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					                                                                 THE LAWS HAVE CHANGED
                                                               UNDER THE

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The penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) have            PENALTIES FOR 3RD, AND SUBSEQUENT, DUI                           permission, by signing the application, for the department
severely increased. DUI is driving with alcohol concentration                                                                        to provide the information to the US Selective Service
0.08 grams or more. Jail time is now required. Seriously           Third DUI with in a 10-year period, measured from the date        System.
consideration should be given to whether attorney                  of your first DUI arrest, include mandatory jail time up to 1
representation is needed. Changes in DUI law provide for           year and mandatory suspension of your license. Fine up to         May be charged with endangering a child if DUI with child
different penalties for individual under 21 years of age. Due      $5,000.                                                           14 years or younger in car.
to the drastic increase in penalties for second and subsequent
DUIs it is now essential that you seriously consider fighting
                                                                                                                                     Nolo contendere not available to drivers under 21 years of
marginal 1st DUI charges.
                                                                      A DUI ARREST IS NOT A CONVICTION.
 IT IS NOT WHETHER YOU CAN AFFORD TO                                  WHEN ARRESTED FOR DUI                                          Nolo contendere same as guilty plea.
  HAVE AN ATTORNEY, BUT WHETHER YOU                                    SEEK LEGAL ADVICE AS
   CAN AFFORD TO FACE A DUI ALONE.                                       SOON AS POSSIBLE.
              10 DAYS TO SAVE LICENSE

After an arrest for DUI you may have only ten business days        DID YOU KNOW THAT:
from arrest date to file an appeal to save your license.
                                                                   Any DUI related homicide results in revocation with no
      MANDATORY JAIL TIME AND LICENSE                              chance for probationary license.
                                                                   License will administratively be suspended for each time
A plea of, or found guilty, or plea of nolo contendere to 1st      you refusal to submit to state administered test. If refusal is
DUI requires mandatory jail time, and mandatory suspension         attached to DUI arrest it will be deleted from driver’s
of your license for 1 year. Under certain circumstances jail
                                                                   record if found not guilty of DUI charge.
time may be reduced, and you may be eligible for a temporary
or limited license. Fines surcharges and assessments that
total over $1,000 may be imposed. Community service and
                                                                   License may be suspended for: 1) gasoline drive off; 2)
Risk Reduction Driving School are also required.                   guilty conviction, or plea, to possession of controlled
                                                                   substance or marijuana; 3) accumulation of 15 or more
Commercial drivers DUI at 0.04%                                    points in any consecutive 24 month period [12 month
                                                                   period if under 18 years of age].
Under 21 years old, DUI if alcohol concentration is 0.02 or
greater, and a plea of, or found guilty to 1st DUI the penalties   If under 21, license may also be suspended for purchasing
are different.                                                     an alcoholic beverage; misrepresenting age for purpose of
                                                                   illegally obtaining any alcoholic beverage; misrepresenting
                PENALTIES FOR 2ND DUI                              identity or using false identification for purpose of
                                                                   purchasing or obtaining alcoholic beverage.
Second DUI with in 10 years of the date of your first DUI
arrest penalties include mandatory jail time up to 1 year and
                                                                   Every male under 26 years of age who applies for any
Risk Reduction Driving School. Payment of fine $600 to
$1,000. Your photo and disposition of your case will be            license, permit or identification card, must either be
published in local newspaper.                                      registered with the US Selective Service System or give

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