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					Mount St. Mary’s University, Fall 2007      Faith | Discovery | Leadership | Community

                                         the Flavor of Success
                                         Michael Rice, C’65, with his wife,
                                         Jane, has taken the family business to
                                         the next level … and then some.
                  FroM ThE prESiDEnT
Mount Magazine

                                                                          A GloriouS CElEBrATion
                                                                          Two hundred years. What an honor to          Also in this issue we will update you
                                                                          be leading Mount St. Mary’s University       on several new efforts made possible
                                                                          at this momentous point in its history.      through the generous spirit that infuses
                                                                                                                       the Mount community. An anonymous
                                                                          The Mount community kicked off a             donor has planted the seeds of our
                                                                          yearlong bicentennial celebration Aug.       new Third Century Scholars Program,
                                                                          22-24. We paid respects to our founder       which will make the dream of a college
                                                                          as well as our many supporters through       education real for several students from
                                                                          dedication of the Founder’s Plaza, a         the Washington, D.C., area each year.
                                                                          Bicentennial Mass, dedication of the         George and Bettie Delaplaine have been
                                                                          Waldron Family Stadium and Lawrence          joined by Joseph horning to enable us
                                                                          E. Horning Field, the premiere of a          to bring our arts program to its proper
                                                                          historical documentary and more. It was      stature in a liberal arts university; more
                                                                          truly a joy to see more than a thousand      than half of the needed funds have
                                                                          people gathering together to share their     been raised for the Delaplaine Fine
                                                                          love, pride and hopes for this special       Arts Center. Both the fine arts center
                                                                          mountain home. We’ve included photos         and Bicentennial Hall, our newest
                                                                          from the events in our Bicentennial          residence hall, reflect our commitment
                                                                          Update section.                              to responsible stewardship of the
                                                                                                                       environment. The center will feature an
                                                                          Past, present and future converge to
                                                                                                                       ecologically friendly roof and the hall will
                                                                          inspire us as we reflect on and grow in
                                                                                                                       use geothermal heating and cooling.
                                                                          our mission. The strong underpinnings
                                                                          of a Catholic, liberal arts education have   Finally, several respected Mount voices
                                                                          shaped alumni who lead with integrity        share their perspectives on truth,
                                                                          in the business world, such as Michael       liberal arts and the Mount’s history as
                                                                          rice, C’65, who is featured in our cover     a proponent of both faith and reason.
                                                                          story. Internationally known alumnus         As you read thoughts by Father paul
                                                                          peter rono, C’91, who uses his success to    redmond, Bishop Kevin rhoades and
                 BiCEnTEnniAl KiCK-oFF                                    foster world peace, while several recent     philosophy professor Joshua hochschild,
                 The Mount community kicked off a yearlong bicentennial   graduates have devoted significant time      I know you will realize, as I do, how much
                 celebration Aug. 22-24.                                  to service efforts both at home and          we are celebrating when we mark two
                                                                          abroad. Dedicated faculty continue to        hundred years of Mount St. Mary’s.
                                                                          prepare new generations of students to
                                                                          lead and serve ethically and faithfully.
                                                                          In this issue, you will meet several of
                                                                          these individuals who exemplify where
                                                                          the Mount has been and where we are
                                                                                                                       Thomas H. Powell
                                                                          The story of the Mount would not be          President
                                                                          complete without a look at our seminary,
                                                                          one of the largest and most successful
                                                                          Roman Catholic seminaries in the
                                                                          country. Out of its deep tradition of
                                                                          fidelity to the church spring new ways
                                                                                                                                  Look for Mount facts
                                                                          of teaching and ministering that will                throughout the magazine. ⁄
                                                                          continue to prepare shepherds for the
                                                                          dynamic community that is the Catholic                                •
                                                                          church in America.                            St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, America’s first native-born
                                                                                                                        saint, was befriended by Mount St. Mary’s founder
                                                                                                                        Father John DuBois as she established the Daughters
                                                                                                                        of Charity. The two organizations worked closely
                                                                                                                        together for many years.
                                                                                                        cover STory                            oF ConTEnTS         1

                                                                                                                                                                  Fall 2007
                                                                                                                                SAvorinG ThE FlAvor oF
Mount Magazine is published two times a year for
alumni and friends of Mount St. Mary’s University                                                                               Meet an alumnus who is taking
by the office of communications. The staff of
Mount Magazine reserves the right to reprint all or                                                                             the family business to the next
portions of any comments we may receive unless you
specifically request otherwise. Opinions expressed
                                                                                                                                By Lisa Gregory
in this magazine are those of the authors and do
not necessarily represent opinions of the editors
nor policies of Mount St. Mary’s University. Mount
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right to edit letters for style and length.
In addition to posted letters, we welcome comments
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                                                          2   on CAMpuS
                                                              New staff and new appointments
Comments may be sent via email to:
                              ■ Third Century Scholars Program
Or in writing to:                                             ■ The Mount goes green ■ Mount
              Mount Magazine                                  Family Association column ■ Callings
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              16300 Old Emmitsburg Road
              Emmitsburg, MD 21727
                                                              brings home Olympic Gold
                                                                                                        feature ArTiClES
Mr. Thomas G. O’Hara, Chair                               6   BiCEnTEnniAl upDATE
Mr. Eugene M. Waldron, Jr., Vice Chair
Msgr. F. Dennis Tinder, Secretary                             Bicentennial kick-off ■ New documen-      18 ■ ABouT GoD
Mr. Richard J. Bolte, Jr.                                     tary premieres ■ Bicentennial baseball    The teaching, research and service that spring from the
Mr. James T. Brady                                            ■ Commemorative ring available ■
Mr. John R. Bransfield, Jr.                                                                             Mount’s theology department are simply—in a word—
Mr. Kevin B. Cashen                                           Bicentennial timeline: 1908-58
Mr. John E. Coyne, III
Ms. Martha K. DeNardi                                     12 SEMinAry nEwS                              By Barb Ruppert
Mr. Kevin P. Dowd
Reverend Thomas P. Ferguson                                   Passing of Sr. Joan Gormley ■ Priests’
Reverend Gerard Francik                                       Reunion ■ Seminary Annual Fund            20 ■ AnSwErS nEED QuESTionS
Mr. Patrick J. Goles
Mr. William T. Kennedy                                        update                                    Where do we come from? What makes us human? What
Msgr. William A. Kerr                                                                                   makes life worth living? Does your university even care
Ms. Mary Lear                                             30 MounT SporTS
Most Reverend Francis Malooly
                                                              On an international kick ■ Basketball
                                                                                                        to ask?
Dr. Frank P. Merolla
Mr. Steven F. Murphy                                          updates and a new women’s basketball      By Dr. Joshua Hochschild, Philosophy Professor
Msgr. John F. Myslinski                                       coach
Mr. Scott Newkam
Ms. Suzanne Nicholson                                                                                   21 ■ BElovED MounT proFESSor, EMilio
Most Reverend Edwin F. O’Brien                            32 ADvAnCEMEnT nEwS                           roDriGuEz, DiES in irElAnD
Very Reverend David O’Connell
Ms. Hilary C. O’Donnell
                                                              Delaplaine gift sets pace for fine arts
Very Rev. Edward J. Quinlan, III                              center ■ Getting ready for the next
                                                                                                        22 ■ MounT AluMni AnSwEr ThE CAll To SErvE
Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhoades                                generation ■ New development direc-
Mr. Simba Sana
                                                              tor spearheads Pilgrim Center plans       Young alumni are using their talents and skills to live
Mr. James E. Schaeffer
Mr. Brian L. Smith                                            at the Grotto ■ National Alumni           out the mission of Mount St. Mary’s at home and
Honorable Julie R. Stevenson Solt
Ms. Diane L. Tomb
                                                              Association strategic plan update         abroad. Meet four who have answered the call to serve.
Ms. Sheila K. Vertino                                                                                   By Dale Phillips, C’05, Assistant Director of Alumni
Mr. John J. Walsh                                         36 rEunion wEEKEnD
Mr. J. Scott Wilfong
                                                              Photos and ceremonies
Dr. Thomas H. Powell, President
oFFiCErS oF ThE univErSiTy                                41 ClASS noTES                                26 ■ A SEMinAry For ThE ThirD MillEnniuM
Dan S. Soller., Executive Vice President                      Alumni news * Birth announcements         The number of priests ordained from Mount St. Mary’s
John T.Butler, Vice President for Advancement
Pauline Engelstätter, Vice President for University           * Wedding announcements * In              Seminary has grown substantially in the past 40 years.
   Affairs                                                    Memoriam *                                What’s the secret?
Michael S. Malewicki, Vice President for Business and
                                                          51 ChApTEr noTES                              By Barb Ruppert
David B. Rehm, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Msgr. Steven P. Rohlfs, S.T.L., S.T.D., Vice President/       Alumni chapter activities
   Rector of the Seminary                                                                               28 ■ AMBASSADor pETEr rono
MounT MAGAzinE STAFF                                      52 FirST pErSon                               A Mount St. Mary’s Bicentennial icon once again takes
Linda Sherman, Director of University Communications
Kate Charuhas, Director of University Marketing               “Hello, Paul. Is the Pizza Ready?”        the world stage.
Fawn R. O’Hara, Director of Publications                      By Father Paul Redmond, Professor         By Jim Stevenson, C’95, Head Coach, Mount Track and
Carla Orndorff, Website Manager
                                                              Emeritus of Philosophy
Barbara L. Ruppert, Magazine Editor and                                                                 Field Team
   Communications Consultant
Rita Beard, Administrative Assistant
Sara Goldscher, Intern                                                                                  35 ■ BiCEnTEnniAl MASS hoMily
phoToGrAphErS                                             GoT A STory you’rE DyinG To                   Excerpts from Bishop Kevin Rhoades’ homily at the
Dan Beigel, Ed Chambers, Eric Gibson, Tom Lesser,         wriTE For MounT MAGAzinE?                     Mount’s Aug. 24 Bicentennial Mass
  Christopher Shocklee, seminarian
                                                          Send your idea to
Graphcom, Inc., Gettysburg, Pa.
                                                          or to Mount Magazine, 16300 Old Emmitsburg
                                                          Road, Emmitsburg, MD 21727.

                                                               1808-2008           200 years of distinction
 Mount Magazine

                           MorE ThAn 70 nEw FACulTy AnD STAFF wElCoMED
                           During Opening Day ceremonies at the beginning of the semester, President Thomas H. Powell welcomed one of the largest groups of new
                           faculty and staff in recent years. Some of the new administrators include:

                           John ShErwooD                                         Dr. lEonA SEviCK                                      TyronE pErry
                           Dean for Continuing & Adult Education                 Dean for Academic Affairs                             Third Century Scholars Program Director
                           John obtained his Master of Public                    Leona received her Ph.D. and MA from                  A 1999 graduate of the University of
                           Administration from Cornell University                the University of Maryland, College Park.             Delaware with a degree in criminal
                           and his BS degree in accounting from                  She earned her BA at McDaniel College.                justice, Ty spent eight years as an
                           Loyola College. He joined the Mount                   Prior to joining the Mount, she was the               assistant collegiate basketball coach.
                           after an extensive career in healthcare               assistant academic dean at the College of             After five seasons with both the men’s
                           administration, most recently serving as              Notre Dame of Maryland.                               and women’s basketball programs at
                           CEO of Jefferson Memorial Hospital in                                                                       Delaware, he worked with Milan Brown
                           Ranson, W.Va.                                         Notes Vice President for Academic                     at the Mount for three years as the
                                                                                 Affairs Dr. David Rehm, “I am thrilled                basketball recruiting coordinator.
                           “John has brought tremendous                          that Dr. Sevick has come to Mount St.
                           enthusiasm and energy to the dean’s                   Mary’s. She cares deeply about students,
                           position in Frederick,” says Vice                     and her background and experience are
                           President Rehm. “He is actively                       strongly rooted in Catholic education.
                           engaged in getting the word out to local              She has excellent background in a
                           businesses and organizations about                    number of areas germane to the dean’s
                           the Mount’s Frederick programs and                    office, including retention, work with
                           ways in which we can better serve the                 at-risk students, new student orientation
                           community. I’m genuinely delighted that               and first-year programming. And she
                           John has joined us.”                                  brings commitment to and knowledge of
                                                                                 other areas important to our growth on
                           As dean, John will be based at the                                                                          MAKinG CollEGE A rEAliTy For
                                                                                 campus, including minority faculty hiring
                           university’s Frederick Campus. He will                                                                      MoTivATED STuDEnTS
                                                                                 and international programming. She is                 Left to right: Third Century Scholars
                           administer the Mount’s adult bachelor’s               handling a whole range of activities here             Program Director Tyrone Perry with Scholars
                           degree completion programs in business,               with grace and professionalism.”                      Jose Joya, Josemar Garcia and Joel Sanchez
                           criminal justice and education as well as
                           the master’s degree programs in business              r. BArry TiTlEr                                       The first three students in the Mount’s
                           and education.                                        Director of Public Safety                             new Third Century Scholars Program
                                                                                 Barry has been chief administrative                   joined the freshman class this fall.
“Linda comes to the        linDA M. ShErMAn
                                                                                 officer for the College of the Marshall               The program assists low-income,
Mount at an ideal time,
                           Director of Communications                            Island and served 25 years with the                   underrepresented students from the
as we are celebrating
our Bicentennial. In the
                           Prior to joining the Mount, Linda                     Pennsylvania State Police. He earned                  Washington, D.C., metro area to obtain
brief time that she has    was the communications director for                   his Master of Public Administration                   a college degree and return to the area
been on board she has      the Maryland Department of Labor,                     from Shippensburg University and a                    to serve and lead in their communities.
done an excellent job      Licensing and Regulations. She has                    bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from            It provides full financial support, as well
of securing TV, radio      also been a news anchor and radio                     Elizabethtown College.                                as mentoring and social support, to help
and print coverage for     personality. She received her BA from                                                                       students succeed in earning a bachelor’s
a number of recent         Aquinas College in Grand Rapids,                                                                            degree in business or education at the
newsworthy events          Mich., and has continued her education                                                                      Mount. The program is endowed to
along with placement of    at various institutes concentrating on                                                                      support five new Third Century Scholars
ads in key publications.   media, marketing and communications.                                                                        each year.
All this shares the good
news of the University’s   To see all the great press the Mount has                                                                    A Third Century Scholar from Bell
work regionally,           received in the last few months, visit                                                                      Multicultural High School, Joel Sanchez,
throughout the nation
                                                                                                     who is majoring in business, notes
and internationally.”
—Vice President                                                                                                                        “The Third Century Scholars Program
of University                                                                                                                          will help me succeed academically and
Advancement John T.                                                                                                                    become a better person because it has
Butler                     viSiT www.MSMAry.EDu/nEw_STAFF For ShorT BioGrAphiES oF All nEw                                             opened doors and paths that otherwise
                           FACulTy AnD STAFF MEMBErS.                                                                                  would not be accessible.”


                                                                                                                                                                            Fall 2007
 The university has implemented a new
 communications messaging system to
 dispatch time-sensitive information
 within minutes to students, faculty and
 staff in case of an emergency. Parents
 may also be notified if the student
 completes the information form and             nEw AppoinTMEnTS                                                                                        Left to right:
                                                                                                                                                        Monsignor Stuart
 includes the home land and cell lines.         In September, Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry the rev. rick hilgartner                         Swetland and Rev.
                                                began a new national appointment in Washington, D.C., at the U.S. Conference                            Rick Hilgartner,
 The service is built specifically for Higher   of Catholic Bishops. He is now the associate director of the Secretariat for Divine                     C’90
 Education and enables campus leaders           Worship. While the Mount community will miss Father Rick, all wish him well in this
 to schedule, send and track personalized       exciting new endeavor.
 voice messages for up to six phone
 numbers and two e-mail addresses per           Said Father Rick, “The Mount community has been an encouragement to me as a
 person. All students and employees             priest, and I am grateful for the blessings I have found here. Know of my thoughts
 will automatically and simultaneously          and prayers for you, especially during this milestone year. I hope to return often to
 be notified when an emergency alert is         participate in the celebrations!” He can be reached at
                                                Monsignor Stuart Swetland is serving as interim chaplain during the formal search to
 Students and staff can be reached via:         fill the chaplaincy position. Just last summer, President Powell appointed Monsignor
   •Voice messages to home, work and            Swetland as special counsel to the president on Catholic identity and mission. He
      cell phones                               continues to coordinate the Pre-Theology Program at the seminary as well.
   •Text messages to cell phones, PDAs
     and other text-based devices               Monsignor Swetland has made several TV and radio appearances, including hosting
   •Written messages to e-mail accounts         the “Catholics on Campus” series on Catholic cable TV station EWTN. The latest
   •Messages to TTY/TDD receiving               installment was taped at the Mount last April and will air in 2008.
     devices for the hearing impaired

 The response options will differ
 based on the nature of the event such
 as security concerns, snow delays,             CAllinGS ConFErEnCE GrAnT rECEivED
 road closures, weather problems and            The Mount received word in May that the Callings Program was awarded a grant of
 possible health related emergencies.           $28,000 to support next year’s Callings Conference, “Bringing Faith to Life through
                                                Church Ministry” (March 6-8, 2008). This is a significant development for the Callings                 ◊ SAvE-ThE-
 The Mount St. Mary’s notification plan         Program as it seeks to establish continued funding for the efforts that have emerged out                 DATE!
 includes everyone unless they choose           of the original grant from the Lilly Endowment.                                                          MArCh 6-8,
 to opt out of the system by removing                                                                                                                    2008
 their personal information from the            The foundation awarding the grant asked to remain anonymous. It is a private
 database. A campuswide siren alert             foundation that supports projects sponsored by Catholic organizations in the United
                                                States. Through its grant making, it seeks to promote church renewal, improve Catholic
 system is being installed.                     education and serve the disadvantaged.
 If you have questions or would like
 to find out more about the Mount
 Family Association, please contact
 Irene Q. Powell, coordinator, at or 301.447.3156.
                                                                                                 The Most rev. John hughes (seminary class of 1826)
                                                                                                 became the first archbishop of new york and built
                                                                                                 St. patrick’s Cathedral. his Eminence John Cardinal
                                                                                                 McCloskey (seminary class of 1831) succeeded him
                                                                                                 and became the first native-born American cardinal.

                                                      1808-2008          200 years of distinction
Mount Magazine

                                      ThE MounT                     Goes Green
                                      “As a Catholic liberal arts institution, we have a unique moral obligation to
                                      be responsible stewards of our fragile natural environment.”
                                      —Dr. Brian Henning, chair of the Mount’s Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Committee

                                                                                       inTo ACTion
                                      President Thomas H. Powell                       At the behest of President Powell,
                                      joined more than 300 college                     geothermal heating and cooling will be
                                                                                       used in the new Bicentennial Residence
                                      and university presidents in                     Hall scheduled for completion in early
                                      signing the American College                     2008. Designs for the Delaplaine Fine
                                                                                       Arts Center also include planting
                                      and University Presidents                        rooftop grass to capture moisture and
                                      Climate Commitment. The                          reduce heat absorption.
                                      agreement pledges that                           rECyClinG proJECTS
                                      Mount St. Mary’s will reduce                     The reduction of waste campuswide is
                                                                                       part of a larger, ecofriendly recycling
                                      its greenhouse gas emissions                     effort including collecting discarded
                                      over time with the ultimate                      cell phones, inkjet printer cartridges
                                                                                       and unwanted paper, glass and plastic.
                                      aim of becoming “carbon                          RATS–Recycle All That Stuff–is already
                                      neutral.”                                        a successful program on campus that
                                                                                       gathers more than 464 TONS of “trash”
                                                                                       as students leave each summer—about
                                                                                       775 pounds per student!
                 GrEEn wiTh ... SinCErE ThAnKS!
                 Martin Brooks, father of lowell Brooks, C’78 and owner of             STEwArDShip BEGinS
                 Martin Brooks Rare Plant Nursery in Doylestown, gave the Mount        Mount St. Mary’s has been awarded a
                 a large selection of rare trees. The nursery specializes in growing   $12,000 grant from the Chesapeake Bay
                 and selling mature specimens of rare and unusual trees—both           Trust to restore Tom’s Creek on campus.
                 deciduous and evergreen—but with emphasis on conifers. In the         The project will include establishment          Top to bottom: Biodegradable take-out
                 past year, including the Brooks donation, over 200 new trees have     of a rain garden and streamside shrub           container used in Patriot Hall; RATS tent
                 been planted on the university’s grounds.                             and tree plantings where the creek runs         full of furniture and other items left over from
                                                                                       between Route 15 and the front entrance         students moving out; tree planting to restore
                                                                                       to the tunnel on the east side of campus.       Tom’s Creek
                                                                                       The buffer zone will protect water
                                                                                       quality, prevent erosion and filter runoff.
                                                                                       Ultimately, the improvements will restore
                                                                                       rivers such as the Monocacy and Potomac
                                                                                       that flow into the Chesapeake Bay.

                 MounT STuDEnTS ATTEnD holy SEE rETrEAT
                 Four Mount undergraduates attended the 2007 symposium for college students sponsored by the Permanent Observer
                 Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations. Jonathan Gibbons, C’10, Lauren Mackey, C’08, Eddie McCullough,
                 C’09, and Courtney Hoffman, C’09, (left to right) spent a week at the Cardinal Spellman Retreat House in Riverdale,
                 N.Y., for “Catholic College Students and the Common Good: Building a Better World.” Participants explored topics
                 such as poverty, human rights, trafficking and women’s issues, peacekeeping, and the impact of the Catholic Social
                 Doctrine of U.N. Activities. The Mount students are pictured with Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Celestino Migliore.

                                                                                                                                           Fall 2007
MounTAinEEr BrinGS hoME
Olympic Gold
Charles Syd lea, cyclist and member of Mount St. Mary’s University grounds crew, won
two gold medals and one silver while competing in the 2007 Special Olympics World
Summer Games held in Shanghai, China, from Oct. 2 through 11.

“We are proud of Syd and congratulate his victories in making the U.S. team and, of
course, bringing home medals from China,” said Mount President Thomas Powell.
“The Mount is blessed to have Syd as part of our team and community.”
Approximately 7,500 athletes representing more than 160 countries competed in this year’s
World Summer Games. Syd was one of 400 athletes representing the United States.

Syd comes from a big racing family and has been cycling since he was young. You can catch
him around campus talking about his trip to China or cycling to the Mount from his home
in Taneytown, Md.

                                                              Top to bottom: President Powell with Syd Lea
                                                              and his mother, Tracy, and his father, Robert.
                                                              Syd has a brother named Bobby who is also a
                                                              cyclist. The Mount welcomed Syd back from
                                                              his Olympic races with banners, balloons and
                                                              many proud co-workers cheering his name!

                                               STAy on Top oF MounT wEAThEr
                                               The Science Department is pleased to announce a new partnership with
                                       and WMAR-Channel 2 in Baltimore. The Mount is now the
                                                host of a WeatherBug weather station and camera! Wherever you are, you can
                                                find out the current conditions at the Mount. The weather station is located on
                                                 the roof of Coad Science Building.

                                                  Simply log on to and type in the Mount’s ZIP code (21727).
                                                  You will see the real-time temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation, etc.

                                                   To bring up the Mount weather data with one click, you can download a free
                                               desktop application. VISTA users can place a WeatherBug viewer on their sidebar.

                                                     1808-2008          200 years of distinction
Mount Magazine

                             Bicentennial Kick-off A SuCCESS!
                             The Mount’s Bicentennial Kick-off was a huge success and we
                             are looking forward to the 14-month celebration! The Mount
                             awarded 23 Bicentennial Medals and hosted more than 1,000
                             people over the three-day opening celebrations, which began a
                             flurry of TV, radio and newspaper coverage.

                             BiCEnTEnniAl ConvoCATion,                    BiCEnTEnniAl MoviE prEMiErE, AuG. 23
                             AuG. 22                                      “The Spirit Continues” premiered at the Gateway Theater in
                             Opening Convocation included incoming        Gettysburg with a reception at the Wyndham Hotel. “The film is
                             students making an academic pledge to        more than a story about one university,” says President Thomas
                             the university. Some priests wore new        H. Powell. “It’s about how history shapes all of us—how Maryland
                             bicentennial vestments, while others wore    was a reflection of what was going on in the broader world.
                             historical vestments. Chalices from the      I think viewers will be surprised at what they learn about the
                             Mount’s archive collection were also used    Mount. There’s a Civil War reenactment in the film, Babe Ruth
                             to celebrate the Eucharist. Bicentennial     was ‘discovered’ on our Echo Field, and saints have walked these
                             Medals were awarded to the rev. Dr. David    grounds.” See article on page 8.
                             w. Shaum, C’42, S’46; the Rev. Paul V.
                             Redmond; the rev. Mr. Stanley l. Dailey,
                             S’08; Kelly-Jo Kibler, C’08; Cmdr. John W.
                             Williams Jr., USN (Retired), C’65; and
                             Dr. John J. Dillon iii, C’68.

                                                                          wAlDron FAMily STADiuM
                                                                          DEDiCATion, AuG. 23
                                                                          The soccer and lacrosse teams and several
                                                                          other friends of the Mount attended
                                                                          the dedication held at the new Waldron
                                                                          Family Stadium and Lawrence E.
                                                                          Horning Field. Bicentennial Medals were
                                                                          given to Eugene M. waldron Jr., C’64, and
                                                                          Carol Horning Woehrle.

                                                                                                                                                           Fall 2007
BiCEnTEnniAl MASS, AuG. 24
                                                                                           TiMElinE riBBon-CuTTinG, AuG. 24
Mass was celebrated by Bishop Kevin Rhoades, Diocese of Harrisburg, former rector of
                                                                                           A new timeline displaying highlights of the Mount’s first 200
Mount St. Mary’s Seminary. See excerpts from his inspiring homily on page 35.
                                                                                           years now graces the McGowan Center. At the ceremony,
                                                                                           the ribbon was cut by ryan Audy, C’08, member of the
                                                                                           Bicentennial Commission, and Caprice Gray, C’11.

                                            FounDEr’S plAzA DEDiCATion, AuG. 24
                                            The monumental, 6,500-pound bronze statue of Fr. John DuBois by artist Bill Hopen
                                            was unveiled at the Founder’s Plaza. Acclaimed for his religious art, Hopen traveled
                                            back and forth from his workshop in China for almost four years to complete the
                                            sculpture. He worked on a large scale so those in the future, even “2,000 to 3,000 years
                                            from now, will know how we felt.”

                                            To gather inspiration as to what image would best capture DuBois, Hopen wandered
                                            the campus with the president’s wife, Mrs. Irene Powell, until he found the site where
                                            the founder placed a cross in the ground. Explains Hopen, “Christianity was a force
                                            that moved this mountain and reshaped these rocks into the foundation that would
                                            become a university, populated by students and faculty devoted to God and learning.
                                            Father DuBois began this great work by planting his cross.”

                                            During the Founder’s Plaza dedication, the statue was blessed by Bishop Rhoades
                                            and Bicentennial Medals were awarded to Bil Hopen, Dick Ridgway, C’58, and
                                            John Walsh, C’58.

                                                                                            The Mount is known as the “Cradle of Bishops,”
                                                                                            counting more than 30 bishops among its alumni.

                                                   1808-2008        200 years of distinction
Mount Magazine

                                                                         ThE SpiriT ConTinuES …
                                                                         “The Spirit Continues” is a one-hour
                                                                         documentary tracing the history of our
                                                                         country and the development of the
                                                                         Catholic Church through the lens of
                                                                         Mount St. Mary’s University. It will
                                                                         air on public broadcast television later
                                                                         this year.

                                                                         Archival materials from the university,
                                                                         the United States Library of Congress
                                                                         and local historical societies provide
                                                                         a visual narrative of the history of
                                                                         the university and the region. Special
                                                                         attention is paid to the Mount’s role in
                                                                         19th century America, the development
                             Above: DVD cover; below: Almost two         of the Catholic Church in that period,
                             years of filming went into preparing this   and the centrality of northern Maryland
                             documentary.                                and southern Pennsylvania to the history
                                                                         of the Civil War.
                                                                                                                     BiCEnTEnniAl rinG AvAilABlE
                                                                         The documentary provides rare letters,      ryan Audy, richard Bolte iii and laura
                                                                         photos and film clips that complement       Fenaroli, all members of the class
                                                                         the narration and interviews of Mount       of 2008 and of the Bicentennial
                                                                         St. Mary’s faculty and administrators.      Commission, worked under the
                                                                         Together, they bring to light the           leadership of Sean Adams, assistant
                                                                         extraordinary efforts of a French émigré    dean and director of campus activities,
                                                                         priest, Fr. John DuBois, who boldly         to design a very special bicentennial ring
                                                                         planted a cross in 1808 marking the site    that will be available for sale to members
                                                                         he envisioned for a future university and   of the Mount community through 2008.
                                                                         seminary. Today, 200 years later, Mount
                                                                                                                     The ring is available in white or yellow
                                                                         St. Mary’s is thriving.
                                                                                                                     gold, with prices starting at $199. if
                                                                                                                     you are interested in purchasing this
                                                                         “The Spirit Continues” was two years
                                                                                                                     commemorative ring, please contact Balfour
                                                                         in the making and a collaborative effort    at 1-866-225-3687.
                                                                         with the entire Mount community.
                                                                         The students, seminarians and staff re-
                                                                         enacted many of the lead roles in the
                                                                         documentary, bringing to life the early
                                                                         years of the founding of their school,
                                                                         Mount St. Mary’s University.
                                                                         SEE ThE inSiDE BACK CovEr To orDEr
                                                                         your Copy ToDAy!

                                                                                                                                                              Fall 2007
To view more photos from the Bicentennial
                                                  BiCEnTEnniAl Baseball
Baseball game, or any of the other Bicentennial
events, visit         Celebration
                                                  On a beautiful sunny day in September, the baseball
                                                  players from the Mount had, as the Frederick News
                                                  Post termed it, their own “Field of Dreams” moment. In celebration
                                                  of 125 years of baseball, the Mount players took the field against
                                                  Gettysburg College, wearing old-time uniforms. The uniforms featured
                                                  blue tops that laced in the front, baggy white pants, striped socks and
                                                  small blue and white hats.

                                                  Marv Stocker, chair of the Bicentennial Baseball Committee, worked with
                                                  members of the Athletic Department and the Bicentennial Office to plan
                                                  a full and exciting day that began with an alumni game between former
                                                  players from the Mount and Gettysburg College. There were approximately
                                                  40 alumni players who represented the Mount at the morning game. Former
                                                  coaches Jim Phelan, Tom Ryan and Tom Sherald were also in attendance.

                                                  Between 300 and 400 fans attended the afternoon varsity game, which was
                                                  followed by a barbeque. The Mount won both games with an alumni game
                                                  score of 8-1 and an exhibition game score of 8-0.

                                                      Celebrate with us!
                                                  See the inside back cover of this issue for the beautiful gifts available to
                                                  commemorate the Mount’s bicentennial. And see the back cover for a
                                                  calendar of upcoming events. For a full bicentennial schedule or more
                                                  information visit

                                                                                                  Babe ruth played on the Mount’s Echo Field

                                                        1808-2008          200 years of distinction
10                  upDATE

                             1908-1958: Entering the Modern Era
Mount Magazine

                                                  In the third of four installments in Mount Magazine, we present
                                                   excerpts from the historic timeline placed in Patriot Hall as part
                                                    of our bicentennial celebrations. This timeline, which begins in
                                                     10, will serve as a permanent visual reminder of our rich
                                                     history at Mount St. Mary’s University, the second oldest
                                                      Catholic university in the United States.

                                                                       New Club ◊
                                                                       The Knights of Columbus are granted
                                                                       permission to form a council on campus—
                                                                       the first and longest standing council at a
                                                                       Catholic college.

                 1908        1915
                             Movies Come to the Mount
                             Monsignor Bradley purchases a new
                             motion picture machine for the college,            Babe Ruth Visits the
                             which is installed in the gymnasium to             Mount ÿ
                             hold viewings once a week.                         On May 7, Babe Ruth makes his
                                                                                second visit to the Mount. Tradition
                                                                                holds that he was discovered on
                             1916                                               Echo Field years earlier in a game
                                                                                between his team from a Baltimore
                             New Sport ⁄
                                                                                industrial school and the Mount.
                             The men’s tennis team plays its first
                             intercollegiate match.
                                                                                The Mount Is
                                                                                Shortly after the formation of
                                                                                the Middle States Association’s
                                                                                Commission on Higher Education,
                                                                                the Mount receives accreditation.
                                                                                The college boasts 23 faculty
                                                                                members, 13 instructors and 481
                                                                                students working towards degrees in
                                                                                four areas of specialization.
                                                                                                                                    upDATE      11

                                                                                                                                                Fall 2007
1939-45                                        1943-44
                                               Anchors Aweigh ÿ
World War II                                   A Navy V-12 deck officers school is
At least 727 Mountaineers join the armed       established, bringing nearly 400 men to
forces, 48 of them as chaplains.               the empty rooms on campus.

“Keep ‘Em Flying!” ÿ
Facing dropping enrollment, the college
initiates a CAA-War Training Service
School for flying specialists.

    1938                                                                                                   1958
                                               1948                                          1958
                                                                                             Political Leaders at the
                                                                                             Sesquicentennial ⁄
                                                                                             The Mount hosts two leading
                                               1946-48                                       political figures—Robert Kennedy,
                                                                                             who spoke at graduation, and
                                               Service Recognized                            President Dwight D. Eisenhower,
                                               In honor of its service to the armed forces   who addressed the graduating
                                               training programs, the school is presented    class.
                                               with a 3-inch/ 50-caliber anti-aircraft gun
                                               from the USS Detroit—a ship credited
1936                                           with one downed and one assisted downed
Prep School Discontinued Ÿ                     aircraft during the battle at Pearl Harbor.
The last class of students in the prep         Two years later Memorial Gym is built and
department graduates.                          dedicated to the alumni killed in World
                                               Wars I and II.

Father Flanagan Honored ⁄
At commencement ceremonies, Father
Edward Flanagan, graduate of the class of
1906 and founder of Boys Town, is made
a Doctor of Laws. (picture of Flanagan below
ca. 10s)

                                                     1808-2008          200 years of distinction
1                 nEwS
Mount Magazine

                          SEMinAry MournS DEATh oF
                          Sister Joan Gormley
                                      Sister Joan Gormley,              Sr. Joan, in addition to her lifelong
                                      professor of sacred scripture     interest in St. Therese of Lisieux, was also
                                      at Mount St. Mary’s               an expert in the spiritual writings of the
                                      Seminary for 20 years, died       Spanish mystics and St. John of Avila.
                                      at Gettysburg Hospital on         Her translation of the latter’s writings
                                      Oct. 19 after a long fight        on priestly spirituality was published in
                                      with cancer.                      book-length form. The archbishop of
                                                                        Granada, Spain, the Most Rev. Javier
                                      Sr. Joan was born in              Martinez-Fernandez, was a long-time
                                      Philadelphia and received         friend of Sr. Joan. He respected her so
                                      her B.A. at Trinity College       much that he sent two of his seminarians
                                      in Washington, D.C., and          to study in Emmitsburg under her
                                      her M.A. in classics from         guidance.
                          Harvard University. She completed her
                          doctorate in New Testament studies at         “Sr. Joan never sought the limelight; she looked for the good to be
                          Fordham University and then did post-
                          graduate work that included study at          done, and did it.”
                          the Ecole Biblique de Jerusalem and the
                          Theresian Documentation Center in             Sr. Joan was one of 13 children, and all
                          Lisieux, France.                              of those still living were present during
                                                                        her last week of life and at the funeral.
                          She arrived at the Mount in 1988 as a         On Oct. 23, Sr. Joan’s body was brought
                          professor of sacred scripture, spirituality   to St. Bernard’s Chapel. The seminarians
                          and homiletics. In that capacity, Sr.         held an all-night vigil, praying the Holy
                          Joan touched the lives of more than 700       Rosary for the repose of her soul at the
                          seminarians!                                  top of every hour. The Mass of Christian       SAvE ThE DATE!
                          “Sr. Joan not only taught seminarians
                                                                        Burial was celebrated the next day in the
                                                                        Chapel of the Immaculate Conception.
                                                                                                                       JunE 9-13, 2008
                          about the scriptures and how to preach                                                       SEMinAry AluMni SuMMEr
                                                                        Former rector Bishop Kevin Rhoades             rETrEAT
                          them, but, through her own example
                                                                        of Harrisburg was the main celebrant           The annual Seminary Alumni Summer
                          as a dedicated woman of the church,
                                                                        and homilist. The funeral Mass was             Retreat will be held at the Mount June
                          showed the men how to live them,” said
                                                                        attended not only by every seminary and        9-13, 2008. Father Thomas Acklin, OSB,
                          Fr. J. Daniel Mindling, OFM Cap., long-                                                      will be the retreat master. Father Acklin
                                                                        university priest but by more than 40
                          time colleague and academic dean of the                                                      served as rector of St. Vincent’s Seminary
                                                                        of her former students, now priests in
                          seminary.                                                                                    in Latrobe, Pa., for 12 years. He is also the
                                                                        dioceses around the country! Afterward,        author of a recent book, “The Unchanging
                          According to fellow faculty member Fr.        Fr. Brannen traveled to Philadelphia           Heart of the Priesthood,” which focuses on
                          Robert Zylla, OSC, “She admired the           with the two seminarians from Granada,         the spirituality of the diocesan priesthood.
                          simplicity of St. Therese and lived her       David Alcalde-Morales and Ildefonso
                                                                        Fernandez-Figares, for the burial in the       For more information or to make reserva-
                          spiritual life based on the principles of                                                    tions, please contact Director of Seminary
                          that sainted Doctor of the Church.”           Gormley family plot.                           Development and Alumni Relations
                          Vice Rector Fr. Brett Brannen added,                                                         Phil McGlade, 301-447-5017 or
                                                                        Monsignor Steven P. Rohlfs, rector,  
                          “Sr. Joan never sought the limelight; she
                                                                        noted, “Sr. Joan will be sorely missed by
                          looked for the good to be done, and did
                                                                        us all. She was an example of steadfast
                          it. She taught me the Gospel of John and
                                                                        love and commitment to the church for
                          I still use my notes from that course in
                                                                        both the faculty and the seminarians.”
                          my preaching!”                                                                                                        •
                                                                                                                        Seminary alumnus Father Stanley rother, who
                                                                        Sr. Joan Gormley, Rest in Peace!                was assassinated in Guatemala in 1981, is being
                                                                                                                        considered for canonization, as is early Mount leader
                                                                                                                        Father Simon Bruté.
                                                                                                                                                nEwS                  1

                                                                                                                                                                      Fall 2007
Priests’ Reunion
oCT. 2-3, 2007

                                                                                                Fr. Gene nickol, S’73, Archdiocese of Baltimore, (left), Fr. John
                                                                                                ledford, S’75, Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston (center) and Fr.
                                                                                                vincent rigdon, S’77, Archdiocese of Washington, prior to the
                                                                                                Homecoming Mass.

Bishop William Lori and Fr. Michael Roach, a member of the seminary faculty for 30 years,
received Bicentennial Medals following the Homecoming Mass. President Powell and Seminary
Rector Monsignor Rohlfs made the presentations.                                                 Fr. Robert V. Zylla, a member of the faculty for 36 years, received
                                                                                                the 32nd Annual John Cardinal McCloskey Award from the
                                                                                                National Alumni Association at the Reunion Dinner. He is shown
                                                                                                here with Bishop Lori, Monsignor Rohlfs, Fr. Kenney and pat
                                                                                                Goles, C’64, President of the National Alumni Association. Fr.
                                                                                                Zylla has taught more than 80 percent of all living Mount alumni

SEMinAry AnnuAl GivinG –                                                FAThEr roBErT FinlAn To ChAir AnnuAl FunD
 A TErriFiC yEAr!                                                       Steven P. Rohlfs, STD, rector, has announced that Fr. robert
The 2006-07 Seminary Annual Fund                                        T. Finlan, S’94, will serve as chairman for the 2007-08 Seminary
generated more than $376,000 in gifts                                   Annual Fund. He succeeds Fr. C. Douglas Kenney, C’95, S’99,
from alumni, parents, friends and                                       who was elected as National Alumni Association vice president
foundations. In addition, seminary                                      in June.
alumni participation increased from 31%
                                                                        Fr. Finlan, a member of the Diocese of Allentown, was recently
to 35%.
                                                                       appointed as president of Bethlehem Catholic High School in
Monsignor Steven P. Rohlfs, STD,                                       Bethlehem, Pa. He previously served as president of Holy Name
rector, stated, “On behalf of our faculty       High School in Reading, Pa., and Cardinal Brennan High School in Ashland, Pa. Fr.
and seminarians, I would like to extend         Finlan has also been a member of the Rector’s Council since 2005.
my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to         EACh yEAr, TuiTion CovErS only pArT oF ThE CoST oF EACh SEMinAriAn’S
all our benefactors. We truly appreciate        EDuCATion. ThE SEMinAry AnnuAl FunD hElpS BriDGE ThE GAp. To MAKE A
your continued generosity and financial         GiFT To ThE 2007-08 AnnuAl FunD, plEASE ConTACT ThE oFFiCE oF SEMinAry
support of our venerable seminary. Also,        DEvElopMEnT AnD AluMni rElATionS AT 301-447-5017, or viSiT
                                                www.MSMAry.EDu/SEMinAry To GivE onlinE.
many thanks to Fr. Doug Kenney for his
efforts as chairman of the annual fund.”

                                                       1808-2008          200 years of distinction
      Mount Magazine


                                                                                                                                                 Fall 2007
the Flavor of Success
     By Lisa Gregory
                               Even as a college student at the Mount, Michael          “You have to have a certain amount of courage
                               Rice had a passion for what the family business          to look ahead and take chances if you want your
                               in Hanover, Pa., produced. “We talked about              company to expand and grow,” says Rice. “My
                               potatoes,” recalls David Davenport, who lived            father and grandfather did this. And I did it as well.
                               in the same residence hall as Rice in the early          You’re not going to achieve significant advances
                               1960s. “He knew what made a good bag of chips            without taking significant chances.”
                               and what didn’t. Mike took a lot of pride in his
                               family’s business.”                                      More specifically, though, for Rice the success
                                                                                        of any business, including his own, is in the
                               And he shared the wealth. “When he came back             details. “You have to know the business from the
                               from visits home, he’d bring us fresh Utz potato         bottom up,” he notes. “You need to have a real
                                           chips and pretzels,” says Davenport, who     understanding of the processes and how they work
                                           along with Rice graduated in 1965 and        in order to improve on them.”
                                          today is a lawyer. “We all looked forward
                                         to that.”                                      Rice learned early. Growing up, he spent his
                                                                                        summers working at the Utz factory. And, when it
                                        Rice would go on to take that passion           was time for him to consider college, he decided
                                        and pride and create his own place within       to enter the business program at the University of
                                       the company started by his grandparents.         North Carolina. By his sophomore year, however,
                                      “I always knew this was where I wanted to         he began to wonder if this was the particular path
                                     be,” says Rice simply.                             he wanted to pursue. “I took an accounting course
                                                                                        and hated it.” He returned home. “My father
                                     Today, Utz Quality Foods Inc. is the largest       put me to work that winter shoveling potatoes
                                    independent privately held snack brand in           in the cellar,” he says. It was food for thought.
                                   the United States, with sales over $300 million      Rice, an avid reader and great admirer of Thomas
                               annually. The company produces more than one             Jefferson, decided to go where his interests led
                               million pounds of potato chips a week, as well as        him. “He was a Renaissance man,” says Rice of
                               other products, which can be found up and down           Jefferson. “He was a statesman, lawyer and farmer.
                                          the East Coast, from Maine to North           I really admired that.”
                                                              Carolina. Utz operates
                                                              distribution centers in   He enrolled at Mount St. Mary’s to study
                                                             Virginia, Delaware and     political science and then pursue a law degree.
                                                            Philadelphia and built      “The Mount was the best choice for me,” he
                                                            a world distribution        says. “I was able to do three years of work in
                                                           center at the Hanover        two and was well prepared for law school.” He
                                                          facility in 1997. This        recalls fondly from that time one particular
                                                         was done to handle such        faculty member, professor John L. Morrison,
 Michael Rice’s grandparents                            national accounts as            who taught history and political science. “He just
 William and Salie Utz                                  Sam’s, Costco, Wal-Mart         did an outstanding job teaching those subjects,”
 began producing Utz                                   and Target. There are also       says Rice. (There is now an international studies
 Hanover Home Brand
                                                       plans to open a new factory      professorship in Morrison’s name at the Mount.)
 potato chips in 1921. On
 left: Michael Rice, C’65,
                                                      in New England.
 with his wife, Jane
                                      “Giving of ourselves is important to us. “
 Mount Magazine

                                                     After graduating, Rice enrolled    of the company himself when his father
                                                    at The George Washington            retired in 1978.
                                                   University Law School. By the
                                                  time he received his law degree,      At that time, Rice saw an opportunity for
                                                  he was married to his high school     growth and plunged ahead. “I knew we
                                                 sweetheart, Jane, and the father       could move the company further along,”
                                                of a son and daughter. Initially,       he says. His innovations have included
                                                Rice went to work as a contracts        embracing computer technology eagerly
                                               administrator for the U.S. Commerce      and early on. In fact, Utz was the first
The company has come a long way                                                         in the snack industry to use in-truck
from Rice’s grandparents’ kitchen,             Department and then later joined
                                              the Washington Space and Defense          computers to prepare invoices, manage
where Salie cooked chips on a small
                                                    Systems Division of the Control     inventory and process route accounting
hand-cooker for her husband to sell
door-to-door. Utz Quality Foods                      Data Corporation. During his       transactions. Such ideas made a good
Inc. now enjoys sales of more                        early career, he even thought of   company even better.
than $300 million                                     joining the FBI. “I was drawn
annually.                                                                               These ideas often came while he was out
                                                       to the mystique,” he says.
                                                                                        jogging or late at night when he would
                                                       He and Jane enjoyed life         wake from a deep sleep. Rice says he
                                                       in the Washington, D.C.,         spends a lot of time thinking and admits
                                                        area. And Rice’s father,        to doing his best thinking while jogging.
                                                         who joined the business        Or in the middle of the night, “I’d wake
                                                         when he married the Utz’s      up and some solution would come to
                                                          daughter Arlene, had the      me,” he says.
                                                          Utz Company well in
                                                                                        As the company has grown Rice has
                                                           hand. But Rice’s time was
                                                                                        remained true to the original idea of
                                                           soon coming. When his
                                                                                        a family atmosphere, a community
                                                            grandfather passed away
                                                                                        of workers. “We’ve grown to 2,200
                                                             from a stroke in 1968,
                                                                                        employees, but we still try to maintain
                                                       Rice was asked by his father
                                                                                        the same atmosphere and family
                                                    to join the business. He did not
                                                                                        relationships we had when there were
                                                                     hesitate. The
                                                                                        only 100 employees here,” he says. Adds
                                                                     young family
                                                                                        his wife Jane, “We began as a family
                                                                    returned to
                                                                                        business and have remained a family
                                                                    Hanover and Rice
                                                                   became executive
                                                                  vice president. He    Rice admits that it isn’t always easy
                                                                 took over the helm     to interact one-on-one with more
                                                                                        than 2,000           employees. But
                                                                                                              it is certainly
                                                                                                               worth the effort.
                                                                                                                Employees who
                                                                                                                are invested in the
                                                                                                                 place where they
                                                                                                                  work are “more
                                                                                                                    he says. “Say
                                                                                                                    someone is
                                                                                                                     loading boxes
                                                                                                                      of chips on a
                                                                                                                      truck and just
                                                                                                                      throwing them
“We’ve been so blessed.”

                                                                                                                                                      Fall 2007
   on carelessly. One of our employees will             the company. Jane, like her husband,            to various activities and organizations.
   say, ‘Don’t do that. Be careful.’ They care          enjoys reading. He is drawn to historical       Rice is primarily focused on the local
   and that makes a difference.”                        novels and action thrillers. She likes          hospital and YMCA. Jane Rice focuses
                                                        inspirational books and most recently           her attention on cancer research and
   As does listening to what his workers                read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Rice         domestic abuse issues. A breast cancer
   have to say. This is especially important            golfs. Both enjoy collecting art and have       survivor herself, Jane often helps Utz
   to Rice. “Some of the best ideas can                 developed an interest in Native American        employees by offering guidance, advice
   come from those people who are doing                 art, amassing an impressive collection,         and emotional support to those who may
   the job on the line or in the field with             including works by Allan Houser, one            be dealing with cancer or have a family
   sales. We encourage, recognize and                   of the most renowned Native American            member with the disease.
   reward people who come up with better                painters and Modernist sculptors of
   ideas.”                                              the 20th century. “I have always been           Rice says he is drawn to supporting the
                                                        interested in Native American history,”         hospital because it responds to such a
   The bottom line to his success and that                                                              need in the community and is important
                                                        says Jane. “I enjoyed the stories of Lewis
   of the company, though, he feels, is the                                                             to so many people. Then there are the
                                                        and Clark and Sacagawea. We’ve taken
   continuous commitment to quality. This                                                               family ties. “My father served on the
                                                        so much from the Native Americans.
   has remained so even as the market has                                                               board, and then I served on the board,”
                                                        Maybe it’s my way of giving something
   changed, with an emphasis on healthier                                                               he says. His interest in the YMCA comes
   eating. “You can make a healthier chip or                                                            from not having one growing up as a
   pretzel, but people won’t eat it unless it           The two discovered their love of Native         boy, after the original YMCA was closed.
   tastes good,” says Rice of Utz’s reduced-            American art while attending a meeting          He takes great pride in the facility today,
   fat, no-salt, baked and multi-grain                  out West. A friend suggested they visit         which he describes as “probably the
   products. “We’ve worked very hard to                 the Santa Fe Indian Market, the largest of      largest service agency in York County,”
   develop products that meet that demand.              its kind in the nation. That was in 1982.       meeting the needs of everyone in the
   For instance, we use natural ingredients             Since then they returned every year, until      community, “from little kids to the older
   as much as possible. Our customers have              the last few years when other obligations       folks,” says Rice.
   a certain expectation when it comes to               interfered. Their art collection has
   our products.”                                       become so large that most of it is in           For Rice and his wife, giving is about
                                                        storage, with pieces chosen and displayed       the community. If the couple makes a
   “It’s important to Mike that people know                                                             donation, say to the local hospital, it is
                                                        on a rotating basis.
   we have an established tradition here that                                                           done in the name of Utz’s employees.
   focuses on quality,” says Jane.                      “Jane has a really good eye and great feel      “Never in our name,” says Rice.
                                                        for art,” says Rice with genuine affection.
   She would know best of all. Jane has                                                                 “Giving of ourselves is important to us,”
   been a constant at his side professionally           “I see it and want to buy it,” says Jane        says Jane. “We’ve been so blessed.”
   and personally. “Jane is an extrovert, and           with a grin. But, “Mike’s the negotiator.”
   I am an introvert,” says Rice. “When I                                                               And the future looks bright as well.
   meet someone it takes awhile for me to               He adds, “I always say, ‘Let’s step             Their daughter’s husband is active in
   get to know them. She’s helped me to be              away, have lunch, talk it over and then         the company and a fifth-generation
   more extroverted and open to meeting                 decide.’”                                       family member has expressed interest
   new people.”                                                                                         in continuing the legacy: Rice’s 11-year-
                                                        However, “A good bottle of wine and a           old grandson is already making plans.
   Jane is also very involved with the                  nice lunch,” she says, still grinning, “and     “He tells me that he wants to run the
   company, becoming vice president of                  I can usually convince him.”                    company some day,” says Rice with a
   public relations in 1983. The two are                                                                hint of pride in his voice.
   partners in their commitment to the Utz              The couple is also very committed to
   business but also enjoy time away from               the community where their roots run
                                                        deep. Both give of their time and talents

   With so many people enjoying his products, you can’t help but wonder if Michael Rice admits to
   a preference. “I like all our products, of course,” he replies. “However, I have to say I like the
   original chips the best. And the honey wheat pretzels are awfully good as well.”

Mount Magazine

                                                                                                                                                     By Barb Ruppert

                                                                              of course, Catholic universities have always required theology
                                                                              courses. But it’s only been in the past 50 years or so that
                                                                              many began offering a major in the subject. The first few
                                                                              theology majors graduated from the Mount in 1982, and even
                                                                              10 years ago there were only about four majors each year.
                                                                              Today, approximately 20 students at the Mount are majoring in
                                                                              theology, several are minoring and the department’s programs
                                                                              continue to grow. Most majors go into parish ministry or Catholic
                                                                              high schools, with 25 percent pursuing graduate degrees shortly
                                                                              after their time at the Mount.

                                                                              Senior theology major Rena Black             me to lead a workshop for the teachers
                                                                              comments, “I really enjoy the creativity     there. The way we help each other is so
                                                                              and logic necessary for the discipline.      energizing!”
                 “We want to enable all students to                           Also, ministerial and academic theology
                                                                              work in harmony in this major; the focus     An important resource for the
                  participate as active and critical                                                                       Archdiocese of Baltimore, the
                                                                              is on how ministry can inform theology
                  thinkers in the long, diverse and                           and vice versa.”                             department is also working to make
                  continuing conversation that is the                                                                      its professional lay ministry certificate
                                                                              Dr. William Collinge, the Department         programs more convenient and accessible
                  Catholic intellectual heritage.”                            of Theology’s first tenured lay faculty      for working adults. “We’d like to create
                  —Fr. JiM DonohuE (seen above in a Freshman Seminar class)   member and the chair when the major          a separate program that a cohort of
                                                                              began, credits the growth to expanded        catechists and youth ministers could
                                                                              departmental options in youth ministry       share and progress through together,”
                                                                              and religious education as well as Sr.       says Donohue.
                                                                              Mary Kate Birge’s freshman course “Call
                                                                              and Response: Discipleship in the Bible      CorE BEliEFS
                                                                              and the Modern World.” Students              While on the outside the Mount’s
                                                                              rave about the course and how it has         Department of Theology may look vastly
                                                                              opened their eyes to see God in everyday     different from 30 years ago when most
                                                                              occurrences.                                 of the faculty were priests or religious,
                                                                                                                           it continues to be heavily rooted in
                                                                              The department is well known for             the Catholic tradition. Collinge gives
                                                                              preparing students for ministry, and         the credit primarily to a lay faculty
                                                                              students often have multiple job offers      member, Dr. William Portier (on the
                                                                              when they graduate. “It really comes full    faculty from 1979-2003), who stressed
                                                                              circle,” reflects Department Chair Fr. Jim   an intellectual commitment to the
                                                                              Donohue (the department’s one priest         Mount’s Catholic identity rather than
                                                                              and the ice hockey club coach). “Mae         following many schools that were
                                                                              Richardson, one of my first students         broadening their theology departments
                                                                              after I came to the Mount in 1996,           into simply religious studies departments.
                                                                              is now an established youth minister         The difference? Rather than stepping
                                                                              consulted throughout the Archdiocese of      outside a religious framework to study
                                                                              Baltimore. I send students to intern with    and describe religions “neutrally,” the
                                                                              her. And recent alum Marc Parisi, who is     Mount’s department offers the context of
                                                                              a campus minister at Calvert Hall, invited   the Catholic theological tradition from
which to view different disciplines and         GAThErED For ThE                                                                                                  1
explore the deepest questions about life.       JournEy
Notes Donohue, “Reason, academics and           The department is respected for its

                                                                                                                                                                  Fall 2007
Catholicism are all on the same side: the       scholarship. Cloutier remarks, “I go to
search for truth.”                              conferences and people say, ‘We envy
                                                you for working with those scholars!’”
Portier chaired the committee that
                                                He is advisor for the Mount’s new
created the Mount’s nationally
                                                undergraduate journal of theology
recognized core curriculum and wrote
                                                and philosophy, whose first issue will
the textbook still used in the junior-year
                                                be published this year. Adds Cloutier,
“Foundations of Christian Theology”
                                                “One special aspect of the Mount and
course. All students take several theology
                                                the core, though, is that we constantly
courses as part of the core curriculum
                                                teach people who are not experts, so                                            Jon prESSiMonE
and of the two required junior courses,                                                                                         Senior, Theology Major
                                                our work doesn’t become detached
Donohue explains, “If you stop                                                                                                  Charlotte, North Carolina
                                                from real life.”                          He continues, “These books
studying your faith, you only have a                                                                                            Jon is interning as a music
child’s answers to adult questions. The         A prime example of how teaching and       are an outgrowth of a Mount           minister—planning liturgies and
                                                                                          faculty culture of learning           playing guitar at every Mass
Foundations course tries to help students       scholarship inform each other in the
understand the Bible and Jesus, to give         Mount’s collaborative environment         from and challenging each
students tools to deal with questions so        is the recent moral theology text         other rather than hiding in our
there’s not a disconnect between faith          “Gathered for the Journey,” edited        own departments. They’re an excellent
and life.”                                      by Mount theology professor David         example of the cooperative spirit we
                                                McCarthy and Dr. Therese Lysaught         share as a liberal arts institution, one that
About half of Mount seniors choose to                                                     doesn’t always happen everywhere but
                                                of Marquette University. Four Mount
fulfill their ethics course requirement                                                   that benefits students tremendously.”
                                                professors contributed because,
through “Moral Theology” (the other
                                                explains McCarthy, “it turned out         The theology department is highly
half take “Moral Philosophy”). Dr. David
                                                that some of the best scholars on         involved across the university, in
Cloutier, who joined the Mount in 2006
                                                different topics were here at the         Freshman Seminar, Non-Western
and teaches the senior theology course,
                                                Mount.” The book, just published in       and modern civilization courses, and
feels fortunate to be able to teach ethics
                                                September and praised by reviewers        university committees. Several theology
at a smaller school such as the Mount
                                                for its unified approach, will be used    faculty members have joined other
because the class can be discussion
                                                in Mount classes this spring and is       Mount colleagues in initiatives supported
oriented, “even improvisational.” He
                                                already being used in one of Duke         by the Callings program. Sponsored by
notes, “If I were to say, ‘This is what
                                                University’s graduate courses. Its goal   the Mount and a Lilly Foundation grant,
ethics means,’ the students would write
                                                is to “introduce the language of the      this university vocational exploration
it down and go on with their lives. But if
                                                Christian moral life, not as a language   effort has supported mentoring programs
I start off with a question—say, ‘Should
                                                of separation and division, but as the    for new faculty, speakers and film
we give to beggars?’—then they’re engaged
                                                terms through which we begin to see       series, the Theology Club, the freshman
the whole time and I can work to bring
                                                and respond to our unity in God and       “Call and Response” course, a Life and
out certain points and help them connect
                                                the common good of human life.”           Leadership seminar for area business
their experiences with the readings.”
                                                A second collaborative text is now        leaders, summer interdisciplinary
                                                in progress that features Mount           seminars for Mount faculty, and more.
           MArC pAriSi, C’05                    philosophy and theology professors on     “It’s made a difference in helping people
           Campus Minister, Calvert Hall
                                                Catholic social teaching. McCarthy’s      think about how they work and live in
           High School, Baltimore, MD                                                     the world,” says Donohue.
           Marc is seen far right, leading an   hope is to have it published during
           immersion trip to the Blackfeet      the Mount’s bicentennial.                 He adds, “As part of a Catholic
           Reservation in Browning Montana
           last February.
                                                                                          university, our department has a
                                                                                          responsibility to be leaven, as it were.
                                                                                          I think most faculty welcome what we
                                                                                          bring to the table.”

                                                                                          Because at the Mount, as in life, God
                                                                                          isn’t departmentalized but quietly
                                                                                          inspires all things.

Mount Magazine

                                                         questions Where do we come from?
                                                                   What makes us human?
                                                                What makes life worth living?
                                                             Does your university even care to ask?
                                                                By Dr. Joshua P. Hochschild, Philosophy Professor

                 Catholic universities occasionally feel          Colleges and Universities Have Given          A university is “Catholic” not because of
                 insecure about their place among                 Up on the Meaning of Life.” The authors       chapels, crucifixes and required theology
                 academic institutions. They shouldn’t.           are at the top of the education game–a        classes, but because it presents Catholic
                 Just listen to what non-Catholic thinkers        former dean of Harvard and a former           faith as the ultimate answer to the
                 have been saying.                                dean of the Yale Law School. Both are         ultimate questions. And I would even say
                                                                  exhorting universities to resume a search     that a Catholic university is distinctive
                 Twenty years ago Allan Bloom’s “The              for higher meaning: not just mind-filling     not so much because it has the answers,
                 Closing of the American Mind” was a              information but soul-filling truth.           but because, in proposing the answers, it
                 best seller. Bloom, a Jewish agnostic,
                                                                                                                can never lose sight of the questions.
                 offered a scathing critique of elite secular     Another recent title is “The Decline of
                 university education, but his concerns           the Secular University.” The author,          Don’t get me wrong: as a convert to
                 were more spiritual than academic: his           from a large public research university,      Catholicism, I regard the answers as
                 “meditation on the state of our souls”           argues that the modern experiment of          decisive; and as a philosopher, I believe
                 argued that individuals and societies were       excluding religion from the curriculum        that one can acquire intellectual habits
                 impoverished when they lost sight of the         (or confining it to theology or religious     for discerning the truth. But as a teacher
                 pursuit of truth.                                studies departments) actually weakens the     at a Catholic university, I appreciate the
                                                                  other disciplines: social scientists think    presence of a living, historic religious
                 Bloom’s book contained more questions            they can separate “facts” from “values,”      faith for setting a tone of openness to
                 than answers. But it vigorously defended         historians overlook important forces          ultimate questions. A Catholic university
                 the importance of those questions.               of human culture, psychologists ignore        is more truly a university because it is a
                 During the subsequent two decades more           dimensions of the soul. Even worse,           place where students learn how to pose
                 and more people have come to agree               the various disciplines lose sight of how     and pursue answers to these questions.
                 that universities are intellectually and         they might join a common pursuit of
                 morally bankrupt if they do not attend to        coherent and meaningful truth.                For believers and unbelievers alike,
                 ultimate questions of human nature and                                                         the ambience of the Catholic faith
                 human destiny.                                   When voices from the Ivy League and           makes possible what even the greatest
                                                                  the big state universities are beckoning      secular universities, amid their surfeit
                 Consider some recent titles about                for a turn to the transcendent, Catholic      of specialized programs, have started
                 higher education. Last year there was            universities know they need not be            to notice they are missing: a genuine
                 “Excellence Without a Soul: Does Liberal         defensive about their Catholic identity.      education, an ordering of the human
                 Education Have a Future?” This year
                                                                                                                soul for the pursuit of truth.
                 there is “Education’s End: Why Our
In Memoriam                                                                                                                                           1

                                                                                                                                                      Fall 2007
BElovED proFESSor AT MounT ST. MAry’S univErSiTy DiES in irElAnD

“I have become a better teacher
because of the students. I have
found their curiosity and energy to
be invigorating.”
—Emilio Rodriguez

Mount St. Mary’s University President
Thomas H. Powell announced the death
of political science professor Emilio
Rodriguez in Ireland on October 31.

The 56-year-old Rodriguez was abroad
this semester teaching Mount students in
the international program in Dublin. He
died in his sleep.

“Mount St. Mary’s University has lost a
dear friend and colleague with the death
of Dr. Emilio Rodriguez,” said President
Powell. “He embodied the spirit of the
Mount mission in everything he did.”
                                              “I have become a better teacher because
His death comes as a shock to the             of the students,” said Rodriguez. “I have
Mount’s close-knit community where he         found their curiosity and energy to be
was a beloved teacher and the recipient       invigorating.”
of the Richards Award for Excellence in
                                              A tenured professor in political science,
Teaching as nominated by his students
                                              Dr. Rodriguez specialized in international
and the faculty.
                                              relations and was awarded a Fulbright
“The death of Emilio is a profound loss       Scholarship in 1994. He graduated from
for the Mount,” said Professor Michael        Duke University, received his master’s
Towle, a colleague in the political science   degree from American University and
department. “He was so full of life;          his Ph.D. from the University of North
it’s hard to believe he’s gone. We are        Carolina at Chapel Hill. His wife,
devastated. He was a wonderful teacher,       Amelia, is the registrar at Mount St.
a fabulous colleague and a man of great       Mary’s Seminary, and his son, John Paul,
generosity.”                                  a Mount graduate, C’06, is a second          “Dr. Rodriguez was by far one of the most incredible
                                              lieutenant in the Army stationed in
                                                                                           professors I have had in my time here at the Mount. He
It was his devotion to teaching and to        Texas.
his students that won the hearts of many                                                   was always willing to take time out of his day to talk to
at Mount St. Mary’s. “The Doc was a           The university immediately sent              students and loved just ‘hanging out’ and getting to know
passionate, devoted teacher who inspired      President Powell’s wife, Irene, and Dean     the people he was teaching. I loved his classes not only
students to not only learn, but to apply      of Academic Affairs Leona Sevick to          because he was truly a brilliant person, but also because
what they’re learning,” said a political      accompany Mrs. Rodriguez to Dublin.
                                              Students in the Ireland program gathered
                                                                                           the grade simply didn’t matter. He taught with love and
science student.
                                              for a memorial Mass upon learning            passion and a true desire to encourage his students to
Dr. Rodriguez frequently led student          of their professor’s death. Counselors       discover more than they ever could have imagined about
trips abroad and was committed to             for students and faculty were provided       themselves and the world.”
forming strong relationships with his         both in Dublin and at the Emmitsburg
students in both the academic world and       campus.                                      —Lauren Mackey, C’08
                                                                                            International studies and Spanish major, theology minor
outside the classroom.
                                                                               Call to Serve

                                                      MouNT ALuMNI
                                                      ANSWER THE
Mount Magazine

                                                                                  By Dale Phillips, C’05, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

                                                                                  Scarce is the student who makes it through four years at the
                                                                                  Mount without an understanding of the importance of service
                                                                                  in today’s world. The young alumni featured here are just a
                                                                                  few examples of the many who pursue opportunities to use
                                                                                  their talents and skills to serve others and truly live out the
                                                                                  mission of Mount St. Mary’s and the call of the church.

                 Building Hope
                 Monica Thompson, C’06
                 Christian Appalachian Project

                 Monica Thompson was intrigued when she                  some little way I’m taken out of my comfort
                 discovered the idea of full-time service work: “I       zone,” she says. “I’ve changed so much in the
                 didn’t realize there were programs that would feed      short time I’ve been here.”
                 and clothe me in return for service!”
                                                                         Monica’s daily routine involves helping build
                 Monica had been thinking about service work             and repair homes with CAP’s housing assistance             www.ChriSApp.orG
                 for three or four years before she sent in her          program. Some days can be very difficult: “There           MoniCA_ThoMpSon@EMAil.MSMAry.EDu
                 application to the Christian Appalachian Project        is a [sense of] hopelessness here,” she notes.
                 (CAP). She was drawn to CAP because “they really        Education is generally not a priority and many
                 emphasize spirituality, community and service,” she     children drop out before they finish high school.

                                                                                                                                    “Every day in some
                 says. “All three are equal.” Also, Monica’s parents     That’s why CAP created programs for youth
                 have been donating to CAP for more than 25              such as pre-schools and summer camps. The
                 years.                                                  organization also focuses on aiding the elderly and

                                                                                                                                    little way I’m
                 In church three days after she got the idea to apply,

                                                                                                                                    taken out of my
                 Monica truly felt God reach out to her and call her     Monica says through her experience in Kentucky
                 to do his work. She was especially moved by two         she’s learned to appreciate things she used to take
                 hymns, “Here I Am Lord” and “Be Not Afraid.”            for granted. She’s realized that the Mount gave her

                                                                                                                                    comfort zone. I’ve
                 “It was awesome, but terrifying at the same time,”      “a really strong background in opening my eyes to
                 she notes. After more prayer and discernment,           other people and other people’s needs,” something
                 Monica submitted her application in late 2006. “I       that is essential in her work now. Her hope is to

                                                                                                                                    changed so much in
                 was so sure about CAP that I quit my job before         “become a conscientious member of the world,”
                 my interview,” she recalls.                             and from the looks of it, she is well on her way.

                                                                                                                                    the short time I’ve
                 Monica began her work with CAP in May 2007.
                 She lives in a house with 16 other volunteers, and

                                                                                                                                    been here.”
                 while she describes them as “absolutely amazing
                 people,” she does admit that “living in community
                 is a challenge.” But that is one thing about CAP
                 that Monica loves–being challenged. “Every day in
Playing for Peace

                                                                                                                                           Fall 2007
Chris Sumner, C’06
Peace Players International

Chris Sumner was known around                 Chris has been in Cyprus since
the Mount for four years for his skills       February 2007, and already has
on the basketball court as a guard for        had the experience of a lifetime.
the Mount’s varsity team. When he             His commitment is through
graduated, Chris knew he wouldn’t be          the end of the year, but he has
content to put away his basketball shoes      been given the option to extend
for good. In addition, he had interests       his contract to summer 2008. “I have
in working with children, international       learned so much about the conflicts and       www.pEACEplAyErSinTl.                    orG
travel and conflict resolution.               problems that exist all over the world,”      CSuMnEr@pEACEplAyErSinTl.orG
                                              Chris explains. “There is no substitute
Lucky for Chris, he knew about                for what you can learn by immersing
an organization called PeacePlayers           yourself in another culture.”
International. Founded by a family Chris
knew in high school, the mission of           Attending the Mount played a big role                   Chris Sumner was known
PeacePlayers is simple: to use the game of    in preparing Chris for the work he does.                    around the Mount for
basketball to unite and educate children      “The liberal arts curriculum gave me a                     four years for his skills
and their communities. “When I found          chance to explore many avenues I never                  on the basketball court as
                                                                                                       a guard for the Mount’s
out the goal of PeacePlayers,” Chris says,    thought would interest me,” he says. He
                                                                                                                   varsity team.
“it was a perfect fit.”                       credits his excellent coaches and other
                                              mentors like Dr. Sue Goliber, Tara Horst
The organization has programs in              and Dr. David McCarthy for helping
Northern Ireland, South Africa, Israel,       expand his horizons and prepare him for
the West Bank, Louisianna and Cyprus.         his work with PeacePlayers.
His program in Cyprus focuses on “using
basketball to facilitate positive dialogue    Chris encourages current students or
and interaction between Turkish Cypriot       recent graduates who may be interested
and Greek Cypriot youth.” The ultimate        in full-time service work to “jump head
goal, according to the PeacePlayers           first into it, because the time to do it is
website, “is to improve relations between     when you are fresh out of school and full
the Greek and Turkish communities in          of energy.”
Cyprus.” Chris, two other volunteers
and 16 local coaches bring together
children ages 9-14 to play basketball in an

                                              “I have learned so much about the conflicts
inclusive, fun environment.

                                              and problems that exist all over the world.

                                              There is no substitute for what you can learn by

                                              immersing yourself in another culture.”
                 Supporting Life

Mount Magazine

                 Gail Pearson, C’05
                 Maggie’s Place

                 If there’s one thing Gail Pearson learned     disciplinarian, comforter,
                 while at Mount St. Mary’s, it’s that          friend, mentor and, perhaps
                 “everybody is called to serve.” While still   most important, a Christian
                 in her junior year, Gail began thinking       example and role model
                 about service work after college. As a        for the women at Maggie’s
                 theology major with plans to become a         Place.
                 youth minister, Gail knew she would
                 gain valuable experience. More than that,     Gail has been with the organization for
                 she wanted to spend time in “a place that     more than two years in various leadership
                 would support my faith, challenge me          roles and was chosen to open a new
                 and help me grow.”                            Maggie’s Place house in Coeur d’Alene,
                                                               Idaho. She has spent the past several
                 Over the next two years, Gail researched      months fundraising and preparing the
                 different service opportunities               house for the arrival of other staff and
                 throughout the country. She applied and       the moms sometime in January.
                 was accepted to Maggie’s Place, a house
                 of hospitality for expectant mothers in       A strong supporter of the pro-life cause,
                 Phoenix, and signed on for a one-year         Gail has found by volunteering at
                 commitment.                                   Maggie’s Place, she is “supporting life      www.MAGGiESplACE.orG
                                                               through supporting moms.” Her advice         GpEArSon@MAGGiESplACE.orG
                 Gail learned quickly how challenging          for students who may be considering
                 service work could be. One aspect that        service work is to “take advantage of
                 drew her to Maggie’s Place was “living        your time at the Mount and find out
                 in community with the moms, being             what’s important to you. If you feel the
                 involved in every aspect of their lives,      call, don’t be bogged down by society’s
                 right down to sharing bathrooms with          pressures to get a ‘real’ job. If you have
                 them!” However, living in a house with        faith, God will take care of you.”
                 three to five staff members, several
                 pregnant women and any number of

                                                               “Everybody is called to serve. ... I’m
                 babies makes for an interesting situation!
                 But Gail believes community living is
                 essential to the ministry of Maggie’s

                                                               supporting life through supporting moms.”
                 Place: “We’re helping people who have
                 fallen to get back up.”

                 Gail’s daily tasks range from planning
                 fundraisers to counseling moms and
                 overseeing other volunteers. She has been
A Global Cause

                                                                                                                                               Fall 2007
Ryan Trout, C’07
Global Youth Connect

Ryan Trout didn’t waste any time            Over and over again while he was in
going out into the world and making a       Rwanda, Ryan was overcome by the
difference once he received his degree      “triumph of the human spirit” and
from the Mount. He participated in a        the “beauty of the Rwandan people.”
five-week human rights delegation to        He explains that “these people want
Rwanda through an organization called       the same thing we want for our kids … a
Global Youth Connect (GYC) over             better place for the next generation.”
the summer. What he witnessed and                                                         www.GloBAlyouThConnECT.orG
                                            Ryan’s future plans involve volunteering      TrouT.ryAn@GMAil.CoM
experienced there changed his life.
                                            with Americorps and possibly returning
His trip included two weeks working         to Rwanda this winter with GYC.
with an organization called Never Again     Eventually, he would like to run for
Rwanda, which seeks to create “a future     office or work in the U.N. A political
where peace in Rwanda and in the            science major at the Mount, Ryan credits
region is driven by creative, involved      much of his interest in foreign aid to
and critical-thinking youth.” Following     classes he took with Dr. Kristen Urban
that experience Ryan volunteered at a       about human rights and international
nonprofit called Amahoro Great Lakes        relations.
in Kigali, where he worked with at-risk
youth, including orphans and children       Ryan encourages anyone who may be
living with HIV/AIDS.                       interested in pursuing service work to
                                            “follow your heart. … I got a lot of grief
Ryan’s experience in Rwanda has left        and was told there’s no money in that,
him with a strong passion to help the       but I don’t feel like I’m going to be
people of this small East African nation,   fulfilled by money,” he says. “I need to
which he describes as having “a lot of      help people.”
promise and hope.” After his return to
the United States, Ryan established his

                                            “I got a lot of grief and was told there’s no
own nonprofit, Amani Africa (“amani”
means peace in Swahili), which will
help raise funds for grassroots aid

                                            money in that, but I don’t feel like I’m going to
organizations in Rwanda.

As another result of his time spent

                                            be fulfilled by money. I need to help people.”
in Africa, Ryan is hoping to set up a
semester or summer study program in
Rwanda in partnership with the Mount.
This would include not only classes
about East African culture and history,
                                            For ThoSE inTErESTED in purSuinG Full-TiME SErviCE worK:
but also an internship experience with a
                                            The Mount’s Office of Campus Ministry & Community Service is a great place to
service organization there.
                                            start. Each year the Mount hosts a service fair, where various organizations come to
                                            campus to recruit new volunteers. Most programs provide volunteers with some form
                                            of housing and a small stipend to cover living expenses. There is a wide variety of
                                            service organizations to choose from, each requiring different specialties and skills,
                                            so there really is “something for everyone.” For more information, please contact
                                            Melissa Main, director of community service, at

                                                                                            president Dwight D. Eisenhower, robert Kennedy
                                                                                            and Blessed Mother Teresa have all spoken at the

                                                    A Seminary for
Mount Magazine

                                              the Third Millennium
                 The number of diocesan priests                “It’s dynamic and very exciting here,”        On the academic side, the seminary is
                 ordained in the United States this            Mindling says. “Our students want             respected nationally and internationally
                 year was less than half the number in         to harness the energy of the Catholic         for its scholarship. Moral theology faculty
                 1965 (not surprising when, according          tradition, to understand and explain this     are frequently asked to consult for
                 to a recent poll, more Americans can          rich tradition to those they will serve.”     dioceses and the National Conference
                 recite Big Mac ingredients than the Ten                                                     of Catholic Bishops on current issues
                 Commandments). Yet the number of              The seminary’s strong Catholic identity       such as immigration reform and pending
                 priests ordained from Mount St. Mary’s        has always been its hallmark. Even            legislation affecting beginning- and end-
                 Seminary has grown substantially during       when other seminaries faced a crisis          of-life care. Seminarians concentrating
                 this same period. What’s the secret?          of enrollment, the Mount was seen as          in church history have earned quite
                                                               stable, and its enrollment remained           a name for themselves, with master’s
                 Two hundred years of accumulated              strong and even increased. Monsignor          theses and many other articles published
                 wisdom in training parish priests certainly   Steven Rohlfs, seminary rector, affirms,      in historical journals and as books.
                 counts for something; yet the seminary        “United States bishops trust Mount            Associate professor Robert Miller, an Old
                 isn’t resting on its laurels. It continues    St. Mary’s—that the formation is sound        Testament scholar, was recently invited to
                 to improve its programs to build upon         and academically challenging, and that        Europe to contribute to an international
                 the excellent reputation it enjoys among      we’ll prepare holy parish priests. We’re      conference. “The seminarians say my
                 bishops throughout the country. Explains      considered the gold standard in what a        excitement about my scholarship is
                 Academic Dean Fr. Daniel Mindling,            seminary should be.”                          contagious!” he enthuses. “I’m constantly
                 “We have the preparation bishops want                                                       finding new things to share with them
                 for the men they send us: solid academic      “We have a stable group of senior
                                                                                                             from other colleagues and my research.”
                 training with a clear Catholic identity       faculty,” notes Mindling, who figures
                 and a rich program of spiritual and           he has taught more than 600 priests in        Reflects fourth-year seminarian Thomas
                 pastoral formation.”                          his 20 years with the seminary. He and        Doyle, from the Diocese of Rockford,
                                                               several other faculty credit the seminary’s   “As a pastoral minister, a priest serves
                                                               success to steady leadership, unwavering      as a bridge between the people of God
                                                               fidelity to the church and a pervasive        and the Father Himself. He must know
                                                               spirit of prayer.                             the “good news” he has been called to

                                                               “… to hand on faithfully
                                                                                                             preach and he must know the people
                                                               The seminary is indeed highly praised for
                                                                                                             so he can preach the news in a way they
                                                               its deep spiritual grounding. Says Rohlfs,
                                                                                                             understand. Through my study of church
                                                               “We have fine spiritual directors and a
                                                                                                             history, especially in the research projects
                                                               strong devotion to the Holy Eucharist
                                                                                                             I’ve completed, I’ve gained knowledge
                 Mount St. Mary’s is one of the largest        and the Blessed Mother, two pillars
                                                                                                             about what historically attracted people
                 Roman Catholic seminaries in the              integral to the spirituality of the Mount
                                                                                                             to the faith. If I know what drew people
                 country and the largest in the east.          over the years.”
                                                                                                             to the church before, I have a leg up
                 It trains men from 33 different U.S.                                                        in knowing what may still get people’s
                 dioceses and offers formation to men                                                        attention today.”
                 from Togo, Peru and Spain. More than
                 25 percent of those enrolled are recent
                 immigrants to the United States.

                                                                                                                                            Fall 2007
                                                 Notes fourth-year seminarian Dan               Church history professor and department
                                                 Ketter, from the Archdiocese of Atlanta,       chair Fr. Michael Roach, who has taught
                                                 “The Mount’s program has given me a            Mount seminarians for 30 years, says he
                                                 great foundation to build on. I’ve taken       has always respected the character of his
                                                 Spanish courses at both the seminary           students. “The men who come here are
  Seminarians at the Mount currently
                                                 and the college, spent two summers in          generous, affirming and pious. Teaching
  have the choice of two graduate degrees
                                                 Mexico and my pastoral field education         at the Mount gives me such hope for the
  to pursue along with their professional
                                                 assignments the past three years have          future!”
  Master of Divinity degree. About 12
                                                 been in a Spanish-language context. The
  seminarians in each graduating class
                                                 growing numbers of Latino-Catholics can
  earn the M.A. (theology), and 2008
                                                 have a positive impact on the church in
  will mark the first graduating class for
                                                 the United States if we welcome them
  the newly approved Bachelor of Sacred
  Theology degree program. This is the first
  internationally accredited degree offered      New programs aside, the true measure
  at Mount St. Mary’s. On the horizon            of success is how many men from the
  is a new M.A. in pastoral theology that        Mount are ordained and continue to
  will include a concentration in Hispanic       serve faithfully as diocesan priests. Rohlfs
  ministry, taking the seminary’s certificate    notes that the seminary enjoys a high
  program in this specialty to a full degree     success rate 10 years out. Approximately
  program.                                       1,000 alumni are actively serving in
                                                 priestly ministry today, including several
  The seminary takes seriously the need
  to prepare men for Hispanic ministry.
  Rohlfs notes that in 10 years, 35 percent
  of the U.S. Catholic population will be
  Hispanic and already Spanish is the first
  language for one third of the Mount’s
  seminarians. The seminary has devoted

what I, myself, have received.”
  significant resources to address this shift:
  both Pastoral Spanish and English for
  Theology language courses are offered,
  multilingual professors draw on texts in
  Spanish and other languages for their
  research and teaching, and cultural
  immersion opportunities abound. “Our
  goals are to become more friendly to
  non-native speakers and introduce our
  seminarians to the different cultural
  contexts in which they will work in the
  U.S.,” says Mindling.

                 Ambassador Peter Rono
Mount Magazine

                 A MounT ST. MAry’S BiCEnTEnniAl iCon
                 By Jim Stevenson, C’95, Head Coach, Mount Track and Field Team

                 “In recognition of your support as a means to promote the eradication of severe malnutrition, education, health,
                 development, peace, and rights of disabled worldwide and in the profound commitment demonstrated by your
                 willingness to support and safeguard the ideals and principles embodied in the Charter of the United Nations.”
                 —Peter’s certificate for being named Goodwill Ambassador At Large by the United Nations

                 The true spirit of Mount St. Mary’s           After graduating, Peter traveled the           He has also been a leader and fundraiser
                 lies in its people, and while the school      European circuit as a professional             for A Running Start Foundation. This
                 moves toward its third century, special       athlete, living the dream of a life in track   nonprofit organization seeks to provide
                 attention should be paid to those who         and field that few are privy to. It was        East African athletes with the tools to
                 have achieved greatness while flying the      precisely Peter’s Olympic success while        achieve athletic success, enabling them
                 banner of the Mount. peter rono, C’91,        attending Mount St. Mary’s that caught         to help their families and communities
                 is one such person. As a sophomore he         the attention of the Vatican in 1995.          in their home countries. Peter’s main
                 stood on top of the world’s athletic stage    He was requested for an audience with          fundraising efforts focus on the camp
                 as an Olympic champion. There is much         the late Pope John Paul, who invited           at his former school, St. Patrick’s High
                 more we should know about Peter that          him to represent all Catholic athletes of      School in Iten, Kenya, which has already
                 demonstrates why he is a living example       the world and give testimony on how            produced two Olympic champions, six
                 of what we all hope a Mount graduate          God helped him. His testimony was              world champions and 15 junior world
                 will do.                                      featured in the pope’s 50th anniversary        champions. He holds office as a patron
                                                               of ministry. The pope was looking for          of the Gotabgaa Foundation as well,
                 Peter followed his Kenyan high school         an Olympic champion who attended a             which seeks to promote unity among
                 friends and teammates Kip and Charles         Catholic institution, so an Olympic gold       Kenyans through community-involving
                 Cheruiyot to Mount St. Mary’s in              medalist representing Mount St. Mary’s         activities.
                 1987. He pursued a degree in business         certainly was the obvious choice.
                 and began his collegiate career in track                                                     Through faith, success, charity and duty
                 and field. Peter, Kip and Charles were        “It was one of the best experiences of my      Peter has achieved much in the fight to
                 part of a tradition of Mountaineers at        life,” states Peter. “I will always remember   improve the lives of those less fortunate,
                 the Olympics that itself is a celebrated      asking the pope to bless my family, my         particularly in Africa. When asked about
                 Mount legacy. Peter undoubtedly leads         country and my college!”                       his contributions to Kenya, Peter said, “I
                 the parade of Mount Olympians, as he                                                         see myself being among the few Kenyans
                 was crowned Olympic 1500m champion            Peter has embraced his potential for           or Africans able to bring change for the
                 at the 1988 Seoul Games. Peter’s sprint       effecting positive change from his             better.”
                 to the finish in the last 300 meters of the   athletic success and now runs the Nandi
                 race was a breathtaking surge of courage      Educational Training Center (NETC)             In response to Peter’s efforts to improve
                 and faith that left the world’s best          in his hometown of Kapsabet, Kenya.            the lives of those less fortunate and
                 reeling. Reflecting on the historic race,     He saw that young Kenyan athletes              his initiatives to educate his fellow
                 Coach Jim Deegan, the Mount’s great           had the ability and intelligence to run        countrymen, Peter was recently named
                 former track coach, fondly recalls that he    at American colleges and universities,         Goodwill Ambassador At Large by the
                 knew if Peter ran the last 800 meters in      but needed preparation to ensure their         United Nations. His certificate reads,
                 under 1:50 seconds, he could win. He          academic success and general welfare.          “In recognition of your support as a
                 ran 1:49.9                                    The NETC prepares high school                  means to promote the eradication of
                                                               graduates for the SAT and the Test of          severe malnutrition, education, health,
                                                               English as a Foreign Language, and             development, peace, and rights of
                                                               offers computer courses and general            disabled worldwide and in the profound
                                                               preparation for cultural differences.          commitment demonstrated by your
                                                                                                              willingness to support and safeguard the

                                                                                             Fall 2007
ideals and principles embodied in the               Peter at the 1988 Olympic games, Peter
Charter of the United Nations.” In this             with the Pope in 1995 and Peter with
role, Ambassador Rono is called upon                his wife, Mary.
to foster and create global awareness for
peace and an end to war and violence.

Meeting Peter is a humbling experience,
not just because he is an Olympic
champion but because of his calm and
friendly disposition. Peter’s gift is his
sense of humanity. His respect for each
as a fellow person emanates from his
smile and through his handshake. He is a
true Mount St. Mary’s icon, and nothing
can sum up our Ambassador Peter Rono
better than his parting words from our
interview: “I kindly invite you to dream
with me in making this world a better
place for mankind. Thanks and God

Ambassador Rono works as a general manager
and consultant for New Balance. He lives in
New Jersey with his wife, Mary, and their four
children, Irene, Winnie, Patrick and Cynthia.

 The Mount has been home to 11 olympic athletes,
 including track star peter rono, who won gold in
0               SporTS
Mount Magazine

                          On an
                          International Kick
                          Sports Information Intern Kathleen Rossetti, C’0, recently talked with
                          men’s soccer senior Steve Cant (London, England), junior Vinnie Berry
                          (Helensburgh, Scotland) and freshman Chris Davis (Kirwan, Australia)
                          about being international men’s soccer players at the Mount. Cant finished
                          the 00 season with two goals and one assist while Berry added one goal in
                          his junior year. Davis, who finished his first season in Emmitsburg with 1
                          saves, is the first men’s soccer player to hail from Australia (and the second
                          Mount athlete from the country).

                                                                                                                            Above: Junior Vinnie Berry (Helensburgh,
                                                                                                                            Left to right: Senior Steve Cant (London,
                                                                                                                            England) and freshman Chris Davis (Kirwan,

                          What was your first impression of the United       How much does it help to have other           Do you think that when you graduate from Mount
                          States?                                            international players on the team?            St. Mary’s you will go back to your home country or
                          SC: A lot quieter than London; the                 SC: It helps a lot at the beginning, as       stay in the United States?
                              people were a lot more friendly and                you have someone who shares your          SC: It’s 50 – 50. To stay here would mean
                              welcoming. It was also a lot hotter                culture and thinks in a similar               giving up on football (soccer), and
                              than England.                                      manner to you. As you get used to the         that’s a hard decision to make when
                          vB: Very hot! Loads of money!                          American system of play it becomes            I know I can go home and continue
                          CD: Nice place. People are friendly. Good              less important. People think that             playing at a good standard. But
                               facilities. Only really seen the Mount,           as you have come over you should              America does have its perks too.
                               Towson, Baltimore airport and Wal-                automatically fit in and stand out,       vB: I think after graduation I will be
                               Mart.                                             but to be a successful international          tempted to return to my home culture
                                                                                 player you can’t walk in and make the         and society.
                          What do you like most about the Mount?                 American players play the way you         CD: It depends what sort of jobs come up
                          SC: The ideals it tries to promote.                    used to at home. You have to respect           and how my soccer is going. I would
                          vB: The size and layout of campus mean                 the American style and learn and               like to return to Australia and help
                              things are easily accessible.                      adapt to it, and from there add your           soccer grow in popularity.
                          CD: Sporting facilities and food.                      own strengths into the system.
                                                                             vB: Having players who are in the same
                          What would you say is the biggest difference           position as yourself, who have many
                          between your home country and the United States?       of the same interests and who also are
                          SC:The heat!                                           noticed as being different, helps you
                          vB: The sense of humor is completely                   feel more comfortable.
                              different!                                     CD: It really makes for interesting banter
                          CD: The biggest difference is the facilities            on and off the field. It’s been good
                              and resources. A lot of effort is put               relating to their experiences settling
                              into making sporting events good.                   into campus and school work. I have
                                                                                  found the American soccer players
                                                                                  really helpful also.
                         Men’s players (Top to Bottom):
                         Jason Loughry, Jeremy Goode,
                                                                                                                                  SporTS                1
                         Chris Vann, Will Holland and
                         Markus Mitchell.

                                                                                                                                                        Fall 2007
                                                                                        Bryan Whitten
                                                                                        nAMED woMEn’S BASKETBAll CoACh

                                                                                        Mount St. Mary’s University named Bryan Whitten the new
                                                                                        head women’s basketball coach on Sept. 11.

                                                                                        Whitten is the fifth head coach in the 33-year history of the
                                                                                        Mount’s women’s basketball program, after the Rev. James
                                                                                        Delaney (45-30, 1974-78), Fred Carter, C’69 (60-32, 1978-81),
                                                                                        Bill Sheahan (372-104, 1981-98) and vanessa Blair, C’95
                                                                                        (120-135, 1998-2007). The Mountaineers rank in the Top
                                 Women’s players (Top
                                                                                        50 in NCAA history in wins (557) and winning percentage
                                 to Bottom): Brianna
                                 Gauthier, Tiffany                                      (.664).
                                 Green, Hassanah
                                                                                        “Bryan Whitten brings his success story to the Mount, which
                                 Oliver and Dominique
                                 Mazzuchi.                                              includes a proven track record,” said President Thomas H.
                                                                                        Powell. In his two-year tenure at Virginia Commonwealth,
                                                                                        Whitten coached the 2005-06 Colonial Athletic Association
                                                                                        (CAA) Rookie of the Year and helped the Rams to a 30-28
MEn’S BASKETBAll upDATE                       woMEn’S BASKETBAll upDATE                 record, including a 17-13 mark while the team advanced to
Coach Milan Brown has announced               Coach Bryan Whitten has announced         the CAA quarterfinals in 2006-07.
an ambitious 2007-08 schedule                 his 2007-08 schedule, highlighted by
highlighted by 14 home games. The             15 home games, including seven of the     Prior to his time in Richmond, Va., Whitten was the head
29-game schedule features four teams          squad’s first nine games in Emmitsburg.   women’s basketball coach at King’s College, a Division III
who appeared in the 2007 NCAA                 Pittsburgh and Bowling Green will also    program in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. He spent 12 seasons at the
Tournament (Central Connecticut               make their first trip to the Mount this   helm of the Lady Monarchs, amassing a 220-103 record, and
State, George Washington, Oregon and          season.                                   guided the team to 10 straight winning seasons and four
Winthrop).                                                                              trips to the NCAA Division III national tournament from
                                              Another highlight will be when former     2000-03. He was named the MAC Freedom Coach of the
The 14-game home slate will be the most       Mount women’s basketball player           Year in 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001 and 2002.
regular season home games by a Mount          Agnus (McGlade) Berenato, C’80,
team since the 1989-90 squad also had 14.     and her Pittsburgh squad make their       Whitten inherits a team that returns two starters and three
                                              first appearance in Emmitsburg on         letterwinners, including two-time Northeast Conference
The Northeast Conference Tournament           Nov. 20 as part of the Mount’s 14-        Defensive Player of the Year Tiffany Green (Arlington,
will once again feature the higher seed       month Bicentennial Celebration.           Va./Washington-Lee), along with six newcomers. The
hosting. The top eight teams in the                                                     Mount went 12-17 overall last season and 10-8 in NEC play,
NEC regular season qualify for the NEC        The first two rounds of the NEC           finishing tied for fourth in the league.
Tournament, with the quarterfinals on         Tournament will be played at Long
March 6, the semifinals on March 9 and        Island’s Athletic, Wellness and           Said Whitten, “There is a strong tradition of success here
the championship game on March 12.            Recreation Center on March 8-9,           and I look forward to the opportunity of continuing and
The championship will be televised live       with the NEC Championship slated          building on that tradition. We are all anxious and excited to
on ESPN2.                                     for March 15 or 16 at the highest         get things started and about the future of Mount St. Mary’s
                                              remaining seed.                           basketball!”

                                                     1808-2008        200 years of distinction
Mount Magazine

                                                                                 ThE ADvAnCEMEnT TEAM MovES
                                                                                 Delaplaine Gift Sets Pace
                                                                                 The Delaplaine Fine Arts Center at Mount St. Mary’s is well on the way to becoming
                                                                                 a reality. The goal of creating a state-of-the-art performing arts facility and area cultural
                                                                                 center was given a huge boost with the pledge of $4 million from local residents
                                                                                 George and Bettie Delaplaine, for whom the building will be named. The total cost of
                                                                                 renovating the existing Flynn Hall will be upwards of $11 million, with approximately
                                                                                 $8 million raised so far.

                                                                                 In addition to the pledge of funds from Mr. and Mrs. Delaplaine, another loyal Mount
                                                                                 donor, Joseph Horning, has made a commitment of $1 million to name the auditorium
                                                                                 after his wife, Lynn. The state of Maryland will contribute $3 million in capital funding to
                                                                                 reimburse the university for construction costs.

                                                                                 As with the Horning and Delaplaine contributions, donors frequently use their gifts as a
                                                                                 way to honor family members. Within the Delaplaine Center a number of new projects
                 GETTinG rEADy For ThE                                           will be available for such naming opportunities:

                 Next Generation                                                 • The upper Flynn Gallery
                                                                                 • Open lobbies, north and south and connecting
                                                                                 • Possible grand staircase
                 While the Generations capital campaign is still in the silent
                                                                                 • Balcony
                 phase, Vice President for University Advancement John T.
                                                                                 • 200 seats
                 Butler and his team have been working diligently to lay the
                                                                                 • Two classrooms
                 groundwork. Former Director of Annual Giving Debbie
                 Powell, pictured above, has been appointed the new director     Once completed, the Delaplaine Fine Arts Center will not only provide students with
                 of the Generations campaign. A key component to success is      performing and fine arts laboratories and classrooms, but also provide the community with
                 a team of dedicated volunteers to lead strategic development.   an outstanding cultural arts center and theatre. This gift to surrounding Maryland and
                 This team, the Campaign Cabinet, is cochaired by                Pennsylvania counties will be able to attract more well-known performers and extend the
                 Monsignor John Enzler, C’68, S’73, and Jack Bransfield, C’63.   reach of Mount St. Mary’s to deep within the creative vein in the area.
                 Jim McAveney, C’66, will serve as the vice chair. Other
                 campaign chairs include:

                   •Dan Curtin, C’64, and Monsignor Joe Bergamo, C’61,
                    S’65: Seminary Committee
                   •Gene waldron, C’64, and Tom o’hara, C’64: Trustees
                   •Steven Murphy, C’79: Foundations Committee
                   •Scott wilfong, C’72, and Scott newkam, C’72:
                    Corporations Committee

                 We owe a considerable debt of gratitude to these special
                 people and their dedication to work on our behalf.

                                                                                                                                                              Fall 2007
inTroDuCinG ThE Pilgrim                                        Center
For 200 years, pilgrims have found peace at the Grotto on St. Mary’s Mountain. This
beautiful shrine devoted to Our Mother Mary now draws hundreds of thousands of
pilgrims each year from all over the world. In its natural splendor and tranquil stillness,
they find spiritual refreshment, healing and a deeper holiness.

To continue its mission to welcome all to this sacred mountain, the Grotto has
developed plans for a Pilgrim Center. Those who may have traveled thousands of miles
to reach the Grotto will find a fully staffed center with a museum and cafe. The center
is part of a comprehensive plan that will preserve the Grotto’s natural and historic          williAM v. TronolonE nAMED DirECTor oF
beauty and ensure the Grotto will remain a sacred center of prayer and devotion for           GroTTo rElATionS
hundreds of thousands of pilgrims yet to come.                                                Bill Tronolone recently joined the Mount as the first
                                                                                              director with primary responsibility for development
Look for news of our campaign kickoff celebration!                                            efforts at the National Shrine Grotto of Lourdes. He is
For MorE inForMATion ConTACT Bill TronolonE, DirECTor oF GroTTo                               coordinating fundraising efforts for the Grotto’s new
rElATionS, AT 301-447-6725.                                                                   Pilgrim Center.

                                                                                              Bill received his B.S. in business administration from the
                                                John T. BuTlEr nAMED ChAir oF                 University of Maine, Ricker College. Among his many
                                                lEADErShip GrEATEr wAShinGTon                 years as a professional with various sports management
                                                Vice President for University                 organizations, he served as consultant and vice president for
                                                Advancement John T. Butler was recently       the American Hockey League’s Bridgeport Sound Tigers
                                                named to chair Leadership Greater             franchise.
                                                Washington, an organization that
                                                                                              The Grotto became part of the Tronolone’s lives when Bill
                                                provides a platform to enable change
                                                                                              and his wife, Loretta, moved to the D.C. area for his work
                                                and strengthens the bond among the
                                                                                              with the Capitals and Bullets (now Wizards). Their daughter
                                                D.C. region’s leaders. He leads a new,
                                                                                              Lisa graduated from the Mount last spring.
                                                diverse board of directors that includes
                                                the top leaders of business, government,
                                                nonprofits and community organizations
                                                that serve the Greater Washington
                                                region. A member since 1997, he
                                                previously served as vice chair, treasurer
                                                and program chair of the organization.
                                                                                               The national Shrine Grotto of lourdes on the Mount
                                                                                               campus draws hundreds of thousands of visitors
                                                                                               each year from throughout the world.

                                                       1808-2008          200 years of distinction
Mount Magazine

                           nATionAl AluMni ASSoCiATion
                           Strategic Plan Update
                           pat Goles, C’64, president of the National   “excellent” or “good” in how the Mount           MounT ST. MAry’S nATionAl
                           Alumni Association, is happy to report       prepared them for lifelong learning; 78%         AluMni ASSoCiATion
                           the association’s strategic plan is now      for being aware of current events/issues;        Mission Statement
                           complete. Work on the plan started in        74% for interacting with diverse people          The National Alumni Association
                           fall 2006, directed by the association’s     and 73% for working in their current             supports the mission of Mount St.
                           Strategic Plan Steering Committee,           profession.                                      Mary’s University, fosters relationships
                           chaired by David Conaghan, C’81.                                                              among its members and promotes
                                                                        All of the data were evaluated and
                                                                                                                         service to the Mount.
                           It has been a busy year for the National     through meetings, planning sessions and
                           Alumni Association, with research            conference calls, the steering committee
                                                                                                                         Vision for the Future
                           projects including a survey disseminated     began to formulate a mission statement,
                                                                                                                         The Mount St. Mary’s National Alumni
                           to all alumni, focus groups and a self-      a vision for the future and a set of values
                                                                                                                         Association is a nationally recognized
                           evaluation. The survey was sent both         (see sidebar).
                                                                                                                         alumni organization with significantly
                           electronically and by mail, and 1,774
                                                                        The next step was to name Key Drivers,           increased participation and strong
                           alumni completed the survey – a
                                                                        or specific areas of focus for the               member relationships.
                           response rate of about 11%. Information
                           gathered from the survey included data       association’s work over the next five
                                                                        years. These areas are: Communication,           Values
                           about alumni association events – for
                                                                        Chapters, Participation, Recognition,            Catholic Identity
                           example, 55% of those surveyed have
                                                                        Support, Events and Infrastructure.              Family Oriented
                           attended their class reunion, and 20%
                                                                        For each area the steering committee             Participation
                           currently participate in one of the alumni
                                                                        identified specific outcomes, activities         Inclusion
                           chapters. Data also reflected the giving
                                                                        and strategies necessary to reach those          Tradition
                           patterns of alumni—for example, 68% of
                                                                        goals.                                           Service
                           respondents currently support the Mount
                           financially, and 65% would consider
                                                                        Finally, a timeline was crafted to illustrate
                           supporting future Mount initiatives.
                                                                        when these activities needed to be
                           Additionally, the survey polled alumni       completed to achieve the goals set forth
                           on the Mount’s communications:               by the association.
                           93% of respondents receive Mount                                                             10, 9, 8, 7, 6…
                                                                        At the National Alumni Association
                           Magazine, and of those, 98% rated its
                           contents “very interesting” or “somewhat
                                                                        Fall Meeting, alumni leaders gathered           CoMinG Soon—
                           interesting.” Sixty-five percent of
                           respondents had visited the Mount’s
                                                                        to review the completed strategic plan
                                                                        and officially approved it. President
                                                                        Powell and Vice President for University
                                                                                                                        Mount Online
                                                                                                                        A new online community for alumni will
                           website.                                                                                     debut in 2008. You’ll be able to reconnect
                                                                        Advancement John T. Butler are very
                                                                        pleased with the final plan, and the            with old friends, post photos, register for
                           Finally, respondents were asked                                                              alumni events online and more. Don’t miss
                           questions about their experience at          steering committee is grateful for the help
                                                                                                                        out! Update your contact info now at www.
                           Mount St. Mary’s. Ninety-five percent of     provided in facilitating their efforts.
                                                                                                               (click on Alumni Services
                           respondents had either an excellent or                                                       and then on Change of Address) to make sure
                                                                        The next steps include establishing a
                           good overall experience as students at                                                       you receive upcoming instructions on how to
                                                                        tracking matrix to monitor each part of
                           the Mount. Respondents also indicated                                                        join Mount Online.
                                                                        the plan and track progress.
                           that the Mount prepared them well for
                           life after college, with 90% selecting
                           MouNT ST. MARY’S uNIVERSITY                                                                       

                       Bicentennial Mass Homily

                                                                                                                             Fall 2007
         On Aug. 24, 2007, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of the Diocese of Harrisburg
       presided at the Mount’s Bicentennial Mass. Bishop Rhoades served as rector of
            Mount St. Mary’s Seminary before being called to serve in Harrisburg.
  Excerpts from his homily follow; complete text can be found at

… Born on this day in 1764 in Paris,         Reign of Terror. Though Robespierre
Father John DuBois, many years before        surely opposed the outlawed priests who
becoming a bishop, came to this country      had refused to take the required oath,
and labored as a priest in the service       he falsified papers for his former friend,
of the Church’s apostolic mission. The       the gentle Latin scholar, John DuBois,
crowning achievement of his priestly         enabling him to escape France and come
labors was the founding of Mount St.         to the United States. …
                                             Father DuBois in founding Mount
                                                                                                                    In his
I’d like to reflect in this homily on the    St. Mary’s … established a Catholic
background of our holy founder on            institution which rejected the rationalistic
this his birthday, on this day when [his]    philosophies that had inspired his
Plaza will be dedicated and blessed, in      former schoolmates. At the same time,
                                                                                                        DuBois created
these beginning days of our bicentennial     his school would not embrace the other
                                                                                                          an institution
celebration.                                 extreme of fideism. In his educational
                                                                                                           committed to
                                             enterprise, Father DuBois created an
John DuBois grew up in Paris during                                                                     the study of the
                                             institution committed to the study of the
the latter years of the French monarchy.                                                            humanities, within
                                             humanities, within a vision of the human
He studied humanities for 12 years at                                                           a vision of the human
                                             person and the world that is enlightened
the College of Louis le Grand, a famous                                                     person and the world that
                                             by the Gospel. Truly Catholic in rejecting
and prestigious school whose spirit and                                                           is enlightened by the
                                             the extremes of both rationalism and
rules would influence him later when he                                                            Gospel. ... From the
                                             fideism, from the beginning Mount St.
established Mount St. Mary’s. He had                                                             beginning Mount St.
                                             Mary’s has embraced both faith and
an interesting number of friends and                                                             Mary’s has embraced
                                             reason, described by Pope John Paul II
classmates who would later have divided                                                                   both faith and
                                             as “the two wings on which the human
loyalties during the French Revolution. …                                                             reason, described
                                             spirit rises to the contemplation of
                                                                                                           by Pope John
                                             truth.” …
Among John DuBois’ contemporaries at                                                                     Paul II as “the
the College of Louis le Grand were two       Father DuBois was truly a missionary,                        two wings on
famous leaders of the French Revolution,     like St. Bartholomew and the other                       which the human
Maximilien Robespierre and Camille           apostles, when he came to America.                        spirit rises to the
Desmoulins. Though having received           … During this bicentennial, may we                        contemplation of
the same education, these alumni             continue to be inspired by the                                        truth.”
took a decidedly different direction in      vision, the example, the faith,
their lives than Father John DuBois. …       the sacrifices and the courage
Desmoulins, who had bullied DuBois           of Father John DuBois.
in school, became a French journalist
and politician who is credited with
sparking the revolt that led to the fall
of the Bastille in 1789. He belittled
Christianity and at one point stated that
other religions were as good for him as
that of Jesus Christ. Robespierre, a Deist
in his religious beliefs, embraced the
philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and
became an instrumental figure in the
                 reunion       ClASS oF 1942

                                                 ClASS oF 1947
Mount Magazine

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                                        Fall 2007
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0                   wEEKEnD
Mount Magazine

                                                                                              DuBoiS AnD BruTé AwArDS
                                                                                              [Upper Left] The 2007 DuBois Medal was presented to Tammy
                                                                                              & Everett Alvarez at the Golden Mountaineer Dinner during
                                                                                              Reunion Weekend. robert F. horan, C’54, and Dean Sprague,
                                                                                              C’57, were the recipients of the 2007 Bruté Medal, also presented
                                                                                              that evening. The awardees are pictured with Dr. William G.
                                                                                              Meredith, John Bailey, C’59, Jack Graham, C’57, and Joseph
                                                                                              horning, Jr., C’53.

                                                                                              [Upper Right] Also pictured at the Golden Mountaineer Dinner
                                                                                              are Debbie Powell, director of the Generations Campaign,
                                                                                              Clement o’Brien, C’42, paul rhoades, C’40, and John T.
                                                                                              Butler, vice president for Institutional Advancement.

                                                                                              rEunion wEEKEnD MASS
                                                                                              [Left] New National Alumni Association officers and members
                                                                                              of the National Alumni Council were inducted at the Reunion
                                                                                              Weekend Mass on Saturday afternoon. Deacon pat Goles,
                                                                                              C’64, president of the National Alumni Association, (far left), is
                                                                                              pictured with (left to right): romas laskauskas, C’77, council
                                                                                              member; David Conaghan, C’81, vice president; rev. Doug
                                                                                              Kenney, C’95, S’99, vice president; John Bailey, C’59, council
                                                                                              member; and Susan Janowiak, C’81, executive vice president.

                                             Save the date                                    [Right] Fr. rick hilgartner, C’90, and Deacon pat Goles,
                                                                                              C’64, president of the National Alumni Association, during
                                         Bicentennial Reunion                                 Mass.

                                               Weekend                                        ClASS oF 1997 MEMoriAl
                                                                                              [Lower Left] The Class of 1997 had the opportunity to re-
                                            June 6-8, 2008                                    dedicate a special memorial to one of their classmates during
                                                                                              Reunion Weekend. Mike Smith, C’97, and Mike post, C’97,
                               Classes ending in a  or an  are celebrating their reunion.   the Mount’s dean of students, spearheaded the effort in memory
                               Visit for the latest information.       of Patrick Cawley, a classmate who died while a student at
                                                                                              the Mount. On Saturday afternoon the class gathered to honor
                                                                                              Patrick’s memory as part of their weekend together.
                                                                                                                                            noTES          1

                                                                                                                                                           Fall 2007
 ▲ Edward T. Burns

 1943− 65th Reunion
 ▲■ Philip A. McDonnell

 Monsignor robert C. Gribbin,
 C’43, S’47, celebrated his 60th        1949                                   1956
 anniversary of becoming a priest       ▲ James P. Stanton                     william Borowski, C’56, and his
 in June 2007 at the Cardinal                    wife, Eileen, celebrated their 50th
 Keeler Center in Harrisburg, Pa.,      ▲ Thomas B. Grasberger                 wedding anniversary on Feb. 23,
 where the priests of the diocese                2007. They live in Frederick, Md.,
 came together to present a $2,580      ▲ Bill O’Neill                         and have six children and 12           › Dick Christopher and Xavier
 contribution to the Bishop Daley                        grandchildren.                         DeCaire, both C’61, have
 Seminary Scholarship Fund in his                                                                                     partnered to create Kids with
 honor. Monsignor Gribbin is now        1950                                   1958 − 50th Reunion                    Confidence (kidswithconfidence.
 in retirement from active ministry     ▲ Bernie Jacobs                                                               com), an online program that
 and residing at Immaculate Heart                  1959                                   helps children regain their self-
 of Mary Parish in Abbottstown, Pa.                                            louis A. houff Jr., C’59, is           assurance. The program works by
                                        1952                                   retired after 15 years as a federal    making donated funds available to
 phil McDonnell, C’43, has written      ▲ Monsignor Gerard Green               administrator in employment and        help correct physical differences
 a limited-edition book called                  training programs. He has moved        that affect children’s self-esteem
 “Odyssey”about his World War           ▲ Robert J. Keene                      to Fulton County, Pa., where           and confidence. Xavier also
 II Navy experiences. He mentions                   “country is still country,” with his   received the 2007 Small Business
 many of the Mount alumni whom                                                 wife, Deede Baril, SJC’58. She is a    Humanitarian of the Year Award
 he encountered during those            Edwin G. Fernand, M.D., C’52,          retired teacher from Montgomery        from the Small Business Council
 years, including the late robert E.    recently won the Seniors’ Golf         County, Md. They have two sons         of America (SBCA).
 Kane, C’42. The book was written       Championship at Candlewood             and three granddaughters.
 only for the McDonnell family          Lake Club. He currently has 20                                                1962
 and unfortunately is not for sale,     grandchildren.                         1960                                   ▲ ■ Louis T. Armelin
 but copies have been contributed                                              ▲ Michael P. Meyer           
 to Phillips Library at the Mount.      1953 – 55th Reunion                    ▲ Matthew McHugh                       ▲ Michael L. McCarthy
 The rev. Joseph C. rusin, C’43,        1954                                                                          ▲ William Zimmerman
 S’46, is retired and has written two   ▲ Rear Adm. Thomas F. Brown III        › Michael p. Meyer, C’60,    
 books, “Immigrants of Whites”                  helped represent the Mount in          ▲ Dennis G. Potter
 and “Good Samaritans Are Still         ▲ Leo E. Green                         the 2007 Catholic Charities Golf
 Around.” He recently donated         Tournament held in June in
 copies of both books to the                                                   Hershey, Pa. Other participants        Charles A. russell, C’62, visited
 Mount’s Phillips Library.              George Greco, C’54, lives in           included Bob Burke, C’60; Milan        the Mount last summer with
                                        Chapel Hill, N.C., where he            Brown, men’s basketball coach;         his wife, Anita, and daughter,
 1944                                   recently retired from his teaching     the Most rev. Kevin rhoades,           Caroline, for the first time in 20
 John Albert ward, C’44, and his        position at the University of North    C’79, bishop of Harrisburg and         years. They spent several hours
 wife, Ruth, recently celebrated        Carolina Dental School after 28        Mount St. Mary’s trustee; and Jim      walking around the campus and
 their 60th wedding anniversary.        years. Previously he was employed      “Bow Tie” Phelan, retired men’s        Grotto.
                                        for 21 years as a dentist in the Air   basketball coach.
 1947                                   Force.                                                                        1963 – 45th Reunion
 ▲ Neil White                                                                  1961                                   ▲ Col. “Jack” Lauer                 1955                                   ▲ Charles J. Shimkus         
                                        ▲ Jack McMullen                              ▲ Dennis Doyle
 1948 − 60th Reunion                ▲ John Neil Fink             
 ▲ Phil Hurray                                                                                                                   ▲ Karl Miller                          1964
                                                                                          Bob Cangemi Sr., C’64, remarried
                                                                                                                      in 2004 and recently moved to
                                                                                                                      Costa Rica.

▲ Class Agents | ■ Class Correspondents
Mount Magazine

                     1965                                    william M. lavelle, C’67, is still
                     ▲ Nicholas G. Otzel                     selling and building commercial,
                                       industrial and residential property,
                                                             going on his 34th year. His son,
                     Bob Diegelmann, C’65, recently          Scott, will soon be taking over the
                     assisted in the development of          business. William has also been
                     WoundStat, a substance created          traveling for the last five years. He
                     at Virginia Commonwealth                has visited Alaska, Italy, Portugal,
                     University Medical Center’s             Greece, Turkey, Yellowstone
                     Reanimation Engineering Shock           National Park and St. Maarten.
                     Center. The material forms a
                     seal to stop rapid blood loss in        Stephen G. Margeton, C’67,
                     a hemorrhaging wound, and, if           has published one book and is
                     approved by the U.S. Food and           working on a second about law
                     Drug Administration, will be sold       library architecture. After leaving
                     for military and commercial use.        the Mount, Stephen received             william p. wills, C’69, and his       1972
                                                             his law degree and became               wife, Sue, recently passed the        ▲ Frank G. Lidinsky
                                                             interested in library science. He       7,000 mark of their live theater
                                                             started work as a law librarian         performances together. From           ▲ Carl Harbaugh
                                                             for a firm in Washington, D.C.,         1978-97 the couple operated 
                                                             then transferred to the Library of      their own theatrical company in
                                                             Congress and finally the Supreme        Ocean City, Md. Now William           robert J. Clark, C’72, and his wife,
                                                             Court. He recently stepped down         and Sue tour the country giving       Kathy, have one daughter, named
                                                             to become law librarian for the         performances of their unique          Maura. Robert is the president of
                                                             Catholic University of America.         show, “Presidents and Their           Buettner Insurance Agency, Inc.,
                                                                                                     First Ladies.”                        in Johnstown, Pa.
                                                             1968 – 40th Reunion
                                                             ▲ Thomas Werzyn                         1970                                  Arthur haddad, C’72, was
                                                                         ▲ Joseph J. Dougherty                 inducted into the Danbury High
                                                             ▲ John J. Gallagher                                                           School Athletic Hall of Fame in
                                                                          Michael J. luttrell, C’70, recently   October 2007. Art also recently
                                                                                                     took a new position with an           retired from Henry Abbott
                     › J. Michael Fitzgerald, C’65,          1969                                    international company called          Technical High School after a 34-
                     and his wife, Donna, (pictured          raymond A. Kuthy, C’69, was             Cegedim Dendrite as global            year teaching career.
                     above), kept busy this summer           the 2007 recipient of the Boston        account manager responsible
                     building homes for Habitat for          University School of Dental             for business relationships with       Joseph l. hood, C’72, is pleased
                     Humanity in Charlottesville, Va.        Medicine Distinguished Alumni           Abbott Laboratories. Mike lives in    to announce that his son, Jared,
                                                             Award in recognition of his             Schaumburg, Ill.                      was ordained to the priesthood in
                     1966                                    dedication and outstanding                                                    November 2006.
                     ▲ John F. Toale                         service to the community. He is         1971
                             a professor in the Department           ▲ Jack Ellis                          richard F. Timmons, M.D., C’72, is
                                                             of Preventive and Community                       in his 26th year at the Diagnostic
                     1967                                    Dentistry at the University of Iowa.    ▲ George J. Savastano Jr.             Clinic, a multispecialty group
                     ▲ Dr. Edward A. Dolan                                                                         medical practice in Largo, Fla. He
                                 harry Marra, C’69, traveled             ▲ John V. Sherwin                     and his wife, Bonnie, have two
                                                             to the Track & Field World                     children, Chris (28) and Brian
                     peter Breslin, C’67, is retired         Championships in Osaka, Japan,          ▲ Robert K. Dunn                      (25). Richard keeps busy biking,
                     from the IRS and he and his             in August, where he coached          cooking, playing racquetball
                     wife, Susan, are raising their          Team U.S.A. athlete Paul Terek in                                             and hiking, especially on the
                     only grandchild, Peter (6). Susan       the decathlon.                          › walt Morris, Dave Dale and          Appalachian Trail.
                     is a senior consultant with                                                     Ed Ewald, all C’71, hiked to the
                     IMA Consulting. They reside             robert C. vogel, C’69, recently         top of Mount Whitney (elevation       1973 – 35th Reunion
                     in Houston, Texas, and enjoy            published his first book, “A Way        14,494 feet) in September, where      ▲ Mark J. Swetley
                     spending time on their boat.            Home.” The novel, which was             they proudly displayed the Mount
                                                             released in September 2007,             St. Mary’s flag. Mount Whitney is     ▲ Timothy L. O’Shea
                                                             tells the story of two Catholic         the highest peak in the continental
                                                             families that face separation           United States.
                                                             and difficulties in dealing with
                                 •                           a prodigal daughter. Robert has
        American artist John laFarge, whose stained glass
                                                             already written a sequel, and is
        technique was adopted by louis Comfort Tiffany, is
        a Mount graduate.                                    working on a third installment of
                                                             what he hopes will be a 10- to 12-
                                                             book series.

                 ▲ Class Agents | ■ Class Correspondents

                                                                                                                                                                      Fall 2007
                                                                                 1979                                    STATE-oF-ThE-ArT MEDiCAl
                                                                                 ▲ Dave Cohill                           CEnTEr opEnED in honor oF
                                                                                              ClASS oF ’82 GrAD
                                                                                 Kenneth E. pringle, C’79, was re-       The memory of David zocchi, C’82,
› Jim, C’73, and Jane (Davis)         1975                                       elected in November 2006 to his         who passed away in December 2005
Gallagher, C’74, were pleased to      ■ Paul F. Spinelli                         fifth term as mayor of Belmar, N.J.     after battling brain cancer, will now live
have 21 other graduates of the                        In February 2007 Ken celebrated         on in the form of the David S. Zocchi
Mount and St. Joe’s present at        ▲ ■ Jeffrey T. Hardy                       the 20th anniversary of opening his     Brain Tumor Center at Monmouth
their daughter Megan’s wedding                      solo law practice in Belmar, which      Medical Center in Long Branch, N.J.
to Tom Toy in February. Pictured      ▲ Romas Laskauskas                         has since grown into Pringle Quinn
with Jim and Jane (center) are: Ted                    Anzano, P.C., a 25-attorney law         David’s wife, Judy (Mazzeo) zocchi,
Schearer and Frank Flemming,                                                     firm with three offices. One of his     C’80, has been the driving force behind
both C’70; Kate (zrebiec)             1976                                       law partners is robert Galizio, C’83.   the project for more than a year, and
Flemming, SJC’71; Jay Fielding,       ▲ Frederick S. Horn                                                                on Oct. 17, 2007, the center opened its
C’72; Bob Maclean, Xavi DeCaire,                      paul wagner, C’79, recently won         doors for the first time. According to
Dave McCullin, Mark Swetley,                                                     his second Emmy Award for a             Judy, “The center will bring high-quality
Kevin Kelly and George welch, all     lt. Col. Allison p. Clark iii, C’76, was   story on the U.S. Marshals Service.     services and complete support to
C’73; Marge (zrebiec) Schearer,       promoted to the rank of colonel.           Paul is a reporter for Fox 5            patients, caregivers and families in their
Karen Maclean and paula               Col. Clark was assistant chief of          WTTG-TV in Washington, D.C.,            own community.” After experiencing
(Kozlowski) Swetley, all SJC’73;      staff for personnel, Europe Regional       where he has been employed since        with David the hardship of having to
walter huber, Jamie (lowe)            Medical Command, Heidelberg,               1999. The Emmy-winning story            travel the country to find the best care
huber, Kathy (Kerns) raubens and      Germany, and will be reassigned as         revolved around three days spent        available, Judy understands the need
Trudy (Mangiaracina) Glazewski,       chief, Military Personnel Division,        with the U.S. Marshals as they          of patients to receive comprehensive
all C’74; Bob Congdon, C’75;          U.S. Army Medical Command,                 tracked fugitives in Maryland,          medical care close to home.
neil Gallagher, C’78; and Jude        Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio,             Virginia and D.C.
(Jack) Armitage, C’92. Also in        Texas. His father, lt. Col. Allison p.                                             Judy has continued in her fundraising
attendance, but taking the picture,   Clark Jr., C’51, was also a career U.S.    1980                                    efforts for the center, planning the
was Maria (Cartagena) DeCaire,        Army officer.                              ▲ ■ Timothy C. Dec                      second David S. Zocchi Memorial
SJC’72.                                                                                         Golf Outing, which took place on
                                      1977                                       ▲ Charles J. Haberkorn                  Oct. 1, 2007.
1974                                  ▲ Maryann Solak                  
■ John L. Jaffee                                         ▲ Nancy Philion Scharff                                                                             1982
                                      Barry w. Stebbins, C’77, was               ▲ Liz Kiesel Beatty                     ▲ Michael Berens
preston Michael Ellis, C’74,          inducted into the Berks County            
has been married to his wife,         Chapter of the Pennsylvania                                                        ▲ Michael J. Neuman
Laura, for 47 years and they now      Sports Hall of Fame during its             Marty Brunk, C’80, received   
have four daughters and eight         32nd annual banquet April 1,               the 2007 Public Service Award
grandchildren. He has retired         2007. While at the Mount Barry             from the Maryland Association           Juanita Balenger, C’82, took a
from the U.S. Air Force and           was a four-time Division II and            of Certified Public Accountants         new job as community outreach
is now the owner of a general         two-time Division I All-American           on June 18, 2007. Marty was             coordinator in the Northern
contracting business.                 in track, winning two national             selected based upon his work to         Virginia Regional Office for
                                      Division II decathlon titles. He           help facilitate significant financial   Virginia Attorney General Bob
walt Gardiner, C’74, is in            is also a member of the Mount’s            growth of the Maryland Food             McDonnell in October 2006.
his seventh year as senior            Hall of Fame.                              Bank, thus increasing its ability       Previously Juanita was director of
economist with the Farm Credit                                                   to supply grocery products to           the Paralegal Institute.
Administration. He and his wife,      1978 – 30th Reunion                        charitable food providers that
Julie, live in Vienna, Va., with      T.J. harrington, C’78, received            feed hungry Marylanders. Marty          fi Mary Alice (McKeon) Drewer,
their four children: Chris (20),      the Presidential Rank Award of             is a managing director with             C’82, recently moved to Florida,
who is a junior at Marietta College   Distinguished Executive for his            RSM McGladrey’s Mid-Atlantic            where she is a product operations
in Ohio, Karly (17), Vincent (14)     service as deputy assistant director,      Economic Unit.                          manager and has three sons,
and Hugh (12).                        Counterterrorism Division, in a                                                    Matthew, Patrick and Joseph.
                                      February 2007 ceremony at FBI              Timothy C. Dec, C’80, was
wayne lawrence, C’74, is              Headquarters in Washington, D.C.           recently appointed chief financial
currently working as the                                                         officer of Fortress International
fulfillment services manager at       John r. Spielberger, C’78, was             Group Inc., a company providing
Dentsply International in York,       recently promoted to executive             comprehensive services for the
Pa. His son, Casey, was named         vice president at General Counsel          planning, design and development
the 2006 Male Freshman Athlete        of the Hartford Mutual Insurance           of mission critical facilities and
of the Year at Albright College       Company.                                   information infrastructure. Prior
in Reading, Pa., for his skills in                                               to his new appointment, Tim was
baseball and basketball.                                                         chief financial officer of Presidio
                                                                                 Networked Solutions Inc.
                         noTES                           can still become professionals).         1988– 20th Reunion                  1991
                                                           Tina has been acting for 10+ years       ▲ Kathleen Gill McDermott           ▲ David Cassese
                                                           and recently acted in and directed 
Mount Magazine

                     John Graham, C’82, recently           a movie she also cowrote called
                     hosted a post-game social for the     “God out the Window.”                    1989                                Damien Abplanalp, C’91, recently
                     Mount Men’s Rugby Team and                                                     ▲ ■ Lorraine (Leo) Knepple          retired from the U.S. Army and
                     supporters at his home. Other         Kevin J. whalen, C’84, has been                started a new career as a teacher at
                     alumni in attendance included         married to patti (Ginty) whalen,         ▲ Julie Wright Hyland               Parker High School in Parker, Ariz.
                     John Graham Sr., C’57; Bryan          C’86, for 17 years. The couple 
                     Carney, C’82; pat McElroy, C’86;      lives in Centreville, Va., with their    ▲ Mark Damato                       1992
                     and Marina hardy, C’04.               four boys, Sean (15), Matt (12),             John Criswell, C’92, participated
                                                           Ryan (9) and Connor (6). Kevin           ▲ Linda Kelley Junker               in the Pennsylvania Perimeter
                     rick Sweeney, C’82, has               is a senior special agent with the                   Ride Against Cancer this summer,
                     been appointed to a three-            U.S. Department of Housing               ▲ Monsignor Robert J. Jaskot        cycling nearly 600 miles over five
                     year term as a member of the          & Urban Development, Office                    days from Erie, Pa., to the Lehigh
                     American Marketing Association        of Inspector General, Office of                                              Valley. John rode as part of the
                     Foundation’s Board of Trustees.       Investigations. He is currently          1990                                American Cancer Society team,
                     He is a field service instructor      assigned to a Hurricane Relief           ■ Kelly (McLaughlin) Catania        raising almost $2,000 for ACS
                     in the marketing department at        Taskforce overseeing criminal                along the way.
                     the University of Cincinnati’s        investigations in the Gulf from          ▲ The Rev. Rick Hilgartner
                     College of Business, and the          recent hurricanes.                            Stephen D. M. Crooker, C’92,
                     director of the Master of Science                                              ▲ Karen Manto-Corrao                completed his second graduate
                     in Marketing Program at UC’s          1985                                              program in May 2007. He
                     College of Business.                  ▲ Thomas R. Arrowsmith                   Alicia (Alonso) Duarte-harden,      continues to teach theology for
                                                                       C’90, married the Rev. Robert       grades 9 and 10 in Arlington, Va.
                     nicholas Truhan, C’82, S’86, lives    ▲ Mary Free Kruft                        Harden on Oct. 21, 2006. She has    He has been teaching since 1990
                     in Trenton, N.J., and is currently                      one grandchild, Nina Gabrielle      and enjoys his work very much,
                     employed as an account executive                                               Duarte (2), and she lives in        claiming, “I would not be here
                     at COTY, Inc.                         Juana rodriguez, C’85, recently          Florida.                            without the Mount!”
                                                           embarked on a journey from
                     1983 – 25th Reunion                   Virginia to Argentina by land,           The rev. rick hilgartner, C’90,     Christopher J. Quinn, C’92,
                     ▲ Mark Panetta                        offering volunteer services to           was recently appointed associate    works as the Southeast Region
                          communities and communicating            director for the Secretariat for    sales manager for Solvay
                     ▲ Joanne Weed McShalley               on human interest news,                  Liturgy at the United States        Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He is
                    economics, trade and daily events        Conference of Catholic Bishops      married to Kerri (Braniff) Quinn,
                                                           wherever she works. You can              in Washington, D.C. Previously      C’93, and they have two daughters,
                     Douglas walsh, M.D., C’83,            follow her travels at                    he served as the Mount’s chaplain   Katie (7) and Shannon (4).
                     became the director of the Walter                    since 2005.
                     Reed Project, in Kisumu, Kenya,
                     in October 2006. This large field     1986
                     station, part of the U.S. Army        Fr. Edward Seton Fittin, o.S.B.,
                     Medical Research Unit-Kenya           C’86, was appointed to the
                     (USAMRU-K), conducts clinical         Diocesan Liturgical Commission
                     studies on drugs and vaccines for     for a term of two years by the
                     tropical diseases of Africa and       Most Rev. Arthur J. Ferratelli,
                     throughout the world.                 bishop of Patterson.

                     Megan (lake) winterle, C’83,          Diane (leneghan) Tomb, C’86, recently
                     and her husband, Frank, live in       joined B&D Consulting as a senior
                     Havertown, Pa., with their four       advisor in public policy and strategic
                     children: Matthew (12), Caroline      communications. Diane is also the
                     (10), Austin (8) and Gracie (7).      founder of Tomb & Associates LLC,
                     Megan and Frank have been             a public affairs company based in
                     married for 13 years.                 Washington, D.C.

                     1984                                  1987
                     Tina hodgson, C’84, MBA’85,           ■ Elizabeth (Liz) Malia                  › Sheldon Shealer, C’90, placed     1993– 15th Reunion
                     appeared in a national NCAA                      3rd in his age group at the 2007    Kimberly Shern, C’93, was recently
                     public service announcement           ■ Thomas F. Cahill                       National 24 Hour Challenge,         featured in an ad campaign for
                     that aired on CBS during March                     a 24-hour cycling race held in      New York City public schools.
                     Madness earlier this year. Tina       ▲ Timothy J. Buck                        Middleville, Mich., this summer.    Her photograph appeared on
                     could be seen playing basketball                          He came in 12th overall out         ads throughout the city. Kim is
                     dressed like a doctor (the PSA was                                             of 427 competitors from five        in her third year as a Spanish
                     to promote that all former NCAA                                                countries.                          teacher at Fiorello H. LaGuardia
                     players may not go pro, but they                                                                                   High School of Music, Art and

                 ▲ Class Agents | ■ Class Correspondents
                                                                                1996                                                              noTES                         
                                                                                ■ Jennifer O’Dea Sprungle

                                                                                                                                                                                Fall 2007
                                          For lovE oF nATurE AnD                                                        Jill A. Schumann, MBA’97, has
                                          DESiGn                                Dr. Samuel Galvagno, C’96 was           been included for the fifth
                                                                                recently elected as chief resident at   consecutive year on the “Power &
                                          José Juan Terrasa-Soler, C’90,        Brigham and Women’s Hospital,           Influence Top 50” list compiled
                                       graduated with a major in                Harvard Medical School and has          by the NonProfit Times. Jill is the
                                       biology and double minors in             signed to Johns Hopkins for his         president and CEO of Lutheran
                                       chemistry and philosophy.                critical care fellowship. He will       Services in America (LSA). The list
                                       This summer he established               continue as an intensivist and          names leaders nationwide who are
                                       a new environmental                      anesthesiologist in pursuit of his      in positions of greatest influence
                                       planning and design firm                 MPH and Ph.D. His wife, Karol,          in the nonprofit sector.
                                       in his native Puerto Rico                a nurse, is a graduate from the
                                       called EnviroDesign Studio               University of Massachusetts.            1998– 10th Reunion
( He is also a professor of landscape                                                       ▲ ■ Alice (Wylie) Baumer
architecture at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in San Juan.          Abigail (Barnes) McAuliffe, C’96,
                                                                                is married with five children:          ■ Steven R. Wheeler
“I could have had no better preparation for my life as a landscape architect    Agnes Rose, Francis Edward,   
than the liberal arts and science education I received at the Mount,” said      Bridget Nancy, Jeremiah Thomas          ▲ Harry C. Benjamin
José Juan. He obtained advanced degrees in ecology from the University of       and the newest addition, Margaret
Michigan and watershed systems from Yale University. He then launched           Dorothy, who was born on Oct. 9,        ▲ Jennifer Lynn Harris-Eyler
a career in environmental consulting with CSA Group, an architecture,           2006.                         
engineering and environmental consulting company based in San Juan,                                                     ▲ William J. Frank
Puerto Rico. He rose to the position of manager of the Environmental            Steve reynolds, C’96, was recently
Business Unit, leading a group of 30 scientists and engineers, before he        promoted to manager at Smith
decided to go back to school to earn his master’s in landscape architecture     Elliott Kearns & Company, LLC,          Cindy Campbell, C’98, graduated
from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.                          Certified Public Accountants.           from the University of Florida’s
                                                                                Steve joined the firm in 1999 and       College of Law with a Master of Law
José Juan received his degree in June 2007 and co-authored and co-edited        works in the Accounting Services        (L.L.M.) in taxation in May 2007.
a book describing design proposals for conserving the landscapes of Don         Department of the Hagerstown,           She is currently an associate with
Quixote in La Mancha, Spain. For José Juan, “landscape architecture is a        Md., office.                            the law firm of Dunwody, White &
perfect complement to my previous studies and professional practice in                                                  Landon in Palm Beach, Fla.
ecology and environmental sciences. Landscape architecture as a discipline      1997
helps me achieve a balance between my love of science and my drive to           ■ Kelly A. McLaughlin                   1999
produce beautiful things.”                                                        ■ Tara Bunchalk-Orefice
                                                                                ▲ Mike Smith                  
He is shown with his wife, Dr. Alicia Olmo.                                             ▲ Kevin J. Kalis
                                                                                ▲ Sarah Moncada Brion         
                                                                                                ▲ Cynthia Kratz
Performing Arts in New York               Kate (Shepard) Milner, C’94, and      Anne (Sluck) hainsworth, C’97,
City. Previously she was a teacher        her husband, Terry, who is now        spent six weeks this summer             Sarah McGinley, C’99, recently
at Walkersville High School in            home from his recent deployment       volunteering with Cross-Cultural        accepted a position to work for the
Walkersville, Md.                         to Iraq with the U.S. Marine          Solutions in Hohoe, Ghana.              Edward Via Virginia College of
                                          Corps (Major), are currently living   She worked on local women’s             Osteopathic Medicine. She will be
1994                                      in Temecula, Calif., with their two   empowerment and business                working in the college’s Academic
▲ Bridget Daul Kelly                      children, Julia (5) and Scott (3).    projects and in an orphanage.           Primary Care Associates for Family                                                               Anne and her husband, Mike, live        and Sports Medicine and will
                                          1995                                  in Durham, N.C.                         also continue to teach medical
Christopher Dennis, C’94, was             ■ Jennifer (Firlie) Dunn                                                      students.
recently hired as principal at                     David Karn, C’97, MBA’99, was
Waynesboro Area Senior High               ▲ ■ Stella Barry                      recently promoted to assistant          nicole Trumpler, C’99, was recently
School. He and his wife, Jennifer,               professor of entrepreneurial            named assistant principal of student
have been married for 13 years            ▲ Deborah Stocker Giles               studies at Howard Community             affairs at Archbishop Spalding High
and have three children.                       College in Columbia, Md. At the         School in Severn, Md.
                                                                                college’s Convocation Ceremony,
lisa (Gable) Fluehr, C’94, and            Deborah Anne (Ferri) huber, C’95,     he was honored by receiving the
her husband, Robert, have four            lives in Connecticut and has one      2007 Faculty Member of the
children: Brennan (5), Maura              son, Matthew, who is a year old.      Year Award from the Student
(4) and twins Adam and Gabe                                                     Government Association. David
(18 months). They live in Fort            Thomas, C’95, and Susanne             and his wife, Jennifer (Kufera)
Washington, Pa., where Lisa               (Shwann) porch, C’96, have two        Karn, C’97, MED’05, live in                                      •
is a self-employed pediatric              daughters, Anna Sophia (2) and        Williamsport, Md., with their two-       Mount St. Mary’s university is the second-oldest
occupational therapist.                   Cara Nicole (6 months).               year-old son, Noah.                      Catholic university in the nation, and Mount St.
                                                                                                                         Mary’s Seminary is the second largest in the nation.
Mount Magazine

                     2000                                                                        2004                                  2006
                     ■ Mae Richardson                                                            ■ Peter J. Cwik                       ▲ Alba Alvarez
                     ■ Laura (Portier) LaLumiere
                                                                Marina hardy, C’04, was a             2007
                     ▲ Anne Stocker Kalis                                                        featured speaker in a presentation    ▲ Mary Cohill
                                                                   to Maryland Indians, scholars and
                                                           › Mary Kuhn, C’01, and her            legislators at the Senate Office      ▲ Emilee Senekevitch
                     Karin (ottens) prangley, C’00,        husband, Joshua, have three           Building on Jan. 23, 2007, titled
                     and her husband recently moved        children: Isaac (10), Olivia          “Tribes and Tribulations: A           ▲ Justina Dillon
                     to Chicago after he began an          Margaret (3) and Ella Marie           Forum on Recognition.” Marina is
                     MBA program at the University         (1). In addition to raising the       a Juris Doctorate candidate at the
                     of Chicago this fall. Karin is        children, Mary works full time as     NOVA Southeastern School of           Alison Kopreski, C’07, recently
                     an associate at the law firm of       a marketing representative for a      Law in Ft. Lauderdale-Davie, Fla.     began work as a FOCUS
                     Winsten & Strawn LLP.                 nonprofit organization, Adelphoi                                            missionary at Benedictine College.
                                                           Village, which runs programs for      Jennifer M. leach, C’04, received     FOCUS, the Fellowship of
                     Douglas workman, MED’00,              at-risk youth and their families.     her Bachelor of Science in            Catholic University Students,
                     was recently appointed principal                                            Nursing in December 2006 and          places trained college graduates
                     of Ascension Catholic School          2002                                  now resides in Fort Worth, Texas,     back onto college campuses across
                     in Melbourne, Tenn. He was            ■ Kelly (Klinger) Soffe               where she works as a Neuro            the country, where they help bring
                     previously principal of St. Francis              Intensive Care Unit RN.               students closer to Christ and the
                     of Assisi in Memphis, Tenn.           ▲ Lizette Chacon                                                            Church through their ministry.
                                                                  Deborah (palmer) Stup, C’04,
                     2001                                                                        MBA’07, has just begun sitting for
                     ■ Kimberlee (Bates) Ilardi            James “Jay” Franken Jr., C’02,        her CPA exam. She was married
                     is working as an accountant           in spring 2007 to Jaston Stup and
                     ▲ ■ Peter B. Mannix                   at Turner Construction in             received her MBA degree from
                         Arlington, Va.                        the Mount the week she returned
                     ▲ Anthony Solazzo                                                           from her honeymoon in Puerto
                       lydia (Gregoire) Kowalski, C’02,      Vallarta. She works as a senior
                                                           received her master’s degree,         audit associate at McGladrey and
                     nunzio n. D’Alessio, C’01,            reading specialist, from Hood         Pullen, LLP, in Frederick, Md.
                     recently obtained his second          College in May 2007.
                     master’s degree as part of his                                              Megan (wisby) winter, C’04,
                     doctoral studies in English. His      2003– 5th Reunion                     is married to Army Lt. Stephen
                     thesis was on the medieval poet       ▲ Rebecca (Walker) Shoemaker          Winter. They have one child, a girl
                     John Gower. He is also a varsity                  named Madison.
                     oarsman on the crew team at the
                     University of Texas, Austin.          veronica Allende, C’03, passed        2005
                                                           the New Jersey Bar Exam in 2006       ■ Rachel Lawruk
                     Anthony DiGangi, C’01, and his        and has been admitted to the New
                     brother John organized the 1st        Jersey Bar. She recently took a
                     Annual Fire Island 5K Run and         position as deputy attorney general   rebecca Buker, C’05, recently
                     Festival benefiting the American      for the state of New Jersey and is    joined the Audit, Accounting
                     Brain Tumor Association in            now prosecuting on behalf of the      and Consulting Department of
                     Ocean Bay Park, N.Y., in August       state.                                Ellin & Tucker, Chartered. She
                     2007. The event was held in                                                 was previously employed as an
                     honor of their mother, Rose           nichole F. lopresti, C’03,            auditor for Northrop Grumman
                     DiGangi, who was battling a           recently accepted a position with     in Lithicum, Md.
                     malignant brain tumor. Rose           Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
                     passed away in October.               of New Jersey as a lobbyist in the
                                                           company’s Government Affairs
                     Matthew Downs, C’01, recently         Division.
                     became vice president of Bank of
                     Scotland, North America. Matt
                     currently works in the New York
                     City office primarily focused on
                     real estate finance.

                 ▲ Class Agents | ■ Class Correspondents

In Memoriam

                                                                                                                                                     Fall 2007
March 27 through Sept. 27, 2007

1930s                              1960s                                                   rEMEMBErinG
Mr. leonard J. Farmer, C’35
  Aug. 27, 2007
The hon. Thomas C. Gibbons,
                                   The rev. Thomas w. Engelke,
                                     June 9, 2007
                                                                                           Len Farmer, C’35
                                   Mr. richard r. rafferty, C’60
                                     June 21, 2007
                                                                      “Len remained a dedicated alum whose loyalty to his
  July 29, 2007
                                   Mr. Joseph patrick McKeon, C’61    alma mater is an inspiration to us all”
1940s                                Aug. 6, 2007
Col. George william Martin,        Mr. Gerald G. Gallagher, C’62      leonard J. Farmer Sr., C’35, was voted in his senior year at the Mount the
  M.D., C’41                         Sept. 7, 2007                    “most popular” and “most agreeable” individual on campus as well as the
  May 23, 2007                     Dr. Joseph J. lizewski, C’63       man who had “done the most for Mount St. Mary’s.” These words remain
Mr. robert C. Egan, C’42             Sept. 12, 2007
                                                                      a fitting tribute to this dedicated Mountaineer, who passed away peacefully
  July 13, 2007                    Mr. M. Daniel regan, C’64
                                                                      at home in Wilmington, Del., on Aug. 27, 2007.
Mr. leslie B. Bell Jr., C’43         June 20, 2007
  April 22, 2007                   Mr. william C. Gonce, C’67
                                     Sept. 11, 2007                   Len deeply loved the Mount, coordinating class reunions for decades,
The rev. John n. Caldara, S’46                                        holding several alumni offices, corresponding widely and attending alumni
  April 5, 2007                    The rev. Andrew F. Strish, S’67
                                                                      events into his 90s, and spreading the “good news” about his alma mater
Mr. Timothy J. hanlon, C’47          May 15, 2007
                                                                      throughout the greater Wilmington area.
  April 14, 2007
Mr. Joseph M. lynch, C’48
  March 31, 2007
                                   1970s                              In 1989, the National Alumni Association awarded Len the Bruté Medal,
                                   Mr. Thomas J. Smith Jr., C’71                                               its highest honor, for more than
Mr. norbert J. Cecil, C’49
  May 7, 2007                        Sept. 20, 2007                                                            50 years of outstanding service to
Mr. Gerard Joseph Cohee, C’49                                                                                  the Mount. The citation noted his
  Aug. 7, 2007                     1980s                                                                       work representing and assisting
                                   Mrs. Josephine Mary Gerber, C’81                                            the Mount in securing grants from
                                     July 25, 2007                                                             corporations and foundations in
1950s                                                                                                          the Wilmington area, as well as
Mr. robert p. McCarthy Sr., C’51   1990s                                                                       spearheading a drive to establish a
  April 29, 2007                   Mr. Shawn w. Kennedy, C’96                                                  Delaware Chapter of the National
Mr. Carl F. zeterberg, S’51          Aug. 22, 2007                                                             Alumni Association. In 2005, the
  Aug. 4, 2007                                                                                                 Delaware Chapter recognized Len
The rev. Cyril M. hudak, S’53                                                                                  with the Bishop Walsh Award,
  Sept. 10, 2007                                                                                               noting, “In speaking with anyone
Mr. Christopher Michael May Sr.,                                      from the Diamond State about the Mount, inevitably the name Len
  C’53                                                                Farmer surfaces.” Len was also strongly involved in his community and
  April 25, 2007                                                      his parish of St. Mary of the Assumption, and was the loving father of six
Mr. Donald C. yohe, C’54                                              children.
  Sept. 15, 2007
Mr. Thomas Dillon, C’55
                                                                      Ellen Callahan, C’81, Delaware Chapter president, says, “Len remained a
  July 18, 2007
                                                                      dedicated alum whose loyalty to his alma mater is an inspiration to us all.”
Capt. John o. winnenberg, uSn,
                                                                      The Leonard J. Farmer Memorial Scholarship Fund he set up as a member
  ret., S’55
                                                                      of the Mount’s Chinquapin Society ensures this deeply respected son of
  May 7, 2007                                                         the Mount will continue to inspire future generations.

                                                                      SiSTEr Ann BErnADETTE

                                                                      Sister Ann Bernadette Cafferty, a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of
                                                                      Philadelphia who spent 45 years at the Mount, died on Sept. 27 at her
                                                                      order’s retirement home in Aston, Pa. Many fondly remember her from
                                                                      her years at the Mount, where she worked and was a driver for students
                                                                      and seminarians from 1939 until 1984.
Mount Magazine

                  › Bill patterson, C’73, and         Albert Cea, C’01, and Chela
                  Barbara McGee                       Moore
                  Jamaica                             Jan. 27, 2007
                                                      Santa Fe, N.M.                         › Janel (larkin) and Joseph Malone, both C’02
                  Barbara (potanka) Cantafio, C’93,   The bride and groom pictured with      Nov. 25, 2006, Newton, Pa.
                  and Christopher Cantafio            their wedding party, including Simon   The bride and groom pictured with fellow Mounties at their wedding: Joseph
                  March 28, 2007                      Hodkin, C’00, MBA’02.                  Larkin, C’67; Sean Larkin, C’76 (father of the bride); Terrance Larkin, C’79;
                                                                                             Mary Ellen Larkin, C’81; Myles Larkin, C’82; Monica (Larkin) Doherty,
                  Andrew Miles, C’94, and Anna        Stephanie (Cano) Goldstein, C’02,      C’85; Sean Watson, Johanna (Bonowitz) Backover, Sharyn McCarthy
                  Maria Haines                        and Charles Goldstein                  and Christopher McKeefrey, all C’00; Christine (Fee) Williams, Michael
                  April 15, 2005                      July 7, 2007                           Williams, Ian Monigle and Michael Dougherty, all C’01; James Costello,
                                                                                             Meg Leubecker, Erin Carney, Tracey O’Keefe, Jake Backover, Dennis
                                                      fi Morgan lisby, C’02, MAT’04,          Molloy, Christine Kurilla, Michelle Coates, Lara Steinbraker, April Parecco,
                                                      and Adenah (Sledge) lisby, C’03,       Anthony Oppedisano, Courtney (Flannery) Kauffman, Ian Kauffman, Laurie
                                                      MBA’05                                 Wilson and Scott Keenan, all C’02; Victor Gue and Beth Reed, both C’03;
                                                      July 28, 2007, Pittsburgh              Christopher Larkin, C’07; Steven Sweeny, C’08; and Carol Ann Larkin, C’09.
                                                      Theological Seminary, Pa.
                                                      The bride and groom pictured with
                                                      fellow Mounties at their wedding
                                                      (left to right): Donald Harrison,                                               ‹ heather (Grove) Baker, C’03,
                                                      C’03; Irvin Johnson Jr., C’06;                                                  and Nicholas A. Baker
                                                      Marco Binion, C’03, MBA’05;                                                     July 7, 2007, St. Timothy’s
                                                      DaVone Chandler, C’99, MBA’01;                                                  Roman Catholic Church,
                                                      Carla Franklin, C’03; Liam                                                      Walkersville, Md.
                  › Dr. Samuel Galvagno, C’96,        McCusker, C’03, MBA’05; Leslie
                  and Karol (Murillo) Galvagno        Walter, C’03; Marion Wargo, C’03.                                               ‹ Derrek hiester, C’03, and Keli
                  Sept. 8, 2007                                                                                                       (Stevens) hiester, C’04
                  St. Patrick Church, Lawrence,                                                                                       Sept. 2, 2006, Chapel of the
                  Mass.                                                                                                               Immaculate Conception at the
                  fi Carol Coughlin, C’00, and
                                                                                                                                      The bride and groom are pictured
                  Brian Burnor                                                                                                        with the Mounties in attendance at
                  Oct. 6, 2007                                                                                                        their wedding.
                                                                                                                                      heather (whetstone) and ryan
                                                                                                                                      Spurrier, both C’04
                                                                                                                                      March 18, 2006, Sanibel Island,

                                                                                                                                                                           Fall 2007
› lisa (wilson) Goldstein, C’98, and Evan Goldstein
Oct. 22, 2005, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Baltimore, Md.
                                                                                 › Kim (najem) Emerson, C’06,
The bride and groom are pictured with their wedding party. Lisa and Evan had     and zach Emerson, C’07
several Mounties in attendance at their wedding: Amy (Benjamin) Lawson,          June 30, 2007, New Hampshire
C’98, and Karen (Fisher) Caron, C’97, were lectors for the ceremony. Also
in attendance were Jennifer (Hyer) Eopechino, Christina (Martini) Bergman,       The bride and groom pictured with
Maria (Mood) Brown, Melissa Kelly and Peter Lawson, all C’98.                    Mounties at their wedding: Jason
This announcement is reprinted due to an error in the Fall 00 issue of Mount   Mitchell, C’03; Jen Auman, Jackie
Magazine.                                                                        Hoy and Laura Jezek, all C’06;
                                                                                 Kelley Grisier, Keith Rolon, Denise
                                                                                 Tetkowski and Bernie Rendler, all
                                                                                 C’07; PJ Loehle, C’08; Samantha
                                                                                 Willox, Dana Collins, Justin
                                                                                 Brackett and Matt Logie, all C’09.

                                                                                 ‹ Kirsten (Toth) van wagner,
                                                                                 C’06, and Corey Van Wagner
                                                                                 March 4, 2006

                                                                                 ClASS noTES, BirThS, wEDDinGS
                                                                                 Don’t forget to share all your important moments with the Mount—babies,
                                                                                 weddings, promotions and, of course, reunions with Mounties.
                                                                                 Email your announcements to
                                                                                 Feel free to include a JPG photograph, preferably 300 dpi or higher.

                                                                                                                       Many young men were trained at the Mount in the
                                                                                                                       navy v-5 and v-12 programs during wwii. on the
                                                                                                                       campus today stands an anti-aircraft gun from the
                                                                                                                       u.S.S. Detroit that shot down a plane during the
                                                                                                                       invasion of pearl harbor.
0               AnnounCEMEnTS
Mount Magazine

                 Mary Camille (Schantz) Brown,
                 C’83, and Joseph Bardi                                                                                           3
                 Amelia Anne                                                            2
                 Nov. 24, 2006

                 louise (Farmer) Stahl, C’90, and
                 paul Stahl, C’98
                 Jacob Daniel
                 Feb. 22, 2007
                 Melissa (Flint) Earle, C’91, and                                           8 John Cleary iii, C’00, and
                 Walter Earle                          1 Kristen (hazel) and James          Jennifer (Sealing) Cleary, C’01
                 Robert                                Stevenson, both C’95                 John Cleary IV
                 Nov. 6, 2006                          Molly Hazel                          March 22, 2007
                                                       May 31, 2006
                 pamela (walsh) and Steven                                                  Kathleen (williams) and Michael
                 lynch, both C’91                      Jennifer (logan) and Chris           hawkins, both C’00
                 William Gerald                        Fletcher, both C’96                  Meredith Theresa
                 Dec. 2005                             Braeden Christopher                  Oct. 7, 2006                                                              5
                                                       March 11, 2007
                 Jennifer (Gaul) Mills, C’92, and                                            9 Charlotte (horning) and Scott
                 Andy Mills                            2 Jennifer (Dowd) lynch, C’97,       ryan, both C’03
                 Brendan                               and Steve Lynch                      Brady Lawrence
                 March 8, 2006                         Katie Alice                          Dec. 5, 2006
                                                       Jan. 8, 2007
                 Michelle (harris) Single, C’92, and   Pictured with big brother Andy       Kim (Keene) Christensen, C’04,
                 Tom Single                                                                 and Erik Christensen, C’05
                 Garrett Thomas                        Jennifer (Demcsak) zona, C’97,       Rebecca Mele
                 July 10, 2005                         and Thomas Zona                      Dec. 4, 2006                                                         7
                                                       Lucia (Lucy) Gail
                 Bridget (hanlon) Cooper, C’94,        April 22, 2007                                                         6
                 and Christian Cooper
                 Fintan James                          3 Tina (Martini) Bergman, C’98,
                 Aug. 14, 2007                         and Brad Bergman
                                                       Allison Marie
                 Mary (Mitcherling) hurdle, C’94,      March 1, 2007
                 and Peter Hurdle
                 Kelley Elizabeth and Blake Ryan       4 John Fay, C’98, and Meghan
                 Dec. 12, 2006                         Fay
                                                       Colin Houston
                                                       May 12, 2006

                                                       Mary (Mcnamara) Maguire, C’98,                                         8
                                                       and Brion Maguire
                                                       Jane McManus
                                                       June 23, 2007

                                                       5 Jimi Thoelen, C’98, and Tanya                                            Jennifer (Firlie) Dunn, C’95, and
                                                       Thoelen                                                                    Lt. Col. Brian Dunn
                                                       Tyler James                                                                Thomas Joseph (TJ)
                                                       Sept. 10, 2007                                                             Dec. 14, 2006

                 Jen (Beverungen) and Dave             6 Kelly (Burke) Everhardt, C’99,                                           Jennifer resigned from
                 hogue, both C’95                      and Brandon Everhardt                                                  9   her position as director of
                 Dylan Michael                         Luke                                                                       development for the College of
                 March 8, 2007                         July 26, 2007                                                              Liberal Arts at the University
                 Pictured above with big brother                                                                                  of Texas at El Paso so that she
                 Jacob Michael (3)                      7 Kevin J. Kalis, C’99, and Anne                                          could be a stay-at-home mom. Her
                                                       (Stocker) Kalis, C’00                                                      husband is currently deployed
                 liz (Cavanagh) Kaliski, C’95, and     Margaret (Maggie) Patricia                                                 in southwest Asia in support of
                 Drew Kaliski                          Aug. 9, 2006                                                               Operation Iraqi Freedom. The
                 Grady Patrick                                                                                                    family is anxiously awaiting their
                 Nov. 16, 2006                                                                                                    reunion, which will take place in
                                                                                                                                  February 2008.
                                                                                                                                                 noTES           1
ATlAnTA                                       philADElphiA

                                                                                                                                                                 Fall 2007
Chapter President: Mike Kane, C’            Chapter President: Pat McGinn, C’              
We are working to revitalize the Atlanta      Philadelphia was a busy place to be a
Chapter of the National Alumni                Mountie this fall! Several alumni partici-
Association! Mike Kane, C’68, was joined      pated in a “Philly Cares” volunteer day
by several Mount alums at an Atlanta          in October, organized by Erin Connolly,
Braves game in September, and other           C’05. Later that month Philadelphia area
events are in the works. If you have an       Mounties gathered for a Chapter Mass fol-
idea for an event, or if you would like to    lowed by brunch at Shanachie Irish Pub &
help out with the chapter, please contact     Restaurant, owned by Ed Egan, C’77. Back
Mike. Don’t forget to save the date for the   by popular demand this fall was also the
Bicentennial Atlanta Celebration on           Philly Boat House Row Party, hosted by
Sept. 17, 2008.                               Chapter President pat McGinn, C’98.

ConnECTiCuT                                   rEADinG, pA                                        BAlTiMorE
Chapter President: Romas Laskauskas, C’                                                        Chapter President: Stephanie (Lopez) Anderson, C’00
                                              Chapter President: Scott Hoover, C’                                                                
The annual Donald P. Quinn Sr.                                                                   The Baltimore Chapter has been very busy in 2007!
                                              The Reading group gathered in August to
Memorial Golf Tournament took place                                                              Joanne (weed) McShalley, C’83, brought together several
                                              take in a Reading Phillies game, hosted by
in June this year at the Lyman Orchards                                                          Mounties to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in
                                              Chapter President Scott hoover, C’77.
Golf Course. All proceeds benefited the                                                          Baltimore in March, and in May the chapter held its first
Connecticut Chapter Scholarship. This                                                            golf tournament, which was a great success. Dave Gabor,
year’s recipient of the scholarship was       wAShinGTon, D.C.                                   C’90, and his committee did a great job organizing the event.
                                                                                                 All proceeds from the tournament went directly to support
robert plumb, C’09.                           Chapter President: Anthony Solazzo, C’00           the Baltimore Chapter Scholarship. This year’s recipient of
                                                             the scholarship was Amanda presti, C’08. Anyone interested
DElAwArE                                      The Washington, D.C. Chapter has con-
                                              tinued to hold its monthly happy hours,
                                                                                                 in helping plan next year’s tournament, please contact
                                                                                                 rob herb, C’78, at Once again the
Chapter President: Ellen Callahan, C’1       which are hosted by Chapter President              Baltimore Chapter’s Annual Crab Feast had a great turnout,                    Anthony Solazzo and Vice President                 and more than 250 alumni and friends were in attendance
The Delaware Chapter hosted two success-      Katie Sherman, both C’00, in addition to           at the Orioles Bullpen Party in September.
ful events this summer: a Wilmington          monthly “Adopt a Grandparent” days at
Blue Rocks Game in June, hosted by            the Manor Care Nursing Home in Silver
Chapter President Ellen Callahan, C’81,       Spring. Local alumni also gathered for a
and the annual Beach Picnic at Cape           Chapter Mass at Holy Redeemer Catholic
Henlopen State Park in July, hosted by        Churchin Kensington in November,
Don Quinn, C’61.                              which was celebrated by Fr. Mark Smith.
                                              Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Tom
                                              O’Hara, C’64, and his wife, Patti, were
FrEDEriCK                                     among those in attendance. fi
Chapter President: Evelyn Stephenson, C’00,
MBA’0 |
fi Members of the Frederick Chapter
gathered in February for a Happy Hour
at Brewer’s Alley in downtown Frederick,
hosted by Evelyn Stephenson, C’00,
MBA’06, and Ashley (rusk) raiford, C’01.

                                              nEw yorK METropoliTAn
                                              Chapter President: Tom Cahill, C’ |
                                              € The big event for the New York Chapter this fall was a social at O’Lunney’s on
                                              October 20, following the Bicentennial Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Karen
                                              imbach, C’90, hosted this event.

                                                     1808-2008            200 years of distinction

                            “Hello, Paul. Is the pizza ready?”
Mount Magazine

                               GivinG our hEArTS AwAy                                                                      giants of yesteryear: The Nobel Prize
                                                                                                                           winner Sigrid Undset with her majestic
                               By Father Paul V. Redmond, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy                                 tale of sin and redemption “Kristin
                                                                                                                           Lavransdatter,” Dostoevsky with his searing
                               At last April’s honors breakfast Father Paul Redmond, who has                               insights in “The Brothers Karamazov,”
                                                                                                                           Dante and Shakespeare, Austen and
                               been at the Mount for 52 years, spoke to Mount philosophy and                               Pushkin, Plato, Augustine and Nietzsche—
                                                                                                                           the list goes on. I only hope I can continue
                               English majors. His entire talk, which speaks to the Mountaineer                            to share my insights with others—be they
                               in all of us, may be found at                                       intimate friends on and off the campus or
                                                                                                                           new acquaintances whom I meet in parish
                               Excerpts follow.                                                                            service. I need them to continue to share
                                                                                                                           their insights with me.

                 In your lifelong pursuit of wisdom may you seek                                                           And may students, who are always
                                                                                                                           welcome at my home, wander in—not to
                 whatever is beautiful, true and good and remain ever                                                      say “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”; rather, “Hello,
                                                                                                                           Paul, is the pizza ready? What are you
                                                                                                                           reading now?”
                 hopeful as you give your hearts away.

                               In my early twenties, I began to discover      In such giving of my heart I find that I     I pray: May you always have a healthy sense
                               the only way for me to live was “to give       need to pause, to reflect that I am trying   of doubt and not be afraid to question
                               my heart away.” In continuing to do so,        to move beyond the self I think I am to      yourself, anyone and any institution—
                               despite the pain at times, I remain solidly    the self that I really am. Philosophy has    religious, educational, or civil. In your
                               an optimist. …                                 remained essential to my growth. …           lifelong pursuit of wisdom may you seek
                                                                                                                           whatever is beautiful, true and good and
                               As a newly minted priest, when I had           After I retired 17 years ago I took all      remain ever hopeful as you give your hearts
                               barely got my feet wet, I was startled by a    the German and Spanish courses at the        away. May a few intimate friends assist you
                               request that challenged me and changed         Mount. I continued to feel a need to grow.   as you grow deeply into your true, unique
                               my life. Sight unseen, I was invited to        I wanted somehow to excite a similar         self as the “beloved of God.”
                               join the faculty at Mount St. Mary’s           desire in others. …
                               College. The telegram from the president
                               (Monsignor John Sheridan) read, “Bring         I’m fascinated by the ways in which music
                               your car and your philosophy books.” I         conveys meaning, and in the past year I
                               came, saw and was conquered. …                 discovered another way to give my heart
                                                                              away. Students and teacher-friends have
                               Perhaps my students too would learn as         come to my home on Friday evenings to
                               I did, that in reading Plato and other         listen to DVD presentations of various
                               philosophers they would come to admit          operas. …
                               their ignorance and become uncomfortable
                               enough with this felt lack of knowledge        Deep friendships formed at the Mount
                               to seek the truth of things … to admit         with students and teachers regularly
                               to themselves their own prejudices and         quickened and developed my ability to
                               hopefully move beyond them. Maybe this         study and to teach. A few intimate friends
                               too would become their lifelong habit. …       continue to help me to grow into my
                                                                              true self—the self as loved by the Father,
                               Many times students and I would meet           through Jesus, in the Spirit. …
                               in my quarters in the dorm to discuss life                                                  Fr. pAul rEDMonD CAn BE
                               in general or at the Mount. We spent           In my wanting to deepen my love for          ConTACTED AT p.o. BoX 458,
                               long night hours discussing Graham             learning and sharing still more I recently   EMMiTSBurG, MD 21727 or viA
                               Greene or Evelyn Waugh, Shakespeare or         began a program of reading again those       EMAil rEDMonD@MSMAry.EDu.
                               Dostoevsky. …
                                                                                                                                                                 u.S. poSTAGE

                                                                                                                                                                FrEDEriCK, MD
                                                                                                                                                               pErMiT no. 224
      16300 old Emmitsburg Road
      Emmitsburg, Maryland 21727

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Upcoming EvEnTS
For a complete listing of Mount events, visit
For details on chapter events, visit
  Or call the alumni office at 877-630-6102.
For details on seminary events, visit
  Or call the seminary alumni and development office at 301-447-5017.
For Grotto events, visit
The Mount is making headlines! TV coverage of the three-day bicentennial kick-off in
  August … radio interviews with Mount faculty experts on everything from Mother
  Teresa to the upcoming presidential elections … and more! Check out recent news
  coverage at

JAnuAry 2008                              Friday, April 25                 SprinG 2008                     †Bicentennial Stamp Card          FAll 2008
Thursday, Jan. 24                         Lector Installation Mass         Bicentennial San Francisco      Dedication Ceremony               †Remnant Trust Foundation
                                                                           Celebration                     and Maryland Symphony
Washington, D.C. Chapter                  BiCEnTEnniAl EvEnTS                                              Orchestra Concert                 Fall
– Happy Hour                                                               March 5                                                           Hosting of rare collection of first
                                          For details and updates, visit                                   April 26
                                      Bicentennial San Diego                                            edition manuscripts
FEBruAry 2008                                                              Celebration                     Bicentennial Hartford
                                          or call 301-447-3416.                                            Celebration                       †Academic Symposium
Friday, Feb. 8 – Sunday, Feb.             †Indicates an on-campus event.   March 7
                                                                                                           April 30                          September
10                                                                         Sports Hall of Fame
Mount 2008: Seek the Face of                                                                               Mount on the Potomac              Bicentennial Atlanta
                                          winTEr 2008                      March 15                                                          Celebration
Christ, a Eucharistic retreat for                                                                          Celebratory Event with Class of
                                          Bicentennial Wilmington          Bicentennial Philadelphia       2008                              Sept. 17
young people                              Celebration                      Celebration                     May 9                             Bicentennial Boston                         Jan. 15                          March 26                                                          Celebration
Thursday, Feb. 21                                                                                          †Bicentennial Commencement
                                          †Bicentennial Men’s              St. Joseph’s Alumnae Dinner     May 11
                                                                                                                                             Sept. 24
Washington, D.C. Chapter                  and Women’s Basketball           March 29                                                          †Priests Reunion
– Happy Hour                              Challenge and Men’s
                                          Centennial Celebration,          †Academic Symposium             SuMMEr 2008                       Oct. 8 & 9
MArCh 2008                                Winter Homecoming                April 2-5                       †Bicentennial Reunion             †Marian Symposium
Thursday, March 6                         Feb. 2                           With author and poet Patricia   Weekend                           Oct. 9, 10 & 11
– Saturday, March 8                       National Alumni Association,     Hampl, Regents Professor,       June 6-8
                                                                                                                                             Closing Gala
Callings Conference                       Winter Meeting                   University of Minnesota         Greaseband from Southern New
                                                                                                                                             Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel                   Feb. 2                           Trip to Rome                    Jersey performing
                                                                                                                                             Oct. 11
Saturday, March 15                        Bicentennial West Palm           April 6-16                      Presidential Trip to Costa        †Closing Mass
Hall of Fame Induction Dinner             Beach Celebration                †Invitational Track             Rica
                                                                                                                                             Oct. 12
                                          Feb. 20                          Championship and Centennial     June 28 – July 8
Sunday, March 16
                                          Bicentennial Naples              Celebration                     Walnut Street Theatre in
Baltimore Chapter – Baltimore                                                                                                                Looking for Christmas Ideas?
                                          Celebration                      April 19                        Philadelphia
St. Patrick’s Day Parade                                                                                                                     Mount bicentennial gifts are now
                                          Feb. 21                          Congressional Luncheon,         July 10
                                                                                                                                             available! See the inside back
April 2008                                Bicentennial Tampa               Washington, D.C.                Bicentennial Frederick            cover of this issue or visit
                                          Celebration                      April 24                        Celebration
Friday, April 11                                                                                                                   
                                          Feb. 22                          National Alumni Association,    Aug. 28
Acolyte Installation Mass
                                                                           Spring Meeting
                                                                           April 26

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