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The Shidler College of Business will graduate our rst class of
Master in Financial Engineering (MFE) students in August 2010.
Financial Engineering is a fairly new degree, o ered currently
by about 150 universities worldwide. Financial Engineering is a
combination of three elds: 1) Finance, 2) Mathematics, and
3) Computer Science. Hence our students are well prepared
for careers in risk management, portfolio optimization, man-
agement, trading, and any type of complex analyses.

Our students will be able to conduct an internship from July 4th
to August 13. This is a good opportunity for your company to see
if the student is a ‘good t’ for possible full time employment.
Please take the time to look through our guide. We hope that
some students will interest you!

If you would like additional information on our students, please
feel free to email me at or call me at
 (808) 956 7738.

Enclosed is a compilation of students’ resumes with their eld of
interests, experiences, and skills.


Gunter Meissner, PhD
Director MFE Program,
University of Hawaii
Shidler College of Business
2404 Maile Way, D202
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: USA 808 956 7738
Shidler College of Business
A leader among U.S. business schools in its focus on the Asia-Pacific region, the Shidler
College of Business at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa provides students with an in-
depth understanding of the best business practices, an awareness of languages and cul -
tures, and a solid comprehension of emerging technologies within today’s complex global
economic environment. Founded in 1949, the College o ers students a wide selection of
degree, certificate and high-impact executive programs in a unique multicultural learning
environment enhanced by collaborative learning, research projects, international speakers,
internships, study abroad and career opportunities.

Hawaii’s diversity and strategic location at the crossroads of the Pacific will prove to be an
asset as students develop leadership skills and learn to manage change in today’s global

The Shidler College of Business is ranked among the U.S. top 25 schools for international
business and is the only AACSB accredited MBA program in Hawai‘i.
Office of Internships and Career Development
Richard Varley
Director of Internships and Career Development                             Shidler College of Business
Phone: (808) 956-6972                                                             Room G-104
Fax: (808) 956-2763                                                             2404 Maile Way
Email:                                                   Honolulu, HI 96822 USA

Verna Wong                                                                    Phone: (808) 956-2675
Assistant Director, MBA Internships and Career Develop-                        Fax: (808) 956-2763
Phone: (808) 956-3122                                                        Internship General Email
Fax: (808) 956-2763                                                   
                                                                               Career General Email

                                                                                   Web Address

                                                                                   Office Hours
                                                                                Monday thru Friday
                                                                               8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

“Students from the University of Hawai‘i were highly regarded and recruited by IBM, for their excel-
lent academic preparation and unique attributes; i.e. loyalty, integrity, and versatility. They brought that
family “Ohana” Spirit to Corporate America which is so common in the islands, they have an array of
thoughts and culture which they display through innovative ideas in the workplace.”

Al Barela
Senior Program Manager University Relations (Ret)
Candidate Guide

Bui, Khanh Duong
    Seeking Internship in Investment Banks, Funds
        Seeking Career in Investment Banks, Funds
    Most Recent Position Information Technology Officer, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for
                          Foreign Trade of Vietnam
             Language(s) Vietnamese (native), English (fluent)

Burke, James P (Ph.D.)
     Seeking Internship in   Financial Engineering
                Industries   Hedge funds, investment banking, risk management
     Most Recent Position    Postdoctoral Research Associate in Experimental Particle Physics
              Language(s)    English (native)

Chopra, Rishi
     Seeking Internship in   Financial Engineering
                Industries   Financial Engineering
     Most Recent Position    Software Engineer
              Language(s)    English (native)

Doan, Anh
    Seeking Internship in    Investment/Risk management/Corporate Finance
               Industries    Investment/Risk management/Corporate Finance
    Most Recent Position     Computer Operator Trainee at Information Technology Services
             Language(s)     Vietnamese (native), English (fluent), Russian (basic)
Candidate Guide

Fan, Kristofor
     Seeking Internship in   Investment Banking or Insurance Industry
                Industries   Derivatives Trading or Risk Management
    Most Recent Position     Actuarial Assistant Trainee
              Language(s)    English (native)

Feng, Yixing
     Seeking Internship in   Investment/Risk Management/Corporate Finance
                Industries   Investment/Risk Management/Corporate Finance
     Most Recent Position    Internship in CMT Asia
              Language(s)    Mandarin (native), English (fluent)

Hu, Xingao
     Seeking Internship in   Investment/Risk Management/Corporate Finance
                Industries   Investment/Risk Management/Corporate Finance
     Most Recent Position    Software Engineer at Atos Origin
              Language(s)    Mandarin (native), English (fluent)

Kuniga, Takashi
     Seeking Internship in Finance
                Industries Finance
     Most Recent Position Director of Fixed Income and Interest Rate Trading Department
                             Credit Suisse Securities, Japan
              Language(s) Japanese (native), English (fluent)
Candidate Guide

Kwan, Bobby Y.P
          Seeking Internship in   Risk Management
                     Industries   Investment Banks, Insurance, Risk Management
          Most Recent Position    Financial Modeling Intern at Merrill Lynch
                   Language(s)    English, Cantonese (fluent)

Li, Daoji (Ph.D. Candidate)
          Seeking Internship in   Banking/ Insurance/ Financial Services
                     Industries   Investment Banking/ Insurance/ Hedge Fund
          Most Recent Position    Research Assistant
                   Language(s)    English (fluent), Mandarin (native)

Litvin, Mikalai
                                Finance, Risk management, mathematical modeling, or
          Seeking Internship in derivatives
                     Industries Finance, Risk management, mathematical modeling, or
          Most Recent Position Eastern Europe Operations Manager
                   Language(s) Russian(native), English(fluent)

Lobachevskiy, Edgar (Ph.D.)
          Seeking Internship in   Financial Engineering
                     Industries   Financial Engineering
          Most Recent Position    Systems Engineer
                   Language(s)    English (fluent), Russian (fluent)
Candidate Guide

Lu, Meng-Yu
    Seeking Internship in   Quantitative Analysis in Finance
               Industries   Investment Banking and Finance
    Most Recent Position    Marketing Assistant Intern at Merrill Lynch
             Language(s)    Mandarin (native) ; English (fluent)

Mesarch, Dallyn Breanne
    Seeking Internship in   Investment Banking, Quantitative Analysis, and Risk Management
               Industries   Investment Banking, Quantitative Analysis, and Risk Management
    Most Recent Position    Tutor and Mentor for Student-Athletes
             Language(s)    English (native), French (basic)

Miranti, Edward S
    Seeking Internship in   Derivatives trading
               Industries   Trading
    Most Recent Position    Teacher
             Language(s)    English (native), Spanish (fluent)

Narron, Randy W.
    Seeking Internship in   Insurance, Banking, Corporate, Utility
               Industries   Risk Management
    Most Recent Position    Secretary/Treasurer
             Language(s)    English (native)
Candidate Guide

Nayak, Dhiren Kumar
    Seeking Internship in   Finance Related Company, Investment Bank, Hedge Fund
               Industries   Finance, Business Development, International Business
    Most Recent Position    Wealth and Investment Management Intern at Merrill Lynch
             Language(s)    English (fluent), Thai, Hindi, Bengali

Nguyen, Vu
                          Financial Engineering, Quantitative Finance, Mathematical
    Seeking Internship in Finance, Financial Mathematics, Computational Finance
               Industries Financial Engineering, Quantitative Finance, Mathematical
                          Finance, Financial Mathematics, Computational Finance
    Most Recent Position Capital Markets Trading Intern at CMT Asia
             Language(s) Vietnamese (native), English (fluent)

Nie, Sixiang
    Seeking Internship in   Risk Management
               Industries   Bank, Insurance, Real Estate
    Most Recent Position    Software Engineer
             Language(s)    English (fluent), Mandarin (native)

Olkov, Alexey
    Seeking Internship in   Finance, Investment, Market Research
               Industries   Finance, Investment, market Research
    Most Recent Position    Enterprise Risk Services Intern at Deloitte & Touche
             Language(s)    Russian (native), English (fluent), French (basic)
Candidate Guide

Regmi, Surabh R.
    Seeking Internship in   Financial Engineering
               Industries   Financial Engineering
    Most Recent Position    N/A
             Language(s)    Nepali (native), English (fluent)

Sheehey, Christopher Kelsey
    Seeking Internship in   Finance
               Industries   Finance
    Most Recent Position    Waiter
             Language(s)    English (native)

Watanawongskul, Skol
    Seeking Internship in   Finance
               Industries   Finance
    Most Recent Position    Information Technology Manager in a Manufacturing Firm
             Language(s)    Thai (native), English (fluent)

Williams, Benjamin R (J.D.)
                            Risk Management, Portfolio Analysis, Security Analysis, Investment
    Seeking Internship in   Banking
               Industries   A company where I can apply my diverse background of finance and law
    Most Recent Position    Law Clerk in Hawaiian Airlines Legal Department
             Language(s)    English (native)
Candidate Guide

Zhai, Jesse
    Seeking Internship in   Finance
               Industries   Finance
    Most Recent Position    Financial Advisor
             Language(s)    English (native), Mandarin (fluent)

Zhang, Lianne
    Seeking Internship in   Investment Banking
               Industries   Investment Banking
    Most Recent Position    Financial Analyst Intern at Merrill Lynch
             Language(s)    English (native), Mandarin (fluent), French (basic)

Zhao, Weiyuan
    Seeking Internship in   Finance
               Industries   Finance
    Most Recent Position    Wealth and Investment Management Intern at Merrill Lynch
             Language(s)    Mandarin (native), English (fluent)
                                 DUONG KHANH BUI
                          906E Hale Manoa 1711 East-West Road

Cell Phone: (808) 4699083                                            Email:
Home Phone: (808) 9447860

University Of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business                                 Honolulu, HI
Master Candidate in Financial Engineering                                           2009-2010

Vietnam National University, Hanoi
College of Technology
Bachelor of Science, majoring in Information Technology                         Hanoi, Vietnam
Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam                        Hanoi, Vietnam
(The most prestigious bank in trade finance, international payments, foreign exchange, guarantee
and other banking and financial services in Vietnam)
Information technology officer                                                 11/ 2006 – 7/2009
•   Set up, managed and administered system of 40 ATMs for the Hanoi branch.
•   Set up, managed the network and 8 server system and over 200 PC clients of Hanoi branch.
•   Managed database system, and queried data from SQL server and Foxpro server.
•   Supported other departments

FPT Software                                                                    Hanoi, Vietnam
(The leading provider of software outsourcing services in Vietnam)
Software Developer                                                               8/2005-10/2006
•   Programmed in C++ projects
•   Trained in VC++ course of FPT software.

Vietnam National University, Hanoi                                           Hanoi, Vietnam
(The leading provider of software outsourcing services in Vietnam)
Researcher                                                                    11/2004-5/2005
•  Testing routing algorithms based on mobile agents.
•  Won the second prize in Student’s Research Competition of the College of Technology

Language: Vietnamese (native), English (fluent speaking/writing)
•  Cisco Certified Network Associate by Cisco.
•  Microsoft Certified Professional 70-270: Installing, Configuring, and Administering
   Microsoft Windows XP by Microsoft
•  Microsoft Certified Professional 70-270: Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows
   Server 2003 Environment by Microsoft
•  Security++

Interests: Games: Age of Empires, Pro Evolution Soccer, Sports: ping pong, badminton, football,
Dr. James P. Burke                                                         Email:
                                                 3282 Paty Dr, Honolulu HI 96822. Phone: (650) 644-6091

Education                               a
              University of Hawai‘i at M¯noa, Shidler College of Business                             Honolulu, HI
              Candidate for Master of Science in Financial Engineering                                August 2010
               • Syllabus includes Programming in Finance, Financial Derivatives, Portfolio
                 Optimization, Financial Econometrics, Interest Rate and Credit Models
               • Also Risk Management, PDEs and Stochastic Calculus, Weather Derivatives
               • Programmed an exotic options pricing and risk parameters model in C++
               • Further projects planned—looking to liaise with a company for thesis to be
                 conducted in summer semester

              University of Bristol, Department of Physics                                        Bristol, UK and
              Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Particle Physics                                 Stanford, CA
               • Collaborated on the BABAR experiment at the SLAC National Accelerator                  2002-2007
                 Laboratory, contributing to the acquisition, monitoring and analysis of data
                 —primarily in a Unix environment
               • Authored a maximum likelihood analysis published in Physical Review D:
                 “Search for the decay B + → K (892)K + ”—Phys. Rev. D76, 071103(R)
               • Held the position of Commissioner for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter Trigger, a
                 subsystem of the BABAR detector on which the running of the experiment depended

              Lancaster University, Department of Physics                                      Lancaster, UK and
              Master of Physics, First Class Honours                                             Ontario, Canada
               • Four year undergraduate degree in physics, including exchange year at                 1997-2001
                 Trent University, Canada
               • 2001: one of only three physics departments nationwide to achieve “Excellent” rating for
                 teaching and “5*” rating for research—the other two were Oxford and Cambridge

Experience    University of Liverpool, Department of Physics                                          Stanford, CA
              Postdoctoral Research Associate                                                            2007-2009
               • Conducted further research as a BABAR collaborator—performed tasks
                 drawing on both personal innovation and frequent teamwork exercises
               • Publications include “Charmless hadronic B decays at BABAR”—J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 110, 052005
               • Presented findings at numerous international conferences

              University of Bristol, Department of Physics                                              Bristol, UK
              Postgraduate Laboratory Demonstrator                                                       2002-2003
               • Tutored, assisted with laboratory work, and assessed undergraduate students

              Nottinghamshire County Council                                                        Mansfield, UK
              Administrative Assistant                                                                 2001-2002
               • Provided essential administrative support in a busy and dynamic setting

Additional    Technical skills
Information    • Operating systems: Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
               • Programming: C++, Matlab, Microsoft Excel/VBA, Perl, Shell (csh), Maple, ROOT, RooFit
               • Document preparation: L TEX, html, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

               • Association football: represented numerous teams, most recently captaining SSFAC in the San
                 Francisco Bay Area. Also experience with team management (player recruitment, entering team
                 into competition, team selection)
               • Sport, travel, reading, music
                                         Rishi Ugersain Chopra
                                            4405 Prairie Willow Ct.
                                               Concord, CA 94521
Phone: (925) 405-5485               

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Shidler College of Business                                   Honolulu, HI
Candidate Masters of Financial Engineering                                                   August 2010

University of California at Berkeley                                                          Berkley, CA
Bachelor of Science, majoring Electrical Engineering and Computer Science                     August 2003

IBM Corporation, Software Group                                                              Bay Area, CA
Software Engineer                                                                November 2004 – Present
•   Revised VMware demonstration stack for Websphere Product Center (Linux/DB2/Websphere)
•   Undertook procurement, installation, regulation, and administration of lab infrastructure
•   Provided defect isolation and defect analysis for storage software (Total Storage Productivity Center, Tivoli
    Storage Manager)

Inexpensive Domains (@Com Technology)                                                    Brentwood, CA
Technical Support Representative                                                   Sept 2004 – Nov 2004
•  Supported domain registration and web hosting customers with technical expertise
•  Assisted in migration of customers from legacy domain registration system
•  Revised product offering pages to reflect Virtual Private Server (VPS) offerings

Microsoft Corporation, MSN Calendar                                               Mountain View, CA
Program Manager Intern                                                          June 2002 – Aug 2002
•  Provided competitive analysis measuring the offerings of AOL, MSN, and Yahoo
•  Analyzed benefits of migrating entire architecture to .NET platform
•  Collected requirements and wrote specification for deployment of a content management system

PG&E Corporation (Gas Distribution and Technical Services)                           San Francisco, CA
Co-op Student, Systems Engineer                                                   Jan 2002 – June 2002
•  Led initiative to migrate $1.7B 15-year GPRP project database
•  Migrated legacy application (Clipper/FoxPRO) to a modern Web-based architecture (JSP/Oracle)
•  Implemented new database including data verification/cleansing, table design, normalization, and ETL

Centric Software Marketing                                                                  San Jose, CA
Web Development Intern                                                                Jun 2001 – Jul 2001
•  Procured and assembled custom server
•  Implemented MS SQL Server and database tables
•  Authored HTML, Javascript, and ASP-based pages

Sun Microsystems (Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing)                            Menlo Park, CA
Intern                                                                               Jun2000 – Aug 2000
•   Refined engagement process for the iForce lab responsible for generating sales of over $1B annually
•   Authored HTML, Javascript, and Java Servlets to automate data collection and engagement process
•   Installed and configured Oracle 8i for data backend and provided maintenance support for mid-range Sun
    hardware platform
Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP - 1.4), Oracle Certified Associate (OCA - 9i), IBM Certified Storage
Administrator – TSM V5, IBM Certified Deployment Professional – TSM V5.3, TPC V3.3

Administration:                TCP/IP (DNS, NAT), Apache (mod_rewrite, mod_proxy), TSM, TPC
Databases: Oracle,             PostgreSQL, FoxPRO, Access, DB2
Programming:                   Functional, Object Oriented, Assembly, RPC, Application, Shell
Languages:                     C/C++, Scheme, Java, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, UML, XML, VB
Paradigms:                     Networking, J2EE, Security, Storage, Virtualization, Finance
                                                                          1909 South King St., Apt. B, Honolulu, HI 96826
Anh Doan                                                             Phone: (808) 384-4918 ▪ Email:

  University of Hawaii at Manoa – Shidler College of Business
     Master of Financial Engineering/MS Candidate                                                                 2009 – pres.
             Anticipated graduation: Summer 2010
             Classes taken: PDEs & stochastic calculus, Programming in finance, Capital market & portfolio
             optimization, Financial derivatives, Financial forecasting & econometrics, Insurance & risk
             management, Interest rate & credit models, Environmental finance & weather derivatives
     Bachelor of Business Administration                                                                          2006 - 2009
             Finance major and Economics minor, graduated with distinction
             Fin classes taken: Investments, Bank financial management, International business finance,
             Problems of business finance, Personal financial planning
    UBS Financial Services Inc. – Institutional Consulting                                                           2009
    Intern for Makiko Yamada – Client Associate – Kikawa Group
      •      Assist in preparing monthly report for client meeting, keeping record of monthly bank statements
      •      Participate in various internal and external meetings
      •      Conduct research on market, mutual funds and other various areas
    Information Technology Services – Network Operations – UH Manoa                                               2009 - pres.
    Computer Operator Trainee
      •      Operate large scale computer system, attached peripheral devices and auxiliary equipment
      •      Handle computer supplies
    General Accounting – UH Manoa                                                                                 2008 - 2009
    Computer Specialist
      •      Install and maintain hardware, software, networking, and peripherals for PCs
      •      Install and troubleshoot network, computer equipment and peripherals.
    Learning Assistance Center – UH Manoa                                                                         2007 - 2009
    Tutor in Economics, Calculus and Accounting
      •      Provide tutoring and facilitate learning with individuals and small groups
      •      Assist students in achieving academic goals
    Department of Physics and Astronomy – UH Manoa                                                                2007 - 2008
    Clerk Typist
      •      Assist staff with general office responsibilities including handling incoming/outgoing mail,
             telephone calls, typing, filing, preparing and duplicating reports, running errands, and other
             assignments as required
    Hamilton Library – UH Manoa                                                                                   2006 - 2007
    Record/Circulation Student Assistant I
   present       MFE Investment Club                                            Member of bond & correlation advisor groups
    2009         Center of Southeast Asian Studies - UH Manoa                   Vietnamese-English movie subtitle translator
   present       International Student Association (ISA)                        Executive member (Treasurer – Spring 2007)
    2009         International Student Services Mentor-Mentee Program           Mentor
    2008         Financial Management Association (FMA)                         Member
    2009         The Queen’s Medical Center Volunteer Services                  Training Volunteer
    2009         Shidler Master in Financial Engineering Program Scholarship
    2009         Business Night Award – Outstanding Junior in Shidler College of Business
  2006-2009      UH Manoa Dean’s Lists in Fall 2006, Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009
                  •    Programming knowledge in MATLAB, Visual Basic and C++
                  •    Proficient in use of Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Dreamweaver
                  •    Fluent in Vietnamese, basic conversational ability in Russian
                                                   KRISTOFOR FAN
                                                     756 Kaulana Place
                                                   Honolulu, Hawaii 96821
Phone: (808) 398-2973                                                                      E-mail:
University of Hawaii                                                                                   Honolulu, HI
Candidate for Masters of Science in Financial Engineering, July 2010 GPA: 4.0/4.0
      o     Completed Coursework: Financial Programming, Stochastic Calculus, Financial Derivatives, Portfolio
      o     Current Coursework: Financial Forecasting and Econometrics, Insurance and Risk Management, Interest Rate
            and Credit Models, Environmental Finance and Weather Derivatives
      o     Expected Coursework: Stochastic Modeling in Finance
University of Washington                                                                                 Seattle, WA
Bachelor of Science in Applied & Computational Math Sciences: Mathematical Economics, June 2008
      o     Quarterly Dean’s List: Autumn 2004, Autumn 2005, Winter 2006, Spring 2006 GPA: 3.42/4.0
      o     Mathematical Coursework: Calculus, Analytical Geometry, Differential Equations, Matrix Algebra, Computer
            Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, Continuous/Discrete Mathematical Modeling, Real Analysis,
            Probability, Linear/Non-Linear Optimization, Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance
      o     Economics Coursework: Applied Econometric Modeling, Benefit-Cost Analysis, Microeconomics I/II,
            Macroeconomics I/II
      o     Other Coursework: Political Theory, Philosophy, Logic, Linguistics, Psychology, Physics I/II
Punahou School                                                                                         Honolulu, HI
      o     Graduated with Honors, June 2004 GPA: 3.4/4.0 SAT: 800M 680V
      o     AP Scholar with Distinction, Vice-President of Chess Club
      o     Volunteered with Institute of Human Services, Palolo Chinese Home, Kuakini Health System

Hedge Fund Management Club                                                                             Honolulu, HI
President                                                                                    October 2009 – present
      o Coordinate with members to prepare weekly agenda
      o     Delegate responsibilities and oversee meetings
    o Research potential investment strategies and present to investors
Benefit Plan Solutions, Inc.                                                                           Honolulu, HI
Actuarial Assistant                                                                 May 2009 – October 2009
     o Analyzed incoming financials to compare projections to actual costs
     o Forecasted annual income and expenses through careful review of collected data
      o     Calculated trusts’ estimated eligibility liability for accounting purposes
Davenforth, LLC                                                                                          Seattle, WA
Consultant                                                                       June 2008 – September 2008
     o Reviewed and optimized existing mathematical models for real estate investment purposes
      o     Designed, developed, and managed client’s Microsoft Access database
      o     Worked remotely with Baltimore-based client to integrate design and back-end functionality
      o     Utilized Microsoft SQL and Visual Basic to create innovative solutions

Programming Languages: C++, Java, HTML, Matlab, R, Stata, MS SQL, Visual Basic
Computer Platforms: MS-DOS, Win95/98/2000/ME/XP, WinNT, Mac O/S
Computer Software: Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Photoshop, iMovie
Foreign Languages: Intermediate Mandarin Chinese, Elementary Taiwanese, Elementary Japanese
Interests: Basketball, volunteer work, comics, competitive fighting video games, and chess
                                           YIXING FENG
                                           1342 Kaihee Street
                                           Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808)-384-5375                                                           Email:

University Of Hawaii, Shilder College Of Business                                              Honolulu, HI
Master of Financial Engineering (current GPA: 4.0)                                             2009-Present
   • Chief Financial Officer of MFE Hedge Fund
   • The correlation team of MFE Hedge Fund
   • Day-Trading group of MFE Hedge Fund

University Of Hawaii                                                                           Honolulu, HI
Master of Mathematics                                                                           2008-Present

Shanghai Sanda University                                                                  Shanghai, China
Bachelor of Computer Science in Information and Science Computing                               2004-2008

Internship in CMT Asia (Hedge fund company)                                                    Honolulu, HI
   •   Analyze market data(by using Bloomberg) and identify arbitrage opportunities              Spring 2010
   •   Evaluate trading front-end packages and plug-ins
   •   Build tools for financial data visualization

International Student Services (University of Hawaii)                                         Honolulu, HI
    • Provides assistance to international students holding F-1 and J-1 student visas            Fall 2009
    • Member of Mentor Mentee Program (give support to new international students)

Math Department (University of Hawaii)                                                      Honolulu, HI
Advanced Mathematics Tutor                                                                   2008-Present
   • Provide tutoring and facilitate learning with individuals and small groups of students
   • Assist students in achieving academic goals including making appropriate referral

Nagatani Academic Center (University of Hawaii)                                               Honolulu, HI
Math Tutor in Student-Athlete Academic Services                                                 2008-2009
   • Help the student-athlete understand course work & course requirement and
      Assist him/her in achieving academic goal

Hilton Hotel                                                                               Shanghai, China
Business Center                                                                               Summer 2006
   • Enhance vacation experience for guests by providing quality personalized and
       Professional service

Hilton Hotel                                                                               Shanghai, China
DP Office                                                                                     Summer 2005
   • Upgrading computer software and hardware

Language: Mandarin (native tongue), English (fluent speaking and writing)
Interests: Reading books; Travelling; Sports (tennis; surfing; biking)
                                      TAKASHI KUNIGA
                              Waikiki Banyan Tower I #3608
                            201 Ohua Ave, Honolulu HI 96815
                     Mobile +808-861-3759 E-mail:

・ Trader with 11 years experience at multinationals and track record in leading derivative
   trading desk and developing franchise business
・ Experience in selling derivative products to Japanese clients and Hedge funds and
   holding regular conferences with Bank of Japan and the Department of the Treasury

Fixed Income and Interest Rate Trading Department/Director/Trader, 2004-2008
・ Led the Yen swap desk
・ Responsible for $50M profit yearly
・ Trading Japanese government bonds and JPY/USD/EUR interest rate swaps along with
   currency swaps and FX and Futures and FRA
・ Held regular conferences with Bank of Japan and the Department of the Treasury

OTC Derivatives Trading/Vice President/Trader, 2002-2004
Market making and developing franchise business in derivative products

Interest Rate Derivatives Group/Trader, 2001-2002
Generated various financial products upon customer’s request

Derivatives and Fixed Income Department / Trader 1998-2001
 ・Market making for banking section and Japanese corporate
Osaka Corporate Sales department / Account Officer 1997-1998
 ・Cooped with a corporate finance for mid-sized corporate customers

Master of Financial Engineering, May 2010
Taking main role in establishing and running the MFE Hedge fund in cooperation with
Dr. Messiner

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 1997
                                       Bobby Kwan
                                   1715 Malanai St. Apt. D
                                     Honolulu, HI 96826
Phone: (808) 428-3241                                                 Email:

Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Mānoa                       Honolulu, HI
Candidate Master of Financial Engineering                                           July 2010
•  Hedge Fund Management Club
•  UH Accounting Club Active Member

College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources, University of Hawaii          Honolulu, HI
Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering                                       May 2009
•  UH Regents Scholarship Recipient from 2005-2009
•  Biological Engineering Student Association Member from 2005-2009
•  Golden Key Active Member, UH- Mānoa from 2007-2009
•  Fundamentals of Engineering Exam passed in 2009

McKinley High School                                                   Honolulu, HI
High School Diploma- Valedictorian
・Senior Class President    ・Brown University Book Award ・Harvard Prize Book Award

Merrill Lynch                                                                     Honolulu, HI
Financial Modeling Intern                                                           Spring 2010
•  Analyze effectiveness of technical indicators in predicting stock market movements
•  Develop model for weight allocating for investments utilizing various indicators
•  Update research on leading analysts of different financial disciplines

University of Hawaii at Mānoa                                                    Honolulu, HI
Undergraduate Lab Assistant                                                          2008-2009
•  Investigated the use of magnetically immobilized enzymes to convert starch to glucose
•  Modeled mass transfer phenomenon within the system
•  Gamma Sigma Delta Undergraduate Oral Presentation Award of Merit 2009 for my research

Lunalilo Elementary School, After School Program (A+)                            Honolulu, HI
Fifth Grade Group Leader                                                           2005-2007
•   Supervised the well being of children within group
•   Organized educational activities, assisted in homework, and disciplined

Language: Cantonese (fluent speaking), English (fluent speaking/writing)
Computer: MS Office Suite, MATLAB, Visual Basic, C/C++ Programming, AUTOCAD,
             SuperPro Designer
Activities: Secretary for Sui Wah Chinese School Alumni Association
Interests: Hiking, Basketball, Football, Learning Guitar
                                      DAOJI LI
                   1711 East-West Road, MSC 609, Honolulu, HI 96848
Phone: (808) 388-4160                                          Email:

University of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business                Honolulu, HI, United States
Master Candidate of Financial Engineering                                        2009-2010
   Risk Officer of The Hedge Fund Management Club
   Completed Coursework: Financial Programming, PDE and Stochastic Calculus(waived),
   Financial Derivatives, Portfolio Optimization
   Current Coursework: Financial Forecasting, Insurance and Risk Management, Interest Rate
   and Credit Models, Financial Modeling

University of Manchester                                     Manchester, United Kingdom
PhD Candidate in Statistics                                                    2006-2010
   Overseas Research Student Award (UK highest National Award for Overseas Student), 2006
   Mathematics School Fellowship, 2006-2010

Chinese Academy of Sciences                                                        Beijing, China
M.S. in Probability and Mathematical Statistics                                        2003-2006

Central China Normal University                                                    Wuhan, China
B.S. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics                                          1999-2003
   First Class Scholarship, 2000, 2001, 2002
   Distinguished graduate of the year, 2003

University of Hawaii at Manoa                                          Honolulu, HI, United States
Research Assistant                                                                     2009-2010
   Collaborated research on credit risk and credit derivatives
   Developed a new approach to model default risk
   Assisted director in identifying strategic marketing sectors for the MFE program

University of Manchester                                            Manchester, United Kingdom
Teaching Assistant                                                                   2006-2009
   Planned learning activities with instructors and prepared for support materials
   Tutored and assisted students in small groups

Chinese Academy of Sciences                                                      Beijing, China
Research Assistant                                                                   2003-2006
   Participated in research projects supported by National Science of Foundation of China
   Analyzed large datasets from medical science and biology
   Developed new mathematical model and computing algorithm
   Worked with principal investigator to publish papers in top journals

Programming: MATLAB, S-PLUS, R, C/C++, Fortran, SAS, Visual Basic, Stata
Operation systems: UNIX, Windows
Document preparation: LaTeX, MS Office Package and Scientific Workplace
Language: Mandarin (native speaker), English (fluent in speaking/writing/ reading)
Interests: Hiking, Travel, Reading
                                           MIKALAI LITVIN
                                              1515 Nuuanu Apt 1054
                                                     Box 77
                                               Honolulu, HI, 96817

    Phone: (808) 561-1746                                                     Email:

SHIDLER COLLEGE OF BUSINESS, UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA                                         Honolulu, HI
Master of Science in Financial Engineering, GPA 3.6                                                2010

HAWAII PACIFIC UNIVERSITY                                                                          Honolulu, HI
MBA in Finance, GPA 3.86                                                                           2009
BSBA in Management, Summa Cum Laude, GPA 3.92
Master of Science in Physics                                                                       2005
ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT                                                                              Minsk, Belarus
BSBA in Economics, GPA: 4.95 out of 5                                                              2003

Eastern Europe Operations Manager                                                          2008-2009
● Worked with the companies in Eastern Europe on the market research, investing strategies, forecasting,
and strategic management projects.

Beverage and Marketing Manager                                                          2005 – 2007
● Responsible for running restaurant seasonal promotions. Managed beverage inventory, was responsible for
hiring and scheduling bar staff

HAWAII PACIFIC UNIVERSITY                                                                  Honolulu, HI
Student Assistant                                                                          2003-2005
● Organized campus tours for the new students. Maintained prospective students’ data in the schools’

• Finance skills: Islamic Finance, derivatives, portfolio theory, financial forecasting, risk management,
financial econometrics, investing: stock and bond markets, indexes, ETFs
• Math skills: calculus, calculus of multiple variables, differential equations, linear algebra, statistics;
• Programming skills: MATLAB, SPSS, VBA, C++.

- Chess Master (earned by placing 2nd in the international tournament in Lithuania)
- Co-creator of,
- Award For Excellence, Academy of Management, Minsk, Belarus, 2005
- Publications: Mentioned in The Definitive Guide to CDOs by Gunter Meissner
                              EDGAR LOBACHEVSKIY (PH.D.)
                                         PO Box 75683, Honolulu, HI 96836

    Phone: (415) 300 - 0599                                       Email:

Master of Science in Financial Engineering                                                2010
    Programming in Finance                        Stochastic Calculus
    Portfolio Optimization                        Derivatives
    Interest Rate/Credit Models                   Insurance and Risk Management
    Financial Forecasting and Modeling
DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA                                      Honolulu, HI
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics                                                           2008
   Dissertation Title: Magneto-Statics, Particle Trajectories and the Electrodynamics
   in Realization of Hybrid Undulators for High Performance Free Electron Lasers
   and Synchrotron Radiation Sources
Master of Science in Physics                                                              2002
DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO                                                Moscow, ID
Bachelor of Science in Physics; Minor: Mathematics                                        1999

PROSISHAWAII                                                                              Kaneohe, HI
Systems Engineer                                                                          2009-present
● Work on surveillance system integration
● Produced low level network data acquisition programs

Research Assistant                                                                    2003 – 2007
● Recommissioned non-linear hybrid undulator for the Free Electron Laser
● Performed lab measurements, data analysis and hardware design and fabrication.
● Designed and validated numeric models via simulations in C++, Mathematica, MatLab or VBA
● Documented progress in the form of internal publications
● Collaborated with colleagues at the weekly meetings and daily in the lab
● Coordinated the work of technical support staff

BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS, UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA                                        Honolulu, HI
Advertising Manager                                                                         2006 – 2007
● Drove a 32% gain in revenue growth within first six months
● Reduced bottlenecks, operating expenses and transitioned newspaper to a more competitive form
● Recruited and retained staff to carry out advertising operations. Managed 15 people staff

KAPLAN                                                                                    Honolulu, HI
Physics Instructor                                                                        2001-2007
● Presented physics concepts and methods to 30 student classes

UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA                                                           Moscow, ID
Teaching Assistant                                                                      1999-2002
● Conducted in-class experiments, held office hours, assigned and graded homework, addressed students'
questions and concerns
Meng-Yu Danielle Lu
   2140 Kuhio Ave, APT#902, Honolulu, HI 96815 • TEL: 808-232-8609 • Email:
   UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA                                                               Honolulu, HI
   Master of Financial Engineering                                                     Sep. 2009 - June 2010
        • Mathematics : Probability Theory, Itô Calculus, Martingales, Brownian Motion
          Time Series Analysis and Statistical Arbitrage
        •Finance : Risk Management, Weather Derivatives, Interest Rate and Credit Derivatives
          Option Pricing, Portfolio Management & Optimization, Quantitative Strategies
   BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII                                                                   Laie, HI
   Awarded Bachelor of Fine Arts                                                          June 2004 - June 2008
     Major: Mathematics
       • Awarded Department scholarships every semester for Merit.
     Major: Fine Art 3-Dimension - Ceramic and Sculpture
       • Participated in the Senior Art Exhibition of June 2008.
       • Artwork was also displayed in BYUH 50th year Jubilee Art Exhibition, 2005.
   Marketing Intern                                                                          Jan. 2010 - Current
   Merrill Lynch - Wealth Management                                                               Honolulu, HI
       • Study and implement a marketing plan for financial services
       • Conduct surveys and marketing research on target markets
   Civil Drafter                                                                          Aug. 2008 - May 2009
   Control Point Surveying, Inc.                                                                  Honolulu, HI
         • Create Civil Drafting pertaining to land envelopment, subdivisions,
            grading, sewage, drainage, and topographic maps.
   Production Assistant, Editor                                                           April 2006 - June 2008
   BYU-Hawaii Media Production Center, University Relations                                              Laie, HI
       • Directing experience with multiple cameras and video presentations
       • Experienced with different indoor, studio, and outdoor lighting schemes.
       • Specifically chosen as a cameraman and video editor in China for 3 weeks
   Assistant Photo Editor, Layout Artist                                                  Sept 2005 - June 2006
   BYU-Hawaii Campus News Center                                                                        Laie, HI
        • Editor of the structure and layout for the campus newspaper.
        • Skills of graphic design and digital photography edit.
   • Fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Mandarin Chinese and English.
   • Programming languages: VBA, MatLab, C++,
   • Technical Software Expert: AutoCAD, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, DVD studio Pro,
     Live Type, MS Office, QuarkXPress
   • Management, leadership and teamwork skills
   BYU-Hawaii Student Alumni Association Taiwan Chapter Chair                               Jan. 2007 - Jan. 2008
     • Duties included networking for all the students in Hawaii universities,
       alumni, and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office of Hawaii.
   BYU-Hawaii Vice President of Taiwan Club                                                Jan. 2006 - Dec. 2006
     • Responsible for coordinating group activities and organizing service work for the community.
                                              Dallyn B. Mesarch
                                                 PO Box 291
                                             Kahuku, Hawaii 96731
Phone: (801) 391-6132                                                 E-mail
University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM)                                           Honolulu, Hawaii
Candidate in Master’s of Financial Engineering Program                            2009 – Present
   • Courses: Portfolio Optimization, Financial Derivatives, Interest Rate
       & Credit Models, Risk Management, and Programming in Finance
Brigham Young University-Hawaii (BYU-Hawaii)                                                          Laie, Hawaii
BS degree of Mathematics                                                                               2006 – 2007
   • GPA 3.97 - Summa Cum Laude
Brigham Young University (BYU)                                                                         Provo, Utah
   • GPA 3.78 - Course highlights: Calculus of Several Variables,                                      2004 – 2005
      Ordinary Differential Equations, Numerical Methods
Utah State University                                                                                 Logan, Utah
AS degree of Science in General Studies                                                                2002 – 2004
   • GPA 4.0 - Dean’s List 2004
UHM Student-Athlete Academic Support                                       Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Mentor and Tutor for Student-Athletes                                       2009 – Present
     Help high-risk student-athletes with diverse backgrounds become successful
Kahuku High and Intermediate School                                           Kahuku, Hawaii
  • Geometry, Algebra I, and Pre-Algebra Teacher                                   2007 – 2009
     PRAXIS II Test– Mathematics Received Award of Excellence
  • Special Education Study Skills for Inclusive Students Teacher
     Organized meetings with parents, teachers, & student to track student progress
  • Head Cheerleading Coach Promoted higher levels of dedication & respect
BYU-Hawaii Mathematics Department                                                                     Laie, Hawaii
  • Tutor in Math Lab Explained math in individualized ways                                            2006 – 2007
BYU-Hawaii Math Club                                                                                  Laie, Hawaii
  • Served as Vice-President Organized service activities                                              2006 – 2007
Fiji LDS Church College                                                                             Tamavua, Fiji
    • Student-taught math classes for Forms three, four, and six (ages 14-17)                        Summer 2006
       Pass rate on tests and quizzes jumped from 30% to 80%
    • Taught after-school classes for Forms Four and Six
BYU Student-Athlete Academic Center                                                                   Provo, Utah
  • Mentor Helped athletes manage time                                                                 2004 – 2005
  • Mathematics Tutor for Athletes Taught math concepts and study skills
Programming languages: MatLab, VBA, C++, & Java
Activities: President of Church’s local children’s program
Interests: Dancing, Scuba Diving, and Hiking
                                     Edward Miranti
                            64 Ironwood Rd Trumbull, CT 06611
Phone: 203-521-7406                                          E-mail:
    Shidler College of Business, Honolulu, HI
           -MFE May 2010
           -Designing and pricing derivatives, including exotic options
           -Programming quantitative interactive pricing models
           -Commodities advisor for MFEic

       University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
             -BA in Mathematics with Distinction, May 2006
               -Major GPA: 3.8 (Mathematics), Cumulative GPA: 3.3
               -Concentrations in Economics and Music
               -Rush Rhees Academic Scholarship
               -Deans List

       Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
               -Graduate School of Biological Sciences, neuroscience research August 06-June
               -Designed protocols and performed experiments on live neurons
               -Alzheimer’s Disease research published October, 2007
               -Only member of program to publish in first year
               -Performed bi-weekly power-point presentations of new results
               -Compiled and interpreted statistical data
               -Performed administrative tasks for the lab


       Olympiad Academia Flushing, NY                                          2008 - Present
              -Created curriculum and taught classes for standardized testing including the
              SAT, SATII, SHSAT, GRE, MCAT, and the American Mathematics
              -Private tutoring in all High School mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology

       Victory Collegiate High School, Brooklyn, NY                            2007 – 2008
       High School Teacher
               -Created curriculum for Integrated Algebra and Active physics
               -Initiated school music program for piano, drums, and guitar
               -Designed bell schedule and programming for 2008
               -Advisor for college prep

       New York City Teaching Fellows Cohort 14                                        2007
             -Transitional B Certificate 7-12 Mathematics
                                   RANDY W. NARRON
                                           P O Box 15802
                                          Honolulu, HI 96830

       Phone: (919) 422-4829                                      Email:

 University of Hawai’i, Shidler College of Business                                     Honolulu, HI
 Candidate, Masters in Financial Engineering Program                                    August 2010

 University of Delaware                                                                 Newark, DE
 BS in Mathematics, Physics Concentration                                               May 1994

 N & N Electric, Inc.                                                                   Selma, NC
 Business Manager and Corporate Officer                                                 1995 – present
   •    Consistently meet deadlines while managing multiple construction projects (individual projects as
        large as $1,500,000)
   •    Manage all aspects of pricing including preparing written estimates for projects
   •    Research, purchase, and implement use of all computer hardware/software within business office
   •    Track material and labor costs of multiple ongoing projects to ensure consistent profitability
   •    Maintain all accounts payable / receivable
   •    Negotiate vendor pricing as well as maintain control of inventory
   •    Ensure prompt, courteous and efficient customer service
   •    Implemented computerized estimating, A/P, A/R to improve efficiency and reduce late payments

 Chestnut Hill Texaco                                                                   Newark, DE
 Manager’s Assistant                                                                    1992-1995
  • Maintained control of inventory
  • Accountable for large amounts of cash
  • Interviewed and trained new employees
  • Maintained prompt and efficient customer service

 Recovery Center of Delaware                                            Delaware City, DE
 Resident Manager                                                               1989-1991
  • Monitored health and safety of sixty in-patient clients
  • Planned and directed activities, including medication distribution and client
  • Prepared and presented educational lectures on recovery process
  • Provided crisis intervention and counseled clients in emergency situations

Additional Information
Programming Languages: Matlab, VBA
Interests: Dancing – Swing, Latin, Ballroom, Sports
                                      DHIREN KUMAR NAYAK
                              1711 East West Road #691, Honolulu, HI-96848, USA
Ph: +1 (808) 4690461                                      Email:;


University of Hawaii at Manoa, Shidler College of Business                                     Honolulu, USA
Candidate, Master’s in Financial Engineering (MFE)                                                2009-2010

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Shidler College of Business                                     Honolulu, USA
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance Focus, GPA 3.74/4                                2007-2009

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Pacific Asian Management Institute (PAMI)                       Honolulu, USA
Certificate in International Management                                                           2007-2008

Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT), Bhubaneswar                            Orissa, India
Bachelor of Technology (Agril. Engineering), Higher First Class with Honours                       1995-1999


Merrill Lynch, Bank of America                                                              Honolulu, USA
Global Wealth and Investment Management Advisory Intern                                    Dec. 09 - May 10
    Learning Merrill Lynch's (ML’s) Wealth Management Group by gaining exposure to key aspects of the
        Financial Advisory business including various investment vehicles, portfolio creation and analysis,
        relationship building, client interaction and financial planning.
    Dealing with clients and handling customer inquiries and providing exceptional customer service to ML
        client base.
    Providing dedicated administrative and sales support to multiple Financial Advisors.
    Working closely under the supervision of ML Wealth Management Advisor on various other duties as

Sea Grant College, Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa                                                       Honolulu, USA
Research Associate                                                                               Aug 08 - May 10
     Working on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sponsored “Insular Pacific
        Regional Research Needs” project focusing on Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Marshall Island, Palau,
        Federated States of Micronesia and Northern Marianas Island.
     Developing online survey, analyzing results, and writing reports for NOAA to seek funding from the US
        Govt. to support various regional projects and activities in the Insular Pacific Region.
     Interviewing Federal, State agencies as well as Non-government organizations on various regional issues.
     Attending workshops and regional meetings to obtain funding for the Region.

Central Pacific Bank (CPB)                                                                       Honolulu, USA
MBA Management Consulting Intern                                                                 Jun 08 - Aug 08
    Collaborated on interviewing, collecting, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative bank operations data
    Interviewed 57 senior managers/vice-presidents/senior vice- presidents of different departments
    Documented the information in process matrix and performed data analysis for 57 departments for service
        quality improvement.
    Recommended process improvement measures to the corporate management group

Department Of Physics And Astronomy, Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa                                   Honolulu, USA
Teaching Assistant (TA)                                                                          Jan 08 - Jun 08
    Taught physics (including differential and integral calculus) to undergraduate students

Information Technology Operations Center (ITOC), Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa                  Honolulu, USA
Computer Systems Monitor                                                                   Sep 08 - Dec 07
     Managed and monitored network and data for technical inconsistencies with IBM servers that control all
       campuses of The University of Hawai‘i System.
United Nations Water Virtual Learning Centre                                                  Bangkok, Thailand
Project Associate/Asst. Project Coordinator                                                            2005 - 2006
    Prepared semi-annual project status reports on finance, progress, and on future directions.
    Coordinated E-Learning among United Nations University-International Network on Water Environment
         and Health (UNU-INWEH), Canada and its Regional Centre “United Nations-Water Virtual Learning
         Center (UN-WVLC)” for South Asia and Southeast Asia established in Bangkok, Thailand. This centre was
         funded by UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA).
    Developed and maintained UN-WVLC website, UN-WVLC server, and marketed the program to potential
    Collaborated on development and implementation of the E-learning center.
        Coordinated among the steering committee members and the 19 international students from 11 countries in
         2 successive batches of E-Learning Program. This center is established in Asian Institute of Technology,
         where I dealt with many international students, staff and faculty members from around the globe.
    Researched extensive literature and information related to Integrated Water Resources Management
         (IWRM) utilizing online sources and global libraries.

Croucher Hydraulic Laboratory, The University of Hong Kong                                        Hong Kong
Demonstrator                                                                                       2004 -2005
    Demonstrated hydraulic equipments and modeling tools to visitors, students and to engineering firms
    Taught engineering laboratory classes to undergraduate students

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)                                                            Bangkok, Thailand
Research Associate                                                                                      2003 - 2004
       Successfully completed various international projects, such as Water Resources University-Capacity
        Building (WRU-CB) project, Hanoi, Vietnam; UCC Water project, Denmark.
       Wrote various project reports, international journal papers and international conference papers
       Demonstrated software such as HEC-HMS, HEC-ResSim, MIKE 11, QUAL2K, MODFLOW and
        CROPWAT to students.

Kalpavriksh, Phulbani                                                                   Orissa, India
Engineer                                                                                   2000-2001
    Field oriented planning, designing and management of watersheds (catchments), bunds, culverts, and
       rainwater harvesting structures
    Supervised approximately 20 workers in field


       “Shidler International Excellence Scholarship” for MBA (2007-09)
       “Kenji Yamaguma Scholarship (KYS)”, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu. (Spring 2008)
       Ranked 4th twice in All India Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) Examination Conducted by Indian Council
        of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Rank 4 (1999-2000); Rank 4 (2000-2001)
       “First Class with Honors” in Bachelor of Technology.
       “National Merit Scholarship” from the Government of India during Bachelor of Technology (1995-1999).


       Affiliate, (2007-09), East-West Center, Honolulu, USA
       Treasurer (2008-09), East-West Center Participants Association (EWCPA), Honolulu, USA.
       Chairman (2008-09), Finance Committee, East-West Center Participants Association (EWCPA), Honolulu,
       Finance Coordinator (2009), East-West Festival
       Facilitator (Fall 2009), East-West Center Wednesday Evening Seminars
                                               VU N. NGUYEN
                                       2254 Dole Street, Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 772-8811                                                              Email:

University of Hawai‘i Mānoa, Shidler College of Business                                         Honolulu, HI
Candidate for Master of Science in Financial Engineering (August 2010)                           Present
  • Computing: Monte Carlo simulation, object-oriented programming in C++, topics on VBA and MatLab,
    programmed Options Pricing using C#, Put-Call Parity Arbitrage screener using C++/MySQL
  • Finance: Quantitative Portfolio Theory, Financial Derivatives, Binomial Tree and Black-Scholes Models, the
  • Mathematics: Probability Theory, Stochastic Calculus (Martingale, Brownian motion, SDE)
  • Spring Coursework to include: Econometrics, Insurance & Risk Management, Interest Rate & Credit Models,
    Weather Derivatives, Stochastic Modeling in Finance

University of Hawai‘i Mānoa, Department of Mathematics                                        Honolulu, HI
Master of Arts in Mathematics                                                                 Aug. 07 – Aug. 09
  • Investigated the theory behind a new universal performance measure, Omega, and performed empirical
    comparisons between Sharpe and Omega measures
  • Performed portfolio optimization using the mean-variance model and mean-standard dispersion model
  • Thesis: “Omega Function: A Theoretical Introduction”, supervised by Professor Thomas L. Ramsey

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics                                                                      Aug. 05 – May 07
  • Dean’s List student in Spring 2006, Spring 2007

Brigham Young University Hawai‘i                                                                     Lai‘e, HI
  • Double major in Mathematics and Computer Science                                                 Aug. 03 – Jun. 05
  • Computer Science Departmental Scholarship recipient for 4 consecutive semesters

Capital Markets Trading – Asia                                                                       Honolulu, HI
Intern                                                                                               Jan. 10 – May 10
   • To research FIX/FAST protocol and various encoder/decoder engines; to integrate CME’s FIX/FAST Decoder
      engine to in-house financial software
   • To develop trading simulator to backtest trading strategies; to build, evaluate, and improve front-end packages and
      tools for financial data analysis/visualization

University of Hawai‘i Mānoa, Department of Mathematics                                                 Honolulu, HI
Teaching Assistant                                                                                     Aug. 07 – May 09
  • Held recitation sessions in Pre-calculus (Fall 07, Fall 08, Spring 09), Calculus I and Calculus for the Business and
    Social Sciences (Spring 08)
  • Prepared and graded homework, quizzes and exams

University of Hawai‘i Mānoa, Information Technology Services                                Honolulu, HI
Programmer                                                                                  Sept. 05 – May 07
  • Developed a personnel search engine, using HTML/Perl/MySQL, which takes a string of information and return
     results ranked by matched scores
  • Developed, as a team member, a mailing list system using HTML/PHP
  • Maintained and documented departmental pages (wiki, CMS, etc.) and other software

Brigham Young University Hawai‘i, Management Information Services                                    Lai‘e, HI
Programmer                                                                                           May 04 – Jun. 05
  •   Produced database reports and personnel/student lists upon requests from other departments
  •   Performed maintenance and backup of software and databases

  •   Programming languages: C++, C#, Python, Mathematica, MatLab/Octave, MySQL (basic)
  •   Operating Systems: Windows (XP, Vista, and 7), Linux (Fedora, Mint, and Ubuntu)
  •   Languages: Vietnamese (native), English (fluent)
                                       SIXIANG NIE
                              444 Lunalilo Home Road, Apt. 803
                                   Honolulu, Hawaii 96825
Phone: (808) 389-2673                                               Email:

Shidler College of Business University of Hawaii at Manoa                         Honolulu, HI
Master of Financial Engineering, Candidate                                          June 2010
Recipient of Shidler Master in Financial Engineering Program Scholarship

College of Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa                            Honolulu, HI
Master of Electrical Engineering in Computer Software                               May, 2003
•  Teaching Assistant: Electronics and Optics Lab, Mechanics Lab, Microelectronics Circuits II
   Lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab
•  Research Assistant: Solving photon diffusion equation by finite element method and Lanczos
   algorithm for breast cancer detection

Wuhan University, Department of Mathematics                                Wuhan, Hubei, China
Master of Mathematics in Computational Mathematics                                  June, 1991
Bachelor of Mathematics in Computational Mathematics                                June, 1988

STI Medical Systems                                                                Honolulu, HI
Software Engineer                                                          May, 2004-Jan., 2009
•  Awarded “Rookie of the Year 2004”
•  Designed and implemented application software in C/C++ to simultaneously capture two
   images from two Kodak PRO/SLR cameras for stereo vision, used to collect data for cervical
   cancer detection algorithm development
•  Collected endoscopic video data in hospitals and implemented image distortion correction
   algorithm in C and MATLAB for endoscopic images for colorectal cancer detection algorithm
•  Developed and upgraded histopathology annotation extraction algorithm in MATLAB, which
   maps and registers different cervical image histopathology annotations to provide ground truth
   for computer-aided diagnose algorithm development

Wayland Baptist University, Hawaii Campus                                       Honolulu, HI
Adjunct Faculty- College Algebra                                        Summer 2004 and2007

Connect Imaging Inc.                                                              Honolulu, HI
Computer Programmer Intern                                               Nov., 2003-Feb., 2004
Added new features and fixed bugs for the clinic image viewing software ConnectView in Delphi

Chaminade University of Honolulu                                                  Honolulu, HI
Adjunct Faculty- College Algebra, Mechanics Lab                                      Fall 2003

Shantou University, Department of Mathematics                      Shantou, Guangdong, China
Lecturer- Computational Method, Calculus                                Fall 1991-Spring 1997
                                                             ALEXEY R. OLKOV
                                                               914A Hausten Street
                                                              Honolulu, HI, 96826 USA
Phone: +1 (808) 372 5417                                                                                        Email:

University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Shidler College of Business                                            Honolulu, HI, USA
Candidate Master of Science in Financial Engineering                                                             2009-2010
   Fall 2009 Tuition Scholarship
   Risk Analyst of MFE Hedge Fund Management Club (perform evaluation of VaR and Sharpe Ratio of a large portfolio)

University of Hawai’i at Mānoa                                                                                                Honolulu, HI, USA
Master of Science in Computer Science with emphasis on Software Engineering                                                           2006-2009
  Fall 2007 Departmental Merit Scholarship (Department of Information and Computer Science)
  Fall 2007 Tuition Scholarship (International Student Services)
  Publications:
       - Dan Port, Alexey Olkov, Tim Menzies: Using Simulation to Investigate Requirements Prioritization Strategies. ASE 2008
       - Dan Port, Alexey Olkov: Using Simulation to Validate Intangible and Unobservable Benefits of Agile and Plan- Based Requirements Prioritization
       Strategies. Profes 2008
   Final Project: Using Simulation to Investigate Requirements Prioritization Strategies (Supervisor – Daniel Port)

Ural State University                                                                                                     Yekaterinburg, Russia
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science                                                                                2000-2004
   2002, 2003 Academic Proficiency Scholarships
   2001-2003 Cisco CCNA course

University of Hawaii at Mānoa, Department of Physics and Astronomy                                                        Honolulu, HI, USA
Teaching Assistant                                                                                                               2007-Present
   Teach two 3-hour-long weekly labs (Electricity, Magnetism and Optics) with responsibilities for lectures and experiments
   Interact and work closely with multicultural group, including students with disabilities and athletes

Deloitte & Touche LLP                                                                                                       Honolulu, HI, USA
Enterprise Risk Services Intern                                                                                                               2008
   Worked in the area of Control Assurance
   Performed SOX attestation of the design and operating effectiveness of client defined general computer controls for all audit controls and objectives
   Contributed to engagements in numerous industries including professional services, energy industry and financial services

University of Hawaii at Mānoa, RCUH                                                                                           Honolulu, HI, USA
Web Assistant                                                                                                                           2007-2009
   Supported and administered online education system for Accounting courses

University of Hawaii at Mānoa, Shidler College of Business                                                                    Honolulu, HI, USA
Software Developer                                                                                                                           2007
   Created software for a research experiment on Decision Making

Splinex Technologies Inc. (Russian-American company)                                                                      Yekaterinburg, Russia
Assistant Director of the Department of Polygonal Modeling                                                                             2003-2005
   Contributed to programming and developing applications for scientific data visualization
   Planned work of the department, assigned tasks, set deadlines for projects

Ural Regional Center of Recourses and Computer Technologies (part of USU)                                                 Yekaterinburg, Russia
Software Developer                                                                                                                     2003-2004
   Developed Application for the Network of Library Databases for universities and scientific institutions

EastWest Ministries                                                                                                 Yekaterinburg, Russia
Volunteer                                                                                                                 2002, 2003, 2004
   Worked with USA charity campaign at orphanages and schools for children with disabilities in the Ural Region, Russia.

Fr. Don’s Kitchen                                                                                                             Honolulu, HI, USA
Volunteer                                                                                                                            2009-Present
   Helping distribute food to the homeless and needy of Ala Moana Park, Honolulu.

   C/C++, VBA, Java, XML, PHP, Perl
   Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Networks
   MATLAB, Simulink, SPSS

   Interests: Charity, Hula, Tennis, Surfing, Cooking, Photography
                                                                       Surabh R Regmi

                                 Surabh R. Regmi
 2126 Manoa Road, Honolulu, HI 96822. (773)-294-9191


Currently enrolled in the Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) program at University
of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu.

BA, Quantitative Economics, September 2008, University of Wisconsin – Parkside,

                               WORK EXPERIENCE

Intern at Interfaith Worker Justice, January 2009 to March 2009
   • Intern in the policy department at IWJ, Chicago
   • Collecting resources for an informational website for workers

Chancellor’s Environmental Steward, August 2007 to May 2008
  • Environmental steward in the Chancellor’s Environmental Stewardship Taskforce
  • Established Parkside Environmental Club
  • Initiated fund raising for installing solar panels in the University Union building

Tutor, August 2005 to December 2007
   • Assisted students in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Business Statistics and
   • Worked with students with special abilities.

Teaching Assistant for Prof. E. Moodley, Lee University Nov 2004 to May 2005
   • Supervised an online course on World Religion
   • Organized class material, designed class presentations, created and graded exams


International House, First Resident Advisor, August 2005 to January 2008
   • Planned and implemented modification of an old office into a residence hall for
       international students.
   • Managed and maintained international house and organized events for
       international students
                                                                        Surabh R Regmi

Parkside Environment Club, President and Co- founder, 2008
   • Won the Kaleidoscope Project Grant from the Parkside Student Activities Board
      to build rain gardens at the International House
   • Implemented rain gardens at the international house.

Ranger News, Advertising Manager, 2007
   • Supervised advertisement agents to seek advertisements through local businesses.
   • Worked closely with the Business Manager to develop the organization’s budget.


Computer Operating Systems: Proficient in both PC and Macintosh.
Computer Programs: Adequate knowledge of MS Office including MS Excel
           spreadsheet, SPSS, STATA, QBASIC along with basic web designing skills
           and some knowledge of ORACLE 8i. Some basic knowledge of
           programming in Java, C++, Matlab and VBA.
Languages: Nepali and English.


Appeared in the Dean’s List and the Provost’s List in 2005 at University of Wisconsin -
                                CHRISTOPHER SHEEHEY
                                1137 Wilder Avenue Apt. 704
                                    Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 223-5278                                              Email:

              Results-driven business graduate student seeks an internship in security trading
              and investing at an innovative, growth-oriented company

University Of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business                              Honolulu, HI
Candidate Master of Financial Engineering                                         2009-2010
•  Current GPA: 3.93
•  Chief Economic Advisor to MFE- Hedge Fund Investment Club
          o Provided monthly economic updates to aid investment decisions
          o Analyzed and presented investment opportunities for use in hedge fund
•  MFE-Hedge Fund Investment Club Day-Trading Team Officer
          o Allotted $10,000 in day-trading capital (investment pending)

University of Hawaii Manoa                                                 Honolulu, HI
Bachelor of Arts, Economics (with a minor in Mathematics)                      2005-2009
•  Cumulative undergraduate GPA: 3.89
•  Undergraduate Honors Program- High Honors
   - Senior Honors Thesis: Norwegian Cruise Line in Hawaii: A Case Study on the True
      Price of “Pride”
•  Inaugurated to Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, May 2009

Undergraduate Research                                                            Honolulu, HI
Senior Honors Thesis                                                                2008-2009
•  Analyzed micro-level cruise line price and output data
•  Developed a model for consumer demand contingent to possible political rulings
•  Formulated a cost/benefit analysis of a proposed maritime law reinterpretation
•  Collaborated with Dr. James Mak for joint research on topic
•  Research published in Research in Transportation Economics (Spring 2010)

Keo’s in Waikiki                                                                  Honolulu, HI
Server                                                                             2005-present
•  Anticipated and managed upper-class clientele needs and expectations
•  Often chosen to take care of VIP tables and special events
•  Maintained strong sales record through “upsales” and efficient service
•  Volunteered time to help renovate restaurant during school breaks

Computer Competencies: MATLAB, C++, Microsoft Excel/VBA, Microsoft PowerPoint
Interests: Fishing, Surfing, Running, Thai Cuisine, Classical Literature
                                       SKOL WATANAWONGSKUL
                                    2328 Seaview Ave. Apt206, Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808)-277-9745                                                                                  EMAIL:

EDUCATION        UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA                                                                 Hawaii, USA
                 Shidler College of Business
                 Master of Financial Engineering, 2009-

                KASETSART UNIVERSITY                                                                           Bangkok, Thailand
                 School of Business
                 Master of Business Administration, 1995-1998
                 • Major in Marketing
                 • President, MIS and Consulting Working Groups

                  KING MONGKUT’S INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY THONBURI                                              Bangkok, Thailand
                  B.Eng. Computer Engineering, 1987-1991
                  • Major in Computer
                  • Vice President, KMIT-T Computer Club

Sep 2000-Aug 2008  Jong Stit Group                                                                       Bangkok, Thailand
                    Head of IT development department
                 • Establish and maintain IT infrastructure (Network System, Client-Server System, VoIP PBX) for the head
                   office and all companies in Jong Stit Group.

                  •     Survey and study the whole process in accounting, financial, procurement, inventory management, sales and
                        distribution for choosing ERP software; implementing and maintaining ERP system.

                  •     Design, develop, and implement in-house software for manufacturing control in dyeing process, product
                        labeling, integrating to ERP system.

Apr 1991-May 2000       Siam Cement Group                                                                         Bangkok, Thailand
                        Work in Paper Business Group as an IT System Analyst, IT Center
                  •     Member of IT project team, design, develop, and implement the pioneer IT system to Siam Kraft Incdustry
                        Co.,Ltd., for product labeling, inventory management, delivery system, and integrate to legacy accounting
                        system on Mainframe.
                  •     Project leader, roll-out IT systems to 14 companies under Paper Business Group such as Thai Kraft Industry
                        Co.,Ltd., Thai paper Co.,Ltd., Thai Container Co. Ltd.

                  •     Implement Maximo Software (Preventive Maintenance System) to Paper Business Group

                  •     Project leader of SAP project team, work with Deloitte Touch Consultants to implement SAP module Sales
                        and Distribution (SD), Inventory Management (IM) to Paper Business Group.

May 2007-Aug 2007 CTT-Center                                                                                   Bangkok, Thailand
                  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Active Directory
                  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Security Admin.
                  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Admin. And Tuning
Jun 2006-Jul 2006   Srivikorn Computer Training Center                                                         Bangkok, Thailand
                  • Microsoft ASP.Net Programming
May 2005            MVT Network Training Center                                                                Bangkok, Thailand
                  • Allied Telesyn Network Router Configuration
Feb 2004            Computer Training Center                                                                   Bangkok, Thailand
                  • Crystal Report Advanced Technics
Apr 2003-Jun 2003   Computer Training Center                                                                   Bangkok, Thailand
                  • Microsoft Visual Basic Advanced Programming
                  • Microsoft Windows Server 2000 Server Admin.
                  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Setup
May 2002              APTech Computer Training Center                                                Bangkok, Thailand
                  •   Microsoft GreatPlains (ERP) Development Language (VBA)
May 1999-Jun 1999     Center of International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC - scholarship)   Tokyo, Japan
                  •   Management of Information System
Sep 1998-Oct 1998     Siam Cement Human Resource Development Center                                  Bangkok, Thailand
                  •   BCD Management Training for Intermediate Manager
Aug 1997-Sep 1997     SAP Training Center                                                            Bangkok, Thailand
                  •   SAP Module FI, SD, IM Training
                  •   SAP ABAP/4 Programming
May 1996-Jul 1996     Center of International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC - scholarship)   Tokyo, Japan
                  •   Client/Server Application Design
Jul 1995              Maximo Training Center                                                         Bangkok, Thailand
                  •   Maximo Software
Jun 1994-Jul 1994     Siam Cement Human Resource Development Center                                  Bangkok, Thailand
                  •   ABC Management Training for Beginning Manager
Apr 1992-May 1992     IBM Training Center                                                            Singapore
                  •   AS/400 System Admin.
                  •   AS/400 RPG Programming
Nov 1991              IBM Training Center                                                            Bangkok, Thailand
                  •   Cross System Product (CSP) Programming
May 1991-Jun 1991     IBM Training Center                                                            Bangkok, Thailand
                  •   Cobol Programming for Mainframe
                  •   CICS Programming for Mainframe
                  •   RPG Programming for Mainframe
                  •   MVS System

             • Member, AOTS (Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship, Japan)
             • Member, CICC (Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization, Japan)
             • Member, ABK-AOTS in Bangkok
             • Member, Computer Thai Association, Bangkok, Thailand

ADDITIONAL       Computer skills
                 • Programming languages & Developing Tools: Visual Basic, VBA, SQL Language, ASP.Net, C#/VB.Net,
                    Crystal Report, Cobol, RPG, SAP ABAP/4, Barcode System (EAN, UPC)
                 • Hardware and platforms:
                        Mainframe, AS/400, Sun Solaris Web Server,
                        Windows Server 2003, Windows XP,
                        Telxon Mobile Handheld Computer,
                        LAN, WAN, Allied Router Config,VoIP SIP, Siemen PBX H.323
                 • Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2

                 • Thai, English
                                 BENJAMIN R. WILLIAMS (J.D.)
              1507 Kamole Street • Honolulu, HI 96821 • (808) 295-5353 •

 Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Manoa                                Honolulu, HI
 Candidate Master of Science, Financial Engineering (GPA: 4.0)                         Expected July 2010

 William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii at Manoa                         Honolulu, HI
 Juris Doctor – Focus on Intellectual Property and Business                         Aug. 2006 – May 2009
       Bar Admission: Hawaii (November 6, 2009)

 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University                                                       Prescott, AZ
 Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering, Minor in Mathematics – Cum Laude       Aug. 2001 – Dec. 2005

 Hawaiian Airlines                                                                         Honolulu, HI
 Law Clerk – Legal Department                                                       May 2008 – Apr. 2009
     • Researched legal issues and provided memoranda on various topics
     • Provided research and recommendations on company policy
     • Reviewed and assisted in drafting company contracts
     • Drafted letters to various administrative agencies

 Kamaka Air, Honolulu International Airport                                                   Honolulu, HI
 Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic                                                     Jan. 2006 – Aug. 2007
      • Maintained three WWII-era aircraft, including assisting in restoration of one
      • Identified and problem solved on major and minor mechanical and operational issues
      • Established and implemented computerized inventory database
      • Developed Excel-based inspection tracking program

 North Aire, Love Field                                                                    Prescott, AZ
 Flight Instructor – (temporary position)                                         Nov. 2005 – Dec. 2005
      • Analyzed and managed student progress in accelerated and standard training programs

 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University                                                       Prescott, AZ
 Physics Laboratory Assistant                                                       Sep. 2004 – Dec. 2005
 Head Laboratory Assistant                                                          Aug. 2005 – Dec. 2005
     • Coordinated all Laboratory Assistants schedules and lesson plans
     • Individualized teaching styles for students with various backgrounds

 TFS Enterprises, Honolulu International Airport                                            Honolulu, HI
 Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Assistant                                         Apr. 1999 – Aug. 2005
      • Managed construction of experimental fiberglass airplane
      • Develop and maintain relationships with clients

     Certifications – Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor, Airplane Single and Multi Engine Land,
                       Instrument Airplane, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic
     Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (2003 – Present)
     Experimental Aircraft Association (2005 – Present)
     MFE Hedge Fund Organizational Team
     Hedge Fund Management Club
     Hui Nalu Canoe Club (1993 – 2001) – Board of Directors (2001)
     Programming Languages: Matlab, Visual Basic, C++
                                      Xin’gao Hu
                                   1711 East-West Rd
Mobile: 808-232-5380                                              

University of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business                           Aug 2009 – May 2010
Candidate Master’s of Financial Engineering                                         Honolulu, HI

Tsinghua University                                                         Sept 2003 to July 2005
Bachelor’s Degree, Software Institute                                               Beijing, China

Hubei Institute for Nationalities                                           Sept 1999 – July 2003
Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science Technology                                      Hubei, China

Merrill Lynch                                                                 Jan 2010 - present
Wealth Management Department Finance Modeling Spring Intern                        Honolulu, HI
• Analyzing key indicators and developed model to determine optimal portfolio

Atos Origin (International IT Service Provider)                                  2004 – Aug 2009
Software Engineer                                                                  Beijing, China
• Developing and maintaining the credit card system for banks as follows.

Bank of China (BOC)                                                  06/2006~08/2009
Project Team Member                                                     Beijing, China
• Developed platform OS /390+CICS+COBOL +DB2 and implemented product Essentis

• Demonstrated and interpret settlement system IM (Interchange module) of product ACCEND for

  bid by Postal Savings Bank of China project.

Senior Software Engineer of Essentis Issuer
• Interfaced with CSR for account structure tuning in order to support 20 million cards volume;

• Optimization production system by streaming; Installment-with-interest module; Co-brand card

  with airline for BOC other optimization for the Issuer system.

Production Support
• Solving production problems issued by customers onsite or standby, including external card

  clearing system, single message system and centralized settlement system.

Team leader
• Annual compliance for Essentis Interchange (EI) with card schemes of Visa, MasterCard and

                                       Xin’gao Hu
                                    1711 East-West Rd
Mobile: 808-232-5380                                              

Programmer and analyst
• Responsible for auto-distribute interface with Core Banking System (CBS) for blue print;

  Olympic ATMP project for all transactions come from ATMs around Olympic location of Visa
• E-banking project and EMV project phase 1.

Indonesia LIPPO Bank                                                    Apr 2006 – Jun 2006
Project Team Member                                                           Beijing, China
• Developed for Phone Banking System related. Related tech: Semacard+AS/400+COBOL

China CITIC Bank                                                        Feb 2006 – Apr 2006
Project Team Member                                                         Shenzhen, China
• Performance improvement for Semacard batch flow. Related tech: Semacard+AS/400+COBOL

Atos Origin (International IT Service Provider)                            Aug 2004 – Feb 2005
Intern                                                                            Beijing, China
• Developed and maintained Essentis Interchange and finished coding for dispute system

   interfaces for MasterCard and JCB.

Additional Information:
Hobbies: badminton, music
Languages: English (fluent – spoken, written, reading), Chinese (native speaker)
                                                          JESSE ZHAI
6838 Niumalu Loop                                                                                 
Honolulu, HI 96825                                                                                                  (808)388-0873

SHIDLER BUSINESS SCHOOL                                                                                            Honolulu, HI
Candidate for Masters in Financial Engineering, July 2010                                                       8/2009 - Current

OLIN BUSINESS SCHOOL                                                                                               St. Louis, MO
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, December 2008                                                   8/2005 – 12/2008
Major in Finance

PUNAHOU HIGH SCHOOL                                                                                                Honolulu, HI
Graduate with Honors, June 2005                                                                                  8/2001 – 6/2005

   Mensa® Society Member
   Co-Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Dragon Boat
   Co-Chairman of the Splendor of China Celebration, Site Management Division
   Chairman of the Narcissus Festival, Books Division
   Assistant Coordinator of the Choy Cheng Lion Dance Festival

MFE INVESTMENT CLUB                                                                                          Honolulu, HI
Co-President                                                                                              8/2009 – Current
    Analyzed various macroeconomic factors to forecast economic conditions
    Designed, programmed, and back tested several quantitative equity models
    Calculated covariance matrices on investments to minimize covariance risk and optimize the portfolio
    Prepared research reports including Public Comparables Analysis and Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
        on specific companies to make recommendations on potential investments
    Prepared for and assisted in conducting standard weekly strategy meetings and emergency meetings

JOHN HANCOCK                                                                                                       Honolulu, HI
Financial Advisor                                                                                                2/2009 – 7/2009
     Performed Budget and Risk Analysis to create financial plans tailored to meet clients’ needs
     Advised clients on economic conditions and formulated strategies to utilize them
     Performed periodic reviews to ensure client goals are still on track with their financial situation

AEGIS CAPITAL                                                                                            New York, NY
Intern                                                                                                   6/2008 – 8/2008
      Analyzed economic and sector trends and proposed methods to leverage them
      Prepared research reports including Public Comparables Analysis and Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
       on specific companies to make recommendations on potential investments
      Sourced information on high net worth individuals worldwide
      Analyzed clients’ asset allocation risk preferences to generate model portfolios

STANDARD CHARTERED BANK                                                                                          Beijing, China
Intern                                                                                                           6/2007 – 8/2007
      Performed routine reviews on current and potential client accounts to screen suspicious activities and
       referred accounts to appropriate bank personnel for further inspection
      Classified new clients into risk levels to determine which set of account review type to utilize
      Assisted in creating a series of seminar presentations addressing international economics and risk
      Shadowed department heads in Account Management, International Trade Finance, Accounts
       Receivable, and Accounts Payable resulting in all-around exposure to their rotation program

HD KARAOKE                                                                                                         St. Louis, MO
Chief Financial Officer                                                                                         9/2006 – 12/2006
     Assisted in creating a business plan and presentation that was delivered to potential investors,
         resulting in early-stage funding
     Created pro forma financial statements in Excel including revenue forecast, headcount, income
         statement, balance sheet, and summary financials
   Licenses: Series 7 Securities, Series 66 Securities, Hawaii Life and Health Insurance
   Computer Skills: Proficient with MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Adobe Acrobat,
     Minitab, and various Macro automation tools
   Computer Languages: Proficient with Matlab, Experienced with Visual Basic and C++
   Language Skills: Fluent in speaking Mandarin Chinese
   Interests: Soccer, Tennis, Racquetball, Martial Arts, Hiking, Surfing, Philosophy
   Additional Training: Training the Street® Financial Valuation seminar
                                      Lianne Zhang
                        2468 West Bayshore Rd. Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone: (650) 804-8681                                            Email:

University Of Hawaii, Shidler College Of Business                            Honolulu, HI
Candidate Master of Science in Financial Engineering                  Expected August 2010
•  Coursework: Risk Management, Credit Models, Derivatives, Portfolio Optimization
•  Activities: CFO and Fund Manager of MFE Hedge Fund, Treasurer of Investment Club

Santa Clara University                                                  Santa Clara, CA
Certificate in Advanced Accounting Proficiency                              August 2009
•  Coursework: Audit, Tax, Cost Management, Advanced Financial Accounting

Smith College                                                               Northampton, MA
Bachelor of Arts Degree with Latin Honors Commendation                             January 2009
Major: Economics, Minor: Engineering
Coursework: Corporate & International Finance, Econometrics, Micro & Macroeconomics
Activities: President of Asian Students Association, Treasurer of King House, Unity Council

Merrill Lynch                                                                         Honolulu, HI
Wealth Management: Financial Analyst Intern                                             Spring 2010
•   Analyzing financial data for investment opportunities
•   Summarizing daily Bank of America Merrill Lynch briefings for senior management
•   Working on client presentations, observing client meetings and interactions
Google/Lionbridge Tech                                                        Mountain View, CA
Internet Consultant                                                            Spring-Summer 2009
•   Processed Chinese sites for fidelity of search results, rated data based on quality
•   Analyzed data for suitability for target user demographics
Shou Chuang Capital Securities                                                               China
Summer Analyst                                                                       Summer 2008
•   Beijing: Investment Banking Capital Markets
    Assisted analysts with IPO processes and learned Chinese securities & company law
    Processed due diligence reports and researched new emerging markets
•   Shanghai: Brokerage VIP client floor
    Analyzed performances of stocks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange
    Managed client accounts and assisted in making transactions on trading floor
LinkedIn                                                                       Mountain View, CA
Intern                                                                                  Spring 2008
•   Researched company information for an internet start up professional networking site
•   Enforced veracity of Linked In data by compiling large sets of information
Department of Transportation                                                      Washington DC
Summer Intern                                                                         Summer 2007
•   Analyzed multiple regressions of fuel prices and airline finances
•   Award of Excellence for work in the Research and Innovative Technology Administration
•   Researched and projected fuel costs in relation to aviation industry financial data
Stanford University Libraries,                                                        Stanford, CA
                                      Lianne Zhang
                        2468 West Bayshore Rd. Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone: (650) 804-8681                                      Email:

Student Assistant                                                              Summer 2006
•  Managed library operations independently when administrators were unavailable
•  Worked on acquisitions, invoices and accounts payable

• Database: Microsoft Excel (Regression, Macros), Access, SQL (Sybase and Oracle)
• Computer Languages: HTML, C++, Visual Basic
• Statistics & Mathematics software/ Financial Modeling: SPSS, STATA , MATLAB,
• Languages: Native English and Mandarin Chinese, French (fluent: 5 years)
• Interests: Haute Couture, Food, Travel, Contemporary Art, Fencing, and F1 races
                                      Weiyuan Zhao
                                   435 Seaside Ave. #1507
                                         HI 96815
Mobile: 808-384-8604                                       

                                                                         Aug 2009 – May 2010

                                                                                 Honolulu, HI
University of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business
Candidate Master’s of Financial Engineering

                                                                        Sept 2006 – May 2009
                                                                                 Honolulu, HI
Hawaii Pacific University
Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science

                                                                        Sept 2004 – June 2006
                                                                               Nanjing, China
Nanjing University
Majoring in Computer Science

                                                                           Feb 2010 - present

                                                                                 Honolulu, HI
Merrill Lynch

• Coordinate project for RCC census
Global Wealth Management Department Finance Intern

• Generate hypothetical portfolio

• Research and screen mutual funds

                                                                           Oct 2008 – Apr 2009
                                                                                   Honolulu, HI
Bluebery Technology Solution LLC

• Work individually at Cycle City Ltd. as a helpdesk technician.
IT Contractor

• Take responsibility of maintaining the system of the store, including troubleshooting the

   problems on routers, servers, credit card system and so on, taking care of the interphone
   system, internet system, and backup the sales and other financial data.

                                                                        June 2008—Aug 2008
                                                                                 Nanjing, China
New Oriental Education Organization

• Teach kids age from 8 to 14 English in summer camp program.
Project Team Leader

• Coordinate the camp affairs, including renting classroom, planning field trips, and etc.

                                                                         Nov 2007 – May 2008
                                                                                  Honolulu, HI
Pacific Lightnet Inc

• Helpdesk technician: Troubleshoot hardware and software (laptops, workstations, servers,
IT Internship

printers). Configure/test routers and switches.
• Involved in project design: build Check in forms for HR, create the database for new

• Create ID access card for co-works.

• Pack and ship inventories of company to individual and vendors.
                                      Weiyuan Zhao
                                    435 Seaside Ave. #1507
                                          HI 96815
Mobile: 808-384-8604                                        

                                                                        Sep 2006—Oct 2007
                                                                                 Honolulu, HI
HPU Mail Processing Center

• Responsible for various post-office, FedEx and DHL functions, including mail stamping, and
Assistant Clerk

interdepartmental mails.

· Fluency in Chinese (Mandarin) and English.
Additional Information:

· Held individual art exhibition at YMCA UH in 2008.

· Student Representative to Honor Banquet of HPU, Fall 2007.

· Student Representative to two-time art exhibition in Hawaii Pacific University.
     2404 Maile Way d-202      honolulu, hi 96822 usa
        tel: +1.808.956.0327   Fax: +1.808.956.6481

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