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					                                                                                                        November 2006

                                                                  Golf Tournament Festivities
                                                                  10th Annual Hospitality Classic

                                                                             he best one so far.” This was a comment echoed
                                                                             by golfers at the September 18 Sacramento
                                                                             Hospitality Classic golf tournament sponsored by
                                                                  the Sacramento Hotel Association and the Sacramento
                                                                                                     Convention & Visitors
                                                                                                        The comfortable fall
                                                                                                     weather, the spectacular
                                                                                                     food stations, a group of
                                                                                                     generous sponsors, and a
                                                                                                     nearly full field of golfers
“How to Get a                                                                                        came together for the
                                                                                                     10th annual Hospitality
Green Placard”                                                                                       Classic at Wildhawk Golf
                                                                                                     Club. Hospitality leaders,
Training Classes                                                                                     colleagues, clients, and
                                                                                                     vendors enjoyed a fabu-
Food Safety Program                                                                                  lous event.

        arlier this year, the
        Sacramento County Board of
        Supervisors approved its new
food facilities color-coded inspec-
tion system for all retail food facil-
                                         Winning team members (left to
ities licensed by the county             right) Erik Smith, USA Today; and
(including all incorporated cities).     Embassy Suites representatives Joe
                                         Bowman, Barbara Stannius, and
    Establishments will be required      Steve Mammet accept first-place
to post a placard visible from the       honors.
outside—Green (pass), Yellow
(conditional pass) or Red
(closed)—that shows the results of
their most recent inspection or rein-                         The second place
                                                      foursome—(left to right)
spection. The new requirement be-                       Sheraton Grand golfers
comes effective January 1, 2007. The                   Mark Quartarolo, Kelly
color-coded placards will be issued fol-           Macy, and Russ Berriman,
                                                         along with guest Brad
lowing inspections conducted by the                    Walker—poses for their
County’s Environmental Management                          awards photograph.
Department (EMD).
    The County’s Environmental                  Special thanks to Sacramento City Councilmembers Lauren Hammond and Steve
Management Department is sponsor-               Cohn for playing in this year’s tournament.
ing training classes regarding the new              “The best food at any golf tournament” is how participants continue to de-
color-coded placarding system for               scribe the Classic’s flavorful fare at the awards reception. The savory and sweet
food establishments. The training               treats at this year’s event were prepared by our reception hosts—Classique
classes are being provided to assist            Catering, Doubletree Hotel, Embassy Suites, Hilton Arden West, Holiday Inn
food establishment owners and man-              Capitol Plaza, Holiday Inn Northeast, Hyatt Regency, Radisson Hotel,
agers on how to receive a green                 Sacramento Marriott, Sheraton Grand and Wildhawk Grille.
“PASS” placard following inspections.
                                                    We were fortunate to have a number of sponsors supporting the various com-
Training Classes                                ponents of this year’s event—their contributions are a key factor in the success of
    EMD is offering “How to Get a               the Sacramento Hospitality Classic (see sponsor list). We are pleased to report
Green Placard” training classes at no           that a portion of the tournament proceeds will be used for scholarships and other
additional cost. The specific criteria          industry education programs.
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                                           AH&LA Releases 2006 Lodging
                                           Industry Profile
                                           Industry’s Pre-Tax Profits Advance to $22.6 Billion

                                                       predicted by industry ex-                 • The tourism industry is currently
                                                       perts, the u.S. lodging in-                  the third largest retail industry,
                                                       dustry recorded its best year                behind automotive and food
   sacramEnTo HoTEl                        ever in 2005, posting pretax profits of                  stores. In 30 states, tourism ranks
      associaTion                          $22.6 billion, up from $16.7 billion in                  as the first, second, or third larg-
2006 board of dirEcTors                    2003, based on the American Hotel &                      est employer.
President                                  Lodging Association’s (AH&LA)                         • Tourism generated $654 billion in
LIz TAVERNESE ...........(916) 446-0100
                                           Lodging Industry Profile (LIP), a sta-                   domestic sales.
 Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza                 tistical analysis of the lodging industry             The LIP provides a quick list of sig-
                                           for year-end 2005.                                 nificant facts about the lodging, travel,
Vice President                                 The lodging industry’s overall prof-           and tourism industries, including em-
STEVE MAMMET ........(916) 326-5000        itability grossed $122.7 billion in total          ployment impact; international travel
 Embassy Suites Hotel
                                           sales—compared to $113.7 billion in                statistics; and property and room
Treasurer                                  2004. This increase is attributed to a             breakdowns by location, rate, and size.
DWIGHT MIYAkAWA .(916) 338-5800            variety of sources, including the indus-           A complimentary copy of the 2006
 Holiday Inn Sacramento Northeast          try’s ability to raise room rates due to           AH&LA Lodging Industry Profile is
                                           an increase in demand from both lei-               available on the AH&LA Web site,
Past President                             sure and business travelers. The LIP’s    Figures for year-end
GuNTER STANNIuS ....(916) 447-1700         other indicators—promotional spend-                2006 will be available in fall 2007.
 Sheraton Grand Sacramento                 ing, average occupancy rate, and reve-                Information contained in the LIP is
           dirEcTors                       nue per available room—also point to               based on data provided by the American
RoN BERGER ..............(916) 922-2020
                                           a stronger lodging industry perfor-                Economics Group, Inc.; D.k. Shifflet
 Radisson Hotel Sacramento                 mance ahead.                                       & Associates, Ltd.; Smith Travel
                                               other facts found in the LIP:                  Research; the Travel Industry Association
BARRY MILLER ...........(916) 929-8855                                                        of America; and the u.S. Department
 Doubletree Hotel Sacramento                   • There are 47,590 properties con-
                                                 sisting of 4.4 million guestrooms.           of Commerce, International Trade
uLRICH SAMIETz .......(916) 443-1234           • The lodging industry directly sup-           Administration, office of Travel and
 Hyatt Regency Sacramento
                                                 ports more than 7.5 million jobs.            Tourism Industries. t
                                                                                              Source: American Hotel & Lodging Association
RALPH SuDA ...............(916) 638-1100
 Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cor-
DAVE BoLDT ...............(916) 648-2500
 SuperShuttle                              STBID Advisory
RAELENE TRuMM ......(916) 442-4000
 Westfield Downtown Plaza                  Board Meets
   EX officio board mEmbErs                          August, the Sacramento
STEVE HAMMoND .....(916) 808-7777                    Tourism Business
 Sacramento Convention & Visitors                    Improvement District
 Bureau                                    (STBID) Advisory Board approved
                                           the 2006-07 STBID marketing activi-
CHERYL MARCELL .....(916) 874-0760         ties and budget. The funds generated
 Sacramento County Airport System
                                           by the district are used to market the
                                           involved areas as a convention and      STBID Advisory Board members (left to right) Liz Tavernese,
               sTaff                                                                      Stannius, Steve Mammet, and Bill Cox listen to reports
                                           tourism destination, with the market- Gunter Sacramento CVB representatives before approving the
Executive director                         ing activities implemented by the             2006-07 STBID marketing activities and budget.
TERESA STEPHENSoN..(916) 441-6110          Sacramento Convention & Visitors
    The Reader Board is published          Bureau. The STBID Advisory Board
by the Sacramento Hotel Association,       is responsible for reviewing and approving the STBID budget and marketing ac-
    a nonprofit trade organization.        tivities prepared by the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau staff.
  The newsletter is distributed to all
   members of the Association and              STBID Advisory Board members include Chair Gunter stannius, general man-
 to others who have an interest in the     ager, Sheraton Grand; Vice Chair steve mammet, general manager, of the
   Sacramento hospitality industry.        Embassy Suites; and members bill cox, owner, Delta Daze Inn Isleton; dwight
 Articles and press releases of interest   miyakawa, general manager, Holiday Inn Northeast; ralph suda, general manag-
to those who work in the Sacramento        er, Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova; and liz Tavernese, general manager,
   hospitality industry are welcome.
                                           Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza.
          P.O. Box 276567                      The Sacramento City Council, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors,
    Sacramento, CA 95827-6567
(916) 1-6110 • (916) 92-2209 Fax        and the Isleton Town Council are responsible for appointing members of the        STBID Advisory Board. When openings occur on the STBID Advisory Board, the         Sacramento Hotel Association recommends nominees for appointment. t

                                           Sacramento Hotel Association • November 2006 • 2
PricewaterhouseCoopers Forecasts RevPAR Growth
of 8.7 Percent in 2006
       ccording to Pricewaterhouse-           hoteliers to exercise double-digit in-             to moderate, which together with the
       Coopers’ latest forecast, the          creases in room rates in many lodging              acceleration in room supply additions,
       u.S. lodging industry can expect       markets.”                                          will result in RevPAR growth of 5.9
occupancy to increase to 64.2 percent            PwC’s subscription service for twelve           percent, still only 0.2 percent lower than
in 2006, the highest since 1996, and          major markets—Atlanta, Boston,                     the rate achieved in 2000. occupancy
average daily rate (ADR) is forecast to       Chicago, Dallas, Hawaii, orlando,                  in 2007 is forecast to increase to 64.3
increase by 6.9 percent, for a combined       Los Angeles, Miami, New York,                      percent, an increase of 0.1 occupancy
revenue per available room (RevPAR)           Philadelphia, San Francisco, and                   points, compared with the 1.1 occu-
growth of 8.7 percent. The forecast           Washington, DC—reflects RevPAR                     pancy point gain in 2006. t
increase in RevPAR for 2006 is the            growth in those markets will range                 Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers
largest since 1980, when the industry’s       from 4.7 percent to 9.0 percent in
RevPAR increased by 12.6 percent.             2007, with Los Angeles, orlando,
The PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)              Washington, DC and Hawaii experi-
forecast is based on September macro-
economic assumptions for more robust
growth in 2006 than previously forecast
                                              encing the smallest, but still impressive,
                                              increases. In contrast with other recent           SHA Events
by most economists.
                                              forecasts reported by some sources,
                                              PwC does not forecast a RevPAR                     Calendar
   “The lodging industry continues to         decline in any of these markets.
benefit from a surprisingly slow rate            PwC’s 2007 forecast predicts a                  2006 • 2006 • 2006
of supply growth for this phase of the        slowdown of room demand growth                     • friday, november 17
cycle, and a robust economy that, de-         reflecting the overall economic slow-                Luncheon Meeting
spite higher energy prices, is support-       down precipitated by a combination of                Review of 2006 Hotel Industry and
ing growth in personal consumption            a weakening housing market, higher                   2007 Projections
expenditures,” says Bjorn Hanson,             interest rates, higher energy prices,                Presenter: Kenneth Kuchman,
Ph.D. and principal, Hospitality and          and moderating equity market gains.                  Vice President, PkF Consulting
Leisure practice, PwC. “At the same           Inflationary pressures are also forecast             Hyatt Regency Sacramento
time, inflationary pressures allow                                                               • Tuesday, december 12
                                                                                                   Holiday Reception & Toy
How to Get a Green Placard                                                                         Election of officers and Directors
Continued from page 1
                                                                                                   Red Lion Hotel Sacramento
for the placarding program, as well as basic food handling training, will be re-                 2007 • 2007 • 2007
viewed to assist participants with receiving and maintaining the green “PASS”
placard status. Each training class is 90 minutes.                                               • friday, January 19
                                                                                                    Luncheon Meeting
   Seating is limited for the classes. Please call kristin Ledbetter or Jennifer
Hermreck at 875-8440 for reservations.                                                           • friday, february 16
                                                                                                    Luncheon Meeting
“How to Get a Green Placard” Training Class Schedule                                             • friday, march 16
   The EMD Training Room located at 875 Jackson Road, Sacramento                                   Hospitality Gala and Employee
     (Second Floor).                                                                                and Supplier Awards
   Nov. 13. . . . . 9:0 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. EMD Training Room (English)                              Sacramento Marriott Rancho
   Nov 14 . . . . . 1:0 p.m. – :00 p.m. EMD Training Room (English)                               Cordova (evening event)
   Nov. 15. . . . . 1:0 p.m. – :00 p.m. Colonial Heights Library (English),                    • friday, april 20
     799 Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento                                                            Luncheon Meeting
   Nov. 27. . . . . 1:00 p.m. – 2:0 p.m. Fair Oaks Library (English),                           • friday, may 18
     11601 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Fair Oaks                                                           Luncheon Meeting
   Nov. 28. . . . . 9:0 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. EMD Training Room (English)
   Nov. 29. . . . . 9:00 a.m. – 10:0 a.m. Sac-Yolo Mosquito Abatement District                  • friday, June 15
     (English), 861 Bond Road, Elk Grove                                                           Luncheon Meeting
   Dec. 4 . . . . . . 1:0 p.m. – :00 p.m. EMD Training Room (English)                          • July and august
   Dec. 5 . . . . . . 9:0 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. EMD Training Room (English)                            No SHA Luncheon Meetings
   Dec. 6 . . . . . . 9:00 a.m. – 10:0 a.m. Carmichael Library (English),                       • friday, september 7
     5605 Marconi Avenue, Carmichael                                                                Luncheon Meeting
   Dec. 7 . . . . . . 1:0 p.m. – :00 p.m. EMD Training Room (Korean)                           • monday, october 1
   Dec. 11. . . . . . 9:0 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Stockton Boulevard Partnership (English),              Sacramento Hospitality Classic
     5625 Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento                                                            Golf Tournament
   Dec. 12 . . . . . 1:0 p.m. – :00 p.m. EMD Training Room (English)                             Wildhawk Golf Club
   Please call kristin Ledbetter or Jennifer Hermreck at 875-8440 for class reser-               • friday, october 19
vations. Information about the placard program and the training classes is at                       Luncheon Meeting t
                                                                                                 • friday, november 16
                                                                                                    Luncheon Meeting
                                                                                                 • december (date Tba)
                                                                                                    Holiday Reception & Toy
                                              Sacramento Hotel Association • November 2006 • 
Hospitality Classic Recap                                                             As the score cards were being tallied, participants pulled out their
Continued from page 1                                                              raffle tickets and got ready to win—gift baskets, hotel packages,
                                                                                   theatre and sporting event tickets, a neon beverage sign, iPods
                                                                                   and gift certificates.
                                                                                      After the tournament and reception, each golfer took home a
                                                                                   “Find a Flavor” gift pack from Absolut Vodka. Earlier in the day,
                                                                                   each golfer received a ball marker/hat clip with the tournament
                                                                                   logo on the ball marker from Southern Wine & Spirits, a hat
                                                                                   from Wildhawk, and a sleeve of balls from the Classic.
                                                                                      We hope you will join us for next year’s tournament—
                                                                                   october 1, 2007. Watch for 2007 Sacramento Hospitality Classic
                                                                                   news in future issues of Reader Board and at SHA’s Web site
                                                                                      Congratulations to our tournament winners. Each winning
                                                                                   team member received a James C. Fitzpatrick framed print.

        One of the Sacramento CVB’s foursomes accepts
        its third-place awards—(left to right) Tom Bennett,
        Jonathan Wiser, Dave Zancanaro (Pacific Building
        Products) and Doug Scholz.

                                                                       Golfers relax after the tournament to enjoy the awards reception.

                                                                                                                         1st Place Team
                                                                                                                             Steve Mammet, Embassy Suites
                                                                                                                             Barbara Stannius, Embassy Suites
                                                                                                                             Joe Bowman, Embassy Suites
Golfers roll out to their starting tees for the                                                                              Erik Smith, USA Today
Hospitality Classic at Wildhawk.
                                                                                                                         2nd Place Team
                                                                                                                             Kelly Macy, Sheraton Grand
                                                                                                                             Brad Walker, guest of Sheraton
           Golf hole sponsors and beverage cart                                                                                Grand
            sponsors keep spirits high during the                                                                            Mark Quartarolo, Sheraton Grand
                                                                                                                             Russ Berriman, Sheraton Grand
                                                                                                                         3rd Place Team
                                                                                                                             Tom Bennett, Sacramento CVB
                                                                                                                             Jonathan Wiser, Sacramento CVB
                                                                                                                             Doug Scholz, Sacramento CVB
                                                                                                                                      Dave Zancanaro, Pacific
                                                                                                                                      Coast Building Products
                                                                                                                                           Long Drive
                                                                                                                                           Men’s – Scott Abraham,
                                                                                                                                           Southern Wine & Spirits
                                                                                                                                           Women’s – Kelly Macy,
                                                                                                                                           Sheraton Grand
                                                                                                                                           Men’s – Craig Roy, guest
                                                                                                                                           of Digital Gear
                                                                                                                                           Women’s – Jane Douglas,
                                                                                                                                           Prestige Cleaners
                                                                                                                                           Putting Contest
                                                                                                                                           Doug Paulsen, Comcast

                                                              Sacramento Hotel Association • November 2006 • 
  Reception sponsors offer savory and sweet treats to
  golfers before the awards ceremonies.

Golfer Gifts
  Absolut Vodka
  Sacramento Hotel Association
  Southern Wine & Spirits
  Wildhawk Golf Club
Hole Sponsors
  Decorative Plant Service
  Hard Rock Café
  Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
  Prestige Cleaners
  Radisson Hotel Sacramento
  Sacramento Marriott
    Rancho Cordova
  USA Today
Putting Contest
  Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
Longest Drive – Men’s
  Yellow Cab Co. of Sacramento                                                                             RAFFLe PRIZe DONORS
Longest Drive – Women’s                                                                                     Cache Creek Casino Resort
  Sacramento Hotel Association                                                                              California Hotel & Lodging
Closest-to-the-Pin – Men’s & Women’s                                                                        Classique Catering
  Yellow Cab Co. of Sacramento                                                                              Comcast
Golf Cart Placards                                      ReCePTION SPONSORS                                  Copy Central
  Sacramento County Airport System                      Special thanks to our awards reception              Digital Gear
                                                        hosts.                                              Discover Sacramento
Tee Markers
  Comcast                                                 Classique Catering                                Folsom Premium Outlets
                                                          Doubletree Hotel Sacramento                       Hawthorn Suites Sacramento
Hole Flags                                                Embassy Suites Sacramento                         Hilton Sacramento Arden West
  Embassy Suites Sacramento                               Hilton Sacramento Arden West                      Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
Hole-in-One                                               Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza                         Holiday Inn Northeast
  Sacramento Hotel Association                            Holiday Inn Northeast Sacramento                  Southern Wine & Spirits
Beverage Carts                                            Hyatt Regency Sacramento                          USA Today
  The Interior Plant Company                              Radisson Hotel Sacramento                         Westfield Downtown Plaza
  Sacramento Convention & Visitors                        Sacramento Marriott                               Whitney Oaks Golf Club
    Bureau                                                   Rancho Cordova                                 Wood’ys Grill & Bar Sacramento
                                                          Sheraton Grand Sacramento                         Yellow Cab Company of
Jagermeister Bus                                          Wildhawk Grille                                     Sacramento
  Sidney Frank Importing Company

                                                        Sacramento Hotel Association • November 2006 • 5
TIDBITS                                     Welcome New                                         Member News

e-mail Replacing Guest Comment
                                            Members                                                 steve Young has been named general
                                                                                                manager of the red lion Hotel
                                            LODGING PROPeRTIeS                                  sacramento. Young has served as as-
   As hotels increasingly come to rely                                                          sistant general manager for the past
on customer e-mail for feedback, hotel      Clarion Hotel Mansion inn                           three years. Congratulations.
comment cards are becoming a thing            700 Sixteenth Street
of the past. Hilton Hotels and Marriott       Sacramento, CA 95814                                  The Hawthorn suites sacramento
have each moved to an e-mail version          (916) 444-8000                                    has a new general manager—Vern
of the suggestion box.                        (916) 442-8129 Fax                                Heitzenrader. He is actually returning
                                                              to the hotel as general manager.
                                                                                                Heitzenrader served as GM several years
Some Chains Replace Front Desks               http://clarion-mansion-inn.pacifica-
                                                                                                ago and then transferred to the Holiday
With Personable Pods                  
                                                                                                Inn Select in Renton, Washington. He
   More hotel chains are ditching their       Michael M. Palmer, CHA, General                   has been with Sunstone Hotels since
large check-in counters in favor of             Manager                                         1999. Welcome back!
smaller pods that are more approach-          James Lynton, Director of Sales &
                                                Marketing                                           Greg Hargrave, former general man-
able and conducive to personalized in-                                                          ager at the Hilton sacramento arden
teraction between staff and guests.         FairField inn saCraMento Cal expo                   West, has relocated to the Boston area.
Several Embassy Suites, Westin and             1780 Tribute Road                                He will be managing the Sheraton
Hyatt hotels already feature the indi-         Sacramento, CA 95815                             Framingham Hotel. on behalf of the
vidually manned stations, and                  (916) 920-5300                                   SHA Board and staff, we thank Greg
Wyndham plans to introduce them in             (916) 920-5377 Fax                               for his commitment to the Association
late 2007.                                                     and his Board service as Secretary for
Source: USA Today                              Vernita Crews, Director of Sales                 the past several years.
                                                                                                    leonard Hoops, VP and chief mar-
Amex Forecasts 4.5% Rise in                 ASSOCIATeS/PReFeRReD                                keting officer for the sacramento cVb
Domestic Travel Costs                       VeNDORS                                             since 2001, has been appointed EVP,
   American Express Business Travel         owen-dunn insuranCe serviCes                        sales and marketing, at the San
predicts the cost of domestic travel          2831 G Street, Suite 200                          Francisco CVB. Hoops and his team
will rise 4.5 percent in 2007.                Sacramento, CA 95816                              developed the “Discover Gold” brand
International travel will cost 4.6 per-       (916) 231-5428                                    strategy, pioneered the use of smart
cent more. AmEx attributes the in-            (916) 443-0251 Fax                                card technology, and launched the
creases to higher prices expected for                                                           convention industry’s first $1 million
                                                                   sweepstakes promotion. Best wishes,
air travel, hotel stays and car rentals.                                  Leonard!
                                              Marty O’Hara, Hotel and Lodging
                                                Director                                            The Hawthorn suites sacramento
                                                                                                has initiated a park-and-ride program,
                                                                                                which provides hotel guests with com-
                                                                                                plimentary shuttle service to Sacramento
                                                                                                International Airport and two weeks

                    Toys &
                                                                                                of free parking. The hotel averages
                                                                                                100 airline-crew rooms a night, and
                                                                                                runs a regular shuttle to the airport
                                                                                                from 4:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
                                                                                                According the sales director Jane

                                                                                                Miller, the hotel has room on its shut-
                                                                                                tles, and the airline crews don’t have ve-
                                                                                                hicles, which leaves the hotel with
                                                                                                plenty of empty parking spaces.

                                                                                                    In october, the downtown
                                                                                                sacramento Partnership (DSP) received
                                                                                                two Achievement Awards at the
                                                                                                International Downtown Association’s
                                                                                                (IDA) Annual Conference for the
                     SHA Annual Holiday Reception                                               Navigator Program and the 2006
                              December 12                                                       State of Downtown Breakfast. The
                                                                                                Navigator program, launched in 2004,
                         4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.                                                  connects downtown homeless individ-
              Red Lion Hotel Sacramento • 1401 Arden Way                                        uals with services and programs to
                                                                                                increase access to care and identify
        Members and guests are invited to continue SHA’s holiday tradition                      potential solutions to homelessness.
      of collecting new toys for the less fortunate children in our community.                  Congratulations.
          The Salvation Army will distribute them to local children during                          The downtown sacramento
       the holiday season. Please plan to bring a new unwrapped toy to the                      Partnership office has moved to 980 -
                          reception—no guns or weapons.                                         9th Street, Suite 400, Sacramento,
                                                                                                California 95814. All telephone and
              Thanks also to the Red Lion staff for serving as our hosts                        fax numbers remain the same. t
      for this annual festive holiday gathering. Bring your staff and join your
                    industry colleagues for some holiday cheer!

                                             Sacramento Hotel Association • November 2006 • 6
Travelers Reveal Likes and Dislikes in                                                                                      • Hit the Gas: Eighty-one percent
                                                                                                                        of travelers plan to drive this year for
Travel for 2007                                                                                                         leisure trips, versus 71 percent just one
                                                                                                                        year ago.
(Editor’s Note: The list represents selected items from the survey results.)                                                • skip my loo: Twenty-eight per-
                                                                                                                        cent of travelers said their worst expe-
                                                                                                                        rience in a hotel room was a dirty

       ripAdvisorTM has announced the                                  • loose lips sink ships: Eighteen                bathroom, and 75 percent of travelers
       results of its annual travel                                 percent of travelers have had to im-                think that a clean restroom is what
       trends survey of nearly 4,000                                pose the “whatever happens in (fill in              makes an airport great. Eight percent
travelers, globally.                                                the destination), stays in (fill in the             of travelers have actually showered in
   • Pining for Pine Trees: Forty-three                             destination)” rule with their travel                an airport restroom.
percent of travelers are likely to go                               partners.                                               • breaking the bank: Although 86
hiking, up from 24 percent one year                                    • love is in the air: Six percent of             percent of travelers said budget was an
ago, and 39 percent intend to partake                               travelers were asked on a date or start-            important consideration when making
in adventure activities (such as para-                              ed a romantic relationship with a per-              vacation plans last year, 46 percent of
                      sailing and white-                            fect stranger while on a flight, up from            respondents said they spent beyond
                        water rafting),                             four percent last year.                             their travel budget.
                        up from 29 per-                                • Work-aholism: Sixteen percent of                   • Packed to the Gills: Sixty-four
                       cent last year.                              travelers checked their work e-mail or              percent of travelers have bought or
                 More women than                                    voicemail at least once daily when on               brought an additional piece of lug-
                men plan to participate                             their last vacation.                                gage, just to pack the items they pur-
in outdoor activities in 2007 according                                                                                 chased on vacation for the return trip
to the survey.                                                         • Hotel Kleptomania: Twenty per-
                                                                    cent of travelers have taken items from             home.
   • Germaphobic Guests: Travelers                                  a hotel such as towels, bathrobes, dec-                 • Terrorism matters, fuel not so
continue to suffer from germaphobia                                 orative pieces, glassware or flatware.              much: Sixty-one percent of travelers
as 24 percent won’t leave home with-                                                                                    consider the threat of terrorism an im-
out disinfectant/cleaning supplies,                                    • star-crossed: Sixty-eight percent
                                                                    of travelers have been to a destination             portant factor when choosing where
shower shoes, their own pillow, their                                                                                   to go on their next vacation, up from
own sheets/pillowcase, or their own                                 known to have celebrity guests.
                                                                                                                        52 percent last year. Twenty-five per-
towels, compared to 22 percent, last                                   • rapid relaxation: Twenty percent               cent of travelers (and 29 percent of
year.                                                               of travelers said it took them less than            Americans) now consider the cost of
   • spas losing steam: Fewer travel-                               one hour to relax on their last vaca-               fuel important when choosing where
ers (47 percent) intend to visit a spa                              tion. For an additional 35 percent, it              to go on vacation. t
this year, compared to last year (55                                took less than a day, and three percent             Source: TripAdvisor™
percent).                                                           could never relax.
   • Pesky Parasites: Four percent of
travelers have experienced bed bugs in
a hotel room.

                                                                                     Backyard Tours Well Received
                                                                                        The Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau sponsored two
                                                                                     “backyard tours” in late october. The Bureau invited hotel sales
                                                                                     and convention services staff, hotel front desk staff/concierges, visi-
                                                                                     tor center staff, convention center booking and event coordinators,
                                                                                     and other hospitality partners to join CVB staff for a “backyard
                                                                                     tour” of Sacramento.
                                                                                        The tours are designed to familiarize those who interact with
                                                                                     actual and potential visitors to Sacramento about all that our city
                                                                                     has to offer. Participants were taken on a guided city tour to see
                                                                                     and learn about historic landmarks, visitor sites, restaurants and
                                                                                     attractions that visitors may want to experience while in Sacramento.
                                                                                     Some of the sites visited during the tours included the Railroad
                                                                                     Museum, California Museum, Stanford Mansion, Governor’s
                                                                                     Mansion, the Capitol, and old Sacramento.
                                                                                        More than 70 hotel and hospitality partners participated in the
                                                                                     two half-day tours, with front desk and sales staff from 11 hotels—
                                                                                     Amber House Inn, Best Western Sutter House, Best Western
                                                                                     Venetian Inn, Clarion/Holiday Inn Express, Courtyard by Marriott
                                                                                     Midtown, Hawthorn Suites, Hilton Sacramento Arden West, Hyatt
                                                                                     Regency Sacramento, Radisson Sacramento, Sheraton Grand
                                                                                     Sacramento, and South Natomas Courtyard by Marriott. t
   Hotel and hospitality representatives participate in one of the two half-
   day Backyard Tours coordinated by the Sacramento CVB.

                                                                     Sacramento Hotel Association • November 2006 • 7
Landmark ADA Decision Spells Relief                                                                     Travelocity
for California Hotels                                                                                   Incentives
   About the Author: Martin Orlick is a partner in the Real Estate Department of Jeffer, Mangels,       Launches Hotel
                                                                                                        Gift Cards
Butler & Marmaro’s San Francisco office and is a senior member of the law firm’s Global Hospitality
Group®. He has handled more than 175 ADA cases for hotels and other businesses. He can be
reached at 15.98.9667 or

                                                                                                            Just in time for the holidays, shop-
                october 26, 2006, the                  The ruling was affirmed on appeal                pers can now tie up and wrap a bow
                California state Court of           after a thorough analysis of the legisla-           around more than 30,000 hotels
                Appeal ruled that disabled          tive intent under California law gov-               worldwide. Marking the first time an
plaintiffs suing for damages under                  erning access of disabled persons to                online travel company has marketed
California’s unruh Civil Rights Act                 public accommodations.                              to the $30 billion retail gift card indus-
(unruh Act), must prove intentional                    In California, plaintiffs claiming               try, Travelocity’s licensee, Travelocity
discrimination in order to recover the              damages for technical violations of the             Incentives, is rolling out $25, $50 and
“$4,000 minimum damages per offense”                ADA must elect whether to proceed to                $100 gift cards to consumers at more
that makes this kind of litigation so lu-           trial under the unruh Act (providing                than 1,000 retail locations and online
crative to plaintiffs and their lawyers.            $4,000 minimum statutory damages                    at
    In California, litigation filed under           per violation) or the DPA (providing                    Travelocity Incentives, which exclu-
the Americans with Disabilities Act                 $1,000 minimum statutory damages                    sively represents the Travelocity brand
(ADA), and the related unruh Act and                per violation). Now, under the Gunther              to the gift card distribution channel,
Disabled Persons Act (DPA)—which                    decision, if the plaintiff elects to pro-           lets consumers redeem hotel gift cards
allows for a minimum of $1,000 per                  ceed under the unruh Act—seeking a                  for confirmed reservations at all major
offense—has allowed plaintiffs to re-               larger potential award—but fails to                 brands and thousands of independent
cover damages for multiple offenses                 prove intentional discrimination, no                hotels in more than 140 countries
from one defendant, plus attorneys’ fees.           statutory damages will be awarded.                  worldwide. And unlike other travel of-
It is no wonder that, in California, filing            The court noted that some guidelines             ferings, consumers will not be affected
this kind of litigation—which often fo-             provided by ADAAG are so “intuitive                 by blackout dates—if the hotel room
cuses on highly technical violations—               and obvious” it would be hard to believe            is available on Travelocity Incentives,
has become a cottage industry for                   that noncompliance with them could be               it can be booked right online.
plaintiffs groups and their lawyers.                other than intentional. other deviations                Consumers can buy Travelocity
Because hotels and restaurants are des-             that are far from obvious will require              Incentives hotel gift cards in one of two
ignated as “places of public accommo-               a finding of intentional discrimination.            convenient ways: at any Safeway-affil-
dation” under the ADA, they have                                                                        iated storefront in the united States or
been routine targets of these groups.               What this mean to California’s                      via, where
    The case that is certain to change              hotel owners                                        they can also purchase a customized
California’s ADA landscape, Gunther                     • To recover the higher penalties,              and personalized greeting card to create
v. Lin, alleged that the disabled plain-                  disabled plaintiffs claiming dis-             a complete package before shipping.
tiff (Gunther) visited a Jack-in-the-Box                  crimination due to technical vio-                 “These new hotel gift cards make it
restaurant just before the restaurant’s                   lations of the various (and often             easier than ever to purchase, experience
remodeling was completed. Although                        confusing) ADAAG standards in                 and now share the gift of travel with-
the restroom was accessible for the                       California will now have to prove             out lots of rules and red tape,” said
disabled, Gunther found that a hot                        that the establishment intentionally          Andres Fabris, vice president, business
water pipe was not insulated, and that                    discriminated against them. Prov-             development for Travelocity. “our en-
the restroom’s mirror was too high                        ing intentional discrimination will           trance into the loyalty and incentives
according to the Americans with                           be difficult in most cases.                   marketplace also presents a tremendous
Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines               • Business owners that are defending            opportunity for our business now that
(ADAAG). Gunther sued the restau-                         existing lawsuits for inadvertent             we can offer Travelocity customers ac-
rant’s owner, seeking at least $8,000 in                  violations of the ADAAG stan-                 cess to hotels through an entirely new
automatic penalties for the two alleged                   dards in California should benefit            distribution channel.”
ADAAG violations.                                         immediately, provided the law-                    The innovative hotel gift card from
    In many cases, an establishment’s                     suits were filed under the unruh              Travelocity Incentives allows consumers
owner would decide to avoid the liti-                     Act (which is generally the case).            to apply their balance online as full or
gation by paying the penalty and cor-                   • The Gunther decision could af-                partial payment for immediate hotel
recting the problems. But the                             fect insurance coverage. Since the            reservations. Customers will be able to
Jack-in-the-Box owner, Lin, refused to                    Modern Development Company                    redeem up to four separate gift cards
be intimidated. When the owner had                        v. Navigators Insurance Company               towards any one purchase. t
its day in court, the court found that it                 decision in 2003 found that ADA
never intended to violate the ADA.                        claims involved “intentional acts”
Relying upon a California Supreme                         and were therefore not covered
Court’s 1991 ruling in Harris v. Capital                  under most policies, insurance
Growth Investors XIV, which held the                      coverage has been systematically
unruh Act was intended to “punish                         denied for ADA claims. In light
intentional and morally offensive con-                    of Gunther, insureds may want to
duct,” the Gunther court determined                       revisit any adverse coverage deci-
that the plaintiff must prove that the                    sions.                                            Sacramento Hotel Association
Jack-in-the-Box’s business owner de-                    • Lastly, hotels should ensure that                       P.o. Box 276567
liberately intended to discriminate against               their premises are ADA compli-                    Sacramento, CA 95827-6567
the disabled in order to recover the                      ant. Courts will not, and should                         (916) 441-6110
higher $4,000 minimum statutory                           not, excuse blatant disregard for   
damages per offense.                                      the rights of the disabled. t       
                                                     Sacramento Hotel Association • November 2006 • 8

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