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					                 Technical rider liveband BRUZZLER (mobile phone: 0043 676 419 5667)

                                               6,5m .. 8m
    min. 3 m


                                                8,5m .. 10m

                                             minimum 5m

                                                     3m .. 7m
    min. 2,5 m

                               19" Rack 1                          19" Rack 2

                                            minimum 8,5m

•            Submixer on stage. Stereo line out signal, XLR male

•            Linear frequency response requested, no effects for BRUZZLER

•            No monitor speaker cabinets during BRUZZLER-performance ( use of in-ear monitoring! )
             (please remove in front of BRUZZLER)

•            Minor pyro on stage!

Coverband / tribute live band BRUZZLER
Gailweg 58a
A 9500 Villach
Tel: +43 (0) 676 419 5667
Tel: +43 (0) 5 1777 6718
Fax: +43 (0) 4242 3020 6718

Technical prerequisites (technical rider) coverband / tribute band BRUZZLER:

•   Stage size has to be at least 2,5m x 5m

•   Width of BRUZZLER light truss: > 6,5m on top, 8,5m on the floor, including stands

•   Possibility for installing a stage curtain / backdrop. Size: min. ca. 3x3m, max. 7x3m

•   A ladder is provided for installation of curtain/backdrop & light equipment by promoter

•   Power supply: 1 x 32A CEE- Socket (European standard)
    This power supply is provided exclusively for the stage!

•   Stage has to be clean & accessible at least 5h prior to the start of the show

•   A stage hand is provided by the promoter prior and after the gig (duration ca. 30 minutes)

•   The promoter is legally liable for safety of stage equipment, including possibility of theft.
    Only authorized personnel is allowed to enter the stage. This is valid from the moment
    when the first piece of equipment is put on the stage until the last piece of equipment has
    left the stage (=before, during and after the gig).

•   No unauthorized persons are allowed on stage, hazard due to the use of pyro!

•   A description of the route to the venue is provided to BRUZZLER one week before the
    show at latest.
•   Accomodation to be provided by the promoter (e.g. hotel room on the night prior to the gig
    and on the night of the gig).

In case that technical requirements are not fulfilled, BRUZZLER has the right to cancel the show while
the promoter hast to pay 75% of the price immediately. All conditions are agreed by the promoter and
confirmed with his signature.


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