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									Saleh A. Ebrahim, Kuwaiti.
P.O.Box 31195, Al Sulaibikhat, Kuwait 90802
Tel: +965 2 4880120 Mobile: +965 999 77 105

Summary                       2+ years of teaching experiences.
                              8+ years of web design and development and computer knowledge.
                              Conducts training courses for human resources development.
                              Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, and communicating ideas
                               clearly and effectively
                              Active member in society including different centers and organizations.
                              Have published many writings in different fields such as poetry, short stories and Islamic
                               doctrinal research articles.
                              Highly competitive in acting and photography
                              Self-motivated and successful in meeting schedules on time. My strong points are my leadership
                               qualities, team work, organization and IT skills, problem solving, and human relations

Education                 Masters Degree in Library and Information Science                                             2010
                          Kuwait University
                              G.P.A (3.61).

                          B.A. Degree in Interior Design                                                                2006
                          Public Authority for Applied Education and Training
                          G.P.A (2.92).

                          High School Degree in General Science                                                         2000
                          Al Awza`ey High School
                              G.P.A (3.18).

Career History
                          Assistant General Director, Human Resources Division, EWRI, Inc, Kuwait.                    Present
                           Participating in the development and maintenance of complex human resource
                            programs, systems, and studies in assigned area(s).
                           Reviewing, analyzing, and participating in the development and implementation of
                            operational policies and procedures.
                           Counsels administrators and employees on human resource policies and rules,
                            identifying and resolving problems or recommending courses of actions.
                              Gathers data; develops reports, analyses, publications and other presentations for
                               use in formulating goals and objectives of programs.
                              Supervising professional and paraprofessional staff as required; assists in training
                               or orientation of new employees
                      Human Resources Coordinator, Hilton Kuwait Resort, CRC Inc., Kuwait.                      2008
                       Working closely with departments, increasingly in a consultancy role, assisting line
                        managers and team members to understand and implement policies and
                       Recruiting staff: this includes developing job descriptions, checking application
                        forms, interacting in interviewing and selecting candidates with human resources
                       Advising on pay and other remuneration issues, including promotion and benefits.

                       Undertaking regular salary reviews and updating salary increases and position
                        changes on system.
                       Interpreting and advising on employment legislation as well as the different
                        Kuwaiti labor law.
                       Coordinate and participate in the department of daily activities by arrange
                        managers meetings, training classes, handling phone calls locally and
                        internationally, and managing different staff requesting
                       To maintain, preserve and retrieve all records regarding all employee’s
                       Prepare all documents required by staff and management along with government
                        Helping the organization to meet its goals and objectives by implementing
                        policies, rules and regulation.
                       Following and updating staff residencies and all government papers.

                       Worked professionally on “VisaOnline” system, which belongs to Ministry of

                      Teacher And Division Supervisor, Ministry of Education, Kuwait.                           2006
                       Registering & preserve all students’ attendance and brief administration with all
                        necessary information related to students life study.
                       Implementing orders and discipline to keep students highly mannered.

                       Being delegated by taking actions per Ministry policies and rules.

                       Lecturing and presenting subject materials by using different tools and methods in
                        order to deliver information per standardized criteria.
                       Following up students records including, attendance, grading, participating and
                        attitudes in classes.
                       Reporting school administration and keep updating Ministry instructors to insure
                        carrying out the objectives of the educational process.

                      Security Supervisor, Hilton Kuwait Resort, CRC Inc., Kuwait.                              2005
                       Teaching and enforces safety regulation at the work site.

                       Reviews utilization and maintenance of security equipment.

                       Prepares daily and periodic reports for different events during work time.

                       Take actions and apply first aid in emergencies, such as accident, fire, and illness.

                       Report and updating administration.

                       Assists in development of security policy and procedures.

                       Direct and guide clients for any information required.

                       Establish security patrols priorities.

Memberships & Affiliations
                      Member, American Library Association, ALA.
                      Board Member (Webmaster), Special Libraries Association, SLA.
                      Member, Kuwait Libraries and Information Association, KLIA.
                      Member, The Islamic Center For Art Production, ICAP.
Recognitions and Awards
                    UNESCO – Education Division
                     Research award presented in high School entitled “Water Resources Conflict between Arab
                      Countries and Israel”.

                    Employee of The (Month – Year)
                     Awarded several times for the employee of the month and year in private sector.

                    Islamic Centers
                     Awarded several times for being active member in different events and activities.

                    Islamic Theaters
                     Awarded 6 times for being best actor and trainer.

                    SLA 15th Conference
                     Awarded for being an active member in the PR committee. In addition, I made a short video clip
                      about “Kuwait History” in the opening ceremony that was live on several broadcasting TVs’.

                    SLA/Arabian Gulf Chapter
                     Awarded money prize by the SLA/AGC board members (March, 2010) for designing the
                      SLA/AGC website. URL:

                    SLA, United States of America
                    • Being selected to present the Gulf Area to attend the Annual SLA Conference in New Orleans,
                      US (June, 2010).

                    Kuwait Institution for Scientific Research, KISR
                    • Granted a certificate in completion of a fieldwork training program at NSTIC (July, 2009). The
                      report of evaluation indicated an A+ for all departments from where I conducted my training
                      sessions in.
                    SLA/AGC Special Activity
                    • Granted a certificate of completion for attending the special activity conducted by the
                      SLA/AGC entitled “Using library 2.0 applications for improved information operations &
                      services”. Note: I have also being involved in organizing the event since I am a board member in
                      the organization.

                     SLA 16th Gulf Chapter
                   Selected by LIS Dept. of Kuwait University to attend the conference with full sponsorship for
                   being the student with the highest scored assessment achieved.
                   P.S: The conference has been held in Abu Dhabi 02-04 March 2010.

                    SLA 15th Gulf Chapter
                   Organizer in the Public Relation committee for the 15th SLA Conference in Kuwait
                   Radisson SAS, April 2009.

                    Geo-Informatics
                   Participant, 1st Regional Conference on Geo-Informatics held in Kuwait
                   Kuwait Institution for Scientific Research, November 2008.

                      I have also attended many other seminars and conferences related to Medical Education for
                       the purpose of my research interests. (See research section).

Research Interests & Activities
                   In Progress Research
                    Assessment of Kuwait University Libraries Services for Disable Students.

                    Perceptions of Faculty Members at Kuwait University in Collection Development.

                    Awareness and Accessibility of up-to-date Clinical Information for Medical Practitioner in
                      Kuwait University Health Sciences Libraries.
                    Kuwait Government Adoption for the “Digital Library” Project.

                    Digital Libraries.

                    Electronic Information Resources.

                    Digitization.

                    Digital Archiving and Reservation.

                    Information Resources and services in health sector.

                    Information systems.

                    Information seeking behavior of medical students and practitioners.

Adjunct Teaching
                   Information Skills and Research Methodology
                    Teacher Assistant at Kuwait University, which include these areas:

                          a) General Introduction Libraries and Information Centers.

                          b) Physical and Electronic References resources.

                          c) Classification & Indexes.

                          d) English & Arabic electronic databases.

                          e) OPAC & Electronic Books.

                          f) Internet websites evaluation.

                          g) Citing References according to APA style

                          h) Microsoft Word & PowerPoint.

                          i) Research Methodology in Social Sciences, which includes the following:

                                  1. Problem Statement.

                                  2. Research Questions

                                  3. Research Terminologies

                                  4. Paraphrasing & Quotations

                                  5. Literature review

                                  6. Research discussion, results, & recommendations.

                   Website Designs
                    Teacher assistant at Kuwait University, which include these areas:

                         a) Web design concept and implementation.
                         b) Importance of web design.
                         c) Introduction of different web tools and software
                         d) FrontPage Concept and Basics.
                         e) HTML Language and codes.
                         f) Web design demonstrations.

                   Digital Libraries (Fall Semester 2009 / 2010)
                    Teacher Assistant at Kuwait University, which include these areas:

                           a) Key Concepts of Digital Libraries.

                           b) Digital library initiatives/projects.

                           c) Digitalization.

                           d) Collection development.

                           e) Techniques and technologies for multimedia storage and access.

                           f) Organization.

                           g) Digital archiving and preservation.

                           h) Interface design and evaluation.

                           i) Access: Information retrieval and reference services.

                           j) Evaluation of digital libraries.

                           k) Social, economic and legal issues in managing digital libraries.

                           l) Digital libraries: profession, problems, limitations, and trends for the future.
                  The Department of LIS, Kuwait University (Dr. Suha Al Awadi) invited me to teach for the
                   department as an adjunct for the following Fall Semester 2010/2011.
                  The Department of LIS, Kuwait University (Dr.Sultan Al Dehani) invited me to supervise a
                   digital library project using the “Greenstone” open source software (Jun-July 2010).
                  ICDL Exams in Progress to finish this month (October, 2010).
                  Excellent in dealing with the open source Digital library software “Greenstone”.
                  Translation of many scholarly papers for Kuwait University Psychology Department (English to
                  Excellence in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Publisher).
                  Excellence in video, sound, and photo editing (Adobe Photoshop, SketchUp, Eduis, etc..).
                  Win many Medals and Trophies during my sport activities at “Kuwait Club” as water polo
                  Worked with different university students activities such as The Student Union of Kuwait
                   University and The Association of Graduate Students.

                Native, mother language.

                Fluent, (writing- reading-speaking).

                TOEFL, score: 78 IBT.

                  Dr. Mahdi A. Ebrahim                 GUST                  99709981
                  Dr. Hassan Ashkanani                  PAAET                97199934 - 66891289
                  Dr. Ali Bumejdad                     Kuwait Univ.         99411998
                  Dr. Ali Al Nejadah                   PAAET                97868731
                  Dr. Abdullmajeed Al-Mosawy           PAAET                66731100 - 66447754
                  Dr. Abdullah Ebrahim                 Kuwait Univ.         94058222 - 99806264
                  Dr. Mohammed Ghanbar                 Ministry of Health   99480777
                  Mr. Khalifa Al-Dheferi               Private Sector       99516142

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