June 2, 2003                                      CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE                                                                      S7187
      will pay ordinary income rates—cur-                     Arab Americans: The Post-September                      the Senate by Ms. Evans, one of his
      rently, the top rate is 38.6 percent, on                11 Backlash.’’ This report catalogues                   secretaries.
      any dividends distributed by the cor-                   the experiences of the Arab-American                                   f
      poration. President Bush said we                        community for the year following the
                                                              tragic September 11, 2001 terrorist at-                 EXECUTIVE MESSAGES REFERRED
      should end this double taxation by
      eliminating entirely the tax on individ-                tacks. According to the report, over 700                  As in executive session the Presiding
      uals. I fought hard for the original Sen-               violent incidents targeting Arab Amer-                  Officer laid before the Senate messages
      ate bill that would have done this, and                 icans, or those perceived to be Arab                    from the President of the United
      I still believe that is the best tax and                Americans, Arabs and Muslims oc-                        States submitting sundry nominations
      economic policy. However, the con-                      curred in the 9 weeks following the at-                 and a withdrawal which were referred
      ferees from the House were unwilling                    tacks.                                                  to the appropriate committees.
      to agree. The compromise we settled on                    The report demonstrates the pro-                        (The nominations received today are
      will reduce the individual tax rate for                 found challenges confronting the Arab-                  printed at the end of the Senate
      dividends to 15 percent—a significant                   American community, as well as other                    proceedings.)
      improvement over current law. I will                    communities caught up in the post                                      f
      continue to work to eliminate the dou-                  September 11 backlash. However, the
                                                                                                                            MESSAGES FROM THE HOUSE
      ble tax on dividends.                                   report also emphasizes that Americans
        The bill we pass today also reduces                   have consistently demonstrated their
      the capital gains rate from 20 percent                  commitment to maintaining tolerance                         ENROLLED BILLS AND JOINT
      to 15 percent, the same rate we will                    and respect for all Americans and that                           RESOLUTION SIGNED
      now apply to dividends. I believe this is               hatred is confined to a distinct minor-
                                                              ity. It is this minority that breeds ha-                  Under the authority of the order of
      also good policy and I hope we can                                                                              January 7, 2003, the Secretary of the
      work to eliminate the tax on capital                    tred and violence against innocent in-
                                                              dividuals.                                              Senate, on January 8, 2003, during the
      gains too. The dividend and capital                                                                             recess of the Senate, received a mes-
      gains tax relief should boost stock val-                  I believe that government’s first duty
                                                              is to defend its citizens, to defend us                 sage from the House of Representatives
      ues significantly and should make it                                                                            announcing that the Speaker has
                                                              against the harms that come out of
      much less costly for businesses to ex-                                                                          signed the following enrolled bills and
                                                              hate. The Local Law Enforcement En-
      pand and create jobs. Nearly 420,000 Ar-                                                                        joint resolution:
                                                              hancement Act is a symbol that can
      izona taxpayers will benefit from the                                                                             H.R. 2. An act to provide for reconciliation
                                                              become substance. I believe that by
      dividends and capital gains tax relief.                                                                         pursuant to section 201 of the concurrent res-
                                                              passing this legislation and changing
        This legislation also includes a num-                                                                         olution on the budget for fiscal year 2004.
                                                              current law, we can change hearts and
      ber of provisions designed to provide                                                                             H.R. 2185. An act to extend the Temporary
                                                              minds as well. This is a challenge that                 Extended Unemployment Compensation Act
      much-needed tax relief to American
                                                              none of my colleagues should shy away                   of 2002.
      families. It increases the child tax
                                                              from.∑                                                    H.J. Res. 51. A joint resolution increasing
      credit to $1,000 per child, with a good
                                                                                 f                                    the statutory limit on the public debt.
      portion of the tax benefits being sent
      to families as early as this summer. It                  TRIBUTE TO BRANDON WORKMAN                               Under the authority of the order of
      also provides additional relief from the                                                                        January 7, 2003, enrolled bills were
                                                              ∑ Mr. BUNNING. Mr. President, I rise                    signed by the President pro tempore on
      marriage penalty. In Arizona alone,                     today to honor and pay tribute to
      nearly 450,000 families will benefit from                                                                       May 23, 2003.
                                                              Brandon Workman for being named the                       At 12:07 p.m., a message from the
      the child credit increase and more than                 United States Achievement Academy’s
      600,000 will benefit from the marriage                                                                          House of Representatives, delivered by
                                                              United States National Award winner                     Ms. Niland, one of its reading clerks,
      penalty relief.                                         in mathematics. Brandon, who is from
        As I have said, I believe this is a very                                                                      announced that the House has passed
                                                              May’s Lick, KY attends Deming High                      the following bill, in which it requests
      good bill that will do much to encour-                  School and is the son of Shelly Mitch-
      age job creation and economic growth,                                                                           the concurrence of the Senate:
                                                              ell and Robert Workman.
      but I believe it could have been better.                                                                          H.R. 1588. An act to authorize appropria-
                                                                Brandon’s enthusiasm towards hard                     tions for fiscal year 2004 for military activi-
      If the House had been willing to accept                 work and the dedication that he has                     ties of the Department of Defense, for mili-
      some offsets, we could have paid for the                applied to his academic performance                     tary construction, and for defense activities
      $20 billion in temporary State aid this                 has earned him this distinguished                       of the Department of Energy, to prescribe
      bill provides. I also believe we should                 honor. He certainly deserves this                       personnel strengths for such fiscal year for
      have held firm to the Senate position                   honor. Brandon’s strong commitment                      the Armed Forces, and for other purposes.
      and eliminated the double tax on divi-                  to his peers and to being a better cit-                   The following bill was read the first
      dends. Regardless, I am very proud of                   izen have assured me of his future suc-                 time:
      the business, individual and family tax                 cess to our Commonwealth and Nation.                      S. 1162. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-
      relief we have provided in this bill.                     This award is based upon the rec-                     enue Code of 1986 to accelerate the increase
                       f                                      ommendations of his school faculty                      in the refundability of the child tax credit,
                                                              and the high standards set forth by the                 and for other purposes.
            ADDITIONAL STATEMENTS                             academy. Brandon, like all other re-                                    f
                                                              cipients of this award, has proven him-
                                                                                                                          REPORTS OF COMMITTEES
        LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT ACT                             self in the classroom and has been rec-
                                                              ognized by those who teach him and                        Under the authority of the order of
                      OF 2003                                                                                         the Senate of May 23, 2003, the fol-
                                                              know him the best in the classroom.
      ∑ Mr. SMITH. Mr. President, I speak                       The efforts of Brandon Workman                        lowing reports of committees were sub-
      about the need for hate crimes legisla-                 should be emulated. Brandon has set an                  mitted on May 29, 2003:
      tion. On May 1, 2003, Senator KENNEDY                   example that should be recognized by                      By Mr. LUGAR, from the Committee on
      and I introduced the Local Law En-                      high school students throughout Ken-                    Foreign Relations, without amendment:
      forcement Act, a bill that would add                    tucky and across America. I am con-                       S. 1160. An original bill to authorize Mil-
      new categories to current hate crimes                                                                           lennium Challenge assistance, and for other
                                                              vinced that he will use his strong abili-               purposes (Rept. No. 108–55).
      law, sending a signal that violence of                  ties to make a difference in our coun-                    S. 1161. An original bill to authorize appro-
      any kind is unacceptable in our soci-                   try. I thank the Senate for allowing me                 priations for foreign assistance programs for
      ety.                                                    to recognize Brandon and voice his                      fiscal year 2004, and for other purposes (Rept.
        I would like to bring to my col-                      praises.∑                                               No. 108–56).
      leagues’ attention a landmark report                                       f                                                    f
      by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimi-
      nation Committee’s Research Insti-                      MESSAGES FROM THE PRESIDENT                                 REPORTS OF COMMITTEES
      tute, ADCRI, entitled, ‘‘Report on Hate                  Messages from the President of the                      The following reports of committees
      Crimes and Discrimination Against                       United States were communicated to                      were submitted:

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