Beta Alpha Psi – IRS VITA Program by yaofenjin


									                  Beta Alpha Psi – IRS VITA Program
                          Reporting Summary
                         January – April, 2009
     Report due no later than May 18, 2009 (see instructions at bottom of page)

University _____________________________

SIDN (Site ID Number) _____________________ BAP Chapter # _______
(Note: Your SIDN begins with “S” and is followed by an 8 digit number)
BAP Region __________________________
Contact Information:

Name: ________________________________

Title: __________________                        Email: ___________________

Daytime Phone: ____________________

Total number of federal income tax returns prepared                       __________

Total $ amount of earned income credit claimed                           $__________

Total volunteer hours          ____________

Total number of students participating ___________
In addition, please attach the following:
    1. An Excel spreadsheet detailing individual student participation.
         The spreadsheet must include the student’s name (first, middle initial and
            last), date volunteered, and # of hours volunteered by date and in total).

   2. An Excel spreadsheet detailing the number of tax returns prepared and amount of
      earned income credit.
           The detail may be by daily or weekly (whatever works best for your

If you have any questions, please contact Robin Taylor at the Internal Revenue Service
Tel. # (404) 338-7174 Email:

The report is due no later than May 18, 2009. Please email the report to Robin Taylor at
the IRS

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