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chicago C++.doc - Quiz Bowl


									MLK 2001 Packet for Chicago C
Questions by Michigan


1. Knowledge of the weight and specific heat of the surrounding medium are needed to make this
device useful. It consists of an enclosed capsule placed in the liquid, which is then insulated from
the outside to prevent heat losses, with a thermometer inside the medium. A chemical reaction
takes place inside the capsule, and the temperature change in the medium is used to calculate
the heat generated. FTP, name this device, useful in measuring the energy required for reactions.
A: _bomb calorimeter_ (prompt on “calorimeter”)

2. Mark Messier once said of him, “Pound for pound, I think he's the toughest player in the NHL."
This power forward grew up in Boston, and was a childhood friend of his former teammate, Tony
Amonte. He is known for his speed and his scoring touch, and I’m sure half the world shook their
heads when the found out he’d been traded for Alexei Zhamnov and Craig Mills. For 10 points--
name this former Chicago Blackhawk and current Phoenix Coyote.
Answer:        Jeremy Roenick

3. This son of a Baptist minister and habitual drunkard dies after going to bed with the wife of a
crippled man. Although he never felt anything for Fay, he sees Peter Doyle as a kindred,
hopeless spirit and embraces him. At which point the gun concealed in the bag goes off ending a
life tormented by his editor Willie Shrike. FTP identify this 1933 work named after the persona of
its main character, an advice columnist for the lovelorn.
Miss Lonelyhearts

4. The protruding ledges and the resultant deflection of the water creates an array of rainbows at
this site. Extending for 1.7 miles, a major portion of the namesake river tumbles into a narrow
semicircular chasm called the "Devil's Throat," downstream from which lies Isla Grande San
Martin, a popular location from which to see individual cataracts on either the Brazil or Argentina
border. FTP identify this series of cataracts first seen by Cabeza de Vaca, whose name comes
from the Guarani for “great water.”
Iguaçu Falls

5. After a defeat at the battle of Durben they were joined by the Poles in their conquest of the
Russian States. Their organization had been laid down by the Golden Bull of Rimini and it was
Frederick II’s friend, Hermann von Salza who became the first great grand master of the order.
Originally founded as a military subsidiary in Acre by merchants of Bremen and Lubeck, FTP,
what is the common name of these elite German warriors most famed for their losses at Lake
Peipus and Tannenberg.
Teutonic Knights

6. In 1997, Intel announced 2-bit flash memory, while IBM announced a change to copper from
aluminum circuits for its chip designs. On the other hand, in February 2000, an engineer at Intel
stated that chip engineers hadn't found ways around microprocessor design barriers for chips
sets to be manufactured after this year. Both of these revelations have altered the estimates
made by a co-founder of Intel in a speech made in 1965. FTP, what is this law that states that
microprocessor speed will double every 18 months?

Answer: Moore’s Law

7. In 1999, Richard Hamilton of Action for the Public Trust called this senator’s actions “as
unethical as Hell.” This senator attempted to pass a bill to sell the Vallecito Reservoir for
$492,000 to the Pine River Irrigation Company, in which he has financial interest. For ten points,
identify this award-winning jeweler and judo champion, a Native American senator from Colorado.
Answer:          Ben “Nighthorse” Campbell
8. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on comparing the two mystics Jacob Bohme and Nicholas of
Cusa. In “Paths in Utopia”, he examined the kibbutz as an example of a working socialist Utopia,
yet refuted their shunning of God in the process. Some of his other less famous works include
“Between Man and Man” and “Eclipse of God.” FTP, who is this Jewish theologian and
philosopher, the author of “I and Thou”?
Answer: Martin Buber

9. The action climaxes at a performance of Solyman and Perseda where the viceroy and his son
get their comeuppance for hanging Horatio on a tree. Although the villains, Lorenzo and
Balthazar, perish for their actions, the object of the disagreement, Bel-Imperia dies as well. FTP
identify this 1592 work featuring a mad Hieronymo, the best known work of Thomas Kyd.
The Spanish Tragedy

10. In 1916 he wrote Time Perspective and a year later he debated Kroeber on the notion of the
"superorganic." After studying under Franz Boas he served as chief of anthropology at the
Canadian National Museum, and he classified languages into six major divisions. FTP identify
this noted linguist who developed an important hypothesis with his student Benjamin Whorf.
Edward Sapir

11. His equestrian statues include likenesses of Washington in Paris, and Grant in Philadelphia.
Other works include the sculpture “Four Continents” at the NYC customs house and the bronze
doors at the Boston Public Library. Along with his first important commission “The Minuteman,” he
is most famous for his depiction of another president: who’s standing in his namesake Nebraska
town, but sitting in the Nation’s capital. FTP identify this sculptor of Lincoln in the memorial.
Daniel Chester French

12. You have taken off silk and put on khaki. You have a debt to democracy and a date with
destiny,” said Oveta Culp Hobby, the first leader of this group, which was originally established as
an auxiliary in 1942. A year later, as a result of bills introduced by Congresswoman Edith
Rogers, they became an actual part of the army. For 10 points--name this organization which was
disbanded in 1978, as there was no longer a need for men and women to be in separate armies.
Answer:          Women’s Army Corps or WAC

13. In 1900, Louis Bachelier analyzed this in order to model the fluctuations in prices in financial
markets. Wiener gave the first mathematically rigorous model of it in 1923. Jean Perrin used
Albert Einstein’s model to determine Avogadro’s number. However, it was first discovered in the
1820’s by a Scottish botanist. FTP what is the name for the stochastic movement of microscopic
particles suspeneded in a liquid or gas?
Brownian motion

14. His recent writings and speeches have been collected in the volumes The Art of the
Impossible and Toward a Civil Society. Communication has always been a key theme in the work
of this man as demonstrated in works such as Audience, Private View, and Redevelopment or
Slum Clearance. Although he first made his name as a member of Charter 77, FTP who is this
Czech political leader and author of The Memorandum and The Garden Party.
Vaclav Havel

15. Its main backer called it "one step back in order to take two steps forward," and one of its
main features was to replace requisitioning of food with a tax on agriculture that left peasants to
sell whatever was left. In 1924, under the name "state capitalism," banking and a gold-backed
currency were introduced, which caused many Communists to liken it to the events of Thermidor
1794. A series of Stalinist five-year plans replaced, for 10 points, what moderate-leaning reform
program that died with Lenin?

answer: The _N_ew _E_conomic _P_olicy
16. It is thought to be spheroidal in shape, as it seems massive enough for gravity to have pulled
its constituent material into that shape during formation. It resembles other carbonaceous
chondrite asteroids but has water locked into its surface material and a higher than normal
proportion of magnesium. For 10 points, name this second-largest known asteroid discovered by
Wilhelm Olbers in 1802 and named for the Greek goddess of wisdom.
Answer: Pallas

17. Around 1920, he abandoned his dissonant and polytonal techniques for a more simple, clear
and objective style that is seen in works like The Story of a Soldier and Pulcinella. He made a
great impression in 1909 with his works Fireworks and Scherzo fantastique and as a result
Diaghilev commissioned him to orchestrate two Chopin numbers for the Ballet Russe. FTP,
identify this composer whose commission was followed by a second for which he created The
Answer:          Igor Stravinsky

18. On the pretext of rescuing the emperor's sister Honoria from an arranged marriage, Attila led
the Huns in an invasion of the Western Roman Empire in AD 451. They spread devastation deep
into Gaul until the Roman general Flavius Aetius and the Visigoth king Theodoric I joined forces
against them. For ten points, name the decisive battle the only significant defeat for Attila the
Answer: Chalons or Catalaunian Fields (or Catalaunian Plains or Maurica; accept Chalons or
Chalons sur Marne if given early)

19. After working for the two planters Shorty and Zeke the narrator ships out on The Leviathan.
When the consul Wilson orders them to leave port, the men rebel against Captain Guy and the
mate Jermin, thus encouraging Dr. Long Ghost and the narrator to leave the Julia behind and
explore Tahiti. FTP identify this 1847 sequel to another work set in the Society Islands by Herman
Omoo, A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas

20. When a proposed 20% tax on alcohol unexplainably got halved when it was passed last July,
fingers pointed to congressional president Efrain Rios Montt, believed by many to be beholden to
the booze lobby. Though reactions were understandably mixed, they were far from weak.
Earlier, rumor had it that Rios Montt would be installed as president in light of unrest from top
generals who were passed up for appointment to defense minister by President Alfonso Portillo.
FTP, name this Central American country that suffered a civil war from 1960-1996.
Answer: Guatemala

21. Over 3.5 million strong, it holds its general conferences every four years, the 2000 gathering
marking the first time administrators were elected electronically. Doubly historic was that Rev.
Vashti McKenzie of Baltimore was chosen as the first female bishop in the church’s 213-year
history. The first ever bishop was Richard Allen, who was consecrated by Francis Asbury in
1816. FTP, name this oldest black Christian denomination, founded as an offshoot of
Philadelphia’s St. George’s Methodist Episcopal Church in 1787.
Answer: African Methodist Episcopal Church (accept AME)

22. Bishop of Fréjus early in his career, he ascended to the post that would make him famous
after he was made tutor to a 5 year-old. During his time in power he authorized continuation of
the codification of civil law that had begun under Louis XIV, but his major achievements were in
foreign policy through which he undermined British influence and secured Lorraine for France.
FTP identify this man who ruled from 1726 to 1743 under the nominal government of Louis XV.
Andre-Hercule de Fleury

23. Its genesis can be traced to a joint-venture by six amateurs from who according to company
lore, conceived it playing Parcheesi at “The Home for the Visually Offensive.” Troubles with the
Equal Opportunity Employment Commission haven’t stopped it from sponsoring tournaments with
the National Golf Association and the United Speed Alliance. FTP, give this “delightfully tacky, yet
refined” dining chain whose unique character is given by chicken-slinging girls in orange shorts,
and an innuendo-laced name.
Answer: Hooters

24. The atomic type emits a radio wave whose frequency is reproducible to 1 part in 30 billion,
meaning clocks based on it would only be off by one second in 100 years of operation. First
developed by Charles Townes in 1953, it consists of a tube connected to a small box called a
resonator. Primarily used today as microwave amplifiers, FTP identify this device, the microwave
analog of a laser.

A: _maser_

25. Located at the boundary between the City of London and Westminster; they were founded
after the Norman Conquest after the establishment of common law. Their original function was to
provide readings, moots, and meals for the newly educated gentry. They are also the origin of
the phrase "passing the bar," it established the differentiation of the British barrister from an
attorney or solicitor. For 10 points—name these four buildings, The Inner and Middle Temples,
Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn, the British bar association.
Answer:           The Inns of Court

26. He lived in Breidablik, his ship is named Ringhorn, and his son Forseti was the god of Justice.
Vali is born to avenge him and Hermod is sent to plead for his return, but when the witch Thokk
does not comply with Hel’s request, Nanna remains a widow. He dreams of his death and his
mother Frigg extracts oaths from everything in nature except mistletoe. FTP identify this Norse
god of beauty and light.

1. Sometimes opera composers need a break. Name these excursions into instrumental music,
for 10 points each:
[10]     Giuseppe Verdi composed one piece in this form, in E minor, and Gaetano Donizetti
composed several in D and A minor.
answer: _string quartet_
[10]     Puccini also wrote this short piece for string quartet some time in the 1880s, and he
would later use melodies from it in ~Manon Lescaut~.
answer: _Crisantemi_ or _Chrysanthemums_
[10]     Wagner wrote this piece for string orchestra for his wife as a present after the birth of
their son, for whom it is named.
answer: The _Siegfried Idyll_ (prompt on "Siegfried")

2. Identify the following features of the Sun FTSNOP:
10: These solar features are clouds of plasma and ions supported at regions of sharp magnetic
field transitions.
A: _prominences_
5: These solar objects are the result of the violent release of energy from the sunspot region.
A: _flares_
15: These are dense cool jets of gas in the chromosphere which form in the corona.
A: _spicules_

3. Scandals are always fun, so identify the American scandals involving FTPE:
(10)    Secretary of the Interior Albert Bacon Fall secretly leased federal oil reserves to private
Answer:         Teapot Dome
(10)     Stockholders of the Union Pacific Railroad set up a company that nets millions from fraud
in government contracts, avoiding prosecution in part by giving away shares to congressmen.
Answer:           Credit Mobilier
(10)     In 1795, four companies bribed Georgia legislators to pass a bill granting cheap sale of
large tracts of the land that eventually became Mississippi.
Answer:           Yazoo Land Fraud

4. Identify the following figures associated with the Golden Fleece FTPE:
1.10: This man set Jason’s quest in motion by usurping the throne of Iolcus from his father. He
was later chopped up and boiled by his children.
Answer:            Pelias
2.10: The fleece belonged to a ram that saved this young prince and his sister Helle from ritual
sacrifice flying them to Colchis.
Answer:            Phrixus
3.10: Although Helle tumbled and fell Phrixus made it, sacrificed the ram, and put its fleece under
the guard of a dragon in a grove sacred to this God.
Answer:            Ares

5.Identify the following about the works of Philip Roth FTPE:
1.This is his first book and collects a title novella about Brenda Patimkin and Neal Klugman along
with 5 other short stories.
Answer:            Goodbye, Columbus
2.This 1969 work focuses on New York Jew whose feelings of guilt brought by a possessive
mother forces him to seek relief through masturbation and Gentile girls.
Answer:            Portnoy’s Complaint
3. This Roth character has appeared in a number of novels including The Ghost Writer, The
Anatomy Lesson, and The Facts.
Answer:            Nathan Zuckerman

6. It began in the 1820’s in the apostólico or extreme clerical party and mobilized in 1827 in the
form of paramilitary Royalist Volunteers. Identify some stuff about these dudes FTPE.

(10) Identify this group of reactionaries in 1830’s Spain.
Answer:                   Carlists
(10) This daughter of Ferdinand VII’s accession prompted this Carlist war when her right to the
throne was called into question.
Answer:                   Isabella II
(10) The Carlists supported Don Carlos because they believed that Isabella’s accession violated
this law introduced by Philip V in 1713.
Answer:                   Salic Law

7. Identify these economic terms for ten points each:
(10)     A good whose demand falls as income rises; that is, its income elasticity of is negative.
Answer:           inferior good
(10)     A good for which demand increases at higher prices and falls at lower prices.
Answer:           Giffen good
(10)     Pairs of goods for which consumption is interdependent.
Answer:           complementary goods

8. Identify these important biochemicals:
10: This phosphate is involved in cellular metabolic processes, like the breakdown of glycogen,
and is used as a second messenger in bacteria.
Answer:           _CAMP_ (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate)
10: This type of compound is similar to a nucleotide but lacks a phosphate group.
Answer:           _nucleoside_
10: This is the general term for the non-protein portion of an enzyme complex
Answer:          _cofactor_

9. Given lyrics from a song on The Beatles 1, name the song for 10 points each.
(10)    "Dear Sir or Madam will you read my book/It took me years to write, will you take a look"
Answer:           "Paperback Writer"
(10)    "Father McKenzie, wiping the dirt/from his hands as he walks from the grave/No one was
Answer:           "Eleanor Rigby"
(10)    "Many times I've been alone/and many times I've cried/Any way you'll never know/the
many ways I've tried"
Answer:           "The Long and Winding Road"

10. Kicked out of Florence with the other Ghibillines, he grew tired of them and tried to secure his
return by penning "Il convivio."
For 5 identify this author whose better known work consists of "Paradiso, Purgatorio, and
Answer: _Dante_ Alighieri
For 10: Dante dedicated this first collection of verse and prose to his good friend Cavalcanti. It
tells the story from his first sighting of Beatrice to her death.
Answer: _Vita Nuova_
For 15: Inspired by pope Clement V's deceit of Henry VII, in this treatise he attacked the
insistence that the empire derived its political authority from the pope.
Answer: _De Monarchia_

11. Identify these tributaries of the Amazon for the stated number of points.

(5)     In Brazil, the Amazon is known as the Solimões until it meets this river, which accounts
        for 40% of its flow, at Manaus.
Answer:          Rio Negro

(10)    The longest tributary, it forms in northern Bolivia and forms part of the Brazil-Bolivia
        border while flowing 2,082 miles to the Amazon.
Answer:         Madeira

(10/15) 10 points for one, 15 for both, identify the two rivers that whose confluence at Iquitos,
        Peru, forms the Amazon.
Answers:        Ucayali and Marañon

12. Identify the following about The Munich Conference FTPE:
(10) This president of Czechoslovakia resigned after being “disgracefully betrayed” by the British
in the agreements.
Answer:           Edvard Benes
(10) This French premier was also at the conference and, like Chamberlain, he signed the
Answer:           Édouard Daladier
(10) This British diplomat tried to work out an early conclusion to the situation and supplied
information to the British prime minister Neville Chamberlain when he visited Hitler.
Answer:                   Lord Walter Runciman

13. Answer these questions about a popular biblical motif in art FTPE:
1.10: The scene comes from the Old Testament book named for a wealthy Hebrew widow, and
involves her violent dealings with a commander of the Assyrian Army.
Answer: Judith killing or beheading Holofernes
2. 10:This artist’s work depicts Holofernes being held down on a bed by one woman while Judith
severs his head.
Answer: Artemisia Gentileschi
3. 10: This artist’s bronze statue shows Judith with one foot on Holofernes’ groin and a sword
Answer: Donatello or Donato di Niccolo Dardi

14. Answer these questions relating to telescopes, for ten points each.
1.One problem with large reflecting telescopes is that off-center star images acquire "tails." What
is this problem, that shares its name with the nebulous disk surrounding the nucleus of a comet?
Answer:           coma
2. Named after its inventor, this type of telescope first built in the 1930's, and uses a correcting
lens that allows wide-angle photographs of the skies.
Answer:           Schmidt telescope (named after Bernhard Schmidt)
3.In the 1950's, the Schmidt telescope at this Cal Tech-observatory conducted a well-known
survey of the entire northern sky.
Answer:           Palomar Observatory

15. He founded the journal _Bungei Jidai_ which advocated the Neo-Sensualist movement.
Identify the following things about him FTPE.
10. Identify this author whose works include _Thousand Cranes_ and _The Master of Go_.
Answer: _Kawabata_ Yasunari
10. This 1948 novel focuses on Shimamura, a man vacationing in the title location with two
geishas, Komako and Yoko.
Answer: _Snow Country_ or _Yukiguni_
10. This is the tale of comfort an old man named Shingo gets from his much abused daughter-in-
law Kikuko
Answer: _The Sound of the Mountain_ or _Yama no oto_

16. Identify these German philosophers FTPE:
1.This philosopher is a pioneer of the philosophy of feeling. As was a staunch critic of Spinoza’s
rationalism, he is also known as having coined the term “leap of faith.”
Answer: Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi
2.This close friend of Hegel wrote such works as “Of the World Soul” and “System of
Transcendental Idealism.”
Answer: Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling
3.This student of Theodor Adorno is well known for his concept of the public sphere, and for his
“Theory of Communicative Action.”
Answer: Jurgen Habermas

17. Identify the following battle of the American Civil War that took place in the Western Theater.
10. This September 1863 battle would have been more disastrous for the Union forces under
Rosecranz if George Thomas hadn't defended Snodgrass Hill.
Answer: _Chickamauga_
10. The arrival of Don Buell and Lew Wallace on the second day of this battle helped Grant
defeat the forces left leaderless by the death of Albert Sidney Johnston.
Answer: _Shiloh_
10. Troops from nearby Fort Union, joined by volunteers from Colorado led by John Chivington,
defeated a Confederate force attempting to capture the gold mines around Pikes Peak in this
March, 1862 New Mexican battle.
Answer: _Glorieta Pass_

18. 30-20-10. Identify the mathematician from stuff named after him.

(30)    Any sequence x sub k such that the norm of (x sub k) minus (x sub m) approaches zero
        as k and m approach infinity.
(20)    The theorem that states that the geometric mean of a set of positive numbers is less than
        or equal to the arithmetic mean.
(10)    The inequality that states that the inner product of two vectors is less than or equal to the
        product of the norms of those vectors is named for him and Herman Schwarz.
Answer:         Augustin-Louis Cauchy

19. Identify the state where these propositions and initiatives were voted on this year, for 10
points each:
(10)    Proposition 38, which would have created the largest school voucher program in the
Answer:           California
(10)    Initiative A was passed in this state, thus declaring English the official state language.
Answer:           Utah
(10)    This state’s Amendment 2, lifting the ban on interracial marriage, was passed by only a
60-40 margin.
Answer:           Alabama

20. Identify the following about an English author FTPE:
1.This writer created the Wessex Poems early in his career and other works include Under the
Greenwood Tree and Desperate Remedies.
Answer:           Thomas Hardy
2.This Thomas Hardy novel focuses on the love of three men- Troy, Boldwood, and Oak- for
Bathsheba Everdene.
Answer:           Far From the Madding Crowd
3.Thomasin rejects Diggory Venn and marries Damon Wildeve, who still pines for Eustacia Vye in
this work.
Answer:           The Return of the Native

21. Identify the following about events of the Great Northern War FTPE.
(10) Upon the conclusion of the Treaty of Traventhal with Frederick IV, Charles XII moved to
relieve this city doing so by over running the Russian defenses in a daring blizzard assault.

Answer:                    Narva
(10) In this battle Peter the Great and his general Prince Menshikov’s 80,000 men met and
destroyed an army of 17,000 under Charles XII signaling the end of Sweden’s position as a major
Answer:                    Poltava
(10) This treaty between Sweden and Russia ended the war and gave Russia vast tracts of
Swedish land in the Baltic.
Answer:                    Nystadt

22. Identify the following British architects and decorators FTPE.
(10) This Scot established his reputation with “The Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian
at Spalato” and his styple superseded Palladianism in England. His famous buildings include
Luton Hoo, Croome Court, and Kenwood.
Robert Adam
(10) This Glasgow designer created the Glasgow School of Art as well as a series of Glasgow tea
room interiors for miss Kate Cranston.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
(10) Besides the Houses of Parliament this architect also designed the Manchester Athenaeum,
the Treasury building in Whitehall, and the Royal College of Surgeons.
Sir Charles Barry

23. The change in internal energy is equal to the heat minus the work. For ten points each:
1.10:Name this extension of the conservation of energy principle, which, more or less, defines the
property called internal energy.
Answer:          first law of thermodynamics
2.10:This name is given to a thermodynamic process in which the change in internal energy is
equal to the opposite of the work of the system.
Answer:          adiabatic
3.10:This is an adiabatic process in which no work is done on or by the system, such that the
change in internal energy equals zero. This process is unique in that its course cannot be plotted
on a pressure-volume diagram.
Answer:          free expansion

24. Identify the following poets given lines from their most famous works, on a 15-5 basis.
1. 15: "Moloch! Moloch! Nightmare of Moloch! Moloch the loveless! Mental Moloch! Moloch the
heavy judger of men!"
5: "I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix."
A: Allen _Ginsberg_
2. 15: "The scene shows fewer tumbrils but more maimed citizensin painted cars
and they have strange license plates and engines that devour America"
5: "In Goya's greatest scenes we seem to see the people of the world exactly at the moment
when they first attained the title of "suffering humanity."
A: Lawrence _Ferlinghetti_

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