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					Ecology Directory, Section 2:

Environmental Groups & Projects

Sheboygan and Sheboygan County
(Data collected: 2009 Data expanded & updated: March 2010)

CHILDREN AND STUDENT FOCUSED environmental projects




CONSERVATION GROUPS with environmental ed. and projects

NATURE/OUTDOOR GROUPS with environmental ed. and projects



The entire FOUR-SECTION ECOLOGY DIRECTORY for Sheboygan and Sheboygan
County, including Recycling and Safe Disposal: Household Items A to Z; Environmental
Groups and Projects; Ecology Actions—Business Examples; and Community Ecology
Wishes, was officially accepted by the City of Sheboygan Common Council at its first
Monday meeting, October 2009. The first section on Recycling was put on the
Sheboygan County Website, Planning Department, in December 2009 and Updated in
2010. The material from various sections is slated to appear on additional websites in
2010 with 2010 updates. Data collected and compiled by Rich and Joyce Jordan

                                     Projects - 1
Check out this one-page table of contents :
4-H Clubs; Boy Scouts; Coats for Kids; Drama Dept. goes green at Sheb.North; Etude
Charter School projects; food initiatives for kids (also see Food Alliances); Girl Scouts;
Lightbuster’s at Farnsworth Middle School; Maywood Center and Park programs; Pigeon
River Elementary School; Reusable Resource Center, Supermileage Challenge and WI
Electrathon at Road America
COMMUNITY GARDENS –Sheb., Plymouth, Random Lk EARTHFEST, Sheboygan
FOOD ALLIANCES – Sheboygan Area Local Food Alliance (SALFA), Farm to School
Initiative (SALFA affiliation), NOURISH (SCIO affiliation); GOODSIDE GROCERY &
Food Co-op of Sheboygan

CONSERVATION GROUPS with environmental ed. and projects –
(SCCA) Sheboygan County Conservation Association; Trees for Tomorrow under
SCCA; Friends of Kohler-Andrae; Friends of Amsterdam Dunes; Glacial lakes
Conservancy (co-host WI Beach Sweep along Lake Michigan Shoreline in Sheboygan);
Glacierland R,C & D; Sheboygan Quarry Beach and Underwater Cleanup; Sheboygan
River Basin Partnership (co-host of WI Beach Sweep) and partners w/other groups for
WI Ephemeral Ponds, Adopt-A-Stream, Willow Creek, other projects; 2010 Year of the
Niagara Escarpment (promoting environmental and agricultural-tourism.)

NATURE/OUTDOOR GROUPS with environmental ed. and projects:
Maywood Environmental Center and Park; Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program
(Sheb. County); Non-motorized recreation note and examples of promoting bicycling;
Sheboygan County Audubon Society; Sheboygan County crane counters; Wisconsin
Society of Ornithology Christmas and May bird counts.

Sustainable Living (Sheboygan); Sustainable Living Group (SLG-Elkhart Lake); The
Frugal Prosumer workshops; Moonwise Herbs and Brooms workshops; Plymouth Bird
and Nature Club; Raising Butterflies (Mary Thorne); Retreats at Bright Dawn Home
Spread; Sustainable Sheboygan Task Force (City of Sheboygan), Ecology Directory

John Holzwort, Chris Keuhnel, Wayne Bruggink, David Lagerman. Examples of
activities these people have become known for, leading sometimes to cottage industries.

                                       Projects - 2

This computer list is considered a work in progress.
Corrections and additions are welcome. Email to:

CHILDREN AND STUDENT FOCUSED environmental ed. and projects:

4-H CLUBS, Sheboygan County Extension office, 5 University Drive, Sheboygan, 920-
459-5900, 459-5903, Youth Development Program Coordinator, Amber Rehberg, Youth
Development Educator, Sara Tarjeson Includes environmental ed. programs and
than 85% set aside for environmental education. Groups need reservations.
4-H, other environmental programs: science, gardening and raising animals, also dog
project to train Humane Society Shelter dogs to make them more adoptable. 4-H Youth
Garden located on Water Street next to Worker’s Water Street Park, just south of Erie
Ave, perennials.

Extra note: 4-H CAMP RIVERSITE – Conceived as the site for a new 4-H Forest, Camp
Riversite offers a self-guided nature trail with a great variety of plant life and wild life in
the 60 acre area of planted pine groves, deciduous woods, open prairie, and a swamp
section, also a grassy recreation area includes a picnic shelter, restrooms. More than 9000
trees planted and 1500 shrubs (1962-1970.) Owned and maintained by the Sheboygan
County 4-H Leaders Association. Located off County Trunk W and off County Trunk I
on Camp Riversite Road, close to the Onion River and near Hingham.

BOY SCOUTS of America – Sheboygan County, (listed as Bay Lakes Council of 6
merged councils,) 3022 Erie Avenue, Sheboygan, 458-3538,
Program for boys (11-17) offers a national merit badge for Environmental Science and 6
other related science topics. CAMP ROKOLIO contains 1 of only 3 glacier created bogs
in Wisconsin and is of significant environmental education interest. A ―leave no trace‖
except footsteps policy is taught for outdoor activities.

Other ecology related merit badges include Soil and Water Conservation, Forestry, Fish
and Wildlife, Mammal Study, Reptile and Amphibian Study in addition to so many
nature, non-motorized and other activities traditionally associated with the Boy Scouts.
CAMP ROKOLIO’s bog –a former glacier lake that has come to resemble a wetland, rare
also in that it contains plants from both northern and southern Wisconsin, including insect
devouring ―pitcher‖ plants.

“COATS FOR KIDS” -- Annual Sheboygan county-wide campaign held since 1990 in
the late fall each year, sponsored by the Novak-Ramm-Ziegler Funeral Home. Recycled,
good-condition coats for children of all ages collected by school, church, service groups
and individuals, and distributed by the Salvation Army, (1250 coats collected in 2009.)

                                         Projects - 3
DRAMA DEPT. GOES “GREEN”: to build the largest set ever on the high school’s
stage (2010) for the joint North/South musical ―Brighten Beach Memoirs,‖ the stage
crew students at Sheboygan North used donated materials from local companies,
supportive parents and individual citizens. They designed that show and other
productions in the past couple of years around platforms they already had. In a previous
show,―The Crucible‖ they dismantled 11 wood pallets that would have gone into a
landfill so they could construct the majority of the set. The more limited drama budget
could then be used to get hardware and buy a few additional items. Students had to draw
on their own resourcefulness and creativity to do the problem-solving involved, and they
learned greater respect for the environment and financial budgeting, according to Pat
Henderson, Stage Manager, North High, in a letter to the Editor, Sheb. Press, 3-5-10

ETUDE CHARTER SCHOOL environmental projects:
Etude High School for the Arts and Academics, 721 N. 6th Street, Sheboygan Main
Office: 459-0950 Contact: art, sciences, & ecology department Karen Robinson about
―Vegetarian Wednesdays‖ project, the non-motorized transportation ―promotion‖ project,
and developing a student ―salsa‖ veggies & herbs garden in cooperation with JMKAC.

“Vegetarian Wednesdays” project encourages students to bring ―healthy‖ non-meat
ingredients to share in a student community lunch. Also the community-wide Farm to
School Initiative was conceived by an Etude senior as her 2010 senior project.
Non-Motorized Transportation promotion project: Events scheduled April through
summer for students and the general public with help from a returning artist in residence
in conjunction with JMKAC across the street. Scott Constable

Food initiatives FOR KIDS including local Farm to School Food Initiative and local
project Nourish, project 2, (also under FOOD ALLIANCES in this section)

FARM TO SCHOOL INITIATIVE: Begun Jan. 21, 2010, the group’s goal is to design
and implement a pilot program focused on adding healthy, local foods to Sheboygan
school hot-lunches and community awareness of the food issues. Website link from
SALFA website: then click on Farm to School Initiative. Initiated
by Sequoia Alby-Virgin.

NOURISH, project 2: Fresh veggie snacks with donated Sargento string cheese to
children at the Boys and Girls Club, Sheboygan. In 2010 program will be extended to
summertime lunch meals at the Boys and Girls Club for eligible children as there is no
free school lunch program available in summer. 920-918-0251

GIRL SCOUTS of the USA: Sheboygan County, (listed as Girl Scouts of Manitou
Council serving parts or all of 7 counties, headquartered in Sheboygan) 5212 Windward
Court, Sheboygan 53083, 920-565-4575 CAMP EVELYN (Girl
Scout Camp in Plymouth area.)
 JOURNEY ecology-oriented book series It’s Your Planet—Love It have been
introduced in recent years as part of the Girl Scout program for use at troop meetings

                                       Projects - 4
for Daisies K-1st, Brownies 2nd-3rd, Juniors, 4th-5th , Cadettes 6th-8th, Seniors 9th-10th,
and Ambassadors 11th-12th. Ecology series concepts also incorporated with camp
programs. Inquiries: Director of Program Quality Amy Odekirk.
Girl Scout It’s Your Planet – Love It book series titles: Between Earth and Sky --
becoming aware of natural environment, Wonders of Water -- clean water, underwater
world, Get Moving -- energy and energy issues, Breathe -- air quality, Sow What? --
being one with the land, local food & food issues, Justice -- environmental justice, water
bottle debate, toxic wastes.

LIGHT BUSTER’S student group at Farnsworth Middle School (Sheboygan Area
School District) turn off lights in classrooms when classrooms are not in use. On-going
project during school year. Main office: 920-459-3655, 1017 Union Avenue, Sheboygan

 MAYWOOD – offers summer camps, many programs with hands-on activities for
children and students throughout the year, also programs, events, outdoor nature walks
and activities for families and adults of all ages.
Sheboygan, 920-459-3906 . also listed on City of Sheboygan
website: Hours: Ecology Center open M-F, 9-4, Sat-Sun, 1-4
Outdoor areas open all day and into the early evening, part of City of Sheboygan park
system. Directions to Maywood: Turn left (west) at the first road north of Evergreen
Park/Quarry Park off Calumet Drive/Hwy 42, Sheboygan. Or travel from County Trunk
Y east on Mueller Road.

PIGEON RIVER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 3508 N. 21st Street, Sheboygan,
Sheboygan Area School District, has ongoing environmental learning activities and
projects throughout the school year. Main office: 920-459-3563

REUSABLE RESOURCE CENTER, temporarily housed at Farnsworth Middle
School, Sheboygan. An educational assistant at Farnsworth is Volunteer Coordinator,
Amy Peterson. The program solicits donations from area businesses and makes those
things available to teachers and parents for use in educational activities. Contact Reusable
Resource Center, 920-803-8328. Email:

(Vehicle design challenge for high school students)
Elkhart Lake, annually in May. High school student teams from around the state are
given the challenge to design and build small vehicles, holding only a driver, that could
get anywhere from 150 to 400 or more miles to a gallon of gasoline. Vehicles are
driven for several 2-lap trial runs on the Road America race track, with an imposed 35
mph speed limit. A second electric vehicle design challenge gives students a chance to
participate in the WI Electrathon. This double challenge was held in 2007, 2008, and
2009 near the end of the school year with student teams from Oostburg, Plymouth and
Sheboygan North competing along with students from 35 other high schools. 2010 Date:
May 9 & 10th, Wisconsin Energy Efficient Vehicle Association,

                                        Projects - 5

TAYLOR DRIVE between Saemann Avenue and Geele Avenue, on property owned by
the Sheboygan Area School District (S.A.S.D.), leased to Hmong Mutual Assistance
Association. Gardeners of some of the plots offer their extra vegetables for sale at the
summer Farmers Markets. Inquiries, Mr. Chasong Yang, Hmong office: 920-458-0808.

on Pleasant View Road between the Sheb. County Fairgrounds and Hwy 23. Open to the
community, 24 plots. Inquiries, church office: 920-893-5525
Since the spring of 2009, the garden has been divided into 24 plots on a little less than a
half-acre of vacant land that is part of a larger parcel owned by the church. Sponsored by
the church members, volunteer (Bill) frequently fills water barrels located on the dividing
line walkways between plots to aid the gardeners.

Community garden on property, W4948 County Road SS, rural Random Lake on the NW
corner of Hwy 57 and SS. The land is tilled each spring and water is provided for a small
donation. There are 10 plots of various sizes on organic soil. Four-foot-wide garden beds
follow the contour of the land. Anyone who lives in the area and commits to planting it
and keeping it ―shipshape‖ may sign up for available plots. Gardeners use own tools and
can tote free mulch from about a 25 minute drive away. Structures on property: shed,
barn Amenities: running water, also restroom nearby. Founded in 2005, inquiries can be
made by calling 262-573-0928 or 920-994-4082

EARTHFEST, Sheboygan:
TWO DAY EVENT IN 2010 (3rd Sat. August 21, 2010, 10 am-9pm and also Sunday
Aug. 22, 10 am- 5pm) at Fountain Park, downtown Sheboygan. A non-profit music, art
and ecology festival held annually on the 3rd Saturday of August for more than a decade,
has been expanded to 2 days in 2010. Contact: Kathy Alby, annual organizer, 920-452-

Each year EARTHFEST organizers select a specific environmental theme. Guest
speakers are invited, and panel discussions take place at tents on the grounds. Ecology
organizations display exhibits. There are many earth-friendly vender booths, and a
variety of hot and cold food is offered for sale to eat on the grounds or for carry-out.
Recycling containers are placed nearby. Musical performers take turns appearing on the
band shell stage. A second coffeehouse-style-stage, also a demo tent and a Kid’s Activity
Corner (new in 2009) offered again in 2010. The Drum Circle continues to be part of the
festival. Each year Earthfest makes donations to local non-profit environmental groups
and organizations. The summer Farmers Market continues to have many stands at one
end of the park on the Saturday of Earthfest.

                                       Projects - 6
FOOD ALLIANCES and environmental projects:

The alliance, a nonprofit 501-3C as of 2/1/10, aims to support many issues related to a
healthy local food system. Websites: (frequently updated info) (with message board)
Meetings: FIRST MONDAYeve of month, 6 pm. WeatherCenter Café, 809 Riverfront
Drive, Sheboygan, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Environmental projects 2010: Winter Film
Fest, Farm to School Initiative, also contacting legislators & others about food issues.
SALFA Contacts: Sarah Hawkins (website mgr.) 217-246-6024
Bobbie May, 920-459-9399 Linda Conroy

Meetings: LAST THURSDAY of the month, 6-8 pm at Paradigm Coffee and Music,
1202 N. 8th Street (corner of 8th and St. Clair, Sheboygan) Open to the public.
Link from SALFA website: then click on Farm to School Initiative
with message board. Group’s goal is to design and implement a pilot program focused on
adding healthy, local foods to Sheboygan school hot-lunches. A second focus is to
broaden awareness and understanding of both the national and local Farm to School
Movement. Sequoia Alby-Virgin initiated the project.

SALFA environmental education project: Winter Film Fest of 6 documentary films,
aired to the public on the fourth Mondays of each month, January thru May, under
SALFA sponsorship focuses on organic and locally grown foods. Films shown at
Paradigm Coffee and Music, 6:30 pm., 1202 N. 8th Street, (corner of 8th and St. Clair.)
Film titles & showings: ―Two Angry Moms‖(1/25), ―Fresh‖(2/22) ―Big River‖(3/29)
―Polycultures‖(3/29) ―Mad City Chickens‖(4/26) and ―Food, Inc.‖ (5/24). Film series
support has been received by initial sponsor donations. The film fest offered free to the
public, does accept further voluntary donations at each viewing to help defray the $1500
cost. Initial backers include Moonwise Herbs, Jeff-Leen Farm, Elemental Services,
Ledgeview Nature Center, The Weather Center Café, Z-Spot Espresso & Coffee Bar,
Springdale Farms CSA, Inspire Yoga, Log Cabin Orchard, and Alecia’s Greek Pastries.

GOODSIDE GROCERY & Food Co-op of Sheboygan, 816 St. Clair Avenue, project
being developed to open in late June or shortly afterwards. Shares part of the building
where Paradigm Coffee & Music is located. Store, also will offer a Co-op member
discount. Emphasis on local and organic foods

NOURISH, Farm to Family Philanthropy non-profit project group, Carol Christensen,
920-918-0251 or email: Conceived in
2008, implemented by summer of 2009, the group is affiliated at this point with SCIO
Sheboygan County Inter-Faith Organization. Three projects link local smaller farms and
area volunteers including a volunteer chef, with struggling families in Sheboygan County
at shelters and with children at the Boys and Girls Club.

                                       Projects - 7
NOURISH Project 1: Once or twice a week (June-October) the Farm to Table Tour
invites area volunteers to help out at a local CSA farm, bring the produce to a shelter,
such as the Salvation Army, where a local volunteer chef prepares a menu, using the
produce along with rice and beans or meat and guides volunteers to prepare a tasty meal
to be shared by the volunteers with the shelter guests. Did 22 tours (2009) Schedule for
30 tours in 2010.

Project 2: Fresh veggie snacks with donated Sargento string cheese to children at the
Boys and Girls Club, Sheboygan. In 2010 this program will be extended to include
summertime lunch meals at the Boys and Girls Club for eligible children as there is no
free school lunch program available in summer.

Project 3: Harvest Hotline, run mainly by email, where farmers call Project Nourish, and
volunteers are quickly gathered, to help the farmer bring in the harvest of veggies or fruit
because of sudden weather changes or extra crop yield.

Developing Project 2010: Corporate team-building tours, 8 or more volunteers from a
business, do the farm tour help, then take the produce to the Kohler Company’s
Experiential Learning Center, have a chef inspired menu that includes cooking much of
the food outdoors. Then the meals are delivered to a shelter for a 6 or 7 pm dinnertime.

CONSERVATION GROUPS and Environmental Projects:

of almost 30 fishing, hunting, and shooting clubs, also organizations with an
environmental focus. Pres. Scott Plocar (elected 2010), Secretary Mary Jo Robinson.
Meetings, 3rd WED eve of the month, open to the public, hosted by a different coalition
member. Coalition members also are encouraged to give reports at meetings on activities
and environmental projects. The CSSA holds fund-raising events, often at the Sheboygan
Marsh Park, with proceeds later going for youth education projects and also land
purchases in order to give land back for public use. The SCCA in past years, paid for the
building of several boat landings, then gave them to the County, also recently gave
support to construction of the new Marsh Observation Tower. Contacts: Pres. Scott
Plocar, 920-565-3250 and former Pres. Dave Kozicke, 920-207-4078.

 (Under SCCA) TREES FOR TOMORROW program of the SCCA Youth Services
committee. Chairman: Jim Kloppenberg, 920-458-7798. Two chaperones took 19 high
school students to an annual 3-day workshop (11/09) at the Trees for Tomorrow
accredited natural resources specialty school at Eagle River, WI. Workshop, Nov. 7-10,
2010. Students get ―hands-on‖ activities and a variety of informational sessions on re-
forestation and utilizing natural resources wisely so the resources will be available for
future generations. Program is looking for an extra woman chaperone for girls.

                                        Projects - 8
SCCA EXAMPLES of other coalition members reporting on progress of
environmental projects:
FRIENDS OF KOHLER-ANDRAE, put in a fish pond (reported to SCCA 3/09.) Contact thru Park office: 920-451-4080
following environmental projects: As of 6/09 the Fisherman Creek Restoration program
was looking for funding, and an application was being made for stimulus funding for
Willow Creek in partnership with the Town of Wilson. As of 9/09 The Watershed
ADOPT-A-STREAM program grants were received, and the program was looking for
volunteers. (More info on listing below for Sheboygan River Basin Partnership)

Sheboygan County has renewed efforts to transform 323 acres of undeveloped sand-
dune/wetland/ hardwood forest immediately south of the Cedar Grove Raptor Research
Center into a nature preserve. The Raptor Center is already owned by the DNR, along
1890 feet of the Lake Michigan shoreline. The Amsterdam dunes property, owned by a
consortium of Chicago-based investors, contains rare habitats, rare species, and a critical
resting place for migrating birds, also hawks and owls. There are low environmental
impact plans to preserve the area, yet make it available for nature education and find a
way to financially maintain it, especially if the county were able to buy it in the future.
Contact: Jim Hulbert, County Director of Planning and Resources 920-459-3765

GLACIAL LAKES CONSERVANCY, Inc. 920-273-1143, Executive Director, Vickie
Hall email: P.0. Box 258, Kohler, WI
53044, Pres. David Grusznskie, Sheboygan Falls. Private non-profit land conservation
organization renamed in 2004 from Sheboygan Area Land Conservancy, founded 1996.
Purpose: To protect agricultural, urban and natural land areas by getting people to
place parcels of land in a conservancy in order to maintain ecological integrity,
sustainable agriculture, or scenic beauty. The non-profit organization now covers a 5-
county area: Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Fond du Lac, Calumet and Kewanee.

Glacial Lakes co-hosts project with the Sheboygan River Basin Partnership:
Annual Wisconsin Beach Sweep along the Lake Michigan shoreline from the marina
to North Point, Sheboygan, 2nd Saturday in September, 10 am. In 2009 more than 70
volunteers who met at DeLand Park gathered up 620 pounds of garbage, sorted out
recyclables, and tallied collected items including 7500 cigarette butts and cigars (the
number one trash problem along coastal waters, often washed to beaches through storm
sewers.) Dumpsters were provided by the City, publicity by the Chamber of Commerce.
Sponsors: Wisconsin Coastal management Program and The Ocean Conservancy.

Note: Friends of Sheboygan Parks, 2004-2009, now a retired chapter of the Glacial
Lakes Conservancy, worked for 5 years to protect and improve the city’s parks.

                                        Projects - 9
locally known as Glacierland R,C & D, a non-profit organization that covers 9 counties in
Northeastern WI, including Sheboygan County, also the Oneida Nation.
Glacierland R,C &D Headquarter offices: 3071 Voyager Drive, Suite E, Green Bay,
920-456-3006, Contact: Greg Hines Email:

Purpose: Conserving and developing natural resources in rural and urban areas
through private and public partnerships in the following counties: Brown, Calumet, Door,
Fond du Lac, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Outagamie, Sheboygan, and Winnebago Counties.
Jack Van Dixhorn, 920-458-5220, is Sheboygan County’s executive board member.
About a third of the Glacierland projects are directly related to farming, another
third to forestry, the remaining third to a variety of needed projects covering water
and other natural resources. A more recent environmental project was to provide a
charter contract to help the Sheboygan Area Local Food Alliance (SALFA) become
a non-profit 501 C 3 organization on Feb. 1, 2010.

 Held the last Saturday of September (16th annual on 9/26/09 with 11 participants.)
Sponsored by Silent World Divecenter, Sheboygan, participants collected and recorded
types of items, including 50 lbs. of trash (mostly bottles, cans, and bait containers) from
quarry water in mesh bags and 1 soggy mattress at the 20 foot bottom level mark that
took 8 divers to lift and get to land. Beach and surrounding area’s 7 lbs. of trash included
182 bottle caps. Cleanup was part of Project AWARE ―Aquatic World Awareness‖ and
received support from the Ocean Conservancy.

53085, 920-528-7258, President Peter G. Pittner

Purpose: Fosters partnerships for water quality improvement projects for creeks,
rivers, and lakes. Conducts educational programs and events. The non-profit
organization has the Adopt-A-Stream, WI Ephemeral Ponds Project, river clean-ups, and
stream restoration. Founded in 1998.

Co-host of annual Wisconsin Beach Cleanup in Sheboygan along Lake Michigan
with Glacial Lakes Conservancy. (See description under Glacial Lakes Conservancy.)
Sheboygan County science-trained citizens do research on WI Ephemeral Ponds
Project in Sheboygan County. Other brief descriptions of progress on 2009
environmental projects reported to Sheb. County Conservation Assoc.. (See that listing)

Willow Creek Cleanup project: In 2006 the Sheb. River Basin Partnership teamed with
Oostburg High School Students to clean up garbage from Willow Creek near Esslingen
Park, Sheboygan. Willow Creek is a cold water fishery where salmon and trout from
Lake Michigan go to spawn, allowing the fish to migrate upstream more easily. About a
ton of garbage, including 25 tires, several 55 gallon drums, bedsprings, a refrigerator,

                                       Projects - 10
glass bottles, 12 bags full of misc. garbage, and wood, removed by student volunteers,
then disposed of by City of Sheboygan DPW. Funding to the Sheboygan River Basin
Partnership in 2009 for another Willow Creek project.

The year 2010 in Wisconsin has been designated the Year of the Niagara Escarpment,
from DODGE to DOOR COUNTY, and its watershed areas east to Lake Michigan,
INCLUDING SHEBOYGAN COUNTY. Featured will be environmentally-friendly
vegetable, livestock and trout farms, fiber arts, Indian museums and other local natural
resources through tourism promotion and other publicity with added motor coach tours.
A bike trail along the escarpment has been completed. Other bike trails traverse the
escarpment watershed area. Most streams and rivers flow from the escarpment to Lake
Michigan. The glacial Niagara Escarpment reaches down to Dundee Hill near the Ice Age
Center near Dundee, WI, then goes north along the eastern side of Lake Winnebago,
covers Door County, then continues in Canada east all the way to Niagara Falls.

NATURE / OUTDOOR GROUPS and environmental projects:

Sheboygan, 920-459-3906 . also listed on City of Sheboygan
website: Hours: Ecology Center open M-F, 9-4, Sat-Sun, 1-4
Outdoor areas open all day and into the early evening, part of City of Sheboygan park
system. Maywood offers indoor and outdoor programs, events, nature walks and
activities for students, families and adults of all ages.

Aaron Brault, Sheboygan County was selected as 1 of 4
communities in the U.S.A. to participate with a $25 million dollar grant over 4 years to
define and then provide a safer non-motorized network, including sidewalks, bike lanes
and bike trails, in order to connect residences, schools, transit stations, retail centers,
employment locations, recreation areas and other community activities. The main pilot
program runs to the fall of 2010.

 The Sheboygan County Pedestrian and Bicycle Comprehensive Plan (the Plan) will
continue to guide development of pedestrian and bicycle facilities throughout Sheboygan
County through 2035. Both programs will give people transportation choices to
encourage a mode shift from the private automobile to walking or biking, and includes
newly installed bike racks at several locations throughout the county.

NON-MOTORIZED RECREATION (note) : It is good to encourage the increased use
of bicycles, kayaks, sailing craft, row boats, rafts, skis, skates, snowboards, foot powered
―teen‖ scooters, skateboards, also walking, jogging, hiking, swimming, yoga, Frisbee,
croquet, horse-back riding, wind-surfing, kite-surfing, kite flying, and other electricity-
free and gasoline-free indoor and outdoor activities and children’s toys.

                                       Projects - 11
(Examples of events to promote more bicycle riding)
MAYWOOD ANNUAL EARTHRIDE (11th year, Sept. 18, 2010): Full service bicycle
tour in Sheboygan County, 12, 25, 50, 70, and 100 miles scenic route rides. Rest stops
every 10 to 20 miles. Contact: Maywood Environmental Center and Park 920-459-4089.
GRAND TOUR DE MARSH: 7th graders at Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah Middle School
complete a physical fitness unit by riding bicycles around The Sheboygan Marsh, about
30 miles in early October. Conceived several years ago by former phy.ed. instructor, Paul
Mix. Davin Hill, Bart Larson, current instructors led the ride. Toll free 1-877-892-4731

PLYMOUTH BIRD AND NATURE CLUB (see info under Personal
Environmental Education Opportunities -- listings below)

Maywood, 7 pm. Beginning Birding Class offered annually at Maywood. Bird
observation hikes at Maywood, every May Saturday morning, 7:30 am. Participants can
do entire hike or return from it at any point. The National Audubon Society also records
local participation in annual U.S.A. national bird counts.
Contact: Pres. June Platz, 920-565-2577

Sheboygan County CRANE counters participate in the International Crane Foundation
once-a-year count to track the Eastern population of Greater Sandhill Cranes as they
return to their feeding grounds in the Midwest, on a Saturday in April, depending on date
of Easter. For 2010, 35th Annual Midwest Crane Count, April
17, from the ―crack of dawn‖ until 7:30am. Contact: 920-892-6335 Andy and Janet
Raddatz, email:

May Bird Counts. Many experienced birders do counting nationwide. Sheboygan County
bird counters from Cedar Grove, Plymouth, and Sheboygan participate in the Christmas
and May Bird Counts. The Society publishes counts quarterly in its publication
―Passenger Pigeon.‖ Contact: Bob Triebensee, 920-893-5156


CHOICES FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVING (Sheboygan) class/discussion community
group, meets the 3rd MONDAY, 6:30-8pm, First Congregational Church, 310 Bluff Ave.,
across from Vollrath Park. Alley entrance, Classroom 2. Free, open to public. Participants
may drop in or attend regularly. Group follows a class book from the N.W. Earth
Institute, Portland, Oregon, and also discusses local area topics and environmental
projects. Class began September, 2009, on-going 2010. Facilitator: Janet Ross E-mail
inquiries to: or phone church office: 920-457-4818.

Elkhart Lake SUSTAINABLE LIVING GROUP (SLG): newly formed group
Oct.’09, Brian Schwaller, president, 920-918-3711
Monthly meetings held the 1st TUESDAY EVE. To be a member of the group (several

                                      Projects - 12
SLG annual membership levels from $10 to $100) businesses must provide ―green‖
products or services or participate in green business practices. Individuals must have a
commitment to the environment. Purpose: To network with area businesses, individuals,
and groups in order to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, conservation and
ecological sustainability. To increase opportunities to advertise at local events or sponsor
events. A 2010 SLG project: promoting use of rain barrels

Johnston of Black River (Sheboygan area.) He shares his own world-wide life
experiences and earth-respecting lifestyle to aid persons seeking a more environmentally-
friendly positive existence of their own. Has done periodic edible plantwalks at Kohler-
Andrae State Park, sponsored by the park. Wife, Mary, partners with John in his activities
and also grows herbs, works with herbs for cooking and medicinal purposes, also makes
herbal body care products. Email: 920-547-5749 website:

Linda Conroy and John Holzwort offer several types of ecology education sessions,
workshops, and hands-on demonstrations. Linda also teaches “Compassionate (non-
violent) Communication‖ begun by Marshall Rosenberg. See a more complete
description under subject listing: Personal Lifestyle Earth-Friendly Activities.

PLYMOUTH BIRD AND NATURE CLUB, offers educational programs, meets
 2ND TUESDAY, 7 pm, only from October to April, at the Plymouth Senior Center, 910
East Clifford. 920-892-4821. Club has been meeting for 30+ years. Discussions on bird
sightings, field trips, wind turbine issues, also members share nature trips. Contact: Bob
Triebenesee, pres., 920-893-5156 or Bob Brigham, 920-892-7716.

RETREATS at BRIGHT DAWN HOME SPREAD, spiritual retreats with walking
meditations connected in a more extensive environmental way to the surrounding natural
wooded area, just beyond the turn-of-the-Century farm converted to retreat residential
buildings; retreats based on an ancient Buddhist Forest Monastery concept that persons
with a tranquil lifestyle in the forest improve their minds, work for the protection of
animals in the area and look after the welfare of the plants and trees. Retreats May 1 to
October 31st; W7136 County Trunk U, rural Plymouth. Non-profit 501 C 3 org. run by
the ABA. Richard Brandon, caregiver and initiator of the retreat center, worked with
Boys and Girls Clubs for some years in Chicago. During (May 1-Oct.31) season: 920-
528-1364. Off-season (Nov.-April) 773-583-5794 Website:

SUSTAINABLE SHEBOYGAN TASK FORCE: Appointed by Sheboygan’s mayor in
2008 with unanimous support of the Common Council, the 18 member task force has a
wide range of county-wide citizen and government representatives in several designated
categories. Monthly meetings, 4th WED, 5 pm, City Hall, either 3rd Floor Conference
Room or alternate location in City Hall. The task force studies and promotes community
environmental sustainability through sustainability education and projects. The task force

                                       Projects - 13
prepared a Green Resolution, passed by the Common Council in March, 2010 to
encourage a decrease in the use of paper and electricity in the everyday operations of city
departments. Chairman: Jeanne Kleijunas, alderperson

the Caterpillar Caregiver, 920-889-8411, Sheboygan, is available to give group
presentations to all ages from late May to September on raising butterflies. She also
gives individual consultation to those who want to raise butterflies at home and perhaps
plant a butterfly garden. www.CaterpillarCaregiver

The ECOLOGY DIRECTORY came about as a result of two local citizens making a
community ecology wish at the end of taking an 8-week ―Natural Step‖ community
sustainability course at Maywood, Feb –April, 2009, led by Sustainable Sheboygan Task
Force member, John Hill.
Their wish: ―to find out what we in Sheboygan and Sheboygan County already have‖
regarding recycling, environmental projects and groups, business ecology actions and
also to collect a list of sustainable community wishes from fellow citizens.
Information was collected from April to early August, 2009, then compiled and debuted
in exhibits at Earthfest in August. Copies of the 20-page Ecology Directory were
emailed to government leaders and other interested persons. Printed copies were
made available at the Sheb. Sr. Activity Center for a nominal donation fee to offset paper
and printing costs there. The 2010 updated and expanded version has doubled in size.
As 2010 continues, more sections of it will appear on community organization and
government websites. Together the 4 sections contain more than 100 listings with
specific environmental information for each one. This community resource booklet
research and compilation is a community gift from Rich and Joyce Jordan,


This Ecology Directory lists citizens, many of whom have adopted a lifestyle committed
to ecology, to a more sustainable environment in their household, their transporation,
and personal life. They have chosen to participate in or have even begun community
groups dedicated to bringing about a more earth-friendly environment. They tend to be
―Renaissance people‖ having many interests, projects, and skills. They are listed with a
personal activity they have become known for in the local community. In some cases one
or more of their activities has become a cottage industry for them.

Linda Conroy, Moonwise Herbs and Brooms, Sheboygan, 920-452-4372 email: A profuse variety of
environmental teachings include the simple living series offering hands-on butter and
cheesemaking (includes goat cheese), traditional fermented foods such as sauerkraut,
making sourdough bread, herbal salves, medicines and soap. In Sheboygan and the
surrounding Wisconsin area Linda does wellness consultations, cooking with herbs and
―wild eats,‖ whole food meals and whole food education.

                                       Projects - 14
Linda Conroy also teaches ―Compassionate Communication‖ developed by Marshall
Rosenberg (UW-Madison Ph.D in clinical psychology 1961.) Each year Linda and John
travel to Lopez Island in Washington State (where Linda previously resided) to offer
Herbal and Seaweed Intensives (9th annual in 2010.) Also offered for the first time in
2009 a Men’s Herbal Intensive there. As stated on the website Linda has dedicated her
life to the natural world.

“Little John” John Holzwort), Broom maker and demonstrator of broom-making
from nature’s materials.Offers a selection of handmade brooms or brooms can be
handcrafted to order, Will attach new broomcorn to a previously owned broom. Also
partners with Linda Conroy, Moonwise Herbs and Brooms, on many eco-education
sessions and environmental activities and groups. Related workshops offered by
Moonwise Herbs and Brooms include wattle-fence making, pine needle and willow
basketry. Also for 2010 an urban maple sugaring project and an urban beekeeping
project. 920-452-9290

Chris Kuehnel, organic and local food grower and jam and salsa maker, also canned
specialty vegetables and fruits. Vendor at Winter Farmer’s Market, Sheboygan, also
summer festivals in Sheboygan and Manitowoc County. Has commercial food
processing license. Offers ―compostable‖ food packaging and food service materials, also
builds and sells residential indoor worm boxes year round. 920-693-3141, Elemental
Services, Cleveland, WI

Note: Market vendors at the Farmer’s Markets, Earthfest, and food festivals, such as
Maywood Food Fair, Rhubarb Festival in Franklin, also the family hosts of autumn
festivals at farms in Sheboygan County often have made sizeable commitments to
environmentally-friendly lifestyles. Getting acquainted with them may be a good idea.

Wayne Bruggink, Town of Sherman farmer, N2208 Silver Creek Road, in 2003 put up
his own 100-foot-tall wind turbine. Produces about 10,000 watts of electricity a day, is
tied into the We Energies power grid. The turbine may pay for itself in about 4 to 7 years.
Bruggink, who does his own maintenance, participated in a Sheboygan County tour of
solar buildings, Oct., 2006. He also has a heat recovery system for the water in his milk
house, which lowered his electrical bills by approximately $500 a year. He says he
lowered his home electric bills by about $120 a month.

David Lagerman, resident of the Town of Mitchell, W7118 Hwy. U, rural Plymouth
has worked on his 2000 sq. foot home for twenty-some years, (the Lagerman-Mann
residence) to make it energy efficient and for green sustainable living ―to the max.‖
Features: Solar panels tied to the electric grid, solar ―on-demand‖ hot water heater,
energy efficient appliances and passive solar design architecture with added space-
heating units in each room that trap solar heat from the solar panels and pump it indoors
in the colder seasons. Also added a composting toilet and a rainwater recycler. He built
the home himself in 1986. Participant in a Sheboygan County tour of solar buildings in
both October 2006 and 2008 as part of the Midwest Renewable Energy Associations
Solar Tour. A few local builders have taken note of his techniques. A Plymouth area

                                       Projects - 15
builder now wires about 2/3 of his new homes for solar panels, so homeowners can easily
install them at a later date, and is very open to ―green building‖ techniques for individual

Note: In the sections of the Ecology Directory, sometimes listings have addresses in
Cleveland, WI or in the rural Cleveland area. A person or business may be just a short
distance on either side of the Sheboygan/Manitowoc County line, yet the person or
business or even an institution like Lakeshore Technical College, has a direct and intense
Sheboygan and Sheboygan County connection. The local Cleveland Elementary School
also is part of the Sheboygan Area School District. A little leeway has been given in
regards to the Cleveland area.

(**More information is welcome regarding other Environmental Groups and Projects.)

Disposal: Household Items A to Z (updated Jan. 2010) has been put on the Sheboygan
County Website, , click on Planning and Resources
Department, then scroll down to Announcements and look for the Recycling… title.
 A shortcut to the Ecology Directory as posted on the County website:

                                       Projects - 16

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