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JAPAN SHIP EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION Ax-Bow Kohyohsanobtains The Ship by dfgh4bnmu


									                                                                                                                               No. 293 June - July 2002

     Ax-Bow Kohyohsan obtains The Ship of the Year Award
              —Associated award for FPSO Kerr-McGee Global Producer III—

   The Society of Naval Architects of Japan (SNAJ) has                              In cooperation with Osaka University, NKK developed
selected the 172,000DWT bulk carrier, Kohyohsan, for The                         a sharp-edged bow called the Ax-Bow in 1996, which proved
Ship of the Year 2001 Awards, which was built by NKK                             effective in cutting through the waves, thus decreasing
Corp. for Erica Navigation S. A., chartered by Mitsui OSK                        the sea margin or engine output to maintain constant ship
Lines (MOL). The society also selected the FPSO vessel,                          speed in rough seas compared to engine output to main-
Kerr-McGee Global Producer III, for associated awards.                           tain the same ship speed in still water. In particular, tank-
Kohyohsan                                                                        ers and bulk carriers with a full hull form have larger sea
   The bulk carrier was the first to use the Ax-Bow (see                         margin than slender hull form ships (with a sharp-edged
comparison models) developed by NKK particularly for                             bow).
vessels with a full hull form like a bulk carrier or tanker.                        Principal particulars
The winning of the award was attributed to the newly                             L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D x d:
developed Ax-Bow that allows 20-30% reduction in ship                               289.00m x 279.00m x
sea margin compared with the conventional bow design.                               45.00m x 24.10m x 17.78m
The Ax-Bow is applied to a ship, in combination with the                         DWT/GT: 172,564t/87,493t
conventional bulbous bow.                                                        Main engine: MES-MAN
   NKK focused on how to reduce ship resistance on the                              B&W 6S70MC (Mk VI) die-
bow above the still water surface, in response to growing                           sel x 1 unit
calls from shipping operators for a ship with greater pro-                       Speed, service: 14.70
pulsion effect even under rough sea conditions.                                  Classification: NK
                                                                                                                     (Continued on page 2)
                    For further information please contact:

                    15-16, Toranomon 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Tel: (03) 3508-9661 Fax: (03) 3508-2058 E-Mail:
  Topics                                                                              No. 293 June - July Page 2

         IHI delivers overPanamax container carrier to MOL
   Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy In-         Panamax built
dustries Co., Ltd. (IHI) has delivered   by the company.
the 74,071GT container carrier, MOL         Construction
Progress, to Mitsui OSK Line (MOL)       of 12 large con-
of Japan at the IHI Kure Shipyard.       tainer carriers is
The carrier is the second of three or-   scheduled at the
dered by MOL. The MOL Progress is        Kure Shipyard
the overPanamax type with a con-         and Yokohama
tainer carrying capacity of              Shipyard of the
6,400TEUs.                               company.
   IHI constructed the first overPan-       Principal par-
amax container carrier, NYK Altair,      ticulars of the
for Nippon Yusen Kaisha in 1994, and     MOL Progress                             Output: 60,390kW
four overPanamax carriers of the M.V.    L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 284.56m x 40.00m   Speed, max. trial: 27.8kt
P&O Nedlloyd series during 1998             x 24.20m x 14.00m                     Container carrying capacity:
through 1999, opening the way for        DWT/GT: 74,453t/74,071t                    6,400TEUs
overPanamax carrier construction.        Main engine: DU-Sulzer 11RTA96C          Complement: 30
The MOL Progress is the 12th over-          diesel x 1 unit                       Classification: NK

(Continued from page 1)                                               MES completes fourth AUV
Kerr-McGee Global Producer III
                                                                           for dam survey
                                                                 Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (MES) has
                                                              delivered the fourth autonomous underwater vehicle
                                                              (AUV) for dam/lake surveys to the Hokuriku Regional
                                                              Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastruc-
                                                              ture and Transport (MLIT). The AUV can achieve under-
                                                              water investigation of sand accumulation and water qual-
                                                              ity measurements, and records images of the bottom sur-
                                                              faces. Both autonomous navigation (AUV mode) and re-
                                                              motely operated underwater vehicle (ROV mode) naviga-
                                                              tion via the cable for data and power transmission are
   The vessel was built by Mitsui Engineering & Ship-         provided, allowing flexible survey system configuration
building Co., Ltd. (MES) for Kerr-McGee Oil (UK) PLC at       suitable to the survey area. The AUV is now becoming
its Chiba Works and the topside facilities were installed     common to reduce survey costs in Japan. Main specifi-
in the UK last year. The vessel is now operating at the       cations: Designed diving depth: 400m; Length (o.a.): 2.6m;
Leadon Oil Field located in the North Sea off the UK.         Weight (dry): 280kg; Speed (forward): 2.5kt; Cruising
   The Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO)     range: 15km; Power source: Lithium ion secondary bat-
vessel adopts the Tentech 700 design known as the North       tery; and Main survey equipment including Sonar (Alti-
Sea specifications for withstanding severe sea conditions.    tude; Forward obstacle detection; Doppler), CTDO sensor,
HSE and NMD, the safety standards of the UK and Nor-          Chlorophyll sensor, Turbidity sensor, pH sensor, TV Cam-
way, respectively, are also applied to ensure safe opera-     era, Microscope TV camera, Water sampler, Silt sampler,
tion.                                                         and Bottom monitoring sensor.
   A process plant installed on the vessel removes gas,
water and mud from the well fluid. Produced oil is stored
in tanks of the FPSO and offloaded to shuttle tankers.
Produced gas is used for fuel and excess gas is re-injected
to the well. A double hull structure is employed for the
vessel to achieve these processes safely and swiftly.
   Principal particulars
L (o.a.) x L (p.p.) x B x D x d: 217.20m x 200.00m x 38.00m
   x 23.00m x 17.00m
Oil processing capacity: 100,000 bpd (max.)
Storage capacity: 550,000bbl (88,000m3)
   Topics                                                                              No. 293 June - July Page 3

  MHI launches 113,000GT cruise ship for P&O Princess Cruises
                          The largest cruise ship to be constructed in Japan
   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
(MHI) has launched the 113,000GT
cruise ship, Diamond Princess, at the
Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery
Works. The ship, which is the largest
cruise ship constructed in Japan, is
scheduled for delivery to P&O Prin-
cess Cruises in mid-2003.
   A launching ceremony took place
at the shipyard on May 25, 2002. Dur-
ing the ceremony, the Diamond Prin-
cess was tugged out from the dock to
the outfitting pier, where the ship will
show off its elegant appearance for the
public until delivery.
   MHI will begin pre-trial running
of the Diamond Princess around Oc-
tober this year. The final trial opera-    class as the Diamond Princess.             unit
tion will be carried out next year. Af-       Principal particulars                 Propulsion motors: 21,000kW x 2
ter delivery the ships will enter cruis-   L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 290.0m x 37.5m x     units
ing services on routes in North               41.3m x 8.05m                         Fixed pitch propellers (FPP) x 2 units
America including Alaska.                  Gross tonnage: abt. 113,000t             Side thrusters: 3 units for bow and
   The Nagasaki Shipyard is now also       Service speed: 22.1 knots                  stern, respectively
constructing a second ship, Sapphire       Diesel-generators: 9,450kW x 2 units;    Passenger cabins: 1,337
Princess, for the same owner since            8,400kW x 2 units                     Passengers: 3,100 (max.)
March this year, which is the same         Gas turbine-generator: 25,000kW x 1      Complement: 1,238 (max.)

   SHI delivers Sunbelt Spirit Reefer Cargo/Car Carrier to GALI
  Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.             The design concept of the vessel is      This vessel can carry abt. 6,100
(SHI) has delivered a Reefer Cargo/        “two way trade” or to carry vehicles     units of vehicles as the largest class
Car Carrier (RCC), Sunbelt Spirit, to      from Japan to the US and reefer car-     in the world and has refrigerated
Great American Lines Inc. (GALI) of        goes including citrus from the US to     cargo holds (abt. 9,200m2) which are
the US at SHI Yokosuka Shipyard.           Japan.                                   separated into 8 compartments. The
                                                                                    vessel has a combined function of Roll-
                                                                                    on/Roll-off and Lift-on/Lift-off for effi-
                                                                                    cient loading and unloading.
                                                                                       Principal particulars
                                                                                    L (b.p) x B x D x d: 202.00m x 32.26m
                                                                                       x 33.95m x 9.80m
                                                                                    DWT/GT: 17,950M.T./60,587T
                                                                                    Car carrying capacity: about 6,100
                                                                                    Main engine: DU-Sulzer 8RTA62U
                                                                                       (17,760kW) x 1 unit
                                                                                    Speed, service: 21.0kt
                                                                                    Classification: NK
                                                                                    Delivery: Mar. 21, 2002

                                                                                    Sunbelt Spirit for "Two way trade"
  Topics                                                                               No. 293 June - July Page 4

         Namura completes LPG carrier for domestic owner
   Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has completed construc-
tion of the 8,700cbm LPG carrier, Albane, for Hakuyo
Shipping Co., Ltd. at the Imari Shipyard & Works. The
carrier has already entered service in Europe. The opera-
tor of the carrier is Iino Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. of Japan.
   The carrier uses the semi-refrigerated and semi-pres-
surized system for cargo containment and has a single
bottom and double-sided hull. The ship is Namura’s first
LPG carrier constructed in cooperation with Kanda Ship-
building Co., Ltd. The latter built the ship’s general sec-
tions except the cargo gas sections. The ship can carry
gases including propane, butane, ammonia, vinyl chlo-
ride monomer, and butadiene.
   Type C cargo tanks are installed to contain 8,700cbm
cargo in total. The tanks are designed to be durable against
the temperature of -48oC and pressure of 6.5barG and           loading and storing of two types of cargoes. Pipelines are
insulated with polyurethane foam.                              made of stainless steel to reduce maintenance require-
   The cargo pipe system on the upper deck consists of         ments. Cargo booster pumps and heaters are installed to
two liquid gas and two vapor gas pipelines, allowing cargo     send out a cargo to a high-pressure receiving tank on land.
                                                               The Albane can cope with any type of cargo receiving tanks.
  Large dredger-oil skimmer                                       Other installations include three units of reliquefaction
                                                               equipment to treat boil-off gas as well as measurement
     Hakusan completed                                         and safety devices such as liquid level meters, pressure
                                                               meters, thermometers, and the COC warning system.
   The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
                                                                  To cope with high-grade requirements, the Albane has
(MLIT) has held a ceremony for completion of the 4,200GT
                                                               various installations, which were functionally arranged
dredger-cum-oil skimmer, Hakusan, at the Harumi Pier
                                                               in the confined space. Since the carrier must call at vari-
in the Port of Tokyo. The vessel was built by Ishikawa-
                                                               ous ports in Europe, the ship hull is optimized to have
jima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (IHI).
                                                               large cargo loading capacity. The bow thruster, CPP, and
   After the completion ceremony, the Hakusan was
                                                               Schilling rudder ensure superior ship maneuverability
brought to the Niigata Nishiko Port and comprehensive
                                                               within a narrow port. Hose-handling cranes are installed
tests are now being carried out on the vessel before hand-
                                                               at the ship sides to achieve efficient cargo handling. The
ing over to the Hokuriku Regional Development Bureau
                                                               carrier is equipped with various automated installations
of MLIT in August this year. The Hakusan will replace
                                                               that meet the AUT-UMS class of the Bureau Veritas (BV).
the previous dredger, Hakusan Maru, and should an oil-
                                                                  The Albane adopts the ICE Class II for navigation in
leakage accident occur, the vessel can act as an oil skim-
                                                               the North Sea, Baltic and Alaska, and can navigate
                                                               through the Suez, Panama and Kiel Canals for world-
   Japan has now three special purpose vessels with a
                                                               wide operation. The engine is a low-speed diesel of low
capability for spilt oil recovery — Seiryu Maru, Kaisho
                                                               fuel consumption. Measures for noise and vibration are
Maru, and Hakusan. The former two are stationed at the
                                                               taken to comply with the IMO requirements. The crew
ports of Nagoya and Kitakyushu. These vessels cover the
                                                               have private cabins with showers, and amenities are pro-
long coastal line of Japan.
                                                               vided for the crew with other accommodation facilities.
                                                                  Principal Particulars
                                                               L (o.a.) x L (p.p.) x B x D x d: 119.93m x 112.75m x 18.20m
                                                                  x 9.50m x 7.713m
                                                               DWT/GT: 8,190.89t/6,711t
                                                               Main Engine: B&W 7S35MC (Mark7) (5,111kW x 173rpm)
                                                                  x 1 unit
                                                               Speed, max. trial: 18.20kt
                                                               Complement: 20
                                                               Classification: BV; + I Hull, + MACH,+ Liquefied Gas
                                                                  Carrier Unrestricted Navigation, +AUT-UMS, ICE II
                                                               Completion: April 24, 2002
   Industry News in Brief                                                                No. 293 June - July Page 5

      18th International Shipping Exhibition, Posidonia 2002
   The Japan Ship Exporters’ Asso-        strate the pres-
ciation (JSEA) participated in the 18th   ence of Japanese
International Shipping Exhibition         shipbuilders
Posidonia 2002 held at the Exhibition     through such
Center of Piraeus, Greece, for four       specialties.
days from June 4 to 7. Posidonia 2002        On June 5,
attracted 1,630 companies and orga-       Japanese Ex-
nizations from 80 countries, and was      traordinary Am-
visited by about 30,000 people includ-    bassador to
ing the public.                           Greece Mr. Kenji
   At the opening ceremony held on        Shimizu and
June 4, Mr. George Anomeritis, the        JSEA president
Minister of Mercantile Marine of          Mr. Toshio
Greece, gave the opening address, and     Kamei co-spon-
after the ceremony, he visited exhibi-    sored a cocktail party at the Ath-          ficials and others concerned with the
tion booths. JSEA president Mr.           enaeum Intercontinental Hotel with          shipping and shipbuilding industries.
Toshio Kamei met the Minister at the      900 guests including government of-
Japanese booth.
   JSEA participation was carried out      IHI starts corrosion-protection business for
with the sponsorship of The Nippon
Foundation under a cooperative ex-                    marine steel structures
hibition system with the Shipbuilders’       Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy In-               IECOS uses an electrochemical re-
Association of Japan and 11 shipbuild-    dustries Co., Ltd, (IHI) and its affili-    action in the steel structure by an elec-
ers.                                      ate company, IHI Amtec Co., Ltd. has        tric current through sea water, to de-
   At Posidonia 2002, Japanese ship-      started a total corrosion-protection        posit calcium ion and magnesium ion
builders featured their own designs       maintenance business for marine             in the seawater on the structures,
with specialized ship types, new de-      steel structures.                           forming an anti-corrosive layer on the
velopments and technologies. A               This total maintenance system con-       surface. This allows long lasting pro-
plasma display was useful to demon-       sists of IECOS (IHI Electro-Coating         tection of structures from corrosion.
                                          System), that was developed by IHI             On the other hand, the structural
                                          as a corrosion-protection method in         part where IECOS cannot be applied
        To our readers                    seawater,and anti-corrosive coating         can be coated with paint under the
  • Please notify us of any change
                                          by the Dry Box method (patent pend-         Dry Box method. This uses a working
    in address by letter or telefax
    together with the old mailing         ing).                                       unit that is a box (this is called a gate
    label to ensure you continue             Up to now, cathodic protection has       box). By attaching the working unit
    to receive SEA-Japan.                 mainly been applied to corrosion- pro-      to the structure (or pile sheets), coat-
  • We welcome your comments              tection of marine structures. However,      ing work under the dry-up condition
    about SEA-Japan. Please ad-           this method needs many sacrificial          can be achieved safely regardless of
    dress all correspondence to           anodes compared with IECOS.                 changes in tidal level, ensuring high
    the Japan Ship Exporters' As-            The structural part at the tidal level   quality and reducing costs for corro-
    sociation (JSEA), or the Ja-
                                          and splashed area by seawater has the       sion-protection maintenance.
    pan Ship Centre in London.
  • Address (Tokyo): 15-16, Tora-         worst circum-
    nomon 1-chome, Minato-ku,             stances for corro-
    Tokyo 105-0001 / Tel: (03)            sion-protection
    3508-9661 Fax: (03) 3508-             and the cathodic
    2058                                  protection
    E-mail:         method is not ef-
  • Address (London): Ground
                                          fective, so coating
    Floor, 9 Marshalsea Road,
    London SE1 1EP, UK / Tel:             work over the
    +44 (0) 20 7403 1666 / Fax:           water surface is
    +44 (0) 20 7403 1777                  difficult and
    E-mail:               high-quality
    URL:            coating cannot be
  Shipyard Activities                                                             No. 293 June - July Page 6

                                                                              DWT/GT: 19,120t/58,947t
            Patriot                                                           Main engine: 8UEC60LS diesel x 1
Owner: Vantage Shipping Company                                                 unit
  Limited                                                                     Speed, service: 20.0kt
Builder: The Hakodate Dock Co.,                                               Classification: NK & KR
  Ltd.                                                                        Completion: Apr. 17, 2002
Hull No.: 784
Ship type: Bulk carrier                                                                Silviculture
L (b.p.) x B x D x d: 168.00m x         24.40m x 17.95m
  29.40m x 13.50m x 9.55m             DWT/GT: 177,493t/88,552t
                                      Main engine: Mitsui-MAN B&W
                                        6S70MC diesel x 1 unit
                                      Speed: 15.0kt
                                      Classification: NK
                                      Completion: May 22, 2002

                                                                              Owner: Filscan Shipping, Inc.
DWT/GT: 31,838t/19,795t
                                                                              Builder: Sanoyas Hishino Meisho
Main engine: Mitsubishi
  6UEC52LA diesel x 1 unit
                                                                              Hull No.: 1196
Speed: 14.0kt
                                                                              Ship type: Chip carrier
Classification: NK
                                                                              L (o.a.): x L (b.p.) x B x D x d:
Completion: April 5, 2002
                                                                                203.50m x 196.00m x 37.20m x
        Sun Master                                                              22.30m x 10.818m
                                      Owner: Aquamarine Shipholding S. A.     DWT/GT: 54,086mt/46,515t
Owner: Handbell Shipping S. A.                                                Cargo hold capacity: 115,699m2
                                      Builder: NKK Corp.
Builder: Kawasaki Heavy Indus-                                                  (4,085,919ft3) grain
                                      Hull No.: 222
  tries, Ltd.                                                                 Main engine: MAN B&W 6S50MC-
                                      Ship type: VLCC
Hull No.: 1526                                                                  C diesel x 1 unit
                                      L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D x d:
Ship type: Bulk carrier                                                       Speed, service: abt. 14.5kt
                                        333.00m x 320.00m x 60.00m x
L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 189.80m x                                               Classification: NK
                                        29.60m x 20.84m
  32.26m x 16.90m x 11.90m                                                    Completion: May 10, 2002
                                      DWT/GT: 300,373t/160,072t
DWT/GT: 50,339t/27,989t
                                      Main engine: DU-Sulzer 7RTA84T
Main engine: Kawasaki-MAN B&W
                                        diesel x 1 unit                                  Balboa
  6S50MC-C x 1 unit
                                      Speed: 15.95kt
Speed: 14.5kt
                                      Classification: NK
Classification: NK
                                      Completion: Apr. 24, 2002
Completion: May 22, 2002
                                            Grand Pioneer
                                      Owner: Dynamic Carrier Shipping S. A.
                                      Builder: Shin Kurushima Dockyard
                                        Co., Ltd.
                                                                              Owner: T. Klaveness Shipping A. S.
                                      Hull No.: 5136
                                                                              Builder: Oshima Shipbuilding Co.,
                                      Ship type: PCC
                                      L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 199.54m x
                                                                              Hull No.: 10296
                                        32.26m x 34.06m x 9.625m
                                                                              Ship type: Bulk carrier
   Southern Explorer                                                          L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 189.99m x
Owner: Fair Wind Navigation S. A.                                               32.26m x 16.67m x 11.898m
Builder: Mitsui Engineering & Ship-                                           DWT/GT: 50,992t/28,718t
  building Co., Ltd.                                                          Main engine: Kawasaki-MAN B&W
Hull No.: 1548                                                                  6S50MC-C diesel x 1 unit
Ship type: Bulk carrier                                                       Speed : 14.5kt
L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D x d:                                              Classification: DNV
  289.00m x 279.00m x 45.00m x                                                Completion: June 11, 2002

                               Prepared and edited by Eureka International Inc.                    Printed in Japan

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