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    Choices for Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
       -Endowed Funds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
           Greatest Need Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
           Advised Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
           Field-of-Interest Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
           Geographic Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
           Designated Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
           Scholarship Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
           Agency Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
           Operating Endowment Fund . . . . . . . . . . .4
       -Non-Endowed Funds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
           Philanthropic Gift Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
           Special Project Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
       -Other Giving Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
           Supporting Organization . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
           Charitable Gift Annuity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
           The Legacy Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
    Fees and Charges . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
    Advantages for Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
    Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
Information for Professional Advisors . . . . . . . . . . .14                     ICF Staff:Top: Kay Harper, Stewart Edwards; Middle: Sami Jo Melton,
New Funds of ICF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16            Jennifer Wheeler; Bottom: Holly Motes, Cathy R. Silak, Monica Hoffer,
Individual Endowed Fund Descriptions . . . . . . . . . .17                        Hilarie Engle.
Individual Non-Endowed Fund Descriptions . . . . . .29
Supporting Organizations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Legacy Society Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33
Grants and Distributions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34
Regional Advisory Panels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47
Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48
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    Summarized Financial Data . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53
                                                                                      OUR HISTORY
                                                                                      The Idaho Community Foundation was established in
                                                                                      November of 1988 to enhance the pool of philanthropic
2005 Highlights                                                                       capital available to Idaho charities. As Idaho’s only state-wide
• Total assets grew 6.5% to $58 million. Grants and                                   community foundation, and with early assistance from the
  distributions totaled over $4 million.                                              Whittenberger Foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott
• Investment performance for the year 2005 was                                        Foundation, the Northwest Area Foundation, and the Council
  5.8%.                                                                               on Foundations, ICF has assumed a leadership role in
• Twenty-six new funds were created.                                                  working with donors to build the state’s resources. In 2005,
• At 4/1/06, our state-wide membership was 1,140.                                     every one of Idaho’s 44 counties benefited from ICF grants
• ICF welcomed three new staff members: Stewart                                       and distributions.Through the Idaho Community Foundation,
  Edwards, Sami Jo Melton, and Jennifer Wheeler and                                   generous people around Idaho work daily to enrich life’s
  recognized four departing staff members for their
  service:Tracie Cassidy, Craig Parry, Kim Peel, and                                  quality throughout Idaho.
  Amy Schelling.
• ICF achieved recognition for meeting National
  Compliance Standards for Community
  Foundations.This “Good Housekeeping Seal of
  Approval” will stand for the next five years.
• ICF’s Annual Luncheon played host to William H.
  Gates, Sr. who encouraged all Idahoans to embrace
  philanthropy—at any level.
• Tools for Giving, a 60-page reference guide for legal
  and financial advisors was created and printed in-
  house. It is available in hard copy or at
                                                                                      OUR MISSION
                                                                                      The mission of the Idaho Community Foundation is to enrich
• $1 million in assets from the Idaho Education
  Access Foundation were transferred to ICF                                           life’s quality throughout Idaho. We achieve that mission by
  creating a fund that will benefit first-generation,                                 gathering funds from donors while helping them achieve their
  low-income, and otherwise under-represented                                         charitable objectives; growing the funds over time through a
  Idaho college students.                                                             sound investment process; and granting the funds for a broad
                                                                                      variety of worthwhile projects state-wide.
    On the Front Cover: Lake Pend Oreille by Patrick Stoll
Dear Friends,
     The past year was full of opportunity for the Idaho Community Foundation.This
Foundation prides itself on being flexible and responsive to meet the needs of our
donors and the nonprofit community. One example of our creativity can be found in
the relationship built with Larry and Ilene Leasure to help them create a Philanthropic
Gift Fund through the future sale of their donation of Boise real estate. We are
honored every time a donor chooses to work with us to meet philanthropic goals
and “enrich life’s quality throughout Idaho.”
     Another way that the Foundation encourages philanthropy is to support Idaho
giving alliances.The most recent example, the Wood River Women’s Charitable               Cathy R. Silak      Duane Jacklin
Foundation, began in summer 2005 and will award its first grants in 2006. ICF handles
the funds for three Idaho giving circles and hopes to encourage the creation of more. (See story, p. 27)
     In summing up 2005, we are delighted that ICF funds have continued to grow—now achieving a record amount approaching
$60 million. Investment returns were 5.8%, which met our benchmark and continues the solid investment performance of past
years. We added a total of 26 funds. Our grant-making keeps growing, and our Board continued its practice of a 5% distribution
from endowed funds. Finally, in keeping with our state-wide mission, we proudly made grants in every Idaho county.
     We were saddened by the untimely passing of Judge Bill Hart of Buhl, who was on the ICF Board. He was a great judge,
family man, and leader in Idaho, and we miss him.
     As 2005 ended, we said thank you to Board members, Bessie Katsilometes, Dale Peterson, and David Slaughter. We will
miss their wisdom and guidance. We welcomed the new Board members, Carol Burnett of Pocatello, Richard Hutter of
Sandpoint, Michael McBride of Twin Falls, and Kiki Tidwell of Hailey.
     The Idaho Community Foundation continues to reflect the vitality of all Idahoans and for that we say,
 Thank you!

Cathy R. Silak                     Duane Jacklin
President and CEO                  Chairman of the Board

    Steele-Reese Foundation
       As the 2005 Friend of the Foundation, the Steele-Reese Foundation of New York was honored for its care and concern for
    residents of Idaho.The award, accepted by Trustee Charles Buice and Western Program Director Jeanne Wolverton, was
    presented at the annual luncheon in May.

       During the past eight years, the Steele-Reese Foundation Special Project Fund in ICF has provided nearly $610,000 in grants to
    more than 250 organizations in Idaho. At the Annual Luncheon, Cathy R. Silak, ICF president and CEO, shared the Steele-Reese
    Foundation philosophy of “helping people help themselves.” She added that the foundation’s establishment came out of the deep
    personal belief of its founders that people should work hard and also should help others to be successful.

      Established in 1955 by Eleanor Steele-Reese, the foundation has current assets of about $42 million and assists groups in Idaho,
    Montana, and Southern Appalachia. Each year the Foundation grants more than $1 million.

   1995                               1998                                2000                                2003
   John Chapman                       Warren McCain                       John Fery                           James H. Roper
   Hailey                             Boise                               Boise                               Burley
   1996                               1999                                2001                                2004
   Miles Willard                      Margaret Gigray                     Park Price III                      Alice E. Hennessey
   Idaho Falls                        Caldwell                            Idaho Falls                         Boise
   1997                               Nick Ifft                           2002
   Jane and Arthur                    Pocatello                           J.A. and Kathryn Albertson
   Oppenheimer                                                            Foundation
   Boise                                                                  Boise

                                                                                                                                    ICF 1

     Grangeville        Pocatello         Coeur d’Alene                Boise                    Boise

      Idaho Falls         Nampa            Sandpoint                 Post Falls                Preston

      Emmett              Boise            Lewiston                    Eagle                  Twin Falls

     Idaho Falls        Twin Falls           Boise                    Salmon                    Hailey

                                          OFFICERS/COMMITTEE CHAIRS
                                          DUANE JACKLIN       JOHN A. ROSHOLT        NANCY SUE WALLACE
                                          Chairman            Secretary              Grants Committee
                                                              Nominating Committee
                                          BRAD LITTLE                                ROGER MARTELL
                                          Vice Chairman       IRVING LITTMAN         Audit Committee
                                          CATHY R. SILAK      Treasurer              DOUGLAS R. NELSON
                                          President and CEO   Investment Committee   Asset Development
NANCY SUE WALLACE     PAUL YOCHUM                                                    Committee
     Hayden              Pocatello
DEFINITION                                      to join).The Foundation’s Bylaws provide      created become its distinguishing
                                                that none of the state’s three regions—       characteristics.
    A community foundation is a tax-
                                                Northern, Eastern, or Southwestern—can            Anyone can create a Foundation
exempt public charity that enables
                                                have less than 25% nor more than 48% of       fund. Individuals, companies, nonprofit
individuals and organizations to achieve
                                                the Foundation’s Board representation,        organizations, and other foundations
their charitable intent by establishing funds
                                                thus ensuring that no one region can          have created funds, and anyone may add
within the Foundation. Each fund is
                                                dominate Foundation governance.               to any fund in any amount at any time.
governed by its own legal document and is
                                                                                                  A person need not be wealthy to
accounted for separately. Endowed funds
                                                                                              establish a “named fund” in the
are pooled for more efficient and cost          ASSETS AND ENDOWMENT                          Foundation. Such a fund can be
effective investment management.                    Total assets of the Foundation at year-   established with a minimum
    The Idaho Community Foundation is           end 2005 were $58.2 million. Endowment        contribution of $5,000 in assets (or a
Idaho’s only state-wide philanthropic           was $50.8 million.The difference between      pledge payable within a maximum of
organization supported by the public with       total assets and total endowment is           five years).
private funds. ICF assists a broad range of     comprised mainly of special project funds
charitable, cultural, and education projects    and philanthropic gift funds that may be
within Idaho and occasionally beyond the        fully expended and therefore are not           CHOICES FOR
state’s borders.                                invested in the endowment.                     DONORS
GOVERNANCE                                      A FUND IN THE                                 ENDOWED FUNDS
    The Foundation is governed by a             FOUNDATION
volunteer Board of Directors representing          This is an individual account created by   Greatest Need Fund
Idaho’s diverse geography (see page 2 for       the contribution of a donor or group of           The donor’s gift can address ever-
a list of Directors). Directors are elected     donors. Each fund carries a name chosen       changing needs throughout Idaho (or if
by ICF members who also serve as a              by the donor(s).That name and the             desired, any of ICF’s three regions),
communications network (see page 48 for         guidelines established when the fund is       including future needs.The flexibility of
a list of members and information on how                                                      a donor’s unrestricted gift enables ICF’s
                                                                                              volunteer Regional Advisory Panels and
                                                                                              Board of Directors to respond to
                                                                                              Idaho’s most pressing needs today and
                                                                                              long into the future.
                                                                                                  Minimum Amount: $5,000 (can be a
                                                                                              pledge payable over five years).
                                                                                                  Management Fees: 1% annually
                                                                                              (assessed quarterly at a rate of .25%)
                                                                                              on the Fund’s average balance.The Fund
                                                                                              also bears its prorata share of the
                                                                                              trustee fees paid to the Foundation’s
                                                                                              investment managers (approximately
                                                                                              .29% at year end 2005).
                                                                                              Advised Fund
                                                                                                  Donors can have ongoing
                                                                                              involvement in the distribution of their
                                                                                              gift by retaining the privilege of
                                                                                              participating in the selection of
                                                                                              beneficiaries of their fund. Donors can
                                                                                              continue to address the issues and
                                                                                              needs they care about most. While IRS
                                                                                              regulations require that each final
                                                                                              decision must rest with the
                                                                                              Foundation’s Board of Directors, the
                                                                                              advice given by donors is fully
                                                                                              considered in making grants from these

                                                                                                                               ICF 3
 funds. Recommendations are submitted          Designated Fund                                  Minimum Amount: $10,000 (can be a
 to ICF’s Board for approval, then grants          Donors can direct their gift to a        pledge payable over five years).
 are distributed in the name of the fund.      specific nonprofit organization (or group        Management Fees: .5% annually
     Minimum Amount: $25,000 (can be           of organizations) such as a senior           (assessed quarterly at a rate of .125%)
 a pledge payable over five years).            center, museum, or virtually any             on the Fund’s average balance. Agency
     Management Fees: 1% annually              nonprofit charitable organization. Should    funds are subject to a minimum annual
 (assessed quarterly at a rate of .25%)        the designated organization cease to         fee of $250.The Fund also bears its
 on the Fund’s average balance.The             exist or become dysfunctional, the           prorata share of the trustee fees paid
 Fund also bears its prorata share of the      Foundation has the contractual ability to    to the Foundation’s investment
 trustee fees paid to the Foundation’s         redirect the distributions in accord with    managers (approximately .29% at year
 investment managers (approximately            the donor’s original intent.                 end 2005).
 .29% at year end 2005).                           Minimum Amount: $25,000 (can be a
                                                                                            Operating Endowment Fund
                                               pledge payable over five years).
 Field-of-Interest Fund                                                                         Distributions generated by these
                                                   Management Fees: 1% annually
     Donors can target their gift to                                                        permanent funds help to offset the
                                               (assessed quarterly at a rate of .25%) on
 address needs in an important issue of                                                     operating costs of the Idaho
                                               the Fund’s average balance.The Fund
 community life such as arts, education,                                                    Community Foundation and reduce the
                                               also bears its prorata share of the
 aging, or at-risk youth.The donor                                                          administrative fees that might otherwise
                                               trustee fees paid to the Foundation’s
 identifies one or more personal                                                            have to be assessed to other funds of
                                               investment managers (approximately
 interest areas when making the gift.                                                       the Foundation.
                                               .29% at year end 2005).
 ICF’s volunteer Regional Advisory                                                              Minimum Amount: $5,000 (can be a
 Panels make recommendations to our            Scholarship Fund                             pledge payable over five years).
 Board which then awards grants to                 Donors can invest their gift in              Management Fees: 1% annually
 community organizations and programs          Idaho’s future by helping educate our        (assessed quarterly at a rate of .25%)
 that are making a difference in the           youth. Donors determine the criteria         on the Fund’s average balance.The Fund
 area(s) selected.                             students must meet in order to receive       also bears its prorata share of the
     Minimum Amount: $25,000 (can be           the scholarship and may customize the        trustee fees paid to the Foundation’s
 a pledge payable over five years).            fund to provide opportunities for            investment managers (approximately
     Management Fees: 1% annually              graduates of certain schools, specific       .29% at year end 2005).
 (assessed quarterly at a rate of .25%)        fields of study, or for programs at
 on the Fund’s average balance.The             selected institutions of higher education.
 Fund also bears its prorata share of the      With assistance from an ICF                   N O N - E N D OW E D
 trustee fees paid to the Foundation’s         scholarship, students achieve their           FUNDS
 investment managers (approximately            academic and career-oriented goals.
 .29% at year end 2005).                           Minimum Amount: $25,000 (can be a        Philanthropic Gift Fund
                                               pledge payable over five years).                 Donors can create a non-endowed,
 Geographic Fund
                                                   Management Fees: 1% annually             fully-expendable fund from which they
     These are Field-of-Interest funds
                                               (assessed quarterly at a rate of .25%) on    (or their designees) may recommend
 that are targeted to address needs in a
                                               the Fund’s average balance. Scholarship      distributions of $250 or more to any
 particular geographic area. Be it a city, a
                                               funds are subject to a minimum annual        IRS-recognized charity at any time.
 county, or one of ICF’s regions, the
                                               fee of $250.The Fund also bears its          Advantages of such a fund include the
 donor (or group of donors) identifies
                                               prorata share of the trustee fees paid to    ability to make tax-deductible donations
 the geographic area when making the
                                               the Foundation’s investment managers         of appreciated assets at any time, thus
 gift. Depending on the donor’s wishes,
                                               (approximately .29% at year end 2005).       bypassing capital gains tax liability.The
 donors or a designated committee may
 advise on the fund distribution or the        Agency Fund                                  donor advises the Board on the
 donor may designate ICF’s volunteer               Nonprofit organizations can establish    amount and timing of subsequent gifts
 Regional Advisory Panels to advise on         an agency fund in ICF to build their         from the fund.
 distributions which are forwarded to          endowment and ensure long-term                   Minimum Amount: $5,000.
 the Board for final approval.                 annual support for their future. By              Management Fees:There is no
     Minimum Amount: $25,000 (can be           utilizing ICF to obtain the economies        charge related to the monies that
 a pledge payable over five years).            and potential rewards of participating in    remain in the fund for at least six
     Management Fees: 1% annually              a larger investment pool, nonprofits         months. ICF, however, retains the
 (assessed quarterly at a rate of .25%)        enhance their ability to accept large and    earnings on the fund. Monies expended
 on the Fund’s average balance.The             complex gifts and can focus more             from a philanthropic gift fund in less
 Fund also bears its prorata share of the      attention on their constituencies.           than six months are charged 2%.
 trustee fees paid to the Foundation’s         Distributions are made annually to the       Special Project Fund
 investment managers (approximately            participating agency for use as its Board        The Foundation occasionally serves
 .29% at year end 2005).                       of Directors deems appropriate.              its state-wide community by receiving

                                                                                              NORTH IDAHO
                                                                                              AND ICF

and managing non-endowed funds to             of the remainder interest may be placed
support a special project. Contributions,     in an ICF fund to benefit the named
                                                                                              Each North Idaho county,
as well as the net income earned while        charity, providing this residual meets          from the top of Boundary to
the assets are held, may be expended in       ICF’s minimum requirement to establish          the bottom of Idaho, can
the near future to support the project.       a fund. If that is not the case, the residual   boast of registered members
   Minimum Amount: No minimum.                may be placed in ICF’s Community Trust
   Management Fees:The Foundation             Fund to support greatest needs                  and grant recipients. All ten
negotiates the fee with the organization      throughout Idaho.                               North Idaho counties
based on the amount of administrative             Minimum Amount: $10,000.                    received funding in 2005
work required.                                    Management Fees: No fees are                from ICF. In fact, over
                                              charged to administer an Idaho
                                              Community Foundation (ICF) CGA.                 $472,000 was awarded to
 OT H E R G I V I N G                         When the CGA matures, fees will be              projects and organizations in
 OPTIONS                                      assessed to the ICF endowment fund              the region. Funding
                                              created with the remainder interest
                                              according to ICF policy for the type of
                                                                                              decisions, while finalized by
Supporting Organization                                                                       ICF’s Board of Directors,
   Donors can use their gift to establish     fund established.
an excellent alternative to a private             Minimum Age:While there is no               were advised by 14 panel
foundation with only a fraction of the        minimum age to set up a CGA, an                 members and many fund
administrative responsibilities. In certain   annuitant must be at least age 60 before
                                              payments start. If the annuity is for more      advisors.
supporting organization structures, the
donors may select some of the board           than one annuitant, the younger of the
members, maintain personal                    two must be age 60 before any payments          Ask any Northern Regional
involvement, and support the causes           start.                                          Advisory Panel Member or
they care about while enjoying the                Annuity Rates:The value of the
                                              contribution, the age(s) of the
                                                                                              ICF Board Member and they
favorable tax treatment of a public                                                           will happily share
charity. Investment management, startup       annuitant(s), and the annuity rates in
costs, grant administration, and              effect at the time the annuity is               information on the kinds of
reporting can all be left to ICF.             established all contribute to determining       grants that have been
   Minimum Amount: Varies, depending          the amount of the annuity payments an
                                              annuitant receives.                             distributed to organizations
on the type of fund the supporting
organization chooses to establish in ICF.
                                                                                              like the Greater Benewah
                                              The Legacy Society
   Management Fees: Dependent on the              Donors preferring to make a deferred        County Humane Society, the
type of fund established.                     gift may choose to name the Foundation          Festival at Sandpoint, Inc.,
Charitable Gift Annuities                     as the beneficiary of a charitable trust,       the Friends of the Weippe
    Giving through a charitable gift          will, bequest, or other deferred giving         Library, Inc., and Juliaetta
annuity allows donors to arrange              instrument.Those willing to be
                                              recognized are named and thanked in the         Volunteer Fire Department.
generous gifts to their community while
providing themselves with a new reliable      annual report as members of the Legacy
income source for the rest of their           Society. In many instances, the deferred        Some of the grant sources
lives.                                        gift donor receives benefits such as            for this region include: the
    Under this arrangement, donors            income or other use of property during
                                              his or her lifetime. Upon the donor’s           Herbert D. McAvoy Fund,
transfer assets (cash or securities) to
the Foundation in exchange for a              death, the remaining principal is               the Harry and Colleen
commitment by the Foundation to pay           transferred to the Foundation, and the          Magnuson Fund, and the
them (and a second annuitant, if the          assets become available for charitable use      John and Carmelita Spencer
donor so chooses) a fixed and                 as specified by the donor. Funds created
                                              through deferred gifts offer permanent          Fund.
guaranteed payment for the remainder
of their lifetime(s). On the death of the     recognition for the donor’s philanthropic
annuitant(s), the remaining principal is      service to the community.                       To create a fund that
retained by the Foundation to carry out                                                       benefits your community,
the donor’s charitable intentions.             FEES AND                                       contact the Idaho
    A specific charity can also be named
to benefit from the remainder interest.
                                               CHARGES                                        Community Foundation at
Once all of the annuity payments have                                                         (208) 342-3535 or
been made, up to one half of the                 There is no set-up fee to establish a
remainder can be paid to a charity as a       fund in the Foundation, and minimal
direct contribution.The residual portion      paperwork is required.The management

                                                                                                                    ICF 5
    fees are reasonable and vary with       FLEXIBILITY                                INVESTMENT EXPERTISE
    the type of fund established. See
                                                ICF works with donors and their           Donors are assured of professional
    “Choices for Donors” on pages
                                            advisors to create a fund with terms       management of the Foundation’s assets
    3–5 for fees related to each type
                                            and conditions designed to meet the        by experienced investment professionals
    of fund.
                                            specific requirements of each individual   with oversight by the Investment
                                            situation.                                 Committee of ICF’s Board of Directors.
        GRANTS AND
        DISTRIBUTIONS                       CONVENIENCE AND                            ACCOUNTABILITY
                                            EFFICIENCY                                    For investment purposes, endowment
        ICF makes grants state-wide to          Minimal paperwork is required to       funds are pooled, which provides the
    fund a broad range of activities,       establish a fund in the Foundation, and    opportunity to achieve better returns at
    services, and projects of               ICF takes responsibility for all reports   lower costs. However, for accounting and
    established 501(c) charitable           to the Internal Revenue Service and        reporting purposes, each fund is
    organizations, governmental units,      other governmental entities. Even a        maintained as an individual named entity
    or their subsidiaries.The               single contribution to the Foundation      with separate trackings of earnings,
    Foundation considers requests for       can address a wide range of needs or       prorata fees, and grant disbursements.
    grants from its greatest need and       interests, and can benefit any or a        The Foundation’s financial records are
    field-of-interest funds on a regional   number of charitable organizations.        subject to ongoing oversight by the
    basis. Applications from the                                                       Board of Directors and an annual
    Northern Region are accepted                                                       independent audit.
    November 1– January 15; from the        EFFECTIVENESS
    Eastern Region February 1– April           The Foundation ensures good use of
    1; and from the Southwestern            donor gifts through the professional
                                                                                       GRANTS OUTSIDE IDAHO
    Region May 1– July 1. Deadlines are     grant research of the staff, the prudent      Each fund in ICF must be of
    subject to change. Please check         and informed judgment of its volunteer     substantial benefit to Idaho, but fund
    ICF’s website,         Regional Advisory Panels that review       creators may structure their funds so
    for current information.                and make recommendations on grant          that some of the distributions go to
    Distributions from designated and       requests, and the oversight of the Board   charitable projects outside Idaho.
    agency funds are generally made in      of Directors.
    the spring of each year. Grants
    from donor advised and
    scholarship funds may be made           GIVING OPTIONS
    throughout the year.                        Almost any asset of value may be
                                            considered for a contribution.The
                                            Foundation can accept cash, securities,
        A DVA N TAG E S F O R               retirement assets, real estate, closely
        DONORS                              held stock, or other personal property.
                                            Endowment funds may be established
                                            with pledges payable within five years.
    TAX BENEFITS                            Contributions can be made during the
                                            donor’s lifetime and/or through
        ICF qualifies as a public charity   deferred gifts and bequests.
    under federal regulations, so gifts
    during a donor’s lifetime or
    bequests to the Idaho Community         PERPETUITY
    Foundation are accorded the                The agreement drawn to create an
    maximum tax advantages allowed          endowment fund in ICF ensures that
    by law. Major gifts to a community      the Foundation will honor the donor’s
    foundation such as ICF may qualify      charitable intent in perpetuity.
    for special tax considerations and,
    in some cases, may be an attractive
    alternative to creating a private       RECOGNITION
    foundation. Potential donors should        Each grant recipient is notified of
    consult with a qualified estate         the Fund name and donor unless the
    planning professional about their       donor requests anonymity. ICF
    specific circumstances.                 constantly strives to respect donor

   The Idaho Community Foundation owes its existence to the foresight of individuals, corporations, foundations, and
organizations that joined together to create and endow the Foundation. Our Founding Donor campaign concluded
December 31, 1992, having raised a total of $5 million. We are pleased to give continuous recognition to the vision and
generosity of those who supported the Foundation in its first stages of growth. Many of these donors have made
additional contributions to the Foundation in subsequent years.

MAJOR FOUNDING DONORS                  LEADERSHIP FOUNDING DONORS                    Warren E. McCain
(Gifts of $250,000 and above)          (Gifts of $100,000 – $249,999)                Arthur and Jane Oppenheimer
J.A. and Kathryn Albertson             Albertsons, Inc.                              Treasure Valley Family YMCA
Donald and Gretchen Fraser             Harry Bettis                                  US Bank
Northwest Area Foundation              Boise Cascade Corporation                     The Whittenberger Foundation
Ethel B. “Stevie” Rawlinson            Charles Stewart Mott Foundation               Miles and Virginia Willard
Earl C. Reynolds Jr.*                  Daugherty Foundation
                                                                                     FOUNDING DONORS
J.R. Simplot                           John B. and Delores L. Fery
                                                                                     (Gifts of $25,000 – $99,999)
                                       Lewis Hower
                                                                                     Arthur Andersen LLP
                                       G. Nicholas and Sara Ifft
                                                                                     Amalgamated Sugar
                                       Sara M. Maas
                                                                                     Boise Philharmonic Association, Inc.
                                                                                     Joan Chesbro
                                                                                     Jim and Barbara Cimino
                                                                                     Robert and Mary Evans
                                                                                     Roger and Sybil Ferguson
                                                                                     First Security Bank of Idaho, N.A.
                                                                                     Global Travel, Inc.
                                                                                     Linda Grable-Curtis
                                                                                     Green Giant/Pillsbury
                                                                                     Hecla Mining, Inc.
                                                                                     Tom and Alice Hennessey
                                                                                     William R. Hewlett
                                                                                     Hewlett-Packard Company
                                                                                     Richard M. and Mary B. Hormaechea
                                                                                     Idaho Power Company
                                                                                     Intermountain Gas Industries Foundation
                                                                                     Kenlon P. and Carol J. Johnson
                                                                                     D. Whitman and Paula Jones
                                                                                     Key Bank of Idaho
                                                                                     H.F. and Colleen Magnuson
                                                                                     Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation
                                                                                     Park Price Motor Company
                                                                                     David and Vaniece Petso
                                                                                     Potlatch Corporation
                                                                                     Robert and Dorothy Rebholtz
                                                                                     Bob and Carol Reed
                                                                                     Tom, Sheila, John and Joy Richards
                                                                                     Jim and Bette Roper
                                                                                     John Roper
                                                                                     Carmelita G. Spencer
                                                                                     The Terteling Company, Inc.
                                                                                     Harry B.Turner
                                                                                     Union Pacific Foundation
                                                                                     U S WEST Communications
                                                                                     Wells Fargo Bank (formerly First
                                                                                       Interstate Bank)
                                                                                     * Denotes a deferred gift
                                                                                                                 Donors 7
   2005 DONORS
   Thanks to the support of the following donors during 2005, the quality of life throughout Idaho has been forever
   enriched. Contributions are used to establish or support existing funds from which grants and scholarships are
   made and to support the Foundation’s operations.To learn more about donating or creating a fund, turn to page 3.

                                  Kay Alspaugh                    Bank of Idaho                   Boise High School Band
   A K. Abercrombie
                                  American Association of         Bannock County Deputy             Boosters
                                    University Women, Boise          Sheriff’s Assn.              Boise Philharmonic
   Sheila Achord                    Branch                        Timothy and Eileen Barber         Association, Inc.
   Ada County Medical             David and Debra Anderson        Jon and Mimi Barnes             Boise Rescue Mission
     Society, Inc.                Anderson Nelson Hall &          Delma L. Barnett                Boise State University
   Lee Adams, III                   Smith, P.A.                   Sara Barnett                    City of Boise
   Nat and Sally Adams            Phillip and Angela Anderson     T.M. Barnett                    Bonnie Ormond
   Jon and Linda Adamson          Michael and Sally Anderson      Barbara Barsness                  Christmas Light
   Mary Adcox                     Angell Holdings, LLC            David and Dorothy Barton          Charitable Trust
   Lynn Addis                     M. Loretta Apel                 David and Kim Basye             Erick Borland and Beth
   Albertson College of Idaho     Bradley A. Appleman             Richard and Lois Bauer            Geagan
   Albertson’s, Inc.              The Arc, Inc.                   Larry Baxter                    Kay Brassey
   John Aldine                    Lauri Armon                     John Beal and Toni Roberts      Mark and Mary Brinkman
   Teresa Alexander               Ruben and Sara Asumendi         Randy Beard                     Broadcast Music, Inc.
   All West Aviation              John and Shirley Atteberry      Carolyn Beaver                  Jason Bronner
     Services, Inc.                                               Michael N. Becar                Howard and Tina
   John and Jean Allan
   Barry and Jana Alleman
                                  B and M.K. Bailey
                                                                  Thomas and Marilyn Beck
                                                                  F. Beets
                                                                                                  Barbara Brookover
   Gayle Allen                    Katherine Bakke                 Kathy Belknap                   Hollis J. Brookover
   Roger and Virginia Allen       Irv Baldwin                     John and Barbara Bender         Charlie Brown
   Susan Allison                  Anthony and Susie Balukoff      Marjorie H. Bender              Frank Brown
   Patricia Allusi                Britt and Cynthia Bambic        Harvey and Carla Bennett        Stan Brown
                                                                  Jeanine Bennett                 Estate of Warren H. Brown
                                                                  John and Susan Bennett          Ron and Janet Burley
                                                                  Janet Benoit                    Howard and Carol Burnett
                                                                  Arlan and Jan Bergesen          Steve and Robin Burns
                                                                  Jason Bernier                   Patricia Butler
                                                                  Jerry Beto                      Andrea Byers
                                                                  Bettie J. Ferguson Family
                                                                  Harvey and Myrna Bickett        C Properties, LP
                                                                  Dave Bieter and Julia
                                                                     Nemeth                       Lawrence and Sandra
                                                                  Tony and Jody Billiard            Calkins
                                                                  Robert Bilow and Jeannine       Camille Beckman
                                                                     Mehroff                        Corporation
                                                                  Ernest Blackwelder and          Margaret Campbell
                                                                     Sheila Hennessey             Ellen Campion
                                                                  Polly Blasko                    Bradford Cannon
                                                                  John Blight                     Jerold and Carol Cantor
                                                                  William and Karla Bodnar        Donald Carleton
                                                                  Janine Boire                    Joan D. Carley
                                                                  Boise Centre on the Grove       Barbara Carnefix
                                                                  Boise Citizen Police Academy    Elaine and Robert
                                                                     Alumni Association             Carpenter
                                                                  Boise Convention & Visitors     Cascade Raft and Kayak
                                                                     Bureau                         Company, Inc.
                                                                                                  Carol Casler
8 Donors 8
Pete and Freda Cenarrusa       Donna Dahlberg              John Erstad                  Daniel and Carolyn Gibson
Douglas and Deidre             Susan Dahlgren              Patrick Erstad               Bart and Briedi Gillespie
   Chadderdon                  Tom Dale                    Ryan Erstad                  Glass Doctor
Thomas and Susan               Vicki Dater                 Cynthia Esparza              Dottie Goldman
   Chaloupka                   Julie Davidson                                           Rafael M. Gonzalez
Asa Chandler
Earl and Kathleen Chandler
                               Peter and Arlene Davidson
                               Charles and Susan Davis
                                                           F Practice Residency
                                                                                        Laree Goodman
                                                                                        The Gordon D. Sondland
Myna Chang                     Eugene and Letty Davis        of Idaho                     and Katherin J. Durant
Don and Dolores Chapman        Kelly Davis                 Chon and Rainer Famulla        Foundation
Scott and Eddy Chapman         Michael Davis               Dr.Terese Fandel             Dee Gore
Peter K. Chappell              John and Jeanine Dawson     Jubal Farrow                 Betty Gormley
Steve Chattin                  Janet DeBard                Lori Fascilla                Margaret Gorrissen
William and Tina Chavez        Judd and Diane DeBoer       Marlo Faulkner               Linda Gossett
LeeAnn Cheeley                 Michael Deeds               Patsy Fedrizzi               Bernard and Darlene
Chesapeake Asset               Emmalyn Degen               Sharry Feldner                 Gratton
   Management, LLC             Gena Delucchi               Felton & Felton Attorneys    Ronald and Diane Plastino
Larry and Shirley              Robert Deonier              Dick Fenton                    Graves
   Chetwood                    Lisa Derig                  The Fenton Living Trust      Jeremy Gray and Bron
Steven Chi                     Randy J. Dillon             Steven James Fenton            Roberts
Garn Christensen               Thomas and Linda Dixon        Living Trust               Tori L. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. David             DL Evans Bank               Heather Ferguson             Steven J. Green
   Christiansen                DLH Real Estate             Roger and Sybil Ferguson     Lolly Greeninger
Donald and Joann Cissel          Investments, Inc.         Karen Fernand                Helen Gregory
Sandra L. Clapp                Kieran and Jeanie Donahue   John and Delores Fery        Gary and Virginia Gribben
William and Diane Clayton      Rex and Marilyn Dorman      Michael and Patty Fery       George and Florence
J. Michael and Robbye          Andy Douglass               Fidelity Investments           Grismer
   Clements                    Gary and Suzanne Douthit      Charitable Gift Fund       Pirie Grossman
Bryan Cloudt                   Downey Lions Club           Richard and Shirley Fields   The Grove Hotel
Penny Coe                      Debra Drake                 Fifth Judicial District      Suzanne Gruber
Lawrence and Victoria          Daniel Drover                 CASA Program, Inc.         Steve and Donna Guerber
   Coelho                      Zane Drussel                Lori Fisher                  Kathleen “Kitty” W. Gurnsey
Mrs. Annette W. Compton        Shariae Dugdale             Tedd and Virginia Foote      Debra Guth
Bernice Comstock               Katherine Durbin            Mark and Naomi Ford
Marcello and Kimberly
                               Candi Durusu
                               Claire Dwyer
                                                           Linda Fournier
                                                           Theresa Fox
                                                                                        H Corporation
Thomas Conn                                                Freddie Mac Workplace        Joan Hagedorn
John and Cindy Cook
Charla Cooper
                               E of Eagle
                                                             Giving Campaign
                                                           Friends of the Alexander
                                                                                        Barbara Hamilton
                                                                                        Mildred Hamilton
Lea Cooper                     John W. Eames                 House                      Robert G. Hamlin
Ken Cortez                     Easlas Trust                Barbara Frizzell             Bruce Hansen
David Coulston                 Edith Easterbrook           Lois Fuller                  Lawrence and Janet Harper
Roger and Elizabeth            Gina Eaton                  Fulton Associates, LLC       Dan Harpole
   Crandlemire                 Jan Edelstein               Hilary Furlong               Harpster Volunteer Fire
Sally Craven                   Donald and Constance                                        Association
Sheilha Crevost
Charles and Jacqueline Crist
                               Shelley Smith Eichmann
                                                           G and Kay Gaines
                                                                                        Robert and Holly Harrell
                                                                                        Kay Harrison
Larry and Marcia Crookham      Joseph and Lillian Eid      John A. Galt                 J. William and Cheryl Hart
Cheryl Crumbley                Gale H. Elkins              Luann Ganz                   Daniel and Leslie Hartel
James Cruzen                   Anne Ellison                Gregory Garlick and          The Hartwell Corporation
Clay Cummins                   Roy and Frances Ellsworth     Marsha Wing                Ralph and Mary Lynn
Terry and Linda Grable-        Doug Elmore                 Ann Garrett                     Hartwell
   Curtis                      Elmore Medical Center       The Garrett Company          Troy Harvey
Gail Cushman                     Foundation                Mary Gearn                   Hawley Troxell Ennis
                               Elwell Family Foundation    Michael Geffroy                 & Hawley
D Holdings, LP
                               Emmett Public School
                                 Foundation, Inc.
                                                           LaVern and Marian Gentry     Donald and Jan Haworth
                                                                                        Dodds and Alisa Hayden
                                                           Shane Gentry
Joseph and Amy Dague           Andrew and Shannon Erstad
                                                                                                          Donors 9
 Hayden, Ross & Company      Idaho Heritage Trust                                          Edward A. Leach
 Marshall Haynes             Idaho Humanities Council         K Kamp
                                                                                           H. Larry and Ilene Leasure
 Suzanne Hazlett             Idaho Nonprofit                                               Robin Leavitt
 Tim A. Heath                   Development Center            Gregory Kaslo and Anita      Lisa Leff
 Clark T. Heglar             Idaho Peace Officers                Kay Hardy                 Estate of Ann LeFlors
 Patricia Heldt                 Association, Inc.             Tom and Bessie               Troy and Lisa Leiby
 Helen John Foundation       Idaho Society of CPAs               Katsilometes              Blaine and Dixie Lenon
 Helen K. and Arthur E.      Idaho State Council,Trout        Kim Kawaguchi                Ann Adamson Leonardo
   Johnson Foundation           Unlimited                     Mary K. Kayser               Susan Lesica
 Fred and Shirley            Idaho Women’s Charitable         Thomas and Joy Kealey        Debra Levin
   Helpenstell                  Foundation                    Fran Kearns                  Kathie Levison
 Rebekah Helzel              Idaho Youth Ranch                Janice Keener                Kurt and Treacy Liebich
 Iris Hendrickson            Ifft Foundation                  O. Keener and Karen Earle    Marcia Liebich
 Tom and Alice Hennessey     Sara Ifft                        J. Keithan                   Richard and Yvonne Lierz
 MaryAnn Hennessey           State of Idaho                   Jana Kemp                    Merrill and Michelle
 Tom and Shana Hennessey     Interfaith Volunteer             William and Linda Kerby        Chambers-Lincoln
 Martin and Frances Hepker      Caregivers                    Kiersten Kerr                The Lindsey Foundation
 Margaret Hepworth           Intermountain Gas                Dwight Kilgore               Brad and Teresa Little
 James E. Herridge              Company                       Vera Kilgore Trust           Irv and Trudy Littman
 Amy Herzfeld                Intermountain Gas                Thomas and Teresa            Robert and Tena Lokken
 Dale and Ramona Higer          Industries Foundation, Inc.      Killingsworth             Marilyn Lorenzen
 David and Mary Jane Hill    Ireene Barnett Foundation        Melinda Kim                  S. Del Low
 Weslee Hoalst               Karen Ireland                    Elaine Kimball               Elise Lufkin
 Nolan and Monica Hoffer     Iron Warriors M. C., Idaho       Donald W. King               William Lund
 Mark and Lynn Hofflund      Khurram and Saima Ismail         Larry and Diane King         Denise Hogshed-Lundy
 Vickie Holbrook                                              Robert and Marcia Kirk       Joshua and Margene Lunn
 Mary Holden
 Deb Holleran
                             J                                W. David Kirk
                                                              Kissler Family
                                                                                           Lyle Pearson Acura
                                                                                           Marcia Lyons
                             J Crist, Inc.
 Patti Holman                                                    Foundation, Inc.          Joel and Gwen Lytle
                             J.A. and Kathryn Albertson
 Burt and Lorissa Holt                                        Jim Kissler
                               Foundation, Inc.
 Ted Hopfenbeck
 Vickie Horn
                             William and Jacqueline
                                                              Kathryn Kladar
                                                              Sheila and Karl Klages
                                                                                           M K. Mabe
 Norman and Judy Howard                                       Mattie Kling                 Carol Lynn MacGregor
                             Jean Cenarrusa-Jacobson
 Albert and Mildred Huber                                     G. Robert and                Todd Maddock
                             Jesse and Janet James
 William and Penelope                                            Dorothy Klomp             Jessica Maddocks
                             Susan Jameson
   Hulett                                                     Dieter A. Knecht             Michele Magnuson
                             Wendy Jaquet
 Charles and Lissa Hummel                                     Matthew Knepper              Greg Mahorney
                             John and Sharron Jarvis
 Kay Hummel                                                   Sharon Kohls                 Main Street Mile, Inc.
                             Amy Jauregui
 Michael Hummel and                                           Barbara Korn                 Majors and Minors Fund
                             Heather Jauregui
   Suzanne Boyle                                              Norman N. Koser              Jerry and Charlotte Mallet
                             Jewish Foundation of
 Humphreys Diabetes                                           Alann and Mali Krivor        John W. Maras
   Center                                                     James and Alicia Kromas      Wendy Marchant
                             Lowell Jobe
 W. and Candace                                               Mark and Susan Fenton        Tonna Marek
                             Daniel and Carmelyn
   Humphreys                                                     Kubiak                    Vicki Markizon
 Bobbie Hunt                                                  Norbert and Marcia Kulesza   Joseph and Patricia Marshall
                             Debbie Johnson
 Lawrence Hyatt                                               Lex and Celia Kunau          Elaine and Darrell Martin
                             Glen Johnson
 Marian Hylen                                                 Darren Kyle                  Erlinda Martinez
                             Janice Johnson
                                                              Kyrsten Bell Fundraising     David Masner
                             Julie Johnson
                             Peter and Carolyn Johnson
                                                              L Laine                      Morgan Masner
                                                                                           Matthias Group, LLC
                             Ron and Pat Johnson
 Idaho Conservation League                                    John                         Mark Mattke
                             Annette P. Johnston
 Idaho Diabetes Youth                                         Wally Lancaster              Gail May
                             James and Lynn Johnston
   Programs, Inc.                                             James and Joan Lansche       David and Cathey
                             D. Whitman and Paula Jones
 Idaho Education Access                                       Christine LaRocco              McGonigal
                             J.Thomas Jones
   Association, Inc.                                          Ed and Barbara Laughlin      Michael and Janet McBride
                             Douglas J. Joseph
 Idaho Falls Arts Council                                     Diane Lawrence               Warren and Bernie McCain
                             JP Morgan
                                                              Thomas and Mary Lay
Donors 10
                              IDAHO RURAL PARTNERSHIP

McCall Memorial Hospital
                              A fund to support a variety of endeavors in rural Idaho was
James and Louise McClure      created with a $5,000 investment by Monsanto. Monsanto is a
Robert McCormick              member of the Idaho Rural Business Council.The council
Camille McCray                serves as the private business advisory group to the Idaho
Sherry McCullough             Rural Partnership, a coalition of individuals and federal, state,
Kevin and Debbie McDonald
Sharon McEwan
                              and local organizations working together to support
Nanette McGrath               organizations and projects that benefit rural Idaho.
Paul and Shirley McKague
Sharon L. McKee               “We truly look at the Fund for Rural Idaho as an opportunity
Lee McKeown                   to invest in this state,” said Trent L. Clark, public affairs
Bryan and Hannah McKuin
                              director, Monsanto. “A thriving rural economy depends on the
Willa McLaughlin
Robert and Michelle McMath    collaboration and partnership made possible by the IRP and
William McReynolds            the Idaho Rural Business Council. We believe so strongly in
James and Carole McWilliam    the concept, practical applications, and track record of IRP,
Robert and Rita Mecham        that our investment was an easy decision.”
City of Meridian
Meridian Rotary Club
David and Kay Merrick         The Fund for Rural Idaho was created in the Idaho
Lisa Mesler                   Community Foundation as a philanthropic gift fund. IRP
Meuleman Mollerup             Executive Director Dale Dixon said, “Rural Idaho is an
Glenn and Christina Michael   incredible market for business in agriculture, manufacturing,
Microsoft Pac/West
                              high-tech, and travel and tourism sectors. Investments in the
Bob Mienen
Cynthia Miley                 Fund for Rural Idaho help build on the business-friendly
A. E. and Minnie Miller       reputation for which rural Idaho is known. We foresee the
Cheryl Miller                 fund supporting a variety of entrepreneurship, education,
Donald and Janet Miller       economic development, and leadership training activities.”
Josephine Miller
Michael Miller
Nicholas G. Miller and
  Cathy R. Silak
Shawn and Joy Miller
Walter and A. K. Minnick
Alan and Royanne Minskoff
Marc Mitchell
MMH Foundation
Stan and Deloris Mock
Suki Molina
Marilyn Montgomery
Robert B. Montgomery
Nid Moody
Judith Morbeck
Don and Diane Morgan
Selena Morgan
Tom and Annie Chalfant
Velma Morrison
Scott and Anne Moscrip
Bev Moss
Mark and Holly Motes
Mother Lode Holding
Eileen W. Mundorff
                                                                                       Donors 11
 Phillip A. Murelaga         Panhandle Alliance for                                     Jean Russell
 Vicki Murphy                  Education, Inc.            Q Quinn
                                                                                        Ty and Cheryl Russell
 Jo Murray                   Jerald D. Panko                                            Teri Ryan
 Diane Myklegard             Bonnie Parden                Qwest Foundation              Benjamin Rydalch and Laura
                             Brian and Kim Paris                                          Bettis
 N and Rhonda Naftz          Tory and Valerie Parish      R Rahnn
                                                                                        Thomas and M. Susan Ryder
 Robert                      Annette M. Park
 J.W. Nagel
 Paul and Maureen Nagle
                             Parker Pacific Company
                             Pam Parker
                                                          Georgiann Raimondi
                                                          Victor Ramey
                                                                                        S J Beverage Co.
 Nashua Homes                John and Jackie Parrish      Carol Randall                 Saint Alphonsus Regional
 Douglas and Billie Nelson   Richard and Susan Parrish    Tod and Dani Rasmussen          Medical Center
 Randall and Melissa         Robert and Vivian Parrish    Vera Rasmussen                Saint Gertrude’s Monastery
   Nelson                    Carolyn D. Patrick           Carol Reagan                  Susan Saldin
 Walter and Patricia         Roberta Patterson            Real/Pro, Inc.                Ron J. Sali
   Nelson                    Susan Pearson                J. Philip and Nancy           Janet Sanders
 Bibiana Nertney             Dallas and Cynthia              Reberger                   Mary Sanderson
 Harriet Netson                Keller-Peck                Nancy Redford                 Ann Sandven
 Gary Neubauer               Peco Foundation              Diane Reed                    David and Dayna Sanna
 Bruce Newcomb and           William and Kimberly Peel    Henry and Susan Reents        Marc Santo
   Celia Gould               Perkins Coie, LLP            Scott and Kimberly            Janine Sarti
 Robert and Dawn Nielsen     Bob Perky                       Reinecker                  Constance Sathre
 Mary Niland                 Wendy Pesky                  Susan Reinstein               Juanita Sathre
 Susan Nipp                  Dale and Mary Ellen          Earl and Jodi Reynolds        Stefan and Ana Maria
 Todd and Jenine               Peterson                   Ben Rice                        Schachtell
   Hopkins Nord              Glen and Joan Peterson       Patrick and Elizabeth Rice    Rhonda Schaff
 David and Yoshie Nordling   Jan Peterson                 R. Fred Rice                  Kristan Schlichte
 Judy Nowaski                Nate and Jennifer Peterson   Joy Richards                  Ellen Schmand
                             Steven and Laura             Robert and Sally Richards     Deanna Schmidt
 O Ochsman
                             Andy Phillips
                                                          Stephen Richardson
                                                          Nancy Riess
                                                                                        Sharmon Schmitt
                                                                                        Mark and Margaret Schneider
 Matthew O’Connell           William and Mary Pickel      Riley Creek Laclede           Schneidmiller Family
 John and Norma Odiaga       Kathleen W. Pidjeon          Alicia Ritter                   Foundation, Inc.
 Steve and Sherrie           Daniel Pierce                Ritter Consulting             Patrick and Jolene Schow
   Oldenburg                 Ed and Doris Pilkerton       Mark and Jennifer Roark       Marci Schreiber
 Timothy O’Leary             Priscilla Pittiglio          Robert and Lucille Smylie     Charles Schwab Corporation
 Tim and Julie Olson         Virginia Pittman                Charitable Lead Unitrust     Foundation
 Carl and Patricia Olsson    Robert and Calista Pitts     R. Lee and Toni Roberts       Schwab Fund for Charitable
 Brian O’Morrow and          Dee J. Pogue                 Jack Y. Robertson               Giving
   Kristen De Boer           Marlette Pogue               June J. Robertson             Delbert Scott
 O’Neill Homes               Susan Pohl                   Larry Robertson               The Seattle Foundation
 Esther Oppenheimer          Curtis Pope                  Robideaux Motors              Robert K. Seehusen and
 Douglas Oppenheimer         Post Falls Police Officers   Carl and Ruth Robinson          Candice Crow
 Jane Falk Oppenheimer       Potlatch Corporation         Janet Robnett                 Fred and Nancy Seghi
 Orange County               Ruth Pratt                   Kevin M. Roche                Beth Sellars
   Community Foundation      Presnell Gage Accounting     Rocky Mountain                Kathryn Shaver
 Alex Orb                      and Consulting                Management, LLC            Marian Shaw
 Kirby and Susan Orme        Donald and Rose Price        Lacey Rogers                  Mary Jo Shaw
 Marvin and Suzanne          Park and Sharon Price, III   Joan Rogosch                  Nicholas M. Shea
   Orwig                     Marshall and Martha Priest   Ben and Anna Rolphe           Perc H. Shelton and
 Charlotte S. Oslund         Thomas Prohaska              James and Bette Roper           Gladys A. Pospisil Shelton
 Owyco, Inc.                 Richard and Mary Ellen       Shelley Rosenberger             Foundation
                               Pugh                       John and Karen Rosholt        Tim and Sandra Shelton
 P Steel & Recycling
                             Ron Purcell
                             Patrick and Debra Purdy
                                                          Phyllis Rossi
                                                          Kathryn Roy
                                                                                        Dale and Shirley Shepherd
                                                                                        Shepherd’s Home, Inc.
 Janice Palmer               Elizabeth Twilegar Pursley   Phil Ruebel                   Mickey and Patricia Shields
 Jill Palmer                 Cindy Smith-Putnam           Harold and Sue Rumsey         Susan Short
                                                          Rodney and Carrie Rushby      Marilyn Shuler
Donors 12
Kevin and Kathleen Shumway                                       Irene Victory                Richard and Dawn Wittman
Silverleaf Landscaping &         T and Company PC
                                                                 John Villamor                James and Marlene Wogsland
   Lawncare, LLC                                                 Vista Travel                 Theresa Castellano-Wood
Howard and Georgia               Alan Terrill                    Jole Voulelis                Douglas and Mary Lee Wood
   Shonk Simmons                 Terry Reilly Health Services                                 Virginia Woolley
J.R. and Esther Simplot
J.W. Sinclair
                                 Carolyn A.Terteling
                                 Wayne and Peggy Thiessen
                                                                 W and Deborah Wachtell
                                                                                              World Reach, Inc.
                                                                                              World Sports Humanitarian
Kristin Hoff-Sinclair            Susan Thilo                     Anne Wagstaff                  Hall of Fame
Sinclair Oil Corporation         Dene Kay Thomas                 Raymond and Lynne Wahlert    Thomas Wright
Paula B. Sinclair                Tuck Sullivan Thomas            Ramona Walhof
Gary Skaggs
SKAL International Boise/S.
                                 Sandy Thomsen
                                 Phebe Thorne
                                                                 Archie and Amy Walker
                                                                 David and Laurie Wall
                                                                                              Y and Judy Yochum
   Idaho                         Gail Thornton                   Marc E. and Nancy Sue        Drew and Katrina Yoder
William and Jane Slattery        Lavar and Wilma Thornton          Wallace                    Patricia Young
Gary and Julie Slee              Thornton Oliver Keller          Robin and Mimi Wallis        Shawn Del Ysursa
Christopher Smith                  Commercial Real               Warhawk Air Museum
Erin Smith
Jeffrey and Linda Payne Smith
                                   Estate, LLC
                                 Bonnie Thorpe
                                                                 Paula Warren
                                                                 Carolyn Washburn
                                                                                              Z Zanetti
Jeffrey L. Smith                 Brenda Thorpe                   Washington Group             Michael and Driek Zirinsky
Jordan and Mary Smith            Barbara Thrasher                  International
June Smith                       Kiki Tidwell                    Washington Mutual Bank
Michael and Susan Smith
Paula Smyly
                                 Patricia Toney
                                 Thomas Torres
                                                                 Thomas P. Watkins
                                                                 WC and PG Bickett
Caroline Sobota                  Barbara Thrasher                  Family Trust               DONATIONS
Sony/ATV Music                   John C.Travis                   Connie Weaver
   Publishing, LLC               Treasure Valley                                              Communications et al
                                                                 Weiser Memorial Hospital
Source One                         Family YMCA                                                Alice Hennessey
                                                                 Wells Fargo Bank
Jim Soyk                         Treasure Valley Lodging                                      Hewlett Packard
                                                                 Wells Fargo Community
Angela Spain                       Association                                                Dan Keller
                                                                   Support Campaign
Carmelita Spencer                Trebar, Inc.                                                 Todd Maddock
                                                                 Tom and Leslie Welsh
Craig and Jane Spencer           Sheila Trounson                                              Jo Murray, Jo Murray Public
                                                                 Nancy Werdel
Mark Spenner                     Mary Jean Troxel                                               Relations
                                                                 Marsha Werle
Frances Spofford                 Troxell Fund, Inc.                                           Fred Orcutt, Enterprise
                                                                 Ronda Westcott
St. Joe Valley Car Club, Inc.    Caroline Troy                                                  Technology, Inc.
                                                                 Joanne Wetherell
St. Luke’s Regional Medical      Richard and Pamela Tucker                                    Robert Overstreet
                                                                 Donna Wetherley
   Center                        The Tunney Foundation                                        Cathy R. Silak
                                                                 Bill and Marcie Wettig
Ray and Linda Stark              Mick Tyler and Naomi                                         St. Luke’s Regional Medical
                                                                 Jennifer Wheeler
James and Christin Steele          Preston                                                      Center
                                                                 Maryanne Whitcomb
Steele-Reese Foundation                                          Shirley White
                                                                                              Although we make every effort to
Harry and Suzanne Steger
W. Clinton and Michelle          U Ukich
                                                                 Stephanie White
                                                                 Wes Whitworth
                                                                                              be accurate, mistakes are
                                                                                              sometimes made despite care and
   Stennett                                                      Rick Wiley                   good intentions. Please notify us if
                                 Thomas and Charlotte Unger
Jessica Stephens                                                 Robert Wilhelm               you have a correction:
                                 United Heritage Life                               
Gayle Stevenson                                                  Miles and Virginia Willard
                                   Insurance Company
Dorothy Stimpson                                                 Beverly Williams
                                 United States Senate Federal
Jane Stoddard                                                    Helen Williams
                                   Credit Union
Michael R. Stoddard                                              Melisa Williams
                                 United Way of Treasure Valley
Charles and Patricia Story                                       Mike and Mary Williams
                                 Janeanne Upp
Diana Strandberg                                                 Eva Williamson
                                 US Bank
Peggy Street                                                     Helen Copple-Williamson
Margaret Sturdevant                                              Helen G.Wilson
J. Kirk and Elizabeth Sullivan
Charlyn Sutton
                                 V Van Ocker
                                                                 Jacquelyn Wilson
                                                                 Michelle Wilson
Roger and Yvonne Swanstrom       Ronald and Connie Vancleave     Jack and Mary Pat Winderl
Laura Swayne                     William and Gemma VanHole       Rochelle Wineinger
Victoria Swerdloff               Jena Vasconcellos               Eunice Winkels and Cecilia
Barbara Burnell Syrdal           Ted and Ludivina Vermaas          Broughton
                                                                                                                      Donors 13
 INFORMATION FOR                                                                                     Ten reasons people
                                                                                                     choose to give through
 PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS                                                                               community foundations

                                                                                                     We are a local organization
 THE CHALLENGE                                    more strategic way. Many donors find               with deep roots in the
     Completing a charitable plan that            starting a fund with ICF is a hassle-free and      community.
 meets the needs of each and every client         attractive alternative to establishing a private
 can be time consuming.Your clients are           foundation.                                        two
 counting on you for answers. By knowing                                                             Our professional program staff
                                                  PLANNED GIVING DESIGN
 more about the possibilities of charitable                                                          has broad expertise regarding
 giving which can offer specific tax benefits,                                                       community issues and needs.
                                                      In an effort to provide the tools you
 you can help them achieve their financial,
                                                  need to help your clients make informed
 personal and business goals. In fact, by
                                                  decisions regarding their charitable giving,       three
 assisting your clients with planned giving                                                          We provide highly personalized
                                                  ICF serves as the state-wide sponsor of the
 that truly integrates philanthropy with                                                             service tailored to each
                                                  Planned Giving Design Center (PGDC), a
 financial and estate planning, you can help                                                         individual’s charitable and
                                                  comprehensive interactive internet-based
 your clients to achieve critical lifetime                                                           financial interests.
                                                  resource which you can use to research,
                                                  design, illustrate, and implement advanced         four
     There are opportunities to assist your
                                                  charitable financial and estate planning           Our funds help people invest in
 clients in maximizing the personal benefits
                                                  strategies. Accessing this resource is fast,       the causes they care about
 of giving when they are making other
                                                  simple, and free. Simply click on the link         most.
 major business, personal, and financial
                                                  provided at ICF’s website
 decisions in connection with the following:
                                                  or go to From there you          five
 (1) estate planning; (2) writing or revising a
                                                  can explore the site and register to receive       We accept a wide variety of
 will; (3) sale of a business or other major
                                                  all the PGDC benefits.This resource                assets and can facilitate even the
 asset; (4) retirement planning; and (5)
                                                  includes tax rulings, sample documents,            most complex forms of giving.
 times of a financial windfall.
                                                  current planned giving news, and a
 TWO KEY QUESTIONS                                “Discussion Forum” where you can post
     One of the simplest and most                 questions and engage in conversations with
                                                                                                     We partner with professional
 important things you can do to help your         other financial advisors.                          advisors to create highly
 clients enjoy the benefits of planned giving                                                        effective approaches to
 is to ask these two questions:                                                                      charitable giving.
                                                      The Techniques newsletter is an income,
     “How much money do you want your
                                                  estate, and gift tax service for attorneys and
 heirs to have?”                                                                                     seven
                                                  other financial advisors. It is provided free
     “Are there charitable or community                                                              We offer maximum tax
                                                  of charge on a quarterly basis. It offers a
 needs you would like to consider?”                                                                  advantage for most gifts under
                                                  new subject each quarter and a special
 HELPING YOUR CLIENTS                             section on “New Tax Developments”                  federal law.
    ICF values our working relationship           providing the practicing professional with
 with financial advisors. We can be a             valuable updates on news and events                eight
 resource for you and a philanthropic             impacting tax laws and policies.To receive         We multiply the impact of gift
 partner for your clients.The Foundation          Techniques by mail, please contact ICF at          dollars by pooling them with
 enables individuals, families, companies, and                                 other gifts and grants.
 charitable organizations to make gifts,
                                                  “TOOLS FOR GIVING”                                 nine
 current or deferred, to benefit the
                                                     Created internally in ICF, this                 We build endowment funds that
                                                  comprehensive publication serves as a              benefit the community forever
    ICF offers a variety of flexible giving
                                                  reference for legal or financial advisors and      and help create personal
 options that can help your clients achieve
                                                  their clients. Available in hard copy or           legacies.
 maximum tax benefits. As a resource, we
                                                  electronically at, this
 can help facilitate family conversations
                                                  book walks planners and clients through a
 about philanthropy. We offer our                                                                    ten
                                                  decision process that analyzes the different       We are a community leader,
 expertise to help donors find groups
                                                  funds and different reasons to develop a           convening agencies and
 doing work they care about, and we help
                                                  connection with the Idaho Community                coordinating resources to create
 donors who have already made their
                                                  Foundation.                                        positive change.
 philanthropic decisions structure gifts in a
ICF 14
Starting a private foundation is a good option in certain situations, but here are some of the advantages gained by
partnering with the Idaho Community Foundation instead.

                               IDAHO COMMUNITY FOUNDATION                               PRIVATE FOUNDATION

Length of Time                 A fund is easy to establish and can be set up in as      Can be time-consuming and expensive. Generally
To Establish                   little as one day.                                       requires creation of articles of incorporation,
                                                                                        bylaws, and filing with the state and IRS. Usually
                                                                                        requires the review of an attorney. The process
                                                                                        can take more than three months.

Tax Benefits                   A donor realizes maximum tax benefits.                   Gifts may not receive as favorable tax treatment.

Excise Taxes                   The fund does not pay excise tax.Therefore, there is     The private foundation pays excise tax on net
                               more money available for charity.                        investment income, including net capital gains.

Tax Preparation                No separate tax return to file for donors.               Must file annual federal tax return, disclosing
                                                                                        investments, grants, trustee fees, salaries, and
                                                                                        other expenses.

Professional Oversight         Every fund benefits from well-qualified, professional    Many private foundations are too small to afford
                               staff and responsible Board oversight and fiduciary      staff and liability insurance, or to benefit from
                               responsibility. Each donor receives an annual            reasonable investment fees.
                               financial report on the activity of the fund, noting
                               distributions, income, and investment performance.

Professional Management        Highly qualified, professional management for the        Succession plans guaranteeing sound, effective
                               long term.                                               management can be difficult to formulate and

Required Payout                None. Distributions may vary from year to year in        Must distribute 5% of net asset value annually.
                               accordance with ICF’s distribution policy.

Grant Requests                 Experienced staff available to help evaluate potential   Must establish a process to evaluate and respond
                               grantees.                                                to grant requests.

Disclosure                     While tax returns of ICF are public, the records of      Tax returns are public information and are
                               individual funds are not, affording greater privacy in   entered into directories for grant-seekers.
                               the operation of a fund.

Administrative Costs           All of ICF’s services are provided at a very low cost    Must bear all administrative costs, including staff
                               (1% of the average fund balance for endowment            salaries, benefits, insurance, office space,
                               funds, with scholarship funds subject to a $250          equipment, legal and accounting expenses, etc.
                               minimum annual fee ). Costs are lower because            Most experts agree that it takes a substantial
                               every fund shares in defraying total costs.              asset base to justify the costs of creating and
                                                                                        maintaining a private foundation.

The Bottom Line                The donor who creates a fund in the Idaho
                               Community Foundation can attain his or her
                               philanthropic objectives and gain favorable tax
                               advantages while avoiding administrative costs
                               and headaches.

                                                                                                                                   ICF 15
                                   • Larry J. May Hospitality
    E N D OW E D F U N D S           Management Scholarship Fund           P H I L A N T H RO P I C
                                   • Paul C. Rebholtz Memorial             GIFT FUNDS
  • Harry and Lisa Garlick           Scholarship Fund
                                   • Jean E. Rolles Advised Fund       •   Draper Family Foundation
    Scholarship Fund
                                   • Howard and Georgia Shonk          •   The Fenton Family Fund
  • Eugene and Joan Hagedorn’s
    Cottonwood Benedictine           Simmons Fund                      •   Steven J. Fenton Fund
    Monastery Fund                 • Troxell Small Community           •   Fund for Rural Idaho
  • Idaho Education Access Fund      Library Fund                      •   Governor’s Housing
  • Jayo Family Scholarship Fund   • David L. and Yoshie K. Nordling       Committee Fund
  • Majors and Minors Fund           Advised Fund                      •   John William Jackson Philanthropic
                                                                           Gift Fund
                                                                       •   Larry and Ilene Leasure
                                                                           Philanthropic Gift Fund
                                                                       •   Main Street Mile Men’s Health Fund
                                                                       •   Susan A. Smith Fund
                                                                       •   The W.E. Sullivan Fund
                                                                       •   The Marc E. and Nancy Sue Wallace
                                                                       •   Wood River Women’s Charitable
                                                                           Foundation Fund
                                                                       •   Wood River Women’s Charitable
                                                                           Foundation Members’ Fund

                                                                           S P E C I A L P RO J E C T
                                                                       • Early Care and Learning Special
                                                                         Project Fund
                                                                       • Treasure Valley’s Best: A Celebration
                                                                         of Thanks Special Project Fund

Funds 16
Funds in the Idaho Community Foundation are described below.The list of 2005 grant recipients can be found
beginning on page 38 of this annual report. For descriptions of the recipient programs visit

                                               Amalgamated Sugar Company                     distributions will be used in perpetuity to
                                               Charitable Fund—1992                          meet charitable needs of Idaho.
                                               The distributions are aimed at meeting the    Deer Creek Endowment Fund—
                                               most critical needs of the state.             1995

ENDOWED                                        Anonymous Fund I—1996
                                               This fund, created anonymously, distributes
                                               to the Greatest Need Fund.
                                                                                             Lynn Campion-Waddell and Thomas B.
                                                                                             Campion, Jr. established this fund in
                                                                                             collaboration with the Helen K. and

 FUNDS                                         Anonymous Fund III—1992
                                               This fund distributes to the Greatest
                                               Need Fund.
                                                                                             Arthur E. Johnson Foundation of
                                                                                             Colorado and the Campion Foundation.
                                                                                             Cally Galpin Fund—1997
                                               Louise F. Beatty Memorial                     Created by this Ketchum resident, the
                                               Fund—1999                                     fund provides support for projects that
                                               This fund memorializes this Boise resident    best meet the state’s most pressing needs
                                               who was known for her long-time               as they change over time.
                                               volunteer work in the community.              Alice Hennessey Greatest Need
GREATEST NEED                                                                                Fund—2004
                                               Don J. Black Memorial Fund—1996
FUNDS                                          Created by Louise F. Beatty, distributions    Established by ICF’s Board of Directors
The donor’s gift can address ever-changing     are used to meet immediate and long-term      along with colleagues and friends to
needs throughout Idaho (or if desired, any     needs throughout Idaho.                       honor this Boise resident’s fifteen years of
of ICF’s three regions), including future                                                    dedication and service to the Foundation,
                                               Dolores Chapman Greatest Need                 distributions provide ICF with the
needs that often cannot be anticipated         Fund—2004
when the gift is made. Greatest Need                                                         maximum flexibility to meet community
                                               Established by family members Bob and         needs as they change over time.
Funds that specifically benefit any of ICF’s   Tena Lokken of Boise, to honor this McCall
three regions are listed on page 19 in the     resident’s years of dedication and service    Sheila Hennessey and Ern
“Geographic Funds” section of this report.     to the Foundation and to Idaho, grants will   Blackwelder Fund—1998
J.A. and Kathryn Albertson                     support the area of greatest needs state-     This fund was created by this former
Fund—1990                                      wide.                                         Boise couple to “give back” to
The late Mr. and Mrs. Albertson’s gift that                                                  communities in the state where Sheila
                                               Community Trust Fund—1989                     was raised.
created this fund was earmarked for broad      This fund was created by ICF to receive
charitable giving throughout Idaho.            contributions from a wide range of donors.    Tip Hennessey Memorial Fund—
                                               Contributors are assured that the             2002
                                                                                             Created to memorialize this former
                                                                                             Nampa resident, distributions support the
                                                                                             area of greatest needs throughout Idaho.
                                                                                             Tom and Alice Hennessey Fund—
                                                                                             Charitable giving is directed at meeting
                                                                                             needs state-wide.
                                                                                             William and Glenn C. Janss
                                                                                             Established by this Sun Valley couple, this
                                                                                             fund meets immediate and long-term
                                                                                             needs throughout Idaho.
                                                                                             Peter T. and Carolyn C. Johnson
                                                                                             Created on behalf of this McCall couple,
                                                                                             this fund provides unrestricted funds to
                                                                                             support a wide variety of charitable
                                                                                             projects throughout the state.

                                                                                                                             Funds 17
  Whit and Paula Jones Fund—                    Whittenberger Foundation                      children retain the privilege of
  1991                                          Fund—1988                                     recommending grant recipients during their
  This fund is designed to give maximum         This fund was established through a           lifetimes.
  flexibility to meet community needs as        challenge grant when the Foundation was       Helpenstell Family Advised Fund—
  they change over time.                        created.The fund was designed to              2004
  Charles Stewart Mott Charitable               enhance unrestricted charitable giving.       Established by this Nampa couple, this fund
  Fund—1990                                                                                   ensures that their life-long commitment to
  This fund was created as a challenge                                                        philanthropy will continue far into the
  grant in recognition of the importance        ADVISED FUNDS                                 future. Upon the death of the advisors,
  that unrestricted giving has for a            Donors can have ongoing involvement in        distributions will provide annual operating
  responsive community foundation.              the use of their gift by retaining the        support to three local charities.
  Richard B. & Susan S. Parrish                 privilege of participating in the selection   Hormaechea Family Fund—1992
  Fund—2000                                     of beneficiaries of their fund, thereby       Advice on distribution from this fund,
  Created by this Boise couple, this fund       addressing the issues and needs they care     established by Richard M. and Mary B.
  provides unrestricted funds to support a      about most.                                   Hormaechea, is given by the donors. Upon
  wide variety of organizations throughout      Harry Bettis Fund—1991                        their deaths, funds will be transferred to
  Idaho.                                        This fund supports charitable activities      the Foundation’s unrestricted endowment.
  William and Kimberly Peel Fund                throughout Idaho that meet current and        Albert H. and Juanita F. Huber
  for Idaho—2004                                emerging needs. Upon the death of the         Fund—1995
  Grants will enable the Foundation to          advisors, this fund will be placed in the     Established by this Jackpot, Nevada, couple,
  respond to the most pressing needs            unrestricted endowment of the                 this fund ensures that their life-long
  throughout Idaho.                             Foundation.                                   commitment to charitable activities will
  Betty Penson Memorial Fund—                   Warren H. Brown Memorial                      continue far into the future. Upon the
  2002                                          Fund—2001                                     death of the donors, distributions will
  Created to memorialize the former             Created by the Warren H. Brown Family         benefit a wide variety of organizations in
  Idaho journalist, distributions support       of McCall and the Payette Lakes Ski Club,     Idaho and Nevada.
  various charitable organizations and          distributions support youth Nordic and        John William Jackson Fund—2000
  projects.                                     Alpine skiing recreation activities at the    Created to memorialize this young man
  Gordon C. and Frances B. Randall              Little Ski Hill near McCall, Idaho.           who was tragically killed in a climbing
                                                Daugherty Foundation Fund for                 accident, distributions support
  Memorial Fund—1989
                                                Children—1999                                 organizations that provide opportunities to
  Created in memory of this long-time
                                                Created by this Idaho Falls private           participate in sports activities, arts
  Boise couple, distributions are directed at
                                                foundation, distributions support             organizations, and organizations involved in
  meeting needs throughout Idaho.
                                                organizations and programs that serve         Boise and Taiwan international student
  Alice and John Roper Fund—                                                                  exchange.
                                                children throughout Idaho.Trustees of the
  1992                                                                                        King’s Stores Fund—1999
                                                Daugherty Foundation act as advisors.
  This fund continues the tradition of
                                                John B. and Delores L. Fery                   Created by the transfer of assets of the
  support for Idaho established by this
                                                Fund—1989                                     M.H. King Foundation, the trustees of this
  Twin Falls couple.
                                                Donor advice on use of the fund will          private foundation advise on annual
  Hollis Selders Memorial Fund—                                                               distributions. Grants are made to support
                                                continue during the couple’s and their
  2003                                                                                        charitable activities in areas served by
                                                children’s lifetimes. Upon the death of the
  Created by family and friends in memory                                                     King’s Stores.
                                                advisors, this fund will be placed in the
  of this Caldwell resident, grants will                                                      Gladys E. Langroise Advised
                                                unrestricted endowment of the
  support a wide variety of charitable
                                                Foundation.                                   Fund—2000
  needs throughout Idaho.
                                                Richard C. and Shirley I. Fields              Created by a bequest from this long-time
  Robert and Lucille Smylie                                                                   Boise resident, distributions are made
  Fund—1999                                     Family Fund—2003
                                                Established by this Boise couple, grants      primarily to organizations that provide for
  Established by Idaho’s 23rd governor and                                                    the health, education, and welfare of youth,
                                                will be made upon the advice of the
  his wife Lucille, the fund provides                                                         including college students.
                                                donors and their children during their
  support in the area of greatest need.                                                       Donald R. and Nancy Bowen
                                                lifetimes. Subsequently, it will become a
  Governor Smylie shared in ICF’s success
                                                greatest need fund providing the              Longwith Advised Fund—2004
  by participating in the very first meeting
                                                Foundation with maximum flexibility in        Mr. and Mrs. Longwith retain the privilege
  that eventually resulted in the formation
                                                meeting needs throughout Idaho.               of advising on annual distributions during
  of the Foundation in 1988.
                                                The Fund for Joe’s Kids—1998                  their lifetimes. It will eventually convert to
  Ray and Linda Stark Fund—1997                                                               a designated fund benefiting selected
                                                Created by the family and friends of the
  Created by this Boise couple, this fund                                                     organizations in the Idaho Falls area and
                                                late Joe Cenarrusa, this fund ensures that
  insures flexibility in meeting immediate                                                    Eastern Idaho.
                                                the children’s programs he championed
  and long-term needs throughout Idaho.
                                                would be continued in perpetuity.             Joe and Patty Marshall Family
  Troxell Greatest Need Fund—                                                                 Fund—2003
                                                Ralph and Mary Lynn Hartwell
  2003                                                                                        Created by this Boise couple, this fund
  Grants enable the Foundation to respond       Family Fund—1997
                                                This fund was established by the Idaho        provides a permanent contribution to the
  to the most pressing needs throughout                                                       quality of life in Idaho.The fund will be
  Idaho.                                        Falls couple with a gift of closely held
                                                stock. Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell and their        advised by the donors’ family during their

Funds 18
lifetimes. Subsequently, it will become a          distributions support charitable organizations    Wayne and Peggy Thiessen Family
greatest need fund providing maximum               and projects recommended by the advisors.         Foundation Fund—2003
flexibility in meeting needs throughout Idaho.     Robert and Dorothy Rebholtz                       Created by this Boise couple, distributions
Bernie and Warren McCain                           Fund—1992                                         support charitable organizations and projects
Fund—1996                                          The donors chose the Foundation to carry          recommended by the donors’ family during
Created by this long-time Idaho couple, this       out charitable activities on their behalf while   their lifetime. Subsequently, it will become a
fund provides a permanent contribution to          retaining the ability to help select              greatest need fund, providing the Foundation
the quality of life in Idaho.The donors and        beneficiaries.                                    with maximum flexibility in meeting needs
their daughters recommend grant recipients.                                                          throughout Idaho.
                                                   Richards Family Ministry
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.               Fund—2004                                         Robert I. and Barbara Troxell Fund—
Fund—1992                                          Established by Thomas and Kirste Richards,        1998
Distributions are made with the advice of          formerly of Hayden and currently residing in      Created by Mrs.Troxell, in part to
the resident vice president of the company’s       Austria, distributions support charitable         memorialize her late husband, the fund is
Boise office.                                      organizations and projects recommended by         advised by the trustees of The Troxell Fund,
                                                   the donors and their family.                      Inc., a private foundation.
David L. and Yoshie K. Nordling
Advised Fund—2005                                  Jean E. Rolles Advised Fund—2005                  Dave and Laurie Wall Fund—2004
The fund, created by this Boise couple,            This endowed fund was created in honor of         Created by this Sandpoint couple,
supports charitable organizations and              Mrs. Jean E. Rolles, who lives in Honolulu, by    distributions support charitable organizations
projects recommended by the advisors.              her daughter, Kiki Tidwell, and is advised by     and projects recommended by the donors
                                                   Mrs. Rolles, Ms.Tidwell, and grandaughter         during their lifetimes. Subsequently, it will
Arthur and Jane Oppenheimer
                                                   Miss Madison Tidwell.                             become a field-of-interest fund to address
Fund—1988                                                                                            charitable needs in the Sandpoint area.
This was the first fund created in the             Harold E. Rumsey Fund—1994
Foundation by individuals. Mrs. Oppenheimer        The donor and family members recommend            Lane Williams Memorial
provides advice on distribution of grants.         grant recipients.                                 Fund—1993
                                                   Guy H. Shearer Memorial                           This fund supports organizations providing
Carolyn Patrick Fund—2001
                                                                                                     sports and recreation opportunities for youth
The fund is advised by this Emmett donor           Fund—1995
                                                                                                     in Blaine County.
during her lifetime. Subsequently, it will         The late Mary Jane and Jim Kinney
become a field-of-interest fund for projects       established this fund to ensure recognition of
in Gem County.                                     her father’s contribution to development of
David and Vaniece Petso Family                     Twin Falls County as founder of Filer State       GEOGRAPHIC FUNDS
Fund—1991                                          Bank in 1908.Their children, Mary                 These are Field-of-Interest funds that are
Created to involve their children in               Abercrombie and John Kinney, advise on            targeted to address needs in a particular
philanthropy, the family takes an active role in   annual beneficiaries during their lifetimes.      geographic area. Greatest need funds that
recommending grant recipients.                     Perc H. Shelton and Gladys A.                     specifically benefit any of ICF’s three regions
                                                   Pospisil Shelton Foundation Advised               are listed in this section.
James A. Pinney Memorial
Fund—1996                                          Fund—2004
Established by the Erstad family to ensure         This fund, established through the transfer of    Albertson’s Eastern Region Fund—
recognition of Ann Erstad’s great                  assets of this private foundation, was created    1989
grandfather’s contributions to the early           by a bequest from these long-time McCall          Established as one of the challenge grants
development of Boise, including his 1881           residents. Distributions are made primarily to    made to each of the Foundation’s three
election as the city’s ninth mayor and his         charitable organizations and projects that        regions by the corporation, this fund was the
development of cultural programs in the            benefit the Valley County area.Trustees of        first to be matched dollar-for-dollar and now
region through construction and operation          the Shelton Foundation act as advisors.           benefits charities in Eastern Idaho.
of the Columbia and Pinney Theaters, grants        Howard and Georgia Shonk                          Albertson’s Northern Region Fund—
are made to theater arts groups in ICF’s           Simmons Fund—2005                                 1989
Southwestern Region.                               Created by this Sandpoint couple, the fund        Distributions from this challenge grant benefit
Praggastis Family Fund—2004                        supports charitable causes in Idaho.              charitable organizations in North Idaho.
Distributions from this fund established by        Archie B.Teater Fund for Children                 Albertson’s Southwestern Region
Tom and Michelle Praggastis of Sun Valley          with Disabilities—1994                            Fund—1989
support charitable organizations and projects      This fund was established with the transfer of    Distributions from this challenge grant benefit
recommended by the advisors.                       assets—primarily artwork—from an existing         charitable organizations in Southwestern
Suzanne C. and Robert P. Rainville                 nonprofit organization created at the request     Idaho.
Endowment Fund—2004                                of the late artist. ICF continues to sell the     Leland D. Beckman Foundation
The fund will be advised by this Boise couple      Teater paintings to provide donations to the      Fund—1992
during their lifetimes. Subsequently, it will      fund. Grants benefit the needs of youth in        Established by the trustees of this private
become a field-of-interest fund that benefits      Idaho who have disabilities.                      foundation in Idaho Falls, grants assist
children and young adults in foster care           The Terteling Company, Inc. Fund—                 charitable activities in the Eastern Region.
environments.                                      1990                                              Bitterroot Foxfire Teachers’ Network
Paul C. Rebholtz Memorial                          Advisors depend on recommendations of the         Fund for North Idaho—2004
Fund—2003                                          Regional Advisory Panels in making                Created by this group of North Idaho
Created by Amy Rebholtz, along with family         distributions.                                    teachers, grants provide the Foundation with
and friends, to memorialize her late husband,

                                                                                                                                          Funds 19
 the flexibility to respond to changing          Lex and Celia Kunau Fund—1998                    Curtis Turner Memorial Fund—
 community needs in North Idaho.                 Created by this Burley couple, distributions     1992
 Jim and Barbara Cimino Fund—                    are used to support charitable activities in     Established by Harry Turner to ensure
 1992                                            Cassia County.The Kunaus advise on the           recognition of his father’s contribution to
 Charitable organizations and projects in        annual beneficiaries during their lifetimes.     the development of Twin Falls and the
 the Ketchum/Sun Valley area benefit from        Harry and Colleen Magnuson                       surrounding area, grants are made to
 the generosity of this couple.                  Fund—1990                                        charities in the Magic Valley.
 Eagle Community Fund—1994                       The fund targets charitable organizations and    H.R. and Betty Weston Fund—1998
 Charitable organizations and projects in        activities in the City of Wallace as             Created to support a wide variety of
 the City of Eagle benefit from this fund.       beneficiaries.                                   organizations in the Treasure Valley area, Ms.
                                                 Wendell P. and Barbara J. Marshall               Weston retains the privilege of advising on
 Donald W. and Gretchen K. Fraser
                                                 Family Trust Fund—1994                           the annual beneficiaries during her lifetime.
 Established through a charitable remainder      The fund established by this Pocatello couple    Women’s Gift Alliance Endowment
 trust, the fund continues the commitment        benefits charities in the Eastern Region.        Fund—2004
 of the Sun Valley couple to support             Theodore E. Munson Fund—1996                     The alliance and fund were created to
 charitable organizations that benefit Blaine    Established by Bon Munson to memorialize         expand the number of women involved in
 County.                                         her late husband, the fund supports              directed and informed philanthropy in
                                                 charitable needs in the Southwestern             North Idaho and the surrounding area, and
 Greatest Need Endowment Fund
                                                 Region.                                          to demonstrate the significance a group of
 for Eastern Idaho—2004
                                                                                                  investors can have in bringing positive
 Greatest Need Endowment Fund                    Post Falls Community Fund—1999
                                                                                                  change to our communities. $250 of each
 for North Idaho—2004                            Created by a group of Post Falls leaders, this
                                                                                                  member’s annual dues is allocated to
                                                 fund supports a wide variety of projects in
 Greatest Need Endowment Fund                                                                     this permanent endowment fund in which
                                                 the Post Falls area as recommended by a
 for Southwestern Idaho—2004                                                                      the annual distribution will provide
                                                 local advisory group.
 These three funds were created to receive                                                        additional support for the collective
 gifts from anyone interested in helping         Ethel R. and Ronald Rawlinson                    grant recommended by the membership
 build permanent endowment funds for any         Fund—1992                                        each year.
 of ICF’s three regions. Distributions from      Established through a charitable remainder
 each fund benefits only the specific region.    trust to continue Dr. and Mrs. Rawlinson’s
 George E. and Florence D.
                                                 life-long commitment to the Emmett area,
                                                 grants are made in support of charitable
                                                                                                  DONOR DESIGNATED
 Grismer Greatest Need Fund for                  organizations and activities that benefit Gem    FUNDS
 North Idaho—2003                                County.                                          Donors can direct their gift to a specific
 Established by this Wallace couple, the                                                          nonprofit organization or group of
 fund is designed to give maximum                Robert W. and Carol A. Reed
                                                 Fund—1992                                        organizations such as a senior center,
 flexibility to meet needs throughout                                                             museum, or virtually any nonprofit
 North Idaho as they change over time.           Established to further this pioneer family’s
                                                 tradition of philanthropy, the fund benefits     charitable organization.
 Joseph Grismer M.D. Greatest                    charities and activities in the Magic Valley.
 Need Fund for North Idaho—2000                                                                   Anonymous Fund IV—2000
 Created by this Wallace resident, this fund     Earl C. and Harriet Reynolds
                                                 Fund—1990                                        At the request of the fund creator, details
 provides unrestricted funds to support a                                                         about this endowment fund will not be
 wide variety of organizations in                This fund was created by Mr. Reynolds, in
                                                 part, as a memorial to his late wife.            disclosed until after his/her death.
 North Idaho.
                                                 Distributions are dedicated to the support       Assistance League of Boise
 Duane and Lola Hagadone Fund—                   of charitable organizations in the               Endowment Fund—2000
 1998                                            Southwestern Region.                             Several members of this nonprofit
 Mr. and Mrs. Hagadone retain the privilege                                                       organization created this fund to provide
 of advising on the annual distributions         Tom and Sheila Richards and John
                                                 and Joy Richards Fund—1991                       ongoing support for its charitable programs.
 during their lifetimes.The fund will
 eventually benefit organizations in the four    Grants are made for projects recommended         Agnes Barrick Fund for the CASI
 northern counties of Bonner, Boundary,          by the Northern Region Advisory Panel of         Foundation—2002
 Kootenai, and Shoshone.                         the Foundation.                                  Created through the bequest of this former
                                                 Jim and Bette Roper Fund—1990                    Rexburg resident who cared deeply for the
 Ifft Eastern Region Fund—1989                                                                    welfare of children, distributions provide
 Sara Ifft and her late husband, Nick,           Established by this life-long Idaho couple,
                                                 grants support a broad range of charitable       annual support for the CASI Foundation for
 established one of the Foundation’s                                                              Children.
 earliest funds to provide grants in support     activities in the Southwestern Region
 of charitable organizations and activities in   Rogers and Hazel Rose Fund—1995                  Agnes Barrick Fund for the
 Eastern Idaho.                                  Established by this Idaho Falls couple,          Children’s Home Society of
                                                 distributions benefit charitable needs in        Idaho—2002
 Ifft Foundation Fund—2001                                                                        Created through the bequest of this former
 Created through the transfer of the assets      Eastern Idaho.
                                                                                                  Rexburg resident for whom the welfare of
 of this private foundation which was            John and Carmelita Spencer Fund—
                                                                                                  children was a primary concern,
 established in 1984 by Sara and Nick Ifft,      1990
                                                                                                  distributions provide permanent annual
 distributions benefit projects in               Established to memorialize her late husband,
                                                                                                  income to the Children’s Home Society of
 Southeastern Idaho and the Greater              the fund supports charitable needs in the
 Pocatello area.                                 Northern Region.

Funds 20
                                                   SOUTHWESTERN IDAHO AND ICF

Board Brothers Fund—1993                           ICF’s largest region covers 18 counties and the majority of the
Proceeds are used for structural maintenance
of the historic Emmanuel Episcopal Church in       state’s population, so while almost $1,700,000 in grants helped
Hailey.                                            cover some of the nonprofit needs in the Southwestern region of
Pete and Freda Cenarrusa Fund—2004                 Idaho, many more projects still have needs.
Created by this Boise couple, this fund provides
a permanent source of support to selected
organizations.                                     Southwest grants, suggested by 23 panel members and many fund
Robert L. Cook Memorial Fund—1997                  advisors, exemplify the diversity of projects ICF funds. Health and
Created to memorialize a long-time resident of
Idaho Falls and his support of needy individuals
                                                   Emergency Services grants covered essentials like gurneys, EMS
during the holiday season, grants are made to      training equipment, and dental care for underinsured children.
the Idaho Falls Goodfellows.                       Education grants helped fund reading programs, English-as-a-
Robert L. (Tony) & LaDean J.                       Second-Language projects, chemistry and earth sciences materials,
Copeland Endowment Fund—2000
Created by this Lewiston couple, this fund         and even placed writing teachers in rural classrooms. Arts and
provides annual operating support to two local     Culture distributions assisted the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Inc.,
                                                   Ballet Idaho, Inc., and Centennial High School. Recreation and
Endowment for Meridian School’s
Reading Improvement Program—2000                   Public Projects grants supported youth recreation, park sprinkler
Created by Roy Montague of Star, distributions     systems, playground equipment, and signs for historic town
will be used to support innovative reading
programs in the Meridian School District.
                                                   districts. Social Services grants helped with counseling for child
Robert P. and Mary H. Evans Fund—                  and spousal abuse, diabetes prevention programs, clothing for
1992                                               women seeking employment, and child advocate training.
Proceeds are distributed in support of the
St. Nicholas Catholic School in Rupert.
                                                   Grant sources for the Southwest are also diverse in size and
Roger and Sybil Ferguson Fund—1990
Madison County Senior Citizens are                 interest. Endowed funds like the Walter and Leona Dufresne Fund,
beneficiaries of this gift with proceeds           the Earl C. and Harriet Reynolds Fund, the Jim and Bette Roper
disbursed annually to the organization’s Board
for use in meeting critical needs.                 Fund, and the Donald W. and Gretchen K. Fraser Fund, all support
Fund for the Cross at Table Rock—                  projects in the area.
Created by Rich and Betty Jordan of Boise,         To create a fund that benefits your community, contact the Idaho
annual distributions are used for maintenance
and repairs of this Boise landmark.                Community Foundation at (208) 342-3535 or
Jeremy Gray and Bron Roberts Fund—
Created by this Boise couple, distributions
provide long-term support for Boise State
University’s scholarship program, Idaho Public
Television, Idaho Public Radio, and Planned
Parenthood of Idaho, Inc.
Eugene and Joan Hagedorn’s
Cottonwood Benedictine Monastery
This fund was created to support the North
Idaho Cottonwood Benedictine Monastery
building or the Monastery’s greatest needs.
Barry L. Keller Music and Museum
Created through the bequest of this long-time
Pocatello resident, distributions provide annual
support to the South Bannock County
Historical Center, Inc., St. John’s Episcopal
Church in Idaho Falls, and the Idaho Falls
Maxine Elliott Kussy Forget Me Not
Created by this long-time Idaho Falls resident,
distributions provide an annual gift to the City
                                                                                                            Funds   21
 of Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Division     will be used to create a fund to benefit two    Rogers and Hazel Rose Fund for
 to be used for beautification of the public      Grangeville nonprofit organizations.            KISU Public TV—1997
 parks.                                           Mt. Harrison Heritage Foundation                The fund was created by this Idaho Falls
 Warren E. and Bernie McCain                      Endowment Fund—1999                             couple to provide permanent annual
 Fund—1990                                        Created by the late Hermon King of Burley,      income to this charitable organization.
 Proceeds are made available to the Warren        annual distributions provide operating          Esther Simplot Performing Arts
 E. McCain Middle School in Payette for use       support for the performing arts center. Mr.     Academy Endowment Fund—1992
 at the discretion of the school’s                King invited others to join him in building     Distributions from this fund established by
 administrators.                                  this permanent endowment.                       J.R. Simplot are disbursed regularly to defray
 Susan Michelbacher Memorial                      Almeda Oglesby Fund—1999                        operating costs of the Academy named for
 Fund—2003                                        Created through the bequest of this long-       his wife.
 Established by Bert Michelbacher of Idaho        time Lewiston resident, distributions are       Southern Idaho Learning Center
 Falls as a memorial to his wife, grants to the   designated to purchase books for the            Fund—1998
 Idaho Falls Goodfellows provide support          Lewiston Public Library.                        The fund was created by the late Hermon
 for needy individuals during the holiday         Rogers and Hazel Rose Fund for                  King of Burley to provide an annual gift to
 season.                                          Eastern Idaho Technical College—                this Twin Falls organization serving
 Del Moore Fund—1998                              1999                                            individuals with learning disabilities.
 Created through a gift of land in Idaho          Created by this Idaho Falls couple, this fund   Gilbert C. and Jane B. St. Clair
 County, proceeds from the sale of the land       provides annual support for scholarships        Fund—1997
                                                  and maintenance needs at the College.           Created by Mrs. St. Clair, in part, as a
                                                                                                  memorial to her late husband, distributions
                                                                                                  are divided equally between All Saints’
                                                                                                  Episcopal Church in Boise and the Idaho
                                                                                                  Youth Ranch in Rupert.
                                                                                                  Nif and Sue Sullivan Fund—1998
                                                                                                  Distributions provide an annual gift to Hope
                                                                                                  House, a shelter in Marsing established to
                                                                                                  help children needing a warm, caring
                                                                                                  Weiser River Trail Fund—2000
                                                                                                  Created by Patricia Pontefract of Boise, this
                                                                                                  fund supports development of the Weiser
                                                                                                  River Trail.
                                                                                                  Harry F.Youmans Memorial Fund—
                                                                                                  This fund was created by Mrs. Bobbette F.
                                                                                                  Youmans-Viker as a memorial to her late
                                                                                                  husband. In memory of this Boise resident’s
                                                                                                  love for animals, distributions will be made
                                                                                                  to the Idaho Humane Society to pay the
                                                                                                  fees for senior citizens who wish to adopt
                                                                                                  an animal from the Society.

                                                                                                  Donors can target their gift to address
                                                                                                  needs in any area of community life.
                                                                                                  Elinor Angelo Fund—2000
                                                                                                  Created by Barbara Troxell, Boise, in honor
                                                                                                  of her niece, grants support programs that
                                                                                                  advance or encourage reading either by
                                                                                                  adults or children in ICF’s Southwestern
                                                                                                  Assistive Technology Endowment
                                                                                                  Created by the transfer of an existing ICF
                                                                                                  special project fund, this fund ensures
                                                                                                  annual support for programs providing
                                                                                                  assistance to individuals with disabilities
                                                                                                  who need assistive technology devices.

Funds 22
Boo Bushell Youth in the                         Geography Knowledge Fund—1992                     Herbert D. McAvoy Fund—1996
Performing Arts Fund—1999                        Linda Grable-Curtis established this fund to      Established through a bequest by this Coeur
Created in memory of Boo Bushell, grants         further the study of geography by Idaho           d’Alene resident, the fund benefits educational
provide scholarships to Blaine County            students in the kindergarten, elementary and      needs in Kootenai County.
secondary school graduates wishing to            junior high grades. She and her husband advise    Jeanette S. Miller Fund for the Fort
pursue theater arts, to provide scholarships     on the beneficiaries                              Hall Reservation—1999
to Camp Little Laugh, and to assist special      Margaret E. Gigray Fund for                       Distributions from this fund, created by this
projects which enhance performing arts           Philanthropy—1999                                 Washington, D.C. resident and Idaho native
opportunities for youth in Blaine County.        Created in memory of this long-time Idaho         who grew up in Blackfoot and Idaho Falls to
Chesbro Family Music Fund—1992                   philanthropist and founding ICF Board member,     memorialize her father, Dave Segal, and family
This fund supports and enhances music in         distributions support organizations and           friend, Mary Arnquist, support charitable
the Eastern Region. During their lifetimes, it   activities that promote philanthropy              activities on the Reservation with emphasis on
is advised by the daughters of Joan Chesbro.     throughout Idaho.                                 children and the elderly.
Children’s Charities of Idaho—1990               Green Giant Community Fund—1991                   Charlotte S. Oslund Fund—1999
Organizations throughout Idaho meeting           Organizations meeting the needs of                Created by this Boise resident to support
children’s needs in the areas of health,         disadvantaged youth, or those addressing issues   special projects and activities for schools and
education, recreation and the arts benefit       of hunger, benefit from this fund. Grants are     libraries in communities with populations of
from this fund.                                  made in the geographic area in which growers      less than 3,000, Ms. Oslund advises on the
Curtis Critter Rescue Fund—1999                  supplying the Buhl company are located.           annual beneficiaries of the fund.
Created by Linda-Grable Curtis, Boise,           Idaho Community Foundation Anti-                  Peaceful Settlements Foundation
distributions support programs in the fields     Poverty Endowment Fund—2002                       Fund—1998
of research, health maintenance, and rescue      Created through the conversion of a fully         When an existing organization dissolved, the
of small animals.                                expendable fund created by the Northwest          remaining assets were given to ICF to create a
Betty Ann Diehl Fund for Music and               Area Foundation, distributions assist ICF’s       permanent fund to provide education and
Arts Education—2003                              efforts to alleviate poverty throughout Idaho.    services to citizens of Idaho addressing the
Established by this Sandpoint resident to        Idaho Community Foundation Youth                  prevention, management, and/or peaceful
support music and arts education for             Trust Fund—1992                                   resolution of conflict.
students served by the Lake Pend Oreille         Established by ICF to respond to needs of         Frank and Dorothy Peavey Memorial
School District, the Panhandle Alliance for      disadvantaged and homeless youth between 12       Fund—2000
Education advises on the beneficiaries of the    and 18 years of age, the Foundation               Created in memory of this Boise couple, half
Fund.                                            encourages gifts to this fund of any size, from   of the available distribution each year is
Walter and Leona Dufresne                        any source.                                       divided equally among five designated
Fund—1997                                        Idaho Education Access                            organizations with the remainder being
Created by the transfer of assets from a         Fund—2005                                         granted to organizations and programs that
private foundation, distributions provide        This fund was established to support access to    support the arts, the environment, the
scholarships and grant support for the           post-secondary education for underserved          homeless, or the mentally ill.
prevention of child abuse, crime prevention,     students and to encourage students to             Jane Sandy Fund—1995
promotion of the fine arts, the elimination      complete their degree or certification            Established by transfer of a trust created in
of poverty, and the enhancement of scientific    programs in Idaho.                                1963, grants are made state-wide in support
research.                                        Kenlon P. and Carol J. Johnson Fund—              of programs serving disadvantaged youth.
Roger and Sybil Ferguson Education               1992                                              Troxell Small Community Library
Fund—1991                                        The fund helps purchase clothing for needy        Fund—2005
Established to benefit innovative educational    children in the Eastern Region.                   This fund was created to benefit small
programs in Madison County schools, the          Leslie K. Kiehn Memorial                          community libraries in the Southwestern
Fergusons participate in the selection of        Fund—1999                                         Region of Idaho.
worthy projects.                                 Created in memory of this Eagle resident,         Lynn and Frank Whittelsey
Fortissimo Fund—2003                             distributions will support programs dealing       Fund—2000
Created and advised by Paula Brown Sinclair,     with women’s and children’s issues. Leslie’s      Created by this Sun Valley couple, the fund
Twin Falls, grants are made to promote the       husband and eventually her two sons will          initially benefits three designated charities. As
live performance of classical music in the       advise on the annual beneficiaries.               the fund grows, it will broaden its scope to
Twin Falls area.                                 Sara Maas Fund—1995                               include a wide range of projects in
Fund for a Better Life for North                 Established through a charitable remainder        Blaine County.
Idaho Kids—1999                                  trust, the fund benefits worthwhile needs in      Miles and Virginia Willard
Created by James and Marlene Wogsland,           Boise with preference given to programs           Fund—1992
grants are made upon the advice of the           supporting the arts.                              Established by Mrs. Willard and her late
donors to support programs and                   Majors and Minors Fund—2005                       husband, grants support youth services and/or
organizations in Benewah, Bonner, Boundary,      This fund was established to keep the nine-foot   arts organizations in Eastern Idaho.
Kootenai, and Shoshone counties which            piano originally donated to the Nampa Civic       Ed F. Winn Fund—1993
serve young children and their families and      Center by the Majors and Minors, Inc.,            Established through transfer of a trust, grants
focus on the prevention of juvenile              concert-ready and in good repair.                 benefit the homeless and disadvantaged in
delinquency.                                                                                       Bonneville County.

                                                                                                                                         Funds 23
 AGENCY                                        Family Services Alliance of
                                               Southeast Idaho Endowment
                                                                                            Idaho Humanities Council
                                                                                            Education Programs Fund—2001
 ENDOWMENT FUNDS                               Fund—2004                                    This fund was created to support the
 Nonprofit organizations can establish an      Created by this Pocatello agency,            council’s various education programs.
 agency fund through ICF to build their        distributions will help support its          Idaho Humanities Council
 endowment, ensuring long-term annual          services, which include providing shelter    Endowment Fund—2000
 support for the future, participate in a      and advocacy for victims of sexual assault   Created by this nonprofit organization, this
 larger investment pool and enhance their      and domestic violence.                       fund provides annual operating support for
 ability to accept large and complex gifts.    First Presbyterian Church of                 its activities.
 Aid for Friends Endowment                     Idaho Falls Fund—1995                        Idaho Museum of Mining and
 Fund—1997                                     Established through transfer of a trust,     Geology Endowment Fund—1994
 This fund assures ongoing operating           distributions support programs as            This fund was established to assure
 support for this Pocatello organization       designated by trustees of the Idaho Falls    ongoing support for operation of the
 which serves the homeless and low-            church.                                      museum at the Old Idaho Penitentiary site
 income individuals.                           Foundation for Idaho History                 in Boise.
 Mary V. Arnold Fund for the                   Endowment Fund—2003                          Junior League of Boise
 Idaho Falls Symphony—1997                     This fund was created to provide a           Endowment Fund—2002
 Created by the transfer of an existing        permanent source of funds to help the        This civic group created this fund to
 trust, the fund provides annual support       Idaho State Historical Society preserve      assure ongoing support for its projects
 to the Idaho Falls Symphony.                  the State’s heritage.                        that improve the lives of the Treasure
 Boise Cooperative Preschool                   Friends of the McCall Public                 Valley community.
 Endowment Fund—2003                           Library Endowment Fund—2004                  Learning Lab, Inc. Endowment
 Created by this nonprofit school, funds       The fund helps provide a permanent           Fund—1997
 help provide for its ongoing operating        source of income for the special projects    Established to ensure permanence for gifts
 needs.                                        of the McCall Public Library.                to this organization, distributions support
 Boise Philharmonic Association                Friends of the Nampa Public                  its ongoing operating needs.
 Fund—1990                                     Library Endowment Fund—1995                  Marshall Public Library
 This fund was established to assure           This fund was established to assure          Endowment Fund—1991
 ongoing operating support for the Boise       ongoing support for operation of the         This fund was created to assure ongoing
 Philharmonic Association.                     Nampa Public Library.                        operating support for the Marshall Public
 Bonner County Historical                      Friends of Zoo Boise Endowment               Library in Pocatello.
 Society Endowment Fund—2004                   Fund—2003                                    McCall Memorial Hospital
 This fund was created to provide a            This fund provides annual operating          Foundation Endowment Fund—
 permanent source of funds to help the         support for Zoo Boise.                       2004
 organization preserve the Bonner              Humphreys Diabetes Center                    This fund was established to provide
 County’s heritage.                            Endowment Fund—2000                          annual operating support for McCall
 Caldwell Fine Arts Series                     Created by this Boise nonprofit              Memorial Hospital.
 Endowment Fund—1990                           organization, this fund helps provide        Panhandle Alliance for Education
 This fund was established to assure           ongoing operating needs.                     Endowment Fund—2003
 ongoing operating support for the             Idaho Association of Family and              The Panhandle Alliance for Education, an
 Caldwell Fine Arts Series.                    Consumer Sciences Endowment                  organization promoting excellence in
 Camp Hodia Endowment                          Fund—2004                                    education and broad-based community
 Fund—1998                                     This fund was established to provide a       support, created this fund for the Lake
 Created by Idaho Diabetes Youth               permanent base of support for this state-    Pend Oreille School District.
 Programs, Inc., this fund provides annual     wide nonprofit organization of               Pocatello Zoo Endowment Fund—
 operating support for the camp serving        professionals & pre-professionals that       2002
 Idaho youth with diabetes.                    leads, educates, informs and brings people   This fund will assure ongoing support for
 Emmett Public Library                         together to improve the lives of             the Pocatello Zoo.
 Children’s Endowment—2000                     individuals, families and communities.
                                                                                            Portneuf Greenway Foundation
 Created by the Library, this fund provides    Idaho Black History Museum                   Endowment Fund—1998
 annual support for its children’s             Endowment Fund—1998                          Distributions are used for expansion and
 programs.                                     Distributions are used for the               maintenance of the Portneuf Greenway in
 Family Practice Residency of                  maintenance of the historic building         Pocatello.
 Idaho Fund—2004                               which houses the museum.
                                                                                            Terry Reilly Health Services
 This fund was established to provide a        Idaho Falls Ducks Unlimited                  Endowment Fund—2001
 permanent base of support for this            Fund—1995                                    Created by this Treasure Valley agency,
 organization which trains medical school      Established through transfer of a trust,     distributions help support its services
 graduates to become outstanding family        distributions support programs               which provide access to quality health care
 physicians serving the citizens of Idaho,     designated by the board of the Idaho         – particularly to those who are uninsured,
 especially in rural areas, and to serve the   Falls organization.                          poor, living in rural areas, non-English-
 underserved.                                                                               speaking, homeless, or otherwise facing
                                                                                            barriers to getting the care they need.

Funds 24
Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural,               Mary Fran Aguirre Academic                     Daugherty Foundation - ISU
and Education Center Endowment                  Scholarship Fund—1998                          Education Scholarship Fund—1991
Fund—2001                                       Created by Felipe Aguirre in honor of his      The fund recognizes Idaho students at the
This fund was created to accumulate funds       wife, this fund provides scholarships to       junior level or above at Idaho State
for future operating support.The Center,        graduating seniors of Mountain Home High       University who meet high academic
located in Salmon, is the main feature of a     School.                                        standards.
group of sites that interpret the longest       Boise Branch, American                         Downey Lions Club Fuhriman
overland portion of the Lewis and Clark         Association of University Women                Memorial Scholarship Fund—1999
Expedition and commemorates the story of        Inez Robb Scholarship Fund—1997                Created by this organization, this fund
Sacajawea.                                      This fund was created to memorialize the       provides scholarships to graduating seniors
Salmon Elks Lodge #1620 Trust                   former journalist who bequeathed funds to      of Marsh Valley High School.
Fund—1999                                       the organization to provide scholarships to    Paul and Jo Easterbrook
This fund provides annual operating support     Boise State University juniors or seniors.     Scholarship Fund—1997
to carry out the Elks charitable mission.       Boise High School Band Boosters                Created by this Emmett couple, this fund
Stanley Sawtooth Meditation                     Endowment Scholarship                          provides scholarships to graduating seniors
Chapel Endowment Fund—1997                      Fund—2000                                      of a Gem County High School who are
This fund provides a permanent source of        Scholarships are awarded to students who       pursuing a bachelor’s degree at any Idaho
funds to maintain this historic building in     have given their time and talents to the       institution of higher learning.
Stanley.                                        Boise High School Band.                        Eastern Idaho Technical College
Treasure Valley Family YMCA                     Wendell P. Carnefix Memorial                   Scholarship Fund—1993
Cooper Wilcomb Fund—2002                        Scholarship Fund—2003                          Established by the Daugherty Foundation,
Created in memory of Cooper Wilcomb             Created in memory of this long-time            scholarships benefit students attending
who lost his life in an accident at age 12,     Fruitland nurseryman and orchard owner,        Eastern Idaho Technical College at Idaho
distributions assist youth programs which       this fund was established by his family to     Falls.
Cooper enjoyed so much at the Treasure          provide scholarships for Fruitland High        Ted Ellis Scholarship Fund for the
Valley Family YMCA.                             School graduates pursuing a career in          Boys and Girls Club of Ada
Treasure Valley Family YMCA                     agriculture or horticulture.                   County—2000
Endowment Fund—1993                             Fredrick Chandler Memorial                     Created by KeyBank in recognition of the
This fund was established to assure ongoing     Scholarship Fund—2000                          efforts made on behalf of needy children by
operating support for the Treasure Valley       Created in memory of this Ketchum              this retired KeyBank executive who became
Family YMCA.                                    resident, scholarships benefit students of     mayor of Garden City, distributions provide
United Way of Ada County - Gustav               the Community School in Sun Valley who         scholarships for graduating high school
Linning Endowment Fund—1995                     have an aptitude for science.                  seniors who have been involved in the Boys
Established with an initial gift from the       Theodore H. Correll Memorial                   & Girls Clubs of Ada County.
estate of Gustav Linning, distributions         Scholarship Fund—1999                          Irma Frisch Farrington Fund—1993
support ongoing operating needs of the          Created by a number of his former              The fund memorializes Ms. Farrington’s
Treasure Valley United Way.                     students, distributions provide scholarships   sister and brother-in-law through the
Willard Arts Center and Colonial                to worthy students of Moscow High              creation of the Alice Wolfe Art Scholarship
Theater Fund—2000                               School.                                        and the George V. Wolfe Pre-Law
The Idaho Falls Arts Council created this       Mike Crapo Math and Science                    Scholarship at Albertson College of Idaho.
fund to provide for ongoing operating needs     Scholarship Fund—2004                          Harry and Lisa Garlick Scholarship
of the performing arts center.                  Created by U.S. Senator Mike Crapo,            Fund—2005
                                                scholarships will benefit students pursuing    This scholarship fund was created as a
                                                a degree in math or science at an Idaho        memorial for these Emmett residents who
SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS                               school.                                        had strong ties to Garden Valley.
With the assistance and personal service of
ICF, donors can invest in Idaho’s future—its
students. Donors often determine the
scholarship selection criteria and may
customize the fund to provide opportunities
for graduates of certain schools, specific
fields of study, or for programs at selected
institutions of higher education.To apply for
ICF scholarships, visit for
Jean Adams Scholarship
Created by this 1946 graduate of Mountain
Home High School, this fund provides
scholarships to graduates of her alma mater
who plan to pursue higher education in the
state of Idaho.

                                                                                                                               Funds 25
 Alois and Marie Goldmann                   Idaho Power Company - Douglas                 descendants of Mr. Jeffres serve on the
 Memorial Scholarship Fund—                 E. Sprenger Memorial Scholarship              selection committee that selects the
 1997                                       Fund—1995                                     recipients.
 This fund was created by the George        Created by Idaho Power Company in             Nora Johnson Memorial Fund—
 and Mary Freund Family of Idaho Falls to   memory of this long-time employee and         1990
 memorialize Mr. Freund’s grandparents      engineer, distributions provide               Established by the New Plymouth
 who were murdered during World War         scholarships to qualifying children of        Kiwanis Club in conjunction with the
 II at Auschwitz.                           Idaho Power’s employees to attend a           Dorothy L. White Memorial
 Gooding High School Class of               college, university, or technical school in   Scholarship, the fund assists graduates of
 1956 Scholarship Fund—1996                 Oregon or Idaho.                              New Plymouth High School with their
 Created by the 1956 graduating class,      Idaho Power Company - Larry R.                first year of study at any Idaho
 the fund provides scholarships to          Wimer Memorial Scholarship                    institution of higher learning.
 graduating seniors of the school.          Fund—1996                                     Kuna High School Scholarship
 Donovan and Evelyn Grable                  Established by Idaho Power Company in         Fund—2000
 Memorial Scholarship Fund—                 memory of this long-time employee, a          Created by an anonymous donor, this
 1990                                       scholarship is awarded to a graduate of an    fund provides scholarships to worthy
 Established by Linda Grable-Curtis as a    accredited high school in the company’s       graduates of Kuna High School.
 memorial to her parents, the fund          service territory to attend a college,        Yvonne and Dick Lierz
 recognizes her mother’s lifelong           university, or technical school.              Scholarship Fund—1999
 interests by assisting students of the     Idaho Press Club - Don Watkins                Created by this Boise couple,
 Business and Office Education Program      Scholarship Fund—1992                         distributions provide scholarships to
 in the College of Technology at Boise      Established to memorialize this journalist    qualifying children of Franklin Building
 State University.                          and political consultant, the fund has two    Supply employees to attend any public
 Steve and Donna Guerber                    components: the Don Watkins Memorial          institution of higher education in the
 Scholarship Fund—1994                      Scholarship is awarded to a graduate of       state in which they reside.
 Proceeds benefit mass communications       an Idaho high school pursuing a career in     J. Carl Mattson Scholarship
 students at Idaho State University.        journalism or communications who has          Fund—1997
                                            completed at least one year of college        Created by the transfer of an existing
 Irene Gustafson Scholarship                study; the Don Watkins Mid-Career
 Fund—1999                                                                                trust, the fund provides vocational
                                            Scholarship is awarded to members of the      agricultural scholarships.
 Created to honor this Moscow High          Idaho Press Club to use for training or a
 School English teacher, graduates during   project that will improve the working         Larry J. May Hospitality
 Ms. Gustafson’s tenure (1948-1956)         press in Idaho.                               Management Scholarship
 joined Loyce Smith and Inez Davey of                                                     Fund—2005
 Boise in contributing. Distributions       Idaho Society of CPA’s
                                                                                          Created by family and friends to
 provide scholarships to graduating         Scholarship Fund—2003                         memorialize this long-time hotel
 seniors of Moscow High School.             Created to attract the best and brightest
                                                                                          entrepreneur, funds provide scholarships
                                            students to the profession, scholarships
 James and Rose Helebrant                                                                 for Idaho students pursuing a degree in
                                            benefit students pursuing an accounting
 Education Scholarship Fund—                                                              hospitality management.
                                            degree at an Idaho school.
 1991                                                                                     Mountain Home High School
 Established by transfer of a trust,        Idaho State Council of Trout
                                                                                          Class of 1960 Trust Fund—1995
 scholarships are awarded to financially    Unlimited Graduate Scholarship                Established by transfer of a trust,
 needy Buhl High School graduates for       Fund—1998                                     scholarships are awarded to graduating
 educational expenses at a college or       Distributions provide scholarships to         Mountain Home High School seniors for
 university of their choice.                students pursuing a graduate research         educational expenses at a college or
                                            project that involves native or endemic       university of their choice.
 Hokey Pokey Scholarship Fund—              cold water fish.
 2001                                                                                     Carol Ormond Scholarship
 Created in memory of Roland L.             Jayo Family Scholarship Fund—                 Fund—2000
 LaPrise, who co-wrote the popular song,    2005                                          Created by Carol and Keith Ormond,
 the “Hokey Pokey,” this fund was           Established by the Emmett Public School       Idaho Falls, scholarships are awarded to
 established by his family to provide       Foundation through the transfer of an         graduating seniors of Kamiah High
 scholarships to assist second-year music   endowment, the fund assists graduates of      School who are majoring in the field of
 students with educational expenses at      Emmett area high schools with their first     education.
 the College of Southern Idaho in Twin      year of study at any institution of higher
                                            learning.                                     Dan and Ruth Panko Memorial
 Falls.                                                                                   Scholarship Fund—1995
 Lewis and Jeanette Hower                   Alvie C. Jeffres Memorial                     Established by their family in memory of
 Fund—1992                                  Scholarship Fund—1997                         this couple long associated with the
 The fund was created to benefit Idaho      The fund was created by June Jeffres          Idaho Old Time Fiddlers, scholarships
 students, preferably from the Emmett       Robertson, Sandpoint, in memory of her        are awarded to high school graduates
 area, planning to major in journalism at   late husband. Distributions provide           active in the organization who attend
 the University of Idaho and/or music at    scholarships to worthy students in            college. Preference is given to students
 Albertson College of Idaho.                Bonner County. Mrs. Robertson and             who attend Idaho State University.

Funds 26
                                              WOMEN GIVE IN IDAHO

Jim Poore Memorial Scholarship                As a state-wide public charity, the Idaho Community
Fund—1994                                     Foundation does its best to spread money to all reaches of
Established to recognize the late Idaho
Statesman sports editor, scholarships are     Idaho, but it takes more than a staff of seven working from
awarded to college journalism students        an historic house in downtown Boise, it takes thousands of
who attended high school in Idaho.
                                              donors, members, and supporters to share the wealth and
Paul C. Rebholtz Memorial
Scholarship Fund—2005                         the good news of ICF. “Enriching life’s quality throughout
Created by Amy Rebholtz, along with           Idaho,” isn’t just a tag line, it’s the ICF mission, and Idaho’s
family and friends, to memorialize her late
husband, scholarships assist graduating       women have taken up the cause of philanthropy.
seniors from Boise High School with
educational expenses at the college,          By the end of 2005, Idaho was home to three women’s
university, vocational, or technical school
of their choice.                              giving circles with more interest growing throughout the
Frances Reed Purkhiser Memorial               state. The Women’s Gift Alliance in Coeur d’Alene, the
Scholarship Fund—1996                         Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation in Boise, and the
Established by Paul and Judith Schultz in
memory of her mother, the fund honors
                                              newest group, the Wood River Women’s Charitable
this outstanding New Plymouth school          Foundation, all were created to help serve the nonprofit
teacher by providing scholarships to          needs of their local communities.
graduating seniors of that community’s
high school.
Richfield High School Scholarship             The principle of each group is similar: all collect annual
Fund—2002                                     contributions from members, then utilize group processes
Created by Richfield residents Lawrence       to select grant recipients. Money is pooled for each group at
and Sandra Calkins, Richfield Lodge AF &
AM #70, and through donations in              ICF, then each organization researches and chooses projects
memory of John Paul Lemmon and Betty          which receive half of the available allocations.The other half
Ann Clark, scholarships are awarded to
worthy students of Richfield High School.     of the available distribution is used for individual gifts
Roger C. Sathre Memorial                      designated by each member or for other distributions as
Scholarship Fund—2000                         defined by each group.The ICF plays a support role for all
Reflecting this Boise resident’s long-term
interest in professional-technical
                                              three Idaho women’s groups.
education, scholarships are awarded to
worthy students throughout the state          To create a giving alliance in your community, contact ICF at
who are pursuing advanced professional-
technical training.
                                              (800) 657-5357 or
Manuel and Gladys Schneidmiller
Scholarship Fund—1999
Created by Mrs. Schneidmiller, this fund
provides scholarships to graduating
seniors of Post Falls High School.
Perc H. Shelton and Gladys A.
Pospisil Shelton Foundation
Scholarship Fund—2004
This fund, established through the transfer
of assets of this private foundation, was
originally created by a bequest from these
long-time McCall residents. Distributions
provide scholarships to worthy students
of McCall-Donnelly High School.
Sonja Tarnay Educational
The fund was created in memory of this
Sun Valley resident. Scholarships are
awarded to graduating seniors of Wood
River Valley high schools who are
pursuing careers in the visual and/or
performing arts.

                                                                                                       Funds     27
 Treasure Valley Family YMCA                    Deloitte & Touche Operating                 Nick and Sara Ifft Operating
 Scholarship for Civic Engagement               Fund—1991                                   Endowment Fund—1999
 Fund—2000                                      John B. Fery Fund—1994                      Intermountain Gas Industries
 Ed and Dottie Stimpson and the Henry           This fund was established by Boise          Foundation Fund—1991
 M. Jackson Foundation created this fund        Cascade Corporation in appreciation of      Key Bank Operating Endowment
 because they believe that service to           Mr. Fery’s distinguished service as chief
 others is the most important                                                               Fund—1992
                                                executive officer of the company and in
 characteristic of a healthy, civil, and        recognition of his contribution to Idaho    Morrison Knudsen Corporation
 successful society. Scholarships are           as founding chairman of the Idaho           Foundation Fund—1991
 awarded to qualified students in the           Community Foundation.                       Northwest Area Foundation
 service area of the Treasure Valley Family                                                 Operating Fund—1989
                                                First Interstate Bank Fund—1991
 YMCA.                                                                                      Potlatch Corporation Operating
                                                First Security Bank Operating
 Robert C. Weaver Memorial                                                                  Endowment Fund—1992
 Scholarship Fund—1991                                                                      John & Karen Rosholt Operating
 Established by Neola Weaver in memory          Global Travel Operating
                                                Endowment Fund—1991                         Endowment Fund—1998
 of her late husband, residents or former
 residents of Buhl are eligible for             Hecla Mining Company Fund—                  Steele-Reese Foundation
 scholarship support as either traditional      1991                                        Operating Fund—1994
 or nontraditional students.                    William R. Hewlett Fund—1992                US West Foundation Operating
 Dorothy L. White Memorial                                                                  Endowment Fund—1992
                                                Idaho Community Foundation
 Scholarship Fund—1990                          General Operating Endowment                 Washington Trust Bank
 Established by the New Plymouth Kiwanis        Fund—2002                                   Operating Endowment Fund—
 Club as a permanent memorial, earnings         This fund was created to receive gifts      1998
 from the fund assist graduates of New          from anyone interested in helping ICF       West One Bank Operating
 Plymouth High School with their first          build a permanent endowment fund to         Fund—1991
 year of study at an institution of higher      assist with its operating expenses.
                                                Idaho Power Company
 Wood River Odd Fellows &                       Fund—1990
 Rebekahs Scholarship Fund—
 Created by Alturas Lodge #13, I.O.O.F.
 and Snowdrop Rebekah Lodge #71 with
 the proceeds from the sale of their
 building, the fund provides scholarships
 for graduates in the Wood River Valley
 who choose to attend a college,
 university, vocational, or technical school
 in Idaho.

 ICF is fortunate that in its early years the
 Board of Directors had the vision to
 develop an operating endowment,
 donated mainly by the business
 community.The operating endowment
 has always been important in helping to
 fund ICF’s administrative expenses— its
 costs of doing business.
 J.A. and Kathryn Albertson
 Operating Fund—1990
 Bank of Idaho Operating
 Endowment Fund—1998
 Basic American Inc. Operating
 Boise Cascade Corporation
 Operating Fund—1989
 Coeur d’Alene Mines Corp.
 Operating Endowment Fund—

Funds 28
                                                 Deer Creek Philanthropic Gift                    Idaho Women’s Charitable
                                                 Fund—1999                                        Foundation Fund—2001

    NON-                                         This fund was created through the
                                                 generosity of the Helen K. and Arthur E.
                                                 Johnson Foundation (a Colorado nonprofit
                                                                                                  Idaho Women’s Charitable
                                                                                                  Foundation Members’
                                                                                                  Philanthropic Gift Fund—2001

  ENDOWED                                        corporation), Lynn Campion-Waddell,
                                                 Thomas B. Campion, Jr., Ashley and Berit
                                                 Campion. Grants from the fund
                                                                                                  These two funds were created in Boise to
                                                                                                  expand the number of women involved in
                                                                                                  philanthropy in Idaho and to demonstrate

   FUNDS                                         generally benefit Blaine County and the
                                                 surrounding area.
                                                 Draper Family Foundation—2005
                                                                                                  the significance a group of investors can
                                                                                                  have in bringing positive change to our
                                                                                                  communities. Half of the annual
                                                 Established by Ranney and Priscilla Draper       membership dues are pooled in the Idaho
                                                 of Ketchum, this fund was created to             Women’s Charitable Foundation Fund and
                                                 involve their children in grant decision-        are distributed through a grant solicitation
                                                 making and help them become active in            and selection process.The other half is
                                                 philanthropy.                                    available for members to designate to
                                                 The Emmett Public School                         nonprofit charities of their choice through
PHILANTHROPIC GIFT                               Foundation Fund—2002                             the IWCF Members’ Fund.
FUNDS                                            Established in memory of David Little, the       John William Jackson
Donors can create a non-endowed, fully-          fund was created by the Little family to         Philanthropic Gift Fund—2005
expendable fund from which they or their         accept contributions from a wide variety of      Created to memorialize this young man
designees may recommend distributions of         donors which will be used to support             who was tragically killed in a climbing
$250 or more to any IRS-recognized charity.      education in Emmett public schools.              accident, distributions support
Advantages of such a fund include the ability    The Fenton Family Fund—2005                      organizations that provide opportunities
to make tax-deductible donations of              Distributions from this fund, established by     to participate in sports activities, arts
appreciated assets at a time of the donor’s      Joyce Fenton, Dover, Idaho, help support         organizations, and organizations involved
choice thus bypassing capital gains tax          charitable causes in Idaho.                      in Boise and Taiwan international student
liability, while the donor advises on the        Steven J. Fenton Fund—2005                       exchanges.
amount and timing of subsequent gifts from       Established by Steven J. Fenton and his          Kissler Family Foundation
the fund.                                        mother, Joyce Fenton, both of Dover, Idaho,      Philanthropic Gift Fund—1999
Ada County Medical Society                       distributions support charitable                 The Kissler Family Foundation, also a
Charitable Gift Fund—2003                        organizations and projects recommended           supporting organization of ICF, established
Distributions support charitable                 by the advisors.                                 the Kissler Family Foundation
organizations and projects recommended by        Mary & George Freund                             Philanthropic Gift Fund to benefit
the advisors.                                    Philanthropic Gift Fund—2000                     organizations of special interest to the
                                                 This fund was established by this Idaho Falls    fund creators with an emphasis on health-
Allen Family Charitable Gift
                                                 couple to facilitate their charitable giving.    related projects.The Kissler family
Fund—2004                                                                                         established Norco and, as individuals and
This fund was established by Gayle Allen of      Fund for Rural Idaho—2005                        corporate citizens, have always been
Boise to facilitate his family’s giving.         Established by the Idaho Rural Partnership,      interested in the constructive
Jon and Mimi Barnes Philanthropic                a coalition of individuals and federal, state,   development of the communities served
Gift Fund—2004                                   and local organizations work together to         by Norco.
Created through a gift of land in Boise          support organizations and projects that
                                                 benefit rural Idaho.                             Larry and Ilene Leasure
County, proceeds from the sale of the land
                                                                                                  Philanthropic Gift Fund—2005
will support charitable organizations and        Governor’s Housing Committee                     Created with a gift of real estate,
projects recommended by the advisors.            Fund—2005                                        proceeds from the Boise land sale will
Richard and JoAnn Bennett Family                 Distributions are made to the Department         support charitable causes in Idaho.
Foundation—2004                                  of Administration Governor’s Residence
                                                 Fund for the acquisition, construction,          Lindsey Foundation Philanthropic
Created to honor this Hayden Lake couple,
                                                 remodel, furnishing, equipping or                Gift Fund—2004
this fund was established by their children to
                                                 maintenance of a Governor’s residence.           Created through a transfer of assets from
support charitable organizations and
                                                                                                  this private foundation which was
projects recommended by the advisors.            Earl M. Hardy Advised Fund—2002                  established by Todd and Cassy Lindsey of
Chesbro Philanthropic Gift                       This fund was created by Anita Kay Hardy         Boise, distributions support charitable
Fund—2002                                        to memorialize her father who was the            organizations and projects recommended
Established in memory of Joan Chesbro,           long-time owner of Boise’s Egyptian              by the advisors.
distributions further music programs and         Theatre and responsible for restoring the
                                                 historic building to its former grandeur. Mr.    Brad and Teresa Little
music education in Southeastern Idaho.
                                                 Hardy was also an early pioneer of the           Philanthropic Gift Fund—1999
Children’s Foundation Fund—2003                                                                   Grants are made upon the advice of this
                                                 Idaho trout industry.
Created through the transfer of assets of                                                         Emmett couple.
this private foundation which was                Tom and Alice Hennessey
                                                 Philanthropic Gift Fund—1998                     Irv and Trudy Littman
established in 1994 by Bob and Carol
                                                 Distributions support charitable                 Philanthropic Gift Fund—1998
Hamlin of Eagle, distributions support
                                                 organizations and projects recommended           The fund was created by this Boise couple
charitable organizations and projects
                                                 by this Boise couple.                            to facilitate their charitable giving.
recommended by the advisors.
                                                                                                                                   Funds 29
 Earl and Judy Lunceford                       Booth Memorial High School in Boise,          directed and informed philanthropy in
 Fund—2001                                     scholarships are awarded to young             North Idaho and the surrounding area and
 Created by this Coeur d’Alene couple,         women who were enrolled at the school         to demonstrate the significance a group of
 distributions support charitable              during the 2001-2002 academic year.           investors can have in bringing positive
 organizations and projects recommended        Thomas J. and Kirste E. Richards              change to our communities. $500 of a
 by the advisors.                              Philanthropic Gift Fund—2000                  member’s annual dues are pooled in the
 Macedonian Trust—2002                         Established by these former Hayden            Women’s Gift Alliance Fund and are
 Created by an anonymous North Idaho           residents, distributions support charitable   distributed through a grant solicitation and
 donor and named to honor the “grace of        organizations and projects recommended        selection process. $250 is available for the
 giving” modeled by the Macedonian people      by the donors and their family.               member to designate to nonprofit
 mentioned in the Bible, distributions                                                       charities of her choice through the
                                               Rolphe Family Fund—2001                       Women’s Gift Alliance Members’ Fund, and
 support charitable organizations and          Ben and Anna Rolphe, Hayden Lake,
 projects recommended by the advisors.                                                       $50 of the dues support the operations of
                                               created this fund to help facilitate their    the organization.
 Carol MacGregor, Ph.D.                        charitable giving to a variety of
 Philanthropic Gift Fund—2003                  organizations and projects.                   Wood River Women’s Charitable
 Distributions support charitable                                                            Foundation Fund—2005
                                               Susan A. Smith Fund—2005
 organizations and projects recommended        Established by Suzi Smith, Boise,             Wood River Women’s Charitable
 by the advisor.                               distributions help support charitable         Foundation Members’ Fund—2005
 Main Street Mile Men’s Health                 causes in Idaho.                              These funds were created to expand the
 Fund—2005                                                                                   number of women involved in directed
                                               The W.E. Sullivan Fund—2005
 Established with proceeds from the “Main                                                    and informed philanthropy in Idaho’s
                                               Established in memory of W.E. Sullivan, the
 Street Mile,” an annual family                                                              Wood River Valley and to demonstrate the
                                               fund was created by Tuck Sullivan Thomas,
 running/walking event held in Boise, grants                                                 significance a group of investors can have
                                               Springfield, Ore, and Meghan Sullivan,
 help support charitable organizations and                                                   in bringing positive change to our
                                               Boise, to help support charitable causes in
 programs that promote prostate cancer                                                       communities. A portion of each member’s
 awareness through education and early                                                       annual dues is allocated to the WRWCF
                                               Cindy Thiede Wood River Valley                Members’ Fund to allow each to designate
 detection/screening.                          Memorial Fund—2003                            to the nonprofit charities of their choice.
 Marshall Family Fund—1998                     Created by family and friends in memory       A portion of each member’s annual dues is
 This fund was established by Barbara          of this Hailey resident, grants support       allocated to the WRWCF Fund to be
 Marshall of Pocatello to facilitate her       worthwhile charitable projects in the         pooled then distributed through a grant
 family’s charitable giving.                   Wood River Valley.                            solicitation and group selection process.
 Pat and Lisa McMurray Family                  United Heritage Fund—2002
 Fund—1998                                     Distributions support charitable
 This Boise couple created this fund to help   organizations and projects recommended
                                                                                             SPECIAL PROJECT
 them achieve their philanthropic goals.       by the advisors.                              FUNDS
 G. Rynd and LeNelle Miller                    The Marc E. and Nancy Sue                     The Foundation serves its state-wide
 Memorial Fund—2003                            Wallace Fund—2005                             community by receiving and managing
 Created by family members to memorialize      Created by this Hayden couple,                non-endowed funds to support a special
 this former Boise couple, distributions       distributions support charitable              project. Contributions, as well as the net
 support charitable organizations and          organizations and projects recommended        income earned while the assets are held,
 projects recommended by the advisors.         by the advisors.                              may be expended in the near future to
 N/Plus Hayhook Fund—2003                      Daniel Ross Wallis Memorial                   support the project.
 Established by an anonymous donor from        Fund—2001                                     J.A. and Kathryn Albertson
 Southern Idaho, grants support charitable     Created to memorialize this young man         Foundation Education Fund—1999
 organizations and projects recommended        who was tragically killed in a                The fund was created through a special
 by the advisors.                              skateboarding accident, grants support        partnership with this private foundation.
 Doug and Billie Nelson Fund—2001              organizations providing opportunities to      In 2005 it provided $275,000 for grants
 Distributions are made upon the advice of     participate in sports and other youth         of up to $5,000 each for innovative
 this Idaho Falls couple.                      activities specified by his family.           educational projects.
 Old Church Operating Fund—2001                Wattis Dumke Foundation                       Early Care and Learning Special
 Established by Duane Jacklin, distributions   Philanthropic Gift Fund—2002                  Project Fund—2005
 help support the ongoing operations of the    Distributions support charitable              Established as a component of Governor
 Old Church in Post Falls.                     organizations and projects recommended        Kempthorne’s Generation of the Child
 Pacific Coast Building Products               by this private foundation.                   Initiative and funded by the J.A. and
 Philanthropic Gift Fund—2000                  Women’s Gift Alliance                         Kathryn Albertson Foundation,
 This fund was created by this                 Fund—2004                                     distributions support the areas of early
 California-based company to facilitate its                                                  care and learning between parents, health,
                                               Women’s Gift Alliance Members’                social, educational initiatives, and
 giving in Idaho.                              Fund—2004                                     community activities.
 Marian Pritchett Memorial                     Women’s Gift Alliance                         Friends of Community House
 Scholarship Fund—2002                         Administrative Fund—2004
 Established by the Angora Ridge Foundation                                                  Special Project Fund—2004
                                               The Women’s Gift Alliance was created to      Created to accept contributions from a
 in memory of this long-time teacher at        expand the number of women involved in        wide variety of donors, distributions help
Funds 30
                                                EASTERN IDAHO AND ICF

support the operations of Community             As vast as Eastern Idaho is, ICF does its best
House, a shelter that serves the homeless       to assist each of the 16 counties with funds
population of Boise.
                                                for organizations in need. From the Utah
Friends of Patricia Special Project
Fund—2003                                       border to the Montana State line, ICF has a
Created to collect contributions from a         presence in each county. Every county
wide variety of donors, distributions support
the “Friends of Patricia” luncheon, an annual   received some grant money in 2005, all but
fundraising event established by friends of     two counties boast ICF members, and 15
Idaho’s First Lady, Patricia Kempthorne. Net    dedicated volunteers serve on the Eastern
proceeds are transferred to the Children’s
Charities of Idaho, a permanent ICF             Regional Advisory Panel.
endowment fund benefiting children in the
areas of health, education, recreation and      ICF granted over $746,000 to organizations
the arts.
Friends of the Alexander House                  ranging from Marsh Valley Senior Citizens to
Fund—2002                                       Grace Joint School District #148 to Lemhi
Created to collect contributions from a         County Crisis Intervention to Upper County
wide variety of donors, distributions support
the refurbishment of the Alexander House, a     Eldercare Coalition, Inc.
state-owned historical home built by Moses
Alexander, a mayor of Boise who became          Funds like the Ifft Foundation Fund, the Leland
the nation’s first elected Jewish governor.
                                                D. Beckman Foundation Fund, the Jeanette S.
Governor’s Roundtable for Families
and Children Fund—2004                          Miller Fund for the Fort Hall Reservation, and
This fund was created to support an annual      the Kenlon P. and Carol J. Johnson Fund all
event established by the Governor’s office
to facilitate collaboration and partnerships    support projects that affect Eastern Idaho
that create awareness regarding issues          citizens.
affecting children and families.
Idaho Assistive Technology Project              To create a fund that benefits your community,
The fund is used as collateral to guarantee     contact the Idaho Community Foundation at
loans for the purchase of adaptive              (208) 342-3535 or
equipment intended to improve the lifestyle
of disabled individuals.
Idaho Peace Officers Memorial
The fund supports the establishment of a
permanent memorial to Idaho law
enforcement officers who have died in the
line of duty.
Northwest Area Foundation Fund—
Created by the Northwest Area Foundation
of St. Paul, Minnesota, the fund will be used
in conjunction with Northwest Area’s anti-
poverty initiative.
Operating Unrestricted Fund—1999
This fund was created to receive gifts from
anyone interested in giving ICF ongoing help
with its operating expenses.
Pocatello Zoo Capital Fund—2002
Created to collect contributions from a
wide variety of donors, distributions will be
used to develop and expand the existing
facilities at the Pocatello Zoo.
Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural,
and Education Center Special
Project Fund—2001
This fund was created to collect
contributions from a wide variety

                                                                                                  Funds   31
 of donors to establish this Center           Idaho college or university who were           maintain personal involvement, and
 in Salmon.                                   chosen from among entrants to the              support the causes they care about while
 Steele-Reese Foundation Special              Les Bois Run,Walk, & Roll event which          enjoying the favorable tax treatment of a
 Project Fund—1997                            benefited United Cerebral Palsy of             public charity.
 Created by this private foundation, grants   Idaho, Inc.                                    The Kissler Family Foundation was
 are recommended by ICF’s Regional            Washington County Youth Hope                   established in 1998 by James A. Kissler,
 Advisory Panels and earmarked to             Center Fund—2001                               Boise, and is affiliated with ICF as a
 organizations in rural Idaho in the areas    Created to collect contributions from a        supporting organization.The Kissler
 of education, social welfare, health, and    wide variety of donors, contributions help     Family Foundation provides grants to
 the humanities.                              support the development of the                 organizations and projects of special
                                              Washington County Youth Hope Center            interest to the family with an emphasis on
 Treasure Valley’s Best: A                                                                   health-related projects.The Kisslers
                                              Complex.The Weiser complex will
 Celebration of Thanks Special                                                               established Norco, a six state distributor
                                              include recreational facilities, including a
 Project Fund—2005                            skateboard park, a children’s dream            of welding, safety and medical gases and
 This fund was created to help facilitate a   playground, a water-play area and a talent     supplies in the Northwest. As individuals
 community/valley-wide event designed to      development/activity center.                   and as corporate citizens, Kissler family
 thank, honor and welcome home those                                                         members have always been interested in
 members of the military who have                                                            the constructive development of the
 served us in Iraq and their families.The     SUPPORTING                                     communities served by Norco.
 Celebration was held in conjunction with     ORGANIZATIONS                                  The Lindsey Foundation
 the MPC Bowl in December 2005.                                                              Philanthropic Gift Fund was
                                              Depending on the type of supporting
 United Cerebral Palsy of Idaho                                                              established by Todd and Cassy Lindsey,
                                              organization structure, donors can
 Scholarship Fund—1996                                                                       Boise, as a supporting organization. It
                                              establish an excellent alternative to a
 Created through gifts from Micron                                                           provides supporting grants to the Idaho
                                              private foundation—with a fraction of the
 Technology, Ore-Ida Foods, and T.J.                                                         Community Foundation and other
                                              administrative responsibilities. Donors
 International, the fund provided nine                                                       selected charitable organizations with an
                                              who create a supporting organization can
 scholarships to students enrolled in an                                                     emphasis on youth.
                                              select some of the board members,

Funds 32
Members of the Legacy Society are individuals who have identified themselves as having designated the Idaho
Community Foundation as an ultimate beneficiary of deferred gifts in such documents as wills, bequests, and other
planned giving instruments.To these generous donors we extend our sincere gratitude.

Legacy Society Members                      Ron and Mary Hughes                            Jack and Suzanne Sherbert
Arthur D. and Anna Marie Adams              Richard and Donna Hutter                       Jim and Karin Thompson
Don and Judy Atkinson                       Sara Ifft                                      Ann Lucini Williams
Guy E. and Mary D. Butterfield              Tom and Ann Jacobs                             Jack J. Winderl
Pete and Freda Cenarrusa                    Dr. Christina Kowrach                          Bobbette F. Youmans-Viker
John S. Chapman                             Donald Longwith and                            Lucille F. Zanetti
Lee and Lori Cullen                            Nancy Bowen Longwith
Dennis Dahl                                 Tom Morgan
Robert and Barbara Dargatz                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Murdoch
James M. David and R. Kay Snyder            Tricia L. Nance
John B. Fery                                Dick and Susan Parrish
Richard C. and Shirley I. Fields            Carolyn Patrick
Bill and Gay Fruehling                      Mr. and Mrs. Allen Pennay
Linda Grable-Curtis                         Robert P. and Suzanne C. Rainville
Ron and Diane Plastino Graves               Earl C. Reynolds Jr.
Steve and Donna Guerber                     Ron J. Sali
Alice E. Hennessey                          Ann McCutchan Sandven
Pamela K. Howard                            Edward C. Schroeder
Kenneth R. and Betty J. Huff                Jerry and Marcia Selig

                                                                                                                Funds 33
  LIFE IN IDAHO                                   and defined by the people that established     and touch a variety of nonprofits in
      ICF’s grant making brings together          and advise the funds.                          different arenas of need. ICF provides
  all of Idaho.Thanks to the generosity                                                          philanthropic capital in cities as well as
                                                  REGIONAL GRANT CYCLES
  of our donors, the dedicated work of                                                           small towns where charitable dollars are
                                                      While the Foundation distributes grants
  the Regional Advisory Panels, and the                                                          often very hard to find. We like the idea
                                                  in a number of different ways, perhaps the
  commitment of Idahoans who submit                                                              of making grants that can be leveraged to
                                                  most visible is the competitive grants
  grant applications, the Foundation                                                             produce an improved result for the
                                                  program which includes three regional
  continues to help enrich life’s quality in                                                     community.
                                                  grant cycles and one state-wide cycle.
  our state. Since ICF grant making
                                                      The Northern Region consists of            DONOR ADVISED GRANTS
  began in 1991, the Foundation has
                                                  Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, Clearwater,             The grant making process of the
  distributed more than $27.2 million
                                                  Idaho, Kootenai, Latah, Lewis, Nez Perce,      Idaho Community Foundation gives
  for worthwhile philanthropic projects.
                                                  and Shoshone counties.                         ongoing consideration to the desires of
  RESPONDING TO YOUR                                  The Eastern Region consists of Bannock,    donors who have established funds in the
  NEEDS                                           Bear Lake, Bingham, Bonneville, Butte,         Foundation. Many advisors review the
      ICF’s mission is to enrich life’s quality   Caribou, Clark, Custer, Franklin, Fremont,     competitive grant applications ICF
  throughout Idaho. Responding to the             Jefferson, Lemhi, Madison, Oneida, Power,      receives before making their
  needs of applicants and the wishes of           and Teton counties.                            recommendations for distributions each
  donors helps us keep this mission alive             The Southwestern Region consists of        year.The grants made upon the
  in all that the Foundation undertakes.          Ada, Adams, Blaine, Boise, Camas, Canyon,      recommendation of donor advisors and
  Distributions of competitive grants are         Cassia, Elmore, Gem, Gooding, Jerome,          other non-competitive distributions
  as local in nature as possible                  Lincoln, Minidoka, Owyhee, Payette,Twin        represent more than half of the
  responding to community or regional             Falls,Valley, and Washington counties.         Foundation’s total distributions each year.
  issues as presented via online                      The state-wide grants are open to every    Turn to the Funds section beginning on
  applications. Non-competitive                   county in Idaho.The focus of the grant         page 17 to learn more about
  distributions from advised, donor               cycle is currently being redefined by the      distributions from the Foundation’s funds.
  designated, and agency funds also               Grants Committee of the ICF Board of
  reflect the needs of Idaho as perceived         Directors.
                                                                                                    The Idaho Community Foundation has
                                                      Additional details on the Regional and
                                                                                                 well-established relationships with a
                                                  State-wide Grant Cycle deadlines and
                                                                                                 number of funding partners. Foundations
                                                  criteria are available on page 6 and ICF’s
                                                                                                 such as the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson
                                                  website at
                                                                                                 Foundation and the Steele-Reese
                                                  REGIONAL ADVISORY PANELS                       Foundation take advantage of ICF’s
                                                      In order to receive grass roots input on   application process and the local
                                                  the competitive grant applications, ICF        knowledge of our Regional Advisory
                                                  depends on the recommendations made by         Panel members to make grants through
                                                  an advisory panel in each of its three         the Idaho Community Foundation. ICF is
                                                  regions.The community leaders who serve        always exploring ways to work with
                                                  as volunteers on the Panels have the           other partners to deepen the pool of
                                                  demanding task of carefully analyzing the      philanthropic money available to support
                                                  applications from their respective regions.    Idaho projects.
                                                  In making funding decisions, ICF’s Board of
                                                                                                 GEOGRAPHIC GIVING
                                                  Directors relies heavily on the local
                                                                                                     We are often asked why some
                                                  knowledge that Panel members bring to
                                                                                                 geographic areas seem to fare better
                                                  the review process. Membership on the
                                                                                                 than others in terms of the grants they
                                                  Regional Advisory Panels is shown on page
                                                                                                 receive.The answer: some areas benefit
                                                                                                 directly from endowment funds
                                                  GIVING WHERE THE DOLLARS                       established by donors with the
                                                  MAKE A DIFFERENCE                              distributions directed in perpetuity to
                                                      Most of ICF’s competitive grants are       those specific geographic areas. Blaine,
                                                  less than $5,000 which means we help           Gem, and Kootenai Counties are good
                                                  many people in many ways. Our philosophy       examples of this generosity. If you would
                                                  with the competitive grant distribution is     like to see more grants made in your
                                                  to reach across every county of the state      area, please contact the Foundation to
Grants 34
discuss the opportunity of creating an          advisors who, while recommending             2005 GRANTS AND DISTRIBUTIONS
ICF fund to benefit your city, county,          distributions to Idaho charities, also may
or region.                                      recommend distributions in other states      ■   BY COUNTY
                                                where they have roots and connections.       Awards are listed according to the primary county
GRANTS OUTSIDE IDAHO                                                                         served by a project. Many of these projects benefit
                                                Examples of this can be found with our
   Each fund established in the Idaho                                                        more than one county.
                                                scholarship awards as youth from Idaho
Community Foundation must be of                                                              Ada                         128               $824,004
                                                high schools often choose to pursue
substantial benefit to Idaho. Within this                                                    Adams                         5                 $9,272
                                                education out-of-state.
guideline, ICF believes it is appropriate                                                    Bannock                      22                $92,067
to consider the advice of donor                                                              Bear Lake                     5                $13,875
                                                                                             Benewah                       8                $19,500
                                                                                             Bingham                       9                $82,550
                                                                                             Blaine                       40               $230,574
                                                                                             Boise                         4                 $5,250
                                                                                             Bonner                       13                $24,008
                                                                                             Bonneville                   39               $123,518
■   BY INTEREST AREA                                                                         Boundary                      3                 $8,225
                                                                                             Butte                         1                 $1,100
                      Emergency Services 2%                                                  Camas                         2                $10,500
                                                                                             Canyon                       26               $239,909
                         Recreation 4%                                                       Caribou                       8                $32,355
                                                       Social Services 25%
                         Libraries 2%                                                        Cassia                       12                $36,659
                                                                                             Clark                         3                 $5,025
    Conservation/Environment 4%                                                              Clearwater                    4                $11,778
                                                                                             Custer                        1                 $6,000
                                                                      Public Projects 8%     Elmore                        2                 $6,000
                                                                                             Franklin                      7                $22,820
            Arts & Culture 10%                                                               Fremont                       3                 $7,700
                                                                                             Gem                          12                $45,759
                                                                                             Gooding                       2                 $7,380
                                                                                             Idaho                         8                $19,443
                                                           Education 40%                     Jefferson                     7                $16,040
                         Health 5%
                                                                                             Jerome                        2                 $4,000
                                                                                             Kootenai                     49               $187,943
                                                                                             Latah                        10               $127,539
                                                                                             Lemhi                         4                $29,689
DISTRIBUTIONS FROM                                                                           Lewis                         7                $17,965
                                                                                             Lincoln                       3                 $7,500
■   AGENCY ENDOWMENT FUNDS                                                                   Madison                       4                 $6,837
                                                                                             Minidoka                      6                $10,874
Aid for Friends Endowment Fund                               $1,069
                                                                                             Nez Perce                    15                $39,999
Boise Philharmonic Association Fund                          $6,413
                                                                                             Oneida                        9                $18,547
Caldwell Fine Arts Series Endowment Fund                     $1,545
                                                                                             Owyhee                        4                $93,833
Emmett Public Library Children’s Endowment                   $1,316
                                                                                             Payette                       4                $57,139
Family Practice Residency of Idaho Fund                       $430
                                                                                             Power                         2                 $2,786
Friends of Zoo Boise Endowment Fund                          $1,268
                                                                                             Shoshone                      8                $16,083
Humphreys Diabetes Center Endowment Fund                    $34,155
                                                                                             Teton                         4                $15,500
Camp Hodia Endowment Fund                                   $14,444
                                                                                             Twin Falls                   23                $60,158
Idaho Black History Museum Endowment Fund                    $1,405
                                                                                             Valley                       15                $34,899
Idaho Falls Ducks Unlimited Fund                              $253
                                                                                             Washington                    5                 $6,430
Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology Endowment Fund             $277
                                                                                             Out of State                 29                $62,658
Junior League of Boise Endowment Fund                         $511
Learning Lab, Inc. Endowment Fund                           $12,088                          Total                     576             $2,701,690
Mary V. Arnold Fund for the Idaho Falls Symphony             $1,082
Friends of the Nampa Public Library Endowment Fund           $3,478
Panhandle Alliance for Education Endowment Fund              $2,732
Portneuf Greenway Foundation Endowment Fund                   $240
First Presbyterian Church of Idaho Falls Fund                $3,538
Salmon Elks Lodge #1620 Trust Fund                            $189
United Way of Ada County - Gustav Linning Endowment Fund     $6,957
Willard Arts Center and Colonial Theater Fund               $10,695
Treasure Valley Family YMCA Endowment Fund                  $45,899
Total Distributions                                        $149,984
                                                                                                                                       Grants 35
  DISTRIBUTIONS FROM                              DISTRIBUTIONS FROM
                                                  Kissler Family Foundation Philanthropic Gift Fund*
  Ada                                      18        American Legion Post #49, Emmett                                       $1,000
  Bannock                                   6        Assoc. General Counsel U. S. Conf. of Catholic Bishops, Idaho Falls    $1,000
  Blaine                                    9        Bear River Head Start, Logan                                           $1,000
  Bonner                                    2        Benewah Community Hospital, St. Maries                                 $1,000
  Custer                                    2        Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Idaho, Inc., Coeur d’Alene           $1,000
                                                     Boise Rescue Mission                                                   $1,000
  Elmore                                    7
                                                     Boise State University Foundation                                     $30,000
  Gem                                       3        Boise WaterShed Exhibits, Inc.                                        $20,000
  Gooding                                   1        Bonner Community Food Center, Sandpoint                                $1,000
  Kootenai                                  4        Dirne Community Health Clinic, Coeur d’Alene                           $1,000
  Latah                                     5        Discovery Center of Idaho, Inc., Boise                                $10,000
  Lemhi                                     1        Franklin County Medical Center, Preston                                $1,000
                                                     Friends of the Shelter, Inc., Sandpoint                                $1,000
  Lewis                                     2        Habitat for Humanity Lewiston-Clarkston Partners, Clarkston            $1,000
  Lincoln                                   1        Habitat for Humanity of Idaho Falls                                    $1,000
  Payette                                   5        Habitat for Humanity of Magic Valley,Twin Falls                        $1,000
  Shoshone                                  2        Help, Inc., Idaho Falls                                                $1,000
  Twin Falls                                5        Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children, Boise           $1,000
                                                     Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital, Boise,                            $25,000
  Valley                                    7
                                                     Idaho Falls Russet Lions, Inc.                                         $1,000
  Total Number of Awards                   80        Idaho Youth Ranch, Inc., Boise                                         $1,000
  Total Dollars Awarded              $185,673        Idaho Zoological Society, Boise                                       $33,000
                                                     Inland Northwest Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, Coeur d’Alene            $1,000
                                                     Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers of the Magic Valley,Twin Falls         $1,000
                                                     Junior Achievement Incorporated, Boise                                 $1,000
  In 2005, scholarship awards were made for          Lemhi’s Afterschool Promise Inc., Salmon                               $2,000
  students to attend the following institutions      Lewiston-Clarkston Young Women’s Christian Association                 $1,000
  or to participate in their programs.               Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services, Shoshone                    $1,000
                                                     Madison Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc., Rexburg                    $1,000
                                                     Midvale Lions Club                                                       $600
  Distributions to Idaho Institutions                Nimiipuu Health, Lapwai                                                $2,000
  or Programs                                        Senior Solutions, Inc., Boise                                          $1,000
  Albertson College of Idaho, Inc.                   Shepherd’s Inn Corporation, Idaho Falls                                $1,000
  Boise Bible College                                Shoshone County Community Health Clinic, Osburn                        $1,000
  Boise State University                             St.Vincent de Paul Salvage Bureau, Coeur d’Alene                       $1,000
  Brigham Young University – Idaho                   Terry Reilly Health Services, Nampa                                    $1,000
  College of Southern Idaho                          The Boys & Girls Club of Nampa, Inc.                                   $2,000
                                                     The Caring Foundation, Inc., Boise                                     $3,000
  Eastern Idaho Technical College                    The Dominican Sisters of Ontario, Inc., Fruitland                      $1,000
  Idaho Press Club                                   The Salvation Army Cascade Division, Nampa                            $11,000
  Idaho State University                             United Cerebral Palsy of Idaho, Inc., Boise                            $1,000
  Lewis-Clark State College                          Women’s and Children’s Alliance, Inc., Boise                          $10,000
  North Idaho College                                YMCA of Twin Falls, Inc.                                               $1,000
  Twin Falls Institute of Holistic Studies        Total from the Kissler Family Foundation                               $179,600
  University of Idaho                             Lindsey Foundation Philanthropic Gift Fund*
                                                     Boise State University Foundation                                    $294,000
  Distributions to Other Institutions                Make-a-Wish Foundation of Idaho, Boise                                 $5,000
                                                  Total from the Lindsey Foundation                                      $299,000
  The Art Institute of Portland, OR
                                                  *Distributions from Supporting Organizations are also reported elsewhere in
  Central Washington University                   this report.
  Eastern Oregon State University
  Eastern Washington University                   DISTRIBUTIONS FROM
  Emerson College, MA                             ■ SPECIAL PROJECT                 FUNDS
  Hamline University, MN
                                                  Early Care and Learning Special Project Fund                           $89,036
  Healthworks Institute, MT                       Friends of Community House Special Project Fund                       $143,045
  Northwest College of Art,WA                     Friends of Patricia Special Project Fund                                $1,528
  Seattle Pacific University,WA                   Governor’s Roundtable for Families and Children Fund                   $17,303
  Southwestern Oregon Community College           Idaho Assistive Technology Project Fund                                 $1,796
  University of Mary Washington,VA                Idaho Peace Officers Memorial Fund                                     $30,137
                                                  Pocatello Zoo Capital Fund                                              $6,200
  University of San Diego, CA                     Steele-Reese Foundation Special Project Fund                           $49,360
  Utah State University                           Treasure Valley’s Best: A Celebration of Thanks Special Project Fund    $8,375
  Washington State University                     Washington County Youth Hope Center Fund                                 $580
                                                  Total Distributions                                                  $347,360
Grants 36
   The Idaho Community Foundation makes grants to fund activities, services, and projects of established 501(c) charitable
organizations or governmental units or their subsidiaries, consistent with ICF’s mission “to enrich life’s quality throughout Idaho.”
The Foundation is especially interested in providing assistance to organizations seeking to meet emerging community needs.

Currently there are three annual regional     • Grant applications are typically separated     • Fund raising projects
competitive grant cycles:                        into the following categories: Arts and       • Travel for individuals or teams
• The Northern Region Call for                   Culture; Education; Emergency Services;       • Attendance at conferences, seminars or
  Proposals begins on November 1 and             Libraries; Natural Sciences; Health;            other projects
  closes on January 15 with final                Recreation; Social Services, and Public
                                                                                               • Endowments
  approval by the Board of Directors             Projects.
                                                                                               • Programs that fall more appropriately
  scheduled for the May meeting.              ICF accepts grant applications only during
                                                                                                 under government funding, such as
• The Eastern Region Call for Proposals       the cycle specified for the region in which
                                                                                                 operating expenses for public schools
  begins on February 1 and closes on          the proposed grant making activity happens.
                                                                                                 and police and fire protection
  April 1 with final approval by the          Additional details on the Regional Grant
                                              Cycles, along with current applications and      • Capital projects for which the
  Board of Directors scheduled for the
                                              criteria, are available on the Foundation’s        Foundation’s ability to contribute will be
  August meeting.
                                              website at                        only a very small portion of the total
• The Southwestern Region Call for                                                               budget and, therefore, will have little
  Proposals begins on May 1 and closes        ■ FAVORED ACTIVITIES                               impact on the success of the project
  on July 1 with final approval by the        In general, the Idaho Community Foundation
  Board of Directors scheduled for the                                                         THE FOUNDATION WILL NOT
                                                 favors activities that:
  November meeting.                                                                            CONSIDER GRANTS FOR
                                              • Reach a broad segment of the community
                                                                                               • Religious organizations for the sole
                                                 especially those citizens whose needs are
                                                                                                 purpose of furthering that religion. (This
                                                 not being met by existing services that are
                                                                                                 prohibition does not apply to funds
                                                 normally expected to be provided by
                                                                                                 created by donors who have specifically
                                                 private rather than government sources
                                                                                                 designated religious organizations as
                                              • Request seed money to realize unusual            beneficiaries of the funds.)
                                                 opportunities to meet urgent needs in the
                                                                                               • Political activities or those designed to
                                                                                                 influence legislation
                                              • Stimulate and encourage additional funding
                                                                                               • National organizations (unless the
                                              • Promote cooperation and avoid                    monies are to be used to benefit
                                                 duplication of effort                           citizens of Idaho or the organizations
                                              • Help make a charitable organization more         are specifically designated by the donor
                                                 effective and efficient and better able to      as beneficiaries of the fund)
                                                 sustain itself over the long term             • Grants that directly benefit the donor
                                              ■ LOW PRIORITY AREAS                               or the donor’s family

           N                                  The following areas are of low priority to
                                                ICF and usually will not receive funding:
                                                                                               • For 2006, the Foundation will consider
                                              • Reduction of debt                                grants in the range of $500 to $5,000.
                                              • Grants to individuals (except scholarships)      Grants of lesser or greater amounts
                                                                                                 may be considered under special
                                                                                                 circumstances. Multi-year grants will not
                                                                                                 be considered.
                                                                                               • Additionally, the J. A. and Kathryn
                                                                                                 Albertson Foundation has a special

                                     E                                                           project fund in ICF. Grants of up to
                                                                                                 $5,000 will be made from this fund to
                                                                                                 benefit pre-K through 12 education in
             SW                                                                                  the State of Idaho.The online application
                                                                                                 process is incorporated into ICF’s
                                                                                                 regional cycles.

                                                                                                                               Grants 37
      Following is a list of grants and distributions awarded by ICF in 2005. Grants from unrestricted, advised,
  field-of-interest, geographic, and designated funds are listed by county.These are followed by grants given outside
  Idaho. Grants benefiting multiple counties are shown under the primary county served or the county in which the
  recipient organization is based. Distributions from agency, scholarship, and special project funds are shown on pages
  35 – 36. Any grant description listed with an (A) received some funding from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson
  Education Foundation Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation.

  ADA COUNTY                                 Berman-Harviel-Miller Foundation for
                                             Recreational Safety, Inc.
                                                                                         Dress for Success Boise, Inc.
                                                                                         Meridian, $10,000
  Ada County and Elmore County Meals         Boise, $5,000                               Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky
  on Wheels Program                          Boise Art Museum, Inc.                      Mountain, Inc.
  Boise, $2,387                              $35,050                                     Boise, $3,000 (A)
  All Saints Episcopal Church                Boise City Independent School District #1   Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho, Inc.
  Boise, $1,266                              $4,000 (A)                                  Boise, $500
  American Diabetes Association, Inc.        Boise City Parks & Recreation               Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy
  Boise, $250                                $500                                        Boise, $48,852
  American Heart Association                 Boise Contemporary Theater, Inc.            Faith in Action of Boise, Inc.
  Boise, $5,000                              $2,250                                      $750
  American Red Cross of Greater Idaho—       Boise High School                           Family Advocate Program, Inc.
  Treasure Valley Branch                     $1,000                                      Boise, $5,000 (A)
  Boise, $3,000                              Boise Little Theater, Inc.                  First United Methodist Church of Boise
  ARC, Inc.                                  $1,000                                      $2,000
  Boise, $1,137                              Boise Philharmonic Association, Inc.        Foothills School of Arts & Sciences
  Arrowrock Classical Education, Inc.        $116,872 (A)                                Boise, $500
  Boise, $137                                Boise Public Schools Education              Friends of XL Hospice, Inc.
  Assistance League of Boise                 Foundation, Inc.                            Payette, $1,000
  $7,000                                     $1,637                                      Garden City Library Foundation
  Balance Dance Company                      Boise Rescue Mission                        $2,000
  Boise, $637                                $7,401                                      Genesis World Mission, Inc.
  Ballet Idaho, Inc.                         Boise State University                      Boise, $7,250
  Boise, $15,500 (A)                         $2,000 (A)                                  Giraffe Laugh, Inc.
  Basque Museum & Cultural Center, Inc.      Boise State University Foundation           Boise, $2,000 (A)
  Boise, $2,872 (A)                          $2,137                                      Girls on the Run Idaho, Inc.
                                             Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship     Boise, $5,250 (A)
                                             Garden City, $250                           Hillview United Methodist Church
                                             Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity, Inc.     Boise, $3,000
                                             $887                                        Humphreys Diabetes Center, Inc.
                                             Boise WaterShed Exhibits, Inc.              Boise, $8,000
                                             $1,000 (A)                                  Idaho Association for the Education of
                                             Boys & Girls Club of Ada County             Young Children
                                             Garden City, $8,000 (A)                     Boise, $1,750
                                             CASI Foundation for Children, Inc.          Idaho Black Bear Rehab, Inc.
                                             Boise, $1,668                               Garden City, $250
                                             Centennial High School                      Idaho Botanical Gardens, Inc.
                                             Boise, $5,000                               Boise, $82,749
                                             Children’s Home Society of Idaho            Idaho Commission on the Arts
                                             Boise, $135,468                             Boise, $9,500
                                             Cole Community Church                       ICF/Community Trust Fund
                                             Boise, $1,500                               $2,029
                                             Computers for Kids, Inc.                    ICF/Children’s Charities of Idaho
                                             Boise, $500                                 $1,528
                                             Culinary Skills Training Center, Inc.       ICF/Southwestern Region Greatest Need
                                             Boise, $4,500 (A)                           Fund
                                                                                         Boise, $197
                                             Discovery Center of Idaho, Inc.
                                             Boise, $12,500 (A)                          ICF/Idaho Humanities Council Education
                                                                                         Programs Fund
                                                                                         Boise, $660

Grants 38
ICF/Eastern Region Unrestricted Fund        Make-a-Wish Foundation of Idaho             State of Idaho Commission for the Blind and
Boise, $714                                 Boise, $9,500                               Visually Impaired
ICF/Northern Region Unrestricted Fund       Meridian Education Foundation               Boise, $1,000
Boise, $714                                 $1,000                                      Tablerock Cross of the Idaho Jaycees, Inc.
ICF/Southwestern Region                     Meridian Joint School District #2           Boise, $1,608
Unrestricted Fund                           $1,000                                      Teen Challenge of Idaho, Inc.
Boise, $714                                 Meridian Lions Club                         Boise, $1,750
ICF/Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation     Boise, $425                                 The Bogus Basin Lifetime Sports Education
$1,000                                      Mothers Against Drunk Driving—              Foundation, Inc.
Idaho Conservation League, Inc.             Idaho Chapter                               Boise, $12,583
Boise, $750                                 Boise, $500                                 The Caring Foundation, Inc.
Idaho Dance Theatre, Inc.                   Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.                   Boise, $11,250
Boise, $5,000 (A)                           Boise, $250                                 The Jesse Tree of Idaho
Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs, Inc.         National Alliance for the Mentally Ill—     Boise, $1,608
Boise, $7,073                               Boise Chapter                               The Salvation Army Boise Corps
Idaho Educational Public Broadcasting       $500                                        Boise, $6,500
Foundation, Inc.                            National Federation of the Blind of Idaho   Treasure Valley Family YMCA
Boise, $3,250                               Boise, $250                                 Boise, $9,552
Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital          Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.         United Cerebral Palsy of Idaho, Inc.
Boise, $5,000                               Boise, $1,500                               Boise, $2,000
Idaho Foodbank Warehouse, Inc.              Opera Idaho, Inc.                           United Way of Treasure Valley
Boise, $27,667                              Boise, $17,000                              Boise, $500
Idaho Humane Society, Inc.                  Optimist Club of Meridian, Inc.             West Valley Little League
Boise, $5,714 (A)                           $1,000                                      Eagle, $1,848
Idaho Humanities Council                    Planned Parenthood of Idaho, Inc.           Women’s and Children’s Alliance, Inc.
Boise, $500                                 Boise, $2,250                               Boise, $9,750
Idaho Law Foundation                        Riverstone Community School, Inc.           Women’s Voices for the Earth
Boise, $1,250                               Boise, $1,500                               Missoula, $1,357
Idaho Nonprofit Development Center, Inc.    Ronald McDonald House Charities of          Total Ada County – $824,004
Boise, $5,500                               Idaho, Inc.
                                            Boise, $1,000
Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Inc.
                                            Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
                                                                                        ADAMS COUNTY
Boise, $12,586 (A)
Idaho Steelhead & Salmon Unlimited, Inc.    Foundation                                  Council School District
Boise, $500                                 Boise, $750                                 $3,000
Idaho Suicide Prevention & Hotline, Inc.    Salvation Army, Boise Chapter               Friends of the Weiser River Trail, Inc.
Boise, $500                                 $2,500                                      Cambridge, $1,072
Idaho Wildlife Federation                   Senior Solutions, Inc.                      New Meadows United Methodist Church
Boise, $2,030                               Boise, $3,000                               $500
Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation, Inc.   SÍ Se Puede Idaho, Inc.                     The Council Learning Center, Inc.
Boise, $3,515                               Boise, $1,000                               $2,000
Idaho Women’s Network Education &           Silver Sage Girl Scout Council, Inc.        West Central Highlands Resource
Research Fund                               Boise, $1,500                               Conservation & Development Council
Boise, $500                                 Society of St.Vincent de Paul,              Emmett, $2,700
                                            Southwest Idaho Council                     Total Adams County – $9,272
Idaho Youth Ranch, Inc.                     Boise, $1,136
Boise, $5,601
                                            Special Olympics Idaho, Inc.
Idaho Zoological Society                    Boise, $500                                 BANNOCK COUNTY
Boise, $1,000
                                            Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center     Aid for Friends, Inc.
Innerlight Women’s Recovery Association     Foundation
Boise, $750                                                                             Pocatello, $769
                                            Boise, $500
Junior Achievement Incorporated                                                         Bannock County Fairgrounds, Pocatello,
                                            St. Joseph’s School                         $5,000
Boise, $5,000                               Boise, $1,000
Junior League of Boise Idaho                                                            City of Pocatello
                                            St. Luke’s Health Foundation, Ltd.          $7,500
$250                                        Boise, $2,637
Just Strays Animal Foundation                                                           Ensign Peak Foundation
                                            St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center          Preston, $2,100
Boise, $500                                 Boise, $500
Kuna Joint District                                                                     Gate City Elementary
                                            St. Mark’s Catholic Church                  Pocatello, $291
$1,000                                      Boise, $500
Learning Lab, Inc.                                                                      Gate City Youth Soccer League
                                            St. Mary’s Church                           Pocatello, $2,500
Boise, $6,136 (A)                           Boise, $3,500
Lee Pesky Learning Center                                                               Greater Pocatello Senior Citizens, Inc.
                                            St. Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral           $4,000
Boise, $2,250 (A)                           Boise, $8,750
Log Cabin Literary Center, Inc.                                                         Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs, Inc.
Boise, $3,215                                                                           Boise, $5,234

                                                                                                                        Grants 39
  Idaho Educational Public Broadcasting   BEAR LAKE COUNTY                          St. Maries Volunteer Community
  Foundation, Inc.                                                                  Clinic, Inc.
  Boise, $2,425                           A. J. Winters Elementary School           $2,000
  Idaho Environmental Education           Montpelier, $3,500 (A)                    Total Benewah County – $19,500
  Association                             Bear Lake County Ambulance Service
  Pocatello, $1,000
  Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Inc.
                                          Montpelier, $1,125                        BINGHAM COUNTY
                                          Bear Lake Valley Health Care
  Boise, $10,000 (A)                      Foundation                                American Youth Soccer Organization
  Idaho State University                  Montpelier, $2,250                        Blackfoot, $4,000
  Pocatello, $12,467 (A)                  National Oregon/California Trail Center   Bingham Crisis Center for Women, Inc.
  Idaho State University Foundation       Montpelier, $2,000 (A)                    Blackfoot, $850
  Pocatello, $5,000                       Paris Elementary School                   Blackfoot Community Players, Inc.
  Marsh Valley High School                $5,000 (A)                                $3,500
  Arimo, $5,000                           Total Bear Lake County – $13,875          Blackfoot Sixth Grade School
  Marsh Valley Senior Citizens, Inc.                                                $3,500
  Downey, $4,300
  Pocatello Field Archers, Inc.
                                          BENEWAH COUNTY                            City of Blackfoot
  $1,000                                  Benewah Community Hospital                Lillian Vallely School, Inc.
  Pocatello Women’s Correctional          St. Maries, $1,000                        Blackfoot, $52,000
  Center                                  East Benewah Council for Aging, Inc.      Log Cabin Literary Center, Inc.
  $6,803                                  St. Maries, $2,000                        Boise, $5,000 (A)
  Portneuf Health Care Foundation, Inc.   Greater Benewah County Humane             North Bingham County District Library
  Pocatello, $2,500                       Society                                   Shelley, $2,000
  Seekers                                 St. Maries, $500                          Three Rivers Resource Conservation &
  Pocatello, $1,200                       Hospice of Benewah County, Inc.           Development Council
  South Bannock County Historical         St. Maries, $1,000                        Pocatello, $4,000
  Center, Inc.                            St. Maries Ambulance                      Total Bingham County – $82,550
  Lava Hot Springs, $528                  $4,000
  South Bannock Library District
  Downey, $2,450
                                          St. Maries Joint School District #41
                                          $4,000 (A)
                                                                                    BLAINE COUNTY
  Southeast Idaho Veteran’s Memorial      St. Maries Seventh-day Adventist School   Advocates for Real Community Housing
  Pocatello, $10,000                      $5,000 (A)                                Ketchum, $100
  Total Bannock County – $92,067                                                    Advocates for Survivors of Domestic
                                                                                    Violence and Sexual Assault, Inc.
                                                                                    Hailey, $7,500
                                                                                    American Association of Avalanche
                                                                                    Ketchum, $1,500
                                                                                    Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley
                                                                                    Hailey, $3,000
                                                                                    Blaine County Recreation District
                                                                                    Hailey, $16,000
                                                                                    Blaine County School District Education
                                                                                    Hailey, $11,585
                                                                                    Blaine County Seniors’ Council, Inc.
                                                                                    Hailey, $4,500
                                                                                    Caritas Chorale Limited
                                                                                    Ketchum, $1,500
                                                                                    Citizens for Smart Growth, Inc.
                                                                                    Hailey, $500
                                                                                    College of Southern Idaho
                                                                                    Hailey, $5,415
                                                                                    Company of Fools, Inc.
                                                                                    Hailey, $2,000
                                                                                    Environmental Resource Center
                                                                                    Ketchum, $1,000
                                                                                    Hailey Ice, Inc.
                                                                                    Hailey Public Library
                                                                                    Hailey Ski Team

Grants 40
Hospice of the Wood River Valley, Inc.        Horseshoe Bend and Area Senior               Eastern Idaho Estate Planning Council, Inc.
Ketchum, $10,500                              Citizens, Inc.                               Idaho Falls, $500
Idaho Youth Ranch, Inc.                       $1,000                                       Eastern Idaho Technical College Foundation
Boise, $3,238                                 Idaho City Ambulance                         Idaho Falls, $2,187
Laughing Stock Theater Company                $3,000                                       Family Assistance in Transitional Housing,
Sun Valley, $500                              Total Boise County – $5,250                  Inc. (F.A.I.T.H.)
Lee Pesky Learning Center                                                                  Idaho Falls, $1,850
Boise, $1,000                                 BONNER COUNTY                                Family Care Center, Inc.
                                                                                           Idaho Falls, $18,124
Rotarun Ski Club, Inc.
Hailey, $5,000                                Bonner Community Food Center                 Goodfellow Fund, Inc.
Sagebrush Equine Training Center for the      Sandpoint, $2,500                            Idaho Falls, $2,135
Handicapped, Inc.                             Community Assistance League of Sandpoint,    Habitat for Humanity of Idaho Falls
Hailey, $1,615                                $1,000                                       $2,300
Sawtooth Botanical Garden, Inc.               Festival at Sandpoint, Inc.                  Help, Inc.
Sun Valley, $1,000                            $2,000 (A)                                   Idaho Falls, $2,664
Smiley Creek Fire Protection District         Friends of the Shelter, Inc.                 Hope Lutheran School
Ketchum, $2,220                               Sandpoint, $1,000                            Idaho Falls, $300
Snake River Alliance Education Fund, Inc.     Inland Northwest Health Services             Hospice of Eastern Idaho, Inc.
Boise, $2,000                                 Spokane, $4,000                              Idaho Falls, $2,029
St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation, Inc.        Lake Pend Oreille School District #84        Humane Society of the Upper Valley
Ketchum, $5,000                               Sandpoint, $1,500 (A)                        Idaho Falls, $1,015
St.Thomas Episcopal Church                    Panhandle Alliance for Education, Inc.       Idaho CASA Association, Inc.
Ketchum, $6,000                               Sandpoint, $2,500                            Jerome, $780
Sun Valley Center for the Arts and            Panida Theater Committee, Inc.               Idaho Falls Arts Council, Inc.
Humanities, Inc.                              Sandpoint, $1,000                            $16,695
$5,650                                        Pend Oreille Arts Council, Inc.              Idaho Falls Historic Downtown
Sun Valley Junior Hockey, Inc.                Sandpoint, $2,500 (A)                        Foundation, Inc.
Ketchum, $2,500                               Sagle Fire Department                        $3,000
Sun Valley Opera Company                      $1,500                                       Idaho Falls Kiwanis Club
Ketchum, $2,500                               Sandpoint High School                        $500
Sun Valley Performing Arts Center, Inc.       $2,208                                       Idaho Falls Opera Theatre, Inc.
$1,000                                        Tri-State Water Quality Council, Inc.        $1,317
Sun Valley Summer Symphony                    Sandpoint, $800 (A)                          Idaho Falls Public Library
$4,730                                        West Bonner Library District                 $2,029
The Council Circle Foundation, Inc.           Priest River, $1,500                         Idaho Falls Russet Lions, Inc.
Hailey, $2,000                                Total Bonner County – $24,008                $1,000
The Crisis Hot Line, Inc.                                                                  Idaho Falls Symphony Society, Inc.
Ketchum, $6,000                                                                            $8,764 (A)
The Nature Conservancy of Idaho, Inc.
                                              BONNEVILLE COUNTY                            Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre, Inc.
Hailey, $5,543                                American Red Cross—Eastern ID Service        $10,000 (A)
The Trailing of the Sheep Cultural Heritage   Region, Idaho Falls                          Idaho Youth Ranch, Inc.
Center, Inc.                                  $250                                         Boise, $1,700
Hailey, $1,000                                Ashton Memorial, Inc.                        Iona Community Library
The Wilderness Society                        $5,000                                       $2,000
Sun Valley, $7,500                            Associate General Counsel U. S. Conference   Judicial District VII CASA
Wood River Community Young Men’s              of Catholic Bishops                          Idaho Falls, $1,800
Christian Association, Inc.                   Idaho Falls, $2,529                          K Mart/Shop with a Cop Program
Ketchum, $54,313                              Bonneville County Historical Society, Inc.   Idaho Falls, $250
Wood River Development Professionals          Idaho Falls, $2,029                          Regional Council for Christian Ministry, Inc.
Assoc.                                        Bonneville County Humane Society             Idaho Falls, $1,046
Ketchum, $4,165                               Idaho Falls, $1,015                          Special Needs Adoptive Parent Services,
Wood River Jewish Community, Inc.             Chapel of the Valley                         Inc. (SNAPS)
Ketchum, $250                                 Swan Valley, $2,029                          Boise, $2,000
Wood River Land Trust Company                 City of Idaho Falls                          St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Hailey, $26,000                               $12,109                                      Idaho Falls, $528
Total Blaine County – $230,574                Community Outreach Center, Inc.              Storytelling Guild of Eastern Idaho, Inc.
                                              Idaho Falls, $500                            Iona, $250
BOISE COUNTY                                  Eagle Rock Art Museum & Education            Tautphaus Park Zoological Society, Inc.
                                              Center, Inc.                                 Idaho Falls, $3,294
Garden Valley District Library                Idaho Falls, $500                            The Caring Foundation, Inc.
$250                                          Eastern Idaho Economic Development           Boise, $5,000
Garden Valley School District #71             Council Foundation, Inc.                     Total Bonneville County – $123,518
$1,000                                        Idaho Falls, $2,500

                                                                                                                           Grants 41
  BOUNDARY COUNTY                        Planned Parenthood of Idaho, Inc.
                                         Boise, $12,333
                                                                                   Oakley Elementary School
                                                                                   $1,000 (A)
  Boundary County                        SÍ Se Puede Idaho, Inc.                   Oakley Jr./Sr. High School
  Bonners Ferry, $1,725                  Boise, $27,667 (A)                        $3,000 (A)
  Boundary County School District #101   St. Paul’s Catholic Church                Raft River Bookmobile
  Bonners Ferry, $5,000 (A)              Nampa, $500                               Almo, $1,684
  Boundary County Youth Crisis and       Terry Reilly Health Services              Total Cassia County – $36,659
  Domestic Violence Hotline              Boise, $11,137
  Bonners Ferry, $1,500                  The Boys & Girls Club of Nampa, Inc.
  Total Boundary County – $8,225         $6,622                                    CLARK COUNTY
                                         The Mentoring Network, Inc.               Clark County Free Library District
                                         Caldwell, $4,000 (A)
  BUTTE COUNTY                           The Salvation Army Cascade Division
                                                                                   Dubois, $2,000
                                                                                   Clark County School District #161
  Lost Rivers Senior Citizens, Inc.      Nampa, $1,000                             Dubois, $1,930 (A)
  Arco, $1,100                           Valley Mountain Library Consortium        Clark County Search and Rescue
  Total Butte County – $1,100            Homedale, $3,000                          Dubois, $1,095
                                         Warhawk Air Museum, Inc.                  Total Clark County – $5,025
                                         Nampa, $1,000
  CAMAS COUNTY                           Wilder School District
  Camas County School District #121      $2,500 (A)                                CLEARWATER COUNTY
  Fairfield, $6,500 (A)                  Total Canyon County – $239,909            City of Orofino
  City of Fairfield                                                                $4,482
  $4,000                                 CARIBOU COUNTY                            Friends of the Weippe Library, Inc.
  Total Camas County – $10,500                                                     $2,000
                                         Bear River Head Start
                                         Logan, Utah, $3,085                       Orofino Elementary School
  CANYON COUNTY                          Caribou County Community Orchestra
                                         Bancroft, $500                            Orofino Joint School District #171
  Albertson College of Idaho, Inc.                                                 $5,000 (A)
  Caldwell, $134,000                     Caribou County Senior Center
                                         Soda Springs, $7,500                      Total Clearwater County – $11,778
  Boise Rescue Mission
  $1,955                                 Caribou Highland Strings
  Caldwell Fine Arts Series, Inc.
                                         Soda Springs, $4,694 (A)                  CUSTER COUNTY
  $2,500                                 Grace Chamber of Commerce
                                         $1,800                                    Challis Joint School District #181
  Children’s Voices, Inc.                                                          $6,000
  Caldwell, $2,000                       Grace District Library
                                         $2,500                                    Total Custer County – $6,000
  City of Nampa
  $2,000 (A)                             Grace Joint School District #148
  Greenleaf Friends Academy
                                         $5,000 (A)                                ELMORE COUNTY
  $3,000 (A)                             North Gem School District #149
                                         Bancroft, $7,276 (A)                      Mountain Home Public Library
  Idaho Human Rights Education                                                     $2,500
  Center, Inc.                           Total Caribou County – $32,355
  Boise, $3,745                                                                    South Fork Boise River Association
  Idaho Working Partners Ltd.            CASSIA COUNTY                             Pine, $3,500
  Boise, $1,000                                                                    Total Elmore County – $6,000
                                         Almo Elementary School
  Log Cabin Literary Center, Inc.        Malta, $3,000
  Boise, $2,000 (A)
                                         Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks   FRANKLIN COUNTY
  Mercy House, Inc.                      of the USA
  Nampa, $2,000                                                                    Ashton Elementary School
                                         Burley, $2,000                            $1,000
  Middleton Public Library               Burley Senior High School
  $1,200                                                                           Franklin County Medical Center
                                         $1,000                                    Preston, $2,000
  Middleton School District Parents As   City of Burley
  Teachers                                                                         Franklin County Reading Association
                                         $8,500                                    Preston, $4,000 (A)
  $3,000 (A)
                                         Declo Junior High School                  Franklin County Senior Citizen Center
  Nampa Family Justice Center            $2,000 (A)
  $2,000                                                                           Preston, $2,400
                                         Helping Hands-Freedom Trails, Inc.        Harold B. Lee Elementary School
  Northwest Children’s Home, Inc.        Twin Falls, $2,000
  Nampa, $4,250                                                                    Dayton, $1,670 (A)
                                         Intermountain Health Care                 Idaho Humanities Council
  Northwest Nazarene University, Inc.    Burley, $4,000
  Nampa, $2,500                                                                    Boise, $1,800
                                         King Fine Arts Center                     West Side School District #202
  Original Gangster’s Basic Academy of   Burley, $2,000
  Delinquency, Inc.                                                                Dayton, $9,950 (A)
  Nampa, $3,000 (A)                      Mount Harrison Heritage Foundation        Total Franklin County – $22,820
                                         Burley, $6,475

Grants 42
Ashton Elementary School
$2,000 (A)
Fremont County Joint School District
St. Anthony, $3,700 (A)
Island Park Historical Society
Macks Inn, $2,000
Total Fremont County – $7,700

American Legion Post #49
Emmett, $5,000
City of Emmett
Emmett Ferret Shelter
Emmett Public Library
Emmett Public School Foundation, Inc.
Gem County Recreation District
Emmett, $4,000
Gem County Senior Citizens, Inc.
Emmett, $3,360
Project Starfish, Inc.
Emmett, $3,000
Shadow Butte Development Corporation
Emmett, $3,006                           Syringa General Hospital
Shadow Butte Elementary School           Grangeville, $3,000
                                                                                      KOOTENAI COUNTY
Emmett, $2,000                           The Monastery of St. Gertrude                Athol Elementary School
Sweet-Montour Elementary School          Cottonwood, $1,750                           Rathdrum, $1,500
$3,700                                   Total Idaho County – $19,443                 Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Idaho, Inc.
West Central Highlands Resource                                                       Coeur d’Alene, $3,500
Conservation & Development Council,
Emmett, $9,600                           JEFFERSON COUNTY                             Birthright of North Idaho, Inc.
                                                                                      Coeur d’Alene, $250
Total Gem County – $45,759               Idaho CAP Wing and Squadrons                 Boy Scouts of America
                                         Ririe, $2,250 (A)                            Inland Northwest Council
GOODING COUNTY                           Jefferson County Economic Development        Hayden, $250
                                         Rigby, $4,000                                Children’s Village, Inc.
Gooding County Senior Citizens           Jefferson Library District                   Coeur d’Alene, $750
Organization, Inc.                       Terreton, $2,000                             Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy
$4,169                                   Shepherd’s Inn Corporation                   $1,250
Hagerman Elementary School               Idaho Falls, $250                            Coeur d’Alene Homes, Inc.
$3,211                                   West Jefferson High School                   $2,500
Total Gooding County – $7,380            Terreton, $3,600 (A)                         Coeur d’Alene Public Library
                                         West Jefferson School District #253          Foundation, Inc.
IDAHO COUNTY                             Terreton, $1,940 (A)                         $250
                                         West Jefferson Senior Citizens, Inc.         Coeur d’Alene School District #271
Clearwater Valley Elementary School      Terreton, $2,000                             $7,500
Kooskia, $1,000 (A)                      Total Jefferson County – $16,040             Coeur d’Alene Soccer Club, Inc.
Communities Creating Connections, Inc.                                                Hayden, $500
Kooskia, $4,850 (A)
Grangeville Joint School District #241   JEROME COUNTY                                Coeur d’Alene Symphony Orchestra, Inc.
$843 (A)                                 Jerome County Senior Citizens Service        Community Building Partners, Inc.
Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs, Inc.      Area, Inc.                                   Post Falls, $8,140
Boise, $2,000                            $2,000                                       Dirne Community Health Clinic
Kooskia Revitalization                   Silver & Gold Senior Citizens Center, Inc.   Coeur d’Alene, $1,250
$3,500                                   Eden, $2,000                                 First Judicial District CASA Program, Inc.
Make-a-Wish Foundation of Idaho          Total Jerome County – $4,000                 Coeur d’Alene, $1,250
Boise, $2,500

                                                                                                                        Grants 43
  Hayden Lake Friends Church               St. Pius X Catholic Church               Highland Joint School District #305
  $250                                     Coeur d’Alene, $250                      Craigmont, $4,000 (A)
  Holy Family Catholic School              St.Thomas Catholic Church                Kamiah Chamber of Commerce
  Coeur d’Alene, $1,500                    Coeur d’Alene, $250                      $5,000 (A)
  Hospice of North Idaho, Inc.             St.Vincent de Paul Salvage Bureau        Kamiah Elementary Parent Teacher
  Hayden, $500                             Coeur d’Alene, $6,000                    Organization
  Idaho Association for the Education of   TESH, Inc.                               $1,500
  Young Children                           Coeur d’Alene, $250                      Reuben’s Community Center District
  Boise, $4,000                            The Caring Foundation, Inc.              $4,000
  Idaho Child Abuse Response               Boise, $6,000                            Wells Fargo Bank
  (I.C.A.R.E.), Inc.                       The Women’s Center, Inc.                 West Des Moines, $465
  Coeur d’Alene, $4,410                    Coeur d’Alene, $2,750                    Total Lewis County – $17,965
  Idaho Community Foundation/Women’s       Winton Elementary School
  Gift Alliance                            Coeur d’Alene, $2,500
  Coeur d’Alene, $750
  Idaho Community Foundation/Women’s
                                           Women’s Gift Alliance
                                           Administrative Fund
                                                                                    LINCOLN COUNTY
  Gift Alliance Members’ Fund              Coeur d’Alene, $2,700                    Dietrich School District #314
  Coeur d’Alene, $1,250                    Total Kootenai County – $187,943         $1,000 (A)
  Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Inc.
                                                                                    Lincoln County Emergency Medical
  Boise, $10,000 (A)
  Idaho Writers’ League-Coeur d’Alene      LATAH COUNTY                             Services
                                                                                    Shoshone, $3,500
  Chapter                                  Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc.          Richfield Senior Citizens, Inc.
  Hayden, $900                             Orlando, $1,000                          $3,000
  Idaho Youth Ranch, Inc.                  City of Troy
  Boise, $500                                                                       Total Lincoln County – $7,500
  Kootenai County Medical Center           Friends of the Juliaetta Community
  Coeur d’Alene, $250                      Library                                  MADISON COUNTY
  Kootenai County Search and Rescue        $3,000
  Council                                                                           Central Elementary School
                                           Idaho Assistive Technology Project       Sugar City, $195
  Hayden, $26,000                          Moscow, $7,499
  Kootenai Humane Society, Inc.                                                     Madison County Senior Citizens
                                           Juliaetta Volunteer Fire Department      Association, Inc.
  Hayden, $1,500                           $1,000                                   Rexburg, $1,661
  Kootenai Medical Center                  Kendrick Junior-Senior High School
  Foundation, Inc.                                                                  Madison Memorial Hospital
                                           $3,000 (A)                               Foundation, Inc.
  Coeur d’Alene, $8,500
                                           Moscow School District #281              Rexburg, $1,000
  Lakeland School District                 $5,000 (A)
  Athol, $580                                                                       Sugar-Salem High School
                                           Palouse Discovery Science Center         $3,981
  Lakes Middle School                      Pullman, $840 (A)
  Coeur d’Alene, $2,000                                                             Total Madison County – $6,837
                                           University of Idaho
  Little Folks, Inc.                       Moscow, $50,000
  Coeur d’Alene, $213
  North Idaho Centennial Trail
                                           University of Idaho Foundation, Inc.     MINIDOKA COUNTY
                                           Moscow, $55,000
  Foundation, Inc.                                                                  City of Heyburn
  Coeur d’Alene, $250                      Total Latah County – $127,539
  North Idaho College Foundation, Inc.                                              Idaho Youth Ranch/Rupert Ranch
  Coeur d’Alene, $50,000                   LEMHI COUNTY                             $1,266
  Northwest Lions Foundation for                                                    Minidoka Memorial Hospital
  Sight & Hearing                          Lemhi County Crisis Intervention
                                                                                    Rupert, $1,000
  Seattle, $2,000                          Salmon, $2,000
                                           Lemhi’s Afterschool Promise, Inc.        Renaissance Arts Center, Inc.
  Open Arms Pregnancy Care Center                                                   Rupert, $1,080
  Coeur d’Alene, $1,750                    Salmon, $27,000 (A)
                                           Salmon Elks Lodge #1620                  St. Nicholas Catholic School
  Planned Parenthood of the Inland                                                  Rupert, $1,028
  Northwest                                $189
  Spokane, $250                            Salmon Valley Civic Arts Council, Inc.   The Reading Foundation
                                           $500                                     Rupert, $4,000 (A)
  Post Falls Food Bank
  $500                                     Total Lemhi County – $29,689             Total Minidoka County – $10,874
  Post Falls Historical Society, Inc.
  $250                                                                              NEZ PERCE COUNTY
  Red Hot Mamas                            LEWIS COUNTY
  Coeur d’Alene, $500                                                               Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lewis
                                           City of Craigmont                        Clark Valley, Inc.
  Sorensen Elementary School               $1,500
  Coeur d’Alene, $2,500                                                             Lewiston, $581
                                           City of Kamiah                           Camp Fire USA Inland Northwest Council
  Spokane Symphony Society                 $1,500
  $10,000 (A)                                                                       Spokane, $5,000 (A)

Grants 44
Centennial Elementary School
Lewiston, $4,500 (A)
Habitat for Humanity Lewiston-Clarkston
Interlink, Inc.
Clarkston, $1,000
Lapwai Elementary School
Lewis-Clark State College
Lewiston, $581
Lewiston Civic Theatre Performing
Arts Center
Lewiston Library
Lewiston-Clarkston Young Women’s
Christian Association
$5,420 (A)
Nimiipuu Health
Lapwai, $2,000
Northwest Children’s Home, Inc.
Lewiston, $1,000
Orchards Elementary School                Hope House, Inc.                         Silver Valley Habitat for Humanity
Lewiston, $4,000 (A)                      Marsing, $78,500                         Kellogg, $1,000
                                          Silver Sage Girl Scout Council, Inc.     Wallace District Arts Council, Inc.
Snake River Community Clinic, Inc.
                                          Boise, $10,000                           $500
Lewiston, $4,000
                                          Total Owyhee County – $93,833            Wallace District Mining Museum, Inc.
Whitman Elementary PTA                                                             $615
Lewiston, $5,000
Total Nez Perce County – $39,999          PAYETTE COUNTY                           Total Shoshone County – $16,083

                                          Payette High School
                                                                                   TETON COUNTY
ONEIDA COUNTY                             The Dominican Sisters of Ontario, Inc.   Family Safety Network, Inc.
                                          Fruitland, $2,000                        Driggs, $2,000
Curlew Valley Community Center
                                          The Friends of the Portia Club, Inc.     Teton County School District #401
Malad, $2,000
                                          Payette, $1,000                          Driggs, $6,000 (A)
Malad Elementary School                   Warren E. McCain Middle School           Teton Valley Recreation Association
$6,500 (A)                                Payette, $53,139                         Driggs, $4,500
Malad High School Music Department        Total Payette County – $57,139           Valley of the Tetons Public Library
$4,500 (A)                                                                         Victor, $3,000
Malad Middle School
$600                                      POWER COUNTY                             Total Teton County – $15,500

Malad Valley Theater Guild
                                          Power County Fairboard
                                          American Falls, $2,216
                                                                                   TWIN FALLS COUNTY
Oneida County                             Power County Search & Rescue             Ageless Senior Citizens, Inc.
Malad, $500                               American Falls, $570                     Kimberly, $3,000
Oneida County Library                     Total Power County – $2,786              American Red Cross of Greater Idaho—
Malad, $947                                                                        Sawtooth Branch Office
Oneida County Relic Preservation and                                               Twin Falls, $1,000
Historical Society
                                          SHOSHONE COUNTY                          Boy Scouts of America
Malad, $1,000                             City of Wallace                          Snake River Council
Oneida County Senior Citizens             $1,500                                   Twin Falls, $19,000
Malad, $1,500                             Inland Northwest Lutheran Outdoor        Buhl Joint School District #412
Total Oneida County – $18,547             Ministries (INLOM)                       $1,500
                                          Coeur d’Alene, $4,000 (A)                City of Buhl
                                          Kellogg Middle School                    $3,000
OWYHEE COUNTY                             $4,468 (A)                               College of Southern Idaho
Duck Valley Shoshone-Paiute Tribes        Shepherd’s Inn Corporation               Foundation, Inc.
Diabetes Program                          Idaho Falls, $1,000                      Twin Falls, $3,500
Owyhee, $4,000 (A)                        Shoshone County Community                Family Health Services Corporation
Homedale Neighborhood, Inc.               Health Clinic                            Twin Falls, $1,000
$1,333 (A)                                Osburn, $3,000
                                                                                                                   Grants 45
  First Church of Christ Scientist         McCall Technology Institute, Inc.         Resourcing Christian Education
  Twin Falls, $500                         $1,000                                    International
  Habitat for Humanity of Magic Valley     MCPAWS, Inc.                              Illinois, $7,500
  Twin Falls, $1,000                       McCall, $3,000                            Samaritan’s Purse
  Idaho CASA Association, Inc.             Payette Lakes Ski Club, Inc.              North Carolina, $250
  Jerome, $3,425                           McCall, $6,149                            Tabitha Foundation USA
  Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers of the   Shepherd’s Home, Inc.                     Indiana, $500
  Magic Valley                             McCall, $7,000                            The Gideons International
  Twin Falls, $1,000                       Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.          Tennessee, $1,250
  Magic Valley Arts Council, Inc.          McCall, $2,000                            The International Pension Foundation
  Twin Falls, $2,218                       Total Valley County – $34,899             Washington D.C., $1,000
  Magic Valley Symphony Orchestra                                                    The Salvation Army
  Twin Falls, $3,218                                                                 Washington, $10,000
  Murtaugh Elementary School               WASHINGTON                                The University of Wisconsin Foundation
  $254                                     COUNTY                                    $115
  Murtaugh Joint School District                                                     Trout Unlimited National Office
  $3,000                                   City of Weiser                            Virginia, $5,000
  Mustard Seed Ministries, Inc.            $580                                      United Nations Foundation
  Twin Falls, $1,000                       Midvale Lions Club                        Washington D.C., $500
  People for Pets—Magic Valley Humane      $600                                      United Service Organizations, Inc. (USO)
  Society, Inc.                            Project Rose Incorporated                 Washington D.C., $250
  Twin Falls, $500                         Weiser, $2,000 (A)                        University of California at San Francisco
  Salvation Army Cascade Division          Upper Country Eldercare Coalition, Inc.   Foundation
  Twin Falls, $1,000                       Cambridge, $3,000                         California, $500
  Southern Idaho Learning Center           Weiser Memorial Hospital                  University of San Francisco
  Twin Falls, $3,888                       Foundation, Inc.                          California, $1,000
  Twin Falls Music Club Scholarship        $250                                      Young Life
  Foundation, Inc.                         Total Washington County – $6,430          Colorado, $18,700
  $1,218                                                                             Total Out of State – $62,658
  Twin Falls Public Library
  Foundation, Inc.                         OUT-OF-STATE
  Valley Housing Coalition                 American Cancer Society, Inc.
  Twin Falls, $1,500                       Arizona, $500
  YMCA of Twin Falls, Inc.                 American Ferret Association, Inc.
  $2,000                                   Maryland, $281
  Total Twin Falls County – $60,158        America’s Future
                                           Missouri, $2,000
                                           Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque, Inc.
  VALLEY COUNTY                            New Mexico, $500
  Cascade Public Library                   Feed the Children, Inc.
  $500                                     Oklahoma, $1,250
  City of Donnelly                         Fountain Valley School of Colorado
  $1,000                                   $250
  Donnelly Rural Fire Protection           Hands of Hope International
  Association, Inc.                        California, $2,000
  $1,000                                   Healthcare Ministries
  Friends of the Donnelly Library, Inc.    Assemblies of God World Missions
  $1,500                                   Missouri, $1,500
  Idaho Educational Public Broadcasting    Mission Aviation Fellowship
  Foundation, Inc.                         California, $3,000
  Boise, $2,000                            Museum of the San Ramon Valley
  Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Inc.         California, $500
  Boise, $1,500                            National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
  McCall Arts & Humanities Council         Washington D.C., $281
  $4,000                                   Peninsula Bible Church
  McCall Memorial Hospital Foundation,     California, $2,000
  Inc.                                     Predator Conservation Alliance, Inc.
  $2,000                                   Montana, $281
  McCall Public Library                    Range of Motion Project
  $1,250                                   Illinois, $500
  McCall Rural Fire Department             Rapha International
  $1,000                                   Texas, $1,250

Grants 46
PAUL ANDERSON                 RON BOLINGER                  REGION                 Twin Falls
Post Falls                    American Falls                MIKE FELTON            SHAWN MILLER
MARTY BECKER                  VONNIE LUE BROULIM            Buhl                   McCall
Bonners Ferry                 Rigby                         SYDNEY FIDLER          PAT NELSON
KATIE BRODIE                  CAROL BURNETT                 Boise                  Gooding
Hayden Lake                   Pocatello                     KIM FLETCHER           NORMA ODIAGA
GREG JOHNSON                  KERRIE COPE                   Burley                 Jerome
Kamiah                        Monteview                     BILL GILBERT           DALE PETERSON
MONICA JONES                  LAUREL HALL                   Boise                  Caldwell
Orofino                       Idaho Falls                   SERGIO GUTIERREZ       LINDA RAWLINGS
FLIP KLEFFNER                 MIKE HESS                     Nampa                  Boise
Moscow                        Malad                         SUS HELPENSTELL        AMY ROE
DAVE LINDSAY                  RANDY KERN                    Nampa                  Payette
St. Maries                    Idaho Falls                   JULIE OXRANGO-INGRAM   CHRIS SALOVE
DENNIS O’BRIEN                KAREN LOOSLI                  Shoshone               Murphy
Wallace                       Ashton                        ELAINE JOHNSTON        DALE SMITH
DICK ROGNAS                   CAROLE MCWILLIAM              Council                King Hill
Lewiston                      Pocatello                     TOM KILLINGSWORTH      KIKI TIDWELL
MARY SCHMIDT                  A.E. “BUD” MILLER             Boise                  Ketchum
Grangeville                   Blackfoot                                            Panel Service Ended in 2005
                                                            SANDRA LANCASTER
Panel Service Ended in 2005   VERLYN PARKER                 Emmett                 MARY ELLEN PUGH
DAVID GUNTER                  Montpelier                                           Cambridge
                                                            CYNDY BERLIN-LANTZ
Sandpoint                     J.WALTER ROSS                 Rupert
BRUCE SWEENEY                 Preston                       DON LIEBICH
Lewiston                      JORDAN SMITH                  Hailey
                              Panel Service Ended in 2005
                              BESSIE KATSILOMETES
                              TRENT CLARK
                              Soda Springs

                                                                                                       Membership 47
 The Idaho Community Foundation reaches far and wide, not only with its grant making, but with its membership.
 Hundreds of people all over the state believe in ICF and support its mission of “enriching life’s quality throughout Idaho.”

 RESPONSIBILITIES                               MEMBERSHIP FEES                               THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS
                                                                                              BECAME MEMBERS OR RENEWED
 Members are charged with the                   ICF offers a graduated membership fee         THEIR MEMBERSHIP SINCE OUR
 responsibility of annually electing the        structure to accommodate those
 Foundation’s Board and providing general       members who wish to support
                                                                                              LAST ANNUAL REPORT.
 advice and assistance. It is this state-wide   Foundation operating expenses.The
 network that allows the good news of ICF       minimum donation for an annual individual     Benefactors (Membership of
 to reach even the smallest Idaho towns.        membership is $25. Membership
 Members share the vision, encourage            contributions are 100% tax-deductible and
                                                                                              $1,000 or above)
                                                                                              Anthony and Susie Balukoff, Boise
 nonprofits to apply for grants, and help       are deposited directly into the ICF           John and Susan Bennett, Grangeville
 create more funds so more distributions        General Operating Endowment to help           Richard and JoAnn Bennett, Hayden Lake
 can be made. Our goal is to have               maintain the Foundation. For information      Michael Hummel and Suzanne Boyle, Eagle
 members in every Idaho county and              about becoming a member, please refer to      Douglas and Deidre Chadderdon,
 community.                                     the enclosed envelope, visit our website at       Coeur d’Alene
                                                                                              Christopher Davidson and Sharon Christoph,
                                       or contact the                   Boise
                                                ICF office.                                   Edmund and Carol Dumke, Sun Valley
                                                                                              John and Delores Fery, Boise
                                                                                              Robert and Roberta Halliday, Boise
                                                                                              Tom and Alice Hennessey, Boise
                                                                                              Duane and Susan Jacklin, Post Falls
                                                                                              Joseph and Cynthia Jordan, Boise
                                                                                              Thomas and Teresa Killingsworth, Boise
                                                                                              Mark Kubiak and Susan Fenton Kubiak, Dover
                                                                                              Donald and Marcia Liebich, Hailey
                                                                                              Roger and Claudia Martell, Eagle
                                                                                              Michael and Karen Mooney, Boise
                                                                                              Richard and Susan Parrish, Boise
                                                                                              Dallas Peck and Cynthia Keller-Peck, Boise
                                                                                              William and Lynda Rawlings, Boise
                                                                                              R. Lee and Toni Roberts, Boise
                                                                                              Ben and Anna Rolphe, Hayden Lake
                                                                                              Ron J. Sali, Boise
                                                                                              Gary T. Schneidmiller, Post Falls
                                                                                              Gladys Schneidmiller, Post Falls
                                                                                              J. L. and Pat Scott, Boise
                                                                                              Kiki Tidwell, Ketchum
                                                                                              Thomas C.Wright, Kirkland

                                                                                              Patrons (Membership of
                                                                                              John and Martha Arrington, Idaho Falls
                                                                                              S. Hatch Barrett, Boise
                                                                                              Thomas and Marilyn Beck, Boise
                                                                                              W. Kurt and Lin Birkenhagen, Pocatello
                                                                                              Gregory C. Carr, Cambridge, MA
                                                                                              Julie Chenoweth, Orofino
                                                                                              Trent and Rebecca Clark, Soda Springs
                                                                                              Darin and Ann DeAngeli, Boise
                                                                                              J. Brent and Sandra Fery, Boise
                                                                                              George and Barbara Gauzza, Sandpoint
                                                                                              Dan and Mary Givens, Boise
                                                                                              Ronald Graves and Diane Plastino Graves,
                                                                                              Alan L. Gummersall, Boise
                                                                                              J. P. and Margaret Hamilton, Buhl
                                                                                              Ralph and Mary Lynn Hartwell, Idaho Falls
                                                                                              Jack and Julie Hawkins, Boise
                                                                                              Albert and Mildred Huber, Jackpot, NV
                                                                                              Sara Ifft, Pocatello
                                                                                              Judith Jellinek, Rye Beach, NH

Membership 48
Ray and Effie Kaufman, Boise                       James and Bette Roper, Burley                 Harold and Katherine Damiano, Coeur d’Alene
Lex and Celia Kunau, Burley                        Stephen and Jean Roth, Ketchum                Bill and Bernadean Daniels, Boise
Mark and Kim Liebich, Boise                        Bryant and Valerie Rudd, Eagle                Peter and Arlene Davidson, Boise
Richard and Yvonne Lierz, Boise                    Todd and Amy Rustad, Boise                    Judd and Diane DeBoer, Boise
Brad and Teresa Little, Emmett                     Thomas and M. Susan Ryder, Boise              Thomas and Linda Dixon, Boise
Steven Love and Diane Ludgate, Boise               Louise Shadduck, Coeur d’Alene                Donald and Vivian Driscoll, McCall
Darrell Swigert and Elaine Martin, Meridian        David B. Shaw, Emmett                         Robert and Mary Drummond, Hayden
Michael and Janet McBride,Twin Falls               Don and Linda Sherwood, Ketchum               Paul Dubman and Diane Newton, Boise
Alan and Royanne Minskoff, Boise                   Adelia G. Simplot, Boise                      David and Teresa Ducharme, Bellevue
Doug and Billie Nelson, Idaho Falls                Colin Slaughter, Sandpoint                    Charles Cole and Betsy Dunklin, Boise
F. Craig and Carolyn Nelson,Twin Falls             David and Debbie Slaughter, Sandpoint         A. Dale and Jane Dunn, Eagle
T. Douglas and Nancy O’Brien, Idaho Falls          Jerry and Kelley Sorensen, Boise              Andrew and Shannon Erstad, Boise
Jane Falk Oppenheimer, Boise                       Carmelita Spencer, Grangeville                Kenneth and Valaree Estep, Arbon
Don and Lauri Ovitt, Salmon                        Alan and Janette Stanek, Pocatello            Bruce Evans, Emmett
Dale and Mary Ellen Peterson, Caldwell             Will and Verle Storey, Sun Valley             John and Lola Evans, Burley
Tom and Michelle Praggastis, Sun Valley            Bruce and Marilyn Sweeney, Lewiston           John Pennings and Terese Fandel, Hayden Lake
Marshall F. Priest, Boise                          James and Cindy Todeschi, Eagle               Michael and Brenda Felton, Buhl
Jordan and Mary Smith, Salmon                      Rosemarie Wimer, Boise                        Roger and Sybil Ferguson, Rexburg
R. A. and Nancy Symms, Caldwell                    Raymond and Peggy Wolfe, Caldwell             Charles and Bee Finne, Coeur d’Alene
Thomas and Charlotte Unger, Ketchum                Gerald and MaryEllen Woodworth, Rupert        Gary and Carolyn Fletcher, Boise
William and Virginia Woolley, Boise                Paul and Judy Yochum, Pocatello               Wayne and Susan Frieders, Eagle
Anne Voilleque, Idaho Falls                                                                      Wayne and Margaret Fuller,Weiser
Lucille F. Zanetti, Osburn                         Sustainers (Membership of                     Myron and Elfriede Gabbert, McCall
                                                   $100-$249)                                    Richard and Peggy Garvin, Pocatello
Sponsors (Membership of                            Robert and Meridith Allis, Boise              Erick Borland and M. Beth Geagan, Boise
$250-$499)                                         Lawrence and Bertha Allsberry, Pocatello      David Giles, Eagle
Mary Abercrombie, Boise                            Paul H. Anderson, Post Falls                  John Givens and Bonnie Quinn, Boise
Richard and Sharon Allen, Pasadena, CA             Clen and Emma Atchley, Ashton                 Susan Graham, Boise
Kay Alspaugh, Boise                                Don and Judy Atkinson, Ketchum                William and Gratia Griffith, Hayden
Robert and Michelle Angell, Boise                  Brian and Karen Ballard, Boise                George and Florence Grismer, Post Falls
Brad and Janice Baldwin, Hayden Lake               David and Marlene Barber, Boise               James and Carol Haddock, Onaway
Benjamin Rydalch and Laura Bettis, Boise           Robert D. Barclay, Boise                      David and Tiffanie Hanks, Fairfield
Harvey and Myrna Bickett, Gooding                  Norman and Ellen Batt, Caldwell               Orval and June Hansen, Arlington,VA
Richard and Sherri Boardman, Kuna                  Philip and Jacque Batt, Boise                 George and Beverly Harad, Boise
Steven and Cindy Carr, Idaho Falls                 Marty and Teresa Becker, Bonners Ferry        Fred and Patricia Harder,Twin Falls
Larry and Shirley Chetwood, Meridian               Joseph and Janet Bejsovec, Boise              Norbert and Eileen Hartman, Monmouth, OR
Terry Curtis and Linda Grable-Curtis, Boise        Marjorie Bemis, Cambridge                     Thomas W. Hartwell, Idaho Falls
Eugene and Letty Davis, Bruneau                    James and Sharon Bennett, Idaho Falls         Mark and Christine Hatch, Idaho Falls
Ford and Jean Elsaesser, Priest River              Robert Lantz and Cyndy Berlin-Lantz, Rupert   Donald and Jan Haworth, Eagle
Clark and Sydney Fidler, Boise                     William and Wendy Binegar, Boise              Robert and Donna Marie Hayes, Boise
Jack M. Gruber, Lewiston                           John and Sandra Bishop, Boise                 N. Charles and Polly Hedemark, Boise
Blake and Laurel Hall, Idaho Falls                 George and Susan Blodgett, Salmon             June E. Heilman, Pocatello
Cheryl Hart, Sherwood, OR                          Margaret Borresen, Boise                      Tom and Shana Hennessey, Mountain Home
Fred and Sus Helpenstell, Nampa                    Barbara A. Botsch, Sandpoint                  Ernest Blackwelder and Sheila Hennessey,
Michael and Danece Hess, Malad                     Richard and Connie Bowen, Boise                   Chevy Chase, MD
Kenneth R. and Betty Huff, Boise                   Susan H. Bower, Idaho Falls                   Patrick and Karen Hermanson, Pocatello
Kenlon and Carol Johnson, Idaho Falls              Matthew and Sherri Brown, Caldwell            Daniel and Mary Hess, Rexburg
Gregory Kaslo and Anita Kay Hardy, Boise           Katie Brodie, Hayden Lake                     Robert A. Hoover, Caldwell
Thomas and Joy Kealey, Boise                       C. Richard and Vonnie Lue Broulim, Rigby      Charles and Kathleen Hosack, Coeur d’Alene
R. Stanwood and Sharon Kohls, Hayden               Barbara B. Brown, Idaho Falls                 Ronald and Mary Hughes, Boise
Bliss Knowles, Ketchum                             Keith and Shirley Browning, Lewiston          Charles and Lissa Hummel, Boise
Robert E. Krueger, Meridian                        Mark and Mary Bunce, Pocatello                Jack and Sylvia Hunt, Caldwell
John and Elizabeth Laden-Losch, Island Park        Carl and Gisela Burke, Boise                  Richard and Donna Hutter, Sandpoint
Dale and Rose Lavigne, Osburn                      Anne Bush, Idaho Falls                        Doyle and Kathryn Jacklin, Post Falls
Irv and Trudy Littman, Boise                       Stewart and Mary Butler, Hayden Lake          Clara A. Jacobson, Idaho Falls
Edward and Patricia Lodge, Huston                  Richard Callow and Marcia Driscoll, Boise     Heather Jauregui, Boise
Gayle Allen and Carol MacGregor, Boise             William Berg and Melinda Cameron, Sandpoint   E. G. Jenkins, Caldwell
Todd Maddock, Lewiston                             Cindy L. Campbell, Blackfoot                  Peter and Carolyn Johnson, McCall
Barbara J. Marshall, Pocatello                     James Laski and Jennifer Card, Bellevue       W. James and Karen Johnston, Pocatello
Joseph and Patricia Marshall, Boise                Joan D. Carley, Boise                         C. David and Renee Kading, Boise
Kevin and Debbie McDonald, Boise                   Robert and Elaine Carpenter, Caldwell         Daniel and Pamela Keller, Preston
Michael and Kathryn McNichols, Lewiston            Pete and Freda Cenarrusa, Boise               Mary Anne Kennevick, Boise
James and Carole McWilliam, Pocatello              Don and Dolores Chapman, McCall               Randy and Debra Kern, Idaho Falls
Thomas and Cynthia Monge, Sun Valley               James and Karen Chadband, Boise               Donald and Mary Knodell, Eagle
Ernest Fokes and Marilyn Montgomery, Hayden Lake   Garn and Jackie Christensen, Boise            Leo M. Knudson, Pocatello
Robert and Mary Lee Morrell, Boise                 Donald and Joann Cissel, Idaho Falls          Vic and Nancy Kobe, Boise
Phillip and Anita Murelaga, Boise                  Edward and Arita Cleary, Boise                Alann and Mali Krivor, Coeur d’Alene
Peter and Barrie O’Neill, Boise                    Lawrence and Victoria Coelho, Eagle           Art and Sherry Krulitz, Pinehurst
Skip and Esther Oppenheimer, Boise                 Richard E. Cooke, Boise                       David and Patricia Lachiondo, Boise
C.L. “Butch” Otter, Star                           Michael and Kerrie Cope, Monteview            Patrick and Joan Lamb, Sun Valley
Alan and Wendy Pesky, Ketchum                      Robert and Patricia Cooper,Twin Falls         Mike and Ann Lane, Salmon
Margaret A. Plastino, Idaho Falls                  R. Douglas and Cheri Copsey, Boise            Elliot Larsen, Preston
Park and Sharon Price, Idaho Falls                 Robert Copsey, Boise                          Thomas and Mary Lay, Eagle
Marie H. Putnam, Idaho Falls                       James and Peggy Countryman, Coeur d’Alene     Kevin Learned and Amy Stahl, Boise
Richard and Georgiann Raimondi, Boise              Errol and Wanda Covington, Blackfoot          David and Kirsten Lehman, Meridian
Madelyn D. Rawlinson, Seattle,WA                   Shirley L. Crowe, Boise                       David Lindsay, Saint Maries
Earl and Jodi Reynolds, Boise                      Doris Cruzen, Boise                           Paul and Katie Link, Pocatello
William and Bing Ringert, Hammett                  D. Allen and Sandra Dalton, Boise             Brent and Carol Lloyd, Boise

                                                                                                                          Membership 49
 Robert and Tena Lokken, Boise                  Craig and Jane Spencer, Grangeville            Lillian Ellis-McCoy, Boise
 Arthur and Dorothy Long, Hope                  Dan and Tana Stahn, Idaho Falls                Roy and Frances Ellsworth, Boise
 Donald and Nancy Longwith, Idaho Falls         James and Christin Steele, Eagle               Joanna and Carl Engle, Boise
 Brian and Karen Loosli, Ashton                 J.D. and LaPriel Stein, Rexburg                Ted Epperly, Boise
 Gregory and Kathleen Maag, Pocatello           W. Clinton and Michelle Stennett, Ketchum      Richard and Shirley Fields, Boise
 Harry and Colleen Magnuson,Wallace             Michael and Diana Thomas,Weiser                Randall and Keri Fowler, Pocatello
 Gary and Kathleen Mahn, Boise                  Fred and Joan Thompson, Boise                  William and Beverly Fraser, Boise
 Steven Malek and Leanne Rousseau, Post Falls   James and Karin Thompson, Boise                Allen and Raina Frei, Craigmont
 Ed and Carolyn Manion, Boise                   D. John and Vikki Thornton, Boise              George and Mary Freund, Idaho Falls
 Warren and Bernie McCain, Boise                John and Jan Thornton, Scio, OR                William and Gay Fruehling, Ketchum
 William Vern McCann, Jr. and Lori McCann,      Harry and Gerry Turner,Twin Falls              Edson and Patricia Fujii, Boise
     Lewiston                                   Catherine Valenti, Meridian                    Carrie L. Getty, Idaho Falls
 James and Maureen McFadden, Idaho Falls        Katherine S.Vogel, Emmett                      William G. Gilbert, Jr., Boise
 James and Willa McLaughlin, Ketchum            John and Mary Wagers, Boise                    Myron M. Goffin, Boise
 Robert and Rita Mecham, Spokane,WA             Marc and Nancy Sue Wallace, Hayden             Joseph Grismer,Wallace
 M. Jay and Renae Meyers, Pocatello             Robin and Mimi Wallis, Boise                   Todd and Angela Groberg, Idaho Falls
 Chris and Kris Mikkelsen, Spokane,WA           Archie and Amy Walker, Glenns Ferry            Sergio and Mary Guiterrez, Nampa
 Donald and Janet Miller, Boise                 Margaret Watson, Parma                         Dan Hammes, St. Maries
 Shawn and Joy Miller, McCall                   Scott and Jennifer Wayman, Coeur d’Alene       James and Cynthia Hammond, Post Falls
 Walter Minnick and A. K. Lienhart-Minnick,     Stephen Weeg and Nancy Greco, Pocatello        John and Michele Hansen, Idaho Falls
     Boise                                      Jennifer Wheeler, Boise                        Dan Harpole, Boise
 John and Beverly Montgomery, Caldwell          Virginia W.Willard, Idaho Falls                Richard and Patricia Hauff, Salmon
 Michael and Karen Mooney, Boise                Brad Williams, Sandpoint                       Jess and Iris Hawley, Grangeville
 Bob and Jeanie Mooney, Boise                   David and Betty Willman, Boise                 Gene and Rosie Hill, Boise
 William and Mary Moore, Caldwell               Jack and Mary Pat Winderl, Garden City         Monica and Nolan Hoffer, Meridian
 Joseph and Lynn Morris, Coeur d’Alene          Tyson and Janelle Wise, Kellogg                Maureen L. Holman, Pocatello
 John Hockberger and Velma Morrison, Boise      James and Marlene Wogsland, Hayden Lake        Lawrence Hyatt, Boise
 Dean and Judy Mortimer, Idaho Falls            Sharon L.Woodhead, Boise                       Donald and Dorothy Jacklin, Post Falls
 Robert and Rhonda Naftz, Pocatello             Patricia G.Young, Idaho City                   William and Jacqueline Jackson, Boise
 James and Linda Neeley, Idaho Falls            William Zanetti, Osburn                        Richard and Trudy Jackson, Emmett
 David and Jennifer Neider, Cambridge                                                          D. Blaine and Cynthia Jacobson, Boise
 Walter and Patricia Nelson, Gooding            Supporter (Membership of                       James and Wendy Jaquet, Ketchum
 Larry and Phyllis Nodler, Boise                $50-$99)                                       Daniel and Carmelyn Johnson, Boise
 David and Yoshie Nordling, Boise               Mark and Cindy Absec, Kellogg                  Stephen and Cheryl Kaatz, Buhl
 Philip Nuxoll and Deborah Snyder, Lewiston     S. Michael and Linda Allen, Salmon             Marion Kalbus, Nampa
 John and Norma Odiaga, Jerome                  Bill and Elizabeth Allen, Salmon               Jeffrey and Pamela Keller,Yemassee, SC
 Carmen O’Hara, Ahsahka                         Alan and Kelly Anderson, Boise                 Virginia Kelly, Pocatello
 Eric and Connie Olson, Eagle                   Mildred M. Asker, Grangeville                  Jana M. Kemp, Boise
 F. Edward and Jeanne Osborne, Boise            John and Shirley Atteberry, Cambridge          Dorothy M. Kidd, Caldwell
 Herbert and Judith Patriarche, Boise           Harriet and Gene Badesheim, Boise              Philip and Jo Ella Kleffner, Moscow
 Paula Parsons, Sandpoint                       Irv Baldwin and Betsy Hill, Idaho City         Edward and Marjorie Kuchynka,Weippe
 Donald and Rose Price, Nampa                   Britt and Cynthia Bambic, Boise                Bill Kunerth, Pocatello
 Thomas and Mary Lou Puckett, Nezperce          Bill Clark and Amy Baruch, Boise               Howard and Beverly Lancaster, Dalton
 Richard and Mary Ellen Pugh, Cambridge         Judy M. Beeson, Schaumburg, IL                     Gardens
 Leonard and Ruth Purdy, Picabo                 Frederick Belzer and Theresa Kaufmann,         James and Sandra Lancaster, Emmett
 Allen and Jolean Quimby, Boise                    Pocatello                                   Karen Lansing, Boise
 Philip and Jill Reed, Boise                    Jean Betebenner, Boise                         Tom and Briana LeClaire, Meridian
 Scott and Mary Lou Reed, Coeur d’Alene         Melvin E. Beutler, Dayton                      Roger and Elsie Lillibridge, Pinehurst
 Malcolm and Carol Renfrew, Moscow              Dan and Brenda Blitman, Kuna                   William and Patricia Lodge, Caldwell
 Alicia Ritter, Boise                           William and Karla Bodnar, Boise                Robert and Ann Loucks, Salmon
 Rebecca S. Robideaux, Caldwell                 Roger and Donna Boe, Pocatello                 Elise G. Lufkin, Hailey
 Mike and Amy Roe, Payette                      Richard and Aris Boyle, Idaho Falls            Thomas and Betty Mahan, Jerome
 Cathy Rosera, Boise                            Dorothy Brassey, Boise                         James and Sharon Manning, Pocatello
 John and Karen Rosholt,Twin Falls              Stephen and Anne Brown, Boise                  Douglas and Sharon McEwan, Boise
 J.Walter and Christina Ross, Preston           Jayne Brown, McCall                            Patrick and Karen McGahan, Idaho Falls
 Chris and Becky Salove, Marsing                James Bruce, Boise                             John and Mary McGown, Boise
 James and Mary Schmidt, Grangeville            William and Doris Brydon, Pocatello            Archie and Lorraine McGregor, St. Maries
 Don and Sharmon Schmitt, Coeur d’Alene         Dean and Judy Buffington, Boise                Dennis and Donna Meier, Boise
 Catherine Shalz, Boise                         Howard and Carol Burnett, Pocatello            Glenn and Christina Michael, Boise
 Jerome and Marcia Selig, Scottsdale, AZ        Doris Burnett, Pocatello                       Josephine N. Miller, Boise
 Alan and Laura Shealy, Boise                   Lawrence and Sandra Calkins, Richfield         Michael Stoddard and Diane Minnich, Boise
 Marilyn T. Shuler, Boise                       Michael and Vickie Chaney, Meridian            Donald Mitchell, Boise
 Nicholas G. Miller and Cathy R. Silak, Boise   Leo and Lulu Mae Coates, Jerome                Sarah D. Monk, Boise
 Don and Mary Jean Simis, Gooding               Bernice B. Comstock, Boise                     Christopher J. Moore, Lewiston
 Gay C. Simplot, Boise                          Judie Conlan, Sandpoint                        Vicki Murphy, Boise
 J.D. and Carrie Simplot, Boise                 Linda J. Cook, Idaho Falls                     Arlinda Nauman, Moscow
 J.R. and Esther Simplot, Boise                 Charles and Jacqueline Crist, Boise            Ryan and Barbara Nelson, Alexandria, VA
 Michael and Kathy Simpson, Blackfoot           Gardner Cromwell, St. Maries                   Randall and Melissa Nelson, Boise
 Joe and Katherine Simunich, Meridian           Gregory and Paula Culet, Caldwell              Herald and Donna Nokes, McCall
 Paula Brown Sinclair,Twin Falls                Clyde and Vieno Culp, Rochester, MN            Rich E. Orme, St. Anthony
 Pete and Rosalie Sisson, Boise                 Lee and Lori Cullen, Hayden Lake               Michael and Cathryn Pankau, Idaho Falls
 H. Eugene and Norma Slade, Moscow              James and Candy Dale, Boise                    Walter and Genevieve Paroni, Post Falls
 Jeffrey Smith and Linda Payne Smith, Boise     Mike Denning and Margaret Ganyo, Chubbuck      Steven R. Parry, Idaho Falls
 N. Randy and LaDean Smith, Pocatello           Del and Arlene Dodd, McCall                    William and Kimberly Peel, Eagle
 Mary Fran Soltman, Grangeville                 James Dowen and Sue Bridgeman, Sun Valley      Nate Dallolio and Jennifer Peterson, Boise
 Sally Soltman, Grangeville                     O. Keener Earle and Karen Moore, Idaho Falls   Gary and Carol Pietsch, Sandpoint
 Neal and Mary Lu Spencer, Boise                Danny and Ruth Ebert, Boise                    Robert and Kathleen Pingree, Georgetown, MA

Membership 50
Ed and Doris Pilkerton, Boise                     Marie S. Christofferson, Pocatello   John W. McHugh, Post Falls
James and Patricia Plumtree, Garden City          Albert F. Cinnamon, Emmett           Brian McMahan, McCall
Robert and Hayley Potter, Idaho Falls             Brittany Clark, Soda Springs         Kate Mendenhall, Boise
Susan Qualls, Nampa                               Kathleen Clark, Soda Springs         Cecilia M. Merz, Boise
Susan B. Reents, Boise                            Jonalyn R. Clayton, Hayden           Marjorie H.M. Mickelson, Pocatello
E. Sherman and Louise Regelin, Genesee            Elbert C. Cleveland, Boise           Dr. A. E. Miller, Blackfoot
Kenneth and Pat Reiman, Kuna                      Laura K. Colson, Boise               Lisa Miller, Idaho Falls
Stephen and Julie Rice, Lewiston                  Robert R. Dargatz, Stanley           Michael Miller, Post Falls
Paul and Alexis Rippel, Idaho Falls               Charles Davis, Boise                 John S. Miller,Twin Falls
Lorraine Roach, Grangeville                       Natalie B. DelRio, Boise             Patty A. Miller, Boise
Richard and A. Anita Rognas, Lewiston             Wiley Dobbs,Twin Falls               Barbara Miller-Garcia, Rupert
Roger and Kathleen Roos, Boise                    Michael Doellman, Pocatello          Michelle Mitchell, Coeur d’Alene
Carlos and Debrah Roundy, Rupert                  Marcia L. Donner,Twin Falls          Melanie Moulton,Tetonia
Brad and Kristi Ryan, Boise                       Joan Downing, Pocatello              Hilarie Neely, Ketchum
Rusty and Marilyn Sabella, Sandpoint              Margaret A. Duncan, Lewiston         Marcella Nelson, Sandpoint
Lawrence Schoen, Bellevue                         Kathy M. Ellis, Boise                Chris Nelson, Boise
Don and Barbara Scott, Boise                      Ted E. Ellis, Garden City            Paul Nettleton, Murphy
Archie and Anastasia Service, Pocatello           Hilarie Engle, Boise                 Helen Newton, Sandpoint
Kenneth and Janet Sherman, Boise                  R. Starr Farish, Caldwell            Jim Nieman, Sandpoint
Barbara Shinn, Boise                              Reeta R. Farr, Ola                   Kathleen Noh, Kimberly
Marion and Lorena Shinn, Lewiston                 Helen Faulkner, Gooding              Dennis O’Brien,Wallace
Gail and Nannette Siemen, Pocatello               James R. Fazio, Moscow               Kimberly Olson, Salmon
Greg Putnam and Cindy Smith-Putnam, Idaho Falls   Richard M. Fryer, Idaho Falls        Janet Orndorff, Boise
Steve and Marsha Smylie, Boise                    Steven R. Fuller, Preston            Mike E. Paradis, Council
Patsy L. Sorenson, Coeur d’Alene                  Bonnie E. Gardner, Blackfoot         Bonnie K. Parden, Hayden Lake
Frances Spofford, Boise                           Sallee Gasser, Pocatello             Craig S. Parry, Boise
Randy and Molly Steele, Lewiston                  Betsy Gerdeman, Boise                Carolyn D. Patrick, Emmett
Dottie and Edward Stimpson, Boise                 Jeanette E. Germain, Boise           DeRay Perry, Idaho Falls
Robert and Brittany Strebel, Smithfield, UT       Ralph S. Gorton, Jr., Boise          Olney Perry, Idaho Falls
Edwin and Barbara Strickfaden, Meridian           Cheryl Gratton, Boise                Steven Peterson,Twin Falls
Joan E. Sullivan, McCall                          Joseph H. Groberg, Idaho Falls       Kathleen W. Pidjeon, Boise
H. Dean and Lynne Summers, Boise                  Joan Hagedorn, Lewiston              Neal Powell, Blackfoot
Michael and Hazel Sutton, Pocatello               Suzie Hall, Boise                    D. Kevin Quick, Pocatello
Roger and Yvonne Swanstrom, Boise                 Linnea Hall, New Meadows             Virginia Ricketts, Jerome
Robert and Mary Templin, Post Falls               Mildred Hamilton, Lewiston           Lawrence E. Riedesel, Longview,WA
Carolyn A.Terteling, Boise                        Ralph W. Hansen, Boise               Lawrence Rigby, Soda Springs
Tom and Susan Thilo, Coeur d’Alene                Patricia A. Harberd,Weiser           Don Riley, Boise
Craig and Linda Thomas, Montpelier                Barbara A. Hawley, Boise             John E. Riley, Orofino
Nicholas and Tacia Tsakrios, Pocatello            John E. Heath III, Spokane,WA        Susan K. Rope, Idaho Falls
Keith and Ruth Turner,Twin Falls                  Debra A. Heise, Sandpoint            Myron W. Rosenwinkel, Idaho Falls
Juno Van Ocker, Boise                             Arthur Helbling, Moscow              Bill N. Savage, Challis
Fred Wagahoff, Boise                              Amy Herzfeld, Boise                  Father Joseph F. Schmidt, Moscow
The Honorable Jess R.Walters and Mrs. Harriet     Constance G. Hogland, Boise          Joel B. Server, Boise
    Walters, Boise                                Thomas J. Holmes, Pocatello          Shirley Severn, Boise
Connie Weaver, Boise                              Martha F. Hopper, Boise              Richard A. Shaffer,Wallace
Marty and Julie Westbrook, Coeur d’Alene          Twila Hornbeck, Grangeville          Greg Shenton, Dubois
Dwight and Leann Wicks, Grangeville               Deborah Horsley, Malad               Bonita Shook, Lewiston
Jeff and Carla Wilkins, Grangeville               William House, Idaho Falls           Steven L. Shropshire, Pocatello
Robert and Michele Williams, Morgan Hill, CA      Barbara Huguenin, Sandpoint          Rose Silak, Boise
Helen Grainger Wilson, Potlatch                   Ernest M. Jensen, Idaho Falls        Carol E. Smith, Garden Valley
David and Shannon Wimer, Grangeville              Byron Johnson, Idaho City            Lee Smith, Irwin
                                                  Gregory E. Johnson, Kamiah           Loyce Smith, Boise
Donor (Membership of $25-$49)                     Debbie Johnson, Boise                John G. St. Clair, Idaho Falls
Andrew Akers, Pocatello                           Kenneth E. Johnson, Boise            Richard H. Stallings, Pocatello
John Amonson,Wallace                              Randy Johnson, Soda Springs          Norman C. Steadman,Weippe
M. Gary Anderson, Salmon                          Elaine P. Johnston, Council          James A. Steele, Boise
Pat Arney, Coeur d’Alene                          Cary J. Jones, Blackfoot             Thomas P. Stoeser, Post Falls
Mark Arstein, Boise                               Monica J. Jones, Orofino             Gloria Jean Thomas, Malad
Philip Batt,Wilder                                M. Louise Jones, Boise               Debbie L.Thompson, Pocatello
Karl Baughman, Caldwell                           Nikaline Katsilometes, Pocatello     Thomas F.Trail, Moscow
Mikkel Becker, Bonners Ferry                      Pete Katsilometes, Pocatello         Mary Jean Troxel, Boise
Lex Becker, Bonners Ferry                         Paul H. Kelly, Idaho Falls           Pamela Tucker, Fairfield
Joe H. Berenter, Boise                            Robert M. Kennedy, Pocatello         Diane Van Engelen,Twin Falls
Jeffrey Block, Coeur d’Alene                      Jon J. Kimberling, Moscow            C. Jeanne Varilone, Soda Springs
Sigrid Boie, McCall                               Mary Lou Kinney, Boise               Paul J.Villano, Pocatello
Ronald R. Bolinger, American Falls                Christina Kowrach, Kendrick          Jerry Waddoups, Preston
Isabel Bond, Moscow                               Shelley A. Krehbiel, Blackfoot       Ramona Walhof, Boise
Susan Borowicz, Elk City                          Shelley Kuther, Craigmont            Richard Wandrocke, Coeur d’Alene
Sylvia C. Boyle, Boise                            Shawn Larsen, Rexburg                Alan J.White, Preston
Jerry M. Brady, Idaho Falls                       Jana Linderman, Buhl                 Gayle Wilde, Meridian
Isabel J. Brassey, Boise                          David A. Little, Emmett              Helen Grainger Wilson, Potlatch
Terry L. Brower, Pocatello                        Scott B. Lukins, Spokane,WA          Kristina Wilkins, Kooskia
Karen Bruner, Emmett                              Stan Maddock, Lewiston               Barbara Wolverton, Buhl
Felicia Burkhalter, Boise                         Vicky Mainzer, Pocatello             David Wood , Emmett
Margaret Burris, Boise                            Georgia Marshall, Boise              Carl R.Woodburn, Caldwell
E. Caldwell, Malad City                           James May, Kooskia                   Anna Yantis, Emmett
Trish Checketts, Preston                          Gary Maxwell, Sandpoint
                                                  John S. McConnell, Post Falls
                                                                                                                 Membership 51
   Investments                                                                          INVESTMENT COMMITTEE                                   Vanguard Group.The Foundation’s fixed
                                                                                           The Investment Committee of the                     income manager is State Street Global
   POLICY                                                                               Board of Directors provides oversight                  Advisors.The Investment Committee
       The Idaho Community Foundation                                                   for the investment process and makes                   meets at least annually with individual
   invests for the long term in accord with                                             recommendations to the Board on                        managers to discuss past performance
   a written policy on investments and                                                  asset allocation and the selection of                  and plans for the coming year. Strategic
   distributions.The Foundation targets an                                              investment managers to provide the                     Investment Solutions provides
   asset allocation of 70% domestic                                                     Foundation with good long-term                         performance measurement services as
   equities, 25% domestic fixed income,                                                 investment performance with a prudent                  well as investment advisory consultation.
   and 5% international equities. Funds in                                              degree of diversification and
                                                                                                                                               INVESTMENT PERFORMANCE
   the Foundation which are not endowed                                                 management style differentiation.
                                                                                                                                                  Like most long term investors, ICF
   and are fully-expendable are invested in                                             INVESTMENT MANAGERS                                    believes in accepting the risks inherent in
   liquid money market instruments. Such                                                   ICF currently retains the following                 investing in equities in order to benefit
   funds include donor advised                                                          managers for the equity portion of its                 from the long term rewards which
   philanthropic gift funds and special                                                 portfolio: Dimensional Fund Advisors,                  usually result from such an investment
   project funds.                                                                       Inc.,Wells Capital Management, and the                 strategy.
                                                                                                                                                  The Foundation’s investment
                                                                                                                                               performance for the periods ending
                 TOTAL ASSETS AT YEAR-END 2005
                                                                                                                                               12/31/05 was:
                                                                                                                                        58.2             1 year        5.8%
                          55                                                                                                        54.5                 3 years      14.5%
                          50                                                                                  47.8 47.5 40.6 48.6                        5 years       4.5%
                          45                                                                                                                   INVESTMENT
    Millions of Dollars

                                                                                                                                               MANAGEMENT FEE
                          35                                                                           32.4                                       The overall investment management
                          30                                                                                                                   fee incurred by the endowment funds
                          25                                                                    24.1
                                                                                                                                               was approximately .29% at year
                          20                                                            19.4                                                   end 2005.
                          15                                              12.3
                          10                          5.4    5.7
                                                                    8.6                                                                        Distributions
                          5       .9    2.1 3.5
                                                                                                                                               TOTAL RETURN CONCEPT
                                  ‘89   ‘90    ‘91     ‘92   ‘93   ‘94     ‘95    ‘96    ‘97    ‘98    ‘99 ‘00 ‘01 ‘02 ‘03 ‘04 ‘05                 The Foundation applies the Total
                                                                                                                                               Return Concept (TRC) in determining
                                                                                                                                               the funds available for distribution from a
                                                                                        ENDOWED                      NON-ENDOWED               given fund. In accord with this concept,
                                                                                                                                               the Foundation Board establishes a
                                                             Other Assets* $719,142 1%                                                         funding level each year which bases
                                                                                                                                               distributions on the average market value
                                                     Special Project $3,840,545                7%
                                                                                                                                               of an individual fund for the prior two to
                                 Philanthropic Gift Funds $3,086,429                    5%                               Advised               thirteen quarters, depending upon when
                                                                                                                         $26,295,053           the fund was established.This spending
                                              Scholarship $2,907,872              5%                                     45%                   level is based on long term performance
                                                                                                                                               trends, and not on results for any one
                                Operating Endowment                $659,392       1%                                                           year, thus avoiding severe fluctuations in
   Greatest Need (Unrestricted) $1,930,019                                          4%                                                         dollars available for distribution.
                                                                                                                                                   Historically, the funding level has been
                               Advised-Field of Interest $1,589,049                 3%                                                         5% of the fund’s average market value.
                                                                                                                         Agency                The objective of the Total Return
                                               Field of Interest $6,895,211               12%                            $5,870,271            Concept is to allow the Foundation to
                                                                                                                         10%                   be responsive to current needs while
                                                                          Designated $4,357,417               7%                               maintaining the purchasing power and
                                                                                                                        Charitable Gift
                                                                                                                                               grant making capacity of its endowment
                                                                                                                                               over the long term.
                                                                                                                        $36,098 0%
                                  *Includes value of ICF house, property, and equipment.

52   Finance
 Finance 52
■ SUMMARIZED FINANCIAL DATA For Idaho Community Foundation
For Years Ended December 31, 2005 and 2004

A copy of the complete 2005 financial statements audited by Eide Bailly, LLP is available upon request from the Idaho
Community Foundation, 210 West State Street, Boise, ID 83702.

Assets                                                                                                                          2005                    2004
                            Cash and Equivalents                                                                            $7,467,100              $5,253,990
                            Investments held by trustees                                                                   $49,171,916             $47,961,684
                            Other Investments                                                                                $242,530                $242,530
                            Pledge receivable, net of reserves                                                               $126,844                $115,943
                            Other Receivables                                                                                   $4,348                 $49,564
                            Property and Equipment, net                                                                      $418,264                $440,520
                            Land held for resale (1)                                                                         $755,500                $505,500
                            Total Assets                                                                                   $58,186,502             $54,569,731
                            Accounts Payable and accrued liabilities                                                             $7,500                $97,767
                            Funds Held as Agency Endowments (2)                                                              $5,844,823             $5,283,531
                            Charitable Gift Annuity Liability                                                                   $29,863                $31,344
                            Total Liabilities                                                                                $5,882,186             $5,412,642
Net Assets
                            Net Assets
                            Unrestricted:                                        Operating                                   $719,142                $592,369
                                                                                 Endowment                                 $44,104,382             $42,595,132
                                                                                 Non-Endowed                                $7,353,948              $5,853,645
                            Temporarily Restricted:                              Endowment (3)                               $126,844                $115,943
                            Total Net Assets                                                                               $52,304,316             $49,157,089
                            Total Liabilities and Net Assets                                                               $58,186,502             $54,569,731

STATEMENTS OF ACTIVITIES                                                                                                                                         ■ PROFESSIONAL
Revenues, gains and other support                                                                                                2005                   2004      SERVICES
                    Contributions and Memberships                                                                            $5,757,461             $4,387,280   Independent Public
                    Interest and Dividends                                                                                    $980,902               $926,150    Auditors:
                    Investment gains (losses)                                                                                $1,489,908             $3,591,905   Eide Bailly, LLP
                    Total Revenues                                                                                           $8,228,271             $8,905,335   Investment Managers
Expenses                                                                                                                                                         & Consultants:
                    Grants and Distributions (2)                                                                             $4,326,324             $2,985,810
                                                                                                                                                                 Dimensional Fund
                    Administrative (4)                                                                                        $785,694               $888,564    Advisors Inc.
                    Total Expenses                                                                                           $5,112,018             $3,874,374   State Street Global
                            Other/Transfers                                                                                     $30,974                $25,884   Advisors
                            Excess (Deficiency) of Revenues Over Expenses                                                    $3,147,227             $5,056,845   Strategic Investment
                            Net Assets, beginning of year                                                                  $49,157,089             $44,100,244   Wells Capital Management
                            Net Assets, end of year                                                                        $52,304,316             $49,157,089
                                                                                                                                                                 The Vanguard Group
                                                                                                                                                                 Legal Counsel:
(1) Land for resale include three non-cash contributions of property donated to the Foundation.These pieces of property will be sold                             John McGown, Jr.
and the proceeds will enable the donors to fulfill their charitable interests.
                                                                                                                                                                 Hawley Troxell Ennis &
                                                                                                                                                                 Hawley LLP
(2) During 2000 the Foundation adopted Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 136, which specifically requires
that if a not-for-profit organization establishes a fund at a community foundation with its own funds and specifies itself as the beneficiary                    Annual Report
of that fund, the community foundation must account for the transfer of such assets as a liability.The Foundation refers to such funds as agency                 Design:
endowments. For financial reporting purposes, distributions from agency endowments in the amounts of $134,624 in 2004 and $147,063 in                            Communications et al
2005 are not included in the reported Grants and Distributions of the Foundation.                                                                                Web and technical
(3) Represents outstanding pledges.                                                                                                                              assistance:
(4) Includes investment management fees of $70,098 in 2004 and $54,764 in 2005.                                                                                  Enterprise Technology, Inc.

Tax ID # 82-0425063

                                                                                                                                                                         Finance 53
                              U.S. Postage

                              Boise, Idaho
                             Permit No. 673

210 West State Street
Boise, Idaho 83702
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 8143
Boise, Idaho 83707-2143
208-342-3577 (fax) (e-mail) (website)

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