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“VidyoPanorama is going to be a key component of the Elisa hosted Visual Communication service which we
deliver to thousands of enterprise customers,” “It will be delivered together with VidyoDesktop and VidyoMobile
at an affordable price which is exactly what our customers are looking for from their video conferencing
solutions today.”

Janne Lauanne, Executive Vice President of Videra, the visual communication arm of Elisa Corporation.

“Telepresence solutions have been the bastion of enterprises with unlimited budgets who can afford to rebuild
their networks, but even they have been susceptible to participants who disappear from the screen when someone
coughs, and are cut-off from multipoint videoconferencing with the iPads, iPhones and Android devices people
carry. The market for an affordable, flexible software platform, that’s inclusive of leading mobile devices,
desktops all the way up to telepresence rooms, is enormous.”

Tim Bajarin- Creative Strategies-

“Cost has been the single biggest barrier to the adoption of telepresence, and when these systems were first
introduced IT had no option if it wanted high quality resolution than to rebuild their network. Vidyo is now
introducing another breakthrough with their world-class multipoint personal telepresence that is economically
within reach and offers tremendous flexibility in terms of the number of screens and other form factors.
Companies who believe that telepresence is beyond their budgets should revisit that decision with

Yankee Group - Zeus Kerravala -

“The video communications market is subject to many of the effects of traditional technology: Moore’s Law will
see the cost of endpoints and infrastructure come down. Advances in technology will improve the quality of the
experience, while reducing the bandwidth needed in the network. For personal video communications to take off
to the extent predicted, a dramatic change in cost base is necessary.”

Gartner Research – Scott Morrison -
“Vidyo continues to demonstrate both innovation and price-performance leadership. With VidyoPanorama the
company has created a visual collaboration environment that leverages their light-weight, low-cost, internet-
friendly, high-quality desktop, mobile and room clients to bring in multiple participants for interactive group
meetings on the industry’s first 6 + screen solution. What is equally exciting is Vidyo’s SDK and API’s provide the
ideal platform for Vidyo and their systems integration partners to continue to evolve the environment,
capabilities, and experience."

Telepresence Options - Howard Lichtman -

"Vidyo has built a telepresence solution that is consistent with their goals of driving the cost out of video
conferencing, with providing a very flexible environment and with full interoperability for their solution from the
telepresence suite to the smart phone. Vidyo continues to challenge the video conferencing industry to innovate
at a dramatic rate by providing a high quality experience and marking a new price/performance point well out
in front of their competitors."

Netforecast – John Bartlett -

"According to Nemertes' latest benchmark, those deploying or planning to deploy telepresence fell from 28% to
21% of companies in the last year, as IT leaders cited concerns over room costs and lack of flexible deployment
architectures that enable support for remote, small branch, and teleworkers as key factors holding back roll-

Nemertes Research - Irwin Lazar -

“VidyoPanorama provides a Telepresence experience at a disruptive price point, lowering the barrier of entry for
a much larger number of users. And just as important, Vidyo provides an easy and flexible architecture for service
providers to deploy cloud-based Telepresence services.”

Synergy Research Group - Jeremy Duke-

"VidyoPanorama further extends the notion of an immersive telepresence experience. Providing 5x screen real
estate, multiple flexible layouts and low costs to fit different user needs, this solution will likely open up the
market for new applications and use case scenarios. It’s like telepresence on steroids."

Frost & Sullivan – Roopam Jain -
"With Vidyo's introduction of VidyoPanorama, and their vision, it's increasingly clear that there will be little or no
need for hardware-based videoconferencing systems in the future."

Telespan – Elliot Gold -

"This is impressive that with all the form factors in this call (room systems, desktops and an iPad 2) that we never
lost the audio sync with the video."

Wildstrom on Tech – Steve Wildstrom -

"The VidyoPanorama telepresence solution looks very impressive from a cost/performance perspective,” said
Richard Costello, Senior Analyst with IDC. “It provides an immersive experience for multi-point and diverse
endpoints (rooms, desktops, mobile devices) by decreasing latency and delivering high quality video to those end
users as well."

IDC - Rich Costello -

“Vidyo has a history of shattering the price barrier that blocked many businesses from adopting high-definition
video conferencing solutions. With VidyoPanorama, the company can support businesses’ complex multiparty
video conferencing environments at a very reasonable price point.”

Current Analysis - Brian Riggs -

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