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					                                                  Fort Utah District Newsletter
                                               Utah National Parks Council B.S.A.
                                                          August 2010

                                                                UNPC CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION CAMPORALL

                                           Airplane Fly In !

                                           Merit Badge
                                           Pow Wow !

                                           Displays !

                                           registration now
                                           in effect !          If you missed the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree
Join the Fort Utah District and Rock Canyon District on         in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, then you must attend the Utah
September 18 for the first Aviation Day Pow Wow and Fly-in      National Parks Council 2010 Centennial Camporall in
at the Provo Airport.                                           beautiful Heber Valley, Utah. Choose from over 40 activities
                                                                including a 5K Run, 3 on 3 Basketball tournament, Chess,
MERIT BADGE CLASSES                                             Fencing, Geo-caching, Golf, Hiking, Horseback Riding,
The Pow Wow features classes and counselors for four merit      Rocketry, Scuba, Biathlon, X-Games, Climbing, Photography,
badges – Aviation, Weather, Fire Safety, and Space              Fishing, and many more. Boy Scouts, Varsity, and Venturing
Exploration. Because each merit badge session is two hours      units will be separated into sub-camps so that scouts and scout
long, only two merit badges can be earned on that day. Some     units can mingle with others of their same age from all over
requirements of each merit badge have to be done in advance.                       t
                                                                the valley. Don’ miss these three days and two nights
Deadline for Weather is August 17th. “Before the Pow Wow”       (including fireworks!) of fun and Jamboree style activities at
Instruction sheets and workbooks are available for download     the UNPC 2010 Centennial Camporall. Informational flyer
on the District website. No charge for scouts who wear their    and online registration ($14 per scout) at
scout uniform to the event. Adult leader supervision is
required. Register at         OPERATION ON TARGET
                                                                Thanks to Michael Taylor for spearheading the promotion and
ADULT TRAINING BEFORE RE-CHARTERING                                                      s
                                                                execution of this year’ Operation On Target. Nearly every
To further enhance its youth protection methods, BSA is         peak in Utah Valley, well as many “ camps” the valley
                                                                                                     base           on
making these changes in policy –(1) Effective June 1, 2010,     floor were hot spots of signaling activity. A special thanks,
Youth Protection Training is required for all registered        also, to all the scout leaders and scouts who hiked up to the
volunteers (including merit badge counselors and committee      tops of those peaks to make this activity possible.
members), (2) New leaders must take Youth Protection
Training BEFORE submitting their registration application       WEBELOS WOODS –SEP 11 - EXCHANGE PARK
and BEFORE volunteer service begins, (3) Youth Protection                                t
                                                                Cubs and parents, don’ miss this great cub scout activity.
Training must be taken every two years and must be current at   Focus is on tents, dining flys, ropes & knots, camp cookery,
the time of rechartering. To take the approved online Youth     campout packing, and first aid. Bring a sack lunch.
Protection Training course, go to     Registration is $5 per boy online or at the gate.

     S                                                          CONGRATULATIONS!
Run your favorite Pinewood Derby car down a 300 foot            To the following Fort Utah District young men for achieving
racetrack on August 28 at Rio Tinto stadium in Sandy, Utah.     the rank of Eagle Scout in July 2010 –
The $15 entry fee includes a ticket to an RSL soccer game and    Sean Travis Crawford         51 Carlos Duran          194
a patch. More information at                  Allan R. Barry             1414 Bryce Johnson        1429
                                                                     DISTRICT DIRECTORY
ACTIVITIES CALENDAR                                                  UTAH NATIONAL PARKS COUNCIL OFFICE
AUGUST                                                                    748 North 1340 West, Orem, Utah 84058 (west of I-15, 800 North exit)
12         District Roundtable, 7pm, 200 N 2580 W, Provo             KEY THREE
12, 26     Eagle board of review and project approval, by                              Chair:   Marshall Morrise          801-377-8315
           appointment, 6:30pm, Provo West Stake Center                         Vice Chair:     Coy Porter                801-362-2287
28         Leader Specific Training for Cubs, Boy Scouts, Varsity             Commissioner:     Robert Jaramillo          801-375-2509
           and Venturing. UNPC Service Center, 9am –     5pm.                  District Exec:   Arturo Malpica            801-437-6222
           Register online. Hosted by Bridal Veils Falls District.   MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE
28                s
           World’Longest Pinewood Derby, Rio Tinto Stadium
                                                                                     Chair:     Mark Kirkwood             801-375-9473
                                                                              Rechartering:     Brandon Seamons           801-356-1614
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                          Committee Member:      Callie Brockbank          801-370-9501

2 Sep     District Committee Meeting, Provo City Library, Room       FINANCE COMMITTEE
          #309                                                                         Chair:   Austin Smith              801-477-0843
9 Sep     District Roundtable, Provo West Stake Center
                                                                     COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE
11 Sep    Webelos Woods, 9:30-12 Noon, Exchange Park, Provo
18 Sep    Centennial Aviation Pow Wow and Fly-in at the Provo                         Chair:    Bob Manning               801-836-4175
          Airport, 8am – 2pm
23 Sep    Health & Safety Training, 7pm, Provo West Stk Center                      Website:    Mark Werner               801-362-5177
24-25 Sep BSA Adventure Base 100 Traveling Exhibit, South
          Towne Center, Sandy                                        PROGRAM COMMITTEE
14-16 Oct UNPC 2010 Centennial Celebration Camporall, Heber                            Chair:
          Valley Events Center
                                                                     ACTIVITIES AND CIVIC SERVICE COMMITTEE
13 Nov    Cub Scouts American Heritage Program, Provo West
          Stake Center                                                                 Chair:   Steve Gibson              801-374-8866
                                                                                  Cub Scout:    Dardree McClellan         801-356-6815
                                                                                  Boy Scout:
                                                                               Varsity Scout:
                                                                                   Secretary:   Sharri Brown              801-344-8570
SUBSCRIBE TO THE DISTRICT NEWSLETTER                                               Venturing:   Leland Gamette            801-377-7247
                                                                                   Klondike:    Mike Nielson              801-377-4787
To share information in the district newsletter or to receive a
                                                                        Operation On Target:    Michael Taylor            801-404-2323
copy via email, contact a member of the Communications                            Centennial:   LeRoy Dennis              801-373-5410
Committee. To subscribe to the Fort Utah District email                 Centennial Camporal:    Kelly Cox                 801-374-0889
announcement list, go to Enter                           Aviation Day:    Craig Peterson            801-375-3160
“Fort Utah District” in the search box and follow the                ADVANCEMENT AND RECOGNITION COMMITTEE
instructions for registering your email address. You may                              Chair:    Mic & Judy Kelsch         801-377-7317
unsubscribe at any time.                                                       Merit Badges:    Eric Mackay               801-377-4687
                                                                              Eagle Projects:   Loren Brady               801-375-3553
                                                                      Eagle Board of Review:    Mic & Judy Kelsch         801-377-7317
                                                                     CAMP PROMOTION AND OUTDOORS COMMITTEE
Eagle Scout project approval meetings and boards of review
                                                                                     Chair:     Dirk Van Wagoner          801-377-5609
are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday evening of each month in the                  OA Advisor:     Simon Li                  801-374-0887
Provo West Stake Center, 2580 West 200 North. To schedule                       Boy Scouts:     Bob Ridge                 801-373-4909
a project approval meeting, contact Loren Brady at 801-375-
                                                                     TRAINING COMMITTEE
3553. To schedule an Eagle Scout board of review, contact
                                                                                       Chair:   Doug Bradley              801-377-0170
Mic or Judy Kelsch at 801-377-7317.                                      Cub Scout Leaders:     Ben Summerhalder          801-375-7579
                                                                         Boy Scout Leaders:
ROUNDTABLE AND DISTRICT COMMITTEE MEETINGS                             Varsity Scout Leaders:   Vern Sanford              801-375-7773
                                                                                  Venturing:    Dave Waddell              801-356-0372
District committee meeting is held the 1st Thursday of each                Health and Safety:   Ken Kuhni                 801-375-7435
month at 7pm in Room 309 of the Provo City Library. All              ROUNDTABLE COMMISSIONERS
CORs and district committee members are invited to attend.                       Coordinator:   Bruce Jensen              801-375-6731
Roundtable is held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm in                       Cub Scout:    Vickie Wilker             801-375-2008
the Provo West Stake Center located at 2530 West 200 South.                       New Scout:
                                                                                  Boy Scout:    Ron Davis                 801-375-0074
Summer Roundtables are held outside, weather permitting.                             Varsity:   Russell Fuller            801-373-6765
                                                                                   Venturing:   Lance Rees                801-450-7700
                                                                     SCOUTMASTER’ MINUTE
            SEP             OCT               NOV
                                                                     A $10 bill is really just a piece of paper. It’value is certified by the
           Central        Grandview          GV East                 U.S. Government to be exchanged for $10 worth of stuff. Without the
                                                                     power and strength of the government backing it, the bill would be
Both the cracker barrel refreshments and building clean up are       worthless. An Eagle scout patch is just a piece of fabric, but, it's
                                                                     valuable because it’ backed up by the efforts, leadership, and
the responsibility of the assigned unit.
                                                                     commitment made by the young man that wears it. When you get
                                                                     your Eagle rank patch, how you “                is
                                                                                                        back it up” the important part.

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