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Sign Out August 1_ 2011 Dear Bronx Science Families We


									                                                                               August 1, 2011

Dear Bronx Science Families:

We hope you are enjoying the summer and want to share a look ahead to the new school year which begins all
too soon. A special welcome is extended to new 9th grade parents. We look forward to meeting you and your
children and welcoming you to the Bronx HS of Science family.

Our first Parents’ Association (PA) meeting is Wednesday, Sept 14th at 7:00 PM at school. You will hear from our
Principal, Valerie Reidy, meet Parent Coordinator Cindy Golan and learn about the guidance staff. The meeting
will cover “Our Communication Network”, including the school website, the PA website, and our other important
communication tools including ARIS, Naviance, SnapGrades, (now called Jupiter grades), K-12 Alerts and more.

Support the Students of Bronx Science The Bronx HS of Science provides our children with a unique, high quality
and well-rounded education. To teach “the best and the brightest”, the school needs quality resources and
state-of-the-art equipment. Parents volunteering time and money make a difference. This year, our ambitious
fundraising goal is $300,000. The money supports the school in many ways: technology upgrades (in the form of
smart desks, K-12 Alerts, Naviance, SnapGrades, and, all on- line and phone services for complete
and swift communication), supplemental textbooks and supplies not provided by the city (e.g., advanced
placement textbooks etc), college programs, math and science research projects, uniforms for sports teams,
club expenses, graduation expenses, maintaining the school’s security systems and much more.

Each fall, the PA sponsors the Phonathon, our largest annual fundraiser. Please save us a call during the
Phonathon and jumpstart our fundraising by making your contribution now. You may donate 1) online – go to and click the Donate Now button or, 2) by mail - complete the attached form and enclose
your check made payable to The PA of Bronx Science. Our suggested annual contribution is $500 per student,
but please be assured that any amount is appreciated. The most important goal is 100% participation. The PA is
a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Ask
your employer if they will match your gift. If we receive your donation by October 1, 2011, you will not be called
during the Phonathon in November.

Shop online and support Bronx Science - The Bronx High School of Science PA has partnered with, which provides simple ways to turn your everyday purchases into contributions towards the
Bronx Science PA’s fund-raising efforts. has raised over $200 million for more than 30,000 causes
and schools nationwide. There are no extra costs to join this program, but your shopping through can raise up to 20% of your purchase prices for the PA. Go to our website, to
learn more and sign up.

Stay Connected – Provide Your Contact Information - The PA prefers to communicate by email, since it is faster,
less expensive and environmentally friendly. Sign up for our email database online by going to Enter your email address in the blank field under "Stay Connected" and click the Go button.
Your email will be used only for PA communications. You will also receive a weekly e-blast newsletter from the
PA. Please make sure your email provider and/or spam filter does not block emails from If
you do not have email, please check the box in the section entitled "Stay Connected - Provide Your Contact
Information" on the attached form.

Planned PA Meeting Dates for the 2011-2012 School Year Mark your calendars and save these dates. PA
meetings are a great way to stay informed. They are attended by parents and school administration officials,
including our Principal, Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors and College Office. Most meetings are at
school; please check for location, agenda, updates and changes to the schedule.

Wednesday, September 14th – Welcome to Bronx Science           Tuesday, February 7 - Course Selection Process
Tuesday, October 18 – Curriculum Night                         Wednesday, March 14 - Topic to be announced
Wednesday, November 9 – Extracurriculars and More              Tuesday, April 17 - PA and SLT Nominations
Tuesday, December 13 – Pot Luck Dinner and Special Topic       Wednesday May 16 – State of the School Address
Wednesday, January 11 – The College Process                    Tuesday, June 12 – Recent Alum Return/Elections

Volunteer Your Time and Skills Now more than ever is the time to be involved in your child’s school life. Stay
involved by volunteering. Join us and get to know your child’s school. In addition to the Phonathon, the PA
sponsors events for both fundraising, information on interesting topics, and socializing. We always welcome
parent volunteers, whether you can spare just a few hours or take a larger role. Volunteer 1) online – go to and click Parent Info Form on the home page or 2) by mail on the attached form.

We look forward to seeing you at our first meeting on Wednesday September 14th in the auditorium when we
will also take nominations for open PA and School Leadership Team (SLT) positions.

Please feel free to e mail us with any questions or concerns. We wish you the best for the coming school year.


Anne Reingold and Cary Sheren
Co-Presidents, Parents’ Association

Please return this form via mail (or hand it in at one of the PA meetings):
The Parents’ Association of the Bronx High School of Science
75 West 205th Street, Room 234A
Bronx, New York 10468
Student 1 Name: ___________________________                OSIS # _________________         Grade in 2010-11_____
Student 2 Name: ___________________________                OSIS # _________________         Grade in 2010-11_____

Support the Students of Bronx Science
Go to and click the Donate Now button on the home page OR
Enclose your tax-deductible contribution. You will receive an acknowledgement for your records.
Donor name: ______________________________________________________
Contribution Amount:      $50    $100     $250    $500     Other $
     Check Enclosed Make payable to The PA of Bronx Science. Print student name and OSIS number on check.
     Credit Card Type: _______ Card Number: ______________________________ Expiration Date: _____/_____
     Name on Credit Card (please print): _______________________________________________________________

Stay Connected - Provide Your Contact Information
Go to and sign up for our email database. Enter your email address in the blank field
under "Stay Connected" and click the Go button OR
     I do not have email. I want to receive PA communications by regular mail.
     When available, I would like PA communications translated into:
         Chinese      Korean    Bengali      Spanish

Volunteer Your Time and Skills
Stay involved in your child’s education by volunteering. This is a great opportunity to meet other families and
get to know our school.
Go to and click Parent Info Form on the home page OR
Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________                Email: _____________________________________
I can volunteer for the following committees (check all that apply):
     Auction                     Bylaws                                PA Newsletter        Hospitality
     PA Newsletter               Phonathon                           Safety                 Transportation
I can volunteer the following skills or services (check all that apply):
     Accounting/Finance                                               Food/Beverage
     Computer User Tools (Excel, Word, desktop publishing)            Fundraising/Development
     Computer Database                                                Marketing/Communication
     Computer Graphics                                                Printing/Publishing
     Event Planning                                                   Translation: specify language _______________


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