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1st   General Meeting   10.04.2003   14.53 – 17.40   page 2
2nd General Meeting     11.04.2003   15.50 – 19.40   page 10
3rd   General Meeting   14.04.2003   11.17 – 19.19   page 17

Enrico Natalizio
Paul Oudshoorn
EESTEC Congress 2003                                                          Index

1st General Meeting
      1.   Opening
      2.   Attendance check
      3.   Selection of GM Chairman and Secretary
      4.   Selection of the Scrutiners
      5.   Approval of the Agenda
      6.   Presentation of the Board Report (without the treasurers report)
      7.   Report of VIPs and subsequent approval of each separately
      8.   Presentation by the Local Committees
      9.   Presentation of Congress Worksessions
      10. All other business
      11. Closing

2nd General Meeting
      1.   Opening
      2.   Attendance check
      3.   Approval of the Agenda
      4.   Presentation of Treasurer’s Report
      5.   Proposal of Change in the RoP
      6.   Presentation, questions and vote of the Observers
      7.   Wrocław (Poland)
      8.   Bucharest (Romania)
      9.   Skopje (Macedonia)
      10. Sofia (Bulgaria)
      11. Discussion about membership continuity and exclusion of LCs
      12. Presentation of the candidates for the position of COC 2004
      13. Presentation of the candidates for the Board positions
      14. AOB
      15. Closing

3 General Meeting

      1.   Opening
      2.   Attendance check
      3.   Approval of the Agenda
      4.   Report of Vice-Chairman for Web
      5.   Report of Oversight Committee
      6.   Approval of Board’s Report
      7.   Presentation and Acceptance of Budget 2003-2004
      8.   Presentation of the Results of the Worksessions
      9.   Presentation of Activation Award
      10. Candidates for Board Positions – Questions
           Lunch break
      11. Attendance check
      12. Election of the Board
      13. Election of Oversight Committee (OC)
      14. Election of International Bureau (IB)
      15. Election of Mail Manager
      16. Election of Bank Contact Person
      17. Election of Yearbook Publishing Committee
      18. Election of Magazine Publishing Committee
      19. Election of Congress Organizing Committee
      20. Drawing-up of the future tasks for the Board
      21. Presentation of Planned Future Events
      22. AOB
      23. Closing

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                    Minutes of the First General Meeting

1.    Opening of the First General Meeting
Thursday April 10 2003, 14h53 Enrico Natalizio opens the first General Meeting (GM)

2.    Attendance check of the LCs
Presence of the LCs (P = present, N = not present)

 1     Vienna [AUT]          N       11   Munich [DEU]          N      21      Ljubljana [SVN]      P
 2     Grodno [BEL]          N       12   Budapest [HUN]        P      22      Madrid [ESP]         P
 3     Minsk [BEL]           N       13   Cosenza [ITA]         P      25      Zürich [CHE]         P
 4     Rijeka [HRV]          P       14   Reggio Emilia [ITA]   N      26      London [GBR]         N
 5     Helsinki [FIN]        P       15   Trieste [ITA]         N      27      Nottingham [GBR]     N
 6     Oulu [FIN]            P       16   Delft [NLD]           P      28      Belgrade [YUG]       P
 7     Tampere [FIN]         P       17   Eindhoven [NLD]       N      29      Nis [YUG]            N
 8     Paris [FRA]           P       18   Twente [NLD]          P      30      Novi Sad [YUG]       P
 9     Aachen [DEU]          P       19   Krakow [POL]          P      31      Podgorica [YUG]      P
 10    Cottbus [DEU]         N       20   Murom [RUS]           N              Total: 17

3.    Selection of GM Chairman and secretary
Candidates for the GM chairman
Enrico Natalizio                      in favour: 17, against 0, blank 0 => selected

Candidates for the GM secretary
Paul Oudshoorn                        in favour: 17, against 0, blank 0 => selected

4.    Selection of the scrutineers
Candidates for scrutineers
Elisabeth Cart (LC Paris)             in favour 17, against 0, blank 0 => selected
Esther van Baaren (LC Delft)          in favour 17, against 0, blank 0 => selected

5.    Approval of the agenda
Enrico presents the agenda of the meeting and asks if there are any comments or requests.
Janne (LC Oulu) proposes to postpone the treasurers report to the 2nd GM, the Oversight Committee (OC)
report to the 3rd GM, the VC-Web report to 3rd GM. There has not been enough time for the OC to verify
that the bookkeeping is correct. Even after spending the whole night correcting the errors in last years’
bookkeeping and transferring the treasurers’ excel sheet into a proper accounting program, they did not
succeed to finish it in time. The General Assembly (GA) supports Jannes proposal.

Proposal Janne                        in favour 16, against 1, blank 0 => accepted

The OC mentions that a solution for next year would be for at least the treasurer and OC to arrive one day
before the congress to sort these problems out.

The final agenda of the meeting is as follows:

       1.   Opening
       2.   Attendance check
       3.   Selection of GM Chairman and Secretary
       4.   Selection of the Scrutiners
       5.   Approval of the Agenda
       6.   Presentation of the Board Report (without the treasurers report)
       7.   Report of VIPs and subsequent approval of each separately
       8.   Presentation by the Local Committees
       9.   Presentation of Congress Worksessions
       10. All other business
       11. Closing

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                     Minutes of the First General Meeting

6.   Presentation of the board reports (without the treasurers report)
Report of the board of EESTEC 2002-2003
Chairman Dominik Leuenberger explains what the board as a whole has been doing during the last year.
Tasks given to the board in the Budapest congress were:
-    Work on the results of Working Sessions                -     Solve migration from current webserver to
-    EU Funding                                                   the new one
-    Change the Seat of EESTEC                              -     Activate new LCs in Europe, communicate
-    Clear out voting procedures                                  with (Activation Person) AP’s
-    Organise Internships                                   -     Reactivate, keep stable existing LCs
-    Get sponsorships                                       -     Mailing lists for discussions (one for each
-    Print the brochure                                           forum topic)
-    Continue writing EESTEC History                        -     Work out new EESTEC logo
-    Proposals for the webpages                             -     Visa matters

Implement Workingsession results
The idea of the activation award was succesfully implemented. 4 observers will present themselves in the
2nd GM.

Super sponsor
The board sought for a supersponsor and are in discussion with one candidate, but no name can be
mentioned at this point. The board also prepared an EU funding request, but the EU is so bureaucratic that
it will take more time (until April/May) until the results are known.

New EESTEC projects
An EESTEC training week was launched in Paris, but it had to be cancelled because of lack of funds.

A new logo is not needed in the opinion of the board, further discussion will be done in the working
session. The usage of the unique EESTEC LC logos made by Marco Lackovic was implemented. Print the
brochures: content is collected, layout still missing. IB is contacted to continue working on and to
maintain the EESTEC history. Also the website has had a redesign during the last year. Proposals for
changes in the web pages made by LC Cosenza are in progress, but the forum is not yet exactly as

5 observers have been found to come to the congress: Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bucharest
(Romania), Skopje (Macedonia), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Wrocław (Poland). Banja Luka were not able to travel to
Cosenza due to visa problems.

Reactivation / stabilising existing LCs
Reactivation and stabilising the existing LCs was done in Twente, Zürich and Vienna.

The board has contacted many companies for sponsorship. The EMDS career garden was held in Germany,
EESTEC spread the information to its members.

Solve migration of webserver
Solve the migration of the server: done.

The board discussed internships, but are not convinced EESTEC should fulfill this task. Neither do they
know if EESTEC members are willing to put their CV and information on the website. Borut (LC Ljubljana)
proposes to make a working session on internship as he has some ideas on that.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                    Minutes of the First General Meeting

Mailing list for discussions
Mailing lists for discussions were not found necessary by the board, because already the forum can act for
this purpose.

Visa matters
There are problems with visa in latest events, including the congress. The board recognises the problem,
but found no solution. Marco Lackovic (LC Cosenza) asks whether it is possible to make a document to
warn the LCs that need visa. Nenad (LC Belgrade) asks if it is possible to make a template for the invitation
letters and other required documents. Nenad proposes to prepare it for EESTEC. Bas (LC Delft) says the
board of last year already made this form and procedure clear, but it is not known where it is at present.
Bas will resend the document to the new board. Borut (LC Ljubljana) says it needs to be in the language of
the requesting country inhabitant.

Report of the VC IA
Vice Chairwoman for internal affairs, Maja Miloševic [LC Novi Sad]

The tasks for the Vice Chairwoman of Internal Affairs (VC IA) were:
-       Internal communication
-       Coordination of events
-       Dynamic part of the web pages

Communication is essential to EESTEC, the VC IA has been on top of this to keep the email organised.
Maja asked for a status update before each boardmeeting and stayed in touch with all the LCs during the
Some LCs are too lazy to announce their events to the board and the website. The board can help LCs to
find participants and answer questions. Also, it is necessary to enthousiasm the observers, so the board
must be able to advice the LC to invite observers.

Dynamic part of the web pages
Maja has made sure that all members that need the right to access the webpages have it. Also, events
were promoted in the events section. The web page (yellow pages) and events section need to be kept up
to date. One bright day in the future the YP and the mailing list will be connected to eachother.

Maja prepared an activation package and targeted many LCs in several ways. It is not yet on the website.
Foreseeing the expansion of the EU to 25 memberstates, EESTEC needs to work on its footprint in Europe
to be in as many EU countries as possible. At current, only 8 LCs are in the EU, which is scaring because
for instance in France and Spain have only 1 LC. For future EU funding applications this is essential. Borut
(LC Ljubljana) notices that soon 11 LCs will be within EU after the next expansion.

Report of the ViceChairman of Publication and Administration
Vice Chairman for Publications and Administration, András Gaál [LC Budapest]

-       Responsible for coordinating publishing projects of EESTEC
-       Distribute the newsletter by the board
-       Make the EESTEC Magazine be published
-       Make the Yearbook be published
-       Responsible for communication with the International Bureau
-       Responsible for production and improvement of promotional material

András hopes the yearbook committee is able to send the yearbook to the congress in time, after their
hard work. The magazine is presented few days before the congress and the newsletter (boardmail) was

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                     Minutes of the First General Meeting

sent out to alleestec several times last year. The brochure is finished in content, yet not in layout. There
will be a working session about this task.
András was also responsible for updating the flyer and he did this. He collected and sent the documents
and reports for/to the IB to archive them. In addition to his RoP tasks, also András established a
cooperation agreement with IEEE, there will also be a WS on this. Also, András implemented a web based
community management system which is currently under construction. Discussions with internship
partners are also in progress. Marijn (LC Delft) ask what András means by the management system.
András explains that he visions a system where in a “one-stop-shop” all information/layout.

András says that besides these activities he also wrote the minutes of the boardmeetings and was
coordinating website reorganisation. He also thanks Enrico Natalizio, for establishing a contact with the
IEEE, that has lead to the presence of Basak Yuksel, the student representative for region 8 (Africa, Middle
East and Europe).

Bas (LC Delft) magazine was supposed to be printed, but András said he could not find a paper mention of
this. This is necessary for the advertisements, as a trial. The newsletter is supposed to be the more formal
publication of EESTEC, and to be a channel for the board to inform the LCs about their work.
Bas asks why this was not done. András answers that there was no budget available for it this year,
however he finds the idea of printing it at least once a year worthy. Janne (LC Oulu) remarks that there was
no money reservation in the budget for this year.
Bas says he does not agree with the boardmails having become the new newsletter, because he thinks it is
more volatile than the old newsletter. András answers that there are no gaps and that all is available on
the internet.

Report of the chairman of EESTEC (Dominik Leuenberger)
All tasks of the chairman stated in the RoP were fulfilled by Dominik. He launched an activation
competition, using existing connections between LCs and to-be-observers. Also he has supported their
application procedure.

In addition, he a was the contactperson for ESA, and worked on its renewal of the affiliation with EESTEC.
He acted as the contact person for the Swiss banks, took care of all official matters and personally
checked the archive and the work of the IB. According to Dominik they are making a good job archiving
EESTECs history.

7.   Reports of the VIP’s [subsequent approval of individual reports]
Report of the International Bureau
Miguel Ferrer [LC Madrid] reads the written report of the IB, as Jaime Medrano is not present at the

“Along this year I have added to the IB Archive the Budapest Congress Report, last Yearbook and the
Magazine edition. The minutes of the Board Meetings are stored in the Archive too.

Some of this documents are only in electronic format. I would like them to be sent in paper, and if net
they will get printed.

As the Board suggested me, I’ve been working in writing a brief history of EESTEC from the papers held in
the archive. However, I haven’t been able to finish my task on time, but I will collaborate with the new IB in
finishing it and sharing all my previous work.

Nice regards,
Jaime Medrano.”

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                     Minutes of the First General Meeting

Report of the Mail manager
Juan Fombellida Vetas [LC Madrid]
Lukas has not been able to be present personally, so Juan Fombellida Vetas will read his report in his

“During this year as EESTEC mail manager I’ve tried to keep up to date all the mail database with big
cooperation from the Board and every CP, reacting quickly to change requests. Thanks to everybody for
helping me to provide a good service.

The most important problem I’ve had to solve was related to the machine that processes the mail
addresses and sends mails to the EESTEC mail server, hosted in Madrid. EESTEC mails are sent to a
machine that rewrites the addresses and forwards them to our mail server to process and send them to
the suitable EESTEC people.

When the internet connection of the machine was closed by its Internet Service Provider and we lost the
gateway to our server, we were looking for a new one. We finally found more than four available machines,
but finally we chose Zürich, because it already hosts more EESTEC services and the support staff is
exceptional. So we asked Bernie Höneisen, alumnus from Zürich, to contact the Zürich’s server
administrators in order to configure the rewriting rule on its server and to change the MX entry in the
EESTEC DNS. Thanks to their fast response we could have that problem fixed in a few hours!!

I’ve had some difficulties to contact some LCs, like London, and I want the Cps to remember the
importance of keeping a current contact with EESTEC mail manager for updated lists of members and mail

I’ve also set up a new mailing list manager called Mailman in order to provide a better maintenance and
avoid unwanted mail, formally known as spam. Mailman usually needs some extra configuration done
manually for activiting new lists, but our system now allows to do all this job automatically. It also has a
very good Web interface and will help the CPs to easily maintain their LC mailing list. The upgrade to the
new service has not been done yet, but I’m working with last mail manager and our new candidate in a
good way to do it. It will be operative as soon as we can.

Madrid, Lukas Moreno Encabo.”

Report of the yearbook committee
LC Nis encountered severe visa problems so now they are not able to present the yearbooks personally.
The point is postponed, because the yearbooks have not yet arrived in Cosenza.

Report of the magazine committee
Marcìn Krysztowski [LC Krakow] tells the GA that there was a misunderstanding last year, because Krakow
thought they needed to publish the magazine just once in stead of 4 times a year. There was a problem
with the ingress of articles, too little effort was done by the EESTEC members and thus there was not
enough information to print.
The magazine will not be printed in paper. Marco (LC Cosenza) wants to congratulate LC krakow with its
great publication, but asks why the board did not inform (after several emails by Marco) LC Krakow about
it. The board answers that they actually did do this, but no articles were delivered by the LCs. Borut (LC
Ljubljana) says the LCs should have send more articles, so the LC Krakow is not to blame. The GA agrees
with this.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                     Minutes of the First General Meeting

By custom (not by RoP), the voting for acceptance of the VIP reports is done with simple majority, secret

International Bureau                  in favour 15, against 1, blank 1      -> accepted
Mail Manager                          in favour 14, against 2, blank 1      -> accepted
Magazine Committee                    in favour 14, against 1, blank 2      -> accepted

Outi (LC Helsinki) suggests not to repeat the voting custom, since there is no use in voting about the
reports, as there will be no consequences if it is not done. The GA agrees with this.

8.      LC Presentations
Organised events: an exchange with LC Helsinki (May '02). Participated events: an exchange in Rijeka (Jul
'02) and an exchange in Helsinki (Nov ‘02). Rijeka has about 30 members of which 15 are active.

In 2002, Helsinki participated in a backexchange with Madrid (6 Finns), Krakow exchange (1), London
exchange (2), hosted the HOBOM and invited LC Aachen (6) and Krakow (6) to come to Helsinki.
In 2003, 6 Finns went to the backexchange in Aachen. They have at present about 30 members, 15 of
which are really active. Other activities the LC organises during the year are: sauna activation evening, job
fair for raising money for exchanges. They tried to activate Swedish LCs with a cruise to Stockholm, but it
did not work. Future plans involve an exchange for LC Budapest and Twente in May, a wokshop with other
finnish LCs and make an EESTEC shirt.

Oulu has 30 members of which 12 are active. They participated in Novi Sad exchange, the Budapest
congress and the Paris workshop. Also, the international treasurer was from Oulu. Oulu organised a
workshop called "Art, Space and Technology" late February, with participants from Delft, Ljubljana, Novi
Sad, Tampere, Budapest and Zürich. Future events planned are the freshmen sauna in autumn and the
Finnish Survival Weekend Wokshop with LC Tampere and LC Helsinki

Have moved to another student union, lot of bureaucracy and the LC is “under construction”. Trying to
activate new members. Did an exchange with Delft.

Participated to the congress in Budapest and an exchange in Cosenza. Has 26 members, 12 active.
Organised workshop “On board electronics” Octobre (7 participants because of lack of funds) and hosted
3rd BOM. Company visit was open to EPF students, for activating new members.

17 members, 10 active. Recruiting new members and raising money. Exchange to st Petersburg, Niko
meeting, exchange with LC Helsinki. Plans: Back exchange, again St. Petersburg exchange, Niko meeting,
some other exchange. The situation is not constant in St. Petersburg, but Aachen will try to make them

COC 2002, one boardmember, took part in exchanges in Nis, Aachen. Encountered many visa problems
last year. Organised a 24 hours programming competition. Hope to find sponsors to be able to make an

60 members, 20 real active. Problems with younger peoples. Exchange with Ljubljana. Trying to survive
the congress.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                   Minutes of the First General Meeting

30 members, about 10 active. Building a joint association of Mathematics/CS and EE as the new LC Delft.
In March, had the exchange in Tampere, and the exchange with Helsinki. 2 People in the OC and members
participated in events in Belgrade, Elektrijada, Paris workshop and Murom exchange.

Were quiet last 2 years, had only 10 members, 2 active members. Are currently reorganising and finding
new members among Master students. Need boardsupport, and will organise an exchange in winter.

Organized exchange with LC Helsinki in May ( during Juwenalia – big student event ), Participated in
exchange with LC Rijeka (in July) and with LC Helsinki (in November). Also, Krakow made the EESTEC
magazine, activated new members in the end of 2002. At present, they have 32 members, 15 of them are

Since last congress, 67 members were hosted, 27 were sent to events. Last workshop was “up-to-date
internet”. Organised a workshop “power industry restructuring & electricity markets”, 3 observers invited
(50-50% boys-girls!!), workshop “Mobitel international academy” (Madrid + former Yugoslavia LCs).
EESTEC database initiative, built a new webpage, organised a motivation weekend, participated in
Elektrijada 2003, have many new members and two events planned before the congress 2004 (!!)

Loads of people, not so many active. Organise courses and distribute free Linux software. Organised 2
exchanges, last one with Zürich and Rijeka. LC members participated in lots of events.

Exchange with Madrid, revived after this. Now 8 active members. Will organise in 2 weeks an exchange
with Madrid and Belgrade. Hoping to get sponsorships soon.

Very active LC, over 100 members, over 30 very active. Participated in 8 events. Planning to organise the
COC, otherwise will organise an exchange in november. Coorganise the Elektrijada, please come!

Novi Sad
Organised 3 events: Elektrijada, BOM, exchange. Visited Ljubljana workshops, Rijeka exchange and Oulu
exchange. Had a Boardmember, participated in Tampere exchange and Paris workshop. Invited observers
from Skopje at the exchange. Inviting people for the next Elektrijada too and planning an exchange for
late October or November.

Elektrijada, invited members from Ljubljana and Delft. Went to Ljubljana workshops and publish the e-
magazine for local students.

9.      Presentation of the congress working sessions
-     Publication and style
-     Value of Money (what can EESTEC offer sponsors)
-     Activation
-     Website
-     IEEE (with Mrs. Basak Yuksel)
-     International Sponsoring Group

Enrico asks whether there are more proposals? Borut (LC Ljubljana) says that the internship proposal can
be added to the Value of Money working session.

10.     All other business

EESTEC Congress 2003                                               Minutes of the First General Meeting

Enrico has a message to the potential VIPs: remember to apply during the 2nd GM, the boardmembers have
to deliver a written application before the 2nd GM.

11.   Closing
The 1st General Meeting is closed at 17.40

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                 Minutes of the Second General Meeting

1.     Opening of the Second General Meeting
The second general meeting is opened by Enrico Natalizio at 15.50 hours, Wednesday 10th of April

2.     Attendance check of the LCs (P = present, N = not present)

 1      Vienna [AUT]        N        11   Munich [DEU]          N     21    Ljubljana [SVN]          P
 2      Grodno [BEL]        N        12   Budapest [HUN]        P     22    Madrid [ESP]             P
 3      Minsk [BEL]         N        13   Cosenza [ITA]         P     25    Zürich [CHE]             P
 4      Rijeka [HRV]        P        14   Reggio Emilia [ITA]   N     26    London [GBR]             N
 5      Helsinki [FIN]      P        15   Trieste [ITA]         N     27    Nottingham [GBR]         N
 6      Oulu [FIN]          P        16   Delft [NLD]           P     28    Belgrade [YUG]           P
 7      Tampere [FIN]       P        17   Eindhoven [NLD]       N     29    Nis [YUG]                N
 8      Paris [FRA]         P        18   Twente [NLD]          P     30    Novi Sad [YUG]           P
 9      Aachen [DEU]        P        19   Krakow [POL]          P     31    Podgorica [YUG]          P
 10     Cottbus [DEU]       N        20   Murom [RUS]           N           Total: 17

3.     Approval of the agenda
The agenda has been approved by the absolute majority (17) of the present LCs.

The final agenda of the 2nd GM is:

 1.         Opening
 2.         Attendance check
 3.         Approval of the Agenda
 4.         Presentation of Treasurer’s Report
 5.         Proposal of Change in the RoP
 6.         Presentation, questions and vote of the Observers
                  a. Wrocław (Poland)
                  b. Bucharest (Romania)
                  c. Skopje (Macedonia)
                  d. Sofia (Bulgaria)
 7.         Discussion about membership continuity and exclusion of LCs
 8.         Presentation of the candidates for the position of COC 2004
 9.         Presentation of the candidates for the Board positions
 10.        AOB
 11.        Closing

4.     Treasurers Report
Activities: Career Garden Germany. Application to YOUTH program, preparing EU grant A-3029 for
international non-governmental and non-political organisations. Bookkeeping of the year, this time with
help of the OC to make sure it is ok.
Paul Oudshoorn (LC Delft) says that the OC and the treasurer cannot work together on the bookkeeping,
because they need to be independent from the financial year they are overseeing. Marijn (OC) explains
that the OC did not do the bookkeeping, but only transferred it from Excel to a proper bookkeeping
program. Marijn also says that the financial report has to be approved by the GM, so that every LC can
decide whether they agree with this procedure.

Raimo (LC Oulu) asks how the board uses the event backup fund and how they check the validity of an
application for it. Maja remarks that the board did not advertise the use of the backup fund and will check
the rules for it thouroughly. There needs to be some financial cancellation that could be checked by the
board. Janne remarks that there are travel expenses available for participants also, when they are
otherwise unable to join an event. Applications and procedure for it can be found in the RoP.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                        Minutes of the Second General Meeting

Balance Statement on 31.01.2003

Assets                                               Liabilities

Petty Cash              €         122,87             Acc. Payable                      € 3238,39
Bank                    €        9034,68             Acc. Receivable                   €     107,80
                                                     Stock                             € 2743,54
                                                     Reserve Congress                  € 2327,31
                                                     Reserve SRL                       €     648,69
                                                     Back-up Fund                      € 1000,00

                                                     RESULT                            € -692,58

                        €        9265,35                                               € 9265,35

Income statement on 31.01.2003

Income            Budgeted          Real             Expenses           Budgeted       Real

Sponsoring        €   10950         € 3650,00        Administrative
Interest          €          0      €       43,88    Activation         €       150    €        9,50
Donations         €     550         €          0     PR+Admn.           €       350    €        4,59
Exceptional       €          0      €        545     VIP Gifts          €       100    €       30,00
                                                     Yearbook           €      1500    € 1300,00
                                                     Brochure           €      3000    €          0
                                                       BOMs             €      1500    € 1889,06
                                                       Congress         €      1000    €          0
                                                       Workshops        €       450    €          0
                                                     Congress B-up      €      3450    € 1271,66
                                                     Exceptional        €          0   €        286

                                                     RESULT             €          0       € -692,58

                  €   11500         € 4238,88                           €    11500     € 4238,88

Assignments of 2002 results

                                 Previous       Assigned                               Total
Stock                            € 2743.54      € 648.69 - € 692.58 = -43.89           € 2699.65
Congress B-up                    € 2327.31      €0                                     € 2327.31
Event Back-up                    € 1000.00      €0                                     € 1000.00
Seat Relocation                  € 648.69       € -648.69                              €          0

5.     Proposal for change in the RoP
Janne explains that the EU has changed the rules for the bank accounts and that the Swiss bank has made
the rules stricter. Therefore, the Swiss bank cannot allow just a written form anymore when a new
treasurer is installed in the board, but one of the accountholders has to be personally present when the
accountholders change.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                      Minutes of the Second General Meeting

This year, there will not be a problem, because the Handover BOM will be held in Zürich, where the bank is
also located. To make the personal presence possible, the board proposes to re-install the post of
account contact person, preferably from LC Zürich.

Why not change the bank?
-     The Swiss bank does not charge anything for the account
-     International transfers are cheap and fast
-     Changing would cost money
-     Same regulations apply, so problems will not be solved.

Risto (LC Tampere) asks why secret ballot is needed if there is only one candidate? Janne answers that
votations in people are always secret. Bas (LC Delft) remarks that all votations about people have been
made “in favour by secret ballot”, because it makes the procedures easier to remember.
Caspar (LC Delft) asks what the personal contact with the bank means; can the treasurer still access the
accounts? Janne answered yes of course.
Borut (LC Ljubljana) asks what the insurance is of not having the situation that the bank CP takes out the
money and then disappears? Janne answers that there is no more insurance than is the case with the
treasurer and the chairman.
Paul (LC Delft) asks where the correspondence is going to be sent, does it go to the treasurer or the CP?
Bas (LC Delft) proposes to delete the word ‘Swiss’ in the sentence in case there will come a change in the
bank. This proposal is supported and the board removes the word from its proposal.

A voting is done to add point 6.7 and change point 5.1 to the modified version of the proposal.
Proposal change in RoP                    17 in favour, 0 against, 0 blank

The accepted changes in the RoP are:

    To change in point 5.1 Bank Accounts

             Original text:
             The treasurer and chairman are authorised to sign for the account in Switzerland.

             The treasurer, chairman and account contact person are authorised to sign for the account in

    To add to the list in the introduction of point 6, after Congress Organising Committee (COC);

                    •    Account Contact Person;

    To add a new point 6.7 Account Contact Person

             6.7         Account Contact Person
             •     During each Congress an Account Contact Person is to be elected by an absolute majority
                   vote in favour, by secret ballot.
             •     The candidates for the Account Contact Person have to be personally present at the

             •     The Account Contact Person is responsible for the personal contact with the bank.
             •     The Account Contact Person is not allowed to use the account without the permission of the
                   Treasurer or Chairman and has to report all of its activities to the board.
             •     The board can remove the responsibilities of the Account Contact Person at any time, with
                   the approval of the Oversight Committee.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                    Minutes of the Second General Meeting

6.   Presentations of the observers
a.   Wrocław [pronounce as: wrodzlav], Poland
Krzysztof Kepa and Lukasz Andrzej Bera present Wrocław from Poland where a group of students
prepared to start an LC. They apply for EESTEC membership for the next year. They present some facts
about the city and the university. The group in Wrocław is registered by the dean as an organisation (NGO)
and is a group of enthousiastic people. Their motives to apply for membership meet the statute goals of
EESTEC very well. Enrico reminds the GA of the demands EESTEC has to an observer the membership
status to an organisation.

Bas (LC Delft) asks how many people are in the group. Lukasz answers 4 people, and 20 in the existing
Wrocław student organisation.
Maja says that the board has received all required papers and verified that all requirements are met.
Dominik asks whether they already have plans for the future. The board suggests to accept the
application. Therefore a votation is held. No one asks for a secret ballot specifically, so the votation is
open, simple majority.

Acceptance of Wrocław to become LC               17 in favour, 0 against, 0 blank => accepted

b.   Bucharest, Romania
Maria Viziteu and Emanuel Haisiuc present the history and statistics of Romania and Bucharest. There are
over 6000 students in the faculty of EE, CS and AM. They have formed a group, now already 45 members!
The motivations are that the members want to develop skills, like taking responsibilities. They want to
make friends, have fun, learn to act professionally. Finally, they want to be a part of the European
technological environment, get in touch with other European cultures and promote the image of their
country. They are registered as an NGO and met all requirements. After the presentation a beautiful video
is shown. The board says it supports the acceptance of the LC because all the requirements have been
more than met.

Acceptance of Bucharest to become an LC          17 in favour, 0 against, 0 blank => accepted

c.   Sofia, Bulgaria
Dimitar Aleksiev and Nina Yonkova present their country Bulgaria and describe the statistics.
The TU in Sofia has students of EE/CS, their organisation is called LC sofia and has 34 members at
present. They have established a structure and have installed committees, like starting a radio, promotion
of student rights, etc. They envision to become one of the biggest and most active student clubs in
Bulgaria and to be of service to the EE and CS students.

Nenad (LC Belgrade) ask whether there already is some EESTEC experience? Dimitar answers that they
went to Ljubljana and says that they are already in contact with big companies to organise a workshop.
Bas (Delft) asks what the price of a beer is. Dimitar answers that if that is a criterion, they are already in
EESTEC, because it is 0.25 EUR for 0.5 litre.

Acceptance of Sofia to become LC                 17 in favour, 0 against, 0 blank => accepted

d.   Skopje, Macedonia
Angel Stojanovski and Kristina Stojanoska have just arrived after a 2-day trip and present facts about the
culture and history of Macedonia and Skopje. Skopje is the capitol of Macedonia and houses the St. Cyril
and Methodius University. It has 30.000 students. LC Skopje consists of 20 students at current moment
and they have elected a chairman, treasurer and CP. All required documents have been filed to the board,
which supports the proposal for Skopje to become an EESTEC LC. They established their own meeting
place and are preparing for an exchange the coming year. Moreover, the members have been to Ljubljana

Acceptance of Skopje to become LC                16 in favour, 0 against, 1 blank => accepted

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                 Minutes of the Second General Meeting

7.    Attendance check

 1     Vienna [AUT]        N        12   Munich [DEU]          N       23    Bucharest [ROM]        P
 2     Sofia [BGR]         P        13   Budapest [HUN]        P       24    Murom [RUS]            N
 3     Grodno [BEL]        N        14   Cosenza [ITA]         P       25    Ljubljana [SVN]        P
 4     Minsk [BEL]         N        15   Reggio Emilia [ITA]   N       26    Madrid [ESP]           P
 5     Rijeka [HRV]        P        16   Trieste [ITA]         N       27    Zürich [CHE]           P
 6     Helsinki [FIN]      P        17   Skopje [MKD]          P       28    London [GBR]           N
 7     Oulu [FIN]          P        18   Delft [NLD]           P       29    Nottingham [GBR]       N
 8     Tampere [FIN]       P        19   Eindhoven [NLD]       N       30    Belgrade [YUG]         P
 9     Paris [FRA]         P        20   Twente [NLD]          P       31    Nis [YUG]              N
 10    Aachen [DEU]        P        21   Krakow [POL]          P       32    Novi Sad [YUG]         P
 11    Cottbus [DEU]       N        22   Wrocław [POL]         P       33    Podgorica [YUG]        P

Total present: 21

8.    Discussion of membership continuity and exclusion of LCs

LC Murom
Jaro of LC Ljubljana presents the continuity report, because of visa problems LC Murom cannot be present
at the congress. Murom organised an exchange last year, so it is clear that they have been active their first
year of membership. Also, they want to continue organising events and stay involved in EESTEC.

Maja presents the LCs the board proposes to be excluded:
Cottbus: After several sessions of sending emails, no contact was re-established with LC Cottbus. None of
the Cottbus people reply and there is no website. Raimo asks when they were present last at an EESTEC
event. Maja answers that not the previous year; the last sign of life was their attendance to the London

Eindhoven: does reply, but they say that they are not interested in EESTEC anymore because of problems
they have finding boardmembers for the local student guild. Therefore they can no longer put their efforts
in EESTEC and choose to step down as an LC. There is no written application to do so, although the RoP
state that it should have been presented to the board.

Trieste: has only one member, Danko, who is there without any support and has not been present at the
last two congresses.

Minsk: After trying to contact both in English and Russian the only email address for the whole LC, the
only sign of life behind the email address (owned by a professor in Minsk) was a receipt confirmation.

Grodno: The connection to Grodno runs trough Minsk, because no email address is known there. This
situation is hopeless.

Nottingham: Never replied to any email, just one address is known of them. After the London congress
they neither attended any activity (including congresses), nor did they organise anything.

Elisabeth asks what the status is in Munich. Maja says that the board is in contact with some members
that want to continue the EESTEC work. End of May they will have elections for their student guild and
then they want to find more members. The board wants to give them another chance. Marco says that
after a call to know when they would arrive, a day before the congress, but only said then they would not
come because of money problems. LC Cosenza proposes to also vote about Munich, but this is not
supported by any other LC.
Bas (LC Delft) asks if there is contact with Turin. They have not delivered all the required forms to become
an LC again, and did not reply after a while.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                   Minutes of the Second General Meeting

Nenad (LC Belgrade) asks about Reggio Emilia. Maja says that the Reggio people organise an event for
Estiem (another student organisation) one year, the other year for EESTEC. This year was not an EESTEC
year. Agostino Mazza (Reggio) could not come because of medical treatment.
Elisabeth (Paris) asks about London. London seems to be a problem. There was an event, but during their
exam period, so they did not pay much attention to the participants. The known members are all
graduated. They also have a new structure, so seem to be building up a new LC.

Nenad reads the part of the RoP where it states that LCs that do not cancel in time have to pay a fee of
100 Euros to EESTEC International.
Outi (Helsinki) asks what will happen with the money. The answer is that it will go to EESTEC International
and the board will decide what to do with it.

For exclusion of an LC 2/3 majority is required, after removal of the blank votes.
Exclusion of Cottbus                            19 in favour, 2 against, 0 blank -> excluded
Exclusion of Eindhoven                          20 in favour, 1 against, 0 blank -> excluded
Exclusion of Trieste                            12 in favour, 8 against, 1 blank -> not excluded
Exclusion of Minsk                              19 in favour, 1 against, 1 blank -> excluded
Exclusion of Grodno                             17 in favour, 3 against, 1 blank -> excluded
Exclusion of Nottingham                         18 in favour, 2 against, 1 blank -> excluded

At present, EESTEC consists of 28 LCs in 18 countries (8 in EU, next year 11 in EU).

9.    Presentations of the COC candidates
There is only one candidate for COC, LC Belgrade presents its plans for the next congress. There are over
100 members in the LC, making Belgrade probably the largest LC. From their presentation it becomes
clear that they are held to be the most active one also. Their reasons for accepting the proposal of the
board to be the next COC are these two, plus the wish to organise a bigger event, the pinnacle of their
previous work. Last but not least, they have the written support from Serbia-Montenegro’s government
stating their full support in organising the event in Belgrade. This already resulted in the visa for the
representants of Belgrade to come to the congress in Cosenza.

10.   Presentations of the board candidates
Chairman 2003-2004
Nenad Aleksic of LC Belgrade presents his candidature for the EESTEC chairman post for the year 2003-
2004. He promises to increase the professionality, to continue contacts with the EU, improving
cooperation with IEEE and looking for new sponsors (idea of super sponsor). Also he wishes to increas
internal stability, to spread EESTEC and to seek close cooperation with other Board members.

Treasurer 2003-2004
András Gaál from LC Budapest has good industry contacts, is an experienced board member, and has
some skills in accounting and bookkeeping. András says he is a responsible person with good
communication skills. He would like to establish the IEEE contact and finish the supersponsor contract.

Vice chairman for Internat Affairs 2003-2004
Risto Leppänen of LC Tampere presents his candidature for the post of VP of Internal Affairs.

Vice chairwoman of Pulications & Administration 2003-2004
Anna Papierz of LC Krakow presents her candidature for the post of VP of Internal Affairs.

Vice chairman for Webmaster2003-2004
Luis Carlos Cobo Ruis of LC Madrid, presents his candidature for the post of Webmaster. He knows his
way around many (web) programming languages and usage of Linux and has many plans on improving
the website, most interestingly the linkage of the Yellow Pages and the Mailsystem. He has a lot of EESTEC
experience and has (as a 2nd year student of Telecommunication Engineering) plenty of time for his job.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                               Minutes of the Second General Meeting

11.   Closing of the GM at 19.40
Enrico reads an email of Marcello Lusuardi saying hello to the GA and closes the meeting.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                     Minutes of the Third General Meeting

1.       Opening of the Third General Meeting
The meeting is opened by Enrico Natalizio at 11.17, Monday 14th of April

2.       Attendance check (P = present, N = not present)

    1      Vienna [AUT]         N         11   Cosenza [ITA]         P   20   Murom [RUS]           N
    2      Sofia [BGR]          P         12   Reggio Emilia [ITA]   N   21   Ljubljana [SVN]       P
    3      Rijeka [HRV]         P         13   Trieste [ITA]         N   22   Madrid [ESP]          P
    4      Helsinki [FIN]       P         14   Skopje [MKD]          P   23   Zürich [CHE]          P
    5      Oulu [FIN]           P         15   Delft [NLD]           P   24   Belgrade [YUG]        P
    6      Tampere [FIN]        P         16   Twente [NLD]          P   25   Nis [YUG]             N
    7      Paris [FRA]          P         17   Krakow [POL]          P   26   Novi Sad [YUG]        P
    8      Aachen [DEU]         P         18   Wrocław [POL]         P   27   Podgorica [YUG]       P
    9      Munich [DEU]         N         19   Bucharest [ROU]       P   28   London [GBR]          N
    10     Budapest [HUN]       P                                             Total : 21

3.       Approval of the agenda
The agenda has been approved by the absolute majority (21) of the present LCs.

The final agenda is as follows:

            1.    Opening
            2.    Attendance check
            3.    Approval of the Agenda
            4.    Report of Vice-Chairman for Web
            5.    Report of Oversight Committee
            6.    Approval of Board’s Report
            7.    Presentation and Acceptance of Budget 2003-2004
            8.    Presentation of the Results of the Worksessions
            9.    Presentation of Activation Award
            10.   Candidates for Board Positions – Questions
            11.   Lunch break
            12.   Attendance check
            13.   Election of the Board
            14.   Election of Oversight Committee (OC)
            15.   Election of International Bureau (IB)
            16.   Election of Mail Manager
            17.   Election of Bank Contact Person
            18.   Election of Yearbook Publishing Committee
            19.   Election of Magazine Publishing Committee
            20.   Election of Congress Organizing Committee
            21.   Drawing-up of the future tasks for the Board
            22.   Presentation of Planned Future Events
            23.   AOB
            24.   Closing

4.       Report of the Vice-Chairman for Web
This is read by András Gaal, because Visa problems caused Aleksandar Ilic (LC Nis) could not come.
-        The website moved to Zürich
-        He improved the structure of the website
-        The design proposal of Marco (COS) was received with much enthousiasm and is implemented in the
-        The yellow pages are not finished due to technical problems.

5.       Report of the Oversight Committee

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                  Minutes of the Third General Meeting

Bas Bijlsma and Marijn Rijken read the report of the OC, and advice the general assembly to approve of the
board report.

“Report EESTEC Oversight Committee 2002-2003.

     very year it is the duty of the Oversight Committee to give the general assembly a report on the work
     of the board. Like many years, this board had its ups and downs. Good intentions cannot do all the
work for you.

This EESTEC year started out with an experiment, the Handover Board meeting. The boards have found the
time between the last general meeting and the end of the congress far to short to convey the information
the new board needs. The HoBOM seemed to be the perfect solution. Unfortunately it took the board some
time to start working after this meeting. The OC was aware the board had some level of activity in that
period, but unfortunately the rest of EESTEC hardly saw any sign of life. After a constructive conversation
with the board they significantly improved their contact with EESTEC via email. Better late than never. The
communication between the board and the OC has been good throughout the year.

There are some remarks to be made about the timing of both the final report from last year and the BOM
minutes. The final report has to be ready within three months (see the RoP), it has been a year. Without
the report, the OC found it very difficult to check the decisions of the General Assembly. The first BOM
minutes almost seemed to take forever to be put online. This was another point of comment on the first
months of this board. Improvement has also been seen here.

This was also the first year with the position of web-master inside the board. From the OC point of view
this makes a lot work of possible, but unfortunately the current web site is not finished. We have seen the
work and problems the vice chair web had to overcome; it’s a challenge for the new vice chair web to
finish the web site into something we can be proud of. The importance of the web site for EESTEC should
not be underestimated.

Unfortunately, last year has been a weak year concerning the publications. The board has not used the
powerful new concept of the Newsletter to communicate board matters to EESTEC. We regret the Brochure
also has not been realised. The Flyer has been updated, but was not made publicly available. On the other
hand, the OC was pleased to see a well designed Magazine.

The OC was also glad to see that much effort has been put into activation of existing LCs and finding new
LCs. We can look back on a year with many interesting events. With the help of a new created activation
package we are proud to welcome five observers at this congress.

The board has established a new and important contact with the IEEE, but the outcome has not been too
encouraging so far. The co-operation with the IEEE on the local level needs some explaining

Financial Part

We all know these are not the best times for sponsoring. Only with determination sponsors can be found
in this period of economical stagnation. However, the OC had some concerns about the level of effort put
into fund-raising. Nevertheless, some sponsors could be convinced to support EESTEC.

This was an important year for EESTEC regarding the EU. The seat change has finally been realised,
opening the door to EU funds. But applying to EU funds is a whole task on its own. The work has been
done, much to the satisfaction of the OC.

The bookkeeping was not an easy task this year thanks to the heritage of last year. No proper procedure
had been used and the bookings of that year included many errors. Together with the OC and Daniel Vree,
the treasurer has been able to make corrections for the mistakes of last year and do the accounting for
this year. All this was possible by making use of the freeware software program 3S Accounting of Clarisys.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                   Minutes of the Third General Meeting

The OC and the current treasurer strongly advise the next treasurer to continue using this program
instead of a spreadsheet program like Excel.

As an important part of our task, the OC has checked the bookkeeping and can report to the General
Assembly that they have been found to be correct.

Concluding for this EESTEC year, the OC is moderately satisfied. It has not been a perfect year; especially
the beginning needed some adjustments. But the rest of the year has made up for that. The OC has seen
great work, but also detected some defects. Overall we recommend the General Assembly to vote in
favour of relieving the board of their duties by accepting the board’s report.”

6.   Approval of the board report
Approval of the report                         17 in favour, 0 rejected, 0 blank => accepted
There are only 17 votes because at the time of planned approval (2nd GM), the new LCs were still observers
without a vote.

7.   Presentation of the budget for 2003-2004
Janne presents the completely changed budget of EESTEC international. Because of an EU application for
funding, the budget was already made in december of 2002 and sent to the EU. The board decided to do
this without the approval of the GA and hopes the GA will not be angry.

Gion (Zürich) asks where the last years budget is, so he can compare it with the new one.

Paul (Delft) asks what will happen if the EU does not give us the grant and what if it does. Also, he wants
to know how the new COC will get the money if it is granted. Janne answers that this is not known very
well. If the EU does not grant, the budget is worthless. Receipts should be handed over to the EU, but for
the refectories do not give receipts.
Enrico (Cosenza) asks whether the university handed over a written paper so it can be used to deliver to
the EU. Marco says they have a document for 4000 euros signed by the rector, but the other 3000 euros,
are sponsoring in goods and are not covered by receipts.
Marijn (Delft) says that if we can handover only a part of receipts of the budget, maybe next year we will
receive only that part of the request.
Andrej (Ljubljana) asks why do we need the receipts of this congress and not of the next. Janne answers
that the money has to be spent in a time window given by the EU, that does not include the next congress.
The financial year is changed during the last congress to 01.01.20xx until 31.12.20xx

Marcìn (Krakow) asks where the budgeted amount for printing the magazine, Janne answers that since the
flyer is usually not printed, that money can be used.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                       Minutes of the Third General Meeting

Budget 2003
Receipts                                       Expenses

EU Grant                      € 17522         Administration
Univ. of Calabria             €   7000            Activation                     €    150
Donations                     €     550           PR+Admn.                       €     50
Sponsors                      €   9972            VIP Gifts                      €     50
                                                  Flyer                          €    450
                                                  Yearbook                       €   2000
                                                  Brochure                       €   1500
                                              Travel Expenses
                                                  BOMs                           €   2000
                                                  Congress                       €   1500
                                                  Workshops                      €   450
                                              Congress B-up                      € 26894

                              € 35044                                            € 35044

Acceptance of the budget 2003             12 in favour, 0 reject, 9 blank -> accepted by simple majority.

Risto (Tampere) proposes to move the congress towards the end of the year, so that a GA-approved
budget can be delivered to the EU and the congress will take place in the right time window.
LC Skopje asks: have we already sent the budget to the EU, and have we sent a report to the EU about the
last financial year? Janne answers: “yes”.
Raimo (Oulu) asks if it is the official budget that was sent or not? Janne says: Yes it is. This might be
illegal. Marijn (Delft) remarks that the budget was sent provisional and not final, so there can still be some
changes and it is not against the law.

Andrej (Ljubljana) asks why the congress is in April? The board answers that there is no particular reason,
just tradition. Bas answers that the statutes don’t say that it can’t be done.
Niko (Oulu) says the board and COC can decide to move the congress and not have the discussion during
the meeting. Enrico says that it can be moved gradually, just one month each year, to prevent to have one
board of 0.5 year and one of 1.5 year. Sven comments that 2 COC’s can be elected, one to prepare one
year and one to prepare 1.5 year. Gion (Zürich) asks what needs to be done to the rules to change the
congress. The board answers nothing has to be done, because nothing is written about the congress date.

Paul (Delft) asks if there are also other EU funds so we do not have to move the congress? Janne is not
aware of other grants fit for EESTEC.
Marijn (Delft) suggests to check if it is really true that the money has to be spend in the financial year or
not, maybe the EU can help compiling it.
Bartlomiej (Krakow) says that we can make the budget for 2004 now, so there will be no problems next
year. Janne answers that it is really hard to foresee the incomes and expenses so far ahead, so it does not
make sense to do it.
Carsten (Aachen) comments that if we get the grant, the next COC will not have problems organising the
congress. Paul suggests to postpone the discussion to a later time, so people can think about it better and
find other problems appearing after this. Belgrade says that the main problem for organising a congress is
financial, so if we get the money, the congress can be done within half a year. He says if we get it, THEN
we change the date.
Raimo (Oulu) says the next board could decide about this. Nenad (Belgrade) says that if we move it now,
we are still uncertain of the EU grant.
Risto (Tampere) suggests to vote that the next board will decide this.
Outi (Helsinki): also the deadline of the yearbook should then be moved and also other deadlines.
Bas (Delft): wants to do an opinion votation, just to see what people want.
Francesco (Cosenza) says the money needs to be spent before getting it from the EU, so there should be a
financial backup to be able to do this. Enrico cuts the discussion and postpones continuation until AOB.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                        Minutes of the Third General Meeting

8.    Presentation of the results of the worksessions

Website workingsession
Marco (Cosenza) presents the results of the website session.

-     Change the forum layout into weblog
-     Connect yellow pages with mail server
        This is impossible now, because the two servers are in different locations. The LCs will be asked if
        they have a possibility to host both.
-     Connect yellow pages with events database
      Subscription to events has to be done by inserting the member entries into the yellow pages first, so
      also the LC will not have to collect the data.
-     Changes in the yellow pages
      A picture of the member, to enable all members to choose what data will be visible in the public site,
      only to EESTEC members, or only to event organisers.
-     Email adresses
      An email address for each EESTEC member, this would be easy
-     Spam control
      Many solutions, one is to set the mailserver so that it blocks all mails that do not contain EESTEC in
      the subject.
-     Alumni pages
      Could some present alumnus take the task to build the alumni site and maintain the list?
-     LC pages
        One page for each LC to find the information easy, not on the local site, but on the international site.
-     IRC channel
        This has been created for the congress, and will be continued to keep working. It will be described
        how this can be done to the members.
        Create an alias for the webmaster, just as for the CP.
-     Promote the webguide
        It is present, but not available online. It contains suggestions about how to build a website, to use
        the LC logo and what information (not) to put online.

They also thought about what EESTEC could get from the supersponsor. Things like new hardware,
programming, database, new features in the website, implementation support / courses. Companies/
(Super)Sponsor(s) could get CV’s and presentations during the events.

Bas         Spam solution by last board: there is only one way to send mail to allEESTEC: by putting the
            message in the newssection, that in turn forwards the message to the list that only accepts
András      Spam solution: only accept addresses in the yellow page to use allEESTEC. Otherr solution: having
            a moderator for the list.
Risto       Spam solution: people should really login to be able to send to allEESTEC.
András      Says that this is a task for the mailmanager, not for the GA.

Publications and style worksession
Dominik says they talked about the brochure and the magazine.
The brochure needs just a proper layout, maybe giving a price like a trip to an event could be set to
improve the design.
Should the magazine be printed? Each LC should decide. => printable version on the website.

András      Wants all reports to be sent to the board, so it distributes it to the right place and the IB.
Dimitar Suggests to have the design done in a cheap country, in stead of spending money on an award.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                     Minutes of the Third General Meeting

Value of Money
Janne Vepsäläinen
To use the fact that EESTEC has a large group of EE students, in stead of graduated people like the
companies do. LC Ljubljana offers the database design. A problem might be unwillingness / laziness to fill
in the form in the website. There also are laws concerning privacy and this might cause a problem for this

Janne Vepsäläinen
How to approach companies? Organise local events, collect funds, etc. Make a lot of flyers and posters, so
that the marketing value will increase and more money can be asked. LC Ljubljana has good experience
with tracking the previous sponsors and amounts for the future. LC Paris keeps track of old members, so
that they can be contacted when working in a company. Use contacts of professors to access companies.
Maintain a “girlfriend” like relation with a company, more personal, except giving it flowers. Name the
event after the main sponsor, to increase the marketing value of the event. Keep track of the financial year
of the companies, to prevent the excuse they are out of money for sponsoring.

Maja Miloševic.
On international level:
-      activation package of the web
-      promote EESTEC at seminars, conferences, EE and CS students gathering
-      friends
-      Agent System
       -   Use students from your LC going abroad to contact the local students there
       -   Use students visiting your university to start a contact with his home-university.
-      Same country activation (France, Spain, Germany, etc)
-      Neighbouring countries (Spain - Portugal, Netherlands - Belgium)
-      Forum: keep track of who is approached in a new city, so that people can together try to found an LC.

Local Level:
-      Advertising your events
-      Advertising (y)our organisation
-      Using emailing through faculty list
-      Publishing of local magazine an distribute is
-      Using posters/flyers around a meeting place, in an international office or the student guild room.
-      Organising motivation weekends, parties, saunas, etc.
-      Inviting people on the welcome party during the event
-      Meeting foreign people always motivates people
-      Events section on the web

Enrico     There is an organization called Erasmus student network that the board could contact to find
           more students in Europe for the agent system.

András Gaál
What could EESTEC get?
-      Sponsoring of events
-      Help with finding subjects and lecturers for events
-      Help in finding new LCs
       -   Advertisement in the IEEE region 8 newsletter
       -   Finding contacts through SBs (student branches)
-      Personal benefits for each member

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                     Minutes of the Third General Meeting

What could EESTEC offer?
-      Our know-how on international level events
-      Advertisement and promotional material on events
-      Targeting hundreds of students informing them about IEEE
-      Possibly include members in IEEE CV database

Concern: IEEE could swallow EESTEC. This is not probable, because the two organisations are
complementary. IEEE operates only on a local level, EESTEC mostly on an international level

Personal benefits:
-      Professional contacts
-      Place for your publications
-      Access to enjoyable and useful publications (technical references)
-      Career opportunities (not only in IEEE)
-      Access to IEEE funds

Possible scenario:
-      IEEE helps in financing and content
-      EESTEC provides organisation skills and student contacts
-      Participants of both organisations
-      Promoting events in both channels

Carsten Does not believe there will be no competition, considering Eindhoven situation.
Bas        Eindhoven situation was that the two local guild competed with IEEE local branch and their
           members were eaten by IEEE. Therefore Thor can no longer work on EESTEC and the LC died.
Elisabeth What does it cost to become an IEEE member? $ 26 / year, for students. $ 120 / year for post

Marijn asks if it is possible to put the results of the worksessions on the web a.s.a.p.

9.     Presentation of the activation award
The effort made by LC Ljubljana was rewarded by Tania, an action figure wonderwoman.

10. Candidates for Board Positions - Questions
Janne          How do you want to make EESTEC more professional?
Nenad          For implementation there should be a real solid team in the board, that will reflect the
               professionality. The board as a body should act more professional

Andrej         Tell us again all of you when and why you decided to become the board
Nenad          I decided this after a question by the board and also thought about applying for the board
               last year, but for educational reasons I decided not to. EESTEC gave me a lot, so I am very
               happy to work for it now in return.
Anna           Maja asked me 3 days ago and now I think that it would be good for me to learn to do
               something for other people, both locally and internationally. I like to cooperate with people
               and I want to learn to do it better
Luis           I wanted to be the webmaster a long time ago and after the 2nd workingsession I became
               really enthousiastic to implement the ideas of the worksession.
András         Half a year ago, I also wanted to do something in another field, namely that of treasuring.
               Also, I want to continue my work of last year, the contact with IEEE and finding the sponsors
Risto          When? Last fall it was proposed to me to apply for board, some time later I decided to run for
               it. My reasons are because I like to meet people. This can also be done without being a board
               member, but I want to do something more than just consume.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                  Minutes of the Third General Meeting

Emmi       How much is a euro?
András     It matters what you can do with it. You can buy a bottle of water, but the worth lies in your

Bas        What is your definition of the EESTEC spirit?
Risto      I-Tripoli!
Nenad      Teamworking, making friends, and drinking a lot!
Risto      The answer is 42! [From: A Hitchhikers’ guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams]

Janne      How much time can you reserve for EESTEC?
Nenad      I am not obligated to go to university everyday, so I have enough time
Anna       3rd year student, I can plan it.
Luis       2nd year student, always time to do some updating and also few weeks to do more intensive
           updating works
András     I have time now and it will not change, so I will have enough next year too.
Risto      It is a matter of organizing and maybe pushing some of the other activities away.

Milan      Can the candidates say something about their skills? Are they teamplayers?
Nenad      We all pointed out in our presentations that we are teamplayers.

Borut      What are your ideas about your jobs, especially what new things your plan to do?
Nenad      Improve communication between board and LCs.
Anna       Coorporate with all EESTEC and non/EESTEC people as good as possible
Luis       Planning to make some major changes in the website to encourage the usage and to join the
           mailing list and the yellow pages, and also to implement the event registration.
András     I am not in charge of surprises, so “new things” is finding new sponsors.
Risto      I want to continue the work as described in the RoP. I want to attend as many events as
           possible and can afford to. I want especially to start new LCs in Sweden in Estonia and want
           to make a very good communication with the members and existing LCs.

Maja       How are you planning to improve the cooperation within EESTEC?
Nenad      I would keep the LCs more informed about what goes on in EESTEC on international level. Use
           the news section better. I don’t mean to say last years board did not do this well enough, but
           it can be better.
Maja       How will you combine the congress in Belgrade and your board task?
Nenad      I have resigned from all of my jobs in the LC and this should not interfere. However, it could
           be useful. Also in London this worked really well

Janne      How many BOMs would you like to have?
András     It depends on when the congress will be.
Janne      What kind of contacts with IEEE do you have?
Nenad      Just on local level with the LC Belgrade. I would like to improve the cooperation for instance
           by working with the local committees. I want to use Basak’s list of SB’s to establish new LCs.
Janne      Do you have in mind some companies you would like to approach?
András     I have some ideas in mind, among which is the supersponsor
Janne      How many magazines and newsletters are you planning to publish?
Anna       It depends on the number of events and therefore articles. I will work to find more articles.
Janne      Are you willing to use Microsoft products.
Luis       If there is no reason, why should I do it? I prefer LINUX, because I know it better.

Paul       Will you announce the agendas and give the members time to give their opinions on that?
Nenad      Yes we will continue the work.

Marcìn     What do you think about long term strategy for EESTEC?
Nenad      Ideas for the super sponsor are for long term, this will last and be good for EESTEC.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                      Minutes of the Third General Meeting

Caspar         How will you handle your experience in the board? Won’t you be the ‘allknowing man’?
András         I think it will be helpful for the boards’ work and I need to resign one day, so don’t worry.

Marijn         After using the toilet, do you throw away the paper or do you study it?
Risto          I guess I do both, but I don’t remember what I did last time because of the EESTEC spirit.

Outi           You are not so open and easy to contact as Maja was, so could you do a singing performance
               so we dare to contact you?
Risto          Do you prefer any particular song?
               Kneels before Anna: “Love me tender, love me true, …”

Paul           What is the optimal size of EESTEC?
Board          The more the better, but also minimum in 50% of EU countries.
Paul           Just watch out that not 20 new LCs suddenly show up at the next congress, so the EESTEC
               spirit cannot be passed on anymore.

Janne          Will you continue to send the monthly board reports? (the newsletters)
Risto          I will personally forward you a Viagra and an “Enlarge you penis” email every day.

Emmi           When will the new webpage be ready?
Luis           It is not a new webpage, and updating will be done in parts. I don’t know what I will do first.
               It will be a gradual improvement process.

Risto          I tried many times to access the EESTEC website, but I never received the password.
Luis           I will send you the password in the mail directly after the congress.

Emmi           How many kilograms will the new website weigh?
Luis           I don’t know, I have to check the translation tables.

Borut          How will you motivate the present LCs to do more activation?
Risto          I will personally set the example for an active member and breathe out the EESTEC spirit
               (spirit as in alcohol) as well as I can.
Borut          Maja did a really good job, I think it is important that you ask some LCs to invite the
               observers to events.

Outi           How long will the hangover boardmeeting last?
Nenad          Depends on the farewell party by EESTEC Zürich.

The meeting is interrupted for the lunchbreak. After lunch it is reopened at 15.11.

11. Attendance Check (P = present, N = not present)

 1       Vienna [AUT]         N        11    Cosenza [ITA]         P      20    Murom [RUS]              N
 2       Sofia [BGR]          P        12    Reggio Emilia [ITA]   N      21    Ljubljana [SVN]          P
 3       Rijeka [HRV]         P        13    Trieste [ITA]         N      22    Madrid [ESP]             P
 4       Helsinki [FIN]       P        14    Skopje [MKD]          P      23    Zürich [CHE]             P
 5       Oulu [FIN]           P        15    Delft [NLD]           P      24    Belgrade [YUG]           P
 6       Tampere [FIN]        P        16    Twente [NLD]          P      25    Nis [YUG]                N
 7       Paris [FRA]          P        17    Krakow [POL]          P      26    Novi Sad [YUG]           P
 8       Aachen [DEU]         P        18    Wrocław [POL]         P      27    Podgorica [YUG]          P
 9       Munich [DEU]         N        19    Bucharest [ROU]       P      28    London [GBR]             N
 10      Budapest [HUN]       P                                                 Total : 21

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                     Minutes of the Third General Meeting

12. Election of the Board
Chairman              Nenad Aleksic              20 in favour, 1 blank => elected
Treasurer             András Gaál                19 in favour, 2 blank => elected
VC IA                 Risto Leppänen             19 in favour, 2 blank => elected
VC P&A                Anna Papierz               20 in favour, 1 blank => elected
VC WEB                Luis Carlos Cobo Rus       21 in favour, 0 blank => elected

Our previous Chairman, Dominik Leuenberger, thanks the VIPs that have done a great job last year and
hands them their present.

13. Election of the OC – Dominik Leuenberger & Bas Bijlsma
Risto      Can you tell me a joke?
Bas        The OC has to be serious and serious jokes are not funny.

Election of the OC (BB and DL)                   20 in favour, 1 blank => elected

14. Election of the International Bureau (IB)
Miguel Ferrer (LC Madrid)                        20 in favour, 1 blank => elected

15. Election of the Mail Manager
Juan Fombellida Vetas (LC Madrid)                20 in favour, 1 blank => elected

16. Election of the Bank Contact Person
Florian Höchli (Zürich)                          20 in favour, 1 blank => elected

17. Election of the Yearbook Publishing Committee
LC Helsinki explains they have 10 very active members. They also want to be active on the international
level. They have ideas for improving the yearbook and have some experience about doing the layout,
because the members of the LC also publish the guild magazine every month. They also plan to print
more stories by participants of events. They propose the following ways to improve the communication
between the yearbook committee and the members:
-      Clear deadlines and reminders
-      Confirmation mails
-      Advise on what to write
-      A common email address for the Yearbook Committee, Magazine Committee IB and the board
-      Time!

Suggestions what to put in the report:
-      Introduction the LC board
-      Summary of the activity
-      Highlight of the events they participated in
-      Future plans
-      Exchange reports made by the organisers

Bas        What about censorship? Some stories are not good for publishing.
Outi       We could add an extra leaflet
Maja       The brochure is for companies, the yearbook is just for students
Borut      Do we make the yearbook for the students or for companies?
Emmi       We just want to prevent mistakes like printing emails with the more true stories.
Marcìn     We also have the magazine for the unofficial part, so will they both have the same stories?

Paul       Why is also LC Novi Sad over there?
Maja       We wanted to do a new try, because we screwed up the magazine two years ago. Instead of
           running both, we decided to cooperate. We print a lot of official EESTEC documents very cheap,
           so Helsinki could do the layout and the editing, we could do the printing very cheaply but still at
           a very high quality.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                      Minutes of the Third General Meeting

Election of the YPC,
Team of Helsinki and Novi Sad                    20 in favour, 1 blank => elected

18. Election of Magazine Publishing Committee
Krakow explains that they have learned a lot from making the magazine last year, but this year they want
to improve their work. It all depends on the number stories they receive; if there is enough input, they can
print all four magazines.

Election of the MPC, LC Krakow                   20 in favour, 1 blank => elected

19. Election of (Backup) Congress Organizing Committee
Milan       Some 90 people, depending on the amount of money. There will be no visa problems, you can
            buy them at the borders. Also, the government promised us to give them for free.
Dominik     What about the finances?
Milan       The government promised to help in any way possible, also financial and other ways.
            Companies do not have to fear insecure investments.
Paul        What is the weather like in Belgrade?
Milan       It is raining girls and it is about 35 degrees, a continental climate.
Dominik     What about the university?
Milan       The faculty has paid us already the travel expenses to Cosenza for us and they support us.
Dimitrov    How much time will we spend on a meal?
Milan       Remember to starve yourself before the congress
Nenad       Please no vegetarians
Bas         How many people are in the hardcore COC?
Milan       About 40 people, it will be no problem.

Since there is no backup COC, Dominik explains that it happened only once the last seventeen years. The
situation this year looks really good, and there is also the backup fund. Bucharest volunteers for being the
backup COC.

Election of the COC, LC Belgrade                 20 in favour, 0 blank, 1 invalid => elected
Election of the Backup COC, LC Bucharest         19 in favour, 1 blank, 1 invalid => elected

20. Drawing up of the future tasks for the Board
       •   Accomplish worksessions results
       •   Read all the previous BOM and Congress minutes / reports, newsletters. It will help you
           understand EESTECs history, why previous decisions were made, etc.
       •   Send a monthly board mail
       •   Move Congress Date if necessary
           1.     Start discussion (forum)
           2.     Analyze EU Results
           3.     Deadline for decision (the end of first BOM: 3rd-5th of May)
           4.     Inform all the LCs of its discussions and decisions

       •   Find out the details for EU funds application and solve problems with EU funding
       •   Solve problems about financial and association year
       •   Continue using a professional accounting program

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                      Minutes of the Third General Meeting

RoP / Statute matters
    •       Give deadlines for discussing all the proposals before next Congress
    •       Review all voting procedures and change what is unclear or unneccesary
    •       Study on fees punishment
    •       Prepare a bugs-free version of RoP (in pdf format)
    •       Keep track of necessary statute corrections, in order to make them all at once every N years. (it is
            expensive to change the statutes)

Internal matters
        •   Help New LCs in their initial work (showing them the user guides, RoP, giving advices etc)
        •   Ask LCs to enter their data in an exams table available on the website
        •   “Complete” report of events via email, also for observers
        •   Put the EESTEC User guide available on the website (now on FTP)
        •   Activation from internal side of the Association
        •   Make members of LC fill in their YP in order to take part to events (+proposal for RoP)
        •   Create a responsible position for publications in each LC and collect their emails
        •   Give a deadline for EESTEC Database
        •   Encourage more cooperation between EESTEC LCs

        •   Create a close connection with IEEE
        •   Use more aggressive strategies for getting new observers
        •   Use alumni more and more for creating contacts
        •   Activation: use other organisations (Erasmus Student Network….)

    •       Create EESTEC gadgets (t-shirt….)
    •       Make Forum working
    •       Efficient communications about publications reports
    •       Compare brochure layout qualities and prices and then create a competition (with deadline) on it
            and finish it

        •   Create an EESTEC songbook (Emmi – LC Helsinki offers to do it)
        •   Create a priority list of the aforementioned tasks

21. Presentation of Planned Future Events
Aachen           St. Petersburg exchange, some exchange if possible.
                 Niko Meeting
Belgrade         Elektrijada 2003 (16.05.2003-23.05.2003),
                 Congress in Belgrade 2004
Bucharest        Event (most probably workshop) at the end of 2003
Budapest         Exchange in autumn this year
Cosenza          SLEEPING - 6th consecutive event in 2004
Delft            Activation trip to Belgium (with Aachen and Paris) and exchange
Helsinki         Exchange in week ~21 (May) with LC Budapest and Twente
                 Wokshop with other Finnish LCs
Krakow           Exchange / backexchange in May
Ljubljana        Event in November / December
                 Event in March
                 Participate in Elektrijada
Madrid           Back exchange Zürich, other exchange, courses about technical topics
Novi Sad         Elektrijada 2003 (16.05.2003-23.05.2003)
                 Event (most probably exchange) in Oct/Nov 2003

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                   Minutes of the Third General Meeting

Oulu            After party for organised workshop (soon),
                Freshmen sauna party (fall)
                Wokshop with other Finnish LCs
Paris           Workshop next October,
                LC activation;
Podgorica       Elektrijada 2003 (16.05.2003-23.05.2003) (exchange);
                Infofest (workshop?)
Rijeka          Exchange 2003 in July
Skopje          Exchange 2003 in summer
Sofia           Workshop and exchange this autumn
Tampere         Exchange in autumn (Vov / Dec)
                Sauna evenings :)
                Wokshop with other Finnish LCs
Twente          Workshop in autumn / winter
Wrocław         Workshop about new technology (IT)
Zürich          Exchange in Zürich 27.04.2003 - 04.05.2003 with Madrid, Rijeka, Budapest.
                Hosting for the streetparade in Zürich (02.08.2003)

This makes that for the year 2003-2004 we can expect:
•         11 Exchanges (with Elektrijada one)
•         7 Workshops
•         1 Wokshop
•         1 Congress

22. AOB
LC Helsinki noticed that some LCs don’t have enough girls as members. EESTEC Int. should act to dissolve
this problem. After several parties, they suggest one particular person from LC Twente to take the job of a
new offcial EESTEC body: the Playboy of EESTEC (Person to Lift the imAge of internationalitY & EESTEC's
puBlicity amOng chicks by partYing). They propose to add the followin article to the RoP:

    6.8   Person to Lift the imAge of internationalitY & EESTEC's puBlicity amOng chicks by partYing
          -   During each Congress a PLAYBOY is to be elected by an absolute majority vote in favour, by
              secret ballot
          -   The candidates for the PLAYBOY's post have to be either present at the Congress or have to
              submit a video application to the Chairman of the General Assembly
          -   The GA can ask for a brief performance before the vote
          -   The tasks of the PLAYBOY are the following:
              a) the promote EESTEC by doing strip tours around Europe
              b) because of the reason the PLAYBOY probably won't have enough time to visit every LC,
                  he has to make a video clip to the EESTEC website for distribution

No serious votation follows, despite the efforts of LC Helsinki.

Internship database
-     Each LC should first include their members
-     Making propaganda and also putting in the information of local non-member students
-     A firm that joins the program can enter the database
-     Data like: Nationality, languages, etc.

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                  Minutes of the Third General Meeting

A new logo is proposed by Alessandro “Gigi” Senato. A little restyling of the image of EESTEC, starting by
the logo could do no harm. Dominik say the logo is fine as it is.
-   There are too much lines now in the back, this disturbs the logo when viewed from far away.
-   The shape is too square, rounder shapes are better.

The logos he designed for EESTEC look like this:

EESTEC Congress 2003                                                    Minutes of the Third General Meeting

Congress date relocation
Until the EU has replied positively, there is no reason for the congress date changing. End of April the EU
should have replied to the application, just before the Handover Boardmeeting.
-   The board will analyse the EU results
-   Start a forum topic on it
-   Inform all the LCs of its discussions and decisions
-   Put a deadline for decision.

Maja says that the first BOM is from end of April until 4th of May, so that we can put the deadline in that

23. Closing of the 3rd GM at 19.19


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