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					Eric Owen Moss, FAIA
Principal and Lead Designer, Eric Owen Moss Architects

Eric Owen Moss was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.
He received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at
Los Angeles in 1965. Moss continued his education, earning his
Masters of Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley,
College of Environmental Design in 1968 and a second Masters of
Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design in

Over the last 30 years Eric Owen Moss Architects has built a
wide array of award-winning buildings, and has helped shape the
discourse of architecture internationally. That discussion continues
to manifest itself both in the continuing production of innovative
structures, in lectures, exhibitions, publishing, and teaching around
the world. Along the way, the EOM office has been recognized with
well over 50 local, national, and international awards.

Eric Owen Moss was the recipient of the Academy Award in
Architecture from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1999.
He received the AIA/LA Gold Medal in 2001 for the achievement
of an outstanding body of architectural works. He is a Fellow of
the American Institute of Architecture and was a recipient of the
Distinguished Alumni Award for the University of California, Berkeley
in 2003.

Selected Recent Awards
AIACC Achievement Award, 3555 Hayden, 2008
R&D Award, ARCHITECT MAGAZINE, A Surface of Points, 2008
AIA/NEXT LA, NEXT LA Citation, Republic Square, 2007
Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture, 2007
AIA/LA Honor Award, Slash and Backslash, 2006
AIA/LA Decade Award, Merit Award, Samitaur, 2006
Educator of the Year, AIA/LA, 2006

Selected Teaching
Southern California Institute of Architecture: Director
Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge - Eliot Noyes Chair
Yale University, New Haven - Davenport/Saarinen Chair
University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Columbia University, New York
Royal Academy, Copenhagen

Selected Monographs
Eric Owen Moss Construction Manual, AADCU, 2009
Who Says What Architecture Is?, SCI-Arc Press, 2007
Paradigmi Provvisori, Emilia Giorgi, Marsilio Publishing, 2007
The Uncertainty of Doing, Paola Giaconia, Skira, 2006
Buildings and Projects 3, Eric Owen Moss, Rizzoli, 2002
Gnostic Architecture, Eric Owen Moss, Monacelli Press, 1999

Recent and Upcoming Lectures and Juries
INHA University, Incheon, Korea
Shenzhen Biennale, Shenzhen, China
Contract World, Hanover, Germany
Days of Oris, Zagreb, Croatia
University of Monterrey, Mexico
MAK Center, Vienna, Austria

Selected Recent Publications
Tatlin News (Russia), “Permmuseumxxi”, 2008, pg. 80-81.
Architect Magazine, “R+D Awards: A Surface of Points”, Aug. 2008.
Architect Magazine, “3555 Hayden”, Dec. 2007 by Vernon Mays
L’ARCA(Italy), “City of the Future, Los Angeles”, December 2007, pg 10-11.
Baumeister B10(Germany), “Fiberkurven”, Oct. 2007, pg. 62-69.

Selected Recent Exhibitions
“URBANOPOLIS”, Musée de la Civilisation, Quebec, Jan. 2008 - Apr. 2009
“Eric Owen Moss Architects, City of The Future, and other projects”
        Shenzhen Biennale, Dec. 2007
“American Academy of Arts and Letters Exhibition”, American Academy of
         Arts and Letters, NYC, 2007
AIACC Achievement Award
3555 Hayden, 2008

R+D Award by Architect Magazine
A Surface of Points, 2008

AIA/NEXT LA Citation
Republic Square, 2007
                                                    University of Economics and Business`

2007 Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize
in Architecture

AIA/LA Design Honor Award
Slash and Backslash, 2006

AIA/LA Decade Award
Samitaur, 2006

2006 Educator of the Year Award, AIA/LA

Guangdong Museum, 2005                                               Slash and Backslash
Conjunctive Points Theater Complex, 2005

Dedalo Minosse International Award
Conjunctive Points, 2004

Jose Vasconcelos Library, 2004

Business Week/Architectural Record Awards
Ogilvy and Mather, 2003

The Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award
3505 Hayden Avenue, 2003                                             Guangdong Museum

AIA/LA Design Award, Interior Architecture
Caterpillar, 2003

33rd Los Angeles Architectural Awards
Ogilvy and Mather, 2003

Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus Award
University of California, Berkeley, 2003

AIA/LA Design Merit Award
Medschool.com, 2002                                   Conjunctive Points Theater Complex

Mariinsky Theater, 2002

AIA/CC Design Honor Award
Ogilvy and Mather, 2002

Westside Urban Forum
Ogilvy and Mather, 2002
                                                       Jose Vasconcelos Library of Mexico

AIA/LA Gold Medal for Design Achievement, 2001

AIA/LA Design Award
Ogilvy and Mather, 2001

Ten Towers, 2001

Los Angeles Business Council Design Award
                                                                       Mariinsky Theatre
Ogilvy and Mather, 2001

Progressive Architecture Design Award
Spa, 2000
                        DuPont Benedictus Award
                        T-30 Films, 2000

                        AIA/LA Honor Award for Design
                        T-30 Films, 1999

                        Academy Award in Architecture
                        American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York 1999

                        NEXT LA Award
                        Pterodactyl, 1999

                        AIA/CC Design Award
Pterodactyl             3535 Hayden Avenue, 1998

                        Los Angeles Urban Beautification Award
                        Cineon Kodak, 1998

                        NEXT LA Award
                        Gasometer D-1, 1997

                        AIA/LA Honor Award
                        Cineon Kodak, 1996

                        Progressive Architecture Design Award
                        Ince Theatre, 1995

                        AIA/CC Design Honor Award
                        The Box, 1995

                        DuPont Benedictus Award
                        The Box, 1995

                        AIA/LA Design Award
                        Lawson/Westen House, 1994
Lawson Westen
                        AIA/LA Design Award
                        The Box, 1994

                        AIA National Interior Design Award of Excellence
                        Lawson/Westen House, 1994

                        AIA/LA Design Award
                        Lawson/Westen House, 1993

                        AIA National Citation
                        Excellence in Architecture Book Publishing, 1992

                        Progressive Architecture Design Award
Central Housing Office   Cineon Kodak, 1992

                        Progressive Architecture Design Award
                        Arnoff Guest House, 1992

                        AIA National Interior Design Award of Excellence
                        Gary Group, 1992

                        AIA National Interior Design Award of Excellence
                        8522 National, Boulevard, 1992

                        AIA/CC Urban Design/Adaptive Re-Use Award
                        8522 National Boulevard, 1991

                        AIA National Honor Award
8522 National Avenue
                        Central Housing Office, University of California, Irvine,

                        AIA National Honor Award
                        8522 National Boulevard, 1988
Selected Recent Lectures and Juries
  INHA University
  Incheon, Korea, 2008

  University of California, Los Angeles
  Los Angeles, California, 2008

  Shenzhen Biennale
  Shenzhen, China, 2007

  R+D Award by Architect Magazine
  Washington, DC, 2007

  MAK Center
  Vienna, Austria, 2007

  University Degli Studi di Napoli Ferico II
  Naples, Italy, 2007

  Associazione Nazionale dei Costurttori
  Edili Via Guattani
  Rome, Italy, 2007
                                                 The City of the Future - For the History Channel
  TUYAP Fair and Congress Center
  Istanbul, Turkey, 2007

  Dostky Center Architectural Jury
  Almaty, Kazakstan, 2006

  2006 AIA National Convention
  Los Angeles, CA, 2006

  Architectural Association
  London, UK, 2006

  SFT Architecture Convention
  Muenster, Germany, 2006

  Andalusian Contempory Art Museum
  Seville, Spain, 2005                         The Caterpillar - For “Seeing” exhibition at LACMA

  Central House of Architects
  Moscow, Russia, 2005

  Una Muestra de Arquitectura International
  San Salvador, El Salvador, 2005

  Mayors Institute on City Design
  Los Angeles, California, 2004

  Urban Land Institute
  New York, 2004                                                                   3535 Hayden

  Chicago Architectural Foundation
  Chicago, 2004

  Harvard Graduate School of Design
  Cambridge, Massachussetts, 2004

  Architectural League of New York
  Cooper Union, New York, 2004

  REDCAT Lecture
  Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, 2004
                                                              Smithsonian Patent Office Building
  Berlage Institute
  Rotterdam, Holland, 2004

  Chongqing University
  Chongqing, China, 2004
                                              Selected Recent Exhibtions
                                                “City of the Future: A Design & Engineering
                                               Musée de la Civilisation, Quebec, Canada, 2008 - 2009
                                                Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL, 2007

                                               “Eric Owen Moss Architects, City of the Future, and
                                               other projects”
                                               Shenzhen Biennale, Shenzhen, China, 2007

                                                “Academy of Arts and Letters Exhibition”
                                                American Academy of Arts & Letters, New York, NY, 2007

                                                “Enlightened Developments”
US - Mexico Border - For the New York Times     A + D Museum, Los Angeles, CA, 2007

                                                “Orodautore. Tribute to Piero”
                                                 City Contemporary Art Gallery, Arezzo, Italy, 2007

                                                “Entropy - The Art in Architects”
                                                 Koplin Del Rio Gallery, Culver City, CA, 2007

                                                “Cities, Architecture, and Society”
                                                 La Biennale di Venezia, Italy, 2006

                                               “One World” London Architecture Biennale
                                                London, UK, 2006

                                                Summer Exhibition
                                                Royal Academy, London, UK, 2006

                                                Yildiz Exhbition 2006
                                                Adana, Konya, Edirne, Trabzon, Eskisehir, and Bursa
                                                Turkey, 2006

                                                La Biennale di Venezia, “Metamorph”
World Trade Center                              Giardini Arsenale: Venice, Italy 2005

                                                “US Design 1975-2000”
                                                Denver Art Museum: Denver, Colorado; Bass Museum of
                                                Art: Miami, Florida; American Craft Museum: New York,
                                                New York; Housten Art Museum: Housten, Texas; 2004

                                                “Sao Paulo Biennale of Architecture and Design”
                                                Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2004

                                                “Architectures Experimentales”
                                                Collection du Frac Center: Orleans, France, 2003

                                                “A New World Trade Center: Design Proposals”
                                                Max Protetch Gallery: New York, New York
                                                European Tour: Cube Gallery: Manchester, England;
                                                Deutsches Achitektur Museum: Frankfort, Germany;
                                                Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm, Sweden; 2003
New Holland Cultural Center

                                              Selected Winning Competitions
                                                The City of the Future - Los Angeles
                                                1st Place, Los Angeles, CA 2006

                                                New Holland Cultural Center
                                                1st Place, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2003

                                                Mariinsky Theater
                                                1st Place, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2003

                                                World Trade Center Competition for LMDC
                                                Semi-finalist, 2003
Queens Museum of Art
                                                Queens Museum of Art
                                                1st Place, Queens, New York, 2001

                                                Stanford University Learning Lab
                                                1st Place, Palo Alto, California, 1998
(built work shown in bold)

•University of Economics and Business - Invited International Competition (2008)
         Vienna, Austria
•Southern Science and Technology University Campus - Invited International Competition (2008)
         Shenzhen, China
•Perm Museum XXI International Competition (2008)
         Perm, Russia
•Venice and Lincoln (2007-present)
         Los Angeles, CA
•Sepulveda and Centinela (2007-present)
         Los Angeles, CA
•Gateway Art Tower (2005-present) under construction
         Culver City, California
•3555 (2007)
         Culver City, California
•The City of the Future Competition Sponsored by the History Channel, (2006)
         Downtown Los Angeles, CA - year 2106
•1345 Havenhurst Housing, (2006)
         West Hollywood, CA
•Republic Square, (2006)
         Almaty, Kazakhstan
•Inmo Gallery, (2006)
         Downtown Los Angeles, CA
•Border Fence for the New York Times, (2006)
         Along the US/Mexico border
•Bahia Balandra, (2006-present)
         La Paz, Mexico
•Santa Monica and La Brea, (2006-present)
         West Hollywood, California
•Hong Kong Design Institute International Competition, (2006)
         Hong Kong
•3525 Hayden - Digital Fusion (2006)
         Culver City, California
•Beverly Hills Courthouse, (2006)
         Beverly Hills, California
•Silk Road Museum - Invited International Competition, (2006)
         Xian, China
•Sunset Medical Building (2005-present)
         West Hollywood, California
•3505 Hayden BSC, Nike (2005)
         Culver City, California
•Sunset/Doheny Hotel (2005- present)
         West Hollywood, California
•Conjunctive Points Theater Complex (2005-2008)
         Culver City, California
•Robbins School Competition, (2005)
         Trenton, New Jersey
•Parking Garage and Pterodactyl (1999-present)
         Culver City, California
•Jefferson Towers (1997-present)
         Los Angeles, California
•Hayden Tower (1991-present)
         Culver City, California
•Wyvernwood- Master Plan (2005)
         Los Angeles, California
•AOL Offices (2004-2005)
         Culver City, CA
•Guadalajara Library Competition (2005)
         Guadalajara, Mexico
•Corbis Offices (2005)
         Los Angeles, CA
•Glass Courtyard, 3505 Hayden Avenue (2004)
         Culver City, California
•Pineapple, 3505 Hayden Avenue (2004)
         Culver City, California
•Smithsonian Institute Patent Office Building International Competition (2004)
         Washington D.C.
•Franklin Towers (2004)
         Hollywood, California
•Guangdong Provincial Museum International Competition (2004)
          Guangzhou, China
•Anonymous Content Offices (2004)
          Culver City, CA
•Freight Depot (2003- 2004)
          Los Angeles, California
•Queens Museum of Art (2001-2004)
          Queens, New York
•Conjunctive Point Gateway (2000-2004)
          3505 Hayden Avenue, Culver City, California
•Sony Offices (2003)
          Culver City, CA
•Concurso Internacional de Arquitectura, Biblioteca de Mexico- Jose Vasconcelos (2003)
          Mexico City, Mexico
•International Competition for the New Building of the Mariinksy Theater (2001-2003)
          St. Petersburg, Russia
•Mariinsky Cultural Center- New Holland (2001-2003)
          St. Petersburg, Russia
•San Jose State University School of Art and Design Competition (2002)
          San Jose, California
•Montreal Cultural and Administrative Complex Competition (2002)
          Montereal, Quebec, Canada
•Grand Egyptian Museum Competition (2002)
          Giza, Egypt
•Caterpillar (2001-2002)
          “Seeing” Art Installation for Children, Boone Gallery, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
•World Trade Center Exhibition (2001)
          Max Protech Gallery, New York, New York
•Supper Club- Restaurant and Bar (2001)
          Culver City, California
•Stora Teatern New Media and Performance Center (2001)
          Göteborg, Sweden
•Billiard Table MAK Edition, MAK Center for Art and Architecture (2001)
          Vienna, Austria
•8536 Hayden Avenue Restaurant (2001)
          Culver City, California
•Beehive/annex Conference Center (1996-2001)
          Culver City, California
•Los Angeles Children’s Museum (1995-2001)
          Los Angeles, California
•Stealth (1993-2001)
          Culver City, California
•Aronoff Complex (1999-2001)
          Calabasas, California
•Sagaponac House (2000- present)
          Long Island, New York
•Debbie Allen Dance Academy (2000)
          Culver City, CA
•Nissan Exhibition Design (2000)
          Automobile shows throughout the US
•Oslo Opera House (2000)
          Oslo, Norway
•Clerkenwell mixed- use (2000)
          London, England
•Auschwitz Memorial and Museum (1999)
•The Spa (1999)
          Culver City, California
•Slash and Backslash (1998-1999)
          Culver City, California
•Green Umbrella (1996-1999)
          Culver City, California
•The Bridge (1998- present)
          Los Angeles, California
•Stanford Learning Center (1998)
          Palo Alto, California
•Mills House (1998)
          Hollywood, California
•Don’t Watch (1998)
         (project for a wrist watch)
•Düsseldorf Harbor (1998)
         Düsseldorf, Germany
•Dancing Bleachers (1998)
         Installation at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio
•Trivida (1998)
         Culver City, California
         including MAK print (1998)
•Roof addition project (1998)
         Culver City, California
•White House study (1997)
         Washington, DC
•Monaco Convention Center (1997)
         Port of Monaco, Monaco
•Jewish Museum San Francisco (1997)
         San Francisco, California
•Samitaur Complex Building C interior, Cobalt Moon (1997)
         Los Angeles, California
•Pittard Sullivan (1994-1997)
         Culver City, California
•Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) (1996)
         West Los Angeles, California
•Ibiza Masterplan (1996-present)
         Church of the Museum, Ibiza, Spain
•21 Theaters (1996)
         Culver City, California
•Ottakringer Brewery (1996)
         Vienna, Austria
•Louise’s: proposed interior of The Box (1996)
         San Francisco, California
•Costco (1996)
         Culver City, California
•Samitaur Complex Phase One (1989-1996)
         Los Angeles, California
•Gasometer D-1 (1995-1996)
         Vienna, Austria
•Rodeo Dr./ La Cienega: original site plan (1995)
         Los Angeles, California
•LA City Bridge (1995)
         Los Angeles, California
•Vesey Street Theatre (1994)
         Battery Park City, New York
•Plaza Vieja (1994)
         Havana, Cuba
•Wagramerstrasse Housing Project (1994)
         Vienna, Austria
•8520 Annex (1994)
         Culver City, California
•IRS (1993-94)
         Culver City, California
•The Box (1990-94)
         Culver City, California
•Contemporary Art Center and and Theater (1993)
         Tours, France
•Ince Theater (1993-present)
         Culver City, California
•Santa Monica Science Center (1993)
         Santa Monica, California
•VLA Sun Drawing Project (1993)
         New Mexico
•Lawson/Westen Residence (1990-1993)
         West Los Angeles, California
•Ibiza Paseo (1992)
         Ibiza, Spain
•MAK (1991)
         Vienna, Austria
•Nara Convention Center (1991)
         Nara, Japan
•Aronoff Guest House (1991)
         Van Nuys, California
•Samitaur Complex Phase Two (1991-present)
         Los Angeles, California
•A.R.C I T Y - ‘Palindrone’ (1990-present)
         Culver City, California
•Warner Theater (1990-present)
         Culver City, California
•Gary Group (1988-90)
         Culver City, California
•8522 National Boulevard Complex:
•Conference Room (1986-90)
•QRC (1988-90)
•Goalen Group (1988-90)
•Hybrid Arts (1988-90)
•SMA (1988-90)
         Culver City, California
•Paramount Laundry (1987-89)
         Culver City, California
•Lindblade Tower (1987-89)
         Culver City, California
•Central Housing Office (1986-89)
         University of California, Irvine
•T&L House (1988)
         Los Angeles, California
•Multi-Unit Housing (1988)
         for the Museum of Contemporary Art
         Los Angeles, California
•Tokyo Opera House (1986-87)
         Tokyo, California
•Yoko Uehara House (1986-87)
         Pasadena, California
•San Francisco Stadium (1986)
         San Francisco, California
•Honey Springs Country Club (1984-86)
         San Diego, California
•Reservoir House (1985)
         Los Angeles, California
•Stacked House (1985)
         Los Angeles, California
•Lower East Side Housing/Indigent Pavilion (1985)
         New York, New York
•Escondido Civic Center (1985)
         Escondido, California
•World Savings and Loan (1983-85)
         Los Angeles, California
•Petal House (1982-84)
         Los Angeles, California
•Pin Ball House (1980-84)
         Los Angeles, California
•Houses X and Y (1981-82)
         Malibu, California
•Login House (1980-82)
         Malibu, California
•Adams House (1980-82)
         Los Angeles, California
•708 House(1979-82)
         Los Angeles, California
•Fun House (1980)
         Los Angeles, California
•Chicago Tribune Tower (1980)
         Chicago, Illinois
•Five Condominiums (1979-80)
         Pasadena, California
•Gibralter Savings and Loan (1979-80)
         Los Angeles, California
•LaFaille House (1978-79)
         Malibu, California
•Morgenstern Warehouse (1977-79)
         Los Angeles, California
•Cobb Residence (1977-78)
         Hollywood, California
•Triplex Apartments (1974-76)
         Playa del Rey, California