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									st Vincent’s institute


                                         disease, epilepsy and infectious          of Health and Ageing, and involves
                                         diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS.      collaboration between teams at
                                                                                   SVI, St. Vincent’s, Austin Health,
                                         More information on the Institute
                                                                                   Westmead Hospital and Queen
                                         can be found at or
                                                                                   Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide.
                                         by ringing 03 9288 2480.
                                                                                 – Assoc Prof Jörg Heierhorst’s group
                                         Projects in progress or completed         at SVI, in collaboration with Ming
                                                                                   Daw Tsai and colleagues from
St Vincent’s Institute (SVI) is an                                                 the Academia Sinica and National
                                         – 47 per cent of SVI’s NHMRC Project      Taiwan University, published a
independent medical research
                                           Grant applicants had their grants       paper in the prestigious journal
institute conducting research
                                           funded in 2008 – well above the         Molecular Cell describing a new
into the cause, prevention and
                                           national average of 27 per cent.        mechanism that allows cells to
treatment of diseases that have
a major effect on the health of          – Prof Michael Parker was joint           fine-tune their response to the
the community.                             recipient of a $3.7 million             DNA damage signals.
                                           NHMRC Program Grant with his          – SVI alumnus Prof Zihe Rao,
About us                                   collaborator Angel Lopez from The       President of Nankai University
                                           Centre for Cancer Biology (formerly     of Structural Biology at Tsinghua
SVI is an independent research
                                           Hanson Institute), Adelaide.            University in China gave the annual
body, which is affiliated with
St. Vincent’s and the University         – Prof Michael Parker and his             SVI Pehr Edman lecture on the 14th
of Melbourne. Through these links,         collaborators at The Centre             of April entitled ‘Structural biology
SVI’s research programs provide a          for Cancer Biology in Adelaide          studies of infectious diseases: from
valuable service to clinical medicine,     published a paper in Cell,              AIDS to SARS to bird flu’.
graduate education and community           describing the structure of
welfare. SVI hosts the National            the GMCSF receptor bound to           Research applications in the
Serology Reference Laboratory and          its ligand, a finding that may        clinical setting
is a member of Bio 21, the Victorian       have important implications           SVI researcher, Assoc Prof Duncan
Breast Cancer Research Consortium          for leukaemia.                        Campbell, who collaborates closely
and the Association of Australian
                                         – Three patients at St. Vincent’s       with St. Vincent’s Cardiology
Medical Research Institutes. It is a
                                           with Type 1 diabetes have received    Department, was awarded a
member institution of the Australia-
                                           transplants of insulin-producing      $300,000 grant over three years
wide healthcare facilities of the
                                           islets isolated by a team from SVI.   from the Bennelong Foundation.
Sisters of Charity.
                                           Two of these patients are now         The funds were used to purchase
Researchers at SVI study diseases          insulin independent and one has       a new cardiac imaging machine
that have a major impact on the            had a >50 per cent fall in daily      for patient care at St. Vincent’s
health of the community. These             insulin usage. The recipients no      and for SVI’s research into heart
include Type 1 and 2 diabetes,             longer suffer severe hypoglycaemic    failure prevention. The new
obesity and heart disease, arthritis,      episodes. This trial is part of       echocardiography machine enables
osteoporosis, cancer and metastasis        the Australian Islet Transplant       doctors to view the heart as a 3D
to bone, leukaemia, Alzheimer’s            Consortium which is funded by         image using an external scanning
                                           the Juvenile Diabetes Research        device. The images captured are then
                                           Foundation and the Department         used to determine indications of
112                                                                                                     St VINCENt’S INStItutE

      heart disease. Assoc Prof Campbell       Kate Graham; Dr Andrew Hammet;          Robyn Starr; Dr Rohan Steel; Dr Greg
      will be using the machine to identify    Nancy Hancock; Helen Hasler; Assoc      Steinberg; Kher Shing Tan; Julian
      people with increased risk of heart      Prof Jorg Heierhorst; Kimberly          Tang; Nora Tenis; Dr Helen Thomas;
      failure. The research aims to identify   Hewitt; Patricia Ho; Nicholas Hoch;     Assoc Prof Rick Thompson; Dr Anne
      the mechanisms for heart failure         Jane Honeyman; Dexing Huang; Dr         Thorburn; Emma Thorburn; Dr John
      in its earliest stages, allowing the     Honor Hugo; Dr David Izon; Gaurang      Tomasov; Peter Tonoli; Frank Torzillo;
      development of improved strategies       Jhala; Dr Anne Johnston; Michael        Jenny Trinh; Bonnie La Velle; Dr Anne
      for heart failure prevention.            Jovanovic; Sabine Jurado; Marina        Verhagen; Sarah Vickery; Robert
      ‘The machine’s superior imaging          Karakaltsas; Frosa Katsis; Assoc Prof   Vinoya; Emma Walker; Sandy Walker;
      capability, particularly in 3D, is       Darren Kelly; Prof Bruce Kemp; Dr       Dr Carl Walkley; Dr Kim Wilson
      providing new insights into cardiac      John King-Scott; Shie Foong Kok;
      function and the changes visible         Cameron Kos; Dr Bala Krishna-           Grants
      in various disease states. We are        Murthy; Clare Lacey; Xianning Lai;
                                                                                       Bernard O
      very excited about the rewards this      Sally Land; Dr Mark Lanigan; Sara
      machine will bring to our research       Lawrence; Virginia Leopold; Dr Rong     Regulation of microtubule dynamics
      and to patient care,’ said Assoc         Li; Dr Tom Loudovaris; Nilukshi         by LIM kinase1. NHMRC, (2006-
      Prof Campbell.                           Malawa-Arachchi; Julie Malyon; Dr       2008), $377,625
                                               Stuart Mannering; Lina Mariana;         Regulation of the actin cytoskeleton
      The team                                 Emeritus Prof Jack Martin; Dr Tony      by LIM kinase 2. ARC, (2008),
                                               Mason; Tamara McDonald; Narelle         $195,000
      Prof Thomas Kay, Director; Dr
                                               McGregor; Mark McKenzie; Dr
      Elizabeth Allan; Dr Jan Allison; Dr                                              Heierhorst J
                                               Carol McNees; Dr Dale McPhee; Dr
      Juliana Antonipillai; Alicia Arnott;
                                               Belinda Michell; Dr Francis Milat; Dr   Regulation and assembly of nuclear
      David Ascher; Dr Maria Askmyr; Dr
                                               Luke Miles; Dr Zia Mollah; Hayley       DNA repair centres. NHMRC, (2006-
      Thein Thein Aye; Dr Brett Bennetts;
                                               Moon; Dr Craig Morton; Dr Rachel        2008), $447,750
      Dr Ora Bernard; Robin Berry; Dr
                                               Mudge; James Mugg; David Murfitt;
      Sue Best; Tony Blick; Steve Boz;                                                 DNA lesions involved in
                                               Michelle Myers; Hooi Ling Ng; Dr
      Holly Brennan; Penny Buxton;                                                     chemotherapy responses and
                                               Jon Oakhill; Katherine O’Connell; Dr
      Liza Cabuang; Assoc Prof Duncan                                                  their repair. NHMRC, (2006-2008),
                                               Done Onan-Asik; Hayley O’Neil; Louie
      Campbell; Elizabeth Castles;                                                     $391,250
                                               Opasinov; Lena Panagiotopoulos;
      Meryn Chalmers; Dr Rod Chappel;
                                               Alison Parker; Lorien Parker; Prof      Identification of telomere-specific
      Jonathan Chee; Sheng Chen; Dr
                                               Michael Parker; Rochelle Ayala          recombination pathways. NHMRC,
      Zhiping Chen; Chris Chiu; Matthew
                                               Perez; Dr Galina Polekhina; Dr          (2008-2010), $518,250
      Chung; Gabriella Crespi; Dr Blessing
                                               Sueli Pompolo; Ingrid Poulton; Dr
      Crimeen-Irwin; Joanna Crowston;                                                  Izon D
                                               David Prior; Dr Louise Purton; David
      Assoc Prof Elizabeth Dax; Andrew                                                 Discovery of T cell oncogenes by
                                               Rees; Kim Richards; Helen Ritchie;
      Deans; Dr Bryce Van Denderen;                                                    using a functional retroviral cDNA
                                               Megan Russel; Christopher Ryan;
      Stirling Dick; Wayne Dimech;                                                     library screen. NHMRC, (2006-2008),
                                               Dr Martin Sadowski; Derya Sahin;
      Caroline Dobrzelak; Cathryn Dunkley;                                             $543,750
                                               Dimitra Samaras; Natalie Sanders;
      Sally Emini; Sarah Emmett; Thu-Anh
                                               Dr Boris Sarcevic; Alice Schofield;
      Erickson; Rosanna Fahmy; Dr Susanne                                              Kemp B
                                               Dr John Scott; Dr Manisha Shah; Dr
      Feil; Dr Barbara Francis; Stacey                                                 Regulation of lipid metabolism
                                               Natalie Sims; Dr Monique Smeets;
      Fynch; Sandra Galic; John Gooi;                                                  by AMP activated protein kinase.
                                               Kathy Smeh; Annabel Southey; Dr
      Ankita Goradia; Mike Gorman; Dr                                                  NHMRC, (2006-2008), $466,875
                                                                                                    St VINCENt’S INStItutE   113

Kemp B, Chen Z, Michell B                Polekhina G, Waltham M                   metastatic cascade. Cancer Council,
Regulation of protein kinases and        Structural and drug discovery            (2008-2010), $285,500
their substrates. NHMRC, (2008-          studies of oxidative stress regulator,
                                                                                  Thomas H, Allison J, Kay T
2010), $531,000                          thioredoxin-interacting protein.
                                                                                  Apoptotic pathways in pancreatic
                                         NHMRC, (2007-2009), $276,750
Loudovaris T                                                                      beta cells leading to type 1 diabetes
Equipment Grant. Rebecca L Cooper        Purton L                                 and transplant rejection. NHMRC,
Foundation, (2008), $14,449              Mechanisms underlying the                (2008-2010), $513,750
                                         effects of TNFalpha in bone and
Mannering S                                                                       Walkley C
                                         haemopoiesis. NHMRC, (2008-2010),
Project Grant. St. Vincent’s Research                                             Understanding the contribution
Endowment Fund, (2008), $15,000                                                   of the blood microenvironment to
                                         Equipment Grant. ANZ Trustees,           blood cell regulation. Equity Trustees,
Martin T, Pivonka P, Dunstan CR          (2008), $15,000                          (2008), $16,000
Bone regulation – cell interactions to
disease. ARC, (2008), $255,000           Shah M, Thompson EW, Waltham M           Walsh N
                                         Targeting host and tumoral MMP-13        Project Grant. St. Vincent’s Research
McPhee D, Wilson K, Dax E                in primary breast cancer and bone        Endowment Fund, (2008), $15,000
Potent broadly reactive neutralizing     metastasis. Komen Foundation,
HIV-1 monoclonal antibodies.                                                      Waltham M
                                         (2008-2011), (USD)$180,000
NHMRC, (2008-2010), $444,375                                                      New agents to combat breast cancer
                                         Steinberg G                              metastasis. NBCF, (2008-2009),
Miles L                                  Cytokine signalling and insulin          $293,250
Structural studies of the interactions   resistance in obesity. NHMRC, (2007-
of gamm-secretase meodulators                                                     Molecular profiling vestibular
                                         2009), $492,000
with amyloid beta peptide. The                                                    schwannomas. Pratt Foundation,
Mason Foundation, (2008), $50,000        Thompson E                               (2006-2008) $180,000
                                         Invasion and metastasis of breast
Parker M                                                                          Watt M
                                         cancer. VBCRC, (2004-2009),
Determining the structure of a                                                    Adipose triglyceride lipase:
soluble cytokine receptor complex.                                                regulation and implications for
NHMRC, (2006-2008), $498,750             Thompson E, Waltham M                    the aetiology of insulin resistance.
                                         MMP-13 as a therapeutic target in        NHMRC, (2008-2010), $310,500
Structural studies of bacterial pore-    breast cancer. NHMRC, (2008-2010),
forming protein toxins. NHMRC,                                                    Wilson K
(2006-2008), $498,750                                                             Detailed investigation of the
                                         Thompson EW, Anderson RL, Yap A,         humoral immune response to HCV
Parker M, Chai SY                        Goodall G, Saunders C, Street I          to identify diagnostic and prognostic
Structure/function studies of            Targeting tumour dormancy in breast      serological markers. NHMRC, (2007-
insulin regulated membrane               cancer – Think Tank. NBCF, (2008),       2009), $372,375
aminopeptidase. NHMRC, (2008-            $15,000
2010), $505,500
                                         Thompson EW, Dobrovic A, Choong P,
                                         Hill P, Henderson M, Pantel K
                                         Exploring epithelial-mesenchymal
                                         interconversions in the breast cancer
114                                                                                                           St VINCENt’S INStItutE

      Select international presentations       – Clare Bone Meeting, Clare Valley, SA    – Renin Summit, Berlin, Germany

      – Indian Society of Molecular Biology    – Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on         – Second Osteoimmunology
        Annual Conference, Mumbai, India         Epithelial Mesenchymal Transitions,       Conference, Rhodes, Greece
                                                 Cold Spring Harbor, USA                 – The 5th international conference
      – International Society for Blood
        Transfusion, Hanoi, Vietnam            – Endocrine Society of South Africa,        on ubiquitin, ubiquitin-like proteins
                                                 Capetown, South Africa                    and cancer, Houston, USA
      – Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
        Stohlman Scholar Symposium,            – FASEB Summer Research                   – The Joint Pacific Rim International
        Kansas City, USA                         Conference ‘AMPK in Sickness and          Conference on Protein Science
                                                 Health: From Molecule to Man’,            and the 4th Asian Oceania Human
      – National Osteoporosis Foundation
                                                 Snekkersten, Denmark                      Proteome Organisation, Cairns
        of South Africa, Capetown, South
        Africa                                 – FASEB Summer Research                   – Tokyo Medical and Dental
                                                 Conference: Yeast Chromosome              University Research Symposium,
      – 13th EASD/JDRF Oxford Workshop,
                                                 Structure, Replication and                Tokyo, Japan
        ‘Inflammation, islets and
                                                 Segregation, Carefree, Arizona, USA     – US-DOD Era of Hope Conference,
        immunity’, Oxford, UK
                                               – Gordon Conference on                      Baltimore, USA
      – 3e (Evidence, Experts, Exchange)
                                                 Phosphorylation and G-Proteins
        meeting: Methotrexate use in the
                                                 mediate signalling networks, New        Publications
        rheumatic diseases, Paris, France
                                                 England, USA                            Albiston AL, Morton CJ, Ng HL, Pham
      – 4th International Conference on                                                  V, Yeatman HR, Ye S, Fernando RN, De
                                               – Hypertension 2008, joint congress
        Bone Involvement in Arthritis, San                                               Bundel D, Ascher DB, Mendelsohn FA,
                                                 of 18th Scientific Meeting of the       Parker MW, Chai SY 2008, ‘Identification
        Margherita Ligure, Italy
                                                 European Society of Hypertension        and characterisation of a new cognitive
      – 4th Scientific Meeting of Asia-                                                  enhancer based on inhibition of insulin-
                                                 and the 22nd Scientific Meeting
        Pacific Diabetes and Obesity Study                                               regulated aminopeptidase’, FASEB J, 22, 12,
                                                 of the International Society of         4209-17
        Group, Kobe, Japan
                                                 Hypertension, Berlin, Germany
      – 7th Annual AACR Conference on                                                    Allan EH, Hausler KD, Wei T, Gooi JH,
                                               – International Bone and Mineral          Quinn JM, Crimeen-Irwin B, Pompolo S,
        Frontiers in Cancer Prevention
                                                 Society Davos Workshops: Bone           Sims NA, Gillespie MT, Onyia JE, Martin
        Research, Maryland, USA                                                          TJ 2008, ‘EphrinB2 regulation by PTH and
                                                 Biology & Therapeutics, Davis,
      – American Diabetes Association                                                    PTHrP revealed by molecular profiling in
                                                                                         differentiating osteoblasts’, J Bone Miner
        68th Scientific Sessions meeting,
                                               – International Congress of               Res, 23, 8, 1170-81
        San Francisco, USA
                                                 Endocrinology, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
                                                                                         Anderson KA, Ribar TJ, Lin F, Noeldner PK,
      – American Society for Bone and
                                               – International Society for Blood         Green MF, Muehlbauer MJ, Witters LA,
        Mineral Research Annual Scientific                                               Kemp BE, Means AR 2008, ‘Hypothalamic
                                                 Transfusion, Macao, China
        Meeting, Montreal, Canada                                                        CaMKK2 contributes to the regulation of
                                               – International Society of                energy balance’, Cell Metab, 7, 5, 377-88
      – Australian and New Zealand
                                                 Experimental Hematology (ISEH)
        Bone and Mineral Society Annual                                                  Androulakis S, Schmidberger J, Bate MA,
                                                 2008, Boston, USA                       DeGori R, Beitz A, Keong C, Cameron
        Scientific Meeting, Melbourne
                                               – Joint MRS-AACR Conference on            B, McGowan S, Porter CJ, Harrison A,
      – BIT’s 1st Annual Protein and Peptide                                             Hunter J, Martin JL, Kobe B, Dobson RC,
                                                 Metastasis, Vancouver, Canada
        Conference (PepCon-2008), ‘From                                                  Parker MW, Whisstock JC, Gray J, Treloar
                                               – Keystone Meeting on Islet Biology,      A, Groenewegen D, Dickson N, Buckle AM
        Concept to Market’, Shenzhen, China
                                                 Utah, USA                               2008, ‘Federated repositories of X-ray
      – Cancer Pharmacogenomics                                                          diffraction images’, Acta Crystallogr D Biol
                                               – Northern Lights on Prostate Cancer,     Crystallogr, D64, Pt 7, 810-4
        Conference, Manipal, India
                                                 University of Umea, Umea, Sweden
                                                                                                                        St VINCENt’S INStItutE      115

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resolution of dihydrodipicolinate synthase       induced insulin resistance’, Proc Natl Acad     sustained CD4+ T-cell proliferative
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116                                                                                                                         St VINCENt’S INStItutE

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