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Board Minutes 9th June 08


									                                 MULL AND IONA COMMUNITY TRUST
         Minutes of the 127th Directors' meeting held at Craignure Hall, Monday 9th June 2008

Present:      Sandy Brunton (Chair), Donald McLean, Derek Crook, Chris Baker,
In Attendance: James Hilder (MICT), Susie Chalupa (MICT).
Apologies:   John Mitchell, Crawford Morison, Maureen Dehany, Susie Calderan, Michelle Cowe.

1   Welcome & Apologies – as above. The meeting was inquorate. Notification of AOB: Additional directors.

2 To approve minutes of 12th May – unable to approve as inquorate. No corrections - recommend
acceptance at next meeting.

3 Financial Update
3.1 Finance & Cash Flow- SCh gave an update on the bank balances, debtors and creditors Still a few projects
to finalise before year end can be completed. New charity version SAGE is on new laptop. SCh working on charity
format so 08/09 accounts are on Excel spreadsheet until transfer can be done.. VAT must be split over charitable
and non charitable activities which is complicated. JH will submit funding application for a consultant to advise
when we start up our trading subsidiary.
3.2 Staff Fundraising – CBRC – Siân applied to Leader but was turned down as their funds not fully in place.
Applied instead to Highland & Islands Partnership Programme with decision in August. Tudor Trust rejected
funding request. Gannochy Trust have requested more information which is positive..
Native Woodlands Worker – AD & JH applied to Leader for funding to start in July.
ABSEN – JH has applied to Leader). ABSEN hope to set up a company by end of June. JH & MG successfully
involved ABSEN in the HISEZ tender for HIE contract. ABSEN should soon be able to deliver support to local social
enterprises and can subcontract to MICT for this area.
MESS –INCREASE deadline brought forward. MMK applying to increase recycling to include metal, industrial plastics
(not farm plastics), and paint and bulky uplifts.
Core – no additional trust fund applications have been sent out.
Fundraising – Tobermory Harbour Association have invited community organisations to have fundraising stalls at
their opening 3rd July. MICT will do ‘smash a plate’ and promotion.
Information – SB advised that the Press & Journal had reported that Shetlands Islands Council were granting
£300K per annum ‘til 2011 to COPE. AP He will get more information and update at next meeting.
3.3 Director Fundraising – SCh sent fundraising passwords and instructions to CB, DC & CM. They have not
had the chance to get together. DC has tried the website and has found that over 60% of companies only give on
the recommendation of employees and/or in the areas they operate. He has found 6 that might be promising. AP
DC & CM to fax CB and Tob office with these details. Suggestions of local companies like Foster Yeoman, Shell, BP,
Hydro Electric, Calor Gas. AP recommendations for next board meeting
3.4 Ratification of Expenditure Requests (if any) No expenditure requests. Siân will need to enter into
contracts with engineers over the next few months and commission other expenditure. She will therefore provide
a cashflow for the Board to save seeking repeated expenditure. The contracts with professionals must be signed by
a director.

4 Membership / Friends / PR-
4.1 Newsletter and Website – Newsletter – all project officers provided a short piece for the newsletter which
had been reformatted into two columns. CM visited Tob office to ‘stuff’ and sort the envelopes. Board
congratulated the staff and CM for their efforts. SB suggested the newsletter should be sent to Round & About,
Am Muileach, SIF website, Rural Gateway, Senscot. Oban Times other organisations who could forward to their
members. Iona Community, voluntary organisations. AP SCh. Edit – AP Jan’s contact details should be included.
Website – SCh provided draft website by email link to all directors. They all looked good. Updating websites is a
very important factor and felt SD has time to devote to MICT at present. There was some discussion about other
sites and the general look of the website. One site with a ‘how we can help’ button led to donations, volunteering
etc. All present recommended SD’s draft. AP proposal to be sent to other directors by email for ratification.
JH reminded directors that we need to ask Clan MacLean to link with our site once it is more presentable. SB
reminded all that the 2009 Homecoming and the Year of the Islands in 2012 would be important to MICT.

5 Matters arising from minutes of 12th May not covered by above.
5.1 Reports from Directors Visits/Training - JM – JM was not present
Storage Containers - SB and DC declared their interest in this item. No more payments have been received. AP
JH needs to speak to John Clayton about this.
Calor Awards – deadline has now passed for this. JH advised there is one more award still open. AP JH to follow
Norman Quirk – did not require to attend this meeting. AP JH to write up his verbal report for NQ to sign off
5.2 Matters Arising from Job Plan – SB pointed out a confidential item on JH’s update. AP JH to contact staff
& directors to request discretion.
Mull Renewables - Solar Twin discount scheme. AP JH to send Am Muileach article with scheme reference to DC.
Next Renewables meeting 25 June hopefully with HICEC and Alienergy officer.
Bag Free Island – SB suggested customers call in to the charity shops for these. Should be available end of
MIFFY – will have an AGM soon to wind up the charity. New Tobermory Youth Club being organised by Mary Jean
Devon and Donald MacCuish in the drill hall. MIFFY assets have been loaned to them until the MIFFY dissolution at
which decisions will be taken on remaining assets.
5.3 Outcome of 21st Meeting with Scot Exec & Dick Walsh – Third Sector Review – JH & JM attended. It
was announced that the funding for the 3 CVS’ and VC will change. This will be an opportunity for MICT to
possibly agree a 2-3 year contract with SCVO. There was a meeting on 6th June where a steering group was
formed for all Argyll & Bute to agree a new 3rd Sector format within 12 weeks for inclusion in the Council’s budgets
for next year. MICT unlikely to get any CVS funding this year.

6 Other Items
6.1 Mull & Iona 2020 – not completed. JH will get costings from Alan Tuffs next week. AP JH to discuss at next
MCC meeting

6.2 Second-hand Furniture Store Oban – JM was to report but not present. Next meeting 16 July when they
will visit 2 possible sites and the new moderator for Freecycle will attend and might be more proactive. The
INCREASE funding bid will include a MESS supervisor so Mairi can develop her consultancy services.

6.3 Strategic Review Follow Up – no follow up required at this time.
6.4 Dervaig Windfarm – CB declared an interest in this item. Dervaig Community Renewables Trust have
completed a feasibility study for a site. Atmos Consultants have provided a good report recommending 3 turbines,
on private land. They are proceeding with a vote soon by Dervaig residents. They requested that MICT partners
with them for the next two years to work on planning and bird study. This will be a pan island project, although
based near Dervaig. Loan repayments should be completed after 10 years and there should be £0.5m per annum
available for the benefit of Mull & Iona communities. It will require some investment from businesses. MICT and
DCRT may need to examine local share issue to help retain maximum cash on the islands. It should provide two
thirds of our islands’ electricity needs. JH asked the directors if MICT should assist DCRT with their project. All
present approved of the proposal. AP proposal to be sent to other directors by email for ratification. AP JH to
circulate the report by CD

7   Correspondence- none

8 AOB-
New Directors – JH suggested we should consider recruiting a health care professional in view of the move towards
running Mull Resource Centre and Lunch Clubs as social enterprises. AP All directors to speak to residents and
bring 2 names to the next meeting.
Volunteer Travel Expenses – DC declared an interest for this item. MMk provided a proposal to pay out of pocket
travel expenses to MESS volunteers. MICT needs volunteers to keep the shops open and the Board agreed with the
concept. It was suggested that volunteer recruitment should be concentrated in the appropriate catchment area
and there should be a limit to the mileage paid. Public transport should be encouraged. All present approved of the
proposal. AP proposal to be sent to other directors by email for ratification.
MESS Awards to Community Groups – MMk had emailed her suggested list of recipients and amounts. All present
approved of the proposal. AP proposal to be sent to other directors by email for ratification.
Website Minutes – SCh requested a director edit the Board minutes for display on the website. DC offered his
services. Directors thanked him.
Mull Community Council – the last MCC was cancelled then reinstated but JH was not informed so did not attend.
He has sent a written apology to MCC and has requested they keep him informed of all meetings. JH will be on
island at 8.45 on 11th and will attend this meeting and will circulate the MICT newsletter. The 20/20 plan was not
included in the MCC minutes and needs clarification. AP JH
3 Way Telephone – DMcL declined to participate on a regular basis, but could be called upon when required.
Payroll Giving – DC advised that the agency tasked with delivering Payroll Giving has had to return £8m as the
scheme is not working. It is hoped they will come up with more favourable terms which will benefit smaller
Staff – Ada Cowe starts this week as the new MESS Resource Recovery Worker.
Fiona Capper has started as manager of Island Castaways, Bunessan
Barbara MacLean has increased her hours and is working a day per week in Bunessan on a trial basis. AP
Bunessan opening hours will need to be amended.
Susie Chalupa has resigned and will work to the end of August latest to give her replacement a two week hand
over. She is moving to Ayrshire to be near her sick mother. AP JH to send draft recruitment advert to directors for
approval. Advert will go in Oban Times and Good Moves, all local shops and on DTA & Rural Gateway website
Directors were asked to bring the advert to the attention of anyone they knew might be a suitable candidate.
Progressive Care Centre – directors wanted to know what is happening with this project. JH advised that there has
been no communication from the Partnership. He was aware that costs had gone up and the project had not been
publicised locally as the Partnership were still altering the designs to cut costs. It was noted that West Highland
Housing Association, who are part funders of this project and the lead developer, have had their budgets reduced
by the Scottish Government. AP JH to contact Bill Thomson for an update.
DTA Scotland Conference in St Andrews – SCh and Brian Swinbanks of Tobermory Harbour Association are both
doing workshops at this on 16th June. There will be a VAT workshop which could be of interest to MICT
9 Members Forum – no members present

            10      Date of Next Meeting – Craignure Village Hall – 8.00pm Monday 14th July

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