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Town Manager’s Article
                                                                                                               Town Manager’s Office
      Tolland Ranked 27th..................................................3                                             Tolland Ranked 27th by
Tolland Public Library.........................................................4                                            Money Magazine
Human Services...................................................................6                                     Steven Werbner, Town Manager
Recreation Department
                                                                                                           The Town of Tolland has been honored by Money
      Recreation News.........................................................8                          Magazine by being ranked as the 27th best
      General Information..................................................9                             Community to live in America in the population
      Program Locations & Community Events.............10                                                category of 8,500 to 50,000. Tolland, in addition, is
      Registration Information........................................11                                 the highest ranking community in the state. Tolland
      Registration Form....................................................12                            was similarly honored in 2005 when it was ranked
                                                                                                         29th. This continuing recognition by Money
      Saturday Basketball.................................................13
                                                                                                         Magazine reflects positively on the nature of the
      Preschool Programs.................................................14                              community in which we live. In ranking the
      Youth Programs.......................................................16                            community, Money Magazine starts with 2,466
      Youth Sports.............................................................18                        communities in the population category and then by
      Adult Programs........................................................19                           examining factors such as job availability in the area,
      Adult Sports.............................................................23                        income data, cost of living, cost of housing, school
                                                                                                         quality, arts and leisure activities, safety, health care
      On-line Courses.......................................................24                           and several ease of living criteria begins the ranking
      Trips..........................................................................26                  process. Those Towns which are higher ranked, such
      Recreation Happenings...........................................27                                 as Tolland, are found to possess what we all know
      Cider Mill Run.........................................................28                          readily defines Tolland and that is “a mix of
      Tolland Trails & Golf Tournament.........................29                                        community spirit, can-do-attitude and simple
                                                                                                         charm, all attributes that make the Town a magnet
Assessor’s Office.................................................................30                     for people looking for a great little place to live and
Recycling.............................................................................30                 raise their families.” Town residents should be proud
Public Works Department................................................32                                of this recognition and how favorably this
Planning and Community Development.........................33                                            community is looked upon by others. More
                                                                                                         information can be found on Money Magazine’s
Tolland Fire Department...................................................34                             ranking by going to
Registrars of Voters............................................................36

                              WILLOW TREE • YANKEE CANDLE
                                ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES

          46 TOLLAND GREEN
          TOLLAND, CT 06084
          (860) 872-0559

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                                                                                                                                                   September 21, 2009            3
September is Library
Card Sign-up Month
Barbara Butler, Library Director
Get the Smartest Card @ your library®
   September is Library Card Sign-up Month, and the Tolland
Public Library wants to make sure that all children in Tolland
have the smartest card of all - a library card.
   Studies show that children who are read to in the home
and who use the library perform better in school and are
more likely to continue to use the library as a source of
lifetime learning.
   Kids can come to the library to get homework help and
check out books, but they can also play games, check out
music, books, DVDs and use the Internet to help make after
school life fun. There’s a lot happening at the Tolland Public
Library, and the best part for both kids and parents is that it’s     Interview Tips: Offers tips and common interview questions
all free with a library card.                                         to help patrons prepare for an interview.
   Getting a library card is easy. Just come into the library, fill   Internet Resources for Interviewing: Use carefully selected
out a registration card, and show a valid ID with a Tolland           sites to help prepare for an interview.
address, and we will get you a card.                                  For more information on JobNow, please call Mary Anne at
   For more information on how to sign up for a library card,         871-3620.
visit the Tolland Public Library at 21 Tolland Green, call 871-
3620 or visit the library online at
                                                                      Fall Children’s Programs at
New Database - JobNow                                                 Tolland Public Library
  The Tolland Public Library is subscribing to a new online
database to help in your job search. JobNow provides live             Fall/Winter Storytimes begin at Tolland Public
interactive online help combined with online resources to             Library the first week of September. Parents and
guide you through the necessary tasks to get a job.                   caregivers are invited to sign up for:
On the home page, you will have                                       Preschool Storytimes for ages 2 to 3/12, on:
several services to choose from:                                              Tuesdays 10:15-11 am or on
                                                                              Thursdays, 1:30-2:15 am starting 9/1.
Find a Job: Informative, easy-to-use, and free Internet
resources for job seekers; including personality and career           Toddler Storytime for ages 2 to 3-1/2, on:
assessments.                                                                  Wednesdays 10:15-11 am starting 9/2.
Write the Resume: Featuring “Resume Lab,” Resume Builder              Mother Goose Rhyme Time for ages 6 to 23 months old:
provides the resources you need to craft a winning resume.                    Every other Wednesday 11:15- 1:45 pm starting 9/2.
Resume Lab: You can send your resume to a JobNow expert               No sign up is required for:
and receive expert analysis within 24 hours.                          Family Evening Storytime for ages 2 to 7, on:
Resume Templates: To help you get started, JobNow includes                     Thursdays 6:30-7 pm starting 9/3.
downloadable templates for four of the most common                    Family Weekend Storytime for ages 2 to 7, monthly:
resume types.                                                                  Saturdays at 10:30-11:15 am
Internet Resources for Resumes: Search carefully selected                      Dates for Sept. and Oct. are: 9/19 and 10/17.
sites for more information on resume writing.                         Halloween Trick-or-Treat Storytimes for ages 2 to 6, on:
Ace the Interview: Featuring JobNow’s Interview Coach                          Tuesday, Oct. 27th, at 10:30-11:15 am
Service, this section provides resources to help patrons                       Wednesday, Oct. 28th, at 10:30-11:15 am
prepare for an interview.                                                      Thursday, Oct. 29th, at 1:30-2:15 pm
Live Interview Coaching: Connect with a live interview                Family Spooky Tales Storytime for ages 3-8 will be held on:
coach to brush up on interview skills.                                         Thursday, Oct. 29th at 6:30-7:00 pm

4 September 21, 2009
Local author Andre Garant will visit the Tolland Library for
a book signing and to talk about his new book, David’s
Awesome Adventure, on Thursday, November 19th, from
6:15-7:15 pm.
                                                                                  Grow With Us.
                                                                             We Are In Your Neighborhood
Storytimes at Tolland Library are free and open to out-of-town
residents. To sign up or for more information, call 871-3620 or
Mrs. B at

Friends of the Tolland
Public Library News
Nancy Brochu, Secretary - Friends of Tolland Public Library
  Thank you to everyone who supported our annual Friends
of Tolland Public Library book sale by donating or buying
books, or volunteering their time. Many people did all three!
Joan Vertefeuille did another masterful job of spearheading
this major fundraiser. The grand total was over $2,600. The
proceeds will help fund museum passes, audio book
subscriptions, children’s programs, materials, computers,
and furnishings for the library.
September 15: Pat Wright, Dog Whisperer of the East, is
                                                                                   W  Federal Credit Union
                                                                     Your Community Credit Union serving all who live,
                                                                     work, worship or go to school in Tolland, Stafford,
back by popular demand. Her December presentation was so             Ellington, Ashford, Willington, Somers and Union.
well received that she didn’t have time to answer everyone’s         Stafford Springs                 Tolland
questions. Pat is a fascinating speaker and an immensely                  (860)684-4484         (860)896-1993
knowledgeable dog trainer. The owner of Baywoods Kennel

and Tolland Monthly’s Abbeedog columnist, she’s back from
her latest trip to Yellowstone National Park, and eager to
share her stories of tracking wolf packs. Whether you’re a
dog lover or just know what a dog looks like, don’t miss this
                                                                                          ANDRE J.
October 6: Ken Caputo of Villari Martial Arts, North
Windham, will present “Bullying and Your Child.” A
professional martial arts instructor, Master Caputo has a 5th                            Tolland Children’s Author
Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate. He has spent                                        (Ages 8-12)
over twenty years helping children deal with the difficulties
of bullying, peer pressure, low self esteem, physical and                                   “Enriching the lives of
mental disabilities; and contributed a chapter on bullying to                               Tolland County Children”
the book Helping Boys Succeed in School.
                                                                                            Books on basketball,
October 21: David Barnas, M.S., NASM-CPT/Personal                                           children’s circus, football,
Trainer and owner of True Health Unlimited, will present                                    ice hockey, karate,
“Motivations in Health and Fitness.” With his Master’s                                      little league, baseball,
Degree in Nutritional Science from UCONN and extensive                                      school humor, school
fitness background, Dave will teach us how to motivate                                      trips, skateboarding,
ourselves to take the necessary steps to a healthier lifestyle.                             soccer, spy mystery,
   All programs will start at 7:00 pm in the Program Room at
                                                                                            summer camp &
Tolland Public Library, 21 Tolland Green, are free to the
                                                                                            summer vacation.
public, and funded by Friends of Tolland Public Library. For
further information on any of these events, please call the
                                                                                            Tutoring available
library at 860 871-3620. We hold our business meetings on
                                                                                            on writing skills at
the first Monday of the month at 11:00 am in the Program
                                                                                            affordable rates.
Room. Anyone interested in being a friend to the library is

                                                                                                      September 21, 2009   5
Tolland Human Services
Nancy Taylor Dunn, Director, Tolland Youth Services
Residents may call any of the following Tolland Human Services personnel
for more information about state programs and local initiatives:

Beverly Bellody, Director, Human Services............................................................................................................................871-3611
Nancy Taylor Dunn, L.P.C., Director, Tolland Youth Services................................................................................................871-3612
Jennifer Therian, M.F.T., Counseling Services........................................................................................................................871-3615
Rebecca Ellert, Elderly Outreach Worker/Food Pantry...........................................................................................................870-3726
Fran Weigand, Senior Center Director....................................................................................................................................870-3725
Donna Francis, Human Services Secretary.............................................................................................................................871-3648
Winter Heating Assistance: Tolland Human Services will accept Connecticut Energy Assistance Program applications for the
2009-2010 winter energy season beginning September 14, 2009. Delivery of heating fuel will begin in November 2009.
Eligibility for Energy Assistance is based on the annual gross income and the size of the household.

2008-2009 Income Guidelines for homeowners, and renters who pay separately for heat:
 Household of 1 is         Household of 2 is        Household of 3 is        Household of 4 is        Household of 5 is        Household of 6 is        Household of 7 is
 eligible if income is:    eligible if income is:   eligible if income is:   eligible if income is:   eligible if income is:   eligible if income is:   eligible if income is:

    Under $29,272             Under $38,279,           Under $47,286            Under $56,293            Under $65,299            Under $74,306            Under $75,995

 2008-2009 Income Guidelines, for renters whose heat is included in their rent
(as long as more than 30% of gross income is paid toward rent):
    Under $15,600             Under $21,000            Under $26,400            Under $31,800            Under $37,200            Under $42,600            Under $48,000

There is also a liquid assets test (checking, savings, CD’s,                              Fixed Income: Income verification may include one or more
stocks, bonds, shares, certificates of deposit and individual                             of the following types:
retirement accounts if the retirement accounts are in the                                 · Social Security Benefits, Disability Benefits or Supplemental
name of a household member who is at least 591/2 years                                      Security Income - Social Security Award Letter
old.) For homeowners, the first $10,000 in liquid assets, and
for other households, the first $7,000 in liquid assets, is                               · State Assistance Financial Benefits (TFA, State Supplement,
                                                                                            etc.) - Benefits Award Letter
disregarded. Any amount over that limit, when added to the
annual gross income, must be below the income guidelines.                                 · Veterans’ Assistance- V.A. Award Letters
What you’ll need to provide: You will need to provide proof                               · Unemployment Compensation Benefits or Workers
of Gross Income and Assets from all sources for every                                       Compensation Benefits - current benefits printout
household member for the four weeks prior to the                                          · Pensions or Annuities - statement from income source on
application date. Income verification may include the                                       their letterhead
following:                                                                                · Alimony and/or child support - copy of court document
Wage Earners: Copies of your four most recent consecutive                                   stipulating payments, copies of checks, bank direct deposits,
weekly pay stubs or a statement from your employer on                                       support check printouts or letters from Support
company letterhead signed by either the employer or the                                     Enforcement, lawyers, voluntary agreement statement from
payroll department stating your gross wages for the last four                               absent parent, etc.
weeks.                                                                                    · Rental Income - rent stub(s), tenants’ lease, copies of checks
Self-Employment: Your federal income tax return with all                                    deposited in your bank acct.
attachments and a Self-Employment Worksheet for the                                       · Contributions - Signed statements from friends or relatives
previous 6 months of self-employment activities.                                            who are contributing to your household’s support.

6 September 21, 2009
Asset Verification: May include statement(s) from every               Families with children, contact Youth Services Coordinator,
institution that you or any other household member(s) have            Nancy Dunn, 871-3612; all other households and individuals,
an account with. Liquid asset accounts include: checking,             including seniors, contact Senior Outreach and Food Pantry
savings, CDs, stocks, bonds, shares, certificates of deposit and      Coordinator, Rebecca Ellert, 870-3726.
retirement instruments (IRAs, 401Ks etc if age 591/2 or                 We are also seeking organizations, businesses, individuals
over).                                                                and their families and neighbors, who would like to
You will also need your latest mortgage statement or rental           participate as sponsors of the Care and Share Program. If you
agreement; latest electric bill (all pages); everyone’s social        are considering sponsoring a Holiday Food Basket and gifts,
security number.                                                      or gifts only, contact Nancy; those interested in providing a
                                                                      Holiday Food Basket only, or sponsoring a food collection,
Residents are encouraged to apply for fuel assistance early in        contact Rebecca.
the season to ensure receipt of maximum eligible benefits. It
can take up to 45 days for applications to be processed, so
applicants are urged to apply before their household faces a          Food Pantry
heating crisis. For more information or to make an                       There is still a need for donations to meet the fall/pre-
appointment to apply for heating assistance: seniors, call            holiday requests for use of the Food Pantry. Donations
Rebecca Ellert, 870-3726; families, call Nancy Dunn, 871-             slowed during the summer months as residents got involved
3612.                                                                 in summer activities. The Food Bank gratefully appreciates
                                                                      donations received from individuals, schools, organizations
Holiday Program                                                       and businesses. Anyone wishing to donate during the
                                                                      summer months is asked to contact Rebecca Ellert @ 870-
  Applications for the Human Services 2009 Holiday Care               3726 or Nancy Dunn @ 871-3612, and they can let donors
and Share Program – Thanksgiving and December Holiday                 know if there are specific items that the Food Pantry needs.
Food Baskets, and Children’s Gift Program-- will be accepted             Watch for press releases about other Human Services and
starting October 13, 2009 for Tolland residents that may need         Youth Services programs. Questions or comments? Looking for a
a little help in making their holidays bright this year!              referral for services? Contact Nancy Taylor Dunn at 871-3612
Applications will be accepted subject to the availability of          or email your questions to
food baskets/gifts. To apply and determine eligibility:

           Maynard Farms
 Alternative Heating Solutions, LLC                                         Maynard Farms
                                  Sales, Service and                                LANDSCAPING, LLC.
                                 Installation of Wood,                                 Commercial & Residential
                                 Pellet and Gas Stoves                           (860) 742-6590
                                                                            • Mowing & routine lawn management
                                                                            • Spring & fall cleanups
                                                                            • Installation of walls, walks,
                                        We Sell                               patios & driveways
                                 Wood Pellets                               • Service & sales concrete pavers
                                                                            • Bulk mulch & topsoil delivery
                                 & Biobricks                                • Garden bed design & installation
                                     Best Prices!                           • New lawn installation & seeding
                                  Delivery Available
                                                                            • Skidster & excavator work
                                                                            • Decorative stone
  2050 Boston Turnpike (Route 44)            (860) 742-6590
                                                                            • Snow removal
  Coventry, CT 06238                         (860) 742-0289

                                                                                337 Riley Mt. Rd. • Coventry, CT

                                                                                                             September 21, 2009   7
                                                      A Note from the Recreat
                                                      Director, Tom Ainsworth n
Part-time Lodge
Workers Wanted                                       Hello Everyone,
The Tolland Recreation Department is                       Welcome to the new an
looking for people interested in working                                               d improved edition of the
                                                        of Tolland newsletter an                                       Town
part-time nights and weekends at the                                                d Recreation brochure.
                                                        in color, we can add pic                                Now we’re
Lodge, the Town rental facility. Applicants                                        tures, it looks good, we
                                                       room and we are saving                                   have more
must be 18 & over in good health with a                                             money through the sale
                                                       win-win situation. Ple                                     of ads. A
valid CT driver’s license. The job requires                                        ase show your apprecia
                                                       supporting your local bu                                    tion by
cleaning, some lifting due to the set up of                                        sinesses who advertise wi
                                                                                                                 th us!
tables and chairs and supervision of the                  Hope you enjoyed your
                                                                                      summer, what little we
building during events. We are looking for            is all but upon us. As we                                   had. Fall
                                                                                  enjoy the changing of the
motivated, responsible individuals with               think we have a lot to be                                   seasons I
                                                                                  thankful for. I’m sure you
good people skills. Call the Recreation              by now that Money Ma                                        ’ve heard
Department for an application at 871-3610.                                           gazine has once again
                                                     Tolland as one of the top                                      named
                                                                                   30 best small towns to live
                                                     jumped from 29th to 27                                          in. We
                                                                                 th. That’s the 27th best
Looking For                                         in the whole United Sta
                                                    ver y different response
                                                                                tes to live in. I’ve witnesse
                                                                                                             small town
                                                                                                                d a lot of
Program Ideas                                       that. They range from
                                                                                s from residents when
                                                                                  pride, to shock, to dis
                                                                                                              they hear
The Tolland Recreation Department is                delight, to derision and                                   belief, to
                                                                                  outright out of control
always open to new programs and ideas. If           However you feel about                                      laughter.
                                                                                 the ranking, one thing I
you have a talent or interest that you would       can all agree on is that no                                 think we
                                                                                  matter where you live, the
like to share with others, call us today and       you find there are what                                         people
                                                                               makes a place special. Yo
set up an appointment with Kim Grimes              the best scenery in the wo                               u can have
                                                                                  rld with mountains, bea
@ 860-871-3610 or email her @                     and still if the people wh                                   ches, etc.
                                                                               o live there are not friend                              and giving, forget about                                    ly, caring
                                                                               it. I’ve worked in Tollan
                                                  to 30 years and that’s                                   d for close
                                                                             one thing the Town de
                                                  going for it, a bunch of                                finitely has
                                                                               good people who go ou
                                                 way to try and make Tollan                                  t of their
                                                                                   d a better place to live. So
                                                 what we plan to highligh                                          that’s
                                                                                 t as we move towards 20
                                                 people in town and the                                         10, the
                                                                                  good things they do. To
                                                 community awareness                                                raise
                                                                             regarding all the fun thi
                                                happen in Town, we want                                      ngs that
                                                                                to help advertise your no
                                                events. So please send                                        n-profit
                                                                               us information regard
                                                upcoming events and we                                     ing your
                                                                             ’ll put them on the town
                                                and if the timing is rig                                   web page
                                                                           ht, print them in the ne
                                                our newsletter that comes                                xt issue of
                                                                               out in January.
                                                   In the meantime check
                                                                               out the Recreation Depa
                                               new program offerings as                                      rtments
                                                                              well as the old favorites an
                                               forget to peruse the multit                                    d don’t
                                                                              ude of on-line courses. Th
                                               lot to do in Town, and                                         ere is a
                                                                           as always, we hope to see
                                               and about!                                                   you out

                                                                                      Tom Ainsworth
                                                                                           Recreation Director

8 September 21, 2009
General Information                                               Park Facilities
INSURANCE: All persons participating in Recreation                All parks are open sunrise to sunset. Dogs are required to
programs should carry their own personal health insurance.        be on a leash. DOGS are NOT allowed on athletic fields!!
The Town of Tolland is not responsible for personal injuries.     CRANDALL PARK: 64 Cider Mill Road- 350+ acre Town
Participants in all Department sponsored programs do so at        Park containing 3 lighted tennis courts, a lighted basketball
their own risk. Only those enrolled in the program may            court, softball & baseball fields, 3 acre swimming pond,
attend. Sorry, children will not be allowed in the class room     bathrooms, 2.5 miles of marked hiking trails and large picnic
or gym during adult programs and siblings must remain             pavilion.
seated and not disturb youth or adult classes.
                                                                  PAVILION: Is an open air shelter with picnic table seating for
ADA: The Town of Tolland does not discriminate on the             groups of up to 100. Facilities include a large charcoal grill,
basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or      horseshoe pits and a sand volleyball court. Use of a softball
disability in provision of programs and services. We are          field is possible depending on availability. A 6’ gas grill is
committed to assuring equal access to programs, activities,       available to rent for a nominal fee. Rental by reservation
and services to all individuals. If you or a family member        only through the Recreation Office. Call the Recreation
need special assistance, please let us know when you register.    Department for fee schedule and available dates.
RECREATION STAFF:         Director, Tom Ainsworth                 “THE LODGE” at CRANDALL II: The Lodge is a year round
                          Asst. Director, Kim Grimes              rental facility available to groups of 100 or less for special
                          Secretary, Kim Kowalyshyn               events such as weddings, showers, picnics, parties or
                                                                  meetings. Rental rates vary for residents, non-residents,
PARKS & RECREATION BOARD:                                         businesses, daytime, nighttime and weekends. Building
Jeff Maron-Chairman, Anthony Carter, Larry Gramling, John         contains fireplace, tables & chairs, a warming oven,
Gallic, Ray Milvae, Elaine Rooke & Will Stackpole.                microwave, and double door fridge. For available dates, fees
The Board meets every second Monday of the month.                 & more information call the Recreation office at 871-3610.
All meetings are open to the public.
                                                                  RIVER PARK: South River Road - 2 Little League size
RECREATION OFFICE: 21 Tolland Green                               baseball fields, River access
                   Tolland, CT 06084                              HERON COVE PARK: 125 South River Road - Small soccer
                   860-871-3610                                   field, multipurpose field & canoe launch, basketball court
                   info-line: 860-871-3625                        and Ice Skating Rink.
                   fax: 860-871-3689
                                                                  TENNIS COURTS: Old Cathole Road - 6 all weather tennis
Office hours: Monday-Wednesday -8:00am - 4:30pm,                  courts across from Tolland Middle School.
              Thursday-8:00am - 7:30pm, Friday - CLOSED
                                                                  CROSS FARMS RECREATION COMPLEX: Rhodes Road -
Email us:                              3 baseball and 3 soccer fields, Hiking Trails, exercise stations,
                                     18 hole disc golf course.
                                    The Town of Tolland is an Equal Opportunity Employer

 Now Registering for Fall & Winter Classes                                        DAVIS, MASCOLA, & PHILLIPS, LLC
 40129                         Susan Gerr
                                                                                         Certified Public Accountants
                               Birch Mountain
                                 Pottery Gallery                                 We are your local tax professionals
                              Functional and decorative pottery
                                                                    Over forty years of combined accounting experience
                                  made on the premises.
                                                                            12 Goose Lane, Tolland CT 06084
                                       Rt. 195, 223 Merrow Rd.
                                Tolland Shopping Plaza, Tolland                 Phone: (860) 979-0707
                                                (860) 875-0149                    Fax: (860) 872-6003

      Tolland’s local             Tuesday - Saturday 10-5 pm            We Offer Individual & Business Services
     potter since 1985
                                                                  Affordable • Knowledgeable • Convenient Location

                                                                                                           September 21, 2009    9
Programs Locations                                                                                        Public Service Agencies
Birch Grove Primary School...........................................247 Rhodes Rd, Tolland               Tolland Library.....................(860) 871-3620
Community Room....................................Town Hall, 21 Tolland Green, Tolland                    Tolland Senior Center..........(860) 870-3730
Golfer’s Warehouse.......................................................75 Brainard Rd, Hartford         Tolland Human
Hicks Gym.................................................Town Hall, 21 Tolland Green, Tolland            & Youth Services...................(860) 871-3648
Lot ‘W’............................................................Route 195, UConn campus, Storrs
Middle School Track...............................1 Falcon Way, Tolland (behind school)
Skungamaug River Golf Course.......................................104 Folly Ln, Coventry
Tolland Intermediate School (TIS).................................96 Old Post Rd, Tolland                 Community Events
Tolland Middle School (TMS)...........................................1 Falcon Way, Tolland
Tolland High School (THS)............................................1 Eagle Hill Rd, Tolland             October 3rd
CPR-O-Heart Office..............................................642 Tolland Stage Rd, Tolland             Cider Mill 5K Family Fun Run
Five Oaks Equestrian Center...............................271 Shenipsit Lake Rd, Tolland                  October 10th
                                                                                                          Tolland Athletic Foundation
Tolland Youth Sports Leagues & Groups                                                                     Golf Tournament
Tolland Little         October 23rd & 24th
Tolland Soccer         Haunted Walk at
Tolland Youth Football & Cheerleading. .                              Crandall Park
                                                                                                          October 29th
Northeast Youth Hockey
                                                                                                          Town Hall
Tolland Girl Scouts...............................................Sheryl Bradley (860) 212-2249
Tolland Boy Scouts................................Troop 2 - David Grulke (860) 870-8802
.................................................................Troop 15 - Mike Bobey (860) 872-4292
...............................................Cub Scout Pack 915 - Jim Desilets (860) 997-4592
................................................Cub Scout Pack 15 - Andy Powell (860) 875-1232

                                                                                               STAY ACTIVE
          JUNK CAR &                                                                   WHILE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!
        TRUCK REMOVAL                                                                                                                  Great
                                                                                                                                    Classes for
                                                                                                                                      Teens &
              TOP                                                                                                                      Family
              $$$                                                                                                                   Discounts

              DOLLAR PAID FOR
              NEWER or WRECKED                                                        Call Now! Join the Fun!
               CARS & TRUCKS                                                                            2 Convenient locations
                                                                                     TOLLAND ACADEMY
                                                                                     231 Merrow Rd. (Rt. 195)                  870-9157
  Route 74 • Tolland, CT • (860) 875-6231
                Mon – Fri 8am-5pm • Sat 8am-Noon
                                                                                     COLCHESTER ACADEMY
               Recyclers of Quality Used Auto Parts
             Visit our website:                              392 South Main St. (Rt.85)                537-6333
10 September 21, 2009
              Tolland Residents      Non-Residents                  41756

Mail-In     Monday, September 28th Monday, October 5th
            Monday, September 28th Monday, October 5th
            Monday, September 28th Monday, October 5th                            Barbara Dea

            Monday, October 5th    Monday, October 5th
Accepted on a first come/first serve. Mail your completed form
with separate checks for each program to:                                         STUDIO
Tolland Recreation Department
21 Tolland Green                                                                     Creative Classes for the
Tolland, CT 06084                                                                      Sewing Enthusiast
Consider yourself registered if you do not hear from us.                               Group Classes and
Include your email address or a self addressed, stamped                            Private Lessons for all Ages
envelope with registration if you would like a copy of your                       Alterations & Custom Sewing
                                                                                         Sewing Supplies

On-Line                                                                            860.871.7069
                                                                                     9a-5p Mon.-Fri.
                                                                                       After hours appointments
Town Website: Participants registering on-                             available upon request
line will be confirmed on-line. Not all classes can be
registered for on-line; however you may view all classes.                               40 Kingsbury Ave
                                                                                           Tolland, CT
Fax completed Registration Forms to (860) 871-3689.
• Be sure to complete all information when registering.
• We reserve the right to limit class size and to cancel classes
  failing to meet minimum requirements. Tolland residents
                                                                      L Care
                                                                             P Sitters
  are given preference for all programs during 1st week of
• PAYMENT: Registration is not considered valid until the
  program fee is paid. We accept cash, checks, American
  Express, Visa or MasterCard.
                                                                                        PERSONALIZED IN
                                                                                      YOUR HOME PET CARE
• NON-RESIDENTS: Add $5.00 per participant, per
  program. Add $10.00 per participant, per trip.                                                          In Business
                                                                                                            18 years
• REFUNDS: Programs less then $15.00 receive an account                                                   serving the
  credit. Refunds are given only prior to the start of classes or                                        Tolland area.
  if we cancel the program. Requests for refunds must be in                                               References
  writing and are subject to an $8.00 processing fee.                                                      Available
• TRIP CANCELLATION: You will be refunded only if the
  spot can be filled. Requests for refunds must be in writing
  and are subject to an $8.00 processing fee.
• AGE REQUIREMENT: To participate, children must meet
  minimum age before the class starts.
• SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS: It is our policy that

  residents of the Town of Tolland who can not afford to
  participate in programs or activities can make confidential
  inquiries for assistance to the Recreation Director.
• INCLEMENT WEATHER: Program cancellations due to
  inclement weather are announced on our information line           Bonded                 Call Dick Hall at
  (871-3625) and are broadcast on Channel 3’s Early
  Warning Announcements.
                                                                    and Insured            871-8817
                                                                                               September 21, 2009      11
Please DO NOT drop off registrations at the Recreation Office during the mail-in/on-line/fax-in only registration.
Write separate checks for each program to avoid delay in registration process. Consider yourself registered if you DO NOT
hear from us. If you would like confirmation of registration include your email address on this form or include a self
addressed, stamped envelope. Recreation Department (860) 871-3610.

Parent/Guardian Name:                                                                    Home Phone:

Address:                                                                                 Cell Phone:

Email:                                                                                   Work Phone:

 Participants Name                   Grade DOB Age M/F Activity name                   Session    Date      Time     Day           Fee

 AE/Visa/MC #:                                      Exp. date                                                   Sub-Total

 Cash                                 Check #(s)                                                          Non-Resident
                                                                                         Add $5 per person / per activity


Will you need an accommodation because of disability to enjoy this program? (Circle One)                  Yes        No

Waiver & Medical Release - I recognize that there are inherent risks in participating in any recreational or sports activity. In
consideration of your accepting this entry, I hereby, for myself, my child, my heirs, executors and administrators, waiver and release
any and all rights and claims for damages I or my child may have against the Town of Tolland or Tolland School District and its
representatives, successors and assigns for any and all injuries suffered by myself or my child during participation in the registered
activity. In case of an accident occurring during my or my child’s participation I hereby grant permission to the Town of Tolland to
utilize any emergency medical care it deems necessary to treat any injuries suffered by myself or my child. I further understand the
Town of Tolland Recreation Department reserves the right to photograph facilities, activities and program participants for potential
future use. All photos remain the property of the Town of Tolland Recreation Department and may be used for publicity or
promotional purposes only.

Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                                                                Date

12 September 21, 2009
                   Recreation Youth Basketball for Boys & Girls in Grades 3rd thru 9th
Learn the fundamentals of basketball while having fun. Practices and games are on Saturdays from December through March.
Teams are formed by grade. (Grades 3 - 9) Please DO NOT wait to register.
         • Registration Fee: $76.00 until Nov 1st.
         • Nov 2nd - 15th $86.00.
We will not accept registrations after November 15th.
Referee’s (age 15 & up) and Coaches needed. Call the recreation office at 871-3610.

Parent/Guardian Name:                                                      Home:

Address:                                                                   Work/Cell:

E-mail Address:

 Participant(s) name                                                                  DOB       Grade     Age      M/F         Fee

 AE/Visa/MC #:                                      Exp. date                                                 Sub-Total

 Cash                                 Check #(s)                                                               Late Fee


Will you need an accommodation because of disability to enjoy this program? (Circle One)                Yes        No

WAIVER & MEDICAL RELEASE - I recognize that there are inherent risks in participating in any recreational or sports activity.
In consideration of your accepting this entry, I hereby, for myself, my child, my heirs, executors and administrators, waiver and
release any and all rights and claims for damages I or my child my have against the Town of Tolland or Tolland School District and
its representatives, successors and assigns for any and all injuries suffered by myself or my child during participation in the
registered activity. In case of an accident occurring during my or my child’s participation I hereby grant permission to the Town of
Tolland to utilize any emergency medical care it deems necessary to treat any injuries suffered by myself or my child.

Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                                                            Date

                                                                                                              September 21, 2009     13
                                                               DAY(S)                                                                 GRADE/AGE             FEE
               CLASS                                                                                            TIME                                                          LOCATION
                                                                RUN                                                                    MIN/MAX           # of Weeks

                                                                                                        5:45 - 6:30pm                  Age 4 - 5
      SKYHAWKS                                                                                                                           7/18
                                                       MONDAYS                                                                                              $63.00
     MINI-HAWKS                                                                                                                                                            Birch Grove Gym
                                                      Oct 19 - Nov 16                                                                  Age 5 - 6            5 wks
    Soccer/Basketball                                                                                   6:45 - 7:30pm
     FUN FOR THE                                         TUESDAYS                                                                      Age 2 - 5            $26.00
                                                                                                       12:15 - 1:00pm                                                    Hicks Comm Room
     LITTLE ONES                                        Oct 20 - Dec 8                                                                  10/13               8 wks

                                                         MONDAYS                                                                       Age 2 & 3            $23.00
      SIDE BY SIDE                                                                                      1:00 - 1:45pm                                                         Hicks Gym
                                                        Oct 19 - Dec 7                                                                  10/18               8 wks
     TIGER TOTS                                       Oct 14 - Dec 9                                                                   3 & 4 yrs            $38.00
                                                                                                     11:00 - 12:00pm                                                          Hicks Gym
    TAE KWON DO                                       No class Oct 28,                                                                    5/9               6 wks
                                                      Nov 11, Nov 25

SKYHAWKS MINI-HAWKS - This                                                                                                                    TIGER TOTS - TAE KWON DO - Tiger Tots is a
introductory sports program is designed to                                                                                                specialty martial arts program designed for children
promote a philosophy of fun while learning                                                                                                        ages 3&4. The class format is very playful and
soccer and basketball for younger kids. A great                                                                                         combines physical fitness with LIFE SKILLS training,
opportunity for children to learn introductory                                                                                          such as practicing patience, focus, respect and taking
sports skills and basic team strategies through                                                                                          turns. Our goal is to introduce young children to the
unique games and activities. A great program for                                                                                               martial arts in a challenging but fun and relaxed
the eager minds to explore two different sports                                                                                                    manner. We don’t do belt testing yet, instead
without the pressure to choose one over                                                                                                   children are rewarded with patches such as the eagle
another. Instructor Skyhawks Staff.                                                                                                    patch, awarded for improving focus. Or a snake patch,
                                                                                                                                            awarded for proper punching. We want children to
FUN FOR THE LITTLE ONES - During                                                                                                           feel successful and confident every time they attend
this parent/child class children will listen to                                                                                         class and therefore when they try their best they may
a different seasonal/holiday story, sing                                                                                                      also receive praise and stickers. Instructor Darcy
simple songs, put on finger plays and make                                                                                                                         Nelson, 4th degree black belt.
a craft. A good way for your child to meet
new friends and socialize. Instructor Carol
SIDE BY SIDE - During this parent/child class                                                                                                Tolland Recreation Department
children will have fun with the balance beam,
rope, tumbling, parachute and games. A great                                                                                             Calling All 3-Year-Olds!
class for your child to meet new friends and                                                                                                       Tolland Tykes Preschool
socialize. Instructor Carol Therrien.                                                                                                     The Tolland Recreation Department has an
                                                                                                                                        opening in our 3 year old preschool program
                                                                                                                                          on Tuesday and Thursday morning’s, from

                                                                                                                                          9:00 to 11:30, beginning in September. This
                                                                                                                                        program is geared to children who will turn 3
                         Law Office Of                                                                                                  by December 31, 2009. This program exposes
                                                                                                                                         children to all the major skill areas including
                       April C. Teveris, LLC                                                                                                 language arts, motor development, art,
                         CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN TOLLAND                                                                                mathematics, science, music and play. The cost
                                                                                                                                            for this program is $875.00 for 32 weeks
                                                 LEGAL SERVICES                                                                               payable in two installments. For more
                                                              including                                                                      information or to sign up, please call the
 • FAMILY LAW (divorce, and post - divorce matters) • WILLS • ESTATE PLANNING • ELDER LAW • REAL ESTATE
                • BUSINESS & EMPLOYMENT LAW • SECURITIES LAW • DIVORCE MEDIATION SERVICES                                                          recreation office at 871-3610.
Mention this ad and I will make a $50.00 donation in your name to the local non-profit organization of your choice upon closing
your real estate/refinance transaction. (political organizations excluded)
                                       Evening and weekend appointments available
                                              (860) 871-7753

14 September 21, 2009
                                                                        Individualized care in
          EVERY GAME                                                  private treatment rooms
         EVERY SUNDAY                                                  Experienced Therapists
          Right HERE!                                                 Comfortable Atmosphere
                                                                      Same location since 1988
                                                                          Privately Owned
              Sunday Brunch                 Every
                                                                          Cynthia Hubert, PT
                                         Thursday                         Joan Mullaney, PT
                                      100 Prize

     Open Everyday from 11am-Closing                                TOLLAND PHYSICAL THERAPY
    200 Merrow Road • Tolland CT 06084                               384 B Merrow Rd, Twin Ponds Centre,
     860-872-0332                                  Tolland, Ct • 860.875.4816          41794

                                                                       You Can Rest Easy
                                                                    Knowing You’re Protected

                                                                                      Residential & Commercial
                    860.896.0884                                                            P.O. Box 1170

                                                          Tolland, CT 06084
                                                                                            Phone: 860-872-4050
                     642 Tolland Stage Road
                           Tolland, CT 06084
                     Heather Mathiau, Owner

                                                                                           September 21, 2009   15
                               DAY(S)                                   GRADE/AGE              FEE
        CLASS                                         TIME                                                      LOCATION
                                RUN                                      MIN/MAX            # of Weeks

      ACTING              WEDNESDAYS              3:30 - 4:25pm          Grade 3 - 6
                                                                                              $107.00             TIS
      CLASSES             Oct 14 - Dec 9
                                                                                               7wks             Mini Gym
   Performing Arts       No class Nov 11, 25      4:30 - 5:15pm          Grade K - 2

  MAD SCIENCE®                                                           Grades 2 - 5         $112.00
                          Oct 14 - Dec 9          3:35 - 4:35pm                                                     TIS
    SYSTEM 3                                                                12/21              7 wks
                         No class Nov 11, 25

 GUITAR LESSONS             TUESDAYS                                     Age 12 & up          $94.00
                                                  5:30 - 6:30pm                                             TMS Choral Room
   Youth/Adult             Oct 20 - Dec 22                                   5/8              10 wks

                            THURSDAYS                                    Grade K - 2          $45.00            Hicks
   BOOK COOKS                                     3:30 - 4:30pm
                           Oct 22 - Nov 19                                  9/14              5 wks         Community Room

   BABYSITTING           Oct 20 & 22 T/TH         2:45 - 5:45pm                                                    TMS
                        Nov 30 & Dec 2 M/W                              Age 11 & up
     SAFETY                                                                                   $44.00
                                                                           6 / 15
     COURSE             SATURDAY - Nov 7          10:00 - 4:00pm                                            CPR O Heart Office

     MYSTERY                MONDAYS
                                                                          Age 8 - 11          $32.00
     WRITING               Oct 19 - Nov 9         6:00 - 7:00pm                                                     TIS
                                                                            4/15              3 wks
    WORKSHOP               No class Oct 26

                            MONDAYS                                       Age 8 - 11          $32.00
    WRITING                                       6:00 - 7:00pm                                                     TIS
                           Nov 30 - Dec 14                                  4/15              3 wks

ACTING CLASSES - Tolland Recreation Department in                  BOOK COOKS - A fun filled cooking class based on
cooperation with the “Performing Arts Programs” will be            children’s literature. Read a classic book each week and make
offering a progressive drama program designed for all skill        a delicious snack based on the story. A great class for
levels. These classes will challenge the less experienced actor    listening, math and socialization. Juice provided. Bring your
and offer new and exciting activities for the more                 hungry tummies!! Instructors Linda Murphy and Carol
experienced participant. Each class will include theater           Therrien
games, improvisational exercises, acting terminology,
concentration exercises, voice and speech, sense memory,           BABYSITTING SAFETY COURSE - There is more to
subtext, stage skills and script work. If you want to grow as a    babysitting than playing with children. Caring for them is an
performer this class is for you!! “Performing Arts Programs”       important job that requires knowledge, skills and
has over 30 years of professional vocal/theatrical experience      responsibility. Learn the skills necessary to care for children
and runs programs throughout CT. Instructor Performing             of all ages in various settings. Covers first aid, rescue
Arts Staff                                                         breathing obstructed airway management for the conscious
                                                                   choking child. Includes CPR training only for infants and
MAD SCIENCE® SYSTEM 3 - Mad Science® programs are                  children (does not include CPR certification). Books and
designed to spark the imagination of children and show             course completion certificate included. Must be 11 by the
them that science can be fun and exciting. Topics may              start of class. Bring a snack and drink. Instructor CPRO
include che-mystery, science of magic, super structures,           Heart staff
wacky waves, stunt planes & gliders, current events, all about
                                                                   MYSTERY WRITING WORKSHOP - Come be creative and
animals and kitchen chemistry. Enjoy this class along with
                                                                   learn to write your own mystery story. Instructor Andre J
your child, be a parent volunteer. Instructor Mad Science®
                                                                   Garant - Tolland Children’s Author
                                                                   MYSTERY WRITING WORKSHOP II - Available only for
GUITAR LESSONS Youth/Adult - Students will learn the
                                                                   those students who have completed the first mystery writing
basics of guitar playing, how to read music and play simple
                                                                   workshop. They will dissect a real mystery story & learn the
songs in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. No previous musical
                                                                   critical components to writing a captivating story of their
experience necessary. A music book will be provided for a
                                                                   own. Instructor Andre J Garant - Tolland Children’s Author
small fee payable to instructor. Instructor Barry Greika, over
40 years of teaching and playing experience

16 September 21, 2009
                               DAY(S)                                  GRADE/AGE             FEE
       CLASS                                          TIME                                                  LOCATION
                                RUN                                     MIN/MAX           # of Weeks

                                                  5:45 - 6:30pm         Age 4 & 5
    SKYHAWKS                                                              10/18
                           MONDAYS                                                          $63.00
   MINI-HAWKS                                                                                             Birch Grove Gym
                          Oct 19 - Nov 16                               Age 5 & 6           5 wks
  Soccer/Basketball                               6:45 - 7:30pm
LEGO® Engineering          MONDAYS                                      Grade 3 - 5        $175.00
                                                  3:40 - 5:10pm                                                 TIS
  FUNdamentals            Oct 19 - Nov 30                                 10/18             7 wks

       LEGO®                                                            Grade K - 2        $175.00
                          Oct 14 - Dec 9          3:40 - 5:10pm                                           Birch Grove Café
   Pre-Engineering                                                        10/18             7 wks
                         No class Nov 11, 25

 RIDING LESSONS                                   4:30 - 6:00pm         Age 8 & up
 English - Beginner                                 (Beginner)             2/3
                            WED & FRI                                                      $188.00          Five Oaks
   HORSEBACK               Oct 14 - Oct 30                                                  3 wks        Equestrian Center
 RIDING LESSONS                                  6:30 - 8:00pm          Age 8 & up
     English -                                 (Advanced Beginner)         2/4
 Advanced Beginner

SKYHAWKS MINI-HAWKS - This introductory sports                    HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS
program is designed to promote a philosophy of fun while          English - Beginner - Fall is a
learning soccer and basketball for younger kids. A great          perfect season to learn to ride a
opportunity for children to learn introductory sports skills      horse. This beginner horseback
and basic team strategies through unique games and                riding class is for children who
activities. A great program for the eager minds to explore two    have never ridden or have limited
different sports without the pressure to choose one over          experience. Participants
another. Instructor Skyhawks Staff                                should wear pants and a
                                                                  heeled shoe (boots) is
LEGO® - Engineering FUNdamentals - Using LEGO®, we’ll             preferred. Instructor Five
explore concepts in physics, mechanical engineering,              Oaks Equestrian Center
structural engineering, and architecture while playing with       Staff
your favorite creations. Learn how to design and build
motorized machines, catapults, demolition derby cars, truss       HORSEBACK RIDING
and suspension bridges, buildings and other constructions.        LESSONS English -
Each session will include directed projects with instruction,     Advanced Beginner - This
performance oriented projects with guidance, and free-            horseback riding class is for
building time to construct that “really great project” with       children who have walked,
huge quantities of LEGO®. These are fun, challenging,             trotted and started to canter
hands-on and minds-on classes suitable for LEGO® novices          on a horse. They must be able
to “maniacs”. Instruction by Play-Well TEKnologies Staff          to post and steer. We will go
                                                                  over ground rails to prepare
LEGO® - Pre Engineering - Using LEGO®, we’ll create, play         for jumping. Participants
and learn. Build a town, city or star base with houses,           should wear pants and a
buildings, pyramids, bridges, tunnels, towers and more. Build     heeled shoe (boots) is
motorized cars, trains, buses and trucks; race them; crash        preferred. Instructor Five
them; repair them. Explore the many possibilities of LEGO®        Oaks Equestrian
building systems while learning useful construction               Center Staff
techniques. Instruction by Play-Well TEKnologies Staff

                                                                                                       September 21, 2009   17
                              DAY(S)                                   GRADE/AGE               FEE
      CLASS                                          TIME                                                      LOCATION
                               RUN                                      MIN/MAX             # of Weeks

     JUKIDO              Oct 14 - Jan 20                                Age 6 & up            $48.00              TIS
                                                 6:30 - 7:30pm
     Beginner           No class Nov 11, 25,                              10/24               11 wks            Mini Gym
                            Dec 23, 30

     JUKIDO                                                             Age 8 & up            $53.00              TIS
                          Oct 20 - Jan 12        6:30 - 7:30pm
      Youth                                                               10/24               12 wks            Mini Gym
                          No class Dec 29

                           TUESDAYS               5-6 pm (Beg)          Age 8 & up
                      Ses 1: Oct 20 - Nov 24     3 - 4 pm (Int)         Age 11 & up           $51.00
    Beginner &                                                                                                  Hicks Gym
                       Ses 2: Dec 8 - Jan 12                            Age 8 & up            5 wks
   Intermediate                                  4 - 5 pm (Int)
                      No class Nov 3, Dec 29                               6/10
  LITTLE TYKES         Ses1: Oct 17 - Nov 7                               Age 4 - 7           $38.00             Golfers’
                                                 1:00 - 1:45pm
  GOLF CLINIC         Ses2: Nov 21 - Dec 19                                 6/12              4 wks             Warehouse
                         No class Nov 28

   SKYHAWKS               MONDAYS                                       Grades 3 - 5          $63.00              Birch
                                                 4:30 - 5:30pm
   Flag Football         Oct 19 - Nov 16                                   10/20              5 wks             Grove Field

  BASKETBALL              SATURDAYS                                    Grades 10 - 12         $50.00
                                                   afternoons                                                      TBD
  Pick-up Games         December - March                                   20/30              12 wks

JUKIDO - Beginner - Jukido is a style of Japanese Jujitsu the     ARCHERY- Intermediate - Held in conjunction with the
    techniques of which were founded centuries ago. Jukido        Junior Olympic Archery Development Program (JOAD) this
  emphasizes safety and doing one’s best. The techniques are      class provides more advanced teachings about proper archery
     taught such that they do not conflict with each other as     technique, as well as lessons on goal setting and positive self-
   the principles of Karate, Judo and Aikido are introduced.      image. Students will be able to qualify for JOAD awards and
          Judo and Aikido techniques were originated from         advance their distance from the target. Must have completed
         Jujitsu. Instruction by Master Joaquin Betancourt        the beginner archery program with Mr. Hall. Instructor
                                                                  William Hall
                 JUKIDO - Youth - This class builds on the
             fundamentals taught in beginner Jukido. Jujitsu      LITTLE TYKES GOLF CLINIC - Students will learn to putt,
                  was used by Japan’s elite warrior class, the    chip, swing irons and woods. Classes include fundamentals
              samurai, and perfected over hundreds of years       of golf, rules and etiquette all mixed with fun. Come learn
                                                in battlefield    the game that Mom and Dad play. Golfers’ Warehouse is
                                             combat. Jukido       located on 75 Brainard Rd Hartford CT. Instructor Jamie
                                           emphasizes safety      Lloyd, PGA Professional & staff
                                       and doing one’s best,
                                                                  SKYHAWKS - Flag Football - A great way to introduce
                         in a no-nonsense approach to self-
                                                                  young athletes to the popular sport rich in tradition. Skills,
                    defense. Instruction by Master Joaquin
                                                                  exercises, games and scrimmages are utilized to teach
                                                                  catching, passing, blocking as well as the rules of the game
                     ARCHERY- Beginner - A great activity         and the strategies of offense and defense. Instruction by
                       for kids. Students will enjoy shooting     Skyhawks staff
                          each week and learn the history of
                                                                  BASKETBALL - Pick-up Games - Spend time with friends,
                    archery and proper technique. It teaches
                                                                  make new ones or just enjoy playing pick-up basketball
                             patience, attention to detail and
                                                                  games. Games will be played on Saturday afternoons. We will
                         concentration. Last class includes a
                                                                  contact you with additional information. Must register with
                     “carnival day” when archery games will
                                                                  the Recreation office prior to playing.
                          be played. Equipment is provided.
                                    Instructor William Hall

18 September 21, 2009
                                DAY(S)                                      AGE                   FEE
         CLASS                                        TIME                                                          LOCATION
                                 RUN                                      MIN/MAX              # of Weeks

  GUITAR LESSONS             TUESDAYS                                       12 & up              $94.00               TMS
                                                  5:30 - 6:30pm
    Youth/Adult             Oct 20 - Dec 22                                   5/8                10 wks            Choral Room

  GUITAR LESSONS             TUESDAYS                                       18 & up              $94.00               TMS
                                                  6:30 - 7:30pm
       Adult                Oct 20 - Dec 22                                   5/8                10 wks            Choral Room

    PIANO &
                             TUESDAYS                                       16 & up              $94.00                TMS
KEYBOARD LESSONS                                  7:30 - 8:30pm
                            Oct 20 - Dec 22                                   5/8                10 wks              Room 122

   BASIC BOATING            TUES & THURS         7:00 - 9:00pm              16 & up               $5.00
      COURSE                 Oct 15 - Nov 3     1st & last 6:30-9pm          10/20                3 wks

         CPR                 WEDNESDAY                                      16 & up
                                                  6:00 - 9:30pm                                  $49.00          Hicks Comm Rm
   Adult/Child/Infant         October 14                                     6/12

       CPR/AED                MONDAY                                        16 & up
                                                  6:00 - 9:00pm                                  $43.00          Hicks Comm Rm
      Adult/Child             November 2                                     6/12

       LEARN TO               TUESDAYS                                      16 & up              $40.00            Birch Grove
                                                  6:30 - 8:00pm
         KNIT                Oct 20 - Dec 8                                  8/12                8 wks           Conference Room

GUITAR LESSONS Youth/Adult - Students will learn the                  near home, these emergencies include choking and sudden
basics of guitar playing, how to read music and play simple           cardiac arrest (SCA). Certification upon successful
songs in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. No previous musical            completion of all skills. Infant - This course teaches life
experience necessary. A music book will be provided for a             saving knowledge and skills for victims under the age of one
small fee payable to instructor. Instructor Barry Greika              year. Students will learn how to help reduce the risk of
                                                                      sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), how to recognize
GUITAR LESSONS Adult - Learn the basics of guitar
                                                                      breathing difficulties including what to do for a choking
playing, how to read music and play simple songs in a fun
                                                                      infant. Also recognition of sudden cardiac arrest and CPR
and relaxed atmosphere. A music book will be provided for a
                                                                      skills for an infant.
small fee payable to instructor. Instructor Barry Greika
                                                                      CPR & AED Adult/child - This course teaches what to do in
PIANO LESSONS & KEYBOARD LESSONS - Beginner:                          a life threatening emergency that involves SCA (sudden
Learn the basics of piano and keyboard playing, how to read           cardiac arrest) and the use of the AED (automated external
music and play simple songs in a fun and relaxed                      defibrillator). AED’s are common in public places and
atmosphere. No previous musical experience necessary.                 increase chances of survival. Knowledge and skills covered
Instructor Barry Greika - over 40+ years experience
                                                                      include choking, CPR, recognize warning signs of heart
teaching and playing                                                  attack and stroke and using the AED. Instructor CPR-O-
BASIC BOATING COURSE - This 6 class course will earn                  Heart LLC
you a safe boating and personal water craft (PWC) certificate         LEARN TO KNIT - New, novice, intermediate knitters; this
to use to apply for a boating license. Learn the basics of safe       is your class. We will cover what you need to know when you
boating. Topics include - boat handling, rules of the road,           need to know it. Bring your problems, questions, projects
equipment regulation, covers jet ski requirements. Must               you never finished. . . the basics of knitting will be explored.
attend all classes. Material fee is approximately $45.00 (one         Casting on, binding off, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, simple
per family) for course book payable to instructor at first            knit & purl combinations, simple cables, reading &
class. Must pass test at end of course to apply for license.          interpreting patterns & abbreviations. Different yarns and
Bring highlighter and pen to class. Instructor Manchester             their uses will be discussed & how the internet can help with
Power Squadron                                                        knitting. Come join the fun and learn a thing or two.
CPR-Adult/Child/Infant: This course covers the knowledge              Materials are covered by the student according to individual
and skills for emergencies that require CPR for all victims           patterns. All students will need a skein of worsted weight
over the age of 1 year. The course teaches what to do in a life       yarn & needles, size 6, 7 or 8 to practice stitches &
threatening emergency. Most emergencies occur at home or              techniques. Instructor Lori D’Andrea

                                                                                                              September 21, 2009   19
                           DAY/RUNS                    FEE                                  AGE
       CLASS                                                              TIME                                LOCATION
                           No class dates           # of Weeks                            MIN/MAX
     FITNESS              Oct 9 - Jan 22              $57.00                                13 & up              Hicks
                                                                      9:15 - 10:30am
       AM                No class Oct 30,             12 wks                                 12/30               Gym
                       Nov 27, Dec 25, Jan 1
     FITNESS               Oct 7 - Jan 20             $62.00                                13 & up              Hicks
                                                                      7:30 - 8:45pm
       PM                 No class Nov 11,            13 wks                                 12/30               Gym
                          Nov 25, Dec 30
      ZUMBA               Oct 7 - Jan 20              $50.00                                13 & up              Hicks
                                                                      9:15 - 10:30am
       AM                No class Oct 28,             12 wks                                 14/30               Gym
                      Nov 11, Nov 25, Dec 30
      ZUMBA                Oct 8 - Jan 21             $53.00                                13 & up              Hicks
                                                                      7:30 - 8:45pm
        PM                No class Nov 26,            13 wks                                 14/30               Gym
                          Dec 24, Dec 31
      ZUMBA               Oct 10 - Jan 16             $50.00                                13 & up              Hicks
                                                                      9:00 - 10:15am
      Saturday            No class Nov 28,            12 wks                                 14/30               Gym
                           Dec 26, Jan 2
 FITNESS/ZUMBA                                        $57.00                                13 & up              Hicks
                          Oct 19 - Jan 11                             9:15 - 10:30am
      AM                                              12 wks                                 12/30               Gym
                          No class Dec 28
 FITNESS/ZUMBA            Oct 19 - Jan 25             $57.00                                13 & up              Hicks
                                                                      7:30 - 8:45pm
       PM                 No class Nov 2,             12 wks                                 12/30               Gym
                          Dec 28, Jan 18

FITNESS - Fitness classes designed for the whole body with        ZUMBA - Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International
emphasis on back safety through proper alignment,                 music/dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, effective
cardiovascular       and     muscular     conditioning    and     fitness system. The classes feature aerobic/fitness interval
strengthening, body sculpting, deep muscle toning, core           training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that
stabilization, stretching and flexibility work. All classes       tone and sculpt the body. Zumba utilizes the principles of
consist of cardio, resistance, abdominal/core strengthening,      fitness interval training and resistance training to maximize
       and stretching. Participants choose from 32 different      caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning. It is a
                  workouts including a variety of Cardio,         mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow
                   Interval, Step, Boot Camp, Swedish, Pilates,   fitness/dance steps. All ages (13 and up) and fitness levels
                   and Resistance Training utilizing fitness      welcome!”
                   “toys”: balls, weights, bands/tubes, steps/    FITNESS/ZUMBA - “Alternating Fitness and Zumba classes.
                  benches. All ages (13 and up) and fitness       (One week Fitness in the AM and Zumba in the PM. The
               levels welcome!”                                   next week switches Zumba in the AM and Fitness in the PM,
                                                                  schedule of classes available). Please see class descriptions
                                                                  above. All ages (13 and up) and fitness levels welcome!”

                                                                   AFAA and ZUMBA Certified Instructor Jeanette Dellaripa

                                                                                    FOR AM CLASSES ONLY: A play area and
                                                                                    babysitter will be available for children in
                                                                                    the gym, $1.00 per child.

20 September 21, 2009
                              DAY(S)                                    GRADE/AGE               FEE
       CLASS                                          TIME                                                      LOCATION
                               RUN                                       MIN/MAX             # of Weeks
                          Oct 20 - Jan 12                                  16 & up             $57 00               Hicks
       YOGA                                       9:00 - 10:00am
                          No class Nov 3,                                   9/25               11 wks               Gym
                              Dec 29
                          TUESDAYS &
     PILATES              THURSDAYS                                        16 & up             $78.00               Hicks
                                                  6:30 - 7:15pm
     with Tools           Oct 13 - Dec 22                                   14/25              10 wks               Gym
                          No class Nov 26
                          Oct 15 - Jan 14                                  16 & up             $53.00               Hicks
  BOOT CAMP                                       9:00 - 10:00am
                      No class Oct 29, Nov 26,                              8/25               10 wks               Gym
                            Dec 24 & 31
                         Oct 14 - Jan 13                                   16 & up             $53.00               Hicks
  BOOT CAMP                                       6:15 - 7:15pm
                       No class Nov 11 & 25,                                8/25               10 wks               Gym
                           Dec 23 & 30
      JUKIDO                                                               13 & up             $57.00               Hicks
                          Oct 13 - Jan 12         8:00 - 9:00pm
       ADULT                                                                10/24              13 wks               Gym
                          No class Dec 29
    KOKONDO              Oct 14 - Jan 20                                   13 & up             $42.00              TIS
                                                  8:00 - 9:00pm
     KARATE            No class Nov 11 & 25,                                10/24              11 wks            Mini Gym
                           Dec 23 & 30

YOGA - The aim of this class is to learn to develop strength       JUKIDO ADULT - Jukido is a style of Japanese Jujitsu the
and flexibility and reduce stress by performing a series of        techniques of which were founded centuries ago. Jujitsu was
breathing exercises, warm-ups, simple yoga postures, and           used by Japan’s elite warrior class, the samurai, in battlefield
meditation techniques to stretch and strengthen the body           combat. Jukido emphasizes safety and doing one’s best in a
and calm the mind. No prior experience with yoga is                no-nonsense approach to self-defense. (Oct 27 & Nov 3 class
necessary. Please bring a sticky mat if you have one and a         at TIS gym). Instructor Master Joaquin Betancourt,
blanket or towel. Instructor Amy Evans                             International Kokondo Association
PILATES WITH TOOLS - An exercise class combining static            KOKONDO KARATE - Kokondo Karate is primarily a
stretching and aerobic breathing in a series of controlled,        Japanese style of Karate. It uses principles indigenous to the
non-impact movements. We will incorporate free weights             far east and draws from the most effective and traditional
and ball work to challenge your body. This class is referred to    techniques from Japan, Okinawa and China. The emphasis is
the “powerhouse” of muscles. The muscles form a support            traditional no-nonsense self defense and perfection of
for the spine and pelvis. Pilates mat work helps to activate       technique. Instructor Master Joaquin Betancourt,
the “Powerhouse” which leads to a stronger core. Please                                 International Kokondo Association
bring a mat, weights and ball. (Oct 27, 29 & Nov 3 classes will
be held at the Birch Grove School gym). Instructor Davender
KICK BOXING BOOT CAMP - AM & PM - A fun workout
starting with basic aerobic kick boxing moves followed by
simple boot camp style strength training working
the entire body. All fitness levels are encouraged to
join. Please bring sneakers, water and one set of 2 -
5 lb weights to class. (Oct 28 class will be held at
the Birch Grove School gym) Instructor Natasha
Wilczewski certified Black Belt

                                                                                                          September 21, 2009   21
                               DAY(S)                                     GRADE/AGE             FEE
        CLASS                                         TIME                                                      LOCATION
                                RUN                                        MIN/MAX           # of Weeks
     BALLROOM                                                                16 & up           $75.00
                            THURSDAYS                                                                               TMS
      DANCING                                     6:15 - 7:15pm                6/8           Per person
                           Oct 15 - Nov 19                                                                          Café
       Beginner                                                              couples           6 wks

                                                                             16 & up           $75.00
      DANCING               THURSDAYS                                                                               TMS
                                                  7:30 - 8:30pm                6/8           Per person
      Advanced             Oct 15 - Nov 19                                                                          Café
                                                                             couples           6 wks

   LATIN DANCE I                                                                               $75.00
                            MONDAYS                                          16 & up
      Modern                                      6:15 - 7:15pm                              Per person             TMS
                           Oct 19 - Nov 23                                    6/12
     (Beginner)                                                                                6 wks

  LATIN DANCE II                                                                               $75.00
                            MONDAYS                                          16 & up
      Modern                                      7:30 - 8:30pm                              Per person             TMS
                           Oct 19 - Nov 23                                    6/12
 (Advanced Beginner)                                                                           6 wks

BALLROOM DANCING BEGINNER - Learn how to                             LATIN DANCE I - Did you get excited about the TV contest
dance the Waltz with style and elegance in this                      Dancing with the Stars and wished that you were a part of it?
beginner’s class. Soon you will be gliding around the                Or is your desire to become a potential dance competitor in
dance floor! The Foxxy will be sure to get you noticed               So You Think You Can Dance? Either way this is the class for
on the dance floor! This is the “get to know you”                            you. You will learn how to master sensual and hot
dance and allows you to chat with your dance partner                           Latin rhythms such as Salsa, Cumbia and
on the floor! Rumba is the dance of love and this                              Merengue. Students will also be introduced to
beginner’s class will have you wanting more! Be sure                            other Caribbean rhythms such as Cha-cha,
to take the advanced class, too, to enhance your steps!                                  Mambo and Bachata. You don’t need a
Instructor Jennine Rivera-Michaud                                                           partner to participate in this class.
                                                                                             Instructor Oswaldo Tirano
Advanced Rumba will focus on adding more steps to                                                  LATIN DANCE II - If you feel
your basics and choreography. We will also work on                                                   strong with Latin foot work
acquiring Cuban motion! Tango rhythm can take                                                          and know basic turns with
you as romantic, sweet, and relaxing as you want                                                          your partner then I will
to be or it can be as exciting, animated,                                                             teach you how to become a
and sharp as you desire. You will be                                                                   strong leader and attentive
learning several patterns of American                                                                    follower. You will learn a
Tango to get you around the dance                                                                     large variety of turns based
floor with confidence. Instructor                                                                        on “cross body lead” and
Jennine Rivera-Michaud                                                                                     “salsa step”. There will
                                                                                                                   be warm ups by
                                                                                                                    learning other
                                                                                                                 rhythms, such as
                                                                                                              Merengue, Bachata,
                                                                                                                  Cha-cha, Tango,
                                                                                                            Rumba, etc. You don’t
                                                                                                                 need a partner to
                                                                                                                participate in this
                                                                                                                  class. Instructor
                                                                                                                  Oswaldo Tirano

22 September 21, 2009
                                                                             GRADE/AGE              FEE
          CLASS                     DAY(S) RUN                  TIME                                               LOCATION
                                                                              MIN/MAX            # of Weeks

      VOLLEYBALL                                                                16 & up            $42.00               TIS
                                   Oct 19 - Jan 11          7:00 - 9:00pm
        COED                                                                     9/30              12 wks               Gym
                                   No class Dec 28

      VOLLEYBALL                                                                18 & up            $42.00               TIS
                                   Oct 20 - Jan 12          7:15 - 9:15pm
        POWER                                                                    9/30              12 wks               Gym
                                   No class Dec 29

        ADULT                                                                   19 & up            $38.00               TMS
                                   Oct 19 - Jan 11          7:00 - 9:00pm
      BASKETBALL                                                                 10/30             12 wks               Gym
                                   No class Dec 28

                                  WEDNESDAYS                6:30 - 8:00pm       40 & up            $30.00
        ADULT                     Oct 14 - Jan 20                                                                       TMS
                                                                                                   12 wks               Gym
      BASKETBALL                      No class                                  19 & up
                                                            8:00 - 9:30pm
                                 Nov 11, 25, Dec 30                              10/30

    WOMEN’S GOLF                   THURSDAYS                                    15 & up            $75.00            Golfers’
                                                            6:00 - 7:00pm
      CLINIC                      Oct 22 - Nov 19                                 4/8              5 wks            Warehouse

      COED GOLF                   WEDNESDAYS                                    15 & up            $75.00            Golfers’
                                                            6:00 - 7:00pm
        CLINIC                    Oct 21 - Nov 18                                 4/8              5 wks            Warehouse

 OVERCOMING GOLF                   SATURDAYS                                    15 & up            $38.00            Golfers’
                                                          11:00 - 12:00pm
 Adult Coed Workshop               Oct 24 - Nov 7                                 4/8              3 wks            Warehouse

VOLLEYBALL - COED - Spend time with your friends,                  ADULT BASKETBALL -
make new ones or just enjoy playing volleyball in a friendly       Wednesdays - Pick-up games using
noncompetitive atmosphere. Must register with the                  two short courts. Must register with
Recreation Office BEFORE class begins. Instructor Larry            the recreation office prior to playing.
DeLisle                                                            TOLLAND RESIDENTS ONLY!!
                                                                   Instructor Phil Doucette
VOLLEYBALL - POWER - Coed pick-up games for players
with prior experience. Must register with the Recreation           COED & WOMEN’S GOLF CLINIC -
office. Instructor Sandy Willis                                    “Learning the Game” These are five week
                                                                   lesson programs for anyone interested in
ADULT BASKETBALL - Mondays - A great opportunity to                learning to play the game of golf. Even if you
compete in pick-up games using a short court. Must register        already play, these are helpful and informative
with the Recreation office before start date. TOLLAND              classes to polish your skills. Each week you will be
RESIDENTS ONLY!! Instructor Phil Doucette                          introduced to a new golf skill including putting,
                                                                   chipping, full swing fundamentals with irons and
                                                                   woods and ending with a program review. Golfers’
                                                                   warehouse is located on 75 Brainard Rd, Hartford,
   National Youth Sports Coaches                                   CT. Instructor Jamie Lloyd
 Association (NYSCA) Coaches Clinic                                PGA Professional + staff
   If you are interested in coaching a youth sports team
                                                                   OVERCOMING GOLF - Adult Coed Workshop.
                 this clinic is for you. Learn to be a better
                                                                   This is a classroom program that is designed to
                  coach from a nationally recognized non-
                                                                   work in conjunction with “Learning the Game”.
                 profit organization whose sole purpose is
                                                                   In this class we do not swing, chip, putt or play.
                   to make the sports experience better for
                                                                   We introduce you to, and get you comfortable
                  the kids. This coach’s clinic can be taken
                                                                   with the protocol that surrounds the game of
               in person or on-line at
                                                                   golf. We overcome the uncertainties of
            Call Tom at 871-3610 for more information.
                                                                   going to the course and playing the game.
                                                                   Instructor Jamie Lloyd - PGA
                                                                   Professional + staff

                                                                                                             September 21, 2009   23
                                                                                                                   Ed2go online courses are convenient, affordable
                                                                                                                        and effective. Each ed2go course comes
                                                                                                                    equipped with a patient and caring instructor
                                                                                                                     and are project-oriented and include lessons,
                                                                                                                   quizzes hands-on assignments, discussion areas,
                                                                                                                       supplementary links, and more. You can
                                                                                                                    complete any course entirely from your home
                                                                                                                         or office any time of the day or night.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel                                                                           Accounting
Discover the secrets to setting up fully formatted worksheets                                             Fundamentals
quickly and efficiently.                                                                                  Gain a marketable new skill
                                                                                                          by learning the basics of double-
Intermediate Microsoft Excel                                                                              entry bookkeeping, financial reporting, and more.
Work faster and more productively with Excel.
                                                                                                          Introduction to Microsoft Word
Introduction to QuickBooks                                                                                Learn how to create and modify documents with the world’s
Learn how to quickly and efficiently gain control over the                                                most popular word processor.
financial aspects of your business.
                                                                                                          Introduction to Microsoft Access
Performing Payroll in QuickBooks                                                                          Store, locate, print, and automate access to all types of
Learn to use QuickBooks 2009 to create paychecks, pay tax                                                 information.
liabilities, and produce dazzling payroll reports.
                                                                                                          Introduction to PowerPoint
                                                                                                          Build impressive slide presentations filled with text, images,
              Johnny Appleseed’s Farm                                                                     video, audio, charts, and more.
                                We Grow the Best!                                                         Introduction to Windows Vista
        “IT’S EASY! IT’S FUN!”                      2009 APPLE PICKING DATES                              Learn the important basic skills and concepts you need to
  “THEY’RE FRESH AND DELICIOUS!”                       Beginning on or about:
                                                 Paulared...............................August 15         take control of your Windows Vista PC.
         EASY-TO-REACH                           Jonamac................................August 29
          DWARF TREES                            McIntosh...............................August 29         Discover Digital Photography
                                                 Gala......................................August 29
                                                 Spartan.................................August 29        An informative introduction to the fascinating world of
                                                 Cortland...................................Sept. 12      digital photography equipment.
                                                 Red Delicious...........................Sept. 12
                                                 Macoun....................................Sept. 19       Real Estate Investing
                                                 Empire......................................Sept. 19
                                                 Jonagold..................................Sept. 19       Build and protect your wealth by investing in real estate.
                                                 Golden Delicious......................Sept. 19
                                                 Idared.......................................Sept. 26                                 Mon. & Tues.

 Call (860) 875-1000                                Senior Days
      For Up-to-Date                                    In Our Orchard
  Picking Conditions and
                                                                  10%                                                Inground Pool
   U-PICK PEACHES early Aug. thru mid Sept.                       OFF                                                   Inventory
  U-PICK APPLES early/mid Aug. thru late Oct.
   U-PICK PUMPKINS late Sept. thru late Oct.             From Hartford: Follow I-84                                  Reduction Sale!
          Free wagon rides on weekends                   (east to exit 64) then follow
    Call for picking times; fields open weather
Fresh produce available at our stands in Ellington at
                                                          Rte. 83 (north) to Ellington
                                                          From Springfield: Follow
    185 West Rd. (Rt. 83) and in Tolland at 244           Rt. 83 (south) to Ellington

              Hartford Tpke. (Rt. 30)

24 September 21, 2009
                                                                                                             Get Assertive!
                                                                                                             Find out how you can stop others from intimidating you or
                                                                                                             treating you poorly.
Project Management Fundamentals                                                                              Learn to Buy & Sell on eBay
Gain the skills you’ll need to succeed in the fast-growing field                                             Auction pros teach you how to work from home or earn
of project management.                                                                                       extra income by buying and selling goods online.
Computer Skills for the Workplace                                                                            Speed Spanish
Gain a working knowledge of the computer skills you’ll need                                                  Learn six easy recipes to glue Spanish words together into
to succeed in today’s job market.                                                                            sentences, and you’ll be engaging in conversational Spanish
                                                                                                             in no time.
Introduction to PC Troubleshooting
Learn to decipher and solve almost any problem with your                                                     Become a Physical Therapy Aide
PC.                                                                                                          Prepare for a rewarding career as a valued member of the
                                                                                                             physical therapy team.
Creating Web Pages
Learn the basics of HTML so you can design, create, and post                                                 Medical Coding
your very own site on the Web.                                                                               Learn how to use the CPT manual and the ICD-9-CM to
                                                                                                             find medical codes for any disease, condition, treatment, or
Creating Web Pages II                                                                                        surgical procedure.
Learn to develop polished and interactive pages complete
with tables, forms, frames, audio, and CSS.                                                                  Become an Optical Assistant
                                                                                                             Learn what it takes to become an optical assistant and
Introduction to Dreamweave                                                                                   discover why it’s one of today’s most popular and fascinating
rHarness the broad range of capabilities Dreamweaver brings                                                  career opportunities.
to Web development.
                                                                                                             Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search
GRE Preparation - Part 1                                                                                     World-renowned author and career advisor shows you how
Discover powerful strategies for success in the verbal and                                                   to get the job you want quickly and easily and in any
analytical sections of the GRE (course 1 of 2).                                                              economy.
Grammar Refresher                                                                                            Resume Writing Workshop
Gain confidence in your ability to produce clean,                                                            Discover the secret to transforming your tired, boring
grammatically correct documents and speeches.                                                                resume into a powerful tool that will get you interviews.
Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant                                                                          Understanding Adolescents
Increase your income while working from home by starting a                                                   Uncover the secrets of the adolescent mind. Gain valuable
grant writing consulting business.                                                                           information on how they feel, how their identities develop,
                                                                                                             and how you can best meet their needs.
Lose Weight and Keep It Off
Discover how to establish a healthy approach to successful                                                                            and more...
weight loss and weight maintenance for a lifetime.                                                           To learn more and enroll visit:

                  Passion Inspired Brilliance™
                                                            Our Gold
                                                         Hoops & Chains
         The world’s most brilliant                       have a lifetime           Our Diamond Earrings
    diamond. With 88 facets, a must                         guarantee!                are Engagement
    see! Exclusive to Dunbar Jewelers!                                                     quality.

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          We appreciate your business and will do everything we can to earn it.
               0% Financing • Custom Design • Gemologist on Premises
                                                       “SHOPS AT 30”

                                                 Rte. 30 • Vernon • 872-2425

                                                                   Hours: M-W 10-6, Th-F 10-8,
                                                                                                             Each Home Instead Senior Care franchise office is
                                                                           Sat. 10-5:30
                                                                                                             independently owned and operated.          

                                                                                                                                                                 September 21, 2009   25
Statue Of Liberty - NYC
Saturday, October 10th, 2009: Tour the Statue of Liberty,
take the ferry to Ellis Island, make your way to South Street
Seaport for Dinner. Registration Deadline September 18,
Time: The bus leaves Lot “W” in UCONN at 7:30am and
       returns to “W” lot about 10:30pm.
Fee: Adults (13-61) $60.00; Children (4-12) $55.00;
       Seniors (62+) $50.00 for residents.
       Non-residents add $10.00 per person.
                                                                  A Day In New York City
Radio City Music Hall                                             Saturday, December 5th, 2009: Enjoy a day in the “Big
                                                                  Apple” with friends and family. Bus drop offs/pick ups in
Christmas Spectacular                                             New York City will be determined by the driver on the day of
Saturday, November 14th, 2009: Let this amazing show be           the trip.
one of the highlights of your holiday season. You will have       Time: Bus leaves UCONN lot “W” at 7:00am and returns
the day to roam N.Y.C. on your own. Show time is 7:00pm                   approximately 10:30pm.
with seats in the First Mezzanine, sections 101 and 201. Bus
                                                                  Fee: $48.00 for residents
leaves NYC at 9:00pm. (We suggest bringing snacks for the
                                                                          Non-residents add $10.00 per person.
bus ride home or eating an early dinner before the show.)
Time: The coach bus leaves Lot “W” in UCONN at 10:30am
       and returns about 12:00am.                                 Mayflower & Plimoth Plantation
                                                                  Saturday, November 21st, 2009: Visit the Mayflower II and
Fee: $98.00 per person - includes bus & ticket to show.           talk with staff about the original Mayflower as well as this
       Registration deadline is October 31st                      reproduction. Along side are reproductions of a 17th-century
       Non-residents add $10.00 per person.                       shallop and a shop’s boat. Next visit Plimoth Plantation and
                                                                  find yourself immersed in the year 1627, seven years after the
                                                                  voyage of the Mayflower. This visit is self-guided, so wonder
                                                                  around the village at your own pace and join the colonists.
               ANDERSON                                           This is a unique opportunity to explore the 17th-century
                                                                  perspective of the English who traveled across the Atlantic.
                   Where Customers Send Their Friends!!!
                                                                  Drop off at the Mayflower in time for 10:30 tour. Lunch on
                                                                  your own in Plymouth. Board the bus at 12:30pm for
                                                                  Plimoth Plantation. Registration Deadline October 30, 2009.
             Proudly Serving the Tolland Area for 24 yrs.
                                                                  Time: The bus leaves Lot “W” in UCONN at 8:30am and
                                                                         returns to “W” lot about 6:30pm.
    No Job Is Too Small Or Too Big!                               Fee: Adults & Seniors $57.00; Students (gr. K-12) $49.00;
        We service foreign & domestic                                    Children 5 & under $37.00 for residents.
                                                                         Non-residents add $10.00 per person. Fee includes bus
         automobiles and light trucks.                                   and admission to the Mayflower & Plimoth Plantation.
           complete restoration from
        tire repair to engine overhaul.
            COMPLETE ONE STOP                                                                       271 South River Rd
                                                                                                    Tolland, CT
          AUTO AND TRUCK REPAIR                                                                     860.872.1665
            Affiliated with Better Business Bureau and                                              Mon-Sat 12:30 - 5:30
                   Tolland Chamber of Commerce.                                                     Sun 1:00 - 5:30

                 We Employ                   AUTOCARE                               Pick your own Apples .95¢/lb.
                 Certified Technicians        CENTER

  59 MERROW RD. • (RT.195) • TOLLAND, CT • 871-2419                                    Fall Fruit Stand • Pumpkins
   MONDAY–FRIDAY 6:00AM-8:00PM. SATURDAY 7:00AM-4:00

26 September 21, 2009
  Volunteers Needed For                                 Happy Feet, Healthy
      Haunted Walk                                      Food Kids Club
                                                        If you are a 1st or 2nd grader and want to
 Do you enjoy scaring people? Do you like dressing
                                                        have some running fun, eat healthy
 up like werewolves and monsters? If you answered
                                                        snacks, learn about health and fitness
 yes to either of these questions, then we have a job
                                                        while being part of our kids club, you
  for you! We need people to be in scenes, and to
                                                        may still be able to sign up if openings
work behind the scenes in our Haunted Walk. If you
                                                        are available!
would like to help but don’t want to be an actor, we
 need volunteers 18 & over to serve as guides or to     TIME: 3:45 - 5:00pm
    help build the scenes. We have some limited         COST: $40.00 per child
       openings for high school age students.           DATES: Thursday, Sept 17 - Nov 19, 2009
            For more information contact                   Parents must pick up children from the
     Tom at the Recreation Office at 871-3610.          club at 5:10 sharp. All children receive a
                                                        T-shirt and a Happy Feet Healthy Food
                                                        journal to use at the club and at home.
                                                        The Happy Feet, Healthy Food Kids’

  Happy                                                 Club is sponsored by the Tolland
                                                        Recreation Department.
                                                           If you need a registration form stop into the
                                                        Tolland Recreation Department or for

Halloween!                                              questions contact Carol Goodrow

  Annual Trick-Or-Treat                                                 Letters To Santa
   At The Town Hall &                                                            Santa’s elves will be collecting
                                                                                 letters left in the mail boxes at
  The Not Too Scary Cave                                                          the Post Office, Birch Grove
    In The Hicks Gym                                                               School and Tolland Library
                                                                                beginning Monday, November
               (For Ages 8 & Under)
                                                                                  30th thru Sunday, December
                       THURSDAY                                                      13th. Please be sure that
                 October 29th, 5:30 - 7:00pm                                           children include their
                                                                                full name and address in their
                           Haunted                                                    letter to insure a reply.
                         House & Walk
                         At Crandall’s                  41552

                                   FRIDAY                                              • Organic, Natural &
                                October 23rd                                             Gluten Free Groceries
                                7:00 - 9:00pm
                                                                                       • Take Out Salads, Wraps,
                                 SATURDAY                                                Pressed Sandwiches &
                                October 24th
                                6:30 - 9:00pm                          860-429-7300
                            Adult (15 & Up) $7                        603 Middle Turnpike (Rt. 44)
                           Child (14 & Under) $6                       Mansfield Storrs, CT 06268
                                                         Located between Zenny’s and Grand Union on Rt. 44 in Mansfield.
                                                          Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri 10am-6pm, Thur 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-3pm, Closed Sun

                                                                                                  September 21, 2009      27
28 September 21, 2009
                                              There’s plenty of time left to register and complete
                                             the Tolland Trail Days Game. Go to the Tolland Trail
                                                           Days website for details:

                                            Grand Finale Family Fun Day,
                                                   October 17th
                                                         (walks must be completed by this date)

         Prizes awarded to teams who complete tasks for one or more of the trails. To qualify
         for grand prizes teams must complete all four trails. The grand prize list consists of:
           A week of summer camp at Yankee Trails, A two man tent, A weekend for two in a
              Vermont Solar Camp, A girls 24” all terrain bike, A boys 20” freestyle bike.
                                       Tolland Trail Days is sponsored by:
                     Tolland Junior Women, Conserving Tolland, Tolland Library Foundation,
                                       Tolland Recreation Department

              15th Annual Tolland Athletic Foundation

        Golf Tournament
     All proceeds from the tournament will benefit the boys and girls athletes of Tolland

           Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 12:30 p.m.
                            Blackledge Country Club
                           180 West Street, Hebron, CT
                            Each Player Registration Includes:
                     18 Holes, Cart, Snack at turn, Lunch and Dinner
                                   Scramble Format
     Several Contests • Awards • Raffle Prizes • Mulligans • 50/50 Raffle • Par 3 Poker
                       For Registration or Questions Please Call:
     Rob Keane - 871-2826, Steven Leibowitz - 871-1722, Dave Mensher - 872-2187
                                  Make checks payable to:
                  Tolland Athletic Foundation by Thursday, October 1st
                 Mail Check and Registration to:      Steven Leibowitz|
                                                      c/o Tolland Athletic Foundation, Inc.
                                                      44 Tolland Farms Road
                                                      Tolland, CT 06084
Golfer(s) by 10/1/09 $125 x _____=__________; After 10/1/09 $160 x _____=__________

                                                                                      September 21, 2009   29
Filing Deadline for
Tolland Military Veterans                                         Handicapped individuals who drive
                                                                  special equipped motor vehicles must apply
  The Tolland Assessor’s Office will be preparing the 2009
                                                                  annually to have their vehicle exempted from property taxes.
Grand List during the coming months. Tolland residents are
                                                                  Filing deadline is January 31, 2010.
advised that veterans claiming a property exemption, who
                                                                    Totally disabled persons who are receiving permanent total
have not filed their honorable discharge form DD-214, must
                                                                  disability under the Federal Old Age Survivors and Disability
bring their original or a certified copy to the Town Clerk’s
Office prior to September 30, 2009.                               Insurance Program are entitled to an exemption of $1,000 of
  The veteran must be a US citizen for 10 years and have          property assessment on property that they own. The filing
served 90 days of the conflict or the full duration of any        deadline is December 1, 2009.
conflict lasting less than ninety days. Eligibility for this        All persons filing for land assessment reductions under
exemption will be determined by the Assessor after review of      Public Act 490--farm, forest and open space for the first time
the information provided.                                         must submit an application to the Assessor between
  Disabled veterans and veterans with incomes under               September 1 and October 31, 2009. A State Forester must
$37,300 for married and $30,500 for single may be eligible        certify Forest Land applications before the Department of
for additional benefits. Filing deadline is October 1, 2009.      Environmental Protection will issue a Forest Certificate.
  Veterans on active duty service, certain members of the         Open Space must be approved by the Planning and Zoning
reserve components of the armed forces, including the             Commission prior to filing with the Assessor. Owners of land
National Guard, who perform duty under Title 32 of the            already under Public Act 490 that has not changed in use or
United States Code, may be eligible for a veteran’s               acreage do not have to file annual applications with the
exemption. Title 32 covers Homeland Security missions,            Assessor.
airport security duty service in time of national disasters and     Personal property forms will be mailed out in late
patrol of the United States borders. Individuals applying         September to those known individuals having taxable
must meet eligibility requirements under CGS-12-81.               personal property. Taxable property consists of all
  Active duty military personnel stationed outside of             unregistered motor vehicles, campers, horses/ponies and
Connecticut on the October assessment day may have their          construction equipment.
motor vehicle exempted from taxes. The motor vehicle must           All businesses located in Tolland are required to file an
be housed outside of CT. The Assessor’s Office has a form         annual Personal Property Declaration. Any business having
which must be completed and signed by the serviceperson           personal property to declare and who have not received
and his/her commanding officer and returned to the                forms by October 1, 2009 should contact the Assessor’s
Assessor’s Office to qualify for this benefit                     Office and forms will be mailed. All personal property forms
                                                                  must be returned to the Assessor’s Office during October, or
                                                                  a 25% penalty will be applied according to state law. All
Exemptions                                                        personal property not declared and discovered by the
  The Tolland Assessor’s Office is currently receiving            Assessor will be valued by the Assessor. All appeal rights will
applications from individuals who are entitled to the             be waived. If you closed your business during the past year,
following exemptions:                                             you must notify the Assessor in writing to have your account
  Any person who has been declared legally blind is entitled      removed from the Grand List. If you have any questions,
to a $3,000 exemption. Proof must be filed with the Assessor.     please call the Assessor’s Office at 871-3650.

                                         Single Stream Recycling Starts in Tolland
                                   The new blue recycling carts were delivered to residents the last two weeks of June with their
                                  effective day of use being July 1, 2009. A new Resident’s Guide and a pamphlet on curbside
                                  recycling were delivered with every recycling cart. For ease of efficiency, the 32 or 95-gallon
                                 nonstandard sizes were delivered to residents first, with all standard 65- gallon carts delivered
                                second. Of the 5,360 containers ordered, only 230 residents asked for the smaller 32-gallon cart
                                 and 286 asked for the larger 95-gallon with the balance receiving the standard 65-gallon cart.
                                One recent change is that waste oil (drained from engines), is now a Bulky Waste item pick-up,
                                 and is not to be put out with recycling. Bulky Waste items will only be picked up the first full
                                    week of the month and you must call 4 days in advance 800- 286-5335 or 860-423-4527.

30 September 21, 2009
                                                                                                                        Tues., Wed., Fri. 11-6
                                   875-0746                                                                                      Thurs. 11-8
                                                                                                                                     Sat. 10-4
                                   220 Hartford Tpke,
                                     Rt.30, Tolland

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                                                                                                                           68 Hartford Turnpike
                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 483
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                                                                                            175 Hartford Tnpk., Tolland, CT

                                                                                                                    September 21, 2009       31
   The Town of Tolland would like to announce a new on-line           It also bounces less than standard rock salt, so more material
service available to residents, which will allow them to report       stays on the roadway and less in the gutter. Snowplow crews
road concerns via the internet. We believe residents will find        can more easily keep the road clear because they are working
this to be a useful tool, allowing them to notify our Public          with the snow that has not bonded to the pavement.
Works Department of their concerns anytime day or night, at           Anti-icing has many advantages:
their convenience.                                                    • Town crews can respond to storms proactively by
   Residents will find this software program, provided by                beginning treatment in advance of the storm.
Progeos located in Tolland, to be user friendly. Progeos is using
Tolland as a test site for this product and we would appreciate       • Anti-icing enables a quicker return to improved road
any feedback from residents on the use of the software. The link         conditions resulting in fewer accidents and delays.
is located on the home page of our web site at       • Treated salt does not bounce off the roadway so material is
By clicking on the link labeled “Service Request Form”,                  more effectively used.
residents will be able to search for their property by entering       • If the storm is delayed, some residual salt remains on the
their name or street address. After clicking on the magnifier            road ready to begin work when precipitation begins.
glass next to their property, a form will then come up asking for     • Crews can efficiently cover more territory because a
their request details, location, email address and whether or not        truckload of salt will last longer than a traditional
they would like to be contacted. Public Works will review entries        truckload of sand/salt mix.
daily, Monday through Thursday and will take the necessary
steps to resolve the service requests submitted by the residents of   Reduction of Sand Use
Tolland. Residents should be aware that in many cases we group          In Connecticut, snow storms have traditionally been
our road work assignments together for cost reasons so some           fought by applying a mixture of three parts sand to one part
concerns may not get addressed immediately unless it is an            salt. Salt melts snow and ice. Sand does not.
emergency situation. We are very excited to offer this new              Sand can increase friction, thereby providing better
software, not only for the convenience to our residents but the       traction and control of vehicles. For sand to actually improve
expanded capabilities we will have to maintain records on road        traction, however, it must remain between the tire and the
conditions which will assist with proactive maintenance in the        ice. It does no good when it is buried in snow. Vehicle traffic
future.                                                               will work sand into fresh snow and render it useless to
   With winter just around the corner, the following are some         improve traction. Research on friction on pavements treated
Town winter policies and general information:                         with sand shows that there is little benefit when traffic is
                                                                      present. When is the most effective time to use sand? During
Anti-Icing                                                            very low temperatures (below 5ºF) where salt is ineffective or
  One of the relatively new weapons being used in the snow            during freezing rain conditions. The Town will no longer use
and ice control field involves the treatment of roads with            sand during the majority of its snow removal operations. The
anti-icing products in advance of snow storms. The Public             Town will continue to have sand available for use when
Works Department will continue to implement some of                   conditions specifically warrant its use.
these measures this year after last year’s successful test            Benefits of Reducing Sand Use:
program.                                                              • Elimination of sand from entering our
  Anti-icing refers to a collection of strategies and                    streams and waterways.
techniques used to prevent snow from bonding to the road
surface. Salt and salt treated with liquid calcium chloride are       • Reduction in spring clean up time both for property
applied to the road surface in advance of the storm. The salt            owners and the Town.
lowers the freezing temperature of water and prevents ice             • Reduction in air pollution from blowing sand particulates.
from bonding to the road. De-icing, in contrast, refers to            • Buildings and homes are cleaner because less sand and
snow and ice removal after bonding has occurred.                         mud is tracked in from streets and municipal parking lots.
  Anti-icing crates a brine on the road surface that acts as a        • Reduction in windshield damage and chipped paint.
barrier between falling snow and the pavement. Snow may
accumulate on the road surface, but because of the barrier,           What changes will the public see?
the snow will not bond to it.                                         • There will be some storms where the Town snow plow
  The key to anti-icing is the application of salt. Timing is            drivers will be applying material to the road
everything; if the salt is applied to the road too soon, the             before or just as a storm is starting.
resulting brine may freeze as the falling snow dilutes it. If it is   • The streets and edges of the road will not be brown with
applied too late after the storm begins, snow will have already          sand after a snow storm has ended.
bonded to the road surface.                                           • The use of salt on a per storm basis will not exceed what
  Treated salt will form a brine faster than standard rock salt.         has been used in prior years.

32 September 21, 2009
                                                                  • The Town Council, the Town Manager or Town Manager’s
Mailboxes                                                            designated representative may also declare a parking ban if
  Please check your mailbox and make sure it is in good              a significant snow event is forecast or in progress.
repair, firmly attached to a solid post and properly placed so     • Residents are asked to remove vehicles from the street
no part of it is over the pavement. Your mailbox will have to        when a snowstorm is occurring. It makes plowing safer
withstand countless tons of flying snow this winter and it           and more efficient if plow drivers do not have to operate
may require periodic maintenance. If a mailbox or post is            around parked vehicles.
pushed over or damaged as a result of snow or slush coming
off a snowplow, it is considered a winter hazard and the             For information on whether a parking ban has been declared,
Town will not repair or replace the mailbox or post. The          tune to WFSB (CBS), WTNH (ABC) or WVIT (NBC).
height of the bottom of the mailbox to the street should be
between 42” and 48”.                                              Resident Sand Pile
                                                                    Unfortunately, due to high cost and safety measures, we
Catch Basins & Storm Inlets                                       will no longer be able to supply a winter sand pile for
                                                                  residential use.
  Help minimize street flooding by shoveling snow and ice
from in front of the storm inlet nearest your house. This
includes keeping catch basin grates free of leaves and other      Christmas Trees
debris all year long!                                                Tolland does not offer curbside pick up of Christmas trees.
                                                                  However, Christmas trees may be dropped off at Crandall’s
Portable Basketball Hoops                                         II, near the Lodge driveway, from December 26th through
                                                                  January 26th.
  Residents are reminded that portable basketball hoops and
similar items should NOT be in the Town right-of-way. The
Town is not responsible for damage done by plows to               Fire Hydrants
basketball hoops left in the Town right-of-way.                      Owners of property and occupants of buildings that have a
                                                                  fire hydrant are required by Town Ordinance to clear a four
Winter Parking Bans                                               foot area in all directions around the hydrant and a three
                                                                  foot wide path from the street to the fire hydrant. Failure to
  Parked vehicles are the biggest obstacles to effective snow
removal. Please support our efforts by parking your vehicle       comply with this ordinance may result in a fine. The Fire
in conformance with the winter parking ban.                       Department counts on hydrants being cleared of snow to
                                                                  help protect your safety. If you have any questions, please
• Overnight parking is not allowed on public streets or           contact the Town Fire, Rescue, and EMS Department at 647-
   municipal parking lots between the hours of midnight and       3266 or the Eighth District at 643-7373.
   6:00 a.m. from November 1st to April 15th.

                                          Home Improvement Signs
   Tolland property owners should be aware of restrictions in the Zoning Regulations pertaining to the posting of a sign at the
road by a business doing work on your property. Section 170-117 C of the Zoning Regulations permits one 4 square foot sign
pertaining to construction, repair or improvement of buildings or property that is currently being performed. These signs
frequently posted by roofers, contractors and landscapers must be removed when the work is completed, and the contractors
are no longer working on the site. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove the sign if the contractor does not. Signs that
are not removed are in violation of the Zoning Regulations and the property owner will be cited.
                          Plan of Conservation & Development Update
  The Planning & Zoning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on September 21, 2009 at the Crandall Park Lodge
commencing at 7:00 p.m. for the adoption of the Plan of Conservation and Development update. This plan, which was
developed over the past 18 months with considerable public input, establishes a common vision for To lland’s evolution over
the next 10 years or so that will implement balanced land-use solutions that are environmentally sustainable, financially
responsible and maintain Tolland’s character. Please see the Plan of Conservation and Development link at
for a copy of the plan, booklets, maps and other supporting data. Copies of the Plan may also be requested at the Level 3
Development Group or by calling 871-3601.

                                                                                                         September 21, 2009   33
                                                                  $8.00 for the license and $3.00 for
Attention Tolland Dog Owners                                      the late fee, for a total of $11.00.
   Tolland Animal Control would like to remind dog owners           Residents who licensed a dog in 2008 but no longer own
that June was Dog License Renewal Month. By law all dogs          the animal should contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 860-
over 6 months of age in Connecticut must have a current           871-3630 to remove the dog from the town’s list.
license.                                                            The Town of Tolland welcomes dog owners and their pets
   Dog owners may stop by the Town Clerk’s office during          in the town’s parks and on its trails. However, all dogs MUST
regular business to purchase a new tag. The fees are $8.00 for    be leashed at all times. The parks and trail systems are for all
Spayed or Neutered dogs, or $19.00 for dogs which have not        residents to enjoy. Please be courteous, because we are all
been spayed or neutered. A $1.00 per month late fee is            sharing the same paths!
assessed for licenses which should have been renewed in June        Remember that animals are NOT permitted on
but are issued after 6/30/09. The Town Clerk’s Office is          playgrounds, ball fields, tennis courts and school running
located in the Town Hall at 21 Tolland Green, and is open         tracks. Also, please pick up after your pets!
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 p.m.             Are you a livestock owner? Please go to the town’s website
and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The office is closed     ( and complete a brief survey. Just click on
Friday. Checks should be made payable to Town of Tolland.         Public Safety.
   Licenses may also be obtained by mail. Owners should
send a copy of their dog’s current Rabies Certificate, proof of
spaying or neutering (if applicable), a self-addressed stamped
                                                                  Fire Department
envelope and a check or money order for the appropriate fee       Welcomes New Ambulance
to the Town Clerk’s Office, Attn: Dog Licenses, 21 Tolland           A new ambulance has recently entered service with the
Green, Tolland, CT 06084. Please include a late fee of $1.00      Tolland Fire Department, Inc. replacing an older unit that
for each month or portion of a month that the license is          has been traded in.
overdue. For example, if you are licensing a neutered dog at         The specifications for this new vehicle were prepared by
anytime during the month of September, the fee would be           members of The Tolland Fire Department, Inc. Several
                                                                  significant safety enhancements were included in the design.
                                                                  A state-of-the-art emergency lighting system will make the
                                                                  new ambulance more visible to on-coming cars. A set of
                                                                  bright “accident avoidance chevrons” of red and yellow
                                                                  reflective material have been placed on the rear of the unit to
                                                                  help protect it when it is stationary. The vehicle also features
                                                                  an innovative “Howler” siren which projects a very loud and
                                                                  distinctive low-tone audible warning to attract the attention
                                                                  of drivers who are inattentive or distracted by the use of cell
                                                                  phones, headsets or loud music.
                                                                      The new ambulance was built to order on a Ford E-450
                                                                  chassis by Life Line Emergency Vehicles of Sumner, Iowa. It
                                                                  was purchased through Eastford Fire Rescue Sales of
                                                                  Eastford, Connecticut. No tax revenues were expended for
                                                                  the purchase of this new piece of equipment. The cost has
   Paula R. Wilson                                                been covered by the fees which the Town received from those
   Tolland Branch Manager
   215 Merrow Road (Rt 195)
   Tolland, CT 06084
   (860) 870-7066


34 September 21, 2009
who have utilized the ambulance.
   The new unit has been designated “Ambulance 640” and it
will normally be housed at Station 240 on Merrow Road.

Phone Number
Updates Requested
   Each year the volunteers of The Tolland Fire Department,
Inc. publish a Community Telephone Directory as a public
service for the residents of Tolland. The Directory is
distributed free of charge by mail to every household and
business in Tolland. Phone numbers are compiled by the
volunteers from a number of sources.
Have you changed your telephone service provider?
   Residents who have recently changed their telephone
service to a cellular, computer or cable phone provider are
asked to notify the department if they wish to be listed in the
2010 directory. This is necessary even if a resident’s
telephone number does not change.
   Residents who have moved to town in the last 6 months
should also notify the department if they wish to be listed in
the 2010 edition. Those who wish to change any other
information in their current listing, as well as those who do
not wish to be listed in the directory, are also requested to
notify the department of their wishes.
   Information may be e-mailed to:,
or it may be submitted by mail to: Phonebook, The Tolland
Fire Department, Inc., P.O. Box 827, Tolland, CT 06084.                                41857
Please include the name(s) as you want them to appear in the
listing, the street address (not a P.O. Box), and the
appropriate telephone number. All information must be
received by September 25, 2009.

Fire Department Open House
   The Tolland Fire Department, Inc will hold its annual
Open House at the Fire Training Center, 191 Merrow Road
(across from Meeting House Commons) on Saturday,
October 10, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. The event
marks the conclusion of National Fire Prevention Week.
There will be live demonstrations, information on fire safety
in the home, and door prizes. Refreshments and snacks will
be provided.
   A variety of equipment will be on display. Many of the
department’s trucks and other emergency equipment will be
open to the public, making the event of particular interest to
children. A featured item on display will be the department’s
new ambulance which was recently placed in service.
   The annual Open House also offers an opportunity for
town residents to better understand how the department’s
fire and emergency medical divisions operate, as well as the
training required to be a volunteer. Tolland residents
interested in learning more about joining the Tolland Fire
Department, Inc. will find this an ideal opportunity to talk
with current department members about training, time
commitments and the sense of satisfaction that is derived
from providing a valuable service to neighbors and the

Tolland community.

                                                                  September 21, 2009    35
BULK PERMIT                                                                                                     U.S. Postage
Town of Tolland                                             OCCUPANT                                      PAID Permit No. 3
21 Tolland Green                                         Tolland, CT 06084                                Tolland, CT 06084

     Municipal Election ~ November 3, 2009
     Tolland’s Municipal Election will take place on Tuesday, November 3, 2009. Voting will take place at both polling
     places-Hicks Gym and Tolland Senior Center. You will be voting at the same polling place as you did in November
     2008 and/or the Budget Referendum in May 2009. If you moved to another voting district in town then your
     polling place may have changed. Please notify the Registrars of Voters if you have moved within town so that your
     records can be updated. Please visit our website at for answers to any questions you
     may have or to print a copy of the Voter Registration Form if you wish to register to vote or change any
     information. Deadline for mail-in Voter Registration cards is October 20, 2009. Polls will be open from 6:00 a.m.
     until 8:00 p.m. on November 3rd. If you have any further questions please call the Registrars of Voters at 871-3634.

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