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									                                               S    EVENTH-DAY Adventists have placed special emphasis in recent
                                                    years on finishing the work that God has assigned His church.
                                               This work entails the preaching of the Gospel to the ends of the
                                                earth, so that men of every nation might prepare to meet their God.
                                                  We exhort each other to finish the work that our Lord may return
                                               and take us home to live with Him. What discerning Christian does
                                                not earnestly desire that that day be hastened? Any thought of the
                                                Lord's delaying His coming is disheartening. We want Him to come
                                                  A very encouraging promise is made to the believer in Romans
                                               9:28, "For He will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness:
                                                because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth." In the
                                                book Early Writings, p. 50, Ellen G. White commented on this
                                               promise, "I saw that the quick work that God was doing on the
                                               earth would soon be cut short in righteousness and that the
                                                messengers must speed swiftly on their way to search out the
                                               scattered flock." [Italics supplied.]
                                                  Three words immediately stand out in my mind from this

                                   A           quotation. They are quick, short and swift. A casual look at these
                                               words could cause one to think that perhaps our Lord is going to go
                                               about the task of finishing the work in a hasty, impatient or

             Short                             haphazard manner. For this is what the word quick implies.
                                                  Perhaps you have had the experience of feeling cheated by
                                               someone who did a job too quickly or swiftly. You wondered

             Work                              whether or not he did a good job. Or did he take you for a ride? You
                                               would have felt better had he taken a little more time. Short also
                                               might suggest that something is below the standard. It is less than
                                               what it ought to be. It is inferior.
                                                  When God gives assurance that He will make a short work upon
                                               the earth, He merely shares with men his intention to finish or
                                               dispose quickly of the job at hand. The rapidity with which He
                                               works, however, will in no way affect the quality or thoroughness of
                                               the mission to be accomplished. We are assured in the book Gospel
                                               Workers, p. 369, that "God's work is not to be done in a bungling,
                                               slipshod manner."
                                                  Let me conclude with another quotation from the pen of
                                               inspiration, Selected Messages, book 1, p. 118: "When divine power
                                               is combined with human effort, the work will spread like fire in the
                                               stubble. God will employ agencies whose origin man will be unable
                                               to discern; angels will do a work which men might have had the
                                               blessing of accomplishing, had they not neglected to answer the
                                               claims of God."
                                                  Brothers and sisters, I don't know how you feel, but personally I
COVER                                          do not want to be cheated out of this blessing, even by angels. Let
"Dear Mom,                                     us therefore rise and join hands in the finishing of God's work.
   I am having a fun time. Don't have any
clean clothes left. I got stung by a hornet
but my poison ivy is almost gone. The
Indian campfire was neat. See you
   Carl Hoffman and Sally Orlich were
members of the 1979 Timber Ridge Camp
stafl in Indiana. Photo by Jere Wallack.

             The LAKE UNION HERALD is entered as second-class matter at the Post Office at Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103.
                                Send Form No. 3579 to Box C, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103.
THE HEART OF THE LAKE UNION                                  But the mistake proved to be a blessing. Along
                                                          with the children came parents and school teachers,
                                                          giving Apple Valley a chance to present the Adventist
                                                          health message.
                                                             In addition to the bread-baking class and other
                                                          cooking schools sponsored by the market, Apple
                                                          Valley personnel demonstrate vegetarian cooking.
                                                          Debbie Marsh prepares international vegetarian
                                                          recipes Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays during

More Than                                                 regular business hours. The recipes are displayed as
                                                          Debbie prepares samples for customers to taste.
                                                             Apple Valley is also using more overt methods to

 Groceries                                                interest people. Last spring, two road signs were
                                                          erected along the 1-94 freeway—one near Paw Paw
                                                          for westbound travelers and one near New Buffalo for
      by Kevin McClanahan                                 those headed east. The signs direct travelers to the
                                                          market, associate it with Andrews, and proclaim it
                                                          "the most unusual store in Michigan, dedicated to
                                                          your healthful living." A similar sign was later added
                                                          on U.S. 31 south of Benton Harbor and St. Joseph.
                                                             Because         of   Apple      Valley's     friendly
                                                          employees —including a hostess who helps
                                                          customers plan meals and locate and understand
                                                          products—along with its vast selection of fresh fruits
                                                          and vegetables, display cases of meat substitutes
                                                          rather than meat, fully carpeted floors, and emphasis
                                                          on healthful foods, it has earned its reputation as the
                                                          most unusual store in Michigan.
                                                              It is listed as a tourist attraction in several travel
                                                          brochures, including those of the eastern and
                                                          western Michigan tourist associations. Mr.
                                                          Gembrowski says busloads of students from area
                                                          schools tour the market and bakery, while hundreds
                                                          of passers-by stop in each week to see what is
T   HREE hundred little fingers twist, pull and stretch
    a glob of dough, eventually forming it into loaves
of bread. Master bakers add the finishing touches,
                                                          available. Located on a major thoroughfare, Apple
                                                          Valley greets shoppers of every background.
                                                              Of course, many customers are surprised to
pop the results into the ovens, and later send the
                                                          discover no meat, tobacco or liquor in the store.
children home with their creations.
                                                          When they ask for such items, employees have an
  Every Monday and Tuesday afternoon during the
                                                          opportunity to explain the health principles of the
school year, about 30 seven- and eight-year-old
                                                          church. If questions on health or doctrine persist,
children come to Apple Valley with their plastic
                                                          Violet Giddings, the store hostess, may give the
bowls and measuring cups, to learn a little about the
                                                           customer a book explaining Adventist beliefs more
baking and grocery trades and take with them their
loaf of bread and a half dozen doughnuts as
                                                              "We keep a complete library of appropriate books
                                                           and literature on hand for customers who show a real
  These baking classes are part of Apply Valley's
                                                           interst in the Adventist health message," says Mr.
approach to reach into the community and interest
                                                           Gembrowski. For questions on diet beyond the
people in Andrews University, the market itself, and
                                                           expertise of store personnel, Apple Valley orders
the health emphasis of the Seventh-day Adventist
                                                           packets with pertinent information from the home
                                                           economics department of the university.
   "We started the classes several months ago, says
                                                               Most supermarket managers cannot imagine doing
Tony Gembrowski, manager of the supermarket, a
                                                           business without such items as tobacco and liquor,
wholly owned subsidiary of Andrews. "We planned to
                                                           according to Mr. Gembrowski, who has been in the
have older children attending, but because of a
                                                           food industry for 35 years. He says they would not
mistake in the advertising we ended up with seven-
                                                           even attempt to operate without Saturday business
and eight-year-olds instead of seventh- and eighth-
                                                           hours. But sales figures say Apple Valley customers
                                                           are satisfied. They seem to have discovered that
                                                           Apple Valley offers them something special.
   Kevin McClanahan is a graduate of Andrews                  To a child with dough stuck on his fingers, Apple
University's communication program and was                 Valley is "the best field trip I've ever had." But as
recently appointed assistant public relations director     some of the grown-ups say, the market is "the
at Florida Hospital, Orlando, Florida.                     Garden of Eden."
                                                    A   NYONE who has applied for a
                                                        mortgage loan recently knows that
                                                    for many young families, owning their
                                                    own home is fast becoming an
                                                    impossible dream.
                                                      The private consumer is not the only
                                                    family unit affected by inflation. Church
                                                     congregations seeking a new or larger church home
                                                     find that interest rates have made building or
                                                      purchasing a place of worship difficult—almost
                                                         Several years ago a plan was formulated in the
                                                      Lake Union that has enabled many church families to
                                                     own church homes for less. Individual church

 Better Homes                                        members throughout the Lake Union Conference
                                                     have made this possible by investing their savings in
                                                     the Lake Union Conference Revolving Fund.

      For Less
                                                         The Westside Church in Niles, Michigan, is one of
                                                     the churches that has benefited from a Lake Union
                                                     Conference Revolving Fund loan. For several years
                                                     before the church was completed in 1978, the 300
                                 by Jeanne Jepson    church members met in their elementary school.
                                                         According to the pastor, Ola Robinson, the
                                                     congregation is grateful to now have a lovely church
                                                     home in which to worship.
                                                         As Elder Robinson gave me a tour of the church
                                                     recently, I could understand why the Westside
                                                     church members are proud of their home. The bright
                                                     patterned carpet enhances the tones in the rich oak
                                                    woodwork and exposed brick. Throughout, the
                                                     church is tastefully decorated. Even the restrooms
                                                    are carpeted and appropriately appointed in feminine
                                                    and masculine decor.
                                                        The church is not only attractively decorated, it is
                                                    functional as well. The hexagonal shape of the
                                                    sanctuary enables worshipers to see and hear well
       The Westside Church, Niles, Michigan         from any point, whether they are addressing the
                                                    congregation from the rostrum or sitting in the rear of
                                                    the church.
                                                        Sunny, spacious rooms have been provided for the
                                                    Sabbath School divisions. One thoughtful detail is a
                                                    small sink and storage area near the sanctuary that
                                                    has been furnished for church members who prepare
                                                    the floral arrangements for the worship services.
                                                        Lake Union Conference Treasurer George Crumley
                                                    estimates that, as a result of the Revolving Fund
                                                    loan, the Westside Church will realize a minimum
                                                    savings of about $20,000 over the eight-year term of
                                                    the loan, based on a mortgage loan at 10 percent per
                                                        "This savings," says Elder Robinson, "more than
                                                    covers the cost of the pews, pulpit, and furnishings
                                                    for the pastor's study."
                                                        Investors in the Lake Union Conference Revolving
                                                    Fund receive six percent interest on their
                                                    savings—more than the rate currently paid by
                                                    commercial banks and savings and loan institutions
                                                    on open passbook accounts.

                                                      Jeanne Jepson is an editorial assistant on the staff
                                                    of the Lake Union Herald.
  Two other churches which have
benefited from the Lake Union
Conference Revolving Fund are the
Madison, Wisconsin (right), and
Holly, Michigan (below right),

   "Long-term certificates do pay a higher rate of
interest," says Elder Crumley, "but many Revolving
Fund investors have told me that the satisfaction
they experience from knowing that their funds are
providing more ideal facilities for Seventh-day
Adventist worshipers cannot be measured in dollars
and cents. In a sense, investing in the Revolving Fund
is a unique form of giving."
   According to Elder Crumley, requests received for
loans from the Revolving Fund far exceed the funds
   If you have resolved to do something more for your
church, consider placing your savings in the Lake
Union Conference Revolving Fund, and experience
the joy of knowing you have helped fellow church
members obtain a better church home for less.

                Questions frequently asked about the Revolving Fund:
  What is the minimum amount I can deposit?                What is the current rate of interest?
     The minimum initial deposit is $1,000.                   The current rate of interest paid on Revolving
  What if an emergency arises and I need to                Fund deposits is six percent. This is subject to
  withdraw some, or all, of my funds?                      change if there is significant fluctuation in the
     A promissory note is issued to those depositing       money market in general.
  money in the Revolving Fund. The note may be for         How often is interest paid?
  a period of one, two, three, or more years. The             Interest is paid by check quarterly, in January,
  money may be withdrawn any time after the note           April, July, and October.
  matures. If there is an emergency and the money          Will the amount of my investment be kept
  is needed before the note matures, it can usually        confidential?
  be arranged to grant a request for a portion or all of      Depositors in the Revolving Fund appear on
  the amount on deposit after a 30-day notice.             financial statements only by code number. All
  How secure is my investment?                             financial records are held in strict confidence.
     Deposits are not insured by an agency of the          For additional information about the Lake Union
  Federal government, but in accordance with               Conference Revolving Fund, write to George
  General Conference policy, a "sinking fund"              Crumley, Treasurer, Lake Union Conference of
  (reserve) has been established whereby depositors        Seventh-day Adventists, P.O. Box C, Berrien
  are protected against any loss.                          Springs, Ml 49103.


           fl Gentle Metamorphosis
           by Roger L. Dudley                               Photos by Dick Dower and Gordon Hayward

T    HE day our daughter turned
     thirteen, I teased her playfully.
"Cheryl, how will I ever survive
                                             And yet we must be thankful for
                                         change, for it is the only way that a
                                         child can become a fully
                                                                                    Thus the struggle and stress of
                                                                                 adolescence. Teenagers are
                                                                                 groping through the misty maze
having a teenager in the house?"         functioning adult.                      separating the world of childhood
   A loving, considerate young lady,         Among the chief tasks of            from that of grown-ups.
she replied with all seriousness.        adolescence are the achieving of           What can parents do to help
"Oh, don't worry, Daddy. I won't         both emotional and economic             their youth effect a safe passage
change."                                  independence from parents and the      between the two worlds, and at the
   Now it was my turn to be              gaining of a sense of self-identity.    same time preserve a measure of
serious. "Ah, Cheryl," I said, "but          The child has been largely          their own sanity.?
you will." And of course she did.        dependent upon his parents for
   It is this certainty of change that   major decisions, for emotional             Work with, not against, your
has earned the adolescent period a       support, and indeed for his very        adolescent in the achieving of
rather notorious reputation as a         survival. But soon he must make         independence. Many parents feel
time of storm and stress. The            his own decisions. He must              threatened when their teenagers
generation gap opens.                    choose the values by which he will      begin to send signals of their
   Youth feel misunderstood and           live. He must become his own           desire for more self-direction. They
mistrusted, and parents feel             person.                                 tighten restraints because they fear
frustrated and inadequate in their           Of course this does not happen      they may lose control.
roles. Teenagers may seem to turn        all at once. In this shadowy period        Feeling the pressure, the
their backs on the values that their     of his life, the teenager is            teenager responds by pulling away
elders hold so dear.                     sometimes the dependent child           harder in an effort to gain the
                                         and sometimes the self-sufficient       separateness he unconsciously
                                         adult.                                  seeks. The parents clamp down
                                             The highly sophisticated age in     harder. Trust disappears and the
                                         which we live has made the              relationship is ruined.
  Roger L. Dudley is associate           transition more stressful. While
professor of church ministry at          children are reaching puberty and
Andrews University, author of Why        physical maturity at increasingly
Teenagers Reject Religion, and co-       earlier ages, the need for higher
author, with his wife, Peggy, of         education and the challenge to
Married and Glad of It. This is the      learn ever-more-complex adult roles
fourth in a series of articles to        have pushed economic and
commemorate the Year of the              psychological maturity into the
Family.                                  future.

   By contrast, the wise parent
plans ahead for increasing
independence. He looks for areas
in which he can turn over the
decisions to the youth as soon as
feasible. He encourages self-
   He is willing to allow his
adolescent to make some wrong            Be loving, fair, and redemptive in
decisions within the context of a     discipline. In the exercise of his
loving relationship, while the        God-given responsibilities, the
parent is still there to help the     Christian parent will sometimes
youngster benefit from his            (but not often) find it necessary to
mistakes.                             discipline his adolescent. He
                                      should be careful to communicate
   Help your adolescent develop his   love, not harshness.                 .
own set of values. Parents have          He should make it clear that it is
been a long time forming their        the behavior, not the teenager, that
values. They believe in them and      is unacceptable. The youth should
would like to hand them on to their   see the justice and value of the
offspring. But it doesn't work that   discipline and agree to it.
way.                                     The parent should never punish
   Until a youth has questioned and   to relieve his own pent-up tensions
carefully considered the principles   or be vindictive—only redemptive.
involved and has freely chosen        He lovingly seeks the best good for
with full regard to the               his teenager.
consequences of his choice, he
does not have any real values that       Try to see and feel from the
will guide him in the crunch of       viewpoint of your adolescent. The
adult life.                           sensitive ability to see the
   The wise parent leads his          teenager and his world as he sees
children in an examination of every   it is called empathy. It calls for
belief, guides him in discovering     carefully listening to what the
the principles which undergird        youth says, and then checking with
belief and behavior, and              him to see if his message has been
encourages him to make his own        received correctly. It means putting
choices on the basis of the           yourself in his place and feeling
evidence.                             what he is feeling.
                                          It involves working out solutions
   Don't approach the teenage         to differences which do not cause
situation with "battle mentality."    the youth to "lose face" but allow
God meant for home to be a happy      him to be a partner in the family
place. Teenagers have many            enterprise. It communicates high
wonderful qualities. Parents should   respect for the teenager and thus
plan on enjoying them to the          makes him more open to parental
fullest.                              values.
   Sure, there may be occasional          The focus of these suggestions
friction, but if the parent will      is that we build quality
deliberately focus on the positive,   relationships with our teenagers.
he will find that most of the time    When we do, we may find that this
his expectations will be fulfilled.   period becomes a very pleasant
We usually find what we look for.     and enjoyable time of life for the
                                      whole family.
                                          Further, we may well find our
                                      youth choosing for themselves the
                                      spiritual values that we have found
                                      so precious and meaningful.

Chris Robinson, Correspondent


                                           Dr. Thomas Blincoe, dean of the Theological Seminary, left, and Dr. Gerhard Hasel,
                                        professor of Old Testament and biblical theology at Andrews, adjust the doctoral
                                        hood of Margit Suring during commencement services August 10.

                                        presented Sabbath by J. Robert
                                        Spangler, secretary for the
                                        ministerial association, stewardship
                                        and development department of the
                                        General Conference. In his talk
                                        "Reflections on the Pearl," Elder
 August graduates enter Pioneer         Spangler focused on the inesti-
Memorial Church to receive diplomas.    mable value of obtaining the Pearl of
                                        Great Price—Jesus Christ.
                                           Smuts van Rooyen, assistant
DIPLOMAS TO 271                         professor of religion at Andrews,
   Dr. Robert L. Reynolds, executive    delivered the consecration address             Speakers for the weekend, Robert L.
secretary for the board of higher       Friday evening. Beginning by                Reynolds, left, and J. Robert Spangler,
                                                                                    right, talk with Andrews' President
education        of    the General      defining the word "consecration,"           Joseph G. Smoot before the service
Conference, addressed 271               Elder van Rooyen explained,                 Sabbath morning.
graduates           at     Andrews'     "Consecration is not a thing —not
commencement ceremony August            something you can put in your              Her dissertation was entitled,
10.                                     pocket. Nor is it a kind of feeling.       "Horn-Motifs in the Hebrew Bible
   "Your mind is our greatest           Consecration is a relationship that        and Related Ancient Near Eastern
resource," he told candidates. "The     exists between two things. And in          Literature and Iconography."
future of our country and our church    the case of the Christian, it is a            Receiving Doctor of Education
depends upon the cultivation of the     relationship between the Christian         degrees during the exercises were
minds of our educated people. The       himself and Jesus Christ."                 Eugene Fitzroy Daniel, Simon
cultivation of the mind, coupled with      Andrews, which this year was            Gurushantappa David, Edward L.
the development of a strong and         given full 10-year accreditation as a      Dower, Clarence U. Dunbebin,
sound character, is an unbeatable       doctoral degree-granting institution       Joseph Nkou, Ricardo Garcia,
combination."                           by the North Central Association of        Ronald Edwin Ruskjer and Rilla Dee
  The School of Graduate Studies        Colleges and Schools, awarded 14           Taylor.
presented the largest number of         doctoral degrees during the                   Doctor of Ministry degrees were
candidates, with 125 receiving          commencement on August 10. The             awarded to Assad Bechara, Alfred E.
degrees, according to Andrews'          first Doctor of Theology degree ever       Birch, Kerry H. Hortop, Terence G.
President Joseph G. Smoot. Forty-       presented to a woman by the                Joshua and         Roberto Raul
two students were awarded               Seventh-day Adventist Theological          Roncarolo.
diplomas from the theological           Seminary on the Andrews campus
                                                                                   CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS
seminary, 89 from the College of        was awarded to Margit Suring.
Arts and Sciences, 8 from the              A citizen of Finland, Dr. Suring           • The National Council for
College of Technology, and 7 from       holds a bachelor's degree from             Accreditation of Teacher Education
the newly-created School of             Columbia Union College and Master          recently voted to grant seven-year
Business, he said.                      of Arts and Master of Divinity             accreditation to Andrews University
  The baccalaureate sermon was          degrees from Andrews University.           as a training institution for
professional school personnel. The           with the patients. Vicki Janoski was       they do a better job. They are
accreditation is the maximum                 impressed with the group and               thoughtful," says Mr. Rossi. "They
approval the council gives,                  accompanied her mother, Eileen             express it more and you feel it
according to Andrews' President              Rossi, until her mother's -death in        more."
Joseph G. Smoot. The university's            December of last year.                       Share and Care is open to cancer
education department offers an                  "One of the first things my mother      patients and their families. The
undergraduate degree in education            turned to upon hearing the words           group meets every other Monday
and graduate level degrees in                'terminal cancer' was the newly            night in the hospital's board room at
educational           counseling,            formed group called Share and              8 P.M. For further information,
administration, foundations and              Care," says Mrs. Janoski. "I               contact Chaplain Graves at (312)
measurements,         curriculum,            remember her saying that she'd             887-2770.
instruction and supervision.                 never been a 'club' person, that she                             Donna Willard
   • The Charles Elliott Weniger             doubted any group could help a                   Communication Coordinator
Award for Excellence in Education            'hopeless' person like herself. But
has been presented to Hedwig N.              she went back again and again and          PHONE CALLS BREAK RECORD
Jemison, director of the Ellen G.            touched the lives of many in the              HINSDALE—Hinsdale Hopsital's
White Research Center at Andrews.            program. She was wrong, of course,         Health Education telephone
The medallion is given each year by          in saying the group couldn't help          "dials"— Smoker's Dial, Slimline,
an independent group of Weniger's            someone like her, because indeed it        Inspiration Dials and Nutrition
former students to honor qualities           did. She realized that she was not         Dial —received a total of 12,009 calls
of "inspiration, motivation and              alone in her illness, and it was           during June, breaking the previous
excellence" in education.                    comforting to see that other very          record of 7,876 set in March 1977.
                                             'normal' people had cancer and that        Slimline alone received more than
                                             they could get on with the business        7,000 calls in June.
                                             of living despite their illness."             The influx of calls followed an
                                                It is the people in the group and       article in the Chicago Sun-Times
                                             the people behind the group that are       and across the country on
                                              making it work, according to Victor       Associated Press newswire service
                                              Rossi of LaGrange (Eileen's               mentioning that people dialing
                                              husband). "When people are                those numbers could get free
GREAT LAKES ADVEHTIST HEALTH SERVICES. INC   dedicated religiously to healing,          information on weight management,
Joel Mass, Correspondent

   HINSDALE —Renowned as a
referral center in diagnostic
radiology and radiation therapy,
Hinsdale Hospital provides total
radiological      services      from
diagnostic procedures through
comprehensive cancer treatment.
   However, to adequately meet
cancer patients' total needs, the
hospital recently formed a self-
support group called Share and
Care. Chaplain Willis Graves of
Hinsdale Hospital and Pastor Sam
Chollar of the Union Church of
Hinsdale recognized the therapeutic
power that other people can give in
times of physical and emotional
   This group of cancer patients and
their families is drawing on this
                                                                   HINSDALE FLOAT WINS 2 PRIZES
power and filling a need that modern
technology cannot. "It is important            With the theme "Promoting Wellness Since 1904," Hinsdale Hospital's Fourth of
                                             July float won second prize in Hinsdale's morning parade and a Commander's
that cancer patients realize they are        Special Award in Downers Grove that afternoon. Pictured in the Downers Grove
not alone," says Chaplain Graves.            parade are, from left: Gerry Miller, senior volunteer; Marilyn Petersen, R.N., quality
"Often these individuals can                 assurance; Roy Wightman, vice president, Great Lakes Adventist Health Services,
communicate and relate best with             Inc.; Glen Robinson, public relations assistant; Greg Platt, junior volunteer; David
                                             Petersen, health education; Gerard McLane, director of health education, and Pat
people who share their attitudes and
                                             Simon, secretary, public relations. Not shown, but appearing in the Hinsdale parade
concerns."                                   were: G. William Cotts, M.D.; Kathryn McLane, R.N.; Cass Beuk, senior volunteer, and
   Families are encouraged to attend         Paula Zanow, junior volunteer.

nutrition and how to stop smoking.
   Calls have been received from Los
Angeles, New Orleans, Atlanta and
Toronto, asking the department
about its telephone service,
according to Gerard McLane,
director of the hospital's health
education department.
   Numbers for the dials are:
Inspiration, (312)654-8910; Nutrition,
654-8915, Slimline, 654-8905, and
Smoker's Dial, 654-8900.
                    Glen Robinson
         Public Relations Assistant

Conference                                      An overflow congregation attended the North Shore anniversary programs.

Jeff Wilson, Correspondent

                                               These members and guests were present at the church opening 25 years ago.

                                            Mrs. Claude Miller to the audience.       announcements, heralding the
                                            She spoke of memories of North            anniversary open house, were
                                            Shore's struggle to build a church in     mailed to Chicago newspapers,
                                            1955, how her late husband would          radio and television stations,
                                            have been thrilled to take part in the    inviting the general public to attend
  Cutting the anniversary cake made by      anniversary activities, and what a        the celebration.
Wilma Mitt/ are, from left, Mary Findler,
Mrs. Claude Miller, Harriette Jones and     momentous occasion it was for her.           Highlights of the worship hour
Esther Whitezel. Mrs. Findler, Mrs.            With the leadership of Pastor          included a baptism of four persons,
Jones and Mrs. Whitezel have been           Miller, 275 members had commited          ordination of several elders and
North Shore members for 25 years.           themselves to building a new church       deacons, and special music by the
                                            on the site at 5220 North California      church choir.
                                            Avenue. Ground breaking took place          Guest speaker was executive
25th ANNIVERSARY                            on March 21, 1954, and the first          secretary of the Lake Union
   Sabbath, June 28, the North Shore        service was held on June 25, 1955.        Conference, John Hayward.
Church in Chicago observed its 25th         Dedicated on May 12, 1956, North            A highlight of the worship hour
anniversary with an overflow crowd          Shore was now church home to             was the burning of the school
of former members, former pastors           more than 600 members.                    mortgage.
of North Shore, local guests and               A congratulatory telegram was            On Sabbath, June 21, 1980, the
visitors from many areas of the             sent to the church by Mayor Jane         school debt had been reduced to
United States.                              Byrne.                                   approximately $3,000. In his sermon
   The celebration began on Friday             A 12-page 25th anniversary            that day, Pastor Cottrell told the
evening, June 27, with a special            special souvenir booklet, containing     congregation that he knew the
music program.                              the history of North Shore and           mortgage would be burned on June
   On Sabbath morning, Thelma               excerpts from the original June 25,      28. He had faith that the balance of
Torio was in charge of the Sabbath          1955, church belletin was printed.       the money needed to pay off the
School program.                                Engraved invitations were sent to     debt would be forthcoming that day.
  Special recognition was given to          city officials, former members and       Not only was the debt paid, but
those who had been members of the           pastors of North Shore, and officers     additional gifts were given.
church for 25 years or more.                of the Illinois Conference. News            An anniversary dinner provided by
   Pastor S. W. Cottrell introduced         releases and public service              the women of the church was served

to a large gathering in Rubin Hall
after the worship service.
   Open house was from 2 to 5 P.M.,
featuring tours of the school and
   Vespers concluded the program
and a special slide presentation,
"The History of North Shore," was
shown to a large audience.
                   Kae Jaworski
         Communication Secretary

                                                             WEST FRANKFORT HONORS HELEN CLEM
                                                Helen Clem, who had been the West Frankfort city librarian for 45 years, was
                                             honored recently at the West Frankfort Church. Pastor John Carpenter presented
                                             Mrs. Clem with a plaque honoring her work and Jewel! Vineyard gave her a corsage.
                                             Mrs. Frank Trobaugh, widow of the late Attorney Frank Trobaugh, gave a brief history
                                             of the work and devotion of Mrs. Clem as she served in her capacity as librarian. A
                                             vegetarian luncheon was served to the guests, among whom were Mrs. Leo
                                             McDonald, widow of the late president of the West Frankfort Bank; Mrs. Trobaugh,
                                             and Mayor and Mrs. Mike McClatchy. Visitors were impressed with the meatless
                                             dishes which were served, and requested recipes. Shown at the time of the
                                             presentation are, from left, Pastor John Carpenter, Mrs. Vineyard, Mrs. Trobaugh,
          GIRLS CLUB                         Mayor McClatchy, Mrs. Clem, Deacon Kenny Shelton and Church Elder Olen Shelton.
   The Neighborhood Girls Club was the
answer to the question, "What can we
do?" for five girls, ages 9 to 11 in
Springfield. With the desire to provide an
outreach program, Esta England invited
four non-Adventist neighbor girls to her
home on Sunday afternoons to join her
and her daughter, Julie, in an activity
club. The five girls met during the past
school year and were guided through the
Faith For Today Junior series called
"Adventures in the Holy Bible," the
Junior Reading Course books, nature                               CHORALE RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS
workbooks, Bible stories, and stories
about great Americans. They toured the          If you enjoy group singing and harmonizing, join the Adventist Metropolitan
city library, a local hospital, power        Chorale, directed by John Perlicke. During the past season, the chorale has made
company, fire station and television         several guest appearances in the Midwest. Rehearsals begin Tuesday, September 2,
station. All but one of the girls studied    at 7:30 P.M. at the West Central Church, 1154 South Wisconsin Avenue in Oak Park.
for and were awarded honors at the           For additional information, contact: Nancy Tranchita, (312) 777-7497, evenings and
spring investiture service. They also        weekends, or (312) 368-0463, weekdays.
earned money toward junior camp and
were outfitted with a club uniform.          KAY KUZMA WILL SPEAK
Shown with Mrs. England, center, are,                                                   Sabbath, September 6, 11 A.M., at
from left, Julie England, Connie             IN CHICAGO                                 the Hinsdale Church; Sabbath at 2
 Rutherford, Joanne Sutheard and                                    Kay Kuzma, a        P.M. at the West Central Church;
Clemma Rutherford.
                                                                 child develop-         and Sabbath vespers, 7 P.M., at the
                                                                 ment specialist        North Shore Church.
                                                                 from Loma Lin-              Dr. Kuzma has written 11 books
                                                                 da University, is      on child rearing, two of which have
                                                                 scheduled for a        just been released. For 17 years she
                                                                 weekend lecture        has taught child development, home
                                                                 series          in     economics, and family health
                                                                 Chicagoland,           services.
                                                 Kay Kuzma       September 5 and             "By introducing Dr. Kuzma to
                                                                 6, 1980, and as         Illinois Adventists, we hope to
                                             a guest author at the ABC Open             create an awareness of her books,
                                             House on September 7, according to         which are available through the
                                             ABC Manager Ed Lindsay.                    ABC," states Elder Lindsay.
  Anita, Jennifer and Jessica Greer were       "Fulfilling family potential" will            Dr. Kuzma will be on hand for
baptized July 19, 1980, in the Aledo                                                     informal talks and autographs at the
Church by Elder Paul Larsen at the close
                                             be the general theme of the lectures
of a three-week Bible Prophecy Lecture       which will be held as follows: Friday,     ABC on Sunday, September 7, from
Series by Evangelist Dan Schiffbauer.        September 5, 7:30 P.M., and                 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. in conjunction with

the fifth annual ABC Open House.                                                      campers enjoyed "An Evening with
"We hope many people even outside                                                     James White" as portrayed by Larry
the Chicagoland area will make               Indiana                                  Richardson.
plans to attend," Elder Lindsay                                                         On the first Sunday and on
concluded.                                   Conference                               Thursday the Pathfinders had their
                                                                                      Annual Tag Day to raise funds for
                                             Cliff Hoffman, Correspondent             equipment at Camp Timber Ridge.
                                                                                        "The total amount raised was
                                                                                      $653.60," said Cliff Hoffman,
                                                                                      Indiana Conference youth director.

   Five people were recently baptized at
the De Kalb Church during a joint              Indiana Camp Meeting was held in the
baptism for the De Kalb and Broadview        shadow of the water tower at Indiana
Academy churches. The baptism took           Academy.
place during a Sabbath evening vesper
service. Those baptized were, back row       INDIANA CAMP MEETING 1980
from left, Sharon and Ken Brummel and
Wayne Jensen. In the front row are              They came from everywhere and
Veronica and Raymond Thorton. Sharon         lived wherever they could. Some in
Brummel joined the De Kalb Church and        motor homes, others in tents,
the others joined the Academy Church.
Ken and Sharon Brummel are brother           trailers or dormitory rooms. But they
and sister. Raymond and Veronica             all had something in common: the
Thorton are the son and daughter of Mr.      1980 Indiana Camp Meeting.
and Mrs. Wayne Jensen. Pastor Andy              Many early risers attended the
McRae, pastor of both churches,              service beginning at 6:30 A.M. Elder
                                             "Enthusiasm" (Caris H. Lauda of            Myrna Serikaku took blood pressures
                                             Colorado) read from Isaiah 40 and        in the new Indiana Health Screening
                                             encouraged everyone to trust in          Van.
                                             God, love Jesus, and know that the
                                             Holy Spirit is present by reading           At the new Indiana Health
                                             God's promises. He cautioned             Screening Van more than 300 blood
                                             everyone to get up on the right side     pressures were taken. More than 200
                                             of the bed in the morning, to speak      people visited the disaster van, and
                                             with God before speaking to man,         the community services booth
                                             and to read God's Word before            received 136 visitors.
                                             reading that written by man.                Sheri Chamberlain, M.P.H., of
                                                On the first Saturday night the       Hinsdale, Illinois, was busy
                                                                                      throughout the camp meeting giving
                                                                                      health talks to the different age
                                                                                      groups. She spoke on such topics as
                                                                                      diet, exercise, water, and drugs.
                                                                                      Sheri was sponsored by Great Lakes
                                                                                      Adventist Health Services, Inc.
                                                                                        The Voice of Prophecy was
   Fifteen boys and girls were invested in                                            represented by H.M.S. Richards Jr.
Springfield recently, some receiving two
or three classifications. Jeffrey Wilson,
conference youth director, presented six
Busy Bee, five Sunbeam, five Builder,
four Friend, two Companion and two
Explorer awards to the group. Several
honor emblems were presented by Esta
England. Donna Kimbro is the church
school teacher and Mrs. England
directed the Girls Club. A special feature
was the display of the church school
Stamp Club. Students Jonathan and
Joseph Jennings are shown with a world
map indicating the location of the
countries of origin of 150 stamps, as well     "May I tag you for Pathfinder Day?"      The traditional home        for   many
as vials of sand from 28 countries.          says Heather Byers of Arcadia.           campers is the canvas tent.

                                           you, Jesus' and 'Praise the Lord!'       the wonderful community service
                                           One young woman was thankful for         the young people were doing.
                                           a Pathfinder program which helped          The Evansville youth hope to
                                           her to find Christ, and a 90-year-old    continue spreading the health
                                           man was thrilled at what God had         message in the Evansville area.
                                           shown him in the past 20 years as an       The Five-Day Plan, which began
                                           Adventist."                              on April 12, had an enrollment of 14.
                                             Bountiful      blessings were          At the end of the five days all of the
                                           available to all who attended the        participants had sucessfully kicked
                                           1980 camp meeting.                       the habit.
                                                                Victor Weaver                         Trade Brownfield
                                                      Camp Meeting Reporter                               Debbie Burns
                                                                                                Evansville Youth Class

                                                                                    MISS RUTH'S STORY HOUR
  Elder Lester Carney, who was in
                                                                                       "Miss Ruth's Story Hour" was the
charge of platform arrangements, found
himself in charge of other difficulties,                                            special feature at the combined
too.                                                                                Methodist and Salem United Church
                                                                                    of Christ's Vacation Bible School on
 and the King's Heralds Quartet. L. E.                                              June 4. A record attendance of 215
Tucker represented the Quiet Hour.                                                  children was set that day.
   Some of the other speakers for                                                      Using Sabbath School materials,
the nine days of daily meetings were                                                Ruth Helzerman, assisted by her two
Robert Carter, president of the Lake         Evansville young people have           daughters, Shelley and Marcey, and
Union Conference; W. B. Hull,              organized an active temperance club in   Carolyn Moore and Becky Vance,
director of field services for Faith       their local church.                      gave three 40-minute presentations
for Today; Morris Venden, pastor of                                                 for ages 3 to 13, divided into
the Pacific Union College Church;          EVANSVILLE YOUTH ORGANIZE
                                                                                    kindergarten, primary and junior
Leo Van Dolson, associate editor of        A TEMPERANCE CLUB                        groups.
the Adventist Review; Mark Finley,            Enthusiasm filled the air as six         The United Church of Christ, with
director of the Lake Union Soul-           members of the youth class               a membership of 800, was host for
Winning Institute, and others from         instructed by John Busch, youth          the Bible School. The Methodist
the Indiana Conference.                    leader; Al Graef, Listen magazine        Church has 500 members. Surely it
   Herman Bauman, chairman of the          area director, and Elder Carroll         is the work of the Holy Spirit when
 religion department at Atlantic           Lawson met to prepare for the first      such large churches reach out to a
Union College, was the evening             community outreach program on            small band of 15 Seventh-day
speaker for the youth.                     March 30.                                Adventists to teach their children
   An associate editor of the daily           The Evansville youth class met        about the Bible.
camp meeting newspaper made a              with Cliff Hoffman, conference              Richard Helzerman was "Mr.
 comment about one of Elder                temperance director, several             Science," drawing spiritual lessons
 Lauda's meetings that really sums         months ago to make plans for a           from scientific demonstrations. This
 up the 1980 Indiana Camp Meeting:         temperance organization in the           opportunity for witnessing gave the
    "Testimonies closed the meeting.        Evansville Church.                      Helzermans and their co-workers a
 They rang loud and clear with 'I love         After research and preparation,      deeper appreciation for their church
                                           the youth gave their first anti-         and the Sabbath School materials it
                                           smoking demonstration at the local       supplies.
                                           mall to present to the community
                                           the hazards of smoking and to
                                            register interested people for the
                                            Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking.
                                               While the youth were setting up
                                            the display, people began to gather.
                                            Smoking Sam prompted questions,
                                            and the voice of Johnny Cash drew
                                            people's attention to the screen
                                            where a film was playing in which
                                            Johnny Cash endorses the Five-Day
                                                                                          4 BAPTIZED IN KOKOMO
                                               None of the young people had
                                            ever participated in a booth before,      Late spring baptisms at the Kokomo
                                                                                    Church included, from left: Eva
   The King's Heralds joined H.M.S.
                                            but they soon were at ease talking to   Grossviler, Chris Tracy, Carrie Peck and
 Richards for a camp meeting service.        people who stopped by.                 Pernell Tracy. Elder William F. Hawkes,
 Photo by Ken Patterson.                       Many people commented about          center, performed the baptisms.

                                           parents and teachers.        Christ's        Childrens' Home, the Wabash
                                           wisdom and love for mankind were            Center, and the local Head Start
                                           demonstrated in the living flowers,          program. In addition, it helps send
                                           plants and animals which two of the          underprivileged children to summer
                                           staff presented each day.                   camp each year.
                                             On Sabbath morning, July 19, the             The center has also been active in
                                           staff of ten adults and four                preparing personal disaster packets
                                           teenagers and the V.B.S. students           used in the disaster van operated by
                                           presented a 60-minute program and           the Indiana Conference. Both the
                                           then joined the church members and          disaster van and the health-
                                           parents in a fellowship dinner.             screening van were on display at the
                                             A story hour will be held each            opening ceremonies.
  Kim Brewer demonstrates with             Monday morning until school starts             In conjunction with the opening of
Smoking Millie, and Phyllis Wrate          as part of the follow-up to V.B.S.          the center, a free blood-pressure
consults with a woman about her blood                            Paul Whitlow          testing program was offered to the
pressure.                                                                              public at a local shopping center.
                                                    Communication Secretary
FAIR BOOTH EMPHASIZES                                                                  Blood pressure tests were
                                                                                       conducted by nurses who are
                                                                                       members of the Lafayette Church.
    Indiana Academy and the Cicero                                                        Accoring to Mrs. Summers,
Church sponsored a community                                                           several hundred individuals had
services booth at the two-day                                                          their blood pressure taken at the
Arcadia Fun Days Fair.                                                                 health screening van. Those who
   The fair included a flea market,                                                    had abnormal findings were referred
food booths and a talent contest on                                                    to their personal physicians.
the main street of Arcadia.
   On Sunday, June 29, some of the
Indiana Academy students set up a
stop-smoking display and demon-
stration while Phyllis Wrate took
blood pressures and gave out
information on healthful living.             Church and local officials got together
   In three hours, 44 people had their     for the opening of the Lafayette
blood pressures taken and the              Community Services Center.
following requests for additional
information were made: Four people         COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTER
                                                                                         Members of the Shelbyville Church
requested Bible study enrollment;          OPENS IN LAFAYETTE                          donated time to work in the health-
11, nutritional material; 14, weight           The community services center of        screening van.
control information; 14, physical           the Lafayette Seventh-day Adventist
fitness information; 8 requested                                                       SHELBYVILLE CHURCH MEMBERS
                                            Church was officially opened during
stop-smoking information, and 4 of          ceremonies held on June 8 at the           REACH OUT TO COMMUNITY
these signed up for a future Five-          church.                                        "What a nice thing to do for the
Day Plan to Stop Smoking.                      Several local and church officials       community."
   Several individuals expressed            spoke at the ceremonies, including             "I would like to know more about
appreciation for the services               representatives from the mayors'            the Adventist Church."
offered. One woman, a registered            offices of Lafayette and West                  "I'm going to the drug store right
nurse, offered to help during future        Lafayette, the executive director of        now to get my prescription refilled."
blood pressure checks.                     the American Red Cross for                     These were just a few of the
                         Elwin Shull        Lafayette, the local Civil Defense         comments made to volunteers who
          Communication Secretary          director, and the director of the           were operating the health-screening
                   Indiana Academy         volunteer bureau for Lafayette.             van in Shelbyville during May.
                                              The Adventist Church was                    Approximately 400 people,
71 CHILDREN ATTEND                                                                     including newspapermen, ministers,
                                           represented by G. W. Morgan,
NOBLESVILLE V.B.S.                         president of the Indiana Conference;        the mayor, businessmen and
   A total of 71 children, ages 5 to 14,   Edward Skoretz, lay activities leader       women, and housewives took
attended all or part of the two-week       for the conference and former               advantage of the blood-pressure
Vacation Bible School held July 7          pastor of the Lafayette Church, and         testing directed by Betty Mattingly,
through 19 in Noblesville.                 Cathryn Kuszmaul, community                 R.N.
   The children memorized gospel           services director for Indiana.                 It was an opportunity to acquaint
songs, learned crafts and outdoor             According to Joyce Summers,              the community with the Seventh-day
games, and listened to stories             Lafayette community services                Adventist Church and its health
which illustrated the value of             director, the center has been active        message.        Information      was
obedience and loyalty to God,              in providing materials for the Gary         distributed about the church's Five-

Day Plan to Stop Smoking, the           observed the demonstrations and             On Wednesday opportunity was
Nature's Way Cooking School held        asked questions. Samples of the          given for everyone to demonstrate a
in May, the Daniel Seminar in July      food prepared were available for         favorite recipe.
and the Prophecy '80 Seminar in         tasting.                                    The final day of the cooking class
September.                                Some participants found that they      was a bread-baking demonstration
   The members are meeting weekly       could not immediately appreciate         given by Georgia Alien from Berrien
in prayer bands asking the guidance     the taste of food that was prepared      Springs, Michigan.
of the Holy Spirit in these outreach    plainly and simply, and not over            The goal of the classes was to
projects.                               cooked. They were advised that it        instruct the shepherdesses in good
                 Rosemary DeHart        takes time for the taste to become       nutrition so that they could share
               Shelbyville Church       "naturalized" and for the stomach to     this information with members in
                                        recover from the abuse it may have       their own churches.
                                        suffered from highly seasoned, over-                           Vivian Joseph
                                        cooked foods.                                                 Correspondent
Lake Region
H. A. Lindsey, Correspondent

   • Richard Pennyman, formerly
known as Little Richard when he
was a rock-and-roll star, presented
his testimony about his conversion
to Christianity during a three-day
meeting sponsored by the Beacon
of Joy Church in Chicago.
                                          The participants were presented by Charles Joseph, Lake Region Conference
   Members of the Lake Region
Shepherdess Club recently enjoyed
instructions in nutrition and food
preparation directed by Kathy Shaw
and Mildred Gill. Both women have
certificates in food instruction from
a cooking school at Andrews
   According to these instructors,
mothers have a most solemn
obligation to help their families
conform to right habits of eating and
drinking. They stated that mothers
should give their families simple,
yet wholesome food.
   To make food appetizing and at
the same time simple and
nourishing requires skill; but it can
be done. The meals, however                           Festivities at the coronation included a grand march.
simple, must be palatable and
                                                             SCHOLARSHIP CORONATION
   Instructions in food preparation        On Sunday, May 18, 1980, the          day Adventist high school seniors
 were given on Monday and Tuesday       education department of the Lake         with the opportunity to procure
during camp meeting. The first day      Region Conference, with the              scholarships for college.
dealt with foods containing             direction of Reginald Barnes,              The sponsors were pleased to
 proteins, and the second day with      presented a Scholarship Coronation       have nine participants this year, all
 minerals in the diet. Emphasis was     at the Continental Plaza Hotel in        of whom received sizeable amounts
 placed on the importance of iron.      downtown Chicago. This affair was        as scholarships.
   The cooking demonstrations were      initiated in the Chicagoland area           The participants were: Venola
 held in the basement of the Calvin     three years ago by Las Amigas, a         Burnside, Westside (Gary) Church;
 Center Church in Cassopolis,           club of dedicated Christian women.       Elizabeth Hill, Robin Jenkins, and
 Michigan. Members of the club             The coronation provided Seventh-      Mark McHenry, Shiloh Church;

Cynthia Patterson, Morgan Park                                                    Rennert and Ben Ferguson.
Church; Cynthia Stuart, Shiloh                                                       • An evangelistic series recently
Church; JuliaTodd, Straford Church;     Michigan                                  conducted by the James Cress
Angela Webster and Cleophas M.                                                    evangelistic team in the Detroit area
Williams Jr., Hyde Park Church.         Conference                                resulted in 62 baptisms for the Troy,
  The participants were escorted by                                               Warren, East Detroit, Orion-Oxford
young men and women from various        Glenn Hill, Correspondent                 and Pontiac churches.
churches and attended by junior
   Cleophas Williams Jr., a three-
year graduate of Shiloh Academy
aspiring to become a medical
doctor, was crowned king and
received the winning scholarship of
more than $2,000.
   Mark McHenry and Cynthia
Stuart, also graduates of Shiloh
Academy, were first and second
runners-up, receiving $1,600 and                                                    Tracy Cummings, left, is shown with
$1,200 respectively.                                                              some of the children who attended her
   The coronation committee is                                                    V.B.S. Photo by Gordon Hayward.
indebted to the parents and friends                                               9-YEAR-OLD CONDUCTS V.B.S.
who supported Christian education
through this program and helped to                                                   Inspired by a story she read about
encourage the young people to                                                     young people helping their
"Reach Toward the Sky."                                                            neighbors, 9-year-old Tracy
               Stephanie Galloway         TWIN CITIES YOUTH PREPARE               Cummings wanted to make a
                     Correspondent            PARENTS BANQUET                     contribution to the community
                                          Church school teacher Sherry Sullivan   where she lives in Berrien Springs,
                                        guided Natasha Moon and Bill Butcher       Michigan, so she decided to have a
THREE GRADUATE                          as they prepared to serve their parents   Vacation Bible School.
                                        and friends at a banquet prepared by
IN EAST ST. LOUIS                       students of the Twin Cities Church           Tracy enlisted the help of a
                                        School. Bernice Micheff, wife of the      neighbor, Bonnie Knight, 14. They
   The three graduates of the Ramah
School in East St. Louis, Illinois,     pastor, taught the young people           organized the program, planned the
                                        nutrition and cooking during the second   crafts, and invited neighborhood
chose as their motto, "Let your good    semester of the past school year.         children to attend.
 be your best," and as their aim,       Another teacher, Jan Perry, also helped
"Onward and Upward."                    the children in their preparation.           Tracy's parents, Elder and Mrs.
   Since its beginning three years                                                Des Cummings Jr., helped, too —
ago, with the leadership of Elder       NEWS NOTES                                just a little, they say. Elder
 Robert Smith and principal/teacher         • A recent baptism at Twin            Cummings played his guitar for the
 Doris Smith, Ramah has graduated       Cities Church by Pastor James             song service and told a story every
                                         Micheff included Michael Case,           day to the 13 children who gathered
seven students.
   The three graduates were              Mildred Fisk, Jessica Huckins, Jane      in the Cummings's backyard from 10
escorted by eighth-grader Shelem         Brundage, Kellie Brundage, and           to 11:30 A.M., August 4 to 8.
Flemons. Remarks of gratitude were       Robert and Myrna Smith. "The Holy           "This project was Tracy's idea,"
                                        Spirit is working with an aggressive      said Mrs. Cummings. "She had big
made by Christopher Hughes and
speeches of farewell were given by      literature evangelism program,            plans at first, but we encouraged her
salutatorian Patricia Lee and           which includes a growing Bible            to keep her first venture
valedictorian Stanton Flemons.          school," Pastor Micheff said.             small—something she could handle
They sang "Give of Your Best to the         • Pat Sherwood of the Boyne           successfully. Since we were out of
Master."                                City Church conducted a cooking           town most of the summer, it was
   K. K. Warnick and Emmett             school primarily for church women.
Slocum, pastor and associate            They used Counsels on Diet and
pastor, respectively, of the Berean     Foods for the discussion time,
Church in St. Louis, Missouri, were     studied nutrition, and gave food
the commencement and bacca-             demonstrations.
laureate speakers.                         • Pastor Michael Conley of
   Richard Jones, principal/teacher,    Monroe baptized nine people after a
with the help of parents and friends,   June Daniel and Revelation lecture
was host at a farewell luncheon for     series by the Holley evangelistic
the graduates and special guests.       team: Kelly Campbell, John and
                        Jayne Byrd      Betty Bidwell, Elsie Papp, Otto and         V.B.S. was held in Tracy's backyard.
         Communication Secretary        Freida Uckele, Scott and Richard          Photo by Gordon Hayward.

difficult to find a time when she            Club standard. They received a           from the church code-a-phone. He
could schedule her Vacation Bible            Morpho butterfly from South              soon added other duties, such as
School, but we were eager for her to         America for a trophy.                    keeping the membership files in
go ahead with her plans even though            All clubs participating in the         order.
we could arrange to have the V.B.S.          booths, floats, exhibits and                Another pastor, Lewis Anderson,
for only four days."                         demonstrations received an onyx          benefited by Mr. Michael's help, and
  Tracy says she would like to               tepee trophy commemorating the           eventually Mr. Michael handled
conduct another Vacation Bible               year's camping theme.                    many of the routine chores around
School next summer. She has                    A choral group from Poland, on         the church.
already begun planning —her                  tour in the area after the General          "Many details of church
program will include making items            Conference session, sang folk            administration were done faithfully
in craft classes for homebound               songs from Poland.                       and well by Harold, leaving me free
residents, and singing for them.                                                      to give more Bible studies," Elder
                    Jeanne Jepson                                                     Anderson said.
          Herald Editorial Assistant

                                               Pastor Norman Yeager, current pastor
                                             at Detroit Oakwood, is assisted by
                                             church elder Kenneth Haug, center, in         HOWARD CITY WELCOMES
                                             the presentation of a plaque of                    2 NEW MEMBERS
                                             appreciation to Harold Michael.
                                                                                         A series of caring contacts with
                                                                                      Adventists culminated in the baptism of
  Fremont Pathfinders enlisted pre-          PASTORAL ASSISTANT HONORED               Dennis, above, and Catherine Kershner
Pathfinders to help them pull their float.   AT DETROIT OAKWOOD                       by Elder R. K. Nelson on June 21. Dennis
                                               When Harold Michael resigned as        had contact with Adventists through the
PATHFINDER FAIR                                                                       Life Line Restaurant in Grand Rapids
HELD IN LANSING                              pastoral assistant at the Detroit        some time ago. Then he was
                                             Oakwood Church because of failing        hospitalized in Hastings and was visited
   Michigan Pathfinders met in the           health, members presented a plaque       by Elder Paul Howell. Learning that
Lansing Civic Center on May 4 for            of appreciation to him.                  Dennis lived at Sand Lake, near Howard
the annual Pathfinder Fair.                                                           City, Elder Howell got in touch with
                                                Mr. Michael began his service for     Pastor Roscoe Nelson who then called
   Including the mini-fair at Camp           the church when Leslie Neal was          the Kershners and gave them Bible
Sagola in the Upper Peninsula, 63            pastor in 1968 by taking messages        studies.
clubs attended fairs this year, an
increase of seven over last year.
   One highlight of the day was the
camping extravaganza in which four
clubs—Cedar Chips, Holly Herons,
 Battle Creek Pioneers and South
 Flint Adventurers — depicted an
 Indian village, a camping scene,
signal tower, and canoeing
    Forty-seven clubs reached the 200

                                                            GROUND BROKEN FOR HASTINGS SCHOOL
                                                Members of the Hastings Church broke ground for a new church-school building
                                             on June 17. After a fellowship dinner members gathered at the site near the church
                                             for the ceremony. Pastor Mel demons, left; Robert Shatter, elder; Charles Keymer,
                                             conference president; Paul Howell, pastor; James Hayward, conference secretary;
  One of the clubs gave a demonstration      Ethel Laraway; Clifford Andrus, elder; and Glen Hahn, deacon, took part in the
of life in an Indian village at the          program. Two portable classrooms have since been put In place, and finishing work
Pathfinder Fair.                             is progressing.

s           undoy, September 14, 1980, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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The new missionary book for 1981 is in no way the traditional
approach to a doctrinal dissertation. It is designed to
capture the interest of the casual reader. The
concepts of biblical teaching are interwoven in a
narrative calculated to keep the reader's inter-
est at a high pitch. The beauty of prophetic
truth is developed in the climactic ending in such
a way as to leave a warm glow in the heart
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Available now at your local ABC, or if you prefer, by mail, through the ABC Mailing Service:
Western U.S.:                   Eastern U.S.:                   Canada:
1350 Villa Street               6856 Eastern Ave., N.W.         Box 398 (1156 King Street, East)
Mountain View, CA 94042         Washington, D.C. 20012          Oshawa, Ontario, L1H 7L5
                                                     DAVID L. HAKES, formerly a pastor in the          TIMOTHY NEAL has been named director of
People In Transition                              Minnesota Conference, is now pastor of the
                                                  Elkhart, Indiana, district. Elder Hakes,
                                                                                                    development for WAUS-FM, the 50,000-watt
                                                                                                    fine arts station at Andrews University. A
   FREDERICK J. AMES is the new treasurer at      originally from Michigan, graduated from          native of Benton Harbor, Michigan, Mr. Neal
Battle Creek Tabernacle. He is a native of        Southern Missionary College with a B.A. in        completed an Associate of Arts degree in
Pennsylvania and has a degree in business         theology. His wife, Diana, is the daughter of     speech at Lake Michigan College, and was
administration from Columbia Union College.       Elder and Mrs. Ernest Clark, pastor of the        awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in mass
He and his wife, Laura, who is also from          Lafayette district. The Hakes have a son, Scott   media at Andrews in 1974. He spent two years
Pennsylvania, have a daughter, Elysia, 2.         Alien, 2.                                         as sales engineer for Ireland and Lester Co.,
                                                     RICHARD HARRIS, formerly associate             and served as sales representative for Imperial
                                                  pastor at Pioneer Memorial Church, is now a       Printing Co., both of St. Joseph, Michigan.
opened a dental clinic at 425 West Main Street,
                                                  pastor in Yale, Virginia.                         Before joining the WAUS staff, Mr. Neal was
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, an eastern suburb of
                                                     FRANKLIN E. HORN recently became pastor        sales representative of St. Croix Press in New
Madison, on August 18. 1980. He is a 1980
                                                  of the Stevensville and Chikaming, Michigan,      Richmond, Wisconsin. In his new position, he
graduate of Loma Linda University School of
                                                  churches. A native of Arizona, he and his wife.   will be responsible for developing and
Dentistry, California, and a member of the
                                                  Eileen, spent three years in the Texico           coordinating fund-raising activities for the
American Dental Association. Before going to
                                                  Conference before coming to Michigan.             station, recruiting volunteers and providing
dental school, Dr. Clifford taught physics and
                                                                                                    assistance for the station manager.
math for the Hawaiian Mission. Glendale, and      Eileen, originally from Battle Creek, is the
Loma Linda Academies. He and his wife. Patti,     daughter of Carolyn Lawson.                           ALAN NORMAN has been named
have two sons. Steve, 11, and Scott. 10. The                                                        coordinator of student housing and labor at
                                                     B. E. JACOBS has been appointed general
Cliffords reside in De Forest, Wisconsin.                                                           Andrews University after 10 years on the
                                                  manager of Christian Record Braille
                                                                                                    faculty of Columbia Union College in Takoma
   MICHAEL J. FLUGSTAD, 33, has been              Foundation. He replaces EUGENE STILES,
                                                  who has accepted a position in the treasury        Park, Maryland. A native of London, England,
appointed administrator of Mid American
                                                  department of the General Conference. A 1955      Mr. Norman received a Bachelor of Arts degree
Health Services' newest nursing home. Villa
                                                                                                     in 1970 from Columbia Union College and a
Pines Nursing Center. Friendship, Wisconsin.      graduate of Union College, Elder Jacobs has
                                                                                                     Master of Arts degree in English three years
He was purchasing agent for the Lancaster         served in several youth and education
                                                                                                     later from the University of Maryland. Mr.
(Wisconsin) Nursing Home from 1971 to 1972,       leadership positions, including Nebraska,
                                                                                                     Norman's position was previously held by
and from 1972 to 1977, Mr. Flugstad was           Kansas and Florida conferences, before
                                                                                                    TERRY NEWMYER, who now serves as
assistant administrator of the Mineral Point      accepting the youth director position in the
                                                                                                    manager of the university's student finance
(Wisconsin) Care Center. He is a member of        Trans-Africa Division in 1965. He was
                                                                                                    department. Mr. Newmyer fills the post left by
the American College of Nursing Home              appointed secretary to the Far Eastern Division
                                                  10 years later.                                    ROBERT INGRAM, who is now in charge of the
Administrators. He and his wife, Vicky, a
                                                                                                    collection of university accounts.
licensed professional nurse, have two                ARNT E. KROGSTAD has been named
children, Tamera Kae, 8, and Daniel Michael, 5.   manager-treasurer of It Is Written. The former        DAVE VANDERWILT, has been named
                                                                                                     general manager of the University Printers at
                                                  vice president of finance at Loma Linda Foods
                                                  in Riverside, California, Mr. Krogstad will        Andrews University. A native of Oneonta, New
                                                  handle all financial aspects and coordinate the    York, Mr. Vanderwilt received an Associate of
                                                  workings of each department involved in the        Arts degree in chemistry from Southwestern
                                                  telecast ministry. Mr. Krogstad has served as      Adventist College in Keene, Texas. He served
                                                  secretary-treasurer of the Far Eastern Island      as manager of Parkland Colorpress at
                                                  Mission headquartered in Guam, and as              Canadian Union College in Alberta, Canada, for
                                                  assistant treasurer of the Far Eastern Division    10 years and worked for more than three years
                                                  in Singapore. He and his wife, Donna, have two     at the Walla Walla College Press in College
                                                                                                     Place, Wash.
                                                  daughters, Geni and Judi.
                                                     RICHARD LA TOUR is the new director of
                                                  purchasing and material control for Mid
                                                  American Health Services. Mr. La Tour comes
                                                  to Wisconsin from Tidewater Memorial
                                                  Hospital, Tappahannock, Virginia. He was with
                                                  that hospital for five years. He was employed
                                                  at White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles
    Laura, Elysia and Frederick Ames
                                                  from 1969to 1975. He and his wife, Karen, have
                                                  two children, Brian, 7, and Greg, 5.

                                                                                                              Eileen and Franklin Horn

     B E. Jacobs           Michael Flugstad           Ken and Patti Clifford and family

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                       Putting Good Taste Into Good Nutrition
Announcements                                          Moore, 2616 East 23rd Street, Farmington, NM
                                                       87401. Include the number of people in your
                                                       party, and the number of camp spaces needed.
                                                                                                                   WANTED IMMEDIATELY: Auto-body man and
                                                                                                                   mechanic with at least 2 years experience. 5-day work
                                                                                                                   week. Call (219) 586-3166, or write to Automotive
                                                                                                                   Service, U.S. 6 East, Walkerton, IN 46574; evenings,
                                                       There is no charge for camp sites. Motel rooms
ILLINOIS                                                                                                           call (219)936-8121.                          -123-21
                                                       are also available in Chinle.
IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION about                      S.R.A.—D.A.A. ANNUAL REUNION: October 3                     FOR SALE: 3-year-old country home with 3 or 4
these church members, please contact the               and 4, Dakota Adventist Academy. This year's                bedrooms on 2 acres. Patio doors. Completed 2-car
Hinsdale Church, 201 North Oak Street,                 alumni project is for campus lights. For further            insulated garage and finished basement, with double
Hinsdale, IL 60521, or call (312) 323-0182. Anna       information, contact Mrs. Vernon Seibold,                   doors to outside. Garden space and creek in back
Bilskey, Earl Brown, Richard Byerly, Brenda            Buchanan, ND 58420.                                         yard. 3 miles from Wilson, Mich., Church and school,
Sue Cain, Carolyn Carr, Ida Elloway, Patricia                                                                      grades 1-10. $49,000. Call (906)639-2497.   —124-18
Falewitch, Mary Helen Faust, Sue Fleming,
Johanna Frimanns, Mike Grozdich, Brenda                                                                            EXCELLENT INCOME: Adult foster-care home for sale.
Hautala, Betty Hoagland, Jeff Jones, Karen J.                        CUM LAUDE MOTEL                               Licensed for 6 with application made for increase to 9.
Lilek, Wanda McDowell, Peggy Newhart, David                                                                        Includes 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen/dining area
                                                           near Andrews University invites                         and bath for owner. 2 miles from church and school.
J. Oliver, Faye G. Otis, Hansford J. Petty,
                                                           relatives and friends to use our                        Rural setting. Call (517)689-4997. Sanford, Mich.
Everett M. Roberts, Patricia Simms, Mildred                                                                                                                      — 125-19
Sims, Dorcas Smith, Harold R. Smith, Santia
                                                           accommodations when visiting
Sotera, Sharon Varga, Jack Pullen, Sylvia                  the area or bringing your young
Haygood and Robert (Mike) Potter. Thank you.               people to school. You will be                           For real living possibilities in the Berrien Springs area,
                                                           pleased with our cleanliness,                           contact LIVING REALTY. You will appreciate the
INDIANA                                                                                                            professional touch as well as pleasant, personal
                                                           cordiality and convenience. Call                        service. For all your real estate needs — listing, selling,
INDIANA PHILOSDA RETREAT: September 19                     (616) 471-1354 for reservations.                        or renting, call (616) 473-1234.                 —126-19
to 21, Camp Timber Ridge, Spencer, Indiana.                Bring this ad for a 10-percent
All Adventist singles are invited. Featured                discount. Expires October 1,1980.                       MUSICAL      INSTRUMENTS: 40% discount. New band,
speaker for the weekend is Pastor Randall                                                                          orchestral     instruments, guitars. Telephone orders
Murphy. Activities include swimming, hiking,                                                                       accepted.     (616) 471-3794. Request free price list,
horseback riding, water skiing, and canoeing.                                                                      brochure.    Indicate instrument desired. Hamel Music
Cost for weekend: Members, $23.50;                                                                                 Company,     Box 184, Berrien Springs, Ml 49103. —127-21
nonmembers, $27.50. Children under 10 half
price. Parents are responsible for their                                                                           FOR SALE: 3-bedroom home in Cedar Lake. Within
children. Reservation deadline: September 12,
1980. Cost after deadline: Members, $27.50;            Classified fids                                             walking distance of church school, academy, store,
                                                                                                                   post office and work. Available about Sept. 15, 1980.
                                                                                                                   No Saturday calls. Phone (517) 427-5584.    —128-18
nonmembers, $31.50. NO PETS. Bring your
                                                         All advertisements must be approved by your local
own bedding and linens. Transients welcome
at $5 registration fee, $3 per meal and $5                                                                         We're pleased to offer one of the finest homes in the
overnight lodging. Map to camp sent upon               of issue. 50 words maximum. Limit of four insertions.       Berrien Springs area. An elegant home displayed in a
request. Mail reservations to Judy                        Rates: $8.00 per insertion for ads originating 'n the    previous Parade of Homes. Located on spacious
                                                       Lake Union. $1 2.00 per insertion for out-of-union ads.     grounds and tastefully decorated. Constructed by
Hankemeier, P.O. Box 1950, Carmel, IN 46032.           AM ads must be paid in advance of printing. Money           craftsmen and maintained in showplace condition.
Phone: home, (317) 362-3753, 7 to 10 P.M.;                                                               i Lake    Lake Chapin water rights, and priced in the 90's.
office, (317)844-6201.                                 Union Conference. There will be no refunds for              WANGARD REAL ESTATE, (616) 473-3333.        —129-18
MICHIGAN                                                  The HERALD cannot be responsible for advertise-
                                                       ments appearing in these columns and reserves the           REGIONAL SALES MANAGER needed immediately by
IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION about the                  right to edit classified ads in conformance with
                                                                                                                   the nation's leader in printed health-care
former Michigan Conference presidents listed           editorial policies. The HERALD does not accept
                                                                                                                   communications and marketing aids. Comprehensive
                                                       responsibility for categorical or typographical errors.
here, please write to Marjorie Snyder,                                                                             company sales training program. Salary, commissions
Communication Department, Michigan                                                                                 and bonuses. Income potential $25,000 to $40,000.
Conference, Box 19009, Lansing, Ml 48901.              R.N.'S, LP.N.'S. PRIVATE NURSES REGISTRY needs              Applicant must have a successful executive sales
William Higley, H. S. Gurney, E. H. Root,              your help in supplying Christian nurses for private         background. HOSPITAL PUBLICATIONS, INC., P.O.
                                                       duty in the north and west suburbs of Chicago. R.N.'s,      Box 848, Cleveland, TN 37311.              —01 18-18
Jerome Fargo, G. I. Butler, I. D. Van Horn, I. H.      $9.38 per hour. L.P.N.'s $8.13 per hour. Call today for
Evans, J. H. Durland, J. D. Gowell, E. K. Slade,       an interview, (312) 887-9885, Hinsdale, or (312)            DIRECTOR OF REHABILITATION SERVICES for
H. H. Burkholder, William Gutherie, A. J. Clark,       251-0941, Wilmette. Private Nurses Registry, 1124           modern progressive Shawnee Mission Medical Center.
William Westworth, W. H. Holden, J. F. Piper,          Greenleaf, Wilmette, IL60091.                  —112-19      Person must be an experienced registered physical
V. E. Peugh, S. E. Wight, C. A. Hanson, J. J.                                                                      therapist with 3 to 5 years management experience.
Irwin, E. A. Bristol, R. J. Nethery, H. H. Hicks, F.   MR. & MRS. FURNITURE—Pat and Gary guarantee                 Excellent pay, benefits, and relocating expense. Call
A. Wright, E. R. Williams, M. C. Guild, Alien          you more quality for less money on bedroom, bunk            Frank Diehl, collect. (913) 676-2579.       —0119-18
Haughey, C. F. McVagh, C. B. Haynes. We                bed. dining and living room furniture. Michigan's
would also appreciate copies of your church            lowest prices always on quality box springs and/or          SHAWNEE MISSION MEDICAL CENTER CAREER
                                                       mattresses. Now water beds. Erhard Furniture, 1 mile        OPPORTUNITIES: Physical fitness health educator
history.                                               north of Apple Valley, U.S. 31, Berrien Springs, (616)      needs M.S. degree in exercise physiology or M.P.H.
ALL ABOARD for the M.E. experience. A                  471-2202. Closed Saturday.                    —115-2        Patient-education coordinator must have B.S.N. with
weekend retreat may be the trip of a lifetime                                                                      emphasis in patient education. Excellent salary and
for you. It IS possible to improve your                FOR RENT: 3-room apartment in Berrien Springs, 3            relocating expense. Call Frank Diehl, collect, (913)
marriage. Interested? Write Marriage                   blocks from Andrews University. Very comfortable and        676-2579.                                 —0120-18
Encounter, Box M.E. Berrien Springs, Ml 49104,         clean. Wafk to church and Apple Valley Market. Call
or call (616) 471-5771, and talk to Norman or          (616)471-2034.                              -119-18         SHAWNEE MISSION MEDICAL CENTER has
Margaret.                                                                                                          immediate position available for person with
                                                       ATTENTION FARMERS: Young married man,                       PAINTING and WALLPAPERING experience. A
ADVENTIST NURSING SERVICE needs Home                   experienced in dairy farming is looking for full-time       BOILER ENGINEER is also needed. Excellent'pay and
Health Aides to go into homes as medical               employment. Can give good references. Please write          benefits. Write Richard Haas, 74th and Grandview,
missionaries. An H.H.A. class will be taught           to Clarence Harrison, 3507 East Kirby Rd.. Battle           Shawnee Mission, KS 66201, or call collect, (913)
beginning September 21, 1980, for 12 Sundays.          Creek, MU9017, phone(616)964-0427.          —120-19         676-2576.                               —0121-18
There is work and a place to stay while taking
classes. Write to A.N.S., Box 478, Pontiac, Ml         HOME FOR SALE: Brick and cedar at end of quiet,             MATERIALS MANAGEMENT/PURCHASING: Working
48055. Include your telephone number or call           dead-end street. Rural setting near Berrien Springs.        stockroom supervisor needed in materials manage-
                                                       Mich. 3 miles from Andrews University. 1,800 square         ment department. Responsible for maintaining
                                                       feet of comfortable living area. 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2         inventory levels and supervising distribution. Past
                                                       baths. 21-x-17-foot living room. Beautiful 22-foot family   membership in P.M.A. or APICS helpful. Church and
OUTSIDE LAKE UNION                                     room has fireplace. Call Nancy, (616) 429-1518.             12-grade academy on campus. Contact Londa
FIRST NATIVE NORTH AMERICAN CAMP                                                                       — 121-19    Zimmerman. Porter Memorial Hospital, 2525 S.
MEETING: All native Americans and others                                                                           Downing. Denver, CO 80210; (303) 778-1955. —0125-18
interested in native American work are invited         ADVENTIST NURSING SERVICE is offering a fall class
to attend the first North American Native              beginning Sept. 21, 1980, for Home Health Aides.            FOR-SALE: 2-bedroom, 2-bath, furnished 12-X-65"
American Camp Meeting, September 11 to 14,             There is work available for those who want to take the      mobile home. Screen porch, carport, utility building.
                                                       class, and a place to stay if not on 24-hour duty. Write    Orange trees on 95-X-150" lot. Rural adult community,
at the Canyon de Chelly Monument Park at
                                                       to Adventist Nursing Service, P.O. Box 478, Pontiac,        10 miles east of Zephyrhills. Retire, or winter in sunny
Chinle, Arizona. Campers are responsible for           Ml 48055, and include your telephone number, or call        Florida. Price: $18,000. Write to Phillip Cheney, 5
their own food, bedding, and other camping             (313)335-1290.                                 —122-20      Dugan Dr., Zephyrhills, FL 33599.             —0126-18
equipment. For reservations, write to A. Leroy

Sights and sounds of G.C., 1980! BY HIS SPIRIT, new          18, 1980. She was a member of the Twin-City Church,

slide show of Dallas Conference now available. This
synopsis allows you to live again those important
                                                             Urbana, III.
                                                               Survivors include a sister, Rhoda Pekinpaugh of Tell
                                                                                                                          • LRKE union                                   •                •
events- Order today, Adventist Media Productions,            City, Ind.. and several nephews and nieces.
1100 RAncho Conejo Blvd., Newbury Park, CA 91320,              Services were conducted in the Renner-Wycoff
or call (805) 498-4561. Price $30. Available in English or   Funeral Home in Urbana by Pastor Kenneth Harding,
Spanish. Send check or money order.             —0127-18     and interment was in Woodlawn Cemetery, Urbana.

                                                               COLLINS, Keith Duane, 55. born Nov. 16, 1924, in
MEDICAL RECORDS: Full-time position, responsible             Bryan, Ohio, died July 31, 1980, in Chicago. III. He             OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE LAKE UNION
for managing small department. Requires A.R.T. with 3                                                                         CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENT1STS
                                                             resided in La Grange, III.
years' management experience or R.R.A. with 1 year.            Survivors include his wife, Doris; a son, David Paul       August 26,1980                      Vol. LXXII, No. 18
For more information or to apply, call or write: Reading     of San Antonio, Texas, and 3 grandchildren.                  JERE WALLACK. Editor
Rehabilitation Hospital. R.D 1, Box 250. Reading. PA
                                                                Services were conducted by Willis C. Graves in La         RICHARD DOWER. Managing Editor
19607; phone (215) 777-7615.                   -0128-19
                                                             Grange, and interment was in Glen Oak Cemetery in            ANDREA STEELE. Assistant Editor
                                                             Hillside, III.                                               JEANNE JEPSON and BERYL JOHNSON.

                                                                DAVIS, Anna, 76. born Feb. 14, 1904, died July 22,        PAT JONES. Circulation Services
                                                             1980. at her home in Tell City. Ind. She was a member         IndfM-cl in tin- Scivmh t(<iy .Adi'cnds                 l In
                                                             of the Tell City Church.
                                                                Survivors include 4 sons; Charles. Raymond and                            Conference Directories
                                                             Porter, all of Tell City, and Robert of Columbus, Ga.; a                   LAKE UNION CONFERENCE
                                                                                                                                 Box C, Berrien Springs. Michigan 491O3
                                                             daughter, Mildred J. Kleeman of Tell City; a brother,                            (616) 473-4541
                                                             Victor Wetzel of San Diego, Calif.; 3 sisters, Essie         President                                 Robert H. Carter
                                                             Sibrel of Tell City, Dessie Heimick of San Diego, and        Secretary               . .              John L. Hay ward
                                                •^H          Bethel Elmer of Indianapolis; 16 grandchildren, and 2        Treasurer           .     .......    George H. Crumley
1 The Seventl^day Adventist Family:        8.95              great-grandchildren.                                         Assistant Treasurer ......                  Charles Woods
                                                                Services were conducted at the Tell City Church by        Association of Privately Owned S.D.A. Services
    An Empirical Study by Charles C.                         Elder Carrol I Lawson, and interment was in the                 and Industries                             D. A. Copsey
    Crider and Robert C. Kistler                             Greenwood Cemetery.
                                                                                                                          Data Processing
                                                                                                                                             .......      .            Jere Wallack
                                                                                                                                                                    Harvey P. Kllsby
  The Great Controversy Theme in           6.95                 HARTWELL, Evelyn R., born May 10, 1909, in                Education                              Warren E. Minder
                                                                                                                                                              . Milton R. Slepman
    E. G. White Writings by Joseph                           Michigan, died July 16, 1980, in Ionia, Mich. She was a      Education Associate
                                                                                                                          Health                                . Roy R. Wight man
                                                             member of the First Flint, Mich., Church.
    Battistone                                                  Survivors include 3 sons. Robert of North Carolina.
                                                                                                                          Lay Activities                     ... Horace L. Jones
  Rest and Redemption                      5.95              Ervin of Fenton, Mich., and Russell of Washington; 3
                                                                                                                          Loss Control Director ......
                                                                                                                                                             . . William E. Jones
                                                                                                                                                                           D. L.Gray
    by Niels-Erik Andreasen                                  daughters, Jeannette Armstrong of Ohio, Betty                Publishing/HHES/ABC                            J.S. Bernet
  Parochiaid and the Courts                7.50              Middaugh of Flint, and Ellen Zimmerman of Grand              Publish ing/ HHES Associate                Reginald Frood
                                                             Ledge, Mich.; 22 grandchildren, and 23 great-                Publishing Associate          .      Lewis Blumenberg
    by Dale E. Twomley                                       grandchildren.                                               Publishing Associate ...                . George Dronen
  Unto a Perfect Man by Carl Cotfman       5.95                 Services were conducted by Melvin G. Johnson, and
                                                                                                                          Religious Liberty
                                                                                                                          Religious Liberty Associate .     ...
                                                                                                                                                                       Jere Wallack
                                                                                                                                                                       C. N. Eckman
  The Remnant by Gerhard F. Hasel          7.95              interment was in Flint Memorial Park Cemetery.               Sabbath School                             Horace L. Jones
  Perfection and Perfectionism             8.95                 JACOBS, Bertha M., born March 13. 1908, in                Stewardship
                                                                                                                          Temperance        . .........
                                                                                                                                                       ...              D. A.Copsey
                                                                                                                                                                   . Charles C. Case
                                                             Manistee County, Mich., died July 18. 1980, in Shelby,
    by H. K. LaRondelle                                      Mich. She was a member of the Shelby Church.
                                                                                                                          Trust Services     .......,,.              David Johnston
  Cases in Denominational Administration 9.95                   Survivors include 3 sons, Lyman, Elmer and Wayne;
                                                                                                                          Youth                  .                   Charles C. Case

    by Harold R. Phillips and Robert E. Firth                a daughter, Norma Hetland; 13 grandchildren, and 3
  Understanding Your Temperament           2.95              great-grandchildren.
                                                                Services were conducted by Pastors Don Williams           GREAT LAKES ADVENTIST HEALTH SERVICES. INC.: Irwtn
    by Robert J. Cruise and W. Peter                         Sr, and Charles J, Danforth, and interment was in
                                                                                                                          Hansen. president; Joel Hass, secretary; Lawreace Schaik.
                                                                                                                          treasurer. Office and mall address 15 Sail Creek Lane. Hinsdale. IL
    Blitchington                                             Shelby.                                                      6O521 Phone (312)920-110O
  Servants For Christ: The Adventist       3.95                 JOHNS, Charles Henry, 41, born Juy 17, 1939. in
                                                                                                                          ILLINOIS: Everett E. Cumbo. president; R. R. Rouse,
                                                                                                                          secretary-treasurer. Office address 3721 Prairie Ave Mail
    Church Facing the '80s                                   West Frankfort, III., died June 2, 1980. He was a            address Box 89. Brooklletd. 1U 6O513 Phone 13121 485-I20O

    by Gottfried Oosterwal, et. al.                          member of the West Frankfort Church.                         INDIANA: G. W. Morgan, president: T. J. Hassengiil.
                                                                                                                          secretary-treasurer. Office address. 1525O N Meridian Si Mall
                                                                Survivors include his wife, Shirley; 2 stepdaughters,
    Order from your local ABC or direct from                 Karen Thomas of Benton, III., and Sherry Murray of De
                                                                                                                          address P O. Box 195O. farmel. IN 46032 Phone [317(844-6201
                                                                                                                          LAKE REGION: Charles Joseph, president; R. C. Brown,
            Andrews University Press,                        Kalb. HI., a stepson, Leo Johnson Jr. of De Kalb; his        •ecretary; Isaac Palmer, treasurer. Office and mall address
                                                                                                                          8517 S Slate St . Chicago. !L 6O6I9 Phone C5 121 846-2661
         Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104                     parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johns; 3 sisters, Eva Mae
                                                                                                                          MICHIGAN: Charles Keymer, president; James L. Hay ward,
            Brochures sent on request                        Summers, Cynthia Filkins and Marie Adelsberger, all          secretary: Herbert W. Prltchard. treasurer. Office address 32O
                                                             of West Frankfort; 3 brothers, Howard of West                \V Si Joseph Si Mall address llox I9O09 loosing. Ml 489O1
                                                             Frankfort, Vernon of Johnston City, III., and Clinton of     Phone (517) 485-2226
                                                             Oxford, Mich.                                                WISCONSIN: R. L. Dale, president: W. J. Jaster. secretary:
                                                                                                                          W. H. Dick, treasurer. Office address 2 miles nonh of I 9O on

 Mileposts                                                      Services were held in the West Frankfort Church by
                                                             Eider John Carpenter, and interment was in the Mt.
                                                             Zion Cemetery in Thompsonville, III-
                                                                                                                          Wisconsin 151 Mail address PO Box 7310 Madison Wl 53707
                                                                                                                          Phone (6O8) 241-5235

 WEDDINGS                                                       KROPP, Livonia Inez, born May 28, 1911, in
                                                              Independence, Mo., died Aug. 1, 1980. in Ellsworth,
                                                                                                                           COPY DEADLINES: Announcements should be received by
   Eva Nedia Galan and Jesus S. Leon were married             Me. She was a member of the Indianapolis Glendale
 June 15, 1980, in Aurora, III.                              Church.                                                       date
   Eva is the daughter of Jose and Ramona Galan of              Survivors include her husband, Maurice; 2 sons.            NOTICE TO CONTRIBUTORS: All articles, pictures.
 Aurora, and Jesus is the son of Maria Leon Leon of           Robert of Denver, Colo,, and William of St. Joseph,          mileposts. classified ads and announcements must be
 Mexico.                                                      Mo.; a daughter, Joanne Turner of Zionsville, Ind.; a        channeled through your local conference correspondent.
                                                                                                                           Copy mailed directly to the Herald will be returned to the
   The couple are residing in Aurora.                         brother, William R. Brown of Bangor, Me.; 11                 conference involved.
   Dale Alison Henry and Edwin Lee Rollins were               grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.                    NEW SUBSCRIPTION requests should be addressed to the
 married July 27, 1980, in the Elgin, III.. Church. Pastor      Services were conducted by Pastor Jerry Lastine.
 Nicholas Leftrook performed the ceremony.                    William Kropp of the Salvation Army, and Pastor Ralph          Entered as second-class matter in the Post Office. Berrien
   Dale is the daughter of Mrs, Mary Henry of Elgin,          Combes, and interment was in the Washington Park             Springs, Michigan. Printed biweekly (26 issues per year) by
                                                              North Cemetery, Indianapolis.                                the University Printers, Berrien Springs. Michigan. Yearly
 and Edwin is the son of Mrs. Ruth Rollins of Dayton.                                                                      subscription price. S4.50. Single copies. 15 cents.
 Ohio.                                                          M'CLURE, Viola F., born May 5, 1892, in Texas, died        Postmaster: Send all notices to Lake Union Herald. Box C..
   The couple will reside in Huntley, III. Dale is a         July 18, 1980, in Flint, Mich. She was a member of the        Berrien Springs, MI 49103.
 secretary in a law firm in Chicago, and Edwin teaches       First Flint Church.
 Industrial Arts in Wauconda, III.                              Survivors include her husband Giles; a daughter,                      ISSN 0194-908X            USPS 302 860
                                                             Opal Brazeal of Hopkinton, Mass.; 3 grandchildren; 10
                                                             great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren.
 OBITUARIES                                                     Services were conducted by Melvin G. Johnson, and
    BASSETT, Maurice E., born Aug. 31, 1903. in              interment was in Evergreen Cemetery, Grand Blanc,
 Dunningville, Mien., died July 20, 1980. in Plainwell.
 Mich- He was a member of the Battle Creek, Mich..
                                                                SHAFER, Eugene (Shine), 73, born March 1, 1907, in
                                                                                                                          Sunset Tables
 Tabernacle.                                                 Birmingham, Ala., died May 17, in Du Quoin, III. He was
    Survivors include his wife, Viva; 2 sons, Jerry          a member of the West Frankfort, III., Church.                                                          Aug. 29          Sept. 5
 Oetman of Otsego, Mich., and LaVerne Oetman of                 Survivors include his wife, Erma; a daughter, Mary L.     Berrien Springs, Mich.                  E.S.   8:25             8:13
 Allegan, Mich.; 2 daughters. Janet Lamb and Marlene         Walker of Carbondale, HI., 2 sons, Larry of Stanford,
 Wearne, both of Plainwell; 16 grandchildren, and 4
                                                                                                                          Chicago, III.                           C.S.   7:29             7:18
                                                             111., and Tom of Royalton, III.; a sister. Audell Brown of   Detroit, Mich.                          E.S.   8:13             8:01
 great-grandchildren.                                        Hinsdale, III.; 2 brothers, Charlie of Boulder, Colo., and
    Services were conducted by Carl Riebow and Kerry                                                                      Indianapolis, Ind.                      E.S.   7:21             7:10
                                                             Bill of Puerto Rico; 5 grandchildren, and a great-
 Hortop, and interment was in Millgrove Cemetery,            grandchild.                                                  La Crosse, Wis.                         C.S.   7:47             7:34
 Allegan.                                                        Services were conducted by Elder John Carpenter in       Lansing, Mich.                          E.S.   8:18             8:06
    BLAKE, Etta, 92, born Aug. 29, 1887, in Anderson         the Walker Funeral Home in Hurst, III., and interment        Madison, Wis.                           C.S.   7:38             7:26
 Township, Perry Co., Ind., died in Urbana, III., on July    was in the Oakwood Cemetery in Carterville, III.             Springfield, III.                       C.S.   7:34             7:24

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