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									Press Release
Liquid Cryogen-Free Superconducting
Magnet System
Release Date: September 16, 1999

Introduction                             system utilizes Bi-2223 based HTS
Cryomagnetics, Incorporated, of Oak      current leads that were also
Ridge, Tennessee, announces the          developed by Cryomagnetics. Cool-
successful test of a 9 Tesla, cryogen-   down time from room temperature
free superconducting magnet system       to operating temperature is
based on a pulse tube refrigerator       approximately 14 hours. The magnet
(work performed under NIH SBIR           was charged in less than one hour.
Grant # 1 R43 GM59564-01). The           After an intentional quench at 9.2T,
system utilizes a new two-stage 4K       the system recovered in temperature
pulse tube refrigerator developed by     in approximately 3 hours.
Dr. Chao Wang of CryoMECH,                                                      Applications
Incorporated, Syracuse, New York.        Advancements                           Any application where low-cost and
The cryocooler is used to cool an        • Low Vibration. The new pulse         low-vibration are important issues.
intermediate thermal shield and HTS      tube has no moving cold parts.         Cryomagnetics is a custom design
current leads to approximately 50K       Common cryo-refrigerator systems       superconducting magnet
and the NbTi-based superconducting       relay on a moving displacer that       manufacturer, so it is likely a pulse
magnet to 4K. No liquid cryogens         transmits vibration through the cold   tube based superconducting magnet
are required. This is believed to be     head to the superconducting magnet     system can be designed to individual
the first commercial application of a    system. Vibration-sensitive            researcher specifications. The pulse-
pulse tube refrigerator for direct       experiments cannot be performed        tube cryo-refrigerator is a versatile
cooling of a superconducting             with conventional cryocoolers.         instrument that can be incorporated
magnet.                                                                         into many commonly designed
                                         • Low Maintenance. No moving           systems. For example, the pulse tube
System Details                           displacers means no cold seals to      system can be used in liquid helium
The system has a horizontal 32mm         maintain.                              based systems to reduce or eliminate
clear room temperature bore                                                     liquid helium boiloff.
diameter through the high field          • Low Noise. Lack of moving
region. The cryostat is a compact        parts in the cold head make for a      CryoMECH is developing more
17" outside diameter by 12" length.      very quiet system.                     powerful pulse-tube cryo-
The refrigerator access tube is                                                 refrigerator systems to address the
located on top of the system. The        • Low Cost. Due to its simplicity,     needs of the future.
magnet generates a magnetic field of     the pulse tube can be manufactured
up to 9T with 0.1% homogeneity           for less cost than common cryo-        Contact us for further
over a 10mm diameter volume. The         refrigeration systems.                 information.

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        Fax: (865) 483-1253 • E-mail: info@cryomagnetics.com • Web: www.cryomagnetics.com

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