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Subject:          B41-2007 DEECD MAIL Bulletin for week ending 26 October 2007

Department of Education and Early Childhood
Development – Victoria
For all principals, business managers and school council presidents

                       S385-2007 School Internet Banking Guidelines

Main Points
     The attached policy outlines Departmental requirements regarding school internet
      banking procedures and the electronic payment of accounts in government schools.
     This new policy replaces previous electronic payment of accounts guidelines -
      Circular 4/2002 Electronic Payment of Accounts: Procedures and Guidelines for
      Schools and Circular 170/2003 Additional Guidelines for Schools about Electronic
      Payment of Accounts.
     This policy contains updated information in relation to:
              Key internal controls related to internet banking
              The electronic payment of accounts via Direct Debit and BPay
              The development and implementation by schools of a customised internet
               banking policy.

Actions Required
     Principals, business managers and school councils should consider the new
      internet banking policy for schools with a view to developing new, or
      enhancing current school internal controls and practices related to internet

Critical Dates
     N/A

Additional Information
     The School Financial Management website contains additional resources that can
      assist schools in developing policies and procedures aimed at protecting cash
      resources. These include “Internal Control for Schools” and the “School Finance
      Manual” and both these publication can be found at:

    Internet banking

Claire Britchford
Chief Finance Officer

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