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Dr. Carter Julian Savage is a Visiting Scholar at Morehouse



Dr. Carter Julian Savage is a Visiting Scholar at Morehouse College and an Associate at the W. E. B.
Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University. In these roles,
Savage is teaching, researching and writing about historical and contemporary issues facing African
American males. As a professor, he is teaching a course in History and Theories of Leadership to
undergraduates at the all-male, historically black, Morehouse College. As a researcher, Savage is
currently documenting the history of youth services provided to African American males in the first
half of the 20th century. Specifically, he is completing two manuscripts entitled, “’In the Interest
Colored Boys:’ C. J. Atkinson, William T. Coleman and The Extension of Boys’ Club Service into the
African American Community, 1906-1931” and “Experiences of the Elders: Selected Life Histories of
African American Professionals in the Boys & Girls Club Movement.” This work investigating the
education of African American boys in the North is an extension of his ongoing research in their
education in southern schools.
Savage has published several scholarly articles, book chapters, book reviews and magazine articles
on the history of education for African Americans, the social context of education for African
American males, the theoretical framework of after school programs, and the development of after-
school education programs. In December 2005, Savage co-edited with Dr. V. P. Franklin, Cultural
Capital and Black Education: African American Communities and the Funding of Black Schooling,
1865 to the Present.
In addition to his teaching and research, Savage is the Chief Idea Officer of I-AM Consulting. I-AM is
a research and development firm that develops leadership and creates program opportunities that
transform the lives of “disconnected youth,” especially African American youth, through the
renewal of their minds. Through the work of this firm, Savage is seeking to create a multi-ethnic
community which firmly believes that "disconnected" youth can mature into adults who can lead
and positively transform the world.
In addition to teaching and researching, Savage has been involved in the field of youth development
for 20 years. Savage began working part-time for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee in
Nashville, Tennessee as a sophomore at Vanderbilt University. In 1989, he joined the Middle
Tennessee organization in a full-time capacity as their Education Program Director. Later that year,
Savage opened a new Club in Franklin, Tennessee, and he served as its director. Savage was later
promoted to Associate Executive of the Middle Tennessee organization; and in 1999, he moved to
Atlanta to become the Senior Director, Education Programs for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. In
this role, he led a national initiative to provide effective programs in the after school time that
resulted improved academic performance. Two years later, he was promoted to Vice President,
Program & Youth Development Services for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. In this role, Savage had
oversight of the development and dissemination of education, program planning and evaluation,
technology, arts, and physical education programs to the more than four million youth on 4,000
local Boys & Girls Clubs in the United States and on military bases in Europe and Asia.

Dr. Carter Julian Savage holds a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and a Master’s in Public
Policy (Program Development and Program Evaluation) from Peabody College of Vanderbilt
University in Nashville, Tennessee; he is also a three-year graduate from Vanderbilt University with
a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

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