in some cases                                                                                                   We need to look beyond the
stifling role over management            so that train operators can              concern, and it’s something the         immediate economic crisis,
and investment in the sector.            be incentivised to modernise             Liverpool business community            and do so with confidence.
Opportunities for private                them. And assessment of those            needs to feed in to discussions         I’m hugely positive about
companies to make significant            investment plans need to take            on HS2. We’ve got a good while          the role that our Virgin
investment have been curtailed           into account environmental               before high speed rail is a reality,    High Frequency timetable
by the short-term franchise              benefits and economic gains to           and in the meantime I can see a         can play in contributing
system and over-prescriptive             the English regions, Scotland            move to trains between London           to economic recovery, that
rules. Britain’s track, stations         and Wales.                               and Liverpool every 30 minutes.         further improvements to the
and rolling stock need more                I recently hosted a discussion         Our current fleet of trains travel      West Coast line can play, and
investment and involvement               with business leaders on the             at an impressive 125 mph. A             about the great opportunities
from the private sector.                 future of the West Coast line.           £1billion investment in track           of High Speed 2. In the
  To encourage this investment,          Jack Stopforth from Liverpool            and signalling would allow them         end, governments will not
longer franchises need to be             Chamber expressed some                   to travel at the 140mph they are        dig us out of this mess; it is
linked to past performance and           concerns about the possible              designed for. That would both           Britain’s entrepreneurs and
to future investment plans. We           isolation of Liverpool from              cut journey times, and because          best companies that will
would like the new franchises            the proposed High Speed 2                we can then use our trains more         drive the recovery. Their
to be given control of stations          development. I understand that           intensively, would help us to           energy needs to be released.

Turkish Chambers get expertise from Liverpool
Staff from Liverpool Chamber have                      could have face to face meetings with                 and corporate social responsibility.
recently returned from a European                      the Turkish Chambers they have been                   Specific learning visits between Turkey
Conference in which they imparted                      working with for several months.                      and Liverpool have already occurred
business best practice to a number of                    Liverpool Chamber has been advising                 and more are planned between now and
Turkish Chambers. The conference                       four Chambers; Bingol, Adana, Mersin,                 the end of the project in November.
held in Trabzon, Turkey organised by                   and Van in fields such as business start-               The Chamber has similar projects in place
EuroChambres so that the Chamber                       ups, encouraging women entrepreneurs                  with Chambers from Croatia.

                                 Welcome to Mere...                                                               For an informal visit and viewing
                                                                                                                  of our extensive facilities,
                                                                                                                  please telephone
                                Set amidst 150 acres of rolling Cheshire countryside and offering
                                only the finest facilities for your recreation or special event.                  01565 830155
                                We Offer You:                                                                     Mere Golf & Country Club,
                                     Conference & Banqueting                                                      Chester Road, Mere, Knutsford,
                                                                                                                  Cheshire WA16 6LJ
                                     Staff Training Events Corporate Golf Days Weddings & Social Functions
                                     Leisure Club & Beauty Salon Executive Boardroom Hire Themed Events           T 01565 830155
                                With our policy of continual development we seek to keep ahead of                 F 01565 830713
                                your expectations whilst keeping the cost affordable.                             E

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Vergo sets its sights on growth
Local business Vergo Retail which trades as           their own local communities, in particular the
Lewis’s department store today announced its          historical position of Derrys as a prominent
plans for expansion with the acquisition of five      retailer in Plymouth.”
stores based in the South West of England.              The deal will double the size of the company
  The stores currently part of the Plymouth           and some may question the rationale given
and South West Co-operative Society include           the current economic climate particularly that
Derrys department store in Plymouth and four          for retailers.
specialist Homemaker stores, which
are based in Launceton, Plympton,
Kingsteignton and Exmouth.
  With its head office in Liverpool,
Vergo Retail, headed by David
Thompson currently operates from three
locations, including Liverpool’s much
loved and iconic original department
store Lewis’s, Robbs of Hexham and
Sunderland’s 205 year-old Joplings.
  Managing Director David Thompson
commented: “We are very pleased to be
expanding our group with the acquisition of             He added: “We feel that the time is right for
these five stores, all of which have real synergies   us to expand, because of the current climate.
with our current portfolio. Indeed the customer       We have this great opportunity to grow our
profile is very similar to that of our existing       business, take advantage of economies of scale
business. All of our stores are important and         plus increased buying power. We can establish
longstanding retail features within each of           ourselves in a much stronger position as a
the towns or cities that they serve, this means       group in order to reap the benefits of any future
that we understand the importance of the              upturn in the economy we are optimistic that
new stores and the vital part that they play in       this is a really positive opportunity for us.”

Law firm Hill Dickinson has
become the first patron of
Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
This patronage will give Hill Dickinson the           earlier this year signifies the firm’s burgeoning
opportunity to engage with the Chamber on a           international presence.
greater level as well as promote the firm to the        Recognised as a leader in commercial property
wider Chamber membership.                             and employment law, Hill Dickinson won the
  The Chamber’s Head of Client Services,              Insider North West’s Property Law Firm of the
Jenny Stewart said: “Hill Dickinson has been          Year 2006 and 2009 and The Liverpool Law
a member for more than twenty years so we’re          Society’s Employment Team of the Year 2009.
delighted the firm is the first of a limited            Hill Dickinson is a major force in insurance
number of patrons we’re seeking to take               and well respected in the company and
advantage of our enhanced membership package          commercial arena. The firm has a highly
which guarantees seats at our most sought             reputable commercial litigation practice
after events including our prestigious annual         and its marine expertise is internationally
dinner and Aintree Grand National meeting.”           renowned. Their recent merger with London-
  As the North West’s leading commercial law          based firm Middleton Potts has significantly
firm, Hill Dickinson recognises the importance        boosted Hill Dickinson’s presence in the
of the Chamber in building strategic business         commodities sector and further consolidated
alliances. Managing Partner Peter Jackson             their global reputation for shipping and
said: “We are pleased to be patrons of the            transport work. Hill Dickinson is also widely
Chamber as it undoubtedly plays such a                regarded as a leader in the fields of intellectual
significant role in these challenging economic        property, health services, NHS clinical/
times. As we approach our 200th anniversary           health-related litigation and private client.
in 2010, we look forward to strengthening our
working relationship with Liverpool’s business
  This year has heralded a new era of success for
Hill Dickinson as the firm has exceeded past
years’ performances and experienced its greatest
growth. And the opening of its Singapore office
6                                                                                                     Chamber Annual Dinner

Green Focus for Annual Dinner
The Chamber’s Annual Dinner         promote healthier lifestyles.      commitment to Plan A remains    to stick to it. We’ve listened to
offers the highlight of the          Sir Stuart explained: “Plan       important to them. They         them, and also made it easier
networking calendar with a          A isn’t only important to us, it   value the difference between    for them to play their part.”
top calibre business speaker in     matters to our customers too.      us and other retailers, they      The Anglican Cathedral
one of the city’s best venues.      They’ve told us that despite the   understand the commitment       presents an elegant back drop
In this, Liverpool’s Year of        impact of the recession, our       we’ve made and they trust us    for the dinner. The event sees
the Environment, the event                                                                             the presentation of the annual
will focus on environmental                                                                            Chairman’s Award for the
business opportunities with                                                                            business that has contributed
a keynote speaker who is                                                                               most to the Liverpool economy
a leader in the field.                                                                                 in the previous year and the
                                                                                                       environment arts award for an
Liverpool Chamber is proud                                                                             innovative art work made of
to welcome Marks & Spencer                                                                             recycled materials. This black tie
chief executive Sir Stuart Rose                                                                        event will also feature a welcome
(pictured centre) to address                                                                           drinks reception, superb three
guests. As the leader of a global                                                                      course meal with wine and after
company who’s every move                                                                               dinner entertainment.
makes headlines, Sir Stuart will
talk about the greening of Marks
& Spencer. Plan A is M&S’s
5-year ‘eco plan’ to address the
most important environmental
and social issues facing the
world. The company has pledged
to meet 100 commitments to
become carbon neutral, send                                                                                The Anglican
no waste to landfill, extend                                                                             Cathedral
sustainable sourcing, set new
standards as a fair partner and                                                                          presents an
                                                                                                         elegant back drop
                                                                                                         for the dinner.
Chamber Annual Dinner                                                                                                                              7

     In this, Liverpool’s Year of the Environment, the event
     will focus on environmental business opportunities
    with a keynote speaker who is a leader in the field

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce is proudly supported by
Merseytravel ensures the availability of public                     Rotters Community Composting
transport in Merseyside including financial                         provides organic collections of garden
support for the rail network and essential bus                      and catering waste from households,
services not provided by the private sector. It                     schools and industry. It provides
also promotes public transport, provides bus,                       environmental awareness about recycling
rail stations and infrastructure, travel tickets                    and composting to schools, community
and concessionary travel. Merseytravel also owns and operates the   groups and individuals. The company also provide delivery of
Mersey Ferries and the two Mersey Tunnels.                          composting and growing activities to vulnerable beneficiaries
                                                                    along with recycling and composting advice and consultancy.

The Northwest Regional Development
Agency (NWDA) leads the economic                                    Virgin Trains has brought
development and regeneration of                                     Liverpool and the capital closer
England’s Northwest and is responsible for:                         together. Typical journey times
                                                                    are now just 2 hours 8 minutes
  encouraging investment                                            – including on Saturdays and on
                                                                    Sunday afternoons.
                                                                    And our trains provide a greener way to travel, emitting nearly seven
                                                                    times less CO2 per passenger kilometre than a car.
  communication infrastructure

                                                                    Liverpool City Council - This year is
                                                                    Liverpool’s Year of the Environment.
The Design Foundry is a creative                                    Throughout 2009 we are celebrating how green
design, marketing and publicity agency                              we are as a region and looking at what we can
specialising in branding, advertising,                              do together to tackle important issues such
and digital communications. Adopting                                as climate change and reducing our carbon
a straightforward approach it delivers clear, relevant work that    footprint. “Our city, our planet” has become the city’s mantra for Year of
answers the brief and gives added value to clients. The company     the Environment 2009 as we all play a vital role in helping save the planet.
provides a strategic PR consultancy and comprehensive event
management service that has delivered high profile events for a
range of blue chip clients.                                         Landlife works for a better environment by
                                                                    creating new opportunities for wildflowers and
                                                                    wildlife and encouraging people to enjoy them.
Redwood is an FSC and PEFC certified Ethical                        It is a registered environment charity, working
Printing and Creative Solutions Company, servicing                  mainly in urban and urban fringe areas, to bring
customers across the UK from our Liverpool hub.                     nature and people closer together. By using simple
Given that the theme of this prestigious event for the              wildflower mixes, based on common core species, it aims to create
Chamber is sustainability and the environment, we are               wildlife areas which have sustainable links to their communities.
delighted therefore be able to offer our support.
                                                                     Book now to secure your place
Hayes & Finch, based in Aintree                                      This black tie event will also feature a welcome drinks
are the world’s finest manufacturer                                  reception, superb three course meal with wine and after dinner
and supplier of church supplies,                                     entertainment. Carriages at midnight
including church furnishings, vestments, communion articles,         Member fee: £85 Non-member fee: £120
church candles and altar wines. This unique company has been
operating from Liverpool since 1882. Hayes & Finch also offer        Start: Thursday 26 Nov 2009 Time: 7.30pm
a first class restoration service covering small items such as
                                                                     Call the Chamber’s events team on 0151 227 1234
candlesticks, to much larger uninsurable antiques.
8                                                                                                                                             Policy

                                                Recession ‘bottoming out’ but economy
                                                showing few signs of recovery
                 When was the last time
                 you thought you were           Liverpool Chamber’s Q2 Quarterly Economic            has almost as many companies expecting to
                 going mad, or thought that     Survey, results show that the rate of economic       increase employment as are expecting to reduce
                 someone else was going         decline is slowing but also that there are still     headcount. Investment patterns also appear to
                 mad? Madness conjures up       significant pressures on businesses.                 have stabilised.”
                 images of wild, irrational       Brian McCann, MD of Vanguard                         Many businesses must now be in need of
and reckless behaviour - Hollywood              Corporate Finance and Board Member                   additional cash injections if they are to survive
has certainly helped fix in our minds a         of Liverpool Chamber commented: “The                 to see the benefits of the upturn when it comes.
common view. However, determining if            survey suggests that we are “bouncing along          Despite this, only 25% of businesses have recently
someone is ‘mad’ is not easy. For example,      the bottom” of the economic cycle. The               applied for new bank facilities with just over half
just by being irrational or reckless does       good news is that business conditions and            of these companies getting a positive response.
not constitute madness. Losing reality,         business confidence are not getting any                Jack Stopforth, Chief Executive of Liverpool
losing sanity – that is perhaps closer to       worse. However, there is no clear evidence           Chamber stated: “Clearly the contraction in
the mark. Paradoxically, often when             that the economy has yet begun to recover.”          the UK’s economy over the past three quarters
people think they are going mad they              The latest survey shows that sales and orders      has been steep and without precedent in
are not – they are experiencing anxiety,        are picking up for a growing number of service       recent decades. Merseyside has weathered this
not psychosis. Mental health care reveals       businesses. There are also signs of improvement      downturn far better than predicted. It’s now
many such paradoxes.                            in sales and profit expectations. However, overall   a question of how long the recovery will take.
  This is where psychiatry can help.            the companies who continue to see a reduction        Even the most optimistic predictions suggest
Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that       in sales and orders outnumber those who are          that it will be 2012 before output will match
specialises in the diagnosis of mental          seeing growth. In addition, manufacturing            pre-recession levels. In the meantime, for many
disorder, including things that we would        export orders have fallen away disappointingly       businesses, cash flow is the key issue.
perhaps call ‘madness’. After qualifying,       after encouraging signs in the previous quarter.        Good businesses, with proven track records
doctors train for many years to become a          Brian continued: “There can be hope that the       and sound future plans should be able to look
psychiatrist – in fact, Mersey Care employs     rate of job losses may be about to slow as the       to their banks to support them in respect of
over 70 consultant psychiatrists. The           proportion of businesses expecting to lose staff     cashflow and credit facilities. This appears to
job entails listening to and questioning a      in the next quarter has fallen. For the first time   happening more but I have continuing concerns
patient’s account of their concerns, and        since Quarter 2 2008, the service sector now         that it is not happening quickly enough.”
then examination of both the mental and
physical state. The patient’s story tells you
much – and it is so important that the
story can be told. People fear that they        Liverpool needs elected
will not be listened to. The mental state
examination looks at how different aspects
of the mind work, such as thoughts, mood,
                                                mayor says Grayling
and memory. It also looks for the less          Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling
common psychotic symptoms. These are            set out his agenda to Liverpool Chamber
perhaps closest to the everyday concept of      of Commerce. He addressed a packed
madness, experiences that are very hard to      room of Chamber members keen to hear
imagine. Broadly speaking these include         what Shadow cabinet’s representative on
hallucinations (sensations that appear real     Liverpool had to say about both his national
but only to the patient), delusions (very       and his local spheres of interest.
strongly held beliefs that are not shared         While outlining his home affairs brief,
and not in keeping with a patient’s culture),   he suggested the freeing Police from
thought disorder (severe disturbances of        paperwork and multiple inspection
thinking) and impaired insight (how much        regimes. He described the affect of
a patient realises that they have a problem).   crime and antisocial behaviour on
  Psychotic symptoms cause enormous             companies that he had met in the city.
suffering and yet there are evidence based        Addressing issues of economy and growth,             The floor opened to members and questions
treatments, best given as soon as possible.     Mr Grayling stated: “Liverpool needs to grow         were wide ranging from the Conservative
Ensuring that patients and their carers         its private sector to create a balance, there are    Party’s agenda for Liverpool, redevelopment
play a full part in their care is essential.    great creative and scientific ideas in this city,    of inner city areas, Sure Start and Tax
However, people are often reluctant to seek     entrepreneurship needs to be encouraged. He          Credits, unemployment and workforce
help, feeling lonely, and anxious that they     continued: “The UK as a whole needs to be a          diversity, aviation and rail subsidies, climate
will be ‘put away’. In fact, for many years     better place to do business and we aim to get        change and regional governance.
the rule in mental health care has been to      rid of red tape and restrictions that encourage        Many of his replies offered a particular
treat at home, in the community, reserving      companies to move away from the UK.”                 focus on governance and leadership. He
hospital care for only those who really need      He expressed concerns about the UK debt,           stated: “A Conservative government would
it and for the shortest time possible.          saying: “There is no historic precedent to           offer 15 UK cities, including Liverpool
  Next time I will explore ideas about          the levels of debt in the UK and this will           a referendum on an elected mayor.” He
perhaps the most challenging and significant    be a difficult environment for the next              continued: “On issues such as regeneration,
mental disorder – schizophrenia – and how it    government. Transformation of the public             an elected mayor would have the strength of
impacts on the world of commerce.               sector is going to be the key to helping to          personality and political remit to ensure that
                                                balance the books.”                                  a vision for the city was cohesively pursued.”
10                                                                                                                                            Training

LEAD – A taste of Leadership for small businesses
LEAD, a £9.5m groundbreaking                                                   your business.                          Why not find out about
initiative supported by the              Freedom Business Coaching               Chamber members who                   LEAD by booking a preview
NWDA aimed at the small                                                        have up to 20 employees (or             session near you?
business leader, is now available                                              any members who have small
on Merseyside.                           International (KTI)                   business clients) are warmly              7th September
  LEAD features world class                                                    invited to attend these sessions          Whiston Village Hotel
speakers, personal coaching              Providers are hosting FREE            which promise to be inspiring,            (all sessions 5:30 – 8pm)
and group learning events and          taster events taking place across       stimulating and involving.
has been proven to deliver             the region during September.                                                      on 8th September @ The
impressive results to small            These will show you what                                                          University of Liverpool
businesses over a 4 year study         LEAD is, how it works and                                                         Management School
by Lancaster University.               allow you to decide if the                                                        (session 10am – 1pm)
Merseyside has 3 LEAD providers:       programme is right for you and

Hospital volunteer groups achieve recognition
NHS Aintree Hospitals Volunteer                                                                                       of the role as a volunteer.
Groups have gained recognition                                                                                          “The Chamber have been
of their volunteer’s services to the                                                                                  extremely supportive in their
hospitals by gaining the NCFE                                                                                         delivery of the programme,
Volunteers NVQ Certificate level                                                                                      with Annette Peers the NVQ
2 using Train 2 Gain funding.                                                                                         Assessor developing a real rapport
  The volunteers give their time                                                                                      with not only the the volunteers
in helping and assisting other                                                                                        undertaking the programme, but
members of the hospitals staff                                                                                        with all the volunteers working
to do various tasks and duties                                                                                        out of the office, so much so
in the day to day running of the                                                                                      that we now have a second
administration, patient liaison and                                                                                   cohort of volunteers half way
fund raising departments.                                                                                             through their qualification and
  The volunteer manager,                                                                                              a list of volunteers wanting to
Norma Barrowcliff praised              moral, by giving them a well           completed it in June. All of the        start on the third cohort. The
the opportunities that Train           deserved sense of achievement.         volunteers have enjoyed the             NCFE professionalises what
2 Gain has opened up for her             She said: “Our first cohort          programme and we feel it adds to        we do here at Aintree and gives
group of volunteers and the            of nine volunteers started their       their all round experience giving       the volunteers a real value when
effect that it has had on their        course in February 2009 and            them a fuller understanding             applying for future employment.”

 Making recruitment easier
 The Chamber’s training arm, Trident Training       training. A few examples of the candidates             Applicant 3 is ECDL qualified and has
 offers a free recruitment service to local         on their books include; Applicant 1 is a bright     a calm and approachable manner. She has
 employers. Workforce Development Officer,          and enthusiastic young person with previous         financial related administration and customer
 Lynn Lock said: “We aim to take all the stress     customer facing experience in the retail sector     care experience. She is determined to gain
 out of recruitment. We pre-screen applicants       and experience within administration.               employment that will further develop her skills.
 to ensure that they fit the criteria that            Applicant 2 is a hardworking and confident
 individual clients looking for. They only meet     team worker with experience in customer             To find out more about these or other
 a shortlist of the most suitable candidates.”      service. He has high levels of literacy             candidates, contact Ruth Runacus on 0151 236
   Trident has a wide range of applicants on        and numeracy with the determination                 3222 or
 their books and can also provide funded            needed to master tasks quickly.                     for more information.

                                                                                                                                                            OL CHA

Procurement team saves RNIB £1.5m
                                                                                                                                                       PO            M


Procurement has proved its             controlling half of the charity’s       savings of £1.5m. For a charity                                         P P LY C H A I N

worth for charity RNIB by              £120m annual spend. They now            when every penny saved on                                    Training & Consultancy

saving them £1.5m in the               have input into the charity’s           administration is an extra
past year. The savings have            major investment projects.              help for their cause. This             For more information on how
been made after changing                Steve Sullivan, Liverpool              amount of saving demonstrates          procurement can add to your
the position of their                  CIPS Centre Manager said:               the value that a well trained          organisation’s bottom line, contact
procurement team from a pure           “Any business would be                  procurement team can bring to          Liverpool Chamber’s procurement
administration role to one             grateful for bottom line                any organisation.”                     Team on 0151 236 0121.
News                                                                                                                                    11

                                                                              Merseysound in TV shoot
                                                                              Liverpool based AV
                                                                              and staging company,
                                                                              Merseysound Productions
                                                                              played a key supporting
                                                                              role in the filming of an
                                                                              edition of new BBC series,
                                                                              James May’s Toy Stories,
                                                                              which makes life-size
                                                                              constructions with some of
                                                                              Britain's best-loved toys
                                                                                The Top Gear presenter
                                                                              was in Liverpool to pay
Crime fighting bells ring out                                                 tribute to Meccano, one of
                                                                              city’s most famous products.
Liverpool Chamber’s of Commerce’s Business Crime Reduction Team is            Students from Liverpool
piloting the initiative in the city to fight ‘pick pocketing’ & ‘dipping’.    University’s School of
  Bells and chains were handed out to shoppers in Liverpool city centre       engineering built a bridge        Colin Reader,
proving so popular that over 1200 were distributed in the space of a          over the Pier Head canal        Merseysound MD
couple of hours.                                                              link constructed from           commented: “The MSP
  The bells can be attached to a purse, wallet or mobile phone, and if        actual Meccano strips.          crew had an enjoyable day
a thief tries to pick the items from a bag the bells will ring to alert the   May then crossed the            supplying equipment for this
owner. Alternatively, items of value such as wallets and purses can be        bridge to the cheers of the     event and since Meccano
attached to a handbag or to a belt using one of the chains that the teams     on-looking crowd. He said:      was originally made in
are also supplying.                                                           “This is a really impressive    Liverpool this made it all
  The Chamber’s Business Crime Reduction Manager, Tony Jopson                 structure and it shows just     the more special to have
commented: “We had an excellent response, the feedback that we                what can be achieved with       been part of this amazing
got demonstrated that demand is there for simple but effective crime          Meccano which was the           experiment.”
deterrents. We found that our target of older shoppers and young mums         first - and some say the best     The series will be screened
with prams found the items particularly helpful.”                             - construction toy."            in the run up to Christmas.
12                                                                                                                                                                        5K Team Challenge

                                                                                                  GENT ROAD
                                                                                                                                   COTTON ST

Runners line up for                                                                                                            CARLTON ST

                                                                                                                                REGENT ST

5K Team Challenge                                                                                                       PORTER ST

                                                                                                                                                                                                Gt. HOWARD S
                                                                                                                                          VULCAN ST


The Liverpool Chamber 5K           belong to the same company,                                                                                      OIL ST

Team Challenge is just weeks       however the minimum age

                                                                                                                   LOO RO
away. All around the city          in this category is 15 years
runners have been gearing up       old and each team needs to

to run or walk(!) the course       have one female member.
                                                                        West Waterloo
on Sunday 20th September.            Alan continued: “Prizes will be       Dock
  Organiser, Alan Rothwell         awarded in a range of categories,                            Dock

                                                                                                                                                                                            Gt. HOWA
said: “Last year’s race has a      including best performing legal

                                                                                                                              WATERLOO ROAD
great success and we are hoping    team, first team to finish in

                                                                                                                                                                                                     RD STREET
that this year is going to be      each division and first female
                                                                                          Princes Half                                                                                                                                                      S ST
bigger and better. We’ve got       and first male to finish overall.                       Tide Dock

a stunning riverside course        Its £60 to enter each team, the
past some of the city’s most       closing date for postal entry is
iconic buildings and the Met       Friday 11th September, after


                                                                                                                                                                          KING EDWARD ST
Office have assured me that the    11th entries can be taken in

weather is going to be fine!       person at Up and Running,
  This year’s event is supported   28 Bold Street, Liverpool.”                                                       Princes

by Liverpool Law Society.                                                                                             Dock

Although the event is primarily    For more information contact

targeted at the workplace, the     Alan Rothwell on 0151


5K accepts teams from the          709 1413 or email alan.


                                                                                                                                 R   AD

wider community and those                                                                                                                                                                                             ST


raising money for charity as we    You can pick up entry forms
aim to involve as many people      from Liverpool Chamber of                                                                                                       NIC

                                                                                                                                                             St.                                                                                                   RS
as possible and promote the        Commerce Reception, One


benefits of health and fitness.”   Old Hall Street, Liverpool.                                                                                                                                                           er                                                   ST

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Liv ding                                           ICK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        il                                         SW
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Bu         ST                             UN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              R                             BR
  To enter, you need a team of                                         START AND FINISH                                                                                                                               WA
                                                                       ROUTE OUT                                                                                                                                                     ICK
four, all from the same company                                        ROUTE BACK                                                                                                                                          BR


or organisation. Teams who


wish to raise money for charity



can enter the Charity Shield                                                                                                                                                                                                           MA

division and do not need to
Transport                                            13

Ryanair holds steady at Liverpool JLA
Good news for Liverpool Airport is that low-cost
carrier Ryanair revealed that it is to maintain
its flight capacity from Liverpool John Lennon
Airport (JLA) over the winter months, despite
slashing flights from other UK airports.
  LJLA Spokesman, Robin Tudor stated:
“This demonstrates our good partnership
with Ryanair. We are also investing £12m
over the coming months to enlarge the
departure lounge, free up the bottle neck
at security and expand the airport’s retail
offer to continue to make Liverpool an attractive
  The airline operates 41 routes with seven planes
based in Liverpool.
  In addition Ryanair has launched flights to
five new destinations from Liverpool including
Faro, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Bratislava and
Rzeszow in Poland. The flights will launch
in October and run until March. Dara Brady,
deputy head of sales and marketing in Europe
for Ryanair: “We’re delighted to continue our
excellent relationship with JLA. We’ve been here
since 1988 and the airport is very progressive in
wanting to grow the business.”
  Brady added that the airport has performed
well over the summer and the company expects
the new winter flights to sell well.
14                                                                                                                     International

Expo opportunities for
Liverpool firms in China
MERSEYSIDE companies are                                                                                   Oliver Hayakawa, the Shanghai
being urged to take advantage                                                                            representative of Liverpool
of unique sponsorship                                                                                    Shanghai Partnership (LSP),
opportunities being offered                                                                              said: “The Liverpool sponsorship
by the Liverpool pavilion at                                                                             packages offer something unique
next year’s World Expo in                                                                                to Merseyside businesses.
Shanghai.                                                                                                  “It’s a unique opportunity to
  The city of Liverpool is to                                                                            raise profile and to make new
have a dedicated pavilion in                                                                             connections with potential
the Urban Best Practice Area                                                                             suppliers, partners and clients,
at the Expo and is offering                                                                              not just from China but from
sponsorship opportunities                                                                                across the world.”
ranging from £6,000 to                                                                                     Ian Crawford, chief executive
£75,000. The lead sponsor for                                                                            of the British Chamber of
the event is Peel Holdings.                                                                              Commerce in Shanghai, added:
  Organisers say a presence                                                                              “The UK and Liverpool have
at the event will enable                                                                                 done a great job of promoting
companies to raise their profile                                                                         themselves by being very positive
before a massive audience and                                                                            about their pavilion. The
forge new relationships with                                                                             Chinese will remember that and
companies, organisations and                                                                             be grateful.
cities from across the globe.                                                                              “There are real opportunities
  The centrepiece of the                                                                                 for Liverpool to attract
Liverpool pavilion will be a                                                                             investment from China and the
virtual cruise from Liverpool                                                                            Expo will be a massive stage for
to Shanghai to promote the                                                                               the city to sell itself.”
city and the North West                                                                                    Liverpool’s pavilion will be
of England region to an                                                                                  organised according to monthly
international audience.                                                                                  themes which have been
  The project is being led                                                                               carefully selected to match with
by Liverpool Vision in                                                                                   the region’s main economic
partnership with Liverpool                                                                               development objectives and
City Council, the Liverpool-                                                                             opportunities. They are:
Shanghai Partnership and
the Northwest Regional                                                 The UK and Liverpool               sustainability and the
Development Agency                                                                                        environment
(NWDA).                                                              have done a great job of
  Described as a ‘once-in-                                           promoting themselves                 science
a-generation opportunity’
to consolidate and build                                             by being very positive
relationships in the world’s                                         about their pavilion. The
most important emerging
economy, the World Expo
                                                                     Chinese will remember                North West (ports, airports
runs between 1st May and 31st                                        that and be grateful.                and property development).
October 2010 and will attract
around 70 million visitors.                                                                              More information about
  The Liverpool sponsorship                                                                              Liverpool’s Expo plans and
packages include benefits            Coun Warren Bradley,               will be represented at Expo      details about sponsorship
such as:                           leader of Liverpool City             and we now want other            can be found at www.
                                   Council, said: “The impact           regional businesses to speak
                                   of Liverpool’s presence at           to us about how we can help
 government officials              World Expo 2010 will be felt         them in their objectives to      Companies interested in
                                   beyond the city region, and          connect with global markets.     finding out more should
 introduction to business          Peel’s involvement clearly             “We want as many local         email Graham Miller at
 prospects                         demonstrates the value this          firms as possible to join us     gmiller@liverpoolvision.
                                   event will deliver to the whole      at World Expo 2010 and  or call him on
                                   of the North West.                   benefit from the incredible      0151 600 2900.
                                     “More than 140 countries           opportunity that it presents.”
International                                                                                                                                           15

Chamber mission
to China, 2010
19 March 2010

 China is a country like no other. It is immense     The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce can                   For more information contact
 in scale, the third largest country in the world    now offer you a wonderful and unforgettable             Jenny Stewart
 with the world’s largest population.                experience. From just £1350, you can explore            Head of Client
   It is one of the oldest civilizations in the      China and gain an understanding of the                  on 0151 227 1234 or email jenny.stewart@
 world with a written history of 4000 years and      people and the culture. This tour delivers the
 boasts rich cultural relics and grand historical    best of everything. Experience 4 and 5 star
 sites. Its rapidly advancing companies and          hotels, with tour guides throughout your stay.
 workforce in its modern cities have made it of       Its a great opportunity to get a true insight into
 ever increasing importance in world affairs.        this wonderful country. This gives you the
 Yet it maintains a wealth of traditional beauty     opportunity to visit some of the highlights of
 in its botanical gardens, music, entertainment,     this spectacular country and is an ideal way to
 artistic works and culture.                         explore with your family or friends.

Day 1 19 March                                      Day 4 – Beijing
   Depart from London Heathrow International           Tour bus excursion to the Great Wall,
Airport for an evening flight to Beijing. Your      the 4,000-mile long and 2,000 years old
adventure begins as you aboard a wide cabin         construction is said to be the only man-made
jetliner. Cross the International Dateline.         structure visible by naked eye from the moon.
                                                    Visit to the Ming Tombs, one of 13 Ming
Day 2 – Beijing                                     Emperors’ Tombs is fully excavated and open
  Arrive in Beijing, the Capital of China at        for exploration. Enjoy a roasted Beijing duck
lunchtime. You will be met by your local            dinner.
tour guide at the airport. Transfer to the
5-Star Beijing Telecom Hotel. Visit the Tian        Day 5 – Shanghai/Suzhou                                Day 7 – Hangzhou/Shanghai
An Men Square, the largest square in the              Morning Air China flight to Shanghai,                  Morning boat cruise on West Lake with
world, and the Temple of Heaven, built in           then take the tour bus trip to Suzhou.                 relaxing stopover at jewel-like pagodas and tea
1420 A.D., where the emperors prayed to the         Afternoon sightseeing to the centuries                 houses. Afternoon tour bus trip to Shanghai.
heaven for a good harvest.                          old Lingering Garden, Tiger Hill and                   Staying in the 5 star Guangdong Hotel.
                                                    Hanshan Temple.
                                                    Visit to the National
                                                    Embroidery Institute
                                                    to see silk embroidery,
                                                    an important local craft
                                                    with 1,000 years history.
                                                    Evening Dinner Show of
                                                    the traditional Chinese
                                                    Music. Staying in the 4 star Holiday Inn               Day 8 – Shanghai
                                                                                                             Sightseeing includes the Yu Garden, a maze
Day 3 – Beijing                                     Day 6 – Hangzhou.                                      of marvelous pavilions, ponds, rocky works
  Sightseeing includes the Palace Museum,             Morning tour bus journey to Hangzhou.                and over arching trees. Visit to the Bund, a
also known as the Forbidden City, home              Visit to Economic Development Zone.                    famous waterfront park. Business visit to the
of 24 emperors with a total space of 9,999          Visit to the centuries old Lingyin Temple,             Pudong economic development zone.
rooms, and the Summer Palace, known for             with the main feature of the 64.3 ft-high
many significance such as the Long Corridor         camphor-wood carved Buddha. Staying in                 Day 9 – Shanghai to London
with painted gallery, Kunming Lake and              the 5 star Howard Johnson Hotel                          Morning flight to Beijing followed by departure
Longevity Hill, Seventeen- Arch Bridge and                                                                 for London where you will arrive at 17:45 on the
Marble Boat.                                                                                               same day.
16                                                                                                                                       Legal

Morecrofts trio to provide expert                                                                              Hill Dickinson
                                                                                                               celebrates win
advice for national organisation                                                                               at law society
Gayle Woods from Morecrofts                                                                                    awards
Solicitors is celebrating after                                                                                Hill Dickinson is celebrating
qualifying as a Fellow of the                                                                                  success at this year’s Liverpool
Institute of Legal Executives.                                                                                 Law Society Legal Awards after
  Also a member of Solicitors                                                                                  scooping the Employment Team
for the Elderly, her wealth                                                                                    of the Year title.
of experience in assisting                                                                                       The firm’s success was
elderly clients with their legal                                                                               particularly significant as the
affairs has now been fully                                                                                     coveted Legal Awards received a
recognised by the attainment                                                                                   record number of entries this year,
of her FILEX qualification.                                                                                    across a wide spectrum of firms.
  She becomes the third member                                                                                   Commenting on the win, Hill
of staff at the Liverpool law firm                                                                             Dickinson Managing Partner,
to join the national organisation                                                                              Peter Jackson said: “In a year
Solicitors for the Elderly,                                                                                    which has seen us expand our
which is made up of solicitors,                                                                                international horizons, we are
barristers and legal executives                                                                                proud to be recognised by the
from around the country.                                                                                       legal industry in Liverpool for
  Her main aim as a member                                                                                     our hard work and dedication.”
of SFE is to provide and                                                                                         Hill Dickinson Employment &
promote robust comprehensive                                                                                   Pensions Partner, Robert Coward
and independent legal                                                                                          attended the awards ceremony
advice for older people,             to have received the FILEX          and enjoy helping older and           and said: “This win underlines
their families and carers.           standard and to also be             more vulnerable clients to            the expertise demonstrated by our
  She said: “I am very pleased       accepted as a member of SFE         deal with their legal affairs.        lawyers and is testament to the
                                                                                                               fact we have an exceptional team
                                                                                                               that is committed to providing

GAD LLP announces new appointment                                                                              outstanding client service.”

                          Leading Law Firm Gregory Abrams          work, Ian provides advice to local        Ian says: “I am looking forward
                          Davidson LLP has appointed Ian           government pension departments,         to developing the firm’s services in
                          Sturgess, Solicitor, as head of the      national TV and other major             Liverpool and across the region”.
                          Probate and Tax Department.              organisations. He has pioneered           Gregory Abrams, senior
                           Ian is a ‘local boy’ who undertook      implementation and use of IT            partner added: “Ian’s energy and
                          his law degree in Liverpool.             within his field.                       enthusiasm will complement
                          Formerly Partner at Canter,                Ian is a keen martial arts            and strengthen the delivery of
                          Levin & Berg and with over 20            enthusiast and an intermediate          our private client services based
                          years experience in private client       speaker of Japanese.                    at our Penny Lane Office.”

Heaney Watson launches with family gathering
Family lawyers, Heaney                                                                                        Director, Heaney Watson
Watson welcomed guests                                                                                        said: “We are delighted to be
to their new offices as they                                                                                  celebrating the official launch
celebrated their official launch                                                                              of our practice. We have an
with a ‘family gathering’.                                                                                    ambition to always keep family
  Designated Family Judge for                                                                                 at the heart of everything we
Merseyside HHJ De Haas QC                                                                                     do; it’s a simple statement
and Charlie Jones, President of                                                                               but rings true both for our
Liverpool Law Society 2008/09                                                                                 staff and clients. Holding a
attended the official opening of                                                                              ‘family gathering’ seemed like
the firm at their offices in the                                                                              the perfect way to celebrate.
Arts Village, York Street.                                                                                      Heaney Watson was
  Guests from Liverpool’s                                                                                     formed from the demerger
legal community and beyond                                                                                    of Goodmans family law
attended the champagne                                                                                        department with former
and canapé soiree, and                                                                                        Goodmans Partners Liza
were heartened by words of           de Haas QC who cited closer          future of the judicial system.      Watson, Simon Heaney and
encouragement from HH Judge          working relationships as the           Liza Watson, Managing             Tracy Winstanley at the helm.
Category                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             17

Read all about it...                                                                       The new quarterly schedule will then
                                                                                           be implemented as follows;
Liverpool Chamber magazine to be re-positioned                                             Winter – December
as a quarterly magazine with increased circulation                                         Spring – March
and the addition of a digital, online version                                              Summer –June
                                                                                           Autumn – September
From the December (Winter) issue of       impact by viewing content online.
Liverpool Chamber readers will have the     An e-edition can sit on your website,                                         T H E            B U S I N
                                                                                                                                                     E S S                         M A G A Z
                                                                                                                                                                                             I N E

option of viewing the magazine online.    be emailed out to your existing                                                                                                                              F O R    L I V E R P
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            O O L      A N D        M E R S E
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Y S I D E

  The e-zine is an online page replica    database or simply acquire the                                                                                                                                                  ISSUE 22 JULY/AU
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           GUST   2009

of the printed publication and will       database that you wish to target.                                           ISSN: 1757-770
                                                                                                                     £3 when sold

feature turning pages, interactive          With budgets being credit crunched, the                                                     THE GREE
                                                                                                                                                   N EDGE
                                                                                                                                                            FOR BUSI

editorial and advertisement links.        consumer more complex to communicate
                                                                                                                                                                       NESS 2009

  Within an e-edition you are able to     with, and all of us being urged to save the
embed video, audio, and animations,       planet, the introduction of the e-edition is
providing a more interactive experience   timed to perfection.
for readers, - with the added benefit       These exciting changes will commence
of a permanent online archive.            with the December edition which will be re-
  All members will still receive the      labelled Winter 2009, the printed circulation
paper edition but will be given the       will increase by 33% to 4,000 and the new
option to reduce their environmental      e-zine will be available to view online.
                                                                                                   Liverpool One
                                                                                                   first birthday
                                                                                                M & S Boss to spea
                                                                                                                     k in city Page 5
                                                                                                Stylish dressing for
                                                                                                                     the office Page 8
                                                                                                New UK flights
                                                                                                             T H from U
                                                                                                                  E  B
                                                                                                                       LJLA Page 18
                                                                                                                         S                                  I N E S S
                                                                                                                                                                                     M A G A Z
                                                                                                                                                                                               I N E    F O R    L I V E R P
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             O O L     A N D
                                                                                          FC JulAug09.indd                                                                                                                                              M E R S E
                                                                                                                1                                                                                                                                                 Y S I D E

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ISSUE 21 MAY/JU
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             NE 2009

                                                                                                                        ISSN: 1757-7705
                                                                                                                        £3 when sold

                                                                                                                                         THE GREE
                                                                                                                                                    N EDGE
                                                                                                                                                              FOR BUSI
                                                                                                                                                                         NESS 2009

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Liverpool JLA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  goes global

                                                                                                  2009 5K Team Chal
                                                                                                                        lenge Page 6
                                                                                                  Win £50,000 Page
                                                                                                  Cut price first class
                                                                                                            T H E    B UrailI fares Page 16
                                                                                                                         S     N                                E S S          M A G A Z
                                                                                                                                                                                         I N E         F O R    L I V E R P
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            O O L    A N D
                                                                                          FC_LVPL_MAY09.i                                                                                                                                         M E R S E
                                                                                                         ndd 1                                                                                                                                              Y S I D E

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ISSUE 20 MARCH
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       / APRIL   2009

                                                                                                                      ISSN: 1757-7705
                                                                                                                     £3 when sold

                                                                                                                                       THE GREE
                                                                                                                                                  N EDGE
                                                                                                                                                            FOR BUSI
                                                                                                                                                                       NESS 2009

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Saddle up for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Grand National
                                                                                                  Who’s designing
                                                                                                                   the city’s hippest
                                                                                                  Green businesse                     bars? Page 20
                                                                                                                  s thriving Page 12
                                                                                                  New routes from
                                                                                                                    John Lennon Airp
                                                                                                                                       ort Page 7

                                                                                          Liverpool Flatplan
                                                                                                               Mar09.indd 1
18                                                                                                                 Arts and culture

                                                                                                           £12.8 million
                                                                                                           investment in
                                                                                                           Liverpool and
                                                                                                           Theatres Trust
                                                                                                           Arts Council England has
                                                                                                           announced a £12.8 million
                                                                                                           investment in Liverpool and
                                                                                                           Merseyside Theatres Trust
                                                                                                           towards a major new capital
                                                                                                           development of the Everyman
                                                                                                             The new building will
                                                                                                           provide a state of the art 21st
                                                                                                           century home for producing
                                                                                                           theatre in Liverpool, as well as
                                                                                                           being a base for the exemplary
                                                                                                           community and education
                                                                                                           programmes that connect the
                                                                                                           Everyman with so many people
                                                                                                           in Merseyside and beyond.
                                                                                                             The proposal is based
                                                                                                           around a complete new build
                                                                                                           of the Everyman theatre
                                                                                                           which will include a 400-seat
                                                                                                           auditorium with flexible layout
                                                                                                           arrangements, theatre and
                                                                                                           community spaces, the writers’
                                                                                                           hub, production rehearsal and
                                                                                                           workshop areas, back of house,
                                                                                                           bistro and office spaces.
                                                                                                             Liverpool and Merseyside
                                                                                                           Theatres Trust Executive
                                                                                                           Director, Deborah Aydon
                                                                                                           said: “We are overwhelmed
                                                                                                           by this wonderful news and
                                                                                                           profoundly grateful for the
                                                                                                           support of our stakeholders,
                                                                                                           who have worked with us
                                                                                                           for many years to secure the
                                                                                                           Everyman’s future and allow it
 Nugent Care invade Trafalgar Square                                                                       to grow. This decision is a bold
                                                                                                           and emphatic endorsement
                                                                                                           of the value of the arts to our
 As part of Anthony Gormley’s latest work            She proudly wore the Nugent Care colours as           city and to all our lives, in
 ‘one and other’ set on the fourth plinth            she became the centre of attention in London for      hard times more than ever.
 in Trafalgar Square, Nugent Care has                that one hour period.                                 Soon we will be hard at work
 been lucky enough to have a participant               Fundraising Manager of Nugent Care Marie            to create an inspiring new
 in the event agree to use her time in front         Reynolds says: “This is a great opportunity for us    Everyman which honours its
 of the world to promote the charity.                to promote Nugent Care worldwide and we are           history, expresses its unique
   Local woman Alice Grundy was on the plinth        very grateful to Alice for offering to support our    personality, and takes it
 between 11am and 12pm on Monday 20 July.            charity and help in this way.”                        confidently into the future.”

New horizons for Bluecoat
The year 2009 sees the Bluecoat      area of the Philharmonic            Hospital. Acting as guest
Display Centre celebrating its       Hall on Hope Street, as well        curators, artists are given
50-year anniversary. As part         as the display cabinets in the      the opportunity to create
of this year’s celebration, the      foyer of the University of          installations of their work and
craft centre has invited some        Liverpool’s School of History,      to include work they select
of Liverpool’s most innovative       off Abercromby Square, and          from Bluecoat Display Centre’s
artists to create installations in   in the Roald Dahl Blood             collection that they feel
the newly designated display         Centre at the Royal Liverpool       complements their own work.

New role for Chamber chairman
Liverpool Chamber of
Commerce Chairman, Ed Oliver
                                                           to Chamber business and
                                                           will be an even greater asset
                                                                                              Ed Oliver has been
has announced that with effect                             to us, which I welcome.”          a well known face in
from the end of August, he will                              Ed Oliver has been a well
be retiring from his position as                           known face in the city’s          the city’s retail scene
General Manager of Liverpool’s                             retail scene for over 20 years.
Clayton Square Shopping                                    A graduate in electrical          for over 20 years.
Centre for commercial landlord,                            engineering from Strathclyde
Land Securities. Ed who became                             University, Ed started his
Chairman in 2008 will stay on                              career at Marks and Spencer,      Board for eight years and became Vice Chair
in his Chamber role.                                       eventually becoming Regional      in 2005. He became Chairman in 2008.
  Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive,       Manager for Merseyside before taking his          He commented: “I’m looking forward to
Jack Stopforth commented: “Ed will remain    role at Clayton Square.                         retiring from full time business, but will
a director of Alder Hey and will continue      Ed has been associated with the Chamber       continue to investigate future business
his involvement in the local business        for many years before joining the board,        opportunities should they come along and
scene. The arrangement means that Ed         as Chair of the city’s Leisure and Stores       also having more time to devote to the
will have considerably more time to devote   Committee. Ed has been on the Chamber           Chamber and Alder Hey.”

 A sculpture of cloud for the Mersey skyline
 FACT (Foundation for Art and                Artists Taking the Lead project.                with Liverpool Biennial to develop the
 Creative Technology) and Liverpool           Projected Column will be                       work of one of Britain’s senior artistic
 Biennial are delighted to announce          McCall’s largest scale and most                 figures. Anthony McCall has a long
 that Anthony McCall’s Projected             public project to date.                         history of creating intelligent, engaging
 Column has been shortlisted for Arts         Mike Stubbs, CEO, of FACT stated:              art and his inf luence on a whole
 Council England and London 2012’s           “FACT is thrilled to be partnering              generation of artists is undisputable.
20                                                                                                                         Marketing/PR

Agent Marketing signs for new headquarters
Liverpool-based marketing             Agent Marketing says
and public relations                    “The decision to move Agent
consultancy Agent Marketing           to Argyle Street is as a result of
has taken a 2,884 Sq Ft new           some larger public and private
office space in the heart of          sector contract wins. The move
Ropewalks in the city centre.         comes as part of our continued
   The firm which is in its           growth strategy coming into
fourth financial year of              fruition, allowing us to take
trading was based in the iconic       on extra staff to better service
Bluecoat before relocating to         our growing client portfolio.
23 Argyle Street –
taking on an extra
2100 Sq Ft of space
in the process.
   The new office
is based over three
f loors with access
direct from Argyle
Street. The building
has been sensitively
restored and
retains a number of original          The new office provides
building features including           additional break out spaces, a
exposed columns, beams and            large training/board room and
brickwork.                            allows clients from outside the
   Paul Corcoran, Director of         city to park onsite.”

Liverpool graffiti artist has designs
on Manchester chamber orchestra
Graffiti artist Sophie             Beethoven’s Sixth and            years – and it is a style
Backhouse, part of the             Eighth symphonies (due to        that is influenced by Art
Liverpool-based design             be recorded by Manchester        Nouveau rather than
firm Nonconform, has               Camerata during the season);     other street painters.
created a series of images         Schubert’s Trout Quintet;          Design agency
for Manchester chamber             Mendelssohn’s Symphony           Nonconform, has carved
orchestra’s print work, based      No. 4 and Brahms’ Piano          itself something of a creative
on words which express the         Concerto No. 1. Not              niche within the classical
season’s themes – such as          normally a classical music       music sector, having
Exchanges, Atmosphere,             devotee, Sophie has found        designed brand identities
Provoke, Create, Transform         the experience challenging:      and marketing campaign
and Inspire.                       “It’s been a really good         materials for clients
  Sophie drew her inspiration      experience, pushing me           such as Royal Liverpool
in part from listening to          further creatively.”             Philharmonic Orchestra,
some of the key pieces               Sophie (who is known           Royal Northern College of
to be performed during             as Luna in graffiti art          Music, Manchester Camerata
the season. These include          circles) has been developing     and England’s Eight
not only Belshazzar, but           her inimitable style for         Symphony Orchestras.

New city centre home for CM2 Creative
City centre based design agency       profile amongst Liverpool’s          to further develop relationships   own website. The update will
CM2 Creative have moved to            business community, and is           with established city centre       showcase recent projects with
new office space in the heart of      the ideal home for a creative        based clients and to nurture new   fellow chamber members Kirwans
Liverpool’s Creative Quarter.         business.                            business through networking        Solicitors and Formby Surveys
The move to their new home              With a growing reputation          opportunities.                     as well as giving the site a bit of
in the Vanilla Factory on Fleet       of providing creative services         To coincide with their           a re-fresh. The projects included
Street is part of the company’s       in both the public and private       relocation, the agency has taken   a brand identity, corporate
ongoing strategy to raise its         sector, CM2 Creative is looking      the opportunity to update their    literature and press advertising.
Marketing/PR                                                                                                                           21

Ph Creative to launch London
and Manchester office as major
appointment fuelling further growth
Ph Creative, the internet marketing          Waters as a director, having joined from
agency that began in Liverpool and had       world leading digital agency Latitude who
three employees just 18 months ago is        last year recorded a £60m turnover.
continuing to buck the economic trend          Speaking from their HQ in Rodney Street,
after revealing that it is opening two new   Managing Director Bryan Adams said:
offices in London and Manchester in the        “This exciting appointment reinforces our
next two months.                             intentions towards taking a stronghold on
  This follows news that Ph Creative has     the search marketing sector following our
landed a major coup appointing Richard       recent acquisition of Be Visible in January.”

Fast growing agency enters Premier League for PR
PR and social marketing            the north-west and amongst           and staff numbers grow by 50%     Programme and seeing PR
specialists ICE have been listed   just a handful of agencies           during 2008, a figure which is    Manager Anna Beaumont
in the UK’s Top 25 Public          outside London to make the           continuing to rise during 2009.   named as one of PR Week’s
Sector League Tables 2009,         list, which is the definitive          Other highlights for the        ‘Top 29 Under 29’ in the UK.
published this week by leading     industry guide to PR firms           agency from the year under          Anna Beaumont, ICE’s Senior
industry publication PR Week.      that specialise in public sector     review include securing a         PR Practioneer, says: “PR
  The Merseyside agency is         communications, based on             place on the Central Office       Week is the leading publication
one of the highest new entries     their revenues and fee income        of Information’s PR roster for    for our industry and this
– at number 12 in the listings     over the previous 12 months.         the North West, working with      endorsement recognises us as
– making it ‘one to watch’.          ICE’s inclusion follows a strong   the Department of Health on       one of the top agencies within
It is also the only agency in      year which saw both turnover         the National Healthy Schools      the public sector nationally.”

        Don’t let your ecological policy affect
        your economic policy

         Improve the environmental impact                                     Find out more at:
         of your business, increase your                            
         green credentials and gain that
         commercial edge
22                                                                                                                             Events

Liverpool Chamber and BT help UK small
business to grow through technology
Liverpool Chamber is hosting       designed this event to enable                                        truly transform your business
a practical new seminar with       organisations to understand          people on the move              from those that simply end up
BT that has been specifically      the right technologies to adopt                                      being a blackhole for money
designed to help businesses        for their business, and how          secure and easy to manage       and time. Avoiding attractive
easily understand how they         they stand to benefit from their                                     sounding technology fads can
can benefit from IT and            investment in the future.            brings all IT & comms needs     be very difficult. This practical
Communications.                      The free event is entitled         together                        seminar with BT will help our
  It’s a known fact that many      “Making IT & Communications          Jenny Stewart Liverpool         members profit from powerful
businesses find it difficult to    Work for You”, it takes place at   Chamber’s Head of Client          communications practices and
cut through the complexity         the chamber on Tuesday 15th        Services, said: “Anyone in        the technologies that make
of today’s technologies and        September and will explain         business knows you need all       them possible.”
really understand the true                                            the help you can get to remain
advantages that it offers.           telephone calls and systems      competitive. But it can be hard   To book this event contact the
Liverpool Chamber, in                                                 to tell the difference between    Chamber’s Membership Team
partnership with BT, has             communications                   tools and services that can       on 0151 227 1234.

Verdict was good food at Jurys Inn
Speed networking whetted           competition that is open to
the appetite of Chamber            all. Imelda O'Neill from Nat
members who attended               West outlined the bank’s range
Liverpool Chamber’s                of business services. Ray Ross
July Platform lunch.               from Duke Street based, Ray
This was followed by               Ross print factory discussed
a tasty lamb shank.                his range of printed products.
  First up to the platform was
Susie Stalsberg of charity,
Mersey Kidney Research.
She spoke about the planned
2010 rebrand of MKR and
the fundraising logo design

Luxurious After Hours at Posh Pads
On a warm evening in August, Posh Pads hosted an
Italian themed after hours. The four star apartments in
the iconic Casartelli Building on the corner of Hanover
Street and Duke Street offer a blend of old-style Italian
Renaissance and contemporary European luxury.
  Guests entered the vast marble and granite hallway
eager to view the stunning Penthouse duplex with roof
terrace, outside entertainment areas and panoramic f loor
to ceiling windows with spectacular views over the city.
  The tours around the penthouse suites proved popular
with visitors who enjoyed a range of Italian wines
supplied by Purple Wines and Mediterranean delicacies
to nibble over networking.

  The four star apartments in the iconic
Casterelli Building ... offer a blend
of old-style Italian Renaissance and
contemporary European luxury.
Events                                                                                                                                          23

  After hours retail therapy
  Liverpool One hosted business after                point and guests networked and                    Chris Bliss, Liverpool One’s Estates
  Hours in July to coincide with its first           enjoyed freshly made sushi, sashimi               Director, guests were encouraged to
  anniversary and the launch of new                  and hand wrapped rolls created                    browse the shops many of which were
  personal shopping service, Love Style.             by from Liverpool One’s concept                   offering discounts on the night while
    Flannels shop in the ‘designer                   conveyor-belt restaurant, Yo Sushi!               shoppers and guests were entertained
  area’ of Peters Lane was the meeting                After a welcome and introduction by              by a string quartet in Peters Lane.

Business After Hours
kicks off at Everton
The Chamber’s July After Hours           footballers learn to play football
event took place at Goodison Park        with the help of the England blind
and was hosted by The Everton            team’s own Craig Lundberg. Guests
Foundation, a local charity              also heard from volunteers at the
dedicated to becoming “the best          Foundation including youngster
sports charity in the UK.”               Anthony Witterick who entertained
  Although supported by Everton          all with tales from his travels to
F.C. the Foundation are a totally        Vietnam and his stint commentating
independent charity who provide          on an Everton game on Vietnam
support for local people, particularly   television – move over Andy Gray!
youngsters, who are disabled or             Mally Best, Business
underprivileged through a multitude      Development Manager at The
of sports-related activities.            Everton Foundation, stated that
  A superb demonstration of the          it was “nice to be able to show
Foundation’s work was provided           that a networking event can be
to delegates who got to experience       a fun, learning experience, in
first hand how visually impaired         getting our message across.”

 Forthcoming events
 Business Breakfast                      Business After Hours                 Platform Lunch                      Business After Hours
 The Mocha Lounge                        @ The Bluecoat                       – Bar Italia                        – Liverpool Marriott
 Wednesday 2nd September                 Display Centre                       Tuesday 22nd September              Hotel
 – 7.45am - 9.00am, cost                 Thursday 10th September              12.15pm for 12.30pm, cost           Thursday 24th September
 £15 + vat                               5.30pm - 7.30pm, cost £10            £25 + vat                           5.30pm - 7.30pm, cost £10
 Merseycare will share their             + vat                                Bar Italia Restaurant is situated   + vat
 expertise in understanding              The Bluecoat Display Centre’s        on Castle Street in the heart of    Introducing this great location
 mental health issues and their          energetic and knowledgeable          Liverpool, with a warm relaxed      for business meetings and
 relationship to the world of work       team will introduce the unusual      atmosphere. There a friendly        hospitality. Network with
 and business and much more.             and exquisite handmade work          welcome from proprietor Franco      drinks and canapés served in
 Guest Speakers - Christine              being exhibited by over 300 of       Colangeli,                          Olivier’s Restaurant & Bar,
 Hughes, Director of Corporate           the countries leading applied                                            an informal environment
 Affairs and Communications,             artists and craftspeople.                                                overlooking St George’s gardens.
 Dr Mandy Chivers, Assistant
 Chief Executive
24                                                                                                            Independent schools

Independent schools
– helping you decide
League tables, websites                                                                                        Special Educational Needs?
and independent schools                                                                                        What is the percentage of
guides: How do I decide                                                                                        school leavers that go onto
which school is best for my                                                                                    university?
child?                                                                                                         What support mechanisms are
  In the digital age of instant                                                                                there for those who struggle
news, interactive review sites                                                                                 with maths
and numerous league tables                                                                                     and English?
how do you decide which                                                                                        Are you considering offering
independent school is the best                                                                                 any other curricula in the
for your child? Liam Butler,                                                                                   future like the IB or Pre-U?
Senior Information Officer,                                                                                    What clubs and extra-
who works for the Independent                                                                                  curricular activities are on
Schools Council information &                                                                                  offer for students, even if they
advice service (ISCias) explains                                                                               don’t board?
the sorts of things you should                                                                                 How many hours of
be doing to help pick the right                                                                                compulsory sport is there?
school for your son or daughter.                                                                               Does the school offer the
                                       If possible it is always         into context and consider who,         Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or
Should I take notice of              a good idea to talk to             and why, someone is writing            any volunteer
league tables that are                                                  the review. Are they looking to        schemes for students?
produced by reputable                pupils at the school               promote the school? Are they
organisations such as the            to get a sense of the              giving accurate advice? Once         For more questions to ask
Times and BBC?                       type of student your               again, by all means use these        please visit the ISC website
  Each year several                                                     guides but as a complementary and navigate to
                                     child will become in
organisations produce academic                                          resource along with other            the Parent Zone.
league tables of A-Levels and        that environment.                  research.
GCSEs as well as giving schools                                                                              How do I make the final
‘value-added’ scores. The thing                                         What is the best method of           decision?
to remember with these league        Independent school year            comparing schools?                     All of these resources are
tables is that they all have their   books are a great resource for       Inspection reports, websites,      available easily but nobody
own criteria and methodology         reviews aren’t they?               reviews and league tables            can make your mind up for
for calculating which school           There are many books that        are all useful indicators of         you. Our general advice line
is the ‘best’. Another thing to      are published each year stuffed    a schools success but there          0845 SCHOOLS (7246657)
remember is that every child         with reviews about many of         is no substitute for visiting        and website
is different and not all pupils      ISC’s 1260+ independent            and having a look around. If         are able to help with your
will benefit from a school           schools. They are useful           possible it is always a good         decision but ultimately it is up
that is consistently at the top      tools if used in the right         idea to talk to pupils at the        to you to decide which the best
of the league tables year on         way; parents must remember         school to get a sense of the         school is for your child. The
year. ISC represents all of its      that these are subjective          type of student your child will      independent sector is successful
1260+ member schools equally         opinions based on one person’s     become in that environment.          because the flexibility its
so does not rank independent         experience and not to be taken     Are the children confident,          independence affords it. This
schools based on a set criteria.     as gospel. Your thoughts on        friendly and happy? When             means that you can choose
On the ISC website www.              the school could be drastically    visiting an independent school       a school that matches your you can find in our        different. So, as long as you      it is advisable to take a list of    child, effectively giving your
Publications section the latest      keep this in mind they are not     questions to ask the person          child a bespoke education. Use
A-Level and GCSE results.            to be disregarded altogether.      showing you around. Some             the reviews, league tables and
These are in alphabetical order      If you are looking for a more      examples of things to ask are:       websites but remember that
and will give parents an idea of     succinct report based on strict       Typically, how many students      none of these can even come
the type of grades that pupils       criteria it might be worth            are in a class?                   close to experiencing the school
at each school achieve. This         reading the Independent               What access do boarders have      for yourself.
will obviously help parents          Schools Inspectorate’s (ISI)          to the facilities after lessons
if they wish to discover the         report on the school by visiting      have finished?                    ISC’s advice: visit the school
academic standing of a school.       their website          How much direct contact           and ask lots of questions!
However, parents must use            As with all resources looking         will we, as parents, have with
this to complement their other       at independent schools it is          teachers?                         By Liam Butler, Senior
research activities.                 always a good idea to put them        Do you cater for pupils with      Information Officer.
Invest in
the future
Open Evening – Thursday 8th October 2009

Open Morning – Saturday 10th October 2009

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              unpredictable, but an education at                                     Boys’ Schools
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              start to a young life. We are passionate                               Senior Girls’ School
              about education and understand the                                     0151 932 2414
              importance of the next few years in                                    Stanfield Mixed Infants
              your child’s development. We have                                      and Junior Girls’ School
              the best facilities and are proud of                                   0151 924 1506
              our outstanding exam results.                                          A Level Results 2008
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              6654276. Registered office: Liverpool Road, Crosby, Liverpool L23 0QP Registered Charity Number: 1125485
26                                                                                                                    Skills and training

Go with the flow
The RBS has warned that keeping on top of cash flow is vital in the current recession
One of the most common                attract lower bank charges.            to 5,000) or the Fast-track        customer’s credit risk. It also
reasons for a business to fail is     A standing order can be used           procedure in the County Court       helps you manage your own
lack of cash to pay bills. In other   if they pay the same amount            (for claims up to 15,000). The     credit status.
words, a business fails to stay on    regularly. If being paid by            Small Claims limit in Scotland
top of cash flow. It’s important      cheque, be particularly wary           is 3,000.                          customer – to limit potential
to remember that cash flow            of late payers using the ‘cheque                                           losses.
is a two-way process: money           is in the post’ excuse.               Cash flow Customers
coming in and money going                                                   A lot of smaller businesses rely     – it could cover the
out. To ensure you are not being      starting any business – and put       on just one or two customers and     debts owed to you.
squeezed on both sides, you           them in writing. You will not         one or two products and services.
need to manage all aspects of         be paid in 30 days unless your        In an economic downturn,            Finding the right advice for your
cash flow and remain a low risk       customer knows that’s what            it only takes one customer to       business can be challenging
for your suppliers.                   you expect. Also check that           move to another supplier or go      and time-consuming, but it
                                      the customer is happy – there         bankrupt to put your business       can be the difference between
Therefore, you should make sure       may often be a reason for late        at risk.                            success and failure, particularly
you:                                  or non-payment. Never give a            Identify your most profitable     in difficult trading conditions
                                      customer a reason not to pay.         customers – then seek to bring      such as we’re all living
 to pay – not all suppliers have                                            in new customers with a similar     through at the moment.
 clear terms and conditions.          payment that could become a           profile. At the same time,
                                      potential bad debt – is it a case     don’t neglect your high value
 so, contact your suppliers to        of ‘can’t pay’, or ‘won’t pay’?       customers who make the biggest
 explain why.                         There may be a reason they            contribution to your profits. As
                                      have refused to pay. Perhaps          a matter of course, always check
 don’t wait until the start of        there is a problem with the           the credentials and credit status
 court proceedings to pay. Once       goods or service. Decide how          of all existing and potential
 your credit rating is damaged,       much you need the customer.           customers:
 you may find it hard to get any      If this is a valued customer
 credit at all.                       you may want to be more
                                      diplomatic to avoid losing their       companies a simple check with
Debtors/Creditors                     business.                              Companies House can confirm
The key thing is certainty –                                                 they are who they say they are
knowing when you are going            nothing – see if you can get           and enable you to check their
to get paid so that you can           a part payment or staged               accounts.
adjust your cash flow forecasts       payments.
accordingly.                                                                 – carry out credit reference
                                      fight? – If you are going to get       agency checks, ask for bank
                                      nothing back, don’t waste your         and trade references, search
 credit to – and how much             time or money.                         the Registry of County Court
 credit you are extending to each                                            Judgements. This can reveal if
 customer.                            pay, consider court action – but       those running the business are
                                      send a solicitor’s letter first. In    in financial difficulties.
 allowing your customers to           around half of cases this works.
 pay you – see if this can be         You can use an online service to       – available from RBS in
 shortened.                           send a solicitor’s letter ‘before      conjunction with Equifax, our
                                      action’ for as little as 5. If        Business Status Alerts service
 yourself – so you have longer        that does not do the trick then        protects you by assessing the
 to pay.                              you can start proceedings. For         credit status of your customers
                                      debts over 750, you can issue a       and suppliers. It gives you
 pay by offering as many ways         statutory demand.                      access to credit checks and
 of getting paid as you can.                                                 reports, while alerting you to
 BACS payments are fast and           Claims Track (for debts up             key changes that may affect a
                                                      THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER 2009


                THE MEN ARENA IN OCTOBER 2008:

           Having attended countless events over the last 20 years that I have been immersed
           in the corporate fi nance community, I can truly say that the Deals of the Year
           dinner was a paradigm shift in the thinking of what can be achieved in terms of
scale and quality of North West events. The environment was breath-taking and unique, and
the majority of elements within the event worked extremely effectively keeping a pace and
rhythm throughout that captivated the audience valuing entertainment over tradition. This
should raise the bar for all future events. Well played by all the team.

                                                         Mike Perls, Chief Executive – MC2

          absolutely awesome..... best professional
          event in Manchester for years..... well done!!!
                                                     Darryl Cooke, Partner – Hill Dickinson

                       Nominations now open – to enter visit:
                                     Event sponsor

            contact the EN Sales team on       or email

0161 236 2782                                  for sponsorship and
                                               table package opportunities.
28                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Environment

Greening the supply chain
At Liverpool Chamber of              businesses including B&Q,               an interesting point. When
Commerce we understand               Homebase, Dyson and our own             they began to investigate their
that as businesses you are           ShopDirect Group.                       own supply-chain and where
under increasing pressure to           It terms of translating this          they could reduce their carbon
demonstrate the importance           to small and medium sized               emissions they looked at
of planet and people as well as      businesses, the same drivers or         packaging and transport.
profit to the government and         reasons for action seem to apply          They have identified packaging
indeed your own customers.           regardless of the size. Legislation     and design improvements as a key
  To explore what can be done by     is the first driver. The government     area that will help reduce their
businesses to reduce their impact    has put in place a legislative system   carbon footprint and ultimately
on the environment I accepted an     that will allow them to introduce       reduce the costs to their business.
invitation from Maersk logistics     further structures in our transition      Regardless of what the future                                                                                                                                  By Maresa Molloy
to attend a workshop with some       to a low carbon economy.                looks like in terms of customer
of their key UK customers to           Cost, ethics, and customer            behaviour, it is clear that the
explore the challenge of “greening   demand are the final three drivers      need for carbon reporting and
the supply-chain”.                   persuading many businesses              reduction is only going to increase.                                                                                                                       If you want to take action on
  It was interesting and inspiring   to address their environmental          In terms of taking action as one                                                                                                                           climate change please contact
to see commitment to the green       impact. The supply-chain                participant commented: “the one                                                                                                                            us for more information.
agenda by internationally known      manager for Homebase quoted             thing we can’t do is do nothing.”                                                                                                                          0151 227 1234

Make the green pledge                                                         Chamber launches
Throughout the year of the              If you have already achieved          eco-friendly
environment companies in
Liverpool are being encouraged
to make the Green Pledge.
                                     a standard or won an award
                                     for the environmental work
                                     you have done then you could
                                                                              art competition
  There is no minimum or             submit an application to become          Liverpool Chamber has                                                                                                                                       the arts that brought the city
maximum pledge – it simply has       a Green Ambassador.                      launched an environmentally                                                                                                                                 capital of culture and made
to be something that you don’t          Maresa continued: “The                focused art competition, as                                                                                                                                 the year such a success carried
already do that will benefit the     kind of pledges that companies           part of Liverpool’s Year of the                                                                                                                             on through the year of the
local environment.                   are making are actions such as           Environment.                                                                                                                                                environment.
   Esther Sumner, Liverpool          writing an environmental policy,           It is designed to encourage                                                                                                                                 “We hope to see some thought
Chamber’s policy officer             committing to achieving an               professional artists from across                                                                                                                            provoking pieces that will
explained: “Making the               environmental standard, staff            the region to create art from                                                                                                                               inspire individuals or businesses
pledge, means committing             training, using local suppliers or       recycled materials. The theme of                                                                                                                            to examine their impact on
to understanding that your           developing a travel plan. All of         the competition is Reduce Reuse                                                                                                                             the environment and perhaps
business has a responsibility        these actions has the potential          Recycle, the three key processes                                                                                                                            change their behaviour.”
to the environment and that it       to benefit your company by               for creating a more sustainable                                                                                                                               Selected entries will be
will take action. As a minimum       reducing costs and putting it in         environment.                                                                                                                                                exhibited at the Chamber’s
we ask that you identify an          a better position to win public            Maresa Molloy, the                                                                                                                                        Annual Dinner on 26th
environment champion for             sector tenders.”                         Chamber’s Head of Policy and                                                                                                                                November. The winning entry
your organisation, set some                                                   Information who is one of the                                                                                                                               will receive £500, presented by
objectives or targets and            Make your pledge at www.                 judges commented: “We are                                                                                                                                   Marks & Spencer chief executive
tell us what you achieve.”                    keen to see the support for                                                                                                                                 Sir Stuart Rose.

                          F O R WA R D F E AT U R E S                                                                                                                                         T H E
                                                                                                                                                                                                          B U S I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  N E S S
                                                                                                                                                                                           Y S I D E                        M A G
                                                                                                                                                                                 M E R S E                                        A Z I N                                                                                                                              Y S I D E
                                                                                                                                                                    A N D                                                                 E   F O R                                                                                             A N D        M E R S E
                                                                                                                                                           O O L                                                                                                                                                                    O O L
                                                                                                                                       F O R   L I V E R P                                                                                            L I V E
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              R P O O                                           F O R   L I V E R P
                                                                                                                              I N E                                                                                                                                                                   I N E
                                                                                                           S S      M A G A Z                                                                                                                                          L  A N D
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   E S S  M A G A Z
                                                                                     T H E     B U S I N E                                                                                                                                                       T H E   B U S I N M E R S E Y
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               S I D E

     ■ Legal & Finance                 ■   Translation/Interpretation
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ISSUE 21

                                                                                                                                                                                         £3 when

     ■ Skills & Training               ■   Energy & Environment
                                                                                      £3 when sold                                                                                                                                                                £3 when sold

     ■ Transport                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    goes globa

       (Road/Rail/Air/Water)           ■   Corporate Healthcare
     ■ International Trade             ■   Member2Member offers
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                                                                                               Liverpool One                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Grand National
                                                                                               first birthday

     Call 0161 661 4115 to learn more
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                                                                                                                            in city Page 5                                                                      Page 16                                                          Who’s designing
                                                                                                     M & S Boss to speak                                                                                                                                                                           thriving Page 12
                                                                                                                          the office Page 8                                                                                                                                      Green businesses                         Page 7
                                                                                                     Stylish dressing for                                                                                                                                                                           John Lennon Airport
                                                                                                                             LJLA Page 12                                                                                                                                        New routes from
                                                                                                     New UK flights from
News                                                                                                                                             29

 Games bring £3m boost to Liverpool
 Liverpool has been announced as the host           The city will welcome at least 3000               It includes some more unusual sports such
 city for the 17th UK Corporate Games in          participants who will compete at various            as dragon boat racing, and long distance
 2010.                                            sporting venues across the city between May         swimming and - to bring back great
   The Games, which will be based at the          13th-16th 2010.                                     memories of schooldays in a newly revitalised
 Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool, will        Chamber Chief Executive Jack Stopforth            sport - Rounders.
 see thousands of competitors flock to the city   said: “This is fantastic news for Liverpool.          Entries from Liverpool businesses
 for the largest event of its kind in Europe.     When you look at the support local business         and institutions will be challenged by
   It is thought to be worth up to £3million      give to events like the Santa Dash and 5K           multinational and household-name
 to the local economy and is a chance to          Team Challenge, as well as the numerous             organisations from the UK and Europe.
 showcase Liverpool to some of the largest        fundraisers they arrange for charities, it is       However, the games are not just for the huge
 businesses in the country, including John        clear that local businesses are as competitive      and mighty of the world’s corporations, it
 Lewis Partnership, ASDA, Fujitsu, the            in the community as in the board room.”             welcomes even the tiniest business, group or
 Cooperative, HSBC and Watson Wyatt.                Competitors will select one of 23 sports.         club to participate and become a winner.

Could you be a Green Ambassador?
Throughout the Year of the                                                                                        environmental standard. All
Environment, Liverpool                                                                                            members can also sign up for its
Chamber is looking for Green                                                                                      tender alert service helping to
Business Ambassadors to                                                                                           source local suppliers to reduce
spread the word on good                                                                                           your carbon footprint.
‘green’ practices in Liverpool.                                                                                     Members who have already
  If you run a business with                                                                                      signed up include some of the
environmental credentials                                                                                         biggest and oldest names in the
that other companies would                                                                                        city. RS Clare & Co Ltd was
like to learn about, it is an                                                                                     founded in Liverpool in 1748 at the
ideal opportunity to spread                                                                                       start of the industrial revolution.
good practice. Maresa Molloy,                                                                                     CEO Ian Meadows said: “We have
Head of Policy & Information                                                                                      embraced a positive approach to
commented: “The Chamber is                                                                                        environmental improvement for
leading the scheme on behalf of                                                                                   more than six years. The company
the city’s business community.                                                                                    policy challenges the marketing
We are committed to providing                                                                                     of environmentally balanced
support for businesses to help                                                                                    products, reduce waste and use
mitigate environmental risks                                                                                      energy efficiently. It produces
and exploit the opportunities                                                                                     numerous biodegradable products
of a low carbon economy.             decade of life on the ocean. It        in an unsustainable way.”             and has saved over £100,000.”
  Round the world Yachtswoman,       was a stark reminder to me of just       Some of the way that the              Shop Direct Home Shopping
Dame Ellen MacAuthur signed          how important such wild and            Chamber is helping businesses         Limited is the UK’s leading online
to up to be a Green Business         virtually untouched places are         is by providing Chamber Utility       and home shopping retailer,
Ambassador on a recent visit to      and how we need to look after          Auditing - a service to help reduce   with annual sales of around
the city. She said: “I spent some    them to ensure that they survive       gas, water and electricity bills,     £1.5 billion from 5 million
time in Antarctica and it was        in the future. It also made me         it is providing information on        customers. It aims to further
just incredible. Visiting such a     realise how vastly different life      environmental legislation and         reduce overall energy consumption
remarkable place made me stop        is there compared to life back         offering environmental training       by 20% for the end of 2009.”
and take in what was around me       home in our heavily consumerist        - covering everything from
and reflect on my experiences        society. I am as guilty as anyone of   how to write an environmental         Make your pledge at www.
and all that I have seen in a        consuming the planet’s resources       policy to achieving a recognised
30                                                                                                                                         Charity

2009 is cancelled through lack of interest
                                                   “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears   a Gift Aid administration service.
                                                   and sweat.” In 1940, Winston Churchill              There is no shortage of need; in fact, as a
                                                   offered this outlook for Britain; almost          result of the credit crunch, the need for the
                                                   seventy years later the global credit crunch      services provided by charities is growing.
                                                   provides a similar setting for the voluntary      The essential work of thousands of charities
                                                   sector in 2009.                                   of all types and sizes needs to continue and
                                                     Ken Martin, Charity Services Manager            charities will be more reliant than ever on
                                                   at LCVS, says: “Interest rates are at their       donations from the public.
                                                   lowest levels for over three hundred years,         Ken continued: “Like charities, donors need
                                                   companies are cutting or cancelling their         to make every penny count. They should
                                                   dividend payments, and donors have less           be encouraged to ask how much of their
                                                   money to give; 2009 will undoubtedly be a         giving will be spent on administration and
                                                   difficult year for charities!”                    fundraising costs and then to support the
                                                     Goodwill towards charities and voluntary        most effective charities. Donors need to make
                                                   work will remain, but charities will need to      the best use of the available tax-efficient giving
                                                   work hard to attract new funds and to make        methods such as Gift Aid, payroll giving, gifts
                                                   the resources that they already have work         of shares, land or property, and legacies.”
                                                   much harder. Charities must ensure that Gift
                                                   Aid is recovered whenever possible; LCVS          For more information contact Ken Martin on
                                                   can help charities with advice or by providing    0151 227 5177.

Hears a secret
Preya and her husband,                  Almost single-handedly              an immeasurable degree!”              when I visit Africa, I can make
December, arrived in Liverpool        they were trying to bring up            Preya discovered that the centre    people aware, by sharing what I
five years ago to find they had       their deaf son, with whom             had a whole range of services         have learnt.”
a secret they could not share         they could not communicate,           on offer including a superbly
with their family in Africa.          a son who has eye cancer and          equipped specialist youth club,       Merseyside Society
Their son Withee became deaf          a new baby on the way.                which the children now attend.        For Deaf People
following injuries to his brain         Life was transformed for the        Withee’s isolation, through not       Queens Drive, West Derby
from jaundice.                        family, when they came into           being able to communicate, led        Liverpool L13 0DJ
  As Preya explains: “It is kind      contact with Merseyside Society       to him becoming increasingly          0151 228 0888
of taboo in Africa to be deaf.        for Deaf People. The family           frustrated. He and the family now
When you have such a disability,      attended a Deaf Awareness             find in sign language a new and
you are seen as a misfit in many      course. This was followed by          effective way of dealing with this.
African cultures.”                    family friendly Sign Language           Since finding MSDP, Preya has
  They have two other children.       sessions in their home. Since         grown so much in confidence
One of which has been                 then Preya has attended a             that she says: “I’m now able
diagnosed with cancer of the eye.     British Sign Language Level 1         to travel back home with the
Preya and her husband work hard       course, which she says: “This has     children without having to
to support their young family,        benefited me and the family to        hibernate from society. Now,

The world in your lunch break
Could you give five hours a month to                 for jobs and improving interview technique
mentor a refugee into better employment
                                                                                                       Mentoring has really
prospects?                                           a particular employment sector                   opened my eyes to
  Mentors who join the Refugee Integration
and Employment Service (RIES) will pass on           and accessing local services
                                                                                                      some of the obstacles
their professional and cultural experiences to                                                        people face
a mentee, while learning about other cultures,        in a variety of contexts                                          Refugee Action Mentor
developing new skills and gaining a unique           You can make a lasting contribution towards
insight into the experiences of a refugee living   a refugee’s new life in the UK simply by
in the UK.                                         sharing some of your skills, experience and       in mentors from within retail,
  By giving one-to-one support to a refugee        local knowledge. You can arrange meetings         health and hospitality sectors.
you can help them increase their employment        with your mentee around your and their
prospects and integrate into the UK. Your          commitments and all expenses incurred will be      If you’d like to find out more, please
tasks could include;                               covered by Refugee Action.                        contact Lila Khodja at: lilak@refugee-
                                                     We are particularly interested         or telephone 0151 702 8547.
Charity                                                              31

RSPCA celebrates bicentenary
RSPCA Liverpool Branch             3,000 stray and unwanted
is 200 years old this year.        dogs, 1,000 cats and 200 small
On 25th October 1809               mammals and birds. We
The Liverpool Society For          work very closely with the
Preventing Wanton Cruelty to       Merseyside local authorities
Brute Animals was formed by a      to provide a service for the
group of people who met at the     kennelling of stray dogs,
Crown & Anchor Coffee House        which is a service almost
in Bold Street, to campaign        unique to the Liverpool
against the cruelty to horses      Branch.
serving the Port of Liverpool.        To celebrate this
  Thus came into being the first   monumental anniversary, the
animal welfare society in the      Liverpool branch is organising
world and when the RSPCA was       a celebration dinner to be held
formed in 1841 the Liverpool       at the Alicia Hotel, Sefton
pioneers joined the new London     Park on Friday 23rd October.
based organisation.                John continued: “We would
  Since then RSPCA Liverpool       very much like Chamber
Branch has been working            members who support our
tirelessly on Merseyside to        work to join us on the night.
prevent cruelty and promote        We are proposing a dinner,
kindness to animals.               raffles and a good night out!”
   John Smallwood Secretary
of the Liverpool branch said:      Tickets will be going
“At Halewood we operate one        on sale in September at
of the largest animal centres in   a price of £40 per head,
England and Wales, where we        to book a place contact
currently take in approximately    John on 0151 220 3812.
32                                                                                           Hospitality

Japanese restaurant chain announces
plans for a third outlet in UK
Sapporo Teppanyaki is to             Managing director Vince
open a 160 capacity venue in       Margiotta said that the
Scotland later this year.          Liverpool and Manchester
  The brand will launch it’s       restaurants had provided the
third outlet in the Merchant       perfect template for Sapporo’s
City area of Glasgow, which        success elsewhere. “I have a
is popular with independent        particularly strong affinity
design agencies, animators,        with both Liverpool and
bespoke jewellers and artists.     Glasgow. As a native Scot and
  The expansion comes five         having worked in both cities,
years after Sapporo Teppanyaki     I am aware of the lifestyle
was born in Liverpool, and         and business culture of the
three years after it’s sister      localities, the idiosyncrasies
restaurant in Manchester also      and what people enjoy in being
opened it’s doors to the public.   wined, dined and entertained.”

Premier Apartments, Liverpool adds
to impressive list of accolades
Liverpool’s Premier Apartments are            great effort (has been made) to personalise
adding to their already impressive triple     the service they provide, demonstrating
award collection with another accolade        considerable commitment to comfort.”
for excellence bringing their industry          Premier Apartments, Liverpool collected
recognition honors up to a board              the same award in 2008 were recognised
sweeping four. The latest accolade is         last year for their excellent customer
with a shortlist nomination in the next       feedback and a focus on excellent
stage for the North West in the Enjoy         repeat and business customers.
England Awards for Excellence 2010.             Further accolades for Premier Apartments
  Premier Apartments have also been named     Liverpool meant they are leading the way in
‘Self Catering Accommodation of the Year’     the PREM Group’s expansive portfolio as they
2009 in the Mersey Partnership Tourism        were named ‘PREM Group Property of the
Awards. Judges were impressed that “A         Year 2008’ in a ceremony at this summer.
Hospitality                                                                                                                                 33

Liverpool’s cultural icon
The Athenaeum is a unique venue with a         contemporary and has had two lady
very distinct character, an oasis of calm in   Presidents in recent years. Current
a very busy city.                              President, HH John Morgan, explained:
  Liverpool boasts the oldest Athenaeum        “Our members are referred to as Proprietors
in the country, founded in 1797, and           and they are made up of people of all shades
one of the last private members clubs          of opinion including political, religious
in the city. At the time of Liverpool’s        and general concern but with equal zeal
merchant heyday, there were eleven             in promoting the success of an institution
gentleman’s clubs in the city.                 designed to facilitate the acquisition of
                                                 The Athenaeum is keen to open its doors
  People always appreciate the                 to the city’s business and professional
                                               community. The building can be hired by
setting, its just that little bit              non members any time and day including
different ... the Athenaeum is a               weekends.
                                                 Chief Executive, Pam Brown commented:
unique slice of the city’s history.            “People always appreciate the setting, its
                                               just that little bit different with a lovely
                                               environment to entertain and relax during
  As a result of the city’s prosperous         or at the end of a busy day. While there is
history, the Athenaeum contains one of the     a very good standard of hotels in the city,
country’s best regional libraries, housing     the Athenaeum is a unique slice of the city’s
over 60,000 books with more being given        history. One of the striking architectural         around the world. The club’s younger
to the library on a weekly basis. The          features is the elliptical staircase linking the   proprietors form an important role and
collections include volumes from former        elegant and from a small entrance hallway          new blood is always welcome. Members
members such as Gladstone and Roscoe.          into a tardis-like building!”                      under forty years of age enjoy a special
  While it has a venerable history               Proprietors enjoy reciprocal membership          membership rate and organise a successful
the Athenaeum has also remained                and hotel facilities at a network of clubs         range of events of their own.

                                                                                                   The Atlantic
                                                                                                   Tower wins
                                                                                                   award for
                                                                                                   The Chapel Street hotel was named
                                                                                                   the best in the UK, beating off
                                                                                                   competition from over 200 venues in
                                                                                                   the VenueVerdict prize.
                                                                                                     The awards, run by BDRC, is an
                                                                                                   annual event to recognise first class
 Aughton Hotel receives nomination                                                                 meetings and events venues through an
                                                                                                   independent online customer survey.
 for Small Hotel of the Year                                                                       Categories include overall satisfaction;
                                                                                                   likelihood to recommend, likelhood to
The West Tower Country House Hotel in          the Small Hotel of the Year, is fantastic for       use in future and change in opinion of
Aughton has been nominated for Small           all of the staff that work so hard to achieve       the brand based on event experience.
Hotel of the Year in the sixth annual          the standards of service we are able to               The Atlantic Tower opened in 1973
Lancashire and Blackpool Tourism               offer our guests. We consistently strive            and is situated at the heart of the city’s
Awards ceremony.                               to improve our services and facilities for          business district, opposite the Liver
  Jennifer Stirrup, Resident Manager           both our local and national clientele, and          Building. It offers eight meeting rooms,
at West Tower, said: ‘We are absolutely        we hope to be able to bring the award to            the largest of which, The National Suite,
delighted to be nominated for this very        Aughton to promote the growing tourism              can accommodate up to 120 delegates
prestigious award. Being recognised for        in the area.’                                       theatre style.
34                                                                                                                               Member news

ICA launches student sponsorship initiative
The International Cotton                                                       today’s leaders and influential
Association (ICA) has launched                                                 players in the cotton world.
a student sponsorship initiative                                               Naturally, we want to make it
to enable students from cotton                                                 more accessible and realise the
producing countries in the                                                     benefits throughout the industry,
developing world to gain access                                                especially in those areas where
to vital training that would                                                   it would make a practical and
otherwise be inaccessible.                                                     long lasting difference. For many
  The ICA aims to secure                                                       organisations and cotton workers
funding for students on its                                                    in developing countries, the cost
training programme ‘Complete                                                   of training can be prohibitive.
Cotton,’ a comprehensive                                                         Kai adds: “The benefits are
two-week course that covers all                                                far reaching – not only for the
aspects of the raw cotton trade        ICA has been delivering training        students and their communities,       impact within the workplace and
and takes place in Liverpool –         to the cotton industry for more         but for the sponsors. The students    their own community. This has
the ‘original city of cotton.’         than 30 years. ICA Managing             gain access to vital training that    a knock-on effect for the cotton
  As the world’s leading               Director, Kai Hughes explains:          would otherwise be inaccessible.      industry as a whole – helping to
international cotton trade               “Our training has provided an         Back home they transfer the           boost trade, growth and promote
association and arbitral body, the     excellent grounding for many of         learning to help make a positive      good trading practice.”

Aiming for growth
Liverpool technology company, AIMES                  AIMES, which was named Knowledge                   fund its development. Peter Lunt, relationship
Grid Services, has won a three year                Business of the Year at the Liverpool Daily Post     manager at RBS in Liverpool, said: “AIMES
contract to provide disaster recovery              Regional Business awards in June, provides           is a well-run business that is led by a quality
services to North West training and                secure server hosting, data back-up and disaster     management team. They presented us with a
consultancy provider, Sysco Group.                 recovery services for business. Dennis Kehoe,        strong business plan and secured the bank’s
  The contract sees AIMES deliver a real           chief executive at AIMES, said: “For every           backing as a result of this.”
time replication and failover service which        single business, the volume and importance             In addition to its commercial activities,
streams data from Sysco to the AIMES               of data is increasing exponentially. AIMES           AIMES is also the lead organisation behind the
ISO27001 certified data centre facility at         provides the facilities to improve the resilience    Digital Inclusion and Enterprise Programme
Liverpool Innovation Park. If Sysco’s on-          of companies’ data while also providing              (DIEP). DIEP aims to transform levels of
site servers fail for any reason, including        economies of scale. It’s enabling local businesses   digital infrastructure and digital inclusion
loss of power, virtual servers within              to grow themselves.”                                 within the Liverpool city region and is
the AIMES data centre automatically                  Earlier this year, the company secured             supported by a partnership of local authorities,
take over, ensuring no interruption in             £250,000 from the Royal Bank of Scotland’s           the Northwest Regional Development Agency
service for Sysco’s clients and staff.             Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme to         and the digital development agency.

Merchant Taylors’ chess champion
selected for England squad
The master never stood a               Stephen, who plays for at least
chance against the pupil as the        30 minutes every day and has
new England squad member               been receiving private chess
Stephen Chung checkmates               coaching weekly for the past
Junior School teacher Phil             year, said: “I am delighted
Wardle. Stephen, 11, has been          and honoured to be picked by
the Liverpool champion for the         England and would love to
last three years and is the first      represent the country at senior
Merchant Taylors’ pupil ever           level, but that is long way off yet.”
to be called into the England            He is now also being coached
under-11 squad.                        at Merchants’ by Southport
  The national selectors at the        Grandmaster and former
English Schools’ Championships         national champion Nigel Davies.
in Prestatyn first spotted             Headteacher Janet Thomas
Stephen last year where                said: “Merchants’ has a long
Stephen won the award of Best          tradition of playing chess and
Non-International player.              has reached the national finals
  Taught the game by his father        on five occasions since the
Kong Meng, a G.P. in Bootle,           turn of the millennium.”
 36                                                                                                                             Corporate Christmas

Dreaming of a
green Christmas
Visit any office in December and you’ll often find a blaze of Christmas lights
and corridors decked with tinsel along with scores of cards being sent to
colleagues and clients alike – only to be discarded in the New Year.

As part of a feature on Christmas           Waste not want not                                                                 why not make a donation to
for business, Liverpool Chamber             While it is the season of          intensive. Switching to LED                     charity instead? If you do need
looks at ways to enjoy the office          goodwill, it can easily become the    Christmas lights for the office                   to send a card, make it more
festive bash while keeping true to       season of excess particularly when    Christmas tree will cost you                    sustainable by looking for cards
eco-friendly credentials; what factors   it comes to energy consumption.       six times less to run! Always                   made from recycled paper or
to consider when designing the all-      The Energy Saving Trust advice        remember to turn Christmas                      send e-cards instead of Christmas
important company Christmas card         centre has compiled a list of top     lights off when you leave at the                 cards.
and what the North West’s leading        tips to help you reduce your energy   end of the day.
business people would buy for their      consumption this year while still                                                     Think about decorating with
Secret Santa recipients                  having a very merry Christmas.        cards to clients and colleagues,                holly or pine cones instead of

    DO YOUR STAFF DO        DEBENHAMS             HMV
                       BOOTS                       GOLDSMITHS
      HOMEBASE                     JJB SPORTS
               RIVER ISLAND                   HOUSE OF FRASER
                       MOTHERCARE                       COMET

      One voucher - thousands of places to spend it

      To order or to enquire for further details
      or call 0870 405 7748
                                                                                                 One card, a world of choice                  The flexible experience voucher
Corporate Christmas                                                                                                                                                 37

                          your average tinsel.            sharing helps ease congestion and parking
                                                          problems, has environmental benefits and
                            comes around, save and        ensures that colleagues can travel safely too.
                            reuse wrapping paper          If you are travelling further afield for your
                         where possible. Sealing          work’s do this year consider using public
                       presents with string or            transport or booking a mini-bus that will
                       ribbon makes it easier to re       drop off at the end of the night at people’s
                      use. You can wrap presents          houses. That way everyone travels together,
                    in recycled paper, children’s         reducing CO2 emissions.
                 drawings and paintings, or even          For more information about setting up a car
                 glossy magazine paper, it makes          sharing scheme within your place of work
                 a nice change from boring                visit
                wrapping paper and a great way to         (
            personalise your gift.
                                                                 New Year, new office?                                Driving advice. Sixty
         do your Christmas shopping.                      Why not make some energy saving                             per cent (60%) of corporate social
         Finally, when it’s all over, don’t forget to   resolutions for your office in 2010?                          responsibility (CSR) managers, who have
    take your unwanted Christmas cards and trees        The Energy Saving Trust advice centre                         already carried out employee engagement
    to a recycling point.                               can help reduce running costs within                          on leading greener lifestyles, say that their
                                                        an organisation. At the same time it can                      employees’ energy-saving behaviour has
            Getting to the office                       support employees in combating high                           crossed over into the office. For example, if
              Christmas party                           energy bills at home by offering a bespoke                    someone is turning their TV off standby at
 • If someone is happy to forgo the Christmas           employee engagement service including                         home, they’re more likely to turn off their
   party tipple consider car sharing. Car               Energy Doctor site visits and Smarter                         monitor at work.

                            Advertising feature

Incentivise staff and customers
this Christmas with Love2shop
– the high street gift voucher                                                    Christmas Party Time
The final quarter is critical to          simply can’t go wrong,” comments              at the Supper club
many businesses and this year             Martin Cooper, Sales & Marketing
more than ever. Rewarding the             Manager for Love2reward.                 Christmas Menu
loyalty of your staff, trade partners       Martin continues, “New
and customers has become a                retailers are joining us all of the      STARTERS Duck Leg Confit on braised red cabbage with a creamy
                                                                                     peppercorn sauce.
necessity rather than a ‘nice             time with the recent addition of
                                                                                     Creamed Roast Chestnut + Rosemary Soup with bread flutes + butter.
to do’, which is why sales and            Clinton’s Cards, Beaverbrooks,
                                                                                     Darne of Hot Smoked Salmon served with a baby leaf salad + a sharp
marketing teams across the North          Borders, DW Sports Fitness and             citrus dressing.
West are looking to find effective        Boots Opticians to name but                Roast Vegetable Tartlet on wilted rocket with balsamic syrup + herb oil.
incentives to motivate their              a few. We’ve made an ongoing
                                                                                   MAIN COURSE Roast Norfolk Turkey served with apricot + sage
channels and HR departments are           commitment to researching exactly         stuffing, all the trimmings + a rich roast gravy.
searching for easy-to-administer          what our customers want to see on         Pan Fried Turbot on chive mashed potato, creamed leeks + gremolata.
Christmas bonus solutions.                Love2shop, both in the consumer           Wild Mushroom Risotto topped with grilled halloumi + red pepper coulis.
  Love2shop – The high street gift        and corporate arena. That has             Roast Suckling Pig served with black pudding + a rich cider jus.
voucher is the UK’s number one            allowed us to identify which new
                                                                                   DESSERT Steamed Christmas Pudding served with a Calvados
multi-retail gift option which is         retail partners will support our           crème anglaise.
accepted by over 75 leading high          ongoing expansion and, as a result,        Pear + Almond Frangipane served with a warm rhubarb compote.
street names and in around 20,000         we expect to be announcing new             Cheese + Biscuits English + continental cheeses with a selection of crackers
outlets nationwide. When you’re           partners on a regular basis.”
looking to reward or incentivise            For further information about
a group or an individual, it’s            Love2shop – The high street                                        Live music, Dance floor, DJ
imperative that you give a gift that      gift voucher, please contact our           10%                        For reservations please call 0151 709 5779
has the greatest appeal. With a           business development team on             discount
                                                                                   valid mon - thur           
range of retailers like Debenhams,        0870 405 7708, or alternatively,           exc. December
House of Fraser, Comet, Boots             visit our website at www.
and Matalan to choose from, you 
38                                                                                                                  Corporate Christmas

Christmas card sharp

All too often company Christmas cards                cards for your most important contacts.         every year, all hand-signed and many with
end up dull and uninspiring. In an effort                                                            a hand written note from one of the team.
not to pander to taste, not to show any              cards or even making a donation instead         Sally believes this is very important. She says:
religious affiliation and not to depart from         of sending a card to help spread that all       “Sending out cards at Christmas should be
the company brand and colours, company               important goodwill.                             more than a formality; it is an opportunity
Christmas cards can have bland, generic                                                              to thank customers and deserves time and
pictures and turn out to be an expensive                CASE STUDY – Waterstons                      thought.”
waste of time and money.                             IT and business consultancy, Waterstons,
  But by taking a slightly different approach,     has sent hand drawn cards since 1994, their              CASE STUDY – Berco UK
businesses can make sure they spread a little of   very first Christmas as a business. The cards       Each year Berco’s corporate headquarters,
the festive spirit around and give their company   are designed by Sally and Mike Waterston’s        Berco SpA based in Italy, hosts a competition
some good publicity into the bargain.              friend, the artist Ron Brown.                     for the annual corporate Christmas card
                                                      The style of the cards was developed           design. This competition is called “Christmas
          Designing the office                     from an advertising campaign designed by          on Tracks” or in Italian “Natale sui cingoli”
            Christmas card:                        Ron based on 1920s railway posters. Sally         and is open to all children of employees. The
                                                   Waterston, Waterstons’ founding director,         children are invited to create a unique and
  alternative to all those cards and envelopes     said:                                             original greeting card design. Submissions
  and cut down your printing costs by              “We wanted to send a Christmas card that          can be paintings and/or drawings and
  sending e-cards this year instead.               was very different from what is expected          incorporate a theme of what Berco does as
                                                   from the IT industry. The original poster         a company. The entries are judged in-house
  to say something about your company’s            campaign focused on the idea of a new             and the child who enters the winning
  personality.                                     golden age of technology which could be           design is awarded a new bicycle in time for
  By playing it safe all the time for fear of      both beautiful and make a real difference,        Christmas.
  offending someone, your card can end up          which is exactly the message we wanted to           This may seem an unusual concept for a
  dull                                             convey with our Christmas cards.”                 corporate Christmas card, but for Berco it is
  and boring.                                        Ron designs a new card based on the             a way of involving the entire Berco family by
                                                   original style for Waterstons each year. The      inviting its youngest members to participate
  sending the card to everyone on your             original drawings are framed and hang in          and bring their contribution to the company.
  contact list. Not only will the costs soon       pride of place in the company’s board room.       Last year’s winner was a design incorporating
  mount up and the time taken to sign all of         Sally’s advice for companies thinking about     an excavator and the world tied with a bow.
  them give you writers’ cramp, but you will       this year’s Christmas card is to add a personal   The competition is already underway to find
  also not have the chance to personalise the      touch. Waterstons send out around 200 cards       this year’s budding artist.
Corporate Christmas                                              Advertising feature                                                               39

Make your event a success in Liverpool
WITH access to an impressive              The team at Liverpool             properties to the industry’s biggest   Liverpool City Region ahead
portfolio of world-class venues        Convention Bureau benefit            names, are complemented by             of other destinations.
and stunning locations, Liverpool      from a wealth of knowledge           stylish bars and restaurants, as         Liverpool’s standing in the events
Convention Bureau can help with        and experience, and can offer        well as an outstanding choice of       sector has been boosted further
every stage of your event planning     assistance and guidance to help      unique and unusual venues. Ever        thanks to the latest rankings from
in the ‘Capital of Conferencing’.      ensure your event is memorable       thought of a function on a Mersey      ICCA (International Congress
  This one-stop-shop offers            for all the right reasons.           Ferry or at Sefton Park Palm           and Convention Association),
conference buyers and event               In the lead-up to the festive     House, or dinner at the Anglican       which placed Liverpool in
organisers a professional              season, Liverpool Convention         or Metropolitan Cathedral?             86th position of top conference
service which includes venue           Bureau is working with               The choice really is endless.          destinations in the world – an
finding, online registration and       key Members to offer event             Liverpool Convention                 impressive jump of 44 places
accommodation booking.                 and conference organisers a          Bureau services also include the       and the first time Liverpool has
  Whether you’re organising an         selection of great deals to help     Ambassador Programme, which            ever been named in the Top
intimate event for a small group       budgets go a lot further in this     provides support to academics          100 conference destinations.
of delegates, or a large conference    current economic climate.            and professionals hosting                This now places Liverpool
followed by a sit-down dinner,            Liverpool City Region benefits    their conference or event in           in joint place with Adelaide,
Liverpool Convention Bureau            from a huge selection of stunning    Liverpool City Region. Known           Marseille and San Francisco,
can assist from the initial planning   venues, from traditional to the      as forum legati, Ambassadors           and ahead of New York City
stages through to post event           ultra modern, so you will find the   are highly respected people            and Aukland and Venice. This
evaluation. Other services include     perfect venue to stage your event    in their professional field or         also means that Liverpool has
bid preparation, familiarisation       literally on your doorstep.          industry connected to the              broken into Europe’s Top 50
visits, guided tours and evening          An impressive selection of        region who actively encourage          and is now in the UK’s top five
and social programme support.          hotels, from independent boutique    their organisation to choose           as a conference destination.

  Too busy to organise your Christmas event?

                                                 WE CAN...
                                                 Obtain several quotes from
                                                 different venues based on
                                                 your budget
                                                 Assist you with a show-round
                                                 of selected venues

                                                 OUR TEAM IS…
                                                 Locally based

                                                 AND HAS...
                                                 An unrivalled knowledge of
                                                 new, unusual and unique

  Liverpool Convention Bureau on 0151 237 3925 or

Exclusive Member to Member offers: save £££s with these specially-discounted offers

Does your business meet the
duties under the Disability
Discrimination Act (DDA)? Not           stayLiverpool recently became        With over 30 years of experience,
sure, then we can help.                 Liverpool’s largest serviced         Merseysound Productions &
Inclusive Access is a leading           apartment provider with the          Staging leads the market for AV
provider of high quality Disability     new openings of Lever-Court          & production services across the          BIZSPACE: managed
Consultancy, Advice and Training        and Spectrum apartments              North West providing technical            workspace providers
services. All advice and support        in addition to Mount-                equipment & staging packages to
offered is on a pan-disability basis.   Pleasant apartments. Located         event and exhibition organisers.          BIZSPACE is one of the UK’s
Our experienced staff team will         in the city centre, our serviced                                               leading providers of managed
work with you to find practical,        apartments provide visitors the      Offer to members:                         workspace, offering flexible
creative and cost effective             ideal alternative to hotels,         CREDIT CRUNCH                             property licensing or leasing
workable solutions to access            being on average twice the size      BEATER                                    solutions to the SME market. At
problems and to help you meet           of a hotel room, include living      Special introductory offer                BIZSPACE, we provide a wide
your duties under this legislation.     & dining room, flat screen           Less 30% discount on Audio                range of flexible accommodation
We can help organisations avoid         TV&DVD, free-WiFi, fully fitted      Visual Hire for your next                 for businesses requiring:
costly litigation action through        kitchen and balcony.                 conference or special event.
non compliance with the DDA.                                                 Offer applies to all confirmed
We are NRAC Accredited.                 Offer to members:                    bookings received and processed
                                        10% discount from our                in 2009 with a net equipment
Offer to members:                       on-line price to Chamber             value over £500
Free 1hr Access                         members, subject to availability     Offer runs from Aug – Dec 2009 on         part is that you can sign up and
Consultation or Appraisal               and can not be used in conjunction   all standard MSP equipment stocked,       move in on the same day.
and a further 20% discount on the       with any other offer. To receive     and also applies to events being
cost of a full audit or any training    your discount please contact us      scheduled in 2010.
booked within two months of the         direct quoting ‘Chamber member’.                                               Offer to members:
date of this promotion.                                                                                                First month free rent.
                                        Contact: Kearon McCarthy             Contact:                                  Minimum six month deal
Contact: Mike Phillips                  stayLiverpool, 37-41 Duke Street,    MSP Events Team
Inclusive Access UK Ltd                 Liverpool, L1 5AP                    T: 0844 811 0901,
Tel 0151 653 7111                       Tel: +44 151 707 2302                F: 0844 811 0902,                         Contact: Andrew Armitage
Fax 0151 763 7117                 E:                    0870 60 999 06 or visit our website
Email: mp@inclusiveaccess,                      

                   For more information or to advertise, contact Jo Cantwell on 0161 661 4115
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Y S I D E
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A N D    M E R S E
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     O O L
                                                                                                                                                                                               F O R     L I V E R P
                                                                                                                                                                                 I N E
                                                                                                                                                               S S     M A G A Z
                                                                                                                                        T H E      B U S I N E
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     / APRIL   2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ISSUE 20 MARCH

                                                                                                                                          £3 when sold

                                                                                                                                                                               T H E
                                                                                                                                                                                           B U S I
                                                                                                                                                                                                   N E S S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                M A G
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A Z I N
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              E          F O R
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      L I V E
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              R P O O
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      L     A N D
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         M E R S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 E Y S I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         D E

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ISSUE 21

Liverpool’s premiere                    KAM-COOL (UK) LTD                                                                                                                 £3 when

                                                                             dedicated to providing reliable, high
Central Restaurant                        Unit 4, Westfloat                  quality management and support          T H E     B U S I N E
                                                                                                                                           S S            M A G A Z
                                                                                                                                                                    I N E     F O R        L I V E R P
                                                                                                                                                                                                       O O L      A N D

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               M E R S E

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Y S I D E

                                                                             of technology infrastructures
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ISSUE 22 JULY/AUGUS
                                          Industrial Estate                  consisting of servers, workstations,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  es glo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Saddle up for the bal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Grand National

                                          Wirral CH41 1JJ                    networks, telephones and mobiles.        £3 when sold

                                                                             Our mission is to exceed                                                    INSIDE:
                                                                                                                                                         Who’s designing
                                                                                                                                                         Green businesses
                                                                                                                                                                         the city’s hippest
                                                                                                                                                                           thriving Page 12
                                                                                                                                                                                            bars? Page 18

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 7
                                                                                                                                                                            John Lennon Airport
                                                                             expectations with every customer.                                           New routes from

                                          Tel: 0151 639 9966
                                                                             Offer to members:
Available for private hire                                                   No cost Health check                                                            INSIDE:
                                                                                                                                                            2009 5K Team

                                                                             available                                                                      Win £50,0
                                                                                                                                                                       00 Page
                                                                                                                                                            Cut price first 14
                                                                                                                                                                                         Page 6

or corporate events                                                          What’s included? The ICT Health
                                                                                                                                                                           class rail fares
                                                                                                                                                                                            Page       16

                                                                             check is an assessment of how                     Liverpool One
                                                                                                                               first birthday
                                                                             your ICT is helping you achieve
Offer to members:                             Air Coolers -                  your organisation’s goals — or                          INSIDE:
                                                                                                                                     M & S Boss to speak
                                                                                                                                                            in city Page 5

 2 for 1 dinning                                                                                                                     Stylish dressing for
                                                                                                                                                          the office Page 8

                                                                                                                                                             LJLA Page 12
                                                                                                                                     New UK flights from

 available thursday                                                          perhaps, getting in the way! The
 & friday                                                                    ICT Health check includes:
                                             Refrigeration -                  discuss your organisations work
                                                                                                                         Are you are a
For reservations ring Ann on
                                                  Units                       and to see how ICT can help.
                                                                                                                       Chamber member
0151 709 5779                                                                 computer network, ICT support
                                                                              and staff ICT knowledge.                  with an offer for                                               short, medium and longer term             other members?
                                                                                                                                                                   Contact us on:
                                                                                                                                           0161 661 4115
                                                                              report and sign off the project..
                                                                             0845 055 0086
Lifestyle                                                                                                                                       41

 Wine Tasting notes
 with Hamish Anderson –               ■ Hamish has used his vast          Hamish’s first book ‘Vino:          2007 Blauer Zweigelt from
 Consultant Sommelier at              experience to implement a           Great Wine for Everyday Life’       Domäne Wachau, Austria
 Tate Liverpool Cafe                  strategy of sourcing wine with      was published by Century in         This red is low in tannin
                                      very low margins coupled with       October 2003. The book’s down       and is also light enough to
                                      a policy of cellaring fine wine.    to earth approach to food and       drink without food and can
                                      While many restaurants are          wine has won praise from the        be lightly chilled. As an
                                      a destination for their food,       amateur and expert alike.           accompaniment to most food it
                                      Hamish’s ground breaking            This month Hamish selects           will go with almost anything,
                                      approach has led to Tate            a range of red wines from           it has a herby, green pepper,
                                      Liverpool Café becoming             the Tate cellar that you            almost spicy taste.
                                      a destination not just for          can also enjoy at home.
                                      fabulous food but to drink                                              2007 Graciano/Garnacha
                                      great wine free of the usual        2007 Las Brisas Pinot Noir          from Navarra, Spain
                                      pomp and ceremony.                  from Leyda Valley, Chile            The Graciano grape variety
                                                                          This is a grape variety that is     is quite unusual grown in
                                      Hamish travels extensively          difficult to produce cheaply,       the northern Spain, a area
                                      tasting both food and               however the cool Leyda Valley       renowned for its red wine. It
                                      wine, with trips to Italy,          produces this smooth and            has a spicy, elemental flavour
                                      Spain, Portugal, France,            expressive wine with hints of       that will please fans of reds
                                      Chile and Australia in the          black fruits and a perfumed and     who are seeking to expand
                                      last eighteen months.               fragment aroma.                     their tasting.

BoConcept for the city centre
Elaine Cunningham, of Elaine Cunningham Interiors
on Aigburth Road, is set to open a new BoConcept
store in the city centre.
  The established interior designer will open BoConcept
on the ground floor of the RIBA award-winning 20
Chapel Street building. Elaine Cunningham Interiors
has previously furnished a number of prestigious
apartments in Unity which is 20 Chapel Street’s sister
building. The new store, which is just under 5000sq ft
in size will stock a full range of BoConcept’s designer
furniture in response to a demand from customers across
Liverpool, Manchester, London and the UK including
the Isle of Man.
  Elaine Cunningham commented: “We chose 20 Chapel
Street as it is a landmark building in the city and it fits
BoConcept’s vision for a new store and is easily accessible
for all our customers. There is a demand in Liverpool
for furniture of this superb quality and design and I can
see it quickly becoming a destination store in the city
  The Aigburth Road store will continue to stock a
number of other top quality brands including those
of new furniture designers as well as Designers Guild,
Osborne & Little, Cole & Son and Brian Yates, and
intends to expand its range of products, particularly
curtains, lighting, paints and wallpaper.

Liverpool looks forward to its annual food and drink festival
Liverpool will play host to the      watering dishes from some of         Sapporo, whose brands along with    Street and Restaurant of the Year at
biggest food and drink festival      the finest bars, restaurants,        Delifonseca will be holding daily   this year’s Tourism Awards added:
in its history, this month.          hotels and food retail outlets       events said:                        “The success of last year’s festival
Starting on Sunday, September        in the city. Visitors will also be     “Our aim is to be lauded as one   has already created an impressive list
13 in Sefton Park, the week-         able to enjoy live music, cooking    of the UK’s major food & drink      of sponsors and supporters for 09’s
long Liverpool Food and Drink        demonstrations, beer tents and       festivals in years to come.”        event and speaks volumes about the
Festival will delight thousands of   children’s’ play area.                  Candice Fonseca, owner of the    magnitude of the city’s burgeoning
visitors with an array of mouth        Vince Margiotta of Il Forno &      much-loved Delifonseca in Stanley   restaurant and bar scene.”

                                          New members to Liverpool Chamber

Archive IT Ltd                          Essential Safety Advisors               Lookers Citroen                       PJ Business Reports
Unit 5 Aintree Racecourse Retail        c/o Millenium Mowers, Unit              133 Sefton Street, Toxteth,           Graig, Marian Glas,
& Business Park, Bechers Drive,         2 Woodward Road, Knowsley               Liverpool, Merseyside L8 4BX          Anglesey, LL73 8PF
Aintree, Merseyside L9 5AL              Industrial Estate, Liverpool,           T: 0151 707 2007                      T: 07872 840 961
T: 0845 1770616                                                          
                                        Merseyside L33 7UZ                                                             Mr Joe Glascott                       Mr Paul Freeman
                                        T: 07522 593 263
Mr Dylan Gill                           Mr Stephen Bergquist                    Manuel Trading Co. Ltd                Positive Pointers
                                                                                Unit 5, 2 Ashcroft Road, Knowsley     40A Lark Lane, Aigburth,
Bespoke Balustrades
                                        Euston Square Properties Ltd            Industrial Park, Kirkby, Liverpool,
1 Gardner Road, Old Swan,                                                                                             Liverpool, Merseyside L17 8UU
                                        3rd Floor Muskers Building, 1 Stanley   Merseyside L33 7TW
Liverpool, Merseyside L13 7EE                                                                                         T: 0151 724 4708
                                        Street, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 6AA    T: 0151 548 0011
T: 0151 228 8207                                                                Mr Mohammed Alhasan                   Mr Gary Skyner
Mr Stephen Gilston                      T: 0151 236 0021
                                        Mr Anthony Kong                                                               Rhys Jones Memorial Fund
                                                                                Mason Media Ltd
Bic Technology                                                                  Mason Media, 3rd Floor, 31 Century    5th Floor Horton House, Exchange
Gostin House, 32/36 Hanover Street,     Foundation                              Building, North John Street,          Flags, Liverpool, Merseyside L2 3PF
Liverpool, Merseyside L1 4LN            c/o Groundwork Northwest, 1st Floor     Liverpool, Merseyside L2 6RG          T: 0151 244 5400
T: 0151 222 2073                        Fourways House, 57 Hilton Street,       T: 0151 239 5050                      Ms Christine Chellew                 Manchester, Lancashire M1 2EJ 
Mr Mike Scott                           T: 0161 237 3200                                                              Sign Lights Ltd
                                                Mens Accommodation                    Unit 25 Wirral Business Centre,
Builderscrap Ltd                                                                & Support Community                   Dock Road, Birkenhead, Wirral,
                                        Mr David Marnell
Unit 4 Greenfields, Hawkshead                                                    Interest Company                      Merseyside CH41 1JW
Road, Bromborough, WIRRAL,                                                      102 Belmont Road, Anfield,             T: 0151 639 6975
                                        Fresh Money Solutions
Merseyside CH62 3RJ                                                             Liverpool, Merseyside L6 5BJ
                                        6 Eastwood, Liverpool,                  T: 0151 222 5147
T: 0844 225 3000                        Merseyside L17 7ED                                                            Mr Howard Matthews
                                                                                Ms Shirley Carr
                                        T: 0151 728 9201
Mr Edmund McGee                                                                                                       Teamlogic Systems Ltd
                                        Ms Elaine Beaumont                      Mersey Kidney Research
                                                                                                                      Liverpool House, 20a Pensby
                                                                                Room 3.312A, School Of
Capacity Building Network Ltd                                                   Clinical Sciences, University         Road, Heswall, Wirral,
                                        Frocks 2
6 Eldred Road, Childwall,                                                       Clinical Departments, Royal           Merseyside CH60 7RE
Liverpool, Merseyside L16 8PB           1 Hanover Street, Liverpool,                                                  T: 0151 342 9053
                                                                                Liverpool University Hospital,
T: 0151 280 2125                        Merseyside L1 3DW                                                   
                                                                                Liverpool, Merseyside L69 3GA               T: 708 5011                             T: 0151 706 3598                      Mr John McDonald
Mr Stuart Fitzgerald                                                  
                                        Inclusive Access                        Ms Sue Stalsberg                      The Design Foundry
Cathryn O’Grady Ltd                     Cavendish Enterprise Centre,                                                  The Foundry, 36 Henry Street,
The Bridgewater Complex,                Brassey Street, Birkenhead,             Mersey Vend                           Liverpool, Merseyside L1 5BS
Canal Street, BOOTLE,                   WIRRAL, Merseyside CH41 8BY             21 Hatton Garden, Liverpool,          T: 0151 709 1633
Merseyside L20 8AH                      T: 0151 653 7111                        Merseyside L3 2HA           
T: 0791 817 4176                             T: 0151 242 0733                      Mr David Al-Hadithi
Ms Cathryn O’Grady                                                    
                                        Mr Mike Phillips
                                                                                Mr David Connor                       The Iona Group
CEX Computer Exchange                   It’s About Websites                                                           7 Childwall Priory Road, Childwall,
                                                                                NBH Media
54 Lord Street, Liverpool,              14 Colquitt Street, Liverpool,                                                Liverpool, Merseyside L16 7PA
                                                                                Unit 103 Brunswick Business
Liverpool, Merseyside L2 1TD            Merseyside L1 4DE                                                             T: 0151 722 6641
                                                                                Park, Summers Road, Liverpool,
T: 0151 709 5244                                                                Merseyside L3 4BL                     Mr Conor McDonald
                                        T: 0151 324 0102
                                              T: 0151 703 0507
Chellew Productions                                                                         The Printroom UK Ltd
5th Floor, Horton House, Exchange       Mrs Gavin Sherratt                                                            Unit C2, Kingfisher Business Park,
                                                                                Mr Matthew Wilson
Flags, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 3PF                                                                                   Bootle, Merseyside L20 6PF
T: 077925 90581                         Kukri Sports GB Ltd                                                           T: 0151 922 8516
                                                                                North European Marine
Miss Christine Chellew                  333 Ranglet Road, Walton Summit,        Services Ltd (NEMS)         
                                        Preston, Lancashire PR5 8AR             Unit 1A Globe Road, Bootle,           Mr Mario Spatuzzi
Circus Starr                            T: 01772 33 88 99                       Merseyside L20 4DZ
1st Floor Dane Mill, Broadhurst Lane,                     T: 0151 601 8865                      Trigon Snacks Ltd
Congleton, Cheshire CW12 1LA            Mr Mike Humble                                       Atherton Road, Aintree,
T: 01260 288 690                                                                Mr Joe Bennett                        Liverpool, Merseyside L9 7AQ
Ms Michelle Crossley                    Last Link Ltd                                                                 T: 0800 731 4454
                                        Hamilton Plaza Business Centre,         Occasions at The            
Danwood Group Limited                                                           Blue Coat School                      Mr John Pendleton
                                        Duncan Street, Birkenhead,
Mercury Park, Mercury Way, Barton                                               The Blue Coat School, Church
                                        Wirral, Merseyside CH41 5EX             Road, Wavertree, Liverpool,
Dock Road, Urmston, Manchester,                                                                                       TTS Ltd
                                        T: 0151 647 7089                        Merseyside L15 9EE
Greater Manchester M41 7SE                                                                                            Unit 261, 9 Slater Street,
                                                   T: 0151 734 4930
T: 0161 865 9300                                                                                                      Liverpool, Merseyside L1 4BW
                                        Mr Martin Chisholm                                                                                                                 T: 07506964781
                                                                                Ms Jane Findlay
Mr Mark McManus                                                                                                       Mr Sean McHugh
                                        Liverpool Corporate Games
                                        World Headquarters, The Old Mill,       Pitman Training
Empire Business Solutions                                                       Ground Floor, Nations House,          Woodwards Cafe & Lounge
4th Floor, 72 Church Street,            Mill Lane, Castor, Peterborough,                                              The Capital Building, Old Hall Street,
                                                                                Edmund Street, Liverpool,
Liverpool, Merseyside L1 3AY            Cambridgeshire PE5 7BT                  Merseyside L3 9NY                     Liverpool, Merseyside L3 9HE
T: 0845 301 4584                        T: 01733 380 888                        T: 0151 243 8535                      T: 0151 236 5222                 
Mr Nicholas Hatton                      Mr Doug White                           Ms Sharon Blaney                      Mr Antonio Valente
When it comes to the crunch
it’s time you got Active...

When times are tough showing your concern over the health                    Plus x-rays, diagnostic tests, complementary therapies,
and well-being of your employees is a well-proven way                        hospital stays and daycase admissions are also covered.
of demonstrating that you’re a caring employer.
Thanks to the Medicash Active health cash plan,                              Simple to introduce, administer and claim – and with both
it’s also a highly affordable one.                                           employer and employee-funded options – Medicash Active
                                                                             makes it easy to get your business healthy.
Starting at just £6.50 a month, Medicash Active covers
a wide range of treatments, including money towards                          Why not find out more today?
eye care, dentistry and specialist consultations.

Plan for a healthy workforce call 0800 011 2222
or visit

                      Your local provider supporting local businesses
                                    Medicash is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
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