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					ITN Reference Index, January-December 2009
  B   elow is an index of articles that appeared in ITN
      in 2009. This reference is provided to help with
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                                                                ARMENIA                        Haydn in Austria (Eisenstadt concerts)
Individual Destinations                           Guide in Armenia (I)        Dec’09, p.34        (N)
                                                                                               Smallest subway (Serfaus)
                                                                                                                           Feb’09, p.23

                                                               AUSTRALIA                          (N)                   March’09, p.88
           AFGHANISTAN                            Simpson Desert parks closed when             Majestic Imperator (railcars)
Extreme weather (flooding)                           temperatures excessive                       (N)                     June’09, p.71
   (N)                    Aug’09, p.20               (N)                        Jan’09, p.24   Vienna airport hotel (RC) Dec’09, p.4
Afghanistan dangerous                             Family trip Down Under (I) Jan’09, p.31
   (N)                   Sept’09, p.17            Queensland hotel (AW)         Jan’09, p.48
Terrorist bombings (N)    Dec’09, p.22                                                         Baku caravanserais (I)*         Aug’09, p.4
                                                  Preparing for an Australia trip
                                                     (I)                    March’09, p.55                    AZORES
                 ALBANIA                          Bushfires in Victoria (N) April’09, p.21                   (see Portugal)
Day trip to Albania (I)            Jan’09, p.27   Notes on Australia (I)      April’09, p.36
Into Albania’s past (C)            Feb’09, p.77   Queensland oil spill (N) May’09, p.22                      BAHAMAS
                                                  Crocosaurus Cove (aquarium)                  Free day-cruise from Ft. Lauderdale for
                 ALGERIA                             (Darwin) (N)             May’09, p.80        military who recently served in Iraq
Algeria dangers (N)                May’09, p.21   Pertussis in Australia (N) June’09, p.21        or Afghanistan (N)*     Dec’09, p.70
                                                  Bushwalking in Australia • Wendy
              ARGENTINA                              Schatz (A)               June’09, p.22              BANGLADESH (downloadable Buenos                  Fur and flukes near Brisbane (whale,         Bangladesh massacre (Dhaka)
   Aires MP3 tour) (N)       Jan’09, p.83            koala tours) (I)         June’09, p.32      (N)                   May’09, p.21
Argentina tourist fee (correction; also           Opera House High Tea (Sydney)                               BELARUS
   see May’09, p.23) (N) Feb’09, p.83                (N)                      June’09, p.83    Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova: touring
Argentina — apartment living in                   Use caution at ATMs in Melbourne               three former Soviet republics • Claus
   Buenos Aires • Jennifer Petoff                    (N)*                  July’09, pp.2, 82     Hirsch (A)              Feb’09, p.66
   (A)                    March’09, p.38          Extreme weather (flooding in Queen-
Boutique Museums (Salta)                             sland & New South Wales)                                 BELGIUM
   (I)                    March’09, p.47             (N)                       Aug’09, p.20    Magritte Museum (Brussels)
Coins hard to come by                             Changing planes in Sydney (terminal            (N)                        Jan’09, p.83
   (N)*                     April’09, p.2            transfer problems) (I) Sept’09, p.48      Brussels’ antiques (market, fair)
Crime victims in Buenos Aires                     Australia’s truth in ads                       (N)                        Jan’09, p.83
   (I)                      Sept’09, p.12            (N)                      Sept’09, p.65    (Ommegang) Pageant in Brussels
Seafood in Buenos Aires (restaurant)              Dust storms in East Australia                  (N)                        Jan’09, p.83
   (I)                      Sept’09, p.32            (N)                       Nov’09, p.19    Royal greenhouses, Belgium
Touring for tango in Buenos Aires •               Sydney Harbour Bridge (Visitor Centre)         (N)                      April’09, p.76
   M. Lewis Stein (A)        Oct’09, p.48            (N)                       Dec’09, p.15    Brussels’ winter fun (festival)
“Patagonian Frontiers” cruise-tour                Sydney Opera tours (N) Dec’09, p.84            (N)                       Sept’09, p.65
   (I)*                      Oct’09, p.84                                                      Bruges guest house (I)      Dec’09, p.36
Lost money for unused part of rental                            AUSTRIA
   (Buenos Aires apartment)                       Vienna Boys Choir (I)        Jan’09, p.16                     BELIZE
   (I)                      Dec’09, p.28          Velden-Auen hotel (AW)       Jan’09, p.47    Belize getaway (I)              Jan’09, p.32
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                    BOLIVIA                             CENTRAL AFRICAN                                    COLOMBIA
    Seven-night trip (TR)        Feb’09, p.52              REPUBLIC                            Colombia improved, but…
    Dengue fever reported (N) May’09, p.22        Central African Republic (warning)             (N)                     May’09, p.22
    Peru and Bolivia — encountering                 (N)                     June’09, p.20      Bogotá’s Galerias and Plaza de las
       good food, friendly locals, amazing                                                       Americas districts’ dangers
       archaeological ruins and a few bumps                       CHAD                           (N)*                      Aug’09, p.2
       along the way • Marvin Herman &            Clashes in Chad (N)          Jan’09, p.18    Cartagena: Colombia’s colonial gem
       Judy Licata (A)          Aug’09, p.23      Clashes in Chad (N)         Aug’09, p.21       (C)                     Dec’09, p.67

                  BOTSWANA                                        CHILE                              CONGO, Democratic
                                                  Patagonia winds (I)*          Feb’09, p.4
    Botswana fires (N)         Jan’09, p.82
                                                  Chile entry fee correction (re Dec’08,                Republic of
    Chobe National Park visit                                                                  Dem. Rep. of Congo (warning)
                                                     p.64) (I)                 Feb’09, p.64
      (I)*                    March’09, p.4                                                      (N)                     Jan’09, p.18
                                                  Street crime in Santiago
    Botswana camp (I)*        April’09, p.83                                                   Democratic Republic of Congo chaos
                                                     (I)                    March’09, p.15
                                                  (Not) taking food into Chile                   (N)                    Nov’09, p.18
                     BRAZIL                          (I)                      May’09, p.16
    Football Museum, São Paulo
                                                  Chilean Special Journeys (I) July’09, p.35
                                                                                                          COSTA RICA
       (N)                   March’09, p.22                                                    Costa Rica entry fee (see correction,
    Boutique Museums (Rio de Janeiro)             Guide in Santiago (I)        Oct’09, p.32
                                                                                                  April’09, p.76) (N)      Feb’09, p.84
       (I)                   March’09, p.47       Eight things about Easter Island
                                                                                               Santa Ana hotel (AW)        July’09, p.54
    Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel                        (I)                       Oct’09, p.52
                                                                                               Trading winter woes for Costa Rica’s
       (I)                   March’09, p.53       Taura’a on Easter Island (hotel)
                                                                                                  sunny skies • Jeanette Dewey
    Prinsendam and the Amazon                        (I)                      Nov’09, p.32
                                                                                                  (A)                     Sept’09, p.20
       (I)*                  March’09, p.57       Wine bus from Santiago (tours)
                                                                                               Traveling in Costa Rica (travel tips)
    Tourists robbed in Copacabana and                (N)                       Dec’09, p.84
                                                                                                  (I)                      Nov’09, p.53
       Búzios (N)*               May’09, p.2                      CHINA                        Sarchi mini-carts (handicraft)
    Yellow fever in Rio Grande do Sul             Independent-travel tip (re touring by           (I)                      Dec’09, p.53
       (N)                     May’09, p.22          taxi) (I)                 Feb’09, p.20
    A look inside the favelas of Rio de           Visiting friends in China — hitting the              CÔTE D’IVOIRE
       Janeiro • Sibyl James                         highlights, with a local’s insight •      Clashes in Côte d’Ivoire
       (A)                     June’09, p.46         Marisue Pickering (A) Feb’09, p.24           (N)                   March’09, p.21
    Yellow fever in Brazil (N) July’09, p.22      Silk Road (TR)               Feb’09, p.46    Caution in Côte d’Ivoire
    Extreme weather (flooding in the              Off the beaten path in China                    (N)                    Nov’09, p.19
       north) (N)               Aug’09, p.20         (I)                      April’09, p.15
                                                  Tibet briefly off limits (N)April’09, p.22                 CROATIA
                                                  Getting around in Hong Kong with a           The Adriatic Coast — in the wake of the
       BRITAIN/BRITISH ISLES                         disability (I)*            May’09, p.4       winged lion (Wind Star) • Yvonne
    (see England and Great Britain)               Guide in China (I)          May’09, p.36        Horn (A)                   Feb’09, p.6
                                                  Hong Kong hotel, restaurants                 Dubrovnik hotel (AW)        July’09, p.53
                   BULGARIA                          (RC)                     May’09, p.78     Sleepy Lopud’s rediscovered garden
    Bomb blast in Sofia club
                                                  HK light show (N)           June’09, p.12       (island off Dubrovnik)
       (N)*                   May’09, p.82
                                                  Tibet reopens (N)           June’09, p.20       (C)                      Aug’09, p.63
    Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi
                                                  Shanghai hotels checkout (times)             Trying out large-group tours (“Hidden
       (I)*                     June’09, p.4
                                                     (N)                      June’09, p.70       Treasures of the Adriatic”)
    Avoiding taxi overcharges in Sofia
                                                  China and 2009-H1N1 (N) Aug’09, p.22            (I)                      Nov’09, p.25
       (N)*                Dec’09, pp.2, 70
                                                  Riots in China’s Xinjiang                    Bill shock in Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik
                                                     (N)                      Sept’09, p.17       restaurant) (I)          Dec’09, p.21
                   BURUNDI                        Quake in southern China
    Burundi caution (N)          March’09, p.21
                                                     (N)                      Sept’09, p.18                    CUBA
                 CAMBODIA                         Demolitions in Kashgar (N) Oct’09, p.19      Family Cuba visits (restrictions eased)
    Visiting Vietnam and Cambodia                 Lhasa urban redesign (N) Oct’09, p.19          (N)                       Nov’09, p.71
       (Mekong Pandaw) • Ed Kinney                Making the most of three days in             Cuba and H1N1 (passenger quarantine
       (A)                     July’09, p.61         Hong Kong • Inga Aksamit                    possibility) (N)          Dec’09, p.23
    Vietnam & Cambodia — plying the                  (A)                        Oct’09, p.36
       waterways of the Mekong Delta              The Master of the Nets Garden                       CZECH REPUBLIC
       (Indochine) • Mary Beltran                    (Suzhou) (C)               Oct’09, p.64   Czech Republic and Poland (recom-
       (A)                    Nov’09, p.34        China’s Xinjiang region (safety                 mendations) (I)         July’09, p.16
                                                     concerns) (N)             Nov’09, p.19    In search of Prague’s famed emperor
                    CANADA                        China’s anti-H1N1 efforts                       • Harvey Hagman (A) Sept’09, p.34
    Flight passengers’ bill of rights                (N)                       Nov’09, p.19    Prague restaurant, apartment rental
       (N)*                        Jan’09, p.2    Dazu Rock Carvings (I)* Dec’09, p.80            (RC)                 Nov’09, pp.4, 70
2   INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX                                                              visit us at
Contrasting the historical sights of         Elizabethan garden (Kenilworth Castle)                      ESTONIA
  Prague and Budapest • Bill & Betty            (N)                        Jan’09, p.81   Discovered Tallinn (I)      March’09, p.33
  Reed (A)                    Nov’09, p.6    Historic Dockyard (Chatham)
                                                (N)                        Jan’09, p.81                 ETHIOPIA
               DENMARK                       iPhone Frommer’s guides (London) (N)         The south (TR)                  Feb’09, p.48
Hop-on, hop-off sightseeing buses               Jan’09, p.83
   (Copenhagen) (I)         Feb’09, p.15     Lake District steam RR (N) Jan’09, p.96               FAROE ISLANDS
LEGOLAND Village family hostel               Gurning contest (Cumbria)                              (see Denmark)
   (Billund) (I)          April’09, p.17        (N)                        Jan’09, p.96
Copenhagen concerts (N) April’09, p.23       Villages, plus Stonehenge and Bath                               FIJI
Gang wars in Copenhagen                         (TR)                       Feb’09, p.47   Floods in Fiji (N)        March’09, p.20
   (N)*                      May’09, p.2     Kayak the Thames (N)          Feb’09, p.57   Feejee Experience (hop-on, hop-off
Vikings in the Faroe Islands                 Magician in the kitchen (Helmsley               bus itineraries) (N)     May’09, p.79
   (C)                     June’09, p.67        restaurant) (I)           Feb’09, p.62    Fiji freedoms curtailed (N) June’09, p.20
                                             Newlyn Harbor B&B; Derbyshire guest          Fiji and (the British) Commonwealth
               ECUADOR                          house (RC)                 Feb’09, p.83      (N)                       Oct’09, p.18
Violent crime rate increases                 London on foot (I)        March’09, p.16
   (N)*                        Jan’09, p.2   Agatha Christie (Devon summer home                          FINLAND
Birding below the equator • Dennis              open) (N)                May’09, p.14     Helsinki beer tram (N)         June’09, p.83
   Sherwood (A)            April’09, p.40    Orient-Express in UK (N) May’09, p.74
Mingling with the wildlife on a Galápa-      “Handel Reveal’d” (London exhibit)                          FRANCE
   gos Islands cruise (Guantanamera) •          (N)                      June’09, p.21    Searching for the right place to sleep in
   Dennis Sherwood (A) May’09, p.40          Cirencester B&B (AW)         July’09, p.52      France (1 of 4) (C)        Jan’09, p.71
Atop Cathedral of Quito (I) (see correc-     Luxury steam train (Keighley-to-Brontë       iPhone Frommer’s guides (Paris)
   tion, Aug’09, p.57)      June’09, p.17       Country tour) (N)         July’09, p.80      (N)                        Jan’09, p.83
Galápagos volcano (N)       June’09, p.21    Cooling the Tube (London                     CDG-to-Paris transfers (I) Feb’09, p.15
Taxi caution (passengers robbed,                Underground air-conditioning)             Travel writers fallible (re Nov. ’08,
   Guayaquil) (N)*            July’09, p.2      (N)                       July’09, p.80      p.24) (I)                  Feb’09, p.63
Inca ruins and animal encounters in          Transiting London (I)        Aug’09, p.15    Searching for the right place to sleep in
   Ecuador • Joyce Bruck                     Tate Britain (London museum)                    France (2 of 4) (C)        Feb’09, p.71
   (A)                        July’09, p.6      (N)*                      Sept’09, p.19   Versailles’ Petit Trianon (reopened)
Quito’s cathedral vs basilica (correction    London hotel, café (RC) Aug’09, p.71            (N)                        Feb’09, p.74
   re June’09, p.17) (I)    Aug’09, p.57     Wells B&B (RC)               Sept’09, p.64   Boutique Museums (Paris) (I)
Counterfeit bills in Quito                   London art fair (N)           Oct’09, p.70      (correction re directions, May’09,
   (N)*                      Oct’09, p.80    Whitechapel Gallery (London)                    p.57)                   March’09, p.48
Quito guide (RC)            Nov’09, p.70        (N)                       Nov’09, p.60    Searching for the right place to sleep in
Galápagos Travel & Ecuador guide             Gatwick transit closure (options at             France (3 of 4) (C) March’09, p.68
   (I)                       Dec’09, p.36       airport) (N)              Nov’09, p.72    Perfume Museum (Grasse)
                                             English Heritage (properties)                   (N)                     March’09, p.76
                  EGYPT                         GPS maps (N)              Nov’09, p.72    Searching for the right place to sleep in
Nile Blue Tours (I)        Jan’09, p.33      Britain WWII experience (North York-            France (4 of 4) (C)      April’09, p.67
North Sinai tensions (N) Feb’09, p.22           shire museum) (N)         Nov’09, p.76    Free museum admission for guests
Custom 21-day trip (TR) Feb’09, p.49         Kent apartment, restaurants                     under 25 (N)*            April’09, p.79
Daytime armed-convoy travel                     (RC)                        Dec’09, p.4   Paris from a tethered balloon
   requirement lifted (N)* Feb’09, p.87      In London and Kent (recommendations)            (N)                      April’09, p.87
Bomb in Cairo bazaar (N) April’09, p.21         (I)                       Dec’09, p.36    Paris museums (correction re
Dahshur pyramids to open                     Some officers to carry firearms in              March’09, p.48) (I)       May’09, p.57
   (N)                    June’09, p.70         London (N)*               Dec’09, p.70    Heads up on Paris Métro
                                             Ticket to ride (the Beatles bus)                (I)                       June’09, p.14
            EL SALVADOR                         (N)                       Dec’09, p.75    Pope’s Palace (Avignon)
El Salvador’s pre-Columbian past             Beatles museum (Liverpool)                      (I)                       June’09, p.17
   (1 of 2) (C)          Aug’09, p.69           (N)                       Dec’09, p.75    Musée de la Reddition in Reims
El Salvador’s pre-Columbian past             Liverpool pop tour on MP3                       (I)                       June’09, p.49
   (2 of 2) (C)          Sept’09, p.59          (N)                       Dec’09, p.75    Year of Picasso (exhibit in Aix-en-
                                             Solve one like Sherlock (murder                 Provence; former home open)
            ENGLAND                             mystery hotel event, London)                 (N)                       June’09, p.70
      (see also Great Britain)                  (N)                       Dec’09, p.76    Beaune for Burgundy (tastings)
Fire on Cutty Sark (Greenwich)                                                               (I)                       July’09, p.15
   (N)*                 Jan’09, pp.2, 85                    ERITREA                       Castles — best for a visit, best for a stay
Heathrow transfers (I)      Jan’09, p.12     Eritrea tensions (N)        Jan’09, p.19        (Loire Valley)            July’09, p.45
Kew Gardens at 250 (N)      Jan’09, p.77     Eritrea tensions (N)        Oct’09, p.17     Eiffel Tower touchup (N) July’09, p.51
  Call 800/486-4968 to subscribe                                                                INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX   3
    Avignon hotel (AW)           July’09, p.52      Berlin in lights (festival)                  Cruising Scotland’s Caledonian Canal
    Narrowboat on Canal du Midi (St.                   (N)                      March’09, p.27      (Scottish Highlander) • Art & Jean
       Chinian) (I)              July’09, p.55      The Wall (C)                 May’09, p.62       Thomas (A)                Feb’09, p.40
    Chartres Pass (N)            July’09, p.78      Concerts in Germany (N) May’09, p.72         Royal Oak Foundation (free entry
    Cathedrale d’Images (Les Baux de                Deals in Germany (N)         May’09, p.91       to National Trust properties for
       Provence) (I)             Aug’09, p.18       Majestic Imperator (railcars)                   members) (N)              Feb’09, p.96
    Spain and France (terrorist) warning               (N)                       June’09, p.71   Britain driving more difficult
       (N)                       Aug’09, p.22       Rathouse of Greifswald                          (I)                    March’09, p.15
    Paris Métro and plastic (re ticket                 (I)*                      June’09, p.79   What’s new in Britain and Ireland for
       purchases) (I)            Aug’09, p.56       Roman ships (Mainz museum)                      2009 (C)                 May’09, p.73
    Ten courses at a private supper club in            (I)                       July’09, p.39   Felt welcome in Scotland (hotels plus
       Paris — a unique dining experience •         Castles — best for a visit, best for a          airport courtesy) (I)     July’09, p.37
       Dana McMahan (A)          Aug’09, p.61          stay (Meersburg, Sommersdorf,             Castles — best for a visit, best for a
    France’s Dordogne • Beth Habian                    Colmberg, Schwangau, Hirschhorn,             stay (North Middleton & Dingwall,
       (A)                        Sept’09, p.6         Eisenach, Bacharach) July’09, p.45           Scotland, and Ruthin, Wales)
    France trip’s best B&B (Beynac et               Venice to Munich by train                                                 July’09, p.45
       Cazenac) (I)             Sept’09, p.31          (I)                       Aug’09, p.39    Cadw pass in Wales (for historic
    Paris restaurant (RC)       Sept’09, p.63       Suggests full-fare “refundable” for             properties) (N)           July’09, p.51
    Montpellier a “favorite” (I) Oct’09, p.28          first leg (on Deutsche Bahn)              Rent Dylan Thomas’ home (Swansea,
    Sigean hotel, Paradou restaurant                   (I)                       Sept’09, p.12      Wales) (N)               July’09, p.91)
       (RC)                       Oct’09, p.75      Neues Museum, Berlin                         BritRail Pass (I)*            Sept’09, p.4
    Some stores open Sundays                           (N)                       Sept’09, p.18   Walk Scilly (guided walks)
       (N)*                       Oct’09, p.81      Baden-Baden hotel (RC) Sept’09, p.63            (N)                        Oct’09, p.76
    Buying Paris Métro and bus tickets              Markus in Berlin (guide’s phone              Airport departure taxes increase
       (dispenser’s translated instructions)           change, re Feb’09, p.61)                     (N)*                       Oct’09, p.81
       (I)                       Nov’09, p.12          (I)                        Oct’09, p.53   Glasgow hotel, Fife tour
    Sunsets in the Dordogne                         Loaf here (Ulm bread museum)                    (RC)                       Nov’09, p.4
       (I)                       Nov’09, p.33          (I)                        Oct’09, p.55   Christmas in Edinburgh (market)
    Paris for the holidays • James Ure              The Red Brick Road (Hanseatic route)            (N)                       Nov’09, p.72
       (A)                       Nov’09, p.44          (C)                        Oct’09, p.59   Jersey Pass (N)              Nov’09, p.72
    French cookery classes (Paris)                  Hop-on/hop-off in Potsdam (bus tour)         Free to do in Wales (website lists
       (N)                       Nov’09, p.75          (N)                        Oct’09, p.73      attractions) (N)          Dec’09, p.23
    Allow extra time at CDG (airport)               Frankfurt airport hotel (RC) Oct’09, p.74
       (I)                       Dec’09, p.20       Berlin S-Bahn wheels replaced                               GREECE
    Catacombs closed (Paris)                           (N)*                      Oct’09, p. 80   Visiting Greece (I)      Jan’09, p.58
       (N)                       Dec’09, p.23       Alter Kranen (old crane) in Würzburg         Riots in Athens (N)      Feb’09, p.21
    Steves iPhone apps (downloadable                   (N)*                      Nov’09, p.84    Violence in Athens (N) March’09, p.20
       tours, info) (N)          Dec’09, p.60       Colossal industrial reminders await          Boutique Museums (Katakolo)
    Lyon museums (N)             Dec’09, p.66          visitors to Germany’s Ruhrgebiet •           (I)                 March’09, p.46
                                                       Martha Wiley (A)           Dec’09, p.44   Acropolis Museum in Athens
          FRENCH POLYNESIA                          Currywurst museum (Berlin)                      (N)                  Aug’09, p.83
    From yoga to scuba — finding plenty to             (N)                        Dec’09, p.64   Smoking ban (N)*         Sept’09, p.2
       do in French Polynesia • Debi Shank          Transport Museum (Dresden)                   Arrangements for Greece
       (A)                      Aug’09, p.6            (N)                        Dec’09, p.75      (I)                  Nov’09, p.16
                                                    Transportation museum (Sinsheim)
                   GEORGIA                             (N)                        Dec’09, p.75              GUATEMALA
    Georgia risks (N)              April’09, p.22                                                On buses, many drivers assassinated,
    Georgia unsafe (N)             June’09, p.20                   GHANA                            passengers mugged. Also, crime in
                                                    Getting an introduction to the                  Antigua (N)*             May’09, p.2
                  GERMANY                             specialized crafts of Ghana on an          Guatemala easily (I)       June’09, p.29
    München, Berlin hotels                            independent journey • Marlene Smith        Law “one person per motorcycle”
       (AW)                    Jan’09, p.46           (A)                        May’09, p.6        passed (to curb crime)
    Bauhaus Year 2009 (exhibitions, events)                                                         (N)*                      July’09, p.2
       (C)                     Jan’09, p.66                  GREAT BRITAIN                       Lessons in more than Spanish
    Bauhaus’ 90th anniversary                         (In an effort to make trip planning           (language school, lodging, dining,
       (N)                     Jan’09, p.69         easier, we have given England its own           more) (I)                Oct’09, p.34
    Seeing history unfold (C) Jan’09, p.76          heading.)                                    Visit active volcano (Pacaya)
    15th-century wedding pageant                    Galloping galanthophiles! It’s snowdrop         (N)                      Dec’09, p.69
       (Landshut) (N)         Feb’09, p.23             time in Scotland (C)     Jan’09, p.78
    Guide in Berlin (I)       Feb’09, p.61          Darwin’s 200th, UK (events)                                 GUINEA
    Munich restaurant (RC) Feb’09, p .83               (N)                      Jan’09, p.82     Guinea killings (N)             Dec’09, p.22
4   INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX                                                                 visit us at
              HOLLAND                        Royal rumble through Rajasthan                Israel, West Bank & Gaza (caution)
           (see Netherlands)                   (travel tips) (I)        Dec’09, p.33          (N)                       Oct’09, p.18
                                             Custom-tailored tour (northern                Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus architecture
             HONDURAS                          India) (RC)              Dec’09, p.72          (I)                      Nov’09, p.13
Getting a taste of Honduras,                                                               Bird-watchers to Eilat (festival, hotel
  Garifuna-style (C)       July’09, p.72                 INDONESIA                            package) (N)             Nov’09, p.75
Honduras president ousted                    Rabies outbreak (Bali) (N)* Feb’09, p.2       Abraham’s Gate reopens (N) Dec’09, p.48
  (N)                      Aug’09, p.21      Bali and beyond (Bidadari) • Donna            Jerusalem as Jesus saw it (scale
Honduras discontent (N) Sept’09, p.18           DeGaetani (A)         March’09, p.50          model) (I)                Dec’09, p.49
                                             Food and drink shortages                      Getting into Bethlehem and
               HUNGARY                          (N)*                    April’09, p.2         Palestine (I)             Dec’09, p.50
Visiting Miskolc (I)*          Jan’09, p.4   Visiting Ubud, Bali (I)* April’09, p.4
Boutique Museums (Budapest)                  Visiting East Sumba (I)* April’09, p.4                          ITALY
   (I)                    March’09, p.45     Alcohol poisonings in Bali and                A private tour of Italy — Touring Lazio
Guide in Budapest (I)       May’09, p.37        Lombok (N)*          Aug’09, pp.2, 75         and Campania • Beth Habian
Guide, room in Budapest                      Bombings in Philippines and                      (A)                        Jan’09, p.6
   (I)                       Oct’09, p.30       Indonesia (N)          Sept’09, p.17       Venice by wheelchair (guidebook)
Contrasting the historical sights of         Ubud restaurant (I)       Sept’09, p.31          (N)                       Jan’09, p.24
   Prague and Budapest • Bill & Betty        Quakes in Indonesia (N) Nov’09, p.18          Rome hotel (AW)              Jan’09, p.47
   Reed (A)                   Nov’09, p.6                                                  Casa dei Carraresi (Treviso gallery)
                ICELAND                                       IRAN                            (N)                       Jan’09, p.82
Reflections on southern Iceland • Leslie     Tea in gardens (I)*           May’09, p.4 (downloadable Rome
   Romer (A)                 Jan’09, p.50    Into Iran — Finding warm greetings and           MP3 tour) (N)             Jan’09, p.83
River rafting in Iceland (N) Feb’09, p.95       fascinating fabled cities • Yvonne         The Adriatic Coast — in the wake of the
Prices drop (N)*             Oct’09, p.81       Michie Horn (A)           July’09, p.24       winged lion (Wind Star) • Yvonne
                                             Civil unrest in Iran (N)     Aug’09, p.21        Horn (A)                   Feb’09, p.6
                   INDIA                     Plane crash in Iran (N)      Sept’09, p.18    Wheelchair in Rome and on cruise
Tiger Hill’s sunrise view of Mount                                                            (Carnival Splendor) (I) Feb’09, p.17
   Kangchenjunga (I)*          Jan’09, p.4                    IRAQ                         Ticino/Venice sampler (I) Feb’09, p.59
Mumbai terror attacks (N) Jan’09, p.17       Iraq attacks persist (N)    Aug’09, p.21      Sublime setting in Rome (restaurant)
India security (N)            Feb’09, p.22   Terrorist bombings (N)      Dec’09, p.22         (I)                       Feb’09, p.62
Plans for India travel (I) Feb’09, p.38                                                    Baths of Diocletian (in Rome,
Delhi taxi passenger robberies;                            IRELAND                            reopened) (N)             Feb’09, p.84
   prepaid chit recommended                  Waterford Crystal closes                      Rome cat sanctuary (I)* Feb’09, p.91
   (N)*                     March’09, p.2       (N)                      April’09, p.23    Luggage cart cost (I)     March’09, p.18
Assam, India, unrest (N) March’09, p.21      Castles — best for a visit, best for a stay   Venice Connected (online reservation
Offsetting poverty (I) March’09, p.58           (Athlone and Cahir)       July’09, p.45       system) (N)             April’09, p.23
Discovering incredible diversity in          Outrageous CDW costs in Ireland               Memories of Trieste (I) April’09, p.39
   Gujarat, India • Julie Skurdenis             (car rentals) (I)         Sept’09, p.25    Sicily independently (I) May’09, p.58
   (A)                    March’09, p.62     iWalks in Dublin (downloadable                Coke machines in Venice
Step well in Rajasthan                          guides) (N)               Sept’09, p.62       (N)                      May’09, p.79
   (I)*                   March’09, p.83     Dave, The Leviathon telescope in              Rome carriage ban (N)       May’09, p.79
Protests against ban on snake charmers          Parsontown (N)*           Sept’09, p.76    Abruzzo earthquake (N) June’09, p.19
   (N)                 April’09, pp. 2, 79   Pilgrimage to Tara and Newgrange,             Trieste’s castles (I)       June’09, p.53
Meningitis in northeast (N) May’09, p.22        Ireland (C)                Oct’09, p.69    What’s new in Italy (C) June’09, p.64
Promised day trips not provided              James Joyce in Dublin (hotel                  Sorrento B&B (AW)           July’09, p.53
   (I)                      June’09, p.27       package) (N)              Nov’09, p.72     Rotonda della Besana (Milan
India arrangements (I)      June’09, p.31                                                     museum) (N)*            July’09, p. 78
Chennai airport queues (I) June’09, p.51                     ISRAEL                        Accessibility in Venice (for mobility
Castles — best for a visit, best for a       Tourist hotline in Israel (N) Jan;09, p.19       impaired) (I)            Aug’09, p.17
   stay (Daulatabad, west-central            Tel Aviv restaurants (I)     Feb’09, p.63     Venice to Munich by train
   India)                    July’09, p.45   Guide in Israel (I)         April’09, p.60       (I)                      Aug’09, p.39
Riots in Punjab (N)          Aug’09, p.22    Kibbutz Ein-Gedi, Israel                      Vernazza restaurant (RC) Aug’09, p.71
Bootleg alcohol poisoning incidents             (C)                      May’09, p.70      Sorrento hotel, restaurant
   (N)*                       Sept’09, p.2   Byzantine mosaic (reinstalled at                 (RC)                     Aug’09, p.72
Kerala backwater beauty (boat                   Ma’on-Nirim) (N)          July’09, p.78    Shroud of Turin in 2010
   tour tips) (I)            Sept’09, p.14   Exploring holy and historical sites in           (N)                      Sept’09, p.19
No tigers in tiger park                         Israel and Jordan • Ashley Mannion         Sicily B&B (RC)             Sept’09, p.63
   (N)*                      Sept’09, p.68      (A)                       Sept’09, p.42    Gelato in Rome, plus Positano, Piazza
Into the wilds of Mumbai • Donna             Road sign language changes                       Armerina, Cefalù restaurants
   Judd (A)                  Nov’09, p.20       (N)*                      Sept’09, p.69       (RC)                     Sept’09, p.64
  Call 800/486-4968 to subscribe                                                                 INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX   5
    Rome restaurant shut down for over-          Drought in Kenya (N)        Nov’09, p.19          MARSHALL ISLANDS,
       charging (N)*             Sept’09, p.68                                                       Republic of the
    Citizen crime-patrol groups                                 KOREA                         Marshall Islands flooded
       (N)*                  Oct’09, pp.2, 80    The Arirang Mass Games open the door
                                                   for a visit to North Korea • Gloria          (N)                           Feb’09, p.21
    Transit in Venice (I)         Oct’09, p.12
    Salento: Italy’s best-kept secret •            Helmuth (A)              May’09, p.52
       Layne Randolph (A)         Oct’09, p.20                                                H1N1 influenza (N)         July’09, p.22
    Palermo hotel (RC)            Oct’09, p.75                  LATVIA                        Mexico fighting dengue (N) Sept’09, p.18
    Orange tossing in Ivrea (annual              Credit card fraud, assaults in Riga bars
                                                    and clubs (N)*              Feb’09, p.2   Crime, violence in Mexico
       festival (N)               Oct’09, p.88                                                   (N)                      Oct’09, p.17
    The castles of Parma (and more)              Art Nouveau in Riga (I) May’09, p.34
                                                                                              Copper Canyon — the other side of
       (I)                       Nov’09, p.49                                                    Mexico (C)              Nov’09, p.65
    Campania artecard (for museums,                           LEBANON
                                                 Day trip to Baalbek (I)* March’09, p.4       Jardin Etnobotanico, Oaxaca, Mexico
       attractions) (N)          Nov’09, p.73                                                    (C)                     Dec’09, p.62
    Vicenza, Marostica and Bassano del           Risks in Lebanon (N)     July’09, p.22
       Grappa (recommendations)                  Avoid Lebanon (N)         Dec’09, p.22                   MOLDOVA
       (I)                       Dec’09, p.16                                                 Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova: touring
    Rail fares lower in person                                    LIBYA                         three former Soviet republics • Claus
       (I)                       Dec’09, p.52    Plague in North Africa (N) Sept’09, p.18       Hirsch (A)              Feb’09, p.66
    Steves iPhone apps (downloadable
       tours, info) (N)          Dec’09, p.60
                                                              LITHUANIA                                  MONGOLIA
                                                 Lithuania — a homecoming • Donald            Experiences in Mongolia
                      JAPAN                         Tremblay (A)         Jan’09, p.62           (I)                        Feb’09, p.58
    Palace on Okinawa (I)        Feb’09, p.37    Old Town, Vilnius (I)  Aug’09, p.57          Touring the land of Blue Sky •
    The Japanese bath (I)*       Feb’09, p.65                                                   Sandra Yon (A)            Aug’09, p.52
    Rare ritual in Nagano (N) Feb’09, p.82                 MADAGASCAR                         Temporarily left in the desert (on
    Tokyo fish market (N) March’09, p.22         Madagascar rift (alert) (N) April’09, p.21
                                                                                                tour) (I)                 Sept’09, p.28
    Nara’s free museums                          Coup in Madagascar (N) May’09, p.21
                                                 Madagascar tensions (N) Sept’09, p.17
       (N)                   March’09, p.22                                                            MONTENEGRO
    Iwo Jima in WWII (I) March’09, p.37                                                       Visiting Budva (RC)         Oct’09, p.74
    Boutique Museums (Miyagi)                                   MALAWI                        Trying out large-group tours (“Hidden
       (I)                   March’09, p.46      Lepidopterists on the loose in
                                                                                                 Treasures of the Adriatic”)
    Sapporo summer festivals                       unspoiled Malawi • Ailsa Donnely
                                                                                                 (I)                      Nov’09, p.25
       (I)                   March’09, p.56        (A)                      Nov’09, p.54
    Takao-san Mountain (cable car beer                                                                   MOROCCO
       garden) (N)           March’09, p.88                   MALAYSIA                        Touring the “imperial cities” of
    Shining a light on Shikoku • David           Flight; bus ride from KL to Singapore          Morocco • Elaine Lavine
       Tykol (A)               April’009, p.6       (RC)                    May’09, p.78        (A)                      April’09, p.24
    Increase in drink-spiking incidents in       Penang hotel (RC)          May’09, p.79      Guide in Casablanca (I) Dec’09, p.34
       Tokyo (N)*               May’09, p.82     Impressions of Borneo (I)* July’09, p.87
    Nohi Bus (city-to-city bus service)          What To Eat Where (local cuisine)                        MYANMAR
       (N)                      May’09, p.91        (I)*                     Sept’09, p.4     Return to Myanmar (I) March’09, p.31
    Fun in feudal Japan (theme park)                              MALI
       (N)                      June’09, p.70                                                               NAMIBIA
                                                 Mali alert (N)           Feb’09, p.22        Namibia’s nomadic Himba
    Himeji Castle scaffolds (N) Oct’09, p.50     Bamako, Ségou hotels; Timbuktu
    Kabuki-za in Ginza (theater)                                                                 (I)                   Aug’09, p.36
                                                   restaurant (RC)       April’09, p.75       Eat at Joe’s in Windhoek
       (N)                      Nov’09, p.73     Mali concerns (N)        Aug’09, p.20
    Niigata sake fair (N)       Nov’09, p.74                                                     (I)                   Sept’09, p.32
    Japan tour’s “extras” (I) Dec’09, p.30                       MALTA                                        NEPAL
                    JORDAN                       Get to know Malta’s history and people       Nepal considerations (N) Jan’09, p.19
    Exploring holy and historical sites            (I)                      Jan’09, p.12      Kathmandu hotel (RC)      Feb’09, p.83
      in Israel and Jordan • Ashley              Carmelite Priory Museum                      Nepal power cuts (N) March’09, p.22
      Mannion (A)              Sept’09, p.42       (Mdina) (N)              Dec’09, p.15      Kathmandu air pollution very
                                                                                                high (N)*                Nov’09, p.2
                      KENYA                            MARIANA ISLANDS,                       Turmoil in Nepal (N)      July’09, p.21
    Kenya caution (N)         Jan’09, p.17               NORTHERN
    Kenya highway bandits (N) Jan’09, p.18       Memorial park on Saipan                               NETHERLANDS
    Kenya food crisis (N) March’09, p.20           (I)*                  July’09, p.90        Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam)
    Among the Datooga in Tanzania (plus                                                         (N)                      Jan’09, p.82
      Nairobi) (I)          May’09, p.59                    MAURITANIA                        Schiphol deluxe “pods” (airport hotel)
    NE Kenya concerns (N) Sept’09, p.17          Caution in Mauritania (N) Oct’09, p.17         (N)                      Jan’09, p.84
6   INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX                                                             visit us at
Museum Catharijneconvent (Utrecht)                 Thrills and chills in PNG                    Whale-watching in the Azores
  (N)                  May’09, p.14                  (I)                      Jan’09, p.30         (I)                      June’09, p.52
                                                   Mt. Tavurvur volcano ash closes              Tips on visiting Lisbon (I) July’09, p.15
           NEW ZEALAND                               runway (N)*             March’09, p.2      Azores’ botanical side (I) July’09, p.38
Rotorua hotel (AW)           Jan’09, p.48          PNG anti-Asian violence                      Castles — best for a visit, best for a
Visitor info sources (I)*     Feb’09, p.4            (N)                     Aug’09, p.22          stay                      July’09, p.45
Island volcano, NZ (Bay of Plenty)                                                              Hiking on Madeira (I)        Aug’09, p.38
   (I)                       Feb’09, p.18                           PERU                        Sintra hotel, restaurant
“New Zealand Encounter”                            Exploring Machu Picchu and beyond •             (RC)                      Aug’09, p.72
   (TR)                      Feb’09, p.46             Paul Burke (A)            Jan’09, p.20    Pena Palace in Sintra (I)* Aug’09, p.79
Air show in NZ (aviation museum)                   Mountain roads “scariest”                    Monument in Belém (N)* Aug’09, p.82
   (N)                       Feb’09, p.69             (I)*                   March’09, p.4      Downtown Lisbon tour
Kruse® audio guide (N)       Feb’09, p.95          Cusco hotel noisy (I)    March’09, p.31         (I)*                      Nov’09, p.80
Frugal trip to NZ (I)       May’09, p.18           Communicating in Peru                        Prehistoric rock art (near Vila Nova de
Hiking New Zealand’s Milford Track •                  (I)                   March’09, p.59         Foz Côa) (N)              Nov’09, p.84
   Rosemary McDaniel (A) July’09, p.40             Clashes in Peru’s Amazon Basin
Ashburton, Akaroa, Christchurch                       (N)                      July’09, p.22
                                                   Day in Iquitos and Belén
   hotels (AW)          July’09, pp.53-54                                                       Bucharest subway (I)      Jan’09, p.61
                                                      (I)                      July’09, p.36
                                                                                                Bucharest taxi snag (I) March’09, p.61
             NICARAGUA                             Protests in Amazon (N) Aug’09, p.21
                                                                                                Romania visit (I)*         Oct’09, p.4
Taxi scam alert (N)*      Sept’09, p.2             Peru and Bolivia — encountering
                                                                                                Impressions of Romania
Dengue fever in Nicaragua                             good food, friendly locals, amaz-
                                                                                                  (I)                    Nov’09, p.47
  (N)                     Dec’09, p.23                ing archaeological ruins and a few
                                                      bumps along the way • Marvin
                                                      Herman & Judy Licata
                 NIGERIA                                                                        Hate-crime attacks (N)*       Feb’09, p.2
Nigeria dangerous (N)              Feb’09, p.21       (A)                     Aug’09, p.23
                                                                                                “Imperial Russian Waterways & St.
                                                   Peru through ECS Travel
                                                                                                   Petersburg” (Nikolay Chernyshevsky)
                NORWAY                                (I)                     Aug’09, p.34
                                                                                                   (TR)                      Feb’09, p.52
Liked Stockholm-Oslo train                         Inca Express bus (I)       Sept’09, p.32
                                                                                                Impressions of Russia (“Imperial
   (I)                     Jan’09, p.61            Amazon bandits, Peru (N) Oct’09, p.18
                                                                                                   Russian Waterways &
Railpass roundup ’09 (Norway’s                     Bus robbed near Cusco
                                                                                                   St. Petersburg”) (Nikolay
   Rauma Railroad) (C) April’09, p.62                 (N)                       Oct’09, p.18
                                                                                                   Chernyshevsky) (I) March’09, p.32
Norway’s Dovre Line                                Coping in Cuzco (I)          Oct’09, p.53
                                                                                                Guide in St. Petersburg (I) April’09, p.59
   (train)               Sept’09, p.55             Train ride to Machu Picchu
                                                                                                Finding kindness in Moscow
                                                      (I)*                    Nov’09, p.62
                                                                                                   (I)                      April’09, p.60
                PAKISTAN                                       PHILIPPINES                      Exploring the remote villages of
Pakistan perils (N)                 Jan’09, p.17   Palawan pension (AW)        Jan’09, p.48        Russia’s Southern Urals and Lower
Caution in Pakistan (N)            May’09, p.22    Southern Philippines (warning)                  Volga River • Bill Altaffer
Bombings in Pakistan (N)           July’09, p.21      (N)                    April’09, p.21        (A)                      May’09, p.24
Pakistan warning (N)               Aug’09, p.21    Scoping out bargain airfares online          Markets (terror) threat in Moscow
Terrorist bombings (N)             Dec’09, p.22       (plus Bacolod, Philippines)*                 (N)                       Aug’09, p.22
                                                      (I)                     June’09, p.15     Russia train plus St. Petersburg
                   PALAU                           Quezon Province, Philippines                    guide (I)                Sept’09, p.29
Palau — fish and taro (C) Nov’09, p.61                (C)                     Aug’09, p.65      Making friends in Moscow • Kathie
                                                   Bombings in Philippines and                     Swift (A)                 Oct’09, p.56
               PALESTINE                              Indonesia (N)           Sept’09, p.17     Trying out large-group tours
Getting into Bethlehem and                         Typhoons hit Philippines                        (“Imperial Russian Waterways”)
  Palestine (I)           Dec’09, p.50                (N)                     Nov’09, p.18         (I)                       Nov’09, p.25
                                                                                                Uncomfortable in Moscow
                 PANAMA                                          POLAND                            (apartment) (I)            Dec’09, p.2
Exploring Panama by land, plus a                   Zakopane (I)              Jan’09, p.59       Skyscraper planned for St. Petersburg
   canal crossing • Jerry Gordon                   Czech Republic and Poland                       (N)*                      Dec’09, p.70
   (A)                      Feb’09, p.54             (I)                    July’09, p.16
Personalized Panama tour                                                                                  SAUDI ARABIA
   (I)                      Oct’09, p.32                       PORTUGAL                         Saudi Arabia security (N) May’09, p.21
Panama highlights (I)      Nov’09, p.31            Lisboa Card (N)               Jan’09, p.96
                                                   Pico, plus tastes of Faial and Terceira                  SCOTLAND
      PAPUA NEW GUINEA                                (part 1 of 2 on the Azores)                        (see Great Britain)
Senses heightened at PNG sing-sing                    (C)                      April’09, p.72
  (see correction re company, April’09,            The bounty of São Miguel (part 2 of 2                         SERBIA
  p.60) (I)               Jan’09, p.28                on the Azores) (C)        May’09, p.75    Attacks in Belgrade (N)        Dec’09, p.22
  Call 800/486-4968 to subscribe                                                                      INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX   7
                 SINGAPORE                      Spain car bombs (N)        Sept’09, p.17                 TANZANIA
    Ferris wheel strands passengers again       Driving southeast Spain (I) Oct’09, p.12    Endangered Hadzabe (I)     Jan’09, p.15
       (N)                   March’09, p.79     Good walking shoes needed for               Tanzanite showcase (Arusha)
    Bus ride from KL to Singapore; Singa-          Tenerife (I)*           Nov’09, p.11       (N)                      Jan’09, p.96
       pore hotel, shop (RC) May’09, p.78       Reina Sofia free times (Madrid              Among the Datooga in Tanzania
                                                   museum) (N)             Nov’09, p.73       (I)                     May’09, p.59
                   SLOVENIA                                                                 Zanzibar, Tanzania (campaign
    The Adriatic Coast — in the wake of the                  SRI LANKA                        violence) (N)            Oct’09, p.18
       winged lion (Wind Star) • Yvonne         Millennium Elephant Foundation visit        Dar es Salaam ATMs risks
       Horn (A)                  Feb’09, p.6       (Kegalle) (I)*           Jan’09, p.90      (N)*                     Oct’09, p.80
    Memories of Trieste (plus Lipica)*          Terrorism in Sri Lanka (N) Feb’09, p.21     Tanzania [with Zanzibar] (unrest)
       (I)                    April’09, p.39    Air strike on Colombo (N) April’09, p.21      (N)                      Dec’09, p.23
    Ljubljana hotel, guide (RC) Oct’09, p.74    Sri Lanka fighting (northeast)
                                                   (N)                     June’09, p.19                 THAILAND
          SOLOMON ISLANDS                       Sigiriya wasps (N)         June’09, p.21    Thailand tourism disrupted
    Flooding in Solomons (N) April’09, p.21     Sri Lanka war ends (N)     July’09, p.21       (N)                       Jan’09, p.17
                                                Sri Lanka — surprising and a bit            Thai elephant polo (correction re Nov.
                    SOMALIA                        surreal • Teresa O’Kane                     ’08, p.82) (I)            Jan’09, p.60
    Somalia dangers (N)       Jan’09, p.18         (A)                      Dec’09, p.24    Thailand unrest abates (N) Feb’09, p.22
    MSC Melody attacked by pirates                                                          Bangkok inn (RC)           April’09, p.75
      (N)*                  July’09, p.83                  SWAZILAND                        Airport luggage thefts (N)* May’09, p.82
    Mogadishu battle (N)    Aug’09, p.20        Getting great value for money in            Clashes in Thailand (N) June’09, p.19
                                                  South Africa & Swaziland • Diane          Taking a walk on the wild side at
              SOUTH AFRICA                        Harrison (A)             Sept’09, p.51       Thailand’s Tiger Temple • Teresa
    Africa 2000 credits (I)      Jan’09, p.59                                                  O’Kane (A)              June’09, p.54
    Cape Town security (I)*       Feb’09, p.4                 SWEDEN
                                                Liked Stockholm-Oslo train                  Protests in Thailand (N) July’09, p.21
    South Africa package (N) Feb’09, p.85                                                   Thai ATMs (fee) (N)         July’09, p.78
    Three days in Johannesburg                     (I)                      Jan’09, p.61
                                                Jumbo jet hostel (Arlanda Airport)          Monkeys’ pig-out (annual festival,
       (I)                    April’09, p.34                                                   Lopburi province) (N) Oct’09, p.76
    The Blue Train (I)         May’09, p.17        (N)                  March’09, p.88
                                                Lidingö hotel (AW)         July’09, p.52    Counterfeit bills (N)*       Oct’09, p.80
    Don’t feed the baboons! (Cape Town)                                                     Bangkok’s new Airport Link
       (N)                     May’09, p.23
    Stellenbosch Village Museum
                                                         SWITZERLAND                           (C)                      Dec’09, p.59
                                                Ticino/Venice sampler (I) Feb’09, p.59      Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai
       (I)*                      June’09, p.4                                                  (N)*                     Dec’09, p.84
                                                St. Moritz restaurant (I)    Feb’09, p.61
    Tea plantations near Lambert’s Bay
                                                Boutique Museums (Nyon)
       (I)*                      July’09, p.4                                                  TRINADAD & TOBAGO
                                                   (I)                    March’09, p.48
    Shark-watching on cruise                                                                Increase in violent crime
                                                John Calvin at 500 (Geneva
       (I)*                      Aug’09, p.4                                                   (N)*                           Oct’09, p.2
                                                   exhibition) (N)         April’09, p.23
    Blyde River gorge (I)*       Sept’09, p.4
                                                Railpass roundup ’09 (Switzerland’s
    Getting great value for money in                                                                      TUNISIA
                                                   Bernina Railway) (C) April’09, p.62
       South Africa & Swaziland • Diane                                                     “Classics to Contemporary Society”
                                                Zürich shop map (N)        April’09, p.74
       Harrison (A)            Sept’09, p.51                                                  tour (I)*                 Jan’09, p.4
                                                Van Gogh landscapes (Basel
    South Africa telescopes (Sutherland                                                     Tunisia — Kasbahs, medinas, Roman
                                                   exhibition) (N)          May’09, p.23
       observatories) (N)      Sept’09, p.76                                                  ruins and the Sahara Desert • Jean
                                                Kunstmuseum Basel (N) May’09, p.23
    Robbers posing as police in Cape                                                          Nethery (A)             Dec’09, p.54
                                                Book online for Zürich (day tours)
       Town (N)*                  Oct’09, p.2
                                                   (N)                      July’09, p.79
    Shakaland Zulu tourist site in                                                                        TURKEY
                                                Free in Switzerland (activities)
       Nkwalini (N)*             Oct’09, p.88                                               Wheelchair in Rome and on cruise
                                                   (N)                      July’09, p.79
    Elephant walk (Plettenberg Bay)                                                           (Carnival Splendor) (I) Feb’09, p.17
                                                Kandersteg apartment (I) Sept’09, p.30
       (I)                      Dec’09, p.37                                                Ruth Yacht on Turquoise Coast (Ruth
                                                Zürich New Year’s Eve (festival)
                       SPAIN                       (N)                      Sept’09, p.45     Alessandro) (I)            Feb’09, p.34
    Revisiting Spain solo (I) Feb’09, p.15      Women walking Switzerland (tour)            Whirling Dervishes (in Konya)*
    Boutique Museums (Seville, Madrid)             (I)                       Oct’09, p.28     (I)                        Feb’09, p.65
       (I)                    March’09, p.45    Swiss history (museum)                      Eastern Turkey’s ties to the world
    Santillana del Mar hotel                       (N)                      Nov’09, p.73      (“Turkey’s Biblical East”)
       (I)*                     May’09, p.87    Geneva Transport Card (I) Dec’09, p.16        (I)                       May’09, p.37
    Tips for a Madrid visit (I) June’09, p.31   Glacier Express, St. Moritz hotel           Kusadasi to Antalya (1 of 3 on
    New high-speed Barcelona-Madrid                (RC)                     Dec’09, p.72      Turkey) (C)               Sept’09, p.61
       (train) (C)              July’09, p.66                                               Aphrodisias sights (I)*     Sept’09, p.72
    Spain and France warning                                  TAIWAN                        Turkey on the cheap (Bodrum)
       (N)                      Aug’09, p.22    Typhoon hits Taiwan (N)     Oct’09, p.17      (I)                        Oct’09, p.14
8   INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX                                                           visit us at
Cappadocia to Bursa (2 of 3 on                    Terrorists in Yemen (N)     Aug’09, p.20     Disappointed on Silk Road tour
   Turkey) (C)              Oct’09, p.71          Guide in Yemen (I)          Oct’09, p.31        (I)                      April’09, p.30
Flash flood in Istanbul (N) Nov’09, p.18                                                       ChildSafe International (I) April’09, p.57
Istanbul and Bodrum (3 of 3 on                                ZIMBABWE                         Extreme weather (N)          Aug’09, p.20
   Turkey) (C)              Nov’09, p.67          Zimbabwe, cholera plus…             (tourism organi-
                                                    (N)                    Feb’09, p.21           zations’ website) (N)     Oct’09, p.62
                 UKRAINE                          Boutique Museums (Bulawayo, St.
“Imperial Russian Waterways & St.                   Moritz) (I)          March’09, p.48                        BALTICS
   Petersburg” (Nikolay Chernyshevsky)            Cholera reported (N)    May’09, p.22         Touring the Baltic states of Estonia,
   (TR)                    Feb’09, p.52           Zimbabwe warning lifted                        Latvia and Lithuania • Charles and
Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova: touring               (N)                   June’09, p.20          Nita Swartz (A)            June’09, p.6
   three former Soviet republics •
   Claus Hirsch (A)        Feb’09, p.66                                                                       EUROPE
                                                                                               EU votes to wait on (airport) body-
Changes to floating hotel QE2 (Dubai)                   General Areas                             scanning booths (N)*         Jan’09, p.2
                                                                                               Eurostar tickets specific (I) (see
                                                                                                  May’09, p.57)               Jan’09, p.25
  (N)                    March’09, p.79
Impressions of Dubai (I)* Aug’09, p.4                                                          Deutschland music cruises (reader’s
                                                                 AFRICA                           e-mail correction, March’09, p.61)
                                                  Pirates in Gulf of Aden (N) Feb’09, p.22
     UNITED KINGDOM                               Democratic Republic of Congo,
                                                                                                  (I)                         Jan’09, p.57
 (see Great Britain & England)                                                                 Three flags over Europe (cultures)
                                                     Uganda and Rwanda battle LRA                 (C)                        Feb’09, p.75
                                                     (N)                    March’09, p.20     Transnistria “toll” (I)    March’09, p.58
             UZBEKISTAN                           Trip to Tanzania & Kenya
Madrassahs, monuments and mosques                                                              Eurostar and city transit tickets
                                                     (I)*                      April’09, p.4      (N)                      April’09, p.23
  — a private tour of Uzbekistan •                Victoria Falls photography
  Steven Emmet (A)       March’09, p.6                                                         What’s new in Europe (C) April’09, p.71
                                                     (I)*                      May’09, p.4     Affordable Europe (travel tips)
Uzbekistan threats (N)   Aug’09, p.21             Cholera reported (N)        May’09, p.22        (C)                        July’09, p.74
                                                  Southern Africa floods (N) May’09, p.22      The pros and cons of a 5-country
              VENEZUELA                           Stepping into the past on an
Sweet treat in Mérida (I) June’09, p.50                                                           whirlwind tour of Eastern Europe
                                                     independent journey to East Africa •         (River Adagio) • Paula Prindle
Managing Venezuela airports
                                                     Jim Sill (A)             June’09, p.34       (A)                       Aug’09, p.42
  (I)                     Aug’09, p.15
                                                  Cruising “Italian style” on Costa            Deilmann ends river trips (in
Venezuela arrangements
                                                     Europa (I)               July’09, p.31       Europe) (N)               Sept’09, p.19
  (I)                     Nov’09, p.29
                                                  MSC Melody attacked by pirates (off          Techie tips for travelers
                                                     Seychelles) (N)*         July’09, p.83
                VIETNAM                           Plague in North Africa
                                                                                                  (C)                       Sept’09, p.58
Car + driver in Vietnam (N) March’09,                                                          The sleaze of fees (re bank and credit
                                                     (N)                      Sept’09, p.18       card fees and fraud) (C) Oct’09, p.67
                                                  West Africa floods (N) Nnov’09, p.18         Tourist, beware: Europe’s latest travel
Navigating the mighty Mekong • Inga
   Aksamit (A)            April’09, p.50                     ANTARCTICA                           scams (C)                 Nov’09, p.63
Hue hotel, restaurant                             Antarctic ship grounded (Ushuaia)            Seven countries in two weeks on a
   (RC)                   April’09, p.75             (N)                      Feb’09, p.84        tour-filled Black Sea cruise
Visiting Vietnam and Cambodia                     Enjoying the sights (I)*     May’09, p.4        (Prinsendam) • Joyce Bruck
   (Mekong Pandaw) • Ed Kinney                    Petermann Island visit (I)* July’09, p.4        (A)                          Dec’09, p.6
   (A)                     July’09, p.61          Restrictions for ships (N)* July’09, p.83    Adriatic ports a unique combo
Dengue fever, Vietnam (N) Aug’09, p.22            Camp in Antarctica (Aurora                      (Arion) (I)                Dec’09, p.31
Hoi An visit (I)*           Sept’09, p.4             Expeditions cruises)                      Steves iPhone apps (downloadable
Vietnam & Cambodia — plying the                      (N)                      July’09, p.91       tours, info) (N)           Dec’09, p.60
   waterways of the Mekong Delta                  Awed by the Antarctic on a month-long        Eurail adds website (N)       Dec’09, p.60
   (RV Indochine) • Mary Beltran                     cruise (Polar Star) • Dennis              How I pack for Europe (C) Dec’09, p.65
   (A)                     Nov’09, p.34              Sherwood (A)               Oct’09, p.6
                                                                                                        LATIN AMERICA
               WALES                                             ARCTIC                        Mexico and Central America “how to”
          (see Great Britain)                     An Arctic ice adventure (Akademik              guide (N)                April’09, p.22
                                                    Shokalskiy) • Bill & Betty Reed            On the trail of the young Che Guevara
             WEST INDIES                            (A)                    March’09, p.24        (C)                      June’09, p.66
Clear-bottom kayaks (rentals)                                                                  Dengue in South America
   (N)                    Nov’09, p.75                             ASIA                          (N)                       July’09, p.22
                                                  It’s all about the food — cooking            Honors for San Martín (re Simón Bolí-
                  YEMEN                               classes in Asia • Sandra Scott             var & José de San Martín) (I)*
Yemen caution (N)                  May’09, p.21       (A)                       Jan’09, p.36     (re June’09, p.66)        Aug’09, p.58
  Call 800/486-4968 to subscribe                                                                     INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX   9
  South America independently                      American Canadian Caribbean Line —           Club Travels Holidays & Adventures
    (I)                   Sept’09, p.46               Praise for ACCL (Grande Mariner)             (recommended)* — Promised day
                                                      (I)                      June’09, p.27       trips not provided (India)
                  MIDEAST                          American Express travel insurance* —            (I)                        June’09, p.27
  Palestine conflict (N)      Feb’09, p.21            Booking flights for a tour                Connexions Loyalty Travel
  Pirates in Gulf of Aden (N) Feb’09, p.22            (I)                       Dec’09, p.51       Solutions — Outrageous CDW
  Gulf States and the Arab Peninsula               Asia Connect Tours (China)                      costs in Ireland (I)       Sept’09, p.25
     (TR)                     Feb’09, p.50            (TR)                      Feb’09, p.46    Continental Airlines — Super OnePass
  Gaza conflict (N)        March’09, p.20          Asia Transpacific Journeys — Return to          service (I)               April’09, p.34
  Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf                  Myanmar (I)            March’09, p.31     Cosmos — Compensated for misdi-
     (warning) (N)          April’09, p.21         Asia Transpacific Journeys — Bali               rected bag (I)              Feb’09, p.32
  Pirates in Red Sea and Gulf of Aden                 and beyond (Bidadari) • Donna             Costa Cruises — Cruising “Italian
     (N)                     June’09, p.19            DeGaetani (A)          March’09, p.50        style” on Costa Europa
  Israel, West Bank & Gaza (caution)               Austral Adventures — South America              (I)                         July’09, p.31
     (N)                      Oct’09, p.18            independently (I)        Sept’09, p.46    Costa Cruises — Enjoyed Costa Europa
                                                   Auto Europe — Complications charging            (I)                          Oct’09, p.27
            SOUTH PACIFIC                             rental on two cards (I) (see Nov’09,      Costa Rica Tours — Exploring
  Paul Gauguin cruise (I)       May’09, p.33          p.51)                     July’09, p.30      Panama by land, plus a canal cross-
  Pacific Islands tsunamis                         Auto Europe* — Outrageous CDW                   ing • Jerry Gordon (A) Feb’09, p.54
    (N)                          Nov’09, p.18         costs in Ireland (I)     Sept’09, p.25    Cottages 4 You — Kent, Egland,
                                                   Avis — Family trip Down Under                   apartment (RC)               Dec’09, p.4
                  WORLD                               (I)                        Jan’09, p.31   Crown Eagle Adventure — Stepping
  Disease update (N)            May’09, p.22       Avis Budget Car Rental — Outrageous             into the past on an independent jour-
                                                      CDW costs in Ireland                         ney to East Africa • Jim Sill
                                                      (I)                      Sept’09, p.25       (A)                        June’09, p.34
                                                   Azores Express — Azores’ botanical           Cultural Folk Tours — Disappointed on

   Specific Experiences                               side (I)                  July’09, p.38
                                                   Bon Voyage by Car — Need a car for
                                                      more than 30 days? (Europe)
                                                                                                   Silk Road tour (I)        April’09, p.30
                                                                                                Cultural Folk Tours* — Seven countries
                                                                                                   in two weeks on a tour-filled
  2AFRICA — Trip to Tanzania & Kenya                  (I)                       Nov’09, p.51       Black Sea cruise (Prinsendam)
     (I)*                          April’09, p.4   British Tours by Tristan (England)              • Joyce Bruck (A)            Dec’09, p.6
  AAT Kings Tours (“New Zealand                       (TR)                      Feb’09, p.47    Dakkak Travel — Exploring holy and
     Encounter”) (TR)              Feb’09, p.46    Budget Car Rental — Outrageous                  historical sites in Israel and Jordan
  Abreu Tours — Castles – best for a                  CDW costs in Ireland                         • Ashley Mannion (A) Sept’09, p.42
     visit, best for a stay                           (I)                      Sept’09, p.25    Deutsche Bahn — Venice to Munich
     (Portugal)                   July’09, p.45    Caravan Tours — Guatemala easily                by train (I)               Aug’09, p.39
  Adventure Center — Namibia’s                        (I)                      June’09, p.29    Dialtrip — Promised day trips not pro-
     nomadic Himba (I)            Aug’09, p.36     Caravan Tours — Trading winter                  vided (India) (I)          June’09, p.27
  Aeroflot, Requested refund from                     woes for Costa Rica’s sunny skies •       Diners Club* — Outrageous CDW
     (I)                           Oct’09, p.24       Jeanette Dewey (A)       Sept’09, p.20       costs in Ireland (car rental)
  Africa 2000 credits (I)          Jan’09, p.59    Cathay Pacific — Scoping out bargain            (I)                        Sept’09, p.25
  Africa 2000 — Three days in                         airfares online (I)      June’09, p.15    EcoCircuitos — Personalized Panama
     Johannesburg (I)            April’09, p.34    Celebrity Cruises — Found “deficien-            tour (I)                     Oct’09, p.32
  Air France — Extending your air miles’              cies” on ship (Celebrity Infinity)        ECS Travel, Peru through
     expiry date (I)              June’09, p.14       (I)                      May’09, p.31        (I)                        Aug’09, p.34
  Air New Zealand — Weak link re code-             Chat Tours — Arrangements for                Elderhostel — Women walking
     share tickets (I)             Feb’09, p.30       Greece (I)                Nov’09, p.16       Switzerland (I)              Oct’09, p.28
  Air Tahiti Nui* — From yoga to                   Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris — Awed           Esprit Travel & Tours (Vietnam & Cam-
     scuba – finding plenty to do in                  by the Antarctic on a month-long             bodia) (RC)               April’09, p.76
     French Polynesia • Debi Shank                    cruise (Polar Star) • Dennis              European Walking Tours — Women
     (A)                            Aug’09, p.6       Sherwood (A)                Oct’09, p.6      walking Switzerland (I) Oct’09, p.28
  Airport Van — CDG-to-Paris transfers             ChildSafe International                      European Waterways — Cruising Scot-
     (I)                           Feb’09, p.15       (I)                      April’09, p.57      land’s Caledonian Canal (Scottish
  Albania Holidays Sipa Tours — Day                Chilean Special Journeys                        Highlander) • Art & Jean Thomas
     trip to Albania (I)           Jan’09, p.27       (I)                       July’09, p.35      (A)                         Feb’09, p.40
  American Airlines — Couldn’t avoid               Clark Expediciones — South America           Eurostar tickets specific (I) Jan’09, p.25
     AA’s booking fee (I) March’09, p.28              independently (I)        Sept’09, p.46    Exodus Travel (southern Ethiopia)
  American Canadian Caribbean Line —               Classic Tours Collection, A — Discov-           (TR)                        Feb’09, p.48
     Long name, low cost, high ratings –              ering incredible diversity in Gujarat,    Explore! — Namibia’s nomadic
     ACCL (Grande Caribe)                             India • Julie Skurdenis                      Himba (I)                  Aug’09, p.36
     (C)                       March’09, p.73         (A)                    March’09, p.62     Favela Tours — A look inside the fave-
10 INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX                                                                 visit us at
   las of Rio de Janeiro • Sibyl James          Joyce Bruck (A)             Dec’09, p.6      Urals and Lower Volga River • Bill
   (A)                      June’09, p.46    Hostelling International — Hostels:             Altaffer (A)                 May’09, p.24
FLO-USA — Kusadasi to Antalya                   the cure for expensive, lonely travel     MIR Corporation — Requested refund
   (1 of 3 on Turkey) (C) Sept’09, p.61         (C)                       Aug’09, p.67       from Aeroflot (I)             Oct’09, p.24
FLO-USA — Cappadocia to Bursa                Ibrahim Morgan (Egypt)                       Mobal — Cell phone pluses
   (2 of 3 on Turkey) (C) Oct’09, p.71          (TR)                       Feb’09, p.49      (I)                          July’09, p.59
FLO-USA — Istanbul and Bodrum                Icelandair* — Reflections on southern        Mongol Global Tour Company —
   (3 of 3 on Turkey) (C) Nov’09, p.67          Iceland • Leslie Romer                       Mongolia – touring the land of Blue
Friendship Force International —                (A)                        Jan’09, p.50      Sky • Sandra Yon (A) Aug’09, p.52
   Making friends in Moscow • Kathie         Inca Express — Inca Express bus              More Than Golf Tours — Fife,
   Swift (A)                 Oct’09, p.56       (Peru) (I)                Sept’09, p.32      Scotland, tour (RC)            Nov’09, p.4
Friendship Force International —             Inter Tours — Hiking on Madeira              Mountain Travel Sobek — Thrills and
   Impressions of Romania                       (I)                       Aug’09, p.38       chills in PNG (I)             Jan’09, p.30
   (I)                      Nov’09, p.47     Intimate France — France’s Dordogne          National Car Rental — Complica-
Gala Cruises — Mingling with the wild-          • Beth Habian (A)          Sept’09, p.6      tions charging rental on two cards
   life on a Galápagos Islands cruise        IsramWorld — Touring the “imperial              (Europe) (I)                 July’09, p.30
   (Guantanamera) • Dennis Sherwood             cities” of Morocco • Elaine Lavine        National Geographic Expeditions —
   (A)                      May’09, p.40        (A)                      April’09, p.24      Visiting Vietnam and Cambodia
Galápagos Travel & Ecuador guide             Japan Airlines — JAL came through               (Mekong Pandaw) • Ed Kinney
   (I)                       Dec’09, p.36       (I)                     March’09, p.30       (A)                          July’09, p.61 — Contrasting the               Jubilee Sailing Trust — Traveling with       Navimag (ferries) — South America
   historical sights of Prague and              a wheelchair (I)*       March’09, p.18       independently (I)            Sept’09, p.46
   Budapest • Bill & Betty Reed     (search engine) — Scoping          Nile Blue Tours (I)              Jan’09, p.33
   (A)                        Nov’09, p.6       out bargain airfares online               Norwegian Cruise Line — Unwanted
Grand Circle Travel — Billed for tour           (I)                       June’09, p.15      pre-cruise stay (Norwegian Sun)
   before accepting it (I) May’09, p.31      Kim Travel — Vietnam – Navigating               (I)                           Oct’09, p.26
Grand Circle Travel — Paul Gauguin              the mighty Mekong • Inga Aksamit          Odysseys Unlimited — “Patagonian
   cruise (I)               May’09, p.33        (A)                      April’09, p.50      Frontiers” (I)*               Oct’09, p.84
Grand Circle Travel (“Cruising               LAN Airlines* — South America                Orbitz — Weak link re code-share
   Burgundy and Provence to the Côte            independently (I)         Sept’09, p.46      tickets (I)                   Feb’09, p.30
   d’Azur,” MS Provence)* —                  Lisbon Walker — Downtown Lisbon              Original World (Gulf States and the
   Cathedrale d’Images (I) Aug’09, p.18         tour (I)*                 Nov’09, p.80       Arab Peninsula) (TR) Feb’09, p.50
Grand Circle Travel — The pros and           London Explorers Group — London              Original World — Into Albania’s past
   cons of a 5-country whirlwind tour           on foot (I)             March’09, p.16       (C)                           Feb’09, p.77
   of Eastern Europe (River Adagio)          London Walks, The — London on                Orthodox Cruise Company — Debarked
   • Paula Prindle (A)      Aug’09, p.42        foot (I)                March’09, p.16       early due to odor on board (aboard
Grand Circle Travel riverboat cruise         Lufthansa — Compensated for misdi-              Marshal Koshevoy, Black Sea &
   (aboard Bizet in France)                     rected bag (I)             Feb’09, p.32      Dnieper River) (I)           Aug’09, p.32
   (I)*                      Dec’09, p.71    Macaronesia Tours — Hiking on                Overseas Adventure Travel — Tour
Great Adventure People — Africa with            Madeira (I)               Aug’09, p.38       members’ encounters distorted? (see
   G.A.P. (address correction re Nov.        Malaysia Airlines flight (LA-KL)                March’09, p.60) (I)           Jan’09, p.26
   ’08, p.29) (I)             Jan’09, p.60      (RC)                      May’09, p.78    Overseas Adventure Travel — Prepar-
Grupo Maloka — Venezuela                     Mary Gibbons Tours — Pilgrimage to              ing for an Australia trip (“Ultimate
   arrangements (I)         Nov’09, p.29        Tara and Newgrange, Ireland                  Australia”) (I)           March’09, p.55
Hansa Travel — Touring the Baltic               (C)                        Oct’09, p.69   Overseas Adventure Travel — Notes on
   states of Estonia, Latvia and             MasterCard* — Outrageous CDW                    Australia (I)              April’09, p.36
   Lithuania • Charles and Nita Swartz          costs in Ireland (car rental)             Overseas Adventure Travel — Japan
   (A)                        June’09, p.6      (I)                       Sept’09, p.25      tour’s “extras” (I)           Dec’09, p.30
Heritage Tours — Portugal and                Mercury Claims & Assistance — Dental         Overseas Adventure Travel — Tunisia –
   Morocco (I)*             Aug’09, p.79        coverage lacking (I) April’09, p.30          Kasbahs, medinas, Roman ruins
Himalayan Treasures & Travels* (Gulf         Millennium Elephant Foundation in               and the Sahara Desert • Jean Nethery
   States and the Arab Peninsula)               Kegalle, Sri Lanka (I)* Jan’09, p.90         (A)                           Dec’09, p.54
   (TR)                      Feb’09, p.50    Minervois Cruisers — Narrowboat on           Owner Direct (apartment rentals) —
Holland America Line — Prinsendam               Canal du Midi (aboard St. Chinian            Family trip Down Under
   and the Amazon (I) March’09, p.57            in France) (I)            July’09, p.55      (I)                           Jan’09, p.31
Holland America Line — Considered            MIR Corporation — Belarus, Ukraine           Pacific Classic Tours India — India
   optional tours overpriced (Latin             and Moldova: touring three former            arrangements (I)             June’09, p.31
   America) (I)             June’09, p.26       Soviet republics • Claus Hirsch           Peter Deilmann Cruises — Deutschland
Holland America Line — Seven coun-              (A)                        Feb’09, p.66      music cruises (reader’s e-mail cor-
   tries in two weeks on a tour-filled       MIR Corporation — Exploring the                 rection, March’09, p.61)
   Black Sea cruise (Prinsendam) •              remote villages of Russia’s Southern         (I)                           Jan’09, p.57
  Call 800/486-4968 to subscribe                                                               INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX 11
  Philippine Airlines — Scoping out               Sol International (Bolivia)                  Untours — Castles – best for a visit,
     bargain airfares online                         (TR)                      Feb’09, p.52       best for a stay (Germany)      July’09,
     (I)                          June’09, p.15   South Pacific Management — From                 p.45
  Pousadas de Portugal — Castles –                   yoga to scuba – finding plenty to         Universal Travel Systems — The
     best for a visit, best for a stay               do in French Polynesia • Debi                Arirang Mass Games open the door
     (Portugal)                   July’09, p.45      Shank (A)                  Aug’09, p.6       for a visit to North Korea • Gloria
  Princess Cruises — No help in                   Spirit of India — Temporarily left in           Helmuth (A)              May’09, p.52
     reaching ship (in Buenos Aires)                 the desert (I)           Sept’09, p.28    Value World Tours — Vietnam &
     (Star Princess) (I)          Nov’09, p.24    Spirit of India “marvelous”                     Cambodia – plying the waterways of
  Quark Expeditions — An Arctic ice                  (I)                      Nov’09, p.28        the Mekong Delta (Indochine)
     adventure (Akademik Shokalskiy) •            TACA* — El Salvador’s pre-Colum-                • Mary Beltran (A)       Nov’09, p.34
     Bill & Betty Reed                               bian past (2 of 2) (C) Sept’09, p.59      Value World Tours — Adriatic ports a
     (A)                       March’09, p.24     Taitbout Voyages — Assumed cabin                unique combo (Arion)
  Rail Europe — Eurostar tickets specific            was booked (I)         March’09, p.30        (I)                       Dec’09, p.31
     (I)                           Jan’09, p.25   Temáticaventura-Unipessoal — Azores’         Vantage Deluxe World Travel (“Impe-
  Rail Europe — Liked Stockholm-Oslo                 botanical side (I)       July’09, p.38       rial Russian Waterways & St. Peters-
     train (I)                     Jan’09, p.61   Teo World Culture Tours — Eastern               burg”) (Nikolay Chernyshevsky)
  Rail Europe — Venice to Munich by                  Turkey’s ties to the world (“Turkey’s        (TR)                      Feb’09, p.52
     train (I)                    Aug’09, p.39       Biblical East”) (I)      May’09, p.37     Vantage Deluxe World Travel —
  Ramblers Association — London on                Trans Niugini Tours — Senses height-            Impressions of Russia (“Imperial
     foot (I)                  March’09, p.16        ened at PNG sing-sing (correction re         Russian Waterways & St. Peters-
  RentinBA — Lost money for unused                   company, April’09, p.60)                     burg”) (Nikolay Chernyshevsky) (I)
     part of rental (Buenos Aires)                   (I)                       Jan’09, p.28       March’09, p.32
     (I)                           Dec’09, p.28   Travel Confidential* — Cruising Scot-        Vantage Deluxe World Travel — Trying
  RIGHT Vacation Rental — Sunsets in                 land’s Caledonian Canal (Scottish            out large-group tours (“Imperial Rus-
     the Dordogne (I)             Nov’09, p.33       Highlander) • Art & Jean Thomas              sian Waterways”) (I) Nov’09, p.25
  Road Scholar — Get to know Malta’s                 (A)                       Feb’09, p.40    Vantage Deluxe World Travel — Trying
     history and people (I) Jan’09, p.12          TravelPoints — Belize getaway                   out large-group tours (“Croatia &
  Rome for Jews — Wheelchair in Rome                 (I)                       Jan’09, p.32       Montenegro: Hidden Treasures of the
     and on cruise (Carnival Splendor)            Treasures of Italy — A private tour of          Adriatic”)* (I)          Nov’09, p.26
     (I)                           Feb’09, p.17      Italy – Touring Lazio and Campania        White Island Volcano Adventure —
  Rothschild Safaris — Botswana,                     • Beth Habian (A)           Jan’09, p.6      Island volcano, NZ (Bay of Plenty)
     Zambia & South Africa (I)* April’09,         Trip Mate (insurance) — Compensated             (I)                       Feb’09, p.18
     p.83                                            for misdirected bag (I) Feb’09, p.32      Wild Spots Foundation — Inca ruins
  Russian Empire Cruises — Debarked               Trogon Tours — Ecuador – birding                and animal encounters in Ecuador
     early due to odor on board (aboard              below the equator • Dennis Sher-             • Joyce Bruck (A)          July’09, p.6
     Marshal Koshevoy, Black Sea &                   wood (A)                April’09, p.40    Windstar Cruises — The Adriatic Coast
     Dnieper River) (I)           Aug’09, p.32    Trogon Tours — Mingling with the                – in the wake of the winged lion
  Rutahsa Adventures — Venezuela                     wildlife on a Galápagos Islands              (Wind Star) • Yvonne Horn
     arrangements (I)             Nov’09, p.29       cruise (Guantanamera) • Dennis               (A)                        Feb’09, p.6
  Ruth Yacht on Turquoise Coast (Ruth                Sherwood (A)             May’09, p.40     Worldview Tours — Custom-tailored
     Alessandro) (I)               Feb’09, p.34   TunisUSA — “Classics to Contempo-               India tour (RC)           Dec’09, p.72
  Sabeel — Getting into Bethlehem and                rary Society” Tunisia tour                Zierer Visa Service — Zierer owned
     Palestine (I)                 Dec’09, p.50      (I)*                        Jan’09, p.4      up (I)                   June’09, p.28
  Sanborn Tours — Copper Canyon –                 Turkish Airlines — Istanbul and
     the other side of Mexico                        Bodrum (3 of 3 on Turkey)
     (C)                          Nov’09, p.65       (C)                      Nov’09, p.67
  SERVAS — Revisiting Spain solo
     (I)                           Feb’09, p.15
                                                  Ultimate Hikes — Hiking New
                                                     Zealand’s Milford Track • Rosemary                Other Items
  Sipa Tours* — Seven countries in two
     weeks on a tour-filled Black Sea
                                                     McDaniel (A)             July’09, p.40
                                                  Uncle Pasha — Uncomfortable in
                                                                                                        of Interest
     cruise (Prinsendam) • Joyce Bruck               Moscow (apartment) (I) Dec’09, p.28
     (A)                            Dec’09, p.6   United — Weak link re code-share tick-       Canada passes (flight) passengers’ bill
  smarTours (impressions of Borneo,                  ets (I)                   Feb’09, p.30      of rights (N)*             Jan’09, p.2
     Malaysia) (I)*               July’09, p.87   United — Frequent-flyer woes                 Christmas carols “incongruous
  smarTours — Felt aspects of cruise-tour            (I)                    March’09, p.28       moment” in Malaysia (I)*       Jan’09,
     not up to par (aboard Kleine Prinz           Unitravel Viajes y Turismo C.A. —              p.34
     on Danube) (I)               Aug’09, p.34       Venezuela arrangements                    Winging it Finding a Hotel
  smarTours — Getting great value for                (I)                      Nov’09, p.29       (I)                       Jan’09, p.40
     money in South Africa & Swaziland            Untours — Ticino/Venice sampler              Tour group audio systems — Lagging
     • Diane Harrison (A) Sept’09, p.51              (I)                       Feb’09, p.59      and distracted (I)        Jan’09, p.59
12 INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX                                                                visit us at
Medicare protection exception                   (N)                      March’09, p.66       left in car parked at airport (Califor-
   (I)                       Jan’09, p. 60   Prepaid data SIMs (for cell phones)              nia) (N)                     May’09, p.83
Seeing history unfold (C) Jan’09, p.76          (N)                      March’09, p.71    Travel toesocks (N)             May’09, p.91
Clear Customs faster (Global Entry           The art and value of journaling               Extending your air miles’ expiry date
   program) (N)               Jan’09, p.82      (C)                      March’09, p.72       (I)                          June’09, p.14
Unusual Hotels of the World (website)        Public transport guides (Europe &             Scoping out bargain airfares online
   (N)                        Jan’09, p.84      Sydney) (N)              March’09, p.76       (I)                          June’09, p.15
Re sending credit card info to unsecured     French Country Waterways (cruises)            H1N1 influenza (N)              June’09, p.20
   website (N)*               Jan’09, p.86      (N)                      March’09, p.76    Flight Arrangements for Tours (I)
UNICEF address for leftover foreign          EarPlanes (ear pressure plugs)                   (also see Dec’08, p.41) June’09, p.41
   change (I)*                Jan’09, p.87      (N)                      March’09, p.88    Comforters (duvets) out of place
Ritz-Carlton “Give Back” (community          Dental coverage lacking (with travel             (I)*                         June’09, p.53
   assistance) (N)            Jan’09, p.96      insurance) (I)            April’09, p.30   Travel insurance update — STA Travel
Locks luggage left in room                   Tour Companies and Single Supple-                reduces coverage. Employment
   (I)*                        Feb’09, p.4      ments (I)                 April’09, p.46      layoff coverage. “Zero dollar trip
Taking up the tacks (clearing carpet         Airport Q Ratings (I) (see June’09,              cost, post departure policy”
   through Customs) (I)* Feb’09, p.20           p.51)                     April’09, p.55      (C)                          June’09, p.58
Air France: Paris (stopover) free            Navigating code-share tickets                 Tips on not gaining weight on a cruise
   (N)                       Feb’09, p.23       (I)                       April’09, p.58      (C)                          June’09, p.62
Weak link re code-share tickets              Specialized travel agencies                   Inspect hotels online (N) June’09, p.65
   (I)                       Feb’09, p.30       (I)                       April’09, p.59   Drive race routes (worldwide)
Universal power “brick”                      Zeiss binoculars (I)         April’09, p.60      (N)                          June’09, p.71
   (N)                       Feb’09, p.80    Railpass roundup ’09 (C) April’09, p.62       RCI (Royal Caribbean International)
International travelers challenged anew      Saga Rose’s farewell (N) April’09, p.77          room service fee (N)* June’09, p.83
   (re catastrophic events)                  RMS St. Helena (N)           April’09, p.77   Magellan’s baggage “retriever tags”
   (C)                       Feb’09, p.81    Text message and Internet access on              (N)                          June’09, p.84
Orient-Express Trains & Cruises                 British Airways’ new route                 An “aging traveler’s” take on travel
   (N)                       Feb’09, p.84       (N)*                      April’09, p.79      (I)                          July’09, p.17
Special Needs at Sea (mobility-impaired      Electronic System for Travel Authoriza-       TSA Secure Flight rules (for
   equipment provider) (N) Feb’09, p.85         tion permission required for travel to        passengers) (N)              July’09, p.22
Cruising guide (history, statistics of          US (N)*                   April’09, p.79   Passengers of size pay double on
   lines and ships) (N)      Feb’09, p.85    Bushnell Backtrack GPS                           United et al. (N) (see Nov’09,
New ownership for Alitalia (N)* (see            (I)*                      April’09, p.80      p.14)                        July’09, p.23
   March’09, p.79)           Feb’09, p.87                        Ryanair check-in charge (Europe &
Cell calls and text messages allowed            (N)*                      April’09, p.80      North Africa) (N)            July’09, p.23
   from the air (Malaysia Airlines)          Escape to Shape (fitness, yoga, cooking       Complications charging rental on two
   (N)*                      Feb’09, p.87       classes worldwide) (N) April’09, p.87         cards (Europe) (I)           July’09, p.30
Inaccurate airport luggage scales (N)*       Travel with Spirit (Christian magazine)       Inform the ship’s Hotel Manager
   (see May’09, p.57)        Feb’09, p.88       (N)                       April’09, p.87      (of complaints) (I)          July’09, p.35
Travel ID for kids (N)       Feb’09, p.95    Postcards help in sightseeing                 Castles — Best for a Visit, Best for a
Country health/medical ratings                  (I)*                       May’09, p.4        Stay (I)                     July’09, p.45
   (reports) (N)             Feb’09, p.95    Flyer miles for first class                   Nitty-gritty on walkie-talkies (I)
Passenger with T-shirt slogan settles           (I)                       May’09, p.15        (see July’09, p.58)          July’09, p.58
   discrimination suit with TSA              ‘Mind the Gap!’ (subway hazard)               Leave walkie-talkies at home
   (N)                  March’09, pp.2, 78      (I)*                      May’09, p.16        (I)                          July’09, p.58
Xifaxan instead of Cipro (antibiotic)        Lightweight walkie-talkies (I) (see July      Cell phone pluses (I)           July’09, p.59
   (I)*                     March’09, p.4       ‘09, p.58)                May’09, p.20     Ghana goodie (recipe) (I) July’09, p.59
Traveling with a wheelchair                  Best Walking Shoes (I) May’09, p.44           No Saga Pearl II (sale fell through)
   (I)                     March’09, p.18    Katadyn water purifier (I) May’09, p.57          (N)                          July’09, p.68
Creative solution to language predica-       Cache of memories (journaling)                How to save big on your next cruise
   ment (stood there till help came)            (I)                       May’09, p.58        (C)                          July’09, p.69
   (I)                     March’09, p.19    Travel Clubs Bulletin Board                   Singles and OAT/GCT (re supplements,
Boutique Museums (I) March’09, p.45                                       May’09, p.61        matching service) (N) July’09, p.71
SteriPEN® sterilizes water                   Emergency Medical Evacuation 101 —            Summing up the single supplement
   (I)                     March’09, p.56       what overseas travelers need to know          scenario (C)                 July’09, p.76
Tour group audio systems                        (travel insurance) (C) May’09, p.66        Antipiracy plans (for US-flagged
   (I)                     March’09, p.57    Cruise deck plans online                         ships) (N)                   July’09, p.78
Thwarting pickpockets                           (N)                       May’09, p.72     Rentalo’s guarantee (accommodation-
   (I)*                    March’09, p.61    Flight crews’ travel guide (where to eat,        booking service) (N) July’09, p.79
Frequent-flyer e-mails (YAPTA airfare           drink, shop) (N)          May’09, p.80     Most popular airlines* (Departure
   availability alerts)                      Home robbed when garage-door opener              Lounge)                      July’09, p.92
  Call 800/486-4968 to subscribe                                                                INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS REFERENCE INDEX 13
  Securing laptops (in hotel room)                Chile and chilly (re José de San Martín     DOT warns airlines re rules on
     (I)                          Aug’09, p.17       & Bernardo O’Higgins; also re               compensation for lost baggage
  Air France jet crash (N) Aug’09, p.20              duvets) (I)*              Oct’09, p.54      (N)*                       Dec’09, p.2
  Yemenia Airbus crash (N) Aug’09, p.20           Summer-weight duvets (re duvets)            Re booking fees for calling airlines’
  Visiting aid organizations while                   (I)*                      Oct’09, p.54      toll-free numbers (N)* Dec’09, p.2
     touring (I)                  Aug’09, p.41    Packing tips (I)             Oct’09, p.55   Re water quality on airplanes
  Winging it Finding a Hotel                      Travel Clubs Bulletin Board                    (N)*                       Dec’09, p.2
     (I)                          Aug’09, p.49       (I)                       Oct’09, p.54   Christmas cruise gratuities
  Double-check Delta, Northwest tickets           National Geographic back issues (on            (I)                       Dec’09, p.21
     during merge (I)             Aug’09, p.56       DVD and USB) (N)          Oct’09, p.58   Tips on volunteering overseas for the
  Counterduvet movement                           Why not go cruising? (C) Oct’09, p.61          50-plus crowd • John Dwyer
     (I)*                         Aug’09, p.58    The sleaze of fees (re bank and credit         (A)                       Dec’09, p.38
  Duvet disarray (I)*             Aug’09, p.59       card fees and fraud) (C) Oct’09, p.67    Flight crews’ tips (book re recommen-
  Travel Clubs Bulletin Board                     Book bartering online (N) Oct’09, p.68         dations in cities) (N)    Dec’09, p.40
     (I)                          Aug’09, p.59    Allergy warning cards (translations)        Best Walking Shoes (I) Dec’09, p.41
  Hostels: the cure for expensive, lonely            (N)                       Oct’09, p.76   On flight arrangements (for tours)
     travel (C)                   Aug’09, p.67    KeyToss for mobiles (downloadable              (I)                       Dec’09, p.50
  Checked-bag fees (N)*           Aug’09, p.75       travel tools) (RCC)       Oct’09, p.76   Booking flights for a tour
  No first class on some Qantas and               Skyscanner fare browser (website)              (I)                       Dec’09, p.51
     British Air flights (N)* Aug’09, p.75           (N)                       Oct’09, p.76   Bag-retriever tags (luggage tags)
  No cash payments on board on AA                 Credit card expiration date tip                (I)                       Dec’09, p.52
     (American Airlines)                             (N)*                      Oct’09, p.81   Luggage tagging (I)          Dec’09, p.52
     (N)*                         Aug’09, p.75    Most-expensive-cities list (N)* Nov’09,     How I pack for Europe (C) Dec’09, p.65
  Tips on earning frequent-flyer miles               p.2                                      “Super Granny” (“Great Stuff to Do
     (I)*                         Aug’09, p.76    Fee for advance seat selection on BA           with your Grandkids” book)
  Parking at the airport safely                      (British Airways) (N)* Nov’09, p.2          (N)                       Dec’09, p.69
     (I)*                         Aug’09, p.76    Ryanair charging for checked bags           Military personnel day-cruise offer to
  Elegant Cruises & Tours uncertainties              (Europe & North Africa)                     Bahamas (N)*              Dec’09, p.70
     (N)                          Aug’09, p.83       (N)*                       Nov’09, p.2   Lessons in time mixups and ship
  Countries’ smoking ban status list              On buying an extra seat (I) (re July’09,       location (I)*             Dec’09, p.70
     (N)                           Sept’09, p.2      p.23)                    Nov’09, p.14    Luggage-contents-list tip
  Most Useful Guidebooks                          Best Way to Upgrade (a flight-cabin            (I)*                      Dec’09, p.71
     (I)                          Sept’09, p.37      class) (I) (see July’09,                 UAL’s “Premier Baggage” program
  Relies on travel agent (I) Sept’09, p.49           p.4)                     Nov’09, p.41       (N)                       Dec’09, p.73
  Travel Clubs Bulletin Board                     Need a (rental) car for more than           Elderhostel’s Exploritas programs
     (I)                          Sept’09, p.50      30 days? (I)             Nov’09, p.51       (N)                       Dec’09, p.73
  Carry-on equipped (packing tips)                Staged distraction (pickpocket ploy)        BoomerangIt (tags for lost-and-found
     (I)                          Sept’09, p.50      (I)                      Nov’09, p.51       service) (N)              Dec’09, p.73
  Techie tips for travelers (C) Sept’09, p.58     Counts on travel agents (I) Nov’09, p.52    Textamundo (text questions (online bookseller)              Travel agents can help (I) Nov’09, p.52        answered) (N)             Dec’09, p.73
     (N)                          Sept’09, p.65   Cutting all ties (from back home),          Globetrotter SOS (emergency-response
  Re radio frequency chip required in                temporarily (I)*         Nov’09, p.52       service for smartphones)
     passports of those visiting US from          Travel insurance can’t protect you             (N)                       Dec’09, p.74
     Visa Waiver Program countries                   everywhere • Wayne Wirtanen              Private jet time-share (N) Dec’09, p.74
     (N)*                         Sept’09, p.69      (A)                      Nov’09, p.59
                                                                                                YOUR letter or article can appear in
  Beware of phone scams re magazine               Tourist, beware: Europe’s latest travel
                                                                                              the next listing. Mail timely travel info
     subscriptions (N)*           Sept’09, p.69      scams (C)                Nov’09, p.63
                                                                                              to ITN, 2120 28th St., Sacramento, CA
  Best topo(graphy) map ever                      TSA screening powdered substances
                                                                                              95818, or e-mail editor@intltravelnews.
     (N)                          Sept’09, p.76      (N)*                  Nov’09, pp.2, 69
                                                                                              com (please include the address at which
  “Barrier-Free Travel” (book for                 Re Customs & Border Protection laptop
                                                                                              you receive ITN).
     mobility impaired) (N) Oct’09, p.19             seizures (N)*            Nov’09, p.69
  Pictures on iPhones (communication              Lesson in checking flight reservations
     software) (N)                 Oct’09, p.42      often (I)*               Nov’09, p.69
  Most Useful Guidebooks                          Take cell phone photo of luggage
     (I)                           Oct’09, p.43      (travel tip) (I)*        Nov’09, p.70
  Wilting under quilting (re duvets)              United’s Premier Travel perks
     (I)*                          Oct’09, p.53      (N)                      Nov’09, p.74
  Double the work (re duvets)                     Yellow Book (CDC health info for
     (I)*                          Oct’09, p.54      travelers) (N)           Nov’09, p.74
  Duvets “cuddly” (re duvets)                     Projects Abroad (volunteer service
     (I)*                          Oct’09, p.54      organization) (N)        Nov’09, p.74
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