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									History of Cell
By Tim Douglas
Class: Mr. Cline
Period: 4
The Cell Phone

A cell phone is a handheld
electronic device used for mobile
 telecommunications that allows you to
 communicate with another people in
 two main ways such as texting or simply
 calling a person. Cell phones can be used
 to explore the internet or even play
 games on .
History of the Cell
   1946 - The first commercial mobile radiotelephone service was introduced in St.
   1977 - Experimental cellular systems launched in Chicago and the Washington,
    D.C./Baltimore region.

   1983 - The first commercial cellular system begins operating in Chicago.

   1992 – World’s first commercial text message sent by employees of Logical CMG.
   1996-The Telecommunications Act of 1996 becomes law, in part designed to open
    other communications markets to competition. 38 million cell phones in use in
    the U.S.
   2003-200,000 times each day, someone uses a wireless phone.
   2007- there were 295 Million subscribers on 3G networks worldwide.
Major changes
   Introduced as mobile rigs it was mainly used in police cars , taxis, and other
    emergencie vehicles.
    The first mobile phones where the size of a large briefcase.
   The 2nd Generation of cell phones ran on battery power making them more
    energy efficient
    but where about the size of a large walkie talkie.

    The 3rd Generation of cell phones the flip phone and internet and text messaging
    was introduced.
Effects on Society

   Cell phones gave a large percentage of
    the world's population an inexpensive,
    easy-to-use means of communicating
    with almost anyone else on the planet. It
    has made a fast and easy compact on the
    world...and a huge number of other
    areas. Some say that communications is
    the most important and powerful aspect
    of society.

   http://www.cell-phone-

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