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                                                                                        Holy Apostle Andrew
                                                                                                        November 30

                   T      he Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called was
                          the first of the Apostles to follow Christ, and
                   he later brought his own brother, the holy Apostle
                                                                            but remaining unharmed, the persistant disciple of
                                                                            Christ continued to preach to people about the
                                                                            Savior. Through the prayers of the Apostle, the
                   Peter, to Christ (John 1:35-42). The future apostle      Lord worked miracles. By the labors of the holy
                   was from Bethsaida, and from his youth he turned         Apostle Andrew, Christian Churches were
                   with all his soul to God. He did not enter into          established, for which he provided bishops and
                   marriage, and he worked with his brother as a            clergy. The final city to which the Apostle came
                   fisherman.                                                              was the city of Patra, where he was
                       When the holy Forerunner and                                        destined to suffer martyrdom.
                   Baptist John began to preach, St                                            The Lord worked many miracles
                   Andrew became his closest disciple.                                     through His disciple in Patra. The
                   St John the Baptist himself sent to                                     infirm were made whole, and the
                   Christ his own two disciples, the                                       blind received their sight. Through
                   future Apostles Andrew and John                                         the prayers of the Apostle, the
                   the Theologian, declaring Christ to                                     illustrious citizen Sosios recovered
                   be the Lamb of God.                                                     from serious illness; he healed
                       After the Descent of the Holy                                       Maximilla, wife of the governor of
                   Spirit upon the Apostles, St Andrew                                     Patra, and his brother Stratokles. The
                   went to the Eastern lands preaching                                     miracles accomplished by the Apostle
                   the Word of God. He went through                                        and his fiery speech enlightened
                   Asia Minor, Thrace, Macedonia, he                                       almost all the citizens of the city of
                   reached the River Danube, went                                          Patra with the true Faith.
                   along the coast of the Black Sea,                                           Few pagans remained at Patra,
                   through Crimea, the Black Sea                                           but among them was the prefect of
                   region and along the River Dniepr                                       the city, Aegeatos. The Apostle
                   he climbed to the place where the city of Kiev           Andrew repeatedly turned to him with the words
                   now stands.                                              of the Gospel. But even the miracles of the Apostle
                       He stopped overnight on the hills of Kiev.           did not convince Aegeatos. The holy Apostle with
                   Rising in the morning, he said to those disciples        love and humility appealed to his soul, striving to
                   that were with him: "See these hills? Upon these         reveal to him the Christian mystery of life eternal,
                   hills shall shine forth the beneficence of God, and      through the wonder-working power of the Holy
                   there will be a great city here, and God shall raise     Cross of the Lord. The angry Aegeatos gave orders
                   up many churches." The apostle went up around            to crucify the apostle, thinking he might undo St
                   the hills, blessed them and set up a cross. Having       Andrew's preaching if he were to put him to death
                   prayed, he went up even further along the Dniepr         on the cross.
                   and reached a settlement of the Slavs, where                 St Andrew the First-Called accepted the
                   Novgorod was built. From here the apostle went           decision of the prefect with joy and with prayer to
                   through the land of the Varangians towards Rome          the Lord, and went willingly to the place of
                   for preaching, and again he returned to Thrace,          execution. In order to prolong the suffering of the
                   where in the small village of Byzantium, the future      saint, Aegeatos gave orders not to nail the saint's
                   Constantinople, he founded the Church of Christ.         hands and feet, but to tie them to the cross. For
                   The name of the holy Apostle Andrew links the            two days the apostle taught the citizens who
                   mother, the Church of Constantinople, with her           gathered about. The people, in listening to him,
                   daughter, the Russian Church.                            with all their souls pitied him and tried to take St
                       On his journeys the First-Called Apostle             Andrew down from the cross. Fearing a riot of the
                   endured many sufferings and torments from                people, Aegeatos gave orders to stop the
                   pagans: they cast him out of their cities and they
                   beat him. In Sinope they pelted him with stones,                                           (Continued on page 2)
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                Holy Apostle Andrew - November 30                     “Kali Parea" Senior Ministry - Drew Bilillies
                                                                      Koinonia - Carol Kinas
   (Continued from page 1)
                                                                      Mommy and Me Playgroup - (coordinator needed)
   execution. But the holy apostle began to pray that the Lord        Parish Nurse - Marion Avtges
   would grant him death on the cross. Just                           Philoptochos President - Georgia Colivas
       as the soldiers tried to take hold of the Apostle Andrew,      Sextons - Demetrios Brakoumatsos, Nicholas Yiokarinis
   they lost control of their hands. The crucified apostle, having    Sunday School Director - Ellen Souris
   given glory to God, said: "Lord Jesus Christ, receive my           YAL Coordinator - Costa Karageorgis
   spirit." Then a blazing ray of divine light illumined the cross
   and the martyr crucified upon it. When the light faded, the
   holy Apostle Andrew had already given up his holy soul to
   the Lord. Maximilla, the wife of the prefect, had the body of
   the saint taken down from the cross, and buried him with
       A few centuries later, under the emperor Constantine the
   Great, the relics of the holy Apostle Andrew were solemnly
   transferred to Constantinople and placed in the church of the
   Holy Apostles beside the relics of the holy Evangelist Luke
   and St Paul's disciple St Timothy.
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                      From Father Demetrios…

                                                                 Thanksgiving, Family and Friends
                     T        his month once again brings the first
                              specks of snow and the last leaves of
                        Autumn. With the beginning of November,
                                                                       feasting and rejoicing. And yes, even for adults, there are the
                                                                       presents. We go through our lives always in expectation of
                                                                       something and like the Christmas gift a child will dream of at
we collectively enter into that amorphous period of time known         Thanksgiving, sometimes we actually get it.
simply as “the Holidays.” The month of November, in particular,            At the end of a life, what will there be? At the end, what will
seems to fly by at breakneck speed, accelerating to Thanksgiving       we remember? A mother’s embrace, playing catch with your
Day in the blink of an eye. The alacrity with which the month          dad, the sober advice, the stories, the hospital visit, the
seems to pass is due, in large measure, to the sheer volume of         koulourakia (there’s always the koulourakia!), the smile, the
events and activities packed into a few weeks. The logistics           laugh. At the end what will we remember?
associated with planning a dinner centered about a single, stuffed         Mostly, it’s the people.
bird can make any home look like the staging area for the                  The Incarnation, which we are about to celebrate at the end
Normandy landings. The D-Day of Thanksgiving is, in reality, just      of next month, and the entire ministry of Jesus Christ preached
a foreshadowing of the chaos to come the next month at                 this essential truth. For Jesus Christ it was never about the palace,
Christmas when we cross the Rhine to secure a Christmas tree           though he gave us the Kingdom of God. It was never about the
and plant it like a banner of victory in the middle of our living      feast, though He blessed the feast at the wedding in Cana of
room.                                                                  Galilee. It was never even about the gifts, though he gave us the
    In some ways, the “Holiday” season is a microcosm of our           most precious gift of all, the gift of eternal life.
lives. We begin this month as we do our lives—full of                      It was always about the people.
expectations and hope. For the children there is the hope of               The Word of God took flesh to show us that it was, is, and
Christmas presents to come. Some dream of a Patriots playoff           will always be about the people. In this short existence that we
run (others do not). Mostly, we imagine the faces around our           have on this earth, that passes before our eyes like the weeks of
tables and the time when family and friends come together once         November and December, we need to see beyond the parties
more. Nevertheless, the expectations are there and quite often         and presents, not because they are bad, but because they mask
fulfilled. Sometimes the child will get exactly the gift of which      and hide that which is truly important—the people. Christ came
they dreamed. And yes, sometimes the Patriots do make that             to the people and broke bread with them, cared for them,
playoff run. Mostly, though, it’s the faces. What we look              healed them, and taught them. As the New Adam, He showed
forward to the most are times spent with family and friends            us what we were meant to be—children of God living in
doing the simple, and quite often, the most menial activities—         fellowship with each other and Him. At the end of the Holiday
cleaning both the turkey and the kitchen, watching the game,           Season, at the end of our lives, it’s all about the people.
laughing at an old movie, or getting up early on Black Friday              This Thanksgiving, when we have reached the midpoint
with a few friends and patrolling the aisles for the “deal” of the     (perhaps we could say, the epicenter) of this Holiday Season, let
year or the ideal present for a loved one.                             us all spend a moment or two (three or four would be better)
    Mostly, it’s the people.                                           and think about the people. Time will fly by at breakneck speed
    Next month it will all be over. We will clean up after the last    and this Thanksgiving, like every Thanksgiving, will be over in
party. We will return or exchange the last gift and vow never to       the blink of an eye. We must always remember it’s all about the
eat another piece of turkey for at least a year. We will look back     people whom we love and are blessed to spend time with.
on all the effort, at all the activity, and ask, “Where did the time       So, hug your mother (if you are so blessed to be able to),
go?”                                                                   play catch with your dad, visit someone in the hospital, tell a
    November and the holidays are indeed a microcosm of our            story, have some koulourakia, smile, and laugh, because
lives. We begin with the prospects of great joy and the time flies     Thanksgiving is about family and friends.
by at breakneck speed. The parties and events of our lives—at              Mostly, it’s about the people.
baptisms, weddings, and graduation—are the cause of great
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - November 2010                                                                       Page 4

                  Απ’ τον Πάτερ μας…
                                         Tùí Ðammeãitùn Taîiapxùn
                                         T ù n A p xa ã ã e ë ù n M i x a h ë k a i à a b pi h ë
                                                               8 Νοεμβρίου

                      Πολλόι από τους ανθρώπους                            μακάρια πνεύματα απολαμβάνουν τιμή από την
                      μας πολύ λίγο θυμούνται τους                         Εκκλησία μας. Λέει ο υμνωδός δια τους
                      Αγγέλους. Οι Άγγελοι                                 Παμμεγίστους Ταξιάρχας που γιορτάζουμε στις 8
                      ανήκουν στην αόρατη φύσι.                            Νοεμβρίου:¨ Και τότε ψάλουμε τον Ύμνον: «Των
Είναι δημιουργήματα του Θεού. Δεν ξέρουμε                                  ουρανίων στρατιών Αρχιστράτηγοι δυσωπούμεν
όμως ποιός είναι ο χρόνος της δημιουργίας των εν                           υμάς ημείς οι ανάξιοι, ίνα ταις ημών δεήσεσι,
σχέσει με τον αορατό κόσμο. Το μόνο που                                    τειχίσητε ημάς, σκέπη των πτερύγων, της αύλου
ξέρουμε είναι ότι υπήρχαν προ της δημιουργίας.                             υμων δόξης, φρορούντας ημάς προσπίπτοντας,
Λέει το πνεύμα του Θεού στον Ιώβ: «Ότε                                     εκτενώς και βοώντας, εκ των κινδύνον λυτρώσασθε
εγγενήθησαν άστρα, ηνεσάν με φωνή μεγάλη                                   ημας, ως Ταξιάρχαι των άνω δυνάμεων»
πάντες Αγγελοί μου» (Iώβ 38,7). Ακόμα ο τρόπος που                            Επίσης οι Άγγελοι με την εικονογραφία των
ήλθαν σε ύπαρξι δεν μας είναι γνωστός. Για την                             μέσα στις εκκλησίες μας, κοσμούν τον ναόν και
δημιουργία του υλικού κόσμου και του ανθρώπου                              μας εμπνέουν. Έτσι όποιος μπαίνει μεσα στην
το ξέρουμε γιατί γίνεται λόγος στην αρχή της Αγίας Γραφής.     εκκλησία μας, νοιώθει εκείνο που λέει ο Υμνωδός ότι τα
Έτσι ξεύρουμε ότι οι Άγγελοι είναι «λειτουργικά πνεύματα εις   «επίγεια συγχορεύει ουρανοίς». Και ποτέ μην ξεχνούμε ότι
διακονίας αποστελλόμενα δια τους μέλλοντας κληρονομείν         είναι τιμή μας ότι πάντοτε έχομε συνοδεία στο πλευρό έναν
σωτηρίαν» (Εβραίους 1-14).                                     Άγγελο φύλακα πιστό. Ας μη λησμονούμε τον αόρατο αυτόν
   Ο αριθμός των Αγγέλων είναι πολύ μεγάλος. Οι Άγγελοι        συμπαραστάτη μας και ευεργέτη μας. Τότε θα έχουμε την
είναι αθάνατοι και μέτοχοι της επουρανίου μακαριότητος.        προστασία των σε όλη μας την ζωή. Και η ζωή μας θα είναι
Χωρίζονται δεν σε τρείς Ιεραρχίες:                             πάντοτε μια πορεία προς το φώς, προς τον Παντοδύναμο Θεό
         Πρώτη—Χερουβίμ, Σεραφείμ, Θρόνοι                      που ο Κύριος των Αγγέλων και των ανθρώπων.
         Δευτέρα—Εξουσίαι, Κυριότητες, Δυνάμεις.                                             Με την αγάπη του Κυρίου,
         Τρίτη—Άγγελοι, Αρχάγγελοι, Αρχαί.                                                  Αιδ. Εμμανουήλ Σ. Μεταξάς
Οι Άγγελοι έχουν πολλαπλούν έργο. Στην Παλαιά Διαθήκη,                                              Πρωτοπρεσβύτερος
συχνά αναφέρονται έργα των Αγγέλων. Στον Πατριάρχη
Αβραάμ ενεφανίσθησαν οι Άγγελοι, για να αναπτερώσουν το
φρόνημά του και να στηρίξουν την πίστι του. Άγγελος
Κυρίου ελάλησε προς τον ελευθερωτή των Εβραίων τν
Μωϊση. Εκεί που οι Άγγελοι έχουν πάρει ιδιαίτερη σημασία
είναι στην ενανθρώπιση του Χριστού για το έργο της
σωτηρίας των ανθρώπων. Άγγελος φέρνει το μήνυμα στην
Παναγία για τον ερχομό του Θείου Βρέφους. Άγγελοι υμνούν
τον έρχομό του Σωτήρος Χριστού στην ανθρωπότητα. Και
όταν στην έρημο που ήταν ο Χριστός και ο Διάβολος τον
υπέβαλε σε πειρασμούς τότε παρουσίαζονται Άγγελοι΄και
τον διακόνουν. «Τότε αφίησιν αυτόν ο Διάβολος και ιδού
Άγγελοι προσήλθον και διηκόνουν αυτώ.» (Ματθαίου 4,11). Και
όταν ο Χριστός ήταν επάνω στον σταυρόν και ο ιδρωτάς του
έπεφτε στη γη. ‘Αγγελοι προσήλθον και διηκόνουν αυτώ.
«Τότε αφίησιν αυτόν ο Διάβολος.» (Ματθαίου 4.11). Επίσης
όταν αναστήθηκε ο Χριστός, οι Άγγελοι ήταν που έφεραν το
μήνυμα της Αναστάσεως στις Μυροφόρες όταν πήγαν μύρα
στον τάφο του Χριστού και βρήκαν τον τάφο χωρίς το σώμα
του Κυρίου. Άκουσαν τη φωνή του Αγγέλου να τους λέγει: «Τι
ζητείται τον ζώντα μετά των ενκρών αγερθη—αναστήθηκε ο
   Όλοι οι Πατέρες της εκκλησίας μας κάνουν λόγο για τους
φύλακας Αγγέλους από τον ιερόν Χρυσόστομο, τον Μέγα
Βασίλειο μέχρει και τον Ιωάννη Δαμασκηνό. Οι Άγγελοι, σαν
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - November 2010                                                                                     Page 5

                          Το Ελληνικό Σχολείο
                 Αγαπητοί γονείς και Μέλη,
                    Με τις ευχές και τις ευλογίες της Εκκλησίας μας και
                 τις δικές μας ευχές αρχίσαμε την νέα μας σχχολική
                    Οι δάσκαλοι όπως πάντα είναι έτοιμοι να δώσουν
στα παιδιά σας όλα τα εφόδια που χρειάζονται για να γίνουν χρήσιμοι
στον εαυτό τους, στην οικογένειά τους, και στην κοινωνία. Εργάζονται
εντατικά και είναι ενημερωμένοι για τις τρέχουσες παιδαγωγικές                            St. Sophia’s Sunday School
μεθόδους, πρακτικές και νέο διδακτικό υλικό. Το τελευταίο                         We got off to a great start. We are excited about our
επιμορφωτικό σεμινάριο διοργάνωσε η Ιερά Μητρόπολη Βοστώνης και                   staff and welcome all our new students. If children
πραγματοποιήθηκε στις 2 Οκτωβρίου, που όλοι οι εκπαιδευτικοί της                  receive communion, we recommend parents bring
Νέας Αγγλίας ενημερώθηκαν για τα νέα μας βιβλία Α’ και Β’ τάξεως.                 an extra snack for them because the snack Sunday
   Ο Σύλλογος Γονέων και διδασκάλων καλωσορίζει όλα τα παιδιά! Τα                 School provides is sometimes not enough for the
μαθήματα άρχισαν με αγιασμό στις 14 Σεπτεμβρίου. Το σχολείο μας                   hungrier children who fasted.
                                                                                      Grandparents Sunday was a wonderful success.
λειτουργεί κάθε Τρίτη και Πέμπτη από τις 4-6 μ.μ. και το Σάββατο από
                                                                                  Thank you to all the yia-yia's and papou's who
τις 10 π.μ. εώς 1 μ.μ.                                                            participated.
   Επίσης έχουμε το πρόγραμμα Ελληνομάθειας Δικαίωμα συμμετοχής                       Thank you to everyone for contributing to our
έχουν όλοι οι ομογενείς που έχουν συμπληρώσει το 12 ο έτος της ηλικίας            annual Thanksgiving basket collection. This is a very
τους.                                                                             good cause and it is good for the children to learn
   Το πιστοποιητικό Ελληνομάθειας Α’ και Β’ επιπέδου θεωρείται                    about community service.
προϋπόθεση για την εξάσκηση διαφόρων επαγγελμάτων στην Ελλάδα.                        We will begin preparations for our Christmas
Tο πιστοποιητικό Γ’ επιπέδου δίνει την δυνατότητα στους ομογενείς να              pageant on Sunday, November 28. This is always a
                                                                                  very special time of year. The Pageant will take
εγγραφούν στα ανώτατα εκπαιδευτικά ιδρύματα άνευ εξετάσεων.
                                                                                  place on December 19 or December 24.
   Επίσης έχουμε και πρόγραμμα δια ενηλίκους.                                         There will be no Sunday School Classes from
   Μέχρι τώρα έχουν εγγραφεί 90 παιδιά. Οι εγγραφές συνεχίζονται.                 December 26 through January 2.
Απευθυνθείτε στην γραμματέα της Εκκλησίας μας Linda Ducas. Στο
πρόγραμμά μας το κάθε παιδί παράλληλα με την εκμάθηση της
Ελληνικής θα διδαχθεί Ιστορία αρχαία και νεώτερη, Θρησκευτικά,
Μυθολογία και Γεωγραφία.
                                                                                                 Greek School PTO
                                                                                  Thanks to everyone who attended our Fall Festival.
   Γιορτάσαμε τον εορτασμό της 28ης Οκτωβρίου την Κυριακή, 31                     It was a huge success!
Οκτβωρίου με ωραίο πρόγραμμα μετα από τη Θεία Λειτουργία.                              Our next event is Our annual movie night, which
   Σας ευχαριστούμε που μας εμπιστεύεστε στην μόρφωση των παιδιών                 is scheduled for Friday, November 19, at 6:30 PM.
σας και σας διαβεβαιώνουμε ότι θα δώσουμε τον καλύτερο εαυτό μας                       There will be no Greek School classes from
και είμαστε σίγουροι για μια παραγωγική και αποδοτική χρονία. Σας                 Thursday, November 25 through Saturday,
ευχαριστούμε για την υποστήριξη σας και την αγάπη σας προς το                     November 27 for the Thanksgiving holiday.
                                                                                      The Greek School is in need of parent volunteers
Ελληνικό σχολείο.
                                                                                  on Tuesdays and Thursdays in some of the larger
                                        Βούλα Πολυχρονοπούλου                     classes. If you are interested, please speak to Kiria
                                      Διευθύντρια του Προγράμματος                Voula.                                   God Bless,
                               της Ελληνικής Παιδείας και Πολιτισμού                                  Greek School PTO and Staff

              W        ith the blessings of our church, we began our school year and welcomed students and teachers on September 14
                       with the Agiasmo service. Our school operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6 PM and on Saturdays from
10 AM to 1 PM. We currently have 90 students enrolled. Please see the church secretary, Linda Ducas, if you would like to enroll
your child.
   Our teachers strive to achieve the highest goals possible. They recently attended a seminar hosted by our Metropolis, which
focused on the latest teaching tools, especially the newest books available for our younger grades.
   Another program established by the Ministry of Education in Greece is the “Elinomathia” program for students ages 12 years and
older. This is a 3-level certificate program. The first two levels of certification allow individuals who wish to obtain employment in
Greece. The third level certificate allows students to attend university without any further testing beyond this certificate. Mrs. Voula
Polychronopoulos offers preparatory classes to students who plan to take the exams for these certificates. For more information,
please contact Kiria Voula.
   We also have a program for adults.
   We are proud that you have entrusted us with the education of your children, and we pledge to do our best to ensure a successful
year. We especially thank you for your support of our Greek School.                                       Voula Polychronopoulos
                                                                                                   Director of Greek Education and Culture
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - November 2010                                                                                                             Page 6

                                                                                                                FROM THE
                                                                                                               PARISH NURSE
                                   Chapter of the Good Samaritan
                          Member of the National Ladies Philoptochos Society
                                                                                                        SENIOR LIFE MINISTRY PROGRAM
                    The look and feel of Fall is surrounding                                             Seniors and caregivers gathered on October 13
                    us, and the holiday season is quickly                                                for lunch and an informative program
approaching. Before your days become too hectic, take                                                    concerning the Health Care Reform/Affordable
the time to mark your calendars for the November                               Care Act. The speaker, Denise Roskamp from SHINE (Serving Health
Philoptochos events. We look forward to seeing all of                          Insurance Needs of Elders) presented an informative program and
you at a future event, and on behalf of the Philoptochos,                      answered questions. She gave individual time to those who had personal
we wish our parish family a Happy Thanksgiving.                                questions.
    On Friday, November 5, the Ladies of the                                      This program was funded by a grant from the Marshal Home Fund to
Philoptochos invite you to join us for an evening of                           the Parish Nurse Ministry.
fellowship with “Krasi and Kataifi” on the menu! Come                             Several other health programs will be presented in the future. If you
and enjoy a glass of wine with fellow ladies of our                            have any suggestions for future programs, please talk to our Parish Nurse,
church, family and friends and then learn how to prepare                       Marion Avtges, RN.
a tray of kataifi. Everyone will go home with one pound
of prepared kataifi and instructions on how to bake it at
home and make your syrup for the upcoming
Thanksgiving holiday, which is only a few weeks away.                                                                                    What is the SHINE Program?

Imagine, a fun night out and a dessert already in your                                                                         Stands for “Serving the Health Information Needs
                                                                                                                                of Elders”

freezer to be served on Thanksgiving. Pre-registration is                                                                      Free, unbiased insurance information and
                                                                                                                                counseling to Medicare beneficiaries
required. Please call the church office by Wednesday,
                                                                                                                               SHINE counselors available to most senior centers
November 3 so that we can accommodate every baker.                                                                              throughout the region—CALL for appointment.

    On Sunday, November 8, our Taxiarchae Church will
celebrate its Nameday Vespers at 7 PM, and our
Philoptochos will be hosting a reception in honor of the
church’s nameday. I kindly ask that you all contribute to
this event as we celebrate the nameday of our church.
Please drop off your favorite dessert, fruit, cookies to the
hall so that all of the faithful can enjoy after the service. I
thank you in advance for your assistance.
     On Sunday, November 14, Philoptochos Sunday will
be celebrated with an Artoklasia in memory of the past
members of the Philoptochos and for the good health of
the present members of the Philoptochos and their
families. There will be a special tray collection to benefit
our ministry and we thank you for your support.
Following the Divine Liturgy, the Philoptochos will
sponsor the coffee hour. I am asking and hoping that
you can all contribute an item for the coffee table.
    Heading into December, our Senior Christmas
Luncheon will be held on Sunday, December 6
immediately following the Divine Liturgy. This event has
been a longstanding tradition of our ministry, and we
invite all seniors to attend our lamb luncheon. We ask
that you RSVP to the church office so that we can
properly accommodate our guests.
    As you can see, we have many events planned and
look forward to seeing you all in church on Sundays.
Thank you again for your continued support.
    May God bless you and your families at your
Thanksgiving gatherings!
                               With much appreciation,
                                       Georgia Colivas
                                President, Philoptochos
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - November 2010                                                                                        Page 7

         Coming Up in                                                   BEST WISHES TO THE TAXIARCHAE COMMUNITY ON THE
                                                                        NAMEDAY OF THE CHURCH. ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ!
   November and December                                                Special honor to all who served on Veteran’s Day—
                                                                        Congratulations! Many thanks to all who have been
   Taxiarchae Family Nights                                             supporting our AHEPA Chapter #406 on the occasion of
                                                                        Thanksgiving Day!
            Fun For All Ages!!!                                             Welcome to our new members Dr. Vlassis Travias and
                                                     Harris J. Booras Albert (Kyriakos) Bakalis, who were initiated at our October
                                                      Chapter #406 meeting.

                                  er 19
                                                                            Our regular monthly meeting will be on Thursday,
        ay, Nove
                                                    November 11, in the Atrium of the Taxiarchae Hellenic Cultural Center, with social
    Frid                      Night
                                                    time at 7 PM, followed by the chapter meeting at 7:30 PM. Various activities,
                 ovie                               programs and plans will be discussed.
         Youth M                                       New membership applications will be reviewed and processed.
                                                        Plans will be made for the AHEPA Christmas Party on Sunday, December 12 at
                                                         12:30 PM in the Atrium. At the chapter meeting on Thursday, December 9,
    Friday, De                                           you may notify president Tsekrekas if you are planning to attend. Please have
                       cember 17                         ready the number of family and friends attending. As in the past, parents will
           Family                                        be responsible for gifts for their children. Tentative plans will be made for the
                                                         Vasilopita celebration at the January 13 meeting.
               ad Nig            ht
                                                        The plans for the 50-year Chapter Anniversary Celebration and Dinner Dance
                                                         in October, 2011 will be discussed by chairman, Dr. George Colt.
                                                         Subcommittees for various tasks will be formed. Any suggestions for other
        JOY will meet on                                 activities will be discussed.
                                                        The "Seniors' Drop-In Center" is held every Friday, 10 AM - 1 PM, in the
       Friday, December 3                           Atrium. It is free and all seniors of the Taxiarchae community are urged to
                                                    participate. For information, call Demetri Tsatsarones. If interested, you may also
                                                    ask him about the chapter bowling schedule. We hope to have our
                                                    chapter bowling team
                                                    ready to compete in the         Let us know if a brother is sick or in need. Also, keep us
                                                    District 8 Bowling              informed of your news, suggestions and proposals.
                                                    Tournament in the               Contact numbers:
                                                    Spring. If some other sport Thomas Tsekrekas:                617.924.4258 or 617.426.2305
                                                                                    Athanasios Vulgaropulos: 781.894.7666 or 781.704.7870
Our GOYA is in full swing!                          interests you, please discuss Demetri Tsatsarones:           781.893.5988 or 781.266.8001
    This year things will be a bit different. Jr.   it with Demetri.                George Loridas               617.926.8674 or 617.775.4574
GOYA and Sr. GOYA will have separate                   For more information         Basil Patsios                617.923.9209 or 857.928.1803
meetings and events, which will take place on       about AHEPA, contact            Tasos Miliotis               978.807.1222
alternate weeks. Then, once a month, on family      chapter president,              George Colt                  617.262.9688 or 617.943.5955
nights, Jr. GOYA and GOYA will meet together.       Thomas Tsekrekas.
    Jr. GOYA ranges from 6th-8th grade and Sr.
GOYA is from 9th-12th grade.                                                                For more information on any of these
    GOYA also has a Google calender with                                                     activities, please call 617-926-1661
upcoming events, which will soon be available
on the church’s website at
If you are interested in joining, please contact     The Watertown Family Network is now at 30 Common St. Drop by and see our
Peter Alexopoulos.                                   new play-space and sign up for a playgroup that is fun and educational.

Head Advisers are:                                   Tuesday, November 2 — Seasonal Stories — 10 AM
  Peter Alexopoulos at                               At the Church of the Good Shepherd. Come listen to stories about fall and do a
         pnalexopoulos@gmail.com                     simple craft We will also have a book swap so bring some gently used books and
  Cathy Lagoudakis                                   trade them for some new stories that your children will enjoy.
                                                     Friday, November 6 — Touch the Trucks — 10 to 11:30 AM — FREE
Advisors:                                            Come climb on trucks and assorted vehicles and meet Watertown's community
      Katerina Loridas, Annie Alexopoulos,           helpers. Parking at 30 Common St (off of Marshall St). Weather permitting.
     Andrew Horvath, Jennifer Kostarellas,
  Perry Kallis, Michael Kallis, Donna Balaouras      Tuesday, November 23rd Fall Sing -A-Long
                                                     Emerson Village Nursing and Rehab Center, 59 Coolidge Hill Rd, Watertown.
                                                     We’ll sing and dance with the music of Morton Hyams and celebrate being
                                                     together during this season where we recognize our many good fortunes.
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - November 2010                                                                                         Page 8

                             A Message from our                                         To the Faithful Stewards of our
                           Parish Council President                                      Taxiarchae/Archangels Parish
                     With Thanksgiving right around the corner, let
                     us be especially thankful for all the blessings      Dear Parishioners,
                     that the Lord has bestowed upon us personally,          This letter is to inform you that the Fall General Assembly of
                     to our families and to our church family.            our parish will be Tuesday, November 16 at 7:00 p.m. Please
                         Please join us on Sunday evening,                make every effort to arrive early and to participate at this
                     November 7 as His Eminence Metropolitan              meeting.
                     Methodios will celebrate the Great Vespers of           The agenda for the meeting is as follows:
our parish, followed with a reception hosted by our
Philoptochos. Also, on November 8, His Eminence Metropolitan                 Opening Prayer
Methodios will celebrate the Divine Liturgy.                                 Election of Meeting Chairperson
    Our parish is active and vibrant; there are over 80 students in          Reading and Approval of Minutes from May 25, 2010
our Greek School and Sunday School. The basketball teams have                     General Assembly Meeting
begun their practices. Jr. Goya and Goya are meeting regularly.              Clergy Comments
It really is a pleasure to see so many young families participating          President’s Remarks
in the monthly activities of our parish.                                     Presentation of 2009 Audit
    Along with the activities, there is also the business of running         Proposed 2011 Budget/Treasurer’s Report
the parish. On November 16, our Fall General Assembly will take              Stewardship Update
place. I am personally asking everyone of you to participate.                Parish Council Nominations for 2011
Every ministry should be represented. The General Assembly gives             Nominations/Elections for Audit Committee
the Parish Council the opportunity to update the parish on many              Nominations/Elections for Election Committee
maintenance projects, to present the budget for 2011 and to                  Update on Maintenance and Repairs
inform all of our stewards about the issues that our parish faces.           Old Business
This assembly will also be the time to nominate stewards in good             New Business
standing for the Parish Council. If you have the time and the love           Adjournment and Closing Prayer
for our Church please consider running for the Parish Council.
There is so much to do and we need people like you to help us.            Αγαπητά μέλη:
If you have any questions, please speak to any one of the council             Σας πληροφορούμε ότι τηνΤρίτη, 16η Νοεμβρίου 2010, στις
members. We need your participation.                                      7 μ.μ., θα λάβει χώρα η Τακτική Γενική Συνέλευσης στο
    Join us on Saturday, December 4 as the parish will celebrate a        Κοινοτικό Κέντρο.
Musical Odyssey Reunion. This will be a reunion of musical
                                                                             Μεταξύ των άλλων θεμάτων στην ημερήσια διάταξη, είναι
talents performing on one stage and a gathering of parishioners,
families and friends, all to benefit our beloved parish. (For more        και ο οικονομικός απολογισμός για το έτος 2009.
information see the back cover of this bulletin.)                            Παρακαλείσθε όπως προσέλθετε και λάβετε ενεργό μέρος.
    We will be selling 100 raffle tickets at $100 each during the
month of November. The drawing will be held on Saturday,                  Please note: The Archdiocese Parish Regulations
December 4. The Grand Prize is $5,000. You may purchase                   stipulate that only “members in good standing” are
alone or with family members. The proceeds will benefit the
                                                                          allowed to actively participate in discussions and voting.
Capital Improvement Fund. Please see a parish council member
or the church office for more information. (See back cover.)
                                           Happy Thanksgiving to all!

                                                  Current #      Yearly Amount       Daily Amount
Total pledges for 2010 thus far:    $218,459                                                                      DID YOU KNOW:
                                                  of Pledges         Range               Range          It costs $45,000/month to keep our
Offerings received to date:         $195,354                                                             doors open. Our average income
                                                       4                $2,000+          $5.48+
Due towards pledged amount:         $ 23,105                                                                 has been $19,535/month.
                                                       18        $1,000-$1,999       $2.74-$5.47
Stewards pledged thus far:                445                                                                      Please
                                                      114          $500-$999         $2.05-$2.73
Largest pledge thus far:             $10,000                                                                 send in your 2010
Average Pledge per Family:              $491          309       Less than $500                            Stewardship Pledge Card
                                                                                    Thank You                     TODAY
                                                  Total number of pledges:429

Our 2010 Stewardship goal is $300,000. As of September 20, we have received 429 pledges in the amount of $209,679 pledged
(69.89% of our goal). In 2009, we received 563 pledges totaling $258,178. To meet our goal for 2010, we need pledges in the
amount of $90,321. Please help us reach our goal for 2010 by submitting your Stewardship pledge today!
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - November 2010                                                                                                                          Page 9
                                                                            Thank you to the following faithful stewards who have submitted their pledges as of October 19.
Active Stewards as of October 19, 2010                                      Please join them in their support of our parish and submit your pledge.
Mr. & Mrs. John Abate               Mr.& Mrs. Stephen C. Demirjian       Mr. and Mrs. Nisbet                 Mr.& Mrs. John Melithoniotes         Mr. & Mrs. William Souris
Mr. Thomas Agathopoulos             Mr. George A. Demos                  Mrs. Sophie Karidoyanes             Presbytera Georgia Metaxas           Mr. Peter Speros
Mr.& Mrs. Joseph Aiello             Mr.& Mrs. Peter G. Demos             Mr.& Mrs. Steven Karidoyanes        Ms. Stella Metaxas                   Mr. Spilios Spiliakos
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Alamariu         Mrs. Catherine Der Boghosian         Ms. Aphrodite Karpouzis             Ms. Diane Alivalikles Meyers         Mr.& Mrs. Kosta Spyropoulos
Mr. Charles Alex                    Michael Der Boghosian                Mr.& Mrs. George Kataftos           Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Michael        Mr. & Mrs. Peter Stamatakos
Nicholas and Cynthia Alex           Mr. & Mrs. George Dhionis            Mr. Charles Katsenes                Mr. & Mrs. Alexandros Michaelidis    Mr.& Mrs. Athan. Stamatopoulos
Mr.& Mrs. Peter Alex                Mr. Nicholas Diamond                 Ms. Constance Katsos                Mr.& Mrs. Savvas Michaelides         Mr.& Mrs. Michael Stamos
Mr. William C. Alex                 Mrs. Christine DiFilippo             Dr. Theo Kattamis                   Ms. Despina Michalidis               Mr. & Mrs. George Stathas
Mrs. Stella Alexander               Mrs. Karen DiGiovanni                Ms. Betty Kefalas                   Mrs. Evangeline Miller               Mr. & Mrs. George Statholopoulos
Christina Alexandrides              Mrs. Joyce Dovinos                   Mr. and Mrs. Valerie Kimball        Ms. Gabariela Miterska               Mrs. Georgia Stavropoulos
Mr.& Mrs. Peter Alexopoulos         Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ducas             Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Kinas             Mr.& Mrs. Athanasios Mitropoulos     Mr. John Stavropoulos
Ms. Leah Alvanos                    Mrs. Aphrodite Economos              Mr. Christopher Kokoros             Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Morris        Mrs. Mary Stavropoulos
Mr. & Mrs. John Analambidakis       Mr. George Egirous                   Ms. Melanie Kokoros                 Ms. Priscilla Moskos                 Mr.& Mrs. Spiros Stavropoulos
Mr. & Mrs. Tassos Anastasiou        Ms. Aliki Eleftheriadou              Mr. George Koleas                   Mr.& Mrs. George Moutafis            Mr. Araistidis Stefanis
Ms. Christine Anastos               Mrs. Angeliki Eliades                Ms. Francine Kollias                Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Moutafis         Kalliroi Christos Stergiopoulos
Mr.& Mrs. Ernest Anastos            Mr. Philip Emmanuel                  Mr. & Mrs. Alex Kolokythas          Mr. William Munichiello, Jr.         Mrs. Christine Straggas
Mr.& Mrs. George Andritsakis        Mr. & Mrs. Ioannis Evrigenis         Mr. & Mrs. George Kondyllis         Mr.& Mrs. Chad Murphy                Dr. & Mrs. Richard Strakus
Mrs. & Ms. Stella & Paula Antipas   Mr. Geo. Fadis/Ms. Paula Ruccolo     Mr. Peter G. Konstantopoulos        Mr. & Mrs. Stavros Natsis            Mr.& Mrs. Strato Stratakias
Mr.& Mrs. Joseph Anzalone           Ms. Athena T. Fillios                Mr.& Mrs. Dionisios Kontos          Mr. & Mrs. John Nesderides           Mr. and Mrs. Christina Stratakis
Mr. George Apodiakoks               Ms. Madeline Fillios                 Mr.& Mrs. James Kontos              Mr. Evagelos Nichols                 Mr. Ecaterini Sturgis
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Arend           Janice Flamburis                     Dr. & Dr. Nicholas Kontos           Mr.& Mrs. Peter Nikas                Mrs. Katina Sucu
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Armstrong        Mr.& Mrs. Athanasios Flessas         Ms. Sandy Kontos                    Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nikolaidis           Mr.& Mrs. David Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Demosthenes Arvanitis    Mr. & Mrs. James Floudaras           Mr.& Mrs. John Kopellas             Harris J. Booras Order of AHEPA      Mrs. Athena Tagarellis
Mr. & Mrs. John Asimakopoulos       Mr. Steven Fotopoulos                Mrs. Mary Kopsiaftis                Mr. & Mrs. Charles O'Rourke          Mr. Tasiopoulos/Ms. Psikarakis
Mr.& Mrs. Anastasios Aslanidis      Mr. Christopher Foundas              Mr. & Mrs. George Korizis           Mr. Charles Panagopoulos             George & Lola Tatakis
Ms. Sotiria Aslanidis               Mrs. Sophia Founarakis               Mr. and Mrs. John Kosko             Ms. Karen Pangakis                   Mr. & Mrs. Dionys. Tembelopoulos
Mrs. Dionisia Atsiknovdas           Ms. Leah Fygetakis                   Mr.& Mrs. Nicholas Kotsifakis       Mr. Matthew Panos                    Mr. Elias Tembelopoulos
Mr.& Mrs. James Avtges              George & Emily Gartaganis            Mrs. Elaine Kotsifas                Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Pantel          Mrs. Thomai Theodorakos
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Avtges          Mr.& Mrs. Marinos Gartaganis         Mr. George Kotsifas                 Mr.& Mrs. Peter Papadogiannis        Mr. Peter Therios
Mr.& Mrs. Alexander Avtgis          Mrs. Olga Geannacopoulos             Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Kotsifas        Mr.& Mrs. Ike Papadopoulos           Mr. & Mrs. John Thurner
Mr. Albert Bakalis                  Mrs. Polexina Georgaklis             Mr.& Mrs. Vasilios Kotzampaltiris   Mrs. Mary Papageorge                 Mr. & Mrs. Costas Tingos
Mrs. Phanie Bakalos                 Mr. & Mrs. Louis P. Georgantas       Mr.& Mrs. Anastasios Koufos         Mr. & Mrs. Const. Papagiannis        Mr. & Mrs. Ike Tingos
Mr. & Mrs. Evangelos Balafas        Mr. Bill George                      Ms. Angeline Kounelis               Mr.& Mrs. John Papagiannis           Mr.& Mrs. Guy Todaro
Mrs. Angela Balaouras               Mr. & Mrs. Lefteris Georgiadis       Mrs. Evangellia Kounelis            Mr.& Mrs. Nicholas Papakyrikos       Mr. Constantine Tonias
Mr. & Mrs. Haralabos Baras          Mr.& Mrs. John Georgopoulos          Mr.& Mrs. George Kourafalos         Mr. & Mrs. Chris Papavasiliou        Ms. Cynthia Tonias
Mr.& Mrs. Panagiotis Baras          Mrs. Mersina Georgopoulos            Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kourepenis       Mr. Dimitris Papoulias               Fr. & Pres. Demetrios Tonias
Mrs. Diane Barnes                   Mr. Dimitrios Gerasimos              Mr. Steven Kourepenis               Mr.&Mrs.Theodore Pappadopoulos       Mr. Elias Tonias
Mrs. Helen Bean                     Mrs. Vasilia Geskos                  Peggy & Demetrios Koutovas          Mr.& Mrs. Nicholas Pappas            Mr.& Mrs. Steven Touloupakis
Mr. Demetrios Beldekas              Mr.& Mrs. John Giacoumakis           Mr. & Mrs. Periklis Koutsouris      Mrs. Mary Pappasthathis              Mrs. Hope Tragakis
Mrs. Diane Beldekas                 Mr. Savvas Gianasmidis               Ms. Liz Kovacs                      Mr. & Mrs. Peter Parasirakis         Mrs. Irene Travlos
Mr. Speros Beldekas                 Ms. Angela Gianoukos                 Ms. Angela Kringos                  Mr.& Mrs. Georgios Patsiokostas      M. & Mrs. Ted Trodden
Mr. Emmanuel Belibasakis            Mr.& Mrs. Christos Giogas            Mrs. Kaciany Krouskos               Mr. &Mrs. Arthur Patsios             Mr. & Mrs. Louis Trotta
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Berlis             Mr. & Mrs. George Giogas             Mr. John Kyriakos                   Mr.& Mrs. Charles W. Patsios         Mr.& Mrs. Theodore Tsacogianis
Mr.& Mrs. James Berlis              Mrs. Thalia Goros                    Mr. Nicholas Kyriakos               Mr. & Mrs. Vasilios Patsios          Mr.& Mrs. James Tsacoyeanes
Mrs. Alice Bililies                 Mr.&Mrs. Konstantinos Gougoulias     John & Joyce Lagadinos              Mr. & Mrs. Nick Pattas               Mrs. Patricia Tsacoyiannis
Mr.& Mrs. Andreas Bisbas            Mr.& Mrs. Michael Gregory            Mr. Nicholas Lagadinos              Mr.& Mrs. Russell Patterson          Mrs. Mary Tsairis
Mr.& Mrs. Joseph Boisvert           Mrs. Helen Haralampu                 Mr.& Mrs. Frank Lagodimos           Mr.& Mrs. Edward Paul                Mr. & Mrs. Demetrios Tsatsarones
Mr.& Mrs. Theodore Bonica           Mr. Stephen Haralampu                Mr. & Mrs, Constantine Lagos        Mr.& Mrs. John Pergantis             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tsekrekas
Mr.& Mrs. Anthony Braccio           Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Harris             Ms. Cathy Lagoudakis                William Peros                        Mr.& Mrs. John S. Tsicouleas
Mr.& Mrs. Demet. Brakoumatsos       Mr. & Mrs. Evan Harris               Mrs. Antonia Lakis                  Stephanie & Alenandros Petrides      Dr. & Mrs. Bill Tsikitas
Mrs. Emily Briguglio                Mr. & Mrs. Apostolos Hatziliadis     Mr. & Mrs. James Lambrianidis       Mr. Vlasis Phillips                  Mr.& Mrs. Jason Tsolas
Mrs. Erasmia Cacciola               Ms. Andrea Hennas                    Mr. James Lappas                    Ms. Ellea Polimou                    Mr. Theodore Tziavas
Ms. Ann Cagos                       Miss Christina Heras                 Mr.& Mrs. Stephen Latzanakis        Mr. & Mrs. George Politis            Ms. Julie Tziolas
Mr. & Mrs. Aristides Cagos          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hodgets           Mr. Leonidas Lavrakas               N & Vasiliki Polychronopoulos        Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Tzouvelis
Ms. Isminy Cagos                    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Housianitis        Mr. Paul Alexander Lavrakas         Mr. George Popas                     James & Joanna Tzouvelis
Mrs. Anastasia Caras                William & Roula Hunter               Mrs. Ourania Leotsakos              Mr. Michael Popas                    Mr.& Mrs. Scott Usechek
Mrs. Hope Carras                    Mr. & Mrs. Paul Iannazzi             Mrs. Maria Levantakis               Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Poravas         Mr. & Mrs. James Vafiades
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Catrickes          Mr. J.Izikson/Ms. E.Diamantopoulou   Ms. Frances Levas                   Mr.& Mrs. Savvas Pratsinakis         Mr.& Mrs. Steve Vahos
Mr.& Mrs. John Chakalis             Ms. Pearl Janis                      Mrs. Evdokia Ligris                 Mr. Costas Provas                    Ms. Carla Cormer Valentino
Mr.& Mrs. George Chiklakis          Mr. Angelo Jiaravinos                Ms. Ann Lingos                      Ms. Irene Provas                     Vangelatos Sisters
Mr. & Mrs. Constantine Choharis     Mr. & Mrs. George Julakis            Ms. Lemonia Litopoulos              Mrs. Mary Psatopoulou-Mehrez         Mr. George Varsamis
Mr.& Mrs. Harry P. Choharis         Mr.& Mrs. James G. Jumes             Mr.& Mrs. George Loridas            Mr. & Mrs. Sarrantos Rallis          Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Varsamis
Mr. & Mrs. George Christakis        Mrs. Kay Kafalas                     Mr.& Mrs. Ioannis Loumbrinis        Mrs. Ekaterina Razis                 Mr.& Mrs. Peter J. Varsamis
Mr.& Mrs. Nicholas Christakis       Mrs. Anastasia Kakis                 Mr. & Mrs Geoff Lucente             Dr. Rice & Welch                     Mrs. Ipighenia Vasiliades
Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Christakis      Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Kakrides         Ms. Marsha MacDougall               Ms. Athena Righellis                 Mr. and Mrs. Panagiotis Vasilliadis
Mr. & Mrs. Peter N. Christakis      Mrs. Georgia Kalafatis               Drs. Nicolaos & Ourania Madias      Mr. Antony Rodolakis                 Ms. Eva Vekos
Mr.& Mrs. Christie W. Christo       Ms. Bessie Kalamvokis                Mr.& Mrs. Peter Madis               Ms. Elaine Romano                    Ms. Christen Vergados
Mr. & Mrs. George Christodoulo      Mr.& Mrs. Perikles Kalavantis        Mr. Alex Magdalinos                 Mr. Leo. Rozakeas/Ms. Maria Salles   Mr. Jason Vergados
Ms. Filipida Christodoulopoulos     Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kalivas           Mrs. Denna Magos                    Ms. Nicole E. Ruggiero               Mr.& Mrs. Peter Vergados
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Colivas           Mr. and Mrs. Geoerge Kaliviotis      Mr. & Mrs. Demetrios Mallios        Ms. George Sahinidis                 Dr. & Mrs. Triphon Vlagopoulos
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Colivas          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kaloyanides       Mr. & Mrs. Demetrios Mandilas       Mr. & Mrs. Milton Sakaforas          Mr.& Mrs. Dimitrios Vorvis
Mr.& Mrs. James Conduras            Mr. & Mrs. Tilemahos Kandilas        Mr. Demetrios Manolis               Ms. Bette Salimbas                   Mr.& Mrs. George Vouloukos
Miss Dorothea Coston                Mr. & Mrs. Demetrios Kanellias       Mrs. Eleftheria Manolis             Mr. & Mrs. Pavlo Samios              Mr. Athanasios Vulgaropoulos
Ms. Christine Cotter                Mr.& Mrs. Anthony Kapadoukakis       Mrs. Bess Manousos                  Mr. & Mrs. George Sarris             Mr. William Walgren
Mr. Nicholas Coufos                 Mr. & Mrs. Dmitri Kapalis            Mr.& Mrs. Peter Margios             Mr.& Mrs. Peter Sarris               Mrs. Julia Welch
Mrs. Agnes Coukos                   Mr. Angelo Kapetanakos               Mr. & Mrs. Simeon Margios           Mrs. Alyce Savas                     Mr.& Mrs. Anthony Zagami
Dr. John Coules                     Mr. & Mrs. Nikolaos Kaptosis         Mr.& Mrs. Vasilios Marios           Mrs. Anna Savas                      Mr. & Mrs. William Zagorianakos
Ms. Christina Dafnoulelis           Mr.& Mrs. Alex Karafilidis           Mr.& Mrs. Rudolf Markic             Mr. & Mrs. Mack Schermer             Mr. Costa Zahos
Mr. Christos Dafnoulelis            Mr. & Mrs. Charles Karafotias        Dr. & Mrs. Brian Marriott           Ms. Stephanie Schmidt                Mr. & Mrs. Vassilis Zannis
Mrs. Louise Damascus                Mr. & Mrs. Mark Karafotias           Suzanne & James Martignoni          Mr. & Mrs. Alex & Juliet Sebunnya    Apostolos & Zoey Zarkadas
Ms. Katherine Danis                 Mr. Costas Karageorgis               Mr. & Mrs. Martin Martinos          Mr.& Mrs. Michael Seegers            Mr.& Mrs. Demetrios Zarkadas
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Daskalos         Mr.& Mrs. George Karalis             Mr.& Mrs. George Masteralexis       Mr.& Mrs. William Senopoulos         Mr. & Mrs. Demetrios V. Zarkadas
Mrs. Mina Davos                     Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Karalis          Mr.& Mrs. Frank Mastro              Mr.& Mrs. Nicholas Sikellis          Ms. Joanna Zavras
Mr & Mrs. Nicholas Davos            Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Karalis        Mrs. Eleni Mastrogiannis            Mr. C.P. Silverio/Ms. K.A. Downing   Mr.& Mrs. Christopher Zevitas
Mr. S. Davos/Ms. O. Kalafata        Mrs. Bessie Karamas                  Mr. Brian Matsas                    Mr. & Mrs. Stavros Sirafos           Mr. Demosthenes Zevitas
Mr.& Mrs. Efth. Deamantopoulos      Ms. Maria Karatalidis                Mr. Donald Matsas                   Mrs. Christina Smerlas               Mr. Zachary Demos Zevitas
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Delegas         Mr. & Mrs. Nick Karellas             Mrs. Georgia Matthew                Mr. Frank Smerlas
Mr.& Mrs. Nicholas Dellaportas      Mr.& Mrs. Emmanuel Kariadakis        George Mavreles                     Mrs. Sophia Szeto
Mr.& Mrs. Orestes Demetriades       Mr. and Mrs. Coric                   Pauline McNamara                    Mrs. Fani Sotiriadis
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - November 2010                                                                                                      Page 10

Sunday Schedule: Orthros: 8:45 AM, Doxology and Divine Liturgy: 9:45AM
Weekday Liturgies: 8:45 AM
Parish Nurse Office Hours/Blood Pressure Clinic: Fridays 9 —12 noon
Greek School: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-6 PM, Saturdays, 10 AM—1 PM
Evening Meetings: Adult—7:30 PM, GOYA—7-9 PM, JOY—6:30-8:30 PM
                                                                                                        November, 2010
Choir Rehearsal: Wednesday at 7:30 PM (call Director Cynthia Alex for info.)

                 Sun                           Mon                     Tue        Wed             Thu                    Fri                     Sat
                                                  1                      2         3                4                     5                       6
                                                                                                                 Blood Pressure Clinic       Greek School

                                                                                                                 Seniors Drop-In p.7

                                                                                                                “Krasi and Kataifi” p.6

                  7                             8                      9          10               11                     12                     13
 7th Sunday of Luke                        Hierarchical           Greek School                 Greek School      Blood Pressure Clinic       Greek School
 Epistle: Ephesians 2:14-22               Divine Liturgy
 Gospel: Luke 8:41-56                      The Holy                                             AHEPA p.9        Seniors Drop-In p.7
           Great Vespers
                                          His Eminence
   The Holy Taxiarchae                    Metropolitan
        His Eminence                       Methodios
    Metropolitan Methodios                  Presiding
       Presiding 7 PM

                14                               15                   16          17               18                     19                     20
 8th Sunday of Luke                                               Greek School                 Greek School      Blood Pressure Clinic       Greek School
 Epistle: Corinthians 4:9-16
 Gospel: Luke 10:25-37                                             Fall General                                  Seniors Drop-In p.7
 Philoptochos Sunday p.6                                                P. 8                                      Youth Movie Night

 The Giving Feast Luncheon p.4

               21                                22                   23          24               25                     26                     27
 Entrance of the Theotokos                                        Greek School                                   Blood Pressure Clinic      NO Greek School
 into the Temple                                                                                                  10 AM to 12 noon
 Epistle: Hebrews 9:1-7
 Gospel: Luke 10:38-42; 11:27-28                                                                                 Seniors Drop-In p.7

                 28                              29                     30
 13th Sunday of Luke
 Epistle: Ephesians 6:10-17                                       Greek School
 Gospel: Luke 18:18-27

 Christmas Pageant Rehearsal p.5

                                                                                                                    Η Εοπτή των
                                                                                                                Παμμεγίστων Ταξιαπσών
                                                                                                              Η Πανήγςπιρ τος Ιεπού Ναού
                                                                                       Tεκ Δεοηένα, 8 Νμεμβνίμο εμνηάδεη θαη πακεγονίδεη ε
                                                                                       Εθθιεζία μαξ. Τεκ Παναμμκή ηεξ εμνηήξ, Κονηαθή,
                                                                                       7 Νμεμβνίμο ζα ραιή μ Μέγαξ Πακεγονηθόξ εζπενηκόξ,
                                                                                       πμνμζηαημύκημξ ημο Σεβαζμηςηάημο Μεηνμπμιίημο Κμο. Κμο.
                                                                                       Μεζμδίμο. Ο Εζπενηκόξ ζα γίκεη με Ιενά Ανημθιαζία θαη με
                                                                                       ηε ζομμεημπή ηςκ ηενέςκ ηεξ πενηθενείαξ μαξ. Ο Εζπενηκόξ
                                                                                       ζα ανπίζεη ζηηξ 7.00 μ.μ. Αμέζςξ μεηά ημκ εζπενηκό ζα δμζεί
                                                                                       Δελίςζεξ ζημ Κμηκμηηθό Κέκηνμ.
                                                                                          Τεκ Δεοηένα, 8 Νμεμβνίμο ακήμενα ηεξ εμνηήξ, ε Θεία
                                                                                       Λεηημονγία ζα ανπίζεη με ημκ Όνζνμ ζηηξ 8.30 π.μ. ,
                                                                                       πμνμζηαημύκημξ ημο Σεβαζμηςηάημο Μεηνμπμιίημο Κμο. Κμο.
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - November 2010                                                                                                                                       Page 11

  MASCO Consultant Service, Inc.
               John A. Abate, President                                       KALIVAS                                                 FAGGAS FUNERAL HOME, INC.

                                                                                                                                                  Nicholas G. Faggas
                  227 White Street                                                                                                                   Funeral Director
            Belmont, MA 02478.1255                                              INSURANCE AGENCY, INC.
                 Tel: 617-484-5946                                        Automobile • Homeowners • Commercial • Business          George Faggas                       Adrianne Faggas
                                                                                          “Always There for You”
                Fax: 617-484-0895
          Email: john.abate2@verizon.net                                  Charles Kalivas     781-648-0060       Michael Kalivas
                                                                           635 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington Center                                           Toll Free: 1-800-222-2586
                                                                                  Email: charlie@kalivasinsurance.com              551 Mt. Auburn St.                   Tel: 617-926-2163
    Tax • Bookkeeping • Payroll • Consulting                                                                                       Watertown, MA 02472                 Fax: 617-926-7888

                                                                         MARIA                                                                                   Dolphin
                                                                         PAPADOPOULOS                                                                        Seafood Catering
                                                                         Manager/Relocation Specialist                                                              and
                                                                         CENTURY 21 Adams
                                                                         486 Common Street • Belmont, MA 02478
                                                                                                                                                               Memorial Service
“Where Art & Science Come Together to Create Healthy Beautiful Smiles”   Office:     617-489-6900
                                                                         Fax:        617-826-3489
    6 Hawthorne Street               290 Baker Avenue., S201             Cell:       617-571-8883                                   Specializing in memorials of any size.
    Belmont, MA 02478                Concord, MA 01742
                         (617) 489-2710
                                                                         Voice Mail: 617-826-3489                                   Please contact Peter at 508-655-0669
                                                                         Email: mariapap@comcast.net
                E-mail: Dr. KOraziosmile@verizon.net                     Web: www.bestmovesbymaria.com

           Elis Paparisto, D.D.S.                                        Peter
        YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY                                               CONDAKES
 Tooth Colored Fillings             Veneers
                                                                         Company, Inc.
 Periodontal Therapy                Invisalign Braces                                    Executive Offices
 Latest Implant Technology          One Hour Teeth Whitening
 Porcelain Crowns & Bridges         Evening Hours                        100 Everett Avenue, Chelsea, MA 02150
                                                                         Tel. (617)884-5080      Fax (617)884-3950
                                                                                  All fresh fruits and vegetables

                                                                                                                        Document Technologies Inc.
                                                                                                                              204 Second Ave
                                                                                                                             Waltham MA 02451

                                                                                      Products to meet every need....and every budget

                                                                                            Color or Black & White                                Network or Stand-alone
                                                                                            Copiers & Printers                                    Multifunction machines
                                                                                            Total Satisfaction Guarantee                          Fax Machines

  Elegance on the Charles.

                                                                                                                                           TED CONSTRUCTION INC.
                                                                                                                                    Call Ted
                                                                                                                                    Phone: (617) 926-4038
    2345 Commonwealth Avenue  Newton, MA 02466
                                                                                                                                    Cell: (617) 699-0353
          (617) 969-1000  Fax (617) 527-6914                                                                                       Fax: (617) 926-1634                  PO Box 89
                 www.newtonmarriott.com                                                                                             Licensed & Insured    Watertown, MA 02471-0089

                             leah kelly photography
                             emotion. unscripted.

                                             Evangelea Kelly                                                                       Specializing in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
                                               Photographer                                                                                   for children and young adults
                                                                                                                                   Caterina Raffa, D.M.D. Alexander Athanasiou, D.M.D.
                                8 Chapman Street                                                                                    521 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 104     Watertown, MA 02472
                           Watertown, MA 02472                                                                                                           617.924.1911
                                    617.393.4221                                                                                          Come visit our brand new state of the art office
                  leah@leahkellyphotography.com                                                                                           where we provide unique dental experiences!
                   www.leahkellyphotography.com                                                                                               www.pediatric-dental-arts.com
 HE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - November 2010
TTaxiarchae Archangels Greek Orthodox Church                                        Page 12Org.
                                                                                         U.S. Postage
 25 Bigelow Avenue                                                                          PAID
 Watertown, MA 02472-2041                                                                 Boston, MA
                                                                                       Permit NO. 58091

                                               (or current resident)

                                                                         $100 Raxxpe
                                                           nilh okjceewt sjirs lj lhe Caoilap
                                                        Imokjvemerl Fmrw xjk recettakv keoaikt.

                                                                       jrpv 100 licqelt
                                                                         Wipp ue tjpw.

                                                             Gkarw Pkize $5,000
                                                      Ticqelt nipp ue jr tape uesirrirs lhe
                                                             patl neeq jx Ocljuek.

                                                           The wkanirs nipp laqe opace jr
                                                               Salmkwav, Decemuek 4,
                                                          al lhe Mmticap Owvttev Remrijr.

                                                      Ppeate cjrlacl lhe chmkch jxxice al
                                                       617.924.8182 jk toeaq lj a Pakith
                                                         Cjmrcip memuek ix vjm nith lj
                                                               omkchate a licqel.

                                                       Yjmk cjrlirmew tmoojkl it rjl jrpv
                                                        recettakv uml skealpv aookecialew.

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