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					     V I C T O R J . A N D R E W H I G H S C H O O L N E W S L E T T E R • F E B R U A RY 2 0 11

Pictured above front left to right Jenn McLean, Ellie Markham, Caitlin Migawa, Lindsay Walker, Tim Zwartz, Kyle Polke, Tony Tessari, Alex
Zacharias, back row from left to right Mike Zwartz, Kyle Polke, Caitlyn Cunningham, Megan Garand, Samantha Ollry, and Jeremy Ruzas.

Principal Bob Nolting challenged eleven students from the                donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital; Caitlyn Migawa purchased
Superintendent’s Student Advisory to take $25 seed money                 canned goods and donated them to the Tinley VFW to support their
each and do something positive for someone else. The result              Thanksgiving dinner for vets; Antonio Tessari purchased frozen
is a very positive experience that spurred a butterfly effect.           pizza’s through local Boys Scouts to be sent to soldiers in
Here’s what they did...                                                  Afghanistan; Jeremy Ruzas has not yet decided but believes he
Ellie Markham donated money to Relay for Life; Samantha Ollry            will donate to a cancer research fund; and Mike Zwartz purchased
donated to a friend participating in St. Baldrick’s Cancer Research;     $25 worth of Inspire cards made by Ultima students to support their
Lindsay Walker and Kyle Polke pooled money (with help from               program. He wrote 27 holiday cards to Tinley Park soldiers in
mom/dad) and bought several Build-A-Bears that were donated to           active duty and the other five cards were used to write to five local
Tinley Park Police and will be used to help small children in trauma     businesses requesting donations to the Ultima program to help their
for security; Alex Zacharias, Tim Zwartz, and Jen McLean pooled          transition activities. Mike received a $500 donation already from a
money to purchase fleece blankets and board games which were             local business!

CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 230                                                  THOUGHT MEANING ACTION
Principal’s Message
                                 Dear Andrew High School Community,
  What’s Inside                  The shortest month on the calendar is rarely the least busy, as far as VJA goes.
                                 As we move to February, students are solidly set in their second semester classes
  Andrew Pride:                  and the time before Spring Break seems like it is too far off.
                                 Our winter sports season winds down with conference and tournament play.
       FEBRUARY 2011             Before the month began, we crowned two conference champions with our Girls
                                 and Boys Bowling teams. Additionally, our poms, cheerleading, basketball, wrestling
            PAGE 2               and swim programs have all positioned themselves to be significant players in the
  Principal’s Message            conference, regional and even state level. Good luck to all our athletes.
                                 February also marks one of our most prestigious senior events. The Senior Honors
            PAGE 3               Night on February 22nd will honor members of the Class of 2011 who have achieved
         Learning                in academics. We will honor over 100 students based on their high academic marks,
      District 230 to Check      outstanding accomplishment within all our departments, and achievement on the
                                 PSAE. We will also honor students based on a combination of a strong academic
       Residency Annually
                                 record, high levels of community service and involvement in school activities. This
                                 night serves as a reminder to us all that the Class of 2011 is starting to progress from
            PAGE 4               student to alumnus.

         Guidance                As we continue to strengthen our commitment to helping prepare our students for
                                 post-secondary success, I would like to take a moment to invite all our parents to
       Early Graduation
                                 the Spring Parent University held at VJA on March 8th. The Parent University is an
  College Plans For Juniors      extension of the information we provide our students with some of our new or
                                 revised programs. At the University, we will offer break-out sessions regarding
 Paying For College Becomes
                                 transitioning to life after high school, internet safety, financial literacy, and
        More Difficult           information about planning for “the next year.” These sessions are run by a
                                 combination of VJA staff and administration, student panels, and outside experts.
                                 We will also be offering the required pre-prom parent meeting and graduation
            PAGE 5
                                 informational meeting as sessions. Please refer to the VJA website or Skyward
         Guidance                Parent Portal for more details.
Students and Social Networking   For thoughts, suggestions, and questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at
     Business Department         (708) 342-5810 or rnolting@d230.org.
                                 Robert Nolting
            PAGE 6               Principal
       A Piece of the Pi

            PAGE 7
                                   Parent Teacher Conference
Community Involvement
     Parent Group News
                                   Parent/Teacher Conferences are             scheduler. Online parent sign-up will
                                   scheduled to be held on March 3 from       be available from February 22 at
           PAGE 8                  noon until 8:00 pm. This is a great        10 am. until March 2 at 4 p.m. Links
       School Calendar             opportunity to discuss with the teacher    to the online website will be on each
                                   how your student is performing within      school’s homepage along with step-
                                   a curriculum and communicate               by-step instructions that will walk
                                   face-to-face ways to work on skill         you through the process. If you
                                   deficiencies.                              need assistance, please feel free
                                                                              to contact the school directly.
                                   Scheduling an appointment with the
                                   teachers you would like to meet is         Phone in scheduling will be available
                                   easy and can be accomplished in            Tuesday, February 22 from 12:30 p.m.
                                   one of two ways.                           to 3:00 p.m. and Wednesday,
                                                                              February 23 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00
                                   The preferred format is to schedule
                                                                              p.m. by calling (708) 342-5800.
                                   your appointments using the online
District 230 to Check Residency Annually
In the district’s ongoing efforts to be fiscally responsible,
beginning this Spring all District 230 students will need to    All families will need to provide one document from
show proof of residency within the district boundaries on       Category I and three documents from Category II.
an annual basis, similar to when students first enrolled at
                                                                Category I (one document required)
Andrew High School. This new procedure is being put
into place to protect the financial interest of taxpayers in    ● Most recent property tax bill and proof of payment,
District 230 by assuring that the students who receive an         e.g. canceled check or form 1098 (homeowners)
education in our schools are legally entitled to do so.         ● Mortgage papers (homeowners)
                                                                ● Signed and dated lease and proof of last month’s payment,
A series of dates and times has been established for              e.g. canceled check or receipts (renters)
parents/guardians to provide the necessary documentation.
                                                                ● Letter from manager and proof of last month’s payment,
Times have been scheduled to make this process
                                                                  e.g. canceled check or receipt (trailer park residents)
convenient for families.
                                                                ● Housing letter (military personnel)
                        March 3                                 ● Letter of residence from landlord in lieu of lease (7:60-E1)
              (Parent-Teacher Conferences)                      ● Letter of residence to be used when the person seeking to
                     noon – 8:00 pm                               enroll a student is living with a District resident (7:60-E2)
                        March 8
                                                                Category II (3 documents showing proper address are required)
                (Spring Parent University)
                   6:00 pm – 9:00 pm                            ● Driver’s license/state ID card
                                                                ● Vehicle registration
                       March 14
                                                                ● Voter registration
             (Spring Parent-Athlete Meeting)
                    6:00 pm-9:00 pm                             ● Most recent cable television and/or credit card bill
                                                                ● Current public aid card
                         April 9
                                                                ● Current homeowners/renters insurance policy and premium
                  (National ACT @ VJA)
                                                                  payment receipt
                     8:00 am – noon
                                                                ● Most recent gas, electric, and/or water bill
         Feb 9, 16, March 9, 16, 30, April 6, 13                ● Current library card
                (Late Start Wednesdays)
                                                                ● Receipt for moving van rental
                   7:30 am – 9:00 am
                                                                ● Mail received at new residence
If you cannot make these times, please schedule an
appointment. Call the Guidance Office at 708-342-5821.          Military Personnel (must provide one of the following within
                                                                   60 days after the date of student’s initial enrollment)
                                                                ● Postmarked mail addressed to military personnel
                                                                ● Lease agreement for occupancy
                                                                ● Proof of ownership of residence

  Dean Kristi Baker
      and Assistant
      Principal Abir
  Othman visit with
        Grissom 8th
    graders during
   Andrew’s recent
    Step-Up Days.
   Visiting Grissom
 students attended
several information
 sessions, building
 tours and enjoyed
     a pizza lunch.
Dean’s Office                                        Early Graduation
Promoting Respect                                    Next year, seniors who will have enough credits to graduate by the end of their seventh
As the second semester gets under way,               semester may wish to consider a mid-year graduation. While we do not encourage this
the deans’ office would like to reinforce the        option it is available to qualified seniors. For further information please contact your
importance of respectful behavior by students        student’s counselor prior to the end of the school year.
at Andrew High School. As a deans’ office, we
try to continuously develop respectful behavior
through student-centered initiatives. Student-
centered initiatives allow students to take
                                                     A.C.T. Registration
personal responsibility for their actions while      Because all juniors will be taking a free         must be mailed in according to the dead-
using the deans’ office to help develop these        A.C.T. test in April, as a part of the Prairie    lines established by A.C.T. Students may
positive and healthy behaviors. These student-       State Exam, some students and parents             also sign up online. There are test centers
centered initiatives include:                        wonder if there is any reason to sign up          throughout the nation. Andrew will offer
                                                     and pay for an additional exam. While it          the national test on Saturday, April 9.
● Tardy contracts for chronically tardy students
  that allow for thought and action on how to        is up to each family to decide, research          Seats are limited, so it is in the student’s
  get to classes on time                             indicates that many students earn a better        best interest to sign up as soon as possible
                                                     score when they retake the test. Sign up          if there is a desire to take the test more
● Student-dean processing on how the
  inappropriate actions of one can impact an         packets are available in Guidance and             than once.
  entire class of students
● Deans’ office open door policy for students
  and parents to discuss difficult situations in
  order to create a plan for acting appropriately
                                                     College Plans For Juniors
  and respectfully                                   If possible, now is the time for juniors          Without a campus visit it is difficult to
Our expectation is the students of Andrew High       to make plans to visit colleges over              make these choices. If parents or
School will use the student-centered initiatives     spring break.                                     students need assistance please contact
above to continue to promote respectful behavior                                                       the Guidance Office or refer to the packet
                                                     This is a great opportunity to visit colleges—
in our school. Students should take the above                                                          of information distributed to juniors earlier
                                                     and a timely one as well. Juniors should
topics and execute respectful behaviors that                                                           in the school year.
                                                     have their college choices narrowed down
will continue to promote a positive environment      by the time they return to school next year.
at Andrew. In crowded halls students should
be careful while walking and apologize or say
“excuse me” when bumping into a peer. Also,
when talking to friends in the hallways, cafeteria
or in classrooms before class, students should
                                                     Paying For College Becomes More Difficult
always use appropriate language. There is
                                                     As the cost of college becomes greater, the       classes taken at these schools will transfer
NEVER an appropriate time to address peers
                                                     federal government has gradually reduced          to the school you plan to attend in the fall.
or staff members in a demeaning or vulgar
                                                     the percentage of loan money awarded to           Managingcollegecost.com is another
way. Finally, students can use involvement in
                                                     students. This forces students to take out        tremendous resource that is free to families.
the clubs, organizations or activities Andrew
                                                     private loans that are offered at higher          This easy-to-use website offers information
High School offers as a way to learn about
                                                     interest rates. It is therefore very important    about FAFSA, financial aid, budget planning
different groups of people and gain connection
                                                     for families to look into as many opportunities   tips, loans, tuition information and
to our high school. These suggestions are just
                                                     to save money as possible. One popular            scholarship opportunities. Students and
a few ways our students can continue to create
                                                     way for students planning on attending            parents are wise to stay alert to scholarship
a respectful environment at Andrew High School.
                                                     4-year universities to save money is to           opportunities offered locally as well.
As a parent, you can continue to promote             enroll in summer school classes at Moraine        Make sure students are listening to p.a.
respectful behavior so your child displays it        Valley or other local schools with less           announcements and talking with their
at school. Just as at home, appropriate              expensive tuition. Just be sure that any          counselors about potential scholarships.
language, using apologies when necessary
and being considerate for individual differences
are also expected at school to ensure the
Andrew community is a place of which each
of us can be proud.
                                                                                    Nurse’s Office
                                                          In the spring (exact dates TBA) our junior & senior girls will hear a discussion
                                                          on the importance of breast self-exam & Pap tests in the prevention & early
        Prom Parent Meeting                               detection of cancer. This presentation will take place during one of the student's
This is a brief reminder of the mandatory Prom
                                                          regularly scheduled P.E. classes. If you have any questions or concerns about
parent meeting that will take place on March
8th at Andrew High School. More information               this presentation, please call the Health Office at 342-5859. Thank you.
regarding this meeting will be available on the
school website in the near future.
Students and Social                                                  Staff Spotlight
Networking                                                           Congratulations to Nick Romano
                                                                     who received special recognition
                                                                     from Governors State University
In November of 2009, the Illinois Attorney General’s office
                                                                     for his presentation at the Illinois
surveyed 4,231 students about their use and experience
                                                                     Association of School
with communication technology. Some findings of the
1,510 students 14 years and over were that the average               Economics Teachers. The
age for a student to start a Myspace/Facebook page is                topic of “Behavioral Economics:
13 years old, that approximately 71% of students report              Incentives Matter” received rave
“friending” someone they don’t know and that more than               reviews and high ratings from
1 in 4 students have been approached by a stranger                   all participants. Great job and
online or by text.                                                   thank you for giving back to the
Interested in learning more about social networking sites            profession! Mr. Romano teaches
and how they can negatively affect your child? Come to               Psychology classes at Andrew.
Parent University on March 8th to hear Lisa Migas,
Internet Safety Specialist, from the Attorney General’s
Office. Topics relating to cyberbullying, sexting, child
predation and harassment will be discussed.

Business Department
The Business Department at VJA has a lot           to improve keyboarding speed and accuracy.           Information Management learn to utilize the
to offer our students. Students have the           These are skills that they will use their entire     Microsoft Office Suite in real life scenarios.
opportunities to learn about the business          lives. General Business is a course that not         This software package is utilized in college
environment and to participate in business         only meets the consumer education graduation         and in the workplace, therefore preparing
organizations outside of the classroom. Within     requirement, it teaches personal finance             students for life after high school.
our classes the students are exposed to            and introduces many of the core business             Does your student aspire to on his/her own
important business principles at the level that    concepts that are taught in the rest of the          business? If so, Entrepreneurship will help
best matches their abilities. Below is a list      business curriculum.                                 guide their planning process in order to make
of all the courses offered in the Business                                                              a dream become a reality. Students create
                                                   If your child is interested in technology, then
Department:                                                                                             business plans, sell products, and present their
                                                   they may be interested in taking our Web
   ● Accounting                                    Design course. The students in this course           ideas to business bankers asking for a loan.
   ● Advertising                                   learn how to code web pages, use                     If the future is unclear, Career Planning is a
   ● Business Law                                  Dreamweaver and for a final project, they            course designed to help students research
   ● Career Internship/IROC                        design a website for a local business. If            various careers and post-secondary options.
   ● Career Planning                               your child is thinking about being a business        Students will have the opportunity to job
   ● College Skills for Success                    major in college, they might want to take an         shadow and interview with community
   ● Computer Applications                         Accounting course or the College Skills              members in order to gain real information
   ● Entrepreneurship                              course. The Accounting courses at many               about their career goals.
   ● General Business (Meets Graduation            universities are considered the “weed out”
                                                   course, so it would be beneficial for your child     Outside the classroom, students can participate
                                                   to experience the course while still in high         in the Business Professionals of America
   ● Honors Accounting                                                                                  (BPA) club or DECA (Distributive Education
                                                   school as a preparation for the college
   ● Information Management                                                                             Careers of America) club. Both of these
                                                   curriculum. The College Skills class helps
   ● Marketing                                                                                          organizations allow students the opportunity to
                                                   your child gains skills they will use to navigate
   ● Personal Law                                                                                       apply what they have learned in the classroom
                                                   their transition to college, working on everything
   ● Web Design                                    from the application process to adjusting to the
                                                                                                        to compete with other students in the area to
   ● Word Applications/Keyboarding                                                                      test their business skills. This year 23 of the
                                                   college course load. If a career in law is what
                                                                                                        27 BPA students who competed at the regional
For any courses not described below, please        your child desires, we would suggest they take
                                                                                                        contest were able to move on to the state
refer to the course selection guide on the         either Personal Law or Business Law. If your
                                                                                                        level. Last year, eight students were able
Victor J. Andrew website.                          child is interested in learning more about the
                                                                                                        to compete at the National Leadership
                                                   work place they can enroll in our Career
The two most popular classes are Word                                                                   Conference in Anaheim, California. This fall,
                                                   Internship course. This course allows students
Applications / Keyboarding and General                                                                  the students in DECA participated in a leader-
                                                   to earn credit for their class work and for their
Business. In the Word Applications /                                                                    ship conference and this spring will compete
                                                   work based experience.
Keyboarding course, students learn the short-                                                           with the goal of reaching nationals. Last year,
cuts of Microsoft Word and proper technique        Students who take Computer Applications and          12 students participated at the state level.
A Piece of the Pi
As the winter season ends, the spring season           compete with any opponent that they face.            year head coach, Kim Zartler will look to improve
leaps to a start. With eleven sports participating                                                          on a great 2010 season and return to be the
                                                       Outdoors will again be a source of great excite-
in the spring, there is always something to                                                                 SWSC conference champion. She will attempt
                                                       ment and pleasure. Head Coach, Dave
watch. Make sure that you can follow the                                                                    to build upon their indoor experience to lead to
                                                       DeHaan will use his 4th season at the helm to
spring sports by visiting the athletic web page                                                             successful outdoor season. The girls have a
                                                       equal or better their success of last year and
at www.athletics2000.com/andrew and the                                                                     large number of athletes and all are working
                                                       qualify for the state finals in Joliet. After last
SouthWest Suburban Conference standings                                                                     hard to lower their times and raise their heights.
                                                       year’s great run into the supersectional, the
at www.athletics2000.com/swsc.                                                                              Look for Coach Zartler to bring a big group of
                                                       returning T-Bolt players want to take it one step
                                                                                                            athletes to the state meet in Charleston.
The spring teams' success forecast is very bright.     farther and get to the state finals. To achieve
In the indoor circuit, head Girls Badminton Coach      that goal, they will need great efforts from their   The boys’ track team, under the leadership of
Mandee Wettergren looksfor her team to again           entire team and coaching staff. Look for the         Head Coach Mike Dwyer, the team will try to
reign as the “Queens of Badminton” in the State        baseball squad to hit their stride around May        build upon their successes from previous years
of Illinois. After finishing in 5th place last year,   and hopefully June.                                  and make some big moves in the very tough
the “ladies of shuttlecock” are back with a                                                                 SWSC Red conference this season. With a
                                                       Another diamond squad looking to equal last          number of athletes having valuable experience
mission to remain the team to beat in the tough        season is our girls' softball team under the         last year, the team knows what it takes make it
SWSC and again earn individual and state               guidance of 5th year head Coach Jim Holba.           to the big show. With another large turnout of
recognition. The program has won state                 Jim will have the team to have that fire in their    athletes, the thinclads will try to use their depth
hardware in 9 of the last 11 seasons. They             eyes that indicate their commitment to the           as well as overall talent to propel them to
look to continue to dominate the state!                success of this season. They expect big things       victories and individual accomplishments.
On the boys' volleyball court, 11th year Head          from themselves and refuse to allow distractions
                                                       like weather to get in their way. They fully         On the tennis courts, the boys' tennis team
Coach Troy Hari looks to use the scrappy nature
                                                       expect to be holding up the SWSC                     under the studious efforts of Head Coach John
of some talented athletes as they attempt to                                                                Tadla has looked to this season to accomplish
capture the conference championship. The               Championship trophy in May.
                                                                                                            all of their lofty goals. There is a renewed
team boasts power and finesse along with a             On another field, the girls' soccer teams boasts     excitement, as the team will again travel to be
high energy level. Look for the “Spiking T-Bolts”      talent, speed, and desire. Loren Zolk welcomes       involved in even more prestigious invitationals to
to be exciting and successful.                         back a solid program in his 4th season as the        improve their experiences. It is their hope that
In the other gym, the District 230 boy's gymnas-       head coach and is prepared to lead the girls and     come state tournament season, they will have
tics team, you might recognize the “new” head          move themselves into the elite level of the south    played the best and are ready for the rest.
                                                       suburbs. The lady soccer team looks to be both
coach from previous seasons. Recently retired                                                               In the pool, water polo is upon us. This sport
                                                       exciting and entertaining and worthy of a lot of
head coach, Don Raymond returns to again                                                                    continues to grow throughout the state of Illinois.
                                                       attention this spring. The girls will try to make
lead the boys’ gymnastics program and has                                                                   From a handful of teams a few years ago, water
                                                       May the best month of the year as they strive to
some very talented juniors and seniors to go                                                                polo has carved out a niche as on of the most
                                                       be the IHSA Regional Champions.
along with a good number of eager underclass                                                                exciting sports that we have. If you enjoy the
athletes. He looks to form a strong team that will     On the oval, the girls’ track team coached by 3rd      passing of basketball, the scoring of indoor
                                                                                                              soccer and the aggressive nature of football,
                                                                                                              then water polo is worth looking at. The
                                                                                                              games are always fun to watch. Check out a
                                                                                                              few this spring. On the boys’ side 3rd year
                                                                                                              head coach, Sigfredo Cruz will look to build on
                                                                                                              a strong background to lead the young men
                                                                                                              both in and out of the pool. Along his a strong
                                                                                                              returning cast of players and a solid coaching
                                                                                                              staff, the boys are looking to churn up the
                                                                                                              water. On the girls’ side, 4th year head coach,
                                                                                                              Mike Kuziel will rely again on his vast playing
                                                                                                              experience and his solid coaching background.
                                                                                                              Coach Kuziel still plays water polo he can easily
                                                                                                              relate to what the athletes are experiencing.
                                                                                                              Look for both head coaches to show high
                                                                                                              energy for their sport.

                                                                                                             The Andrew Boys Bowling team repeated
                                                                                                             two important feats in January. The team
                                                                                                             are back-to-back winners of both the
                                                                                                             SWSC Red Division and their IHSA
                                                                                                             Sectional. They will compete at the IHSA
                                                                                                             State Finals in O’Fallon, IL, January 28th
                                                                                                             and 29th. Pictured are: (front row) Josh
                                                                                                             Powell, John Lynch, Brett Isaacson, and
                                                                                                             Josh Dory & (back row) AJ Lash, Alex King,
                                                                                                             and Kyle Damon.
                                                                                    Community Involvement
ATHLETIC BOOSTER                                    SPECIAL THANKS to Ray Romito and                  Saturday, February 26, 2011. The cost of the
Plan to attend our next monthly Athletic            Mike Sheehan who braved the cold to pick          coupon book is $5.00 and includes a $10.00
Booster Club meetings. All members are              up a concessions order at Sam’s for the           coupon, a 30% off early bird coupon, a 20%
invited. Next Meeting: Our next Booster             Cheerleading Regional & Sectional                 off shopping pass that can be used throughout
Club meeting is Wednesday, February 9 at            Competition. Thank you to all the directors       the day, and other great offers. If you are
7 PM in the teachers’ lounge. We ask all            and parents who donated their time during         interested in purchasing a coupon book
winter team reps to attend. It is also a great      the competitions, Variety Show, and their         please visit our website at www.vjamusic.com
way to become involved. Please come and             continued support for the Andrew Athletic         for more details.
see what we are all about.                          programs and the Booster Club. This club
                                                                                                      Families and friends were entertained by our
                                                    can only be successful when parents get
Market Day Pick-up: Purchasing food from                                                              two talented Jazz Ensembles when they per-
                                                    involved. We hope to continue our success
Market Day is a great way to help support our                                                         formed at Jilly’s in downtown Naperville on
                                                    with your help in the future. If you have any
Andrew students. This month’s Market day is                                                           Tuesday, January 18th. The show was a hit!
                                                    questions or would like to volunteer, please
Saturday, February 12. Pick up is from                                                                More amazingly, both bands were able to put
                                                    contact Rena Sheehan at renaespo@aol.com.
10 AM-11AM in the commons. Order online                                                               together their jazz performances with less
at: http://www.marketday.com. Our account                                                             than ten rehearsals. You’ll have another
# is 5475. Order forms can also be picked                                                             opportunity to see our Jazz Ensembles when
                                                    MUSIC BOOSTER                                     they perform at Hackney’s on Tuesday March
up in the Andrew HS main entrance.
                                                    Just a reminder the Band Parent Meetings          8th, 2011. Thanks you to the band for their
Questions or comments call Market Day
                                                    will resume. The next meeting is Thursday,        great performance in the Variety Show.
Director, Kim Kuchan at
                                                    February 17, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. in Room 239.
stellaku@comcast.net/614-8543.                                                                        Just a reminder of our upcoming Spring
                                                    To participate in the board elections you must
Spirit-Wear & Program Books: Some                   attend three or more meetings. Please come        Concerts in March, the Spring Musical in
spirit wear items are being sold in the school      out and join us for the meetings and also         April, and our Final concerts in May. Also,
book store. For more information, please            consider a position within the organization as    please remember that all uniforms must be
contact Cheryl Giesey at (708) 268-5295/            a board member, a volunteer, or chairperson.      cleaned before turning them in. Look for
bcgiesey@aol.com. Winter program books              Due to various concerts, the next meeting will    more information to follow.
are on sale. They can be purchased at all           be Thursday, March 31, 2011. If you are
home Girls/Boys Basketball games.                   interested or have questions in regards to
For Program Book information, please                these positions, please contact any board         PFSO
contact Mary Hannon at                              member.                                           It may be very cold outside, but things are
mhannon83@yahoo.com/429-7988.                                                                         really starting to heat up with the PFSO. The
                                                    The band would like to welcome our new
                                                                                                      PFSO will be at the Freshman Registration
Variety Show: The Variety Show was a huge           Guard Instructors Sherrie English and Kim
                                                                                                      on Saturday, February 5th to distribute infor-
success. The audience had a wonderful time          Diggs to the Andrew family. They are both
                                                                                                      mation to the upcoming freshmen families
enjoying the very talented Andrew students.         former VJA graduates as well as guard mem-
                                                                                                      about what the PFSO provides for the com-
We would like to thank Julie Mattix, Bob, Judy,     bers. Look for more information on a parent
                                                                                                      munity of the high school. We are also spon-
and Howard Matz, and all the choreographers         show as Winter Guard begins their season
                                                                                                      soring a mock ACT/SAT exam administered
for the countless hours spent choreographing        with their new instructors.
                                                                                                      by Revolution Prep on the same day.
and practicing with students. Also, thanks to
                                                    Winter Percussion will begin competitions
Lisa Gonwa and the crew for their help.                                                               Next up we will be getting ready for Andrew
                                                    with their show titled “Heroes” this month.
Thanks to Deb Balayti, Nancy Hughes, and                                                              Idol on March 2nd where the faculty and staff
                                                    Their first competition is at New Palestine
Ed Feyerer, our Variety Show directors. They                                                          take their turn on stage to see who has the
                                                    High School on Saturday, February 2, 2011
spent countless hours of their time including:                                                        right stuff. We will host a concession stand
                                                    and WGI Regional on February 19th and
every Sunday practice, the weekday practice                                                           so make sure to stop by. All proceeds go to
                                                    20th. We wish them luck!
days, ticket sale, and coordinating show                                                              our Andrew Senior students.
nights. We appreciate all their time and effort.    It’s hard to believe but the second largest
                                                                                                      ATTENTION, ATTENTION UNCLAIMED
Together everyone helped make it a memorable        fundraiser, the Spring Craft Fair, will be held
                                                                                                      PRIZE!!!!! If you were at the 7:00 p.m.
experience for all.                                 in February. The set-up will be Friday,
                                                                                                      Variety show on Saturday, January 22nd and
                                                    February 25th with the shows on Saturday
Athletic Scholarship Forms: Students whose                                                            you purchased a split the pot ticket you may
                                                    and Sunday. Please come and join us.
family has joined the Athletic Boosters by                                                            have forgot to claim the prize. The winning
                                                    If you know of a crafter please have
December 1, 2009 can be considered for schol-                                                         number was 904838. If you have the winning
                                                    them complete the application on the
arships. Attention SENIOR ATHLETES pick up,                                                           ticket please e-mail Missy Chmura at
                                                    www.vjamusic.com website. Also contact
fill out and turn in your scholarship application                                                     MFloresTomcat@aol.com to claim your prize.
                                                    Maryann Ganzer at 614-8918 or
for the Booster Club’s scholarship drawing. The                                                       If the prize is unclaimed by the end of
                                                    mganzer@sbcglobal.net and Kathy Aures
forms are in the Guidance office. April 1, 2011                                                       February it will go toward the Andrew Senior
                                                    at 407-8813 or kdaures@yahoo.com to
is the deadline for scholarship forms.                                                                Scholarship.
                                                    volunteer for a shift. Speaking of fundraisers,
Concessions: Thank you to all the parents           the Andrew Music Parent Organization is           The next PFSO meeting will be February 2nd
who help with indoor girls and boys basketball      participating in the Carson’s Community Day       at 6:30pm in the Faculty Lounge and the
concessions. Please come out and enjoy one          Fundraiser event. We will be selling Carson’s     “March” meeting will be held on February
of our games.                                       Community Day Sale coupon books good on           28th at 6:30pm in the Faculty Lounge.
                       VICTOR J. ANDREW HIGH SCHOOL                                                                   STANDARD
                                                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
                       9001 West 171st Street                                                                            PAID
                       Tinley Park, IL 60487                                                                        PERMIT NO. 11
                       Phone:708-342-5800                                                                           ORLAND PARK

 Andrew Pride is
                     Patrick O'Sullivan, President
published by the
   Consolidated      Michael Hastings, Vice President
     High School     Kathy Quilty, Secretary
     District 230
                     Carol Baker
  School Board.
                     Dennis Cook
                     Frank Grabowski
                     Laura Murphy

                     Dr. James M. Gay, Superintendent
                     Robert Nolting, Principal

                     "An equal opportunity employer"

      Printed on Recycled Paper
      30% Total Recycled Fiber

                                                              School Calendar
                                                 February     21 President’s Day – No School
                                                              25 End of 3rd Quarter

                                                 March         3    Parent/Teacher Conferences
                                                                    No Student Attendance
                                                               4    No School
                                                              18    Early Dismissal 1 p.m.
                                                              21    Spring Break Begins
                                                              28    Reconvene School after Spring Break

                                                 April         22   No School
                                                            27-28   PSAE Testing
                                                               29   Institute Day – No Student Attendance –Prom

                                                 May          31    Last Day of School (if no snow days are used)
                                                                    End of 4th Quarter – End of 2nd Semester

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