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  April 2010 
  Volume 25, Issue 2 

                                     A Newsletter for Friends of Hospice of Davidson County

 Contents                            25th Anniversary Reception
                                     Hospice of Davidson County will host a 25th Anniver-
 Message from the CEO            2
                                     sary Reception and Annual Meeting on Tuesday,
 Welcome New Physician           2   May 4, at Davidson County Community College. The
      Medical Director               reception and meeting will be held in the Confer-
                                     ence Center and begin with a social hour at 6:30
 Message from the Board              pm. Dr. J. Donald Schumacher, Psy.D., President of
      President                  3   the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organiza-
                                     tion, will be the keynote speaker presenting,
 Agency Transitions              3   “Hospice – The National Landscape: Health Care
 On-Call Nursing                 3   Reform and Hospice in 2010 and Beyond”.
                                     Dr. Schumacher has 30 years of experience in hospice and palliative care administra-
 Welcome New Volunteers          4   tion and has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of The National Hos-
                                                                      pice and Palliative Care Organization since 2002.
 Health & Wellness Programs      4
                                                                      NHPCO is the largest nonprofit membership organi-
 Grief Support                   5                                    zation representing hospice and palliative care pro-
                                                                      grams and professionals in the world. In 2003, he was
 Hinkle Hospice House News       6                                    appointed as the President and CEO of NHPCO’s
                                                                      affiliate organization, the National Hospice Founda-
 Ride for Angels Benefit         6
                                                                      tion. Later in 2004, he became the President of the
 Chaplain Notes                  8                                    Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa and
                                                                      currently serves as the President of The Alliance for
 Memorials & Honorariums                                              Care at the End of Life.
                Pages  8 - 11                                         A plated dinner by The Buttercup Café of Denton will
                                                                      be served following the social hour.
 2010 Events                                                          Reflections from former agency founders and
                                                                      staff as well as a retrospective montage will cap
    25th Anniversary Celebration       Dr. J. Donald Schumacher       off the evening. Seating is limited and staff,
    and Annual Business Meeting                                                                                Continues on Page 6
       Tuesday, May 4, 2010
  Davidson Co. Community College
          Conference Center
                                     Former CEO Reflects on Agency’s Growth
                                     Laura asked me if I wanted to reflect on Hospice of Davidson County’s 25 years of ser-
      Annual Golf Tournament         vice and I want to start with the pioneers who realized that Hospice was a mission that
      Saturday, April 10, 2010       needed to be brought to Davidson County. They not only had the vision, but they were
        Lexington Golf Club          willing to do what it took to turn that vision into a reality. I consider it an honor to have
                                     gotten to know some of the people in our community such as Dr. Lee Jessup and Dr.
      Annual “Ride for Angels”
                                     Lee Dukes to name only two of the many who sat at that first planning meeting.
      Saturday, July 17, 2010
                                     Early hands on leaders such as Nancy Ratledge, Nurse Manager, and Jane Whitehurst,
         Denton Farmpark
                                     our first part time Executive Director, were so important to the early growth of Hospice
     “Friends of Hospice” Gala       of Davidson County. Jane was the financial expert and one of the visionaries who real-
     Friday, August 27, 2010         ized that we needed to become Medicare Certified if we were to grow in the future.
     The Childress Vineyards                                                                                   Continues on Page 7
Hinkle House Welcomes                         From the Desk of Lisa Hathaway, CEO...
New Physician Medical                         As we approach this year’s mile-            our agency develop into an agency
Director                                      stone of being a part of the David-         of excellence.
                                              son County community for 25 years,          As a part of our growth and devel-
                                              it is a perfect time to look at our         opment, we established Core Val-
                                              growth as an agency. I have been            ues this past year. I am finding that
                                              with HODC for nearly six years and          our core values apply not only to our
                                              since I started, I have seen tremen-        staff as we interact with each other,
                                              dous growth in many areas of the            but also apply in how we interact
                                              agency and in our community.                with our patients and families on a
                                              Growth and change don’t always              daily basis. Our Core Values include:
                                              come easy, but it is a way to watch

                                              We are all…………
                                                      learners and teachers.
                                                      stewards of our finances and resources.
                                                      dedicated to fostering a culture of trust and accountability.
                                                      providers of exceptional customer service.
Dr. Lana Riemann grew up in Misen-                    committed to valuing and empowering each other.
heimer, North Carolina. She graduated
from Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie,
New York with a BA in Biology. Dr. Rie-       With the opening of the Hinkle Hos-         vey at the same time they conduct
mann went on to obtain her Doctor of          pice House, Hospice of Davidson             our ACHC survey. This is a significant
Medicine (MD) and Master of Public            County has become even more visi-           step for hospices to take as Medi-
Health (MPH) degrees from the Univer-         ble to the community. This enhances         care survey usually comes around
sity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She
                                              our ability to reach more patient/          every seven years. Currently, it takes
later completed her Family Medicine
Residency Program, as well as a Rural         families. It has also been a growing        place every three years along with
Health Faculty Fellowship, in Asheville,      and learning opportunity for our            the ACHC survey.
North Carolina. Dr. Riemann is Board          agency as we continually strive to          In closing, we are also using this time
Certified in Family Medicine as well as       put our patients/families first in all we   to look at our processes and prac-
Hospice and Palliative Medicine.              do. This is a significant part of our       tices to make sure we are doing all
In 2005, Dr. Riemann left Family Practice
                                              growth and I am sure the founders           we can do to be the best hospice
to pursue a full-time career in Hospice
                                              of HODC sit back and are amazed             we can be. This fast growth over the
and Palliative Medicine. Prior to joining
Hospice of Davidson County, she               that the hospice program in David-          last year has allowed us to take an
worked for a large not-for-profit Hos-        son County looks like it does now.          introspective look at our agency as
pice in Charlotte. For the past five          Each day we are faced with the              we continually strive on every level
years, she has served as a Palliative         opportunity to be a hospice of ex-          to be a hospice of excellence serv-
Medicine Consulting Physician and Hos-        cellence with all the accrediting           ing Davidson County… a legacy
pice Physician. Her areas of clinical ex-
                                              and regulatory bodies that we, as           that Hospice of Davidson County is
pertise include pain and symptom
management in patients with ad-               an agency, have to abide by. Cur-           committed to providing our commu-
vanced illness. She also has extensive        rently, Hospice of Davidson County is       nity for years to come.
experience caring for hospice patients        up for ACHC re-accreditation.
in the hospital and skilled nursing facili-   ACHC is the Accreditation Commis-
ties, as well as home and hospice             sion for Health Care. It is a profes-
house settings.                               sional peer review administered by a
Dr. Riemann is a member of the Ameri-
                                              non-profit organization which is
can Academy of Hospice and Palliative
Medicine. In addition to Hospice Care,        structured to establish higher stan-
her professional interests include Rural      dards than state or federal regula-
Health, Medical Ethics and Community          tions.
Health Education.                             Accreditation is the most commonly
Dr. Riemann lives in Albemarle with her       accepted means of assuring quality
husband, Dr. Hal Royer, who is a family
                                              of care. 2010 marks the first year that
physician in Oakboro. They have one
                                              ACHC will have deemed status,
daughter, Ella, who is seven years old,
and a little dog named Daisy. Dr. Rie-        which means that they have the
mann enjoys walking, reading, traveling       ability to perform our Medicare sur-
and spending time with her family.

Staff Member Recalls Agency Transitions                                      On-Call Nursing Provides
                                  Who Moved My Cheese? If you are            Added Comfort
                                  familiar with this book then you
                                  know it is all about change and            As the hospice team, we support and surround
                                  how we deal with change. We, as            patients and families with compassionate care.
                                  individuals, deal with change in           As nurses, the act of “supporting and surround-
                                  different ways. Some people antici-        ing” involves many tasks. At the time of admis-
                                  pate change, some adapt very               sion, this means explaining hospice services. On
                                  quickly to change, others enjoy            each visit, this means listening to the patient
                                  change, and then there are people          and family’s fears and concerns, checking for
                                  (like me) who resist change out of         changes in pain or other symptoms, and calling
                                  fear of the unknown.                       the attending physician as needed for medica-
                                  Since I have been with Hospice of          tion changes. For most families, caring for some-
                                  Davidson County for over twenty            one that is very ill can seem scary and over-
                                  years I have been a part of a lot of       whelming. Wives, sons and other family mem-
                                  changes. When I started with Hos-          bers are concerned that they are doing every-
Debbie Beck
                                 pice in 1989, our first location was in     thing that the patient needs. Patients often
the basement of the Community Drug Store and we had five part-               have fears about what a new pain may mean
time and full-time employees. During those years we served be-               or fears that the pain is just going to keep get-
tween five and ten patients. Then, in the early 1990’s, we moved to          ting worse. Often these fears, concerns and
our South State Street building and were not there long before we            changes happen in the late evening or in the
outgrew the space. We grew, became Medicare and ACHC certi-                  early morning hours.
fied, hired more staff and served more terminally ill patients and their     At Hospice of Davidson County, we know that
families in Davidson County. In February of 2009, we moved into our          “supporting and surrounding” is a 24 hour-a-
current location – two beautiful new buildings on Hospice Way off US         day job and we have always been committed
Highway 64 East. Today, we have more than doubled our staff, are             to providing quality on-call nursing care. For
serving more patients than ever before and have a beautiful inpa-            many families, this is the hospice service that is
tient facility for our patients. There definitely has been a lot of          most comforting. Prior to hospice admission,
change in the last twenty years at Hospice. I must say I am still a little   they might have endured restless nights filled
apprehensive when someone moves my cheese, but look at what I                with worry or faced long waits in the emer-
would have missed out on if my cheese had not been moved.                    gency room. After admission to hospice, pa-
Footnote: Debbie Beck has held a number of administrative positions over     tients and families can take comfort in the fact
her tenure and currently serves as Development Coordinator.                  that help is just a phone call away.
                                                                             As part of our on-going commitment to provid-
                                                                             ing the best possible hospice experience for our
From the Board President . . .                                               patients and families, we are pleased to an-
                                                                             nounce the addition of two new fulltime staff
It is hard to believe that we have been in                                   positions in the nursing department. Gail Rose-
the Hinkle Hospice House and the new                                         berry, RN, will be providing on-call coverage on
Home Care office building for a little more                                  weeknights and Judy Magee, RN, will be provid-
than a year now. We are so fortunate to                                      ing on-call coverage on weekends. The addi-
have such beautiful facilities in which to                                   tion of these two new positions will enhance the
provide quality, compassionate care in                                       continuity of nursing care and improve the
our community. We have a wonderful                                           overall quality of our hospice services. Our
staff that is completely devoted to our                                      homecare staff nurses will continue to provide
patients and their families. As we look                                      back-up support and additional coverage as
back over the past year, the Board and                                       needed.
the Leadership Team at HODC welcome Barbara Smith                            On behalf of HODC, I would like to welcome
your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the care                 Gail and Judy and extend a big “thanks” to all
we provide, whether it be home care provided to a loved one or our           of the staff and PRN nurses who have provided
care provided in the Hinkle Hospice House. At Hospice of Davidson            on-call support to our patients and families in
County, we want to continuously improve in order to provide the              the past.
best possible experience during the end of life journey. We appreci-
ate your support and always look forward to hearing from the com-
munity we serve.

                                            Hospice Welcomes New Volunteers
       National Volunteer                                                                                           Hospice of DC is
       Appreciation Week                                                                                            pleased to welcome
                                                                                                                    eleven new volun-
         April 19th – 25th                                                                                          teers to the Hospice
                                                                                                                    volunteer family. Vol-
HODC values the commitment and in-
                                                                                                                    unteer training con-
vestment of self, time, talents, and car-
ing our volunteers give to our agency,                                                                              cluded March 4th
our shared hospice mission and the                                                                                  and our new volun-
families we serve. Volunteers are invited                                                                           teers are eager to
to attend the annual Volunteer Appre-                                                                               serve. We are hon-
ciation Luncheon given in their honor to                                                                            ored that they have
gratefully recognize all they do. The                                                                               chosen HODC to
luncheon will be held Monday, April
                                                                                                                    share their time, tal-
22nd, from 12:00-1:00 pm at the HODC
Administrative Building. Please RSVP by     Pictured left to right front row: Lynn Younts, Charlotte Roberts, Amy
                                                                                                                    ent and compassion
April 9th.                                  Pierce, Sadie Peacock, Becky Daley, Volunteer Manager Windy             in meeting the needs
                                            Cole-Hedrick. Back row: Ron Payne, Amanda Zubke, Dan Atwood,
                                                                                                                    of patients and fami-
                                            Maria Epps, Ron Rader, and Lynne Mathews.

           Opportunities                    Staff Offered Health and Wellness Programs
                                            On January 1, 2010, what was your New Year’s resolution? My resolution was
Let us know if you, your community of       to offer our employees fun and incentive-based ways to get healthy. Losing
faith, school group, civic organization,    weight is great, but exercise is a very essential part of getting healthy. Every
etc. would like to:
                                            Thursday at 5:15 pm you will hear the multi-purpose room in the Home Care
    Provide a meal for patient family       building rocking. You will also hear Renee Pickett, Zumba Instructor, laughing
    members staying at the Hinkle Hos-      and giving movement directions accompanied by Latin rhythms. Together it
    pice House                              creates an exciting exercise class which offers a fun atmosphere while get-
                                            ting fit at the same time. The routines feature fast and slow rhythms com-
    Schedule an individual or group tour    bined with resistance training designed to tone and sculpt your body while
                                            burning fat.
    Coordinate a donation delivery
                                            Renee has been instructing
    Become a Hospice of Davidson            Zumba classes for a year and a
    County volunteer                        half and acknowledges that a
                                            beginner’s class may burn up to
    Contact: Windy Cole-Hedrick, Volun-     as many as 800 calories. The on-
        teer Manager, at 474-2068           going six-week program is of-
                 or e-mail
                                            fered to employees, volunteers
                                            and friends of HODC at a low
   Be sure to view our “Wish List” at       cost.
    www.hospiceofdavidson.org.              Instead of copying the current
Other much-needed items are listed at       TV show, “The Biggest Loser,” our
         www.amazon.com.                    staff decided to hold a, “Biggest
                                            Winner” weight loss contest.
                                            Each employee follows their
                                            choice of weight loss programs
                                            such as Weight Watchers, Atkins       Instructor Renee Pickett (pictured far left) leads
                                            or simply (or perhaps not so sim-     staff members during a recent Zumba class.

                                            ply) changing eating habits to
                                            healthy foods and portions. Each Thursday morning the employees weigh in
                                            and pay a $5.00 fee. At the end of the 12 week program, the person who
                                            loses the biggest percentage of body weight wins the money. So far our par-
                                            ticipating employees have collectively lost 127 pounds. At this writing, the
                                            winner is estimated to receive a “pay day” of $1,000. I am so proud of all the
                                            employees and, at their request, we will be holding a second 12 week pro-
                                            gram offering first, second and third place awards.

HODC Offers Grief Support                                                           Bereavement Events
      You don’t get over it, you just get through it. You don’t get by              Hospice of Davidson County will be
      it, because you can’t get around it. It doesn’t ‘get better’, it just         offering several spring activities to assist
      gets different. Every day grief puts on a new face.                           those who are experiencing loss or
                                        - Wendy Feireis                             grieving. These opportunities are avail-
                                                                                    able to patient families, friends and the
Sometimes we need some help from others to ease the pain of our feelings            community at-large at no cost.
of grief and loss. Sometimes, this can be as simple as talking to friend and        To register, contact Tonya Ragan, Be-
family, but sometimes a more formal approach is needed. Hospice of David-           reavement Coordinator, 336-474-2067
son County offers just that.                                                        or
Grief is a natural response to loss - the feelings you have related to the death        tragan@hospiceofdavidson.org.
of a loved one. But, grief can also be associated with other events:

    • A relationship break-up or divorce      • Loss of a friendship                All events will be held at the Hospice
    • Loss of health                          • Loss of a feeling of safety after   Home Care building, 200 Hospice Way,
    • Loss of a job                             a trauma                            Lexington. Pre-registration is requested.
    • Death of a pet                          • A serious illness
    • A miscarriage                           • Loss of a cherished dream                  Remembering Our Parents:
The grief one feels related to the death of a loved one can be more intense                     A class for Adults
than other types of losses. Yet, these emotions are very personal and differ-         Join others in a time of honoring the
ent for everyone. There is no correct way to grieve and we need to realize             relationship you shared with your
that grief is a process. Your style of grieving depends upon your personality            parent(s) and learn about the
and coping style, your life experiences, your faith and the nature of your loss.           unique grief of parent loss.
Grief can be measured in weeks, months and even years.                                         Thursday, May 6th
HODC recognizes the impact these losses can have on families who re-                               6:00-7:30 pm
ceived hospice services and provide individual grief counseling sessions, sup-
port groups and regular mailings for 13 months after the death of the patient.
We also offer these same services to individuals in the community who have              Spring Bereavement Luncheon
experienced a loss and encourage them to contact HODC for bereavement                Join the Hospice staff in a time of fel-
support.                                                                             lowship as we remember your loved
Tonya Ragan is our Bereavement Coordinator and is available to answer                        one. Lunch provided.
questions you may have about your grief and to share more information                        Wednesday, May 19th
about upcoming events and services offered through our Support Services                           12:00 noon

            They are not lost who live in our hearts - Anonymous
                                                                                      Hospice of Davidson County, Inc.

                                                                                          Lisa T. Hathaway, MBA, CEO

Stock Donations                                                                          Dr. Lana J. Riemann, MD, MPH
                                                                                          Physician Medical Director
We have had many donors ask if they can make a donation via stock to
Hospice of Davidson County. The answer is yes – and it’s not that hard!                        Board of Directors
When making a stock donation it is important that the donor or transferring
broker provide the following information for audit and acknowledgement                    Barbara Smith, President
purposes:                                                                               Debbie Fanary, Vice President
    Donor’s name and complete address                                                    Robin Huneycutt, Secretary
                                                                                            Beryl Yelton, Treasurer
    Name and number of securities transferred
                                                                                       Daniel Timberlake, Past President
    Date of transfer                                                                             Robert Green
Contributions to Hospice of Davidson County, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organi-                        Craig Idol
zation, are deductible for computing income and estate taxes. HODC’s pro-                       Kathie Johnson
grams and services are made possible through the generosity of individuals,                      Jeff McKinney
businesses and foundations. Thank you for your continued support and                              Sara Messer
equipping us to serve more patients and families than ever before.                                 Sid Proctor
For more information on making a stock donation or making a financial con-                        Mark Swaim
tribution, contact Lisa Pierce, CPA, CFO at 475-5444 or                                           Kelly Young

                                             Hinkle Hopsice House News
                                             Our 25th year celebration for Hospice   and discussing code status. These
                                             of Davidson County reaffirms our        sessions were very informative and
                                             commitment to the community and         helpful to all staff, especially our in-
                                             marks the beginning phase of our        patient personnel. Additional edu-
                                             enhanced and expanded services.         cational sessions are planned for the
                                             Thankfully we continue to stay busy     coming months that will improve our
                                             here at the Hinkle                                       ability to care for
                                             Hospice House. Our                                       patients at end of
                                             average daily cen-                                       life.
                                             sus in January was                                       In other new devel-
                                             eight      patients,                                     opments, Helen Fitz-
                                             which is up from five                                    gerald, Clinical Social
                                             patients a day dur-                                      Worker, will now be
                                             ing 2009. Our pa-                                        our dedicated social
                                             tients’    average                                       worker for the Hos-
                                             length of stay has                                       pice House. Helen
                                             been ten days. The staff and I feel     has 14 years experience with our
                                             very honored and privileged to be       agency and also brings much
                                             able to provide compassionate care      knowledge and experience as a
                                             to our patients in their time of need   CSW. As we continue to deepen our
Save the date!
                                             and during the end of life journey.     team approach and recognize how
Hospice of Davidson County will hold
                                             In January, we were fortunate to        important it is to work together and
our third annual, “Ride for Angels” on
                                             have our new Physician Medical          utilize our valuable resources, we are
Saturday, July 17. (Rain date for the
                                             Director, Dr. Lana Riemann, come        grateful to have Helen available on
motorcycle fundraiser will be Sunday,
                                             on board to guide and assist us in      a daily basis. Helen is also grateful
July 18.) For a second year, the ride will
                                             providing quality hospice care. She     for the opportunity to be able to
depart from and return to Denton Farm-
                                             is board certified in hospice and       spend more time with patients, their
Park. This year’s fundraiser will also in-
                                             palliative care medicine, so she        families and staff.
clude on-site merchandise vendors and
                                             brings a wealth of knowledge and        As we continue to grow and learn
entertainment by “Southern Breeze,” a
                                             experience. In February she gave        and strengthen our core values here
70’s, 80’s, Top 40 and Country Band.
                                             weekly talks about pain assessment,     at our inpatient unit, we look forward
Several drawings for prizes will also be
                                             pain management, artificial nutrition   to the new and exciting challenges
held following the ride.
                                             and hydration, advance directives       2010 will bring.
Registration will be held from 8:30 –
10:30 am the morning of the ride. Pre-
ride registration is $15/bike and includes
a hot dog lunch. Registration the day of
the ride is $20. Forms are available at
                                             NEW FACES
our HODC office or online at                 Join us in welcoming several new faces to our growing Hospice family. We
                                             continue to add staffing to our care team as we expand our services and
www.hospiceofdavidson.org. Non-riders
                                             meet the needs of our growing patient census.
and the community are invited to at-
tend.                                        Tamela Barnes, RN                  Fiona O'Neill, MSW, P-LCSW
Registration, tee shirt order, vendor        Patti Clodfelter, Hospice Aide l   Kelly Parker, RN
                                             Mary Dawkins, RN                   Ashley Powers, RN
spot and “in-memoriam” donation
                                             Laura Falkowski, RN                Lana Riemann, Physician Medical Director,
forms are available on-line at:
                                             Alison Hicks,RN, BSN                      MD, MPH
www.hospiceofdavidson.com. We                Nicole Hill, Hospice Aide l        Gail Roseberry, RN
gratefully acknowledge the support of        Julia Jones, RN                    Preston Sechriest, Hospice Aide ll
our event sponsors: The Buzzard’s Nest,      Judy MaGee, RN, BSN
DT Lube and Time Out Hut. This event
would not be possible without the sup-
port of our local GWRRA-NC, Lexington        25th Anniversary Reception,                continued from Page 1
Style Wings.                                 board and agency volunteers are encouraged to RSVP at their earliest
                                             convenience. To reserve your seat, call: 475-5444. Reservations may also
                                             be made by emailing: kmiller@hospiceofdavidson.org. (A fee of $20.00 will
                                             be charged to guests of staff, board and volunteers to offset costs.)

Former CEO Reflects,                     continued from Page 1

This task was completed by the staff and board in
l991 which coincided with our move from the
                                                                                                                    Hospice 2010
Community Drug complex to 524 South State                                                                           Partners in Care
Street. This was quite a change from the small                                                                      Hospice of Davidson County
office in the basement below a drug store.                                                                          gratefully acknowledges our
When I came on board as the first full time direc-                                                                  2010, Partners in Care: Lexing-
tor in 1994, my best decision was to keep Jane                                                                      ton Memorial Hospital, New-
Whitehurst as the financial officer even though it                                                                  Bridge Bank, SignWorks, and
meant the former director would now be work-                                                                        Thomasville Medical Center.
ing for me. Our partnership worked for nearly 15                                                                    The Partners in Care program
years. Early on Jane and I agreed to disagree if                                                                    offers a way to bring added
need be for Hospice of Davidson County’s Board                                                                      visibility to your organization
of Directors to have more than one opinion and                                                                      throughout the year. Benefits
all of the facts as we knew them. It worked like a                                                                  include brand recognition in all
good marriage – up front and no secrets. I have                                                                     web and print advertising and
great respect for Jane today as I always have.            Gary Drake, pictured with family members Michael,         at events and fundraisers. PIC
                                                          Marissa, and wife Sylvia, enjoy a stop at the Petrified
A day that I will never forget happened after Forrest in Arizona. This was one of many stops during                 Partners also receive agency
Jane and I had worked together for about four their 21 state trip following his retirement in early                 updates, quarterly newsletters,
years. We met to discuss how Focus Medical                                                                          complimentary tickets to our
Review had impacted all hospices and ours in particular. In the review process, the govern-                         annual meeting and our
ment wanted to ensure that hospice served only terminally ill patients and for a proper amount                      “Friends of Hospice” Gala. Find
of time. Because of the review, doctors were reluctant to send patients to hospice and if they                      out more about joining this
did, it was the last days of their life. This situation caused hospices to have financial issues. We                select membership by con-
were no exception.                                                                                                  tacting Laura Owen, Director
When Jane and I met that day, we had 17 patients (we had been serving closer to 30) and                             of Communications and De-
$18,000 in the bank. Many hospices were joining hospitals, home health agencies or even clos-                       velopment, 474.2078 or
ing their doors during this time. Our recommendation to the Board was to stay an independent                        lowen@hospiceofdavidson.org
hospice even though it would be tough. We also recommended that I write a letter asking the                         Individuals are also invited to
community for cash flow help for the first time in history. The Board agreed with us and that de-                   participate.
cision which allowed us to stay independent, kept us in control of our own destiny. As for the
letter I wrote, I had inspirational help and we about doubled our resources in less than one
month. The community had come through for us, and we never had such a financial crisis
As they say, the rest is history. From 2000 until now, the growth has been steady and each year
we serve more patients and their families. I am sorry that people need us and yet so glad that
we are there for them. This has been and continues to be a team effort (staff, board, volun-
teers, and community). Because of the growth and added staff, our office became very
cramped. Also, many people had the vision of an inpatient facility some day in our future.
Obviously today we have a beautiful new office building and the Hinkle Hospice House which
is both beautiful and functional in taking care of patients and families. Neither of these buildings
would have been possible without much community support and a solid financial picture for
the organization. The staff will tell you that I talked more than once about debt because I re-
membered that day Jane and I had to make some tough financial decisions.
At a recent reception, I had the privilege of meeting both the new director of the facility and
the new Physician Medical Director. It goes without saying that I was impressed. We continue to
add quality people to the team.
I’ll close by saying that many contributed to our success and growth but none more than our
dedicated staff. To succeed, a hospice needs good nurses, social workers, bereavement staff,
CNA’s, office staff, marketing staff, chaplains, and a strong leadership team. Hospice of David-
son County has a great team led by someone else I’m glad that I hired, Lisa Hathaway. She is
only the third CEO in over 25 years and she has a great vision for Hospice of Davidson County.
She also has a wonderful leadership team in place to assist staff in accomplishing even greater
things in the future. I am proud to have hired many of them, worked with others, and proud to
call them my friends. My thanks to all involved for helping Hospice over the years as we have
worked together to help others.
      The Gift of Forgiveness
      Why did I say that? What was I thinking? I should have said that? I should have
      done this better?
      We can be our own worst critics. Many times we look back on certain events and
      moments of our lives and wish we would have said or done something different. To
      a point, that is a good thing. After all, we need to constantly self-evaluate ourselves
      and continuously seek self-improvement to be all that we were created to be.
      There is a “rub” however, when we do this. Taking the idea of self-improvement too
      far results in a nasty cycle of not forgiving ourselves. How many times have you
      caught yourself forgiving those around you, yet will not allow yourself to let go of
      the mistake that you made? How many times does one mistake rear its ugly head
      and you find that you are still beating yourself up for it, months, even years down
      the road?
      I hear it time and again from people of all ages and walks of life, “I shouldn’t have
      _________ . “ And though that may or may not be true, might it be time to forgive yourself? If our Creator, who loves us so
      much that he offers his love and forgiveness to all can forgive you for past mistakes, then I think you should be able to af-
      ford the opportunity to yourself. There is no perfect person, which makes experiencing forgiveness a freeing event. I’m sure
      that if you have had a moment of experiencing forgiveness that you understand that feeling.
      So why not begin the process of forgiving that person you see in the mirror? It isn’t something you can do overnight, forgiv-
      ing is a process. Find someone you know and trust - be it family, friend, clergy, etc., and ask them to walk with you in this
      journey of self-forgiveness. It may be a journey that will forever change your life.
                                                                            Charlie Patrick

Hospice of Davidson County, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the memorials, contributions, and honorariums received in our office between November 1,
2009 and December 31, 2009. If we have inadvertently omitted a donation from this listing, please notify our office. Also, when making memorials,
please include the name and address of a family member so we can notify them of the gift.
The following memorials were          Gene and Marilyn Aderhold             Canaan United Methodist Church       Ms. Barbara Hinshaw
inadvertently omitted from the        Jim and Peggy Brewer                  Verellen                             Lawrence (Ed) Holt
August 2009 listing:                  Mr. and Mrs. Wade Fitzgerald          Richard Gordon                       Ms. Margaret Biesecker
GARY CARTER                           Larry and Myra Galentine              Mrs. Barbara Collins                 Paul and Zana Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Allred             Clarence Cecil                        Aaron Grubb                          Lola Hoover
Ms. Doris Cranford                    Mrs. Elise Cecil                      J. E. Jones Lumber Company           Frank and Miriam Austin
Lamar and Dare Efird                  Shirley Clodfelter                    Jacqueline and Richard Sechrist      Bob and Ann Cole
Mr. Jimmy Haywood                     Jo Doris and Louis Beck               Clara Harris                         Marie and Dan Parks
Mr. Hal Kennerly and Ms. Kay Miller   Bob and Kay Timberlake                Gerald and Brenda Bryant             Jacqueline and Richard Sechrist
Robert and Ramona Phelps              Bernard Collett                       Jim and Myra Harris                  Anita Hunsucker
Ms. Kathy Philpott                    Mr. Tim Barger                        Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Matthews, Jr.   Neonatal Nurse Practitioners of
Jerry and Ann Rawlinson               Mr. Ray Owens                         Ms. Hazel Prevo                      Women's Hospital
Dave and Cynthia Winborn              Jimmie and Marilyn Shinn              Mrs. Harrison                        Ms. Sheila Wright
                                      Mr. Justin Shinn                      Ms. Martha Eakes                     Linwood Jones
NOVEMBER 2009 MEMORIALS               Colleen Cope                                                               Mrs. Marjorie Jones and Family
Ruby Anderson                         Mrs. Julia Haire                                                           Lorrayne Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. William Stubbs, III      James Lewin Crotts                   “I feel like all the care he          Beverly and Barry Davis
Sherrill Avery                        Derrell and Joyce Frazier                                                  Jerry and Nelia Ann Kennedy
VFW Post 3074                         James Lewin Crotts                   received came from angels             Ms. Dorcas Payne
Ms. June Barbee                       Mr. and Mrs. Talton Harrison         that took pride in their work         Kathy and Lynn Saintsing
Ms. Karen Hughes and Family           Hazel Burkhart Crowell                                                     Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Sebastian
Ms. Beth Logan and Family             Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hodges            and never compromised his             Mr. Keith Wagner
Ms. Sharon Vickers and Family         Donald Curry                                                               Wayne and Margaret Wagner
Rochella Baker                        Staff and Employees of A.L. Miller
                                                                           dignity.” – wife of patient           Mr. Wendell Wagner
Neighbors                             Construction, Inc.                                                         Nell Everhart Koontz
Kenneth Bennett                       Kurz Transfer Products                                                     Mrs. Margaret Biesecker
Mrs. Helen Bennett                    Don and Linda Dublin                  Wilbur Harrison                      Jack and Mazie Troutman
Don Biesecker                         Sherry Downs                          VFW Post 3074                        David and Kathy Wright
Mrs. Margaret Biesecker               Georgia McCann – Anderson             Phyllis and Pete Branch              Joretta Lankford
Ernestine Biesecker                   Trucking Service, Inc.                Mrs. Marie Harrison                  Mr. and Mrs. James Gathings
Mrs. Margaret Biesecker               James and Clara Barefoot              Mrs. Martha Hill                     David McGehee
Buck Briles                           Ronnie and Virginia Harrison          Ms. Naomi Lookabill                  Ms. Tammie Skeen
Ms. Judy Adams                        Levi Epps                             Glenn and Joanne McMillan            Lee Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Fitzgerald          Ms. Hilda Forrest                     Johnny and Susan Myers               Mr. Jerry Grimes
Ms. Jayne Lutz                        Ms. Bettie Cranford McDavid           Billy Joe Hill                       Rodney Lee Michael
Charles Brummett                      Mary Fisher                           Mrs. Carolyn Hill                    Mr. and Mrs. Chad Little
Oak Island Golf Buddies               Ms. Sue Tinsman                       Mary Hinkle                          Roy (Mike) Michael
Nellie Cashatt                        Bryce Floyd                           Wells Fargo Private Bank             Ms. Lucille Michael
Ms. Linda Berrier                     Ms. Janie Davis                       David Holland                        Mary Lee Miller
Ms. Sandy Coltrane                    Helen Fochi                           Point Security, Inc.                 Club of the Golden Years
Mr. and Mrs. James Lang               Mr. Douglas Fochi                     Steve Holland                        Ms. Doris B. Beck
Annie Bell Hunt Cecil                 Lena Goins                            Point Security, Inc.                 Ruth Miller
Mr. and Mrs. D. Clark Smith, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Dan Briggs              Butch and Elizabeth Conrad          Iris Conrad
Garland Myers                        Jack and Joan Briggs                 Leo M. Beck                         Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Mrs. Mary Myers                      Dr. and Mrs. Wally Butler            Butch and Elizabeth Conrad          J. B. Conrad
Wendy Baker Myers                    Clarksbury United Methodist Church   Michael Beck                        Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Neighbors                            Davidson-Randolph Chapter of         Gail and Angela Beck                Nona Conrad
Grady Peacock                        Thrivent Financial for Lutherans     Norman Beck                         Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Ann and Bobby Morris                 Fair Grove United Methodist Church   Gail and Angela Beck                Simon & Kathleen Conrad
Irene Plummer                        Floyd Baptist Church                 Paul E. A. & Arlene Beck            Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Mrs. Frances Harrison                Friendship Baptist Church            Butch and Elizabeth Conrad          Colleen Cope
William Felix Reavis                 Mrs. Summer Goodman                  Roy & Reba Beck                     Ms. Robin Champion
Mrs. Joyce Davis and Family          Mr. and Mrs. Neal Grimes             Butch and Elizabeth Conrad          Ms. Clara Payne and Family
Mary Louise Rollins                  Holly Grove Lutheran Church          Thelma Beck                         Mrs. Joyce Tibbetts
Mr. Ben A. McAlpine                                                       Jeanne, Alex and Rebecca Cobb       Nancy Craven
David Shanks                                                              William Dewey Beck                  Mr. Walter M. Hilton
Ms. Toma Jo Williams
Edith Walser Shoaf
                                     “We would have never                 Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
                                                                          Dot and Bill Scott and Family
                                                                                                              Sylvia Hege Craver
                                                                                                              Mr. Stokes Everhart and Ms. Sandra
Ms. Elizabeth Shoaf                  believed we would close the          Lorene Benfield                     Sink
Louise Sink                                                               Mr. Philip Lohr                     Carl Crisp
Gallimore Exteriors, Inc.            chapter here but, as scared as       Homer Biesecker                     Mrs. Daisy Crisp
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Burkhart                                             Mrs. Jacqueline Biesecker           Irene Crotts
Mr. and Mrs. John Wayne Clodfelter   we were, we were so grateful         Mr. & Mrs. John Biesecker           Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Ms. Martha Eakes                     for this beautiful, safe and         Mrs. Jacqueline Biesecker           Hazel Burkhart Crowell
Mr. Richard Hanes                                                         James Herbert Blair                 Wayne and Diane Swicegood
Mrs. Celia Mabe                      lovely environment.”                 Ronnie and Mary Ann Blair           D. Christopher Deaton
Ms. Marci Miles                                                           Vergie Blankenship                  Ms. Bonnie Henry
David and Judy Sink                  - The Ward family                    Ms. Nancy Owen                      Mrs. Bonnie Reid
Mrs. Cheryl Tesh                                                          Lloyd Brannock                      Frances Dougan
Samuel Sink                                                               G.W. Smith Lumber Company           Dirk and Susan Dixon
Co-workers and Friends at City of    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Holtzmann          E. Burke Bridges                    Patsy Eades
Lexington – Finance Department       Dr. and Mrs. Ray N. Howell, III      Walter and Jo Jones                 Cleveland and Jackie Powell
Staff                                Mrs. Doris S. Jacobs                 Buck Briles                         Virginia (Connie) Edwards
Surgical Services Department –       Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jordan               Ms. Kay Mathis                      Mr. Willie Edwards
Lexington Memorial Hospital          Kimberly-Clark Corporation           John Bulluck, Jr.                   Mr. & Mrs. J. R. (Buck) Everhart
Anne and Roy Bevan                   Mrs. Dianne Leonard                  Ms. Anne Bulluck                    Mrs. Jacqueline Biesecker
Ms. Barbara Clarke                   Love of God Baptist Church           Joyce Burnette                      John Foltz
Billy Joe and Peggy Leonard          Maple Grove Church of the Brethren   Mike and Vickie Benton              Home Plus Realtors
Ed and Barbara Perrell               Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church   Mr. David Shannon                   Mike Frank
Tom and Sandra Smith                 Mt. Carmel United Methodist Women    Mrs. Joyce Spong and Family         Larry and Judy Zimmerman
Marian and James Stark               Pilgrim Reformed Church              Ken Byerly                          Edith & D. T. Fritts
Ms. Pearl Way                        Sheets Memorial Baptist Church       Ms. Vickie Starr                    Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Dr. Bobby Snider                     James C. and Virginia Shoaf          Robert & Eulala Byerly              Everette Hoyle Fritts
Jim and Carolyn Phillips             David and Barbara Smith              Butch and Elizabeth Conrad          Sonny and Nancy Conrad
Percy Snyder, Jr.                    Smith Grove Baptist Church           Robert Junior Byerly                Darrell Gallimore
Ronnie and Virginia Harrison         Phillip and Rita Steed               Butch and Elizabeth Conrad          Mrs. Voncille Gallimore
Ronald Taff                          Mrs. Donna Trotter                   Vernon Canady                       Doris (Dotti) Gamblin
Ms. Juanita Mobley                   United Way of Davidson County        Joe and Janett Cope                 Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Spurgeon Trantham                    United Way of Greater Greensboro     Mark and Karen Fritts               Sam Garwood, Sr.
VFW Post 3074                        Mr. Perry Walters and Friends        Steve and Kathy Inman               Ms. Nancy Owen
Frank and Miriam Austin                                                   Don and Evelyn McDade-Kepley        Raeford Glover
Ms. Mana Johnson                     DECEMBER 2009 MEMORIALS              Debra and Frank Polston             Shirley and Joe Tysinger
Marie and Dan Parks                  Sylvia Allen                         Ms. Mischa Williams                 Amy Goins
Renee Varner                         Pam and Coy Hamilton                 Gary Carter                         Barbara and Jerry Hollady
Ms. Tammie Skeen                     Sherrill Avery                       Ms. Paula Harrison                  Ruby Goodnight
Joan Whitlow                         Corbin Company                       Nell Cashatt                        Sonny and Nancy Conrad
High Rock Lake River Rats            Mary and Tim Owens                   Bill and Alice Ervin                William E. Hackett, Jr.
Lola Russell Whitney                 Bill and Debbie Parks                Joe Cecil, III                      Mrs. Barbara Beck
Bill and Bobbi Russell               Rebecca and Bradley Steely           Mr. Rodney Clark                    Clara Harris
Betty Williams                       Rochella Baker                       Mrs. Jean Gosnell                   Ian and Talmadge Silversides
Ronnie and Virginia Harrison         Ms. Sally B. Davis                   Anna Clark                          Buddy Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Shoaf              Ted Baker                            Mr. Rodney Clark                    Carlyle and Betty Nance
Evelyn Woodruff                      Ms. Sally B. Davis                   Ruby Clement                        James Carl Harrison, Sr.
Brenda and Richard Lewis             Charles Richard Banks                Wayne and Patti Allman              Mrs. Iris Harrison
Dan York                             West and Peggy Lamoureaux            Audrey Clodfelter                   Wilbur Harrison
Carolina Drawers, Inc.               Arvil Barker                         Ms. Rhonda Florence                 Dempsey Essick Gallery
Mr. Ike Essick                       Jimmie and Marilyn Shinn             Ms. Diana Hill                      Freddie and Patricia Beasley
Malbourne and Barbara Kepley         Irene Barker                         Bill Cockerham                      Mr. Jason Hedrick
Ms. Linda Leonard                    Jimmie and Marilyn Shinn             Mr. and Mrs. Mack Mast              Hazel Morris Hartley
Ms. Pat Townsend                     Wendell Barker                       Ms. Nancy Owen                      Ruth and Leon Hedrick
Robert Bruce Younts                  Jimmie and Marilyn Shinn             Pearl Coleman                       Lewis Hartzog
Banks and Eulene Shepherd            Irene Bean                           Joe and Janett Cope                 Ms. Isabel Sherrill
                                     Mr. Calvin Bean                      Mark and Karen Fritts               Bruce Hedrick
NOVEMBER 2009 HONORARIUMS            Novelle Bean                         Mr. and Mrs. Don Kepley             New Jerusalem UCC
Mack & Peggy Shoaf                   Ms. Jennifer Bauguss                 Edward Coltrane                     Andy and Mildred Hudson
Ms. Elizabeth Shoaf                  Mr. & Mrs. Bob Brady                 Siloam United Methodist Church –    Mrs. Nancy McKinney
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Troutman and      Betty Elliott Sunday School Class   Mrs. Dixie Meachum
NOVEMBER 2009 DONATIONS              Family                               Ms. Brenda Casteel                  Vernace and Betty Pugh
Mr. Gary Adkins                      Aaron (Bud) Beck                     Ms. Sandy Coltrane                  Shirley and Joe Tysinger
Arbor Lutheran Church                Butch and Elizabeth Conrad           Avery & Dorothy Conrad              Kenny Hedrick
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Beck               Ernest & Zola Beck                   Butch and Elizabeth Conrad          Tom, Gail, Erin and Thomas Hill
Beck's Reformed Church, Inc.         Butch and Elizabeth Conrad           Clyde Conrad                        Martha Hedrick
Belk Department Store                Janet Beck                           Butch and Elizabeth Conrad          Tom, Gail, Erin and Thomas Hill
Beta Psi Chapter – Alpha Delta       Butch and Elizabeth Conrad           Cromer Conrad                       Reid Hedrick
Kappa                                L.C. Beck                            Butch and Elizabeth Conrad          Jimmy and Peggy Everhart           9
Richard Hedrick                      Herman & Daynese McNeely               David Shanks                         Mrs. Dot Walser
Tom, Gail, Erin and Thomas Hill      Butch and Elizabeth Conrad             Gray Construction                    Allene Wilson
Rickey Hedrick                       Buddy Meachum                          James Shinn                          Mr. and Mrs. Terry Myers
Tom, Gail, Erin and Thomas Hill      Mrs. Dixie Meachum                     Jimmie and Marilyn Shinn             Daniel York
Geneva Hines                         Reid Meredith                          Betty Simerson                       Mrs. Gertrude York
Geraldine and Danny Byerly           Mark and Shelley McNeill               Mr. Morris Hollifield                Bruce Younts
John Hines                           Lonnie Michael                         Jeff Sink                            Ms. Cathy Lacienski
Geraldine and Danny Byerly           Ms. Nancy Owen                         Butch and Elizabeth Conrad           David Lee Younts
Louise Hobbs                         Mary Lee Miller                        Lawrence (Jake) Sink                 Ms. Lottie Beaumont and Family
Ms. Maxine Lohr                      Betty and Vernon Darr                  Mr. and Mrs. David H. Sink           Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Bunting, Jr.
Lola Hoover                          Mattie Myers                           Louise Sink                          Sonny and Nancy Conrad
Rick and Lisa Hughes                 Mr. Philip Lohr                        Mrs. Jean Berrier                    Sonny and Betty Dye and Family
Lillian Hough                        Wendy Baker Myers                      Mr. Larry Sink                       Ms. Kathleen Gordon
Ms. Marge Tokosh                     Ms. Sally B. Davis                     Ms. Vicki Sink                       Mr. Stephen A. Hubbard
Ruby Huff                            Larry Nesbit                           Rosa Sink                            Ms. Shirley Johnson
Mr. Rodney Clark                     Ms. Merle Franklin                     Wayne and Reida Snyder               Mr. and Mrs. Hoxie Jones
Anita Hunsucker                      Lillie Newell                          Samuel Sink                          Mr. Troy Kines
Davidson County Health               Ms. Linda Heflin                       Mrs. Kim Allen                       Jim and Nancy White
Department Employees, Davidson       Max Nixon                              Ms. Vickie Barnhardt                 Virginia and Bill White
County Commissioners, Robert         Ms. Barbara Nixon                      Ms. Jennifer Bates                   Elwood & Thelma Younts
Hyatt, County Manager                Linda North                            Sonny and Nancy Conrad               Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Ms. Laurinda Cooper                  Wayne and Reida Snyder                 Mrs. Robin Hager                     Harvey Younts
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hammock          Alma Lee Cross Owen                    Doug and Mary Walser                 Dianna and Dean Thomason
Lohr and Linda Younts                Ms. Nancy Owen                         Shirley Sink
Gerald Hunt                          Clorie Bivens Owen                     Butch and Elizabeth Conrad           DECEMBER 2009 HONORARIUMS
Mrs. Jill Hunt                       Ms. Nancy Owen                         Mr. and Mrs. Marty Lee Snider        Dr. & Mrs. Terry Arnold
Tom Ix                               Howard Mack Owen                       Terrell Sink                         Dirk and Susan Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Mast               Ms. Nancy Owen                         Butch and Elizabeth Conrad           Joan Athay
Wade Johnson                         Lana Vestal Owen                       Thomas Sink                          Mike and Martha Cranford
Miss Betsy and Mr. William Pfaff     Ms. Nancy Owen                         Jimmy and Brenda Leonard             Mr. & Mrs. William Bahlke
Tom & Joan Kelley                    Odell Henderson Owen                   Sarah Jacqueline Slate               Bill and Joan Mitchell
Mr. Mike Kelley                      Ms. Nancy Owen                         Neighbors on Knob Hill               Dee Dee Baker
Lorrayne Kennedy                     Virginia Bean Owen                     Dr. & Mrs. Bobby Snider              Mr. Bill McMurray
Mr. Roger Black                      Ms. Nancy Owen                         Sonny and Nancy Conrad               J.W. Bates
Mr. Danny Fitzgerald                 Barbara Parker                         Sandy Mark Snider                    Ms. Barbara Strowd
Mr. and Mrs. Royal Jones             Winston Salem Fire Department          Diane, Darren, Chad and Brandi       Doris Beck
Mr. Hugh C. Kennedy, Jr.             Albert and Shirley West                Snider                               Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Lee, Sharon, Cameron and Matt        Ruby Parks                             Roy Lee Swaney                       Fannie Beck
Koontz                               Ms. Sybil Barnhardt                    Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Burton          Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Ms. Emma Payne and Family            Mrs. Winnie Clemmer                    Mrs. Vida Swaney                     Margaret Beck
Gorrell and Kathy Proctor            Glenn and Joanne McMillan              Roy Swing                            Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Marcella Kennedy                     Jerry and Judith Parks                 Mr. Rodney Clark                     Mr. & Mrs. Don Bishop
 Butch and Elizabeth Conrad          Randall and Bernadine Parks            William Dale Talley                  Maurice and Millie Musgrave
Harold Kinney                                                               Michael, Lisa, Caitlin and Corbin    Ashley Bodenheimer
Ms. Sandra Sink and Brad Bowers                                             Kennedy                              Mr. Bill McMurray
Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Timberlake, Jr.
Barbara Kollins
                                     “The Hinkle Hospice House              Don Thompson
                                                                            Tom, Gail, Erin and Thomas Hill
                                                                                                                 Hazeleen Bowers
                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Mast               is not a sad place … there is          Speedy Thompson                      Jack & Joan Briggs
Nell Everhart Koontz                                                        Tom, Gail, Erin and Thomas Hill      Linda and Milton Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Carlton           joy where people reconnect             Jeanne Trexler                       Katie Brown
Mrs. Nancy Carlton                   and express their love. This           Wendi and Keith Trexler              Mr. Bill McMurray
Noel and Jean Leatherman                                                    Florence Tumbokon                    Pat Brown
Smith, Holly and Gracie Leatherman   is a place where peace is              Bob and Hilda Barnwell               Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil
Frank and Dorcus Mock                found.”                                Jane Tuttle                          Sara Brown
Jack and Marion Stanback                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tuttle             Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil
Agnes Leonard                        - daughter-in-law of patient           Louise Vanhoy                        Anita Bunce
Mr. Rodney Clark                                                            Mark and Nancy Shuping               Joey and Wanda Grubb
Elmer Leonard                                                               James L. Wagner                      Kendall Bunce
Ms. Linda Leonard                                                           Mr. and Mrs. David H. Sink           Joey and Wanda Grubb
Hazel Leonard                        NC Lt. Gov. & Mrs. H. Cloyd Philpott   Jeanette Walker                      Jimmy & Gayle Byrd
Ms. Linda Leonard                    Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Philpott, Jr.       Flow Honda                           Tony and Phyllis Leonard
Mildred Lewis                        Joy Gail Pope                          Greensboro GPD Group                 Julie Carrothers
Mr. Barry Lewis                      Floyd Baptist Church                   Triad Cowboy Church                  Mr. Bill McMurray
Jerry E. Lohr, Sr.                   Calvin Potts                           Leon and Billie Nance                Mr. & Mrs. Harold Cecil
Walter and Jo Jones                  Ted and Jeanette Potts                 Mr. Bert Ritchie                     Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil
Hilda Doss Loye                      Margaret Potts                         Jack, Cindy, Tony and Kenny Taylor   Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Cecil
Mrs. Jackie C. White                 Mr. and Mrs. Ted Potts                 Mr. Bill Walker and Family           Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil
Talmage Luffman                      Carlton Powell                         Kathleen and Jack Walker             Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Cecil
Mildred and Danny Arney              Ronnie and Sherry Walser               Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Wright        Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil
Joyce Ann Maready                    Cotton Powell                          Addie Wallace                        Lynne & Miles Cleckley
Mr. Jimmy Flynn                      Mr. Harvey Brooks, Sr.                 Butch and Elizabeth Conrad           Ann and Bill McMurray
Ms. Bernice Suggs                    Bobbie Price                           Sharon Ward                          Wanda Collins
J. B. Marr                           Mr. Russell Price                      Mrs. Jean Gosnell                    Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil
Mrs. Margaret Marr                   Gorrell Proctor                        Walter Vance Warner                  Phyllis Comer
Carolyn Mast                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Darr              Maurice and Millie Musgrave          St. Luke's Lutheran Church – Love Joy
Ms. Anne Bulluck                     Steve Richardson                       Mrs. Lisa Pierce                     Sunday School Class
Judy Maxwell                         Mr. and Mrs. Mack Mast                 Ms. Malinda Warner Spencer           Carl & Etta Lee Conrad
Betty and Harold Tucker              Mrs. Dixie Meachum                     Darnell and Imogene Tysinger         Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
David McGehee                        Ronnie and Sherry Walser               Jerry & Dorcas Weavil’s Parents      Edna B. Conrad
Ms. Carolyn Bradley                  Tommy Robertson                        Jerry and Dorcas Weavil              Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Dixie McLamb                         Ms. Eugenia Rumley                     Betty Williams                       John & Minnie Conrad
Ms. Toni Justice                     Louise Rollins                         Anice and Phil Griffin               Butch and Elizabeth Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Sanders      Butch and Elizabeth Conrad             Steve and Kathy Inman                Maxine Conrad
Butch and Elizabeth Conrad           Mark and Shelley McNeill          Canaan United Methodist Women       Mrs. Dianne Leonard
Paul & Carolina Conrad               Shelby & Swope Montgomery         Carolina Classic Chevy Club         Lexington Jaycees
Butch and Elizabeth Conrad           Mr. Bill McMurray                 Mrs. Ralph Cecil                    Mrs. Peggy Link
Ann Corn                             Mr. & Mrs. Roger Morgan           Center United Methodist Church      Bo Lohr
Butch and Elizabeth Conrad           Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil           Ms. Sherry Clay                     Love of God Baptist Church
Robin Crutchfield                    Wendy Norris                      Sonny and Nancy Conrad              Mrs. Cavelle Lund
Mr. Bill McMurray                    Mr. Bill McMurray                 Mr. and Mrs. David Cope             Ms. Vickie Mabe
Mary & Chris Davila                  Patsy Peterson                    Miss Ann Corn                       Macedonia United Methodist
Lorrie and Christian Fisher          Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil           Mrs. Colene Curry                   Women
Jim & Marina Dunaway                 Lisa Dianne Barnwell Pierce       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daniels         Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mason, Jr.
Wayne and Mary Dick                  Bob and Hilda Barnwell            Davidson Funeral Home               Mr. Fred McClure
Peggy & Jimmy Everhart               Pat Rathmell                      Doak Finch Foundation               Ms. Nancy McKinney
Ann and Bill McMurray                Jean and Noel Leatherman          Dr. and Mrs. Lee Dukes              Mr. and Mrs. Bill McMurray
Dale Essick Family                   Bill & Betty Roberts              Mr. and Mrs. John Eanes             Dr. and Mrs. John B. McWhorter
Jerry and Dorcas Weavil              Butch and Elizabeth Conrad        East End Baptist Church             Mr. and Mrs. Barry Medlin
Don Fisher                           Linda Rosenbaum                   Mrs. Jo Ellen Edwards               Ms. Gail Meredith
Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil              Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil           Enterprise Moravian Church          Mr. and Mrs. Avon Mize
John Foltz                           Talmadge & Ian Silversides        Jimmy and Peggy Everhart            Mountcastle Agency, Inc.
Jean and Carlton Hill                Lorrie and Christian Fisher       Faith Missionary Alliance Church    Terry and Roslyn Myers
Brandi Frey                          Ms. Mary Hooks                    Ms. Kim Farabee                     Mr. Jim Nance
Mr. Bill McMurray                    Glynda & Dan Smith                First Bank                          NewBridge Bank
Bob & Bonnie Garner                  Ann and Bill McMurray             First Presbyterian Church           Mrs. Cheryl Norris
Ted and Jeanette Potts               Sandra & Tom Smith                First Reformed United Church of     Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Guthrie            Ann and Bill McMurray             Christ                              Laura and Brad Owen
Bill and Joan Mitchell               Diane Sowers                                                          Pandora’s Books
Noah & Beth Haut                     Mr. Bill McMurray                                                     David and Nan Parker, Sr. and
Wayne and Mary Dick
John Herron
                                     Mary Sue Stallings
                                     Mr. Bill McMurray
                                                                       “I could never write enough         Family.
                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Mac Parrott
High Point-Thomasville Insurance     Vickie Starr                      words to express my                 Don and Sarah Phelps
Women                                Mr. Bill McMurray                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Philpott, Jr.
The Arts Department of the           Rebecca & Burr Sullivan
                                                                       gratitude … there is so much        Mrs. Cynthia Pierce
Thomasville Woman's Club             Ann and Bill McMurray             compassion in the staff for         Mrs. Lisa Pierce
Hinkle Hospice House Staff           Renee Taylor                                                          Pilgrim Reformed Church
Ms. Bernadette Fedziuk               Mr. Bill McMurray                 each patient and their loved        Ms. Tamela Price
Peggy Hinkle                         Katherine & Robin Team            ones.” – wife of patient            Jacob and Peggy Curry Queen
Ms. Mary Hooks                       Ann and Bill McMurray                                                 RCR Racing
Walter Hoffman                       Marge & Bob Team                                                      Reeds United Methodist Church
Mr. Bill McMurray                    Ann and Bill McMurray             Folk, Round and Square Dance        Dr. Lana Riemann
Ms. Vickie Starr                     Ashley & Daniel Timberlake        Federation of NC                    Mr. and Dr. James Rittling
Janet Hollifield                     Ann and Bill McMurray             Ms. Angie Franklin                  Mrs. Angela Rotchstein
Mr. Bill McMurray                    Donna Tongel                      Arvel and Isabel Frazier            Sapona Charitable Foundation
Kim & Stephen Holton                 Mr. Bill McMurray                 Anice and Phil Griffin              Friends
Ann and Bill McMurray                Tara Tussey                       Ms. Nina Grigoriev                  Ms. Dorothy L. Scarlett
Hospice of Davidson County Support   Mr. Bill McMurray                 Ms. Jan Hanes                       Ms. Liz Schenck
Staff and Leadership Team            John Van Tuttle                   Mrs. Marie Harrison                 Ms. Doris Schermer
Ms. Bernadette Fedziuk               Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tuttle          Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Harrison, Jr.     SECU
Hospice Team – Sonja, RN, Monica     Josephine Wagner                  Tom and Linda Hart                  Second Reformed United Church of
and Nola, CNA’S and Jackie White,    Mr. and Mrs. David H. Sink        Ms. Jenny Hartley                   Christ
volunteer                            Kathleen Warren                   Nancy and Doug Hartzog              Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Sharpe
The Family of Dorcas Albright        Ann and Bill McMurray             Ms. Mildred Diane Helmstetler       Talmadge and Ian Silversides
Industrial Federal Savings Bank      Thomas & Parker Swann Wilson      Ms. Diana Hill                      Ms. Elizabeth Sink
Employees                            Elsie Banks                       Mrs. Janie Hill                     Mrs. Carol Sluder
Industrial Federal Savings Bank      Jo Ellen and Willie Edwards       Ms. Sheila Hill                     Dr. and Mrs. James Slyman
Caroline Jones                       Nancy & Gordon Wright             Tom, Gail, Erin and Thomas Hill     Ms. Alma S. Smith
Mrs. Jacqueline Biesecker            Ann and Bill McMurray             Mrs. Elizabeth Ann J. Hinkle        Gene and Jo Smith
Sheila Joslin                                                          Mrs. Peggy Hinkle                   Mrs. June Smith
Mr. Bill McMurray                    DECEMBER 2009 DONATIONS/          Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hoffman         Smith Grove Baptist Church
Janie Kennedy                        MEMBERSHIPS                       Holly Grove Lutheran Church Agape   Ms. Malinda Spencer
Mr. Bill McMurray                    Mr. and Mrs. William Adams        Circle                              Telworx Communications
Evelyn & Don Kepley                  Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Alley          Home Plus Realtors Christmas Open   Thomas Austin Finch Foundation
Ann and Bill McMurray                Mrs. Nora Anderson                House                               Thomasville Community Service
Jesse & Janet King                   Mrs. Betty Avery                  Dr. Charlie Hoover                  League
Wayne and Mary Dick                  Bank of North Carolina            Don and Robin Huneycutt             Bob and Kay Timberlake
Debbie Kinney                        Mrs. Barbara Beck                 Mrs. Jill Hunt                      Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Timberlake, Jr.
Mr. Bill McMurray                    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Beck         Ms. Amanda Hutchins                 Trinity United Methodist Church
Lexington Health Care Staff          Dr. and Mrs. Tim Beittel          Industrial Federal Savings Bank     Trinity United Methodist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil              Belk Department Store             Mrs. Marlene Ix                     Men’s Sunday School Class
Yolanda Liles                        Beta Psi Chapter of Alpha Delta   J.C. Green & Sons Funeral Home      Mrs. Donna Trotter
Mr. Bill McMurray                    Kappa                             Jack Cartwright Inc.                Truist
Larry Link                           Dr. and Mrs. Karl Bolstad         Mrs. Doris S. Jacobs                John and Ruby Tucker
Mr. Bill McMurray                    Breeden Insurance Services        Mrs. Deborah Jewell                 United Way of Davidson County
Ms. Vickie Starr                     Employees                         Mrs. Jerry Johnson                  United Way of Greater Greensboro
Frank & Cathy Macy                   Mr. and Mrs. Dan Briggs           Ms. Martha Johnson                  United Way of Tri-County, Inc.
Bob and Doris Biesecker              Jack and Joan Briggs              Ms. Brenda Kendrick                 Mrs. Margot B. Walser
Betty Marcum                         Walter and Helen Brinkley         Ms. Maxine Kennedy                  Ms. Heather Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil              Mrs. Sue Brown                    Ms. Laurie Kepley                   Mr. and Mrs. David S. Welborn
Frances McLendon                     Brown F. Finch Foundation         Ms. Emma Kindley                    Mr. and Mrs. John H. Welborn
Martha and Terry Hutchens            Ms. Barbara A. Bunn               Janet and Jesse King                Ms. Amy West
Ann McMurray                         Mrs. Karen Burrow                 Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Klem       Ms. Jane Whitley
Larry and Judy Zimmerman             Mr. and Mrs. Eric Byerly          Mrs. Patricia Koontz                Mrs. Frankie Wilson
Bill McMurray                        Mr. and Mrs. Chris Call           Mr. and Mrs. Ted Koontz             Ms. Iris Woods
Ms. Vickie Starr                     Mr. and Mrs. Andy Calvert and     Mr. and Mrs. West Lamoureaux        Mr. and Mrs. Keith Wright
Dorothy Meredith                     Family                            Mr. Drake Lanier                                                   11
         Hospice - A Special Kind of Caring!                                 Surroundings
Hospice of Davidson County is a non-profit, volunteer based organiza-
tion. Our financial support comes from comes from donations, memo-
                                                                          Surroundings is pub-
rials, memberships, Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement or private in-        lished four times a year by
surance, if available. We are also funded, in part, by the United Way     Hospice of Davidson County;
of Davidson County and other gifts.                                       a nonprofit United Way
                                                                          Agency which serves the
Please take a moment to share how you would like to become a sup-
porting partner with Hospice of Davidson County, your local hospice       needs of terminally-ill patients
care organization.                                                        and their families.

NAME           _____________________________________________________      Please send or email your
                                                                          comments to:
ADDRESS        _____________________________________________________
CITY/ZIP       _____________________________________________________      Hospice of Davidson County
                                                                          Attn: Laura Owen
PHONE NO. _____________________________________________________           200 Hospice Way
                                                                          Lexington, NC 27292
I am interested in learning more about:                                   lowen@hospiceofdavidson.org
______     Volunteering      ______   Bereavement Support
                                                                          To indicate a change in ad-
If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution, please     dress or to discontinue receiving
make your check payable to Hospice of Davidson County, Inc., care         our newsletter, please contact
of the return address listed below.                                       our offices at: 1.800.768.4677.

Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license   Correspondence may also be
are available form the State Solicitation Licensing Branch by calling,    directed to:
1.888.830.4989.                                                           lowen@hospiceofdavidson.org

                    Hospice of Davidson County, Inc.                                        Non-Profit Org.
                    200 Hospice Way                                                         U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                            Permit No. 80
                    Lexington, NC 27292                                                     Lexington, NC
                    RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

                                                Surround yourself with compassionate care TM 

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