SAP MDM by ashrafp


									SAP MDM

  Course        : SAP MDM

  Type          : Instructor-led training

  Duration      :

  Master Data Management:

         SAP Net weaver overview
         SAP R/3 Overview
         SAP MDM Application Architecture
         MDM Fundamentals and Data modeling Fund metals
         Overview of MDM Repository
         MDM data modeling and project preparation
         MDM modeling issues/solutions
         MDM Data modeling for Retail
         MDM data modeling for SRM/CRM products
         MDM console
         MDM data Manager
         MDM import Manager
         MDM Syndicator
         Master data Harmonization
         Rich product content Management RPCM (Overview)
         Global Data Synchronization (Overview)
         MDM and EP Integration
         MDM and BI Integration
         MDM and R/3 communication
         MDM and OCI integration
         MDM security and user management
         MDM performance
         MDM print publishing concepts and general philosophy
         MDM impact of print publishing of data model
         MDM paper publishing consideration
         MDM print publish features and functions
         MDM print publish process flow
         Architectural consideration

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