Form 1088. Motion for Authority to Withdraw Amount Deposited In by gdf57j


									                          ACTIONS BY OR AGAINST STATE                            FORM 1088

Form 1088.     Motion for Authority to Withdraw Amount Deposited
               In Registry of the Court


       On motion of ____________, appearing herein through his undersigned counsel,
and on suggesting to the court that:


        Under date ___________, 20___, a petition for expropriation was filed by the
State of Louisiana through the Department of Highways to acquire certain property
standing of record in the name of the mover, situation in __________ Parish, Louisiana,
and more fully described in said petition.


        The estimated just compensation set forth in said petition for mover’s interest in
said property is the sum of ____________ Dollars ($____________), which amount,
pursuant to the order of expropriation entered on ____________, 20___, is deposited in
the registry of this honorable court.


       Mover files herewith the following:
       (1)   City of _________________ tax certificate;
       (2)   State, Parish and drainage tax certificates;
       (3)   Mortgage certificate; and suggests to the court that there are no taxes,
             encumbrances or other charges against the said property.


        And on further suggesting to the court that mover desires to withdraw the said
sum of ______________ Dollars ($__________) and without prejudice to either party to
this proceeding.

        IT IS ORDERED that ______________, Clerk of the ______ District Court for
the Parish of _____________, be and he hereby is authorized, empowered and directed to
disburse to mover, _________________, in accordance with R.S. 48:449, and without
prejudice to the rights of either party to these proceedings, in the sum of ___________
Dollars ($___________), the amount on deposit in the registry of the court as the
estimated just compensation for the interest of _______________, in and to the property
described in the petition for expropriation.
(Place and date)


Attorney for mover
Approved, _________________, 20____

Attorney for State of Louisiana
Through the Department of Highways

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