Convention _ Tradeshow by yaofenjin


									         2011 ExhibitOr PrOSPECtuS

30th Annual
Convention & Tradeshow
October 17-19, 2011
San Diego, California

    Rules and RegulaTions                                                 LOCATION OF TRADESHOW
                                                                          San Diego Convention Center - Exhibit hall D
AbOut thE WCA CONVENtiON AND trADEShOW                                    111 West harbor Drive
the Western Carwash Association (WCA) is hosting its 30th Annual          San Diego, CA 92101
Convention and tradeshow at the San Diego Convention Center in
beautiful San Diego, California. More than 500 car wash owner/opera-      ACCOMMODATIONS
tors attending education sessions and more than 1,600 attendees           We have added flexibility this year by offering small room blocks at
walking the tradeshow floor are anticipated. With 20 million people       the following three hotels:
and 2,000+ car washes within 200 miles of San Diego along with the        Omni San Diego $159 per night - WCA headquarters hotel located
lowest registration cost in over a decade, this show will draw a huge     across the street from the Convention Center
drive-in attendance. WCA is the largest and longest running regional
car wash show in the country and draws attendees from the twelve          Horton Grand Hotel $139 per night - Charming historic hotel, 3
western states as well as throughout the country. being an exhibitor      blocks away about a 5-7 minute walk
provides you with unique access to the top leaders and decision-mak-      Hampton Inn $119 per night - Located near the bay, near trolley and
ers in the car wash industry.                                             a 5 minute drive to the Convention Center

TRADESHOW                                                                 EVENTS
Location: San Diego has: enormous geographical draw, easily acces-        (Program subject to change.)
sible throughout the West, exceptional convention center, flexible
accommodations, incredible entertainment and exceptional weather           ExhibitOr SChEDuLE OF EVENtS (tentative)
Traffic: Dedicated exhibit hours for attendees                             Sunday, October 16, 2011
Direct Exposure: WCA tradeshow is known as a personable venue,
offering one-on-one opportunities to showcase products or services                        10:00am – 6:00pm Exhibitor Move in
Marketing: Exhibiting companies, contacts and products/services            Monday, October 17, 2011
will be promoted throughout the entire year as part of WCA’s exten-
sive marketing plan including e-communications, direct mail print                          8:00am – 2:00pm Exhibitor Set up
and website presence.
Promotion: Opportunities exist to send a pre-conference mailing                          10:00am – 11:30am Opening Keynote Education
promoting products or services                                                           11:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch
Networking: two complimentary tradeshow badges for each booth
purchased for booth personnel                                                              1:30pm – 3:30pm Education Sessions
Education: Exhibitors receive complimentary entrance to all educa-
tion sessions                                                                              4:00pm – 6:00pm WCA tradeshow

RESERVING BOOTH SPACE                                                                      6:00pm – 8:00pm Opening reception
Please carefully read the exhibit terms and conditions included in this
prospectus. review the enclosed floor plan or visit to        Tuesday, October 18, 2011
select desired booth space and complete the exhibitor booth applica-
tion. booths will be assigned on a first-come, first-served, first-paid                      9:00am – Noon Education Sessions
basis. Booth reservations are not guaranteed until payment has
been made in full. Mail or fax your completed form with payment to:                          Noon – 6:00pm WCA tradeshow
WCA 2011 Annual Convention                                                 Wednesday, October 19, 2011
950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150, Folsom, CA 95630
(916) 932-2209 Fax                                                                        9:00am – 10:00am WCA industry Awards &
For more information contact: Carolyn tienken, WCA Convention &                                            business updates
Meeting Coordinator, at (916) 235-4135 or                                                                        10:00am – 2:00pm WCA tradeshow

                                                                                           2:00pm – 8:00pm Exhibitor Move out
Exhibit booth fee includes a single 10’ x 10’ booth space with 8’ pipe
and draped backwall and 3’ sidewalls plus one identification sign.
Each booth purchased permits two (2) booth personnel badges for           INVESTMENT, PAYMENTS, INCENTIVE and
each booth purchased. Additional booth personnel badges can be            PREMIERE PACKAGE’S
purchased for a fee of $129 per extra person (includes Monday night
reception). All booth personnel must wear WCA conference badge to         Early Bird: Before 10/14/2010 or at the 2010 Show
be admitted into the exhibit hall and WCA education and reception         Member $1,100              Nonmember $1,500
events.                                                                   Received After 10/14/10 - 7/1/2011
2011 Show Incentive - receive 50% off each additional booth res-          Member $1,400              Nonmember $1,800
ervation BEYOND the number of booths taken at the 2010 WCA                Late Sign up After 7/1/2011
Show.                                                                     Member $1,600              Nonmember $2,000
                                                                          2011 Incentive:
EXHIBITOR SERVICE MANUAL                                                  50% OFF ($550) per booth bEYOND the number of booths you took at
An exhibitor service manual containing general and technical infor-       the 2010 WCA Show
mation regarding the tradeshow, instructions, rates and pertinent
information regarding the services of the official contractors will be    Featured Premiere Packages:
sent to each contracted exhibiting organization by May 1, 2011 to
ensure time to make arrangements and requests for service. WCA            Gold (only 4 available) $8,000 includes 8 booths, 15 tradeshow pass-
official show decorator is:                                               es, 1 - 50 minute exclusive education session on tuesday
GES Global Experience Specialists                                         Silver (Only 3 premiere packages available) $6,000 includes 6 booths,
491 C Street, Chula Vista, CA 91910                                       10 tradeshow passes, 1 - 50 minute exclusive education session on
(619) 498-6300 or (800) 515-5500 |                            Wednesday

exhibiT TeRms & CondiTions
SELL OUTS                                                                   LIABILITY INSURANCE
it is possible that the number of requests for booth space will exceed       A) Exhibitor acknowledges that the Association, facility and general
available space. if space sells out and you have submitted a contract           contractor do not maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s prop-
with full payment, you could be placed on a waiting list or your mon-           erty and that it is the sole responsibility of exhibitor to maintain
ies returned. You will be contacted for your decision.                          such insurance that will fully protect the Association, facility, and
                                                                                general contractor from any and all claims under the workers’
ADMISSION                                                                       compensation act; for personal injury, including death, which
WCA shall have sole control over admission to the exhibit and educa-            may arise in connection with the installation, operation, or dis-
tion areas. All persons visiting the exhibit and education areas will be        mantling of exhibitor’s display; and business interruption and
admitted according to the rules and regulations of the convention               property damage insurance covering any and all such losses by
and tradeshow or as amended by WCA. Admission to the education                  exhibitor. Exhibitors are required to maintain insurance during
and tradeshow floor during official show hours will be available to all         the period from move in through move out. Certificates of insur-
registered attendees.                                                           ance are not required to be submitted to WCA, but must be avail-
                                                                                able for inspection upon request.
                                                                             b) the Exhibitor, their agents, employees, contractors, or invitees
RULES & REGULATIONS                                                             agree to indemnify, protect, save, and hold harmless the Associa-
Exhibitor acknowledges that he/she has read and agrees to the ex-               tion and the facility, its agents, employees, or contractors from
hibitor regulations information that accompanies this space applica-            and against any and all losses, damages, injuries, claims, demands
tion. Exhibitors will be bound by the booth rules and regulations that          and expenses, including legal expenses, of whatsoever kind and
will be included in the exhibitor service kit that will be sent to the          nature, arising due to negligence during exhibitor’s participation
contact on record no later than 90 days prior to the show.                      in the exposition during the installation, show, or dismantling
EARLY DISMANTLING                                                            C) Damage to inadequately packed property is the exhibitor’s own
As a professional courtesy to attendees and other exhibitors, please            responsibility, and the Association will not be liable for any such
do not tear down booths until after the show has been officially                damage.
closed. inspections will be made throughout the show. Any exhibit            D) the cost of repair or replacement due to damage to the facility
dismantled or partially dismantled before the close of the show                 housing the exposition caused or done by the exhibitor shall be
will jeopardize placement and or ability to exhibit at the WCA                  the responsibility of the exhibitor causing such damage.
2012 show even if booths were pre-selected.                                  E) Exhibitor shall assume all risks, costs, and expenses arising from
                                                                                the use of patented, trademarked, or copyrighted materials,
                                                                                equipment, devices, processes, or dramatic rights used during or
USE OF EXHIBIT SPACE DURING EXHIBIT HOURS/                                      incorporated during the conduct of its activities in the WCA An-
                                                                                nual Convention and tradeshow, and agrees to protect, indem-
PROHIBITIONS                                                                    nify, defend, and hold the Association, facility, and their employ-
Exhibitors shall reflect their highest standard of professionalism while        ees and agents harmless from all damages, costs, and expenses in
maintaining the booth during exposition hours.                                  law or equity for or on account of any infringement or alleged
 A) All demonstrations and exhibits must be confined to the con-                infringement of the intellectual or intangible property rights of
    tracted space. Visitors to the booth must be contained within the           any person (including without limitation patented, trademarked,
    perimeters of same. No overflow into the aisles will be permitted.          or copyrighted materials, equipment, devices, processes, or dra-
    Space is leased under the definite pledge that an exhibit ger-              matic rights furnished to or used by exhibitor in connection with
    mane to the industry and of interest or educational value to the            its activities in the WCA Annual Convention and tradeshow), in-
    trade will be presented. the use of strolling entertainment or per-         cluding the costs and expenses of defending any such action
    sonnel is prohibited. Distribution of samples/souvenirs is permit-          even if it is groundless or fraudulent.
    ted only from the contracted exhibit space.                              F) Security guard service is provided by the Association on contract
 b) Exhibitors are prohibited from using loud audio. Loudspeakers or            basis from move-in through move-out. reasonable precautions
    the operation of machinery that is of sufficient sound volume to            are taken to protect property, but the Association cannot and
    be annoying to neighboring exhibitors or guests will not be per-            does not ensure the safety of persons or the protection of exhibi-
    mitted. Equipment requires prior approval by the Association. No            tors’ property. the furnishing of such security shall not be
    exhibit will be permitted that interferes with the use of other ex-         deemed to increase the liability of the Association, its representa-
    hibits or impedes access to them or impedes the free use of the             tives and employees, the general contractor, convention center,
    aisles. Display equipment may not be placed or displayed outside            or city where the venue is located, their representatives and em-
    exhibitor’s booth unless approved in writing by the Association.            ployees, or to modify in any way the assumption of risk and re-
    Exhibits must be supervised at all times, unless expressly ap-              lease provided for above. if insurance is desired, it must be se-
    proved otherwise by the Association show management.                        cured by exhibitor. it is recommended that exhibitors take pre-
 C) in the event exhibitor plays recorded music at the space that is            cautionary measures of their own, such as the securing of small
    the subject of this contract, exhibitor warrants that it shall obtain       or easily portable articles of value and the removal of them to a
    appropriate licenses and have the authority to use such copy-               place of safekeeping after exhibit hours. under no circum-stances
    righted music and that exhibitor shall com-ply with all terms and           shall the Association be liable for lost profits, exemplary or conse-
    conditions of said licenses. Exhibitor agrees not to have any live          quential damages, or punitive damages.
    musical performance in its exhibit space. Exhibitor agrees to de-
    fend, indemnify, save, and hold the Association harmless from           PRIZE DRAWINGS
    any claims brought against the Association alleging a breach of         if allowed by local law, exhibitors will be permitted to conduct draw-
    the warranties made in this paragraph.                                  ings for prizes and awards during the show. however, the Association
 D) An Exhibitor may not use a competitor’s product in a demonstra-         is not in any way responsible for determining local law; is not liable
    tion or any type of comparison. the Association may establish           for such drawings; and does not endorse any services or products so
    and enforce such other requirements, as it may deem necessary.          drawn. in the event of a prize drawing, if it is determined that such
 E) Non-exhibiting companies may not display or advertise their             would not fully comply with applicable law, or that the prizes offered
    products or services in any exhibit area or elsewhere in the con-       have little or no economic value or are misrepresented as to their val-
    vention facility, or official Association hotels, when, in the judg-    ue, or that such drawings would unduly disrupt the proper function-
    ment of the Association, such products are competitive to the           ing of the WCA Annual Convention and tradeshow, the Association
    products of exhibiting firms. Complaints registered under this          will have the option to terminate such drawing.
    section must be made in writing to the Association.
 F) use of live animals is prohibited on the tradeshow floor.
 G) Failure to comply with any of the above will grant the Association
    the right to remove the company from the exposition without
    recourse for any reason, including but not limited to, loss of sales,
    damages, or disparagement.
    exhibiT TeRms & CondiTions
UNAUTHORIZED SOCIAL EVENTS, MARKETING                                         tion shall be entitled to retain the deposit fees as liquidated damages
                                                                              and not as a penalty (it being agreed that actual damages would be
EVENTS, OR FOCUS GROUPS                                                       difficult to ascertain under the circumstances).
Exhibitor agrees that it will not conduct any educational, social, or
other functions during the official daily hours of the WCA Annual
Convention and tradeshow, without the expressed written consent of            COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATIONS
the Association. in order to coordinate the scheduling of special func-       Fire regulations require all display material used for decoration to be
tions, any exhibitor/company interested in planning an event during           flameproof. No combustible decoration, such as crepe paper, tissue
the convention should submit a written request to the convention              paper, cardboard, or corrugated paper shall be used at any time. All
coordinator. All functions are subject to approval by the Association         packaging containers, excelsior, or wrapping paper are to be removed
Program Chair.                                                                from the floor and must not be stored under tables or behind dis-
                                                                              plays. All muslin, velvet, or any other cloth decoration must be flame-
                                                                              proof. No boxes of any kind can be stored in the exhibit facility.
ATTENDANCE                                                                    A) All electrical equipment, including signs and lights, shall be in
the Association will make all reasonable attempts to attract quality
attendees to the convention and tradeshow, but does not guarantee                good operable condition and able to pass the inspections of the
specific volumes or levels of qualification. traffic by a specific booth is      local fire inspection bureau. Each exhibitor agrees to be knowl-
a function of the particular exhibit and not a responsibility of the As-         edgeable and responsible regarding ordinances and regulations
sociation.                                                                       pertaining to health, fire prevention, and public safety.
                                                                              b) Fire prevention rules will not allow combustible or flammable prod-
                                                                                 ucts in the convention center. Companies involved in the manufac-
NON-EXHIBITORS                                                                   ture, distribution, or sales of such products must display clean,
No firm or organization not assigned space in the exhibit hall will be           empty containers in their booths. if you have any type of product
permitted to solicit business within the exhibit or education areas.             that might be considered questionable, be sure to bring the appli-
Exhibitors are requested to inform the Association of their knowledge            cable material safety data sheet outlining NFPA and hMiS hazard
of any such solicitation activity.                                               ratings. Exhibitors shall be bound by and must comply with, at ex-
                                                                                 hibitor’s sole cost and expense, all applicable national, state, and
SUBLETTING BOOTH SPACE                                                           local laws, codes, and regulations of governmental or other au-
Exhibitor may not assign, sublet, or apportion all or any part of exhibi-        thorities having jurisdiction over the exhibit facility or over the
tor’s contracted booth space. Exhibitor may not display, promote, sell,          conduct of the WCA Annual Convention and tradeshow, together
or market non-exhibitor products or services in its booth(s). Failure to         with the rules and regulations of the owners and/or operators of
adhere to these regulations may result in the exhibit being removed              the facility in which the WCA Annual Convention and tradeshow is
at the exhibitor’s expense. Exhibitor hereby waives any claim for re-            held.
fund of the exhibit space or other damages arising out of such termi-
nation and/or exhibit removal.                                                CHILDREN RESTRICTIONS IN THE EXHIBIT HALL
                                                                              Children younger than 18 years old are only allowed in the exhibit
CANCELLATION/REDUCTION OF SPACE                                               hall during published show hours. Children must be accompanied by
Should exhibitor need to cancel or reduce a space reservation, written        an adult and will NOt be permitted on the tradeshow floor during
notice of the cancellation/reduction is required. For cancellations or        show set-up and dismantling.
reductions prior to June 1, 2011, a $250 administrative fee will be de-
ducted from the booth deposit. in the event of a cancellation or re-          AMENDMENTS TO REGULATIONS
duction of space after June 1, 2011, booth deposit (minus a $250 ad-          the Association reserves the right to interpret, amend, and enforce
ministrative fee) will be refunded only after 90% of booth space ca-          the conditions, rules and regulations at its sole discretion. Each ex-
pacity has been achieved and resale of returned booth space has               hibitor, for itself, its agents, and employees, agrees to abide by the
been completed.                                                               terms set forth in these rules and regulations or by any amendment
                                                                              thereto or interpretation thereof.
in the event the WCA Annual Convention and tradeshow is canceled              OTHER IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS
or postponed, or the Association is unable to perform for any reason          Please pay close attention to the Exhibitor Kit from GES regarding the
whatsoever, including performance under this agreement, the sole              following:
and exclusive remedy of exhibitor as a result of the nonoccurrence or         •	 Canopies & Ceilings
postponement of the WCA Annual Convention and tradeshow, in-                  •	 hanging Signs & Graphics
cluding incremental and consequential damages, shall be a refund of           •	 towers
monies paid on account of the exhibit space, less exhibitor’s pro-rata        •	 Multi-Story Exhibit
share of expenses relating to the WCA Annual Convention and trade-            •	 Structural integrity
show, as determined by the Association. the Association reserves the
right to cancel or postpone the WCA Annual Convention and trade-
show for any of the following reasons: damage or destruction of the           AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA)
facility, acts of God, national or unforeseen emergency, public enemy,        All exhibiting companies are required to be in compliance with the
war or insurrections, strikes or the possibility of strikes, the authority    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). information regarding ADA
of law, for any cause beyond the Association’s control or in circum-          compliance is available from the u.S. Department of Justice ADA in-
stances that the Association, in its sole discretion, determines that the     formation line (800) 514-0301 and at www.usdoj. gov/crt/ada/info-
WCA Annual Convention and tradeshow cannot be held as planned                 line.htm.
or in a manner that will serve the best interests of the Association, the
attendees and/or exhibitors, or where the success of the WCA Annual           INFORMATION
Convention and tradeshow will be adversely affected.                          Contact Carolyn tienken, WCA Convention & Meeting Coordinator, at
                                                                     or (916) 235-4135.
PAYMENT AND PROVISIONS IN CASE OF DEFAULT                                     Western Carwash Association
if exhibitor fails to pay fully, when due, any sum required to be paid        950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150, Folsom, CA 95630
by this contract, or if exhibitor fails to perform any other material         (916) 235-4135 | (916) 932-2209 fax
terms or conditions of this contract, or fails or refuses to observe or |
abide by the rules and regulations referred to in this contract or any
part thereof, the Association reserves the right to terminate this con-
tract immediately and to withhold from exhibitor possession of the
space involved or to take immediate possession thereof. the Associa-
sponsoRship oppoRTuniTies
Sponsorships are an extremely effective way to maximize your com-
pany’s exposure.                                                        General Session & Breakfast $5,000 Exclusive or
                                                                        (two co-sponsors $2,500) Exclusive includes two
As a sponsor you will:                                                  10’x10’ complimentary tradeshow booths
•	 reach an expected target audience of more than 1,500 attendees
                                                                        Sponsor tuesday’s General Session/WCA business Meeting & Awards
   and unlimited exposure in WCA email broadcast
                                                                        Ceremony and breakfast and have your company name/logo promi-
•	 increase awareness of your company’s products and services           nently displayed.
•	 Gain access to industry decision-makers
•	 be recognized as key sponsors of the 30th Annual Convention and
                                                                        Welcome Reception Monday Night $10,000—or
   tradeshow in San Diego                                               (co-sponsors for $2,500/ea) Exclusive includes
                                                                        two 10’x10’ complimentary tradeshow booths
All Sponsorships include the following benefits:                        to kick off WCA’s Annual Convention and tradeshow, sponsor the wel-
•	 Company name and logo on all marketing materials                     come reception on Monday evening. have your company name/logo
                                                                        displayed at reception and signage at your booth during the show.
•	 Company name and logo (with link) featured on WCA conference
   website page
                                                                        Lanyards or Name Badge Holder $4,000*
•	 Verbal recognition during convention                                 What better way to have your company name/logo stand out than on
•	 Sponsorship listing in the onsite program                            the lanyards or name badge holder worn everywhere by convention
•	 Signage in/around sponsored event
                                                                        attendees use their room keys.
•	 recognition in the post convention communications
•	 One email broadcast to WCA membership                                Beverage or Snack in Your Booth $3,500
   (two if you are exhibiting)
                                                                        Sponsor a beverage or snack at your booth during the
•	 Post convention attendee mailing list                                tuesday afternoon reception on the tradeshow floor. have
   (sent after convention as an electronic file)                        company name/logo displayed on tables and on signage.
•	 Free entry to education sessions
•	 For every $2,500 in sponsorship you will receive two complimen-      Nuts & Bolts Education $2,500
   tary full registrations to the convention.                           Sponsor the “Nuts & bolts” classroom in the Exhibit hall. have your
                                                                        company and booth information at the entrance of the classroom in
Tote Bags $3,500 (1) 1,500+ attendees*                                  the Exhibit hall.
Let the attendees do the marketing for you! Your company name and
logo will be prominently displayed on one side of each tote bag along
with WCA on the other side.
                                                                        *Available as In-Kind Sponsorships
Keynote Speaker $3,500 Exclusive, (Includes one
10x10 complimentary booth – if booth selection
is currently made and paid, booth fee will be
applied towards exclusive sponsorship - up to
two co-sponsors $1,750 each)
What better way to promote your company. the Keynote session is            NOt A WCA MEMbEr?
the most well attended session at the convention. Give your company
the leading edge with a promotional slide show and the opportunity         HERE’S WHY YOU SHOULD BE
to make opening remarks or have a representative introduce the
                                                                           More than 65% of exhibitors at the Annual Convention are
                                                                           WCA members. Membership is available to qualified compa-
                                                                           nies that supply products and services used in the day-to-day
                                                                           operations of the car wash industry.
                                                                           As a WCA member you would receive:
                                                                             •	 reduced exhibit and convention rates.
                                                                             •	 Discounted rates on advertising in WCA publications and
                                                                             •	 Year-round access to the member’s only section of the
                                                                             •	 Company listing in the Vendor Directory on the WCA web-
                                                                           For more information contact Christina Shupe,
                                                                           WCA Membership Coordinator, at (916) 235-4135

    sponsoRship oppoRTuniTies FoRm
    Company Name: __________________________________________________________
                                                                                                 Western Carwash association
                                                                                                 29th annual Convention & Tradeshow
    Contact Person: __________________________________________________________                   october 11 – 13, 2010
                                                                                                 mgm grand las Vegas, nV
    Address: ________________________________________________________________

    City: ________________________________________________________State _________________ Zip:____________________

    Phone: ______________________________ Fax: ______________________________ Cell: ________________________________

    Email:_____________________________________________ Website: ________________________________________________

    Sponsorships are an extremely effective way to maximize your company’s exposure.
    Questions regarding sponsorship, contact Carolyn tienken CMP at: (916) 235-4135 or email:

    SPONSORSHIP - (Please check item and amount or in-kind if applicable.)
    … tote bags                  $3,500 or in-kind                        … Welcome Gift/Amenity      $2,000
    … Keynote Speaker            $3,500 exclusive or $1,750               … Lanyard/badge holder      $4,000 or in-kind
    … General Sessions                                                    … room Keys - Keycard       $4,000 or in-kind
      & breakfast                $5,000 exclusive or $2,500               … beverages or Snack        $4,000
    … Welcome reception          $10,000 exclusive                        … Nuts & bolts              $2,500
    As a sponsor you will:
    •	 reach a target audience of more than 1,600 attendees and unlimited exposure in WCA email broadcast
    •	 increase awareness of your company’s products and services
    •	 Gain access to industry decision-makers
                                                                                                     if you have products or merchandise
    •	 be recognized as key sponsors of the 30th Annual WCA Annual Convention in San Diego           in the areas we are seeking
                                                                                                     sponsorship and you would rather
    All Sponsorships include the following benefits:                                                 donate these items, we will honor
    •	 Company name and logo on all marketing materials                                              your in-kind sponsorships according
                                                                                                     to the value of the sponsorship/
    •	 Company name and logo (with link) featured on WCA Convention website page                     donation. if you would rather take on
    •	 Verbal recognition during conference                                                          the cost to produce the requested
                                                                                                     item and include the WCA logo, this
    •	 Sponsorship listing in the onsite program                                                     too will be considered an in-kind
    •	 Signage in/around sponsored event                                                             sponsorship. All sponsorships
                                                                                                     (monetary and in-kind) receive
    •	 recognition in the post convention communications                                             sponsorship recognition. All in-kind
    •	 One email blast to WCA membership (two if you are exhibiting)                                 sponsorship items are subject to
    •	 Post convention attendee mailing list (sent after convention as an electronic file)
    •	 Free entry to education sessions

    Make check payable to: Western Carwash Association
    Mail or fax to: Western Carwash Association, 950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150, Folsom, CA 95630 | (916) 932-2209Fax

    Please √ form of payment: … Check … Visa … Master Card … AMEx … Discover Card … in-kind

    Amount $ _______________(GL 4755-100)

    Credit Card # _________________________________ Exp. Date ______________________3-digit security code______________

    Name as it appears on Credit Card ____________________________________________billing Zip Code ___________________

    Signature ___________________________________________________ WCA Membership iD# __________________________

booTh RegisTRaTion ConTRaCT
Company Name __________________________________________________________                    Western Carwash association
                                                                                           29th annual Convention & Tradeshow
booth Contact Person _____________________________________________________                 october 11 – 13, 2010
                                                                                           mgm grand las Vegas, nV
Address _________________________________________________________________

City ________________________________________________ State ______________________Zip _______________________

Phone ________________________ Fax ______________________________Email _____________________________________

We have selected______(10’x10’) spaces      MEMBERS PAY $1,100        NONMEMBERS PAY $1,800 Until July 1, 2011*
List booth Choices: 1st Choice     2nd Choice        3rd Choice
i, the undersigned, as a representative for the above company have read the contract and understand the terms listed below and
commit to exhibiting at the WCA 2011 Annual Convention and tradeshow.
                                          Signature _________________________________________________________

Payment in full is required. Spaces are selected on a first-come, first-served, basis and will not be reserved by phone. Display
space is a 10’x10’ booth and 8’ high back wall with 3’ side rails extending out from the back wall or floor space equivalent to a
10’x10’. Please identify the booth numbers or floor space requested in 10’x10’ increments with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice.
*After July 1, 2011       MEMBERS PAY $1,600         NONMEMBERS PAY $2,000
NOT A MEMBER? Complete member application on next page to receive member pricing!

WCA trADEShOW hOurS:               Monday, October 17, 2011           4:00pm to 6:00pm
WELCOME rECEPtiON:                 Monday, October 17, 2011           6:00pm to 8:00pm
WCA trADEShOW hOurS:               tuesday, October 18, 2011          Noon to 6:00pm
WCA trADEShOW hOurS:               Wednesday, October 19, 2011        10:00am to 2:00pm
MOVE-iN:                           Exhibitors may begin setting up on Sunday, October 16, 2011 10:00am to 6:00pm.
                                   All displays must be set by Monday, October 17, 2011 at 2:00pm.
MOVE-Out:                          Exhibitors may begin moving out on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 after 2:00pm. All exhibit
                                   materials must be cleared by 10:00pm on Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Overtime rates apply
                                   on labor before 8:00am and after 5:00pm.

refund Policy: in the event of cancellation or reduction of space prior to June 1, 2011 a $250 administrative fee will be deducted
from the refunded booth deposit. in the event of cancellation or reduction of space after June 1, 2011, booth deposit will be re-
funded only after 90% of booth space capacity has been achieved and resale of returned booth space has been completed. A
$250 administrative fee will be deducted.

Sponsorship is always welcome. For more information, go to or contact Carolyn tienken CMP, Convention & Meet-
ing Coordinator at (916) 235-4135 or

Make check payable to: Western Carwash Association, 950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150, Folsom, CA 95630
Mail or fax to: Western Carwash Association, 950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150, Folsom, CA 95630 | (916) 932-2209 Fax
Need more information contact Carolyn tienken, CMP: (916) 235-4135 Fax (916) 932-2209 or email:
Please √ form of payment: … Check … Visa … Master Card … AMEx … Discover Card … in-kind
Amount $         (GL 4760-100)
Credit Card # _________________________________ Exp. Date ______________________3-digit security code______________

Name as it appears on Credit Card ____________________________________________billing Zip Code ___________________

Signature ___________________________________________________ WCA Membership iD# __________________________
    950 glenn drive, suite 150
    Folsom, Ca 95670

                                                                                   2011 FlooR plan

                                       WESTERN CARWASH ASSOCIATION
                                                                                  OCTOBER 17-19, 2011
                                                                             SAN DIEGO CONVENTION CENTER
                                                                                 LOWER LEVEL - HALL D




                                                                  342        343          344    442        443          444    CONCESSION-D                                   742         743          744    842       843


                                                           241     340                    341     440                    441                           640               641     740

                                                                                                                                                                                                              WCA / WCIA         20'

                                                           239     338                    339     438                    439   538               539   638               639     738                     739
                   SEMINAR                                 237     336                    337     436                    437   536               537   636               637     736
                                                           235     334                    335     434                    435   534               535   634               635     734                     735

             130                 131   230                 231     330                    331     430                    431   530               531   630               631     730                     731     830

             128                 129   228                 229     328                    329     428                    429   528               529   628               629     728                     729     828

             126                 127   226                 227     326                    327     426                    427   526               527   626               627     726                     727     826

             124                 125   224                 225     324                    325     424                    425   524               525   624               625     724                     725     824

             122                 123   222                 223     322                    323     422                    423   522               523   622               623     722                     723     822                   823

             120                 121   220                 221     320                    321     420                    421   520               521   620               621     720                     721     820                   821
                       10'                       10'                            10'                            10'                     10'                     10'                            10'                            10'
             118                 119   218                 219     318                    319     418                    419   518               519   618               619     718                     719     818                   819

             116                 117   216                 217     316                    317     416                    417   516               517   616               617     716                     717     816                   817
                                                                 20'                                                                                                           20'

             112                 113   212                                                313     412                    413   512               513   612                                               713     812                   813
                                                            Lounge 20'                                                                                                    Lounge 20'
             110                 111   210                 211                            311     410                    411   510               511   610               611                             711     810                   811

             108                 109   208                                                309     408                    409   508               509   608                                               709     808                   809
                     100 AISLE

                                               200 AISLE

                                                                              300 AISLE

                                                                                                             400 AISLE

                                                                                                                                     500 AISLE

                                                                                                                                                             600 AISLE

                                                                                                                                                                                            700 AISLE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           800 AISLE

             106                 107   206                 207     306                    307     406                    407   506               507   606               607     706                     707     806                   807

             104                 105   204                 205     304                    305     404                    405   504               505   604               605     704                     705     804                   805

             102                 103   202                 203     302                    303     402                    403   502               503   602               603     702                     703     802                   803

                                       100     101         200         201   300          301         400   401          500   501   600         601   700   701         800         801    900          901

              ENTRANCE                                                                                  REGISTRATION                                                                                                   ENTRANCE


                    ESCALATORS TO                                                                                                                                                                                                PARKING
                     UPPER LEVEL                                                                                                                                                                                                ELEVATOR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1ST AVE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         8TH AVE
              UP                                                                              GROUND
                                                                                              ELEVATOR                                                                                                             GRAND STAIRCASE

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