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					Gary Benton
District Governor 202H
2006 – 2007
      January - February 2007

                        The International Association of Lions Clubs
                          District 202H, New Zealand
              District Governor 2006 – 2007
                                Gary Benton
                                  Home Club: Kapiti

                              District 202H Cabinet 2006 – 2007

District Governor                    Region Chairmen                     Zone 3
Gary Benton (Debbie)                                                     Tom Lumb (Anne)
                                     Region 1 (Zones 1 & 2) & DG Liaison Tel/Fax Res: (04) 934 3372
Tel Res: (04) 902 4940               PDG Bill McKeich
Mobile: 027 425 1440                                                     E-mail:
                                     Tel Res: (04) 905 6952
Tel Bus: (04) 298-6746                                                   Club:    Karori
Fax:     (04) 298 3213               Club:    Kapiti                     Zone 4
E-mail:                                          Geoff Armstrong (Lynne)
Club:    Kapiti                      Region 2 (Zones 3, 4 & 5)           Tel Res: (04) 567 2165
                                     Robyn Daniels (PDG Ken)             Tel Bus: (04) 567 7839
Cabinet Secretary                    Tel Res: (04) 971 6505              Fax:     (04) 567 2365
Graham Atkinson                      E-mail:
Tel Res: (04) 386 3115               Club: Wellington Host     
Mobile: 025 622 3079                                                     Club:    Lower Hutt Epuni
E-mail:   Zone Chairmen
Club:    Wellington Host                                                Zone 5
                                     Zone 1                             Diane Adams (Roy)
Cabinet Treasurer                    Jan Reid                           Tel Res: (04) 526 6569
Don Maclean (Tina)                   Tel Res: (04) 902 1106             E-mail:
Tel Res: (06) 363 7878               E-mail:
                                                                        Club:    Rimutaka
Tel Bus: (04) 232 1624               Club:    Parawai
Mobile: 027 441 2734                 Zone 2
E-mail:       Ian Lewis
Club:    Levin Waiopehu              Tel Res: (04) 232 0270
                                     Tel Bus: (04) 477 7139
Vice District Governor &             E-mail:
MERL Chairman                        Club:    Tawa
Rosemary Cook (Stephen)
Tel Res: (04) 972 2036
Mobile: 027 451 7868
Club:    Johnsonville
                                                   Please note
LIONS WEB SITES:                                     deadline!
District 202H

New Zealand Lions
                                              Copy deadline for the March 2007 issue
Lions International HQ                             is Tuesday 23 February 2007.
                                               Please have your contributions to the
Lionnet                                      District Editor by this date.

 ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007
                     District 202H Cabinet Committees 2006 – 2007

Committee Chairmen                   LMLCCT & SightFirst II            Youth Exchange
                                     PDG Alice McDonald                Angela Ambler (Rex)
Immediate Past District Governor     Tel Res/Fax: (04) 476 8747        Tel Res: (04) 235 9551
LCIF/IOSC/Camp Quality               Mobile: 021 347 360               Tel Bus: (04) 237 2207
Tony Clifford (Helen)                E-mail:        Fax:     (04) 235 9557
Tel Res: (06) 368 6724               Club:    Karori                   Mobile: 027 280 2391
Mobile: 021 448 546                                                    E-mail:
E-mail:        Lions Quest                       Club:    Johnsonville
Club:    Levin Waiopehu              Mary Snook (Martin Feather)
                                     Tel Res: (04) 938 9088            Peace Poster/Speechmaker/
Legal & Safety                       E-mail:                           International Youth Camp
Alan Knowsley (Linda)              Beth Newbold
Tel Res: (04) 386 1990               Club:    Karori                   Tel Res/Bus: (04) 476 8322
Tel Bus: (04) 473 6850                                                 E-mail:
Fax:     (04) 386 3990               Sight
Mobile: 027 445 4259                 PDG Ian  Brown (Elizabeth)
                                                                       Club:    Karori
E-mail:         Tel Res: (04) 905 5444
Club:    Eastern Suburbs             Fax:     (04) 905 5445
                                     Mobile:  021 102 0504            Outside Cabinet
                                     E-mail: Fundraising
MERL                                 Club:    Kapiti                  PDG Ray Lindsay (Trish Gibson)
Membership & Extension
                                     Diabetes & Service Activities    Tel Res: (04) 232 9573
Jo Cameron (Mike)
Tel Res: (04) 477 9693               Graeme Seymour (Lorraine)        Tels Bus:(04) 496 1705
Tel Bus: (04) 478 9868               Tel Res: (04) 973 6579           E-mail:
                                     E-mail:                          Club:    Tawa
Fax:     (04) 235 9551
E-mail:       District Convention
Club:    Karori                      Club:     Riddiford                Jim Blackford (Marie)
Retention                            District Activities & Guiding Lion Tel Res: (04) 904 2158
Warren Biddington (Patricia Kelly)   Lillian Deverill (Brian)           E-mail:
                                     Tel Res: (04) 478 5754             Club:     Waikanae
Tel Res: (04) 904 6824
E-mail:                              E-mail:
Club:    Kapiti                      Club:     Johnsonville

Leadership                           Almoner
Valmaye Dawson                       PDG Ian Brown (Elizabeth)
Tel Res: (06) 368 4994               Tel Res: (04) 905 5444
Fax:     (06) 368 4928               Fax:     (04) 905 5445
E-mail:           Mobile: 021 102 0504
Club:    Levin Waiopehu              E-mail:
                                     Club:    Kapiti
District Bulletin                    Lions Eye Institute New Zealand
Glennys Rowland (Vic)                (LEINZ)
Tel Res: (04) 478 9326               Helen Martin
Fax Res: (04) 477 4195
                                     Tel Res: (04) 381 4690
E-mail: g&       Tel Bus: (04) 381 4690
Club:     Johnsonville               Mobile: 027 435 9518
Information Technology               E-mail:
Tom Lumb (Anne)                      Club:    Capital City
Tel Res/Fax: (04) 934 3372
Club:    Karori
                                                                         District Editor:
                                                                         Glennys Rowland (V ic)
                                                                         Tel Res: (04) 478 9326
                                                                         Fax Res: (04) 477 4195
                                                                         Club:    Johnsonville

                                       ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007
                                 IN THIS ISSUE
   1 Conte nts
   2 District Governor Gary Benton Reports – From the “Coast with the M ost”
   3 Holiday Greetings to the Lions of District 202H – From Cabinet Secretary Graham Atkinson
      Directory Update
   4 Rosemary Cook, DG E lect 202M, 2007-2008
      New District Almoner
   5 District 202H Conve ntion Notice – Remits, Procedure and District Awards
   6 Message from International President Jimmy M. Ross – Lions 90th Anniversary
   7 District 202H “The Last HurraH” Convention – Programme
   8 Diary Dates – District 202H Cale ndar of Events, February 2007 to July 2007
   9 Editorial
      Lions E nvironmental Photo Contest
  10 District 202H “The Last HurraH” Convention – Upda te from Cha irman Jim Blackford
      Pink Ribbon Appeal Total – Update from Wellington Co-ordinator Gaylene Lawrence
  11 Lions Eye Institute – Project Conve nor Helen Martin reports
  12 Remits for Consideration at District 202H Convention 2007
  15 International Peace Pos ter Contest – Chairman Beth Newbold reports
  16 Lions–Quest Skills – Chairman Mary Snook reports
  17 Sight Report – From Chairman PDG Ian Brown
      LCIF – Cha irman PDG Tony Clifford reports
  18 Young S peechmakers’ Competition – Cha irman Beth Newbold reports
      Almoner’s Report – From Chairman PDG Ian Brown
  19 Faculty Development Institute – Melbourne, 15-18 March 2007
      Southern Pride MD 202 Convention 2007 – Update and Convention Remits
  20 202H Happe nings – Projects and events around the c lubs
  21 Spirit of New Zealand Appeal
  22 News from Other Districts – Extracts from December 2006 & January 2007 B ulletins
  25 Mana Lions Charity Golf Tournament – F undraiser for Lions Eye Ins titute
      Passing of ID Djok o S.Soeros o's Father in Law
  26 Waikanae Lions bring Christmas Cheer to Senior Citizens
      Be Smart – Get a Hat – Lions Pa nama Hats availa ble from Waikanae Lions
  27 Kapiti Pakeke Lions Playhouse Raffle Raises around $6,500
  28 Lions Tales from Dis trict 202B
  29 Lions International We b Site Receives a New Look
  30 Woodville Lions “Coast to Coast” – Johnsonville Lion Ste phen Cook reports
  32 The A, B, Cs of Membership Retention – By Retention Chairman Warren Biddington
  33 Campaign SightFirst II
  34 Legal Line – Vital Tips for Getting Paid by Debtors
  35 Memorial Funeral Patc hes – Available from Lions Club of Palmerston North Papaioea
  36 Recipients of combined Kapiti Lions Book Fa ir Proceeds of $37,000
      IHC Appeal – 17-25 February 2007
  37 Schools Need You! – Have you considered becoming a school trus tee?
  38 Lessons my Mother Taug ht Me
  39 Do not talk to my parrot!
  40 Tail End

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                            1
District Governor Gary Reports
Season’s Greetings from the “Coast with the Most”.
Happy New Year to all. I hope everyone managed to celebrate the
birth o f 2007 in suitable style or manner as befits your individual
tastes. For Debbie and I we had a qu iet celebration.
The Waikanae Lions Club holiday meeting on the 11 th January
was a great affair w ith approximately 120 Lions and guests in
attendance. Once again the club excelled with an interesting
guest speaker and five cheques being handed out to five worthy recipients. A fantastic
effort by the clubs on the coast.
At the time o f wr iting we learn of the passing of Jag Jagadish on Tuesday the 15th January
2007. Jag was a long serving member of the Johnsonville Lions Club              and a very
popular member. Our condo lences to Jag’s family.
Up coming events include the Lower Hutt Epun i clubs 30 th Anniversary
on the 27th January, a MERL meeting on the 1st February, Cabinet
meeting on the 10th February and the 202C Convention in Hamilton
over the weekend of the 16 th, 17th and 18th February.
I hope everyone is now fully aware that our final convention for Distr ict 202H in
Waikanae over the weekend of the 10th and 11th March is not far away. Members from
the Waikanae Lions Club will be out in force shortly promo ting the convention. P lease
don’t forget to register.
I am delighted that we have four candidates for the Emerging Lions Leadership Institu te,
to be held at National Park in February. Applications closed on the 19th January. We
also have one candidate for the Senior Leadership Institute, to be held in Palmerston
North in mid April. I would like to see more candidates’ applying for this very
worthwhile Institu te and one that I can personally recommend.
A seminar will be held in Invercargill for those Lions who are considering the position o f
Vice District Governor and District Governor in the future. Any Lions seeking advice are
invited to th is seminar. It is available to those Lions who will be attending MD
convention in Invercargill.
Venue:        Ascot Park Hotel, Invercargill
Date:         Friday 13 April 2007
Time:         3.00 to 4 .00 p m
Facilitators: TBA
I understand that Camp Quality had a very successful programme this Christmas and
New Year at Wanganui Collegiate. I am sure they all had a wonderfu l time.
My thanks to those Lions who had Youth Exchange students last month and that 202H
was able to be hosts. To those Lions I am sure they had a very rich and rewarding

Gary Benton

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                         2
Holiday Greetings to the Lions of District 202H
From Cabinet Secretary Graham Atkinson
I wanted to send some sort o f holiday greeting to my fr iends, bu t
it is so difficult in today's world to know exactly what to say without
offending someone. So I met with my attorney yesterday, and on his
advice I wish to say the following:
Please accept with no ob ligation , implied or implicit, my best wishes for
an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-
addictive, gender neutral celebration of the summer solstice holiday,
practised with the most enjoyable traditions of religious persuasion or
secular practices of your choice with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or
traditions of others, or their choice not to practise religious or secular traditions at all.
I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated
recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2007, but not w ithou t
due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society
have helped make our country great (not to imply that New Zealand is necessarily
greater than any other country) and w ithou t regard to the race, creed, colour, age,
physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the w ishee.
By accepting th is greeting, you are accepting these terms:
This greeting is subject to clarification or w ithdrawal. It is freely transferable with no
alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the w isher to actually
implement any of the w ishes for her/himself or others and is void where prohibited by
law, and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher. Th is wish is warranted to
perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for the period of the
acceptable so-called "festive season" not exceeding two months from th is date of issue,
or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and
warranty is limited to replacement o f this w ish or issuance of a new w ish at the sole
discretion of the w isher.


Disclaimer: No trees were harmed in the sending of th is message; however, a significant
number of electrons were slightly inconvenienced.

 Directory Update
 MD 202 Council Chairman Sheryl Jensen has a new address.
 Now:         25 Dev oy Driv e, Rotorua 3010
 Phone/Fax: (07) 345 8696
 Other details unchanged. Please amend pages 2, 24 & 85 of your directory.

 District 202H Almoner is now PDG Ian Brown (Sight Chairman).
 Please amend page 80 of y our directory.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                           3
Rosemary Cook
District Governor Elect
District 202M, 2007-2008
2007 is here already, and we are almost through the first month!
I do hope you all had a good break.
This year is Lions 90th bir thday. Melvin Jones had belonged to
another group and decided he wanted to for m a new group of
people that wou ld get involved in the community. And so Lions C lubs International was
formed. There will be several events held this year to mark the event.
Haven’t we come a long way in 90 years! And will we have made much more progress
by our 100th birthday? The world is changing all the time, and we, the Lions Clubs and
members, need to move with the times. How many of us had computers, emails, cell-
phones ten years ago? But is your club still do ing the same th ings it did 10 years ago?
Have you looked at your Club projects recently? Are they still relevant? Is there
something else you could be doing?
At a recent gathering of some Lions from 202B and 202H a ballot was held
democratically to choose the name of the new 20 2M bu lletin. I am p leased to announce
that the winner is “InforM”. Thank you PDG A lice for that contr ibution. Her prize is that
I will pay for her lunch!
Mark Twain is quo ted as saying “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed
by the th ings you didn’t do than by the th ings you did do .”

Rosemary Cook

New District Almoner
From District Governor Gary

It is w ith regret and deep sadness that I have accepted Malcolm Rotherham’s resignation
from Cab inet as Almoner.
Prior to G lenice's passing Malcolm was a very dedicated Cabinet member and a very
importan t part of the team. Despite Glenise's ill health Malcolm was always available to
make sure that others in our Lions family were given the utmost respect when their
health or their loved ones were in need of support and comfort.
On behalf of the district I w ish to thank Malcolm for all the work and effort he has put
towards his portfolio o f D istrict 202H A lmoner.
With Malcolm's resignation I have asked PDG Ian Brown if he would undertake the
Almoner's position until the end o f June 2007 and to this he has agreed.

DG Gary

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                        4
 To All Clubs in District 202H
 The 29 th Annual General Meeting of our District will be held during the

     District Convention 10 March 2007
  Three remits had been received prior to the advertised closing date of
    9 January 2007. All remits relate to proposals for restructuring the
    Lloyd Morgan Lions Clubs Charitable Trust. Because of the length
    and detail of these remits they have been included elsewhere in this
    issue of ManeLine. [See page 12 – Ed.]
 Supporting material will be forwarded to Clubs early in February.
 Items of business under the twenty (20) hour rule (not being amendments
 to the Constitution) must be received by the District Secretary prior to the
 opening of the Business Session. Such items are subject to acceptance
 by the District Cabinet and the Convention and are dealt with at the
 discretion of the Chairman but not until after consideration of all remits on
 the order paper.

 Procedure for Delegate Accreditation
  The List of Club Delegate Entitlement will be available at the
    Registration Desk at the Convention Centre.
  Club Delegates must register and will be required to individually sign
    the Delegates Register.
  Only the Delegate to whom it has been registered may use voting
    material. These are NOT transferable.
  Registration will close at 11.00am sharp on Saturday 10 March 2007.
  Instructions on Voting will be given by the District Governor.
  Unless otherwise specified 51% of the registered voting delegates
    shall constitute a quorum.

 District Awards
 Any Club or individual still holding a District Trophy is requested to return
 these immediately to either their Zone Chairman or the District Convention

 Graham C Atkinson
 District Secretary

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                 5
Message from International President
Jimmy M. Ross

90 Anniversary calls us both to

Cherish What Works and Change
What Doesn’t
When a loved one reaches their 90th birthday, we usually can
proudly say he or she has lived a rich, full life. This year we
celebrate the 90 th anniversary of something near and dear to all of
us – Lions Clubs International, founded in 1917 in Chicago by
businessman Melvin Jones. Yes, we’ve had a rich, full history,
marked by service unmatched by any other service club. But the best is yet to come.
I witness firsthand in my travels around the world the stunning energy and vitality of Lions. In
small towns and big cities, we are out in the community aiding youths and the elderly,
providing vision and hearing screenings, collecting and distributing eyeglasses, offering food,
water and blankets after floods and tornadoes, and teaching job skills to those with disabilities.
We do serve. And we will serve for generations to come.
But we will be tested and we are facing challenges. We can’t stand pat and do what we always
do because that’s how we’ve always done it. We need creativity, inspiration and ingenuity, not
mere i mitation or repetition. What worked decades ago or even a decade ago may not work
today. Even if it works today, it may not work tomorrow. What we need is a willingness to be
flexible, to embrace a paradigm shift if necessary. We have to be willing to do is nothing less
than a club renewal, a reinvention of our club if that’ s what’ s needed.
If it isn’ t broke, don’t fix it, of course. If your club is flourishing, then be satisfied and stay the
course. But if you think you or your club can serve your community better, then go ahead and
raise your hand at the next club meeting and get the process of change started. The great
advantage Lions have always possessed is our ability to read the signs of the times and take
steps in new directions. This happens on every level of the association. You may be the one
who comes up with the next great idea to invigorate your club, district or even the association
as a whole. Good ideas carry their own momentum. At the least be willing to engage in open
and constructive discussion at your club. The only really bad idea is the notion that change is
not feasible.
I’ m not suggesting a radical transformation of Lionism. We will always be Knights of the
Blind. But it’ s the little things that count such as how clubs recruit members, hold meetings,
publicize accomplishments and engage members in service. Clubs need to regularly assess
their how they do business and be ready to drop less successful practices and adopt new ones
after care ful study and planning.
It’ s important to know that you are not alone in your quest for club betterment. International
Headquarters, including its Membership, Leadership and International Activities and
P rogramme P lanning divisions, has an array of effective, e fficient programmes to jumpstart
your renewal and help guide it. These divisions are in touch with the challenges and obstacles
faced by clubs. Our new Baby Boomer recruitment methods and Family Lions Club
programme are two great examples of innovative initiatives to energise clubs and districts.
We’ re not standing still. We’ re moving forward. That’ s what it will take to keep our
mo mentum as Lions and to ensure that we remain vital and active.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                                     6
P lease don’t wait for other Lions to take the initiative. The possibility of
change and growth rests with individual Lions. P lease read the LION and
check the Web site regularly to stay on top of what’ s available. Chances are
quite good that your specific needs can be filled by these initiatives.
We’ ve come a long way since 1917, never resting on our laurels or settling
for second-best. Lions have always put service first and that’s reflected in the depth and range
of our programmes today. I am certain that Melvin Jones would be astounded at how Lions
clubs have grown and prospered. Thanks to all the Lions who came be fore us, we are
positioned for continued success. Let’ s blow out the candles, grab the piece with the extra
whipped cream and then return to our lives of service.

Jimmy M. Ross

Downl oaded 15 January 2007 from www.lionsclubs .org

                         DISTRICT 202H

              Saturday, 10 th March @ Southward Museum
                         Opening and Flag Ceremonies
                     4x4 Adventure Partners’ Programme
             Ruth Pretty Catering School Visit Partners’ Programme
                               Business Session
                (Special Concession Rate for Car Museum Visit)
                                 Evening Dinner
                         (Entertainment and Cartoonist)

Sunday, 11th March @ Senior Citizens’ Hall, Waikanae
                    Remembrance and Re-Dedication Services

             Registration closes on Monday, 26 th February
               (Registration Forms available on 202H Website)


ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                             7
                                      district 202h events calendar
                                    To ALL Club Presidents and Secretaries.
Please let me know of your for thcoming events as soon as possible to avoid clashes with
others in your zone/region.
Lillian Deverill
District Activities Co-ordinator
E-mail: bdev erill.labailey

Every Saturday (wet or fine)
          Tawa Lion s Market – Dr essSm art carpar k, 10.30am – 2.30pm
February 2007
          Karori Lions Spirit of NewZ ealand Sailing. See page 21
   8-11   Regional Em erging Lions Lead ership Institute, National Park.
           See D ecember 2006 ManeLine, page 7
    10    District 202H Cabinet Meeting
    12    Zone 5 Meeting, George Washi ngton R estaurant, High Street, Lower Hutt
    15    Zone 1 Meeting – venue to be advis ed
  17-25   IHC Appeal. See page 26
    18    Karori Karni val, Ben Burn Par k, C ampbell Street, Karori
    21    Zone 4 Meeting, Louis e Bilderbec k H all, Main Road, Wainui omata
    26    Zone 2 Meeting at DVS Ngauranga Gorge at 7.30pm
March 2007
  10-11   District 202H “The Last Hurr aH” Convention
          Southward’s Car Mus eum. See pages 5, 7, 10 & 12
  15-18   Facult yDevelopment Institute, Mel bour ne. See page 19
  16-18   District 202B “Slice of Heaven” Convention, Wairoa
  24-25   Lions–Quest Skills W orkshop, Epuni Sc hool, Lower Hutt. See page 16
    30    Mana Lions Go lf Tournament, J udgeford Golf Cours e.
          Proceeds to Li ons Eye Institute. See page 25
April 2007
  13-15   Southern Pride MD 202 Convention, Invercargill
          See page 19
  16-19   Senior Lions Lead ership Institute, Palm erston North
    27    Kapiti Lions Kapiti Sportsperson of the Year Awards, Paraparaumu
          Golf Course
  28-29   Lions –Quest Skills Wor kshop, H orowhenua
May 2007
    5     Apples Projec t
    19    District 202H Cabinet Meeting
    24    Zone 1 Meeting – venue to be advis ed
    28    Zone 2 Meeting at DVS Ngauranga Gorge at 7.30pm
   TBA    Zone 5 Meeting
June 2007
   TBA    Young Speechmaker s Competition. See page 18
    20    Zone 4 Meeting, Louis e Bilderbec k H all, Main Road,
July 2007
   2-6    International Convention, Chicago

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                      8
Well, we are well into 2007 and for most o f us it is back to
work and Lions.
The weather did no t p lay its part over the holidays. It proved to
be a good time to watch those DVDs that you got for
Christmas. Harry and Potter spent most of time asleep, Harry
on my knee and Potter stretched out in front of a heater – yes,
the heater on at Chr istmas!
We have an exciting time ahead of us. We have our own “Last HurraH” Distr ict
Convention on 10-11 March (see pages 5, 7, 10 & 12 for details and update fro m
Convention Chairman Jim Blackford), followed on 16-18 March by D istrict 202 B’s
“Slice of Heaven” Convention. Two great opportunities for members of both distr icts to
get to know each other. Registration forms for both these conventions were included
with the December 2006 ManeLine and are available on the distr ict websites.
Then on 13-15 April we have the Southern Pr ide MD 202 Convention in Invercargill
(see page 19 for update fro m Convention Chairman Lynette Batt). This coincides with
the start of the Bluff oyster season. When I’m not at Convention you will likely find me
at the nearest seafood restaurant sampling th is great southern delicacy!
Then in July it is the beginning of our new Distr ict 202M and a great opportun ity to re-
invigorate our Lions organisation. And not forgetting that our clubs will have formed
new boards for the year ahead. It is a privilege to serve your club and your community.
My though for the month is by English poet Robert Brown ing, 1812-1889 :
                        But what if I fail of my purp ose here?
                        It is bu t to keep the nerves at a strain,
                         To dry one’s eyes and laugh at a fall,
                         And, baffled, get up and begin again.

Glennys Rowland
District Editor

 Time is running out to enter this contest.
 If you have not already sent your entry to DG Gary please do so NOW . The winn ing
 photo fro m our d istrict must be sent to Council Chairman Sherl for mu ltiple d istrict
 judging by 10 February 2007.
 Note that for d igital photos, p lease send the completed for m and pho to files in.jpg
 format no t exceeding 2 megabytes. If submitting a traditional photo , p lease include
 the negative.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                        9
                         DISTRICT 202H

Update from Convention Chairman Jim Blackford

The “Last HurraH” is not far now! Have you made a note o f the dates? More
importan tly, have you registered yet, as the final date is even closer? Convention
Committee representatives have visited all of the Zone meetings, where club presidents
and secretaries were given details and flyers.
We have a great venue – Southwards Car Museum; an in teresting opening flag
ceremony; and interesting keynote speaker (you will have to wait and see who it is!); a
great partners’ programme – tossing around in the mud of the Tararuas in a 4x4, or the
culinary delights of Ru th Pretty; and a splendid convention dinner complete with
entertainment and cartoonist (who will also be available during the day). Dress for the
dinner will be for mal (D J, Lounge suits or Lions jacket), and you can BYO if you wish.
Finally, Sunday will give us the oppor tunity to remember our past colleagues.
Flyers and registration for ms will be sent to all club secretaries, but you can also look up
the 202H site on the web ( and then click on “Convention” .
[Registration forms were also included w ith the December 2006 ManeLine – Ed.]
Don’t delay, book now! See you at the convention.

Jim Blackford


 Update from Gaylene Lawrence, Pink Ribbon Co-ordinator – Wellington

 The total f or the Pink Ribbon Appeal stands at $642,282 for the country and they
 are still receiving donations. This is a fantastic result. Pink Ribbon hav e been
 unable to ascertain how much was raised in each area – something to do with the
 new coins and the weighting system that the bank use.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                         10
Project Convenor Helen Martin reports

2007 kicks off!
Waikanae Lions Clubs first meeting o f the
year on T hursday 11 January 2007 was a
fantastic event with Lions Clubs from all
over the Greater We llingto n region
attending. Through the generous spirit o f
Lions through ou t the Kapiti region
(Waikanae, Kapakapanui, Kapiti, Kapiti
Pakeke and Parawai), the proceeds of the
Book Fair were donated to five very
worthwhile causes including the Lions Eye
Institute pro ject. Lions Dr Tony Wells and
Helen Martin of Capital City Lions thanked     Left – Deputy C hairperson of Bookfair
                                               Committee, Jean T olra, with J ohn Todd,
Kapiti region Lions for their hard work.       President of Wai kanae Li ons, pr esenting
Dr Tony Wells said “my wife and I have a       cheque to Hel en Martin and Dr. Tony Wells,
                                               representing the Li ons Eye Institute.
favourite saying which is by Tho mas
Edison. He said that “oppor tunity is o ften missed because it looks like hard work and is
dressed in overalls”. Dr Wells thanked Lions for working together which highlights that
Lions are never afraid to work hard. The spirit and generosity of Lions raised $35,000 for
the five recipients with $7,000 being donated to the Lions Eye Institute pro ject.

More about 2007
Some interesting and exciting projects are planned for this year and you will begin to
hear about them soon. D istrict 202H’s support has been exceptional to date so keep up
the good work to enable to target to be reached. Don’t forget that LEI team members are
available to talk to your meetings or to help you with any project you might undertake
with the LEI in mind . We have pamphlets available for handing ou t at your regular fund
raisers – just give Helen Martin a call, (04) 381 4690 (evenings – leave a message) or
0274 359 518 and let her know how many you need.
By the time you read this, the “P iggys” will have arrived. This promo tion is N Z-wide and
is being supported by all Districts. Thank you to Capital City for their proposal and for
all the hard work they have ahead of them! Imagine opening 13,000 returned P iggys
and preparing the banking! Good luck guys – the LEI bank balance will be boosted
significantly by your hard work.

Helen Martin
Project Convenor
Email: hmartin@ey

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                       11
 Remits for Consideration at Waikanae Convention
Remit One [submitted by the Lions Club of Western Hills]:
That section 4 of the Constitution and Rules of the Lloy d Morgan Lions Clubs
Charitable Trust be amended and revised as f ollows:

4.     THE membership of the Trust Board shall be:
Sec 4.01 (a) delete the clause; " Lloyd Morgan, who shall hold office for life,
             or until he resigns."
Sec 4.01 (b) to be re-numbered to become sec 4.01 (a) and then read;
         (a) The incumbent chairman for the time being of the Multiple District
             Council, who shall be a full, voting me mber of the Trust Board.
Sec 4.01 (c) to be re-numbered to become sec 4.01 (b) and then read;
         (b) The incumbent International Director from Multiple District 202 for the
             time being and who shall continue in office after that person's term as
             such International Director has expired until the election of the next
             succeeding International Director duly qualified as aforesaid and;
             who shall be a full, voting me mber of the Trust Board.
Sec 4.01 (d) to be re-numbered to become sec 4.01 (c) and then read:
         (b) One me mber fro m each of the sub-districts of the said Multiple
             District 202 (hereinafter referred to as a "District Trustee") who shall
             have been elected by the Annual Convention of each of the respective
             sub-districts and who shall hold office for a term of two (2) years which
             term shall commence on the 1st day of July next following that me mbers
             election, and;
             who shall be a full, voting me mber of the Trust Board.
Sec 4.01 (d) (i) The Chair man of the Trust Board shall have been elected by the
             Annual Convention of the said Multiple District 202 and who shall hold
             office for a term of two (2) years which term shall commence on the 1st
             day of July next following that me mbers election.
         (d) (ii) The candidate for the position of Chairman of the Trust Board shall
             be a me mber in good standing of a Lions Club in good standing within
             Multiple District 202 and who shall have previously served as a me mber
             of the Trust Board in any capacity as a me mber of the aforesaid board.
         (d) (iii) The Chair man shall be eligible for re-election for a term or terms of
             two years.
         (d) (iv) The Chairman shall have full voting rights as an elected me mber of
             the Trust Board, and further;
             Shall when necessary have a casting vote.
Sec 4.02 (a) No more than three (3) persons (who shall be me mbers in good
             standing of a Lions Club in good standing) shall be elected by the
             Annual Convention of the said Multiple District 202 to serve the Trust
             Board as an Executive Management Co mmittee because of the
             particular expertise and knowledge that they can bring to the work of
             the Trust Board.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                     12
          (c) Such Executive Management Co mmittee me mbers who shall be
              hereinafter described as "EMC Advisors" shall hold office for a period of
              three (3) years which term shall commence on the 1st day of July next
              following that me mber's election.
          (d) All EMC Advisors shall serve for a term of three (3) years and shall
              retire annually by rotation. [save only during the first two years of the
              existence Executive Management Co mmittee when one (1) me mber (in
              each of the first two years) shall retire the position in order to provide for
              an election at the following Annual Convention of Multiple District 202].
          (e) Any EMC Advisor shall be eligible for re-election for one further term not
              to exceed three (3) years.
          (f) During the period of any tenure of any EMC Advisor said advisor shall,
              when requested by the Chairman of the Trust Board, provide advice
              and guidance to the Chairman or the Trust Board. Said EMC Advisors
              shall not have any voting rights on the Board.
Sec 4.03 (a) Not more than one (1) person (who shall be a me mber in good standing
             of a Lions Club in good standing) who shall have accepted an invitation
             from the Multiple District Council to serve on the Trust Board and who
             has been invited to me mbership of the Trust Board because of the
             particular expertise and knowledge that they can bring to the Trust
             Board shall serve as Executive Secretary to the Trust Board. Such
             Executive Secretary shall hold office for a term or terms as shall be
             determined by the Multiple District Council and shall be eligible to have
             their term of office extended (on a year-by-year basis) by further
             invitation from the Multiple District Council.
         (b) The Executive Secretary shall not have voting rights on the Trust Board.
Sec 4.04 (a) Not more than one (1) person (who shall be a me mber in good standing
             of a Lions Club in good standing) who shall have accepted an invitation
             from the Multiple District Council to serve on the Trust Board and who
             has been invited to me mbership of the Trust Board because of the
             particular expertise and knowledge that they can bring to the Trust
             Board shall serve as Treasurer to the Trust Board. Such Treasurer shall
             hold office for a term or terms as shall be determined by the Multiple
             District Council and shall be eligible to have their term of office
             extended (on a year-by-year basis) by further invitation from the
             Multiple District Council.
         (b) The Treasurer shall not have voting rights on the Trust Board.
Sec 4.05 (a) The Legal Advisor to the Trust Board shall be the Multiple District Legal
Sec 4.06 (a) Any other person or persons who are appointed or co-opted to assist
              the Trust Board in the carrying out of its roles and responsibilities (as
              referred too in Section 3 of the Constitution and Rules of the Trust) shall
              have that co-option or appointment by the Trust Board confirmed and
              ratified by the Multiple District Council.
          (b) No person who is co-opted or appointed by the Trust Board (within this
              section of the Constitution and Rules) shall have voting rights.

                                                                    … conti nued on page 14

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                       13
Remits for Consideration...              … continued from page 13

4B       THE Chairman:
         Delete Clause 4B and ref er to 4.01 (d) to replace this section.

4C       PATRON:
         Replace the name Lloyd Morgan with Mrs Ngaire Morgan

Remit Two [submitted by the Lions Club of Western Hills]:

That section 9 of the Constitution and Rules of the Lloy d Morgan Lions Clubs
Charitable Trust be amended and revised as f ollows:

9.01     MEMBERS of the Trust Board and of any Committee of the Trust Board
         shall be entitled to be reimbursed out of income of the Trust Fund in respect
         of all or any expenses incurred by them in their capacity of such Trust Board
         or Committee members.
9.02     Expenses are to be reasonable and v erif iable and supported by
         documentation including (as appropriate) receipts, inv oices and trav el
9.03     Such expenses should include charges for meals, morning and afternoon
         teas, accommodation, trav el, communications and sundry items.

Remit Three [submitted by the Lions Club of Western Hills]:

That f ollowing the acceptance of amendments and rev ision of section 4 of the
Constitution and Rules of the Lloy d Morgan Lions Clubs Charitable Trust as proposed
by the Lions Club of Western Hills, the Multiple District Council of Gov ernors be
required to implement said changes to take effect f rom the 1st day of July 2008;
That through the aforementioned Council of Governors, the Chief Executive Officer be
instructed to prepare and present to the Lions of MD202 the necessary
documentation to allow suitable candidates to present themselv es (in a timely
manner) f or election at the Multiple District Convention in Hamilton in April 2008, to
the positions of;
                     Trust Chairman
                     EMC Adv isors to the Trust (#3)
                     Executive Secretary to the Trust (#1)
                     Treasurer to the Trust (#1)

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                   14
            International Peace Poster Contest
Peace Poster Chairman Beth Newbold reports

MD202 Winner of 2006 - 2007 Peace Poster
Congratulations to Zachary Faulkner, age 12 of South
Pacific Academy, in Pago Pago, Western Samoa –
sponsored by the Lions Club of Pago Pago, District
Zachary's quote: “When we celebrate peace, we can all
come together and enjoy our lives.”
There was only one entry from the whole o f D istrict
202H for th is year’s competition; a fine p icture by Sarah
Latchem from Samuel Marsden School in Karori. Both
Sarah and her school received a prize from the Lions
Club o f Karori.

Presidents, Youth Chairmen and Zone Chairmen
This year’s MD202 w inner has produced a stunn ing picture that I feel has every chance
of making the finals in Ch icago, if not winn ing the Grand Pr ize. I am hoping that this
will inspire, invigorate and generally enthuse you all to be ou t there among your
schools, letting them know about this oppor tunity for their pupils.
In December I emailed in formation to all clubs about approaching their local schools
and included a suggested letter to the schools. I am hop ing that many clubs will have
taken the opportunity to be in touch with their local schools and gain their in terest in
this very worthwhile competition . If not, p lease consider taking the first possible
opportunity to send a letter or make a call to each of your local schools as soon as they
have settled in to the start of the New Year.
In case the earlier email has slipped through the net (no pun in tended) I have sent it
again this week. I have attached the image above so that clubs may use this as an
example when talking to schools – there are also images of other previous winning
posters on the in ternational website.
If any club President (or Secretary) is not in receipt of the earlier email, or has not
received the follow-up one this week with the attached poster, please email me on as soon as possible and I w ill resend electronically to
any advised email address.
As soon as the in formation for this coming year’s contest is available I will forward a
support pack to all clubs along with any information that is needed to run the project..
I wou ld particularly ask all Zone Chairmen to encourage their clubs to embrace this

Beth Newbold

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                     15
Lions–Quest Skills
Chairman Mary Snook reports

Happy New Year to everyone and I trust 2007 will be all
you want it to be. I look forward to a successful year with
the two workshops planned taking place and to welcoming
at least two more Lions to my team so that we can bring
this programme to schools and the students w ill benefit from its concepts.
The first workshop p lanned for th is year will be on 24-25 March at Epuni School in
Lower Hutt. Zone Chairman Geoff Armstrong, PDGs Noel Scherp and Robb ie Hinde
have been working away behind the scenes and together we have managed to get
around twelve teachers interested and they will be signed up in the next couple of
weeks. Stephanie Kitching (Wellington Host) has been in contact w ith some of the
schools in the city and I’ll be following those up in the next week or so.
The second workshop on 28-29 April will be hosted by one of the schools in the
Horowhenua. I w ill be sending a letter to all the schools in th is area to measure the
interest. It w ill then be necessary to follow-up w ith a visit to those schools.
We, the Lions Clubs o f New Zealand have this w onderful programme for schools which
aims to empower and support adults (teachers and parents/caregivers) to foster caring
and responsibility in young people where they live, learn, work and p lay. It is called
Lions–Quest Skills. Ask – do we, as a society, have a prob lem w ith bu llying, inability o f
some children to contro l their emotions, or maybe an inability to accept new class
mates into their midst? We have just the programme to help you to develop
thoughtfu lness and healthy attitudes in our children.
This is most effectively achieved by training teachers/caregivers in a two day workshop
providing them w ith comprehensive curriculum guides so that they can then fit our
programme with in their School Health Education syllabus and indeed across all areas of
the school curriculum, r ight throughout the year.
I am more than happy to be a speaker at any club’s meeting or to assist with names and
material that you may need when approaching schools. I am approaching some schools
myself but, as I have a full-time job, I do need the help of some of you who are retired
or who work part-time too . If you can assist please do no t hesitate to contact me on
phone (04) 938 9088 (H ) or email mary We have a limited
time to get these workshops up and running.
There is plenty o f reason for the Skills Programme to exist. There isn’t a day goes by
when we don’t read about some problem w ith in our school system. Last year there was
a story about a school in Marlborough which is taking action after feedback from people
in the d istrict about children’s language when they were going to and from school on
public transport. The Principal said that cracking down on swearing tied into the set of
core values at the school. These are the same values that are espoused by our Lions–
Quest Skills programme. Your Zone Chairman has the list o f schools, principal’s name
and contact details.
Mary Snook

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                         16
Sight Report
From Chairman PDG Ian Brown

I hope everyone has returned from an enjoyable and peaceful Festive
Season and ready to continue with suppor t for those in need in our
community and among our neighbours in the Southwest Pacific.
Glasses collections this year have fallen behind the levels of last year at th is mo ment
with only about 1,0 00 pairs of used spectacles collected and forwarded to Papakura
Pakeke Lions Club for assessment. However I have had a lot o f pro mises including a p ile
collected on Whakapapa ski field during the win ter and rescued from a trip to the
rubbish dump by PDG Terry Hemmingsen and Diane.
The next Cabinet meeting is 10th February – if you have any collection sites make sure
these are cleared and the contents given to your Zone or Regional Chairman or any
other Cabinet Officer, who will pass them to me. Remember last year this District gave
improved sight to over 500 people in the Islands of the Southwest Pacific.
GLAUCOMA is a major sneak thief o f sight – you do no t realise what is happening until
your sight has suffered immensely. Aged 45 or more and especially if you suffer fro m
short sight (myopia) – you are a prime candidate. Make sure you go to your op tometr ist
or ophthalmic surgeon at least once a year to have the pressure of the liquid in your eye
balls tested. Two minu tes, no pain – get it checked, and enjoy reading, films and the TV
and most impor tantly mobility for a long time to come.

Ian Brown

                         PDG Tony Clifford reports

This is our own Lions International fund wh ich is used to fund Pro jects around the
World. We as Lions are encouraged to contribute to it each year with a contribution o f
US$20 per member. Very cheep for us the way the do llar is at present.
Money from th is fund is help ing in Campaign SightFirst II which has raised US$53
millio n wh ich is being to prevent b lindness world w ide. Grants have been made for
expanding the Lions Quest Programme, equipp ing schools and hospitals, as well
constructing Habitat for Hu manity Ho mes just to name a few.
We in NZ have benefited from th is fund when disaster struck our country a few short
years ago. This is our turn to contribu te to th is fund to help o thers with a small
investment. We may have the need to make applications in the future. So please when
you are disbursing your funds please give serious consideration to LCIF.
There is far more in formation on the Lions International Website. Just have a look.
When did you last have a look at our own website?

Tony Clifford

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                      17
Young Speechmakers’ Competition
Young Speechmaker Chairman Beth Newbold reports
This year’s 202H “Young Speechmaker’s Competition” w ill be held in June
at a date and time to be advised later.
This is an early notice to remind clubs that th is is a fine opportun ity for
young adults aged 17 – 21 years to take part in a competition that has a
top pr ize (at national level) of an overseas trip to the Un ited Kingdom for 4-6 weeks over
the December – January period. Also, the District 202H winner receives a place at the
International You th Camp which is held in December.
The Lions Multip le District co-ordinator for th is project provides all H igh Schools with
an infor mation pack, and sends similar infor mation to every Lions club in New Zealand.
It is then each clubs responsibility to contact their local High Schools and encourage
them to pro mote th is to eligib le students. Those clubs are situated close to a University
or other Tertiary Campus should also promo te the competition at these institutions.
As soon as the infor mation has been made available fro m the Mu ltiple Distr ict, I w ill be
in touch w ith all clubs to provide details of when I need to receive nominations, how
much the sponsorship will cost clubs, and the details o f the competition date and venue.

Beth Newbold

Almoner’s Report
From PDG Ian Brown

As you will have read elsewhere in ManeLine, [see page 4 – Ed.] Malcolm Rotherham
has found it necessary to give up the District A lmoner position for the rest of the Lions
year for personal reasons. So I am back in the Chair.
Speaking personally I feel that Malcolm has done a tremendous job over the last two or
three years, while being a tremendous support for G lenice. He has done quite a bit o f
visiting sick Lions and their families whether at home or in hospital and we are very
sorry to see him forced to give up. You will be missed Malcolm.
As you must realise COMMUNICATION is essential to an almoner’s work.
I cannot help unless I know of problems in the Lions family. My telephone
number is (04) 905 5444 and email
Please keep me informed and I w ill do my best to help if I can.

Ian Brown

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                         18
From Chie f Exe cutive Office r Ron Lawrence , PDG
This institute is being held in Melbourne 15 - 18 March 2007 and there are opportunities for 5
New Zealand Lions to attend.
Attendees pay own transport, all else is paid by LCI.
Quote from LCI: “ The Faculty Development Institute (FDI) was developed to expand and
enhance the pool of skilled Lions faculty. The curriculum focuses not only on presentation
skills, but encompasses many of the skills and concepts that impact the quality of training
delivery and ultimately the effectiveness of LCI’ s leadership development programmes.”
“ Candidates for participation are those Lions who have done some Lions training, have
demonstrated potential, and who have expressed an interest in developing their skills. Lions
with extensive experience serving as instructors are not recommended for this programme. All
graduates of the FDI programme are expected to seek out opportunities to contribute to local
training programmes.”
If you or a me mber o f your club is interested in this important and worthwhile training
programme , please signal your interest as soon as possible to:
International Director Djoko Soeroso and copy to DG Gary Benton and P ID Cliff Heywood cliffhey
ID Djoko will make recommendations to LCI.

Southern Pride MD 202 Convention 2007
Invercargill 13-15 April 2007
Update from Convention Chairman Lyne tte Batt
Just a reminder that accommodation for Convention is being held until 26 February 2007 when
it will be released to the general public. We can't stress enough how important it is for you to
book your accommodation by then as there are other events on the same weekend.
It’ s just as important to remember to register for
Convention. The forms were in the November/December         MD Convention Rem its
edition of the Lion Magazine, and are also available on     As per the Multipl e District
the website z then into                constitution Article VIII Secti on 3C
Convention. P lease note that the registration fee is $25   all remits for MD convention are to
per person, and registrations close 1 April 2007.           be in the hands of the Chi ef
                                                            Executi ve Offic er 60 days prior to
We look forward to welcoming you to Invercargill.           the s tart of the multiple district
                                                            conventi on. T her efore pl eas e
Lynette Batt                                                ensure I have all r emits by Friday
P hone/Fax:( 03) 215 6273                                   9 Februar y 2007.
Mobile:    021 440 636                                      Ron Lawrenc e, PDG
Email:     ly                          Chief Executi ve Offic er

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                             19
                         Snippets from club bu lletins and reports received during
                         December 2006 and January 2007.

                         Johnsonville experienced a sad start to the year with the death
                         of Jag who had been a member for more than 35 years with 34
                         years 100% attendance – a record to be proud o f. Considering
                         possibility of doing more ‘hands on – work together as a
                         group’ type projects. First event for 2007 will be a Summer
                         Family BBQ at the Ao tea Lagoon.

Kapakapanui. Members enjoyed a 10 p in bowling evening at
Porirua. Prepared a meal at Ronald McDonald House. Donated
$275 to Camp Quality. President Andrew presented a cheque
for $7 ,000 to Drug Arm Kapiti, the club’s no minated charity for
the combined Kapiti Lions Book Fair proceeds.

Kapiti w ill be help ing at the Nga Manu “Sounds ‘N Nature” charity concert on 17
February by providing assistance with car parking, selling raffle tickets, sausage sizzle
and general running of the event. Good progress being made with arranging the
Sportsperson of the Year Award function for 27 April 2007 .

                             Kapit i   Pakeke welcomed two new                    me mbers.
                             Congratulations to Lion Audrey on receiving the C lub
                             President Excellence Award and to Lion Peter on receiving
                             the Kapiti Coast Civic Award for ‘The most hard working
                             Lion’. Collected for the Blind and D iabetes Appeals and for
                             the Foodbank. Playhouse raffle raised around $6,500 – see
                             page 27. Planning to celebrate their 25th Anniversary by
                             having the biggest party in the club ’s 25 year history.

Karori raised $490 from car parking at the Sharella during the Thorndon Fair. Blind
week collection in Karori raised almost $2 ,500, up $200 on last year despite a shorter
collection time. Assisted Karori Plunket by manning the BBQ trailer for free. Collected
for the Karori Foodbank at the mall w ith a record take of over $900 worth of food .

Lower Hutt (Host) collected for the P ink Ribb on and Diabetes Wellington appeals.
Donated $750 – $500 to Camp Quality and $250 to the Karori club to assist with their
Spirit of New Zealand sailing for handicapped and disabled children. The Lion Train
and Mini Golf at Avalon Park will be operating over the school ho lidays.

Mana held a Christmas party for the Over 70’s and provided
transport to and fro m for many of the guests. Planning to get a
team together to tr im around the plantings at the Battle H ill
reserve. Organising a Charity Golf Tournament to raise funds for
the Lions Eye Institu te – see page 25.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                       20
Pencarrow made a nice profit fro m their Bazaar with sales of
sewing, knitting and o ther items collected for the project. Have
some sausage sizzles coming up in the New Year.

Rimutaka have been busy with their catering caravan at Harcourt
Park including the 2-day Jousting Tournament. Donated a large
number of knitted items to the “To Russia with Love” project.
Assisted with the sponsorship of a National G lid ing Scholarship for the A ir Training
Corps (ATC) and presented the award at the ATC pr ize giving function .

Tawa made donations totalling $1 ,000 includ ing $500 to the Karori club to assist with
their Spirit o f New Zealand sailing for handicapped and disabled children. Planning a
special meeting to invite local school pr incipals to view a display and learn of the Lions
youth programmes available to schools.

                     Upper Hutt Heretaunga carried out a number o f catering projects
                     during the lead-up to Christmas. Film evening raised $200 for the
                     Lions Eye Institute. Planning a tr ip to the Life Flight Centre to
                     present a cheque and a boat trip on the Wellesley.

Waikanae’s annual Senior Citizens Christmas Luncheon was a great success with over
80 attending. See page 26. Presented proceeds of the combined Kapiti Lions Book Fair
to five local charities at their annual Summer Holiday Meeting – see page 36. Annual
Garden Trail Pro ject coming up in January. Also busy organising the Distr ict 202H “The
Last HurraH” grand final convention at Waikanae on 10-11 March.

Wainuiomata have two more prospective members (already 7 new
members in 6 mon ths!). Community Trust “P ig in the Barrow” raffle
went well. Clocked up 17 hours and 443km dr iving cancer patients to
Lower Hutt and Wellington for treatment. W ill be catering for the
riders on the “ Big Coast Bike Ride” on 11 February.

                      Spirit of New Zealand Appeal for Disabled
                      Young People 2007
                      Spirit Convenor Peter Sisson reports

                      I am happy to advise that, thanks to your s upport, the Li ons Clubs of
                      New Z ealand, have again been exc eedi ngly generous and donated
                      sufficient moni es to ensure that the 2007 sailing will proc eed as
                      Woul d you please forward our heartfelt thanks to the Clubs in your
                      District for enabling The Spirit Trust to send 30 dis abled New Zeal and
                      youth on the voyage of a lifeti me.
                      The Li ons Club of Karori thank you for your conti nued support for this
                      project, and wish you the Compliments of the Seas on to you and yours.
                      Peter Sisson

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                           21
News from other Districts
Extracts from bu lletins received or dow nloaded dur ing December
2006 and January 2007.

202A Howick Lions Fireworks Extravaganza (extract from report by PDG Ian
                                                    Packwood. The evening was a great
                                                    success with the largest attendance,
                                                    estimated at 12,000 , in our twenty
                                                    plus years of events. It was also our
                                                    latest fireworks mix, and was very
                                                    spectacular and well received by the
                                                    audience, as was the wide range of
                                                    great entertainment provided. The
                                                    beneficiary, the South Auckland
     Health Foundation, will be receiving a cheque for $35,000.00 towards the
     special "Birthing Unit" . N ice to think that we are helping our new generation!

202B Christmas Wish – Vision into Action (extract from VDG Joy Tutty’s report). As we
     move closer to Christmas we start to spend more time thinking about family and
     friends and th is is how it should be. However at the same time p lease spare a
     thought for those less fortunate than ourselves and where possible check with
     our Commun ity Food banks/Refuges to see if they have sufficient stores to cope
     with emergencies over the holiday period. While Christmas is a great time to sit
     back and relax and reflect on the year coming to an end, for some, unfor tunately
     it is a time o f increased violence…
     I leave you with some words that were presented to our MERL course
     participants at the Auckland Convention:
                                         Vision into Action
                  We have all been gifted with the ability to make a difference
                             Vision w ithou t action is merely a dream
                            Action w ithou t vision just passes the time
                            Vision w ith action can change the world.

202C Complacency in Your Club & Lions Eye Institute “Piggy Banks” (extract from DG
     Dave’s report). I attended the po tential Leaders Weekend in Rotorua and I was
     very disappointed with the number o f attendees. Only 12 clubs fro m a total o f 82
     were represented, fewer than 15% .
     A lot o f work was put into the course and it was clearly noted that the most
     interesting of the d iscussions was based on “Complacency in your Club.”
     I hope that the 1st VP training day to be held in March has a representative from
     all clubs. It is the fu ture of YOUR club and the district that can be enhanced by
     In the very near future all clubs in MD202 are to receive via courier a “Piggy
     Bank” from the Lions Eye Institu te in 202H . They are asking club members to
     drop their spare gold coins in to the p iggy banks and then return them by courier,
     at no cost, to Capital C ity Lions by the 24 March. Clubs can elect to have their
     donations in their clubs name at LMLCCT or just adding to the to tal collected.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                    22
202D The Club Almoner. The position of Almoner within the Club is one of
     knowledge, sometimes intimate knowledge of the members o f the C lub and their
     families. In the position of A lmoner, you can have the most positive effect on the
     membership, by simply doing the r ight thing and at the r ight time. Members may
     appreciate that their Almoner has remembered a family member’s b irthday, an
     anniversary, a family wedding, or perhaps family members achievements. These
     are happy times. There are other times when the Almoners presence could be
     appreciated. Times of sickness, bereavements, family traumas – the list goes on.
     Your C lub may have a po licy on who gets cards, or flowers, who visits etc. Find
     out these important details from the Board. Always remember, the Club President
     should be informed o f all matters in relation to the C lub members, and their
     immediate families.
     The Almoners position is a position of trust. Please consider the feelings of your
     fellow members – there are times they may like to keep private what has
     happened, or what is happening to them. Honour those wishes.
     The District Almoner has the exact same role but needs your support. Please let
     him/her know when necessary.

202E Kan Tabs for Kiwi Kids (extract fro m Kan Tab Co-ord inator David C learwater’s
     report). The collection of Kan Tabs is a growing one now w ith 3 collection poin ts
     in our distr ict. So far we have collected and cashed in approx 552kg of tabs –
     about ½ the weight o f a small car! In October I posted away another cheque for
     $183.00 making the to tal this year to $616 .50.
     Do we take Cans as well? I get asked this a lot and we are happy to do that.
     Some clubs may wish to do th is, because it can be easier than taking off the tabs.
     In this case clubs can cash them up and send the cheque to me to be passed on.
     Cans can be delivered to my place and please squash them as they are bulky
     things which take up a lot of room.
     We need everyone associated with th is to go to schools, clubs, etc in fact
     anywhere and spread the word to everyone in New Zealand th inking about Kan
     Tabs. It is little effort for good reward.

202F Ranui Buy a Brick Appeal (update from PDG Roger Millar). This appeal is being
     run by South Island combined Lions Clubs and is hoped to raise $300,000 wh ich
     is the cost of one apartment. Some clubs have already started so thank you to
     them. Some advertising will be appearing soon in the Southland Times which is
     of a general nature. If your club has a special activity please let me know and I'll
     see if I can give it some push in the news.
     The Bone Marrow Cancer Trust is reprinting a popular Recipe Book they released
     some years back. We will have copies to sell at $15 . No cost to us, ALL proceeds
     to the appeal. Any clubs wanting some, please contact me.
     It is hoped to have all mon ies in by the end of March bu t if your club is doing a
     major project for the appeal and it w ill be held later then that will be fine.
     I ask for your support in th is tru ly worthwh ile appeal.

202G Membership is the life blood of Lions (extract fro m Membership Chair man Carl
     Perrin’s report). I ask you to reach out to business and professional leaders, who,
     like us, have been given the opportunity to develop their talents and skills and
     want to use the abilities to help others.
                                                                  … conti nued on page 24

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                     23
News from other Districts              … c onti nued fr om page 23

       We all know people who th ink and act like Lions – make them part of us.
       During the month o f October we welcomed 7 new members to our Lions family.
       However over the same period we had 7 resignations, 3 dropped members and I
       deceased, therefore a net loss of 4. As you can see gaining members is no t a
       problem it is the retention of our current members that is a worry…

202I   Lions Club of Waihi re invests $49,000 in the community (extract from President
       Mike Martinovich’s report). A very strong Waihi Lions Club keeps things moving
       ahead in Waihi. We recently moved the Old Pump House weighing some 1500
       tonnes 301 metres in 2 directions towards town – it is now just above
       Information Centre.
       Last year Waihi Lions raised over $49,000 – $1,40 0 per member and th is was
       distribu ted to over 30 local Individuals and organisations in the d istrict.
       We have come away from sausage sizzles etc. Fundraising efforts are now
       concentrated on demolitions or pain ting pro jects, raffles and provid ing
       manpower to M ine Projects on mine open days.
       Our best known fundraising effort is probably the Community Directory, a jo int
       effort by Waihi and Waihi Beach Lions. Not exactly a charity, but Lions members
       devote time and money to making the lives of Waihi residents both young and
       old a little bit easier.

202J   A Kn ight of the Blind. A Melvin Jones Fellowship bestowed upon Pro fessor
       Anthony Molteno by the Lions C lub o f Duned in Toroa. Professor Molteno has an
       international reputation as an ophthalmologist and researcher. He is head of the
       Eye Department at the Dunedin Public Hospital. In the late 1960’s he conceived
       the concept of a glaucoma drainage device to relieve pressure in the eye and has
       been developing the shunt ever since – this was a world first.
       Professor Molteno has also developed
       other important clinical too ls for the
       treatment o f serious eye conditions. He
       has been president of the New Zealand
       Society of Ophthalmo logists and an
       advisor to many organisations and
       governmental bodies. In 1998 Professor
       Molteno was the second recipient of the
       Goldmann Medal (in troduced in 1994
       and awarded 4 yearly) from the
       International Glaucoma Societies for his
       sign ifica nt  co ntr ibu tio n   to   the
       understanding and           treatmen t o f
       glaucoma. He was made an Officer of
       the New Zealand Order of Merit in the
       Queen’s New Years’ honours list in
       January 2006.
       The photo shows Professor Anthony Mo lteno (left) being congratulated by DG
       Steve Marshall.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                   24
               Charity Golf Tournament
     Judgeford Golf Club, Friday 30th March 2007
 The Lions Club of Mana is hosting a Charity Golf Tournament to raise
 funds for the Lions Eye Institute.
 We seek your support by participating in a fun day and hopefully an
 annual event. Support could be by way of any, or all, of the following:
     Sponsoring a hole or holes ($250 for one hole and $100 for each
         hole thereafter)
     Gifting a charitable donation
     Supplying product for a prize or prizes
     Entering a team of four or as an individual player ($40 per player
         – includes green fees and lunch).
 For further information and application/entry forms please contact:
                  David Black
                  Chairman Co-ordinating Committee
                  Mana Lions Club
                  Tel:             (04) 233 1388
                  Mobile:          0274 763 905

 Passing of ID Djoko S.Soeroso's Father in Law
 Mr.Juda B.Paramarta (89 years) , father of Lion Lonny Sri
 Arianti .(my wife) has peacefully passed away Saturday
 January 27th in his residence in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
 I would appreciate i f you would kindly share this sad news with
 Lions friends and to bring her and the family in their prayers.
 Djoko S.Soeroso
 International Director

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                       25
Christmas Cheer for
Waikanae’s Senior Citizens
Waikanae Lions President
John Todd re ports
The Waikanae and P arawai Lions Clubs
recently joined together to serve the local
community by holding a Christmas Luncheon
for over 80 of Waikanae’ s senior citizens on
Saturday 2 nd December.
The luncheon provided an excellent opportunity for the two local Lions Clubs to work together
to provide a very enjoyable Christmas function for many of our senior citizens who are living
independently and away from close fa mily support. The Waikanae Club coordinated all the
arrangements for the function and the ladies from the P arawai undertook the catering of a
splendid meal.
The guests were entertained by a group of Kapiti Senior Singers with Christmas Carols as well
as a ‘ good old sing along’ and were very pleased to also receive an early visit from Santa who
was able to distribute a small gift to everyone.
With this function we have been able to put something back into the local community and
truly make a difference in the lives of many of our seniors at this time of year.

John Todd

        BE SMART – GET A HAT!
                                          LIONS PANAMA HATS
                                              A sturdy lightweight hat, white,
                                         fully UV protective with an embroidered
                                              Lions motif on navy blue band.
                                          Sizes:     Small/Medium (55-57cm)
                                                     Large/XLarge (58-62cm)
                                          Prices: $25 each, plus courier charge of
                                                  $5 for 1 to 10 hats.

                                                 Cheque with order please to:
                                                     Panama Hat Project
                                                    Lions Club Waikanae
                                                         PO Box 42
                                                     WAIKANAE 6454
                                                Phone John Rowse (04) 905 5800

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                          26
Playhouse raffle raises around $6,500
Kapiti Pakeke Preside nt Denise Te bbs re ports
Kapiti P akeke Lions annual P layhouse raffle has again been very successful raising around
$6,500 for community services and activities.
The playhouse was built by a Kapiti Lion with members' help and Kapiti P akeke Lions carried
out the painting and decorating, and sold the tickets. All materials were donated by local
businesses. The photos show the completed playhouse during delivery.

This year the playhouse was won by a local woman who had no one to give it to. So (on the
recommendation of DG Gary Benton) she anonymously donated the playhouse to the P uketiro
Centre which is a Capital & Coast District Health Board Child Development Team at
Kenepuru Hospital, Porirua. The P uketiro Centre provides diagnosis, treatment and assessment
of children from birth to 16 years where there is concern regarding possible disability and
developmental delay or problems. Their area of responsibility includes Kapiti, so making it
appropriate for funds raised in Kapiti.

Denise Tebbs

        W e prov ide exclusiv e
   out st anding and professional
   serv ice in t he t ransport at ion   ENJOY THE DIFFERENCE
       of ourv alued client s,            CHAUFFEUR DRIVEN CAB SERVICE
       ensuring personal and                  AIRPORT MEET & GREET
    professional st andards are                BUSINESS TO BUSINESS
     maint ained in a discreet            SPECIAL FUNCTIONS  WEDDINGS
           reliable manner.                    PRIVATE HIRE TOURS

  04 387 7877 0800 470 6050

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                        27
Lions Tales from District 202B
Continu ing our series featuring clubs in D istrict 202 B as
reported by District Editor Tony Ford in the “The Easterly”,
December 2006.

In November they delivered phone books to local homes
and businesses.
They did their Blind Week Appeal earlier than the official week with the Foundation’s
approval, collecting on Market Day between 8.30am and 1pm.
Towards the end of November they started their Santa’s Letters Project.
President Glenys reports that they had a great outing to Crosshills Gardens with perfect
weather and magnificent bloo ms.
On December 6th they were going to have a Christmas Function w ith a mystery bus tr ip
and meal.
To fin ish o ff the year they d id an Old Folks Chr istmas D inner on the 3rd December and
are marshalling the C hristmas Parade on the 16 th December.
For their first meeting in January on the 24th , they will be having a sporting evening with
a choice of tennis, croquet, bow ls, b illiards or cards.

Hastings Heretaunga
In November they inducted Brian Dunkin as a new member of the club. Apparently he
is an experienced Lion and has already been roped in to help with a Castle ou ting. It
was windy, so the club hopes he hasn’t been put o ff!
The club is hold ing a meeting in conjunction with the Kowhai School Chr istmas Party
on the 11th December when they will be do ing a BBQ and o f course providing their
Margaret Braithwaite has once again decorated her house at 10 Balquidder Road,
Napier with Chr istmas decorations. It is open 9.30am to 4.30p m daily un til 17 th
December. Do visit it, a gold coin donation will go to the Burns Un it. For more
information phone (06 ) 835 8320.
That Castle certainly keeps them busy with bookings on 3rd, 10th , 11 th and two on the

Masterton Holdsworth
President Carolyn reports that the last six months have been very busy and to wrap up
the year they are having a social n ight on the 18th December. As she says, “a great way
to wind up the year”.
They had a really in teresting speaker in November, Lisa Schwanecke, who described
her impor ting business of patterned gumbo ots manufactured in Italy. She very kindly
donated a pair to be utilised as a spot prize at the Harlequin Show which was held on
the 7th December.
They will be back in action at the Masterton A & P Show on the 16th , 17 th and 18 th
February when they will be doing gate keeping duties. As Shir ley Stringer says, “this
venture reduces our subscriptions so all club members are expected to assist”.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                        28
The club has completed another successful Toast Martinborough.
They were to hold a Senior C itizens Luncheon at the Town Hall on the 9 th December.
Dick Kershaw, a member of the club for some time has decided to transfer to Masterton
Host Waipoua as he is finding travelling to the meetings a bit much. Dick was the
instigator o f the Raft-A-Rama that ran for many years on the Ruamahanga River.
They had a great guest speaker recently, Gail Jacobsen who was Matron o f the New
Zealand Police Force. Now I am sure she would have some interesting tales to tell!
They are already looking forward to February next year when they will be making a tr ip
to Kapiti Island.

 Lions International Web Site Receives a New Look
The Lions Clubs International Web site,, has a new look to its
homepage. Links on the homepage allow users to quickly find the applicable page for
information on association programmes, activities and resources. Items are organised
under the headings of: News & In formation; Upcoming Events; Commun ications;
Members Matter; Your Foundation – LCIF; and Shaping the Future.
Adding to the user-friendliness of the new layout, the navigation on the left-hand side o f
each page has been streamlined and addresses both members and visitors to the Lions
site. The Members navigation now includes reorganised resource sections for bo th club
and district use. These two new sections, Club Resource Centre and District Resource
Centre, are an addition to the existing Resources section and are meant to aid Lions in
find ing those items frequently accessed by both club and distr ict leaders and members.
Further into the site, visitors will find the Lions News Network (LNN). Launched last
year, LNN is home to LQ (Lions quarterly video magazine), videos and public service
announcements (PSAs), which can be viewed or ordered on LNN. LNN is also ho me to
the Newsroom and Lions Newswire, the Lions’ mon thly e-newsletter.
Advancing technologically, the association now offers Podcasts (downloadable video
files for computers and MP3 p layers) of LQ through LNN and directly fro m iTunes. Free
of charge, viewers can subscribe through iTunes to have future editions of LQ
automatically down loaded to their compu ter as episodes become available. RSS (Real
Simple Syndication) feeds on LQ, the Newsroom, Lions Newswire, President's Message
and The Lion Magazine will allow users with the appropriate software to automatically
receive this syndicated information.
Remember to use the “Search” function located on the upper left-hand corner of each
Web page for ease in locating in formation on the site. Users should type the keyword or
name of the item they are looking for to help find the appropriate page. They can also
use the “Site Map” on the lower left-hand corner of each Web page for help.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                       29
Woodville Lions “Coast to Coast” - December 2006
Johnsonville Lion Stephen Cook reports
One th ing I enjoy about Lions is the variety of
activities and range of people that I can be
involved with. As a keen mo torcyclist my
current favourite Lions project is the annual
Woodville Lions Coast to Coast fun draising
motorcycle ride for their local rescue
helicopter. The weather made th is year an
event to remember.
What can I say – I left Johnsonville at about
8.00am in full polyprops and leathers – it was
grey and a bit misty until Paekakariki, then
nicely fine but with a cool (no , cold! ) southerly breeze. Coffee to warm up at
McDonalds in Levin, and arrived at Himatangi about 9.45 along with possibly 500 other
motorcyclists. Shortly after 10.30 we left in really fine weather, but with a cool (no ,
make that a cold) sou therly strong breeze.
Passing through Feilding and the heavens opened and gutters overflowed – many r iders
stopped under trees or verandas to put on wet weather gear. But I kept going as it was
obviously a local heavy shower, and about 1½ blocks later it stopped – I was just
slightly damp and a little cooler. And the cold (no, it was very cold) southerly
Over Saddle Rd w ith slips and road works and gravel and light rain just briefly. Stopped
in fine weather just before Woodville to re-group before making a grand entrance to the
town. It was fine bu t we could see a big rain shower coming. The organisers kindly kept
us waiting just until the rain started and then we arrived in Woodville in heavy brief
shower. Slightly cooler and the cold w ind had reduced somewhat.
Surprisingly I noted only about 350 or so bikes in Woodville ... or less – the BBQ food
was warm and the drinks were cold. Nearly time to leave and yet another heavy lot of
cold rain. (I was going to go straight home from Woodville, bu t a 75 year old friend of
mine was riding all the way to Akitio. If he could go all the way I should too – bo ther!)
We left Woodville in heavy rain which soon stopped, and the cool (no, COLD) breeze
strengthened. From the turn off at Mangatainoka by the Tui brewery it was road works
all the way to coast – slips, floods, mud, shiny slippery seal, small rock falls, and
periodic heavy showers along with a strengthening cold southerly – I saw several riders
stop and turn back. I was ‘nearly’ cold enough to join them!
Arrived to Akitio in fine weather with a cool southerly breeze – no it was a b%&*y cold
southerly gale. I saw at least one parked bike blown over. And there seemed to be only
about 200 or just over bikes at Akitio . I could image the rest in warm cafes etc (!) all
over the place.
The brilliant MC (Mike?) called ou t name after name after name for prize giving and
hardly anyone was there! – but my name never came out – maybe next year. My mate

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                      30
had his name called ou t, and he also got the prize for being the o ldest r ider at 75 – we
had seen lots o f older looking fo lks early – maybe they were sensible and had gone
home early.
Homebound in the dry all the way to Pongaroa – the back roads to Masterton had a sign
“Storm damage next 57k” but the local garage guy said it was OK. More flood ing across
the road, heavy showers, slips, road works, and did I mentio n the very cold strong
southerly headwind? After Masterton was cold bu t fine till half way up the Rimu takas
when a light drizzly rain started and didn 't stop till I got to the bottom. It was a very
slippery, cold and slow tr ip over the h ill!
I arrived ho me about 7.15p m and Rosemary was out. Turned on all the heaters, made a
hot soup, got changed to warm clo thes, but kept all my polyprops on as well! D id I
mention the southerly w ind? Go ing to bed about 9.30 , and Rosemary still comp lained I
was cold... did I mention the cold?
Still there’s always next year to look forward to!
Well done Woodville and assisting Lions Clubs – a great and d ifferent project that I w ill
continue to support – I might be warm enough by next year!

Stephen Cook

                  60 Victoria Street, Petone

             (04) 586 2330                           (04) 586 2331

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                       31
The A, B, Cs of Membership Retention
Continuation o f column presented by Retention Chairman
Warren Biddington .

N is for New Members: Be always on the lookout for new
members. Support membership initiatives developed by
your own Club and those promoted by the Distr ict MERL
Committee. G ive consideration to sponsoring a new Club
or a Leo Club and encourage new members to contribu te their ideas and suggestions for
setting up a new branch. Seeking input from new members helps to make them feel
involved and appreciated strengthening their commitment and retention.

O is for Or ientation : A proper, well-structured orientation is the best way to turn a new
member into a great member and an enthusiastic Lion. Failure to provide any form o f
orientation or support is a recipe for disaster for any new Club member. New members
need to u nderstand and be given an overview about the Lions organisation at an
International, National and local level and this can also act as a good reminder and
reinforcement for existing Lio ns as well.

It is strongly recommended that Clubs establish Orientation seminars for new and
existing Lions and that comprehensive coverage of specific items be presented by either
knowledgeable long serving members or by District Cabinet Members, or a combination
of bo th, on essential top ics.

In add ition to provid ing good orientation, new members and their partners need on-
going support and assistance from their sponsors or buddies and “B for Best Buddy”
should be read in conjunction w ith th is item.

P is for Publicity: A key factor for helping to sustain commitment, enthusiasm and the
“feel good” factor for Lions is having a project or activity they have been involved with
reported by their local media. Go out o f your way to establish and nur ture good
relationships with your local newspaper/radio station and have someone within your
Club regularly provide them with photographs and written copy of activities completed
or underway.

Consider putting a sandwich board out promo ting “Ano ther Lions Commun ity Project”
in a distinctive area near such an activity as it could be the necessary draw card
required for a prospective new member.

Feel free to blow your own trumpet about your achievements and strive to maintain a
high public profile in your community for Lions and your Club activities.

Q is for Quality: This is the essence that all Lions must strive for in everything they do.
To retain members we must act pro fessionally, str ive for excellence in our undertakings,
be great role models and acknowledge those special qualities every member brings to
our organisation.

Warren Biddington (Con tinued next month )

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                       32
Campaign SightFirst II
Extract from message from IP Ross & MD 202 Update
Last year was an exciting year, especially for our service in Campaign SightFirst II (CSFII).
When I think of what lies ahead for Lions in 2007, all I see is opportunity and countless ways
our service will touch lives.
This January, as we look to the New Year, one full of possibility, I ask for your personal
support for CSFII. Saving sight is personal to Lions, and we have no better way to do it than
through SightFirst. It is how we, as individuals and as an organisation, have saved or restored
the sight of tens of millions of people. "We serve" through our SightFirst programme ...
We enter 2007 with a healthy to-do list for CSFII. We have raised more than US$60 million
for CSFII to continue our SightFirst programme, but we need to raise another US$90 million
to reach our minimum goal of US$150 million and save the sight of 37 million people.
To keep our focus on CSFII, I want to suggest we use our collective Lion Power for an
ambitious goal. I challenge you to join me in the pursuit of more than US$90 million raised by
our 90 th Anniversary at the International Convention, in Chicago (USA), this July.
We reached many milestones in our first year of fund raising for CSFII, but reaching more
than US$90 million by our 90th anniversary will be a true homecoming for our association.
Rallying all Lions around this target will put us in a prime position to soar past our minimum
goal and even reach our challenge goal of US$200 million, Lions' "Vision for All."
As Lions, we give the gift of sight and a world of opportunity by continuing SightFirst, our
very best programme. CSFII is an opportunity that starts with you and your club this month, so
shoot for the stars. Reme mber, it is you and your fellow club me mbers who will make the

Jimmy M. Ross                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        $136,734 .9 9

  $150 ,0 00.00
  $140 ,0 00.00
  $130 ,0 00.00
  $120 ,0 00.00
                                                                               CAMPAIGN S IGHTF IRST                                                                              II
  $110 ,0 00.00
                                                                                    MD 20 2 Target is $1.5 Million
                                                                                       $150,000 per D is trict
  $100 ,0 00.00
   $90 ,0 00.00
                                                                Reported District Totals 29 Ja nuary 20 07
   $80 ,0 00.00
                                                                                   f ro m
   $70 ,0 00.00
   $60 ,0 00.00
                     $ 28,209.21

                                                                                                                                                                                                          $22 ,7 57.94

   $50 ,0 00.00
                                                              $15,617 .4 0

                                                                                                                          $15,497 .0 2


   $40 ,0 00.00


   $30 ,0 00.00
                                          $ 4,303.80

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 $3,600 .0 0
                                                                                                                                                                   $1 ,0 00.00

   $20 ,0 00.00
   $10 ,0 00.00






























ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                                                                                                                                                                                                     33
A series of plain language articles supplied by Legal & Safety Chairman Alan
Knowsley addressing commonly encountered legal issues

Vital Tips for Getting Paid by Debtors
You know that they owe you the money but a Court needs proof. Documenting your
transaction is a usual business practice but often when creditors are trying to collect their
debts they will have discussions with debtors who make promises to pay. These
conversations can be vital to recovering the cash if the debtor later tries to avoid liability for
the debt.
When ever you have contact with a debtor make a clear file note of the conversation. P oints
to record are:
1. The parties to the discussion.
2. Who made contact.
3. What was said, especially admissions of liability, reasons for lateness and promises to
4. Date and time o f discussion.
5. Your signature on the note.
These are not difficult to record but can make all the difference to a Su mmary Judgment
claim succeeding in the face of a denial of liability. Courts look for notes made at the time as
reliable proof of ad missions. Often faced with such proof debtors will give up their denials
and accept liability. A similar note should be made o f any contact with lawyers representing
A simple note with all the elements could look like this:
Rang John Smith
He apologised for not having paid the $40K he owes due to delayed title on the properties he
is hoping to sell.
He says title is due next week and he will be in a position to pay $35k by the 20th and the
balance a week later.
“ Signed” J Bloggs 4.10pm 6/6/06.
Make a suitable note for every contact with the debtor. Even notes of pro mises to ring back
which are not kept can be important (they may later claim not to have had any contact).
P ut the notes on the file and give them to your solicitors if you need to take recovery action.
Speed of action is also very important. The sooner you put on the pressure the more likely
you are to get your money into your bank account where it belongs. This also applies once
you have tried but failed to get the money yourself. Do not delay passing the debt to your
experienced debt collection professional.

Alan Knowsley

Next month: Non-existent employment agreements lead to huge liability.

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                             34
                       Memorial Funeral Patches
                              available from
               The Lions Club of Palmerston North Papaioea
                     PO Box 10053. Palmerston North
       Money                                                      Money
        raised                                                     raised
       goes to                                                    goes to
          the                                                        the
        Lloyd                                                       Lloyd
       Morgan                                                     Morgan
         Lions                                                      Lions
        Clubs                                                      Clubs
      Charitable                                                 Charitable
         Trust                                                      Trust

           $25 per packet of 50 patches (send cheque with order)
            Contact Rob Cowan at or
             Jean Thompson-Church at

 Employment Law Problem?
 Here’s w hat you’ll need to know …
 You’ll want to know what your rights are,
 and where you stand…
 You will need to know the right way to make a personal
 grievance known to your employer, and how to file a claim
 with the Employment Relations Authority if necessary.
 I’m Alan Knowsley, a lawyer with many years experience in
 employment law and helping people like you get the best
 result for them.
 I can help you put your claim forward to your employer and
 during the mediation process. In the unlikely event that your
 claim is unresolved
 I can assist you in the Employment Relations Authority.
 Call me now for a relaxed chat about your employment problem on 0800 733 424

                   RAINEY COLLINS LAWYERS

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                              35
      Recipients of the $37,000 proceeds from the
       combined Kapiti Lions Monster Book Fair:

John Todd (left) President of Waikanae Lions with recipients of the proceeds f rom
the Lions Monster Book Fair:
Back row:    Graham Whitle (Kapiti Drug Arm), Dr. Tony Wells (Lions Eye Institute)
Middle row: Rachel Osborn (Kapiti Y outh Support), Cherie Whitle (Kapiti Drug
             Arm), Chris Precey (Diabetes Kapiti), Colin Burleigh (June Oakley
Front row:   Monica Steele (Capital City Lions), Helen Martin (Lions Ey e Institute),
             Jan Precey (Diabetes Kapiti), Dianne Ammundsen (June Oakley
             Trust), Joy Fairburn (Kapiti Y outh Support)

IHC Appeal, 17-25 February 2007
Request from IHC National Fundraising Manager, Greg Millar

Over the last 39 years Lions Clubs around New Zealand and many o f your members
have helped organise and/or collect door-to-door for the IHC Annual Appeal. We are
most grateful and I thank you on behalf o f the many New Zealanders with an
intellectual disability who have benefited as a result of your efforts.
I am now wr iting to let you and your members know that IHC has decided not to have a
door-knock collection as part of its Annual Appeal in February 2007. We w ill still be

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                  36
having an IHC Appeal fro m 17 to 25 February, but no door-to-door collection .
Times have changed. We have worried about the safety of volun teer collectors over the
years and increasingly over recent years. There are also fewer people now at home in
the early evening and fewer people with cash when a collector calls.
Over the years the IHC door-knock collection has provided a vitally impor tant source of
income for IHC's work in commun ities around New Zealand to support people with
intellectual d isabilities to have an ordinary life. So yes, we are concerned about the
impact this po tential loss of income w ill have on our work in the year ahead.
On behalf of some of those most vulnerable in our society, I ask Lions Clubs and
members around the country to consider doing a special fundraiser for IHC in the year
ahead. You may also choose to do someth ing in the week 17 to 25 February 2007.
An IHC Appeal Envelope will be delivered to every household in New Zealand and
advertising will in form everyone that no collector will call. Any help fro m your
members to encourage their neighbours and communities to respond by mail or phone
the IHC 0900 44 900 auto matic $20 donation line would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for considering this. P lease call me if you have any questions toll free on
0800 442 221 , or 027 2101 593.

Greg Millar

Schools need you!
From Janet Kelly, Elections Project Manager

Have you ever cons idered becoming a schoo l trustee? Well no w is the time to g ive
it some ser ious though t. The schoo l trus tee elections are in March th is year and
13,0 00 New Zealanders from all corners of the country are needed to sit on school
National Election Pro ject Manager, Janet Kelly, says schools need in for med peo ple
with a range of skills and experiences.
She says trus tees co me fro m the wider co mmun ity, and include parents , bu t they
don't need to be parents of school children.
“We need people who have the ability to really make a difference for our schools. We
are calling on Lions members to talk with their colleagues about trusteeship and
consider whether they have something to o ffer to their local schools. It is a very
impor tant ro le. Board me mbers are entrus ted by the commu nity to govern our
schools and to make sure that every child achieves their potential.”
More information on what it means to be a trustee can be found at:


ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                    37
Lessons my Mother Taught Me
1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL
   “ If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just
   finished cleaning.”
2. My mother taught me RELIGION.
   “ You better pray that will come out of the carpet.”
3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL.
   “ If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week”
4. My mother taught me LOGIC.
   “Because I said so, that's why”
5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC.
   “ If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the mall
   with me.”
6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT.
   “Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident.”
7. My mother taught me IRONY.
   “ Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about.”
8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS.
   “Shut your mouth and eat your dinner.”
9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM.
   “Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!”
10. My mother taught me about STAMINA.
    “ You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone.”
11. My mother taught me about WEATHER.
    “This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it.”
12. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY.
    “ If I told you once, I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate!”
13. My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE.
    “ I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.”
14. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION.
    “Stop acting like your father!”
15. My mother taught me about ENVY.
    “There are millions of less fortunat e children in this world who don't have
    wonderful parents like you do.”
16. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
    “Just wait until we get home.”

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                   38
17. My mother taught me about RECEIVING.
    “ You are going to get it when you get home!”
18. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
    “ If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to get stuck that way.”
19. My mother taught me ESP.
    “Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?”
20. My mother taught me HUMOUR.
    “When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me.”
21. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT.
    “ If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up.”
22. My mother taught me GENETICS.
    “ You're just like your father.”
23. My mother taught me about my ROOTS.
    “Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?”
24. My mother taught me WISDOM.
    “When you get to be my age, you'll understand..”
25. And my favourite: My mother taught me about JUSTICE.
    “ One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you”

Wanda's dishwasher stopped working so she called a repairman.
Since she had to go to work the next day, she told the repairman,
“ I’ll leave the key under the mat. Fix the dishwasher, leave the bill
on the counter, and I'll mail you a cheque.”
“ Oh, by the way don't worry about my bulldog Spike. He won't bother you. But,
whatever you do, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, talk to my parrot!” “ I
When the repairman arrived at Wanda's apartment the following day, he discovered
the biggest, meanest looking bulldog he has ever seen. But, just as she had said, the
dog just lay there on the carpet watching the repairman go about his work.
The parrot, however, drove him nuts the whole time with his incessant yelling,
cursing and name calling. Finally the repairman couldn't contain himself any longer
and yelled, “Shut up, you stupid, ugly bird!”
To which the parrot replied, “ Get him, Spike!”
Men just don't listen!

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                     39
                                  What's really important in life? Sitting on
                                   the beach? Looking at television eight
                                 hours a day? I think we have to appreciate
                                 that we're alive for only a limited period of
                                   time, and we'll spend most of our lives
                                 working. That being the case, I believe one
                                   of the most important priorities is to do
                                   whatever we do as well as we can. We
                                          should take pride in that.

                                             Victor Kermit Kiam
                                         American cor porate ex ecutive

ManeLine: District 202H, January - February 2007                                 40

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