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          Cardiomics: n. the application of

          the genome sciences to cardiology

                                                   ● Reunion 2003 Special Issue
                                     ● Gavin at Morehouse—Combating Diabetes
Alumni News
                                IN BRIEF

 New Med School Campus is Far East

        y 2006, “East Campus” will take on a whole new meaning as some School
        of Medicine faculty travel to Singapore to spend a semester or more teaching
        and conducting research at a new graduate medical school that Duke is helping
 to establish in partnership with the National University of Singapore.
    The new school will be based on Duke’s medical school curriculum—with its third
 year of research. It will supplement the Singapore National University’s School of
 Medicine, which is now based on the British model in which students enter medical
 school with essentially a high school degree.
    R. Sanders “Sandy” Williams, MD’74, HS’77-’80, dean of the School of Medicine
 and vice chancellor for academic affairs, said the initiative serves several Duke goals:
 advancing the Duke name within Asia, an up and coming region of the world; expanding
 opportunities for patient-oriented research within a less complex health care system; and    May 2003 Brings Two
 opening up opportunities for collaboration and innovation in medical education.              Honors to Snyderman
    “Since gaining independence 38 years ago, this small nation of about 4 million
 people has made impressive strides to promote economic growth and provide social             On May 17, Chancellor for Health Affairs
 support and health services to their population,” said Williams. He cited Singapore’s        Ralph Snyderman, MD, HS’65-67, was pre-
 impressive handling of the SARS crisis, recent innovations by the government to              sented with the Ellis Island Medal of Honor by
 implement health care finance reforms, and substantial investment in facilities and          the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations.
 infrastructure for biomedical research, genomics, bioinformatics, and other disciplines.     Also in May, Snyderman was among six Duke
    The opportunities for Duke faculty and students are also significant, according to        scholars and researchers elected to the presti-
 Williams. He anticipates research collaborations, visiting professorships, and exchange      gious American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
 programs for medical students and trainees.                                                     The Ellis Island Medal of Honor is presented
    The Duke-affiliated Singapore Graduate Medical School will operate out of a new           annually to Americans of diverse ethnicities for
 building in Singapore’s Outram area, near Singapore General Hospital and the                 their significant contributions to the United States.
 community’s cancer, genomics, eye, and heart centers. The target class size will be          Snyderman is the son of Russian immigrants, and
 approximately 50 students, including women, since the country recently dropped               he was chosen to receive the award based on
 its long-standing practice of limiting women’s enrollment in medical school.                 his renowned achievements in biomedical
 Instruction will be in English, and the curriculum will be identical to Duke’s. First-year   research and leadership in academic medicine
 courses will employ distance-learning techniques that link to the main Duke medical          and health care.
 campus. Third-year students and residents on both campuses will be able to work                 In October, Snyderman and five Duke colleagues
 with mentors on either campus and participate in exchange opportunities.                     will be inducted into the American Academy of
    According to Williams, a founding dean for the Singapore Graduate Medical                 Arts and Sciences. They are: Henry Petroski, Stanley
 School and a leadership group of four to eight faculty members will be selected soon         M. Hauerwas, Ed P. Sanders, Joel L. Fleishman,
 from among the current Duke medical faculty. So far, it hasn’t been determined               and Fred Dretske. Other members of the Class
                                          whether the school will carry the Duke name.        of 2003 include U.N. secretary general Kofi
                                                                                              Annan, journalist Walter Cronkite, and Nobel
                                                                                              Prize-winning physicist Donald Glaser.
                                                                                                              IN BRIEF

Reunion 2003:
October 31-November 2
Medical classes from years ending in 3 or 8, or any
classes from 1952 and earlier are reuniting during
Medical Alumni Weekend, October 31-November 2.
   The weekend celebration kicks off early with an
invitation-only dinner celebration for members of the
Davison Club on Thursday, October 30 and a celebra-
tion and house staff alumni reunion honoring Eugene
A. Stead, Jr., MD, on Thursday and Friday (see article
on page 5).
   Other weekend activities include the Friday MAA
Awards Luncheon (see article on pages 6-7), special tours
and activities for spouses and children, a continuing med-
ical education program on information technology, and
a history program featuring several prominent alumni.
   Invitations were mailed in August. For more informa-
tion, please call Jenny Jones, 919-667-2517, or Linda
Evans, 919-667-2503. To register online or check
probable attendees, please visit

Medical Alumni Council Resolution Offers Support Following Santillán Tragedy

On May 1, the Duke Medical Alumni                 and our sympathies are with her family              “Duke has responded to this tragedy
Council adopted a resolution in support of        and with the Duke medical team who cared         with a vigorous and thorough review and
the caregivers and staff who were involved        for her. We commend Dr. James Jaggers,           redesign of its patient safety procedures.
in the care of Jésica Santillán, the 17-year-     Dr. William Fulkerson, and others for their      While this won’t change the outcome for
old Mexican girl who died at Duke Hospital        integrity and honesty in communicating           Jésica, we hope Duke will honor her memo-
in February after undergoing two heart-lung       forthrightly to the patient’s family and         ry by championing organ donation and
transplants. Santillán received incompatible      ultimately to the public.                        emerging as a new leader in patient safety.
organs during the first procedure.                   “We know Duke University Medical              During this time of unprecedented challenge
   During the Medical Alumni Council’s            Center to be an outstanding academic insti-      and equally profound opportunity for
annual spring meeting in March, Chancellor        tution with the brightest and best talent        growth, the Duke Medical Alumni
Ralph Snyderman, MD, HS’65-67,                    available. DUMC provides extraordinary           Association extends our full support and
addressed the group and responded to ques-        good for many seriously ill patients, day in     encouragement to you to move forward
tions. Following is the text of the resolution:   and day out. The sad circumstances sur-          with the utmost resolve. Signing the resolu-
   “The Duke Medical Alumni Association,          rounding Jésica’s fate do not erase the value    tion were: Calvin R. Peters, MD, HS’72-
representing the physician alumni of Duke         of our medical center nor its remarkable         ’75, president; Lawrence J. D’Angelo,
University Medical Center, wishes to express      personnel. In caring for patients, and espe-     MD’73, MPH, president-elect; J. Bancroft
to all the caregivers and staff involved in the   cially in working with critically ill children   Lesesne, T’68, MD’76, vice president;
care of Jesica Santillan our recognition for      and their families, you exhibit compassion,      Sheila Moriber Katz, MD’66, MBA, past
your professionalism and courage in the           courage, devotion, and the highest level of      president; and Edward G. Bowen, T’57,
face of this very difficult situation.”           professionalism. We are proud of these           MD’59, HS’59, former president and
   “We received the news of Jésica                qualities, and we support your continued         current trustee, Duke University.
Santillán’s tragic death at Duke University       efforts on behalf of the many children who
Hospital with great concern and sorrow,           need your special care.

                                                                                                                                DukeMedAlumniNews   3
                             IN BRIEF

Duke Again Ranks 6th                                                                                The annual U.S.News rankings of 203
For the fourth consecutive year, Duke                                                            medical centers, winnowed from 6,003
University Medical Center has ranked sixth on                                                    hospitals across the country, highlight 17
the U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll of best                                                  specialties. Duke was ranked in 16 of these:
hospitals. The rankings are included in the July                                                  4th Heart & Heart Surgery
28, 2003 edition of the magazine. The top 10                                                      5th Geriatrics
institutions on the Honor Roll are:                                                               5th Gynecology
  1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md.                                                       6th Orthopedics
  2. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.                                                                7th Cancer
  3. UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles                                                             8th Digestive Disorders
  4. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston                                                       8th Eyes
  5. Cleveland Clinic, Ohio                                                                       8th Kidney Disease
  6. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C.                                                 8th Urology
  7. University of California, San Francisco                                                      9th Respiratory Disorders
        Medical Center                                                                            9th Rheumatology
  8. Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Mo.                                                      10th Psychiatry
  9. University of Michigan Medical Center,                                                      13th Neurology & Neurosurgery
        Ann Arbor                                                                                16th Hormonal Disorders
  10.University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle                                            19th Pediatrics
                                                                                                 21st Ear, Nose, and Throat
   “We are pleased that U.S. News & World Report has once again
included Duke amongst the very best medical centers in the United          Additional information can be found at http://www.
States. This designation is a reflection of the talent and dedication
of our physicians, nurses and staff,” said William J. Fulkerson Jr.,
MD, HS’87, MBA’02, CEO of Duke University Hospital.

                                                        Howell to receive Charles A. Dukes Award

                                                        T. Rudolph “Rudy” Howell, MD’58, has         Medicine in serving his second term on the
                                                        been selected by members of the Duke         Annual Fund Executive Committee. He
                                                        Annual Fund to receive the 2002-03           has also been a member of the Medical
                                                        Charles A. Dukes Award, the University’s     Alumni Council and the Davison Club
                                                        highest honor for volunteer service.         Development Committee, as well as a
                                                           A pediatric radiologist who chairs the    co-class agent for his 40th SOM reunion.
                                                        department of radiology at Children’s          The award will be presented at the
                                                        Hospital in Richmond, Va., Howell is imme-   Medical Alumni Association Awards
                                                        diate past president of the Davison Club     Luncheon on October 31, during Medical
                                                        and currently represents the School of       Alumni Weekend 2003.

4   DukeMedAlumniNews
                                                                                                                      IN BRIEF

Stead House Staff Reunion
The Department of Medicine will host the Stead
House Staff Reunion with Eugene A. Stead, Jr., MD,
professor and chairman emeritus, during the 2003
Medical Alumni Weekend. A Thursday, October 30
welcome reception with Stead will begin at 5:30,
followed by a day of educational and celebratory
activities on Friday, October 31.
   Stead will receive the William G. Anlyan, MD,
                                                                 School of Medicine sees 20
                                                                 percent jump in NIH funding
                                                                 The School of Medicine had the highest increase in
                                                                 National Institutes of Health funding among the 15
                                                                 nationally ranked schools in 2002-03. With 598 NIH
                                                                 awards totaling more than $245 million in fiscal year
                                                                 2002, the school received 79 more awards (totaling
                                                                 nearly $42 million) than it did during FY2001-and
                                                                 ranked eighth in the country for NIH funding both years.
Lifetime Achievement Award during the Medical                       Here’s how this year’s funding breaks down:
Alumni Association Awards Luncheon.                                 535 research grants totaling $228,273,830
   The Stead Reunion ends with a special dinner                     28 training grants totaling $9,159,274
Friday evening.                                                     26 fellowships totaling $996,551
   Invitations were mailed to members of the                        9 R&D contracts totaling $7,032,810
Department of Medicine House Staff during 1947-                     School of Medicine Dean R. Sanders “Sandy”
1967 in August. To learn more, call Brenda Painter at            Williams, MD’74, HS’77-’80, says the funding
919-667-2538. Information and registration available             “provides the means to achieve our goal in research: to
online at                                       make notable discoveries that advance human health.
                                                                 The success of our faculty in competing for NIH fund-
                                                                 ing reflects a combination of talent, dedication, and
                                                                 hard work.”

                             From the

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                                                                many of us.
           Sincerely,                                                                                                        Marty Fisher
           William A. Gay                                                                                                    Contributing writers
                           , Jr., MD'61, HS                                                                                  Emma Martin, Jeni Lyttle
             Gay is a membe                     '62-’71                                                                      Art Director
                                r of the Divisio                                                                             Lacey Chylack
          Washington Un                            n of Cardiothor
                           iversity School                            acic Surgery at                                        Graphic Designer
          executive direct                    of Medicine, in                                                                Jeff Crawford
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2003 MAA Awardees

                             MAA SALUTES EIGHT
                             Each year during Medical Alumni Weekend, the Duke Medical Alumni Association honors the achievements
                             and contributions of outstanding members of the DukeMed family.
                               Nominations are accepted each summer and evaluated by an awards committee, the Medical Alumni Council,
                             and the School of Medicine Executive Committee. Chosen honorees are notified in January and recognized at a
                             special luncheon during the fall reunion weekend.
                               “Duke University Medical Center is truly graced by the men and women who have trained here,” says MAA
  Richard A. Schatz, MD
                             President Calvin R. Peters, MD, HS’72-’75. “This year’s recipients are representative of the achieve-
                             ments, character, skills, and behaviors of our medical alumni. We salute them and continue to follow their
                             careers with great interest.”
                               This year, the MAA recognizes eight distinguished individuals for the following awards:

                             DISTINGUISHED ALUMNUS                                      Current Title Endocrinologist in private practice,
                             Richard A. Schatz, MD’77                                   Jacksonville, Fla.
                             An internationally lauded cardiologist and inventor,       Personal Coble and his wife, Shereth, live in Neptune
                             Richard Schatz is the co-creator of the Palmaz-Schatz      Beach, Fla., and have five children and 10 grandchildren.
                             intracoronary stent, a device that forever advanced the
 Yank D. Coble, Jr., MD      field of interventional cardiology when it received FDA    Fred A. Crawford, Jr., T’64, MD’67, HS’67-’69, ‘71-’76
                             approval in 1994.                                          An accomplished clinician, widely published researcher,
                             Education State University of New York at Buffalo,         and award-winning educator, Fred Crawford is the
                                 Phi Beta Kappa                                         immediate past president of the American Association
                             Duke School of Medicine                                    for Thoracic Surgery. He also chairs the Joint Council
                             Training U.S. Army Medical Center, San Francisco,          on Thoracic Surgery Education and is a prominent
                             Calif., and San Antonio, Texas                             member of numerous national and world cardiology
                             Current Title Research director of cardiovascular          and thoracic surgery organizations. Between his post-
                             interventions at the Heart, Lung, and Vascular             graduate training and cardiothoracic surgery residency,
                             Center, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, Calif.                   he served in the Vietnam War as a U.S. Army major.
                             Personal Schatz lives in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., with     Education Duke University, Phi Beta Kappa
 Fred A. Crawford, Jr., MD
                             his wife, Jinda, and two sons, 13 and 16. An avid sup-     Duke School of Medicine, first in class
                             porter of all things Duke—from basketball to educational   Training Duke School of Medicine
                             programs—he enjoys golf, skiing, tennis, hiking, and       Current Title Horace G. Smithy Professor and chair,
                             fishing. He has been involved with breeding and racing     Department of Surgery, Medical University of South
                             thoroughbred horses for 20 years.                          Carolina (MUSC)
                                                                                        Personal Crawford lives in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., with his
                             Yank D. Coble, Jr., T’59, MD’62                            wife, Mary Jane, and they have two children: Fred A.
                             The immediate past president of the American Medical       Crawford III, T’92, MD, a cardiology fellow at MUSC,
                             Association (AMA), Yank Coble has been an endocrinol-      and Mary Elizabeth Ausman, education director of the
                             ogist and educator for more than three decades. A long-    Mint Museum of Crafts and Design in Charlotte, N.C.
                             time champion of removing the barriers to quality health
                             care for all who need it, Coble has been active in the     D I S T I N G U I S H E D FA C U LT Y
 Barton F. Haynes, MD        AMA since 1974 and also serves as a U.S. delegate to       Barton F. Haynes, MD, HS’75
                             the World Health Organization and as chair of finance      Former chair of Medicine (1995-2002) Bart Haynes is
                             and planning to the World Medical Association.             one of the world’s leading immunologists and a pio-
                             Education Duke University, Angier Biddle Duke Scholar      neer in the field of HIV/AIDS. He recently received a
                             Duke School of Medicine                                    $15 million grant from the National Institutes of Health
                             London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine             to develop a trivalent HIV, TB, and malaria vaccine
                             Training New York Hospital and Cornell Medical Center      for use in developing countries. Currently director of
                             National Institutes of Health Research Career              the Duke Human Vaccine Institute, he is a member of
                             Development Program                                        the Institute of Medicine and the National Academy

  6   DukeMedAlumniNews
of Science, among numerous other honors.                       HONORARY ALUMNUS AWARD
Education University of Tennesse, cum laude                    Philip J. Baugh, T’54, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine, cum laude                          An accomplished businessman, former U.S. Air Force
Training Duke School of Medicine                               jet-fighter pilot, and former North Carolina legislator,
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases          Jack Baugh served on the Duke University Board of
Current Title Director, Duke Human Vaccine Institute,          Trustees from 1981-1993, including serving as chair
and co-director, Duke Center for AIDS Research                 from 1991-1993. He is credited with leading the board
                                                               to increase its support for the medical center during a
Kathryn Phillips King, BSN, MSN, FNP, MD                       period of significant challenges in academic medicine.     Kathryn Phillips King, MD
Kathryn King’s experience as a nurse inspired her to           He was an advocate for the medical center during the
become a physician. An anesthesiologist and award-             formation of the Duke University Health System, one
winning educator, she serves as medical director of            of the country’s first fully integrated academic
Advanced Cardiac Life Support at Duke. She is a much           health systems.
sought after mentor at Duke School of Medicine. An             Education Duke University
advocate for anesthesiology education at Duke and              Current Title President and CEO, P. J. Baugh
throughout North Carolina, she has received much               Industries, Inc., Nicholasville, Ky.
recognition for her scholarship and educational initiatives.   Personal Baugh is an avid equestrian and former pres-
Education University of Rochester, BSN                         ident of the American Trotting Association who served
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, FNP, MSN, MD      on the Kentucky Harness Racing Commission. He and
Training University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill           his present wife, Jane, have been married for 17 years
Current Title Associate Clinical Professor of                  and live in Nicholasville, Ky. He has one son, three       Donald T. Lucey, MD

Anesthesiology                                                 daughters, and four stepsons. He was married to his
Personal King and her husband, Douglas S. King, live           late wife, Patti, for 32 years. The Patricia M. Baugh
in Carrboro, N.C. They enjoy sailing and often include         Library Endowment at Duke was created in her honor.
Duke medical students in their boating excursions.
                                                               LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD
H U M A N I TA R I A N AWA R D                                 Eugene Anson Stead, Jr., MD
Donald T. Lucey, MD’63                                         During two decades as chair of the Department of
A champion of improving health care for underserved            Medicine at Duke, Gene Stead became a legendary
populations, Don Lucey is the founder of the Open              teacher, pioneering clinical researcher, innovative
Door Clinic, North Carolina’s first free clinic, in Raleigh,   medical educator, and rigorous practitioner. He trained
N.C. His efforts have led to the establishment of 40           more than 30 individuals who went on to serve as           Philip J. Baugh, PhD
free clinics in North Carolina—more than any other             chairs of academic medical departments at institutions
state. Lucey has joined physician missions to Viet Nam         across the country. He has received numerous
and Leon, Nicaragua. He also helped establish the              national awards and honors for research, patient care,
North Carolina Association of Free Clinics and works on        and education.
a volunteer basis with free clinics across the country.        Education Emory University
Education University of Florida at Gainesville                 Emory University School of Medicine
Duke School of Medicine                                        Training Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, Mass.
Training University of Virginia at Charlottesville             Cincinnati General Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio
Emory and Grady Hospitals, Atlanta, Ga.                        Current Title Florence McAlister Professor of Medicine
Medical College of Virginia, Richmond                          and chairman, emeritus, Department of Medicine,
Current Title Clinical professor of urology, emeritus,         Duke University Medical Center
                                                                                                                          Eugene Anson Stead,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill                    Personal Stead and his wife, Evelyn, live on Kerr Lake,
                                                                                                                          Jr., MD
Urology private practice, retired                              in Bullock, N.C., and have three grown children, two
Personal Lucey and his wife, Shirley, have been                of whom are physicians.
married 43 years and have three children. They are
continuing volunteer work in retirement.

For more information or to submit a nomination, please visit, and click on awards program
or write to Ellen Luken, executive director, Medical Alumni Affairs and External Relations, 512 S. Mangum St.,
Suite 400, Durham, NC 27707-3973.

                                                                                                                           DukeMedAlumniNews     7
                           Cardiomics Network
                           Offers Investigators a Head Start in
                           Genomic Medicine
                           —Cath Labs Across the Country Are Invited to Participate

Cardiomics: n. the application of the genome sciences to cardiology

                                                    It’s not in Webster’s yet, but       data that people can begin mining to pinpoint the
                                                    a group of key Duke medical          important genes, proteins, and metabolites in heart
                                                    faculty and current students         disease and its associated clinical events. This is an
                                                    hope this term, coined by Duke       incredible opportunity to actually lay the groundwork
                                                    Institute for Genome Sciences        for the practice of genomic medicine in cardiology and
                                                    and Policy Director Huntington       eventually in other fields of medicine.”
                                                    Willard, PhD, will soon be well
                                                    known, both at Duke and at           Shades of Outrageous Ambition
                                                    cardiac catheterization laborato-    Organized by the Duke Clinical Research Institute
                                                    ries across the country.             (DCRI), the Duke Institute for Genome Sciences and
                                                        Over the next five years, the    Policy (IGSP), the School of Medicine, and the
                                                    Duke Cardiomics Network,             Department of Medicine, the Duke Cardiomics
                                          , hopes        Network has several characteristics of the “outrageous
Third-year Duke medical     to collect, analyze, and store blood samples from            ambition” for which Duke University and the Medical
students John Kim,          500,000 cardiac catheterization patients. The samples        Center have become well known:
Yogin Patel, and Krishna    will form a database of sufficient size to begin identify-   • With data on half a million patients, it will be larger
Udayakumer review           ing the genomic and proteomic factors associated with          than either of its two predecessors, the Duke
statistics.                 heart disease, the nation’s number one killer. Although        Cardiovascular Disease Databank and the Duke
                            the samples will become the property of Duke                   Clinical Research Institute—both of which are the
                            University Medical Center, investigators who enroll            largest and oldest of their kind in the world.
                            their cath labs in the network will be invited to partici-   • The network was conceived and implemented
                            pate on a governing scientific board and to author             not by experienced investigators, but by third-year
                            research studies using the database.                           medical students working with faculty mentors.
                               “No one institution is capable of assimilating—           • Four Duke powerhouses have pledged considerable
                            within this short time frame—the massive number                financial support—Willard of the IGSP, Califf of the
                            of samples needed to account for the many variables            DCRI, Dean R. Sanders “Sandy” Williams, MD’74,
                            that come into play in cardiovascular disease,” said           HS’77-’80, of the School of Medicine, and Pascal
                            Rob Califf, T’73, MD’78, HS’78-’83, director of the            Goldschmidt, MD, chair of the Department of
                            Duke Clinical Research Institute. “By partnering with          Medicine—even though there is no assured return on
                            physician alumni and other cardiologists across the            investment other than a tremendous, unprecedented
       by Marty Fisher      country, we hope to quickly build a critical mass of           resource for genomic and proteomic research.

8   DukeMedAlumniNews
                                                                                                             FEATURE STORY

The Hunt for “Genes of Interest”                                Meade, and Yogin Patel, all MD/MBA candidates,
The Duke Cardiomics Network grew out of an idea that            Bill Wood, an MD/MPH candidate, and Kensaku
faculty within the Duke Clinical Research Institute had         Kawamoto, an MD/PhD candidate.
been kicking around for several years. But the potential           In the beginning, the project seemed overwhelming,
cost and complexity—and probably the youth of                   according to Newby. The students would have to
genomics, both as a discipline and as an entity at Duke-        research hundreds of issues.
kept it from ever getting off the ground. In 2003, a               How many samples would be needed to achieve
number of factors transpired to build momentum.                 statistical relevance given the many factors that con-
   The Duke Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy,           tribute to the development of heart disease? Using
launched as a University-wide initiative in 2000, finally       power calculations, the students came up with a
got a physical home—two new research buildings that             whopping 500,000—nearly double the size of the
opened in 2003—and a director, Hunt Willard, who                entire DCRI patient population.
arrived in January and immediately began encouraging               Also, what would it cost to collect, store, and analyze
industrial-sized, collaborative projects in genomic research.   half a million blood samples? Too much for one institution
   A project known as CathGen, started in 1999 by Bill          was the disheartening answer. The students first explored
Kraus, MD’83, HS’83-’88, and Chris Granger, MD,                 the project as a commercial venture—Duke would own
HS’88-’90, was collecting, storing, and analyzing blood         the database and charge drug companies and researchers
samples on every patient who received a cardiac                 for access. When they presented this version to an advisor
catheterization at Duke. An associate professor of              at the Fuqua School of Business, he “basically threw it in
cardiology and member of the DCRI faculty, Kristin              the trash,” says Udayakumar.
Newby, MD, HS’87-’93, had a keen interest in predict-              According to Willard, the project may have commer-
ing cardiovascular disease risk factors. She began using        cial potential in the future, but currently it is at least five
CathGen as a resource to begin to identify “genes of            years ahead of its time—at this time, the cost to analyze
interest” in cardiovascular disease. The CathGen project        one sample is around $1,000. Duke may enlist a com-
served as a mini-model for the Cardiomics Network.              mercial entity to provide storage, but this detail has yet
   Newby says the high prevalence of cardiovascular             to be nailed down.
disease and its clinical impact, along with the typical            For the students, the leap to an academic collabora-
characterization of patients who receive cardiac                tion—the idea of a network of contributing cath labs
catheterization, make it a particularly good starting           across the country—made perfect sense. In exchange
place for genomic and proteomic research.                       for contributing samples, investigators could play an
   “We will collect clinical and genetic information on         active role in cardiomic research.
patients at cardiac catheterization, and so we’ll have a           According to Willard, such a conclusion would be
good phenotypic description of these patients, their            far less likely to occur among seasoned professionals.
disease and its treatment, and their lifestyle and clinical        “Students bring an infectious energy and enthusiasm—
history,” says Newby. “Not only that, we will know              their eyes are much brighter than those of us who
what their arteries look like and can track how they fare       are 10, 20, or 30 years into the game,” he said. “The
over time. We’ll also be able to determine the protein          traditional tendency would have been to keep everything
and metabolite composition of their blood along with            at Duke.”
their genetic profile—all these factors are invaluable             The students also had to develop Institutional
in making links.”                                               Review Board materials and information for investiga-
                                                                tors. They attended the American Heart Association
Bright-Eyed Enthusiasm                                          meeting in November and the American College of
Newby and Kevin Schulman, MD, MBA, a professor                  Cardiology meeting in March to test out the concept
of medicine, director of the Center for Clinical and            among practicing physicians. And finally, they had to
Genetic Economics at the DCRI, and professor at the             prove the concept to the key institutional players who
Fuqua School of Business, serve as faculty mentors to           would fund it.
third-year Duke medical students. The medical Class                “Where else but Duke would a group of medical
of 2004, then in its third year, contained an unusual           students get to work on a project like this,” says
concentration of dual degree MD/MBA students look-              Wood. “We got to interact with some of the key
ing for an interesting and challenging project.                 players at Duke, and to see firsthand how to take a
   Newby and Schulman signed up a total of 6                    project of this scale from concept into reality. It was
students—Krishna Udayakumar, John Kim, William                  a labor of love.”

                                                                                                                                  DukeMedAlumniNews   9
                                                     Taking it to the Streets

                 James R. Gavin, MD, PhD, uses Morehouse School
                 of Medicine presidency to combat diabetes

                                     s the third president of Morehouse School         groups—in his Health and Wellness Initiative. The
                                      of Medicine, James R. Gavin III, MD’75,          group participates in fitness courses, smoking cessa-
                                        HS’76, PhD, is a man on a mission. His         tion programs, and didactic sessions on diet and
                                          goal? To motivate all Atlantans—especially   nutrition. Despite his presidential responsibilities and
                           African-American Atlantans—to take charge of their          extensive travels, Gavin himself can regularly be found
                           health and fitness.                                         alongside his staff at campus fitness center events,
                               The renowned endocrinologist and former Howard          health fairs, and group walks. On occasion, he has
                           Hughes Medical Institute senior scientific officer          even been known to lead an aerobics class.
                           has spent 30 years researching the causes, treatment,          His fellow African-Americans, who are afflicted with
                           and prevention of diabetes, a disease that affects          not only diabetes, but also hypertension and obesity
                           black Americans at a significantly higher rate than         more than other ethnic groups, are his primary target.
                           other ethnic groups.                                        In 2002, a staggering 2.8 million African-Americans
                               “There are some illnesses and conditions over           were estimated to be living with diabetes, and the
                           which we have no control,” explains Gavin, who              prevalence of obesity in this group continues to
                           began his presidential duties in July 2002. “But we         rise. Gavin adapted the Health and Wellness Initiative
                           can combat certain types of ailments by our daily           from the National Diabetes Education Program, which
                           living, a goal that is well within our reach.”              he chairs. It promotes lifestyle changes that can help
                               As part of his April 2003 inaugural celebration,        blacks understand and redirect cultural factors that
                           Gavin led his Morehouse staff, his wife Dr. Annie           play a major role in the development of chronic health
                           Gavin, a former education administrator, local              problems, such as avoiding and modifying traditional
                           celebrities, city officials, and community members on       “soul food” meals containing high fat content.
                           a power walk starting at the Morehouse National                Upon registration in the Health and Wellness
                           Center for Primary Care and ending at James P.              Initiative, participants’ metrics—weight, blood pressure,
                           Brawley Drive.                                              blood sugar levels, body mass index, and body
                                                                                       measurements—are recorded and are to be assessed
                           Trading Pounds for Discipline                               quarterly. Staff and others are encouraged to provide
                           Gavin has enrolled a group of 400 people—including          feedback on every aspect of the initiative, including
                           Morehouse School of Medicine faculty and staff,             the quality of food offerings in the medical
          by Emma Martin   members of the Atlanta community, and local civic           school’s cafeteria.

10   DukeMedAlumniNews
                                                          Photography by Horace Henry
                                                                                        Morehouse School of Medicine’s National Center for
                                                                                        Primary Care and the first black male to hold the
                                                                                        surgeon general position. Satcher will spearhead the
                                                                                        research phase of the initiative and coordinate the
                                                                                        collection of data and its analysis from all partici-
                                                                                        pants over the three-year period of expected duration
                                                                                        of the overall initiative.
                                                                                           “We’re very fortunate to have a leader of his caliber
                                                                                        with his level of energy,” Satcher said in a recent
                                                                                        Atlanta Journal-Constitution article. “Jim is genuinely
                                                                                        committed to improving the health of people.”

                                                                                        A Broader Impact
                                                                                        Aside from the physical benefits, Gavin believes
   “By tracking participants’ duration of exercise and                                  models like his Health and Wellness Initiative can
metrics, we can translate these figures and determine                                   transform the state of the American health care system.
the number of cases of diabetes and obesity prevented,                                  Americans in general are more overweight and suffer
blood pressure reduced, and pounds lost,” said                                          from resulting chronic diseases at rates unprecedented
Gavin, who lost his great-grandmother to diabetes.                                      in our nation’s history. He says this is one factor in
“These figures act as a barometer for our progress.”                                    rising insurance premiums and other costs associated
   Competition between departments within the                                           with health care.
School of Medicine has increased participation and                                         “An unhealthy population is one of the reasons
enthusiasm. Gavin hopes the same will be true as                                        we face increases in health insurance premiums,”
the program expands citywide. His “next steps”                                          says Gavin. “We, the community, are ultimately
include enrolling all of the historically black universi-                               responsible for determining the pace at which our
ties in the Atlanta University Center, comprised of                                     overall health and these premiums will change.”
Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, Morris                                          As Gavin plunges forward with his fierce passion
Brown College, Morehouse School of Medicine,                                            to transform his fellow Atlantans daily lives, he hopes
Morehouse College, and the Interdenominational                                          his leadership inspires a new generation of physicians
Theological Center.                                                                     to take a more proactive approach to health care.

Spreading the Word                                                                         Gavin previously served as president of the
Word of Gavin’s Health and Wellness Initiative is                                       American Diabetes Association, director of the
spreading swiftly around Atlanta, with several corpo-                                   Howard Hughes Medical Institute-National Institutes
rate entities, non-profit organizations, and health                                     of Health Research Scholars Program, and professor
care leaders expressing interest in participating. Blue                                 and chief of the diabetes section at the University of
Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has agreed to purchase                                     Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Plans during his
5,000 pedometers to help participants measure                                           presidency at Morehouse School of Medicine include
distance and calories burned, while organizations                                       securing funds to supplement government-based
such as the 100 Black Men have contributed volun-                                       financial aid and continuing to build an impressive
teer forces and additional participants.                                                alumni base. He and his wife of 32 years, Dr. Annie
   Gavin also enlisted the help of former U.S. Surgeon                                  Gavin, reside in Fairburn, Georgia. They have three
General David Satcher, MD, PhD, director of the                                         adult sons.

                                                                                                                                                   DukeMedAlumniNews   11
Alumni News
                                     CLASS NOTES

      Submit your class note online at You may also mail class              William C. Evans, Jr.,          Irwin H. McNeely,
      notes to Duke Medical Alumni Association, Class Notes, 512 S. Mangum Street, Suite             MD’53, is a retired             T’49, MD’53, is a part-
                                                                                                     family practice physician.      time occupational medical
      400, Durham, NC 27701-3973, or send an e-mail note to                     He is an avid Duke bas-         consultant with Interna-
      Due to space limitations, we are not always able to publish all the class notes we             ketball fan and enjoys          tional Paper Corpora-
      receive for a given issue. If you didn’t see yours in this issue, please look for it the       fishing in local lakes and      tion. He and his wife,
                                                                                                     rivers. He and his wife,        Emogene, reside in
      next time. All class notes are posted on the Medical Alumni Association web site               Cynthia, live in Gaines-        Franklin, Va.
      for a six-month period.                                                                        ville, Fla., and together
                                                                                                     have four children.             Rudy K. Meiselman,
                                                                                                                                     MD’53, Davison Club,
      Half-Century                                                                                   Charles H. Hillman,             resides in Longboat Key,
      Club                                                                                           MD’53, HS’55-’59, is            Fla., with his wife, Hope.
      William H. Anderson,                                                                           an assistant professor of       He serves on the boards
      Jr., MD’53, is medical                                                                         obstetrics and gynecology       of directors of the Long-
      director at a skilled                                                                          at the Quillen College          boat Key Public Interest
      nursing facility and at                                                                        School of Medicine at           Committee and on the
      a school for paramedic                                                                         East Tennessee State Uni-       board of directors of the
      training. He owns an                                                                           versity. He retired from 41     Sarasota United Way
      Internet-based tri-digital                                                                     years of private practice       Endowment Committee.
      website and helps devel-                                                                       in 2000. He and his wife,
      op offline communities                                                                         Bettye, A’52, celebrated        Ellison C. Pierce, Jr.,
      to teach people how to                                                                         their 50th wedding anniv-       MD’53, is executive
      create wealth by shop-                                                                         ersary this year. They reside   director of the Anesthesia
      ping online instead of                                                                         in Johnson City, Tenn.,         Patient Safety Founda-
      using retail vendors. He                                                                       and have two children           tion. He resides in Boston,
                                       ▲ Melvin Berlin, T’49,          J. Raymond Chittum,
      and his wife, Wanda,                                                                           and two grandchildren.          Mass., and lectures on
                                       MD’53, HS’53-’55,               MD’53, is retired and
      have been married for 52                                                                                                       the topic of anesthesi-
                                       Davison Club, spent 22          spends his time playing
      years. They live in West                                                                       Donald R. Kernodle,             ology. His work has been
                                       years in family private         mountain dulcimers. He
      Springfield, Pa., and have                                                                     MD’53, retired in 1991          featured in The New
                                       practice in Savannah, Ga.,      published a music book
      five living children.                                                                          from practicing ophthal-        Yorker and Investors
                                       before leaving to become        for mountain dulcimer
                                       the first sports team physi-    ensemble playing, and         mology and otolaryn-            Business Daily. He has
      Bruce L. Baer, MD’53,                                                                          gology. He lives in             one son, Chip, T’88; one
                                       cian at Duke. He retired        he and his wife, Colleen,
      Davison Club, retired                                                                          Burlington, N.C., with          daughter, Cynthia; and
                                       after 19 years of providing     build the instruments,
      in 1995 from practicing                                                                        his wife, Lucy, N’58.           one grandson, Jack.
                                       medical care for 25 men’s       teach others how to
      internal medicine and                                                                          They have five children
                                       and women’s varsity teams       play, and attend dul-
      gastroenterology. His                                                                          and 10 grandchildren.           Richard B. Rankin, Jr.,
                                       at Duke. During his tenure,     cimer festivals. He is also
      wife, Eleanor, died in                                                                                                         MD’53, HS’53-’56,
                                       he was also the team            learning to play the harp
      August 1999. He is a                                                                           Paul A. Mabe, Jr.,              Davison Club, is retired
                                       doctor for the Durham           and do acrylic painting.
      eucharistic minister and                                                                       MD’53, is medical direc-        from ophthalmology
                                       Bulls during their first four   He and Colleen have
      enjoys playing tennis                                                                          tor of the Free Clinic of       practice. He and his
                                       years. He and his wife,         been married for 55
      and golf, traveling, and                                                                       Reidsville, N.C., and           wife, Susan, live in
                                       Mary, live in Hubert, N.C.,     years and have four
      gardening. He lives in                                                                         Vicinity, Inc., which he        Concord, N.C. They
                                       and have three children         daughters and eight
      Baton Rouge, La., and                                                                          helped found in 1998.           have three children.
                                       and five grandchildren.         grandchildren. They
      has four daughters and                                                                         He received the Reidsville
                                                                       reside in Rittman, Ohio.
      twelve grandchildren.                                                                          Citizen of the Year Award       Robert M. “Crusty”
                                       Stuart O. Bondurant,
                                       Jr., MD’53, HS’53-’56,          Charles M. Earley, Jr.,       in 1998 and the To Those        Rosemond, T’49,
      W. Reed Bell, MD’53,                                                                           Who Care Award from             MD’53, Davison Club,
                                       Davison Club, is a pro-         MD’53, is a World War II
      retired from pediatrics                                                                        WFMY-TV in 1999. He             is former president of
                                       fessor of medicine and          history buff and an avid
      in 2000. In 2002, he                                                                           and his wife, Grace, have       the Duke Medical
                                       dean emeritus at the            reader. Over the years,
      received the Award for                                                                         been married 57 years.          Alumni Association
                                       UNC School of Medicine.         he has restored several
      Bioethics Excellence from                                                                      They have two children,         (DMAA) and the Davison
                                       He enjoys golf and trav-        Model A Fords. He also
      the American Academy                                                                           four grandchildren, and         Club. In 1996, he was
                                       eling. He and his wife,         enjoys gardening and
      of Pediatrics. He contin-                                                                      six great-grandchildren.        honored by the DMAA
                                       Susan Ehringhaus, reside        playing golf. He and his
      ues to be active in pro-life                                                                   They reside in Reidsville.      with the Distinguished
                                       in Chapel Hill, N.C.            wife, Gloria, have rarely
      and pro-family efforts. He                                                                                                     Service Award, and he
                                                                       missed a Duke basket-
      and his wife, Nell, reside                                                                     Hugh M. McArn, Jr.,             was also a recipient of
                                       Gerald D. Bryant, Jr.,          ball home game during
      in Gulf Breeze, Fla., and                                                                      MD’53, is retired from          the Charles A. Dukes
                                       MD’53, resides in Talla-        the past 10 years and
      have six children and                                                                          family medicine practice.       Award in 1994 for out-
                                       hassee, Fla., with his wife,    have attended two Duke
      20 grandchildren.                                                                              He and his wife, Susan,         standing volunteer ser-
                                       Jean. They have one             Final Four NCAA tourna-
                                       daughter, two sons, and         ments. They reside in         live in Laurinburg, N.C.,       vice. He serves on the
                                       10 grandchildren. In his        Virginia Beach, Va., and      and have four children:         admissions committee of
                                       leisure, he enjoys fishing,     have four children and        Michael, Jeffrey, Susan,        Duke University and the
                                       hunting, and traveling.         nine grandchildren.           and Margaret.                   Duke University School

12   DukeMedAlumniNews
                                                                                                         CLASS NOTES

of Medicine. He and his      husband, Rudy, retired       medical license and           of the Department of         United Christian Min-
wife, Sally, G’53, live in   from Georgia Tech after      works in clinics for          Urology at the Medical       istries. He also raises
Sanford, Fla., where he is   55 years of service. They    Spanish-speaking Ameri-       University of South          bees, collects stamps,
a cardiologist at Central    reside in Waynesboro,        cans. He and his wife,        Carolina. He and his         bakes, spends time on
Florida Heart Associates.    Va., and have two chil-      Sarah Marie, live in          wife, Patricia, reside in    the computer, and takes
They have three children.    dren, Rachel and Lewis.      Winston-Salem, N.C.,          Charleston, S.C. They        a master gardener’s
                                                          and have two children         have three daughters         class. He and his wife,
Tom A. Vestal, MD’53,                                     and four grandchildren.       and nine grandchildren.      Janet, reside in Morgan-
recently completed a         1958                                                                                    ton, N.C. They have
medical mission trip to      Roger J. Berry, MD’58,       John N. Christie, Jr.,        T. Rudolph Howell,           three children.
Haiti. He spends time        is a visiting professor at   T’54, MD’58, Davison          MD’58, Davison Club,
working as a volunteer       the Lancaster University     Club, is retired from prac-   is chairman of the Depart-   Billy E. Jones, MD’58, is
for the local YMCA           Institute of Environmen-     ticing internal medicine      ment of Radiology at the     retired from practice and is
board and Meals on           tal and Natural Sciences.    and gastroenterology. He      Children’s Hospital in       currently publishing a bio-
Wheels. He and his wife,     He also sits on the Unit-    enjoys living in the west-    Richmond, Va., and           graphy of a colonial North
Jan, have been married       ed Kingdom Ministry of       ern North Carolina moun-      president-elect of the       Carolina priest. He also
for 50 years. They reside    Defense Independent          tain town of Cashiers         Southern Medical Asso-       enjoys painting, art, tennis,
in Anderson, S.C., and       Nuclear Safety Committee.    with his wife, Jeanne.        ciation. He and his wife,    and writing. He and his
have five daughters,13       He and his wife, Valerie,                                  Cheryl, reside in Chester,   wife, Hannah, WC’57,
granddaughters, and          live on the Isle of Man in   David R. Jones, MD’58,        Va. They have four sons      live in Bath, N.C. They have
two grandsons.               the British Isles.           is a publisher, lecturer,     and six grandchildren.       11 grandchildren.
                                                          and consultant in the
Anne R. Yobs, MD’53,         Robert T. Chambers,          field of aerospace psychi-    Philip T. Howerton,          Dean T. Mason, T’54,
is retired and spends her    T’51, MD’58, HS’58-’59,      atry. He and his wife,        MD’58, HS’63-’66, is         MD’58, is an honorary
time involved in commu-      is retired and spends        Joan, reside in Mont-         retired from radiology       medical staff member
nity and church volun-       time painting pictures       gomery, Ala.                  practice. He spends his      at St. Mary’s Medical
teer work. She also          that are displayed in                                      time volunteering on the     Center in San Francisco,
enjoys traveling, garden-    local showings. He           Thomas A. Kirkland,           boards of the American       Calif. He previously
ing, and the arts. Her       recently renewed his         MD’58, is interim chair       Red Cross and the Burke      served as physician-in-

                                                                                                                           DukeMedAlumniNews         13
                             CLASS NOTES

chief of St. Mary’s            William M. Satterwhite,       WC’54, live in Greenville,   Floyd L. Wergeland,          Sidney R. Fortney,
Western Heart Institute.       Jr., MD’58, HS’58-’59,        N.C., and have three liv-    Jr., MD’58, HS’58,           MD’63, Davison Club,
He and his wife, Mau-          received the 2002 Jerome      ing children: Don, T’81,     recently finished writing    works part time practic-
reen, WC’56, reside in         C. Goldstein Public Ser-      a corporate litigation       a history of ophthalmol-     ing endocrinology. He
El Macero, Calif. They         vice Award from the           attorney; Susan, T’83, a     ogy in the U.S. Army for     and his wife, Janie,
have two daughters and         American Academy of           physician; and Michael,      the soon-to-be published     N’61, have completed
four grandchildren.            Otolaryngology for his        T’85, who is president       Textbook of Military         several medical mis-
                               work in helping to found      of a company that man-       Medicine. He is past         sions in Haiti at Hospital
Charles E. Rackley,            a free medical clinic serv-   ufactures truck bodies.      president of the Chula       Lumiere and continue
T’55, MD’58, Davison           ing those with no health      Their daughter, Lynn,        Vista Rotary Club, where     to support missions
Club, works in the Depart-     insurance and living with     T’81, died of breast         he is the current chair-     through their involve-
ment of Cardiology at          limited incomes. It has       cancer in 2000. They         man of the Red Badger        ment on a mission
Georgetown University          grown to become the           have 10 grandchildren.       and Information Com-         board. They reside in
Hospital. He currently         largest free medical clinic                                mittee. He planned to        Southport, N.C.
serves on an American          in North Carolina. He         Charles E. Warner,           make a medical mission
College of Obstetrics          and his wife, Phoebe,         MD’58, Davison Club,         to Peru in June 2003. He     R. Brent Harrison, T’60,
and Gynecology task            live in Winston-Salem,        practices part time at       resides in Bonita, Calif.,   MD’63, was appointed
force to assess hormone        N.C. They have two sons       Charlotte Pediatric Clinic   and has two children.        to the National Advisory
replacement therapy            and one daughter.             with classmate, William                                   Council for the National
and coronary artery dis-                                     F. Bryant, T’54, MD’58,                                   Institute of Biomedical
ease in women. He and          Donald H. Tucker, T’55,       HS’58-’60, HS’62-’63,        1963                         Imaging and Radiology
his wife, Elizabeth,           MD’58, Davison Club,          Davison Club. He enjoys      Joseph O. Broughton,         in November 2002. In
N’63, Davison Club,            spends his time reading,      traveling and fishing        Jr., MD’63, HS’63-’66, is    January, he stepped down
reside in Washington,          traveling, playing golf,      with his new bride,          associate medical direc-     as chair of radiology at the
D.C. They have one son         and taking music lessons.     Sandy. They reside in        tor for Rocky Mountain       University of Mississippi
and one daughter.              He and his wife, Barbara,     Charlotte, N.C.              Health Plans in Green-       Medical Center after 23
                                                                                          wood Village, Colo.,         years of service. He and
                                                                                          where he resides with        his wife, Susan, reside
                                                                                          his wife, Linda.             in Madison, Miss., and
                                                                                                                       have four children and
     Will the Real Harvey J. Cohen                                                        Thomas K. Carlton, Jr.,
                                                                                          MD’63, Davison Club,
                                                                                                                       five grandchildren.

     Please Stand Up?                                                                     is a pediatrician in pri-    Edward P. Hoffman,
                                                                                          vate practice. He and his    MD’63, resides in
     The Spring 2003 issue of DukeMed Alumni News, contained a case of                    wife of 44 years, Mimi,      Olympia, Wash., where
     mistaken identity. We reported that Harvey J. Cohen, MD’70, PhD’70,                  reside in Salisbury, N.C.    he conducts independent
     had moved to an assisted living facility in Arlington, Va. When Dr.                  They have four children      medical examinations. In
     Cohen called to report that he, in fact, was living in Los Altos, Calif., we         and 12 grandchildren.        his spare time, he enjoys
     did some checking. We found three distinct Harvey J. Cohens, all of                                               photography and travel-
                                                                                                                       ing. He and his wife, Car-
     whom are Duke medical alumni:
                                                                                                                       olyn, have four children
                                                                                                                       and three grandchildren.
     (The sender of the original class note)
     Harvey J. Cohen, MD’54, a retired White Plains, N.Y., dermatologist,                                              Donald T. Lucey,
     recently moved to Arlington, Va., to be close to his children and grand-                                          MD’63, Davison Club,
                                                                                                                       practices urology on a
     children. He would like to hear from old friends. His address is Sunrise
                                                                                                                       locum tenens basis. He
     Assisted Living, 2000 North Glebe Road, Arlington, Va 22207.                                                      and his wife, Shirley, have
                                                                                                                       three children: Pam, a
     Harvey Jay Cohen, MD’54, HS’65-’67, HS’69-’71, stepped down in                       ▲ Mark L. Entman,            professional ballerina
     2002 as chief of the Division of Geriatrics. He served as interim chair of           MD’63, Davison Club,         who has begun a sec-
                                                                                          is a professor at the        ond career as a psychol-
     the Department of Medicine until 2003, when Pascal Goldschmidt, MD,
                                                                                          Baylor College of Medi-      ogist; Pete, an architect
     was named chair. Cohen continues to practice at Duke and the Durham                  cine, where he was           who plays keyboard for
     VA Medical Center. He has two sons, Harvey Joel Cohen, MD’70,                        appointed the William J.     a soft rock Irish band;
     PhD’70, and Zachary.                                                                 Osher Chair of Cardio-       and Steve, an orthope-
                                                                                          vascular Research. He        dic surgeon.
                                                                                          and his wife, Carol, N’66,
     Harvey Joel Cohen, MD’70, PhD’70, the son of Harvey Jay, above, is a
                                                                                          have been married for        Angus M. McBryde, Jr.,
     physician at the Stanford University School of Medicine Department of                35 years. They live in       MD’63, HS’67-’71, was
     Pediatrics. He and his wife, Ilene, reside in Los Altos, Calif.                      Houston, Texas, and          recently appointed chief
                                                                                          have two daughters and       of sports medicine at the
     DukeMed Alumni News regrets the confusion.                                           two granddaughters.          University of South

14   DukeMedAlumniNews
                                                                                                             CLASS NOTES

Carolina in Columbia,         Dulon D. Pollard,                anatomic pathology at the     bridge. He and his wife,    Richard L. Green,
where he also organized a     MD’63, retired eight             University of California      Susan, reside in Mequon,    MD’68, Davison Club,
sports medicine center. He    years ago from surgical          at San Francisco. They        Wis., and have three        practices allergy and
enjoys running, golfing,      practice. He and his wife,       have one son, Jonathan,       children: Nancy, a certi-   clinical immunology in
traveling, giving academic    Phyllis, reside in Smithfield,   who is a medical student      fied clinical research      Pittsburgh, Pa., where he
talks, and spending time      N.C. They have two sons.         and doctoral candidate        professional; Todd, a       resides with his wife,
on the coast with his wife,                                    at the Medical College        second-year medical         Dana. They have three
Kay. They have eight chil-    Owen B. Tabor, MD’63,            of Georgia, and one           student at the University   children: Todd, a pedi-
dren who are scattered        recently completed 32            daughter, Rehana, who         of Wisconsin in Madi-       atric resident at Maine
around the Southeast.         years of practice in             graduated from Wake           son; and Molly, a natu-     Medical Center; Jonathan,
                              orthopedic surgery. The          Forest University.            ralist and guide for a      a comedy writer with
William O. McMillan,          founder of Tabor Ortho-                                        tour company.               “The Late Show with
Jr., T’59, MD’63, HS’66-      pedics Group, he enjoys          Peter W. Bickers,                                         David Letterman,” and
’68, Davison Club, is         flying, cooking, golfing,        MD’68, currently prac-        Lois T. Flaherty, MD’68,    Jessica, a social worker.
executive director for the    recording piano CDs,             tices diagnostic radiology.   is editor of Adolescent
Coastal Area Health           and traveling. He and his        In his spare time, he         Psychiatry, the official    James H. Hall, MD’68,
Education Center and          wife, Margaret, reside in        enjoys traveling and in       publication of the Amer-    published his second
vice president for gradu-     Memphis, Tenn. They              2002, visited Rome, Italy.    ican Society for Adoles-    book, Selling Fish: Stories
ate medical education at      have four children and           He plans to hike in Alaska    cent Psychiatry (ASAP).     of a Fishing Life, in 2000.
New Hanover Regional          13 grandchildren.                and Umbria, Italy, in         In 2002, she received       He practices internal medi-
Medical Center. He is                                          2003. He and his wife,        the Schonfeld Award         cine with a focus on
president of Wilmington       Abe Walston II, MD’63,           Gayle, MD’68, reside in       from ASAP. She is also      cardiovascular disease,
Health Access for Teens       is the medical director for      Amarillo, Texas. They have    the chair of the Council    and resides in Wayne,
and the Community             CRO & PPD Development,           two children: Margaret,       on Children, Adoles-        Maine. He has two sons,
Foundation of South-          Inc., a pharmaceutical           who began graduate            cents, and their Families   Preston and Evan.
eastern North Carolina,       company located in Wilm-         school after 10 years as a    for ASAP. She is not
president-elect of the        ington, N.C., where he and       pilot, and Robert, a          currently practicing, but   Thomas F. Henley,
New Hanover County            his wife, Cammie, reside.        teacher at an alternative     is involved in teaching,    MD’68, HS’69-’73,
Community Health                                               school.                       advocacy, and scholarly     Davison Club, practices
Center, and a governor                                                                       activities. Her husband,    at Greensboro OB-GYN
on the State Health           1968                             Carl S. L. Eisenberg,         John, MD’67, is vice        Associates in Greens-
Coordinating Council.         Ann C. Abbas, MD’68,             MD’68, is the president       president of medical        boro, N.C., where he
He and his wife, Frances,     retired as a surgical pathol-    of the Wisconsin Chapter      affairs at Transkaryotic    resides. His wife, Sandra,
WC’59, live in Wilming-       ogist in July 1999. She          of the American Acade-        Therapies. They reside in   is a medical transcrip-
ton, N.C. They have           moved to San Francisco,          my of Pediatrics. He is       Boston, Mass., and have     tionist. They have three
three sons.                   Calif., with her husband,        currently becoming cer-       three sons—John, Mark,      children—Tommy, Brian,
                              Abul Abbas, MD, who              tified to sail keelboats      and Keith.                  and Kristen.
                              became the chairman of           and is learning to play
                                                                                                                         Frank Kern, MD’68,
                                                                                                                         practices dermatology in
                                                                                                                         Wynnewood, Pa. He lives                                                                                                 in Philadelphia with his
                                                                                                                         wife, Sarah. They have

        your Reunion 2003 connection!                                                                                    three children: David,
                                                                                                                         who owns and manages
                                                                                                                         an Internet company;
                                                                                                                         Joshua, who runs a public
                                                                                                                         charter high school in

                                                                 Bookmark it!                                            Washington, N.C.; and
                                                                                                                         Sarah, who earned her
                                                                                                                         PhD and is teaching at the
                                                                                                                         College of New Jersey.
                                                                 View your class photos—from your
                                                                 first year at DukeMed and your last                     Rebecca T. Kirkland,
                                                                                                                         WC’64, MD’68, is
                                                                 reunion. • See who’s coming to
                                                                                                                         senior associate dean of
                                                                 Reunion 2003. • Register online,                        medical education and a
                                                                 receive updates from your Class                         professor of pediatrics
                                                                 Reunion leaders, and more!                              at the Baylor College of
                                                                                                                         Medicine Texas Children’s
                                                                                                                         Hospital. She has served
                                                                                                                         on the Duke Board of
                                                                                                                         Trustees and the Duke
                                                                                                                         University Health System

                                                                                                                         DukeMedAlumniNews       15
                               CLASS NOTES

     Board. She and her hus-       daughters, Amy, T’93,          Judith, N’67, reside in         He and his wife, Connie,       graduated from Emory
     band, John Kirkland, MD,      and Claire, T’98.              Mobile. They have three         reside in Fort Worth, Texas.   University this year and
     reside in Houston, Texas.                                    sons: William, T’92, an                                        plans to study environ-
     They enjoy windsurfing,       Arnold M. Kwart,               orthopedic surgeon; Scott,      R. Christopher Stucky,         mental law.
     hiking, and spending          MD’68, Davison Club, is        a physical therapist; and       MD’68, practices adult
     time on their property in     chair of the Department        Chris, a plastic and recon-     and child psychiatry in        William F. Wheeler,
     Hood River, Ore.              of Urology at Washington       structive surgery resident      Watchung, N.J. He and          MD’68, retired from med-
                                   Hospital Center in Wash-       at Wake Forest University.      his wife, Pat, enjoy travel-   icine in 1987 and for the
     Ted R. Kunstling, T’65,       ington, D.C. He and his                                        ing to New York City to        past 12 years, has lived
     MD’68, Davison Club,          wife, Cathryn, live in         Roger J. Porter, MD’68,         attend plays and art           periodically among the Efe
     received the 2002 Trustee     Chevy Chase, Md.               Davison Club, retired           exhibits, and visit Europe     pygmies in the rain forest
     Service Award from the                                       from Wyeth-Ayerst Lab-          once a year. They reside       of the Democratic Republic
     North Carolina Hospital       Richard L. Miller,             oratories in 2002, and is       in Warren, N.J.                of Congo. The Efe are one
     Association. He is chairman   MD’68, Davison Club,           currently an adjunct pro-                                      of the most remote and
     of the Commission on          practices dermatology          fessor of neurology at          Andrew T. Taylor, Jr.,         primitive hunter-gatherers
     Clergy Counseling and         in Setauket, N.Y. He and       the University of Pennsyl-      MD’68, is chair of the         existing today. As a result
     Consultation for the          his wife, Joyce, have          vania in Philadelphia.          American Board of Nuclear      of this experience, he pub-
     North Carolina Confer-        three children: Jennafer,      He is also a consultant         Medicine, and the princi-      lished a book called Efe
     ence of the United            T’91, Aaron, T’95, and         to the pharmaceuticals          pal investigator on two        Pygmies, Archers of the
     Methodist Church. He          Stephanie, T’01. They          industry. He and his wife,      NIH grants. In his travels,    African Rain Forest. During
     also serves as class agent    also have one grandson,        Candace, WC’68, reside          he has climbed the Mont        his time in the rain forest,
     for the Duke School of        Cameron.                       in Devon, Pa.                   Blanc from the Aiguille        he set up a medical dis-
     Medicine Class of 1968.                                                                      du Midi; as well as the        pensary to provide basic
     His wife, Frances, WC’65,     William I. Park III,           David Seligson, MD’68,          20,000-foot Island Peak        care for the Efe, a people
     is a marketing specialist     MD’68, is an orthopedic        serves on the faculty at the    in Nepal near Mount            who have almost no con-
     for the Historical Publica-   surgeon at The Orthope-        University of Louisville. He    Everest. He also complet-      tact with the outside world
     tions Section of the North    dic Group in Mobile, Ala.      currently is president of the   ed an 11-day backpacking       and no access to medicine
     Carolina Library and          In his spare time, he enjoys   Orchid Society and resides      trip on Baffin Island, an      at all. They are also consid-
     Archives and is currently     salt-water and fly fishing.    in Louisville, Ky.              Arctic wilderness locat-       ered to be animals by local
     co-chair of the capital       He also serves as a volun-                                     ed in extreme northeast        tribes, who hunt them for
     campaign at North             teer physician for a camp      J. John Stasikowski,            Canada. He and his wife,       food. Wheeler now resides
     Raleigh United Methodist      for children with malig-       MD’68, is an orthopedic         Naomi, live in Atlanta, Ga.    in Solona Beach, Calif.
     Church. They have two         nancies. He and his wife,      surgeon in private practice.    Their daughter, Rebecca,

                                                                                                                                 John M. Benbow,
                                                             The Fund for DukeMed                                                MD’73, works at Cabar-

             40% by 04!                                      CHALLENGE
                                                                                                                                 rus Pediatric Clinic in Con-
                                                                                                                                 cord, N.C. He is chairman
                                                                                                                                 of Health Cabarrus, a
                                                                                                                                 coalition of Cabarrus
                                                                                                                                 County health and human
        Your gift to The Fund for DukeMed will                                                                                   service agencies dedicated
        work three times as hard as it:                                                                                          to combining resources to
                                                                                                                                 solve local health prob-
        1.   is matched 1:1 by the Medical Alumni Council                                                                        lems. His wife, Katherine,
                                                                                                                                 is a clinical social worker.
             through a $100,000 Alumni Challenge Match,                                                                          They have one daughter,
        2.   helps The Fund for DukeMed alumni participation                                                                     Mary, and two sons,
             rate grow from 30% to 40% by the end of THE                                                                         Charlie and Peter.
             CAMPAIGN FOR DUKE in January 2004, and
                                                                                                                                 Martin J. Conley, Jr.,
        3.   keeps Duke’s medical student debt among the                                                                         MD’73, is employed by
             lowest of private schools across the nation.                                                                        Hanover Medical Special-
                                                                                                                                 ists, where he treats car-
        For information on making your gift, contact the Office                                                                  diovascular disease. He
        of Annual Giving, 919-667-2500. To make a credit card                                                                    and his wife, Carolyn,
        gift online, visit                                                                               live in Wilmington, N.C.
                                                                                                                                 They have three children
                                                                                                                                 —Charles, Martin, and
                                                                                                                                 Elizabeth, E’05.

                            The Fund for DukeMed 2003-2004

16   DukeMedAlumniNews
                                                                                                           CLASS NOTES

George H. Durham II,          Lanning B. Kline,            Wash. He also spends           Club. They have three
MD’73, practices pedi-        MD’73, is the Eyesight       one-third of his time as       daughters—Kea, Katie,         Jonca C. Bull-
atrics at the Bryner Clinic   Foundation of Alabama        medical director for a resi-   and Kirsten.                  Humphries, MD’78,
in Salt Lake City, Utah.      endowed chair of oph-        dential group home. He is                                    Davison Club, is an
Since 1998, the practice      thalmology in the                                                                         ophthalmologist and
has piloted the integra-      University of Alabama’s                                                                   office director for the
tion of mental health         Department of Ophthal-                                                                    Center for Drug Evaluation
services with primary         mology. He and his wife,                                                                  and Research at the Food
care. He is involved in       Ricki, reside in Birming-                                                                 and Drug Administration,
educating primary care        ham. They have one                                                                        from which she received
physicians about provid-      son, Aaron, and one                                                                       the 2002 Leadership Excel-
ing mental health care in     daughter, Evie.                                                                           lence Award. She resides
the primary care setting.                                                                                               in Washington, D.C.
His wife, The Honor-          Ronald V. Maier,
able Christine Durham,        MD’73, Davison Club,                                                                      Joseph Y. Cheung,
L’71, is serving a four-      is surgeon-in-chief, pro-                                                                 MD’78, is a senior scientist
year term as chief jus-       fessor, and vice chair of                                                                 at the Weis Center for
tice of the Utah Supreme      surgery at Harborview        co-leader of a Boy Scout       ▲ Joanne A. P. Wilson,        Research at Geisinger
Court and also serves on      Medical Center in Seat-      troop and a single father      MD’73, Davison Club,          Medical Center in Danville,
the Duke Board of             tle, Wash. He is president   helping to raise two sons.     completed a term as           Va. He is a member of the
Trustees. They are grand-     of the Surgical Infection                                   secretary of the Ameri-       American Society of Clini-
parents to seven-year-old     Society, president-elect     Graham E. Quinn, T’69,         can Gastroenterological       cal Investigators and was
twin boys and await the       of the International         MD’73, practices pedi-         Association, the first        listed in the Best Doctors
birth of two grand-           Association of Trauma        atric ophthalmology at         woman to ever hold the        in America. His wife, Bar-
daughters.                    and Surgical Intensive       the Children’s Hospital        position. She and her         bara A. Miller, MD, was
                              Care, chair-elect of the     of Philadelphia. His wife,     husband, Kenneth H.           elected to the American
Richard B. Frost,             American Board of            Dianne, MD’73, is a            Wilson, MD, reside in         Society of Clinical Investi-
MD’73, Davison Club,          Surgery, and immediate       retired pathologist. They      Chapel Hill, N.C. They        gators. Both of them are
has returned to clinical      past president of the        reside in Philadelphia,        have three children: Nora,    NIH RO1 grant recipients.
medicine and teaching         American Society for the     Pa. They have two sons,        who was a Morehead
after six years in adminis-   Surgery of Trauma. He        Graham and Hunter, and         Scholar at UNC-Chapel         E. Wilson Griffin III,
tration. For the past 15      and his wife, Lauren, live   one daughter, Elizabeth.       Hill and graduated with       MD’78, HS’78-’81,
years, he has also worked     in Seattle with their two                                   top honors; Court, T’03,      Davison Club, practices
as a travel columnist for     children, Anna, a seventh    John M. Talmadge, Jr.,         who has completed his         at Jonesville Family Med-
his local daily newspaper.    grader, and Michael, a       MD’73, HS’75-’76, is           studies at Duke; and          ical Center in Jonesville,
He has published two          freshman in high school.     director of Addiction          Sarah, who has com-           N.C. He enjoys writing
books on regional travel                                   Psychiatry Fellowship          pleted her first year at      poetry and short fiction,
and history. He and his       J. Richard Marion III,       Training at the University     Stanford, where she is        for which he received
wife, Marty, reside in        T’69, MD’73, HS’74-’78,      of Texas Southwestern          a President’s Scholar.        several awards this spring.
Plattsburgh, N.Y.             practices ophthalmology      Medical Center in Dallas.                                    He and his wife, Linda,
                              and oculoplastic surgery     He and his wife, Dana,         Leonard A. Zwelling,          who is working toward
John W. Hallett, Jr.,         at N.C. Eye and Ear          recently celebrated their      T’69, MD’73, Davison          a master’s degree in
MD’73, Davison Club,          Clinics. He and his wife,    27th wedding anniver-          Club, is vice president for   history, live in Elkin, N.C.
is a clinical professor of    Debbie, T’77, reside in      sary. They have four chil-     research administration
surgery at Tufts School of    Durham, N.C., and have       dren: Caitlin, who             at M.D. Anderson Cancer       Jodelle S. Groeneveld,
Medicine. He is also the      two teenage daughters,       graduated summa cum            Center in Houston, Texas.     MD’78, practices internal
organizer, developer, and     Summer and Sarah.            laude from Harvard Uni-        In his leisure, he enjoys     medicine in Kalamazoo,
director of vascular care                                  versity; Chelsea, who will     golf, music, and movies.      Mich., where she is
at Maine Center, the first    Scott A. Martin, MD’73,      attend the University of       He and his wife, Eugenie      involved in the primary
integrated, multi-specialty   practices anatomic pathol-   Texas-Austin this fall; Jef-   Kleinerman, MD’75,            care of city residents
vascular center in north-     ogy, cytopathology, and      frey, a freshman at            Davison Club, have been       under established health
ern New England. He           medical management           Greenhill School, where        married for 31 years. They    plans. She enjoys music,
married his wife, Linda       at Saint John’s Mercy        he excels at lacrosse and      have two sons, Richard        attending cultural events,
Austin, T’73, MD’77,          Medical Center in Saint      plays in garage bands;         and Andrew.                   physical fitness, and
Davison Club, in 2002.        Louis, Mo. He and his        and John, who enjoys                                         donating to her local
She is a psychiatrist who     wife, Jean, PhD’74,          playing golf.                                                food bank.
hosts the National Public     have one son, 15-year-                                      1978
Radio show, “What’s           old Christopher.             Donald C. Watson, Jr.,         David Alyono, MD’78,          Jeffrey B. Hanson,
On Your Mind?”, and is                                     MD’73, Davison Club,           is a cardiovascular sur-      MD’78, HS’78, is medical
the author of the book        Robert S. McConaughy,        practices pediatric car-       geon practicing in Oak-       director of Pediatric
Heart of the Matter.          MD’73, HS’73-’74, prac-      diothoracic surgery in         land, Calif. He resides in    Medical Group in Denver,
The couple resides in         tices child and adolescent   Memphis, Tenn., where          Alamo, Calif., with his       Colo. He is board certi-
Orrington, Maine.             psychiatry and general       he resides with his wife,      wife, Mary.                   fied in pediatrics, neona-
                              psychiatry in Seattle,       Susan, MD’71, Davison                                        tology, and pediatric

                                                                                                                             DukeMedAlumniNews         17
                                   CLASS NOTES

     critical care. In his spare     practices conducting            medicine, for which he is                                   diovascular Centers” due
     time, he enjoys studying        clinical research together      board certified. He enjoys                                  to its low surgical mortality
     archeology. His wife, Jan-      in affiliation with the         tennis, racquetball, trav-                                  rate. He and his wife, Car-
     ice, is a nationally known      Duke University Division        eling, and reading. He                                      man, live in Jacksonville,
     watercolor artist. They         of Cardiology. He serves        and his wife, Debbie, live                                  Fla. They have a five-year-
     reside in Englewood,            on the board of directors       in Elkin, N.C. They have                                    old son who enjoys read-
     Colo., and have one son,        of Oak Hall School and          one son, David, and one                                     ing medical books and
     Forrest, who attends            chairs its development          daughter, Blaire.                                           asking questions about
     Dartmouth College, and          committee. He and his                                                                       the human heart. They
     one daughter, Shane, a          wife, Virginia, T’74,                                                                       are also expecting their
     high school freshman.           G’87, live in Gainesville,                                     ▲ Margaret Thomp-            second child.
                                     Fla. Their son, Robin,                                         son, MD’78, HS’82,
     Robert M. Hoffman,              T’05, is a sophomore at                                        practices obstetrics and     Christian T. Campos,
     MD’78, is an associate          Duke; their daughter,                                          gynecology in Austin,        MD’83, is an associate
     professor in the University     Katie, T’07, is a rising                                       Texas. In 2002, she was      professor of surgery at
     of Pittsburgh’s pulmonary       freshman at Duke; and                                          involved in the passage      the University of Massa-
     division. He and his wife,      their son, Tim, is a high                                      of women’s equal health      chusetts Memorial Med-
     Christine Tyndall, have         school freshman.                                               care legislation in Texas.   ical Center. He and his
     two daughters: Beth, a                                          ▲ Matthew B. Stern,            She and her husband,         wife, Carol, have four
     senior in high school and       Steven R. Savona, T’74,         MD’78, Davison Club,           Michael Kentor, live in      children: Kerry, Adam,
     a competitive gymnast,          MD’78, is medical director      is a professor of neurolo-     Austin and have five         Lauren, and Robyn. They
     and Emily, a freshman in        for the Westlake Ireland        gy and director of the         children: Teddy, Sam,        reside in Sherborn, Mass.
     high school who com-            Cancer Center in West-          Parkinson’s Disease and        Zac, Cody, and Bradley.
     petes with her school’s         lake, Ohio. He has pub-         Movement Disorder Cen-                                      Robin G. Cummings,
     crew team.                      lished several articles in      ter at the University of       Stephen A. Wank,             MD’83, HS’83-’92,
                                     the Journal of Clinical         Pennsylvania, where he         T’74, MD’78, is a            works at Pinehurst Med-
     Jeffrey M. Johnston,            Oncology and internal           was recently named the         senior investigator at       ical Clinic. He and his
     T’75, MD’78, is vice            medicine publications.          Parker Family Professor of     the National Institutes of   wife, Rebecca, live in
     president for clinical          He spends his spare time        Neurology. In his spare        Health, where he prac-       Pinehurst, N.C., and
     research at Triangle Phar-      reading children’s books        time, he is president of       tices internal medicine,     have four children: Amy,
     maceuticals. He and his         and fables, telling stories     SquashSmarts, an inner-        endocrinology, and gas-      Mark, David, and Adam.
     wife, Peggy Wheeler, live       to his children, and teach-     city youth enrichment          troenterology. He and his
     in Chapel Hill, N.C. They       ing them to swim, read,         program, and plays a           wife, Janice, reside in
     have two children: Cate,        and write. He and his wife,     variety of sports. He is       Potomac, Md., with their
     a sophomore at Lehigh           Nina, have two daughters,       also the class agent for       son, Samuel, who was
     University, and Joe, a          Francesca and Olivia.           the Duke School of Medi-       born in February 2003.
     senior at East Chapel                                           cine Class of 1978. He
     Hill High School.               Lyn A. Sedwick,                 and his wife, Janet, reside    John C. Wood, T’74,
                                     MD’78, Davison Club,            in Philadelphia and have       MD’78, practices at a
     Charles D. Lutin,               practices at Central Florida    three children: Margot, a      church-affiliated indigent
     MD’78, practices emer-          Eye Associates. She is          senior at Emory Univer-        care clinic in San Anto-
     gency medicine in Char-         active in the North Ameri-      sity; Jeffrey, a high school   nio, Texas, and his wife,
     lotte, N.C., where he           can Neuro-Ophthalmology         senior with plans to           Pamela, MD’78, works
     resides with his wife,          Society and serves as           attend Duke; and Jenna,        for the University of        ▲ Philip W. Eichenholz,
     Teresa. They have four          chair of its publications       a high school freshman.        Texas Department of          T’78, MD’83 , practices
     children—Tara, Anna,            committee. She enjoys                                          Pediatrics. They enjoy       at Pinnacle Anesthesia
     Erica, and David.               writing poetry—some of          Hanes M. Swingle,              spending time with family    in Dallas, Texas. He
                                     which has been pub-             MD’78, Davison Club,           and doing volunteer          enjoys being involved
     Randall C. Rickard, T’74,       lished—and conducts             recently semi-retired          work at their church.        with his family. He and
     MD’78, is a family prac-        online and on-site poetry       from neonatology prac-         Their son, Charles, is a     his wife, Cynthia, have
     tice physician in Murfrees-     workshops. She also             tice and began a devel-        junior at Davidson Col-      three children.
     boro, Tenn., where he           breeds hamsters and             opmental/behavioral            lege and their daughter,
     resides with his wife,          hopes to soon start             fellowship. He is also         Margaret, is a freshman      Bruce M. Freedman,
     Susan Andrews, MD,              breeding chinchillas. Her       working toward a master        at Stanford University.      T’79, MD’83, Davison
     T’74. They have two chil-       husband, Jerry Shuster,         of science degree in                                        Club, is a plastic surgeon
                                                                     public health. An avid
     dren in college and one
     child in medical school.
                                     MD, is an ophthalmolo-
                                     gist. They live in Orlando,     airman, he has logged
                                                                                                    1983                         in McLean, Va. He has been
                                                                                                                                 featured in publications
                                     Fla., and have one son,         more than 400 hours            Harry J. D’Agostino,         in reference to laser resur-
     Steven F. Roark, T’74,          Eric, and one daughter, Jill.   piloting a single-engine       Jr., MD’83, is a thoracic    facing, growth factors,
     MD’78, is president of                                          plane. He and his wife,        surgeon at the University    and collagen remodeling.
     Duke University Clinical        Thomas M. Shelburne,            Patricia, T’77, have four      of Florida Health Science    He enjoys traveling and
     Cardiology Studies, a           MD’78, HS’78-’81, prac-         children, and live in          Center, which was recently   raising his two children,
     group of 60 cardiology          tices family and sports         Winter Haven, Fla.             named one of Solucient’s     Michael and Kathryn.
                                                                                                    “Top 100 Hospital Car-

18   DukeMedAlumniNews
                                                                                                      CLASS NOTES

William L. Gottesman,          John Snokame, MD,
MD’83, HS’83-’86,              reside in Sigel, Ill. They
Davison Club, designs
and manufactures cus-
                               have three children, ages
                               8, 10, and 11.
                                                             THERE’S STILL TIME
tom sundials full time,
and no longer practices        Mark S. Komrad,
medicine. His wife,            MD’83, practices psychi-
Debra, is a psychiatrist       atry in Baltimore, Md. He
currently pursuing ana-        was profiled in Baltimore
lytic training. They live      Magazine as “One of
in Burlington, Vt., and        Maryland’s Best Psychia-
have two children.             trists,” named by the
                               Consumer Research
Stephen C. Hamilton,           Council of America as
T’79, MD’83, Davison           “One of America’s Top
Club, works in an inter-       Psychiatrists,” and given
nal medicine private           a distinguished fellow-
practice in Annapolis,         ship by the American
Md. He and his wife,           Psychiatric Association.
Debra Bailey, reside in        In addition, he has played
Severna Park, Md., and         a psychiatrist in a Holly-
have three children.           wood feature film. Cur-
                               rently writing a book         Gifts received now count toward both your
William G. Kaelin, Jr.,
T’79, MD’83, was hon-
                               about how to convince
                               loved ones, friends, and
                                                            reunion gift and the new 2003-04 fiscal year.
ored by the Johns Hop-         colleagues to get psychi-    When your class agent writes, please give generously.
kins University Society of     atric help, he has made
Scholars during the uni-       frequent appearances on
versity’s commencement         television and radio. He
exercises for achieving        spends time lecturing to
marked distinction in his      medical and lay audi-                         REUNION GIFT UPDATE
career. He is a Howard         ences about psychiatry,       2002 Reunion Total                    2003 Reunion to Date
Hughes Medical Institute       and has hosted his own
investigator who works         radio show for six years.     The Fund for DukeMed $273,255 The Fund for DukeMed $361,696
to discover why mutations      His wife, Kimberly, is a      Participation                   46% Participation                     40%
of tumor-suppressing           leading Jewish cantor
                                                             New Davison Club Members         87   New Davison Club Members 105
genes cause cancer. He         who performs in con-
and his wife, Carolyn,         certs around the world
live in Boston, Mass.          and is working on her
                               third recording. They live
                                                               This year’s reunion class gifts will be announced during
Steven P. Karas,               in Reisterstown, Md.,                      Medical Alumni Weekend
MD’83, Davison Club,           and have two children,
practices interventional       Ilan and Kim.
                                                                        October 31-November 1, 2003.
cardiology and is director
of the catheterization lab
                                                                             REUNION 2003 CLASS AGENTS
at Holmes Medical Center.
                                                                              will be contacting you soon.
He and his wife, Valerie,
reside in Indiatlantic, Fla.                                   ‘53 Dr. Robert M. Rosemond           ‘83 Dr. Martin A. Morse
                                                                   Sanford, FL                          Vienna, VA
                                                               ‘58 Dr. Charles E. Warner            ‘88 Dr. George K. Ibrahim
                                                                   Charlotte, NC                        Asheville, NC
                                                               ‘63 Dr. William R. Goldston          ‘93 Dr. Lyndon K. Jordan III
                                                                   Raleigh, NC                          Smithfield, NC
                                                               ‘68 Dr. Ted R. Kunstling
                                                                                                    ‘98 Dr. Michael P. Bolognesi
                                                                   Raleigh, NC
                               ▲ Etta D. Pisano,                                                        Durham, NC
                               MD’83, is a professor of        ‘73 Dr. Dale R. Shaw
                                                                                                         Dr. Michael J. Morowitz
                               radiology and biomedical            Charlotte, NC
▲Hope E. Knauer,                                                                                         Salt Lake City, Utah
MD’83, is a family prac-       engineering. A commu-           ‘78 Dr. Matthew B. Stern
tice physician at Marshall     nity activist, Etta has             Philadelphia, PA
Clinic in Effingham, Ill.      served as PTSA presi-
She and her husband,           dent at Culbreth Middle
                               School, School Gover-

                                                                                                                       DukeMedAlumniNews   19
                               CLASS NOTES

nance Committee mem-             the Department of Pathol-      Robin L. Schaten,               Charlotte, N.C. He enjoys
ber at Chapel Hill High          ogy. She enjoys belly          MD’83, is working part          mission trips, radio-
School, vice president           dancing, quilting, cos-        time at her pediatric           controlled car and truck
of the Chapel Hill/              tuming, medieval recre-        group practice in Long-         racing, and reading.
Carrboro City Schools            ation, and science fiction     mont, Colo. She and her         He and his wife, Jean,
PTA Council, and                 conventions. She resides       husband, Eli, were mar-         G’81, live in Charlotte
member of the Chapel             in San Antonio, Texas.         ried in February 2000           and have two sons,
Hill/Carrboro City                                              and welcomed their              Richard and Andy.
Schools High School                                             twins, Aaron and Adena,
Reform Committee.                                               in February 2002. They
She is married to Jan                                           reside in Boulder, Colo.        1988                           ▲ William K. Mask,
A. Kylstra, MD’83, an                                                                           Gregory H. Chow,               MD’88, just completed a
ophthalmologist at UNC-                                         Kathleen A. Sheerin,            MD’88, is an orthopedic        murder mystery, Murder
Chapel Hill. They have                                          MD’83, HS’87-’90, is an         surgeon in Honolulu,           at the Butt, set in modern-
four children—Carolyn,                                          allergist and immunologist      Hawaii, where he lives         day New Orleans, where
James, J. Schuyler,                                             at the Atlanta Allergy Clin-    with his wife, Robin, and      he resides.
and Marijke.                                                    ic. Recently named one of       their children, Daniel,
                                                                Atlanta’s best female           Chrissy, and Mindy.            Thomas M. McLough-
Martin A. Morse, T’79,                                          physicians, she is public                                      lin, Jr., MD’88, is chair
MD’83, was recently              ▲ Michelle M.                  relations director of her 15-   James B. Gibson, MD’88,        of the Department of
deployed in Operation            Roberts, MD’83, is an          person practice and chair       PhD’88, was promoted           Anesthesiology at Lehigh
Enduring Freedom at the          associate professor of         of the public education         to associate professor of      Valley Hospital in Allen-
National Naval Medical           medicine at the University     committee of the American       pediatrics at the University   town, Pa. He is also an
Center in Bethesda, Md.          of Pittsburgh, where she       Academy of Allergy, Asth-       of Arkansas for Medical        associate examiner for
He serves as chief of            practices endocrinology. In    ma, and Immunology. Local       Sciences. He is the course     the American Board of
plastic surgery and is the       her leisure, she enjoys        and national publications       director for a medical         Anesthesiology. He and
Navy’s only reserve plastic      reading novels, exercising,    such as Women’s Day,            genetics course required       his wife, Becky, have
surgeon. He also runs a          socializing with friends,      Parenting, and Prevention       of sophomore medical stu-      been married for 15
solo private practice in         gardening, learning about      have featured her, and she      dents, and also serves as a    years. They have three
Great Falls, Va., and            wine, spending time with       has appeared on television      consultant on newborn          children—Ryan, Aidan,
holds a teaching position        her dog, and watching          programs, including             screening for the Arkansas     and Keelin—who are all
at Georgetown University         Duke basketball. Her hus-      “CNN Live” and “NBC             Department of Health. He       talented pianists and
School of Medicine. He is        band, David Smith, MD, is      Nightly News.” She and          is a volunteer pediatrician    enjoy challenging each
the class agent for the          a neurosurgeon in practice     her husband, Mark Mon-          in medical missions to         other musically.
Duke School of Medicine          at Allegheny General Hos-      cino, MD, HS’87-’90,            Guatemala, where he is
Class of 1983. He is a           pital. They have two chil-     founded Breathe Georgia,        part of a health care team     C. Keith Ozaki, T’84,
member of the American           dren, Jeff and Hayley, and     a non-profit organization       that cares for 600-800         MD’88, Davison Club, is
Society of Plastic Surgeons,     reside in Sewickley, Pa.       whose mission is to con-        children. He resides in        an associate professor of
Southeastern Society of                                         trol childhood asthma           Little Rock, Ark.              surgery at the University
Plastic and Reconstructive       Grace A. Rose, MD’83,          through education. They                                        of Florida. He and his wife,
Surgeons, and the Ameri-         practices internal medi-       have two children, Harri-       Pamela C. Guthrie,             Kimberly, reside in Gaines-
can College of Surgeons.         cine at Harp’s Mill Internal   son and Owen.                   MD’88, is temporarily          ville, Fla., and have one
                                                                                                retired and lives in           son, Trent. They enjoy
                                                                                                Boulder, Colo.                 Gulf Coast retreats and
                                                                                                                               spending time at their
                                                                                                Gregory F. Hulka,              family farm.
                                                                                                MD’88, practices oto-
                                                                                                laryngology at Duke Uni-       Allen O. Powell,
                                                                                                versity Medical Center.        MD’88, opened an
                                                                                                He and his wife, Susan,        imaging center in March
                                                                                                T’87, reside in Durham,        2003 which specializes
                                                                                                N.C. They have one             in breast imaging and
                                                                                                daughter, Abigail, and         interventions. He resides
                                                                                                are expecting their            in Melbourne, Fla.
                                                                                                second child.
                                                                                                                               David J. Terris, MD’88,
                                                                                                Denise M. Leclair, T’83,       is chairman and professor
                                                                                                MD’88, is associate            of otolaryngology at
                                                                Stacey A. Wood, Jr.,            director for Drug Safety       the Medical College of
▲ Margaret G. Richard-           Medicine in Raleigh, N.C.
                                                                MD’83, is serving his sec-      Surveillance. She and her      Georgia. He and his
son, MD’83, (third from          She and her husband,
                                                                ond term as chairman of         husband, Ken Kirkland,         wife, Martha Terris,
left, front row) retired         Virgil, have two children,
                                                                the Department of Obstet-       reside in Millburn, N.J.       MD, HS’86-’88, reside
from the U.S. Army in July       Derek and Madeline.
                                                                rics and Gynecology at          They have two daughters,       in Martinez, Ga.
2003, where she worked in
                                                                Presbyterian Hospital in        Fiona and Julia.

20   DukeMedAlumniNews
                                                                                                             CLASS NOTES

Artis P. Truett III,           Elizabeth C. Dees,
MD’88, practices at            MD’93, practices medical
Owensboro Dermatology
Associates in Owensboro,
                               oncology at UNC-Chapel
                               Hill. She and her husband,                                     HAS YOUR INTEREST INCOME
Ky., where he lives with       Gary Felker, MD’93,
his wife, Allison, and their   HS’99-’02, welcomed                                             BEEN DRAGGING ITS FEET?
three children, Colman,        their son, William, in
Gabrielle, and Chloe.          November 2002.
                                                            ▲ Lyndon K. Jordan III,                Perhaps it's time you considered a
                               Eugenia G. Gray,
                                                            T’86, MD’93, HS’93-’98,         Charitable Gift Annuity with Duke Medical Center
1993                           MD’93, was admitted as
                                                            completed a Duke fel-
                                                            lowship in musculoskeletal                        Among the benefits you can expect:
                               a fellow to the American
                                                            imaging following radiol-                      • Secure payments for life, some tax-free
                               College of Surgeons in
                                                            ogy residency at Duke.                             • Income tax charitable deduction
                               2002. She and her hus-
                                                            Class agent for the Duke
                               band, David, have been
                                                            School of Medicine Class
                               married for nine years
                                                            of 1993, he currently                               Here are some sample rates:*
                               and have one daughter,
                                                            works with Wake Radiol-
                               Anna. They live in Suf-
                                                            ogy in Raleigh, N.C., and                   Single Person               Married Couple
                               folk, Va.
                                                            is the radiology chair at                   Age Rate                    Ages Rate
                                                            Johnston Memorial Hos-                      65 6.0%                     65/65 5.6%
                                                                                                        70 6.5%                     70/70 5.9%
                                                                                                        75 7.1%                     75/75 6.3%
                                                                                                        80 8.0%                     80/80 6.9%
                                                                                                        85 9.5%                     85/85 7.9%

                                                                                               A gift annuity is a great way to help yourself
                                                                                              and support the work of Duke Medical Center!
                                                                                            For more information, please mail this coupon or call our office:
                                                                                                                    Joseph W.Tynan, JD
                                                                                                       Director of Planned and Endowment Giving
▲ Mark A. Backus,              ▲ Robert J. Green, T’88,                                                      Duke University Medical Center
                                                            pital in Smithfield, N.C.,
MD’93, practices at Bend       MD’93, is a hematologist/
                                                            where he resides with                     512 South Mangum Street, Durham, NC 27701
Memorial Clinic in Bend,       oncologist at Good
                                                            his wife, Laurie, MD,                               telephone: 919-667-2506
Ore., where he resides         Samaritan Medical Center
                                                            HS’91-’95. They have a                           email:
with his wife, Diane.          in West Palm Beach, Fla.
                                                            three-year-old daughter                                  fax: 919-667-1002
                               He and his wife, Rachel,
                                                            and a one-year-old son.
Kenneth S. Boockvar,           have two children, Tali
MD’93, received the Pfizer     and Jacob.
                                                            Andrew M. Kaplan,
Foundation for Health                                                                    Name:
                                                            MD’93, is director of the
in Aging Junior Faculty        Jeffrey S. Hartman,
                                                            coagulation laboratory at
Scholarship for research       MD’93, is a traveling
                                                            Cape Cod Hospital. He
on health outcomes in          physician practicing                                      Address:
                                                            enjoys traveling, playing
geriatrics. He is an assis-    emergency medicine.
                                                            the guitar, and watching
tant professor at the          He resides in Tahoe
                                                            Duke basketball. He and
Mount Sinai School of          City, Calif.
                                                            his wife, Linda, have been   City/State/Zip:
Medicine. He enjoys read-
                                                            married for three years.
ing biographies of famous      Jordan C. Hsu, T’89,
                                                            They have one son, Ryan,
writers, riding his bicycle    MD’93, is a pediatrician
                                                            and live in Cotuit, Mass.    Dates of birth of beneficiaries:
around New York City, and      practicing in Crestview
serving on the board of        Hills, Ky. He and his
                                                            Jennifer J. Kottra,
directors for his building     wife, Holly, have three
co-op. His wife, Tovah
                                                            MD’93, practices radiology   Phone:
                               children—Caroline, Lau-
                                                            in Flagstaff, Ariz. She is
Klein, G’92, PhD’94, is        ren, and Kyle.
                                                            engaged to Irv Callahan, a
an assistant professor of
                                                            Grand Canyon river guide         We will mail you a personalized illustration showing just what
psychology at Barnard
                                                            and world champion sky-
College and Columbia                                                                                         a Gift Annuity can do for you.
                                                            diver, whom she met on a
University. They have two
                                                            river trip through the
sons, Elam and Aaron.                                                                               * Rates subject to approval by Gift Policy Committee
                                                            Grand Canyon.

                                                                                                                              DukeMedAlumniNews        21
                                      CLASS NOTES

     Steve K. Lee, MD’93, is            with her husband, Craig        David Yut-Chee Ting,            Ambulatory Surgical            Timothy P. Lahey,
     an assistant professor of          Scibetta, MD. They have        T’89, MD’93, is program         Center—in May 2003.            MD’98, is a chief resi-
     orthopedics at the Mount           one daughter, Jacqueline.      director for the Harvard                                       dent at the University
     Sinai School of Medicine in                                       Combined Medicine and           Julie S. Byerley, MD’98,       of Utah and a master’s
     New York. In 2002, he was                                         Pediatrics Program. His wife,   is a clinical assistant pro-   degree candidate at
     deployed to Krygyzstan                                            Belle Liang, PhD, is a psy-     fessor in community pedi-      Harvard Medical School.
     while in the U.S Air Force                                        chologist and professor at      atrics at UNC-Chapel Hill.     His wife, Jessica, is an
     in support of Operation                                           Boston College. They reside     She is also director of the    attorney and a teacher.
     Enduring Freedom. His                                             in Lexington, Mass., and        pediatrics clerkship at        They have one son,
     wife, Ona Wang, PhD’95,                                           have one daughter, Zoe.         UNC. She and her hus-          Benjamin, and reside
     practices law in New                                                                              band, Mike, have two           in Cambridge, Mass.
     York City.                                                        Mark D. Wigod,                  sons, Bennett and Joseph.
                                                                       MD’93, has started a
     Jill R. Levy, MD’93, is a                                         solo private plastic
     general internist at Col-                                         surgery practice. He and
     orado Permanente Group.                                           his wife, Kim, have been
     She received a certificate                                        married for six years. She
     of knowledge and passed                                           is a pediatric and neona-
     the board examination of                                          tal intensive care nurse
     the American Society of                                           who now manages his
     Tropical Medicine and                                             practice. They have one
     Health. As part of her                                            daughter, Lauren, and
     internal medicine residency,                                      reside in Boise, Idaho.
     she studied tropical med-
     icine in Peru, and then                                           Lee G. Wilke, T’89,
     volunteered in Cambodia                                           MD’93, is a medical officer
     in an intensive care unit.                                        for the American College
     For nearly four years, she                                        of Surgeons Oncology
     has worked at a clinic for                                        Group and medical direc-
     indigent patients. Her                                            tor for the Duke Health
     husband, Daniel Savin,                                            Center at Duke Street. She
     MD, is the head of                                                and her husband, Nathan,
     Refugees Mental Health                                            reside in Chapel Hill, N.C.,
     at the University of Col-                                         and have two sons, David
     orado Health Sciences                                             and Steven.
     Center. He has also volun-
     teered by teaching psy-            ▲ Lawrence A. Saper-
     chiatry to Cambodian               stein, T’88, MD’93,            1998
     physicians. They reside in         recently married in New        G. Keith Berry, MD’98,
     Denver, Colo., and have            York City, where he and        is an ophthalmology
     one daughter.                      his wife, Amy, reside.         resident and serves as a
                                                                       flight surgeon in the U.S.
     Andrew J. Muir,                    Heather S. Shaw,               Air Force. He received
     MD’93, HS’93-’97, is               MD’93, HS’93-’99, was          the Aerial Achievement
     associate director of the          recently awarded a Susan       Medal and was named             ▲ Amie W. Hsia, MD’98,         Cathleen L. Peterson-
     Duke Internal Medicine             G. Komen Foundation            Air Force Air Combat            is a clinical instructor at    Layne, G’91, PhD’95,
     residency program. In              grant to study the effects     Command Flight Surgeon          Stanford Stroke Center in      MD’98, is an assistant
     October 2003, he will              of ginger on nausea in         of the Year. He and his         Palo Alto, Calif, where        professor in the UNC
     marry Kelly Walton. He             patients undergoing            wife, Cryste, reside in         she lives. The above           Department of Anesthe-
     resides in Durham, N.C.            chemotherapy. She and          San Antonio, Texas.             photo was taken in San         siology. She and her
                                        her husband, David, have                                       Gimignano, Italy on a          husband, Jim, have two
     Matthew T. Roe,                    been married for three         Michael P. Bolognesi,           recent trip with her hus-      daughters, Elizabeth
     MD’93, HS’93-’96, S’01,            years. They have a one-        MD’98, won the John             band, Steven Kelts.            and Sarah.
     is an assistant professor          year-old daughter, Phoebe,     Harrelson Chief Resident
     at Duke University Med-            and reside in Durham, N.C.     Teaching Award, and             Wendalyn K. King,              Jay B. Reeck, MD’98,
     ical Center. He received a                                        completed his Duke resi-        MD’98, is a fellow in          joined the Oregon Ear,
     master’s of health sciences        Sharon M. Strong,              dency this year. He was         pediatric emergency            Nose, and Throat Center
     degree in clinical research        MD’93, has been a com-         selected for a fellowship       medicine at Emory Uni-         this year. He married his
     in December 2001.                  munity pediatrician in         in adult reconstructive         versity in Atlanta, Ga.,       wife, Ann, in August
                                        Gilbert, Ariz., for the past   surgery at the University       where she completed a          2003 in Calistoga, Calif.
     Barbra A. Ross, MD’93,             seven years. She enjoys        of Utah. He was married         pediatric residency. She
     is a radiologist in Belvedere,     hiking, rock climbing,         to Kelly—a radiology            enjoys playing the French
     Calif., where she resides          and traveling.                 technologist at Duke            horn with the Emory Uni-
                                                                                                       versity Brass Ensemble.

22   DukeMedAlumniNews
                                                                                                         CLASS NOTES

  Re-Entry Denied
  When Shahid Mahmood, MD, HS'97-'98, took his family for a month-long visit to
  his native Pakistan in April, it never occurred to him that he wouldn't be back in his
  office seeing patients in May. Mahmood practices family medicine in Roxboro, N.C.,
  in a region recognized by the federal government as being underserved by primary
  care physicians.
     But upon the Mahmood family's return to Washington, D.C.-area Dulles Airport,
  they and their two-year old daughter were denied re-entry into the country—and
  immediately sent back to Pakistan. Unbeknownst to Mahmood, who has been
  authorized to work in the U.S. for nearly ten years, stringent post-9/11 Patriot Act
  regulations required that he notify INS officials of his family's trip before they left.
  After N.C. Senator Elizabeth Dole's office intervened, Mahmood and his family were
  re-admitted to the U.S. on June 11. His staff and patients enthusiastically welcomed
  him back (right).

                             his wife, Kathleen, T’94,     Ning Z. Wu, MD’98,
                             live in Denver, Colo., and
                             have two daughters,
                                                           HS’98-’03, finished his
                                                           residency in June 2003
                                                                                             MAA CALENDAR
                             Madeline and Juliana.         and joined a private
                                                                                             October 30-31, 2003
                                                           practice near Chicago, Ill.
                                                                                             Medical Alumni Council Meeting
                             Joshua M. Stolker,            He and his wife, Helen
                             T’94, MD’98, received         Ye, have one son, Austin,         Washington Duke Inn, Durham, NC
                             the Merck Clinical Research   and one daughter, Alana.          For more information, contact Ellen Luken at
                             Grant from the Society of                                       919-667-2537.
                             Geriatric Cardiology. He                                        October 30-November 2, 2003
                             has been married to his                                         Medical Alumni Weekend
                             wife, Sarah, G’98, for
▲ Marnie B. Robinson,                                                                        Durham, NC
                             three years. They reside
MD’98, spent January                                                                         For more information, contact Brenda Painter at
                             in Richmond Heights,
teaching anesthesia at                                                                       919-667-2538.
                             Mo., and have one son,
Kilimanjaro Medical Cen-
                             Jacob, who was born in                                          November 14, 2003
ter in Tanzania. In July,
                             August 2002.                                                    Alumni Reception in conjunction with
she began a pediatric
anesthesiology fellowship                                                                    annual NCMS meeting
                             Courtney D. Thorn-                                              Pinehurst Resort and Country Club, Pinehurst, NC
at the Children’s Hospital
                             burg, T’94, MD’98,                                              5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
of Philadelphia, where
                             recently completed a                                            For more information, please contact Heather Lemons at
she resides with her hus-
                             year of clinical fellow-
band, Andy. They recently                                                                    919-667-2527.
                             ship in pediatric hema-
celebrated their fifth
                             tology/oncology at the        ▲ Daniel M. Yoder,                March 19-20, 2004
wedding anniversary.
                             University of Michigan        MD’98, completed a vit-           Medical Alumni Council
                             Medical Center and is         reoretinal fellowship in          Washington Duke Inn, Durham, NC
Duncan P. Rougier-
                             now working in a              July 2003 and joined the          For more information, please contact Ellen Luken at
Chapman, T’89, MD’98,
                             hemophilia research           Looking Glass Eye Center          919-667-2537.
is completing a residency
                             lab. In July, she began       in September. He and his
in radiology. He and his                                                                     March 19-20, 2004
                             a clinical fellowship in      wife, Tanya, reside in Bre-
wife, Elissa, T’95, G’99,                                                                    Medical Families Weekend
                             coagulation, including        vard, N.C., and have one
PhD’00, have been mar-                                                                       Duke University, Durham, NC
                             a master’s of clinical        daughter, Sarah.
ried for five years. They                                                                    For more information, please contact Linda Evans at
                             research program.
reside in Durham, N.C.,
                             She and her husband,                                            919-667-2503.
and have one son, Con-
                             Agustin Calatroni, enjoy
ner, and are expecting
                             traveling to Argentina,
their second child.
                             Uruguay, and Spain.
                             They were married in
Carsten M. Sorensen,
                             January 2002 and reside
T’94, MD’98, is a resi-
                             in Ann Arbor, Mich. They
dent in urology. He and
                             expected their first
                             child in August 2003.

                                                                                                                                 DukeMedAlumniNews    23

                           D. Bernard Amos, MD, James B. Duke professor emeritus of immunolo-                years before moving to Logan, Utah,
                           gy, died on May 15. Born in Bromley, Kent, England, Amos earned a                 and going into joint practice with his
                           medical degree from London’s Guys Hospital Medical School. Prior to               brother, James, for three years. He
                           his 1962 arrival at Duke, he taught and conducted research at Roswell             relocated to Ventura in 1958, where
                           Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, N.Y., and the University of Buffalo.          he was in private practice until his
                           Recognized worldwide as a pioneer in histocompatibility and transplant            1986 retirement. Fillmore is survived
                           immunology, Amos researched ways to inhibit graft rejection of trans-             by Patricia, his wife of nearly 60
                           planted organs and improve outcomes for transplant patients. He is the            years; sons, Paul, Jim, and Brian;
                           namesake of Duke’s transplantation research laboratory. In 1964, he               daughters, Ann and Betsy; brother,
                           launched a series of workshops designed to implement a worldwide                  Winston; 22 grandchildren, and 24
                           standard for leukocyte typing. Amos was honored in April when more                great-grandchildren.
                           than 130 friends, associates, and former colleagues gathered in Durham
                           to celebrate his 80th birthday. At the event, Duke Health System CEO              Betty Roof Fudenberg, MD’49,
                           Ralph Snyderman called Amos “the father of transplant immunology” and             of Charleston, S.C., died May 14,
                           a portrait of him—now displayed in 143 Jones Building—was dedicated.              2003. Born in 1926 in Columbia,
                           Amos is survived by his wife, Kay, and five children.                             S.C., Fudenberg was an endocri-
                                                                                                             nologist, a professor of medicine
                                                                                                             at the Medical University of South
                          Walter C. Bouzard, MD’54, of             the University of Texas Medical           Carolina, as well as the assistant
                          Garden Ridge, Texas, died February       School. Bouzard was a member of           dean for student progress, and a
                          3, 2003. A retired colonel in the U.S.   the American Academy of                   fellow of the American College of
                          Army Medical Corps, Bouzard was          Orthopaedic Surgeons and the              Physicians. Formerly on the staff
                          born in Durham, N.C., in 1929. He        Western Orthopaedic Association, as       of the University of California at
                          received a bachelor’s degree from        well as a founding member of the          San Francisco, she was named a
                          Lenoir Rhyne College before earning      Society of Military Orthopaedic           Woman of Valor by the American
                          a medical degree from Duke. After        Surgeons. He founded the Texas            Diabetes Association and was also
                          completing an internship at Walter       chapter of the Lone Star Bounders         a member and past president of
                          Reed Army Hospital in Washington,        and was a member of the Masonic           the Pilot Club. Fudenberg is sur-
                          D.C., and a residency at San             Order, the Scottish Rite, and SMART,      vived by sons, Drew, Brooks,
                          Antonio’s Brooke General Hospital,       the Special Military Active and           David, and Hugh; sister, Anne;
                          Bouzard was named assistant chief        Retired Travelers. Bouzard had a sin-     and five grandchildren.
                          of Orthopaedic Surgery at Madigan        cere concern for his patients and a
                          General Hospital in Tacoma, Wash.        love of life, family, and travel. After   Leonard H. Grodsky, MD’58, a
                          From 1962-65, he served as chief of      retiring, he enjoyed feeding and          longtime resident of Stillwater,
                          Orthopaedic Services and chief of        photographing deer and other              N.J., died April 8, 2003. Born in
                          Surgery Service at the U.S. Army         animals at the country home he            Brooklyn, N.Y., he was an OB-GYN
                          hospital in Camp Zama, Japan. He         shared with his wife of nearly fifty      for 31 years before retiring in 2002.
                          then completed a residency in            years, Virginia (Gini). He is survived    Grodsky received an undergradu-
                          hand surgery at Walter Reed,             by Gini, as well as five children—the     ate degree from UNC at Chapel
                          later becoming assistant chief of        Rev. Dr. Walter C. Bouzard, Mark          Hill and completed an internship
                          Orthopaedic Services and chief of        Bouzard, the Rev. James Bouzard,          at Greenwich (Conn.) Community
                          Hand Surgery at San Francisco’s          Lynn Alderman, and Johanna                Hospital after earning a medical
                          Letterman Army Hospital. From            Posey—and four grandchildren.             degree from Duke. A U.S. Army
                          1968-71, Bouzard was chief of                                                      Medical Corps physician for 11
                          orthopaedics in the Panama Canal         Paul G. Fillmore, MD’47, HS’47-           years, Grodsky completed a resi-
                          Zone’s Gorgas Hospital, where he         ’49, ’52-’53, of Ventura, Calif., died    dency at Madigan Army Hospital,
                          trained residents and consulted for      May 20, 2003. Born in 1921 in             served as hospital commander of
                          the local leprosarium. He completed      Richfield, Utah, Fillmore attended        Japan’s Kuma Station Hospital
                          his military service at Brooke Army      Brigham Young University before           from 1965-68, and was commander
                          Medical Center, serving as chief of      earning a medical degree from             of the OB-GYN unit of Kimbrough
                          Orthopaedic Services until 1974. He      Duke, where he specialized in             Army Hospital from 1968-69.
                          then entered private practice in San     internal medicine. He worked with         Upon his retirement from the mili-
                          Antonio, retiring in 1984 to act as      Japan’s Atomic Energy Commission          tary in 1969, he was a lieutenant
                          an orthopedic surgery consultant for     and served in the U.S. Army for two       colonel with commendations.

24   DukeMedAlumniNews

Grodsky—a fellow of the American         served in the U.S. Navy during          Cancer Center in 1998—an effort
College of Obstetrics and Gyneco-        World War II and as a U.S. Air          with which he was actively involved
logy, as well as a member of Phi         Force flight surgeon during the         until his death. An information spe-
Beta Kappa and Tau Epsilon Phi—          Korean Conflict. He practiced           cialist at the Cancer Center for
was on the staff of Newton               internal medicine in Greensboro         many years, Harris was recognized
Memorial Hospital from 1970 until        from 1953 until his 1988 retire-        in 1997 for answering 10,000
his retirement. Active in the Jewish     ment. He was elected president          phone calls—and was honored by
Center of Sussex County for many         of the Greensboro Academy               the Center with the Shingleton
years, he is survived by his wife of     of Medicine in 1972 and was             Award for Distinguished Service.
48 years, Sheila; sons, David, Robert,   involved throughout his career in       Most recently the medical director
and Daniel; mother, Bertha; brother,     charitable and health focused civic     for the Well Spring Retirement
Peter; and five grandchildren.           organizations such as the Guilford      Community, as well as a physician
                                         County Commission on Aging and          for Proctor and Gamble in
Carlton M. Harris, MD, HS’48-            the Alzheimer’s Association, as         Greensboro, Harris was also a
’49, of Greensboro, N.C., died           well as the Greensboro Rotary           member and elder at the city’s First
May 24, 2003. Born in Franklin,          Club and Greensboro Country             Presbyterian Church. He was pre-
N.C., Harris earned an undergrad-        Club. For his outstanding volun-        ceded in death by his wife, Betty
uate degree from Wake Forest             teer service in North Carolina,         Jane Ross Harris, and their son,
University and a medical degree          Harris was once awarded the             Carlton M. Harris, Jr., and is sur-
from the Bowman Gray School of           Golden Rule Award. A member of          vived by daughter, R. Ross Harris;
Medicine, where he was named             the Duke Comprehensive Cancer           sister, Mimi Monk; and brother,
Most Outstanding Graduate of the         Center’s Citizen’s Advisory Board       Smith Harris.
Class of 1947. He completed an           from 1990 until his death, Harris
internal medicine internship at          was chairman from 1992-96 and a         Roy T. Parker, MD, HS’49-’51,
Duke and residencies at Bowman           member of the Board of Overseers        chairman emeritus of the
Gray and the North Carolina              since 1995. He was also a member        Department of Obstetrics and
Baptist Hospital, followed by addi-      of Duke Medical Center’s Board of       Gynecology, died in Durham,
tional training as a National Heart      Visitors from 1995-96, and was          N.C., on June 20, 2003. Born in
Institute cardiology fellow at           asked to be the chairman of the         Pinetops, N.C., in 1920, he was
Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic. Harris          Capital Campaign for the Duke           married to Georgia Sugg Parker

George W. Brumley Jr., T’56, MD’68, HS’60-’61,              1981, so that he could serve as chairman of Emory
philanthropist and former co-director of DUMC’s             University’s Department of Pediatrics. He later served
Division of Perinatal Medicine, died on July 19 in a        as interim dean of Emory’s Medical School. Although
plane crash near Nairobi, Kenya, while on a family          he retired from practicing medicine in 1995, Brumley
vacation. He was 68 years old. The crash also killed        and his wife stayed busy with a variety of Atlanta-
his wife, Jean Stanback Brumley, WC’58; their son,          area volunteer and philanthropic efforts that typically
George W. Brumley, III, B’86, and his wife, Julia           benefited children and underserved communities.
Preston Brumley (daughter of Edwin T. Preston, Jr.,         This work included support of The Whitefoord
T’57, MD’60, HS’60-’62), as well as their two chil-         Community Program, a community-development pro-
dren, George W. Brumley, IV, and Jordan Brumley;            gram, and Project GRAD, an initiative he helped to
daughter, Elizabeth Brumley Love, T’84; and son-            establish in an effort to promote enhanced perfor-
in-law, William J. Love, T’84, B’92. Four other mem-        mance in public city schools. He and his wife also
bers of Brumley’s family and two flight-crew mem-           established and served as co-presidents of The Zeist
bers also lost their lives in the accident. Raised in St.   Foundation, Inc., a private family foundation, and were
Mary’s, Ga., Brumley earned both his undergraduate          active in Trinity Presbyterian Church. At the time of his
and medical degrees from Duke, where he also                death, Brumley was working with his brother, Frank, to
received post-graduate training in pediatrics and           develop a planned community in Charleston, S.C.
neonatology. In 1966, after serving as a U.S. Navy          Brumley is survived by his mother, Helen Brumley; two
physician in Newfoundland, he returned to Duke and          of his five children—daughters, Nancy Jean Brumley
founded the Division of Neonatology, taught for 19          and Marie Brumley Foster; brother, Frank Brumley; sis-
years and co-directed the Division of Perinatal             ter, Martha Harvey; ten grandchildren; and six nieces
Medicine. Brumley and his family moved to Atlanta in        and nephews.

                                                                                                                           DukeMedAlumniNews   25

                          for 59 years and preceded her in        Parker served as Duke’s OB-GYN         award-winning nature photogra-
                          death by four days. Parker earned       department chair from 1964-1980.       pher. In the 1960s, he helped
                          a bachelor’s degree from the            He was past president of the           develop the heart-lung bypass
                          University of North Carolina and a      Association of Professors of           machine while on staff at the
                          medical degree from the Medical         Obstetrics and Gynecology, the F.      University of California Medical
                          College of Virginia. A member of        Bayard Carter Society, and the         Center in Los Angeles and the
                          the Naval Reserves, he was on           American College of Obstetrics and     University of Tennessee Medical
                          active duty in the U.S. Navy from       Gynecology. He was also an Ad          Center in Memphis. He graduated
                          1944-46, completing an internship       Eundum member of the Royal             from Duke University School of
                          at the U.S. Navy Hospital in            College of Obstetrics and Gynecol-     Medicine in 1946 and went on to
                          Bethesda, Md., before serving in        ogy. Parker is survived by brother,    serve in the U.S. Navy for two years.
                          the World War II Pacific Theatre.       Samuel; son, David Turnage Parker;     He completed a surgical-pathology
                          He attained the rank of lieutenant      daughter, Nancy Parker Giguere,        residency at the University of
                          commander while serving as chief        N’78; and grandchildren, Kate,         Chicago and a residency in cardiac
                          of OB-GYN at the U.S. Navy              Anne, Kent, Mark, Harrison,            and thoracic medicine at the
                          Hospital at Camp Lejeune, N.C.          Kathryn, Cassandra, and Georgia.       University of Kansas. After his
                          After completing an OB-GYN                                                     retirement in 1986, he focused on
                          residency at Duke, Parker entered       Paul H. Sherman, T’44, MD’46,          his family, photography, and fish-
                          private practice in Kinston, N.C.,      HS’46-’47, died on July 15, 2003       ing. He is survived by his wife, Ann
                          with his brother, Dr. Samuel Parker,    in Winter Park, Fla. He was a pio-     M. Sherman; one son, Douglas,
                          before returning to Duke in 1953 as     neering cardiologist who per-          T’74, MD’78; one daughter,
                          a professor. The recipient of the F.    formed Florida Hospital Orlando’s      Barbara; one sister, Janet; and
                          Bayard Carter Professorship in 1970,    first open-heart surgery and an        four grandchildren.

                          Kenneth D. Weeks, Sr., MD’39, died June 19, 2003,           staff at the Rocky Mount Sanitarium and Park View
                          in Rocky Mount, N.C., the same town in which he was         Hospital, Weeks was the first president of Nash General
                          born in 1913. Weeks received his bachelor’s degree,         Hospital’s medical staff and served from 1968-73. He
                          cum laude, from Davidson College, where he was a            was also president of the Coastal Plains Heart
                          member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Sigma Alpha               Association, the North Carolina Society of Internal
                          Epsilon fraternities. During medical school at Duke,        Medicine, and the Edgecombe-Nash County Medical
                          he was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha and was also a          Society. He served for many years as school physician for
                          member of the Phi Chi medical fraternity. Following a       both the Eastern North Carolina Training School for Boys
                          year of postgraduate training in pathology at               and North Carolina Wesleyan College, and was later a
                          Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Weeks served      medical consultant to Wright's Day Care Center. A trustee
                          a two-year medical internship at Duke Hospital, later       of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina for ten
                          becoming chief resident. A U.S. Navy medical officer        years, he also served on the BCBSNC board of directors,
                          during World War II, Weeks served in the Pacific            as well as on the board of the North Carolina Heart
                          Theater’s amphibious division.                              Association. In 1974 he recieved the Duke Medical
                          He returned to North Carolina in 1946, collaborating        Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumnus Award, and
                          with the Rocky Mount Sanitarium’s Kornegay Clinic for       he served on the Duke University board of trustees from
                          three years. From 1949-56, he was in solo practice of       1980-83, and was later named a trustee emeritus. In
                          internal medicine and in 1956 was joined in partnership     1989, Weeks was honored with the Distinguished Citizen
                          by Dr. Needham B. Carter. In 1964, Drs. Weeks and           Award by the Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce.
                          Carter relocated from West Thomas Street to new quar-       Active in the West Haven Presbyterian Church, he was
                          ters at 322 S. Franklin Street, Dr. Weeks' home place in    also a member of the Roanoke and Tar River Gun Club
                          early life and were subsequently joined in the partner-     and Benvenue Country Club, and a member and past
                          ship by Drs. Ray Doyle, Tim Smith, John Derbyshire, Don     president of Rocky Mount’s Golden K Kiwanis Club.
                          Bales and Margaret Sowerwine. In 1985, they moved to        Weeks was preceded in death by his wife, the former
                          new quarters at 1051 Country Club Drive and became          Clara Mildred Holley, N’37. He is survived by daughter,
                          known as The Internal Medicine Center, where Dr. Kent       Martha Weeks Daniel; son, Kenneth D. Weeks, Jr.,
                          Carr joined the group in 1987. The Internal Medicine        MD’74; son, David S. Weeks; eight grandchildren;
                          Center is now affiliated with the Boice Willis Clinic. On   and three great-grandchildren.

26   DukeMedAlumniNews

Malcolm P. Tyor, MD’46, died             position he held for 20 years. One         began a private practice in
April 11, 2003. Born in New York         of the first physicians to investigate     Charlotte, N.C., in 1945, later
City in 1923, Tyor had lived in          a medical treatment for gallstones,        moving it to Boise, where he also
Durham for the past 48 years. He         Tyor became a member of the                treated adult allergy patients. In
graduated from high school at age        American Gastroenterology                  1963, Venning diagnosed an infant
15, from college at 18, and from         Association in 1960 and was elect-         with cystic fibrosis—at a time
medical school at 22. Tyor met his       ed its president in 1981. He retired       when few recognized the symp-
wife Anne at Duke, where she was         in 1991, four years before the Mal         toms and most CF patients didn’t
an intern in dietetics, and they mar-    Tyor Scholarship Award in                  live past early childhood—and was
ried in 1946, the same year he           Gastroenterology was established           featured in a book written by the
completed an internshipat the            at Duke. Tyor loved his family’s           child’s mother and excerpted in the
University of Wisconsin General          annual beach getaways, jazz,               December 1998 issue of The
Hospital. He then served in the U.S.     Broadway shows, and Duke basket-           Reader’s Digest. Venning cared for
Navy for two years completing a          ball. He is survived by wife, Anne;        the boy until his 1984 retirement
residency at Bow-man Gray School         daughters, Gina Tyor-Johnson,              and was proud to see him gradu-
of Medicine, where he earned the         WC’70, G’73, Jackie Tyor Schauer,          ate from college. Throughout his
highest score of any resident on         WC’72, and Margaret Tyor                   career, “Dr. Bill” – as he was called
the internal medicine exam. Tyor         Schottelkotte; son, Bill Tyor,             by his young patients—gave many
conducted radioisotopic research at      MD’81; and seven grandchildren—            hours of care to children at both
the Institute for Nuclear Studies in     including Jessica Sartorius, T’97.         the Alexander Children’s Home in
Oak Ridge, Tenn., then became a                                                     Charlotte and the Boise Children’s
private-practice gastroenterologist      William L. Venning, T’36,                  Home. Outside of pediatrics,
in Jacksonville, Fla., before return-    MD’40, HS’40-’41, died April 22,           Venning enjoyed golf, dancing,
ing to Durham in 1956 to lead the        2003, at his home in Boise, Idaho.         music, and poetry. Preceded in
VA’s gastroenterology program and        Born in 1914 in Greensboro, N.C.,          death by his wife, Maurietta, and
radioisotope service for seven years.    Venning was a pediatrician who             son, William Michael, he is survived
He later led Duke’s gastroenterolo-      taught and treated patients at the         by sister, Virginia Whitney; two
gy research lab and in 1965              Bowman Gray Medical School                 cousins; and children, Charles, Gina,
became chief of gastroenterology, a      after leaving Duke in 1941. He             Margie, Robert, Ruth, and Alan.

J. Benjamin Younger, MD, HS’63-’64, ‘65-’67, ‘67-’69,          in creating ASRM’s Washington, D.C., public affairs office
an internationally known reproductive medicine specialist,     and, at the time of his death, the organization had decid-
died February 15, 2003, while on a trip to New Orleans.        ed to name that office the J. Benjamin Younger Office of
Born in Shreveport, La., Younger earned a bachelor’s           Public Affairs. Younger was a fellow of the American
degree from Millsaps College, graduating with honors,          College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a past presi-
and a medical degree, Alpha Omega Alpha, from Tulane           dent of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine
University. Younger trained for six years at Duke, com-        from 1988-89 (when it was known as the American
pleting residencies and fellowships in endocrinology and       Fertility Society). He was vice chair of the Council on
microbiology immunology. From 1969-71, he served in            Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology, a
the U.S. Army Medical Corps Department of OB-GYN at            founding member of the Society of Gynecologic
Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he rose to              Surgeons, a charter member of both the Society of
the rank of lieutenant colonel. In 1971 he became a            Reproductive Surgeons and the Society of Reproductive
professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham           Endocrinologists, and a member of the Society for
(UAB), where he established a Division of Repro-duc-           Assisted Reproductive Technology. Among his many addi-
tive Endocrinology and Infertility and founded the state’s     tional professional activities and memberships, Younger
first in vitro fertilization program. In 1988, he was          also served on the editorial board of Fertility and Sterility
appointed vice chair of UAB’s department of OB-GYN, as         and as a reviewer for a number of other related publica-
well as director of its residency training program. In 1993,   tions. He authored numerous articles about reproductive
he was named medical director of the American Society          medicine, as well. Younger is survived by his wife,
for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and 1996 became               Suzanne Sevier Younger; son, John Benjamin Younger, Jr.;
ASRM’s executive director—a position he held until his         daughter, Elaine Younger McKeown; daughter, Susan
retirement in December 2002. Younger was instrumental          Younger Fickling; and three grandchildren.

                                                                                                                               DukeMedAlumniNews   27
                                                                                             DUKE CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION
                                                                                             For further information on the courses listed
                                                                                             below, please contact the instructor or visit

CME CALENDAR 2003                                                                  

DATE                       COURSE                                          LOCATION                          REGISTRATION

September 6, 2003          Duke First Annual Liver Disease Update          Duke University                   Donna McMullen, (919) 402-2904
                           and Symposium                                                           

September 13, 2003         Fifteenth Annual Glaucoma Symposium             Durham, NC                        Michelle Evans, (919) 684-3836

October 3, 2003            North Carolina Chapter of American College of   Durham, NC                        Teressa Green , (919) 419-5500,
                           Surgeons Annual Cancer Conference                                       

October 16-18, 2003        Preventing Vascular Events in High-Risk         Washington, DC                    MIC Communications, (877) 4PRI-MED
                           Patients: Primary Care on the Front Line                                

October 17-18, 2003        Fourth Annual Andrew G. Wallace Symposium:      Durham, NC                        Elaine Dowdy, (919) 660-6725
                           Emerging Risk and CHD Prevention                                        

November 1-2, 2003         30th Annual Postgraduate Course - The           Searle Center, Duke University    Margaret W. Cates (919) 684-2289
                           Alexander Spock Symposium                       Medical Center, Durham, NC

                           Preventing Vascular Events in High-Risk                                           MIC Communications (877) 4PRI-MED
November 7-9, 2003                                                         Boston, MA              
                           Patients: Primary Care on the Front Line

                                                                                                                                        US Postage
       512 S. Mangum Street, Suite 400                                                                                                  Durham, NC
       Durham, North Carolina 27701-3973                                                                                                   Permit
                                                                                                                                        Number 60

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