Vocabulary Chapters 6-12 condensed by ashrafp


									The Shakespeare Stealer         Vocabulary       Chapters 6-7

   1.    threefold- three times as much
   2.    bustle- noisy activity
   3.    clamor- loud noise
   4.    pikestaff- shaft of spear
   5.    mastiff- large strong dog
   6.    noisome- offensive; disgusting
   7.    stench- bad smell; stink
   8.    gawking- staring stupidly
   9.    incredulously- not ready to believe
   10.   public stocks- open post or pens for animals
   11.   sniggered- laugh in a derisive or ridiculing manner
   12.   reeking- strong unpleasant smell
   13.   antagonists- one who fights or struggles against another
   14.   conceivable- able to e thought of or imagined
   15.   farthing- British coin; 1/4 of a penny
   16.   interludes- activity to fill the time, usually musical
   17.   desolate- devastated; barren; laid waste
   18.   coursing- onward movement; dripping
   19.    derisively- in a smirking way; mocking
   20.   coiffures- style of arranging a woman’s hair; hairdo
   21.   saltcellar- dish for holding salt
   22.   coneys- European rabbit
   23.   rushes- grass-like plants with hollow stems
   24.   unremitting- increasing; never stopping
   25.   jerkins- a close-fitting, short jacket without sleeves
   26.   abated- make less; decrease; diminish
   27.   audible- able to be heard
   28.   pell-mell- in a rushing, tumbling manner
   29.   immoral- wrong; wicked
   30.   ostentatious- done for display; intended to attract notice
   31.   dandies- man who is too concerned about his clothing or appearance

The Shakespeare Stealer         Vocabulary       Chapters 8-9

   1.    brusquely- bluntly; roughly
   2.    disarmed- to have your weapon taken away
   3.    wight- creature or human being
   4.    lout- awkward, stupid person
   5.    melancholy- sad, gloomy; in low spirits
   6.    invaluable- priceless; precious
   7.    adieu- French word meaning “good-bye”
   8.    emphatically- said or done with force
   9.    curry( a horse)- rub or clean with a brush having metal teeth
   10.   reprimand- to fuss at or scold
   11.   vantage point- better position or condition ; better advantage
   12.   fop- vain man; fond of clothing and accessories
   13.   doxy( or doxies)- prostitutes; women of poor reputation
   14.   wincing- to flinch or draw back suddenly
   15.   prematurely- before a proper time; too soon
   16. concealment- keeping secret; a secret location
   17. prodigious- huge, vast, very great

The Shakespeare Stealer       Vocabulary      Chapters 10-12

   1.   brainpan- slang term meaning cranium; skull
   2.   muster- gather together; assemble
   3.   hucklebones- slang meaning rearend, behind
   4.   scuttling- scurry; scamper; run away
   5.   game of bowls- lawn bowling game
   6.   hoddypeak- slang meaning troublemaker, scoundrel
   7.   wad- soft, small mass of material
   8.   thatch- straw for roofing
   9.   disreputable- having a bad reputation
   10.  strapping- tall; strong; healthy
   11.  furtively- done in secret; stealthily
   12.  incriminating- accusing of a crime
   13.  filch- to steal something small or inexpensive
   14.  exasperation- extreme annoyance
   15.  condone- to overlook or forgive
   16.  muck-water – a) dirty water
                         b) in deep trouble
   17. matins- early morning church service
   18. bereft- deprived; left alone
   19. jig- a lively dance in triple time
   20. hautboy- oboe instrument
   21. mock skirmish- stages, fake fight
   22. throat-bole – Adam’s apple (in the throat)
   23. invariably- without change; happening regularly
   24. provocation- something that stirs up trouble
   25. hobble- to tie legs together
   26. pudding basin- head
   27. muttonhead- stupid person
   28. strove (to strive)- struggle; try hard
   29. diction- manner of pronouncing words; enunciation
   30 gawking- staring without hesitation

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