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EXPO 2011
Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts

                  February                9-10,2011

I N N O VAT I O N E X P O 2 0 1 1
Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts

                    at a Glance
                    We d n e s d a y, Fe b r u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 1
                    Executive Conference Center
                    07:30am - 08:45am      Registration/Continental Breakfast

                    08:00am - 11:00am      MAPP Student Scientific Research
                                           Presentation Poster Session
                    11:00am - 12:45pm      Lunch - sponsored by Chick-fil-A

                    01:00pm - 02:15pm      Keynote Address - Tyrone B. Hayes, PhD

                    02:30pm - 04:00pm      Jump Start Your Small Business
                                           Franchising, Applications, Music,
                                           Outsourcing, and Federal Markets

                    03:30pm - 05:30pm      MAPP Student Scientific Research
                                           Presentation Oral Session

                    05:30pm - 07:30pm      Innovative Business Plan Competition

                    07:30pm - 09:30pm      Networking Reception and Party

                    T h u r s d a y, Fe b r u a r y 1 0 , 2 0 1 1
                    07:30am - 08:45am      Registration / Continental Breakfast
                    09:00am - 10:45am      Morehouse Alumni Roundtable
                                           Outstanding Alumni Share the Insights
                                           that Helped Create Successful Careers
                    11:00am - 11:50am      Crown Forum - Otis Moss Jr. Oratorical
                                           Contest ( Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel)

                    11:00am - 12:45pm      Being Relevant in the 21st Century/
                                           Information Session

                    01:00pm - 02:30pm      4th Annual ICE Awards Luncheon

                    02:45pm - 04:45pm      Financial Empowerment: The First Step to
                                           Creating Your Legacy!

                    05:00pm - 08:00pm      Career and Public Health Graduate
                                           School Fair (Forbes Arena)
  Conference                                                                                         1
         Vision                 and        Overview
Innovation Expo 2011: Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts is an
inaugural collaboration between the Office of Career Planning and Placement and the three
academic divisions of Morehouse College: Business Administration and Economics, Science and
Mathematics, and Social Sciences and Humanities. With a shared commitment to nurturing the
next generation of ethical and responsible leadership, the event highlights the unique
perspectives and resources of the three sponsoring divisions, with a particular focus on public
health, entrepreneurship, and science and mathematics. We pay particular homage to the legacy
of one of the biology department's most distinguished professors, Dr. Frederick E. Mapp.

Innovation Expo 2011 provides a unique space and national platform to give greater visibility to
student research and entrepreneurial activities across a range of disciplines and from communities
and backgrounds that historically have been under-represented in the sciences and under-
recognized as innovators. Our goal is to stimulate dialogue and explore strategies to spur
university/community/government/industry partnerships in support of ongoing student development
and growth.

While some of the faces may be new, in a collaborative fashion the conference continues to offer
those program elements that have come to be synonymous with each of the organizing entities:

      • Research Poster and Oral Presentations - allowing students to exhibit their research
        skills among their peers and to the professional community.
      • Business Plan Competition - showcasing finalist of nationwide minority undergraduate
        business plan competition as they compete for startup cash and mentoring support.
      • Innovative Creative Entrepreneurship (ICE) Awards - recognizing students and
        small business visionary leaders who have championed the cause of minority
        business development and innovation.
      • Panel Discussions - exploring topics that continue to impact minority health, as
        well as the economic well-being of our communities.
      • Entrepreneurship Workshops and Networking Sessions - providing students and
        small business owners with access to technical assistance and resources to take
        their ideas from the classroom to the marketplace.
      • Student Career and Graduate School Fair - providing recruiters with access to a
        pool of talent and students with information on opportunities to continue
        their growth.

Innovation Expo 2011 serves to address issues that are affecting our community and to increase
the interest and awareness of our students in research, entrepreneurship, and public health.

                     Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
2        Letter
                   from the      President

Letter                                                                   3
   from the         Deans

         Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
4        Letter
                   from the      Directors

Conference                                                                                               5
                         A g e n d a 2011
W e d n e s d a y, F e b r u a r y 9
Executive Conference Center
7:30am - 8:45am         Registration/Continental Breakfast

8:00am - 11:00am        MAPP Student Scientific Research Presentation Poster Session
                        The poster session gives students an opportunity to present their
                        research through poster presentations and expand their scientific and
                        professional development knowledge through innovative sessions, as
                        well as networking opportunities. Winners will be recognized for their
                        outstanding presentations at the 4th Annual ICE Awards Luncheon.

11:00am - 12:45pm       Lunch - sponsored by Chick-fil-A

1:00pm - 2:15pm         Keynote Address
                        Weldon T. Jackson, PhD
                        Provost/Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs
                        Morehouse College

                        Lycurgus L. Muldrow, PhD
                        Director of Sponsored Research, Division of Science and Mathematics
                        Morehouse College

                        Keynote Speaker:
                        Tyrone B. Hayes, PhD
                        Professor, Department of Integrative Biology
                        University of California, Berkeley

                             W e l d o n T. J a c k s o n   Lycurgus L. Muldrow   Ty r o n e H a y e s

                    Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
6           Keynote
            Address               Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes
    Tyrone Hayes is a specialist in the developmental endocrinology of amphibians, but
    his work encompasses a “wide sweep in biology.” For biologist and herpetologist
    Tyrone Hayes, scientific breakthroughs don't begin and end in the laboratory. They also
    come from the field. Which is why, more often than not, you'll find Hayes wet, muddy,
    and knee-deep in an African swamp at 2 a.m., the time when the frogs come out.

    Growing up in South Carolina, one of Hayes' favorite pastimes was tracking down the
    region's abundant turtles, snakes, and toads. That abiding fascination led Hayes to earn a Bachelor’s degree in
    organismic and evolutionary biology from Harvard University. He later received a PhD in integrative biology from the
    University of California, Berkeley, where he currently serves as a professor.

    Hayes' interest in frog hormones, specifically those of a tiny reed frog common in Ethiopia and Uganda, sparked his
    interest in his current fieldwork. "Surprisingly, frog hormones are very similar, and in some cases identical, to human
    hormones", he says. "So what affects a frog may also affect humans." It was during a night in the boggy African bush
    that Hayes' flashlight revealed an unexpected discovery: several members of the reed frog genus had changed color.
    Males, which are normally green, had taken on the reddish background and white spots of females.

    Seeking to understand why, Hayes arrived at a theory: During the metamorphosis from tadpole to adult, frogs are
    very sensitive to changes in their environment, including chemicals in the water or in their food supply. So the
    change in coloration indicated that the frog’s extremely thin, sensitive skin was reacting to contaminants in the water.
    Thousands of frogs later, Hayes and his research team have proved the theory correct. Reed frogs, indeed, serve as
    tiny red flags that can warn when dangerous, even cancer-causing chemicals are present in a water source. These
    harmful substances may contain or act like hormones, triggering the color transformation. Contaminants include
    plastic by-products, pesticides in crop sprays such as DDT, and synthetic hormones such as DDS. Because they
    cannot be broken down during sewage treatment, the toxins flow into marshes and lakes.

    "This is the same water people cook and bathe with," Hayes notes. "We've found developmental changes in tadpoles
    when water contains contaminants 50 times lower than what's allowed in US drinking water. If chemicals in such low
    concentrations can impact amphibians, mammals may also be affected." Hayes realized that his simple observation
    could have enormous practical applications and that Reed frogs could become a low-cost way to test for water
    pollution in developing countries. Local residents would only need to raise the frogs in questionable water sources
    and observe their color as adults to check for contaminants. Hayes' findings reveal a crucial new link between
    conservation and health.

    In addition to teaching, Hayes began conducting research for the chemical company Novartis, which later became
    the agri-chemical giant, Syngenta Crop Protection. His research on the herbicide atrazine concluded that "developing
    male frogs exhibited female characteristics after exposure to atrazine ... at exposure levels deemed safe by the US
    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)." More recently, Hayes has been a co-author on work that details atrazine
    inducing mammary and prostate cancer in laboratory rodents and highlights atrazine as a potential cause of
    reproductive cancers in humans.

    Despite the resistance he encountered from Syngenta due to his damaging findings, Hayes has continued to speak
    out on the damaging effects of atrazine. He refers to his mission as an issue of environmental justice. His goal is to
    make his findings available to those who live in lower socio-economic areas who are more likely to be exposed to
    the harmful effects of this herbicide.

    Tyrone Hayes has published more than 40 papers, more than 150 abstracts, and has given more than 300 talks on
    this topic.

Conference                                                                                                       7
                            A g e n d a 2011
2:30pm - 4:00pm              Jump Start Your Small Business - Franchising, Applications,
                             Music, Outsourcing, and Federal Markets

                             Moderator: Charmaine Ward
                                        Director of Community Affairs, Georgia-Pacific
                             Joseph Mouzon, Principal Consultant, JAM Consulting
                                                                                              Charmaine   Ward
                             Keith Shelton, Owner/Operator, Chick-fil-A
                             Joseph Jake Simmons IV, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
                             Rex Wills, President, Hi-Tek POS
                             Mark Wilson, CEO, Ryla Teleservices

3:30pm - 5:30pm              MAPP Student Scientific Research Presentation Oral Session
                             The oral session gives students an opportunity to present their
                             research through oral presentations and expand their scientific and
                             professional development knowledge through innovative sessions, as
                             well as networking opportunities. Winners will be recognized for their
                             outstanding presentations at the 4th Annual ICE Awards Luncheon.

5:30pm - 7:30pm              Innovative Business Plan Competition
                             The Business Plan Competition recognizes interdisciplinary, team-
                             based innovation in products or services by minority undergraduate
                             students from across the country. Students will compete for
                             prizes and in-kind services.
                             Moderator: Rubina Malik
                                        Professor of Marketing, Morehouse College

7:30pm - 9:30pm              Networking Reception and Party

                                                                                                Rubina Malik

                 Joseph Mouzon               Keith Shelton

   Joseph Jake Simmons IV        Rex Wills                   Mark Wilson

                      Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts

MAPP Symposium Student Scientific
Research Poster & Oral Presenters                                                                         9
Emmanuel Adanu          Mykel Green            Brandon Lynch           Ulysses Toche
Olubusayo Awe           Da’Sean Green          Kenneth Lyons           Theodore Uzamere
Antoine Bates           James Handley          Elijah Martin           Colton Walker
Thomas Benjamin         Jeffrey Harrell        Ronald Martin           Justin Walker
Thekema Berry           Bakari Hassan          Mackenzie Martin        Edward Washington
Danaya Bethea           Charles Hayes IV       Anthony Nixon, Jr.      Martial Webster
Dequan Carreker         Theodore Hicks         J Nwanaji-Enwerem       Marcus Wedge
Conner Carter           David Hill             Samuel Ogbuchi          Donald White
Ayanna Cash-Clements    Terrence Holeman       Marcella Parker         Terrance White
Jonathan Cooks          Michele Honori         Ryan Patterson          Zollie White III
Joel Coppadge           Jonathan Howard        Edwina Price            Jeremy Williams
Brandon Crosby          Donyell Hoy            Brain Reid              Luke Yancy
Corbin Darling          Gregory Jackson        Jonas Robinson          Jamal Young
Tyree Davie             Kari Jackson           Stephen Sawney
Wallace Derricotte      Todd Jackson           Devin Shaw
Tommy Dozier            Nelson Jenkins         Kenneth Skinner
Ricardo Dunmoodie       Adam Johnson           Avante Smaek
Jabari Elliott          Joseph Jones           Nicholas Speller
Alexander Flowers       Joshua Jones           Christopher Spears
Miles Fuller            Reginald Krow          Michael Street
Brantly Fulton          Tony Larkin            Quinyae Sturdivent
Myles Garrett           Ryan Leon              Delawrence Sykes
Taylor Grant            Feyisayo Lawal         Deonte Thomas
Monique Gray            Roy Llewelly           Andre Thompson

MAPP Symposium Scientific Research
Poster & Oral Presentation Judges
 Errol Archibold, PhD                Benita Harris, MPH                 Chang Peng, PhD
 Morehouse College                   Centers for Disease Control &      Morehouse College
 Lawrence Blummer, PhD                                                  Kenneth Perry, PhD
 Morehouse College                   Triscia Hendrickson, PhD           Morehouse College
                                     Morehouse College
 Harold Braithwaite, PhD                                                Willie Rockward, PhD
 Morehouse School of Medicine        Candis Hunter, MSPH                Morehouse College
                                     Centers for Disease Control &
 Abdelkrim Briania, PhD                                                 Ajit Samarasinghe, MA
 Morehouse College                                                      Morehouse College
                                     Jennifer Hurst-Kennedy
 James Brown, PhD                                                       Wasi Siddiqui, PhD
                                     Morehouse College, FIRST Fellow
 Morehouse College                                                      Morehouse College
 Indrajit Chowdhury, PhD             Emmanuel Karikari, PhD
                                     Morehouse College                  Rahmelle Thompson, DVM
 Morehouse School of Medicine
                                                                        Morehouse College
 Jae Delsarte, RPH                   Deborah Jackson-Hamilton, MA
                                     HP Enterprise Services             Lieutenant AJ Walker
 CVS Pharmacy
                                                                        Georgia Institute of Technology
 Rita Finley, PhD                    Brian Lawrence, PhD                NROTC
 Morehouse School of Medicine        Morehouse College
                                                                        Katie Wilkinson
 Gregory Ford, PhD                   Juana Mendenhall, PhD              Morehouse College,
 Morehouse College                   Morehouse College                  FIRST Fellow
 Constance Franklin, MPA             Ida Mukenge, PhD                   Kristy Wilson
 Centers for Disease Control &       Morehouse College                  Morehouse College,
 Prevention                          Kale Oyedeji, PhD                  FIRST Fellow

 Amanda Freeman, PhD                 Morehouse College                  Urica Wilson, PhD
 Emory University                                                       Morehouse College

                       Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
10      Innovative
        Business Plan                                     Competition

                               The 2011 competition focused on smart phone applications.
                               Also referred to as apps, these widely popular cell phone
                               add-ons allow users to get customized news reports, do
                               electronic banking, watch movies, and perform various
                               f u n c t i o n s t h a t m a ke m o b i l e d e v i c e s m o r e l i ke a c o m p u t e r.
                               We a s ke d s t u d e n t s a c r o s s t h e c o u n t r y t o c o m e u p w i t h a
                               unique app and our five finalists did not disappoint.

       1. Feedback App: An application that collects feedback from various consumer experiences to
         generate suggestions that would be used to improve future service. Morehouse College

       2. Natural Hair App: An application that provides information on all aspects of natural hair care.
          Designed to educate women contemplating going natural and those with natural hair.
          Howard University

       3. Safe Campus APP: An application that allows college students to contact campus security if
          they are in danger and need assistance. This application would help prevent on-campus crime.
          Clark Atlanta University

       4. Shopping APP: An application that assists customers in locating specific products in a store.
          It is geared toward those visiting a store for the first time and offers unique benefits for both the
          customer and store owner. Mount Saint Mary College

       5. Tutor App: An application designed to connect students to a database of available tutors for
          academic assistance. Designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of current students.
          Morehouse College

Awards Presentation
First Place - $3,000 plus Hi-Tek POS will develop the base application for top
submission. Coaching and mentoring in-kind services will also be provided by Rex Wills,
founder and president of Hi-Tek POS. Wills has nearly ten years of experience in
enterprise software/hardware development and consulting. He holds a bachelor’s
degree in electrical engineering from Alabama A&M University.                                  Rex Wills

Second Place - $2,000 plus Chandlerson Strategic Management will provide the
coaching and mentoring in-kind services by Arrelle Anderson, owner and chief business
strategist. Anderson earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Howard University
with a concentration in advertising and a master of business administration in marketing/
entrepreneurship from the University of Georgia.

Third Place - $1,000 plus Sciberus will provide coaching and mentoring in-kind              Arrelle Anderson
services by Laron Walker, president and chief architect. Walker earned a bachelor’s
degree in electrical and computer engineering from Tennessee State University and a
master of science from Purdue University in the same discipline.

   The judges selected to evaluate the finalists are:
   • Matt Carter, President, 4G, Sprint Nextel
   • Ken Hilderbrand, Program Manager, Lockheed Martin                                       Laron Walker

   • Emilia Moraitis, Environmental Specialist, Georgia Power
   • Andrew B. Williams, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair Department
     of Computer and Information Sciences, Spelman College
   • Clarence Wooten, CEO, Groupsite

   The judges who shared the task of evaluating the business plan
   submissions of all of the participants to determine the five finalists are:
   • Arrelle Anderson, Chief Business Strategist,Chandlerson Strategic Management
   • Roberto Casas, Assistant Director, Georgia Institute of Technology (ATDC)
   • Yolanda Copeland, Student, Virginia Commonwealth University
   • Johnnie Curtis, Owner, JC Marketing, Inc.
   • Cheryl Isaac, Owner, A Different Business
   • Amos Johnson, PhD, Professor, Morehouse College
   • Brent Ogelsby, Managing Partner, Dewy Rose Capital Ventures
   • Monica Peete, Vice President, NBMBAA
   • JaKathryn Ross, Executive Director, Georgia-Pacific LLC
   • Adrian Sawczuk, Senior Manager, Accenture
   • Said Sewell, PhD, Associate Professor, Fort Valley State College
   • Jeffrey Stewart, Sales and Business Development Consultant, Accenture
   • Roger Williams, PhD, Professor, Morehouse College

                     Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts


Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
14                Conference
                                              A g e n d a 2011
               T h u r s d a y, F e b r u a r y 1 0
               Executive Conference Center
               7:30am - 8:45am              Registration / Continental Breakfast

               9:00am - 10:45am             Morehouse Alumni Roundtable: Outstanding Alumni Share the
                                            Insights that Helped Create Successful Careers
                                            This forum features Morehouse alumni with exemplary careers that
                                            reflect the full potential of the Morehouse experience.

                                            Moderator: Julius Pryor III
                                                       General Managing Partner & Global Diversity Strategist,
                                                       Your Talent Bridge
     Julius Pryor III

                        Chris Boxe, PhD, Research Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
                        Christopher Boxe received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and minor in math from
                        Morehouse College in 1999. He graduated from California Institute of Technology in
                        2005 with a master’s in planetary science and one in environmental science and
                        engineering. He received his PhD in environmental science and engineering with a
                        minor in Geology. He completed the NASA postdoctoral program fellow at NASA Jet
                        Propulsion Laboratory and was a JPL postdoctoral fellow. Currently, he is a research
      Chris Boxe
                        scientist at JPL.

                        His research and teaching expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, but his focus
                        is mainly on comparative planetology - specifically, comparing the evolution of planets.
                        In addition to research, Boxe has a commitment to mentoring and teaching, as
                        evidenced by his involvement in a number of programs at both California Institute of
                        Technology and JPL.

                        Willie Burks, CEO, Resurgens Risk Management
                        Willie Burks is CEO of Resurgens Risk Management, provider of insurance and risk
                        management services to public sectors and private businesses of all sizes. As founder
                        of Burks Bailey, which later became Resurgens Risk Management, Burks built the
                        organization into a full-service regional insurance and risk management firm with offices
                        and ventures located throughout the East Coast. He holds the highest title of a
                        chartered life underwriter (CLU) with an elite group of less than 5 percent of insurance
      Willie Burks
                        agents in America.

                        In 1977, he began his career with The Equitable of NY. In 1980, he was appointed
                        district manager and managed a staff of 25 people. He earned his bachelor's degree
                        from Morehouse College.

 T h u r s d a y, Fe b r u a r y 1 0
Ceasar C. Mitchell, President, Atlanta City Council
Attorney Ceasar C. Mitchell serves as seventh president of the Atlanta City Council. He
served eight years as a citywide councilmember. Mitchell convened a Parks Advisory
Group, as well as created a Clean Green Team to assist community groups in enhancing
their neighborhoods. He also organizes the semi-annual College Prep Series to help
prepare middle and high school students for college.

Mitchell is senior counsel with Epstein, Becker & Green, PC, where he practices            Ceasar   C. Mitchell
commercial real estate and finance. He has served in various organizations, been
featured in many publications, and received numerous awards. Mitchell is a graduate
of Morehouse College and the University of Georgia School of Law.

Michael Penn, MD, PhD
Dr. Michael L. Penn Jr. is responsible for diagnostics and small molecule drug
discovery transactions within Genentech's Business Development group. In 2003, he
launched his career at Genentech as a marketing product manager for Herceptin.
During his tenure on the Herceptin team, the brand's revenues tripled from $400
million to over $1 billion.

Penn has co-authored the book Finding Your North and in 2001 co-founded a
non-profit organization, Building Diversity in Science, to encourage diverse students to     Michael Penn
explore science-related careers and to empower them to discover their unique talents.
In addition to his work with students, Penn was appointed by former San Francisco
Mayor Willie Brown to the Health Commission, the policy-making board for the
Department of Public Health, and served as a commissioner from 2002 to 2004.

Penn received a bachelor’s degree in biology from
Morehouse College and received his MD and PhD from
the University of California, San Francisco, in 2003. His
graduate research in HIV pathogenesis was completed
at the Gladstone Institute for Virology and Immunology.

                      Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts

 Conference                                                                                            17
                               A g e n d a 2011
11:00am - 11:50am             Crown Forum - Otis Moss Jr. Oratorical Contest
                              Men of Morehouse: Strategic Intrapreneurs for Environmental,
                              Economic, and Sociopolitical Sustainability in a Global Society
                              Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel

11:00am - 12:45pm             Being Relevant in the 21st Century/Information Session
                              Managing changing times, global environments, high unemployment
                              rates, and new skill set requirements - how to position yourself for

                              Moderator: Julius Pryor III
                                         General Managing Partner & Global Diversity Strategist,
                                         Your Talent Bridge
                              Eugene Anderson, Director of Marketing and Communications,
                                               United Water
                              Ralph Cleveland, Executive Vice President, Engineering and Operations,
                                               Atlanta Gas & Light Resources

                              Michelle Dutton, Vice President, Network Engineering, Verizon

                              Suzanne Magee, CEO/President, TechGuard Securities LLC

                    Eugene Anderson           Ralph Cleveland

                    Michelle Dutton            Suzanne Magee

                     Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts

 Conference                                                                                                                                                   19
                                         A g e n d a 2011
1:00pm - 2:30pm                        4th Annual ICE Awards Luncheon
                                       Invocation: Terry F. Walker Sr.
                                                   Director, Chapel Relations
                                                   Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel
                                                   Morehouse College
                                       Keynote Speaker Introduction: J.K. Haynes, PhD
                                                                                                                               Te r r y F. W a l k e r S r.
                                                                     Dean, Division of Science
                                                                     and Mathematics
                                                                     Morehouse College
                                       Keynote Address: Clarence Wooten
                                                        CEO, Groupsite

                                       Master of Ceremony: Justin Shaw
                                                           English Major
                                                           Morehouse College                                                       J.K . Haynes

                                       Division of Science and Mathematics Scientific Awards
     Clarence Wooten
                                       Valerie K. Haftel, PhD
                                       Biology Professor, Morehouse College
                                       Tricia W. Hendrickson, PhD
                                       Biology Professor, Morehouse College
                                                                                                                                  Justin Shaw
                                       Willie S. Rockward, PhD
                                       Physics Professor, Morehouse College
                                       Lance Shipman Young, PhD
                                       Chemistry Professor, Morehouse College

                                    Valerie K . Haftel   Tr i c i a W. H e n d r i c k s o n   Willie S. Rockward   L a n c e S h i p m a n Yo u n g

                                       Business Plan Awards
                                       Presenter: Douglas Cooper
                                                  Director, Career Services
                                                  Division of Business Administration and Economics
                                                  Morehouse College

                                       Closing Remarks: Tiffany R. Bussey, MBA
      Douglas Cooper                                    Director
                                                        Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center

                                                                                                                                      Tiffany R. Bussey

                       Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
20    Keynote
      Address           Clarence Wooten
      Clarence Wooten, coined a "serial entrepreneur" by Entrepreneur
      Magazine in February 2000, enjoys working with talented people who
      share his passions for entrepreneurship and the Internet. He has
      successfully launched and operated numerous technology-based
      companies, including his first, Envision Designs, which he founded
      while initially studying architecture in college. In 1993, Wooten
      co-founded Metamorphosis Studios, an interactive multimedia development firm. He served as
      CEO and Creative Director until early 1998, when the company was acquired by MediSolv, Inc.
      Wooten went on to co-found and serve as CEO of ImageCafe.com. Touted as the Internet's first
      online superstore of customizable websites-to-go, ImageCafe was acquired by Network
      Solutions/Verisign just seven months after it launched for $23 million.

      Currently, Wooten is founder and CEO of Groupsite.com, a leader in social collaboration with nearly
      40,000 companies and organizations as customers. Additionally, Clarence is involved in other
      startups, including: PhoneGreetings.com where he serves as partner, Cultural Sponsorships as
      co-founder, and iReaders as co-founder. Just prior to founding Groupsite.com, Wooten co-founded
      and served as general partner at Venturepreneur Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm. His
      focus is always on product design and user-compatibility. Clarence also spends a great deal of his
      time advising management teams of various other early-stage Internet companies. Wooten has
      been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes ASAP, and Entrepreneur Magazine.
      He has been a guest on CNNfn and other media outlets, and his entrepreneurial experiences are
      the subject of a Babson College case study.

      Clarence has a bachelor’s in business management from Johns Hopkins University, where he was
      recognized in 2010 as a distinguished alumnus. He was also given an Honorary Alumni Award by
      the University of Maryland.


Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
22                    ICE AWARDS
                            Innovative, Creative,
                            R I S I N G S TA R
                            The Rising Star Award is given to a student or recent graduate who has successfully started a
                            business and is making an impact in his/her industry.

                            Honoree: Monica G. Coleman
                                     President, M 3 20 Consulting
                            Monica G. Coleman established M 3 20 Consulting in 2006 as a full-service marketing
                            communications firm for small businesses in the entertainment, consumer products, and nonprofit
  Monica G. Coleman
                            sectors. Prior to launching M 3 20 Consulting, Coleman worked for the National Basketball
                            Association, the Apollo Theatre, ESPN, MTV, the City of Atlanta and General Motors. Currently, she
                            is the owner of two successful companies, one of which has been featured in both local and
                            national publications. She has received honorable mentions in numerous publications and was a
                            finalist for the Success Against The Odds Award by The Atlanta Business League in 2010.

                            Coleman is a graduate of Hampton University, where she was a Presidential Scholar and the
                            recipient of the President's Cup for her graduating class. She is currently an active member of
                            the National Association of Black Sports Professionals, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and
                            volunteers with Youth Entrepreneurs of Atlanta.

                            Presenter: Francine L. Allen, PhD
      Francine L. Allen
                                       English Professor, Morehouse College

                            O U T S TA N D I N G A LU M N U S E N T R E P R E N E U R
                            The Outstanding Alumnus Entrepreneur Award is given to the alumnus who has
                            successfully started a business that is excelling in its industry and is an outstanding example of
                            sustainability and growth.

                            Honoree: Theodore “Tedd” Alexander III
                                     Founder/Managing Partner, Credo Capital Management

Theodore M. Alexander III   Theodore M. Alexander III is the managing partner of Credo Capital Management, which he
                            founded in 2004. He has worked in the financial industry since 1985 and has held the following
                            positions: vice president and portfolio manager/analyst at Brown Capital Management, sell-side
                            analyst at Alex. Brown & Sons and Legg Mason, and investment banking
                            associate at E.F. Hutton.

                            He earned a bachelor’s in computer science from Morehouse College and an MBA from the
                            Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Alexander is a member of the Board
                            of Trustees for Gilman School, Baltimore School for the Arts, and Catholic Charities of Maryland.
                            He is married to his wife of 20 years, Teri (Spelman), and is the father of three sons.

                            Presenter: Weldon T. Jackson, PhD
                                       Provost/Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs
     Weldon T. Jackson                 Morehouse College

Entrepreneur Awards
T he Federal Champion Award is given to the federal agency that takes every measure to meet
mandated goals for HBCU participation in federal contracting. This agency must be a strong
advocate that understands that it makes good business sense to have HBCUs represented as part
of the small business equation in doing business with the federal government.

Honoree: Oreta B. Stinson
         Deputy Director, US Navy Small Business Program
                                                                                                            Oreta   B. Stinson
Oreta B. Stinson has more than 30 years of experience in defense acquisition and is the Navy's
program manager for the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program. She leads the small business subcommittee for the
socio-economic group of the Interagency Insular Affairs Group on the Guam Military Build-Up, provides
assistance to the director on all small-business matters, and is responsible for implementation of the federal
acquisition programs. Her work with several under-represented businesses and Historically Black Colleges
and Universities and Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI) has been nationally recognized and her support of the
MCEC has covered several projects.

Stinson received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from North Carolina A&T State
University and a master’s degree in business and public administration from Southeastern University
in Washington, DC. She is a member of the Acquisition Professional Community and is level III certified
in both Program Management and Contracts.

                Presenter: Melvinia Turner King, EdD
                           Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies
                           Interim Executive Director, Morehouse College Leadership Center                 Melvinia Turner King

The Small Business Award of Excellence is given to the outstanding small business that has used
the services of MCEC and represents the spirit of the entrepreneur and the power of small business.

Honoree: Dwayne Robinson
         President, Vision Systems & Technology, Inc. - A SAS Company

Dwayne Robinson founded Vision Systems & Technology, Inc. (VSTI), an information technology
solutions company that offers services and consulting in the areas of data management, business
                                                                                                          Dwayne      Robinson
intelligence, and advanced analytics in 1997. In July 2010, VSTI was acquired by SAS Institute,
where Robinson still acts as president. Robinson first learned the defense contracting business as an employee
of IBM, the National Security Agency (NSA), and Booz Allen & Hamilton. His firm, VSTI, has been recognized
by several leading national publications.

Robinson earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Long Island University and a master’s
in management of informational systems from Bowie State University. He is currently pursuing a
doctorate in organizational leadership at the University of Phoenix. He holds an active Top-Secret/SCI
security clearance, as well as several positions on various distinguished boards and prestigious

                Presenter: John Hall, PhD
                                                                                                                 John Hall
                           Chemistry Professor, Morehouse College

                       Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
24                ICE AWARDS
                  Innovative, Creative,                      E n t r e p r e n e u r Aw a r d s
                        O U T S TA N D I N G S U P P L I E R A WA R D
                        The Outstanding Supplier Award is presented to the company that has made outstanding
                        contributions to the Entrepreneurship Center and aided in its ability to deliver superior quality and
                        value to its customers.
                        Honoree: Eric A. Adolphe, Esq.
                                 President, The Adolphe Group
                        Eric Adolphe is the founder of The Adolphe Group and has successfully executed and supported
 Eric A. Adolphe
                        the acquisition of several government contracting firms. He has extensive experience in civilian,
                        defense, and homeland security governmental organizations. In 1992, Adolphe founded OPTIMUS
                        and by 2006, the company grew to a 400 person firm with approximately $80 million in annual
                        revenue. He developed the company's Code of Ethics and through his leadership, OPTIMUS was
                        named a winner of the 2003 National Capital Business Ethics Award. Adolphe has been
                        principle investigator on 15 SBIRs and has been recognized with several awards in his field.

                        Adolphe is currently an adjunct professor at American University Kogod School of Business, where
                        he teaches entrepreneurship and innovation. He also teaches several boot camps under the DoD
                        Mentor Protégé Program. He earned a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the City College
                        of New York and a JD from the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law.

                        Presenter: Carolyn D. Davis, PhD
                                   Management Professor, Morehouse College
     Carolyn D. Davis

                        SPECIAL RECOGNITION
                        This recognition acknowledges the organizations and individuals who made a special effort to
                        support MCEC in executing its mission.

                        Honoree: Georgia Power
                        Presenter: Cynthia Hewitt, PhD
                                   Sociology Professor, Morehouse College

       Cynthia Hewitt

                        The 23rd annual MAPP Student Scientific Research Presentation and competition is named after
                        one of the biology department's most distinguished professors, Dr. Fredrick E. Mapp. The purpose
                        of the program is to prepare students for the pursuit of advanced degrees in graduate school and
                        health professional programs and to showcase their research through oral and poster presentations.
                        Oral and poster presentations of student research projects will be judged by a panel of scientists.
                        First, second, and third place awards in the amounts of $300, $200 and $100 respectively will be
                        given to the best oral presentations as well as the best poster presentation. Mapp Senior Awards
                        in the amount of $300 will also be presented to one senior student in each of the Departments
                        within the Division of Science and Mathematics including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences,
                        Mathematics, Psychology, Physics, and Public Health. Senior awards are based on academic
                        standing and outstanding accomplishments in undergraduate research.


Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts

 Conference                                                                                              27
                          A g e n d a 2011
2:45pm - 4:45pm         Financial Empowerment: The First Step to Creating Your Legacy!
                        A candid conversation with industry professionals to gain insight on
                        how to take charge of your future and create your legacy through
                        financial literacy.

                        Following the panel a FREE SCREENING of “Legacy”
                        starring Golden Globe nominated actor Idris Elba, star
                        from The Wire and Takers.

                        For tips on how you can achieve your competitive edge as
                        an entrepreneur in the communications industry go to
                        www.4GCompetitiveedge.com. Sponsored by Wells Fargo.
                                                                                            Idris Elba

5:00pm - 8:00pm         Career and Public Health Graduate School Fair
                        Forbes Arena

                        Innovation Expo 2011 Participating Graduate Schools
                        Emory University-Rollins School of Public Health
                        Harvard School of Public Health
                        Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)
                        Meharry Medical College
                        Mercer University School of Medicine
                        Morehouse School of Medicine-Masters of Public Health
                        The University of Michigan-School of Public Health
                        Tulane School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine
                        Tuffs University School of Medicine
                        Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
                        UCLA School of Public Health
                        University of California Berkeley
                        University of Kentucky Health Professions
                        University of Missouri-Kansas City School
                        University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
                        UNC Gills School of Global Public health

                        Innovation Expo 2011 Participating Agencies and Companies
                        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
                        Georgia Power
                        IKON Office Solutions
                        United States Environmental Protection Agency-National Center for
                        Environmental Research
                        United States Navy-Chief of Naval Operations
                        United Water
                        Wells Fargo

                  Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
28     The Division
       of     Science and Mathematics

      The Division of Science and Mathematics was established in 199 9 as a pilot of a new division struc-
      ture at the College. The goal of establishing three divisions at the College, including Humanities and
      Social Sciences and Business and Economics, was to reduce the scale of the College to promote
      closer interaction between students and faculty, as well as between faculty members in different
      departments in the division. The Division of Science and Mathematics consists of six departments:
      Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.

      The Division strives to produce students who are well prepared for graduate or professional school,
      as well as the workforce. Students can major in one or more of the six disciplines in the Division and
      may also complete requirements for one of the minors offered in the division or in another division.
      Upon graduation, students receive the Bachelor of Science Degree (BS). In the Psychology
      Department, there is also a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA). A dual-degree program with thirteen
      different engineering schools allows a student to obtain a liberal arts education at Morehouse for three
      years and then transfer to an engineering school for an additional two years of engineering
      education. Upon graduation, the student receives a bachelor of science in a discipline at Morehouse
      and a bachelor of science in Engineering from the engineering school.

      In the Division of Science and Mathematics there are several sponsored programs and minors that
      provide resources for science and mathematics majors. Each program has specific goals to aid
      students in their matriculation at Morehouse College some programs offer scholarships and stipends.

      The Office of Health Professions (OHP)                 MSEIP - Minority Science and Engineering
      Ajit Samarasinghe, MS                                  Improvement Program
      asamaras@morehouse.edu                                 Lance Shipman Young, PhD
      Historically Black Colleges and Universities -
      Undergraduate Programs - Achieving Competitive         Neuroscience Minor Program
      Excellence (HBCU UP - ACE)                             Valerie Haftel, PhD
      Lycurgus L. Muldrow, PhD                               vhaftel@morehouse.edu
                                                             NIMH-COR - National Institute of Mental Health-
      Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)                 Career Opportunities in Research Education
      David B. Cooke, PhD                                    and Training
      dcooke@morehouse.edu                                   Margaret L. Weber-Levine, PhD
      John HOPPS Scholars
      Rahmelle C. Thompson, DDS                              Public Health Sciences Institute
      rthompso@morehouse.edu                                 Cynthia Trawick, EdD
      The Morehouse College Minority Biomedical Research
      Support (MBRS) Research Initiative for Scientific      Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate
      Enhancement (RISE) Program                             Achievement Program
      Jann H. Adams, PhD                                     Rubye J. Byrd, PhD
      jadams@morehouse.edu                                   rbyrd@morehouse.edu

      Morehouse-Wide Initiative for Sustainable              S-STEM: Renaissance Scholarships to Train
      Energy (M-WISE)                                        Future Engineers and Physical Scientists
      Lycurgus L. Muldrow, PhD                               Artis Jenkins, PhD
      lmuldrow@morehouse.edu                                 ajenkins@morehouse.edu

                  bm s o s
S t u d e n t STu e r e ' s iA nsAi p pnf o r
                h                                                               That!
A special thanks to all the outstanding students that shared their App ideas.

Paul Adamson, Morehouse College                   Yolanda Millender, Central State University

Dalyn Allen, Morgan State University              Prescella Monger, Clark Atlanta University
Shayna Atkins, Spelman College                    Rhonda Paley, Texas Southern University
Loren Bass, Valdosta State University             Malcolm Parrish, Morehouse College
Ashura Bayyan, Morehouse College                  Derrius Quarles, Morehouse College
Contrelle Caldwell, Prairie View A&M University   Kevin Reese, Morehouse College
Giorgio Caldwell, Morehouse College               Alex Rivera, Mount Saint Mary College
Von Cunningham, Howard University                 Vincent Roberts, Morehouse College
Morgan DeBaun, Washington University              Dwan Roby, Morehouse College
Ryan Drayton, Central State University            Kenneth Skinner, Morehouse College
Alicia Glenn, Howard University                   Winzell Steele Jr., Morehouse College
Tony Hall, Morehouse College                      Marty Styles, Morehouse College
Kalle Higdon, Morehouse College                   Trevon Tillman, Morgan State University
Jahkeen Hoke, Morehouse College                   Delrisha White, Bennett College for Women
Kevin Holder, Morehouse College                   Phillip Wiggins, Morehouse College
Marquez Hughley, Morehouse College                Malcolm Wyche, Morehouse College
Austin King, Morehouse College                    Olumide Yerokun, Morehouse College
Ki B Lim, Stanford University

                    Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts


Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
          C O L L A B O R AT I O N
          I N N OVAT I O N
          E XC E L L E N C E
 4P’s                   Through P artnerships, P lanning, P rograms and P urpose,
                        Morehouse College continues to collaborate with industry and
       government to create unique internship and scholarship opportunities
       f o r s t u d e n t s a n d t h e r e s u l t s s p e a k l o u d l y.

           Partnerships Forged
           MCEC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the American
           Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) to partner on collaborative projects
           that address critical global issues. These issues include facilitating student access to careers in
           energy and increasing the participation of minority-owned small businesses in the energy sector.

                                     Exploring opportunities for Morehouse Men - General Manager Frank
                                     Wren, from Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves, visited campus to
                                     discuss the business of baseball and what it takes to excel in the sport.

                   Frank Wren

     Planning for
     the Future
     Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Program
     director Henrietta Yang transcends barriers by
     introducing the Chinese language to Morehouse
     students. The program received accolades from
     the U.S. State Department and a $100,000 grant    From left to right: Charles Corpening, Ali Osman, Sean Haythe, President Robert M.
                                                       Franklin, Dr. Henrietta Yang, Jermaine McMihelk, Boris Dobrijevic
     from the Walmart Foundation.

     Lycurgus Muldrow, PhD, director of Sponsored Research for the Division of Science and Mathematics,
     led an effort to secure a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation. The grant will help
     fund the initial stage of the College's new Institute for Sustainable Energy. The Institute for
     Sustainable Energy will be part of a much larger and ambitious project, the Morehouse-
     Wide Initiative for Sustainable Energy, or M-WISE. The aim of M-WISE is to create an
     interdisciplinary curriculum that molds students from all areas of studies into leaders in
     the growing global arena of sustainable energy. In addition, students from all three
     academic divisions have the opportunity to graduate with a minor in interdisciplinary energy.


Continuing                                         a Legacy of
Producing                          Dynamic Leaders

Program Success
Morehouse was well represented at West Liberty University's Emerging Minority
Business Leaders (EMBL) Program, sponsored by the Department of Commerce.
Students Markese Bryant and Stephen Love enhanced their entrepreneurial skills,
taking a necessary step towards starting their own companies.                                   Stephen Love

Under the DoD Mentor Protégé Program, MCEC provides developmental assistance to numerous small
businesses across the country. These services include Merger & Acquisition “Boot Camp” training that
resulted in the successful acquisition of protégé company Vision Systems & Technology, Inc. (VSTI) and
ISO/IEC 2000-1:2005 Certification for V-Tech Solutions, Inc. Both are emerging high-tech small companies
located in the Washington, DC, area.

Professors Tiffany Bussey (Entrepreneurship) and Emmanuel Karikari (Physics)
participated in the Navy's Leader to Sea Program. They spent 24 hours at sea on
the US Navy USS Enterprise, America's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

                                                                                           US Navy USS Enterprise

         Purpose Yields Results-
         Rewards of Giving
         • Newsweek magazine names Morehouse one of the nation’s Top 25 Service-Minded Schools.
         • Morehouse named the No. 1 liberal arts college in the country by Washington Monthly magazine.

                                 Morehouse opens the new $20 million Ray Charles
                                 Performing Arts Center and Music Education Building

                              MCEC along with the Georgia Pacific Foundation
                              hosted its third annual Youth Entrepreneurship
                                                                                        Ray Charles Performing Arts Center
                              Summer Camp, where high school students learn
                              about entrepreneurship. The students toured Georgia
   Georgia Power camp visit
                              Power's Plant Bowen.

         Sophomores Denarius Frazier, Ahmad Barber and Trev’ell Anderson put
         together “It’s On the House” an initiative that fed more than 150 homeless
         people during the Thanksgiving break. This spirit of giving is not unique as
         roughly 75 percent of Morehouse students participate in some sort of
         community service or volunteer activity.
                                                                                              Feeding the Homeless

                                  Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
     ICE Awards Luncheon and
34   Business Plan Competition                                                Sponsors
      AABE                                                                 Hi-tek POS

      AGL Resources                                                        IKON Office Solutions

      Areas/Airport Retail Management                                      Lockheed Martin

      Booz Allen Hamilton                                                  Sabre Inc.

      Cepeda Systems                                                       Sciberus

      Chandlerson Strategic Management                                     SRH & Associates

      Chick-fil-A                                                          United States Navy

      Credo Capital Management                                             United Water

      Flagstar                                                             Verizon

      Georgia Pacific                                                      Wells Fargo

      Georgia Power

       Public Health
       Sciences Institute
                      at Morehouse College
      Serving the Atlanta University Center Since 1988

             Over the past decades, one vision of Morehouse College has been to support the training of students to diversify
             the public health sciences work force. As a result, the Public Health Sciences Institute (PHSI) was created under
             the auspices of a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). PHSI, a
             program in the Division of Science and Mathematics, is the only undergraduate program in the Atlanta University
             Center (AUC) with a minor in public health. PHSI’s mission is to formulate and implement strategies that will
             lead to positive outcomes for underrepresented minorities by training undergraduate students in biostatistics,
             epidemiology, and occupational safety and health.
             The primary goal of PHSI is to better prepare disadvantaged minority students for entry into graduate programs
             at schools of public health where minorities are drastically underrepresented.
                      • Better prepare disadvantaged minority students for graduate school by providing a comprehensive
                        educational training program in public health
                      • Enhance the research skills of disadvantaged minority students through public health mentorships
                      • Provide financial support for student-faculty research teams to conduct public health research
                      • Increase interest among students in pursuing careers in public health
                      • Heighten interest among faculty to conduct public health research

                                                                                 w w w. m o r e h o u s e . e d u / c e n t e r s / p h s i

 Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts
Acknowledgments                                                                                      35

                              Conference Co-Chairs:
                                 Tiffany R. Bussey, MBA
                             Director, Entrepreneurship Center
                                    Cynthia Trawick, EdD
                          Director, Public Health Sciences Institute

                                Steering Committee:
                                  John K. Haynes, PhD
                             Dean of Science and Mathematics
                                    Terry T. Mills, PhD
                          Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences
                                   John E. Williams, PhD
                       Dean of Business Administration and Economics

                                Planning Committee:
 Faculty:                                                              Staff:
 Francine Allen, PhD                         Kellye Blackburn Eccles            Jasmine Hardaway
 Consuelo Bennett, PhD                       Kevin R. Booker                    Brock Mayers
 Ruby Byrd, PhD                              Lea Brooks                         Bonita Moore
 Carolyn D. Davis, PhD                       Renee Calhoun                      Karen Morris
 John Hall, PhD                              Douglas Cooper                     Linda Nelson
 Amos Johnson Jr., PhD                       Wanda Ford                         Lailaa Ragins
 Sambandham Masilamani, PhD                  Evelyn Graham                      Carol Shearer
 Lycurgus Muldrow, PhD                       Lisa Gunter                        Harry Wright
 Ajit Samarasinghe
                             Other Acknowledgements
   ADG: Creative                                        Deborah Payton
                                                        dp design group
   Robert H. Bolton
   R.H. Bolton, Inc.                                    Philip McCollum Photography
   Margie Brown                                         Olivia A. Scriven, PhD
   Georgia Tech Research Institute                      Partners for Educational Development, Inc.

   Alzay Calhoun                                        Glenda Stinson
   Product Launch Marketing                             Georgia Power

   Guy L. Madison                                       William Swift
   GM Consulting                                        Areas/Airport Retail Management

   Kevin McGee                                          Your Talent Bridge
   Morehouse College Alumni Association

                    Morehouse College, Office of Communications
                Morehouse College, Office of Institutional Advancement
                     Morehouse College, Office of Physical Plant
                          Morehouse College, Navy ROTC
  A special thank you to ALL for providing support to make this a successful event.

                    Advancing Student Research and Innovation Across the Liberal Arts

 Division of Science                                                                                The Morehouse College
   & Mathematics
                                                                                                    Support (MBRS)
                                                                                                    Initiative for
                                                                                                    Enhancement (RISE) Program
 Interdisciplinary Conference

Morehouse College               Morehouse College                Morehouse College
Division of Science &           Entrepreneurship Center (MCEC)   Public Health Sciences Institute
Mathematics                     830 Westview Drive SW            830 Westview Drive, SW
830 Westview Drive SW           Atlanta, GA 30314-3773           Atlanta, GA 30314
Atlanta, GA 30314-3773          404-653-7899                     404-222-2594
404-614-3796                    www.mcecenter.com                www.morehouse.edu

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