Quest_ Inc. Newsletter 2011 by yaofenjin


									                                                                      MISSION STATEMENT:
         Quest, Inc.
                 2010 Year-End Review
                                                            Quest Inc. provides support services for persons with
                                                               special needs to promote inclusion, maximize
                                                                 independence and improve quality of life.
     32231 Schoolcraft Rd. Suite 200, Livonia, MI 48150
        ℡: 734.458.8140              : 734.458.8195

 Thank you, to all of our Flu Shot participants. By getting vaccinated you protected yourself from
               influenza and will avoid spreading influenza to the people we serve.

Michigan Makes A Difference!                                                             INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
There are an estimated 1,470,000 people in the state of
Michigan over the age of five who have a form of disability.
Approximately 270,000 people, or 2.9% of the state's population                    Groups                           2
experience difficulties with performing activities of daily living
                                                                                   News You Can Use                 2-7
such as bathing, dressing, or moving around inside of their
homes.                                                                             Upcoming Events                  8

As of December 1st, 2010, Michigan is officially Institution Free                  Event Recap                      9
for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and has No One                         Job Opportunities                10
Living in a Public or Private ICR/MR. Michigan is the largest state
                                                                                   Anniversaries                    11
(population over 10,000,000) to have accomplished either task,
and one of only two states to have accomplished both.                              Scrapbook                        12

Quest’s role in this accomplishment has been the successful                         fàxäxÇ UÉ|áäxÇâ? cÜxá|wxÇà
placement of over 175 persons directly from institutions, nursing                ctààç g{ÉÅtá? W|ÜxvàÉÜ Éy bÑxÜtà|ÉÇá
homes and other large living arrangements. Quest is committed                     XÄt|Çx _t`ÉÇàtzÇx? W|ÜxvàÉÜ Éy
to assuring that the persons served are treated as valued
members of society who are able to live their lives with dignity
                                                                                         iÉvtà|ÉÇtÄ fxÜä|vxá
and respect.

Featured Home: Montebello
Montebello Home is a cute cottage-like home on a quiet little court
with a walking park and duck-filled creek behind the home. In the
summer the ducks will come right up into the yard where you can
hand feed them stale bread. The home has four bedrooms, two full
baths, a family room, living room kitchen and separate dining room.

Our Montebello Home has reason to celebrate this year. Our first
date of service was 05/02/1981. That’s 30 years of being open! Two
of the persons living at Montebello have been living there for 30
years, three others about 28 years and one person about 5 years.
The Montebello Home helped lay the foundation for Quest to
actively work towards the complete de-institutionalization of
persons with developmental disabilities.

        Congratulations; Barbara, Belair, Darin, Dequindre, Durson, Fisher Estates,
                  Nicholson, Perry Lake & Renton, on Perfect Licensing Reviews!
                         Kroger Shoppers Can Now Support Quest & CWO
                   Shop at Kroger? If you do, you can support Quest & CWO just by grocery shopping.
Quest / CWO recently became part of the Kroger Community Rewards Program which allows individuals to link
their Kroger card with a non-profit organization. Kroger will then designate a percentage of purchases used with
that card to the chosen non-profit. This program is an excellent way for individuals to support the quality work
Quest / CWO does on behalf of Individuals with disabilities just by doing your normal grocery shopping!
If you have a Kroger Card and are interested in supporting Quest / CWO through this program, you can do so in
two steps. First, enroll your card in the Community Rewards Program. Then designate Quest / CWO as your
chosen non-profit organization.
Follow and click on "Enroll" to
get started. Once you complete your enrollment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You can then use this
e-mail to log into your account and go to "Edit Kroger Community Rewards Information" where you can choose
the Quest, Inc as your designated non-profit. Quest / CWO's code for this program is 90630.

                   g{tÇ~ çÉâ yÉÜ áâÑÑÉÜà|Çz dâxáà tÇw VÉÅÅâÇ|àç jÉÜ~ bÑÑÉÜàâÇ|à|xáA

 The Jazzy Ones Self-Advocacy Group
 The Jazzy Ones was established October 17, 2003 to encourage self-advocacy.
 Self-advocacy means taking responsibility for your own life, knowing your rights and
 standing up for them. This outgoing group provides the opportunity for persons served
 to network, self-advocate, socialize, problem solve and have fun. The Jazzy Ones has
 picnics and parties throughout the year, quarterly meetings and even it’s own bowling
 league. The Jazzy Ones’ bowling league meets every other Monday during the months of September to
 May. If you are interested in becoming a member, participating in future events, or joining the bowling
 league contact Jackie Oparaeke at 734.838.3403.

   Introducing The Achievers
   The Achievers group was established about four years ago. Quest’s persons served and staff that live
   and/or work Downriver wanted to develop a group to actively give something back to the community
   and be environmentally conscious.
                                 Some of the events this past year included:
                             A spaghetti dinner fundraiser for a member of Achievers
                              Adopting a young mother and her family for Christmas
                                       Planting flowers for nursing homes
                                          Cleaning up parks in the area
   The Achievers have also raised donations of towels and blankets for the Humane Society and
   veterinarians. They were very busy gathering new and slightly used shoes for the charity group Soles
   for Souls, and helping young struggling families that had babies born prematurely by donating items
   needed to care for their newborns.
   The Achievers hold quarterly meetings where they plan outings, future community services, and
   ways we can help to preserve our environment. We have gone to Greenfield Village, Henry Ford
   Museum, Apple Charlie’s, Detroit Zoo, and many other places.
   Everyone is welcome to join this group and to participate in one of these great community or
   environmental projects. If you are interested please contact Jennifer Lane at 734.925.3629.

  CARF is coming March 23-25! CARF accredited providers have met CARF standards &
  demonstrated their commitment to excellence by continually enhancing services &
  programs, encouraging feedback, and serving the community. CARF accreditation
  assures the public that Quest's focus continues to be the satisfaction of the
  persons served.

                                    Health and Wellness Celebration
          This past year Quest held it’s first Health and Wellness Celebration, which was attended
by managers, supervisors, and main office staff. Participants were split up into smaller teams which attended
the stations together. Each group stayed at a station for 15 minutes. Stations included; healthy eating, quit
smoking, BMI and skin cancer checks, Zumba dance, blood pressure and blood sugar checks, YMCA “Let’s
Get Moving” and more. While at the station the groups viewed demonstrations, received instruction,
gathered information, participated in exercises, and even received a massage. Feedback from participants
was very positive, and we are looking forward to the next “Health and Wellness Celebration” event.

Valuable Tax Resources
Tax time is right around the corner, and it is never too early for people to start
thinking about how they can pay less and obtain a bigger tax refund. Many people
turn to commercial tax preparers to get their taxes done early in hopes of receiving
their refunds fast. However, these fast and early refunds are actually refund
anticipation loans that come with high interest rates - 200% or more - and
processing fees. One way people can avoid these loans is to wait a little while and
go to a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site and have their taxes prepared
for free. VITA sites are staffed by IRS-trained volunteers and sponsored by various community based organizations that
can also offer links to other financial services. VITA sites start providing tax services in mid-January.
In addition to providing free tax services, VITA sites also make sure that families get all of the tax credits they are
eligible for, including the state and federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Families with income under $48,362 are
eligible for a credit of up to $5,666, depending on family size. In addition, the Michigan EITC is an additional 20% of
the federal EITC. PHI's Earn, Keep, Save MORE campaign can help you get the word out about free tax services and
EITC. PHI has updated its Earn, Keep, Save MORE website - and with important
information and resources. From the website, you can download fact sheets to use this tax season.
                 Items you need to bring to the VITA sites to have your tax returns prepared:
                     Proof of identification
                     Social Security Cards for you, your spouse and dependents
                     Birth dates for you, your spouse and dependents
                     Current year’s tax package if you received one
                     Wage and earning statement(s) Form W-2, W-2G, 1099-R, from all employers
                     Interest and dividend statements from banks (Forms 1099)
                     A copy of last year’s federal and state returns
                     Bank routing numbers and account numbers for Direct Deposit
                     Total paid for daycare provider and the daycare provider's tax identifying number
                     To file electronically on a married-filing-jointly, both spouses must be present to sign
If you have any questions or have difficulty accessing information, please contact Tameshia Bridges or (517) 643-1049. Information on finding VITA sites available via the IRS too.,,id=107626,00.html.        IRS VITA locator number at 1-800-906-9887
**Please Note: W2s will be mailed out and available on the ADP Portal January 31st, 2011.**

     Congratulations to all the WINNERS of our annual Most Beautiful Garden Contest
         1st Place:       Pontiac Trail                                     Honorable Mentions:
                                                                      Cathy Kane, Knolson & Dodge Park
         2nd Place:       Bell Coney
                                                                Everyone did such a great job enhancing the
         3rd Place:       Durson
                                                            landscape of our homes. Thank you for your efforts.
                              The Sensory System: Food For Thought
                  Do you enjoy the sweet juicy taste of a piece of pineapple with its stringy &
                  chewy texture? Or is the texture unappealing to you?
                  We all experience the world through our senses, but each of us experiences
                  it in a different way due to our sensory system. Some people seek out
                  sensory input. They touch everything they see; they are very active and can
                  be daredevils. They may also fidget a lot, and are easily excitable.
Do you avoid sensory input? Do unexpected sounds bother you? Do you dislike the sound of the vacuum or
fan and need quiet to read? Perhaps you withdraw from sensory input and prefer familiarity.
Some people are sensory bystanders; they take in all the sensory input and are able to manage it and make it
a part of their world. They may appear low energy or flat affect and are carefree. Others are very sensitive to
all sensory input. They are easily distractible and may be irritable. They often startle easily to noise, touch,
movement etc. We are all sensory beings who process the world around us. Which one are you? Think about
it the next time you put that piece of pineapple in your mouth and chew.

                                                 AMC Entertainment hosts sensory friendly films
                                          AMC Entertainment (AMC) and the Autism Society have teamed up to
                                          bring families affected by autism and other disabilities a special opportunity
                                          to enjoy their favorite films in a safe and accepting environment. In order
    to provide a more accommodating and comfortable setting for this unique audience, the movie auditoriums will
    have their lights brought up and the sound turned down. Families will be able to bring in their own gluten-free,
    casein-free snacks, and no previews or advertisements will be shown before the movie. Moviegoers are also
    welcome to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing during the showing. Tickets are $4-6 depending on location
    and can be purchased on the day of the event. All participating shows are at 10am.

    For applicable movies & dates please visit AMC’s website:
    Participating Local AMC Theaters:
    AMC Livonia 20, 19500 Haggerty Road, Livonia
    AMC Gratiot 21, 35705 South Gratiot Avenue, Clinton Township
    AMC Forum 30, 44681 Mound Road, Sterling Heights

A Note Of Appreciation:
WxtÜ dâxáà YtÅ|Äç?
g{tÇ~ çÉâ áÉ äxÜç Åâv{ yÉÜ à{x |ÇvÜxw|uÄx ÄxäxÄ Éy áâÑÑÉÜà \ Üxvx|äxw ã{xÇ \ ãtá |Ç à{x {ÉáÑ|àtÄ yÉÜ Åç áâÜzxÜç
tÇw à{tà \ vÉÇà|Çâx àÉ Üxvx|äx tá \ {xtÄA \ ãtá àÜâÄç uÄÉãÇ tãtç uç tÄÄ Éy Åç ãÉÇwxÜyâÄ ä|á|àÉÜá? xÇvÉâÜtz|Çz
vtÜwá tÇw à{x à{Éâz{àyâÄÇxáá Éy áÉ ÅtÇçA \ àÜâÄç wÉ tÑÑÜxv|tàx xtv{ tÇw xäxÜç ÉÇx Éy çÉâA
j|á{|Çz çÉâ t äxÜç {tÑÑç axã lxtÜ4
jtÜÅxáà exztÜwá?
ctààç g{ÉÅtá
                                          Norovirus In The News
By now everyone has heard that Troy High School was closed for scrubbing after more than 120 staff and students
were sickened by a norovirus. Generally, an outbreak such as this occurs about every other year in Michigan. There
is no vaccine or antibiotic to treat norovirus. Being proactive regarding prevention is the best deterrent and helps to
minimize the duration. Illness caused by norovirus infection has several more common names including:
stomach flu - this "stomach flu" is not related to the flu, which is a respiratory illness caused by influenza virus
gastroenteritis - which refers to an illness caused by inflammation of the stomach and intestines
food poisoning (although there are other causes of food poisoning)
What are the symptoms of illness caused by noroviruses?
The symptoms last 1-2 days and usually include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. People may also
have a low-grade fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, and a general sense of tiredness. If people are unable to drink
enough liquids to replace those they lost they can become dehydrated and may require medical attention.
How do people become infected with noroviruses?
Noroviruses are found in the stool and vomit of infected people. People can become infected by:
       ☼ Eating food or drinking liquids that are contaminated
       ☼ Touching surfaces or objects contaminated, and then placing their hand in their mouth
       ☼ Direct contact with another person who is infected
How long are people contagious?
People are highly contagious from the moment they begin feeling ill to at least 3 days after recovery. Therefore, it is
particularly important for people to use good handwashing and other hygienic practices even after recovery.
Can norovirus infections be prevented?
You can decrease your chance by following these preventive steps:
        ☼   Wash your hands, especially after toilet visits, changing diapers, and before eating/preparing food.
        ☼   Carefully wash fruits and vegetables
        ☼   Thoroughly clean and disinfect contaminated surfaces immediately, using an approved disinfectant.
        ☼   Immediately remove and wash clothing or linens that may be contaminated with hot water and soap.
        ☼   Flush or discard any vomit and/or stool in the toilet and sanitize the surrounding area.
        ☼   Infected persons should not prepare food and for at least 3 days after they recover.

  Major Construction : Pack your patience
  Rebuilding and repairs on the Southfield Freeway (M-39) and bridges began in January. Expect traffic
  delays with single-lane closures between Ford Road and 8 Mile, multiple lane closures in off-peak
  hours. Both the Lodge (M-10) and Ford Road will have weekend closures from Friday night to
  Monday morning. Other surface streets may also be closed during this time.
  When spring arrives, expect a full closure of the Southfield Freeway from I-96 to the Lodge. The
  main detour will be Telegraph Road. M-DOT plans to rebuild 3 1/4 miles of the Southfield Freeway
  from the Lodge to McNichols. It's part of an $80 million project that includes replacing the freeway
  lighting & drainage system from Ford Road to the Lodge.

  Crews will also construct a new wall between the freeway and the service drive and rehabilitate or
  replace bridges between 8 Mile and Outer Drive:

     Joy Fenkel 8 Mile Lyndon West Chicago                         6 Mile     Fitzpatrick Curtis Puritan
  Plymouth 7 Mile Fullerton Pembroke Outer                         Village    Fern      Hubbard Oakwood

  Environmental Outside Inspections
  Periodically, our homes undergo outside environmental inspections where the audits are completed
  by organizations outside of Quest, Inc. These auditors are looking for health and safety hazards as
  well as cosmetic concerns. Their reports are sent to the Finance Department for follow up with the
  responsible parties. Many times the issues cited are simple tasks such as touch up paint, deep clean
  carpets and minor repairs such as tightening cupboard doors. Check the table and chair legs to be
  sure there is nothing that can tear the floor. If there are nails or staples holding the plastic coaster
  in place, cover them with felt pieces and replace often. To prevent damage to carpet, linoleum &
  counters due to improper use, "rust and calcium removers" should not ever be used in the homes.
  Kitchen counters are often cited because of burns or cuts in them. Using cutting boards and hot
  pads will prevent this from happening. Some homes even choose to have large beveled glass
  cutting boards next to the stove.
  Also noted are repairs needed to the roof in order to prevent major damage in the future.
  With winter weather a little prevention goes a long way. As you enter the home, take note of the
  area around you. If there are large amounts of ice forming on the roof, notify the home manager/
  supervisor in a timely fashion. This can and will cause severe roof damage. If there is ice forming
  on the walkways or sidewalks apply ice melt. Ice causes expensive damage to the concrete,
  cracking being the most common issue.
  Items in need of repair should be addressed immediately and not put off. If you have any
  questions or need assistance with any maintenance issues please contact your Area Supervisor or
  Accounting Assistant in the Finance immediately. A moment of your time now, will save you a
  whole lot of headaches later. We appreciate that our homes strive to help prevent major issues
  from occurring. Keep up the great work!

The Purpose of Customer Meetings
Customer meetings are held on a monthly basis or whenever a
customer requests to have one. This is a forum for them to discuss
staff, activities, ideas, menus, housemates and any other concerns
they have. Many fun events, activities and ideas begin being
planned at these meetings. Below is just one example of the
numerous activities scheduled during a customer meeting this
past year. One topic discussed at the PCPs for the ladies of Gulley
was to plan and complete a day trip. The ladies chose to spend
the day at Great Lakes Crossing Mall. During the planning for this
trip, other home managers saw an opportunity to complete real
life quality standards for their persons served, as well. On October
29, Gulley, Kinloch, Kinmore and Ashley spent the day at Great
Lakes Crossings. Tina, Sonya, Doresa & Aretha went looking for purses and shoes at various stores in the mall.
They did some serious shopping and found some really great deals! Afterwards, they enjoyed lunch at the
Rainforest Café. Frances was amazed by the mechanical animals inside the Rainforest Café! Everyone had
so much fun that by the end of the day they were all incredibly tired!! What a marvelous day out.

 Safety First: The Importance of Emergency Preparedness
 No one ever wants to experience a house fire, tornado or gas leak. Quest is no exception. For the wellbeing of all our
 persons served we practice evacuating the group homes for all types of unexpected emergencies. Fire, tornado, and
 gas leaks are some of the events we take very seriously. These drills are very important for everybody in the home.
 On September 14, 2004 Knolson was quickly evacuated by a very observant staff member. The staff was in the
 basement doing laundry when she heard a crackling buzzing sound. Running upstairs to check in with the other staff
 and make sure everything was ok she noticed smoke coming up through the dining room floor. She yelled fire and
 started the evacuation procedures before the alarms went off. Faulty wiring was the cause. This staff’s observation
 and immediate action added valuable time to making a safe evacuation possible. The home was restored with some
 additional safety features. Practice makes perfect. And it’s certainly good to know that our staff is prepared to help
 ensure that our persons served reach safety as efficiently as possible.

  Helpful Tips from HR:
  To run pre-employment checks on potential new staff please include the following in your fax:
      Coversheet (Home, Manager & Staff Name)
      Application (ALL 3 Pages)
      Conditional Job Offer
      Driver’s Authorization
      Criminal Authorization
      Denial of Existence of Criminal History
      Agreement to Notify of Arraignment/Conviction
  To expedite the process, please make sure all the forms are completed and signed. If the form asks
  for height/weight/ethnicity/gender briefly review to ensure it is filled out accurately. It is incredibly
  important that the social security number and the driver’s license number are legible. Additionally,
  MORC & WCHO homes also include the E-Verify Notification Form, I-9 form and supporting
  documentation. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Staff Meetings, In-Services and Training Sessions
Mandatory staff meetings are held once a month at each site. The staff meetings refresh policies and procedures,
continual training of staff on new or improved procedures, informs staff on what’s new, and what is expected of
them pertaining to their job, customers health and safety information is updated, and other issues that may be
happening can be addressed and remedied at these meetings. Staff are urged to state their comments and
suggestions; new ideas & feedback are always encouraged. They also help Quest to better serve our customers.
The topics covered during the year can be found on The Annual In-Service Schedule below.
All Managers are provided with additional training sessions at Managers’ Breakfasts, which are to be held on
March 8th, June 7th & September 6th. We also offer training for new managers with Finance every third
Wednesday of the month. To sign up, call Heidi at 734.838.3413 by the Friday before.

                                        Quest & CWO Annual In-Service Schedule
 MONTH                              SUBJECT                            MONTH                       SUBJECT
                Quality Assurance Plan & Outcomes for next year.                           Summer Health Concerns
OCTOBER                   Grievance & Appeals Training                  APRIL                  Foodborne Illness
                     Change Batteries in all Smoke Detectors                                  Deficit Reduction Act
                              Employee Handbook                                                       PCPs
                        Communications/Customer Service                             Documentation of Service Site Records
NOVEMBER                                                                                     Review Personal Care
                                Anti Harrassment                        MAY
              Eating Guidelines and Food Consistencies by Clinician               Transportation/Tie Down Procedure & Demo
                                                                                             Confidentiality HIPPA
                               Safety (MALA tape)
                                                                                          Bed Bug Policy & Procedure
                              Ergonomics - Safety
DECEMBER                                                                                    Community Integration
                                Bedrail Guidelines                      JUNE                 Ambulation Guidelines
                              Safe Driving Policies                               Eating Guidelines and Food Consistencies by
                               Workplace Violence                                               Home Manager
JANUARY                          Infection Control                                          Code of Ethical Conduct
                Bloodborne Pathogens (Tape) incl: Hep B&C, TB                              Conflict of Interest Policy
            Licensing Rules/SD Philosophy/Person Centered Practice                              Cultural Diversity
                           Incident Reports/Reporting                                     Limited English Proficiency
                      Review Prior Year Annual Mgt. Report                          Medication Administration by each staff
                       Update Personal Property Inventory                             Medical Emergencies/Health Issues
                  Environmental Emergencies, Evacuation and                                    Medications (tape)
                                  Security Policy                                              Emergency Packet
                           MSDS Update & In-service                                        Recipient Rights Policies
                     Change Batteries in all Smoke Detectors                                       Fire Safety
Quest Upcoming Events                                               Seasonal Safety Tips
Feb/March: Parent Guardian Stakeholder Meetings -           Make sure each person served has a warm coat, hat,
Stay tuned for more details, Dates/Locations TBD            gloves, scarf & boots.
June 4 & 5: Relay for Life "Walking for a Cure",
Claude Allison Park, Redford MI 48239                       Take the time to shake out the big quilts and warm
                                                             blankets when making up the beds   .

June: Quest Picnic, Stony Creek Park, Date TBD
                                                            Don’t forget to shovel and salt all walkways when
October 28: Quest Halloween Party,                          necessary. We need not take extra trips to the
Wayne Community Parks & Recreation Center                   emergency room with persons served or staff due to
                                                            a fall on ice.
CWO Upcoming Events
February 4: Mardi Gras (day event)
                                                            Helpful Vehicle Hints For Winter
February 14: Valentine’s Day Dance                   Keep Your Headlights Clear with car wax: Just wipe
                                                     ordinary car wax on your headlights. Lasts 6 weeks.
March 17: St. Patrick’s Day Dance (day event)
                                                     Squeak-proof Your Wipers with rubbing alcohol: Wipe
April 13 - 22: Easter Baskets
                                                     the wipers with a cloth saturated with rubbing alcohol or
April 14: Sock Hop Dance
                                                     ammonia. This can make your wipers nearly silent &
May 3 - 6: Mother's Day Cups                         clear.
May 5: Cinco De Mayo (day party)
                                                     Ice-proof Your Windows with vinegar: Just fill a spray
May 20: Psychedelic
                                                     bottle with three parts vinegar to one part water & spritz it
June 13 - 17: Father's Day Raffle drawing            on all your windows at night. In the morning, they'll be
June 30: Beach Party                                 clear of ice.
July 22: Brown Bag Lunch                             Prevent Car Doors From Freezing Shut with cooking
August 16: Fun Day                                   spray: Spritz cooking oil on the rubber seals around car
August 18: Game Night                                doors & rub it in with a paper towel.
August 19: Brown Bag Lunch                           Fog-proof Your Windshield with shaving cream: Spray
September 8: Bake Sale                               some shaving cream on the inside of your windshield &
September 22: Reunion Dance                          wipe if off with paper towels.
October 25: Halloween Dance                          De-ice Your Lock In Seconds with hand sanitizer: Put
                                                     some hand sanitizer gel on the key, lock and the problem
                                                     is solved!

                         Seasonal Events in Metro Detroit
February 11 -13: Detroit's Motown Winter Blast              March 7- 8: Paczki Day
Downtown at Campus Martius Park. Admission: either a        Hamtramck is known to be the only
canned food item, an article of clothing, a book, or $1.    U.S. city to organize an annual
Each donation benefits Matrix Human Services and the        Paczki-Day (Fat Tuesday) Parade
Rotary Club's "Break the Ice" on the Cycle of Poverty       to celebrate the fat-laden sugary
Initiative. Bands on stage will be performing at least      confection. While Paczki Day
three Motown Hits during their sets. Plus DJs, wine         starts and ends with the fried
tasting, fun, amusement rides for kids, ice skating, snow   doughnut, there is a lot going on,
cannons, warm zones, and much more.(313) 963-8418.          including parties, music, dancing, and eating contests.
Website:                                The Paczki-Day celebration is even larger than many
Hours: Fri & Sat: 11am-11pm Sun: 11am-9pm                   areas have for St. Patty's Day.

                                                              A Night To Remember.

We hope you enjoyed another year jam-packed with
outings, events, contests and activities of all shapes and
sizes because we certainly did! Here are some highlights.

In May, Quest, Inc. held it’s first prom and it truly was A Night To Remember. Everybody was incredibly
excited for the special night. Our people served got all gussied up, had a marvelous meal, mingled with their
friends and danced the night away. The Quest prom was featured on Bill Spencer’s Call For Action on
Channel 7, WXYZ. We received an amazing response from viewers willing to contribute anything they could
to help make our prom a HUGE SUCCESS!

 June produced fun & games for all at our annual Quest picnic at Rotary Park in Livonia. The
 weather was practically perfect for a picnic! Bean bags were busy being tossed & volleyball
 games were in full swing. With such great participation, the pavilion’s dance floor was rocking.
 If you missed it, we hope to see you at the next one.

                        June also brought us Relay for Life at Claude Allison Park in Redford. Quest actively
                        participates to raise money with the community to create a world with less cancer and
                        more birthdays. To participate or donate in a future Relay with Quest, please contact
                        Linn at 734.838.3409 or

 A SPOOKTACULAR time was had by all the ghouls & goblins that came out to celebrate at Quest’s annual
 Halloween Party at the Wayne Rec. Center. Michael Jackson and Marge Simpson were among the multitude.
 Pirates, Indians, criminals and skeletons were dancing everywhere. Even with all the villains running amuck
 Smurfs and princesses were well protected by Spiderman, Superman & The Dark Knight.

 Community Work Opportunities’ 8TH                           EXTRA, EXTRA, BRAG ALL ABOUT IT!
 Annual Gala Event was a HUGE
                                                          Are your persons served having a ball
 success! CWO was able to make more of
                                                             at sporting events or attending
 a profit than last year and with this
 economy that certainly says a lot! A                     concerts? Are you planning parties or
 number of new mini-micro businesses                                extra activities?
 were spotlighted at this event, such as                    If you’d like to see your special
 Smelly Jellies, which were a big hit.                      event photos & blurbs in a future
 Poinsettias and Nichole’s designer bibs                  newsletter please submit them to Kate
 once again, did very well. Please try to                       at
 take time to check it out this year and
 support our persons served.

Here We Grow Again!
Congratulat ions to our newly promoted, transferred and hired managers!
Jacoba Williamson @Belair                      Nina Johnson @ Berry
Gretchen Crawford @ Brewer                     Randy Lansberry @ Dequindre
Valerie Meade @ Dodge Park                     Shelia Rogers @ Dover
Allison Walker @ LaParker                      Colleen Turner @ Montebello
Na’Kol Bullard @ Notre Dame                    Chris Niebel @ Riverdale
Hortencia Sepulveda @ San Cola                 Sandra Kincer @ Waltz
Welcome to your new home. We’re happy to have you at Quest, Inc.

Opportunities for Advancement
Quest is looking for a Manager for the Trelawney Home in New Hudson.
Interested parties should contact Sandi Watson at 248.667.2111.

Could you use an extra $100 or $200? Know someone who needs a job?
Quest, Inc. needs more good people like you, who make a difference in the lives of the people
we serve. We are offering a hiring incentive to each and every employee who recruits new
There are just a few rules:
   The people you recruit cannot work at the same house or service site as you.
   Notify Manager before the person you are recruiting applies. (complete form/send to office)
   The person recruited works at least (20) hours each week.
   The recruiter must still be actively employed by Quest in order to receive each Incentive.
Hiring incentives will be paid as follows:
    $100.00 if the person is hired works (90) days.
    Another $100.00 if the person hired works six months from date of hire.
That’s an EXTRA $200 in YOUR WALLET just for referring a quality individual to work for us.
For $200, how can you afford not to?

 Did you know that there is also an incentive for referring Persons Served
    to Quest? Contact your Area Supervisor or Director of Operations,
               Patty Thomas at 734.838.3400 for details!!

1 Year:                                                                 2 Years:                                        3 Years:
Alexander, Voncile       Hampton, Sloane        Pelione, Irene          Adams, Cherill          Laney, Tamar            Alford, Tracy
Allred, Vickie           Harden-Nelson, Takia   Peters, Lee             Ahmed, Marla            Leyman, Megan           Barbier, Jacquelyn
Autry, Katina            Harris, Janelle        Pettit, Christopher     Argo, Susan             Malone, Laquitta        Blades-McTigue, Elizabeth
Babik, Sydney            Holcomb, Shawne        Phelps, Nicole          Bacon, Carrie           Mangum, Maria           Bork, Veneranda
Ballinger, Destinee      Honor, Ann             Quinn, Constance        Baxter, Terrell         McKneelen, Angela       Canady, Tai`escia
Barnett, David           Horn, Bettie           Ramey, Donnelle         Benkert, Michelle       Metcalf, Daniel         Collins, Joan
Barragan, Christopher    Hunter, Carmen         Ray, Leah               Brown, Jaqueda          Mitchell, Dianna        Cryer, Susan
Bartok, Mary             Igbinigie, Joseph      Richter, Renee          Brown, Mesha            Moody, Elaine           Dalumo, Stephen
Benmoussa, Viva          James, Jowarna         Sadler, Tiffany         Chatman, Joanna         Moore, Claretha         Daniels, Heather
Bishop, Granisha         Jenkins, Lori          Schenk, Valerie         Christmas, Geraldine    Moore, Tanya            Dixon, Deborah
Boyd, Cicely             Johnson, Deborah       Schofield, Ashley       Clemons, Angela         Morris, Jade            Donnellon, Shannon
Brooks, Ricardo          Johnson, Jennifer      Sepulveda, Hortencia    Crane, Tanina           Napier, Darae           Dupont, Carrie
Bryan, Laura             Johnson, Renee         Short, Cheryl           Crawford, Charles       Ollis, Joseph           Harder, Phebe
Buckley, Patrice         Johnson, Yvette        Smith, Lonitta          Crawford, Gretchen      Pace, Christine         Holmes, Ethel
Casteel Helou, Christy   Jones, Benjamin        Sparks, Inicha          Davis, Marla            Page - Poore, Marsha    Hunter, Kim
Chandler, Jeffery        Kincer, Sandra         Stewart, Janice         Davis, Moses            Preston, Tammie         Jewel, Carla
Coleman, Philicia        Lansberry, Randy       Taylor, Heidi           Ellison, Mary           Provencher, Sarah       Johnson, Robena
Cooper, Lore             Layton, Lena           Taylor, Jessica         Ensign, Roberta         Quinn, Jennifer         Joye, James
Cummings, Chelsea        Lindzy, Amber          Taylor, Kindra          Evans, Mary             Reed, Shawta            Kent, Michelle
Daniels, Laurie          Matthews, Sheryl       Thomas, Jerita          Farley, Antoninious     Scott, Tera             Lowry, Rhonda
Davis, Tikeashia         McClaster, Angel       Thompson, Kurtina       Favot, Teresa           Sims, Tressy            McCrea, Shannon
Dawson, April            McGregor, Arlene       Thompson, Starkisha     Ford-Smith, Leatha      Snyder, Ronald          McGee, Cartney
Dawson, Rhonda           McIver, Kenyana        Toliver, Donna          Gilliland, Linda        Spencer, Dorothy        Mitchell, Wanda
Dillard, Jeanice         McKinnon, Gabriel      Tomblin, Nicole         Gordon, Charnita        Stewart, Chantel        Ortwine, Deborah
Edwards, Brandon         Miller, Dawn           Turner, Colleen         Graves, Sieglinde       Summers, Lanette        Oyinlegan, Shade
Engram, Paula            Miller, Deborah        Turner, Ryan            Green, Stella           Taylor, Janae           Pasquale, Romeo
Farrow, Tanya            Mitchell, Debra        Veeder, Marleeta        Hankins, Jennifer       Tibbs, Joyce            Ratliff, Maria
Fox, Ashlie              Moore, Felicia         Wiggens, Asia           Harris, Tracey          Tomala, Denise          Scott-Dubose, Crystal
Gardin, Kyaira           Morgan, Teaisha        Williams, Dontez        Hayes, Holly            Walker, Allison         Tomczyk, Julie
Gilchrist, Kuneka        Murphy, Leanna         Williams, George        Hines, Tonya            Walker, Phylicia        Tourle, Pamela
Golson, Brandi           Neeley, Stephanie      Williams, Janelle       Jackson, Diane          Walls, Debra            Townsend, Bernadette
Gossman, Denise          Niebel, Christopher    Williamson, Jacoba      Johnson, Erica          Wein, Danielle          Walker, Sandra
Green, Kenyana           Nyaanga, Redempter     Wolford, Sheila         Johnson, Teniya         Yharbough, Elaine       Young, Kyisha
Griffin, Tiffany         Olasehinde, Roseline   Wright, Jason           Jones, Maureen
Guerrero, Elias          Ortwine, Chelsey       Wright, Laura           Kazeem, Lateef
Hampton, Dominique       Pelham, Maia           Wright, Shannon         Kinnard, Tanisha

 4 Years:                 5 Years:                7 Years:                   10 Years:              15 Years:               25 Years:
                                                                                                                            Duncan, Donald
 Brooks, Gwendolyn        Castillo, Michelle      Dunn, Linda
                                                                             Oparaeke, Jacqueline   Burgen, Lisa            Elzerman, Constance
 Bullard, Na'Kol          Hatfield, Jolene        Elammar, Irene
                                                                             Rivers, Tania          Humphrey, Renea         LaMontagne, Elaine
 Chimbala, Naboth         Johnson, Nina           Martin, Brenda
                                                                             Skender, Sue           King, Tina
 Clark, Charlotte         Keith, Amy              Obanla, Olushola
 Corbin, Ronald           Renfro, Ethel           Pitts, Kelly
                                                                                                    Singleton, Emma         26 Years:
 Fling, Nancy
 Frank, Tracian
                          Roldan, Lauren
                          Scroggins, Rhonda
                                                  White, Helen           11 Years:                                          Betts, Mario
 Kilgore, Janice          Sturgis, Lillie                                Garner, Sylestine          16 Years:
 Lane, Jennifer           Walker, Nikki          8 Years:                Smith, Michele
                                                                                                    Hall, Judith
                                                                                                                            27 Years:
 Martindale, Elizabeth    Warren, Theletha        Davey, Theresa                                                             Donahue, Deborah
 Raymor, Bonnie           Williams, Latosha
 Roberson, Elnora
                                                  Halas, Marie
                                                  Kyle, April
                                                                         12 Years:                  17 Years:
 Savage, Sean             6 Years:                Maiga, Abdoul          Chaney, Louise             Matheson, Tary          30 Years:
 Stallworth, Julia                                Okafor, Ofobike        Jackler, Myron             Taylor, Tina
 Stilwell, Patricia       Borowski, Elizabeth                                                                                Boisvenu, Steven
                                                  Selewski, Catherine    Rose, Tammie
                          Branyon, Mae
 Streeter, Miesha
 Thompson, Shonnail       Broecker, Dora          Spears, Daluna
                                                  Watson, Sandi          13 Years:                  18 Years:
 Williams, Jessica        Collier, Tamora
                                                                                                    Benson, Nathaniel
 Willis, Deanne           Guldner, Linda R.                                  Fuller, Kali
                                                                                                    Rill, Jodi
                          Milligan, Chanina
                          Roberts, Debbie
                                                 9 Years:                    Loving, Vivian
                                                                             Smith-Rivers, Hasina
                                                                                                    Thomas, Patty
                          Rockette, Darryl
                          Roll, Yvonne
                                                 Broecker-Mraz, Cindy
                                                 Doll, Susan
                                                                             Tellewoyan, Esther     19 Years:
                                                                                                    Wright-Guy, Nita
                          Washington, Frances    Moore, Charleen         14 Years:
                          Whittaker, Suzanne     Talam, Ezekiel
                                                 Williams, Ursula
                                                                         Dickson-Smith, Elspoth     21 Years:
                                                                         Elcock, Kristen
                                                                                                    Biernat, Margaret
                                                                         Jones, Judy
                                                                                                    Van Horn, Karen
                                                                         McDonald, Andrea
                                                                         Oliveira, Sheila
                                                                                                    22 Years:
                                                                                                    Thane, Michael
Quest, Inc. Would like to especially thank the following donors for helping make events possible:
Thurston High School’s Junior Honor Society Divine Child High School’s Student Council
Nicky @ Princess Flowers (Troy)       Lee @ Blossoming Rose(Monroe)                  Maynard @ A World of Petals
LaShaun @ Spirit Of Excellence Salon The Order of El Hambra/Dick Sosin               Tameka @ King Henry Jewels
Judy Hall      Chrisonda Smith        Bridgette Kenney      Diane Husk               Allison Welch
Tuesday McCall                        Elaine Heathington    Mary Ellen Totsky        Ray’s Pharmacy

                                                                         La, la, la, la, la, la,
                                                                         sing a happy song.


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